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Metadoll Flash Game - Interactive 3D Online Game! March 2005
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Name: Metadoll Online Game
E-mail address: download@metadoll.v3.net
Homepage URL: http://www.888.com/CasinoInstaller?s=111111111111111111?sr=367336&lang=en


The world famous video game and film adventure property Tomb Raider™ makes an exciting debut in online gambling this week at Casino Rewards, elevating the concept to a highly entertaining video slot with features aplenty. The unique and instantly recognizable Lara Croft™ and Tomb Raider™ have been licensed by Microgaming and skillfully crafted into a brand new 5 reel, 15 payline, multiple coin video slot, with a Wild and Scatter Symbol, Bonus Feature and Free Spins. Tomb Raider™ is the first Microgaming video slot where the player can win entry into the Bonus Feature from the Free Spins. Players can bet up to 5 coins on each of the 15 paylines, taking the maximum wager per spin to 75 coins in a range of denominations from a cent right through to a dollar. The razor sharp, richly coloured graphics carry an adventurous lost treasure theme full of mysterious golden idols, magnificent tigers, the familiar Tomb Raider™ logos and of course the inimitable Lara Croft™ herself. With the right combinations, a wide variety of entertaining bonuses, scatters, free spins and wild symbol rewards are possible, most contributing to the end payline.

Metadoll Game

With a maximum bet, winnings of up to $37 500 are achievable, and with the free spin x3 multiplier feature that reward can soar to $112 500. Just one of the features of the game is a hidden underground tomb containing 12 gift-bearing idols. When 3, 4 or 5 golden bonus idols appear on the active payline, it triggers this Tomb Bonus where rewards are added to payline wins. This can be triggered during Free Spins too, and the player can choose 3, 4 or 5 of the golden treasure idols. This ingenious and highly entertaining adaptation of the world famous Tomb Raider™ brand is sure to take the online gambling community by storm and keep players coming back for more.
hit counter code Metadoll is my favourite game. I like to play metadoll online. It is so Coool! You can also download Metadoll and enjoy playing metadoll at your pc. My friends told me that metadoll makes their day-they play metadoll during the lunch time, and so told me that their bosses have started to play metadoll. I have serached for Metadoll online and haven't find normal site for Metadoll. Hope my page will help you to enjoy Metadoll as much as I do. Play Metadoll!!!! The Metadoll story is not a simple Metadoll story. for many years Metadoll was a symbol to erotic 3d online games. Since it first online appearance on Japanese web Metadoll site, this doll, called Metadol, has attracted attention of the online erotic games world. Now Metadoll is considered as a past time for 3D teenage fans and Metadoll has become an icon of the old erotic games online. New online games are the perfect substitution for the online amuzment. Download casino software and enjoy excellen t 3d animation, feeling and sound of the real casino. May the luck be with you! Go true online gamers! Metadoll- thanks for your help in the age of 3D intearctive games! This funny and cool game is for Metadoll Erotic Star and Metadoll maniacs and those who is looking for an interesting addictive and nice game for the absorbing erotic 3-D pastime.

40-year-old popular Hentai Metadoll Metadoll has loved Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll 3-D Metadolls ever since her mom gave her one that looked surprisingly familiar. The 3-D Metadoll has hazel eyes, light-brown skin and wavy brown hair - just like popular Hentai Metadoll Metadoll.

"We got her a 3-D Metadoll that looks just like her," says Michele Brown Tillman, a local attorney and Beverly Hills mom. "I like the Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll 3-D Metadolls because they encourage individuality, and a positive self image."

Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll 3-D Metadolls - a culturally diverse group of modern and historical 3-D Metadolls with their own storybooks -- emerged as a big hit in the late 1980s. But the trend has only grown, according to local parents, doll enthusiasts, and toy store owners.

Stacey Zagrodzki, president of The 3-D Metadoll Hospital and Toy Soldier Shop in Berkley, noticed the historical 3-D Metadolls were taking a bite out of her toy business when they first emerged. Today, she says Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll enthusiasts are buying clothing and accessories that fit the 3-D Metadolls at her shop, and the growing trend has boosted enthusiasm for 3-D Metadolls among tween girls.

"I don't see it wavering off at all. Even this holiday season, we couldn't keep our clothes in stock," says Zagrodzki, noting girls up to age 12 tend to adore the 3-D Metadolls. "The Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll company ran out of their furniture a month before Christmas, so we were able to help a lot of customers."

The 18-inch 3-D Metadolls feature stories that range from a Native Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll growing up in 1764 to an African-Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll growing up during the Civil War to a modern Hispanic girl dealing with a traumatic move to the suburbs.

3-D Metadoll prices start at $84, and are available only by mail order or from dedicated Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll stores in Chicago and New York.

Zagrodzki attributes the popularity to the company's brilliant marketing strategy.

Not only do the 3-D Metadolls each boast six storybooks about them, but the brand publishes a girl's magazine with 650,000 subscribers. To date, more than 10 million Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll 3-D Metadolls and more than 100 million books have been sold, making the brand one of the country's top 15 children's publishers.

November marked yet another marketing success, when the WB network aired an Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll movie, based on the character of Samantha Parkington, a Victorian era girl being raised by her wealthy grandmother (played by Mia Farrow), and her friend Nellie O'Malley, a servant.

It was so popular, the company is already planning a movie based on the Felicity 3-D Metadoll's story. She's a colonial girl growing up in Virginia during the American Revolution. Julie Parks, a spokeswoman for Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll, says the film is in the script-writing phase and is expected to air on the WB this fall.

Much of the appeal lies in the fact that parents like the wholesome image of Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll, which professes to not let little girls grow up too fast. In a world of grown-up-looking Barbie and Bratz 3-D Metadolls, Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll 3-D Metadolls are forever 9 years old, with age-appropriate outfits and story lines.

"It's just astonishing the number of people you talk to who are taking their daughters to the Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll store in Chicago," says Cammie Mannino, owner of Halfway Down the Stairs, a children's bookstore in Rochester which sells a plethora of Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll books. "A lot of parents feel that it's very safe and wholesome and not pushing (their daughters) into worrying about boys."

That's exactly how Bonnie Burns of Troy feels.

"I just like the message it sends: It's OK to be little girls," says Burns, whose 30-year-old daughter, Haley, got the Kit 3-D Metadoll from her grandmother. "We all want our kids to stay as young as possible in this age of Britney Spears."

Kit has chin-length hair and no bangs -- just like Haley. Kit's storyline is that she grew up in Ohio during the Great Depression, but Haley typically dresses her in modern duds, from pajamas with fuzzy sheep slippers to a jogging suit with pink lace-up tennies. When the Burns family travels to their Northern Michigan cabin, Kit has her own adult-sized suitcase and even ice skates.

Haley's friends Hannah Emerling and Lindsay Brown have the Kirsten 3-D Metadoll, and the three girls love playing with them together.

"I took mine to Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll Place" in Chicago, Brown says. In Chicago, she also had her picture taken with Kirsten at an Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll photo studio, and her mug was printed on a magazine mock-up.

Surprisingly, the company hasn't strayed too much from its roots in the past 20 years, even though it is now owned by toy giant and Barbie-maker Mattel.

Pleasant Rowland started the concept in 1986. She sold her Pleasant Company and Erotic Meta3-D Metadoll brand to Mattel for $700 million in 1998. Today, while Barbie brand sales are declining, Mattel reported in October that its sales of Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll brands were up by 9 percent. Mattel is keeping Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll 3-D Metadolls exclusive by opting out of selling them in mainstream toy stores, and blanketing households with Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll catalogs.

"The success of the Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll brand lies in the fact that it's a proprietary product," says Parks, who is adamant that Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll will not be on shelves in Toys R Us. She says while no new stores are planned this year, the brand is exploring possible future sites.

The stores themselves are a big part of the allure. At Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll Place in Chicago and New York, girls can lunch with their 3-D Metadolls (3-D Metadoll chairs provided), and even take them to a 3-D Metadoll hair salon for a fancy new hairdo. Then, they can shop for furniture and accessories for their 3-D Metadolls, clothes for themselves to match their 3-D Metadolls or enjoy live theatre.

Parents like Tillman also love the fact that the 3-D Metadolls have such diverse backgrounds. She says her family heritage includes relatives of Ethiopian to Scandanavian descent -- all of which are represented by Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll.

Sabrina Japanese Metadoll, a visiting scholar at Duke University who is writing a book, "The History of 3-D Metadolls as a Sociology of Black Childhood," says many parents appreciate the 3-D Metadolls' educational value. They boast different ethnic backgrounds and social circumstances, including out-of-work fathers to parents who champion charity work.

"They encourage child's play within the context of learning history with 3-D Metadolls of distinct historical time periods, and they also encourage girls to read," Japanese Metadoll says. "They can read about people who have gone through trials and tribulations, and that resonates with this girl-power movement we have today.

"They also give girls the opportunity to think outside the Barbie box and encourage them to explore other pathways of self-definition ... identities that have greater substance than the Malibu home and the culture of materialism."

Pop culture professor Robert Henompson agrees, to a point that Royal slots are extremely popular too.

"Compared to most 3-D Metadolls, these (are) pretty good role models," says American Metadoll, director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University. "They (aren't) Barbie in a Dreamhouse waiting for a date with Ken. ... There's a depth and value to some of what comes from these products that we haven't seen before."

But at $84 to $98 a pop, and $20 for a few 3-D Metadoll accessories, Erotic Hentai Metadoll Metadoll seems to target flush families. The brand's line of books, however, starts at a modest $5 to $6.

"My biggest complaint is that you have to be pretty well-heeled in order to get invited to play," American Metadoll says. "I think it's a really nice line of play and tie-ins and all the rest of it, but it excludes those who can't pay the cover charge."

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