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Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia, Inc.
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Name: Alan David Saul
E-mail address: kingfishskorner@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://kingfishkorners.com
Comments:I'd like to find out how many Jews live in Cairo, Grady County, Georgia?
Monday, December 10th 2012 - 08:49:26 AM
Name: Etta Adams
E-mail address: nazirah555@yahoo.com
Comments: Greetings: I have found a Jewish connection in my research on my family history. This was a surprise as I am an African-American. The manner in which this information was revealed was extraordinary in and of itself. This journey has been therapeutic for me and my family and I pray may be able to help others who are searching their roots. I hope to find this a gentleman named Alfred C. Mendel. He served in the Civil War stationed in South Carolina and relocated to Cleveland, Ohio.
Wednesday, October 31st 2012 - 12:05:25 AM
Name: Dena Brett
E-mail address: denabrett@yahoo.com

By Gary Deutsch

For The Atlanta Jewish Times

Thank you for your article. Very refreshing to see the truth and the great desire we have to help others know they are the key to bringing their ancestors and their descendants together as a family. We are sharing your article around in the LDS community of Atlanta.

Dena Brett
Director of Public Affairs - Atlanta
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Wednesday, May 9th 2012 - 09:42:40 AM
Name: Mel Krupnick
E-mail address: news@mynertamid.org
Comments:Just to let those who may be a relative of Leo M. Frank, who was tried & lynched in Georgia for the 1913 murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan at the National Pencil Factory, that there will be a free lecture December 1, 2011 at Kennesaw State University Museum of History and Holocaust Education, KSU Center, 3333 Busbee Drive , Kennesaw, Georgia 30144. Doors open 6:30pm. Lecture 7pm. Given by Kennesaw State University’s Hillel Chapter, are proud to present a lecture by Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney for Cobb County Judicial Circuit & Marietta City Councilman Van Pearlberg. Sponsored by Congregation Ner Tamid and the KSU Hillel Chapter. More info at www.mynertamid.org
Sunday, November 6th 2011 - 12:51:18 PM
Name: William M. Solomons Sr.
E-mail address: saluter24@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/o/l/William-M-Solomons/index.html
Comments:Originally from Western Europe, the ancestors of the Jewish families moved from Charleston S.C. to Savannah, GA in the 1840's for better, greener pastures.
Friday, April 29th 2011 - 04:20:34 PM
Name: Debbie Lutz
E-mail address: cycleoutlet@pennswoods.net
Comments:Looking for any information on Philip (Teiwisch) Lutz (Lutzkovsky) from Ryzhanovka Russia or Noah Brodsky's from Pliskov who came to Pennsylvania and Maryland in 1907(ish)
Friday, October 1st 2010 - 06:38:00 PM
Name: Stephanie Anderson
E-mail address: mikenstephy@msn.com
Comments:Looking for

Mrs ROSA B. ENOS: born 28nov1881 and death 1feb1972

ROSA was married to a MR. SCHWARTZ (Changed to BLACK)

ROSA had a child named JESSIE MILDRED BLACK: Born 8 Oct 1903, Death 17 Sept 1985.

Please help me establish if this is my jewish ancestor.

Thank you.
Saturday, March 27th 2010 - 08:16:04 AM
Name: Reuben Harris Holmes
E-mail address: reuben.holmes@talk21.com
Comments:Following my previous guestbook entry I omitted to mention the name of the person/s I am looking to locate in Atlanta or Geogia itself, the name of the person is Janice Rae Goldstein, who's late Mother and Father were Jake And Annie Goldstein. Annie Goldstein was born in Liverpool UK and her maiden name was Dansky and her Father was my Grandfather, she settled in America after marrying Jake whilst he was serving in the USAAF during World War 2.

Janice would be in her early sixties and possibly married and had children, any information would be greatly welcomed as I would dearly like to make contact with her.

Thanks to one and all in anticipation.

Reuben Harris Holmes.
Friday, August 28th 2009 - 03:50:38 PM
Name: Reuben Harris Holmes
E-mail address: reuben.holmes@talk21.com
Comments:Hi to all,

Just dropped in to your site, I am trying to locate a family relation in Georgia possibly Atlanta, will look through your site, who knows I might achieve my dream in search of my roots.

Love from myself to one and all.

Reuben H - United Kingdom
Saturday, August 22nd 2009 - 07:12:53 AM
Name: kaye paletz
E-mail address: kpaletz@verizon.net
Comments:Just found lots of relatives in Savannah. Visited Savannah in May. Lovely city and lovely people
Wednesday, November 5th 2008 - 03:05:41 PM
Name: Lula Nolen Clements
E-mail address: lucclements@bellsouth.net
Homepage URL: http://dreambook:JewishGenealogicalSocietyofgeorgia.inc
Sunday, October 12th 2008 - 01:54:30 PM
Name: Joseph A. Decoalla
E-mail address: albertcoalla@yahoo.com
Wednesday, May 21st 2008 - 07:28:50 PM
Name: Robert E. Davis
E-mail address: Robert.Davis@oscn.net
Comments:I am the Grandson of Gladys Elmore Kitchens Davis who was born in Milledgville Georgia in approximately 1900. She always told family that her mother was Jewish from either Georgia or Bibb Co Alabama. The family names mentioned to me were Latham, Hicks, Smithson, Elmore, etc. I do not know my Jewish heritage and really wish to. Do you have any suggestions for where to begin? It is important for me to know. The story told is that my great grandmothers family was othodox and when she married a gentile, she was disowned and banished from the family. This may pose a roadblock for me. All are deceased who might know the Hebrew name connected. I would be proud to know my Jewish History.
Wednesday, February 6th 2008 - 02:22:00 PM
Name: Amy O'Connor (nee Schaul)
E-mail address: azooconnor@yahoo.com
Comments:Thank you for the site. I believe my ancestors helped build the Temple in Savannah, GA? Our last name is Schaul. We are related to family: Rose, Silverstein, Garb, Moskowitz ??? Any information would be appreciated.
Friday, February 1st 2008 - 06:22:12 AM
Name: Harold Goldwasser
E-mail address: haauh2o@msn.com
Comments:Would like to hear from any Goldwasser's.
Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 02:36:19 PM
Name: David de la Penha
E-mail address: d.penha@kpnplanet.nl
Homepage URL: http://home.kpnplanet.nl/~D.Penha@kpnplanet.nl/
Comments:I am looking for information about Mr.Daniel S de la Penha and his family from Savannah , Georgia.
Also about Rabbi, Isaac de la Penha from Montreal and his family.
Sunday, June 17th 2007 - 02:13:45 AM
Name: Daniel Liptz
E-mail address: liptz@njdc.org
Comments:Here's the webpage for Temple Israel in Valdosta.
Thursday, June 14th 2007 - 11:23:03 AM
Name: Daniel Liptz
E-mail address: dliptz@andrew.cmu.edu
Comments:Here is the website for Temple B'nai Israel in Albany

Thursday, June 14th 2007 - 07:28:22 AM
Name: Rita Jacobs
E-mail address: ritaj30180@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:Looking for tombstone information and cemetery of following people:
Pauline Robbins; Jack Robbins, Abraham and Mollie( various spelling for their name} Rogowski, Rayowski, Ragowsli, Royowski, or Rogawski.
Thank you
Friday, March 16th 2007 - 07:35:08 AM
Name: jane murray
E-mail address: jbmurray26@yahoo.com
Comments:lI am looking for information about the Mark H. Schaul family from Savannah. They owned a cothing business Meinhart&Schaul clothing Co. Mark's wife was names Sarah?
Mark and Sarah are my great grandparents.
Jane Murray
Friday, January 12th 2007 - 11:04:44 AM
Name: David Joshua
E-mail address: dsjew59@yahoo.com
Comments: Thanks for the site. My family lives in the Atlanta area. Shouts to Rabbi Tomni Tuviya Colbrit.
Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 10:57:24 PM
Name: Dorothy A Fischman
E-mail address: dafisch1@aol.com
Comments:This is a wonderful site. Thank you
Monday, May 29th 2006 - 06:02:17 AM
Name: Dan Duwell
E-mail address: duwell@bellsouth.net
Sunday, March 12th 2006 - 07:12:26 AM
Name: Gerald "Jerry" Dubin
E-mail address: gpdubin@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://don't have one
Comments:My father, Dan Dubin came through Baltimore with his parents, Moshe and Bertha, from Pliskov in 1904. At the time, he was less than a year old. They moved to Chicago, where he was in the furniture business until his retirement. In the 1980's he and my mother moved to West Palm Beach, where they died in 1991 and '92.
Wednesday, January 4th 2006 - 04:56:03 PM
Name: jack segal
E-mail address: jack_segal@hotmail.com
Comments:I am researching my father's background and original family name. His original famiy name was Schtiglic, and this may not be the actual spelling as it was recorded on citizenship documents. He came from Pliskov, a village in old Russia. He boarded the SS. Brandenburg at Bremen, Germany in Septemer l918 , and arrived at the port of Baltimore, about 6 to 8 days later. Any one from the village of Pliskov? I'm trying to get the passenger list of the Brandenburg, landing in Baltimore. Any help??
Tuesday, September 14th 2004 - 02:13:38 PM
Name: Cheri Ungerleider Crothers
E-mail address: CheriUnger@aol.com
Comments:Nice site.
Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 09:45:41 AM
Name: Natalie Anne Vey
E-mail address: natalievey@hotmail.com
Comments:I am researching my family history, and need some help. If anyone knows about Adam Vay(Vey) from Vaja,Hungary,please email me. Also, during WWII in my ancestors village we hid hundreds of Jewish people. I am trying to get to the bottom of my Jewish roots. Any help will be appreciated. Thank You, Natalie Anne Vey
Saturday, August 3rd 2002 - 09:44:16 PM
Name: Abby
E-mail address: abby@miniature-bull-terrier-dogs.com
Homepage URL: http://www.miniature-bull-terrier-dogs.com
Comments:Magnificent site and very appropriate!
Thursday, June 13th 2002 - 07:28:36 AM
Name: Phyllis Forman
E-mail address: fill4man@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/graciesmom2002/Genealogy.html
Comments:Wonderful site - found you on JewishGen. No, I'm not
in Georgia; but I do have family there.
Sunday, April 14th 2002 - 07:16:12 PM
Name: Carol Kohn
E-mail address: ckohn@aol.com
Sunday, February 10th 2002 - 08:18:45 AM
Name: Marcelle Hicks Varmecky
E-mail address: rojodr@msn.com
Comments:Looking for Greenblatt family of Atlanta 1890's.
My grandfather was Nathan Greenblatt, born 1896 in Atlanta. Nathan's parents were Esidore Greenblatt, born 1873, Katie Burstein Greenblatt. Esidore owned a department store in Pensacola, Fl. Have family photos of Esidore, siblings and parents.

Marcelle Hicks Varmecky
Wednesday, January 16th 2002 - 07:04:33 PM
Name: Rachelle Leaf Berliner
E-mail address: rlberliner@aol.com
Comments:This is a wonderful group and I regret that living in Savannah prohibits my attending the meetings. Perhaps one day I will be able to make it. I thoroughly enjoy Hillary's postings to the Jewishgen site.

Monday, January 14th 2002 - 05:31:45 AM
Name: miriam
E-mail address: qwez22@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.menorah.com
Comments:nice site.good luck wish we had one here in maryland
Tuesday, January 1st 2002 - 11:36:09 AM
Name: William B. Schwartz III
E-mail address: schwartz@offitbank.com
Comments:I want to become involved.
Friday, December 14th 2001 - 05:33:04 AM
Name: Archie Taina
E-mail address: archt@netvision.net.il
Comments:Nice site!!!!!
I met you at the London Conference.
"You" know who "you" are!!!!!!!!!
Im looking for Tainovich from Vilna
Golomb from Vilna
Zlotnick from Kedan
Lopis from Kedan
Wednesday, July 18th 2001 - 09:36:17 AM
Name: Dorothy Kurkiewicz
E-mail address: dkurkiewicz@yahoo.com
Comments:Looking for my great grandfather Emanuel Titlebaum and
uncle Joseph Titlebaum. Found one Uncle Simon Titlebaum in
Westview Cemetary but need information on the rest of the
Wednesday, July 4th 2001 - 03:49:06 PM
Name: Ray Robinson
E-mail address: ray@robinson4.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:I am searching for information on my late fathers Aunt
Tilley Robinson who moved to Atlanta from Liverpool England
after her husband Hyman died in 1954. I think her maiden
name was Dansky. I believe that Tilley passed away in May
1983, I found that record in the Social Security Records. I
can recall that she lived in a condominium in .... wait for
it.... Peachtree something!. I have since found out how
many Peachtrees there are in Atlanta!. I know that Tilley
moved to Atlanta because she had relatives there but I
don't know who. I would love to hear from someone who knew
Tilley, I last met her in the mid 70's when she returned to
Liverpool for a vacation.
Friday, May 25th 2001 - 02:16:59 PM
Name: Jim Blum
E-mail address: jim@jkblum.com
Comments:I am searching for contacts to find information on the
WAXELBAUM family of MACON or ATHENS GA. My wife's great
great grandmother was Lulu (Louise?) Waxelbaum born circa
1890 and a daughter of Joseph and Rosanna Waxelbaum
probably of Macon. Lulu was born in NYC after the family
moved north and married Henry Liebman. Any leads will be
gratefully appreciated.
Sunday, April 8th 2001 - 12:45:40 PM
Name: Susan Green Baker-Coble
E-mail address: scseastar@aol.com
Comments:I am researching my family history and am interested in
finding out how I can find out if some of the relatives I
am looking for are buried in Greenwood Cemetary or Crest
Lawn Memorial Park. How can I get this information?
Friday, April 6th 2001 - 09:44:38 AM
Name: Rabbi Sidney Vineburg
E-mail address: gbrav@aol.com
Comments:This is a great site! My ancestor, Isaac Vineburg
(Vineberg) served in the Georgia Militia during the WBTS,
and his home, built in 1865, survives on the historic home
tour in Forsyth (Monroe County). The street is named after
him as well.

I hope to visit sometime in the future. Thanks for the
links to further sources.
Tuesday, March 27th 2001 - 07:43:45 AM
Name: Joe
E-mail address: Joe@deadfred.com
Homepage URL: http://www.deadfred.com
Comments:Nice site.. well thought out .. thanks for sharing
Saturday, March 24th 2001 - 10:30:07 AM
Name: Nancy Hirsch
E-mail address: NH475@aol.com
Comments:I enjoyed the class and am impatient to start.
Friday, March 16th 2001 - 07:36:29 AM
Name: Rita Jacobs
E-mail address: ritaj30180@yahoo.com
Comments:I am researching my husband family, Morris Jacobs of Atlanta
and I am interested in list for Greenwood Cemetary.
Friday, February 9th 2001 - 06:49:59 AM
Name: matt
E-mail address: matt@visualflux.net
Homepage URL: http://www.orlandoattractions.com
Comments:Good site, easy to gain information.
Friday, February 2nd 2001 - 12:40:30 PM
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