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Welcome to Russia
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I'm Kf7NQH Seattle Washington.

Cycle 24 is coming in so will try to make Russian contacts.
I'm a Russian aircraft fan. Was aboard AN-225 when it was in Everett Washington..
I think it looks much like American construction. I was a primary structures inspector at Boeing Seattle Renton plant.
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73 from SM6AAL QRP-operator on 3,5 MHz CW
Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 03:01:24 AM
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Comments:К сожалению не нашел содержимого на русском языке. А так интересно было почитать, что земляки да еще с аналогичной болезнью сделали...
Wednesday, July 25th 2007 - 09:45:44 PM
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73! от RA0SGX
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Comments:Interesting stuff about the lake... i never knew it was soooooo big!
Friday, April 1st 2005 - 04:03:54 PM
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Comments: A very nice website! I hope to come out and travel the region. I will try to look you up.
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Saturday, November 22nd 2003 - 07:43:43 AM
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Wednesday, February 19th 2003 - 05:17:47 PM
Name: Bram
E-mail address: B.peek@hi.nl
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Comments:Nice website i was in russia this summer and i visited moskow and penza, my girlfriend is russian.
my name is bram and callsign PE2EK(class 2 cept licence)

succes with the hobby and the website
it is difficult to find any radio amateurs clubs in russia because most of the e-mail adresses are ending with .su and they are not in use any more

73 55 from pe2ek
Monday, February 17th 2003 - 06:12:07 AM
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Friday, March 8th 2002 - 07:39:07 PM
Name: Gennady
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Comments:Hey, Igor!
Wake up and go on 10m! It is so loud this days!
(January, 2002)
Friday, January 18th 2002 - 12:06:38 PM
Name: yuri
E-mail address: es3hv@mail.ru
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Comments:почуму ваша страница не открывается на русском языке
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Sunday, December 30th 2001 - 02:21:27 AM
Name: Claire
E-mail address: igotzegroove@hotmail.com
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Comments:A big "hi" from Wisconsin, USA!

I think you people will agree when I say this site is full of useful information. My only complaint is with the web grammer lesson section: I need more help with the flap r's. (I'm a little slow, lol) All the same, it is excellent.

Wednesday, September 19th 2001 - 07:50:53 PM
Name: nina
E-mail address: boogiemanilow@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
i've always dreamed of going to russia, but in particular,
to see lake baikal. i once saw in a special, that there's a
time that the lake freezes over completely in big, choppy
blocks. (sorry if i sound like an idiot:p) but if this is
true, when does that happen? or what time is it at it's
best? haha i just really would love to see that. i figure
if i save up and plan to come there, i have to make sure i
see it!!

looking forward to any pics you may put up!!

Sunday, July 29th 2001 - 12:21:48 AM
Name: Doug Waller / Nx4d
E-mail address: nx4d@earthlink.net
Comments:Dr OM Igor: Thank you for a great and informative homepage!
I still need CQ Zones 18 and 23 on 80M, so I was searching
for information and here I am. Years ago I lived in
Montana and had callsign w7lyp. Now I live near Orlando,
Florida, but miss the Montana winters, so please have some
winter/snow fun for me Igor.

Hope to meet up with you on 80 Meters one of these years!

73/DX, OM Doug
Thursday, December 7th 2000 - 11:45:41 PM
Name: Bill Stevens (KL7IDA)
E-mail address: KL7IDA@WL7LP/AMPR/ORG
Homepage URL: http://
Tuesday, April 11th 2000 - 10:55:39 PM
Name: Robert Chambers
E-mail address: KA9YHD@netscape.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello I found your web page on the Visting Russia web page.
I wanted to take the time to say hello to a fellow amateur
radio operator.
Friday, March 24th 2000 - 01:10:37 AM
Homepage URL: http://
Monday, August 16th 1999 - 03:35:29 PM
Name: Dean Zemple
E-mail address: dzemple@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:We are interested in the history of Eastern Siberia. We
would like to know what the geography is like in that area.
Is it cold most of the time?. What are the major cities
like? Any information about this area would be fine . Than
Friday, August 13th 1999 - 04:32:27 PM
Name: Baatar Sanbuu
E-mail address: jt1ja@magicnet.mn
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/FM102_5/jt1bg.html
Comments:Molodets! Otlichnyi website.
Rad byl vstreche v efire. Nadeeyus' moya QSL-kartochka
seichas uzhe doshla. Vsego dobrogo i udachi!
Hope to meet you on the air soon.
Baatar Sambuu, JT1BG,
Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA
Friday, August 6th 1999 - 07:05:09 PM
Name: Baatar Sanbuu
E-mail address: jt1ja@magicnet.mn
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/FM102_5/jt1bg.html
Comments:Molodets! Otlichnyi website.
Rad byl vstreche v efire. Nadeeyus' moya QSL_kartochka
seichas uzhe doshla. Vsego dobrogo i udachi!
Hope to meet you on the air soon.
Baatar Sambuu, JT1BG,
Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA
Friday, August 6th 1999 - 07:04:45 PM
Name: William Ort
E-mail address: pa0asd@amsat.org
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hallo OM,
Nice to visite your very good homepage.
Hope to meet you on the air once.
Enjoy the hobby.
73 de Bill
Sunday, June 6th 1999 - 04:24:20 AM
Name: Doug
E-mail address: helmsman@mindspring.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mindspring.com/~helmsman
Comments:A wonderful set of pages. You did a fine job on them.
I hope someday we can make contact via HF.
73 KG8PM
Saturday, March 6th 1999 - 01:54:27 PM
Name: Y.Goutsal
E-mail address: ysg_dome@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:It was a great idea to create something about places which
are so far from 'central Russia. Most of foreign people do
not know more than St.Peterburg and Moscow, Hermitage and
red Square. This is really something to look at. However,
i think it would be alot better if there were more pictures
of Lake Baikal.
Saturday, January 23rd 1999 - 08:01:40 AM
Name: Lloyd Curry
E-mail address: na4d@kih.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Enjoyed the site. I will be looking for you and
your friends for zones 17 & 18 on 80 mts. Best 73
& DX. NA4D Lloyd Greensburg, Ky. usa
Monday, December 14th 1998 - 10:52:28 AM
Name: Philippe Begue F8AWA
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Pretty nice job, very impressive : russian language, local
news and geographic information. It is a very pleasant site
to visit.
Best 73 from Philippe F8AWA (Paris)
Friday, November 20th 1998 - 05:04:47 AM
Name: Ina Brittain
E-mail address: Brittain@ceo.sbceo.k12.ca.us
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am trying to find an address for RA0FDM so my
husband W6OQX can QSL their recent CW contact. Do you
know of Call Sign Servers for your country? Your Web
Page is fantastic - so colorful and informative.
Thank you.
Saturday, October 31st 1998 - 08:52:00 AM
Name: L. Ross
E-mail address: LSSRoss@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://

You did an awesome job on your homepage. Stay warm!!! I
live in Minneapolis, MN USA and know what it's like to live
in a cold climate. Take Care
Saturday, October 17th 1998 - 10:09:07 PM
Name: Sergej Gerasimenko - RA 1 TV
E-mail address: ex_ua0sgj@plywood.chrws.nov.su
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Good luck all HAMs UA0S from Chudovo-NV and 73!!!
Saturday, October 10th 1998 - 07:39:11 AM
Name: Graham Cash G7LNO
E-mail address: graham.cash@ukonline.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/graham.cash/
Comments:Nice lake animation, you need amateur radio I think living
out there, not much there I guess.
Saturday, September 26th 1998 - 01:30:54 AM
Name: Ron Jones
E-mail address: ronjones@comteck.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Great home page Igor
Sunday, September 6th 1998 - 05:25:16 PM
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