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Big Dog MZA!!!

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Name/Call Sign: wd6dyp
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What City are you from?: north of frisco
Comments:Merkin I have misst you for a long time if you have short wave we are on 3.830 and 145.33 we nrrd you out here
88's DYP
Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 - 07:33:19 PM
Name/Call Sign: W6WBJ
E-mail address: retroguybilly@gmail.com
What City are you from?: Diamond Springs, CA
Comments:Meerken, we have been wondering what happened to you. I didn't know you when you were on 145.29, but my friend Brian, WD6DYP, has mentioned you often and wants to get in touch with you. I'll give him your email address.

I sure do miss that Timmy.
Monday, October 1st 2012 - 02:00:34 PM
Name/Call Sign: Af6**
E-mail address: ynakamura2252@yahoo.com
What City are you from?: Saratoga
Comments:Well guys, here is Meerken. The bootlegger. HEHE, well I read the stories from many of you all. Funny what happen to Donald Bertone. Me I'm still here I just passed my Extra class license, but the FCC has taken them back. I'm still waiting my decision. But I have the Internet here with SKYPE and many other Nodes. But Nice to see that you all are still around. I have spoken to Bill Greene N6ZEU. He's ok from very far up north. I'm here in the south bay now. But Things are ok, I like the CB shit, because I can wreck Havoc on those silly guys who don't know how to operate radio. Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH. Was a funny deal. I liked those days in the 1999 - 2000. 73's
Tuesday, September 4th 2012 - 08:46:48 PM
Name/Call Sign: OU812
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Comments:Anyone find this page after doing a search for lincoln shitting?

Also, I found a nice drawing of him on the can reading the paper.

Unfortunatly, lincoln-shitting.com is already taken.
Friday, May 25th 2012 - 02:38:43 PM
Name/Call Sign: Scott/KD6GOU
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Comments:Wow... Found this site a week ago googling for Blake on a lark, then found it again googling for UUM. Guess I'd better check in.

Do miss the old conversations...
Wednesday, April 4th 2012 - 01:38:30 PM
Name/Call Sign: Scott/KD6GOU
E-mail address: mza@smj.cc
What City are you from?: Grass Valley
Comments:Wow... Found this site a week ago googling for Blake on a lark, then found it again googling for UUM. Guess I'd better check in.

Do miss the old conversations...
Wednesday, April 4th 2012 - 12:35:31 PM
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Monday, June 27th 2011 - 09:30:52 PM
Name/Call Sign: RonC the old N6UUM
Homepage URL: http://www.clubsac.com
What City are you from?: Bay and Sac
Comments:Why did some CBer guy go and get my UUM call sign hella funny. Some people just cant be a star without taking some ones mojo LOL U can have ham radio is not like it was plus i like women better that a gay ass mic
Sunday, January 30th 2011 - 10:54:53 PM
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Tuesday, January 11th 2011 - 07:52:29 PM
Name/Call Sign: WD6DYP
What City are you from?: sharkville,ca
Comments:Hey! UUM how it going I will hit your club some time I love the hot chicks in club sac photos see ya DROP YOUR PANTS
Thursday, September 3rd 2009 - 04:09:05 PM
Name/Call Sign: X UUM
E-mail address: ron@clubsac.com
Homepage URL: http://www.clubsac.com
What City are you from?: Sactown
Comments:I really miss the ham radio days even the cb days where fun Hallingworth(less) messed up are fun LOSER Dirt bag.
I would never retest I took the test once and be damed tak it again for that greasy hair low life shit stain! hehe
Wednesday, September 2nd 2009 - 01:38:34 AM
Name/Call Sign: KI6KY
E-mail address: ki6ky@ix.netcom.com
Homepage URL: http://www.blankheads.com
What City are you from?: Davis
Comments:Come back Timmy! We miss you!!
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 - 08:51:29 PM
Name/Call Sign: wa6has
E-mail address: gofigureitout
Homepage URL: http://yasure.com
What City are you from?: Vancouver, WA
Comments:I left the Bay Area around 7 years ago. Since then, it seems as tho half the hams I used to hang with down there have either (a) dropped dead or (b) lost their freakin' minds. What the hell is in the water down there!?
Saturday, July 26th 2008 - 12:25:30 AM
Name/Call Sign: KB6REY
E-mail address: KB6REY@YAHOO.COM
What City are you from?: SAN FRANCISCO
Comments:I really enjoyed the qso's on hf early on Sunday mornings.
Timmy and Bobby West and a few others would chat on 40 -meters and usually had a good time until someone jammed us or started shit with Timmy. I had fun talking with him on Skype. Tim introduced me to Skype and been using since. We always maintained a good ham radio friendship and will never forget him. And for all of you radio-rules Nazi's that like telling people what to say " You Stupid Mother Fuckers" as Timmy would say. I sure wish he was still here to give those boys on 145.330 a lesson on how it's really done and cawl up Tommies ass.

73's mi Amigo Tim

fuck the rest of you
Monday, July 21st 2008 - 04:05:04 AM
Name/Call Sign: KD6WIC
E-mail address: hotwomanincharge@gmail.com
What City are you from?: Tujunga
Comments:I will truly miss the MZA.......... I think of him every time I drop my pennies into my 435 piggy bank that he sent to me..
Rest in peace MZA...........
Monday, May 5th 2008 - 08:39:16 PM
Name/Call Sign: wd6dyp dippy
E-mail address: wd6dyp@hotmail.com
What City are you from?: shitaron,ca
Comments:Thank you for keeping this site up I go to it offen o hear MZA and I think you should have more audio of him as for a photo I respected him to much to take his photo but N6YSA has one so put the screws on him.

88S TIMMY were ever you are
Sunday, February 10th 2008 - 11:29:30 AM
Name/Call Sign: Really Pissed Off
E-mail address: bigdogs@never.die
Homepage URL: http://hqpp://mikeyiwantyour.but
What City are you from?: East Oaktown
Comments:Aye! the eyes of ElmZedA: Timmy's view was pretty keen for a BF. Let's see now, there was Jake Blinkins, Mother Ship, Curty, IHT (I Hate Them), Silent Bruce, Mickey, Dippy, Jimmy Krak, Phoney Bertonie, Tom The Snake Man, COWPOKE!, HQPeePee, BFA Nurse Ratchet, The Fucking Idiot, Steve, Randy The Fag, Gordon RUE, Mr. Ed The Biscuit Boy, Gordon III, Avtar The Baghead From Ragdad, Mike, Eric, Jerkin' Merkin the child molester who is now jail and the wife of BUBBA thank GOD!, Entertaining Mike, Gene Gene The Drinkin' Machine, HLR, VLG, VEG, RXH, CTK, Gerba, Ron UUM...just to remember a few...Oh Yea!
Tuesday, January 9th 2007 - 10:51:10 PM
Name/Call Sign: wd6dyp
E-mail address: wd6dyp@hotmail.com
What City are you from?: north of gaytown
Comments:Plaese tell me this is not true, my poor little man timmy is gone ? Hes the only blind man I'd let drive my car and would allways acknolage me on the radio "hey dippy!" he'd say,he gave linda a hummer via radio. his fast wit was an insperation for me. and us all . Now I have no need to upgrade sence timmys gone up to that electromagnic heven.
Timmy I may join you soon give cdl hell say hello to barny the dinosore aka peter shleminter

wd6dyp lost and loney
when doing six drop your pants
Saturday, January 6th 2007 - 04:03:50 PM
Name/Call Sign: SuckerPunch
Comments:Timmy! You fool! These suckers are falling hoook, line and sinker for your so-called death! What a bunch of morons! Hahahahahhah.... You didn't fool me! I know you all too well! John in Pacifica
Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 02:33:06 PM


Monday, January 1st 2007 - 08:00:07 PM
Name/Call Sign: Hams-R-Us
What City are you from?: Scrotum Flats
Comments:Di-di-di-dah, dah?
Monday, January 1st 2007 - 04:28:21 PM
E-mail address: soanonymous@aol.com
What City are you from?: Sacramento
Comments:I was just informed by Bill, Timmy's brother.. that Timmy DIED of a heart attack last night. Thats right, THE BIG DOG is DEAD. FINALLY WE GET SOME PEACE !!!!!!
Sunday, December 31st 2006 - 09:15:32 PM
Name/Call Sign: n6uum
Homepage URL: http://www.sfgate.com
What City are you from?: SAC
The home of a San Francisco man who once tormented his neighbors by tracking them with surveillance cameras and blaring music from the roof went up in flames today, in what firefighters called an accidental blaze.

The two-alarm fire broke out just after noon near the water heater in Don Bertone's home at 336 Lathrop Ave., in a southeastern neighborhood known as Little Hollywood. Firefighters believe a spark from the water heater spread to a can of gasoline that Bertone had stored nearby.

The gasoline powered a generator that was supplying electricity to the home. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. cut off power to Bertone a few weeks ago while he was in jail, one of several stints he has spent behind bars this year as a result of his anti-social behavior toward his neighbors.

Bertone, 55, was upstairs when the fire started but escaped unharmed. Firefighters estimated that damage to the three-bedroom home totaled about $200,000.

Neighbors have long complained to authorities about Bertone, who once worked for the San Francisco Housing Authority and ran unsuccessfully for the Board of Supervisors in 2000. Bertone put up surveillance cameras, illuminated the street with floodlights, and blasted salsa and rap music and police scanner calls from rooftop speakers.

Police allegedly found weapons and drugs in several raids at the house, and judges have concluded repeatedly that he had violated court orders not to bother his neighbors.

Some of the charges are still pending. Bertone was recently released from jail on bail after a judge dismissed weapons and other charges, saying a search warrant was improper. The same judge had signed the original warrant.

Since returning to Lathrop Avenue, Bertone has been well-behaved, neighbors said today.

"He's kind of quieted down,'' said the owner of the home next door, Hayward Antoine.

Bertone said he has no intention of rebuilding. "I won't stay," he said. "I'll leave as soon as I can get away.''

Wednesday, November 29th 2006 - 04:38:39 PM
Name/Call Sign: mickey
E-mail address: ka7qqv@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello Ham Radio Community,

This is to inform you of the Federal Case against Jack Gerritsen (Ex-KG6IRO) is
now done, pending the appeals process by his court appointed attorney.

As you remember, Jack was convicted back in Dec 2005 for his 6 Federal crimes.

Today, 9-18-06 at 1:45 P.M. at the Roybal Federal Court, 255 E. Temple St, Los
Angeles, Room 850.
There were approximately 16 hams and Law Enforcement represented at the
sentencing, as well as Mr. Gerritsen's family .

Prior to sentencing, Mr. Gerritsen's addressed the court stating "I would like
to apologize to the Government, the FCC, and the Amateur Radio Community,
......I'm sorry and I apologize to everyone here".
The Judge listened to the defendant's attorney who recommended 2 years for his
sentence as a more than appropriate sentence for this case.

The USDA Lamar Baker said that based on his prior actions/convictions, the
government recommends that the term of 46 months (3 yrs, 8 months) would be a
more appropriate sentence on this case.

After the Judge heard both arguments, he brought down the following

"How many times have you said you would not do this again"? "But based on your
history, you come back again and again for this. I believe you will continue to
do it, and it would send the wrong message to others, that 5 years is not long
enough either!" Your 15 prior misdemeanor convictions, transmitting from the
roof of the Court House, bringing a suspicious package that was blown up at
another federal building, including the possible loss of life when looking for a
missing vessel and when the Red Cross had it's disaster, that this is all
significant enough and substantial to bring the following."

"You are hereby ordered to pay a fine of $225.00 to be paid immediately, and on
count 1, you are fined $15,000.00 to be paid through the Probation dept."

"I sentence you on, Count 1, (U.S. Title 18, Section 1362, Transmitting on a
Government Freq.) for a term of 84 MONTHS (7 years), with 2 years supervised
probation upon completion of your sentence. On your additional counts, they will
run concurrent with count 1."

"You must participate in substance abuse (Drug treatment) and alcohol
classes/program, paid for at Mr. Gerritsen's expense."

"You can not use any moniker including his previous Amateur radio license call
sign. You can only use your real name when identifying yourself."

"You can not OWN, POSSESS or USE any radio broadcasting equipment."

Mr. Gerritsen's will be on 2 years supervised probation when he gets out of
Federal prison, and it is the courts recommendation he remain is custody in the
Southern California area.

Be Safe,
Deputy Burton Brink-N6USO
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.
Owner/Licensee of the 145.440- 136.5 (Tone) Repeater Sunset Ridge, Southern
Tuesday, September 19th 2006 - 07:08:09 AM
Name/Call Sign: nunya
E-mail address: na
What City are you from?: na
Comments:Mza gets his kicks by telling little boys about sex on the ham radio and thretening women and kids. He is the lowest of low and should be kicked off the air for the DOG that he is.
Tuesday, May 16th 2006 - 12:27:53 PM
Name/Call Sign: Tex Wannabe
Comments:why don't ya go swap underwear with Bertone?
Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 - 09:16:04 PM
Name/Call Sign: whammy101
E-mail address: paltalk
Homepage URL: http:// renegade round up
What City are you from?: ca
Comments:the new link on paltalk is in the adult area playground under renegade round up have fun 435 listeners
Monday, March 20th 2006 - 04:13:17 PM
Name/Call Sign: whammy101
E-mail address: na
What City are you from?: ca
Comments:check out the new link for 435 on paltalk it holds up to 200 listeners very good Q.
Monday, March 20th 2006 - 04:09:11 PM
Name/Call Sign: N6UUM
E-mail address: Sac-O-tomatoes
Homepage URL: http://hamcams.com
What City are you from?: SAC
Comments:Bertone in Jail!? Terrible thing to happen to my Hero! That neighborhood is lucky to have him. Bertone used to jamm HLR and fight with Jack CBL but no more. Sniff. :-(

All those neighbors need to be sent back to Africa!

Thursday, February 9th 2006 - 09:24:57 AM
Name/Call Sign: dave
E-mail address: ok
Homepage URL: http://kk6an
What City are you from?: In Jail
Loud music ruffles quiet neighborhood
By J.K. Dineen
Staff Writer
No matter how loud they complained, the neighbors just couldn't seem to
convince Don Bertone to turn down his stereo.
Neither could the police, who showed up at Bertone's house more than 60
times in the past year, arresting him twice for disorderly conduct.
Now it's City Attorney Dennis Herrera's turn to try.
Monday, Deputy City Attorney Yvonne Mere went before state Superior Court
Judge James Warren, requesting a restraining order preventing the Little
Hollywood resident from playing "amplified music" at night.
It was the first time the city attorney has gone after a resident for
being exceptionally noisy.
"The City just wants this nuisance to stop," Mere said. "I'm hoping he
will be cooperative."
Residents of Little Hollywood, a tranquil section of Visitacion Valley
near the Brisbane border, say Bertone has waged a two-year audio assault
against the neighborhood, though Bertone claims he is the victim of a
"witch hunt."
Starting late at night, the Lathrop Street resident creates a sonic wall
that alternates between thumping bass and high-pitched squeals, they say.
The order prevents Bertone — or anyone else in the neighborhood — from
playing amplified noise between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. and prohibits sound
audible more than 25 feet away from being played during daytime hours.
Mere says the constant thumping has posed "an enormous disturbance to
neighboring residents." The music is played at "high-pitched frequencies
at all hours, especially from midnight to the early hours," Mere said.
The lawsuit, in which 12 neighbors gave declarations, says Bertone's
hullabaloo deprived residents of the ability to "rest, relax or enjoy
their property."
"Don Bertone's actions have drastically reduced the quality of life in
this community," the suit states. "The neighbors are exhausted because of
lack of sleep and find no rest or solace in their homes."
The noisy onslaught has been especially bizarre because Bertone, who was
recently fired from his job as a plumber with The City, has been a
longtime neighborhood watchdog. As vice president of the Little Hollywood
Neighborhood Association, he pushed for community policing, fought against
an incinerator and was one of two residents leading the charge for the
creation of the Little Hollywood Community Park.
"I don't know what happened to him," one close neighbor said.
Bertone said the complaints are coming from one or two neighbors with a
personal vendetta against him.
"It's basically been a witch hunt," Bertone said.
He said the complaints and allegations cost him his plumbing job. He is
also battling a skin disease he says is caused by worms or leeches.
"I'm public enemy No. 1," Bertone said. "If I have music going in my
backyard, they come by and make a big deal. They are making a sport of
One neighbor, who lives a half a block away, said Herrera "deserves a
medal for taking on this guy."
"If the police can't get in there, what else can you do?" she said.

Friday, January 20th 2006 - 08:00:38 AM
Name/Call Sign: dave
E-mail address: na
Homepage URL: http://Bad boy
What City are you from?: SF
Comments:kk6an Bertone Jailed.

Don Bertone is not your usual problem neighbor, San Francisco authorities say.

For three years, Bertone, who once worked for the city Housing Authority and ran for the Board of Supervisors in 2000, has wreaked all sorts of havoc in
an otherwise quiet community in the southeastern part of the city known as Little Hollywood, officials and his neighbors said Wednesday.

Bertone, 54, doesn't just play loud music, authorities say. At all hours of the day and night, he has blasted police radio broadcasts, shrill oscillating
tones, Spanish dance tunes and other noise from speakers he installed on the outside of his home at 336 Lathrop Ave. Police said they could hear the racket
from 100 yards away.

Bertone isn't just a nosy neighbor, they add.

Police said he hooked up floodlights and six cameras that swept the block. Inside his home, he could monitor his neighbors' movements on four video screens.

Bertone is not merely unpleasant, authorities say.

Officers who searched his home Tuesday allegedly found a high-powered assault rifle complete with a flash suppressor, two handguns and 3,000 rounds of ammunition
as well as an undisclosed "explosive device.''

Prosecutors charged Bertone with 11 felony weapons counts, two felony drug counts and two felony counts of receiving stolen property -- for two city traffic
signs found in his home.

Bertone was being held without bail in connection with the alleged explosive device, although he has not yet been charged on that matter. He is to be arraigned

In a jailhouse interview, Bertone said he was the victim of a harassment campaign being waged by former neighbors, spiteful police and vengeful city attorneys.
He acknowledged having some weapons but said they were all legal.

"I'm being persecuted like crazy,'' Bertone said. "They've blown this all out of proportion.''

Neighbors -- who say now they are getting their first good night's sleep in three years -- have told police they are scared of Bertone. Sometimes they see
spent ammunition on his front porch.

"He is the worst neighbor we've ever had in Little Hollywood,'' said Rick Graham, president of the local neighborhood association. He called the property
"the oddest house in San Francisco.''

Bertone's two-story home is protected by barbed wire. Milk crates and pallets line the roof on one side. The windows are boarded up, and the wood is painted

Bertone has at least four satellite dishes and a dozen antennas on the roof with wires leading to trees. His side fence is topped with hubcaps, and his
backyard is covered by blue tarps.

Bertone says the barbed wire is to keep people from jumping a fence into his property. He says his windows are boarded up because neighborhood kids throw
rocks into his home.

Neighbors say Bertone's behavior forced some to flee the community. One African American couple who lived next door to him moved after 35 years in the community,
Graham said. He said Bertone wrote "KKK" on the side of his own home and made a depiction of a hangman's knot and skeleton.

Bertone denies writing anything on his own home, saying his neighbors had vandalized his property.

Herb Arceo, 70, who lives behind Bertone's house, said he had been unable to rent a second home he owns on the block. When prospective tenants come around,
Arceo said, "he'll play the music and put a spotlight on them."

Lily Luk, another neighbor, said she sometimes calls police four times a night but that Bertone simply refuses to answer the door when officers come knocking.

Matters came to a head Tuesday when Bertone was arrested for violating a court order to stop harassing his neighbors. Inside his home, officers allegedly
found the rifle, illegal switchblades, ammunition, methamphetamines and cocaine along with the two street signs, one saying "detour" and the other "no

Bayview police Capt. Al Pardini said police have been summoned to the home dozens of times over the last three years.

"If he is going to continue to be this menacing bad neighbor, he is going to have to accept responsibility,'' Pardini said. "How would you like to live
next door to this guy?''

Bertone insists he's a fine neighbor. It's silly to call him too noisy, he says, because he has served on a city committee that monitors noise from the

"I was instrumental in keeping noisy jets from flying over San Francisco,'' he said.

In 2000, he ran for supervisor from District 10 and finished 12th in a 12-candidate field. He used to be a plumber for the Housing Authority but lost his
job because of his legal problems and says he now lives off his savings.

The only noise he makes, he says, is from the music he plays on his stereo when he works in his backyard. As for the surveillance cameras, he noted, "security
cameras are not illegal. . . . I do it because the police come by and hassle me all the time."

He said he had little contact with his neighbors, although he acknowledged that his next-door neighbor -- who moved away -- had problems with him.

"A couple neighbors have signed declarations,'' he said.

In a suit it filed against Bertone last year, the city said that "no fewer than 20 neighbors have come forward to make complaints in the hopes of having
Don Bertone stop his harassment of their community.''

Neighbors talked about sleepless nights and of being forced to endure "loud, pounding sounds," the suit said. "Neighbors feel unable to have family and
friends visit, to watch the sunset from their backyard, to allow their children and grandchildren to play in the adjacent park.''

The suit accuses Bertone of pouring a "green-like substance'' on one neighbor's car in response to a complaint. "On another occasion, Don Bertone punched
his neighbor after the neighbor requested that Don lower his music.''

Another time, Bertone interrupted the same neighbor's family gathering by blaring a taped statement the neighbor had made to police, the suit said. Bertone
denied doing so.

Last fall, a judge ordered Bertone not to make any "amplified noise'' after 10 p.m. He was also ordered not to flood his property with light or to intimidate
his neighbors. Bertone said he was never officially notified of the suit, so he considers it worthless.

Officials also ordered him to remove barbed wire from his property, pay $64,000 in attorney's fees and stop using his rear yard as an auto repair business,
something Bertone insists he isn't doing.

Bertone "terrorized the neighborhood,'' said Matt Dorsey, spokesman for the city attorney's office. The alleged discovery of weapons and ammunition "certainly
makes clear that the city attorney's efforts were well-founded," he said.

Bertone says he's in trouble only because he's sued police and filed complaints with the civilian watchdog agency that investigates officers.

"They make it sound like all the neighbors are up in arms against me,'' he said. Asked whether he might be have intimidated anyone, he responded: "Let them
call police and make a charge. I don't talk to anybody.''
Thursday, January 19th 2006 - 12:01:25 PM
Name/Call Sign: swl
E-mail address: ok then
Homepage URL: http://no
What City are you from?: la
Comments:On Thursday, President Bush signed into law a must-pass DoJ appropriations bill which contained a little gotcha for the internet. For decades, making anonymous
abusive phone calls has been a federal crime, good for up to two years behind bars -- and the term "abusive" has included threats, harassment, and the
much weaker "intent to annoy." Now, that telecommunications law has been extended to include the Internet, so when you post an anonymous troll to wind
up your least-favorite blogger, you may break the law.

Annoying someone via the Internet is now a federal crime.
It's no joke. Last Thursday, President Bush signed into law a prohibition on posting annoying Web messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without disclosing
your true identity.

In other words, it's OK to flame someone on a mailing list or in a blog as long as you do it under your real name. Thank Congress for small favors, I guess.

This ridiculous prohibition, which would likely imperil much of Usenet, is buried in the so-called Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization
Act. Criminal penalties include stiff fines and two years in prison.

"The use of the word 'annoy' is particularly problematic," says Marv Johnson, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. "What's annoying
to one person may not be annoying to someone else."

It's illegal to annoy
A new federal law states that when you annoy someone on the Internet, you must disclose your identity. Here's the relevant language.

"Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole
or in part, by the Internet... without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person...who receives the communications...shall
be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."

Buried deep in the new law is Sec. 113, an innocuously titled bit called "Preventing Cyberstalking." It rewrites existing telephone harassment law to prohibit
anyone from using the Internet "without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy."

To grease the rails for this idea, Sen. Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, and the section's other sponsors slipped it into an unrelated, must-pass
bill to fund the Department of Justice. The plan: to make it politically infeasible for politicians to oppose the measure.

The tactic worked. The bill cleared the House of Representatives by voice vote, and the Senate unanimously approved it Dec. 16.

There's an interesting side note. An earlier version that the House approved in September had radically different wording. It was reasonable by comparison,
and criminalized only using an "interactive computer service" to cause someone "substantial emotional harm."

That kind of prohibition might make sense. But why should merely annoying someone be illegal?

There are perfectly legitimate reasons to set up a Web site or write something incendiary without telling everyone exactly who you are.

Think about it: A woman fired by a manager who demanded sexual favors wants to blog about it without divulging her full name. An aspiring pundit hopes to
set up the next Suck.com. A frustrated citizen wants to send e-mail describing corruption in local government without worrying about reprisals.

In each of those three cases, someone's probably going to be annoyed. That's enough to make the action a crime. (The Justice Department won't file charges
in every case, of course, but trusting prosecutorial discretion is hardly reassuring.)

Clinton Fein, a San Francisco resident who runs the Annoy.com site, says a feature permitting visitors to send obnoxious and profane postcards through e-mail
could be imperiled.

"Who decides what's annoying? That's the ultimate question," Fein said. He added: "If you send an annoying message via the United States Post Office, do
you have to reveal your identity?"

Fein once sued to overturn part of the Communications Decency Act that outlawed transmitting indecent material "with intent to annoy." But the courts ruled
the law applied only to obscene material, so Annoy.com didn't have to worry.

"I'm certainly not going to close the site down," Fein said on Friday. "I would fight it on First Amendment grounds."

He's right. Our esteemed politicians can't seem to grasp this simple point, but the First Amendment protects our right to write something that annoys someone

It even shields our right to do it anonymously. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas defended this principle magnificently in a 1995 case involving
an Ohio woman who was punished for distributing anonymous political pamphlets.

If President Bush truly believed in the principle of limited government (it is in his official bio), he'd realize that the law he signed cannot be squared
with the Constitution he swore to uphold.

And then he'd repeat what President Clinton did a decade ago when he felt compelled to sign a massive telecommunications law. Clinton realized that the
section of the law punishing abortion-related material on the Internet was unconstitutional, and he directed the Justice Department not to enforce it.

Bush has the chance to show his respect for what he calls Americans' personal freedoms. Now we'll see if the president rises to the occasion.
Monday, January 9th 2006 - 04:34:51 PM
Name/Call Sign: swl
E-mail address: la
Homepage URL: http://no
What City are you from?: la
The FCC released the notice affirming the pair of $21,000 Forfeiture Orders
On Friday, November 2nd. In approving the sanction, the FCC dismissed
Gerritsen's argument that this was a freedom of speech issue and that his
Transmissions fell under the category of political protest.

The FCC noted that one of the $21,000 forfeitures involved alleged willful
And repeated malicious interference with Los Angeles area Amateur Radio
Communications. The second other deals with Gerritsen's alleged
Interference with the radio communications of a US Coast Guard Auxiliary
Officer attempting to use Amateur Radio frequencies to assist a sailboat in

Last March, the FCC upheld a $10,000 fine against Gerritsen also for
Interfering with area ham radio communications. Added to the additional
$42,000 he now owes it means that $52,000 in fines have been affirmed
Against him this year. It also is likely that Gerritsen may now hold the
Record for the largest monetary forfeitures ever imposed for interference
With the Amateur Radio Service. And if convicted at trial on all counts,
he could spend the up to 11 years behind federal prison bars.
Friday, December 9th 2005 - 04:13:13 PM
Name/Call Sign: swl
E-mail address: la
Homepage URL: http://no
What City are you from?: la
Comments:Gerritsen Convicted on All Counts in Radio Jamming Case
NEWINGTON, CT, Dec 9, 2005--A US District Court jury has found Jack Gerritsen of Bell, California, guilty on six counts that included transmitting without
a license and willful and malicious interference with radio transmissions. Gerritsen, 69, who briefly held the amateur call sign KG6IRO, will face sentencing
March 6, according to the office of Debra W. Yang, US Attorney for the Central District of California. He could receive up to 15 years in federal prison.

"The Federal Communication Commission investigated illegal radio transmissions linked to Gerritsen for four years," said a statement from Yang's office
after the verdict. "According to court documents filed in this case, the FCC investigation revealed that Gerritsen transmitted his prerecorded messages,
as well as real-time harassment and profanity, for hours at a time, often making it impossible for licensed radio operators to use the public frequencies."
A federal grand jury indicted Gerritsen last spring.

Gerritsen had earlier turned down the offer of a public defender and served as his own attorney in the federal court trial. The government's case, presented
by Assistant US Attorney Lamar Baker, went to the jury December 8, and the jury deliberated for less than an hour before returning its verdict today. US
District Court Judge R. Gary Klausner revoked Gerritsen's bail, and the defendant was taken into custody following the verdict.

Gerritsen was found guilty of interfering with a Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) communication last March and interfering with American Red Cross
communications last January--both misdemeanors--and of interfering with US Coast Guard communications in October 2004, a felony.

Those familiar with the court proceedings, which got under way December 6, said Gerritsen tended to focus on freedom of speech issues and sometimes confused
those giving testimony. Among those testifying at length on behalf of the government was FCC Senior Agent Steven Pierce, who discussed his use of mobile
direction-finding equipment and techniques used in tracking the source of the illegal and interfering transmissions.

Just days before the trial began, the FCC affirmed a total of $42,000 in additional fines it had levied on Gerritsen, releasing two $21,000 Forfeiture Orders
(NOFs). In affirming the fines, the FCC rebuffed every argument Gerritsen had offered in responding to each Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL), including
his insistent "freedom of speech" claim.

"His unlicensed operation on amateur frequencies is not protected by the US Constitution as it is well established that the right to free speech does not
include the right to use radio facilities without a license," the FCC said in a footnote in one of the NOFs. The federal court jury in California apparently

In late November, Klausner denied Gerritsen's motion to dismiss the three counts of transmitting without a license, turning away Gerritsen's argument that
the FCC could set aside his Amateur Radio license without a hearing. Klausner declared that the effect of the FCC's 2001 set aside of KG6IRO "was to treat
the application as if it had never been granted." Since Gerritsen never held an Amateur Radio license, he never had the right to a hearing, the judge reasoned.

One of the recent $21,000 NOFs involved alleged willful and repeated malicious interference with Amateur Radio communications. The second focused on allegations
of willful and repeated interference with the radio communications of a US Coast Guard Auxiliary officer attempting to use Amateur Radio frequencies to
assist a sailboat in distress. Last March, the FCC upheld a $10,000 fine against Gerritsen for interfering with Amateur Radio communications. The government
has yet to collect.

FBI agents, accompanied by FCC staff, arrested Gerritsen without incident last May and seized his radio equipment. Released on $250,000 bond while awaiting
trial, Gerritsen remained in home detention, barred from possessing any radio equipment.

Gerritsen's history of radio-related legal problems go back to 2000 when he was convicted for intercepting, obstructing and/or interfering with California
Highway Patrol radio communications. In November 2001, the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau issued, then quickly rescinded, Gerritsen's Technician
license, KG6IRO, because of his earlier conviction. While transmitting on various Los Angeles-area repeaters, Gerritsen continued to identify as KG6IRO,

Radio amateurs on the West Coast complained for months about the slow pace of enforcement action in the Gerritsen case. Los Angeles-area repeater owners
had taken to shutting down their machines to avoid the nearly constant barrage of malicious interference and lengthy political tirades attributed to Gerritsen
Friday, December 9th 2005 - 03:54:21 PM
Name/Call Sign: swl
E-mail address: al
Homepage URL: http://no
What City are you from?: la
Comments:Jury selection began this morning after a couple quick hearings on Jack's motions, which were denied. His motion to dismiss was denied. Another motion to
suppress evidence was also denied. Out of all of Jack's subpoenas I was the only witness to show up, I requested a hearing with the judge to be excused,
which the judge heard, and upon questioning Jack as to the reason for the subpoena of myself, it became pretty clear that I probably won't have to take
the stand. I will know by tomorrow night as I wouldn't be called as a witness until at least Thursday.

Jack was pretty upset with me that I delivered the evidence he requested on CD rather than in printed format, but as I pointed out to him on his own subpoena
to me, it did not specify how the evidence was to be presented, only that it be presented. So I handed him and the prosocution each a burned CD with the
Gerritsen related documents from my website, to include the audio tapes of him jamming various things including 435.. In for a penny Jack, take a pound
up your ass.. The Prosocution named off their witness list, which included 2 FCC officials, 3 FBI officials, a military official, 3 Red Cross officials
and a name I didn't recognize.

Jack in turn named off his witnesses, which included an FCC official, the same FBI guys, and myself.

Jack was going to ask me questions like when he was supposedly jamming the prado dam incident, which he told the judge was obviously staged to entrap him,
that I too spoke on the frequency. I asked the judge how that would be relevant, since I am not on trial, am a licensed amatuer, and routinly communicate
with the Red Cross during disasters as a trained disaster communicator. The Judge agreed that it was not relevant, which upset Jack.

In attendance in the crowd of hams, were a few Red Cross guys, in full Red Cross uniforms, Burton Brink of course was there, Shorty was there and a few
others I didn't recognize. All in all I counted about 20 spectators who were HAMS, some of which were on the prosocution witness list, and all of which
were planning on attending the entire trial which was slated for 2 weeks.

Rosa was there, and although Jack was laughing a lot during the proceedings, she never smiled once and looked quite pissed off about having to be there
at all. Because the courtroom was full of the jury pool, she was forced to sit with all the hams which treated her like she was a foul odor in a small

I will update the dreambook with any new infomation worthy as it happens..
Friday, December 9th 2005 - 01:04:38 PM
Name/Call Sign: swl
E-mail address: la
Homepage URL: http://no
What City are you from?: la
Comments:Gerritsen guilty on all counts! Remanded to custody until sentencing on 3/6/06
Friday, December 9th 2005 - 01:00:11 PM
Name/Call Sign: KF6WAF
E-mail address: kf6waf@astound.net
What City are you from?: concord
Comments:I listened to a couple cuts off the web of Tim gettin pissed, and classic they are, but I must say, from experience, that the best shit is N6MZA and KF6WAF in deep
communication, two of thee finest business operators ever, well at least two of the funnest operators ever, chewin cheeks. I apoligize if I seem partial, but ask anybody whose had the experience. They'll tell ya that it is poetry in motion. Just plain ole good radio entertainment and operating within FCC regulations. Now it may not be what alot of HAMs call protocall, but's it's legal, ligit and funnier than shit, bottom line, and I think you will agree Tim, you and I, could, without a doubt captivate....
Tell me if I'm wrong, Tim, but we are a couple of classics.
TOOT,TOOT, fucker, call me. WAF
Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 - 11:33:16 PM
Name/Call Sign: KF6WAF
E-mail address: KF^WAF@astound.net
What City are you from?: Concord
Comments:Tim, I know I've been off the air for awhile, due to personal priorities. You understand. You know how to get a hold of me now. Please e-mail your phone number.
So you know this is the real WAF MAN, Sierra, my little kidney stone girl is doin just fine and her little sister is too! Timmy, I've been huntin in Wyoming and would love to tell to ya the bout it. If your skecthy about this post and think for the slighttest bit this ain't "HE WAF MAN"
Mark, I understand, an icon in broadcasting such as yourself.get's plenty o bullshit, but you know me. I'm for real. Although I have altered the location of my coffee can yagee antenna and the KF6WAF open forum net does not bust down the FCC airwaves like it used to, it is
alive and well!!!!!! seven3's buddy, holla.
P.S. This is KF6WAF, and me and my family hope you and your kids are doin fine as well. Is that tranny in the van still kickin or what?
Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 - 11:13:15 PM
Name/Call Sign: Seymour Fartman
What City are you from?: Mexico
Comments:see more, fart, man...

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 10:07:36 PM
Name/Call Sign: bob
What City are you from?: CS
A former police chief wants to end a losing war by legalizing pot, coke, meth and other drugs

By Norm Stamper, Norm Stamper is the former chief of the Seattle Police Department. He is the author of "Breaking Rank: A Top Cop's Exposé of the Dark Side
of American Policing" (Nation Books, 2005).

SOMETIMES PEOPLE in law enforcement will hear it whispered that I'm a former cop who favors decriminalization of marijuana laws, and they'll approach me
the way they might a traitor or snitch. So let me set the record straight.

Yes, I was a cop for 34 years, the last six of which I spent as chief of Seattle's police department.

But no, I don't favor decriminalization. I favor legalization, and not just of pot but of all drugs, including heroin, cocaine, meth, psychotropics, mushrooms
and LSD.

Decriminalization, as my colleagues in the drug reform movement hasten to inform me, takes the crime out of using drugs but continues to classify possession
and use as a public offense, punishable by fines.

I've never understood why adults shouldn't enjoy the same right to use verboten drugs as they have to suck on a Marlboro or knock back a scotch and water.

Prohibition of alcohol fell flat on its face. The prohibition of other drugs rests on an equally wobbly foundation. Not until we choose to frame responsible
drug use — not an oxymoron in my dictionary — as a civil liberty will we be able to recognize the abuse of drugs, including alcohol, for what it is: a
medical, not a criminal, matter.

As a cop, I bore witness to the multiple lunacies of the "war on drugs." Lasting far longer than any other of our national conflicts, the drug war has been
prosecuted with equal vigor by Republican and Democratic administrations, with one president after another — Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton,
Bush — delivering sanctimonious sermons, squandering vast sums of taxpayer money and cheerleading law enforcers from the safety of the sidelines.

It's not a stretch to conclude that our draconian approach to drug use is the most injurious domestic policy since slavery. Want to cut back on prison overcrowding
and save a bundle on the construction of new facilities? Open the doors, let the nonviolent drug offenders go. The huge increases in federal and state
prison populations during the 1980s and '90s (from 139 per 100,000 residents in 1980 to 482 per 100,000 in 2003) were mainly for drug convictions. In 1980,
580,900 Americans were arrested on drug charges. By 2003, that figure had ballooned to 1,678,200. We're making more arrests for drug offenses than for
murder, manslaughter, forcible rape and aggravated assault combined. Feel safer?

I've witnessed the devastating effects of open-air drug markets in residential neighborhoods: children recruited as runners, mules and lookouts; drug dealers
and innocent citizens shot dead in firefights between rival traffickers bent on protecting or expanding their markets; dedicated narcotics officers tortured
and killed in the line of duty; prisons filled with nonviolent drug offenders; and drug-related foreign policies that foster political instability, wreak
health and environmental disasters, and make life even tougher for indigenous subsistence farmers in places such as Latin America and Afghanistan. All
because we like our drugs — and can't have them without breaking the law.

As an illicit commodity, drugs cost and generate extravagant sums of (laundered, untaxed) money, a powerful magnet for character-challenged police officers.

Although small in numbers of offenders, there isn't a major police force — the Los Angeles Police Department included — that has escaped the problem: cops,
sworn to uphold the law, seizing and converting drugs to their own use, planting dope on suspects, robbing and extorting pushers, taking up dealing themselves,
intimidating or murdering witnesses.

In declaring a war on drugs, we've declared war on our fellow citizens. War requires "hostiles" — enemies we can demonize, fear and loathe. This unfortunate
categorization of millions of our citizens justifies treating them as dope fiends, evil-doers, less than human. That grants political license to ban the
exchange or purchase of clean needles or to withhold methadone from heroin addicts motivated to kick the addiction.

President Bush has even said no to medical marijuana. Why would he want to "coddle" the enemy? Even if the enemy is a suffering AIDS or cancer patient for
whom marijuana promises palliative, if not therapeutic, powers.

As a nation, we're long overdue for a soul-searching, coldly analytical look at both the "drug scene" and the drug war. Such candor would reveal the futility
of our current policies, exposing the embarrassingly meager return on our massive enforcement investment (about $69 billion a year, according to Jack Cole,
founder and executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).

How would "regulated legalization" work? It would: 1) Permit private companies to compete for licenses to cultivate, harvest, manufacture, package and peddle

2) Create a new federal regulatory agency (with no apologies to libertarians or paleo-conservatives).

3) Set and enforce standards of sanitation, potency and purity.

4) Ban advertising.

5) Impose (with congressional approval) taxes, fees and fines to be used for drug-abuse prevention and treatment and to cover the costs of administering
the new regulatory agency.

6) Police the industry much as alcoholic beverage control agencies keep a watch on bars and liquor stores at the state level. Such reforms would in no way
excuse drug users who commit crimes: driving while impaired, providing drugs to minors, stealing an iPod or a Lexus, assaulting one's spouse, abusing one's
child. The message is simple. Get loaded, commit a crime, do the time.

These reforms would yield major reductions in a host of predatory street crimes, a disproportionate number of which are committed by users who resort to
stealing in order to support their habit or addiction.

Regulated legalization would soon dry up most stockpiles of currently illicit drugs — substances of uneven, often questionable quality (including "bunk,"
i.e., fakes such as oregano, gypsum, baking powder or even poisons passed off as the genuine article). It would extract from today's drug dealing the obscene
profits that attract the needy and the greedy and fuel armed violence. And it would put most of those certifiably frightening crystal meth labs out of
business once and for all.

Combined with treatment, education and other public health programs for drug abusers, regulated legalization would make your city or town an infinitely
healthier place to live and raise a family.

It would make being a cop a much safer occupation, and it would lead to greater police accountability and improved morale and job satisfaction.

But wouldn't regulated legalization lead to more users and, more to the point, drug abusers? Probably, though no one knows for sure — our leaders are too
timid even to broach the subject in polite circles, much less to experiment with new policy models. My own prediction? We'd see modest increases in use,
negligible increases in abuse.

The demand for illicit drugs is as strong as the nation's thirst for bootleg booze during Prohibition. It's a demand that simply will not dwindle or dry
up. Whether to find God, heighten sexual arousal, relieve physical pain, drown one's sorrows or simply feel good, people throughout the millenniums have
turned to mood- and mind-altering substances.

They're not about to stop, no matter what their government says or does. It's time to accept drug use as a right of adult Americans, treat drug abuse as
a public health problem and end the madness of an unwinnable war.
Friday, October 21st 2005 - 10:58:58 PM
Name/Call Sign: jennifer
What City are you from?: L A
Comments:hi mza you have a sexy voice. you are the dog the big big dog. thank you baby
Friday, October 21st 2005 - 10:55:00 PM
Name/Call Sign: Tex
What City are you from?: East Bay
Comments:Why does Floyd remove callsigns from the database?
Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 02:46:57 PM
Name/Call Sign: MZA fan
Saturday, August 13th 2005 - 08:35:01 AM
Name/Call Sign: n6ayj
Homepage URL: http://www.hamcams.com
What City are you from?: SFO
Comments:K6CBL - Jack E. Mullen


Jack "owned" 146.55 in the S.F. Day area for 30 years. Nobody talked on the frequency without his approval. He was very smart. He always managed to have the strongest signal, and he always knew who was trying to jam him.
Friday, August 5th 2005 - 08:16:23 AM
Name/Call Sign: n6ysa
Homepage URL: http://www.5150.com
What City are you from?: Berkeley
Comments:Don't worry there Dippy. As soon as Timmy gives Riley the big slobber job he'll be back on the air!

Friday, July 29th 2005 - 01:18:46 PM
Name/Call Sign: wd6dyp
E-mail address: wd6dyp@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://what
What City are you from?: gayville
Comments:timmy im on 7.255mc but never hear you , soo lonely,deprest ,down i have to talk to mike to keep sane.
love you timmy 88s

Sunday, July 3rd 2005 - 03:00:21 PM
Name/Call Sign: Nosmo King KB6OH
E-mail address: nosmo@king.com
Homepage URL: http://www.nosmoscorner.com
What City are you from?: Abeline KS
Comments:Timmy is obviously a sociopathic individual who is in desperate need of a lobotomy. Then agian, he needs to have ANOTHER lobotomy since the first one did not take properly. Timmy is a danger to society at large and should be shot on sight. He is a mad dog and needs to be "put down!" Who will be first to put this nitwit out of his misery? Me? No, I cannot for I have killed already and sinned in the eyes of God. How about Jim Davis? Is he man enough? Is he a man to begin with? No one knows.
Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 09:55:55 AM
Name/Call Sign: MZA PHOTOS
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/matchbaux/n6mza
Friday, January 21st 2005 - 06:26:34 PM
Name/Call Sign: MZA PHOTOS H ERE
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/matchbaux/n6mza

Friday, January 21st 2005 - 06:25:35 PM
Name/Call Sign: UUM
What City are you from?: Sacramento

When I get bored I like playing this game. The doctors said it makes me happy.

The Big Dog is my leader! I will get back on the 3840 as soon as I fix my radio.

Baca Baca Too Too!!

Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 02:22:15 PM
Name/Call Sign: UUM
What City are you from?: Sacramento
Comments:Baca Baca Too Too!!
Monday, November 1st 2004 - 08:40:09 AM
Name/Call Sign: K6CBL
What City are you from?: SFO
Comments:Listen, HLR, Truck Boy. Get back on 529 so I can jam you like a man!

Don't make me do it!!
Monday, September 27th 2004 - 01:25:09 PM
Name/Call Sign: k6cbl
What City are you from?: SFO
Comments:Oh, I know I'm insane!
Friday, September 24th 2004 - 12:03:20 PM
Name/Call Sign: n6vgp
What City are you from?: Penn Valley
Comments:Thanks for the QSO Timmy.

Always a pleasure...

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to earn the
"Work all BlankHeads" Award, and I greatly appreciate
the time you took out of your busy day to allow me to
add yet one more BlankHead Member to my log.

Thanks again,


Tuesday, September 7th 2004 - 03:22:05 PM
Name/Call Sign: Swl
Comments:The individual local human Minds OF ALL OF HUMANITY have been IMPACTED BY NEGATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, in a Cooper-Pairing 'sandwich' of POSITIVE-NEGATIVE-POSITIVE
quantum axion particles, in which both the upper and lower layers are actually composed of Positive HALF-integer-spin quantum axion particles of Consciousness,
which are maintained and influenced BY A NEGATIVE in-between LAYER of negative HALF-integer-spin quantum axion particles of consciousness, from the negative
sub-dimension of Infinite Consciousness which is known as the Luciferian Complex or dimension. So, although the entire individual local Mind does yet,
in this Cooper-Paired configuration, present itSelf, at the Soul level, to the rest of the dimensions of the Universe/Cosmos as a POSITIVE dimension of
Consciousness, to the human brain and to the corporeality of society and the physical world, its presentation is always as a NEGATIVELY-influenced mind.
This negatively-influenced mind (as to all actions and functions thereof) is nominally known as the IMMATURE human mind, which has persisted throughout
our current civilization of humanity, since the loss of the previous civilization of MATURE human Minds.
Thursday, August 26th 2004 - 11:12:30 AM
Name/Call Sign: swl
Comments:Radiation Ovens

The Proven Dangers of Microwaves

Is it possible that millions of people are ignorantly sacrificing their health in exchange for the convenience of microwave ovens? Why did the Soviet Union
ban the use of microwave ovens in 1976? Who invented microwave ovens, and why? The answers to these questions may shock you into throwing your microwave
oven in the trash.

Over 90% of American homes have microwave ovens used for meal preparation. Because microwave ovens are so convenient and energy efficient, as compared to
conventional ovens, very few homes or restaurants are without them. In general, people believe that whatever a microwave oven does to foods cooked in it
doesn't have any negative effect on either the food or them. Of course, if microwave ovens were really harmful, our government would never allow them on
the market, would they? Would they? Regardless of what has been "officially" released concerning microwave ovens, we have personally stopped using ours
based on the research facts outlined in this article.

The purpose of this report is to show proof - evidence - that microwave cooking is not natural, nor healthy, and is far more dangerous to the human body
than anyone could imagine. However, the microwave oven manufacturers, Washington City politics, and plain old human nature are suppressing the facts and
evidence. Because of this, people are continuing to microwave their food - in blissful ignorance - without knowing the effects and danger of doing so.

How do microwave ovens work?

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy, like light waves or radio waves, and occupy a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of power, or energy.
Microwaves are very short waves of electromagnetic energy that travel at the speed of light (186,282 miles per second). In our modern technological age,
microwaves are used to relay long distance telephone signals, television programs, and computer information across the earth or to a satellite in space.
But the microwave is most familiar to us as an energy source for cooking food.

Every microwave oven contains a magnetron, a tube in which electrons are affected by magnetic and electric fields in such a way as to produce micro wavelength
radiation at about 2450 Mega Hertz (MHz) or 2.45 Giga Hertz (GHz). This microwave radiation interacts with the molecules in food. All wave energy changes
polarity from positive to negative with each cycle of the wave. In microwaves, these polarity changes happen millions of times every second. Food molecules
- especially the molecules of water - have a positive and negative end in the same way a magnet has a north and a south polarity.

In commercial models, the oven has a power input of about 1000 watts of alternating current. As these microwaves generated from the magnetron bombard the
food, they cause the polar molecules to rotate at the same frequency millions of times a second. All this agitation creates molecular friction, which heats
up the food. The friction also causes substantial damage to the surrounding molecules, often tearing them apart or forcefully deforming them. The scientific
name for this deformation is "structural isomerism".

By comparison, microwaves from the sun are based on principles of pulsed direct current (DC) that don't create frictional heat; microwave ovens use alternating
current (AC) creating frictional heat. A microwave oven produces a spiked wavelength of energy with all the power going into only one narrow frequency
of the energy spectrum. Energy from the sun operates in a wide frequency spectrum.

Many terms are used in describing electromagnetic waves, such as wavelength, amplitude, cycle and frequency:

Wavelength determines the type of radiation, i.e. radio, X-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, etc.

Amplitude determines the extent of movement measured from the starting point.

Cycle determines the unit of frequency, such as cycles per second, Hertz, Hz, or cycles/second.

Frequency determines the number of occurrences within a given time period (usually 1 second); The number of occurrences of a recurring process per unit
of time, i.e. the number of repetitions of cycles per second.

Radiation = spreading energy with electromagnetic waves

Radiation, as defined by physics terminology, is "the electromagnetic waves emitted by the atoms and molecules of a radioactive substance as a result of
nuclear decay." Radiation causes ionization, which is what occurs when a neutral atom gains or loses electrons. In simpler terms, a microwave oven decays
and changes the molecular structure of the food by the process of radiation. Had the manufacturers accurately called them "radiation ovens", it's doubtful
they would have ever sold one, but that's exactly what a microwave oven is.

We've all been told that microwaving food is not the same as irradiating it (radiation "treatment"). The two processes are supposed to use completely different
waves of energy and at different intensities. No FDA or officially released government studies have proven current microwaving usage to be harmful, but
we all know that the validity of studies can be - and are sometimes deliberately - limiting. Many of these studies are later proven to be inaccurate. As
consumers, we're supposed to have a certain degree of common sense to use in judgment.

Take the example of eggs and how they were "proven" to be so harmful to our health in the late 1960's. This brought about imitation egg products and big
profits for the manufacturers, while egg farms went broke. Now, recent government sponsored studies are saying that eggs are not bad for us after all.
So, whom should we believe and what criteria should we use to decide matters concerning our health? Since it's currently published that microwaves - purportedly
- don't leak into the environment, when properly used and with approved design, the decision lies with each consumer as to whether or not you choose to
eat food heated by a microwave oven or even purchase one in the first place.

Motherly instincts are right

On a more humorous side, the "sixth sense" every mother has is impossible to argue with. Have you ever tried it? Children will never win against a mother's
intuition. It's like trying to argue with the arm - appearing out of nowhere - that pinned you to the back of the seat when your mother slammed on the

Many of us come from a generation where mothers and grandmothers have distrusted the modern "inside out" cooking they claimed was "not suitable" for most
foods. My mother refused to even try baking anything in a microwave. She also didn't like the way a cup of coffee tasted when heated in a microwave oven.
I have to fully agree and can't argue either fact. Her own common sense and instincts told her that there was no way microwave cooking could be natural
nor make foods "taste they way they're supposed to". Reluctantly, even my mother succumbed to re-heating leftovers in a microwave due to her work schedule
before she retired.

Many others feel the same way, but they're considered an "old fashioned" minority dating back to before the 1970's when microwaves first overwhelmed the
market. Like most young adults at the time, as microwave ovens became commonplace, I chose to ignore my mother's intuitive wisdom and joined the majority
who believed microwave cooking was far too convenient to ever believe anything could be wrong with it. Chalk one up for mom's perception, because even
though she didn't know the scientific, technical, or health reasons why, she just knew that microwave ovens were not good based on how foods tasted when
they were cooked in them. She didn't like the way the texture of the microwaved food changed either.

Microwaves unsafe for baby's milk

A number of warnings have been made public, but have been barely noticed. For example, Young Families, the Minnesota Extension Service of the University
of Minnesota, published the following in 1989:

"Although microwaves heat food quickly, they are not recommended for heating a baby's bottle. The bottle may seem cool to the touch, but the liquid inside
may become extremely hot and could burn the baby's mouth and throat. Also, the buildup of steam in a closed container, such as a baby bottle, could cause
it to explode. Heating the bottle in a microwave can cause slight changes in the milk. In infant formulas, there may be a loss of some vitamins. In expressed
breast milk, some protective properties may be destroyed. Warming a bottle by holding it under tap water, or by setting it in a bowl of warm water, then
testing it on your wrist before feeding may take a few minutes longer, but it is much safer."

Dr. Lita Lee of Hawaii reported in the December 9, 1989 Lancet:

"Microwaving baby formulas converted certain trans-amino acids into their synthetic cis-isomers. Synthetic isomers, whether cis-amino acids or trans-fatty
acids, are not biologically active. Further, one of the amino acids, L-proline, was converted to its d-isomer, which is known to be neurotoxic (poisonous
to the nervous system) and nephrotoxic (poisonous to the kidneys). It's bad enough that many babies are not nursed, but now they are given fake milk (baby
formula) made even more toxic via microwaving."

Microwaved blood kills patient

In 1991, there was a lawsuit in Oklahoma concerning the hospital use of a microwave oven to warm blood needed in a transfusion. The case involved a hip
surgery patient, Norma Levitt, who died from a simple blood transfusion. It seems the nurse had warmed the blood in a microwave oven. This tragedy makes
it very apparent that there's much more to "heating" with microwaves than we've been led to believe. Blood for transfusions is routinely warmed, but not
in microwave ovens. In the case of Mrs. Levitt, the microwaving altered the blood and it killed her.

It's very obvious that this form of microwave radiation "heating" does something to the substances it heats. It's also becoming quite apparent that people
who process food in a microwave oven are also ingesting these "unknowns".

Because the body is electrochemical in nature, any force that disrupts or changes human electrochemical events will affect the physiology of the body. This
is further described in Robert O. Becker's book, The Body Electric, and in Ellen Sugarman's book, Warning, the Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous
to Your Health.

Scientific evidence and facts

In Comparative Study of Food Prepared Conventionally and in the Microwave Oven, published by Raum & Zelt in 1992, at 3(2): 43, it states

"A basic hypothesis of natural medicine states that the introduction into the human body of molecules and energies, to which it is not accustomed, is much
more likely to cause harm than good. Microwaved food contains both molecules and energies not present in food cooked in the way humans have been cooking
food since the discovery of fire. Microwave energy from the sun and other stars is direct current based. Artificially produced microwaves, including those
in ovens, are produced from alternating current and force a billion or more polarity reversals per second in every food molecule they hit. Production of
unnatural molecules is inevitable. Naturally occurring amino acids have been observed to undergo isomeric changes (changes in shape morphing) as well as
transformation into toxic forms, under the impact of microwaves produced in ovens.

One short-term study found significant and disturbing changes in the blood of individuals consuming microwaved milk and vegetables. Eight volunteers ate
various combinations of the same foods cooked different ways. All foods that were processed through the microwave ovens caused changes in the blood of
the volunteers. Hemoglobin levels decreased and over all white cell levels and cholesterol levels increased. Lymphocytes decreased.

Luminescent (light-emitting) bacteria were employed to detect energetic changes in the blood. Significant increases were found in the luminescence of these
bacteria when exposed to blood serum obtained after the consumption of microwaved food."

The Swiss clinical study

Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel, who is now retired, worked as a food scientist for many years with one of the major Swiss food companies that do business on a global
scale. A few years ago, he was fired from his job for questioning certain processing procedures that denatured the food.

In 1991, he and a Lausanne University professor published a research paper indicating that food cooked in microwave ovens could pose a greater risk to health
than food cooked by conventional means. An article also appeared in issue 19 of the Journal Franz Weber in which it was stated that the consumption of
food cooked in microwave ovens had cancerous effects on the blood. The research paper itself followed the article. On the cover of the magazine there was
a picture of the Grim Reaper holding a microwave oven in one of his hands.

Dr. Hertel was the first scientist to conceive and carry out a quality clinical study on the effects microwaved nutrients have on the blood and physiology
of the human body. His small, but well controlled, study showed the degenerative force produced in microwave ovens and the food processed in them. The
scientific conclusion showed that microwave cooking changed the nutrients in the food; and, changes took place in the participants' blood that could cause
deterioration in the human system. Hertel's scientific study was done along with Dr. Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and
the University Institute for Biochemistry.

In intervals of two to five days, the volunteers in the study received one of the following food variants on an empty stomach: (1) raw milk; (2) the same
milk conventionally cooked; (3) pasteurized milk; (4) the same raw milks cooked in a microwave oven; (5) raw vegetables from an organic farm; (6) the same
vegetables cooked conventionally; (7) the same vegetables frozen and defrosted in a microwave oven; and (8) the same vegetables cooked in the microwave
oven. Once the volunteers were isolated, blood samples were taken from every volunteer immediately before eating. Then, blood samples were taken at defined
intervals after eating from the above milk or vegetable preparations.

Significant changes were discovered in the blood samples from the intervals following the foods cooked in the microwave oven. These changes included a decrease
in all hemoglobin and cholesterol values, especially the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values. Lymphocytes (white blood cells)
showed a more distinct short-term decrease following the intake of microwaved food than after the intake of all the other variants. Each of these indicators
pointed to degeneration. Additionally, there was a highly significant association between the amount of microwave energy in the test foods and the luminous
power of luminescent bacteria exposed to serum from test persons who ate that food. This led Dr. Hertel to the conclusion that such technically derived
energies may, indeed, be passed along to man inductively via eating microwaved food. According to Dr. Hertel,

"Leukocytosis, which cannot be accounted for by normal daily deviations, is taken very seriously by hemotologists. Leukocytes are often signs of pathogenic
effects on the living system, such as poisoning and cell damage. The increase of leukocytes with the microwaved foods were more pronounced than with all
the other variants. It appears that these marked increases were caused entirely by ingesting the microwaved substances.

"This process is based on physical principles and has already been confirmed in the literature. The apparent additional energy exhibited by the luminescent
bacteria was merely an extra confirmation. There is extensive scientific literature concerning the hazardous effects of direct microwave radiation on living
systems. It is astonishing, therefore, to realize how little effort has been taken to replace this detrimental technique of microwaves with technology
more in accordance with nature. Technically produced microwaves are based on the principle of alternating current. Atoms, molecules, and cells hit by this
hard electromagnetic radiation are forced to reverse polarity 1-100 billion times a second. There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system
able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts.

Of all the natural substances -- which are polar -- the oxygen of water molecules reacts most sensitively. This is how microwave cooking heat is generated
-- friction from this violence in water molecules. Structures of molecules are torn apart, molecules are forcefully deformed, called structural isomerism,
and thus become impaired in quality. This is contrary to conventional heating of food where heat transfers convectionally from without to within. Cooking
by microwaves begins within the cells and molecules where water is present and where the energy is transformed into frictional heat.

In addition to the violent frictional heat effects, called thermic effects, there are also athermic effects which have hardly ever been taken into account.
These athermic effects are not presently measurable, but they can also deform the structures of molecules and have qualitative consequences. For example
the weakening of cell membranes by microwaves is used in the field of gene altering technology. Because of the force involved, the cells are actually broken,
thereby neutralizing the electrical potentials, the very life of the cells, between the outer and inner side of the cell membranes. Impaired cells become
easy prey for viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. The natural repair mechanisms are suppressed and cells are forced to adapt to a state of energy
emergency -- they switch from aerobic to anaerobic respiration. Instead of water and carbon dioxide, the cell poisons hydrogen peroxide and carbon monoxide
are produced."

The same violent deformations that occur in our bodies, when we are directly exposed to radar or microwaves, also occur in the molecules of foods cooked
in a microwave oven. This radiation results in the destruction and deformation of food molecules. Microwaving also creates new compounds, called radiolytic
compounds, which are unknown fusions not found in nature. Radiolytic compounds are created by molecular decomposition - decay - as a direct result of radiation.

Microwave oven manufacturers insist that microwaved and irradiated foods do not have any significantly higher radiolytic compounds than do broiled, baked
or other conventionally cooked foods. The scientific clinical evidence presented here has shown that this is simply a lie. In America, neither universities
nor the federal government have conducted any tests concerning the effects on our bodies from eating microwaved foods. Isn't that a bit odd? They're more
concerned with studies on what happens if the door on a microwave oven doesn't close properly. Once again, common sense tells us that their attention should
be centered on what happens to food cooked inside a microwave oven. Since people ingest this altered food, shouldn't there be concern for how the same
decayed molecules will affect our own human biological cell structure?

Industry's action to hide the truth

As soon as Doctors Hertel and Blanc published their results, the authorities reacted. A powerful trade organization, the Swiss Association of Dealers for
Electro-apparatuses for Households and Industry, known as FEA, struck swiftly in 1992. They forced the President of the Court of Seftigen, Canton of Bern,
to issue a "gag order" against Drs. Hertel and Blanc. In March 1993, Dr. Hertel was convicted for "interfering with commerce" and prohibited from further
publishing his results. However, Dr. Hertel stood his ground and fought this decision over the years.

Not long ago, this decision was reversed in a judgment delivered in Strasbourg, Austria, on August 25, 1998. The European Court of Human Rights held that
there had been a violation of Hertel's rights in the 1993 decision. The European Court of Human Rights also ruled that the "gag order" issued by the Swiss
court in 1992 against Dr. Hertel, prohibiting him from declaring that microwave ovens are dangerous to human health, was contrary to the right to freedom
of expression. In addition, Switzerland was ordered to pay Dr. Hertel compensation.

Who invented microwave ovens?

The Nazis, for use in their mobile support operations, originally developed microwave "radiomissor" cooking ovens to be used for the invasion of Russia.
By being able to utilize electronic equipment for preparation of meals on a mass scale, the logistical problem of cooking fuels would have been eliminated,
as well as the convenience of producing edible products in a greatly reduced time-factor.

After the war, the Allies discovered medical research done by the Germans on microwave ovens. These documents, along with some working microwave ovens,
were transferred to the United States War Department and classified for reference and "further scientific investigation." The Russians had also retrieved
some microwave ovens and now have thorough research on their biological effects. As a result, their use was outlawed in the Soviet Union. The Soviets issued
an international warning on the health hazards, both biological and environmental, of microwave ovens and similar frequency electronic devices.

Other Eastern European scientists also reported the harmful effects of microwave radiation and set up strict environmental limits for their usage. The United
States has not accepted the European reports of harmful effects, even though the EPA estimates that radio frequency and microwave radiation sources in
America are increasing at 15% per year.

Carcinogens in microwaved food

In Dr. Lita Lee's book, Health Effects of Microwave Radiation - Microwave Ovens, and in the March and September 1991 issues of Earthletter, she stated that
every microwave oven leaks electro-magnetic radiation, harms food, and converts substances cooked in it to dangerous organ-toxic and carcinogenic products.
Further research summarized in this article reveal that microwave ovens are far more harmful than previously imagined.

The following is a summary of the Russian investigations published by the Atlantis Raising Educational Center in Portland, Oregon. Carcinogens were formed
in virtually all foods tested. No test food was subjected to more microwaving than necessary to accomplish the purpose, i.e., cooking, thawing, or heating
to insure sanitary ingestion. Here's a summary of some of the results:

* Microwaving prepared meats sufficiently to insure sanitary ingestion caused formation of d-Nitrosodienthanolamines, a well-known carcinogen.
* Microwaving milk and cereal grains converted some of their amino acids into carcinogens.
* Thawing frozen fruits converted their glucoside and galactoside containing fractions into carcinogenic substances.
* Extremely short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables converted their plant alkaloids into carcinogens.
* Carcinogenic free radicals were formed in microwaved plants, especially root vegetables.

Decrease in nutritional value

Russian researchers also reported a marked acceleration of structural degradation leading to a decreased food value of 60 to 90% in all foods tested. Among
the changes observed were:

* Deceased bio-availability of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals and lipotropics factors in all food tested.
* Various kinds of damaged to many plant substances, such as alkaloids, glucosides, galactosides and nitrilosides.
* The degradation of nucleo-proteins in meats.

Microwave sickness is discovered

The Russians did research on thousands of workers who had been exposed to microwaves during the development of radar in the 1950's. Their research showed
health problems so serious that the Russians set strict limits of 10 microwatts exposure for workers and one microwatt for civilians.

In Robert O. Becker's book, The Body Electric, he described Russian research on the health effects of microwave radiation, which they called "microwave
sickness." On page 314, Becker states:

"It's [Microwave sickness] first signs are low blood pressure and slow pulse. The later and most common manifestations are chronic excitation of the sympathetic
nervous system [stress syndrome] and high blood pressure. This phase also often includes headache, dizziness, eye pain, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety,
stomach pain, nervous tension, inability to concentrate, hair loss, plus an increased incidence of appendicitis, cataracts, reproductive problems, and
cancer. The chronic symptoms are eventually succeeded by crisis of adrenal exhaustion and ischemic heart disease [the blockage of coronary arteries and
heart attacks]."

According to Dr. Lee, changes are observed in the blood chemistries and the rates of certain diseases among consumers of microwaved foods. The symptoms
above can easily be caused by the observations shown below. The following is a sample of these changes:

* Lymphatic disorders were observed, leading to decreased ability to prevent certain types of cancers.
* An increased rate of cancer cell formation was observed in the blood.
* Increased rates of stomach and intestinal cancers were observed.
* Higher rates of digestive disorders and a gradual breakdown of the systems of elimination were observed.

Microwave research conclusions

The following were the most significant German and Russian research operations facilities concerning the biological effects of microwaves:

The initial research conducted by the Germans during the Barbarossa military campaign, at the Humbolt-Universitat zu Berlin (1942-1943); and,

From 1957 and up to the present [until the end of the cold war], the Russian research operations were conducted at: the Institute of Radio Technology at
Kinsk, Byelorussian Autonomous Region; and, at the Institute of Radio Technology at Rajasthan in the Rossiskaja Autonomous Region, both in the Union of
the Soviet Socialist Republics.

In most cases, the foods used for research analysis were exposed to microwave propagation at an energy potential of 100 kilowatts/cm3/second, to the point
considered acceptable for sanitary, normal ingestion. The effects noted by both German and Russian researchers is presented in three categories:

Category I, Cancer-Causing Effects
Category II, Nutritive Destruction of Foods
Category III, Biological Effects of Exposure



[The first two points of Category I are not readable from our report copy. The remainder of the report is intact.]

3. Creation of a "binding effect" to radioactivity in the atmosphere, thus causing a marked increase in the amount of alpha and beta particle saturation
in foods;

4. Creation of cancer causing agents within protein hydrolysate compounds* in milk and cereal grains [*these are natural proteins that are split into unnatural
fragments by the addition of water];

5. Alteration of elemental food-substances, causing disorders in the digestive system by unstable catabolism* of foods subjected to microwaves [*the metabolic
breakdown process];

6. Due to chemical alterations within food substances, malfunctions were observed within the lymphatic systems [absorbent vessels], causing a degeneration
of the immune potentials of the body to protect against certain forms of neoplastics [abnormal growths of tissue];

7. Ingestion of microwaved foods caused a higher percentage of cancerous cells within the blood serum [cytomas - cell tumors such as sarcoma];

8. Microwave emissions caused alteration in the catabolic [metabolic breakdown] behavior of glucoside [hydrolyzed dextrose] and galactoside [oxidized alcohol]
elements within frozen fruits when thawed in this manner;

9. Microwave emission caused alteration of the catabolic [metabolic breakdown] behavior of plant alkaloids [organic nitrogen based elements] when raw, cooked,
or frozen vegetables were exposed for even extremely short durations;

10. Cancer causing free radicals [highly reactive incomplete molecules] were formed within certain trace mineral molecular formations in plant substances,
and in particular, raw root-vegetables; and,

11. In a statistically high percentage of persons, microwaved foods caused stomach and intestinal cancerous growths, as well as a general degeneration of
peripheral cellular tissues, with a gradual breakdown of the function of the digestive and execrative systems.



Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritive value of all foods researched. The following are the most important findings:

1. A decrease in the bioavailability [capability of the body to utilize the nutriment] of B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, essential minerals and
lipotropics in all foods;

2. A loss of 60-90% of the vital energy field content of all tested foods;

3. A reduction in the metabolic behavior and integration process capability of alkaloids [organic nitrogen based elements], glucosides and galactosides,
and nitrilosides;

4. A destruction of the nutritive value of nucleoproteins in meats;

5. A marked acceleration of structural disintegration in all foods.



Exposure to microwave emissions also had an unpredictably negative effect upon the general biological welfare of humans. This was not discovered until the
Russians experimented with highly sophisticated equipment and discovered that a human did not even need to ingest the material substance of the microwaved
food substances: that even exposure to the energy-field itself was sufficient to cause such adverse side effects that the use of any such microwave apparatus
was forbidden in 1976 by Soviet state law.

The following are the enumerated effects:

1. A breakdown of the human "life-energy field" in those who were exposed to microwave ovens while in operation, with side-effects to the human energy field
of increasingly longer duration;

2. A degeneration of the cellular voltage parallels during the process of using the apparatus, especially in the blood and lymphatic areas;

3. A degeneration and destabilization of the external energy activated potentials of food utilization within the processes of human metabolism;

4. A degeneration and destabilization of internal cellular membrane potentials while transferring catabolic [metabolic breakdown] processes into the blood
serum from the digestive process;

5. Degeneration and circuit breakdowns of electrical nerve impulses within the junction potentials of the cerebrum [the front portion of the brain where
thought and higher functions reside];

6. A degeneration and breakdown of nerve electrical circuits and loss of energy field symmetry in the neuroplexuses [nerve centers] both in the front and
the rear of the central and autonomic nervous systems;

7. Loss of balance and circuiting of the bioelectric strengths within the ascending reticular activating system [the system which controls the function
of consciousness];

8. A long term cumulative loss of vital energies within humans, animals and plants that were located within a 500-meter radius of the operational equipment;

9. Long lasting residual effects of magnetic "deposits" were located throughout the nervous system and lymphatic system;

10. A destabilization and interruption in the production of hormones and maintenance of hormonal balance in males and females;

11. Markedly higher levels of brainwave disturbance in the alpha, theta, and delta wave signal patterns of persons exposed to microwave emission fields,

12. Because of this brainwave disturbance, negative psychological effects were noted, including loss of memory, loss of ability to concentrate, suppressed
emotional threshold, deceleration of intellective processes, and interruptive sleep episodes in a statistically higher percentage of individuals subjected
to continual range emissive field effects of microwave apparatus, either in cooking apparatus or in transmission stations.

Forensic Research Conclusions

From the twenty-eight above enumerated indications, the use of microwave apparatus is definitely not advisable; and, with the decision of the Soviet government
in 1976, present scientific opinion in many countries concerning the use of such apparatus is clearly in evidence.

Due to the problem of random magnetic residulation and binding within the biological systems of the body (Category III:9), which can ultimately effect the
neurological systems, primarily the brain and neuroplexuses (nerve centers), long term depolarization of tissue neuroelectric circuits can result. Because
these effects can cause virtually irreversible damage to the neuroelectrical integrity of the various components of the nervous system (I. R. Luria, Novosibirsk
1975a), ingestion of microwaved foods is clearly contraindicated in all respects. Their magnetic residual effect can render the pyschoneural receptor components
of the brain more subject to influence psychologically by artificially induced microwave radio frequency fields from transmission stations and TV relay-networks.

The theoretical possibility of psycho telemetric influence (the capability of affecting human behavior by transmitted radio signals at controlled frequencies)
has been suggested by Soviet neuropsychological investigations at Uralyera and Novosibirsk (Luria and Perov, 1974a, 1975c, 1976a), which can cause involuntary
subliminal psychological energy field compliance to operative microwave apparatus.

Prepared By: William P. Kopp
A. R. E. C. Research Operations

Ten Reasons to Throw out your Microwave Oven

From the conclusions of the Swiss, Russian and German scientific clinical studies, we can no longer ignore the microwave oven sitting in our kitchens. Based
on this research, we will conclude this article with the following:

1). Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term - permanent - brain damage by "shorting out" electrical impulses in the brain
[de-polarizing or de-magnetizing the brain tissue].

2). The human body cannot metabolize [break down] the unknown by-products created in microwaved food.

3). Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating microwaved foods.

4). The effects of microwaved food by-products are residual [long term, permanent] within the human body.

5). Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs
altered compounds that cannot be broken down.

6). The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals when cooked in microwave ovens.

7). Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths [tumors]. This may explain the rapidly increased rate of colon cancer in America.

8). The prolonged eating of microwaved foods causes cancerous cells to increase in human blood.

9). Continual ingestion of microwaved food causes immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations.

10). Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence.

Have you tossed out your microwave oven yet?

The use of artificial microwave transmissions for subliminal psychological control, a.k.a. "brainwashing", has also been proven. We're attempting to obtain
copies of the 1970's Russian research documents and results written by Drs. Luria and Perov specifying their clinical experiments in this area.
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