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Name: Anthony Q Sinohui
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Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 - 02:47:53 AM
Name: Irene Sinohui Gonzales
E-mail address: missirenegonzales2011@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello to all the Sinohui's out there My name should have been Irene Sinohui,Daughter of Rudolpho Sinohui And Margo Gonzales but some things were changed at birth. I had contacted my uncle Michael Sinohui but lost contact. I know there are several brothers and sisters in this family.Rudolpho sinohui also had two otehr children named trudy and Rudolpho Sinohui I did meet my sister Trudy but a few weeks after desided she couldnt talk to me any more, my brother didnt care to meet me but thats fine at least I know they are alive and alright. but if anyone know my uncle Michael Sinohui I would love to get in contact with him.
Tuesday, October 25th 2011 - 07:35:02 PM
Name: Christina Sinohui
E-mail address: krusovitce@hotmail.com
Comments:My father's name is Manuel Sinohui Torres. He was born in Tijuana. His father's name was Benjamin Sinohui and his mother was Altagracia Torres. My grandfather had several brothers- Eduvije, Gabriel, Ruben, Raul, and there is another one or two that I don't recall the names. I know that my grandmother also had family in Tucson, AZ.

My father had several siblings as well. Armida, Catalina (deceased), Tony (deceased), Raul (deceased), Gabriel (deceased), and Benjamin (deceased).
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Name: Debbie Sinohue
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Comments:Hello to all The Families Sinohue , Sinohui , Sinoui .
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Monday, December 27th 2010 - 08:49:55 PM
Name: Diana Sinohui
E-mail address: dcsinohui@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello every one so many Sinohui's. I live in Victorville, CA where my brothers, sisters and mother reside. My father name is Gilbert Palafox Sinohui (deceased) and my mother name is Gloria Castillo-Sinohui. We were all born in East Los Angeles and raised in Whittier, CA. I know we have lots of family but I only know of my closest aunts, uncles and cousins. My grandfather name was Santos Blanco Sinohui and my grandmother name was Rosalia Palafox. My father had many siblings, Santos Jr, Johnny, Angel,Thomas, Gilbert, Guadalupe, Josephine and Helen. Many family members I don't know but with our last name SINOHUI its not common! we are all somehow related :)
We all should one day meet for a huge reunion? share pictures and stories. If anyone interested in a reunion email me and see what we all can do?
Tuesday, November 9th 2010 - 11:29:58 PM
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Saturday, October 9th 2010 - 07:52:23 PM
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Comments:hola soy patricia sinohui naci en nogales sonora. me yebaron para guaymas de nina nuna eh conocido a mi familia paterna. mi padre se llama luis sinohui cuen. si algien conoce a esta familia aganmelo saber grasias atte patricia sinohui.
Saturday, June 5th 2010 - 12:16:37 AM
Name: myriam patricia sinohui fuerte
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Comments:hola soy patricia sinohui naci en nogales sonora. me yebaron para guaymas de nina nuna eh conocido a mi familia paterna. mi padre se llama luis sinohui cuen. si algien conoce a esta familia aganmelo saber grasias atte patricia sinohui.
Saturday, June 5th 2010 - 12:08:51 AM
Name: Deborah Melford
E-mail address: miafiga3@hotmail.com
Comments:Family can be traced to Sonora,Hermosillo. Last name spelled Sinohue, also we have Robles, Susanna first name. Marie was her daughter and married Carl Melford of mixed blood-German. They moved to Casliforrnia in the 1930's and settled in Montebello CA. Guadalupe was her sister. and They settled in Palmdale CA.I feel a connection to the name and region of Mexico. Would like any information on the background of Sinohue. Loved the posts!! Feel we are all related and come back to the Yaqui tribe. My ancestor from what I understand was a Soladera under the name Robles and a Yaqui. Grasping for information!
Monday, September 14th 2009 - 05:51:54 PM
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Friday, July 3rd 2009 - 06:57:16 PM
Name: Mark A. Cartwright
E-mail address: skyking607@yahoo.com
Comments:Data for consideration: Mother: Maria Aros Sinohui, born 1922 in Patagonia, AZ; sisters Virginia Sinohui, and Carmen Sinohui. Parents were Santiago and Carmen Sinohui.

Any information would be appreciated!

M. A. Cartwright
8419 E. Teton Ct.
Anaheim, CA 92808
Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 01:53:21 PM
Name: Dorianna Hurtado
E-mail address: doriannahurtado@yahoo.com
Comments:I live in Escondido. Born here in 1974. My Daddy was Richard Sinhoui "Goofy" Hurtado. My Grandmother was Carmen Sinhoui. My Grandfather was Maurillio Hurtado. My Daddys brother and sisters are or where..... Charles Hurtado, Anita Hurtado/Prieto now, Artemeisa Hurtado/Avila now, Viginia Hurtado/ Gardener, Caroline Hurtado/Cortez now, Benjamin Hurtado.... I don't know anything about the Sinhoui part of my family....
Thursday, October 30th 2008 - 12:20:49 AM
Name: Joseph E. Sinohui Jr.
E-mail address: joeysinohui@gmail.com
Comments:I also came from the Sinohui back ground, I use to live in the state of Califronia, but 3years ago my wife BeeBee and married daughter Sylvia, moved to Tennessee. My parents Joseph E and Josephine Sinohui live in Compton California. The originaly came from Escondido Califronia. My brothers are Thomas Jeffery sisters Ana Jerry Margaret. Did'nt know there where so many Sinohui's around.
Wednesday, March 5th 2008 - 05:39:52 AM
Name: Floreen Silva
E-mail address: floreenj@yahoo.com
I am researching heritage for my son's. I met his father in the san diego area, Benjamin E. Sinohui. His father's name is Manuel Sinohui, and a deceased uncle is also Benjamin sinohui. I know he has some family in the East LA area, around La Puente I think. This is all I know about his family. Any help ?

Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 - 10:01:22 PM
Name: Floreen Silva
E-mail address: floreenj@yahoo.com
Comments:I am so happy to find this site. It provided a wealth of information and I am very excited to share it with my son. It is wonderful to show him that he has a rich heritage on his father's side as well as his mothers. Sinohui is his father's surname, no longer mine after our divorce. thank you for this page.
Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 - 09:58:33 PM
Name: Elias
E-mail address: walkingeagle@netzero.com
Just a quick update on the name Sinohui.
I took another look at Estavan & Francisca’s marriage certificate dated 1902 in Arizona and realized his name was spelled Sinoqui, not Sinohui. The name Sinoqui and Bojorquez do appear on the Papago Indian Census Roll for the Sells Reservation in Arizona. This census was taken in the 1930’s. Estavan and Francisca most likely left that area before the census was taken. If you would like to view this document send me an email, maybe some one could recognize one of the other Sinoqui’s that may link our great grandparents to that tribe. PS: A historian at the Tumacacori National Historical Park emailed me and said the name Sinoqui most likely means “Talks a lot” in the Pima Indian language.
Hope this helps in you research.
Elias A. Prieto
Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 08:10:05 AM
Name: David Lopez
E-mail address: living_lamb@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello, like all of you i have a lot of questions about the name Sinoui. My grandmothers name is Maria Sinoui, born in Arizona around 1908. Her grandmothers name is Guadalupe and was raised by her mothers causin which is raised from the same tribe. His name is Fred Sinoui Sharohway. Told my mother when she was a little girl that he was last of the tribe. If anyone knows anything about the last name Sharohway it might somehow be tied into the name of the tribe. Please contact me at the E-mail adress stated above.
Sunday, July 22nd 2007 - 05:07:34 PM
Name: David Sinogui
E-mail address: dt-moc@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Hi there, I was just wondering...does Sinogui and Sinohui derive from the same place or is it just two different ways of spelling the name. I was told by my aunt that the name came from the Yaqui tribe somewhere in the Arizona area and I stumbled upon this page by pure chance. Shed some light on me please?
Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 01:05:00 AM
Name: Eligio Enrique Sinohui Nava
E-mail address: avan.en@verizon,.net
Comments:Hello, My family would know me by Henry, I am 51 years of age and the names that where mention as Estevan and Francisca Sinohui are my Grandparents, I also found them in the census books. My mothers name is Maria Hilda Sinohui and was bron July 25, 1914 - Died July, 25, 1969.
So I'm sure some of us here are related by spirt and blood. I only new a few of my Uncles and one Aunt, There was Esteven Sinohui, Ralph Sinohui, Joe Sinohui, and Carmen Sinohui, thos are the ones I remember. Most of them lived in Escondido, Calif. for some time, except my mother who moved to Oxnard, CA. - So if anybody wants to get in touch please e-mail me and see what we come up with.

Eligio Enrique Sinohui Nava
Wednesday, January 24th 2007 - 04:03:17 PM
Name: Ellias
E-mail address: walkingeagle@netzero.com
Comments:I just recently discovered a birth certificate for a Maria Sinogui, dated Feb 23, 1921, of Nogales Arizona, which indicated her parents were Estevan Sinogui and Francisca Bojorquez from Magdalena Sonora Mexico It also, indicates Estevan was 50 years old and Francisca was 37 and that the number of children from her was 11 and that the number now living in 1921 was 8. With this information, I am confident these two people are Estevan Sinohui and Francisca Bojorquez our great grandparents. The name Sinogui and Bojorquez do appear is some historical documents from the Tumacacori National Historical Park web site. If you would like to view these documents the web site is

These documents were hand written in Spanish by the priest of the Mission, documenting Birth, Death and Baptisms from the 1600 to 1800. Good Luck on your research.
Sunday, October 1st 2006 - 01:30:16 PM
Name: Elias
E-mail address: walkingeagle@netzero.com
Comments:I have found the name Sinohui spelled a variety of different ways. Sinohui, Sinohue, Sinohuy, Sinoqui and Sinoe. But they all come from the same region, Sonora Mexico. We have to remember most of our people could not read or write, so when they were asked what their names were, the census takers were the ones who decided on the spelling. Through the years our people were listed as Mexican or White because of where they were born.

Here is a great web site you can use to check Arizona birth and death records for free. They will be display the Birth and Death certificates in PDF format.

Good Luck with your research
Wednesday, September 20th 2006 - 07:43:45 PM
Name: PAUL
E-mail address: debelling@msn.com
Comments:For Junior of Sept 9, in answer to your question regarding the name, you should scroll down this site to Feb. 28, 2003 and read the letter from Karlo. Other than his letter, most on this site say it is Papago or Yaqui. Paul
Sunday, September 10th 2006 - 06:45:12 AM
Name: Junior
E-mail address: raiderday2@hotmail.com
Comments:My question is the same as everyone else what tribe did the name sinohui came from please help me find out it is imortant that my children know this thank you...
Saturday, September 9th 2006 - 04:29:53 PM
Name: Gilbert Sinohui
Thursday, February 16th 2006 - 07:25:03 PM
Name: Raquel Becker
E-mail address: www.rockie030302@yahoo.com
Comments:I would like to know more about the Sinohui name and were I can research it. My mothers Fathers name was Rudolph Marrjo Sinohui.My younger sister and I were looking for anyone who might be able to help.Rudolph also had a son by the name of Rudolph Dale Sinohui & A daughter named Trudy J. Sinohui which we would like to contact.Our Greatgrandmothers name was Michkayla Anawalkie the spelling may not be exact but even if it sparks something please feel free to email me.
I would like to know were my family came from however disfunctional they mayhave been or still are :) and the girl in the pictures on http://members.aol.com looks very much like my sister even bites her top lip like her
Thursday, November 17th 2005 - 11:54:50 PM
Name: Mayra Sinohui
E-mail address: RLMJ314@AOL.COM
Comments:Guadlupe Sinohui Cruz (Greatgrandmother)
Maria De Los Angeles Sinohui Cruz (Grandma)
Refugio L. Sinohui (Mother)born in Nogales Sonora
Mayra Arlyn Sinohui
I was born in Nogales Sonora on October 27 Ive always wanted to know where my last name came from my mother says it comes from The Yaqui Indians if any of these names look familiar or if any one can telll me more about the Sinohui name please write me Thank you
Tuesday, June 28th 2005 - 09:14:55 PM
Name: Mayra Sinohui
E-mail address: RLMJ314@AOL.COM
Comments:Guadlupe Sinohui Cruz (Greatgrandmother)
Maria De Los Angeles Sinohui Cruz (Grandma)
Refugio L. Sinohui (Mother)born in Nogales Sonora
Mayra Arlyn Sinohui
I was born in Nogales Sonora on October 27 Ive always wanted to know where my last name came from my mother says it comes from The Yaqui Indians if any of these names look familiar or if any one can telll me more about the Sinohui name please write me Thank you
Tuesday, June 28th 2005 - 09:12:50 PM
Name: Manuel Sinohui
E-mail address: manuelsinohui@yahoo.com
Comments:First I just want to say Hello to all the Sinohuis out there. I don't know too much about where our name comes from but I would love to find out. If anyone has any information contact me please. Also anyone in the Los Angeles area write me we are probably related. My grandfathers name is Johnny, my fathers name is Manuel and i have lots of uncles and cousins. Most of which I haven't seen in a while. Thank you!!!
Tuesday, April 5th 2005 - 02:08:50 AM
Name: Victor Sinohui
E-mail address: SINOHUI316@YAHOO.COM
Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 04:54:57 AM
Name: richard sinohui
E-mail address: c75001@netzero.com
Comments:where does the sinohui word come from? what kind of indian are we? if you know please let me know.
Saturday, September 11th 2004 - 10:59:45 PM
Name: David C Sinohui
E-mail address: royalkdvd007@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.davidcs.com
Comments:Hey to all... Hailo to my peeps... Just touching basis and expressing deep feelings for my Grandpa who is now with Our Father- You rest Papa even tho I have never met you at an age where I knew you eye to eye, One day we will stand face to face and when you held me once I was young you will feel me now that same way. I am a Sinohui - Proud!!! And my two children Sunnerica and David Tomas are growing. Too many children today grow up without their fathers/mothers we are not taught that way- who has taught me? My God, I promise not to leave my children as my (earthly) father has left me I have grown up without my father. And now I stand a TRUE MAN created by the Creator. God's hand and my Grandmothers prayers have kept me. I"m proud to say my Blood is life. David (Senior), I call you out.. I understand that you were young standing against the WHITE FENCE IN EAST LOS ANGELOS, but now its time to fix what you have broken. I pray that the Almighty GOD speaks to your heart for you to know me and those who are with me- whether you do or not .. I will multiply. To the rest of my people- Love your family, enjoy your family while yet they are alive beacause once their gone, You will have missed them. David ( my pop) I have you here in my heart! And God has givin me Wisdom and Understanding to Love even those who show no love.

God Bless -
Brother David C. Sinohui
Clear Voice Ministries
628 Royer St.
Roseville, CA
Friday, August 27th 2004 - 04:55:49 PM
Name: sunnerica
E-mail address: smsinohui@msn.com
Comments:Hi im a sinohui my father is too! his name id david carlos sinohui
Monday, June 14th 2004 - 04:46:51 PM
Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 07:10:53 PM
Name: Paul
E-mail address: debelling@msn.com
Comments:The letter below this one contains a major error. I had thought that it was a father listed with 3 sons, but instead, it was a mother (or stepmother) listed as having 15 children with 3 living. I don't know if she meant Loreto and Julius if they were indeed her stepchildren. Sad lady burying 12 children. I asked several other people to decipher her first name and most said Da--ll. One said
Dan-ll. My wife and I both thought it started with an R. If you have any thoughts about this, use my email at the top. Paul
Tuesday, March 30th 2004 - 07:47:01 AM
Name: Paul
E-mail address: debelling@msn.com
Comments:My daughter-in-law is Marsha Sinohui De Belling. Her father was Domingo and his father was Loreto. I don't know who is right, but I have just returned from Salt Lake City, and was doing some looking up for Marsha, and I found 3 records for her. They seem to say different things than what your letter to "Sinohui" says. I'll tell you what they differ from yours from if you'll tell me where you got your information. I do have Loreto on the 1910 census of AZ, where he is listed as 28, b. AZ, brother Julius, 33, b. AZ. There is listed another brother, Thomasa, 29, b. AZ. All three are listed as sons, not stepsons. The head of household (I can't make out the name, if I must guess, I'd say Raull, but I've never heard of that name so it likely is not that, but the last 2 letters seem to be ll. Got any guesses?) is listed as a widower, 70, b. Mex. He lists 15 children born and 3 living. Although he says he was b. Mex, all 3 sons state their father was b. AZ.
I found the 1900 AZ census of Doroteo Oliv-----. He is listed as b. June 1838, Mex. 61, m. 20 years. Wife Ylaria, b. Feb. 1858, b. AZ, 42, mother of 10 children, with 5 living. son Pablo, 18, b. AZ, Daughter, Maria, b. Dec. 1884, AZ, 15, son Octavio, 14, and daughter Catalina, 12.
The third document I found was the marriage of Doroteo Olivadilla to Hilaria Martinez, June 18, 1888. This is 8 years different from what the census says and could be a typo. It was in Pima Co.
Some of the differences I see are that Loreto was b. 1873 or ~1882, Uncles name was Thomas, or ---ll, if really an Uncle, could be father and not Saturnino. Born in AZ or in Mex. I did not have the time or patience to scroll through all the thousands of entries for 1910 Tucson looking for Maria. She was not with Loreto. One of their children was b. 1911. Do you know of any earlier children of Loreto and Maria?

Your letter said:

My greatgrand father was Saturnino Sinohui, my great grandmother was Dominga Tautimer (both from Sonora & told they were sheep herders). My grandfather was Loreto Sinoui baptized 1881 in Cucurpe. He had a brother named Julio Sinohui. Both Loreto & Julio were orphaned at an early age. Their Aunt & Uncle Thomas & Guadalupe (their children were Pedro, Manuel & Maria) took them in. My grandfather Loreto Sinoui was born in 11-27-1873 in Sonora. Married my grandmother Maria Guadalupe Olivarria (father was Doroteo Olivarria from Sonora also.

Saturday, March 27th 2004 - 10:55:33 AM
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