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Name: pete
E-mail address: curlytopz_61@hotmail.com
Comments:I have had my aneros for 2 months, and had little success at first. Lately I have found with contracting and releasing, when I feel I have relaxed and warmed up sufficiently, by pressing downwards on the front tab and lifting it slightly with my hand, I get a more intense feeling in my prostate when contracting, and warm smaller contractions when releasing..if I continue I start to feel it vibrating and getting stronger, then I cramp my hand or arm from holding the aneros in place..just before I orgasm!! I find that placing tissues underneath the tab just work their way out.
I would like to hear from anyone who has had a similiar problem. Maybe I am doing it all wrong, or is the natural position for the aneros to sit slighty above the prostate
In the normal position, I can not orgasm.
Any advice appreciated.
Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 05:15:56 AM
Name: Pan
E-mail address: Hpkaat2000@aol.com
Comments: Dear Sirs,

I first learned about the Aneros at http://www.multiples.com/a-malegspot.html
. I already was quite adept at enjoying multiple "dry," orgasms through the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm system. Personally, I've never been fond of anal stimulation. As a former Tantra practitioner, I learned of prostate stimulation and techniques involving inserting a finger into my rectum to stimulate this area. I've always found this uncomfortable, and an instant erection-killer. In fact, I still do. So when I heard good things about your product from friends at the multiples site, I was skeptical. I figured, "sure it may be fun for some guys, but I never get any pleasure from anal stimulation. Besides, I'm ALREADY MULTI-ORGASMIC. What do I need that thing for?"
Well, I respect my friends' opinions and I thought, "if they say I'd like it, then I probably will. Besides, if I don't like it, I still get to have multiple orgasms anyway. So what's the harm?" So I went ahead and ordered one.
All I can say is WOW! What an amazing product! The Aneros works perfectly with Key Sound Multiple Orgasm. After doing the warm-up exercises, I get a constant orgasmic sensation that slowly continues to build for as long as I use it. Eventually, I have waves of orgasms lasting 3-5 minutes each or longer and they're easy to control. Using the Key Sound and Valley Breathing techniques I learned at http://www.multiples.com/a-malegspot.html
, really expands these orgasms into full-body, mind-blowing waves of pleasure!
Personally, I don't notice any erection enhancement with the Aneros. In fact, I feel like if I do stay fully erect for too long, I'm sure to ejaculate. I'd love to use it during intercourse someday, but I have no idea how that's going to work. But hey, it's so much fun to use, who cares?
Having used the Aneros for about a year now, I find it to be an excellent addition to my regular seuxal practice. Although I tend to feel just as good doing Key Sound Multiple Orgasm alone; using the Aneros regularly, keeps my genital and anal muscles toned and healthy, and man is it ever fun! Most often, the day after using the Aneros, my regular Key Sound orgasms feel more intense and explosive. And using the Aneros has given me a better sense of my prostate, which helps me tune into my "dry," orgasms much more, with or without it.
I'd heard great things about prostate massage for years, but was never interested in the methods I read for discovering it. The Aneros was the perfect way for me to experience this amazing feeling. Thanks guys.
I want to recommend to anyone interested in having multiple orgasms, check out http://www.multiples.com/a-malegspot.html
Not only is it an incredible new system of pleasure, but it works PERFECTLY to enhance the pleasure of the Aneros. Have fun guys!
Monday, March 17th 2003 - 08:32:04 PM
Name: b mayfield
Comments:I am heterosexual in my 40's. I have experimented with anal stimulation in conjunction with traditional hands-on masturbation for years and found that it could greatly enhance the magnitude of orgasms. From time to time I was even able to get close to an orgasm by indirect prostate stimulation. This put the idea in my head that it might be possible to have an orgasm by direct prostate stimulation alone. I have always had my eye open for something other than dildos and phalluses, as these things didn’t really work for me, besides I always felt odd in using them. I was looking for something that was anatomically designed for stimulating this area directly and precisely. As it turns out I was looking for the Aneros. My first experience was truly incredible. The device was easy to insert and after several minutes of getting accustomed to it, I started experimenting with contractions of my anus as outlined in the online instructions. It felt so good, I could actually feel the Aneros stroking and pressing against my prostate and I had total control over it. After several minutes of holding and releasing contractions, I became aware of a second sensation arising from the perineal stimulator on the outside of device. Soon thereafter, I was able, by holding a medium size contraction to produce sensations from both my prostate and perineal area at the same time. Suddenly this feeling started to build and strangely I could feel more pressure on my perineum, as the device was being pulled deeper into my rectum seemingly on its own! Then, my anus started to quiver in spasms. With each quiver and quake I experienced incredible tickling and tingling sensations, I soon realized I was having an anal orgasm. Soon the sensations became more deeply centered in my rectum, then in my whole abdomen and all of sudden my entire body was awash in a blissful intense orgasm that quite frankly defies description. (But “out of the body” might be close) It was on a completely different order of magnitude than anything I had ever experienced, alone or with a partner. Furthermore the sensations continued for what must have been a full five minutes! By the way I failed to mention that all of this occurred without any stimulation of my penis, in fact, I had no erection at all! This was only my first experience with the Aneros. The second time around I had a little trouble reaching the same place, so I decided to read some of the user feedback. This I found very useful. First, I created a stabilizer for the perineal stimulator using the radiator tubing and paper clips, as I saw suggested. Secondly, I made sure to use more than ample lubrication. In my case I found a small syringe that I had from when I had dental surgery (the kind you use for rinsing out your mouth with a stream of water), and filled it full with KY jelly. I then carefully inserted the tip into my anus and dispensed the entire quantity of lubrication into my rectum. In addition, I also lubricated the Aneros for easy insertion. Once inserted the Aneros was completely submerged or immersed if you will, in lubrication, allowing for maximum freedom of movement inside my rectum, with maximum stability outside for the perineal stimulator. In this way even the minutest muscular contraction could be translated to the stimulator both inside and outside. In addition, I found my own innovation, which I’d like to pass along. In the Aneros’ instructions they mention something for advanced users involving arching your pelvis upwards while lying on your back. While I did find this position very pleasurable it is very difficult to maintain for very long. I used a dense (hard) foam roll that is about 6 inches in diameter, underneath the small of my back, just above the buttocks. I had been given this foam roll while I was in physical therapy for a back injury. With this roll in place, it elevated my pelvis so that with my feet flat on the floor and my knees bent, my body was at an angle with my pelvis being the highest point. This has the effect of taking the curve out of the spine and somehow repositions the Aneros in the rectum. This seems to place the Aneros at the optimum position for these “tidal wave orgasms”. One last thing I came to realize is that you must not try too hard to “make this happen” the same way that you could if you were masturbating yourself to a traditional penile orgasm. The method is to experiment, relax and just let it happen. The truth is that there are many pleasurable sensations along the way and you shouldn’t miss out on any them. In my most recent session I had no less than six full body orgasms and multitude of mini orgasms over a two-hour period. It was really just 2 hours of unending waves of orgasms; small, large and tidal. At the very end of the session I decided to masturbate myself to an ejaculation with the Aneros still in place. All I can tell you is that, as you will see in the manufacturers description of the product they say that you will “completely empty your prostate”. Well they got that right! The amount of semen I produced was staggering. My penis got so hard and so large I couldn’t believe it. And as I was coming I could feel the Aneros stroking and pressing against my prostate with each rhythmic contraction. It was just unbelievable. As a matter of fact, my anal contractions became so intense that the Aneros came flying out of butt across the bathroom that I was lying in, followed by a stream of KY! Yes it really happened. An anal ejaculation? No,… but it must have been something to see!! I couldn’t, I had my eyes closed at the time. Discovering the Aneros stimulator has been nothing short of a life-changing event. Yes, I really mean it! There is something tremendously empowering about knowing that you are can give yourself this intensity of pleasure. In closing, all I can say is that anybody who hasn’t experienced the Aneros just doesn’t have a clue of what their bodies are capable of. Thank you

P.S. Note to the manufacturers. You need to get this device reviewed in Men’s Magazine’s and get the word out. Aneros should be available in drugstores as far as I’m concerned.
Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 11:21:41 PM
Name: minks
E-mail address: minsinz@yahoo.com
Comments:It is now slightly over 3 months since I started using the Aneros. I almost gave up at first but today I will be using it for the 103rd time! The experiences have been so intensely pleasurable that I am using it twice a day. My body has got so used to it that I have multiple orgasms as soon as the aneros is inserted. I never knew that I could have orgasms as long as I want, until now.
Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 02:11:11 AM
Name: Skeeter
Comments:Anyone asking about putting a vibe against the aneros. I've found that you can attach a bullet vibe to the base with a rubber band and it will fit securely. The rubber band holds it snugly against the aneros, and your butt cheeks will keep it in place. With the vibe set as low as it will go, the added stimulation is AWESOME. Any faster, and it's almost de-sensitizing.
Sunday, March 2nd 2003 - 09:42:07 PM
Name: John
Comments:Amazing tool. I can't believe how stuck in a rut I was until learning all these new methods and techniques and utilizing tools.

I told a mate about it, he thought it was "poofy". Pleasure is pleasure and as long as it's doing no harm to anybody else there's nothing wrong with it.
Tuesday, February 25th 2003 - 12:05:54 PM
Name: jim
E-mail address: bigjimbo6848@aol.com
Comments:Will the use of the Aneros affect my enlarged prostate!
Saturday, February 15th 2003 - 11:10:57 AM
Name: Tim
E-mail address: brtimothy3@aol.com
Comments:What is the size and composition of the aneros?
Thursday, February 13th 2003 - 10:29:08 PM
Name: dave
E-mail address: pepnchar@msn.com
Comments:i am considerin g purchasing one of the massagers for myself. in the meantime however i have been trying to find my prostate maually. i am not finiing it can you help me?
Thursday, February 6th 2003 - 01:25:07 AM
Name: Brian
E-mail address: developmental69@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I was wary that the massager wouldn't perform as promised. I had used it before without the new kind of orgasm. That changed the other day and it was something amazing. I am very very very happy with the product. If anyone is becoming discouraged I suggest they keep trying. It will perform and you'll be very happy with the results.
Saturday, February 1st 2003 - 04:53:59 PM
Name: Bill
E-mail address: BlueyesO60@aol.com
Comments:Where can I get albolene and does the aneros do anything for a woman???
Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 08:24:17 AM
Name: helmut frockmorton
E-mail address: hfmz2@hotmail.com
Comments:I've been practicing with my aneros. It's vaguely
pleasurable and at times I kind of shudder but have not
experience the sustained strong waves of pleasure that I'm reading about
in the testimonials. If I add some penile stimulation
it feels good and I can shoot myself in the eye, but
I'm looking for the hour-long waves of mind-bending
pleasure that people talk about. What am I doing
wrong? More lube? Less lube?


Friday, December 20th 2002 - 01:40:32 PM
Name: Some Guy
E-mail address: crpsrsd@yahoo.com
Comments:I got the aneros and have used it many times in the past month. The only change I might suggest is for the part that goes between your anus and scrotum to be turned flat instead of being pokey.

I have a nerve disease that causes all kinds of pain in my legs. My wife can't seem to understand that sex hurts too much now. Instead, anal stimulation offers relaxing and/but exciting relief from the disease that severely hurts 24/7. I guess the Aneros works too well because now we don't have sex and we go to bed mad at each other.

Friday, December 20th 2002 - 03:45:57 AM
Name: withheld
Comments:I just got my Aneros in the mail today and I'm already addicted..... Haven't been able to get anything else done today because I've had my Aneros in now for about 6 hours in
about 60 minute chunks....ooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

I find that you have to replace the lubrication at about an hour's use. In my last hour, instead of using KY jelly, I switched to Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Healing cream for lubrication....and this has been the best hour yet!!

While I think that prostate stimulation from gloved, lubed fingers from a skilled partner is still a more intense, sensual, orgasmic experience, using the Aneros is not far behind.

Although I don't find that the Aneros helps me with keeping my cock hard, it is almost like your cock becomes irrelevant to orgasmic experience with the Aneros. With Aneros you can produce prostate orgasm easily, but you sure give your anal sphincter muscles a workout.....those sphincters don't even want you to pull out the Aneros after the end of the hour....its like those anal sphincters went to the gym and got powerful.

One of the most unique aspects of Aneros seems to be that you feel differently with every little change in your body position and change in the intensity of your anal sphincter contractions. Sometimes it seems like there is a positive interdynamic feedback loop between your sphincters, the Aneros, your prostate....it is like your prostate and your anal sphincter are playing "catch" with the Aneros.

Even different are the delicious anal feelings when you are sitting in a chair (especially a chair that will swivel at differnt front to back angles) with the Aneros in....it feels like you are sitting on a nice delicious little cock in your ass.

In any event.....experiencing Aneros-assisted pleasure feels so naughty, delicious, intense... still have it in me as a write this....ooooooooooooooooooo..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Saturday, December 14th 2002 - 05:58:08 PM
Name: hamish macbeath
E-mail address: mh50oz@yahoo.com.au
Comments:the front abutment tab seems to be too far forward for me.
it feels like the tab is pushing on my pubic bone and not pushing on the soft between my pubic bone and anus.
when I manually reproduce the aneros movement on this soft area i have no trouble achieving multiple dry orgasms.
any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?
Monday, December 9th 2002 - 06:55:50 AM
Name: minks
E-mail address: minsinz@yahoo.com
Comments:I have tried using it the 4th time today. Each time I get used to it. But so far no orgasm.
Anyone tried it and how many times before you had the orgasm experience?
Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 09:49:01 PM
Name: owl-luvr
Comments:I'm more than a little embarrassed task this next question.

For years, I've used my finger or 'toys' to try to locate my prostate through anal penetration. As far as I know, I've thus far felt my anal 'muscular ring' and the smooth surface of my rectum...but not my prostate. I know it's there because I can feel it externally during an erection, but I've never (to my knowledge) been able to feel it internally.
Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 12:42:53 PM
Name: owl-luvr
Comments:For years, I'd heard about using baby oil while masturbating. The main ingredient in baby oil is mineral oil. Is it O. K. to use baby oil as a lubricant for the Aneros? It's a lot more econoomically-priced than Astroglide.
Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 12:34:44 PM
Name: Rodger
E-mail address: johnrodger_844@msn.com
Comments:I am like a kid with a new toy! Wow is all I can say. But I do have a question. I got a bit overzealous yesterday and there was a trace of blood on the stimulator. Has anyone else experienced this and how long did they lay off. No surprize the blood, I was really working it. Also, what is this abilone lube you guys are talking about. My wife thinks I am nuts, how about yours?
Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 06:24:10 PM
Name: Justin Coe
E-mail address: mud_duck@dodo.com.au
Comments:Dear Hs
(In case you didn't receive my email i have posted it here)

Actually, if you go to the web discussion forum for Jack Johnston's MMO(www.multiples.com), you will find lots of guys, including myself who find that ejaculorgasm is a big dissapointment and a let down. Also it has a lack of intamacy associated with the release of semen. Dry orgasms to me, are a way of reaching higher plateus of intimacy and pleasure with my partner which gives us a sense of togetherness and a greater bond between us.

The reason behind wet orgams making you not want anymore is because the ejaculation reflex actually depletes your sexual energy, which makes your body tired and lack of interest in sex until after the male refractory period has passed and you can achieve erection again.

Dry orgasms actually increase your sexual energy by diffusing the energy (orgasms) throughout the body, instead of dissapating all the energy with ejaculation. Therefore increasing your desire for more orgasms.

Generally dry orgasms are full body orgasms, as apposed to wet orgasms which are very penile centred
I hope this makes sense to you.

For more information on this topic, if you are interested i would recommend visiting Jack's site.... it is a website devoted to Male Multiples Orgasms (mmo) and how to achieve these dry orgams without holding back your ejaculation reflex. There is a lot of info there to be absorbed.

Best Regards
Justin Coe
Friday, November 29th 2002 - 09:39:40 PM
Name: Rodger
Comments:I am so glad to have found this page. I ordered the Aneros through Highisland a few weeks, tried it a few times, felt a bit odd sticking this thing up my ass. Not much happened. And then....its like the heavens opened up and I reached a new level of consciousness. I have multiple orgasims now sometimes erect sometimes not, but the sensation has, for me at least; become a mind-body sort of thing. I look forward to using it at least once a day and do use it twice per day. I am a hetero male age 52 and must say, this device has opened up a new world. And my sex life was great before.
Friday, November 29th 2002 - 04:09:44 PM
Name: Alexandra
Homepage URL: http://A Woman's Opinion
Comments:Well I wanted to buy this after seeing it on a Canadian TV show called, the Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johannsen.  She has a staff that tests out new products and recommended it.  I found a retailer in Toronto who carried it "Come As You Are" and was again told that they recommend their staff to try products to allow them to properly educate the customer.  I was told rave reviews.  I sent the instructions to a gay friend and he was highly interested in trying it based on those alone.
Well I bought it and used it on my man.  He was doubtful of it when I told him what it was supposed to do.  I advised him that my gay friends wanted to know how it worked because they were very interested.  So he indulged me.  He followed my instructions and jesus murphy I've never heard a man make those kinds of noises in my life.  He even ejaculated without realizing it and couldn't believe it as his penis just kept getting harder.  I thought he was going to explode (which he eventually did of course), and when I gently moved the handle around a little it appeared to have an even greater effect, especially when I was orally helping him out shall we say.
All I can say is when all was over and done with, he turned to me and said, tell your friends to get it because it does everything it says it does.  For him to admit this was quite the achievement.  Mercy buckets and ladies, I highly recommend it.
Tuesday, November 26th 2002 - 01:40:37 PM
Name: Helmut Glopt
E-mail address: hgt@ikmat.com
Comments:i've been practicing with the aneros now on and off
for a couple of months. I follow the instructions
and while it feels good [i can't seem to get the
'waves' of pleasure that people are talking about. I
find myself having to stroke my penis and while
my orgasms and ejaculations (put out my eyes) are definitely stronger, i'm looking for
the extended orgasm. what am i doing wrong?
Monday, November 25th 2002 - 04:44:55 PM
Name: Rich Tremont
E-mail address: mysteryman1070@yahoo.com
Comments:To Anonymous:

Sounds very interesting. Just what are "A beads" and where does one get them. Could you describe exactly how you used or placed them in conjunction with the Aneros. Thanks
Sunday, November 3rd 2002 - 08:18:29 AM
Name: Anon.
Comments:Dear Sirs:

I purchased my Aneros a few months ago and have had some very good experiences with it, learning each time how to improve the sensations. Last week though, I had the most amazing experience of my life.

I had inserted a string of 5 three-quarter inch A beads,and after a few minutes I inserted my Aneros stimulator as well as the beads. I had an orgasm instantly which lasted 15 minutes, during which time I found I was able to control the sensations and climax at will over and over again for minutes at a time.

After an hour i was exhausted, but after a break of a few minutes, I was straight back to orgasm after orgasm - and I don't mean little ones. I found that I could climax with different muscle groups all over my body just by thinking about them. This continued for another hour. By this time I was completely exhausted and decided to masturbate to an ejaculatory orgasm, which was the best and longest I have ever experienced.

I just thought I would let you know about this experience using A beads simultaneously. Has anybody else tried this or with any additional equipment that you know about that I could try?, let me know.
Many thanks.
Friday, November 1st 2002 - 01:39:23 PM
Name: Robert Shea
Comments:Dear Aneros:
I'll bet you thought that this day would never come. What was the date that I first ordered my Aneros? For the past two months I have been practicing Jack Johnston's MMO. Today for the first time I had my first wave of orgasms. I am 72 years old and have a condition which prevents me from using Viagra. I can't thank you enough for encouraging me to keep at it. I inserted the Aneros in my rectum after lubricating it with I-D glide. I put a pad under the arm, to keep it from pinching me. I swiveled my hips back and forth and side to side and the orgasm started to build. I then began to breathe deeply and started using the critical sound taught to me by multiple male orgasm.
Higher and higher the Orgasm began to build. When I was at the peak. I looked down and noticed my penis was not erect, and still I came and came - all dry orgasms.

They must have continued at least 10 minutes. The orgasms were unlike the ones associated with regular ejaculation. It is of greater intensity and floods the entire body. It is truly wonderful. Thanks for your help.

Monday, October 28th 2002 - 01:55:39 PM
Name: HS
E-mail address: werdenus@yahoo.com
Comments:dry orgasms are intense but keep you wanting more..

wet orgasms make you really satisfied and not wanting more..
Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 09:03:09 AM
Name: Rich Tremont
E-mail address: mysteryman1070@yahoo.com
Comments:In response to the last post, no you do not need an erection to experience the pleasures of the Aneros. I suspect that your erection that happens after inserting the Aneros is a response to having stimulation of the anus. As the session progresses and you are flexing the anal sphincter and pc muscles lots of blood is being called to these areas, this takes away from the blood needed for an erection. Depending on you age and physical condition, you may get erections after a while without penis play.

Have fun.
Tuesday, October 22nd 2002 - 04:32:59 PM
Name: Aneros Support
E-mail address: support@aneros.com
Homepage URL: http://www.aneros.com
Comments:In response to the questions posed below, we would like to remind users that it is not uncommon for several practice sessions to be required before the proper technique is achieved.

AFTER the initial phase of becoming accustomed to the presence of the massager, we recommend performing the contraction exercises synchronized with meditative breathing (1)inhale / contract slowly for 4-8 seconds (2) hold the breath / contraction 4-8s (3) exhale / release for 4-8s. Perform this warm up 20-30 times, trying to maintain a constant pressure during the "hold" segment. Remember, these are exercises; the goal is to learn to control the PC and sphincter muscles enougth to manuever the Aneros back and forth thereby applying pressure to the prostate.

To accomplish this, it is helpful to try to use the sphincter muscle - JUST UNDER full contraction - to balance the perineum tab in position. This will often begin a chain reaction leading to orgasm.

This type of orgasm is not dependent upon the penis and can occur whether the penis is erect or flaccid. To achieve the full-body orgasm, some delayed gratification will need to be practiced, but this does not exclude stiimulation of other erogenous areas. With practice and development of technique, you will be successful.
Tuesday, October 22nd 2002 - 03:47:13 PM
Name: brick
E-mail address: bigbrick@earthlink.net
Comments:I've used the aneros a few times now and had a few questions. I haven't had any of the mind blowing experiences yet but it has been pleasurable. I hope practice makes for better response. Should just working the aneros with clenching and releasing the muscles of the butt and PC muscles be enough to keep one erect? Do you need to be erect to have the desired effects? I find that the initial insertion will often result in an erection but after a little while I need to massage my penis to keep up my erection as well as the level of pleasure. And do you think that using the aneros regularly without ejaculating will enhance the likelihood of having some of the more profound senstions and experiences that many users experience?
Monday, October 21st 2002 - 02:48:59 PM
Name: HS
E-mail address: werdenus@yahoo.com
Comments:I got my aneros for my 20th birthday present. The best present I've ever had.
Friday, October 18th 2002 - 09:15:46 AM
Name: Mike2
Comments:After Dave's comment, I'm wondering if you're supposed to contract the anal sphincter or contract the PC muscle--from the instructions, I've always thought contracting the anal sphincter was the intended method, but maybe not?
Monday, October 7th 2002 - 04:57:33 PM
Name: Aneros Co.
E-mail address: support@malegspot.com
Homepage URL: http://aneros.com
Comments:The Aneros Company would like to remind all users of the Aneros Stimulator (or any other anal products) that it is not advisable to violently massage the prostate or other sensitive internal tissues. Aggressive or careless penetration can cause tears in both the vagina and the anus, therefore one should always exercise caution when inserting any object into these areas. Gentle massage of the prostate - using the action of contracting the sphincter muscle alone - is recommended to avoid any possible damage to tissues. We do not recommend applying additional force to massage the prostate.

Monday, October 7th 2002 - 04:23:51 PM
Name: owl-luvr
Comments:First, let me say that I'm glad I found this forum. I've had my Aneros for about a week and, up until today, had had no success with it at all.

Now, let me get this rather embarrassing first question out of the way: I'm in my 30's and I know the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. How can I tell, then, when (or if) I'm having more than one orgasm with the Aneros? Using the Aneros, there doesn't seem to be a point at which my first orgasm ends and a second one begins. Any clues from forum members would be very much appreciated.

Cotinuing, I now feel it necessary to caution others that it *is possible* to hurt yourself with the Aneros. After a week of having no positive results with it, I thought I'd take a page from 'the book of women's G-spot stimulation.' I lubricated the Aneros with AstroGlide and inserted it while lying on my side. After squeezing and relaxing my sphincter for about twenty minutes, I changed my position and kneeled forward with my face on my pillow. Reaching behind myself, I held the Aneros' 'handle' and slightly rocked it up and down, essentially trying to find my prostate. Once I found it I thought that, if I lay on my back, I could more-comfortably massage and stimulate my prostate by manually sliding the Aneros in and out of me, applying some pressure to the prostate to heighten the stimulation. This worked; however, I later discovered that I had somehow injured myself. While the Aneros came out 'whistle clean' when I removed it, after a nap I noticed a pale area of blood in my underwear. For this reason, I have decided not to use my Aneros for a few days. So, my advice is to have fun, but BE CAREFUL!

Lastly, in one of my earlier useages of my Aneros, I noticed that the little flat area (between the handle and the perineum pressure end of the massager) is somewhat thin and transfers any sensation of pressure against it nicely. That caused me to wonder if holding some kind of vibrator against that external flat area of the Aneros might intensify the pleasurable sensations caused by the Aneros. Has anyone here ever used a vibrator on himself, with or without the Aneros?
Friday, October 4th 2002 - 05:19:49 PM
Name: Dave
Comments:I heard about this through Jack Johnston's forum, and so far have had only one session with the Aneros. I was VERY close to having a full body orgasm during the 1/2 contraction stage, but didn't QUITE make it for some reason.

While I have previous experience with anal devices, and believe 100% in this thing, I'm finding that it's pressing a little TOO hard on the prostate to the point of being a little uncomfortable. Has anybody else had this? I have very strongly built PC muscles, and with the Aneros, a full contraction is almost painful. This is after spending well over 45 minutes with the device.

Other than that, almost there!

Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 06:04:54 PM
Name: Jonny
Comments:Has anybody feel some weird and strange thigs while using Aneros? When i lay on my back, put the Aneros and just lay down calm and close my eyes i concentrate on the feeling of Aneros inside me. After short time i feel like my body is vibrating, not muscles but i feel weird vibrations. After minute or two feeling this vibrations it feels like my body is risen up in the air! I can't describe it well but surely is strange thing to feel! I usually feel very scary at that moment and when i open my eyes it feels like i am fallen down on the bed! Please help me, is this normal? These things really happen, believe me!
Thursday, September 26th 2002 - 03:51:52 PM
Name: esteban
E-mail address: GSpotter@hotmail.com
Comments:As some of the other posters here have remarked, the design of the perineal tab on the Aneros could stand improvement. Personally, I found that it never remained where it should, squarely on the ridge of the perineum’s bulge, but instead slipped to one side or another, where it was no longer in contact with the pleasurable “hot button” of nerve endings, and could actually instead be painful. Here’s a quick and easy homemade modification you can make, which I’ve been using a long time with great results.

Go to your auto-parts store. You’re after some rubber radiator-type hose, the size that has a 5/16 inch INNER diameter. It’s a standard item, and usually you can have it cut to length. Get about a foot of it; that’s more than you’ll need, but the stuff’s cheap, and you might want the extra to make another, longer, version of what I’m about to describe. You’ll also need 4 JUMBO paper clips, which measure 3/8 inch wide and 1 ½ inches long, and are available at any office supply place.

The hose is easily cut with a sharp knife. Cut two identical 2 inch lengths of hose and lay them side by side. I’ll refer to them as hose # 1 and hose # 2.

The loop on one side of a paper clip is smaller than the loop on the other end. Take a paper clip and push its smaller end into the hole of hose # 1, while pushing the prong into the hole of neighboring hose # 2. Take another paper clip, and this time push its smaller looped end into the hole of hose # 2, and its prong into the hole of hose # 1. Repeat these two steps with the holes on the opposite ends of the hoses. You’ll be left with two lengths of hose clamped tightly together side by side, but not so tightly that you can’t do the next step:

Push the joined hoses over the rounded edge of the Aneros’ perineal tab, right where it comes into contact with the body, till the edge of the tab is just protruding between the hoses. In use, these 2 pieces of hose will lay along either side of the perineum, acting like outriggers to hold the perineal tab in place. Their rubber surface also provides a non-slip hold on your skin, so that the whole thing stays exactly where you want it to, where it does the most good - astride and pressing into that sensitive perineal ridge.

I am certain that anyone who tries this small modification will discover a HUGE difference; I did.

I’ve had my Aneros for over a year now, and I can’t get over what a wild, explosive experience I have every time I use it. I have a few more tips or suggestions based on my experience that I think I’ll post soon.

Wednesday, September 18th 2002 - 12:33:28 PM
Name: rick
E-mail address: goodfig72@hotmail.com
Comments:Well i have been using my aneros now for 5 weeks and i hadn't had much success until last night!!! I had read a testimonal about following the instructions carefully and i thought i had been. what i discovered was that instead of continuing to contract my sphincter again and again after the warm up period as i like to call it. i needed to just lie on my side and hold the aneros in a partial contracted possition. well i did it last night and after about half of an hour i had an experience that makes me shiver now even to type this note!!!!! unbelievable. i must of had four no coming orgasams and it was so intense i'm still trembeling today. that is almost unbelievable. what a treat i can't wait for tonight. my wife is gone tonight to work and tonight i can shake more freely. I'm excited just to imagine this Thank YOU !!!!!!!!

Friday, September 13th 2002 - 11:02:49 AM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: chrisconn83@yahoo.com
Comments:A friend of mine gave me the Aneros as a present, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I've tried dildos and plugs before, but I've never had anal orgasms like this before. I find it's better to use the same lube which I use for anal sex because it's a lot more slippery than KY. I guess the guys that aren't having luck need to be more patient. When I first tried it I had the urge to jerk off right away. You got to fight that and concentrate on the feeling of the probe in your ass. Good luck to everyone, and thanks to you guys for coming up with this.
Friday, September 6th 2002 - 07:47:09 PM
Name: Trojan
E-mail address: trojanmale_@hotmail.com
Comments:I've read many of the messages here. Many guys say they have trouble getting into a pleasure cycle while using the Aneros. "Nothing happens" and "very little happens" seem to be frequent comments here. My response to you is: You may be fighting the powerful male taboo against your ass being penetrated. This includes a fear of experiencing anal pleasure, also of being vulnerable and submissive, which may be connected to a little insecurity about your own masculinity. These taboos and fears are normal and you have to allow yourself to bypass them in order to experience the benefits of the Aneros. Stand naked in front of a mirror and look at yourself. You have a cock and balls, and with incredible pleasure you shoot cum. Feeling anal pleasure will not change those facts! You are male! You are a man! This is where insecurity about masculinity comes in. This is trash. Throw it out the window. You are a man! You have no need to question your masculinity, no matter what sexual thoughts, desires, or experiences you may have. And anyone else who questions your masculinity can go f*** himself! Experiencing anal pleasure will not change your gender or your sexual orientation. Anal pleasure is normal. You were born with lots of nerve endings in your anus, just like in your penis, scrotum, perineum, nipples, and other erogenous parts of your body. Go to any sex shop and you will see anal beads to be used by men or women, and many other sex toys specifically designed for people to use for anal stimulation. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, or bi, you have the same potential for anal pleasure, and it is normal to exploit it. If you, a man, want to insert a toy into your anus and get off on it, so what? If you are straight, playing with a toy up your ass while you imagine being f****d by a big dick does not make you gay. Feeling turned on by the sight of naked guys in a locker room does not make you gay. Jacking off with another guy does not make you gay. Guys freak out altogether too much over "I can't do or say anything that might make someone else think that I am gay or make someone else think that I have ever in my life had a thought that they might think indicates that I might possibly be gay!" Is that ridiculous, or what! You have no control over what others think. Your behavior will not control what they think. An action that seems perfectly straight to one person could seem perfectly gay to another person. You could be straight and be the "straightest-acting" man anyone ever saw, and someone could still think you were gay. And if you are gay, so what? Each man is an individual and none of us has to answer to anyone else regarding our sexual feelings or activities. So don't think of the Aneros or any other anal toy as a challenge to your masculinity! Remember the last time you dumped a big firm or hard turd? Didn't it feel fantastic coming out? Did you ever hear another guy say something like, "God, that felt good!" when he took a dump? The nerve endings are there, available to increase your sexual pleasure and arousal. USING THE ANEROS: Completely relax your anus (you won't have an accident, which can be another inhibiting fear). Using plenty of whatever lube you like (Albolene is great!), insert the Aneros into your anus as far as it will go. Put a small pad of folded tissue under the perineal portion of the Aneros. This will prevent slipping and uncomfortable skin-poking. Then lay back and relax your entire body as much as possible. Relax your anus completely. You will be tense if you are fighting anal penetration. Just lie still and do some relaxation breathing and/or brief meditation. If nothing else, at least slow your breathing way way down, taking deep, slow breaths. Keep your anus relaxed. I find it most relaxing to keep my knees bent, my legs open, and my feet flat on the bed. For me, the Aneros is most comfortable in this position. With your anus relaxed and the Aneros in place, soon you will notice some gentle involuntary contractions of the anus. Every contraction of the anus causes the Aneros to massage your prostate. So keep your anus relaxed and notice that with each involuntary contraction the narrow neck of the Aneros slides back and forth a little bit in your anus, which feels good. Remain relaxed and feel the pleasure of it in your anus. Maintain this relaxed state and before too long you may begin to feel kind of high from the relaxation and the gentle anal and prostate massage. Your pleasure may begin to build, and you may want to clamp down on the Aneros. Do so gently a few times, then completely relax your anus again for a few minutes. Practice with this. Try a few stronger contractions or clampdowns to see how they feel. Then relax your anus again. Soon you may start to feel pleasure in your penis, scrotum, and perineum. When you start to caress these areas, go slowly and gently. Lube everything up really well. You may find that to trace tiny circles on a spot with your fingertip, or to apply very short, gliding strokes with your fingertip to a sensitive spot can be extremely effective for giving yourself great pleasure. Explore and find your most sensitive spots. I discovered an incredibly pleasureable spot at the base of my scrotum where it joins the perineum, which gets me very excited and which I love to gently rub. The main thing is to remember that it is OK to have whatever pleasure your body will give you, that anal pleasure is normal, and to keep your anus relaxed. You will gradually (over several days or a couple of weeks) learn to pleasure yourself by applying firmer contractions to the Aneros, and perhaps to use it in a much more vigorous manner (read my previous message). Your anus may be a little sore at first from playing with the Aneros. This is normal. Lay off for a day or two, then resume activity. You will see that the Aneros will give you comfortable, pain-free, intense pleasure. I have extremely pleasureable prolonged masturbation sessions, huge mind-bending orgasms, and big powerful ejaculations using the Aneros. And remember: No one will ever know you have learned to appreciate anal and prostate stimulation unless you tell them yourself! It's none of their f****** business anyway! Sometimes I have a fantasy of laying down naked in a busy public square with my legs wide open and a toy up my ass and yelling, "Look, everybody! I'm a man! I'm a stud! And I get off on anal toys! So f****** what! Kiss my rosy ass!"
Monday, August 26th 2002 - 05:54:01 PM
Name: Mark
Comments:Absolutely amazing when you follow the instructions. I was ready to return the device after my first two attempts with no results. Before giving up, I decide to actually read the instructions unlike the first time I thought a quick speed-reading of the instructions would give me all the information I needed to get started.

The two steps that I didn't following correctly were steps six and eight:
"6. Slowly contract the anal sphincter, taking six to eight seconds to maximum contraction, hold a few seconds, then relax the muscles at the same rate as contraction. Breathing should be synchronized with this anal sphincter exercise. Inhale deeply as you contract the muscles and exhale as you relax. Repeat this exercise more than 20 times."

"8. Concentrate your mind on your prostate. Slowly contract your anal sphincter to about one fourth to half of full contraction strength and maintain this level of contraction."

In step six, I rushed through to maximum contraction, instead of taking six to eight seconds to maximum contraction. In step eight, I tried to maintain full contraction instead of the recommended one-quarter to one-half.

My third use of the device was incredible. You won't see my unit being returned!
Monday, August 26th 2002 - 02:48:13 PM
Name: Trojan
E-mail address: trojanmale_@hotmail.com
Comments:I've been using the Aneros for 3 months. I'm 59 years old and I'm having the most incredible orgasms of my life, not to mention the prolonged pleasure which begins as soon as I insert the Aneros. The pleasure then slowly intensifies, reaching a truly amazing level by the time I ejaculate. I lube my anus with Albolene cream, then spread a thick coat of Albolene all over the Aneros. I slowly slide the Aneros into my anus as far as it will go. I find that the perineal pressure part of the Aneros is too rigid and sharp, making it uncomfortable when pressure is applied. I solve that problem by folding a tissue into a small square and sliding it under the edge of the Aneros. That way I enjoy the pleasure of the perineal pressure with no discomfort at all. So, with the Aneros fully inserted and the little tissue pad in place I am ready for an incredible ride. I lay on my back on a towel for this. I fold a large pillow in half and cover it with another towel. I keep my knees bent and feet flat on the bed. I slide the pillow under my knees and pull it back against my butt with my heels. My butt and the Aneros are now pushed against the pillow, and I am free to enjoy a fabulous hands-free butt-f***. By moving my hips different ways, I can put as much or as little pressure on the Aneros as I want and go as fast or slow as I want. I have learned to relax my anus and rotate my hips, screwing myself most pleasureably. I relax my anus for awhile, then contract it for awhile, continuously massaging it with the Aneros. I get pleasure in the head of my penis and in the frenulum without even touching it! I tantalize myself by touching and stroking my penis different ways, well-lubed with Albolene, and by gently or vigorously rubbing different parts of it or the entire shaft and head. When I squeeze down hard on the Aneros, I get pleasurable deep pressure on my prostate and a jolt of pleasure in my penis as well as a flow of precum, which I love to see dripping and oozing out. When I rotate my hips with my anus relaxed, I get a gentler prostate massage from the Aneros. I spend quite awhile rotating my hips gently. The anal pleasure is incredible. Gentle tingly waves of pleasure flow over my body, and I get a lot of involuntary gentle PC contractions. If I remain patient, gently and continuously f***ing myself on the Aneros, I sometimes move into an altered state of consciousness. Combining such relaxation with the gentle anal probing and prostate massage of the Aneros creates indescribable bliss. I stay this way for awhile, gently massaging my frenulum and ridge.
My penis throbs and stays very hard. When I'm ready for my orgasm, I rotate my hips faster and with more pressure, and thrust my anus vigorously back and forth on the Aneros. The strong movements bring a lot of pressure on my prostate, with the Aneros pushing around on it. I start to pour a lot of precum and my penis gets even harder. Now I'm stroking my penis rapidly, the entire length and over the head, squeezing it and sliding my fist up and down. Unbelievable pleasure starts to rise in my anus, penis, and gut. I'm getting more and more tense. My arms and legs start to shake and I'm drowned in waves of hot deep thrills. I'm convulsing all over. My anus clamps down on the Aneros over and over, involuntarily, and I'm f***ing my fist with hard thrusts. My thick hot semen shoots out like a geyser, wonderful to see and to feel, and I'm grunting and moaning loudly. Sometimes I yell - it's just so powerful. This is a new level of sex and pleasure, derived from using the Aneros!
Sunday, August 25th 2002 - 08:24:07 PM
Name: herbie
E-mail address: flagstaff47
Comments:have had mine for two months now it has taken many hours of practice but stick with it it really does work and is almost better than sex,i can now freely come at will and enjoy it for hours
Sunday, August 25th 2002 - 07:16:06 AM
E-mail address: rds7777@directvinternet.com
Comments:DEAR SIRS,
Saturday, August 24th 2002 - 09:14:24 PM
Name: Philip
E-mail address: peg8650@netscape.net
Comments:Well i was hoping to post a new success story. Instead I am looking for help. The perineal stimulator actually hurts. Is it expected that one would be able to walk and sit with this gadget? Apparently use of the aneros is similar to starting a business, Location, Location, Location.
Saturday, August 24th 2002 - 06:13:38 PM
Name: Jay
E-mail address: tensman41@aol.com
Comments:I was a bit skeptical at first- used Aneros a few times with no result. Then today- it worked. The most unusual orgasm I've ever had. I literally shook all over and sort of overflowed with semen- no ejaculating orgasm but an overpowering flow.

The next try should be interesting!
Tuesday, August 20th 2002 - 04:08:00 PM
E-mail address: rds7777@worldnet.att.net
Comments:I just received my aneros today and lay in bed on my favorite left side I pulled my legs up simulating a sitting position laying down and inserted a thouroughly lubed
aneros and it went in easily. I lay there for at least 20
minutes continually doing Kegel excercies to no avail. I
am 72 years old an am impotent.Ihe only way I can
get an erection is using a vacuum pump and then a tight cock ring and this only gives me 30 minutes of masturbating to come. I have to masturbate to get relief.I was hoping this aneros would give me relief without masturbating. Can I
leave aneros in for the nightand go to sleep?.Is it okay to
sit on aneros? Please help me. I am going to stick to trying
everything to get this thing to work even if I have to wear it all day if okay?
Thursday, August 8th 2002 - 09:13:58 PM
Name: chris
Comments:hi all :) since a few months ago, just before i went to sleep i could get a weird orgasm sensation which i could control by the way i breathed... i have done this lots and set out to find out what it was, after obviously noticing i had a hard on, i had a feel around and noticed the more intence the orgasm feeling the more the part between my penis and butt hole (excuse the expresion) would swell, after massage of this place, geting deeper sensations was easier in some way.. it's somthing everyone should be able to do.. and it helps to relax to get the orgasm as well. i can guess that this product (g-spot stimulator) would help even more, probably, from just touching the furthest part away from what i now know is the prostate, i can get a really buzzing orgasm, so using something to go closer, and something that must of been researched into to get it to somthing as powerfull as expect it is.. i'd think twice about buying one but i put it down to mainly the taboo of using somthing like this.. but never say never i suppose..
i did it without knowing anything about what i was doing, so knowing what your aiming for must make it easier, i'd say try without this, and if u can't just make it,, which happens to me all the time.. try buying this,, so i have to look around for this, i can't believe iv'e learned somthing so cool , hope ya can all learn it to, this is a powerfull orgasm , do a search for "John Johnstons male multiple orgasm techniques" this will explain more.. well,, iv'e talked enough :)
Thursday, August 8th 2002 - 08:51:03 PM
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