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OTS Carry Scene Ratings

Name: Adam
I'll start this off with the film Bill and Ted's Bogus
Journey which I feel is deserving of 9 stars. This is one of
my all-time favorite otsc's.

It has two attractive female who faint at the site of
seeing the evil Bill and Ted as being actual robots. The
scene fades to the real Bill calling Missy's house. Missy's
house is shown and the two 'babes' are being carried ots.
You get front and side angle shots of the two girls and the
girls do a good job playing limp.

Friday, October 23rd 1998 - 02:22:53 PM
Name: TR
TV SHOW: Night Court
ACTRESS: Markie Post
STATE: KO and awake,,mostly ko
RATING: 5 stars
SUMMARY AND REASONING: A janitor comes in the room carrying Markie Post ots. She is originally ko'ed and then wakes up for a second to say something and passes out once again. She is then put down.

Personally, I just thought the scene was fair. Her passing out ots was pretty good but for some reason it just wasn't the best scene I have seen.

Sunday, October 25th 1998 - 02:10:57 PM
Name: S.Napper

I can't remember what the name of the film was called
but it was black and white and for all of the barefoot
carry fans this is a scene you may want to check out AMC or
TCM for.

A blond girl is carried ots and she's drunker then
shit, in this older looking fella's apartment untill he
finally flops her on the couch, I think he then looks for
something doesn't find it and the girl mentiosn something
and later goes back picks her up again, and carries her
into the bedroom, and she's just a mumbling some wierd
stuff that I didn't catch and she starts carrying on when
he enters the bathroom with her and plops her in the shower
and blasts her with water. Later it is found out its his
daughter or step-daughter, anyway this girl was related to
him and she end up getting a red hiney, sorta a funny
scene, just wish I could remember what it was from. I'd
have to give it about an 5 since, I didn't know what was
going on.

Friday, October 30th 1998 - 03:59:35 PM
Name: Maury
Name of film: The Phantom. Katherine Zeta Jones enters a
room carrying OTS Kristy Swanson. Kritsy is tied up. We
take a good look at Kristy's goregous ass. I give this
carry a 9.5. It is great to see a woman carrying another
woman, even greater when both girls are gorgeous. I would
have given it a 10 but it didn't last that long. Darn!
Saturday, October 31st 1998 - 03:23:39 PM
Name: Life Saver
Title: Sexo Canibal (Director Jesus Franco - Info. at IMdb)
Actress:Ursula Buchfellner (My guess) State:
KO (fainted) Medium:
Film (Spain/West Germany) A blonde girl that
has been kidnapped by
natives is rescued by the good guy at the top
of a hill. The girl is nude
and she faints during the action. The next
scene shows the good guy
sloping downward the steep hill with the
unconscious girl over his
shoulder. He uses only one arm to grab both
of her thighs as the other
is busy as being his state of balance. The
scene is 45 secs long and
there is shots from nearly all angles. The
actress does a good job,
because despite the complexity of the scene
which required a good
physical and balancing work by the guy, she
stood limp and looking
like she was really knocked out. I personnaly
give it a 7. Sorry if any
mistakes with my english, my native language
is portuguese.
Sunday, November 1st 1998 - 01:32:54 PM
Name: Maury
Sledge Hammer episode, "wild about Hammer", Dory is knocked
out by a mad woman, who then easily throws her over her
shoulder. A great, great carry. I would give it a 9.5
Monday, November 2nd 1998 - 12:57:13 PM
Name: Maury
Show: The fall guy. Actress: Heather Thomas.
Heather is hot! In this scene she is wearing a black leotard and is knocked out by a bad guy who easily flings her over her shoulder. He carries her into a train wagon and then we have a shot of her ass. I rate this carry an 8. For those who like tight, little butts. I prefer a rounder butt myself, like the one Kristy Swanson has! :-)(See a previous post)
Thursday, November 5th 1998 - 08:10:15 PM
Name: Shaq Fu
Hercules, the Legendary Journeys

In one episode, a band of centaurs crash a wedding and
kidnap the bride and a bridesmaid. The bride is carried OTS
and the bridesmaid in a centaur's arms. I'll concentrate on
the OTSC. At first, the only shots are rather poor and
blurry, but later, we get a great shot from one angle. I'd
give it a 7. The good portion, which comes after a
commercial break, lasts almost 10 seconds, and covers only
one angle (a diagonal shot).

Friday, November 6th 1998 - 08:38:04 AM
Name: kayree phan
Kissing A Fool
OTSC Rating: 5 (scale of 1-10)
Situation: David Schwimmer carries drunk and unconscious Mili Avali OTS (BR> Analysis: Nothing to rave about in this short scene, but it's worth a look. On the positive side:
1) Unconscious is better than awake
2) The "helpless ass" is close to camera and right there to enjoy. David Schwimmer places his hand just below it. This part of the scene works well.

On the negative side:
1) If you've seen the wonderful OTSC "helpless asses" in "For Love of Money" and "The Phantom", you will not view this scene as particularly memorable.
2) The actual lift is not shown, just the carry. Sorry, but this matters.
3) The entire legs are not shown. Sorry, but I need to see part of the face, all of the legs, and the arms to consider issuing a high rating.

Saturday, November 7th 1998 - 11:03:19 AM
Name: Adam
Title: Singled Out
Actress: Carmen Electra
State: Awake
Medium: TV

Analysis: Chris, the male host, is talking and then you hear him say something like and the key is on a girl. Just then Jenny walks over with Carmen Electra over her shoulders. She says this is out new cohost Carmen. Say Hi Carmen. All of this is said with a side view of Carmen. Her legs are bends and she is wiggling about in her tight red pants! You see her whole body. Jenny then turns forward to look into the camera and you get a GREAT front view of her legs and her ass. She is then put down.

Rating: I will have to give this a 9 out of 10.

Saturday, November 7th 1998 - 01:15:20 PM
Name: Maury
Movie: Sleepwalkers. Carried: Maedchen Amick
This one is destined to become a classic, a Hall of famer! Maedchen is knocked out by the evil woman, who then drags her by the hair. She then picks her up and carries her over her shoulder. We have a great view of her ass and legs. Two problems: there's too much going on and scenes interrupt this magnificent carry and for the same reason, it is (sadly) a rather quick carry.
Rating 9
Saturday, November 7th 1998 - 10:31:36 PM
Name: Mark
I definitely agree about the Sleepwalkers scene. Madchen
Amick is very good looking and the drag and carry was very
good. I'd give it an 8 and a half, would have been a 10 if
there were more angles and a little longer.
Sunday, November 8th 1998 - 08:08:14 PM
Name: EZ
For Love Or Money, Gabrielle Anwar carried drunk but fully
awake, and its a film. I give this a 9.75.

This was just a great carry. Gabrielle Anwar is gorgeus and
is wearins a tight red dress. Michael J Fox (he is a lucky
one also getting to carry Dee Wallace in the frighteners!)
has to get Gabrielle away from the party. You first get a
view (through some windows if I remember correctly) and
theres nothing special there, it's hard to see. Then they
jump a balcony and you see him bend over and throw her over
the shoulders, a good shot! He is walking/running with
her over the shoulders, spins, walks/runs. She is
complaining but you get some great ass shots. Had this scene
lasted a little longer and Gabrielle been bent a *little*
bit more over the shoulders it would been a 10 for sure.

Wednesday, November 11th 1998 - 01:34:46 PM
Name: GR
E-mail address: Gmmdanner@aol.com

Movie:Witchcraft 6, 2nd carry. Rating: 8.5
Great shot of the girl's ass and legs in the first part of the carry. This girl did a great job of acting unconscious. Her head bobbed up and down beautifully as the guy briskly walked with her over his shoulder. Her arms also swung from side to side very nicely as she was being carried. I would have given it a 9+ rating if the carry would have lasted 10-15 seconds longer.
Wednesday, November 11th 1998 - 11:24:05 PM
Name: GR
E-mail address: Gmmdanner@aol.com

There are 2 separate carries. In both of them, Leslie is unconsious due to alcohol. In the first one, Rock Hudson picks her up by putting his hands under her armpits and lifts her up. He bends over and she falls over his shoulder beautifully. Her arms swing from side to side as he walks out of the restaurant. He then walks into a hotel lobby and into an elevator. While in the elevator, he stands there talking to another woman while Leslie's limp body is still draped over his shoulder. Very nice. In the second carry, she again succumbs to alcohol. He first picks her up in an arm carry. He then flips her over his shoulder in one motion. Her arms swing vigorously as he does this. He carries her into the same hotel and the same elevator. The same woman is in the elevator. He speaks with her again for several seconds, with Leslie, again, still out cold and draped over his shoulder. Definitely, worth adding to your collection if you can find it. I haven't seen it shown on TV for a while, but it has been on WTBS before.
Thursday, November 12th 1998 - 02:30:33 PM
Name: Maury
Show: The Bionic Woman
Actress: Lindsay Wagner
Episode: Rodeo
A couple of bad guys give an injection to a scientist who, on weekends, rides in the rodeo! One of the guys picks him up on his shoulder. In that moment the Bionic woman, wearing jeans, approaches them and argues with the bad guys. I remember that when I watched the show for the first timeI kept thinking: "Why isn't Lindsay the one being carried? Damn!"
Just then as if an answer to my prayers, the other bad guy, gave Lindsay the same shot. Sure enough (my heart beating faster!) Lindsay fainted and the guy picked her on his shoulder. He turned her around and we had a great, great, GREAT! shot of her ass! The bad guys made a comment between themselves about: "Hey, the girl also fainted!" And left.
I remember The Bionic Woman became my favourite show since then!
Rating: 9
Monday, November 16th 1998 - 07:15:11 PM
Name: Adam
I agree with your evaluation of the Bionic Women carry
Muary. It was great but I would give it a 8 only because it
was on the quick side; a little to quick for me
Thursday, November 19th 1998 - 04:45:58 PM
Name: Maury
Actress Terri Hatcher
Program: Lois and Clark
I've seen two over the shoulder carries of Terri in this one. The first one isn't that great: Lois pretends she has inhaled a gas that turns people into brats and Clark picks her on his shoulder and carries her out. We have a quick look of her butt, but she is wearing very baggy jeans and it just doesn't cut it. Rating: 7
Second 0ne, Terri is wearing white pants, a man gives her a shot in the ass and picks her up. Although it is a quick carry, it has a good shot of her ass. Rating 8
Sunday, November 29th 1998 - 08:51:35 AM
Name: EZ
Well, Muary rated 2 Lois otsc's I might as well go and do
the other one.

Lois and Clark

The beautiful Teri Hatcher


8 stars

Lois is going undercover in this episode as is Clark. When
Lois is showing Clark her peephole she had been using they
get caught by the bad guys. Clark covers his ass and rats
Lois out and is told to throw her out. Next scene Lois is
being carried over the shoulders and is kicking and hitting
Clark to put her down. He doesn't and walks over to the
garbage bin. Lois is complaining that he could have though
of a better excuse while Clark is looking through the bin to
make sure she will get a comfortable landing. She then
realizes his intentions and goes something like "Don't even
think about it" at the same time he does and she screams.

This is an exteneded scene with multiple angles; rare for
mainstream scenes. Nice view of her legs and her ass and
some cleavage. The complaining definately adds to the scene!

Thursday, December 3rd 1998 - 02:20:24 PM
Name: bruce
E-mail address: bruce375@hotmail.com
Excess Baggage, Alicia Silverstone
Guy with her opens door to room. Someone in there throws a blanket over her and otsc's her to car and puts in trunk.Very fast scene,You mostly see a blanket with lowers legs kicking.
I give it a 2.
I had some detail in orig. post. I guess I "coded" it wrong. Hope this works.
Thursday, December 10th 1998 - 06:32:45 AM
Name: The Clothmeister
There is a great OTSC scene in the "Fantasy Island" movie.
The scene involves Hugh O'Brian as a big game hunter and
Victoria Principal. She faints after seeing a large tiger
and O'Brian carries her OTS. The scene is fairly lengthy
(30-40 seconds), and shows great close-ups of her ass.
She is wearing a very tight jeans jump-suit.

Tuesday, December 15th 1998 - 05:41:46 AM
Name: Adam
Demi Moore
Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez running away from a police helicopter and Demi gets hit. EMilio carries her over the shoulder in a somewhat lengthy scene to cover. Demi is wearing a long skirt but you get front and rear views of the carry.
Saturday, December 19th 1998 - 12:29:25 PM
Name: Carey Phan
Movie: George of the Jungle
OTSC rating of last carry: 7
Actress: Leslie Mann

This movie has two OTSC carries. The first one rates a 3
and the last one rates a 7. Although the first one features
an unconscious OTSC, it is too quick to merit interest. A
rule of thumb is that OTSC carries by vine-swinging apemen
are never slow enough to savor. Slow down, George! For
crying out loud, what's the rush?

The second one ain't too bad. George's nemisis decides that
she will marry him, not George and pulls her by the hand
and starts to walk away. After much protesting by a
helpless George and the unwilling heiress, the actor
decides enough is enough and puts her where she belongs. I
love the way the scene shows the actual lift, which has my
favorite kind of fireman's carry, the kind where she's over
one shoulder (not two) and her right arm is held tightly by
his left hand, while her only left arm is unencumbered.
She lifts her head up slightly to scream, but the pulling
down of her arm causes her head to drop and she might as
well relax and take a nap and enjoy the ride, or else her
neck will get sore. The only weak point of the carry is
that her legs are in an awkward position. They are spread
kind of far apart which makes the guy and gal look like a
circus act instead of a guy who's taking control The guy
needs to grip both legs and put them closer together. A
minute earlier, she is expertly cradle carried (awake) by
George in case any of you enjoy this kind of carry.
There's also a less interesting cradle carry early in the
movie, for a total of four carries (two OTSC and two
Sunday, December 27th 1998 - 06:17:36 PM
Name: Adam
Gilligans Island
Tina Louise

A caveman enters the hut where Tina and the other female are trying to close it up in protection of the cavemen. Tina sees the caveman and faints. He grabs her and throws her over the shoulders. The other lady looks back, caveman growls, she shrieks, he leaves with Tina.

Give the carry a 7. First off,its Tina! Second, decent faint and nce shots on the front angle, and nice ass IMHO. However, her arms could swing a little more, she is sort of holding her arm up a little. And my biggest problem with this scene is that the cavemen didnt return for the other girl. A problem I had with Bill and Tds with the robots leavng Missy

Monday, December 28th 1998 - 12:53:30 PM
Name: Carey Phan
movie: Kissing Cousins
Sunday, January 17th 1999 - 07:15:40 PM
Name: Carey Phan
Movie: Kissing Cousins
Actress: Cynthia Pepper and
Yvonne Craig
Actors: Elvis Presley and Elvis
OTSC Rating: 8 (awake)
Wow! This OTSC scene
is a "diamond in the rough". Splendid. The only other movie
with two OTSC carries in the same frame that I've seen is
Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure. To describe the scene, the
two Elvises are cousins who meet in the mountains. One
Elvis is hostile toward the other and wants to "rassle" to
prove he's the state champ. Anyway, the two female cousins
try to break up the fight and in the heat of battle, the
two Elvises decide to OTSC the two gals to keep from
getting beat up by these frisky women.The scene could have
been based on our webmaster's real life experiences, right
Adam? Anyway, the OTSC lift and carry of Cynthia is
outstanding. The OTSC lift of "future Batgirl" is not quite
as noteworthy, but maybe she decided to take up crime
fighting after being manhandled by Elvis. Yvonne, by the
way, was only carried once in the Batman series, and it was
an arm carry while gagged by one of Louie the Lilac's tough

Sunday, January 17th 1999 - 07:31:03 PM
Name: Tester
This is just a test

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This is just a test

Sunday, April 4th 1999 - 10:57:57 AM
Name: Tester
This is just a test

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Sunday, April 4th 1999 - 10:58:54 AM
Name: Test
Maybe this is what I have been missing all
along! Sure would make my stories look a lot more
interesting, don't you think?
Thursday, June 10th 1999 - 05:44:37 PM
Name: Wayne
Homepage URL: http://community.webtv.net/wayne3750/doc
Testing to see if this thing still works.It's kind of finding a time machine and now the year is 2002..
Wednesday, June 5th 2002 - 06:11:12 PM
Name: Lifter
thanks Wayne, for bringing us this blast from the past! I did participate in this MB, before Lifter was born!
Thursday, June 6th 2002 - 07:04:47 PM
Name: Adam
This was a trip! Things have come a long way since I list visited this page.
Sunday, May 29th 2005 - 06:53:45 PM
Name: Wayne
And we are still here. :-)
Sunday, April 18th 2010 - 07:27:48 AM
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