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New Fairfield Gallery
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Name: Donna Renzi Sairo
E-mail address: dsario@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Spent my teenage years in New Fairfield, on Fairfield Dr., in the 60's. Remember 2 hour bus rides to get to Danbury High before NF had a high school, and double sessions, getting home after dark. We had a hard time keeping bus drivers back then for those who can remember those bus rides. That was the best part of going to school. Summers at Ball Pond Beach which now looks like a postage stamp, or Squantz or the town park.
Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 04:38:22 PM
Name: Jean (Ann Clark) Strilowich
E-mail address: jastrilowich@charter.net
Comments:New Fairfield was a wonderful place to live in the '50s. Actually, my husband and I built a house on Pine Hill Rd. in the 80's. Still live there. Does anyone know where any of the Knollcrest people from the 50's now live?---Bonnie, Mary, Susan, Peter?
Monday, October 28th 2013 - 06:29:51 AM
Name: Dan "Boone" Anderten
E-mail address: dtaheyhey@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:My Bro Mike sent this site to me. Very cool. I too grew up on Candlewood Hills during the 50-60-70's. I agree, it was a cool place to learn. My father, Alf, used to say when they wanted to build a new school or some other place for kids to study or gather, on tax payers money, "what the heck, This whole town is a education town, if the kids can't find something to read around here, There's something wrong with the kids" It was good. very good looking back on it. Luckily I found a place in Springfield NH. that closly resembles that town. Lake Sunapee, Lake Kulamulauck (spelled wrong),Mascoma lake and many more. Woods, and not a lot of people except for the summer. And winter with the skiing, snow mobileing, hiking and all. And of course the fall foliage to die for. Hi Charlie, Tony and Dickie, and everyone else. Oh yes, the Green Light. My friend Tommy Fortunato still owns it, But I remember when the Benzingers had it. And Joyce Land too and the apple orchard. Squantz pond and all. Those were the days my friend.
Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 02:36:13 PM
Name: Josseph Kidd
E-mail address: jkidd@geodesign.net
Wednesday, April 10th 2013 - 04:43:39 PM
Name: Joseph Kidd
E-mail address: jkidd@geodesign.net
Wednesday, April 10th 2013 - 04:32:13 PM
Name: Dawn Gioello
E-mail address: Providence, RI
Wednesday, April 10th 2013 - 10:01:37 AM
Name: Cindy Skahen Webb
E-mail address: cindywebb1330@yahoo.com
Tuesday, April 9th 2013 - 06:27:58 PM
Name: Laura(Toth)Kovacs
E-mail address: sixoneangel@comcast.net
Comments:I was born and raised in New Fairfield, I miss it so very much! Summers were spent riding into the town center and going to various stores buying candy, soda and such. Going hiking at Hidden Valley and Squantz Pond. The bulk of our time though was spent at the Town Park. It was so great to swim all day, see all of your friends from school, go back home later for dinner, sit outside at the picnic table, all peaceful and quiet, lightning bugs starting to flicker about. Everyone knew everyone then, and it was great. NF is still a great town today, I hope to move back in the near future.
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 09:50:00 PM
Name: Jean (Ann) (Clark) Strilowich
E-mail address: jastrilowich@charter.net
Comments:My Dad, Fred Clark, started building our "Sears" house on Knollcrest in 1939. We moved to Knollcrest in 1941. I went through New Fairfield Consolidated, graduated 1955 with 15 others, Danbury HS 1959,ran Jean's Diner 1959-1961. John Boden taught me to drive, in his '57 Chevy, in 1958. My Dad was a constable for several years, owned Clark's Service Station, played in a square-dance band with Lou Gillotti, Harry Jensen,Dave Akin.Married to Dick Humphrey 1960-1978. Married Russ Strilowich 1982, built a house on Pine Hill Rd. Sold parents' Knollcrest house 2004.
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 08:46:42 AM
Name: michael r.whiteley
E-mail address: mikekidd24@gmail.com
Comments:i onced lived in Bll Pond in New Fairfield,it was around 1962 went to school at the bottom of ghiloti road and then to meetinghouse hill,were i lost my heart to a girl,her dad was a dentist,her best friend was mary burke,her name was molly murhpy can anyone tell me what has happened to her.thank you mike
Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 - 12:48:37 PM
Name: Cashman
Comments:Awesome town, great memories, tremendous people
Tuesday, July 31st 2012 - 12:50:50 PM
Name: katherine rose
E-mail address: kathierob817@aol.com
Comments:I use to live there in the early 70;s and now live there again
OMG the hills there are many memories the store and all memories it was special
Friday, July 13th 2012 - 05:32:20 PM
Name: alan andersen
E-mail address: akandr@hotmail.com
Comments:who remembers eef foster,freddie valine and freddie klatt? they were the constables back in the fifties that patroled new fairfield when nobody locked their doors and left their keys in the ignition. you could go camping in the woods when you were 8 years old and nobody worried about you.
Thursday, February 9th 2012 - 05:17:33 AM
Name: Dan "Boone" Andersen
E-mail address: dtaheyhey@gmail.com
Comments:My Bro Mike sent this site to me. Very cool. I too grew up on Candlewood Hills during the 50-60-70's. I agree, it was a cool place to grow up. My father, Alf, used to say when they wanted to build a new ball field or some other place for kids to play or gather, on tax payers money, "what the heck, This whole town is a recreation town, if the kids can't find something to do around here, There's something wrong with the kids" It was good. very good looking back on it. Luckily I found a place in Springfield NH. that closly resembles that town. Lake Sunapee, Lake Kulamulauck (spelled wrong),Mascoma lake and many more. Woods, and not a lot of people except for the summer. And winter with the skiing, snow mobileing, hiking and all. And of course the fall foliage to die for. Hi Charlie, Tony and Dickie, and everyone else. Oh yes, the Green Light. My friend Tommy Fortunato still owns it, But I remember when the Benzingers had it. And Joyce Land too and the apple orchard. Squantz pond and all. Those were the days my friend.
Sunday, February 5th 2012 - 03:40:22 PM
Name: Mike Andersen
E-mail address: amike13@hotmail.com
Comments:Thank you,Wonderful memories! Lots of good times. Candlewood Hills/Joyceland/Knollcrest etc. We hitchhiked everywhere we wanted to go.
I've managed to catch up with some of the old friends recently and the general concensus is they were the best years ever.
Saturday, February 4th 2012 - 09:18:05 AM
Name: charlie kaiser
E-mail address: cjkaiser3@aol.com
Comments:We spent the summers at candelwood hills i lived next door to Tony ardison. down the block from Mike anderson. We had a small boat on Squantz Pond. We went to chair rock and jumped off. we thought we were great. does not look so big now.
Saturday, February 4th 2012 - 08:35:22 AM
Name: Kevin Trohalis
E-mail address: ktrohalis@comcast.net
Comments:I lived in New Fairfield from 1960 - 1974 at 62 Gillotti Road. I remember Gabe (Butch)& I helping his Grandfather, Mr. Gillotti, bail hay during the summer. Hidden Valley was a favorite because of the pet Skunk, Thumper. As a teenager, summers were spent at the town park. So many great memories of the people I grew up with. I'm still in CT so I go to NF often.
Wednesday, November 9th 2011 - 09:09:56 AM
Name: maria shannon
E-mail address: riccihopes@yahoo.com
Comments:That would ne neat to rum across people rpm that time
Saturday, April 9th 2011 - 08:25:17 AM
Name: maria tsentas
E-mail address: riccihopes@yahoo.com
Comments:While I was a little girl in the early 60's, I use to visit all my realives and one of the main places that never changed, was 29 E Ball Pond Rd. New Fairfield. There weren't even numbers on the mail boxes that's how secluded it remained for years. Our name that was on it was The Catz'a. It had black kittens playing on the mailbox so noone could miss it. If this sounds familiar, please write to me. I miss that place and it was sold by my mother for 65 thousand dollars, land and all. I am sick over that, because I miss that big old house.
Saturday, November 6th 2010 - 04:24:02 AM
Name: DW
E-mail address: dwebb13@earthlink.net
Comments:Wow! I spent my summers at Joyce Land at Squantz Pond. My grandparents stumbled upon JL when my mom was a kid and built a small cabin there. My mom spent her summers there and so on...
I enjoyed every second of my summers and still think back on those memories. I can still see the wheeping willow tress sway, hear the gentle waves come to shore and smell the Conn air. We didn't have a television, a telephone or running hot water; we bathed in the lake. We read, played a ton of card games and sat by the nightly fires.
Sadly, the two sisters, Rosie and Mary, who owned Joyce Land, at the time failed to pay their Conn state taxes over many, many years. They sold the land to some members of the mob. Needless-to-say, after the "take over" we never returned.
Our cabin, as far as we know is being used as a storage building.
After 30 years, I still cry thinking of how I was robbed from the most beautiful place I knew and loved. I have never returned, as I can't bear to see the changes...I treasure the images I have and the memories; although, I still sometimes cry thinking of what once was.
Wednesday, May 26th 2010 - 07:04:21 PM
Name: Donna Sapienza
E-mail address: donnasapienza@gmail.com
Comments:I remember Chicky Stockwell from the Danbury Fair Races, althigu not his car #. Dad took us up there regularly. Wish there had been a raceway in our area when my kids were growing up. Was hoping to find some info on him after his name popped into my head while watching "In the Chase 2008" today. 'Least I see I rememebered his name correctly!
Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 02:39:21 PM
Name: Melinda Boden
E-mail address: bsissy06810@yahoo.com
Comments:This is great fun to read. My Grandmother was Dorothy Joyce Boden of the old Joyce farm which is now part of Squantz Pond. My mother used to talk of great times at Joyceland and Squantz pond when her family (the Tully's) camped there.
Thanks for starting this site.
Monday, October 29th 2007 - 01:17:01 PM
Name: corinne burns bruno
E-mail address: yankeerome@mac.com
Comments:Oh the memories - we had a place on Squantz Pond and not only did I swim from our side of the lake to Chair Rock usually daily, but made great friends, flirted, got great sun tans, walked along the road when it was getting tarred, got scared by the boys in the night when we were walking home (we always had torches with us) - learned to water ski - did some life guarding at the park and hung out with the gang at JoyceLand - and naturally, went to the Greenlight restaurant with my parents - I am talking about between 1958 - 1963 - what a wonderful time of my life and returning from Italy where I now live - went back to visit and was so, so happy that things have not changed!
Thanks for the memories
Tuesday, February 6th 2007 - 12:46:06 PM
Name: Alejandro Arriagada
E-mail address: aarriagada@ahmr.cl
Homepage URL: http://www.ahmr.cl
Comments:I spent a season during the years 1989 to 1990 in NF, I met wonderful people at the NFHS. And I think NF must be one of the most beautiful places in the USA.


Alejandro Arriagada

From Chile South America
Friday, February 17th 2006 - 09:45:39 AM
Name: Michael Cashman
E-mail address: cashman47@cox.net
I was a CT State lifeguard, at Squantz Pond from 1968 to 1972, it was the best five summers I ever had. The Greenlight Restaurant, was my summer home away from home and Tommy F. was my summer Dad. Eight lifeguards lived in the “Shack” just down the road from the new entrance on the left. I still want to return to Squantz every spring.
Friday, February 25th 2005 - 06:24:15 AM
Name: Chris Orioli
E-mail address: riverman104@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://organisationen.accaunt.biz/
Comments:I grew up in New Fairfield from 1960 to 1999. Erin Dr was first then right around the corner to East Lake Rd. I remeber the cows in Gilloti's fields and when the Consolidated was the only school. I hiked all the State Forest Land and swam in Squantz Pond when it was not crowded...ever . It was a very idyllic and peaceful town, real Norman Rockwell stuff. Ed's Cigar Box and Mr Assad's barber shop; the "Center" even before the Candlewood Theater and The Little Cake Box. Growing up in New Fairfield kind of spoiled me to live anywhere else. I miss home every day.
Wednesday, January 28th 2004 - 05:20:54 PM
Name: Lisa Drace
E-mail address: LIRI200@aol.com
Monday, October 6th 2003 - 08:31:54 AM
Name: Chad Fizzell
E-mail address: chadwick1140@hotmail.com
Comments:What a walk down memory lane. It has been several years since I returned to my hometown. I lived and grew up in New Fairfield in the 80's and 90's, and it has only been 5 or so years since I lived there full time, but it seems like much longer. Thanks so much for posting these pictures, this is a page I can always refer back to to remember. Cheers from Michigan!!!
Friday, September 26th 2003 - 12:59:19 PM
Name: Andy Peerless
E-mail address: jeter98765432@aol.com
Comments:OMG i think this is the best site. I grew up in New Fairfield, CT on Candlewood Lake. Im 13 now and i remember everything here. It brings back so many memories. Thank you for making this site
Wednesday, July 23rd 2003 - 09:49:23 PM
Name: Doug Philippa
E-mail address: dphilippa@cfl.rr.com
Homepage URL: http://I spent all my summers as a kid on Kelloggs point, I live in fl. now but I am returning to CT. soon! Once you ve lived in the country it never leaves your blood! I can remember walking to the Candlewood corners to the red store and buying candy from Mr. Lynch the owner! I remember going to VALS for hambergers! Going to NIcks in N.Y. to drink as and eat pizza, What fun!
Friday, April 18th 2003 - 09:49:56 AM
Name: Cayla
E-mail address: cay@caylas.com
Homepage URL: http://www.caylas.com
Comments:Totally cool site wishing you all the best cay xxx
Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 04:05:24 AM
Name: Moya
E-mail address: moya@cuteandsingle.com
Homepage URL: http://cuteandsingle.com
Comments:Superior website! Very appealing.
Tuesday, April 8th 2003 - 11:04:35 AM
Name: Mike O'Donnell
E-mail address: tmod@ix.netcom.com
Comments:Thanks so very much for the pictures of New Fairfield. Memories of my childhood just tumbled out. I lived there from 1950 to 1960. Knollcrest was home. I remember the winter time you could not see a light at night from my house. Summertime was different, the lake was a whirl of motor boats, especially on the weekends. Does Knollcrest still have the windmill and do they still have the sailboat races on Sunday afternoons?
Thursday, February 6th 2003 - 09:02:57 PM
Name: Maggie
E-mail address: l_luowei@hotmail.com
Comments:What a beautiful scene!
Thank you!
Wednesday, December 11th 2002 - 09:19:05 PM
Name: John
E-mail address: wb1fsc@aol.com
Comments:Great pictures..........thx
Friday, November 1st 2002 - 09:21:06 AM
Name: Abbie
E-mail address: abbie@chesapeake-bay-retriever-dogs.com
Homepage URL: http://www.chesapeake-bay-retriever-dogs.com
Comments:I really enjoyed your site.
Monday, June 10th 2002 - 08:27:52 PM
Name: Madeleine du Preez
E-mail address: madeleine@hit.co.za
Comments:Thank you for introducing me to this website. You live in a fairytale place and I am quite jealous!
Friday, May 17th 2002 - 02:18:31 PM
Name: chris lavoie
E-mail address: clavoie04@snet.net
Comments:I now live in new fairfield near ball pond. It truly is a wonderful place to see the sun rising in the morning with the geese on the pond. It is really changing with all the home developments going up. But it will always be a special town. the carp are doing a good job on ball pond to controll the algea. Hopefully it will be under control and not look so bad.
Friday, February 8th 2002 - 03:10:33 PM
Name: David Hinners
E-mail address: hinnersd@nycap.rr.com
Comments:Never knew how much one could miss a place. I grew up here on Inglenook Road. New Fairfield is magic. There were neighborhoods: Bogus Hill, Knollcrest, Candlewood Hills, Candlewood Isle, Ball Pond. The were corner stores (well within a bike ride): Green Light Store, Candlewood Hills Store. There was a dairy farm you could get fresh milk from out on 37 I think. And an hour and a half from New York City there were some of the biggest trees I've seen in my life. Keep it safe. Merry Christmas.
Monday, December 24th 2001 - 02:53:03 AM
Name: Grant McCulloch
Comments:hello, im from London England and my love of my life lives in New Fairfield and Candlewood lake is so beautiful
Thursday, October 11th 2001 - 03:56:05 PM
Name: Talbot Brooks
E-mail address: talbot.brooks@asu.edu
Homepage URL: http://geography.asu.edu
Comments:Thanks for sharing those pictures in the gallery. My
family and I lived in NF from 1983-1987 at 13 Smoke Hill
Dr. My dad was president of the NF Volunteer Fire Dept. for
a while back then, and I was in band with Mr. Scott King
during that time as well.

Since living in NF, I've moved several time, but am now
faculty in the Dept. of Geography at Arizona State
University. I truly miss the greenery and the wonderful
sense of community!

Best wishes,
Friday, June 8th 2001 - 10:06:23 AM
Name: Marty Lineen
E-mail address: bent4500@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.members.tripod.com/~marty4545
Nov 23 2000
U have a great web site. Mine is this.
My e-mail address is this. bent4500@aol.com
i was born and raised in Middletown Connecticut.
i moved 2 Florida in 1960. By.
Thursday, November 23rd 2000 - 01:42:58 PM
Name: Paddy sealey
E-mail address: paddysealey@yahoo.com
Comments:I live in Norfolk England. Through getting to know one of
you Danbury residents, I learned of Candlewood.
The name is straight from a novel and the Lake is straight
from a fairytale.You are so lucky!

Can someone please tell me...How did Candlewood get it's
wonderful name? Thanks.
Thursday, September 7th 2000 - 09:18:37 AM
Name: Adam Beck
E-mail address: Prozombe@hotmail.com
Comments:I lived in New Fairfield until 1990, in a place called
Knollcrest. I miss some people I grew up with, Bob Miller,
Steven Beers were my two closest friends growing up. I'll
find them some day.
Sunday, August 27th 2000 - 07:50:26 AM
Name: Theresa Moffett
E-mail address: theresa.moffett@cna.com or terrystar27@netscape.net or terrystar28@aol.com
Comments:I used to live in New Milford Ct. 15 years ago. It would be
nice to hear from anyone who knows me.
Monday, August 14th 2000 - 12:59:48 PM
Name: Roberta (Padula) Bellus
E-mail address: Robertafairfancy@i-opener.net
Comments:I spent summers there from the late 40's through the 70's.
My grandparents owned a summer home on Rocky Hill Road,
which gave me this great opportunity. My name is Roberta
and my sister's name is Claire. We would walk to Squantz
Pond and Candlewood Lake to go swimming. We bought ice
cream cones at the Green Light. We went to the movies in
Danbury and on the way home would stop at the Lark,a fast
food place with car hops. We knew Marilyn Pederson,Karen
Schirmeister and George Theman. I would like to hear from
anyone that would like to chat about the good old days.
Thursday, July 20th 2000 - 02:39:27 PM
Name: michael whiteley
E-mail address: northville387@webtv.net
Comments:finally I can maybe find out about my early days in NF.we lived on Biggs ave.near Ball Pond,went to the school near St.edwards church,and then meeting house hill school thats were I lost my heart to Molly Murphy she lived on Ghiolti road near the grammer school her father was a dentist.Her dear freind was Mary Burke who lived across the street from MHHS.If anyone knows what happened to her please write to me so I could see her once again.NF in the sixties was great,the others were Patty Byers,Gabe Ghilotti,peanuts,holly alger,penny lowery.Well any help will make me happy.I have moved back to Ct.and should have never left.Thank you Mike Whiteley
Monday, June 26th 2000 - 03:45:24 PM
Name: Donna Tomanio Malek
E-mail address: djt@mbclaw.com
Comments:My family (Tomanio) moved away from NF in 1969, but many
relatives remain there today. My maternal grandparents,
Walter and Grace Hendrickson (parents of Maureen) have
passed away, but I have many great memories of my childhood
and the time I have spent in NF. We lived on Fox Hollow
Road in the early 60's and then on Candlewood Lake until we
moved to Florida. I have really enjoyed this website.
Just seeing the familiar sites bring back great memories
for me. I hope to always return to NF no matter where life
takes me!
Thursday, May 11th 2000 - 11:29:54 AM
Name: susan lowery
E-mail address: www.avaux@webtv.net
Comments:Hello my name is susan Lowery. my Father is Ralph Sperlin Lowery. My mother is Mary Antoinete deVaux. her Father was Francis deVaux born 1903.
Monday, May 1st 2000 - 02:23:04 AM
Name: Coleman Polkinghorne
Comments:I moved to NF in '93 from Minnesota. I lived over near ball
pond on warwick rd. I staied there all the way through my
high school career and ended up moving to St. Louis,
Missouri. I try to go back as much as I can to see who
ever is left. Even though the people I know grows smaller,
I still like going back to where I really lived.
Sunday, April 16th 2000 - 11:08:03 PM
Name: michael and margaret brady
E-mail address: bradyfamily@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:We cant wait to see the new and improved Consolidated
School as it rises in its beauty and splendor.It is a
momument for all the the people who have worked so hard to
realize it and a beacon for all the future students and
their dreams.
Saturday, March 11th 2000 - 01:58:14 AM
Name: Dara DeVaux
E-mail address: dara119@hotmail.com

What a beautiful place to live! I surfed in looking for
DeVaux ancestor graves and possible DeVaux cousins. My
ancestor from your region is: Abel Alfred DeVaux 1892- 1975
and wife Rose L. DeVaux passed away in Oxford 1960. We are
of the DeVeaux's changed to DeVaux that fled or were
deported from France to Canada. Great grandfather was said
to be: Julid or Julius or Eugene DeVaux married Mary Mallot
and his mother's name was said to be Hortense Billeau or
Bilyeu (exact spelling unknown). Thank you.
Monday, February 21st 2000 - 09:59:51 PM
Name: nora henze
E-mail address: fribbel@aol.com
great panoramics! especially the one of the center of
town. i felt like i was home.
Tuesday, February 15th 2000 - 10:16:12 PM
Name: Dennis@Louise Tarrant
E-mail address: denlou2execu.net
Comments:This was and always will be our home. No matter where we
travel, all the memories we have seem to go back to the many
wonderfull times we had at and on Lake Candlewood. We will
always call Connecticut "BACK HOME".

DEN @ LOU Feb, year 2000
Wednesday, February 9th 2000 - 06:51:08 AM
Name: Sean Flynn
E-mail address: Flynns@ecsu.ctstateu.edu
Comments:I would like to say that you have some great pictures, I
would just like to ask that some photos of Squantz Pond
during the summer season.
Thank you,
Tuesday, January 11th 2000 - 08:03:14 PM
Name: John
Comments:Hey! You forgot to show Ball Pond!
Thursday, October 21st 1999 - 03:35:43 PM
Name: Marijean Tomanio Hippelheuser
E-mail address: emjay0410@aol.com
Comments:Looking at your site brings back great memories for me. My
family left Connecticut in 1969, but i still love going
back there. There is nowhere else like it. It's nice to be
able to visit from here in Florida.
Friday, July 2nd 1999 - 05:52:18 AM
Name: John
Comments:Tony, I have lived across from the former Green Light since
the mid 60s on Bogus Hill. It changed hands many times
since the 80s and is now just a vacant building. I also
watched the car races at Danbury but that was replaced with
one of largest mall in New England many years ago. There
are still some buildings that were part of Joyceland around
Squantz pond but most housing is now all year round and NF
has its population from 2000 in the 60s to over 13,000 now.

Monday, June 28th 1999 - 05:28:22 PM
Name: Tony Ardisson
E-mail address: Kardisson@aol
Comments:Is the Green Light restaurant still next to Squantz Pond?
Does anyone remember Chicky stockwell and stock car 151. It
was always the favorite at the Danbury Fair races. Anyone
from Candlewood Hills around out there? Brian Murphy? Mike
Anderson? Ronny Malus? Remember camping out on Squantz Pond
back in the early 1950s. The only Policeman around was a
State Trooper named oscar who had to drive from 10 miles
away if the teenagers acted up. At night Joyceland would
show movies outdoors for 25 cents.
Monday, June 28th 1999 - 06:50:11 AM
Name: tony ardisson
E-mail address: kardisson@aol
Comments:My family had a home on candlewood hills from 1950 to about
1985. Had a blast every summer there. Mike Anderson was one
of my best friends along with alot of other great kids. We
used to go to the stock car races every saturday at the
Danbury Fair grounds. thanks for all the great times.
Sunday, June 27th 1999 - 04:09:40 PM

Wednesday, June 9th 1999 - 10:40:04 AM

Wednesday, June 9th 1999 - 10:39:57 AM
Name: G. Scott Logue
E-mail address: glogue@kpmg.com
Comments:From the Class of 91' and ever since then, a transplant to
California. I come home to New Fairfield every year, but
it was nice to see all the pictures, and the different
seasons, something I haven't seen in years. Good memories.
Thursday, May 20th 1999 - 02:11:18 PM
Name: Brian Finch
E-mail address: finchbp@orbitworld.net
Comments:For all of you that remember me from when i lived there, e-mail me. I look forword to reading your letters.
I lived in New Farifield from kindergarden to the 7th grade, when I moved to Texas. I am about to graduate and I kind of miss living in the northeast.
Friday, April 2nd 1999 - 11:17:02 PM
Name: Kevin Carscadden
E-mail address: kevcars@yahoo.com

Looking forward to the Spring of 1999
Tuesday, March 16th 1999 - 10:56:56 AM
Name: russell chartier
E-mail address: klchartier@aol.com
Comments:info in fishing and map of lake would add to web page
Saturday, March 6th 1999 - 05:29:04 PM
Name: Marie (Masal) Englander
E-mail address: menglander@imperial-software.com
Comments:I totally enjoyed New Fairfield's Gallery and reminisced
looking at the pictures of the town! I was a former
resident of New Fairfield, Ct through the 1970s and always
think about the town. As much as it's changed, I've seen
that it's also remained the same...it's as beautiful as it
ever was!!!
Thursday, February 11th 1999 - 10:07:20 AM
Name: Rogelio Martinez
E-mail address: rogelio@southtx.quik.com
Comments: NO Coment
Saturday, February 6th 1999 - 06:54:00 PM
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