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Name: Glenn Ryan
E-mail address: Lechmich@catlover.com
Comments:I love this site, I worked in a close business relationship with a woman in 1993 with aspergers, Her name was Janet, and she was an engineer in a department I was heavily involved with. It was an extremely amazing time for me. She wasn't a bad engineer, but a very problematic person to deal with personally, as I'm sure many here would concur.
Sunday, September 9th 2007 - 08:00:41 PM
Name: sharon
E-mail address: sharon neil @aapt.net.au
Comments:Thank you so much ,i didnt realise just how many parents suffer & fight the so called system for thhre children.my son is 14 & so tallented & yet a sufferer of aspergers,i feel so sad as he has no friends& has so much to offer in a friend.i will continue fighting his corner& walking tall,as i know one day his name will be up there in bright lights! for all those parents who fight for there children,walk tall & lets all be proud of our children,as they are our future.i draw strenth in knowing there are so manny tallented children out in the world,who will make it a brighter place to live.I have been down in the dumps recently & today is another day ,i will walk tall & love every minute with my boy,as he is special in every way & so so so tallented.
Thursday, September 6th 2007 - 05:46:24 PM
Name: juvena
E-mail address: juvenaj@hotmail.com
Comments:really helpful site (found the 'mum's recollections' particularly informative!)
Great work, thanks!!
Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 08:00:53 PM
Name: juls
E-mail address: julssteward@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:my son is almost 6 and has A/S, he was diagnosed a year ago and came as a huge shock, but also a relief to know what was wrong with him and why he is the way is! he's very loving and very hard work but its all so rewarding with every little obstical that he over comes. Just one huge prob, he doesnt sleep, due to lack on melatonin. Bio - melatonin no longer works for him, does anyone have any suggestions, or does anyone else still go through sleepless nights???????? advice much appreciated. Juls.
Monday, May 14th 2007 - 06:44:11 AM
Name: Angela Gold
E-mail address: agold@centurytel.net
Comments:Love your site. My little boy was just diagnosed w/ AS on May 3, 2006. Thank you. I do not feel so alone and fell their is hope for my son. He turned 5 years old this past November and in the past few months has really shown a lot of improvement. He has been going to pre-school in our public school district and was just approved to recieve specail-ed. services before the Christmas Break. I think that if it were not for his teacher (her grandson was just diagnosed) pushing the issue, he may not have gotten services until kindergarten. She is wonderful. Thank you again and best wishes to you and your beautiful family.
Saturday, January 6th 2007 - 07:52:20 PM
Name: julie bourke
E-mail address: girlzone39@hotmail.com
Comments:i just read your website and thank you for an insight to something i am still learning about with my 8yr old. You have done a wonderful thing with your site and now i dont feel alone now..thanx again julie
Wednesday, September 13th 2006 - 03:59:41 AM
Name: Jackie
E-mail address: jp2boys@hotmail.com
Comments:I've enjoyed your site. Thank you for sharing. I have an 8 y.o. son w/ AS and a 3 y.o. son. I too am an RN on shift work! Living has been better lately, but still AS presents with daily struggles. We've discovered more patience and strength than we ever knew we had. Take care.
Saturday, June 3rd 2006 - 12:43:08 PM
Name: Deb West
E-mail address: dlswest@west21.karoo.co.uk
Comments:Hello just like to say what a lovely website love Debxx
Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 12:47:31 PM
Name: Krista Schmitz
E-mail address: www.ozma@woggle-bug.com
Homepage URL: http://www.woggle-bug.com
Comments:What a neat site! I have been doing one of my own, it is fun. Some stuff to share: I don't know if you can get it in Austrailia, but we have discovered two things: glutithione treatments and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Glutithione will reduce oxidative stress, and mitochondrial malfunction, and hyperbaric oxygen can REPAIR BRAIN DAMAGE. If you want more info I would be happy to answer anything I can. My girlie is doing so much better I feel a responsibility to share:)
Friday, August 26th 2005 - 12:39:37 PM
Name: asperity
E-mail address: asperiti@yahoo.com.au
Comments:Hi ,all .
Did people see the aspergers article in the Sydney Morning Herald on Aspergers."A Syndrome for Success ."?

I tried to contact the Aut Support Network for aspergian people ,but the email was incorrectly inserted by the paper .

In case theres others like me out there ,i have a phone no for Aut- Support ..its 02 49 661717,and although it is NSW based ,they have a contact register so you can contact other aspergians anywhere in Australia ,via email or phone.

They also do personal advocacy , NT - Aspergian translating ,plus mentoring,and hold "cross cultural workshops to help both Neurotypicals and aspergians better understand each other .

Its a non profit group.
Bye all .

Its a peer based self support network,and the email address is aut_s_pport@yahoo.com.au,not the one in the newspaper ..

Hope that helps someone else who is Aspergian, and saves them the frustration ive just gone through to find it .!
Tuesday, June 14th 2005 - 08:05:08 PM
Name: tara
E-mail address: uknowt30@aol.com
Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 10:51:06 AM
Name: Rob & Erica Ehrhart
E-mail address: ffemt92@aol.com
Comments:Good afternoon, our 6y/o son was recently diagnosed with AS. We are going through the motions now with his school to inform them of his situation and how they are supposed to conform to him, not him to the school. We are also trying to find as much information as possible, so we can do our best as parents. We would also like to find information for our daughter, so she can learn how to help her little brother.
Thursday, March 31st 2005 - 08:25:26 PM
Name: kim
E-mail address: kim_wootton@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Autism_In_Tenneesse/
Comments:Love your site , It is very special. keep up the great work , here is a link to my site

Kim Wootton
Sunday, March 27th 2005 - 01:43:50 PM
Name: Lee
E-mail address: rubylee26@yahoo.com.au
Comments:Love this site its so personal. Straight to the point and provided me with a giggle whilst feeling low no 3D here!! love it!!

Lee xx xx
Monday, March 21st 2005 - 02:04:34 AM
Name: cindy stout
E-mail address: cstout@mei.net
Comments:I just want to say thank you very much. From - cstout
Thursday, February 24th 2005 - 10:45:14 AM
Name: asperity
E-mail address: asperiti@yahoo.com.au
Comments:Hi All!.
Just thought some people may find this info useful,or at least interesting.

A new Supportline has been set up to support Aspergian people.Its through the Aspergers & ASD Network ,based in Newcastle,NSW.

Because some aspergians dont like face to face or even phone mediums ,it offers contact with other Aspergians via email ,mail ,phone or face to face.

Its rather innovative in that it recognises & respects that AS people are not social animals ,so its all one to one to start with .. & grows naturally ,from those meaningful relatings,into social things..by networking...contact with one person then 2 ,etc.

This avoids the AS person having to relate on a superficial ,"chit chat " social level,as they arent into that,but prefer discussions about particular interests/subjects /objects (rather than relating to "people ",they relate to ideas /subject matter ) .

This contrasts with social skills programs which work on the outside appearance,sometimes at great expense to the personals sense of self identity & meaning(As many AS people find NT cultural practices of no use to them personally ,a total negation of their own true thoughts ,feelings ,values,priorities,and such customs can be absolutely incoherent, confusing,& just dont fit with their neurology)
The development of a social self without any parallell development of that persons authentic self is indeed a dangerous thing to do ,whether a person is AS or whatever .

It leads to one hell of an identity crisis !

I (sadly ) know of a number of young AS people who have attempted or actually have suicides after apparently successful social skills training because they said they had now completely lost track of who THEY were..They were so desperate to get free from the alienation of their being different,that the "baby "(their authentic self),got chucked out with the "bathwater".
They realised no matter how you act on the outside ,you dont change the inside "stuff" of you.
Some AS people express self loathing for this kkind of self betrayal of ones true needs ,thoughts ,feelings ,or are resentful to others who cohersedthem into giving themselves up to pretend to live as someone they are not b.
The feeling of being a fake can be even more alienating than the initial "difference"the social skills training is seeking to "fix".
Self alienation ..losing your authentic self...is even more devastating than alenation from others.

Anyway,the supportline uses a (Aspergian)community of mentor & peer based kind of support,which means Aspergians finally get to communicate in their natural,literal ,asocial language & practice other AS cultural characteristics,to get a sense of belonging without having to pretend to be someone else to get that !

They run workshops on cross cultural orientation (Neuro Typical society & Aspergian Society ),to bridge the gap in working understanding between Aspergians & NTs,do advocacy on behalf of other AS people ..and are doing a kind of counselling that is specifically for AS people.

They are starting a work fore the dole run by AS people for AS people & are working on a mini documentary on a day in the life of an ASpergian !

Hpoe this helps someone .
Oh the ph no is 02 49 661717
The email is boundaryriders@yahoo.com.au
Bye for now,thanks for this site.
Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 05:05:37 PM
Name: Lee
E-mail address: dreamlee@pacific.net.au
Comments:My son was diagnosed yesterday, after 5 long years we finally have a diagnosis. This has been a heartbreaking time, as I wanted a diagnosis but didn't want there to be anything wrong.
I am going through the net learning everything I can now to help my son and the rest of the family deal with this.
Thank you for your site it has been a help!
Hugs Lee
Monday, December 6th 2004 - 07:48:13 PM
Name: Ettina
E-mail address: ettina@catlover.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/abnormaldiversity
Comments:Hi. I probably am an aspie but I haven't been diagnosed yet(I'm going to see someone about that soon). Anyway, I'd just like to point out that autism spectrum conditions are part of the person's personality, and therefore wishing for a cure for your child is basically wishing for a different child to replace your child(ie, your child ceases to exist and you get a different child who looks the same). It's understandable that someone who doesn't realise the effect autistic spectrum conditions have(which is not all bad) would wish that, seeing how their child struggles with the bad parts of the condition and the difficulty fitting in to NT society, but not seeing how autism and related conditions are central to who they are.
Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 02:38:03 PM
Name: heather
E-mail address: saundersboys3@hotmail.com
Comments:please email if u have time - my son henry has aspergers and reading about your son was like reading about henrys life--very good wishes -heather(uk)saundersboys3@hotmail.com
Monday, October 18th 2004 - 12:22:30 PM
Name: heather
E-mail address: saundersboys3@hotmail.com
Comments:please email if u have time - my son henry has aspergers and reading about your son was like reading about henrys life--very good wishes -heather(uk)
Monday, October 18th 2004 - 12:22:06 PM
Name: Sue McGrath
E-mail address: smcgrath@csu.edu.au
Comments:Thanks for the information on your site. I have found it very interesting. I have always known something was different about my son but no-one would listen. A relative came across information about aspergers and made a connection between my son and the syndrome. I have read heaps of information some confusing some not so. THanks again your site is simple and informative. Best of luck in the future.
Monday, August 9th 2004 - 06:06:06 PM
Name: ollie
E-mail address: omahfoud@bigpond.net.au
Comments:it's fantastic that you had the time to make this site available. it put a smile on my face and once again made me feel like im not alone.
Wednesday, June 9th 2004 - 03:41:46 AM
Name: helen
E-mail address: helcon@iprimus.com.au
Comments:Thanks so much for sharing your personal story on-line.
I am a kindy teacher and am also currently studying a unit on children with special needs and my assignment is primarily to do with Asperger's Syndrome. Your stories have provided me with some personal insight into children with Aspergers and also have provided me with some behavioural symptoms to be aware of when teaching. I do understand that every child is different but some characticstics can be a godsend when you know that something is not quite right with a child. Keep up the journal and good luck.
Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 08:49:52 PM
Name: Kim Burrows
E-mail address: kimburrows@optusnet.com.au
Comments:There is a chance my 3 nearly 4 year old boy my have aspergers. We currently face having a psychological assesment, pre school monitoring, sleep study, speech therapy , and numerous other specialist appointments
Friday, April 30th 2004 - 11:02:09 PM
Name: Gayle Cowdroy
E-mail address: gaylecowdroy@hotmail.com
Comments:I have a 12year old daughter with Aspergers. She was diagnosed at about two and half after many visits to my GP for a referral for help. This was given when I was at my wits end and broke down in tears.

It has been a long struggle but with help learning how to deal with Kate we have advanced a long way.

We still have many obstacles to deal with but our education was a major factor and made life a lot easier. I really do get tired of teachers telling me that Kate is great, when they simply do not understand her levels of stress and what is going on in our family.

Wednesday, April 21st 2004 - 07:25:42 PM
Name: Sarah Jones
E-mail address: rsjones@pacific.net.au
Comments:Thankyou for your info on AS. My son Jordan was finally diagnosed last year. He was also born in December 1994 - induced 10 days late and I carried a lot of extra fluid 26 kilos including baby! Possible toximia and high blood pressure at the end. He also has a sister 16 months younger called Jessica born May 1996 who has traits of dyslexia and dyspraxia. They have both on the DDAT programme for 12 months now and Jordan has nearly completed the programme. We have noticed improvements in his social skills and general behaviour and happiness.
Sunday, April 18th 2004 - 11:31:11 PM
Name: julie channells
E-mail address: julie5673@optusnet.com.au
Comments:thankyou for this site, my son has been diagnosed adhd with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder but they are now thinking aspergers, so again thankyou
Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 03:37:03 AM
Name: Tania
E-mail address: elliotts@powerup.com.au
Comments:HI, thank you for your page, my son aged 8 has just finally been diagnosed after 4 long years of heartache and obstacles. I always knew there was something different about my child but I just didnt know what it was. my son also has violent outbursts and I find this the most difficult thing to deal with. again thanks, Tania
Wednesday, February 25th 2004 - 04:48:58 PM
Name: Rach (From the U.K)
E-mail address: rachelp2@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://hometown.aol.co.uk/rachelp2/myhomepage/aboutme.html
Comments:Loved going through your site, Thank-you!
My 9yr old son has Asperger's and was dx'd when he was 5, I learn all i can about it and try to cope with just...everyday life for me and for him. We have good times and bad as i'm sure you do too!
Best wishes,
Rach x
Wednesday, February 18th 2004 - 09:47:52 AM
Name: Rhonda
E-mail address: rhonian@hotmail.com.au
Comments:My 27 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Asperger's! After years of trying to convince doctors, teachers etc that something wasn't quite right. Oh how I wish it could have been diagnosed earlier. My daughter has missed out on so much over the years. She had a rather traumatic time at school as she was 'different' as was bullied continuously. She has had a few jobs since leaving school but had an 'attitude problem' which is how Asperger's can come across.
She is now getting help and hopefully the future will be better. She is happier now that she knows what her problem is.
Saturday, February 7th 2004 - 05:29:19 PM
Name: Donna Boike
E-mail address: w_d_boike@optusnet.com.au
Comments:just a note to say we used some of your info
Monday, January 5th 2004 - 03:39:22 PM
Name: diane schmidtke
E-mail address: tdschmidtke@iinet.net.au
Comments:Thankyou for your helpful site. In 2 weeks we begin working for a couple with a son with AS and it is helpful for us to understand a little about it and especially be aware of what not to say!

Happy New Year and thanks again,
Tuesday, December 30th 2003 - 07:33:41 PM
Name: Jenny Hanrahan
E-mail address: jenny.hanrahan@omeohs.com.au
Comments:I heard about Aspergers Syndrome through a friend after describing some of the behavioural issues of my niece. I have printed some information from your webpage to give to my sister, who has had my niece assessed and diagnosed as 'socially challenged' and with 'learning difficulties'. My niece has also been described as 'working on an emotional level' and 'eccentric'. This might be just the information we need to explain a few questions, and to assist my sister in aiding her daughter through school.
Thursday, December 4th 2003 - 05:18:27 PM
Name: Rachel
E-mail address: rachiebabe68@hotmail.com
Comments:I have just been advised that my 5 year old son Blake displays some of the traits of this syndrome and this has been mentioned to me only once before by a lady that has a daughter that has the same syndrome..
All the doctors have said he's just a kid being a kid dont worry about it..
I enjoyed your site and am now going to take Blake to see someone to see what I can do to help (He will be attending Kindy next year) and has found orientation a bit of an anxious time..
Thankyou so much - At least I now know that I am not the only one that seems to go through so much with Blake yet my 2 1/2 yr old seems very happy and well adjusted
Thursday, December 4th 2003 - 02:13:01 AM
Name: angela
E-mail address: angieclay78@aol.com
Tuesday, November 11th 2003 - 05:38:17 AM
Name: Megan Macdonald
E-mail address: eadress1@bigpond .com
Comments:These kids are so special. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
After 2 stressful years at school and 3 teachers I have found an incredble woman who believes in my son and guides him and explains everything to him. Everyone else had written him off, I was starting to doubt myself. My son has completely changed with this teacher and is once again happy to be at school.
My son is 7 and has High Functioning Autism. He is really bright which I am thankful for but is extremely sensitive.
Great site!
Sunday, November 9th 2003 - 04:44:48 AM
Name: Desiree
E-mail address: djcullen2@bigpond.com
Comments:Thankyou, My son Riley 8yrs was diagnosed yesterday between a phycologist, phyciatrist and his paediatrician. I am in shock at the amount of people just in your guest book alone. I had no idea anyone else knew what this was like. I have a lot to learn now and this is the start.
Wednesday, November 5th 2003 - 05:01:57 AM
Name: Amy
Comments:your story made interesting reading.since the birth of my third child i have felt something was wrong, and there are many similarities to your son. she has just been diagnosed with possible aspergers,and we will be getting a proper diagnosis from a team of specialists soon.thanks for the story,it's nice to know there are others like my daughter. now there is a name to what she has maybe i won't have to keep apologizing for and excusing her odd ways.
Friday, October 17th 2003 - 02:09:44 AM
Name: Amy
Friday, October 17th 2003 - 02:04:16 AM
Name: Debbie Richardson
E-mail address: sweetchops@optraweb.net.au
Comments:I just wanted to say what a wonderful and imformative webpage you have put together. I have two sons one of which has been diagnosed with ASD the other is still going thru the processes. My oldest boy was diagnosed 4 years ago, until then we were told we had an out of control child who "obviously" had problems at home that were causing his bad behaviour. This was not the case. It was only due to one person that worked with my eldest boy in a one on one environment that led him to be the teenager he is today. Until a few years ago, my son was told he would amount to nothing and would be a nobody. Because of a teacher that believed in him he now shines. He is in grade 9 at high school and has just come home with his report card. He is topping his whole year level in agriculture and computer programming, and achieved in the top 20% of the state at the science fair. Not bad for a boy that could barely read and write his own name 5 years ago.
Our youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago, although over the past twelve months we have found he is showing more signs of ASD. As most other parents would be aware, they have probably been told the behaviour is due to home life. Or you are doing something wrong as a parent to cause this behaviour. Dont give up, this is not the case. I have been there done that and blamed myself for what is going on in my boys heads. I feel the biggest thing you need to overcome is that none of this is your fault. You have done nothing wrong, and once you have realised this you can move on to help your child. The hardest thing I have found is trying to get teachers and people to let your child reach their potential. I recently had a meeting with my youngest sons teacher, she has been teaching him for the past 8 months and sending him to the office every day to take his medication. At this meeting she informed me she only found out a few weeks ago there was something wrong with my child.......She had been sending him out of the classroom and home on more occasions than I care to remember.....and she hadn't noticed there was anything wrong with my child???
I dont know if this teacher is just living in her own little world or is just blind to everything.
I have now changed my sons school, he is at a school that deals with a lot of children with ASD etc. Yesterday was his first day....and the first day ever he has come home positive telling me how much he enjoyed his new school. I was totally dumbfounded, I have never heard any good comment about school come out of his mouth. Heres hoping he may have a brighter future now. Good luck to all that read this, and remember everything is not always negative. These people can do so many positive things and can achieve so many wonderful feats. They sometimes just need to be pointed in the right direction...
Tuesday, October 7th 2003 - 08:10:14 PM
Name: Mandy Henderson
E-mail address: mandylhenderson@bigblue.net.au
Comments:My husband and I live in Tasmania with our sons Trent (5yo), Lucas (4yo - 11 months younger) and a baby due in December 2003. I have spent all of Trents life trying to find someone (anyone) to listen to me re Trent. He is the most caring sensitive little boy, but has had many setbacks and people are now "noticing". He has had 2 eye ops for a squint, plus his other eye is constantly dilated due to a slight stroke at birth. He does not tolerate any change to a routine and is now struggling at Kindergarten. His younger brother has always reached milestones around the same time as Trent and everyone always says, "yes, you find the second one always catches on quicker". Trent is way behind in every area of development and has been from day one. He didnt crawl until 14months, walked at 18months, talked quite late, doesnt catch a ball, etc., and now is having huge trouble with writing, attention, etc. People have eluded to ADHD, but we know that is not correct (many "professionals" have confirmed this). The only thing Trent does well (apart from loving his mum) is he is a great sleeper and always has been. He basically sleeps from 7.30pm to 6.30am, a good 10-12hours per night.
Thankyou for an insight into your life, I do not know if this is worth pursuing for Trent, but it was great to read about another mothers love for her first-born when the odds seem stacked against them.
Regards, Mandy.
Saturday, October 4th 2003 - 11:40:45 PM
Name: karen studdert
E-mail address: karen_studdert@telstra.com
Comments:loved your site.Just found out my 7 yr old son has asd. Still trying to come to terms with it. found your site very helpful without feeling too overloaded with info. thank you very much I will pop in from time to time.
Monday, September 29th 2003 - 04:33:17 PM
Name: Danny
E-mail address: garciabaldonado@hotmail
Comments:It's great to know we're not alone. We've just found our 4 year old has AS, which explains alot, but we nevertheless are still looking for stategies to get our little man to listen, and stategies that will help him generally. He's remarkably bright, he loves his brother. He's a beautiful boy.
We would however appreciate any general advice or direction for good resources, to help arm ourselves to encourage Daniel. Sometimes its difficult, but at least now we know why.
Very pleased to meet you
Geelong VIC
Monday, September 29th 2003 - 05:46:47 AM
Name: margaret
E-mail address: magzandbill@netscape.net
my son was evaluted last year in kingergarten and I believe is undiagnosed he has a beautiful personality and everyone around him sees it(adults)when it comes to children his own age he gets along but dosent have the best social skills. I cant pinpoint it I do believe he as as a very low scale even boardline autism or even a.s where is the line drawn how can someone tell you that he is been evualated and its only developmental and he will grow out of it My husband is in denial and I dont know what to do my son has problems remembering the simple things like the abc's and 123's I am constantly going over these simple things and his teachers ask me if i work with him . he also has poor fine motor skills but short term memory isnt great but is a wiz on the computer and like i said before as a great personality funny compasionate, caring and affectionate.he also dosent know what his boundries are he will walk over to a stranger and look in there shopping bag or touch someones belongings like toys bags whatever grabs his attetion. he does see a speech therapist and and ot but is that enough. my son is the world to me and it kills me to see him stuggle with these simple things . this website inspired me to let other people that i am not the only one that feels this way and is going through the same thing. thamk you
Wednesday, September 24th 2003 - 10:59:55 AM
Name: leigh a.s-anarchist
E-mail address: goatgirlgoatgirl@yahoo.com.au
Comments:anyone out there over 35yrs,diagnosed with aspergers..or others who want to talk to an older person with a.s.? I`m doing a second degree at uni,into philosophy and art,would love to correspond with other people with a.s. with similar interests,particularly who may live near me,that is, NSW,Newcastle to be exact.As far as a.s. goes,it seems me having a.s is a bigger problem for others than me., and do i get punished for crimes of gross insurrection against prescribed ,socially sanctioned nonsensense and open air assylum type doublespeak ,and I mean,heck whats so disabled about being focused,Ludwig Wittenstein(philosopher) did alright,come to think of it,cant think of anyone of great significance who achieved what they did without an inordinate amount of singularity-of concentration,focus,purpose,and one has to question the sanity of a society that places more value on(and sees more normality in) hitting a ball in a schoolyard at lunchtime,than reading an encyclopaedia,on producing a world of a unfocussed jack of all trades tradesmen,master of none,one which would breed a herd of sheep without any gatecrashing goats(easier to control everyone that way)that crucifies depth on the cross of breadth, the meaningless,and methodology,endless mediums ,and chucks out the what for the how,..with which they are obsessed !!..huh, and they say its us with the problem?????and if i sound somewhat angry,damned right i am..all these support this and that for all you poor people who have to put up with us,what about us having to put up with a world(not just immediate family ) of superficial, self righteous(?) neuro-typicals,hi,tony,are you listening( ?), p.s., yes,we DO feel love ,its not our problem if youre unable to translate our expession of that love into language you understand.. .neurotypicals who tell us what is important is not WHAT is or what you say or think or feel,but HOW you express it, who are so obsessed with teaching you to smile at the right time ,in the right place,(anal retentive little control freaks ),they`ve completely forgotten that THE WHOLE POINT is whether you actually ever even FEEL like you WANT to smile,and are given permission,God forbid,!!! to own your own bloody face,and smile only when you FEEL like it,shock,horror,radical,huh/!!if you reckon ive got it wrong,would love to learn its different to this..great comfort in being wrong,,,,,means rest of world not mad afterall,,bbye,,leigh
Thursday, September 11th 2003 - 09:10:39 PM
Name: Zita Stokes
E-mail address: stokes.zita@saugov.sa.gov.au
Comments:Hi Sally,
do you know that incredibly weird but amazing feeling you get, with shudders down your spine, when you see someone writing stuff that you thought you were the only one to have ever experienced? Well Ive just experienced that reading about Brandon! My younger brother Ryan is now 19 but when he was about 6 or 7 he used to sit like a zombie on the couch and rock his whole body back and forth, banging his head against the back of it for ages. He also had the most incredible fascination with trains and I remember having to take him countless times to one particular crossing to see the Overlander on its way from Adelaide to Melbourne. You pass these things off at the time as just something odd but no great drama. He has "grown out" of that now but is very underdeveloped in many ways and an isolated and lonely boy who definately has "something wrong" with him. He has not been diagnosed but I saw an Aspergers item on TV not long ago and thought, my God, that is so much like him! Your website is the very first thing I have looked at since then - the headbanging and train thing (co-incidence that it may well be) has got me absolutely floored. Thanks so much for sharing and I will be looking much further into this!! Regards Zita
Wednesday, September 10th 2003 - 02:14:06 AM
Name: Lisa Duff
E-mail address: lisaduff@dodo.com.au
Comments:My daughter is 9. She was diagnosed with a learning disabilty and is being treated for ADD since the age of 3.

Yesterday I had a meeting with her school counsellor, who asked me to research AS and see what I thought. For the past hour I have been crying my heart out. I can recognise so many of your sons traits in my daughter. Steph doesn't have ADD she has AS.
Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 04:26:12 AM
Name: Janet Smith
E-mail address: janet.smith@aph.gov.au
Comments:It was really interesting to read a Mum's point of view. My son (Kye, 2yrs & 3mths) has not been diagnosed as yet, but boy is this hard to get your head around. We had lost 6 children prior to having Kye and thinking all was OK until he was around 15 mths then realising something was not right was devastating. It is just nice to know that there are people like yourself out there who care enough to share their experience. Thankyou. Janet x
Tuesday, August 26th 2003 - 05:27:39 PM
Name: Janet
Tuesday, August 26th 2003 - 05:25:10 PM
Name: Tracey Gabel
E-mail address: tracedaveandboys@iprimus.com.au
Comments:thankyou. my son is 10yrs old & we only found out, after many traumatic times & doors slammed in our face, that he as Aspergers. I am trying to found out as much as I can, as you suggested, & i found the information on your site to be fantastic. again, thanks,

Tracey & dillon
Friday, August 15th 2003 - 07:19:18 PM
Name: Jane
Comments:thanks.... it was nice
Friday, August 8th 2003 - 11:16:37 AM
Name: Jodie
E-mail address: jolie@bigpond.com
Comments:I am looking for information on the net regarding tantrums and rage etc. in highfunctioning autism. My son is 6 and half years old and just so out of hand our daughter who is 4 is often found hiding in a corner just to eat a meal in peace it is very hard for us to know what to do. he was only diagnosed about 6 months ago although has always been aggressive. He is very loving and affectionate toward his 10 month old baby sister, we can't work it out, can anyone help?
Tuesday, July 22nd 2003 - 07:47:48 PM
Name: mandy
E-mail address: narelle3@optusnet.com.au
Comments:we have recently found out that my 8 year old son has Aspergers Syndrome. Although I have known since he was two that there was something not quite right with him. So now I am checking out all the sights to obtain as much imformation as possible. It's really good to know that we are not alone.
Wednesday, July 16th 2003 - 06:51:51 PM
Name: Cassoe
E-mail address: 2012@nodeception.com
Homepage URL: http://2012.blurty.com
Comments:Thank you for this site. Its hard to find information for aspergers in australia. i am 21 with aspergers and am finding it very hard to live. i have problems with anorexia and drugs too and feel isolated and alone and my doctor is ignorant, so thankyou for trying to send out some info for the world to see. Thankyou for your beautiful, comprehensive site.
Wednesday, July 9th 2003 - 03:10:57 AM
Name: Debbie
E-mail address: demzed@bigpond.com
Comments:thank you for sharing your life with us and thereby helping others to understand more clearly about aspergers syndrome. Personal stories help to clarify things in a way a fact sheet cannot. I will recommend your site to others through my work. God bless you and may your family's years ahead be good ones.
Monday, July 7th 2003 - 05:43:49 AM
Name: maurice frank
E-mail address: megaknee@btopenworld.com
Comments:That was see


Monday, June 16th 2003 - 09:41:48 AM
Name: maurice frank
E-mail address: megaknee@btopenworld.com
Monday, June 16th 2003 - 09:41:01 AM
Name: maurice frank
E-mail address: megaknee@btopenworld.com
Comments:Further to my message of Dec 22,
The sensory issues to do with costume freedom and not covering irritable skin, do indeed apply to Asperger just as much as to ADHD and Tourette. Sunderland University and Tony Attwood both acknowledge this sensitivity as a characteristic of the spectrum's physiological differences.
And can you have Asperger if you like change and have no problem with metaphors? I didn't think so, from reading websites, and for that reason never described myself as having Asperger, only as having its communication problems or "Aspoid ADHD". But having been encouraged to join an Asperger group despite this, I found they are keen to argue that fitting all the medical traits doesn't matter, no one does, and for having so much in common with them physically and communicatively they count me as Asperger.
Is this an example of Aspies describing themselves differently to how the profs want to describe them? Like, Aspies are offended to be assumed all to be unempathic to others or socially naive or to have bad digestive systems. Profs have noticed these most victimlike traits in some cases and have generalised them, while being less interested in the social aspects. See
which says there is a trouble communicating empathy and that makes doctors assume there isn't any there. Ow.
Monday, June 16th 2003 - 09:38:25 AM
Name: Sigi
E-mail address: matceul@yahoo.com.au
Comments:Dear Sally,

Congratulations !!

I have 3 children (now all grown up) and with the oldest one (a boy) I had simular experiences as you did with Brandon as a baby. In my days A.S. was not talked about!
He is now a well adjusted adult with a very important job!
With a caring parent like yourself I am sure Brandon's future looks bright.

All the best

Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 04:10:25 PM
Name: Shiralee Elliott
E-mail address: popeye_nz@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello. Ihave two boys who both have ADHD and Noonans Syndrome. They are 12 and 13 years old. But a friend of mine has a boy aged 10 years and I think he has Asperges or some type of Autisum. I am not realy sure.She has trouble getting him to school, as he says if he goes to school he will hurt himself. When she has left him at school he has tryed to choke himself. He has done it on the way home from school and started to turn blue because he couldn't get a breath. All done because he didn't want to walk home. He also tryes to hit her and has caused brusing on her back and arm. The school therpist or what ever they are called said that he had Asperges or the opositional to ADHD.Well after having two boys with ADHD , I said to her that I have never her of the opositional to ADHD. He can also jump off of things and mothing seams to hurt him. If he can't get hhis own way he realy go beserk on his mother.She is at her wits end. CAN ANYONY HELP. MY E-Mail is popeue_nz@hotmail.com
Wednesday, May 28th 2003 - 05:56:31 PM
Name: Jodie Benson
E-mail address: benson_green@optusnet.com.au
Comments:A beautiful page. Thankyou for letting me into you and your boys life. l am still reading it and realising we are not alone.
Tuesday, May 20th 2003 - 02:50:58 AM
Name: Margie Sybaczynskyj
E-mail address: margaret.sybaczynskyj@gosford.nsw.gov.au

I've downloaded some information from your homepage for my girlfriend, Nichola, who's son is seeing a speech therapist. The therapist has said that Nathaniel may have AS and he will be assessed in the near future.

Thank you for allowing me to get this info to Nichola - we couldn't find any trace of AS in any of our books at home ... I'll let you know what happens!


Tuesday, May 13th 2003 - 04:55:39 PM
Name: ebby vest
E-mail address: mugu@mugumustpay.com

Friday, May 9th 2003 - 11:09:38 AM
Name: deborah
E-mail address: deborah74@froggy.com.au
Comments:thankyou for making me feel like I am not alone.
Wednesday, April 30th 2003 - 05:59:32 PM
Name: Chris Hardy
E-mail address: cmhardy@optusnet.com.au
Comments:I thought we'd had a hard time with our son, Oliver, but at least he slept through the night, although he could never be left to go to sleep on his own - seemed frightened. His diet can be counted on my fingers.
He is now 9yrs old, very bright but still has tantrums like a 2yr old.
He was diagnosed "semantic pragmatic" when 3yrs, just "gifted" last year and now his Australian teacher reckons it's "Aspergers" and wants him 'tested' again. His last teacher called him 'eccentric'. That's the best so far. I keep telling myself how 'different' a lot of great geniuses were and hope that my son will be one too.
Thank you for creating such an informative website.
Good luck for the future.
Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 12:05:10 AM
Name: Boone Man
E-mail address: dontmailmehere@methodheads.com
Homepage URL: http://www.netter-partner.net/
Comments:The net is a wonderful place and I wanted to thank you for the infos I got here. If you step by, leave a note yourself: Downloads for Windows
Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 09:11:29 PM
Name: Kylia
E-mail address: kylia@cuteandsingle.com
Homepage URL: http://cuteandsingle.com
Comments:Your site is phenomenal!
Friday, April 11th 2003 - 12:01:02 PM
Name: lisa
E-mail address: dreamsawake@msn.com
Comments:Hi there. After many years of worrying that I was all of a sudden a hopeless mother (i did seem to get it right the first time with my eldest daughter) today I was informed that I should seriously consider that A.S. is the prognosis. Apart from the headbanging, toileting problems and night waking, everything else has been the same as you described your first 6 years with your son. My husband is horrified that something could be "wrong" with his boy and that makes it very difficult for me to talk to him about it.
I still have to see a paediatrician for a formal diagnosis next week. Have you encountered problems with your husband/relatives refusing to believe there could be a "label" to the behaviour you have had to endure for years? Also, my son has never displayed any of his "problems" at school/preschool. They say some children can become very good at "keeping it all contained" and the minute they get into familiar surroundings such as home, out comes all the frustrations etc. I have enjoyed your web page and would like to commend you on your fantastic outlook and wish you all the best. Kind regards, Lisa.
Friday, April 11th 2003 - 04:27:46 AM
Name: Jody Hardy
E-mail address: jayjayjayc@yahoo.com
Comments:Thankyou for your website it was wonderful to read. I too have a son with A.S. who is 7yrs old. I experienced pretty much the same behaviours from my son as you did.He also still doesnt sleep through the night, and his tantrums are very aggressive at times.He is in grade 2 at school and doing very well now that he has a new teachers aide, and a computer to do his story writing on as he has poor fine motor skills and finds it difficult to write,cut,colour in. My son is not medicated but if you have any suggestions about getting him to sleep thru please email me. Jody.(sydney)
Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 02:32:31 AM
Name: Tracy
E-mail address: tracynolan_1@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Sally,
what a wonderful website you have created! Such a source of inspiration to others who may be experiencing some of the things you have been through.
I am a teacher of Pre-School children and I have a child who attends my pre-school who I suspect may have Aspergers. His indicators seem just like Brandons. I am encouraging his mum to seek a medical opinion but in the meantime I am reearching this subject as much as possible in order to help this child who will be attending school next year. I can't thank you enough for sharing your experiences with us and I have found the information you have supplied to be very very useful. All the best to you and your family
Tracy Nolan
Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 07:03:44 AM
Name: Jackie
E-mail address: jaxj@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments:Hi there this is my first visit to the site, a real eye opener too! My son is five and is in the very early stages of diagnosis. They say he has ADHD but i'm not convinced, my feeling is he has aspergers. It is a constant battle to try and get people to see what we see all the time at home, we just have to keep fighting for him.
Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 06:55:01 AM
Name: Cheralyn
E-mail address: cheralyn@optusnet.com.au
Comments:My oldest son has A.S., something I approached his psychologist with nearly three years ago. Their diagnosis initially was Anxiety Disorder (they put him on anti-depressants: I took him off), the second time around, it was ADHD (they put him on Dex-Amphetamine: I took him off) and now after all this time they are telling me it is Aspergers !!

I've had many long years of frustration (my son is now 12) and years of trouble with school, countless trips to the School Pricipals' office. It's always the same story, he won't join in, he figets and fusses over his belongings, he wanders off, he can't come on excursions, he is disrupting the class, he has very little social skills.

After a while (and I am a very patient woman) I ask myself why is all of this happening to me , I've been good (I have!) My son, though I love him dearly, has the ability to frustrate me to tears, constantly forgetting what he is supposed to be doing, so he has to be asked time after time after......He hasn't got a mean bone in his body and has been bullied all throughout his school life, further frustrating me, because I don't know what I can do to make his quality of life better. I know what I would like to do to the bullies....and I know that I have to let my son make his own choices (but sometimes those choices are a little hard to understand) Parkas and tracksuit pants in summer, losing things all the time, not really communicating until he is asked leading questions.

I want to do all that I can for my son without endangering his long term health, anti depressants, amphetamines, they can't be good for you long term. I have dried Sue Dengates book 'Fed Up', I have tried supplementing his diet with Omega 3 fatty oils and I have dabbled with Bach Flower remedys. So far...no good.

Is any one else feeling as helpless asd useless as me?
Thursday, February 27th 2003 - 03:16:16 AM
Name: stephanie
E-mail address: stephplus4@hotmail.com
Comments:Love your website, after most of our days something with a little humour and kindness helps, after years of feeling totally out of depth with my son who varies between an angel and something that satan has posessed, a great school counsellor put the asperges option out to me . I am at the beginning of the pediatrician treadmill and everything i read seems like it was written about David. Keep ut the great work, for people like me at the beginning of a diagnosis your site can make a huge difference as to weather i laugh or cry.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 04:11:06 PM
Name: Karen Corby
E-mail address: kcorby@spibeams.com
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 11:27:14 AM
Name: Dick
E-mail address: Dick337@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.domains-links.com
Comments:Great !!!!
Friday, January 31st 2003 - 10:33:11 AM
Name: Flores
E-mail address: flores@mcn1.com
Homepage URL: http://www.maintour.com/socal/carlsbad.htm
Comments: Wow. I like what you did with the Flowers. You deserve a Star!
I have here the URL for one of my favorite flower fields in California. Come visit when they are in full bloom.
P.S. Have a Great Day.
Friday, January 17th 2003 - 11:22:30 AM
Name: kelly Johnson
E-mail address: mjohnson11@vtown.com.au
Comments:What a lovelly job you have done. I have twin boys also born in 1994 who were diagnosed with aspergers syndrome in 1999. We have certainly had our trials and tribulations over the years. I don't think it is getting a lot easier but my husband and I are getting better at handling our tricky situations. We rely very heavily on diet interventions and have found they have a massive impact on sleep patterns. Hope things keep going so nicely for you. Kelly
Tuesday, January 7th 2003 - 02:30:38 AM
Name: Kathy
E-mail address: Kathy524@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.domains-links.com
Comments:Nice break from the ordinary. Keep up the great work
Friday, January 3rd 2003 - 08:17:36 AM
Name: susanne moon
E-mail address: fuzzycat@optusnet.com.au
Comments:My nephew has aspergers syndrome he is nearly 8 years old and is repeating grade 1 again for the second year. My son also is the same age and has a few characteristics like his cousin. It is good to read and compare stories about the kids and hopefully pick up some useful hints that may help out even if sharing a story helps.
Thursday, January 2nd 2003 - 10:49:45 PM
Name: susanne moon
E-mail address: fuzzycat@optusnet.com.au
Comments:My nephew has aspergers syndrome he is nearly 8 years old and is repeating grade 1 again for the second year. My son also is the same age and has a few characteristics like his cousin. It is good to read and compare stories about the kids and hopefully pick up some useful hints that may help out even if sharing a story helps.
Thursday, January 2nd 2003 - 10:49:42 PM
Name: maurice frank
E-mail address: metaknee@hotmail.com
Comments:A late response to Sherry's message of 9 May 01. I don't know what wearing shorts all the time has to do with Asperger's, but it's certainly a minority identity in its own right. It's proved scientifically serious by the links now understood between skin sensitivity and high metabolism. As this applies to ADD and Tourette, it conceivably might apply to Asperger's too?
Just in case it does, emotional desperation is at stake in you spreading awareness of it as widely as possible. You see, in places where the air is saturated with damp from elongated narrow waterways, it causes nasal symptoms like permanently having a cold. This prevents shortists discovering by ourselves that shortism is not harmful to health, that it's a sensible lifestyle choice. Cardiff, Wales, where I grew up, has a condition Cardiff Nose that prevented me discovering my shortism until age 25. This was in 1993 and the net may improve access to info now, but the local media there commit the genocidal crime of not recognising this as a serious issue to tell people about. I'm strongly for unexpurgated committed awareness of all the horrors and atrocities of the world, but can't emotionally bear the question of what if I had died before discovering and expressing my shortism? The creamy cold skin is so tearfully beautiful to experience. Miriam Stoppard says the Thames valley also has a local catarrh strain.
Shortism proves all dress codes and uniforms throughout the whole of society are a human rights violation on minorities, hence are internationally illegal. I included this in an invited submission to the Scottish parliament's Equal Opportunities enquiry last year. Everyone in the democratic world who wants to eradicate all dress control, pleae cite this reference.
Sunday, December 22nd 2002 - 04:38:06 AM
Name: Steven Wood
E-mail address: aspiesong@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://au.geocities.com/aspiesong
Comments:Hi. I have just read the story about your little son and I was very deeply touched by it. There were quite a number of factors in that story that I myself could relate to. I was first diagnosed with AS back in 1991 at age 23, but in fact my whole traumatic autism experience showed itself clearly when, in 1971, at age 3, I had gastro-entritis and had such an experience at Fairfield Hospital which was enough to leave me badly traumatised and emotionally scarred in later life. But this, together with the later diagnosis, has not broken my spirit; in fact, it has made my creative spirit even stronger. I'm even very musical; I enjoy playing the bass guitar, and sometimes the ordinary guitar, as forms of personal music therapy. If you want to find out more about me you can visit my site. Happy Christmas. Love, Steven.
Thursday, December 19th 2002 - 11:15:35 PM
Name: Kayla Davies
E-mail address: kayladavies@optusnet.com
Comments:Great Site! I am 15 years and 7 months and have only been disgnosed with asperger's syndrome for 3 months. It had been a testing time up until the diagnosis but since then it has been getting progressively a lot better. I have always been in a mainstream school and I am going to remain in a mainstream school until the end of year 12. I have found that children with asperger's syndrome can survive in a mainstream school as long as they have supportive teachers and people who are willing to understand more about them. If they have this and the level of support that they need, they can achieve to their full potential.
Tuesday, December 17th 2002 - 09:40:04 PM
Name: jodie clarke
E-mail address: mjclarke@dodo.com.au
Comments:Sally, I think you are in inspiration to all, I am so glad I found your web page.
regards, jodie clarke
Thursday, December 12th 2002 - 01:46:16 AM
Name: Lisa Smyth
E-mail address: lisa.smyth1@bigpond.com.au
Comments:I probably should be using the notice board but my xp will not allow me to enter. My 12 year old son has been diagnosed with aspergers today. We have spent the largest part of twelve years looking after our son, not understanding what we as parents where doing wrong. Watching Chris struggle with day to day life, school has been terrible with no understanding from teachers or other parents in the schools. My biggest fear is how lonley life is shaping up for Chris - he did not choose this. I think it is very important for the understanding of these issues to be known by the wider public.
Friday, November 29th 2002 - 02:07:29 AM
Name: Kelly Erica McHugh
E-mail address: kelly_erica@hotmail.com.au
Comments:Thankyou for your wonderful advice and inspiration.
My fiance's first-born, Timothy, is an adorable, affectionate, and intelligent young man. At 13, he is at a sensitive age, and I would like to know as much as possible about this so I am best equipped to deal with this. He is a shining light, but his dad doesn't deal with him so well (tells him to try & stop shaking his head, etc). I would like to help as best I can, as I love Timothy's father, and I am developing a very strong attachment to young Timmy & his brother. Thankyou so much for your invaluable information.
Wednesday, November 27th 2002 - 11:46:22 PM
Name: cheryl
Comments:beautiful site and informative...thank you
Thursday, November 21st 2002 - 11:28:06 PM
Name: Vicki
E-mail address: schulz@mcmedia.com.au
Comments:Thanks for your informative site. My son is 8yrs old and has recently been diagnosed with A.S. He was also diagnosed with ADHD when he was four, and is on medication.
I am trying to find out as much information as I can to help with his recent diagnosis. Thanks again.
Wednesday, November 20th 2002 - 06:00:33 PM
Name: Shelagh Tiderington
E-mail address: tiderington@shaw.ca
Homepage URL: http://members.shaw.ca/tiderington/index.htm
Comments:Hi Sal
You really went to town with your site and even after all these years with my son I found it very interesting to recall all the idiosyncracies of AS in the younger years and how similar they all are to each other in so many ways, yet individual too!
We as mothers of these little guys, should stand together and behind our sons as advocates to help them make their way through the world, which as they learn while young can be a very cold and mean place if you are 'different'.
I have always been my son's best friend and will continue till the day I die! He too is a child of the universe....
Monday, November 11th 2002 - 03:14:50 PM
Name: Jennifer Austin
E-mail address: austinjs@alphalink.com.au
Comments:Thank you for your home page - I enjoyed reading it.
My daughter is 13 and has Aspergers. You mentioned things not to say to parents - I've been asked when she was younger and trying to communicate "What language is she speaking?" The other one I would mention is strangers telling her that Santa would not bring her a present when she was having a temper tantrum in public.
Good luck and best wishes
Tuesday, November 5th 2002 - 02:19:07 AM
Name: Noelene Phillips
E-mail address: chillyphilly93@hotmail.com
Comments:Thankyou for sharing all of this with me. I'm donig an integration course at the moment andI am researching Aspergers as my next and final task. I wish you well thankyou.
Saturday, November 2nd 2002 - 11:03:31 PM
Name: Merrian Dundas
E-mail address: merrian@optusnet.com
Comments:Thankyou so very much for the excellent articles, My son has today been diagnosed with Aspergers after 8 very long difficlt years. The article "features of AS" is an excellent explaination for me to pass on to my family.
I wish you all the very best with your situation, Thanks and God Bless.
Merrian Dundas
Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 04:34:15 AM
Name: linda anderon
E-mail address: lindajoyanderson@hotmail.com
Comments:thank you for sharing this personal information. as i read through your sons story i felt like (for much of it)you were writing about my son. good luck to you and your family.linda
Monday, October 21st 2002 - 05:47:55 AM
Name: Deb Young
E-mail address: cristalclear666@aol.com
Comments:my son was diognosed with aspergers and low level autism when he was ten years old
the only thing that i have found hard to cope with is the way other people treat my son he is bullied at school and when ever he goes out to play.
one of the problems i found with my son robert was if i said in a minute he would be back in 60 seconds wanting to know why i was not ready for him we got round this by deciding together that mummy minutes where 1,10,or even 20 minutes and it ment when i had finnished what i was doing.
since he has been diognosed there are allot more places to find infomation best of all the net and the books some of these children with A.S.have written themselves
i.e the universe and everything.by kenneth hall 10 yaers when he wrote it.
luke jackson who wrote freaks geeks and aspergers at the age of 12 luke aslo has a book about how diet can cause problems with this condition.

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 05:22:00 AM
Name: Lorrie Day
E-mail address: alptday@usfamily.net
Comments:Thanks for sharing your story. My son was diagnosed with CAPD at 5 years of age and now with Asperger at 8. Our family's journey into the A.S. is just beginning. I appreciated your links. They were very helpful.
Friday, October 4th 2002 - 10:16:24 PM
Name: kim ulmer
E-mail address: kimulmer1@optusnet.com
Comments:my son has recently been diagnosed with a.s and it was good to read about another parents situation as i dont know any one else who has a child with this problem. good work and keep it up
Friday, October 4th 2002 - 08:15:34 PM
Name: Mellisha Clarke
E-mail address: clarkepromos@msn.com
Comments:Our son, Addison, was diagnosed with asperger's yesterday,finally we have a "label" for him and we can start to do the right things to help him!
Thursday, October 3rd 2002 - 05:38:28 PM
Name: Lisa. Coomber
E-mail address: thecoombies@bigpond.com
Monday, September 30th 2002 - 05:27:29 AM
Name: Michelle Foy
E-mail address: Jessie Foy @ hotmail.com
Comments:Thankyou for your information my daughter Rebecca 11yrs is going through the process of being diagnosed with AS it has been ten and a half years of knowing something was amiss. This week was a turning point when a school counsellor pointed myself in the right direction and testing began.I think the hardest issue for myself was knowing there was a problem, and not finding the right people to help me.I am a sole parent of five children and knowing that your younger children have picked up that Rebecca was different and not knowing why was the most frustrating thing.Rebecca is a lovely child and now that I know why she is difficult at most times and cannot join her peers for so called normal activities, I will be able to be better prepared and aware of how I can help her along this journey of life we now face. Thank-you for this information and your time.
Saturday, September 28th 2002 - 06:00:37 AM
Name: Jackie Harrop
E-mail address: jharr@yp-connect.net
Comments:Our son has just been diagnosed with AS and I have found your site to really interesting. At the moment we are trying to read and research as much information as possible. Thank you.
Saturday, September 28th 2002 - 03:23:00 AM
Name: Meagan Boyd
E-mail address: prosper8@bigpond.com.au
I loved reading through your site. I have two boys (6&7)The eldest has Aspergers, The younger has only been diagnosed with ADHD, but is showing other odd behaviors.Even though they are different in most ways, he has a lot of other ASD symptons.With him I can relate to the FISH STICK behind the couch etc, where as my Aspergers' boy would never do that, he likes to follow the rules( As best he can interpret).
I am a single mum and am really having a bad time at the moment,both of the boys are on meds. for school,but a lot of the time is isn't enough.
After all the reading my mum & I have done, we have worked out that I most probably have ASD.
Anyway good luck to you and your family.

Wednesday, September 25th 2002 - 07:54:21 AM
Name: Janet Ryan
E-mail address: mudji@bigpond.com
Comments:Thanks so much for your web page. Lot's of just the right stuff I needed to hear. My son is 12 now with ASD and ADHD, and I go through periods of when everything is calm, trying to pretend that everything is normal - THEN when it hits the fan, I go nuts scouring for resources. Hope you are having a good year with Brandon. Thanks once again. Janet Ryan :)
Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 09:19:53 PM
Name: K.Hyde
E-mail address: bindi@bigpond.net.au
Comments:hi, love your site! my son Luke has just been diagnosed, werve always known he was special,sooo different to my first boy.Thanks for tips how to deal with family and friends when you get the diagnosis,because only us parents REALLY know what its like to cope with day to day little things.My baby goes to mainstream school next year and im scared to death,because i wont be there to protect him!.
THANKS again for your wonderfull site!!
Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 10:58:46 PM
Name: Helen Fitzpatrick
E-mail address: fitzys@quicknet.com.au
Comments:Very informative and positive information. I have 2 Aspie boys and have spent the last two years learning about this special need. It is such a passion with me that I started a support group as part of the ASSN (Qld) Inc group (Asperger's Syndrome Support Network)within our area. We have been going for over 16 months now. I would love to keep in touch with u. Where are u based? My phone no is (07) 3287 1868 if u wld like to give me a ring sometime.
Wednesday, September 11th 2002 - 11:55:03 PM
Name: Danielle
E-mail address: cdjupp@bigpond.com
Comments:Hi Sally, Thanks for your wonderful site! It's the dedication of us mums that keeps us going. My son is 6 and is now mainstreamed. I also have a daughter who is 18 months (and not vaccinated) and she is just perfect! Please keep up the good work!
Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 05:41:23 AM
Name: Pennie Dean
E-mail address: westburyyouth@bigpond.com
Comments:Your web page is much appreciated!
Tuesday, August 27th 2002 - 08:13:12 PM
Name: Jo Austen
E-mail address: a.jo@telstra
Wednesday, August 21st 2002 - 08:13:01 PM
Name: Kupa Hokianga
E-mail address: kupa@mail.com
Comments:hello, I am 40 years old and am just learning about Asperger's, which is starting to explain all the things that have happened to me or the things I have done.
I thought it was just me.
Thank you for the page.

Kupa Hokianga
Tuesday, August 13th 2002 - 08:56:51 PM
E-mail address: helenmariewhite@hotmail.com
Monday, August 12th 2002 - 06:00:42 PM
Name: Tuula
E-mail address: tumaba31@yahoo.com.au
Comments:Hi Sally .Brandon is beautiful.I am still trying to get help for Gary at school.I hope that kids will be screened in preschool in the future to prevent a traumatizing start to school.Cheers from Tuula and Gary,7
Sunday, August 4th 2002 - 02:51:02 AM
Name: Karen Manley
E-mail address: kwdmanley@optusnet.com.au
Comments:Just wanted to let you know how imformative and helpful I have found your site to be!!
My son will be 4 on 18th August and to date has not been formally diagnosed, but is showing signs of Aspergers and Autistic traits. For us the journey is just begining........
Best wishes to you and your family,
Karen Manley
Thursday, August 1st 2002 - 05:40:51 AM
Name: debbie gandara
E-mail address: debbie_gandara@morongo.org
Comments:sally i too have a son whom i believe has aspergers. i have had him tested once and the person who tested him said he didn't have aspergers because he was able to communicate.I totally disagree with her diagnosis and right now i am in the process of trying to get him rediagnosed. when i read all about brandon my son raymond had the same symtoms when he was a baby. I already had 2 Boys when he was born in 1994 and i knew he was different from the beginning. This baby would not sleep i coulnd't believe it he was not like my other two boys. i then had another baby boy in 1996 which really made things difficult because even though i had a newborn most of my time had to go to raymond because he was so hard to take care of. Even today by the time ray decides he is tired i am worn out and get maybe 6 hours of sleep a night. everyone thinks ray is normal and just shy which makes my life even more difficult because at times i feel like a failure as a mother but after reading about brandon i know i am ok and am doing what i can for raymond your story really, really touched ,my heart because i know i am not crazy and someone out there named sally knows exactly the way i feel, i copied most of your pages i know you don't mind because you are relly helping me . thank-you for sharing your story and you can e-mail back. thanks agian
Wednesday, April 24th 2002 - 05:36:46 PM
Name: deborah niebling
E-mail address: dniebling@bigpond.com
Comments:Your website is very interesting and informative. I am just starting to try to learn and educate myself on AS, as my nephew has just been diagnosed. My sister is considering the Auditory Integration Training, subject to finances but I was wondering if you have an opinion or knowledge of this.
Wednesday, April 24th 2002 - 03:58:29 AM
Name: Magdalene
E-mail address: magdalene@australian-cattle-dogs.com
Homepage URL: http://www.australian-cattle-dogs.com
Comments:Wonderful site. I enjoyed it.
Wednesday, April 17th 2002 - 11:14:19 PM
Name: Wendy
E-mail address: mortisham@optusnet.com.au
Comments:I enjoyed viewing your page. My nephew who is 14 was diagnosed with AS but until now he has received little help. Now he is in better care we are looking for ways to become more knowlegeable with AS. Your page is one of many that is helping in that process.

Tuesday, April 16th 2002 - 03:52:02 AM
Name: Susannah
E-mail address: Susannahfv75@aol.com
Comments:i just wish could tell parents that we grow out of it, but i cant. i didnt however put my parents through hell, possibly because there was no reconition, by the time i got to school i had released no one understood so i shut myself away from the world so to speak(although i did complete my main stream schooling). i feel that your site is brillant and gives an unique and correct insight into AS. i would like, like another responce to this site to be avalible for queries about what makes us tick, I also have been involved in research (as reseacher and guinea pig)into the education of under 19s with conditions that hamper education delievery so i know how i differed function/behaviour wise from the non AS population while at school.
Best wishes
I am glad that you have taken up the gaunlet so to speak
I wish you and your son all the best, i am sure things will turn out right and by the time he reaches adulthold we will hopefully all judged on our abilities
Tuesday, February 26th 2002 - 04:25:41 PM
Name: Beverley
E-mail address: walter_whitelips@aol.com
Comments:Well done on a fabulous web-site. Its probably been the only site to put a smile on my face! I have a 4 year old son with AS - he's a darling at home and a terror at school. We are fighting to keep him in mainstream at present as school are wanting to exclude him due to his aggressive and challenging behaviour towards his teachers and peers. I have a 3 year old daughter who is an angel at school and a terror at home - tantrums, sleeplessness, challenging behaviour - you name it she does it! I think we need to have her assessed as she definitely has something! Thanks again - I'll return soon!
Tuesday, February 26th 2002 - 02:52:40 PM
Name: Beverley
E-mail address: walter_whitelips@aol.com
Tuesday, February 26th 2002 - 02:48:16 PM
Name: Carol Hughes
E-mail address: carolahugh@msn.com
Comments:I have not read your book, but hope to soon. I have a 35 year old son who I believe has Asperger's Syndrome. Two years ago I read an article in the New York Sunday Times about Asperger's and it fit my son to a T. He had been diagnosed over the years with several different types of mental disorders, but I was never convinced. The article floored me - it was my son. He is now working in a good job and has his own apartment. I've never told him what I read, and wonder if I should. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
Friday, February 8th 2002 - 08:12:16 AM
Name: Isabelle LeBlanc
E-mail address: isaleblanc018@hotmail.com

Hope you understand french!! Je suis une étudiante en psychologie à l'université de Moncton au Nouveau-Brunswick (Canada). Je fais un projet sur le syndrome d'Asperger. Votre site web m'a beaucoup inspiré, j'admire votre courage et merci de m'avoir sensibilisé d'avantage à cette maladie.

Isabelle LeBlanc
Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 04:51:10 PM
Name: Trish Holland
E-mail address: tntholland@optusnet.com.au

Thank you so much for your assistance in finding someone out there who has been through what we are going through and can point us in the right direction.
Wednesday, January 23rd 2002 - 02:57:17 AM
Name: Jenna
E-mail address: jennaa121@yahoo.com
Comments:Your site was great... The features of AS seems exactly right. I know because my 20 year old brother has severe AS (and he's still living at home).
Sunday, January 13th 2002 - 06:26:45 AM
Name: mr s. r. dodds
E-mail address: persia1toon@btinternet.com
Comments:my grandson has autism i was haveing a hard time coming to terms with it. he is two and half but your site has been a great help to my wife and myself giving us hope its a great site very well done.thanks a lot we will be thinking about you and
Tuesday, January 8th 2002 - 11:54:47 AM
Name: syd
E-mail address: persia1toon@btinternet.com
Comments:great site my grandson who is two and half has autism you have given my wife and myself great hope for the future thanks all the best for the new year from newcastle in england
Tuesday, January 8th 2002 - 11:37:52 AM
Name: Sally
E-mail address: salada@optushome.com.au
Comments:Hi Sally, love the site and can relate to much of what you've said about Brandon. My 6 yr old son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at just over 4 yrs of age but I think he may be diagnosed AS the next time he's assessed as although his early development was more autistic he's developing new skills all the time and can actually engage in some imaginative play these days and likes to play with other children now which is really wonderful - he never ceases to amaze us and we wouldn't change him for anything!
Tuesday, December 18th 2001 - 04:27:15 AM
Name: Diamond Dave
E-mail address: jordand@tcd.ie
Comments:Hi Sally,

I have Asperger's Syndrome, I am 29. I have turned my childhood interest in science and mineral collecting into a career. I am a now geologist and I am a PhD student. I have recently started a society in my college to help students with AS. I hope in the near future to do outreach to parents with AS children. I want to show them a diagnosis of AS is not the end. People with AS can harness their interest and focus in adulthood towards a highly successful career. As more is known about AS and those with it are understood and helped, a story like mine will become more common.

I can see that you are a wonderful parent and you have a lovely son. I know with a little caring, help and direction, Brandon will be a success in whatever passion he sets his heart on.

Diamond Dave
Thursday, November 15th 2001 - 11:41:39 AM
Name: Sandy
E-mail address: sandyg@iprimus.com.au
Comments:Hi Sally,

Got the link from a member of an autism list I'm on that's mostly US based, and am not sorry at all that I came for a look-see! Great stuff you've done here and you are so right about any of us having kids on the spectrum needing to discuss everything as much as possible. Keep up the good work and be assured that I'll be back!!

Sunday, October 21st 2001 - 12:27:46 AM
Name: Susan D.
E-mail address: suejay25@yahoo
Comments:This is a GREAT site, thankyou. I have a best friend with two sons with AS. I also have a 7yo daughter who is a bit of a mystery to a few professionals who have assessed her. She has some of the Aspie aspects, but loves to be cuddled, also loves her friends, although she isn't invited anywhere ! Her special interest is 'babies', but I keep being told that this is so ' normal'. She also doesn't meltdown much, but has had screaming night terrors since birth. She is also charming and great company ! I love her to bits. She's just definately 'different' to my other three kids. I would appreciate hearing from any mums of little girls who are dx AS, as I've read they can be different socially from little boys. BTW, there's spectrum stuff on both sides of our family tree.
Monday, September 17th 2001 - 06:57:07 PM
Name: Manya Angley
E-mail address: angley@senet.com.au
Comments:Dear Sally,
Thank-you for your site. Brandon sounds like a beautiful boy and is very lucky to have a Mum like you. I have a son William 4 1/4 who sounds like a Brandon clone without the interest in trains or anything else in particular. He has a diagnosis of autism at present although he could communicate functionally before 3 years and has self-help skills in the normal range so I suspect Asperger's is a more appropriate diagnosis. I also have 2 typical children Mary (6) and George (2).

Cheers and thanks again
Saturday, September 8th 2001 - 10:17:23 PM
Name: Norma
E-mail address: rvrbend@ipa.net
Comments:I have just view a lot of your site and this is
confirming what we are investigating. My, my
I can't believe that after all we've been through
no one has diagnosed this.
I'm sure I will return and add our experiences in
the hope it will help others.

Saturday, August 25th 2001 - 06:59:00 AM
Name: linda mcdonough
E-mail address: linda.mcdonugh@umb.edu
Comments:I have 9 yr old w/ aspergers. He was originally diagnosed w ADHD, but I always knew there was more than ADD going on. I read your comments of his early years w/ great interest. I too had toxemia and elevated blood pressure, he was very active when I was pregnant and he had colic and was an extremely fussy toddler. We are getting the help we need now and he is improving.

Thanks for your story
Thursday, August 9th 2001 - 12:32:10 PM
Name: linda mcdonough
E-mail address: linda.mcdonugh@umb.edu
Comments:I have a 9 yr old w/ aspergers. He hates the word no, and has frequent "metldowns"
Thursday, August 9th 2001 - 12:28:13 PM
Name: Lisa Williamson
E-mail address: lpwill@tpg.com.au
Comments:Thank you for your wonderful web page. It must have been great to get this all down in writing. It has been so interesting and helpful to read. My son Harris is 7 and just newly diagnosed AS but also has a mild Intellectual Disability (IQ 65) Our stories are similiar. I am a Div 2 working in aged care. Harris was always an unsettled baby, overdue 2 weeks, with gastric reflux and hard to entertain. He has also had a lot of stuttering, which, at present, has improved. At the moment, last 2 weeks, he has a lot of anger we cannot control, but there's always a new challenge isn't there! Well done anyway. Feel free to write back. Lisa
Monday, July 30th 2001 - 09:15:48 PM
Name: Tracey
E-mail address: gutho@modnet.com.au
Comments:My son is being formally assessed tomorrow, he turns 12 in
Sept. Diagnosed with ADD at 3, I have always felt that it
wasn't right. After reading your sons story it has helped
me to understand that I am not the only one who has
struggled to find help and answers for their children and
themselves. Thank you for such a wonderful website.

All the best
Tracey WA
Sunday, July 29th 2001 - 02:20:02 AM
Name: Tracey
E-mail address: gutho@modnet.com.au
Comments:My son is being formally assessed tomorrow for AS, he turns
12 in Sept. Diagnosed with ADD at 3, I have always felt
that it wasn't right. After reading your sons story it has
helped me to understand that I am not the only one who has
struggled to find help and answers for their children and
themselves. Thank you for such a wonderful website.

All the best
Tracey WA
Sunday, July 29th 2001 - 02:19:48 AM
Name: Kim
E-mail address: Lsibrat@aol.com
Comments:I really enjoyed your story. Thanks
Sunday, July 15th 2001 - 06:06:33 PM
Name: tracy nakhoul
E-mail address: tracylee@acay.com.au
Saturday, July 14th 2001 - 06:26:59 AM
Name: Lizzie (UK)
E-mail address: im_screaming_blue_murder@hotmail.com
Comments:Well hun I am very impressed with your site! Used Google to find a behaviour chart as the kids were being too noisy for me to concentrate on making my own and your site was the first I tried. Fab tips, great chart (I have already printed off enough copies for each of my children for a week!)and a great spirit obvious in you! Know a lot of people who will find your site inspirational; keep up the good work! Take care, love,
Saturday, July 7th 2001 - 03:13:04 AM
Name: Katie Hamilton
E-mail address: OrangeLollipop@hotmail.com
"Standing Down, Falling Up" by Anita Jackson: a semi-autobiographical indepth study into Asperger syndrome. Thoughts, opinions, advice, topical issues and current debates. Exploring and exploding the myths about A.S. For more info or to order your copy email Katie Hamilton at the given email address.
Thursday, July 5th 2001 - 01:49:15 PM
Name: Trudi Lee
E-mail address: idurt@ihug.com.au
Comments:I am the mother of a little boy with A S. My son Alex is
6 years old and was diagnosed at age 4. He is currently
attending regular school and doing very well. The biggest
hurdles for him at the moment are recess and lunch. He
desperately wants to be liked and accepted by his peers.
The school which he attends is wonderful and his teacher
has done as many courses and research as possible - I
sometimes feel she understands Alex more than I do.

At the moment one of the hardest times is bed time Alex has always had trouble unwinding and can lay awake in bed for hours. Sometimes he will lay and just scream alternately for hours and nothing you do can stop him. I think Alex acctually has trouble stopping himself when it gets that bad. I would be interested in hearing about anything that may help him to relax at night - we hve tried medication but with little result.
I would also like to say how wonderful it is to find such an informative AUSTRALIAN wesbsite. I am amazed at how you managed to find the time to create it. Thankyou.
Thursday, July 5th 2001 - 02:27:02 AM
Name: Jane Gunn
E-mail address: cherrychocau@yahoo.com.au
Comments:I have just got your website through the Autism Ass of SA
Im a 28 year old Sole parent. My son is 10 years old and has only recently been diagnosed.Your stories are very inspirational. This is all so new to me and im finding things quite hard but I guess the more I read the more I learn?
Wednesday, July 4th 2001 - 07:33:38 AM
Name: Jen
E-mail address: tcjc01
Sunday, June 24th 2001 - 09:47:04 AM
Name: Gail Baker
E-mail address: ggbaker@rocknet.net.au
Comments:thank you for your wonderful page. My boy who is now 11 was born screaming and screamed for 6 months with colic and has given me very little rest since but oh my - that inteligence is overwhelming and those social attitudes have created many tears

keep up the good work
Tuesday, June 5th 2001 - 05:07:07 PM
Name: Donna
E-mail address: Donnaleeklockner@aol.com
Comments:Your website is wonderful and provides much information with, of course, such a personal aspect. Our 10 year old son has a wide range of challenges and the developmental pediatrician has said if she were to "label" him it would be Asperger's. This was about 9 months ago. Prior to that time, we spent at least two years with psychiatrists treating him for an axiety disorder. We absolutely were spinning our wheels, our son was in extreme distress and we had no assistance in exploring other options. We have finally found excellent professionals and a superb private school for children with language-based learning differences. Ian is just finishing fourth grade and is thriving. We don't know whether Ian is a candidate for inclusion in public school - time will tell. Ian had an auto-immune virus that he was hospitalized with when he was approximately 4 1/2 years old. The specialist has said we will never know if this "triggered" the AS, but it is a good possibility. Has anyone had experience with this? Thank you for your time and engery in maintaining your site. I can't imagine having the ambition to do this in addition to just "living life". It is such a service to us all.
Thursday, May 31st 2001 - 07:22:02 PM
Name: jeewee
E-mail address: jeeweeman@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.beterbeter.com
Sunday, May 20th 2001 - 04:42:28 PM
Name: Marilyn Bartow
E-mail address: mbartow@umich.edu
Comments:Thank you for the insightful webpage. My son has just been
diagnosed with Asperger's and I am still absorbing it all.
It is a comfort to know that there are others out there who
are willing to share what they have already learned & to
listen. Thank you
Friday, May 18th 2001 - 04:49:53 PM
Name: Kat
E-mail address: Irishsighs@aol.com
Comments: You have no idea how insightful your web site was for me!
I am the adult sister (and guardian)of a 51 year old
brother who was diagnosed with Autism by the Mayo Clinic
when he was in 6th grade. No one in our area had ever heard
of such a thing and my parents did the best they could to
acclimate Craig to the world he had to live in. I just
heard recently about Aspergers and found your site. The
parallels are incredible....reflux, stiffness in holding,
the talking then the regression into not talking, the food
that never could touch and the textures, the trains etc.
I so wish my brother had been born in another time because
they had no therapy, no programs back then. He is a man
with a genius level IQ and he has such a limited life. I
intend to further my research on Aspergers and I thank you
for my first step forward. It is probably too late for
him...but I wish you and yours all the best as you travel
this road together....fondly, Kat
Tuesday, May 15th 2001 - 08:57:58 PM
Name: Sherry
E-mail address: den77@juno.com
Sally I think you are a wonderful mother! Your site
has so much information! Thank you. My son Aaron is
12. He was diagnosed with PDD but now we are working with
a neurophycologist who thinks he probably has AS. Reading
was impossible for Aaron until we found the reading system
called Lindamood-Bell. Aaron wares shorts no matter how
cold it is. So many times I've heard that the problem is
my parenting. So many people just don't understand. But
your site is very helpful. Keep Hanging in there. I'll be
back soon.
Wednesday, May 9th 2001 - 01:05:09 AM
Name: Sara Cisco
E-mail address: milaborden@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://angelfire.com/weird/malice/strange.html
Comments:I didn't even know this illness even existed untill I found
out my little cousin had it. I thought He might have OCD
like I do, b/c of his obssession with the color red. My
aunt just told me a few weeks ago. She's gone through a
tough prosses with him and I realy admire a mother who has
a child with asperberger's it's a tough job! I know from
babysittng him I dont' think I could do it! I thought
haveing OCD was frustrating! God Bless :)
Tuesday, May 8th 2001 - 01:30:44 PM
Name: Rachael Brown
E-mail address: rach_brown2@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi! Sally, I've a 5yr old boy who probably has Aspergers so
I've been looking up all sorts of info about the syndrome.
it was fantastic to come across your page, I related to you
and your situation. Well done with all your efforts in
setting up such good,easy to read information. I'm a nurse
also and have a 2yr old boy. Its really only been since my
second child was born that we have realised the differences
in their development and that my 5yo behaviour and
development aren't "normal". I'll certainly be revisiting
your site as much as I can. Thankyou,
Saturday, April 28th 2001 - 10:12:38 PM
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