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531 Gray Ghost Squadron Homepage
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Name: Ken Klaus
E-mail address: kenklaus@yahoo.com
Comments:update of email
Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 01:31:41 PM
Name: kimberly cory-anderson
E-mail address: luckydogage@yahoo.com
Saturday, November 16th 2013 - 04:30:22 PM
Name: kimberly cory-anderson
E-mail address: luckydogage@yahoo.com
Saturday, November 16th 2013 - 04:29:18 PM
Name: Russell F Scanlan
E-mail address: RussellScanlan@comcast.net
Comments:Signed in here some time ago but have new email addy, see above. I enjoyed my time in 531. Semper Fi to all.
Saturday, November 16th 2013 - 12:26:22 PM
Name: Sandy B.
E-mail address: sandy.bernabei@gmail.com
Comments:With the 151st 62-67. Not much to tell except there was a lot of action, we would go at it for hours. Miss you guys; we had something special. We expecienced a lot. Things I would never tell my wife. It would break her heart. The memories still keep me going. I get such a charge thinking about it! Reach me at 914 522-5997 during the day. -SB
Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 08:58:14 PM
Name: Curt Holcomb
E-mail address: curt1420@mchsi.com
Comments:I was with 531 1964-65. Intell Shop, Capt D.K. Hanna Intell Officer, MSgt Williams, Intell NCOIC, Da Nang '65. Great outfit. Semper Fi deSKY
Monday, August 19th 2013 - 02:58:32 PM
Name: Jim Stowell
E-mail address: Stonehomes@aol.com
Comments:Hi guys, trying to hook up with anyone that can get hold of a poster with a crew including Bombardere Jim Stowell standing around an early F4 taken around the time of the CC at Key West. I'm trying to locate it for Jim, his beloved poster was destroyed and I'm his son in law and caregiver. Jim has Alsheimers and if I can find this back for him, that would be so great. Also, if anyone remembers him, drop us a note, love to hear from anyone. Here's a Semper Fi from a Dutch Marine . Thanks Boys
Thursday, August 15th 2013 - 12:36:31 PM
Name: Sally I Semple
E-mail address: ssemplern@gmail.com
Comments:I have not received any news letter from the GrayGhosts for almost 2 years. I am a lifelong Hon member due to my late husband being in the Squadron. I miss the updates and keeping in touch with the Squadron. They always made me feel a part of a family. I have moved and maybe it might explain why I have not heard for a long time. I can leave you my mailing address if you like. Jimmy Fox and Wes Johnson were 2 amazing people who helped me through the time when my husband was dying. My current address is 84 Groveville Road, Buxton Maine, 04093. I used to live in Scarborough. Hope to hear something, Sincerely, Sally
Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 05:05:39 PM
Name: Sally I Semple
E-mail address: ssemplern@gmail.com
Comments:I have not received any news letter from the GrayGhosts for almost 2 years. I am a lifelong Hon member due to my late husband being in the Squadron. I miss the updates and keeping in touch with the Squadron. They always made me feel a part of a family. I have moved and maybe it might explain why I have not heard for a long time. I can leave you my mailing address if you like. Jimmy Fox and Wes Johnson were 2 amazing people who helped me through the time when my husband was dying. My current address is 84 Groveville Road, Buxton Maine, 04093. I used to live in Scarborough. Hope to hear something, Sincerely, Sally
Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 05:05:20 PM
Name: Nick Mesagno
E-mail address: happyinva2002@aol.com
Comments:In Oct. 1962 I was assigned to VMT-1 At Cherry Pt. When the Cuban crisis started I was transfered to 531 and was sent to Key West NAS Boca Chica. I stayed with 531 untill Jan-Feb. 1963 then back to VMT-1. Can anyone verify this. Tks. Nick USMC 1961-1965
Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 04:37:36 AM
Name: charles lopez
E-mail address: clubelmo21@yahoo.com
Comments:I worked in the metal shop. I was l/cpl lopez with the 531 from 1968- to mid 1970.I spent my last year with hml-367 (cobras)scarface.All good times.
Saturday, June 1st 2013 - 12:11:29 AM
Name: Steve Miller, Sgt USMC 66-70
E-mail address: millersj@charter.net
Comments:VMFA 531 Com/Nav shop 8/67 till squadron split, joined VMFAT-201 as instructor on Shoehorn and T/Sec package. Enjoyed enlisted flight-orders for check rides on birds coming out of NavAir Rework. I,too, worked on double nuts when she was at Cherry Point. I guess I've thought about ol'droopytailed F4's every day since my EOS. Worked alongside great guys: Sgt Hank Nance, Gunny Hernandez, Earl McClain, Tommy Baker, Sgt Gene Carmen, and others fondly remembered from nearly half a century ago.
Saturday, May 18th 2013 - 02:00:40 PM
Name: Thelma T. Kropp
E-mail address: thelmatk@bellsouth.net
Comments:Looking back through prior posts and found I still had my e-mail address incorrect. I am interested in hearing from anyone who knew Ronald G. Kropp, probably a major at that time. I am trying to put together a bio for Capt. Catherine Lahovisky, who received Ron's sword as a final request of his that it go to the top NFO from the training squadron. Met Colonel John M. Jansen in DC at the MCAA and he overheard my comments to a group from 531 amd offered his help. The ceremony was held on the 34th rooftom of the Hyatt in San Diego, and was so beautiful and moving. I have photos of the event which I will get posted soon. Look forward to hearing from anyone who knew or flew with Ron during his days in the Grey Ghosts. Thelma T. Kropp thelmatk@bellsouth.net
Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 11:29:11 AM
Name: Patricia Bardon Kepler
E-mail address: Pkepler@gmail.com
Comments:Hi, John C. (Jack) Bardon also known as Condor is my father. He relocated to Havelock NC for his retirement. I wanted to let those of you who served with him know that he past away this afternoon. He was so proud to serve along side all of you and I am so proud to be his daughter. RIP Dad.
Saturday, April 13th 2013 - 05:05:10 PM
Name: SSgt Mike ( SKY) KING
E-mail address: kingleah87@yahoo.com
Comments:YO , I was with the Ghost 3 times. 1968 - 69,1972-75, 1978- 1981. The " BEST IN THE WEST ". Lt. Flock first job as an OIC was the Flight Line, Corral Sea fun time. Not a bad start as he ret as a MAJGEN. Good times with Top Turk, Gysgt Katting and the "BEST FLIGHT LINE " in the Corps. Gysgt King ( RET )
Tuesday, February 19th 2013 - 08:10:01 AM
Name: S/Sgt Michael Fiss
E-mail address: Michaelfiss@optonline.net
Comments:1976-1977 in 531 after MCRD San Diego. Looking for Greg Quinn or Chuck Dunn
Friday, February 8th 2013 - 03:58:11 PM
Name: Thelma T. Kropp
E-mail address: thelmatk@bellsouth.net
Comments:I am interested in hearing from any one who served with Ronald g. Kropp, probably a major at that time, retired as Lt.Col in 1973. Ron died 10/8/2010. I am trying to piece together a history of his time in the marine Corps, which spanned a period of 28 years, rising from private to Lt.Col My e-mail address is thelmtk@bellsouth.net He was the first NFO to get command of an active F-4 Squardron, moving the squadron from Beaufort, S. C. to Cherry Point, NC.
Friday, January 18th 2013 - 05:07:03 PM
Name: Willie Allen
E-mail address: williejames.allen@rolls-royce.com
Comments:Good morning "Gray Ghost". I served 81-84 in Maint Admin. Looking back, I had a blast. I got a kick out of having a office next to Top Turk, he was a trip. I came from the Grunts (Camp Lejeune), squadron members treated me like family from the very start. Everyday was something new, F/L provided so much entertainment. I'm working with Rolls-Royce NAS Meridian. Anyone in the area or visiting give me a holla!
Friday, October 19th 2012 - 09:52:12 AM
Name: Dave Curtis
E-mail address: dccurt@yahoo.com
Comments:VMFA 531/201 67-68 seat shop with Sgt Pence (Pappy)
Friday, October 19th 2012 - 12:45:54 AM
Name: Bob
E-mail address: baystatevet@verizon.net
Comments:does anyone remember IN 1971 an F-4 took off from ElToro late summer i believe late on a saturday night and had a flameout and crashed into the orange groves outside the base? Both pilot and REO ejected? Just wondering? I worked in the S & S Shop, Steve D & I had put the seats in 2 days before the crash.
Wednesday, September 12th 2012 - 08:53:09 AM
Name: Lynn Maxey
E-mail address: lynnmaxey@hotmail.com
Comments:Was in 531/201 from 1966 to 1969. Does anyone remember and know anything about Major "H+10" (Heinzerling) and/or Capt Mike Schrempp?? Mike was the best F-4 pilot in the Corps.
Wednesday, September 5th 2012 - 08:46:23 AM
Name: Lynn Maxey
E-mail address: lynnmaxey@hotmail
Comments:I was an AE in VMFA-531 and later VMFAT-201 and during my tour was able to fly in the back seat of the F-4's. Best ride ever.
Wednesday, September 5th 2012 - 08:37:38 AM
Name: Ron Adamson
E-mail address: sebwash@att.net
Friday, August 24th 2012 - 07:30:37 PM
Name: John Fisher
E-mail address: jfisher@rainbowdecorating.com
Comments:S0 many memories. Would love to find my mate Ron. Things have changed, but back then I could never admit how I felt about my partner in crime George. He had muscles that melted me like ice cream. We were tight. Semper Fi!
Friday, June 15th 2012 - 09:00:58 PM
Name: Mark Pascavis
E-mail address: vettelvr531@hotmail.com
Comments:Great site and I agree with the others it brings back memeories of great times and serving with a great group of Marines!! I joined 531 as we were preparing to get the F-18 at that point we went to NAS Lemoore with VFA-125. Then on to El Toro. Would love to hear from anyone who served 1983-1986!! Semper Fi to all you fellow Ghost's
Thursday, May 24th 2012 - 10:31:03 PM
Name: Chris Clark MGySgt (Ret)
E-mail address: clarkscjdk@hotmail.com
Comments:Served in 531 from Aug 82- Apr 91 including the "Chon". Best years of my career. Ordie, Maintenance Control, QA. Loved playing softball with the best guys ever! Best outfit to be in. From LtCol. Lucas on. We had the right attitude.
Sunday, May 20th 2012 - 12:12:39 AM
Name: Mike Doukas
E-mail address: mdoukas@usgs.gov
Comments:On board 1968 to 1969? Electric Shop. Where is everybody
Wednesday, May 16th 2012 - 03:32:28 PM
Name: Ron Mauer
E-mail address: KB4JNK@gmail.com
Comments:Was COMNAV with VMF(AW)531 beginning in 1961. We were trained at NAS Oceana by VF101, then returned to Cherry Point, then deployed during the Cuban Crisis to NAS Key West at Boca Chica. Where are you George Lee and John Fisher? Would love to hear from you.
Friday, May 11th 2012 - 09:24:23 AM
Name: Rich Elliott
E-mail address: richard_elliott@sbcglobal.net
Comments:A Grey Ghost from April 82 to Dec 83 in PowerPlants and Test Cell in H&MS-11. Nice to see so may posts from the pate Phantom to Hornet introduction era. Now working for as Field Service Rep on F-35 (F135 Engine). Semper Fi!
Sunday, April 22nd 2012 - 02:43:46 PM
Name: Joe "Smoken Joe" Hennessy
E-mail address: josephhennessy@ymail.com
Comments:What a long and starange road it has been. I served my entire enlistment in VMFA-531, besides school. Got there in 1987 and left in 1992. Although I didnt fit the mold, I had the greatest time when you think back. Single, dumb and living like a loose cannon. Living and working in one of the most beutiful place on earth only to be broken up by traveling the far east and spreading joy the whole way. I owe a a lot people like Pep, Beard, Bunny Gumpas, Seacrest, Surge, Iron Mike,Griz and all others. ( I know I have missed a lot of names, but take heart that you all had an effect on me) Semper fig newton , Leather head! carry on , my faithful warrior!
Friday, April 20th 2012 - 10:40:06 AM
Name: Norm Hassler Sgt
E-mail address: NormTheRascal@gmail.com
Comments:Hi guys, "wonderboy" here. I served with VMFA-531 from mid 1975 thru Sept 1978 as a Radar on the F4-N. I miss my friends from those days.
Friday, April 20th 2012 - 06:35:57 AM
Name: Robert Klitzka
E-mail address: rjk463@charter.net
Comments:This is a very unique site. I was in Com/Nav from 1980 until a little after the cruise to try to bring our hostages home. I also did some time as a Maint. Controller.Being a part of 531 was one of my best experiences! I thought we were the best at Maintenance of any other squadron up and running at the time! Semper Fi!
Friday, April 20th 2012 - 03:07:44 AM
Name: Samuel Dunn
E-mail address: Samuel.Dunn@yahoo.com
Comments:@Mark Fischer Oh that's great! The bitch book. Gunny Bumpus was in the that every other day. Can't have that type of book in today's Corps. Too bad... It was good for morale. We use to check the bitch book before we checked the maintenance book every morning. That book needs to be protected at all cost. Make sure it survives forever. I'm glad to say I was never in the book. I was too newbie to be blamed for much.
Saturday, April 7th 2012 - 10:21:14 AM
Name: Robert Scott
E-mail address: r.scott@smartmoneycommodities.com
Comments:Wow I cant believe there is a fan page here on the web. My name is Robert Scott. I lived at 180 Connor Ave from 1985-1992. I used to ride my bike down to the squadron and ask for tours in the planes during my youth and there was always this Gunny Nisley that was always like a second father to me and showed me around and let me sit in the Pilots briefing room. Still to this day I remember him letting me sit inside the F/A-18 and he turned the electronics on!!!!! Highlight of my life. My dad was always deployed and I really needed a father figure which he was. I would love to meet him or get in contact with him again. Please if anyone on this thread knows how I can get in contact with him I would greatly appreciate it.
Friday, April 6th 2012 - 12:15:42 PM
Name: dubon sgt
E-mail address: ddubon1@cox.net
Comments:f/e shop 76 tru78
Monday, March 26th 2012 - 02:05:21 PM
Name: Robin Sloan
E-mail address: robinsloan61@yahoo.com
Comments:My dad, Eugene Sloan, was grey ghost 1959-1961. I'm getting him a tee shirt for his birthday!
Friday, January 20th 2012 - 10:20:59 AM
Name: Ray Badger
E-mail address: raybad43@yahoo.com
Comments:63-65,vmfa 531 motor pool,tug shop.Danang 65.
Monday, January 9th 2012 - 05:54:42 PM
Name: Scott "Scooter" Netser
E-mail address: ussnet61@gmail.com
Comments:Looking to hear from anyone who served from 1980-1983. I worked in the airframes metal shop.
Wednesday, January 4th 2012 - 04:55:16 PM
Name: van kent
E-mail address: vpurplefox1@comcast.net
Comments:love the site tme metal shop late 79 worked nites with ron hasten transfered to tustin when 531 went to iran
Wednesday, December 21st 2011 - 10:37:45 AM
Name: I LOVE g-g-g-hosts (and so does my homey)
E-mail address: danstevens@texax.rri.edu
Comments:Greg, Chris, Chuck and Dan... You ROCK. You don't rock my socks, but you shock my clock. To be continued now. We lost. Nice try, but we failed miserably. Seems all kids care about these days are ghostguns, video games and spook hunting. Damn spookhunting Choose-Your-Own-AD-ventures polluting the State. The Japs have Slightely larger ones, but beeleave me, the CHINKS got there cocks riding Sun. Never underestimate, homosexuals. Listen, if you get a chance... nvermind, have your mom call me. You will always be my tight end.
Thursday, December 15th 2011 - 05:15:16 PM
Name: CWO-4 B. Tubre
E-mail address: brad_tubre@yahoo.com
Comments:GRAY GHOSTS and the F4s !
Monday, August 8th 2011 - 02:40:43 PM
Name: oliver blase
E-mail address: oblase@yahoo.com
Comments:531 60-62 when the hell is the next reunion?
Monday, June 20th 2011 - 01:39:20 PM
Name: Samuel Wall
E-mail address: barney127@live.com
Comments:Served in VMF(AW)531,F4D-1,from Feb.'59 to June '60. Cherry Point,Atsugi,Cubi Point,Ping Tung North Taiwan, rtn. CONUS June '60. Then Col. later BGen. Henry Hise CO.Engine shop with Msgt. Streeter, then line with SSGT. IVY. Great bunch of Marines.I then went to VMA 332, A4D-2N, and went back to Japan. ThisI got out in time Iwakuni.AKA Iwanooky!! Cubi Point again, Takli and Udorn Thailand. This was before Vietnam. Takli was for a air show, Udorn to show the flag as hostilities were expected. If you remember me, give me a shout.Cutting score was so high for 6412's, I got out in '62 as a Cpl.E-4. If they had offered me E-5 i probably would have stayed. Retired from the F.A.A. 12/66. Let me know where you are and I might stop by to see you. Look me up in the cruise book. Semper Fi
Thursday, June 9th 2011 - 06:26:38 PM
Name: Daniel Lopez
E-mail address: dlopezssgt1@yahoo.com
Comments:Would like to hear from anybody from Supply Dept. 72-73
Sunday, May 29th 2011 - 01:44:58 PM
Name: Charles Ferg
E-mail address: charlesferg@bellsouth.net
Comments:I served in the radar shop from 1962-65. I had planned to enlist for 4 years and then be a PA state policeman. As the end of my enlistment approached, the squadron was about to go to Atsugi, Japan. This was such a great group of Marines that I decided to go with them, which added 6 years to my enlistment. Many things happened after that but 31.5 years after my initial enlistment, I was retired as a Sergeant Major. That career was implemented because of this squadron. I couldn't be prouder to be a member of this organization. Semper Fi
Monday, May 23rd 2011 - 02:52:04 PM
Name: Chris Munkholm
E-mail address: christmunkholm@yahoo.com
Comments:Wow...what an unexpected find to have come across this website. I served with the Gray Ghosts from 1988 to its decommission in 1992. It was one of the best times in my life with some of the finest people I have ever been associated with. Thanks for the great memories, and hello to all the marines I served with. Take care!
Tuesday, March 15th 2011 - 10:56:16 PM
Name: Greg "Kuz" Kuzmeskus
E-mail address: rock0@aol.com
Comments:Hi fellow Ghosts: As I read the names here, it puts a tear in my eye. VMFA 531 was a great outfit. I was and I am still proud to have served with a bunch of wild and crazy guys. I joined 531 in 62 and stayed with them until 65 when we came back from Danang. Had great times with Olie Olsen,Barry Kistner, Danssure(sic)Sgt Porter. The flight line crew, well lets just say they were a little off center,but they all ways went the extra mile. I was plane capt on Echo Charlie 13 I would at this time thank Roy Gehris for keeping up the Ghost site for all of us and all the time he has put into it. Sleep well people Marines are on the job.
Sunday, January 9th 2011 - 08:47:14 PM
Name: ruth austen cortez
E-mail address: mammaruth2@sbcglobal.net
Comments:I am searching for anyone who knew 1st Lt. Ira Richard Houghton a marine phantom fighter pilot who was lost at sea in June of 1965. He received his wings at Chase Field naval base in Beeville,Texas late 1963 and reported for duty in El Toro in Jan. 1964. I last talked with him in the spring of 1964 and then he thought he would be going to war in Dec. He was an only child and all I have been able to find is a tombstone over an empty grave next to his parents. Came to a dead end trying to find any living relatives of his. I just found out last month that he didn't make it out alive. The only things left that I can find of his life is a one line in a family histoy collection and few lines on a cold tombstone. This to me is sadder than even his death. There is no one to tell his story, There is no Memorial with his name on it that I can find. I can't find a picture of him. He loved the Marines and had skills and all the work he put into becoming a pilot and then died and is forgotten like a puff of smoke. Please if you or anyone you know of can help me get something started for a Memorial for him and maybe others like him who are just forgotten so there is something more to show they lived other than a one line with the date of birth and date of death. Sincerly, Ruth
Friday, January 7th 2011 - 06:50:16 AM
Name: Michael Norton
E-mail address: msn42879@live.com
Comments:My name is Michael Norton. I am the son of 1st Lt James "Jimmy" Norton, USMC Deceased. My father was assigned to VMF(AW)-531 Gray Ghost Squadron when his F4D-1 SkyRay Fighter crashed on Oct 4, 1960, 4 miles south of MCAS Cherry Point, NC. My father lost his life in the accident. I am seeking anyone who may of known my father or who may have served with him. I am especially interested in any photographs anyone may have. I have only 4 photographs of my father. Please contact me if you have any information whatsoever concerning my father. Thank you very much! - Michael Norton
Saturday, December 25th 2010 - 06:49:50 PM
Name: Joe Granic
E-mail address: joegranic@yahoo.com
Comments:I was in 531's PowerLine shop from 85-90. Yechon Korea in 88' was the most memorable deployment of all. There were a lot of deployments to Cax, Top Gun, Yuma, and 29 Stumps. I had a lot of great times there and a lot of great Marines along the way. I served in VMFAT-101 and VMFA-321 after that, but the memories from 531 are the ones that seem the brightest. Semper Fi, fair winds and following seas
Saturday, December 4th 2010 - 07:20:07 PM
Name: Dave Thomas
E-mail address: dthomas@izoom.net
Comments:Im not dead yet. just havent updated my email address. served with vmfa 531, (hyd,shop,Quality assurance) from 1971 to 1978.
Sunday, November 21st 2010 - 05:07:34 AM
Name: Herb Barret
E-mail address: countryman326@aol.com
Comments:MAG 24 VMF(n) 531 Cherry Point , NC '52- Dec '53 Had great time with a great bunch. Attended recipricating school in Memphis and at 531 was told I was to worK on Jet "LT21". An novernight jet repairer with the point of Sgt Alm to "go to the jet line.I keep ocupied these days restoring a WWII Memorial in the Bronx, NYC. Check out my web www.memorialgrove.org
Friday, September 10th 2010 - 08:31:07 PM
Name: Louie Gonzales
E-mail address: rugrad01@hotmail.com
Comments:I joined the Gray Ghost as a rookie WO Personnel Officer in 1987, completed a WestPac and transferred to MAG-11 just as time to attend the first Gulf War....needless to say my Marine Corps family just grew. My first taste of the airwing - Great Times! Thank you Marines!
Thursday, August 26th 2010 - 05:32:31 PM
Name: Johnathan Kenyon
E-mail address: JAKenyon@hotmail.com
Comments:I just wanted to say hello to all of you, my grandfather, George M. Smith, they tell me you all called him "Smitty" was Pilot and assigned to the Grey Ghost Squadron at some point in his career. He is passed away some years ago, but if any of you have any stories or memories about him I would love to hear them. Thanks for all you have done.. Semper Fi, Johhathan Kenyon Sgt, USMC, 2000-2005
Sunday, July 4th 2010 - 07:54:36 PM
Name: Dave Thomas
E-mail address: dthomas@izoom.net
Comments:Hi fellow ghost. just an update of whats been going on in my life since i left the the best fighter squadron (VMFA-531) in the Marine Corps in 1978. I went to West Los Angelas College and got my A & p license while i worked for douglas in long beach. then moved back to minnesota and joined the Air Force reserve. 934th squadron working hydraulics on c 130 a/c. also as a full time civilian tech. then I got a job at Republic Airlines in aircraft maint. then I got married had three children my oldest boy is the president of a company in Redwing. Minn. called Capitol Safety. My daughter is doing modeling work. and my youngest son is completeing his last year in college majoring in airport operations. and he is also in the army national guard (yes still proud of him) his job is a radar fire finder. I had completed 22years at northwest airlines and now in my final count down to retirement from Delta airlines in about 1 1/2 years from now. I retired from the airforce reserve in 1997 just started receiving my military retired pay this year. I still keep my memories alive for the days I was in the marines, and especially with vmfa 531, the cruise on the forrestal, and the greatest people i was honored to serve with. just to name a few. Speedy Gonzalas. Zebory, kemper, ted faz, biggerstaff, carter, strickland, al garcia, ken klaus, esposito, col. gagan, capt moore, maj. joe singleton, capt jocko witter. mark straghleu. semphor fi.
Wednesday, June 9th 2010 - 08:36:05 PM
Name: Col John T. Durkin, USMCR (Ret)
E-mail address: lipsdurkin@hotmail.com
Comments:VMFA-531 1985-1988. Wish I could go back in time and do it again.
Monday, June 7th 2010 - 12:28:56 PM
Name: William R Howard
E-mail address: kasilofkid@yahoo.com
Comments:GREAT SITE. As a Cpl, I was honored to help the "Ghost" transition to the F/A-18 with VFA-125 @ NAS LeMoore Semper Fi
Friday, June 4th 2010 - 05:41:34 AM
Name: Benny King (SGT)
E-mail address: Benny.King@coair.com
Comments:Some of the greatest times in my life were serving with VMFA 531 from 80-83. I sure hope you guys are doing great. My experence with the Marines helped get me working for Continental Airlines as a mechanic to a Senior Director of aircraft maintenance, twenty six years now. Just wanted to say THANKS!
Wednesday, May 19th 2010 - 12:44:15 PM
Name: Ed York
E-mail address: info@armedforceslocator.com
Comments:http://www.armedforceslocator.com ATTENTION! A brand new website has been launched for veterans and active duty service members to locate each other. The Armed Forces Locator website is a FREE service for veterans and active duty service members who have a desire to find old buddies. It is the first directory-based website on the Internet. When members from your old unit register you are automatically informed. It is a great service. Try it out today! http://www.armedforceslocator.com
Sunday, May 2nd 2010 - 03:17:42 PM
Name: David Hines
E-mail address: defondo@aol.com
Comments:Just checking in. Been with this outstanding site since 2006. Thanks to all who have served and a special "Semper Fi" to my brothers "Cash" Perry, Terry Telder, "Ernie" Thelen and my very good friend Dennis Owens. (David Hines, VMF(AW)531, 1960-1962)
Friday, March 26th 2010 - 11:30:29 AM
Name: R. Keith Knight
E-mail address: guanakeith@yahoo.com
Comments:RK Knight VMFA 531 64/65 Far East Cruise I am not a very adept internetsurfer, but came across this while satisfying my curiosity about VMFA 531 and searching for fellow Ordnancemen to support a VA claim. I live in Nicaragua, and recently had my brother send me a box of 'stuff' I had stored in his garage some 20 years ago. In it was my 64/65 531 Far East Cruise book and a plastic bag full of photos (what grand memories). On this site I saw two names I recognized Crothers and Lahey, so here I go. I am former Cpl. RK Knight 1956088, I was attached to MABS 24, where I worked under W/O 'Gunner' Swearengen, MCAS Cherry Point EOD Officer, one of the finest Officers and men I have worked with in my life time. I went TAD to 531 twice to NAS Key West as an Ordnanceman,6511,(YabbaDabbaDoo)during the Cuban Crisis, then extended 6 mos to go with 531 on it's Far East Cruise which included Atsugi, Japan (AkadamaDamaDoo), Olongapo, Phillipines, Kadena AFB Okinawa, and DaNang. I was released from active duty at MCAS El Toro on 531's return to USA. Thanks to my Ordnance Experience I went to work at the Hawthorne, Nevada Naval Ammunition Depot for BUWEPS, very dissatisfied with Civil Service and the garbage munitions we were sending to Viet Nam, I quit and a former Marine Corps Colonel (another fine Officer and Gentleman)hired me to work for United Air Lines. After 8/12 years, I went on to other things, ended up in the oilfields of Wyoming, hired for my 'ordnance experience' until the oilfield crashed in the early 80's. I later worked for the Air Force at Vandenberg AFB, CA, hired under the VN Vet Readjustment Act, and worked in what they called Ordnance. Again, fed up with Civil Service, I went to work for Sterns Rogers, on contract at Johnston, Atoll 840 miles SW of Hawaii at the JACADS plant where nerve gas was being destroyed, again hired with the help of Ordnance experience and clearances. After that, I lived in Costa Rica for 9 years, and now in Granada, Nicaragua (7 years) with my new wife, 7 year old Weimaraner, and two cats, no Marine experience for this, but many fond memories of VMFA 531, the Marine Corps. I really enjoyed reading about you guys, the ones I replaced and those that replaced me (why did it take so many of you?). We have an American Legion Post here Ni01, the last I knew there were more Marines as members than any other branch. Semper Fi guanakeith@yahoo.com
Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 12:01:34 PM
Name: chick weisman
E-mail address: chicweis@yahoo.com
Comments:was at mcas kanoeho vma 214 mag 13 ao in 1952 march til 53 like to hear from some of guys if still around when back eltoro 53
Friday, January 29th 2010 - 06:13:49 PM
Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 09:44:44 PM
Name: steve strickland
E-mail address: redfish@wayxcable.com
Comments:I was in the good ole metal shop 71-73 and the med cruise. It was a trip. semper fi
Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 01:11:29 PM
Name: Rance Jurevwicz
E-mail address: admin@veteranprograms.com
Comments:http://www.veteranprograms.com/id194.html Happy New Year! We love this website. It has been very helpful for our members. Also, our members tell us that our website is the best place for veterans to find information about compensation, pension and benefits for veterans. We have been told that VSOs now recommend that veterans visit our website first before filing a claim. Veterans learn about the process, who to see, where to go, and how to maximize their disability claims. Visit today! http://www.veteranprograms.com/id194.html
Wednesday, December 30th 2009 - 05:29:52 PM
Name: gary murawski aka ski
E-mail address: lonewolf@ix.netcom.com
Comments:Hello I am looking for Gy/Sgt Gary W. Kaitting. I served with him at MCAS El Toro with VMCJ-3 in the 70's Thanks & Semper Fi
Tuesday, December 29th 2009 - 10:15:04 PM
Name: gary murawski aka ski
E-mail address: lonewolf@ix.netcom.com
Comments:Hello I am looking for Gy/Sgt Gary W. Kaitting. I served with him at MCAS El Toro with VMCJ-3 in the 70's Thanks & Semper Fi
Tuesday, December 29th 2009 - 10:14:30 PM
Name: Sgt. Maj. O.F. Snow
E-mail address: snowandco@aol.com
Comments:Dad is 95 now, served in WWII, Korea and 2 tours in Vietnam. From Hillsdale, MI, now in Tennessee. Would love to share notes with him from old friends. Write in the subject line "To Sgt. Maj. Snow". Thank you! Daughter: Gail Snow Jackson
Tuesday, December 8th 2009 - 03:05:45 PM
Name: Mark V. Blevins
E-mail address: mblevins410@gmail.com
Comments:i came out of the f-14 program to reform the "Ghost" in 1975 at El Torro, i left in 1977 for D.I. school at San Diego, i was on flight line with D. W. everybody there did a great job, Sierra Hotel, and Semper Fi.
Friday, August 28th 2009 - 07:40:01 PM
Name: cpl wr trumbly
E-mail address: roy@hobbieautocenter.motosnap.com
Comments: i miss 531 crazydays hyd shop,77-78
Monday, August 24th 2009 - 10:48:35 PM
Name: Robert Francis
E-mail address: ChuckF14@aol.com
Comments:Join 531 in Lemoore for F-18 training, Dec 82. Sheet Metal Shop til 84 when a group of us got sent down the street to 314 for a trip on the Coral Sea. Semper Fi
Saturday, August 22nd 2009 - 08:10:44 PM
Name: Dawn Seden
E-mail address: superstar6179@yahoo.com
Comments:Been looking for different things for a shadow box for my husband. Dave aka: davedawg Seden was a attached to VMFA 531 at El Toro about Early 1980-84. Anybody out ther ? Hit us up on email or facebook...
Tuesday, August 18th 2009 - 09:26:15 PM
Name: David Brooks
E-mail address: dgbrooks1@mac.com
Comments:Was researching information on my dad, came across this site. He was part of the Gray Ghost' from 48-52. On behalf of my family, thanks for keeping the memories alive.
Sunday, May 10th 2009 - 09:01:45 PM
Name: "Catfish" Tony B
E-mail address: borgstadtsr@yahoo.com
Comments:Saw Smokey Stover's name and a few others I was in the "Heavy Metal" shop back in the 80's and Corrosion Control. Since leaving the Corps(Not My Idea,1st wife's)in 1986 I Went to work for the Army in 97,joined the Army Guard in 90 worked on the AH-1 "Cobra" and now the AH-64 Apache. Counting my "Corps" Time,I have 28 years and counting. Stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base in my Home state of Missouri. Have Been in VMAT 203,VMFA 321,VMFA 451,Mag-41 H&MS 13 H&MS 31,VMFA 531, and Army Outfits 1/135th Attack Battalion At present.
Thursday, April 30th 2009 - 12:04:44 PM
Name: Anthony M Borgstadt "Catfish Tony B"
E-mail address: borgstadtsr@yahoo.com
Comments:Squadron Member Oct 1982-Dec 1986 Anybody out there?
Thursday, April 30th 2009 - 11:29:23 AM
Name: Mark S, Strehlau
E-mail address: mark.strehlau@sbcglobal.net
Comments:USMC June 08, 1970 - June 07, 1974. I Serviced in HMS 13, HMS 11, VMFA 531. Med Cruise, Sept 1972-July 1973 aboard the USS Forestal, CVA 59, CAG 17, in VMFA 531 power PLants shop. Another life, a life time ago. Would have done things much differently if I could do it all over. I enjoyed much of the cruise. I remember it as an interesting experience, some good times and some not so good, for a then 20/21 year old misguided young man. I really grew up in the Marine Corps. Sad to see the Marine Corps retired the squadron, it had such a rich, great history Now Im 58 years old and eligible to retire next year (2010) with 30 years service with the McDonnel Douglas and Boeing companies. Planning on teaching college part time in my retiremet just to keep busy and hopefully pay something back by teaching the next generation of young people. I had some brief e-mai contacts from Dave Thomas and Alexandr Spivry a number of years ago. Dennis Cobb was best man at my wedding and he and I remaind friends over the years until he died, I think it wasin 1978. His wife wrote and told me about his death, he drown in lake Michigan. Sad to say I missed the funeral. I worked at McDonnel Douglas/Boeing with Ed Tebo and Al Salt over the years. Have not heard from anyone else from the 'old days',to bad. Well thats about all I got to say. May God bless all former VMFA 531 Marines, Semper Fi!
Friday, April 17th 2009 - 07:07:45 PM
Name: Dwain (Field) Ulrich
E-mail address: logonhurst_eagle@hotmail.com
Comments:I was in the metal shop from 1976 to 1980. The Marines, especially VMFA-531 Gray Ghosts were some of the best part of my life. I have done some crazy and stupid stuff but I would do the Marines and the Gray Ghosts again if I had the chance. If you served around the same time drop me an e-mail and we can talk about the great time we had in the best F4N unit there ever was. Dwain, the skinny guy way back then...
Sunday, April 12th 2009 - 02:24:22 PM
Name: David "Pell" Pelletier
E-mail address: david.a.pelletier@maine.gov
Comments:I was in VMFA-531 from 1986-1991 in the Hydraulic shop. Reading some of the entries brings back a lot of good memories. I left after the first Gulf War and moved back to Maine and started a family. Im a State Police Detective now and have a great wife and 3 active kids. For all that I served with I want to thank you all for all the great memories. Semper Fi David Pelletier
Thursday, April 2nd 2009 - 01:52:03 PM
Name: Roger Lalik
E-mail address: support@smallbusinessnetworks.biz
Comments:Was a Grey Ghost in 68/69 then mid 70 until she was decommissioned for a bit then back to her until 78. Made the 72-73 Med cruise. What a memorable time. Seems like yesterday.
Tuesday, March 10th 2009 - 09:25:19 AM
Name: TJ "Hooter" VanMeter
E-mail address: tjvanmeter@yahoo.com
Comments:Saw a couple of familiar names while trolling through the guestbook. I was with 531 Ordnance from 79-81. Hard to believe it's been almost 30 years since that WestPac! Still some of the best memories of my life - and yes, I mean that in a positive way!! Semper Fi.
Sunday, February 1st 2009 - 11:12:29 AM
Name: Cpl. Brad Delk
E-mail address: btdelk@yahoo.com
Comments:Just happened to run across the site. Saw a couple familiar names up here. I was with the Ghosts from '85 thru '90. Hard to believe it's been over 20 years since I first walked in the hangar at El Toro. I worked in S-1 and the CMCC back in the day. I got a college degree after getting out, worked a few jobs, got married and have two awesome kids, and now work as a police officer in a medium-sized central California city. If anyone out there still recognizes my name, shoot me and e-mail. I'd like to hear what you're up to these days.
Friday, January 30th 2009 - 09:09:39 AM
Name: Mike Talbot
E-mail address: revmkell@yahoo.com
Comments:I was with the ghosts 68 to 69. Power plants and ext. fuel stores. Hay James I've worked on double nuts.
Wednesday, January 28th 2009 - 02:47:17 PM
Name: kenneth w. lewis
E-mail address: kenlew52@yahoo.com
Comments:great site. wish some of my old units would come up with something like this.
Tuesday, January 27th 2009 - 10:46:32 AM
Name: gerry flanagan
E-mail address: timkins2@gmail.com
Comments:Hey! I believe my brother Capt Ed Flanagan served with you at Chu Lai I,m a little younger USn Aviation Electricians Mate 3rd. Let me know, I'll hook you guys up! Thanks for your service!
Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 07:48:42 PM
Name: Kenneth Weeks
E-mail address: kenitofl@gmail.com
Comments:I joined VMF(AW)531 in 1962. We trained at NAS Oceana, VA with VF-101 and were the first squadron on the East Coast to get the F4B. Y'all remember how difficult it was to keep them in the air at first? Later that year we deployed to Key West during the missile crisis. I was on the flight line during all of this time. In late 1963 I joined VMFA-115 when they were reforming with the F4B Phantoms. Happy New Year 2009, may they all come home...
Monday, December 29th 2008 - 11:58:02 AM
Name: Willie J. Allen
E-mail address: docmastermarine@yahoo.com
Comments:Maintenance Administration 6046, 1981 thru 1984
Thursday, December 25th 2008 - 03:21:18 PM
Name: Jim Cox (SGT)
E-mail address: james.d.cox@faa.gov
Comments:I was a plane captain 1968-1970. I actually saw double nuts fly one time. Then went to FMF WEST PAC but wound up in VMFA-232 in Iwakuni, Japan. Col. Pappy Perez was our CO and Major Mackey was our MX Officer. Would be glad to hear from anyone that knows me.
Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 08:11:04 AM
Name: George E. Perry
E-mail address: geejaa1@aol.com
Comments:Served with VMF(AW)531 from 1960 to 1962 flying the F4D-1 SkyRay. Col. George (Rip) Collins was CO, and a great one I might add, as were all my brothers in that squadron. I remember you all.---George (Cash) Perry
Thursday, November 20th 2008 - 04:29:47 PM
Name: George(Cash)Perry
E-mail address: geejaa1@aol.com
Comments:Flew "Fords" with VMF 531 from 1960 to 1962. Cherry Pt. & Atsugi. Col, Collins was skipper. A great squadron, many great memories. I even liked the airplane.
Sunday, November 16th 2008 - 06:22:46 PM
Name: Mark Fischer
E-mail address: mrf17@hotmail.com
Comments:Greetings to my fellow Ghosts! It's been a long time, fellas. I was in Electric Shop '82-'86. A lot of names on this site bring back a lot of fond memories. On a sadder note, wanted you all to know we lost Cpl. Doug Dulski and Sgt. Glen Okula, both of these Marines passed a few years back. I am still in the military.. after enlisted tour went back to college and to flight school. Now flying Gulfstreams at Andrews AFB (an old man's job!) Soon to retire. By the way, to the Avionics crew...I still have the infamous bitch book, and it is still hilarious! Feel free to drop me a line anytime. Semper Fi.
Sunday, October 26th 2008 - 04:18:58 PM
Name: Kimberly K {Cory} Anderson
E-mail address: luckydogage@yahoo.com
Comments:My Dad was LT.COL.Orie E. Cory Ret..He was in the Gray Ghost Squadron back in the 1940's. My father serve in the Marines Corp for 27 years. I can't put down in words quiet yet how great my father was. You see he just past away on October 19,2008 and to is his Military 21Gun Salute Funeral. His daughter Kimberly K {Cory} Anderson
Thursday, October 23rd 2008 - 10:33:16 PM
Name: Dennis Fleming
E-mail address: dennyvision@charter.net
Comments:I posted this a couple of years ago, but my email is changed so I'm posting again. I was in VMFA-531 from 1972-1974 - electric shop. Samuelson, Spivy, Steve Fike, Bill Hughes, DJ Wells... My kids are always asking me about it. There is a documantary on the Forrestal fire, but I can't recall where I saw it. Anyone know? Dennis Fleming author of "She Had No Enemies" (available at Amazon.com)
Tuesday, October 21st 2008 - 03:05:56 PM
Name: Judy Jeon-Chapman
E-mail address: jjeonchapman@worcester.edu
Comments:I am the daughter of one of the original Night Fighters, Jack Chapman, who went to Belle-Tech Naval Research Lab in WA D.C. to be trained as a Radar expert before shipping out to the South Pacific during WWII with the VMF(N)531 in Russell Is., Vella LaVella, Bougainville, etc. I have read 1500 pages of letters that he wrote during WWII and have become very interested in the Night Fighters. Does anybody know of Jack Chapman or have photos from that era? Judy
Saturday, October 18th 2008 - 07:24:54 PM
Name: Tony Costa
E-mail address: wingwiper@verizon.net
Comments:Served from nov66-nov67 SGT parachute rigger, with two trips to Yuma. Balch,hafley, varnell? remember Pvt Hoot at Yuma and SGT England? we lost an F4 at airshow, crew ok. many moons ago but proud to have been there.
Thursday, August 28th 2008 - 08:47:26 AM
Name: Dennis E. Owens
E-mail address: usmcrme59@cableone.net
Comments:"What can I say?" But, Semper Fidelis Platoon 174 Parris Island S/N-1883209 I was amazed one day in 2005. I walked into a recruiting office in Granada Hills, Calif. I went in to get some USMC stickers. When I receited my Ser.No. a Sgt. said "is that your serial number?" That was sort of a let down for tradition. VMF(AW)531, "Plane Captain", Cherry Point 1960, Atsugi, Japan 61/62.. H&MS-24, Beaufort, S.C. 1963 A thanks to all who came before me, and to all who followed. Semper Fi. Gunny Bautista, if your still out there. I have never stopped regreting the grief I gave you. I am sorry. As for the other lifers, you deserved it.
Tuesday, June 17th 2008 - 08:54:35 PM
Name: Alan J.Sarnowski
E-mail address: alcsar@wowway.com
Comments:Just came back to check on site after bringing up the past at work. At 531 from Aug 75 to Dec 78 Flight Equip. 130 Night crew most of time. Great thing was brought back air crew from San clemente crash and also when one stared center line tank on fire at Nellis and Landed but ran out of runway in the desert and ejected at the end. Great Memories F-4N Phantoms are the Best Sempre Fi
Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 05:52:08 PM
Name: Roger E. Thelen(Ernie)
E-mail address: xit_sno@hughes.net
Comments:Worked in maint office of 531 from 60 to 62. Thought I'd better upgrade my e-mail address. Got tired of calling India to get any service, so I changed to a U.S. company. Hope it stays that way. Any guys from those years? I would like to hear from you. I met Terry Telder at the 531 reunion in Reno. Tried to contact Slawinski and LT. Perry on the net but got no reply. Lost in space I suppose..Have fun!!!
Thursday, March 20th 2008 - 04:26:35 PM
Name: k. w. lewis
E-mail address: kenlew52@yahoo.com
Comments:i stumbled upon this site while doing research for a friend. her brother, 1st Lt. James C. Norton. he was killed on a routine training flight while stationed at mcas cherry point. he was with vmf (aw)531. he was killed on oct. 4, 1960. his sister was only 8 years old and hardly knew her brother. she is trying to put together some memories of him. anyone with info or pictures, we would like to hear from you. also i am a former marine. 70/75. 1st 8 in. howitzer battery, 1st field artillery group. 29 palms. thankis and SEMPER FI!
Monday, March 3rd 2008 - 05:17:39 PM
Name: Sasha Goodin
E-mail address: sasha-gardner@comcast.net
Comments:My dad was in VMFA-531 at El Toro from the 80's until we left in 91. Just happened upon this page while searching for El Toro. I've sent him the site.
Saturday, February 23rd 2008 - 11:59:51 PM
Name: Tom Cadenhead
E-mail address: Tom@forestryforum.com
Comments:Dad, Tom Cadenhead, was a member in the 50's. I know little about the group. I was invited to a gathering just before his death and tried to get him to go. He didn't make the year. He was always a Loud Mouth Marine and the life of the party. He left me and my son, as his namesakes, knowing that he was a good Marine.
Thursday, February 14th 2008 - 08:37:45 AM
Name: Tony Jutting
E-mail address: az350x@cox.net
Comments:What a blast from the past! Was in 531 from 87-decom in 92. Powerline by MOS, but spent most of my hitch in Maint/Material Control. Did the Yechon WestPac and the two that followed. Great reading on here- saw quite a few names I recognize on here. Those were the days...
Monday, January 14th 2008 - 08:23:16 PM
Name: Joe Mowry
E-mail address: jwmandjjm1@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Served at Chery Point End of 1966- early 1967 Cpl (6511) ord shop
Monday, January 14th 2008 - 09:31:53 AM
Name: Bill McCaul
E-mail address: mccaul@charter.net
Comments:I was the unit diary clerk at MAG-24 VMF(N)531 at Cherry Point from August 1953 thru Sept. 1955. If anyone out there has memories of that time frame, please email. 1/03/08.
Thursday, January 3rd 2008 - 12:57:16 PM
Name: Tim Fugett
E-mail address: immisterhappy@yahoo.com
Comments:90-unitl we were decommissioned. I was assigned to Radar-Com/Nav but worked in Maintenance control as the Expediter on the last West-Pac. Great to see some names I remember, a little scary too. Where did the time go?
Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 05:18:14 PM
Name: Al Maddox
E-mail address: amaddox@eo-systems.com
Comments:I was with VMFA 531 from October of 1978 till January of 1979 when I went to Millington for schooling, after that I was sent back to VMFA 531 till they deployed on the Westpack tour (Coral Sea) around August of 1979 then I was transfered to VMFA 314 until June of 1981 all Ordnance. (I sure miss the good old days with all of the deployments and El Toro) If anyone wants to share memories shoot me an e-mail amaddox@eo-systems.com
Friday, November 9th 2007 - 02:08:44 PM
Name: Major Ed Meyer, USMC, Retired
E-mail address: emeyer@worldnet.att.net
Comments:I was in the Radar Shop with VMFA 531 at El Toro from 1968 to 1971. Was gone for part of 70 and 71 when I joined VMFA 314 in Chu Lai RVN. I started as a PFC and finished there as a Sgt. Returned to Seattle, graduated from the UW and went through OCS. Retired in 1990 as a Major. It was an interesting time and a first rate squadron. Southern California was great for an 18 year old!
Friday, September 28th 2007 - 02:22:53 PM
Name: Ken King
E-mail address: kenneth.m.king@navy.mil
Comments:Sirs, I'm a Grey Ghost circa 1978-82 I was assigned to Work Center 310 (Flight Line) As you can see below in my signature I'm now working for NAVAIR as a T700 Engine Equipment Specialist (Tech Rep) The purpose of this e-mail is this: There is a large flight sim community that fly's Viet Nam era aircraft, me included. I stick with my trusty ol' F4N and F4B in the sim. Below you'll find a group that puts together missions based on actual ones flown. As of yet there haven't been any for VMFA-531 produced because these guys are all Air Force kinda guys. I've asked them to put together some missions for 531. What they need is a story to build the mission on. Yours, or any others that may want to contribute some would be greatly appreciated. http://www.yankeeairpirate.net/
Wednesday, September 19th 2007 - 02:24:56 PM
Name: William Frantz
E-mail address: knight_sabers@msn.com
Comments:HI. MY NAME IS WILLIAM , I am working for the USS Hornet cvs 12 museum in Alameda, CA. I hope some one can provide me with some info about a co worker of mine LT Colonel Berger (burger) nelson hoffman he was a Marine pilot/pow we were hoping to locate info /aircraft call sign WWW uss hornet.org
Friday, September 7th 2007 - 10:38:17 AM
Name: Herb Barret
E-mail address: COUNTRYMAN326@AOL.COM
Comments: This is one GREAT SITE. Right out of Memphis I was assigned to Cherry Point, MAG24, VMF(N)-531, The Grey Ghost, during the transition of the F7F over to the F3D. Left the squadron in December 1953. As an aircraft maintainer, I was assigned to aircraft LT21. Flew several times in the radar operator’s seat. I remember one day, all the pilots had to wash aircraft due to some foul up during combat flight exercises. This may have been the day they shot down one of there own during the exercises. Another time my aircraft came back with braches hanging from the bomb rack, following aircraft carrier landing exercises. I recall one very colorful pilot, Cpt. “Blackie” McManus, he had “Cpt. Forever“ on his flight suit and a white silk scarf around his neck. This was one great outfit VMFN 531 and great guys to work with. Semper Fi. Thanks for the memories
Saturday, August 18th 2007 - 01:22:16 PM
Name: Joe Mowry
E-mail address: jwmandjjm1@comcast.net
Comments:Was with VMFA-531 July 66-Jan 67 Cherry Point NC. worked in the ordance shop. Mgysgt Torcaso was the ncoic. Mustered out Jan 31 1967, E4 over 4.
Monday, May 21st 2007 - 02:40:48 PM
Name: Lynn Maxey
E-mail address: lynnmaxey@hotmail.com
Comments:I was an AE in the Grey Ghosts when they were at Cherry Point in 1966 or so. Remained at Cherry Point when the 531 flag was moved to the West Coast and the aircraft remained and VMFAT-201 was formed around the aircraft. Later became the shop chief for the AE's. Major Heinzerling ("H+10") was our maintenance officer. Captain Mike Schremp was in the squadron and it was believed he was born with an F-4 strapped to his butt.
Thursday, March 22nd 2007 - 01:51:54 PM
Name: Robert Geigle
E-mail address: bobnyuma@hotmail.com
Comments:Served with the Ghost's 1972-73 on the famous Med Cruise on the USS Forrestal. I understand the might FID will be sunk soon as artifial reef. All things end I guess. Enjoyed the memories.
Sunday, March 18th 2007 - 07:50:32 AM
Name: Leland L. (Zonk) Zongker
E-mail address: mvrck3456@aol.com
Comments:Served Atsugi 1962 with H&MS-11 Flightline. TAD to VMF (AW) 531 Mar 1 1962 to Apr. 22 1962. Still have those orders. Have a copy of the Skywriter (Feb. 19, 1962) with the pictures of the Avionics Dept. with Cpl.Meade, Sgt.Hasse, SgtLane and Cpl Adamson. Picture of loading ordance on a F4D "Skyry" M/Sgt LaBree, S/SgtLaker, Cpl.Holt and Pvt. Leppowski. Brings out many good memories. Semper Fi "Zonk"
Friday, March 9th 2007 - 09:43:05 AM
Name: Jim Perkins
E-mail address: perkins35@verizon.net
Comments:I joined VMF(n)-531 in October 1951 after boot camp at Parris Island. Was assigned to Materiel Office where I chased airplane parts and issued 782 gear. Was with 531 until I seperated in August 1953 except for 2 months with 533. I couldn't wait to get back to 531. Saw the transition from F7F's to F3D's and went on maneuvers at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico in 1952. Have attended some of the Grey Ghost reunions in Pensacola, Cherry point, Norfolk, and San Diego. If you haven't been, do it!
Thursday, March 8th 2007 - 01:20:21 PM
Name: Michael Wlasiuk
E-mail address: lynxcat66@hotmail.com
Comments:Cool to find this site! I was a plane captain in VMFA-531 from 85-90. Everyone knew me as "SPY" back then 'cause my last name is Russian and nobody could pronounce it!! ha ha! This brings back a lot of memories.
Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 03:05:35 PM
Name: Rob "F_ _ _ Face" Fasano
E-mail address: excaliburcorps@yahoo.com
Comments:Well well well....I have seen several names that bring to mind hundreds of blurred and hazy stories throughout the years 82 -86. Give me shout if you can. "Koz I still have your Yamaha guitar(in case you were wondering)my kids are learning on it... Tom C..Still got a few legal fees we need to clear up. I believe the statute of limitations has expired. ( The coast is clear,you can come out now). Dave hinkell, is it a bird?..a plane?..No..just the wheel you didn't safety wire heading toward us..I told you, we would laugh about it in twenty years..So HA HA. Semper Fi Devil Dogs!!! 5 thirty fun OOh Rah
Saturday, December 23rd 2006 - 07:51:37 PM
Name: Jim Rautenkranz
E-mail address: a56strat@yahoo.com
Comments:Just stopped in the look the page over. Was a member of VMFA-531 during 1980-1981. My CO was LtCol J. Vogt, whom I thought was a fantastic Commanding Officer. It is Marines such as him that made the squadron a wonderful unit to be a member of.
Friday, November 17th 2006 - 05:33:42 AM
Name: Beth Roberts
E-mail address: DoodleBopper@msn.com
Comments:Umm...my grandad was on the HMS Ark Royal and I am looking for a Ark Royal 5th Commission book 1964-1966. His name was Russell Brown, he was an A/B or something, does anybody know where I could find one? Thanks, sorry to bother you.
Saturday, November 4th 2006 - 02:08:47 PM
Name: James M. Krantz
E-mail address: james.krantz@mchsi.com
Comments:From August 1961 to August 1962 I was assgned to H&MS-11 at NAS Atsugi. I was a Fire Control Technician (MOS 6614) I repaired your Q-50 fire control radar. That time frame has some of the best memories of my life. Semper Fi, Jim Krantz
Wednesday, October 4th 2006 - 09:25:55 PM
Name: Phil Goettel
E-mail address: phil.goettel@honeywell.com
Comments:Hello to all you former 'Ghosts'. I was a ghost (Radar shop)from April 68 thru Dec. 70 at El Toro. CWO J.C. "Gunner" Bardon was our avionics officer at the time, and also the best RIO in the squadron. I have lots of fond memories from those days and still love the old Phantom. Special memories from Yuma deployments and Miramar for "Top Gun" and "Shoehorn". Would love to hear from any of the gang from the 68 to 70 time frame. Also, does anyone out there know anything about J.C. Bardon's whereabouts these days. Semper Fi.
Wednesday, September 13th 2006 - 08:53:45 AM
Name: Russell F Scanlan
E-mail address: rscanlan1@houston.rr.com
Comments:I was a member of 531 in El Toro around the 1974/75 time frame. I joined 531 shortly after the tomcat change over was canx. At the time I think the XO was Major Crabb but I can't remember the CO's name. Major Kevin O'Mara was the AMO. I was a WO-1 working with the guys in m/c along with Capt. Ramsey. It has been a long time and names are hard to remember but there was a GySgt Paul Silvas who was later selected for the WO program. There was also a Capt. Phipps and a Sgt. Southcott that worked in hydraulics. From 531 I was transfered to VMA-214 and made a WestPac tour. Prior to joining 531 and going through the WO program I was in several F-4 squadrons. 115 in DaNang, 251 Beaufort, 312 Cherry Point, and 122 & 235 at Kaneohe Bay. After returning from the WestPac tour I went to NAMTRADET-1024 in Beaufort as the OIC and then got out in Sept of 79. I stayed in the Marine Corps for 12 years and then worked another 26 years for DOD and retired on March 31st this year with over 38 years and now doing whatever I want to do. Semper Fi!
Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 03:05:57 PM
Name: John Valdez
E-mail address: is4flyn@aol.com
Comments:Hey fellow Gray Ghosts,we are trying to get a reunion party in Las Vegas somtime in March.I you served with the squadron during the years of 1978-81 and did the west-pac cruise in 79-80.Pete kokkoros,Tim Streit,Capote,Nipper,Charly George,Gerry Zuniga,Gerry Munoz,Fred Garcia,Marty Conner,Gene Cervantes,Ron Kidd,Gonzo or anybody else just e-mail me and I will get back to you.Semper Fi and Swing with the Wing!!
Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 06:53:39 PM
Name: Wayne E. Howell
E-mail address: wehowell18@yahoo.com
Comments: GREAT SITE! I was with VMF (AW) 531 from 1960-1962 "Power Plants" Saw a couple of names I recognize from the past, great memories, great bunch of Marines May make the reunion, will see how it works out.
Saturday, July 1st 2006 - 06:12:23 PM
Name: Daniel Lopez
E-mail address: dlopez@plind.com
Comments:Served aboard USS Forrestal from 1972 to 1973 med cruise. I would like to hear from anyone who used to work in supply.
Friday, May 19th 2006 - 10:45:25 AM
Name: David Hines
E-mail address: defondo@aol.com
Comments:Was with 531's "Ford" squadron under Lt. Col. "Rip" Collins, fron July, 1960 (Cherry Point) until July, 1962 (returning from Atsugi). It was a hell of a time and would like to touch base with any of you who were there. Semper Fi! Past, Present and Future!
Monday, May 15th 2006 - 08:51:31 PM
Name: Dave Thomas
E-mail address: dthomas@sherbtel.net
Comments:Hi to all you former ghost, I was a ghost from 1971 to 1978, except for the short tour of duty at mirimar for the f-14 program. In fact the day I checked into the squadron, we lost an F-4 in the orange grove, and guess who ended up guarding the wreckage that evening. thats right i was one of them. But I would like to hear from all you ghost, and im also looking to buy any pictures, vidios, cruise book. during this time. if anyone has any of these items to sell, please contact me. at my E-mail address. Thank you. Dave Thomas (VMFA-531 HYD. SHOP and QA)
Sunday, May 7th 2006 - 10:32:46 PM
Name: Robert "Bob" Parker
E-mail address: robert.h.parker@navy.mil
Comments:To all trying to reach me I have just one email address presently....I still work for the Navy as a civilian as the APML Escape and Crashworthy R&D...I know it's a long title, but the pay is pretty good....for you Rhino VMFP-3 types I work with Dave Klobnock (david.klobnock@navy.mil) who does "Flight Clearances": for Flight gear and Survival Systems for the Navy & Marine Corps before we send out to the Fleet...
Thursday, March 9th 2006 - 12:11:15 PM
Name: Steve Shimonek
E-mail address: sshimonek@clarian.org
Comments:Anyone remember a Capt Steve Shimonek from the late 50's?
Monday, February 13th 2006 - 08:02:11 AM
Name: steve e parke
E-mail address: jsapj@fmtcs.com
Comments:I was with 531 72-75 in Flight Equip. Had alot good times and could'nt of served with a better bunch of guys. Great site
Saturday, January 28th 2006 - 10:07:30 PM
Name: dennis fleming
E-mail address: dennyvision@sbcglobal.net
Comments:I was in VMFA-531 from 1972-1974---electric shop. Samuelson, Spivy, Steve Fike, Bill Hughes, DJ Wells... My kids are always asking me about it. There is a documantary on the Forrestal fire, but I can't recall where I saw it. Anyone know? Dennis (DP) Fleming
Friday, January 27th 2006 - 01:30:10 PM
Name: Jay Jones (Cpl 1967-71)
E-mail address: jay@jayjones.us
Comments:I was in Maintenance Admin in 531 at El Toro from about 68to 70. Great bunch
Wednesday, January 25th 2006 - 10:03:20 AM
Name: bob page
E-mail address: p51linjolly@netscape.net
Comments:joined 531 right out of ae school, Jax. Fla, early 65-stayed till march 66, then got antsy for Nam, got my request, but ended up in Iwakuni for 13 months! ( be careful what you wish for!) 531, in the meantime got deployed to country-go figure. I finally got to Nam, and ended up a door gunner in a "34"-not exactly an electrician on an F4B. Ironicly, when I left Nam, I had 4 months to go-and the blessed Corps sent me back to Cherry Point......and my long lost 531. Proud to have served with the best, even for this short time, miss you Duce, miss you Dino. SEMPER FI
Friday, January 6th 2006 - 01:47:53 PM
Name: Gunny
E-mail address: jgwebmaster@gmail.com
Comments:REALLY NICE SITE! You did the Gray Ghost Squardron honorable justice..... Enjoyed my visit..... Semper Fi Gunny http://captainrobertdkent.homestead.com/
Tuesday, December 20th 2005 - 10:08:11 AM
Name: Mike Crothers
E-mail address: mcrothers2092@msn.com
Comments:I look at my cruise book often and remember you all well...............I was honered to be with the squadron from Cherry Point [1963]to Danang [1965].Have many good memories. Thank you for that
Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 05:25:26 PM
Name: ken klaus sr
E-mail address: crazy1@nemontel.net
Comments:VMFA-531 powerplants new email above
Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 04:51:06 PM
Name: Steve Grinter
E-mail address: evetsg@sbcglobal.net
Comments:I was in Seat Shop from april 79 til may 82. Went on the west pac on the Coral Sea 79-80. I have served with some really good guys like Gsgt Dennis Shadduck, Bob (bubba) Parker,Tim Streit,Kerry Commings, Don Driver, D.K. Miller, Steve Lundeen, Raul Gonzalez. I retired from the Air Force reserves aug 2004. I saw alot of places with the USAF res. including a tour in Iraq in 2003. But it's the Marine Corps that will always mean the most to me. It made me grow up (some would dispute that)and it gave me self esteem and a sense of direction. It taught me lessons that will last a lifetime. The absolute best decision i ever made in my life. Take care all
Saturday, November 5th 2005 - 08:01:30 PM
Name: RW Royes ams-1
E-mail address: maroymm@aol
Comments:You've created a GREAT SITE for all your squadron members. As a former Phantom Phixer,VF-31&VF-74 1974-78,all those F-4 photos are great to view. The one with A/C 207 cross decked on the Ark Royal was highly unsual especially with the royal navy tail colors.I am now working on a 1/72 scale model of the same. Keep it up !
Monday, October 31st 2005 - 03:55:22 PM
Name: Robert Haley
E-mail address: bob@v2.net
Comments:Greetings to ALL Ghosts! - I was in 531 from 01-76 ~ 08-78. I was S-1 (remington raider) and I was one hot mess back then. But I sure loved my time with the Gray Ghosts. Great to see some names from the past.
Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 05:00:31 PM
Name: Chris Nichols (Sgt)
E-mail address: cnichols@isd.net
Comments:I came to the Grey Ghost's in January 1988 after two years in LeMoore Ca. The guys in my Powerplants shop were some of the best people I have ever had the priviledge to work with. Two pumps under the U.D.P program made us a great team before I chose the leave the Marine Corps. I hope you are all well and drop me an e-mail if you see this. Currently residing in Apple Valley Minnesota and have been employed with Mesaba Airlines (Northwest Airlink) as a Maintenance Controller for almost 14 years now...Semper Fi....
Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 04:56:13 PM
Name: Thom Cohee
E-mail address: TCOHEE@UP.COM
Comments:I was a PROUD member of the Ghost.
Sunday, August 14th 2005 - 01:54:54 AM
Name: SSgt R. J. Fox
E-mail address: rocketj1953@yahoo.com
Comments:Served with H&MS-11 RADAR supporting Aero1c system on the F4N (VMFA-323, VMFA-314, & VMFA-531) from 1975 until we returned from the Coral Sea in 1980. Worked with Ken Grubel from 531, Ssgt McKusker, Sgt Dave Lopes, Sgt John Pumphrey, Sgt Gary Needham, Sgt Mike Perrigo, Cpl Craig Fenstermaker and the rest of the Snakes. Transferred to NAF Washington DC in support of same for VMFA-321. Anyone remember Pusan, Korea, Subic Bay, Singapore, and 103 days in the IO? E-mail me anytime. Rudy 'rocketj' Fox.
Monday, August 1st 2005 - 12:04:53 PM
Name: Sp/5 Ron Findlay 1st cav div (ret)65-67 vietnam
E-mail address: findl78@msn.com
Comments:Thanks for the GREAT SITE and welcome home brother.
Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 08:00:46 PM
Name: J.R. Schmidtke (Smitter)
E-mail address: schmidtke4@sbcglobal.net
Comments:I served in VMFA 531 from 72-74. I was aviation ordnance and went on the Med cruise as well. Spent some time in El Toro before and after the cruise. I am now a retired (96) Army CW4 helicopter pilot (too bad the Marine Corps didn't have a Warrant Officer flight school program). Just got back from a year in Iraq flying for Blackwater Aviation. The people and times in 531 were the best. I think back often on the many great experiences we shared. The Marine Corps taught me a lot and 531 allowed me to have fun and mature in life. Thanks for all the memories and feel free to write. By the way, does anybody know where Sammy Bradley is? Take care, J.R. (Bulldog) Schmidtke
Sunday, July 17th 2005 - 03:49:21 PM
Name: Lynn J. Maxey
E-mail address: lynnmaxey@hotmail.com
Comments:Served with the Grey Ghosts from Jan, 1966 until it was transferred from Cherry Point to El Toro as a AE. Got to fly over 50 hours in the back seat. What a ride.
Monday, July 11th 2005 - 01:47:22 PM
Name: Mike King
E-mail address: Fredrick.King@usmc.mil
Comments:Its hard to beleve that the "BOAT TRIP " was 32 years ago!! I was with 531 ( Flight Line )from 1968-1969,1971-1974 1979-1983.Going back though the Cruise Book sure brings back all the GOOD TIMES that we had !! THE BEST IN THE WEST!
Wednesday, June 29th 2005 - 02:02:19 PM
Name: Sgts Mike Doukas, Mike LaWare
E-mail address: gracelaware@aol.com
Comments:Served 531 Electric(Doukas)/COMNAV (LaWare)shops. Ca 69-70-72. Relaxing with glasses of wine and remembering the good old days at El Toro. Anyone remember what the good old days were? Mike and Mike
Tuesday, June 28th 2005 - 06:35:29 PM
Name: William H. [Bill] Tuger
E-mail address: imatigger @earthlink.com
Comments:Served in VMF(N)-531 from January 1943 'til July 1945. Spent a year in ths Solomans with PV-1s. Reformed at Eagle Mountain LAKE Texas with F7F's. Shipped out to Okinawa in July 1945 in a flight cadre to reform 533 which had been using F6F's. Served in China winter of 1945/1946. First squadron of F7F;s to go overseas although there was another squadon of F7F's later on Okinawa.
Tuesday, June 21st 2005 - 03:37:12 PM
Name: Harvey Atkinson
E-mail address: Atkinsonhl@tns.net
Comments:I am a volunteer at the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation, MCAS Miramar, San Diego. I am seeking to make contact with William C Hall. I am sure he is a retired Marine officer who served in VMF 531 around 1977. He was a Captain at that time. Any assistance in this regard will be appreciated.
Thursday, June 9th 2005 - 09:02:08 AM
Name: Flanagan , Dan
E-mail address: uachtartir@aol
Comments:I was Plane Capt, on F7Fs 51-52 at Cherry Point. I wonder if there are a few others still about? I was mainly on nite crew and remember eating well at Bough Field on liberated horsecock as Mess Sgt tried to catch us! I believe the OD was Lt. Jackson supplied the beer!
Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 12:48:29 PM
Name: Eric J. (Smitty) Smith
E-mail address: baseballcity@msn.com
Comments:Wow!! Past to the past. I was just surfing as my son is about to join a service and decided to look up some "Ghost" hauntings. I saw Steiny, Hendo, Koz and a few others. I was in RADAR/IWT 82-85. I am still great friends with Scott Sampson (red on the head, oh you guys know the rest). I had some great times with you guys. I see Pep is still around. Email me please! I would love to chat. Where is Sasaki, Cobos, Gunny Smith and the rest?
Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 09:34:14 PM
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