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Embarrassed Crime Victims
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Name: european
Comments:I live in a city of the south of Europe that happens to be a recurring tourist destination. More than 10 years ago I

worked here as a cab driver, night shift. It was during that period of time when a series of particular mugging

attacks took place at nights. Victims said that they were attacked by two men in the most deserted stretches of

the beach's promenade. The muggers were said to be brandishing either guns or knives and they hid their faces

behind ski masks. Most of their victims were either tourists or drunk business people. And in a good percentage

of the cases the victims were couples, as they seeked for solitary places in order to have some privacy. Local

people were rarely mugged because they knew and avoided those places.
Regarding the muggers, their modus operandi was quite simple; they spotted their victims, cornered them and

threatened them with their guns, demanding their cash and cellphones, if they owned some. After taking the

previously mentioned possesions, they commanded them to remove their pants or skirts. Then, the muggers

would leave with their money, cellphones and their aforementioned garments. There were many times in which I

picked these embarrassed victims up at early hours of the morning, driving them to their rented summer

apartments -for some reason, the muggers never took their keys, who knows why-. In a few cases they asked

me to drive them to the police station, but those cases were pretty rare; most people felt too humiliated to go

through all the hassle at the police station in their underwear, so most of them asked me to drive them to their

apartments. These robberies appeared on the newspapers just once or twice -as far as I'm concerned- but me

and my fellow cab drivers knew that most cases weren't even reported. After several months those robberies

stopped, but I don't know if it was because the cops caught them or not.
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 10:29:28 PM
Name: The Pastor
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=123725010975374
Comments:Cassandra, I woe you big time for writing this story and slipping it under my door.

J'ai passé l'été chez mon oncle Frito et la place de Tante Marie à White Plains .

Un après-midi , elle descendait l'escalier vêtue seulement d'un chapeau haut de forme noir . Elle m'a fait l'attacher à la toilette avec une paire de bas de nylon de ma sœur . Dès que j'ai eu ligotée , elle a dû m'enlever mes sous-vêtements , puis la fourrer dans la bouche.

Puis elle m'a ordonné de tirer une paire de sous-vêtements sa propre sale de la bourriche et et envelopper le poignet serré autour de la manette de chasse .

Dans le fond, elle avait une vidéo de la maison en jouant de son stripping à un concert GG Allin de sa tournée 1992 avec l' Murder Junkies .

Elle ne cessait de répéter des choses le long des lignes de montres Mme Lincoln chiant et tout ça. Juste avant elle aksed je lui délie , elle a crié : «Je suis en libérant les esclaves ! " Puis elle tira la chasse .

Je l'ai détachée et elle a sorti un strapon avec une courroie cassée . Elle saisit mes culottes humides qui étaient tombés dans les toilettes et a égalé le strapon à moi de cette façon . Elle m'a fait aller à avec elle jusqu'à ce qu'elle vienne . Ensuite, mon oncle est venu à la maison ...
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 01:01:00 AM
Name: The Poster
Comments:Hi Carol,

Just some last questions:

-What colours were most prominent amongst the underwear?
-When the older PR woman protested against the robber removing their panties, how did the other women react?
-Did the robbers ever threaten to gag the more vocal older PR woman?
-Was the stripped and bound pregnant woman in the stairwell gagged?

Tuesday, August 27th 2013 - 07:31:03 PM
Name: The Poster
Comments:Hi carol,

Thanks for the response. I hope you don't mind these questions. Your story is, by far, the most interesting story here. You're very kind to respond to us posters.

-Did the robbers threaten to gag anyone else, like the older woman?
-After the robbers left, did the other women comment on you pair being gagged?
-How did your line of women react to being told to squat and pull their lips apart? (faces, comments etc)
-Did the robbers comment on any of the women's underwear?

Thanks very much Carol.
Monday, August 12th 2013 - 04:54:50 AM
Name: Carol
Comments:How much noise could you make through the gag?

Just very muffled, you couldn't hear what i was saying, the only thing to do was just make loud noise rather than try to speak.

-Did you or the police remove the gag?

You know I really can't remember

-Did the women say anything as they were physically searched?

They just complained by moaning, winching, or sobbed

-Any of the women have silk/satin undies?

I can't say for sure, except i'm pretty certain the older woman's was silk
Saturday, August 10th 2013 - 12:03:23 PM
Name: The Poster
Comments:Hi Carol,

-How much noise could you make through the gag?
-Did you or the police remove the gag?
-Did the women say anything as they were physically searched?
-Any of the women have silk/satin undies?

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 03:05:23 PM
Name: Carol
Comments: Carol,

How old were you and your fiancé at the time? How old was everyone else?

I was 24 boyfriend would be 26/27. Most of the group was 30's and 40's with the real estate man and older couples in their 50's.

How did the men overall react to having to undress? Did any protest? Did they cover up when they got naked?

No one really protested, yes some covered up but others just stood at attention. showing everything.

Did your fiancé cover up before he was tied up or after he was untied?

before being tied yes, I wasn't around when he was untied, i was still downstairs with the police, naked just covered by a jacket.

Were you and your fiancé together after you were untied and before you put something on? Did he try to shield you with his body at all during the time?


How did your fiancé try to handle it with you after? How did you react to that?

He was very withdrawn, he really felt he'd let me down, kept apologising, but also was annoyed that i hadn't done more to not be stripped.

Did any of the men try to get untied and get help after?
No, it was me and the other woman working together that went and got help.

Was there any moment of the whole ordeal that looking back at makes you laugh?

Absolutely not!
Saturday, July 6th 2013 - 01:06:45 PM
Name: Bob
Friday, June 7th 2013 - 06:23:17 PM
Name: For Carol

How old were you and your fiancé at the time? How old was everyone else?

How did the men overall react to having to undress? Did any protest? Did they cover up when they got naked?

Did your fiancé cover up before he was tied up or after he was untied?

Were you and your fiancé together after you were untied and before you put something on? Did he try to shield you with his body at all during the time?

How did your fiancé try to handle it with you after? How did you react to that?

Did any of the men try to get untied and get help after?

Was there any moment of the whole ordeal that looking back at makes you laugh?
Sunday, March 17th 2013 - 09:55:09 PM
Name: Waker Beecham
Comments:Hi Carol & Curious Lurker

Your story is at my blog - I have some of the old Stripping Tales of Rob Berry there.

If either of you have files of the old stuff from the original board please could you send it to me. I am trying to reconstruct it.

Also, Azire could I copy the stuff from here into the blog to keep it safe. Many thanks.



Sunday, March 17th 2013 - 11:04:16 AM
Name: Carol
Comments:How many men vs. women victims in your robbery?

There where more woman than men. Men I think was 8 - the two gays, the old guy, the real estate guy, the husbands of the two woman and a guy by himself.

Women, 3 real estate woman, 8 pr woman, 2 busines woman, the two woman near me, the old woman, and then two groups of friends so I think 21.

They where expecting more people but the weather was bad that day so a lot had phoned to cancel.

How long did the whole thing take?

From them entering to leaving perhaps 30 to 45 minutes - to us getting first help about 1 hour 15 minutes to police arriving and releasing us about 1 hour 30 minutes.

What types of underwear were the men wearing? What was your fiancé wearing? Fiancé was in black checked boxers as I remember, the gays where in thongs, the old guy and real estate guy under pants y fronts, the others I can't really remember.

How did you fiancé take it when he was told to strip?

Just got on with it. He never really said much about his feelings. main reason for us not getting together in the end.

What did people do when they were untied? Did they reunite with their significant other or get dressed or just hug a stranger?

The robbers had took all our clothes so we did our best to conceal ourselves until police brought blankets then white boiler suit things or blue.

I was sitting on the bottom step with the other woman when the police broke in. It was horrible. They got to see everything front and back. one went back to the car and brough a jacket for us both but it hardly covered my bottom and when walking i was aware of my bush being uncovered. I was kept downstairs with the other woman for ages before being brought back up stairs to the main room. Everyone was still naked and huddled in small groups, the wives and husbands had reunited. Then the police main response arrived and shortly there after the blankets. We where like that being interviewed until the boiler suit things arrived. Even then we where're allowed much privacy we each went be hind one of the screens that was pulled aside. they don't want to lose any forensics.

How was it with you and your fiancé when you got home?

Difficult? It was at least a week before we could be close to each other in a real cuddle. I think that was more me than him. I think he'd been turned on by it and wanted to re-stake is claim to me if that makes sense.

Sunday, March 17th 2013 - 10:52:27 AM
Name: Question For Carol
Comments:This is for Carol.

How many men vs. women victims in your robbery?
How long did the whole thing take?
What types of underwear were the men wearing? What was your fiancé wearing?
How did you fiancé take it when he was told to strip?
What did people do when they were untied? Did they reunite with their significant other or get dressed or just hug a stranger?
How was it with you and your fiancé when you got home?
Sunday, March 17th 2013 - 05:37:28 AM
Name: A aunts tale
Comments:My aunt was a victim of a strip-down robbery back in the early 1980's at her building society. She was the manager. Some weeks after the robbery she was talking with her sister my mum. I was meant to be in bed but had sneaked to the top of the stairs to hear what I could hear of grown up conversations. I didn't no anything of the robbery at that time, I never imaging what I would over hear that night.

The night before the robbery a man called at her home saying he had some flowers for the next door neighbour but they weren't in. My aunt opened the door and was pushed into her hall landing on her bottom. She was about to protest very earnestly when the man grabbed her hair twisted her head and said for her to be quiet showing her a gun.

Aunt immediate pleaded with him and he said if she did has she was told she would not be hurt.

He told her to stand up and made her move into the living room and sit down on the sofa. He sat on the chair blocking the exit to the door. He then interrogated her is there any panic alarms in the house. Aunt said no which there wasn't. He then asked if she expected anyone to call. Aunt again said no. Then was she expected anywhere that night. No. Then was she due to call anyone to check in with them. No. He then had aunt show him around the house. Before entering the rooms he had aunt go in and draw all the curtains. He unplugged all the phones.

He then had aunt go to her bedroom and take out her work uniform. Aunt realised what he wanted at that point. He made her take out underwear, tights, shoes etc. Everything she needed.

He then took her back downstairs and tie wrapped her hands together. He placed her jacket over them to conceal the tie-wrap and the fact they where tied. he then led her from the house to his car. Once in the back seat the man had her put on sunglasses. The inside of which had been covered with tape so aunt could not see out. He then drove off.

He arrived at a house outside of the little town next to the main town. He led aunt in and up the stairs to a empty bedroom. She then heard a woman's voice.

She said for my aunt to not remove the sunglasses and do has she was told. She cut the tie wraps. She then told my aunt to strip completely naked. Aunt was shocked at first but the woman said she should not worry there wouldn't be any hanky-panky.

My aunt stripped completely naked and then the woman said she could remove the sun glasses. Has she did the woman who was stood behind her pushed a cotton sack hood over her head and pulled the cord tight to secure it. Aunt was further started by this. The woman took the sunglasses and then made aunt lay down on a mattress. She had her lay down on her back. She told aunt to lay there and be quiet. Aunt heard a chair being moved and the woman sit down.

After some time aunt asked to go to the toilet. The woman had her stand and led her through the house to the toilet. On her return to the room aunt was made to lay down has before.

After some time, aunt didn't know how long a man appeared in the room. This shocked aunt and she covered her breasts and bush. The woman made her replace her arms by her side.

I remember my mother saying 'What you weren't allowed to cover. I would have died". Aunt said know the woman right from the start said she wasn't allowed to cover the hands at to be at her side.

The man had come to see what the woman wanted for supper. Some time passed and the man appeared. Aunt was told to stand and face the wall. She was manoeuvred in to place by the man. The hood was then removed and aunt had to put the sunglasses back on. She could then sit back down on the mattress. She was fed sandwiches and a cup of tea. The woman then had her stand and re-hooded. Aunt asked for the toilet and was taken again.

Once back she was told to lay down on her front. She then had her wrists tied behind her back and ankles tied. The woman said for her to get some sleep they'd take it in turns to watch her. The woman went first then the man then a younger man by his voice then the woman. Aunt drifted in and out of sleep all night long.

She could tell it was morning by the fact that the woman put the light out. At the same time she was cut free and told to turn onto her back hands by her side. She lay like this for some time feeling very chilled and groggy.

Then the older man came in and she had to stand at the wall. The hood was removed and she put the sun glasses on. She was then sat back down.

Mum said that at lease this would allow her some modesty. Aunt must have shook her head because mum yes "NO!". "I had to sit with my legs spread both times with everything on show" "Oh my GOD" my mother said.

She was fed a breakfast of cereal and tea. After this she was told to stand by the woman and taken to the bathroom. The woman kept the bathroom door wide open and stood out side out of sight. Aunt had to step into the shower/tub and then could remove the sun glasses and get a shower. She was not given the choice she had to shower. Soap and all necessary things to make one decent where present. After showering she dried inside the shower curtain. Put the sun glasses back on and stepped out. Still naked she was took back to the bedroom where her uniform was laid out. She had to get dressed.

She was then tie wrapped and led from the house back to the car she was brought in and driven to the building society. There she was ordered out and taken to the back door which she had to open. She had to disable alarms etc and was then taken to her office.

In the office she was made to undo her jacket and take it off putting over her desk chair. Then she had to unbutton her blouse including her cuffs. then she had to unhook her bra. next she was made to take off her shoes and tights before having to remove her panties. She was made to do this by the man.

She was then told to sit and wait.

The bank staff began to arrive and my aunt could hear them being surprised one at a time. First was the assistant manager who was brought into the office. She noticed immediately aunts state and pile of clothes. The man said tell her. Aunt explained that she'd been held all night and if she did has she was told she wouldn't be hurt. They just wanted the safe opening which required two different keys. No one staff had both keys.

The assistant manager was made to take off her jacket, undo her blouse and bra then remove shoes tights and panties.

When the staff had all arrived the manager and assistant manager where taken to open the safe then where led away. The assistant manager back to the office the manager to an upstairs office where the staff where being held. They where shocked when she walked in dishevelled as she was.

Aunt was made to stand back to wall. She told the staff to cooperate fully and they won't be harmed.

The first teller was told to stand and follow the young man. On the landing she was stopped and told tom strip completely naked. My aunt could look out the door to the landing.

The teller stripped quickly and was taken into another room. some time passed and the young man returned and the next teller a older woman was called. She too was made to strip after trying to run back. Then taken off to the room.

next was the youngest girl she was crying and protesting when she saw her fate. When naked the young man whispered something to her and she put her hands on her head and he had a good look front and rear then squeezed her breasts. She protected and dropped her hands but the young man laughed and whispered again. She put her hands back on her head and he touched her all over. Next was the last teller. She was stripped and taken into the room.

Then my aunt was told to strip which she did. Then she was taken back to her office via the room and shown the naked women. Then young man turned the younger one over and grouped her tell the others to behaviour or they'd get the same. There been tied up hands behind back ankles together, gagged with something and blindfolded with a cloth.

When aunt got back to the office the assistant manager was naked on the floor tied like the other woman.

Aunt was tied into her chair, blindfolded and gagged.

It took her ages to work loose and then release the assistant to rise the alarm. She then had to work through the building to her clothes before releasing the others.
Saturday, March 16th 2013 - 03:01:09 PM
Name: Lynette
Comments:When I was 23 some 27 years ago now I was stripped has part of a criminal act.

My husband who was just a few years older than me had gotten into debt with the wrong people.

I was at home alone one day when a man called at the house. Asked my name and said my husband had been hurt at work. He had a car to take me to the hospital. So in a blind panic without thinking about it I went with him.

It was about 10 minutes before I realized we weren't going to the hospital. I began to question him but he remained silent. I was in the back he in the front. We ended up in the factory district and shortly there after pulled into a factory unit. I figured that he was taking me to my husband since I didn't really know where he worked.

When the car pulled up a man from outside opened the door and asked me to get out. I did shaking very much. He guided me over to another man who was stood in the center of this large open space building. It was empty except for a few pallets and odds and end randomly discarded.

"Hello Mrs XXXX. I want you to take a message to your husband for me" he said.

"Ok" I said nodding my head.

"Take off all your clothes first then I'll tell you the message" he said.

Well I panicked. I tried to run but the other guy caught me. I screamed but they both just laughed. The other guy dragged me back.

"Listen now. I don't want to hurt you. I'm sure you don't want to be hurt do you" the obvious boss said.

I shook my head.

"Well then, Your choice. You can take your own clothes off or I can have Mr Jones here take them off for you. (I flinched). I'm sure that would involve a lot of grouping and slapping" he said.

I was trying to figure out my options.

"Ok you've made your point. I will tell my husband your message. I get it" I said.

"I'm sure you do Lyn - isn't it. Your a sensible girl. But your hubby isn't. He's not kept to his word" the boss said.

I stood defiant for a while. The boss smiled. Then he screamed at me, spit hitting my face. "GET FUCKING STRIPPING NOW OR ELSE"

That had me jumping and really quaking. But it also had me out of my shoes nylon feet on cold concrete floor. I was fumbling with my shirts lower button. It was hard unfastening shaking so much.

I slowly undid my shirt up over to reveal my sensible cotton bra, white, snow white, with an over embroidered patten. I finished unbottoning the shirt and took it off holding int in my hand at my side. I'd kept my eyes focused on the unbottoning so my head was down. I now raised it hoping that would be enough.

"Drop it on the floor" the boss said. I dropped it to the floor.

"Carry on" the boss said.

I wondered what next. I went for the button at the rear of my skirt the boss stopped me.

"NO. The bra please" he said as if ordering a drink at a bar.

I looked around over my shoulder where Mr Jones was stood. No chance of escape.

I reached behind my back for my bra hook and unhooked it. I held the undone ends of the straps in my fingers. Looking at him for relief. He just smiled. I released my fingers and preyed the bra would hold in place. Then I moved my arms forward and took hold of the straps at the shoulders and lifted them off my shoulders. I brought my arms around front as I did to keep the bra close to my chest. I hoped it was just a scare they wanted to give me and they'd say stop. I stood like that for a while.

"OFF" the boss barked.

It made me jump again. And I used opposite side hands to disentangle the straps but keeping the bra clutched to my chest.

"Off please or Mr Jones will have to help you" the boss said as Mr Jones touched my naked back with the tip of his finger and ran it down my spine making my back arch and me bunny hop forward.

I dropped the bra to the floor by lifting slightly my crossed arms. The bra rolled down my body tickling me until it got to my skirts waistband than it dropped onto my feet. I kicked it away. I stood there like that for what seemed ages, a life time in fact. Then the boss spoke.

"Pick it up and give it to me" he said.

I looked around and then knelt down on my hunchers looking up at him, searched for the bra with my free hand (right) whilst my other arm covered my naked breasts. I found it after a brief panic that I couldn't find it. I stood up and reached out my arm straight. He smiled.

"Bring it to me" I'd been stood about 15 feet away from him. I now walked silently on nylons to him. At two arm lengths I stopped and he reached out and took it.

"Turn around" he said smiling.

I turned glad not to be so close to him frontally and placed my now free arm across my chest.

"Lovely skin, nice back" he said.

I cringed.

"OK back to your spot" he said.

Has I had turned around I had my eyes cast down. Now I had to raise my head to see where i was going. I became aware of Mr Jones beams of smiles and the driver leaning against the car smoking a cigarette.

I walked back to my shirt and shoes and took up position having stepped over them.

My butterflies where beginning to settle a bit now. I was still shaking and feeling sick. But I was beginning to feel more in control and that death wasn't awaiting me.

"Hands on head" the boss said.

I knew in my heart of course that when it came to undoing my skirt that I'd have to reveal my breasts but I was hoping that I could turn sideways or something to shield me from a full showing.

"Please I'll tell him you don't have to do this" i said.

He stood silent for a moment I thought he was thinking about letting me off but then he said. "I no I don't but I want to".

That just seemed to break what will I had left.

I swallowed deeply. Then looking around slowly uncrossed ny arms and let them go to my side. At the same time I looked down lowering my head not wanting to make eye contact. I hoped that the revealing would be it.

He let me stand like that for about 30 seconds. "Hands on head" he said.

I swallowed again, blushed not sure why, and slowly raised my head and arms and placed my hands on my head. tears rolled down my cheeks suddenly.

He nodded and bobbed his head with a smile on his face.

"Very nice tits Mrs XXXXXX. What size are they, 34b or c" he asked?

I stood silent. he smiled.

"Turn around and show Mr Jones and Mr Smith. Lets see what they think" he said.

I stayed rooted to the spot. I was going to find some defiance in me if I could. Seconds ticked away.

"TURN AROUND NOW!" he barked going red and spitting.

I jumped once more and my heart set off pounding. More tears. I turned sharply nearly unbalancing myself. Both Mr Jones and Mr Smith laughed but soon remembered that there was something more important to do look at my naked breasts. I stood like that for a good while before anyone spoke.

"So what do you think Mr Jones" the boss said.

"Mmmm. 34c definitely 34c" he said.

"And you Mr Smith" the boss asked?

'I'll need a closure look" he said and started towards Mr Jones position. It seemed to take forever for him to walk the 30 odd feet.

"Yes. I agree Mr Jones a 34c" he said.

Silence. "So, what size are your tits Lyn. Don't be shy tell the boys" the boss said.

I breathed in deeply. I'd rather be stripped ten thousand times than this. "34c" i said.

The men where delighted and high-fived each other and smiled sun beams. The boss waited for them to settle down just leaving me stood there exposed.

"Ok turn back around" he said.

I turned slowly. He looked me up and down. Smiled admiringly. He was making me suffer and wait for what was coming next. I knew what was coming, so did he, but he new precisely, I knew in my imagination.

"OK! Go on then strip" he said.

I breathed in. counted to ten. It was as much as I dare delay. I lowered my arms and went for my skirts button. I began to unbutton it.

"What do you think gentlemen. Does the collar match the cuffs" he asked stopping me in my tracks.

"Keep going" he said.

"Fake" Mr Smith said "Like my Misses".

They all laughed.

"She could shave boss" Mr Jones said.

"Well we'll soon see" the boss said.

I had undone the button and zip and was pushing the tight leather look skirt down over my hips with out unnecessarily dislodging the nylon. Soon it was low enough for the matching white panties to come into view. My breasts where swaying and creating a show for the boss which he commented on.

"Nice pedulums" he said.

That made me go slower but then I realized the cost of this and i wanted this over.

I pushed the skirt down to my knees bending slightly my upper body. My snow white panties clearly visible through my panty-hoses. I let the skirt drop and stepped out of it. i had been looking down all this time I now raised my head to look at the boss. He smiled.

"Not much to go now. Then just a little show and Mr Smith will take you home" he said. I think genuinely trying to reassure me.

I stood there fidgeting with my arms at my side. Looking around and over my shoulder at the other two men.

"Come nylons and panties to. I'm sorry Mrs XXXX but I want to send your husband a clear message."

I now want for the waistband of my nylons and began to roll them down. I was very careful not to dislodge the white cotton panties. I was soon nylons at tights panties in plain sight. I had to stoop now to keep the nylon moving down my legs. Then bend then half squat to get them to my ankles looking around for how I could complete this part of the strip.

I decided sitting was the only way to do it. My feet had got accustomed to the cold concrete but the cotton did little to shield my bottom. I pulled the nylons off my feet and scrambled to my feet. giving the boss quite a show of my pendulums again. Which he commented on. "Nice swinging action them pendulums".

I was now stood once more facing him. he didn't seem in a hurry. he was staring in tensely at my panties.

"No can't tell they'll have to come off too" he said.

The guys laughed.

I stood silent arms crisscrossing loosely over my abdomen waiting and hoping.

"OK the panties please Lyn, shame to get hurt now you've come this far" he said.

I gulped, then swallowed then breathed then put my thumbs into my waistband. Then slowly pushed the white cotton down over my hips. I kept my eyes on him this time. I knew the moment he knew big beaming smile.

"FAKE" he said.

I died just a little more.

I carried on with my pushing until the panties where just below my knees and I could bend no more. i let them go, stood up and stepped out of them. I covered my bush with both hands. He just shook his head and I uncrossed them. He nodded approvingly and smiled.

I stood there like that for ages. Then he spoke.

"Pick them up bring them to me" he said.

I shuffled on my feet thinking about how close I'd be. I knelt down has before and searched for them with my right hand, located them and stood up panties in hand. I slowly walked over to him my naked feet echoing off the walls of the empty factory. I reached out my arm and he took them. He watched me intensely has I walked. Now he looked me up and down making me even more self-conscious.

"Ok back to your spot" he said.

I turned and suddenly realized that Mr Jones and Mr Smith all this time would have had a clear view of my naked bottom as he did now. Has i turned I covered, left hand over bush, right arm over breasts. I walked trying to avoid eye contact with the other two men.

Once back on my spot I turned back to the boss.

He smiled. "HANDS" he said.

I gulped. I slowly uncovered my breasts and bush and raised my hands. Placing them on my head. I stood there like that for a good few minutes in silence.

"Turn around please show Mr Jones and Mr Smith your nice black forest bush" the boss said.

I slowly turned to their smiles.

They interrogated my naked body for such a long time. They never spoke just looked, smiled, and nudged each other. After what seemed like a life time the boss said "Turn" and I turned to face him.

"i need to keep these for a few hours" he said shaking my panties and bra. "You can put the shirt and skirt and shoes back on.

I didn't need to be told twice. i bobbed down and grabbed the shirt. Staying down i quickly put it on arms in first and one button middle to hold it in place. I grabbed the skirt stood and quickly stepped into it. The boss seemed even more fascinated by my dressing sequence. The skirt was soon in place and I zipped up the zip and fastened the button. Now decent to the world I finished with the buttons of my shirt. Then the shoes.

"Mr Smith will take you home. I hope never to see you here again. If I do I can't promise to be such a gentleman". With that he turned away and left with Mr Jones following him.

I turned and began to walk to the car Mr Smith waiting for me to draw level. In the car Mr Smith drove me home the longest way possible. Once in side I collapsed on my sofa and cried. I was just pulling myself together when the phone rang.

I answered it only when i heard it was my husbands voice on the answer machine. "Darling are you there are you alright" I could tell he knew that something had happened. i picked up the phone and just cried. he told me to hold on he would soon be there.

It transpired that he had agreed to leave a door open at work for the criminals to heist some electronics. he had done it but it had been discovered and locked by another worker. The criminals had pulled him aside at the food truck that stopped outside his works and handed him my underwear. Saying next time it would be worse for me.

He did has asked and the store was robbed. But then they had their hooks into him. The insurance company knew it was an inside job and they kept on at us for month until hubby confessed. He agreed to give states evidence which was foolish and it got me another meeting with the boss.

Friday, March 15th 2013 - 09:57:51 AM
Name: Carol

-How were the gags applied? Tape around the head?

We where told to open wide and the leader just pushed the sponge ball thing in. Then he put some tape over our mouths then wrapped it around a bit more.

-Did either of you protest when you were told the pair of you would be gagged?

The first girl tried to keep her mouth closed and move back and turn her head away. But the leader just grabbed her naked tit and squeezed it and pointed out that worse could happen.

I certainly didn't want to be maulled so just opened wide.

-Did the ziptied women say anything to the pair of you?

Mainly to get help. We tried first attracting people from the windows but they just couldn't hear or see. Thats when we went down stairs. It was really I can't explain. You knew you where about to be seen by a complete stranger knocking on the door. But you had to do it. The others didn't seem like strangers because of the shared experience. It was almost like ok to be naked with this other woman and the rest.
Friday, March 15th 2013 - 07:58:29 AM
Name: Curious Lurker
Comments:Hi Carol,

Thanks for your answers. Just curious about a few more details.

-How were the gags applied? Tape around the head?
-Did either of you protest when you were told the pair of you would be gagged?
-Did the ziptied women say anything to the pair of you?

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 - 10:22:26 PM
Name: Carol
Comments:Great to hear from you.

-What were you gagged with?

It was a sponge ball type thing with duck tape over the mouth

-Did the ziptied women speak after the robbers left?

Yes, they where trying to comfort each other. We where so far away that I could really make out any conversation at length. Most where still sobbing a bit. There was a few comments about humiliation and embarrassment. Also at one point some giggling broke out not sure why?

-What material was the underwear?

Mind was cotton!

-Did the lead robber say anything during his private parts inspections?

He did to the two rich woman just humiliating them using words like scank - which i thing is slang for smell wet one.

-Did you find out how the first women to be stripped behind the screen were instructed by the robbers?

No, never!

-How did you feel about the lead robber's fake politeness, ie using the term "ladies" during instructions?

I've never really thought about it?

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 - 04:43:59 PM
Name: Curious Lurker
Comments:Hi Carol,

Great to hear from you.

-What were you gagged with?
-Did the ziptied women speak after the robbers left?
-What material was the underwear?
-Did the lead robber say anything during his private parts inspections?
-Did you find out how the first women to be stripped behind the screen were instructed by the robbers?
-How did you feel about the lead robber's fake politeness, ie using the term "ladies" during instructions?

Monday, March 11th 2013 - 10:58:38 PM
Name: Carol
Comments:Yes I am still around but came check the sites to often.

Please ask any questions
Friday, February 22nd 2013 - 10:38:50 PM
Name: Todd Hollenshead
Comments:My family history can be found at toddhollenshead.com. my paternal grand father on my dads side is Morocco, and of jew origin. i like id software
Tuesday, December 11th 2012 - 07:33:09 AM
Name: Sandy
E-mail address: ssbernabei@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/arasandy/main.html
Comments:Jack's story is obviously fake. It has more holes in it than the Koran.

Just like Cher Lloyd is neither Cher, nor Lloyd.

Anyway, I was mugged in New York. I am so embarrassed over the description I gave to the cop. I said the attacker was an African American male, short hair, about 5'10" and 165lbs.

Could I be any more racist?
Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 - 04:41:13 AM
Name: Wolfgang Henke
E-mail address: wolfganghenke3@alice.de
Comments:I like it
Tuesday, September 11th 2012 - 05:44:50 PM
Name: Jack
Comments:Before i start I'd like to say that i know just how far fetched this story is and if I'd read it on here I wouldn't believe but it is 100% true.

So anyway one day i was coming home from school, I'm 16 so i'm in my dinal year at secondary school and because i'm at an english school i need to wear the whole tie and blazer etc.
as i was walking home i decided to walk through the park because one it's a lot quiter and two it's slightly quicker than my usual route.
as i was walking past the large pond in the middle i saw one of my mums friends, tasha who lives just up the road from us.
She was around 5ft8in tall and was quite chubby but not to the point i'd say she was fat and is around 35 years old, she was wearing a black tank top and a pair of denim jeans, i said he to her and asked how she was but before she could answer we heared a loud rumble coming from up the road, i turned around and saw a large rusty lookin pickup truck driving towards us.
it grinded to a halt around three feet away from us, three woman one of which had two large bottles of vodka in her hands climb out the back and two large men got out the front.
both men pulled a gun out of their pockets to this day i don't know where they got handguns in this part of the country, one of them shouted "don't fucking move!" as they made their way over to tasha.
i quickly lost sight of her as the three drunk women pushed me in the back of the truck ad started pulling my trousers down without undoing the buckle for some odd reason, after after five minutes she got annoyed and shouted her friends to help which pretty soon turned into a tug of war game.
after another five minutes they pulled them down to my ankles taking my boxers with them, the girl who had the bottles earlier pushed her way to me and said "time to have some fun girls" she then pulled her skirt down showing that she was going commando and had her friends pin me to the front of the car and sat on my now rock hard dick.
all three of them kept whistling and cheering the entire time, i also tried breathing in through my mouth a lot because the one sat on me reaaked of beer i thought it was gonna be over soon as i could fell myself about to cum but it felt like she knew that was about to happen so she climb off me and open of a path so i could see tasha who was completely naked and on her hands and knees.
the girls then puled my blazeer off, pulled my tie over my head and ripped my shirt open before pushing me over to her.
one of the other girls said "get behind her." i did and one of the guys pushed me so i was kneeling down behind her. i thought i'd figured out what was coming next but it seems i was only partially right, they push me forward so i was now inside my mums best friend.
they then got two large ropes out of the back of the truck, they began tyiing my left leg to hers and my right to hers, then they got a bottle of super glue out the front of the truck.
i thought to myself why would they be using that there's not my other was we can be joined... but it seems i was wrong. they put some glue on both of my hands and then made me hold onto her pony tail for around ten minutes while it dried.
they all began laughing, takign pictures and filming us then they got back in the truck and drove off just as quickly as they arrived.
we then had to start our long crawl home which was made even worse when we got to her house and her husband answered the door...

As i said I don't blame you if you don't believe me, i wouldn't either.
Wednesday, June 13th 2012 - 07:31:35 PM
Name: Sandra
E-mail address: sandy.bernabei@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/arasandy/main.html
Comments:I was mugged in New York. It was a bad part of town.

I shouldn't have been out at that hour, and I certainly shouldn't have been out in those expensive clothes.

Looking black, I think it was a cry for help. I could tell they did not have the same privileges the rest of us have.

They actually let me keep my purse. All they kept was cash and cards.

I'm just saying think twice before you judge someone who is just tying to get by in this unfair world.

I DO SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS at colleges and for grades K-12 about UNDOING RACISM.

Please show your support by attending your local educational institution's next END WHITE PRIVILEGE workshop.

My number is on my web Site.

Monday, February 20th 2012 - 03:25:17 AM
Name: zibbiddybop
E-mail address: yetti@northpole.com
Comments:I am a butler at a hoity-toity mansion. I wear the fancy slacks and vest and i am very tall and have a receding hairline, youve seen me in dozens of movies, you know? nose always up in the air.
Ok, so anyway....i answered the door and awaiting entrance were two younger females in short sundresses. One pulled out a gun and said "STRIP, BUTLER. WERE gonna MAKE YOU CUM BUTLER JUICE". To this i was agast But the other girl not holding the gun lifted her skirt and revealed the most delicious succulent young female buttocks i had ever seen....It was the first actually.
To which i replied in a hoity-toity, pursed lips butler voice(complete with annunciation): "Oh no(Aow Naow)I have a Boner(Oi Hev a....BOWN-uh)" So she promptly back up onto it(beep...beep...beep...SLURP), then i stuck my finger in my anus, quick like pulled it out of her and Jizzed.
They laughed, I licked my finger. The end.
Monday, February 13th 2012 - 11:34:08 PM
Name: Nudely Nuderson
E-mail address: globbiddygloop@Poop.com
Comments:Classic stories.....Gotta love the nudity. I think the Mike and Amber stuff was BS Like shes Really gonna be 2 posts away!!!! Still glad she got to see his jet of cum, Yay!
Thursday, January 12th 2012 - 11:43:04 PM
Name: Nudely Nuderson
E-mail address: globbiddygloop@Poop.com
Comments:Classic stories.....Gotta love the nudity. I think the Mike and Amber stuff was BS Like shes Really gonna be 2 posts away!!!! Still glad she got to see his jet of cum, Yay!
Thursday, January 12th 2012 - 11:42:26 PM
Name: Curious Lurker
Comments:Carol's Story

Carol's story of her mass strip down robbery on the old siggy dreambook is really fascinating. I wonder if she is still lurking around this page or the embarrassed victims yahoogroup. I'd love to ask her some questions about her experience.
Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 04:30:38 PM
Name: Alexandra80
Comments:Hi, Nan. Thank you for sharing. I feel deeply sorry for you.

Wuold you like to give us some details. What did you and your companions wear?

Were there only boys among assaulters or girls too? As far as I know, somee teenage girls are very jealous for older elegant women and therefore are very cruel in such situations.
Friday, May 13th 2011 - 09:39:59 AM
Name: Nan
Comments:In 1959 My boyfriend, my mother and I were the victims of a strip down robbery and assault. We were going to a wedding in upper Wi. when we stopped to get gas. A group of teenagers were hanging around the gas station and harassing the customers. They verbally insulted us and my boyfriend tried to protect us. This resulted in a fight that had to be broken up by the storeowner after he threatened to call the cops. It was a good thing because Larry, my boyfriend was getting beaten pretty bad.
We finished our business and left. A short time later, the teenages ran us off the road. At gunpoint they walked us into the woods. We were all ordered to strip completely naked. Larry and I were both 22 and My mom was 52. Here we were being ordered to get naked by young boys in their teens. We had to give them money, jewlry and any other valubles and to make matters worse, we had to beg them to take each item. My mom was extremely embarrased and tried to cover herself as best she could, but was ordered to place her hands at her side so she could be inspected. Both mom and I had to turn around and bend over to show our asses. Larry had his hands tied behind his back and was severly whipped and spanked with a belt. He then had to get on his knees, beg for forgiveness and tell the boy he had fought with that he was a loser and the boy was his true master. He then was required to perform oral sex on his victor with the gun pointing at his head. He did, but he cried and I felt so sorry for him as he was completely emasculated at this point. Mom and I didn't fare much better. We each had to lay over a tree stump and had to ask for a spanking for being stuck up bitches. I was so embarrased, but had no choice. After our beatings we were both raped and had to perform oral sex on all the members. They then left us naked and tied, took our car and went away. We eventually got ourselves untied and had to walk bare ass naked back to the gas station to get help. To make matters worse, the boys were knwn by the storeowner so he called the cops. The boys were caught, but told the cops that we wanted them to see us naked and had lured them into the woods. The cops let the boys go with a warning about dealing with straangers and told us that we would have a hard time proving our ordeal in court, so we should just forget it.
We did, but needless to say, we did not travel on to the wedding, but headed back home. Mom was never the same after that, nor was Larry. He had been so humiliated that he could not look me or mom in the eye and we broke up a short time after.
Saturday, April 30th 2011 - 01:20:52 PM
Name: carla
E-mail address: ..
Comments:This happened to me and it was somewhat traumatic. It happened at the office I work as a travel agent I am one of the Agents assigned at the front desk that day. It was a normal day at first with some clients dropping by some of them are familiar like they have visited a day before and I recognized one them like this guy in his late twenties his name is Darrel if I remember and had previously inquire about airline tickets the other day. This time he is talking to one of my colleagues Gina.Then he then proceeded to approach my supervisor Just after mu supervisor greeted him he just pulled out a gun, and pointed it towards Gina taking her hostage then Two more men in wearing masks entered ordered us to sit down. Immediately it downed on me this is a robbery they collected the cash from the safe and the cash drawers and when I thought it is over they ordered us to strip to our underwear I could not believe it at first I really protest I am not going to strip. but they insisted and I had no choice but to remove my blouse and then my skirt. I end up just in my bra and panties. They lock us inside the Bathroom and one of them started groping me and the other female staff. Then the police arrived but before they manage to surround the place two of the robbers including Darell escaped immediately but one gunman probably a disturbed pervert did not left right away who is busy groping us. it would been better if the police did not arrive immediately the robbers would have just got off and we can put our clothes back again but since the police are waiting outside we are now hostages. When the lone robber needed some one to be as a human shield I was selected and at gun point he made me walk near the door down stairs In just my bra and panties to leave a message for the police at the door step with their demands while my other colleagues where lock in the bathroom on the 2nd floor. I stayed at the lobby with the lone hostage taker minutes then hours went by and the police manage to persuade him to release 1 hostage in exchange for a motorbike the lone gunman said your free you can go now.At first I am think what about my clothes so I said I need to get my clothes I dont want to run down the street in just my bra and panties but he insist that I go Immediately and he said he might start shooting at the police because they are starting to get neerer so I run as fast as I can to the street as he may start shooting at the police. I ran for like 50 feet before I manage to take cover in a police van, It took another hour before he released another hostage and eventually the police stormed in Threw some teargas in and shot the robber. They said I am the lucky one because I was the first one to be released but for me no I would have been better if was left inside the Bathroom yes It would be so bad getting stuck that long and the teargas and the shooting but at least my colleagues did not run down the street in their underwear as they where able to get dressed up again before they where cleared by the police to leave the building as for me the only one to leave the building in my bra and panties it is a very humiliating experience
Monday, December 27th 2010 - 10:02:54 AM
Name: Amber
Comments:A friend told me she had found this site and saw the story of what had happened to me! I couldn't believe Mike had written and told it! I'll never forget that night, how scared Lindsey and I were and especially Mike standing there, looking at us all naked and being forced to masturbate in front of us! I left the job not long after that. I just couldn't look at Mike without remembering what he'd looked like jerking off to us while those bastards laughed! The poor guy never got over his shame and humiliation.
Thursday, January 28th 2010 - 12:31:40 AM
Name: Lurker
Comments:So any new stories
Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 02:26:45 PM
Name: Bob A
E-mail address: badame_60440@yahoo.com
Comments:Like the stories you write. Bob
Thursday, September 3rd 2009 - 04:12:32 PM
Name: Tommy
Comments:I was walking through a crowded mall and had to use the bathroom. So I walked down several long hallways to where the bathrooms were, and as I passed the ladies room a young woman burst through the door and called to me, "Please, my friend is very sick in here! Can you help us?" I hesitated entering the ladies room only a second, and went in. Immediately my bags were wrenched from my hand and I found myself surrounded by 3 other women, I'd say around their mid to late 20s, and each had a knife. They pulled me into the ladies room and one went out and taped a sign to the door saying, "Out of Order", I guess so no one would come in and interrupt them. They grabbed my wallet out of my pocket and took everything in it, including all my cash and credit cards. Then one of the women instructed me to strip naked and give her all of my clothes. I tried guessing only for a second if they would actually use their knives on me, but decided that was a chance I didn't want to take. So I began stripping down as they watched me. When I was stark naked, I covered my penis with both hands and they laughed at me. Then they took my cash, cards, bags and clothes and left me there naked in the ladies room. I knew I had no choice but to call out the door for help, but it took me about 10 minutes to get the courage to do so. It didn't help when two female security officers came to my rescue and I had to stand there covering myself with my hands and explain what had happened.
Saturday, July 25th 2009 - 12:30:25 PM
Name: Mike
Comments:This happened when I was working as a night manager at a convenience store. The two teenage girls working that night were Amber and Lindsey. Amber was a very attractive blonde who was every bit as hot as she thought she was. And Lindsey was also very pretty but kind of shy. But as I was their boss and old enough to be their father, I always manitained a proper and professional relationship with them. One night close to closing three men walked in, about in their mid-twenties. I thought they looked a little suspicious right away, walking around and looking, but not buying anything. One of them kept looking out into the parking lot. When the last customer pulled away, he yelled to the other two, who pulled guns and ran up to Amber at the register. Lindsey ran out from the storage area to see what had happened, and I ran from across the store as well. All three of us were now held at gunpoint as the two men demanded Amber hand over all the money. I told her to do whatever they said, and she gave them everything. Lindsey stood there horrrified and frightened. Then one of the men told us all to take off all our clothes and hand them over! I asked why, since he had all the money in the store. He barked he did not want anyone following them, running out into the parking lot after them or calling the police... and that we'd be less likely to do that stark naked. He shouted, ordering us all to strip down! I nervously started fumbling with my shirt as both girls began to undress. Amber brazenly lowered her shorts and yanked her tank top over her head, revealing her big breasts. She then slid off her panties and handed them over, now totally naked. Poor Lindsey was sobbing and pleading, "please don't make me take off my clothes". The robbers only shouted louder at her. Frightened, Lindsey quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, then her t-shirt. She stood there in her bra and panties a second, and then nervously shaking, stripped them off too. She handed them over and stood there red-faced, one hand down between her tightly clenched legs, and the other arm reaching across to hide her nipples. She was slightly hunched over, her eyes down to the floor. Meanwhile, I had removed my shirt and pants and was down to my briefs. I hesitated a moment, hoping that would be enough. I was embarrassed to be submissively standing there in my underwear in front of those two naked teenage girls, and although there was nothing at all sexual about our dangerous predicament, I realized I was getting erect! I couldn't help it... there was Amber standing there brazenly stark naked, not even trying to cover herself, and Lindsey totally nude as well. I hoped the men would leave me in my briefs, but no such luck. "Strip off your underpants... NOW!", one of them yelled, waving his gun at me. I could feel my face hot and beet red as I grabbed the elastic waistband and slid my underpants down around my ankles and off, now completely naked in front of everyone. The men collected all our clothes and stuffed them into bags to take with them. To my extreme humiliation, my dick now stood straight up, fully erect as Amber and Lindsey stared at me completely naked. "Oh my God, Mr J!", Amber gasped, looking at my stiff penis. I could have died from shame. She even managed to giggle slightly, despite our situation. Lindsey just stared wide eyed, still desparately trying to cover her nude body. The men with the guns only laughed at me. "Hey, you like those hot little girles, pal?" one of them taunted. "Why don't you show them?" And to my horror, he ordered me at gunpoint to masturbate!!! I couldn't believe it... what a twisted sicko! I looked helplessly at the girls, but there was nothing to do but obey, so I reached down and wrapped my hand around my erection and began squeezing it. He ordered me to look at Amber and Lindsey. and ordered them to watch. He ordered me to spread my legs and start stroking myself up and down, then harder and faster. All three men howled with laughter as I obeyed and jerked off in front of them, eyeing those two teenage girls. He ordered me to grab and squeeze my balls with one hand while stroking rapidly with the other. I blushed furiously, knowing those girls were watching me jerk myself off to them. As I got closer to climax, he made me say their names and that I'd better mean it. By now, even Lindsey was smirking at me and Amber was giggling, both girls eyeing me up and down. "Oh Amber, oh Lindsey!!!!! You're so pretty... I want to...." I trailed off, not knowing what to say, and suddenly tensed up, threw my head back, eyes closed, and let go with a very powerful orgasm. the men roared as I sent streams of cum shooting into the air and all over the floor. I couldn't believe I had obediently beat my meat in front of Amber and Lindsey. Soon my orgasm subsided and my penis was again soft and limp, now dripping cum. The men grabbed their money and our clothes and ran out the door, jeering and laughing at me. I was left there totally humiliated and motrtified with those two naked young girls. Lindsey ran to the back room to hide, and Amber got on the phone right away to call the police. To this day, I still cannot look at either girl without remembering that humiliating night, and I know they will always remember what they saw me do.
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 - 12:51:25 PM
Name: me
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 - 12:11:38 PM
Name: Margaret
Comments:One day at work I decided to go for my lunch break early in order to do some business at the bank on my way to meet some friends at a cafe. On entering the bank I noticed that it seemed a bit quiet - I could not see anyone behind the counter nor was there anyone queueing to be served. Then I noticed that my way was blocked by a large man in a mask pointing a handgun at me. I froze. "Get down on the floor" he said. I complied. I noticed that another robber was directing a male bank worker to lock the doors. "Get a move on" he said, "we don't want anyone else blundering in".

The first robber then directed me to stand up and come with him, the other robber and the bank worker. I was lead down a corridor, then down some stairs than further along another corridor until we came to a door. The door was opened, one of the robbers said "come and join the party" and I and the bank man were pushed in.

A bizarre sight greeted my eyes - strewn across the floor of a fairly large room were about twenty pairs of naked buttocks. When I looked again the buttocks belonged to about twenty people lying face down on the floor, ranging in age from about 18 up to maybe 70. Every single person without exception, men and women alike, was stark naked. Two more armed robbers were standing over them. A sick feeling came into the pit of my stomach as i knew what was coming.

"You two strip! Everything off!" I stepped out of my shoes then my suit jacket and then hesitated looking for a chair to put it on. "Just drop everything on the floor" I was abruptly commanded. I unbuttoned my blouse impeded somewhat by my hands shaking. "Hurry up" said one robber. I collected myself and unzipped my skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. From the corner of my eye I could see that the bank official who had been brought in with me was already naked and looking for a spot to lie on the floor.

"Come on" one robber screamed as I got my bra off. Another one of the gang said to me "we have to go now - just get down on the floor as you are" as he gathered up the clothes I and the man had removed. I still had my tights and knickers on.

I found myself on the floor now in between a young girl bank teller and a somewhat overweight middle aged man with a very hairy back. As the robbers left thay ordered us to stay on the floor and count to 100. They then left locking us in. Eventually people started to stand up and walk around, investigating how to escape or get help. It was a strong room so the door was to heavy to break through and the phone had been torn out by the robbers. Everyone's mobile phone had been taken along with their clothing.

One man, it turned out to be the branch manager, told us to stay calm as the silent alarm would have been activated by a designated staff member. At that the girl who had been lying beside me began to weep. She was the "designated staff member" and she tearfully admitted that in the excitement she had forgotten to press the alarm button. The manager was annoyed at first but then sympathetic. After about an hour a someone came to open the door, a police patrol had noticed something amiss in the bank being closed and empty and had alerted the bank's head office.
Monday, February 2nd 2009 - 11:23:42 AM
Name: The Bandits of El Costaragua
Comments:One day in 1842 a Mr Vargas was on his way to conduct some business in the town of San Carlos when he encountered the most extraordinary sight on the road. A naked man was leading a mule on which a lady rode side-saddle. The lady was also in a state of undress, her only covering being a pair of drawers. Walking behind the mule was a pretty dark complexioned girl of about 18 or 19 years of age and who was as naked as a newborn. Mr Vargas bade them good day and enquired whether he could be of any assistance to them. They eagerly accepted his offer of aid, he gave them some blankets to cover their nakedness and he asked them how they came to be travelling the highway in such a state of nudity. It transpired that the lady on the mule was Madame Carlotta, a renowned soprano touring the country performing with an opera company. The man was her brother and the girl her maid servant. The previous day they had set off on a coach for the town of Villa Cruz, taking a route notorious for being subject to the depredations of bandits. They recounted their ordeal as follows.

The party, perfectly aware of the dangers of the way, were traveling rapidly on their road over the mountains leading from Mellila to Villa Cruz, when a band of brigands waylaid, robbed and stripped them all perfectly naked. Even the ladies in the party were thus despoiled. There was some dry humor about these wretches, for, though they relieved the famous soprano of her petticoats and chemise and tied her to a tree alongside the other travellers, on discovering that she was a singer, they were determined to have some fun. Untying her, they roughly placed her, completely nude as she was, on a rock, and ordered her to sing for their amusement. Madame Carlotta was not exactly the kind of young woman to submit quietly to this treatment, even at the muzzle of a gun, and she refused to obey their command. They persisted, and began to threaten, so, thinking that perhaps they might be as good (or as bad) as their word,

Madame Carlotta commenced, but mortification at having to appear indecently exposed before these ruffians and dread of what the same ruffians might inflict upon her combined to choke her voice, and she sang so vilely that her strange audience hissed violently. Astounded and enraged at such an indignity - an outrage to which she had never before been subjected - the soprano raised her head with a haughty gesture, and, gathering strength and courage, burst into one of her most magnificent flights of song. This so charmed her hearers that they drowned her voice with cries of ' bravo!' and a loud slapping of their hands, took her down from her elevation, restored to her her shoes, her bonnet, some of her jewelry and a portion of her money. They also allowed her to regain possession of her pantalettes to conceal the most shameful part of her nudity from them. They then allowed her to go on her way with her brother and her maid servant, though these latter two persons were still in the costume of Adam and Eve, and gave them an escort part of the way as a protection against other knights of the road.
Wednesday, January 7th 2009 - 06:03:36 PM
Name: Scott
Comments:Back n 1973, my mom asked me to go with her to a job interview in Miami. I was 16 at the time and mom was 40. We stopped at what we thought was the address for the interview. We were rushed by 5 young guys ( aprrox 16 - 18 yrs) We were hearded into a van at gunpoint. Mom pleaded with them to let us go and even offered them money (20 dollars. They took the cash but said they wanted more. We were both required to take off our clothes for our captors. I got quite exited seeing my mom having to comletely disobe. She was about 140 lbs and a bit chubby. She pleaded and begged, but it did no good. The leader made her sit on his lap (naked) in the van, and tell him how much she loved him. He said her and my life depended on her sincerity. She had to put her arms around his neck and kiss him. she was a typical protective mother and did wha he said. I was was surprised at her reaction. , she kissed him and told him that she loved him and that she would do whatever he wanted. He gave her a severe spanking and we were forced to lay down on the floor before him. All his buddies were laughing and jeering us to fuck. Finally the leader said that my mom was to get me exited and make me cum. She gave me my 1st and best blow job and after they all beat and raped her, they let us go. To this day, I don't look at mom the same way
Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 06:06:28 PM
Name: Amanda
Comments:About twenty years ago I was driving with a colleague Martin to a late business meeting one night in a dockland area. I got lost. I found myself in a dead end but when I tried to reverse out I collided with a truck leaving a warehouse. Unfortunately this was a truck driven by some gangsters who were ripping off a warehouse as I found out when I got out to talk to the driver.

There were about 5 or 6 of them - I froze when they produced handguns. They were panicky and weren't wearing masks. They made me get out of my car and go into the warehouse yard with them where they made us kneel on the ground with my hands behind my had while they discussed what to do. They decided that one would dispose of my car while another two guys dealt with us. There was another car there belonging to one of the gang. They opened the boot of this car and after taking our jewellery and wallets, one of them ordered us to remove all our clothes. Martin swiftly complied and was soon standing completely naked, hands crossed over his private parts. I refused so two of them held me while the other pulled and dragged all my upper clothes off over my head, even my bra was pulled off in one fairly swift movement. I'd been wearing a skirt suit so this left me in my skirt, tights, knickers and shoes. I tried to kick him but this provoked him to land a punch on my head that made me see stars and stunned me slightly. I made less resistance as he yanked my remaining clothes off me in another single movement leaving me stark naked.

I was forced across the bonnet of the car while one of them stuck his fingers first into my vagina then into my anus. I could see the same being done to Martin on the other side of the car. We then had our hands tied behind our backs and our mouths were taped shut. Then they lifted first Martin then me into the boot. We were lying head-to-foot and I was on top. The boot slammed shut leaving us in darkness. I could hear voices for another few minutes and then the car started. They drove for what seemed like and eternity - it felt like hours though afterwards I worked out that it couldn't have been more than 45 minutes.

Eventually the car stopped and we were lifted out and stood beside each other propped against the car. We were on a bridge over a canal. It was clear now that they were about to drown us by throwing us in the canal in order to prevent us identifying them to the police. I'm ashamed to say I lost control of my bladder and bowels at this point from sheer terror, my piss and turds ran down my bare legs and splashed and dropped to the ground. "The dirty bitch" said one of the gang. "At least she'll get a good wash where she's going" said another. We were both lifted between two men each and flung over the parapet of the bridge into the canal beneath.

The shock of hitting cold water was soon replaced by amazement and relief that this canal was only about two feet deep. We could stand up and the water only came to just over our knees. I could hear the gangsters up on the bridge curising and swearing at one another. "Quick - get the gun we need to finish them off." On hearing this I tried to scream as loudly as I could through the gag. "What do you mean there's no ammo?" Then I heard them drive off. I knew that we had to get out of the canal before they returned to kill us.

I looked around to find Martin. He was standing there staring wide-eyed - he seemed to be in shock but i could not help noticing that his penis was fully erect - sticking out like the proverbial flag pole. I was able to bring my hands to the front so that I was now able to remove the gag from my mouth and from Martin's. We began to shout for help. Eventually I worked my hands loose and untied Martin. Now that we could walk or rather wade, we found a set of stone steps at the side and ascended to the street. We found ourselves walking down a deserted street late at night, in the nude and covered in crap from the canal and elsewhere. Eventually we found a phone box and summoned help.
Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 09:32:24 AM
Name: Maurice
Comments:Back in the 1970s my aunt worked as a bank official. I remember hearing that her branch had been held up and I overheard my mother discussing it with the woman next door, I was about 12 years old at the time. I heard her say, "they made everyone strip, she had to take off her suit and lie on the floor in her tights and underwear". The neighbour said, "I hope she'd put on clean knickers that morning". They were laughing about it but when they noticed that I was listening they changed the subject.
Monday, October 13th 2008 - 11:26:05 AM
Name: Amanda
Comments:I was the victim of a robbery when I was working in a shop, a branch of a large chain. There was only me and a male manager there. We were forced into a room athe the back and then ordered to strip, my boss had to take everything off but they spared me my blushes by letting me keep my knickers on, (such considerate gentlemen :-S ). Then to compound our embarassement they tied us together face-to-face! I was glad I still had my underwear on. We had our hands tied behind each others backs so we were in an embrace position. They then used duct tape to bind us together quite tightly. This manager I'd always found a bit creepy so to be tied to him in a mutual state of undress was not pleasant. The robbers left us like that. We were in a standing position and because this guy was a bit taller than me his penis was pressed into my lower stomach just above the waistband of my knickers and my breasts were pressed up to his pale hairy flabby chest. Of course it wasn't long before I began to feel some movement down there as his little soldier began to spring to attention. He apologised to me; "sorry but you're such a good looking girl I can't help it" - yeeeucchhh!!! I think a gentleman would have thought about something else and controlled himself in this situation. Any we were eventually released and I sought alternative employment in order not to have to see this guy again.
Monday, October 13th 2008 - 10:58:40 AM
Name: Jonathan
Comments:Several years ago I was on a coffee break at work with two co-workers, let's call them Anne and Sharon. The conversation got onto crime, robbery, muggings and so on.We were comparing notes on personal experiences. Anne mentioned a mugging she had narrowly escaped by the intervention of a passer by. Sharon said that that didn't sound so bad compared to what happened to her along with her sister and her parents on a holiday in South Africa. She said that they were carjacked and that were robbed of everything even their skirts and trousers, "they took everything except my tights and knickers" she said.
Monday, October 13th 2008 - 10:57:36 AM
Name: William
Comments:Through my career in law enforcement I've witnessed many incidents where victims of crimes have been forced to strip as way of controlling them or buying time for a perpetrator to make a getaway. It actually happens more often than most people realize, since many times it isn't made public so as not to cause the victims any unnecessary embarrassment and additional grief.

The most memorable experience for me happened years ago, I believe in the late 70's or early 80's, right after I'd started my first job as a patrolman in a small midwestern town.

We got a call from the president of one of the local banks saying that something was amiss at their small branch office that had recently opened in a still-under-construction shopping center. The branch office was just a small building with a small walkup counter and a couple of drive through lanes, staffed by a manager and a couple of tellers. It was the type of thing that seems to have been replaced by ATMs these days. The bank president had said that it had been reported to them at the main office that the branch seemed to be closed, with the door locked and no one apparently there. Phone calls to the establishment had gone unanswered. He feared something had happened and asked to be escorted by police to investigate.

Another officer and I followed the gentleman to the branch, and as he opened the locked front door we cautiously entered the small lobby. It seemed as if the place had been abandoned, and we immediately noticed the cash drawers in the teller area were left open and had been cleaned out. I sent the other officer back to the squad car to radio for additional help and to notify the FBI that a bank robbery had occurred. It appeared that the perpetrators were long gone and there was no apparent danger, so the bank president was allowed in, and he, fearing the worst, immediately asked if there was any sign of the three ladies who'd been staffing the branch. It was then that we started hearing someone pounding on the door from inside a maintainence/custodial closet in the rear of the building. The gentleman quickly found his key to the locked door and opened it, freeing the three missing ladies. As the freed victims emerged, the thing that was most shocking to me as a young officer was that all three were dressed in only their undergarments! The branch manager, a lady who was probably in her late thirties, was clad only in her brassiere and underpants, along with a pair of tan pantyhose, as was one of the younger girls (both in their twenties) who were tellers. The other teller was also in her brassiere and underpants, but was wearing knee high hose. Another detail was that all three were still wearing their shoes, which made the scene even more surreal to me. There was no sign anywhere of their clothing, so it was assumed that it had been taken by the perpetrators as what must have been an attempt to further humiliate the unfortunate victims. They were given some blankets to cover themselves with, and a call was made for clothing to be brought for them.

As they slowly regained their composure the story came out as to the sequence of events that had taken place.

Right after the noon hour, in what was the slowest part of the business day, three men in nylon masks had entered the building with guns drawn. The manager had just been coming out of the restroom, and because of that and the understandable fear and inexperience of the young tellers, no alarm had been sounded. The perpetrators ordered all three to the center of the lobby and ordered them to remove their clothing and all their watches and jewelry. One perp took the manager's ring of keys, unlocked the closet in the rear, and herded the now partially clothed ladies inside, locking the door behind them. The ladies reported that the perp had made sexually harrassing remarks and gestures to them while he led them into the closet, but nothing more. The victims could then hear the perps finishing their work, and apparently keeping the manager's keys to lock the main entrance as they left. The entire robbery had only taken a few minutes, and it was almost an hour before they'd been freed. The perpetrators had apparently made a clean getaway in the dust and confusion of the construction going on in the shopping center, as no leads were ever established from the workers nearby.

Of course the investigation was handled by the FBI, but no arrests were ever made in the case. As time went on, reports were made of similar robberies in other areas, so it was assumed all were related. The story of the robbery was naturally big news in the small town press, but no mention was made public of the unfortunate ladies being forced to strip.
Monday, September 29th 2008 - 05:05:11 PM
Name: Linda
Comments:The carjacking story below reminds me of my own experience. About 15 years ago I was working a sales job which involved driving around my area (in the UK) dealing with clients. I had pulled into a lay-by on a side road in a very rural area to look up some details of the next call on my laptop. Before I knew what was happening the passenger door opened and a very rough looking young man holding a gun got into the car beside me. He said something like "ok give me the laptop and drive".

So I drove off, hands were shaking and my pulse was racing. He directed me down an even smaller side road. At that point I think I began to look very scared because he directed me to pull over. He told me that he wasn't going to hurt me but he needed to take my car and any other valuables I had.

He ordered me to get out of the car. I thought that this was the end of it and that he would now drive away. However he got out also and told me to give him my watch and jewelry which I reluctantly did. Then he said "ok the suit now as well". I was wearing a smart trouser suit. I hesitated but he became agitated, he pointed the gun at me and said "look just hand it over and you can go". So I hurriedly removed my jacket and gave that to him and then removed my shoes in order to step out of the trousers more easily.

"You can keep the shoes" he said after I had handed over my trousers so I put them back on. This left me in my hip-length top, shoes, knee-high nylons and knickers. He got back in my car and drove away and I set off walking to somewhere I could get help. Unfortunately I had on a pair of pink and orange flower-pattern knickers. This was a double embarrassement, not only could any passer-by see me in my underpants but in a really horrible pair as well.

I walked for a couple of miles. A few cars passed me and I tried to flag them down but I just got some odd looks as people sped away. Eventually I came to a shop from where where I could phone the police. Again nobody seemed too bothered about my state of undress, I only got some funny looks. In the shop where I phoned the police they didn't even mention it. Eventually I borrowed a towel from someone to put around my waist.
Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 10:43:49 AM
Name: Frank
Comments:When I was an eighteen year old first year university student I worked part-time in a supermarket, just a menial job stacking shelves to make some cash. One evening we were working very late on stock-taking. It was 11pm and the store was closed to the public. I was moving stock into the shop area when I noticed a masked man I noticed a masked man holding a handgun standing in front of me. He told me that all my mates were in the canteen and that it would be a good idea for my personal safety if I joined them there. He walked behind me to the canteen. We met another armed masked man with two female employees, a till girl maybe a couple of years older than me and a middle aged woman manager. Both were obviously upset.

On arriving at the canteen door I noticed something strange - a pile of work clothes and staff uniforms on the ground outside. One of the men then said "ok ladies and gentleman, let's have your gear." The we justed looked at him, I think we understood what he wanted but we were too stunned to do or say anything. The robber then said, a bit more agressively, "Come on, strip! I want to see what colour knickers you have on, ladies!" while bring his gun level with our heads.

Looking at the gun I got out of my work uniform shirt and trousers fairly quickly. I was standing there in my t-shirt and boxers, shoes and socks but the two women hesitated. The other robber ripped the manager's jacket off saying "come on quickly, get them off, or we'll do it for you". At this, with anguished looks on their faces they began to disrobe. Their hands were shaking so it took them a bit longer. The manager removed her blouse and skirt to reveal a plain white bra and sensible white cotton knickers under her dark green sheer uniform tights. They let her keep her shoes on.

The younger woman took off her jumper and blouse and stopped at a light blue camisole top. One of the men said "come on the skirt as well". She answered by pleading to be allowed to keep her skirt on. At that one of the robbers went over to her and simply pulled it down. At this point I could see why she was so reluctant - she had no knickers on under her tights. She blushed deeply and joined her hands over her crotch to cover her private parts which were visible through the green nylon. One of the men made a comment that she was wearing "hairy brown knickers". The poor girl looked at the ground saying something about laundry.

At this point I was also wondering what had happened to the ten or twelve other workers who were also working late. My questions were answered when we were ushered through into the canteen. As he one of the men had told us our co-workers were there with another three armed raiders. Everyone without exception had been stripped to their underwear and were sitting at the canteen tables with their hands resting on top of the tables. The men in various styles, boxers, y-fronts and so on. All the ladies were still wearing their dark green uniform tights with various coloured underwear tops, bras and knickers (except for the unfortunate cashier). Everyone still had their shoes on which made it a very odd looking scene - as though everyone had gone for a coffee break and their outer clothes had vanished.

We were told to take seats and to keep our hands in view. After about 15 minutes one of the men came back in and said something like "that's everyone let's get on with it". At this point one of the said that they would be locking us in but that someone would tell the police where we were and that if anyone tried anything smart they weren't afraid to use "these" he said as he held up a sawn-off shotgun.

Being a supermarket there was a predominance of female employees, as far as I remember 9 out of the 14 people there. After it was clear that the robbers weren't returning we got up from our seats and started trying to open the door in order to escape. We were on an upper floor so the windows, which looked out onto the store's back yard, were no use. But I did get a chance to get a closer look at what the ladies normally concealed under their uniforms.

Two were two there women over 40 years old, the manageress who I had seen getting stripped and another cashier/shelf stacker who was in a grey sports bra and blue and white patterned knickers. Four were women in their twenties and thirties, including the one whose private parts were exposed when she lost her skirt. There was the woman who ran the canteen who was the only woman not wearing tights because her job didn't require her to be in uniform. She was in a black t-shirt, black knickers and coloured patterned socks. Another woman was in a white vest top and knickers set, one in lacy red bra and knickers and the other in a white bra and dark blue knickers.

There was also two younger girls, part time students like me, about 18 or 19 years old. One was in peach coloured bra and knickers and the other in what seemed to be a black one piece swimming costume, worn over her tights. I asked her about it and she told me that it was a dancer's body suit. She went to a dance class after work and wore her costume under her uniform to save time when she got to the class; she simply had to shed her outer clothes and she would be ready.

She actually seemed to be the least embarrassed of all the women. The two oldest women were also apparently quite unperturbed. The rest were a bit uncomfortable to various degrees. The woman in red underwear was also a manager, a real executive go-getter type and seemed to be very unhappy to be seen in her frilly undies by the staff.

So we sat there making lame small-talk while we could hear them reversing a truck up to the back ramp and helping themselves to spirits and cigarettes. Within 30 minutes they had gone and about another 30 minutes later the police arrived and released us.
Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 03:09:17 PM
Name: Harry
Comments:My experience of losing my clothing in a robbery happened to me alongside one male and two female customers, a middle aged woman and her grown up daughter. I was working in a jewellers, a small branch of a chain. One evening just before closing I was waiting for these three customers to select their purchases before shutting down for the day.

Two large men entered and I was just about to tell them that I was about to close for the evening when I noticed that they had ski masks on and were carrying guns. They told me to lock the door pull down the shutters and put on the closed sign.

They then ordered us all back to the stockroom. Then one of them said "ok strip! I want you all down to your underpants. Put your stuff in the bag" and took out a bag. We were too shocked to do anything. He then said more forcefully "come on, get your clothes off! we don't want to have to turn nasty. Just strip down and we can get this over and done with and no one gets hurt. We just want to be sure nobody is hiding anything." However they also made sure that we were relieved of our watches and jewellery along with our clothes.

So we hesitently began to disrobe. I stopped at my socks, t-shirt and boxer shorts. The other guy did the same. The older woman, in her early 40s I think, stripped to white underwear and sheer tan pantyhose, her daughter undressed down to a black bra and opaque red and black patterned pantyhose (she seemed to be wearing black panties also as far as I could tell).

They then ordered me and the other man to go back to the shop and help them empty the shelves and the cash register while the two women were left locked in the stockroom.When they had finished they told us to go back to the stockroom. But first the other robber then spoke for the first time and said something about wanting to see "everything" (obviously a bit of a pervert) so he ordered us to remove our underwear also and stand with our hand on our heads while he got a good look.

They then locked us, still in our birthday suits, back in the stockroom with the two women. The customer had his hands crossed over his genitals to cover them. I've never been too bothered who sees me naked so I just tried to act casual. The women were sitting in two chairs on one side of the room, it was a small room so ther other guy and me had to stand opposite them.

The woman's daughter couldn't take her eyes off my penis. She was blushing and giggling like a schoolgirl even though she must have been in her early twenties. After a while her mother came over to me and said in a low voice that she expected me to "cover myself" in front of her daughter, by which she meant she expected my to cover my nakedness with my hand like the other guy was doing. A very odd request but I complied because "the customer is always right". We spent a couple of hours locked in until help came.
Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 03:07:26 PM
Name: Julie
Comments:When I was a 20 year old student I was returning from a wedding with my parents. We were driving on a remote back road. It was about midnight, we needed petrol and saw a service station. So we pulled in. As soon as my father got out two men wearing masks approached him. One man had a pistol. he told my father that there was a robbery in progress and we all had to follow them into the forecourt shop. There were another two or three of them in the shop. They ushered us into a back room and one of them said "OK let's have your valuables". So we handed over any cash & cards we had.

The masked man said "OK ladies your jewelery please". My mother and I gave them our rings, watches, necklaces and so on. My father had to hand over his rings and watch. Another of the robbers said "We've struck it lucky, these people got a lot of money on their backs". We were indeed wearing our best clothes for the wedding we had just attended.

The first robber then said "We'll have your shoes please." We removed our shoes, I was hoping that they would stop at that, I was already blushing. Then he said "OK the swanky gear as well please."

Hesitently I unfastened and stepped out of my dress. This left me and mum in bra, knickers and tights and dad in his socks and y-fronts. I noticed that our clothes joined a pile of clothing that one of the gang was packing into bin bags. I was now in tears, partly from embarrassment, mainly from being deprived of my £750 Prada silk dress, matching £240 Prada handbag, my £100 Pierre Cardin pumps and a couple of thousand pounds worth of jewelery.

They then lead us out the back door into a yard and one of them opened a metal door into a largish windowless store room. Inside were about eight men and women, all in their
underpants, except for one woman who was wearing a slip. One young woman was only wearing socks and knickers, she had her arms crossed across her chest. She obviously had not been wearing a bra under the clothes she was stripped of. Yet another young woman was wearing a camisole top and a pair of opaque tights.

They locked us in, there was no heating so we huddled together for warmth. After about 20 minutes the door opened again and two young men in boxer shorts came in. About half an hour after that a middle-aged woman in her bra and knickers was pushed in. After that it went quiet until the police came to release us about two hours later.

The gender split was roughly 50/50. When we were brought into the store-room there was the middle-aged lady in a white underskirt and bra, the bare-chested lady wearing flower-patterned knickers and dark coloured socks, a teen-aged girl in a white bra, red knickers and black knee-socks, a lady in sky blue bra and knickers and white socks, a young woman in a red vest-top and opaque black tights, a middle aged man in vest and y-fronts (he was the husband of the lady in the slip), a younger man in only y-fronts and socks, a young man in Calvin Klein trunks and an older man in vest and boxer shorts.

The older man in boxer shorts was the manager, the girl in red knickers and the lady in sky blue underwear were his staff. The rest were unfortunate passers-by like us. It was embarrassing at first but soon everyone sort of developed a "we're all in the same boat" attitude and tried to see the humourous side of our situation, especially once it became clear that they weren't going to harm us. The lady who arrived last was probably the oldest person present, I would say she was about in her late 50s, maybe roughly 5 years older than my parents. The youngest was the girl in red knickers, I think she was about 17 or 18, this was a part time job for her.

The bare-breasted girl was in her mid-twenties I would say. She had on black ankle socks and her knickers were fairly garishly patterned with yellow sunflowers on a navy blue background and white lace trimming around the waist and legs. I'm not sure of her breast size but I'd say it was between a C and D cup range. She could just about keep them covered with one arm. I was talking to her, she had been on the way home from an evening class and had called in to buy some food from the service station shop. She said she had been wearing jeans and an old t-shirt, she said she had pleaded with them to let her keep her t-shirt but to no avail, one of the robbers simply liked the logo on it and wanted it, the robber had that said he wanted it for his girlfriend.

The middle aged woman, looked about 40-ish, who was brought in last was in very plain white underwear. She was a somewhat overweight woman. When she came in she was shocked when she saw the group of people in their underpants in front of her and just said something like "oh my God!". It then transpired that the young man in y-fronts was a friend of her son's, I don't know which of them was more embarrassed.

At first we were too tense to say much. When it became apparent that the gang had gone and that we were not going ot be harmed we relaxed a bit. We talked mainly about how to get out but the manager told us there was no way the door could be opened from the inside. There were no windows - but there was a very small grill in the door you could see out of - we discussed how we could attract attention from passers-by. Some people came to the forecourt we shouted to get their attention but they didn't seem to hear us. They looked around and when they could find anyone in attendance they went away.

It was the police who released us who gave us something to wear - coats and blankets mainly. They even gave us lifts home as our cars, well the ones that hadn't been stolen, had to be held to examine for evidence.
Friday, September 5th 2008 - 04:37:08 PM
Name: ali_z_ie
Comments:Story 1

I was walking home from a night out with my aunt, uncle and two female cousins when we were held up by a couple of muggers. They forced us off the main street into a side street and took our valuables and then made us strip stark naked. They then made us lie on the ground while they ran off. I suppose that we were lucky that the only injury we suffered was some acute embarrassment as we had to go looking for help without a stitch of clothes on.

Story 2

I was working in a jewellers in the UK and we had an armed robbery where two male colleagues, another female and I were forced to strip to our underpants. They used our tights to tie us back-to-back.

The most embarrassing thing was that I removed my skirt and tights to reveal an awful old fashioned pair of knickers that went halfway down to my knees. They had belonged to my mother. I just wore them for warmth but they most have looked odd on a twenty four year old woman. Certainly gave the two robbers a laugh.

Story 3

When I was in high school, about ten years ago, I was a victim of a mugging on a train where I was robbed not just of my money and jewellery but also of my shoes, jacket, blouse and skirt. There were four of them armed with knives and they just went through twelve people on the carriage with a sack and made you put everything into that. I saw a woman who refused to remove her skirt being punched in the face and having them torn off anyway so we co-operated. They then just got off at the next stop with their loot leaving everyone in their underpants. I was not physically harmed, I just had the embarrassement of making my way home in underwear and pantyhose.

Some years later I was involved in a bank robbery. I was in the bank lodging a check and about six robbers burst in and forced everyone behind the counter with the staff at gunpoint. Then they made us all disrobe and then put us in a small strong-room at the back. When everyone was in the nude they took our watches and jewellery. I had to remove and hand over my rings, a bracelet, ear-rings and a pendant. They then tied everyone together in pairs. They left with everyones wallets, jewellery, clothes and shoes along with the money they stole from the bank. At first I think we were all to shocked to be embarrassed.

There was no room to sit down. There were about 20 people, maybe seven or eight men and thirteen or fourteen women, all bare naked, in a very confined space. It was like being on a very crowded train at rush-hour except everyone was stark naked. The air was very restricted and eventually people started fainting. Luckily the police rescued us after about an hour.

Story 4

My experience of this was terrifying at the time but we got off lightly. I was on my way to a conference with my boss (male) and his PA (female). My boss was driving and we were one a remote rural back road. We passed a guy lying at the side of the road and some one standing beside him waving us down so we stopped.

As soon as my boss got out and went over to them to see if he could help a guy came out from some bushes with a gun, the guy who stopped us pulled a gun and the guy on the ground stood up and also took out a pistol. We were terrified, one of them came over, opened the door and ordered us out.

They brought us away from the road. One of the gang said "ok just cooperate and you wont get hurt." He then ordered my boss to hand over his car keys and told us to hand over our wallets, purses, watches and jewellery, we even had to give them our shoes. He then said to my boss, "nice suit lets have that too, and the shirt". My boss hesitated and he lifted his gun to his head saying "come on we ain't got all day".

Soon he was in his underpants and socks. One of the robbers turned to us and said "ok ladies, you too please." They stripped us of our jackets, skirts and blouses leaving us in tights, bras and knickers. By this time we were terrified, expecting the worst. However they just tied us to some fence posts and went off with our clothes and the car. Eventually after about an hour I managed to work my hands free and released the others. We had to walk to the nearest house in our underwear and get help.

Story 5

Something similiar to this happened to me a couple of years ago while I was staying with my aunt & uncle. My uncle is quite wealthy.

One night I was woken at 4 in the morning by 2 armed men with balaklavas over their faces. They pulled me out of bed and simply tore my nightdress off before I knew what was happening leaving me in the nude. I was too scared to scream as one of them showed me a knife and told me that if I opened my mouth he would cut my throat but that if I co-operated they would not harm me. I attempted to preserve my modesty by covering my breasts with one hand and arm and using my other hand to cover my muff.

They then took me down to the basement. My aunt Betty, uncle John, two cousins, Alice and Charlie, and Monika their housekeeper, a prim middle-aged woman were already down there. They had been stripped stark naked like me. With them were two more armed and masked men. (I was 18 at the time, Alice a year older and Charlie two years older).

They told us to get into a corner while one of them got hold of my uncle while another guy grabbed his penis and held a knife up to it and said "tell us the safe combination and you get to keep this". He would not tell them so he told another guy to grab Alice and make her bend over. He then pick up a broom and stuck the handle a couple of inches into her vagina and said "this could go in a lot further - tell me the combination!". Uncle John then relented and told them what they needed to know.

You might think that at this point we should have overpowered them and escaped but if you are standing there shivering without any clothes on even one armed man has the upper hand let alone four. Then they forced our arms behind our backs and tied our wrists together and gagged us with tape. They made us sit on the floor and tied us in pairs, back-to-back. I was tied to uncle John, Alice was tied to aunt Betty and Monika to Charlie. They then left locking us in but said they would send word to someone to inform the police we were there.

After what seemed like an eternity the polce arrived and released us. It was embarrassing to be found like that but we were to relieved to be too bothered.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 09:47:33 PM
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