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Rutherfords of Tippah County Mississippi and Our Kin
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Name: Walter Ruitherford
E-mail address: walterrutherford@sbcglobal.net
Comments:I'm the great grand son of John Richard Rutherford of Blue Mountain, Miss. I am looking for proof of his father and my great grandfather John Richard Rutherford. Can anyone help me.
Sunday, 24th November 2013 - 06:57:36 PM
Name: Yvonnie Rutherford
E-mail address: yvonnie.rutherford@yahoo.com
Comments:Please email any information on the Rutherfords
from the Blue Mountain and Ripley area. I'[m the granddaughter of Charles and Alice Rutherford and daughter of Jimmy D. Rutherford.

Thank you
Monday, 16th September 2013 - 09:47:31 AM
Name: lucresha Rutherford
E-mail address: rlucresha@yahoo.com
Wednesday, 10th July 2013 - 06:56:43 PM
Name: Gaylord Petersen
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:My g-g-g - gran-father was in the Civil War. He was a Union soldier and in his diary he wrote about the Slave Traders he slayed.

I AM SO PROUD OF HIM! Repression is stinky.

I don't know if a statue was erected; please advise. Colonel Mark Petersen.

God bless him and freedom fighters everywhere!

And God Bless Abraham Lincoln.

Tuesday, 11th June 2013 - 11:56:15 PM
Name: Carolyn Jeanette Yates Morehead
E-mail address: Carolyn.Morehead@Swedish.org
Comments:Re: W. Rogers of Confederate Army. My grandmother was Mattie Epsie Myrtle Rogers Taylor. Was looking at some info and noted a possible connection. She wed Henry J Taylor. Some of her info on children is missing. My Mother was Ellen Virginia Taylor, wed to George Yates. If this is a connection, would like confirmation and perhaps I could include new info. Other e-mail is more4cj@hotmail.com. Please pardon my intrusionif I am incorrect. Thank you. Jeanette Morehead
Tuesday, 29th January 2013 - 11:15:01 PM
Name: Virginia Ann (George) White
E-mail address: ann3@charter.net
Comments:Just looking for family members
Tuesday, 8th January 2013 - 08:44:06 PM
Name: Lynda Algee
E-mail address: Algeefamily@comcast.net
Comments:I can't believe I can see the face of my 4x and 3x great grandmothers! What a blessing this is, thanks for your site. Elizabeth Jane Rutherford was Harriet fredonias mom, who was Carl Luna's mom, who was my great grandfather, and my favorite of all relatives I ever knew! Oh, I am so blessed for this treasure.
Saturday, 24th November 2012 - 03:05:48 PM
Name: Michael Joe Cartwright-Kennedy
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:While helping my girlfriend research the Rutherford Genealogy, I discovered that her parents are distant cousins (thrice removed) and that here great great grandparents on her mother's side were actually siblings. Of course, that was a long time ago. I don't want to upset her, but I think I should tell her when we break up, just in case she's thinking of having kids, but then again, why upset her unnecessarily?
Friday, 9th November 2012 - 05:05:41 PM
Name: craig hopper
E-mail address: chopper@centralfreight.com
Comments:my mother was Ila Faye Mauldin, her father Marion Van Mauldin, his father james H mauldin.
Monday, 15th October 2012 - 02:32:14 PM
Name: craig hopper
E-mail address: chopper@centralfreight.com
Comments:my mother was Ila Faye Mauldin, her father Marion Van Mauldin, his father james H mauldin.
Monday, 15th October 2012 - 01:54:34 PM
Name: Era J. Seigler
E-mail address: janseigler@hughes.net
Comments:I am the Granddaughter of James Hugh Mauldin (b.30 Oct 1888) His first wife, Myrtle Thompson, died in Feb 1889. He then married my Grandmother Era Belle Johnson(b. 10 Jan 1906). I have in my keeping my Grandmothers bible which states this information along with marriage dates and a list of all of the children of Myrtle and Era Bell. I grew up knowing almost all of Myrtles children. My Grandmother Era Bell had four children with James Hugh Mauldin. I would be grateful for any information you may have on Era Bell Johnson.
Monday, 30th July 2012 - 02:56:47 PM
Name: Susan
E-mail address: Auntprettyt@comcast.net
Comments:Looki g for the irby family of tippah co.
I am related to William Henry irby and his wife,Jenny...Jane m. Henry irby thought their daughter,Amanda Jane irby Taylor who was buried in Falkner in 1921.
Can you help?
Sunday, 1st July 2012 - 06:27:38 AM
Name: f w rose
E-mail address: fwroze47@bellsouth.net
Friday, 8th June 2012 - 07:56:58 PM
Name: Shirley (Cartwright) McKenzie
E-mail address: surelyjean@hotmail.com
Comments:You have a family listing of John Jacob Jones & Lavinia (Rogers) Cartwright Jones with a son, George W Jones. George was born in 1853, but Lavinia and John Jones didn't marry until 1858. I strongly would say George was not Lavinia's son. Lavinia & Thomas Cartwright were thought to be dead around 1853-1854 (their children became wards of their Aunts), but Lavinia retd to Tippah & married Jones. This mixed family has lots of confusion. If you can, remove G.W. as her son. Shirley (Cartwright) McKenzie.
Sunday, 15th April 2012 - 09:31:48 PM
Name: Amy Dowdy
E-mail address: asdowdy@bellsouth.net
Comments:I can't say thank you enough. I found your research on rootsweb and I couldn't believe it. We now know the names of my mom's great and great-great-grandparents. We haven't been able to find anything til now. Her grandparents were Lewis Andrew Wilbanks and Asadora Delilah Wilbanks. Her mother was Eula Mae (Effie) Wilbanks Laughlin. Do you know where Berry Wilbanks side of the Wilbanks family might be found (info)? Also do you know anything about the Laughlin family. My mother's father was Joe. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Rucker's Cemetery in Tippah. Any information would be greatly appreciated, and what I have already gotten from you is a great gift. Thank You and God Bless!
Thursday, 5th April 2012 - 09:11:59 PM
E-mail address: joshlinhope61@gmail.com
Tuesday, 27th March 2012 - 04:21:06 PM
Name: Jay Michael
E-mail address: jmike47@yahoo.com
Comments:I was looking at your website and found that you didn't have my paternal g'father's first and middle name listed. My grandfather is Elmer Clyde Michael who was married to Elma B. Roten. If you need help updating any Michael information, let me know and I will try to help you.
Thursday, 15th March 2012 - 05:26:17 PM
Name: Shirley McKenzie
E-mail address: surelyjean@hotmail.com
Comments:I have followed your family postings for quite a while. I returned when I was searching for neighbors of my ancestor, James Thomas Asbury Cartwright, in the Silver Springs community in 1860. I was studying their neighbors and found the Howard family. Saw comment that daughter, Jane, may have married Matthew Richardson. I am surprised I cannot find anything about him. It appears that Jane's daughter may have gone to Tipton County, TN and she is a widow there around 1900. I have searched and find that all family trees on ancestry.com seem to just be copying each other - an unfortunate habit I am afraid. I would like to hear from you. Shirley (Cartwright) McKenzie. p.s. I will be speaking to the Ripley SCV first Thursday in May 2012. I am looking fwd to that. S.
Monday, 27th February 2012 - 02:49:04 PM
Name: Brian Clark Seale
E-mail address: sealebrian@bellsouth.net
Comments:William Benjamin Rutherford is my great great grandfather. And George Samuel Rutherford is my great great great grandfather. They were raised in Tippah County Mississippi. I live in Greensboro, Alabama. I have a picture of George Samuel Rutherford.
Monday, 27th February 2012 - 11:07:19 AM
Name: Patsy Austin Settler
E-mail address: psettler63@gmail.com
Comments:Thanks to you I just found my grgrgrandmom Sarah "Patsy" Dunn for whom I was named and my grgrgrgrandparents.
Saturday, 11th February 2012 - 10:42:58 AM
Name: Vanna Clark
E-mail address: vanna.clark@yahoo.com
Comments:I discovered your site and found my relatives. I am from the Crawford Evan Bennett Sr. line. I have updated information for this site about my mother, Peggy J. Bennett Flook and my father Charles L. Flook. My mother passed away on December 18, 2006. My father passed away on December 31, 2009. They are both buried in the New Carlisle Cemetary in New Carlisle,Ohio. With my mother's passing there are no more children from Crawford and Van Anna Gurney that are living. could you please update this information on your site? I would very much appreciate your efforts. Sincerely, Vanna F. Clark
Tuesday, 31st January 2012 - 12:49:23 PM
Name: Carolyn Rutherford
E-mail address: cmrhere@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.rutherfordgenealogy.org
Comments:I was doing a search for a relative of a relative and came upon your page. No time to read through it all just now, but definitely will return to do so as soon as I can.

Visit my site sometime and see if we can share insights and info.

Tuesday, 31st May 2011 - 11:41:19 AM
Name: Carolyn Rutherford
E-mail address: cmrhere@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.rutherfordgenealogy.org
Comments:I was doing a search for a relative of a relative and came upon your page. No time to read through it all just now, but definitely will return to do so as soon as I can.

Visit my site sometime and see if we can share insights and info.

Tuesday, 31st May 2011 - 11:41:06 AM
Name: Lester Wynn
E-mail address: lesterkw@bellsouth.net
Comments:You mentioned Winnie Angeline West who was married to William S Wilson on your Rutherfords Of Tippah Co. Can you give me any other info on William S Wilson. He is my Grandfather and I have hit a wall on his ancestry. Thank you for your help.
Wednesday, 20th April 2011 - 06:25:10 PM
Name: Peggy Carter Mays
E-mail address: peggy.n.mays@marsh.com
Comments:Hello everyone, I am the granddaughter of Bessie Pearl and James Onie Rutherford of Falkner, MS. I am trying to locate my counsins Donna Francis Rutherford and Dorothy jean Rutherford. I dont know what their married names are as we have not seen each other since our teens. If anyone knows how to get in touch with them, please give them my email address. Steven, thanks so much for this website. I saw pictures of my great grandmother and great grandfather for the first time, on your site. I had never met them before to my knowledge.
Tuesday, 7th September 2010 - 08:56:42 PM
Name: Cindy Guthrie
E-mail address: guthries4@comcast.net
Comments:Just researching my husband's Guthrie family and ran across your website while searching through your msg board surname list. Wow what a great job you've done
Monday, 17th May 2010 - 06:38:38 PM
Name: Lowrey McNeel in Atlanta
E-mail address: HLMCN@aol.com
Comments:My grandmother (born 1884 was Eloise Rutherford Russell who married J F B Lowrey in 1909 in Alabama; Our Rutherfords go back to Rbt Russell, II (Rev War Vet in VA) who m. Jane/Jean Rutherford, the dau of Wm Rutherford and Agness Beard. I am a member of several genealogy organizations including SAR based on Rbt Russell service in VA.

I am interested in going back further on the Rutherford and have enjoyed seeing your research. Best Wishes, Lowrey <<<< HLMCN@aol.com >>>>
Saturday, 3rd April 2010 - 10:55:44 AM
Name: Hollye Burks Granier
E-mail address: hollye@analync.com
Comments:I was born in 1982 to Amanda Buchanan and Troy Rusty Burks. I married Joshua Granier in 2000. We gave birth to Joshua Logan Granier in 2004. If anyone would like to contact us or obtain any information on the Burks, Buchanan or Granier family, you can email me at hollye@analync.com. Best of luck and happy hunting.. Love always, Hollye Burks Granier
Tuesday, 13th October 2009 - 11:45:50 AM
Name: Kerstin Maxey
E-mail address: kerstinmaxey@windstream.net
Comments:Had a change in email if anyone is interested in info
for Estelle Stacel.
Wednesday, 3rd June 2009 - 01:10:09 PM
Name: Jan Simpson
E-mail address: janetcarolsimpson@gmail.com
Comments:Hello, My name is Jan Simpson, granddaughter of Mack W Wilbanks and I would like to add information to this tree including the names of the thirteen kids Thomas Benton & Martha had.

Please email at janetcarolsimpson@gmail.com


Jan Simpson
Saturday, 25th April 2009 - 08:48:21 PM
Name: jack jackson
E-mail address: jackjackson3097@yahoo.com
Comments: from young co.. thoughtful work enjoyed it,,
Saturday, 21st February 2009 - 09:35:33 AM
Name: Annetta Wells Payne
E-mail address: TxAnnetta@aol.com
Comments:I have sent you an e-mail asking about Hannah Drewpina Davis. My grandmother, Pearl Drewpina Wells is Hannah D',s Granddaughter (I believe)and I have never seen the name anywhere except in my Gradmother's bible, so I was very excited when I saw it on your web site. My Dad always said his mother (Pearl Drewpina Wells) teased her children and called herself Pearl "Droop-hinney"! Your website is great. Thanks for any information. Annetta Wells Payne,
Sunday, 4th January 2009 - 06:18:49 PM
Name: Kathy Ann Yeager Thomas Sims
E-mail address: kasims@comcast.net
Comments:My daughter in law found this site and showed me info regarding my first husband and children. A lot of the info is incorrect and I am trying to get an email address for Steven Rutherford who had submitted the info so it can be corrected. My mother's family is from Tippah Co. so I'm sure we are related in some way. I would just like to correct the info. Thanks. Kathy Sims
Friday, 2nd January 2009 - 09:51:58 PM
Name: Charleen Kennedy
E-mail address: cskennedy@suddenlink.net
Comments:I found a commented posted on a websearch regarding Thomas Aven and his daughter Deliliah Jacqueline Dicey Aven, who married a Ruff. I believe this is my great great grandmother. If you have any information on these lines. I would really apprecaite it. It goes like this: Slay/Ruff/Aven/
Monday, 1st December 2008 - 09:10:27 AM
Name: henrietta
E-mail address: henriettachildress@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi. Just wanted to say what a great job. I am still looking for decendents of Mike Cox originally from Ireland. Francis(Frank) Cox was my gr-grandfather and I am trying to find his siblings and family.

I will keep checking back to this site.
Friday, 7th November 2008 - 09:40:22 AM
Name: Rebecca Sue (Nall) Drake
E-mail address: thedrakefive@yahoo.com
Comments:I've tried to email you several times and I get it returned. Could you please email me. I have a question about James & David Rutherford.

Thanks so much,
Friday, 10th October 2008 - 01:03:57 PM
Name: Rebecca Sue (Nall) Drake
E-mail address: thedrakefive@yahoo.com
Comments:I love this site, and can't thank you and people like you enough for what you do for the perservation of our family history. Thomas Franklin Rutherford was my 3G-grandfather.

Friday, 10th October 2008 - 12:33:27 PM
Name: Kerstin Maxey
E-mail address: kerstinmaxey@alltel.net
Comments:Found you site by doing a search on Stacel. My Mom was
a Stacel and Samuel Eugene was her brother. I knew my
Uncle Sam and Aunt Estelle very well. If you would like
further info feel free to contact me. It seems the world get smaller by the day. You have a nice website.
Wednesday, 8th October 2008 - 11:01:07 AM
Name: christyna stewart
E-mail address: christynas@hotmail.com
Comments:i enjoyed being able to find my great great grandparents on your site.(Benjamin Franklin Poff and Tish West) I learned who my great grandparents were (was 3 when my great grandfather died) and it was amazing seeing my grandfather and grandmother among the names (Robert Franklin Poff and Sara Francis Miller) I was talking with my grandfather today about his family history and decided to look up some information on the Poffs. They are both alive and living in Memphis. and have 3 kids. 1.Robert Poff jr. 2.Patricia Lynn Poff (my mother) 3.Larry Poff

thanks so much for helping me find great great relatives!
Monday, 29th September 2008 - 08:49:01 PM
Name: Adam Tracy Smith
E-mail address: 97smiths@charter.net
Homepage URL: http://lubedealer.com/wtlf
Comments:Really enjoyed looking over your site, I sent you a message on your rootsweb page asking your relation to the Jernigan's of Tippah Co. John Hand Jernigan was my Great Great Grandfather, he is buried at Academy Cemetary out of Blue Mountain, MS. His enlistment is J.H. Jernigan and he served under Falkner in Co.B, 7th MS Cavalry from Aug.1861 to April 1865. His son George Washington Jernigan was my Great Grandfather, and his son Rubert E. Jernigan was my Grandfather. Any information you may have on my family or any connection to the Rutherfords would be apreciated.
Thank you,
Adam Tracy Smith
Tuesday, 15th July 2008 - 10:24:27 PM
Name: Michael Stark
E-mail address: mlstark@bellsouth.net
Comments:I have enjoyed the pictures and information on the Stark branch of your genealogy. Exactly how are you related to the Starks? My dad was Roy Eli Stark son of James Malachi Stark. You have a lot of info!!!
Friday, 4th July 2008 - 05:02:23 PM
Name: Paul McGowan
E-mail address: pm5864@aol.com
Comments:Researching the genealogy of Jackie Glenn Rutherford and Terri Andrade.
Tuesday, 24th June 2008 - 07:11:37 AM
Name: Sandi Walker
E-mail address: sandiwalker@sbcglobal.net
Comments:After many years of research, I am convinced that your line and my Balch line are connected.

My Grandmothers name was Evaline Balch (Hayes)and I believe her father was Simon Peter Balch.

Tuesday, 20th May 2008 - 10:30:02 AM
Name: Ronnie Rutherford
E-mail address: rruthe7777@bellsouth.net
Comments:Hi Steve,
I just found this webpage and was looking thru it.My father was William Rufus Rutherford,Jimmy Gale was my uncle,i think we are cousins.You did a great job of putting this together.Email me sometime.I live in HornLake,Ms

Ronnie Rutherford
Monday, 5th May 2008 - 06:59:16 PM
Name: Judi Nesbitt
E-mail address: jmnesbitt@earthlink.net
Comments:I look on your site about any Nesbit or Nesbitt's. Can we be related? Have you done any DNA? Judi Nesbitt
Sunday, 23rd March 2008 - 04:50:38 PM
Name: Ann Gardner
E-mail address: anngardner@bellsouth.net
Comments:I am searching for information on Omohundro/Mohundro - Any info?
Wednesday, 5th March 2008 - 12:56:05 AM
Name: Barbara Crump
E-mail address: bcrump1@peoplepc.com
Comments:I love your website!!! Very good job. I'm wondering about the Crump connection??? Andrew Jackson Crump and Nancy Jane were my Grandparents.
Friday, 29th February 2008 - 12:00:27 AM
Name: Jean Wallace
E-mail address: meanjean2@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Hi, Someone answered a query of mine in GenForum a good while ago saying that you have some information on the Puckett family but they didn't think it was on your website. I don't see it there either so if I have some mis-information, I am sorry. But if you have anything on George Washington Puckett and 2nd wife Martha E. James I would love to hear from you. I am interested in their first child, Candis "Candy" Elizabeth Puckett who married Jacob Milton Simms and had 2 sons. I believe Candis died in childbirth with the 2nd child but have no proof. Jacob and his 2nd wife, Abigail (McBride) Piles were my paternal great-grandparents. I am just trying to find any information I can get on Candis and her family. Thanks, Jean
Wednesday, 27th February 2008 - 10:16:45 PM
Name: Eileen Boldreghini
E-mail address: gentravelin2@yahoo.com
Thursday, 7th February 2008 - 06:30:44 AM
Name: Eileen Boldreghini
E-mail address: gentravelin2@yahoo.com
Thursday, 7th February 2008 - 06:30:29 AM
Name: earl dwight Jeffries
E-mail address: earlofjeffries@hotmail.com
Sunday, 30th December 2007 - 02:50:06 PM
Name: Bob Beecroft
E-mail address: dmbeecroft@aol.com
Comments:Hi Steve,

Bob and Debbie here. We need a current e-mail for you guys. You can reach us at this e-mail address and IM at dmbeecroft on AIM. Thanks for the Christmas card and picture. The girls are beautiful young ladies.
Waiting to hear from you all.Merry Christmas!
Friday, 21st December 2007 - 07:42:14 AM
Name: Tommie Malone
E-mail address: tommie_malone@usa.net
Comments:My husband family is from Mark Meacham who married
Winnifred Collier
Tommie "Wilson" Malone , Dublin , Tx.
Wednesday, 28th November 2007 - 03:55:10 PM
Name: julia greer
E-mail address: luckycharm2easy@yahoo.com
Comments:yea i am trying to find the page that i used to go to.some of my husband family is linked to yours . can you send me the link to find that again you have put lots of stuff on the site for me.i am looking for luther greer . i used to go on my favorites but i got a new puter and lost where i went too. i had a password and a name but lost it too. anyting you can do to help i would be so greatfull. thanks julia greer my old email address was gree6409@bellsouth.net if that helps any
Monday, 26th November 2007 - 04:54:15 AM
Name: kayla stokes
E-mail address: smileatmebabe2@yahoo.com
Comments:i seen that you have my mother (ellie mae arnold) name on your page. if you would any info please email me her father was I.C. arnold and mother was Eilzbeth Mullins
they lived in rienzi ms and if i have any thing that would help you out let me know me mom wants to know if she is kin to you
kayla rienzi ms
Wednesday, 17th October 2007 - 10:26:59 PM
Name: Erick Jamieson
E-mail address: erickj247@yahoo.com
Comments: was linked to your site when I googled myself. The lins says that I am in your family tree. I could not find your family tree so I don't know if it is true. Any thoughts?

My Grandmother Virginia Jamieson is from Missouri.
Wednesday, 3rd October 2007 - 04:19:42 PM
Name: Terry Ruthelford
E-mail address: terryr1963@yahh.com
Comments: Dear Steve,
ON August 5th we lost a very special man. His name was
David wayne Ruthelford born march 24th 1981. he was servived by his Mother Charlotte davis ruthelford his Father Jerry wayne Ruthelford his wife Bobbie Jean Ruthelford two sons Dylan Ruthelford and Austin Ruthelford two Daughters Chelsea Ruthelford Ans Haley one brother Jerry Wayne Ruthelford one sister Heather Harden
David was killed in a car accident near Oakland Ms at age 26
Much Respect Terry g. Ruthelford (uncle terry to most)
Saturday, 25th August 2007 - 05:07:03 PM
Name: Terry Ruthelford
E-mail address: terryr1963@yahoo.com
Comments: Steven,
I just wanted to let you know that my father LutherDavid Rutherford passed away on july 16th at Clarkesdale Ms. He was 81 years old. He will be missed by many, and as long as there is a Rutherford there will always be a story about Uncle Bud.
Much Respect Terry Ruthelford youngest son of the late
Luther David(Bud) Rutherford
Saturday, 28th July 2007 - 09:15:44 PM
Name: Laura JAUDON Booth
E-mail address: ljaudonb45@hotmail.com
Comments:In a previous post by me a few years back, I noticed the email addy was wrong. It could have just been an old addy I used then, but to update my contact information:
Yes, I am still doing research on my father's side of the family. Anyone with information they would like to share on THE JAUDON FAMILY, please contact me.
Laura Jaudon Booth
Saturday, 14th July 2007 - 05:35:37 PM
Name: Pat McQuary
E-mail address: pmcquary@sbcglobal.net
May I ask if you are related to the James Riley McQuary line?I have found him in Calhoun Co.Miss and I believe he is buried in an Oktibbeha(?)cemetery.Carrie Alma is buried in Kerens,Tx,died in 1994,I believe.She was a precious lady.Thanks,Pat McQuary
Sunday, 27th May 2007 - 11:19:00 PM
Name: Cibby Krell
E-mail address: cibbykrell@charter.net
Homepage URL: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/k/r/e/Cibby-Krell/
Comments:My gg-grandmother was Georgiana Rutherford Black. If you would like I have a picture of her, both sides of her grave marker, and a stained glass window memorial. The church where she's buried was pretty well founded/funded early on by the Black family, my mom's side.

Cibby Krell
Spartanburg, SC
Lt. Commander, Sgt. A. W. Ballenger Camp #68
SC Division, ANV, SCV
Saturday, 28th April 2007 - 09:57:02 AM
Name: Albert G. Rutherford, II
E-mail address: absally@ptd.net
Comments:Hi Steve--

I'm a Yankee Rutherford from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. My grandfather, Albert G. Rutherford, was born in Watford, Ontario, Canada, and came to the US with his father,James Rutherford, who, I believe came to Canada from Kelso on Tweed, Scotland. My grandfather was a lawyer and served in the US Congress during the late 30s and early 40s, dying in office at Washington in 1941, the year I was born.

Keeping in mind the history that in Scotland the Rutherfords acted as bailies for the Homes, my great uncle and my brother are both named Bailie Rutherford.

Do you have any info on Rutherfords going from Scotland to Canada?

Great website!

Albert G. Rutherford, II

Saturday, 10th March 2007 - 12:32:28 PM
Name: bob thomas
E-mail address: bobt3130@aol.com
Comments:seeking lineage on my great grandmother fanny octavia allsbrook born 1859/1860 in chicot co Ark
Friday, 2nd March 2007 - 01:18:20 PM
Name: Salli Noack
E-mail address: four_-Now@hotmail.com
I am the grand daughter of JD Slaughter who is the grand son of Finner Lewis Davidson and Ella Ereane Rutherford. I have for years tried to find out about them. I thought they hatched from eggs because I could not find anything on them. Can you contact me for more help. Thanks Salli
Tuesday, 13th February 2007 - 08:32:28 PM
Name: Terry Rutherford
E-mail address: t erryr1963@yahoo.com
Comments:Shanon Rutherford This is your uncle Terry Your Mothers uncle
I now live in MS.You were very young When I last saw you. And your mother Lucesha Ann Ruthelford. e-mail address is below
Much Respect
Terry G. Ruthelford Also refered to as Ubba From Wichita
Ks and Cinn Ohio.
Saturday, 27th January 2007 - 09:31:13 PM
Name: Terry Ruthelford
E-mail address: terryr1963@yahoo.com
Comments: Shanon Ruthelford Please contact me,at the address left on page. I am your mothers uncle Terry I have looked for a long time and I know We have found each other. You have e-mail's in your mail box,from me terryr1963@yahoo.com There you will find many ways to contact me.
Terry G Ruthelford
Saturday, 27th January 2007 - 04:53:52 PM
Name: shanon rutherford
E-mail address: the_new_shanon@yahoo.com
Comments:what is this my moms name is Lucresha Ann Rutherford plez email me
Tuesday, 23rd January 2007 - 06:47:46 PM
Name: shanon rutherford
E-mail address: the_new_shanon@yahoo.com
Comments:what is this my moms name is Lucresha Ann Rutherford plez email me
Tuesday, 23rd January 2007 - 06:47:44 PM
Name: Kathy (Ross) Stephenson
E-mail address: jamesstephenso0531@msn.com
Comments:Your page is great.
Saturday, 6th January 2007 - 06:55:23 PM
Name: Jacob Strevel
E-mail address: thestrevels@yahoo.com
Comments:Really enjoyed your site and looking at my ancestral roots! Great job. If I see updates needed on my side I will send them as they occur.
Tuesday, 12th December 2006 - 11:05:23 AM
Name: Sonia Radcliffe Bell
E-mail address: majpromo@bellsouth.net
Comments:I too am a descendant of Nancy Jernigan and Elijah Ratliff.
Would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 11th October 2006 - 03:54:16 PM
Name: Walter Jones
E-mail address: walt2@flash.net
Comments:I am tring to locate Howard Wayne Crowson, you have one listed in your genalogy that would be the right age for the one I am looking for. Do you know if attended high school in Memphis, Tenn. Howard is listed as one of our "lost sheep" on high school reunion board.


Wednesday, 6th September 2006 - 06:26:21 AM
Name: James Smith
E-mail address: jamessmith107@comcast.net
Comments:Located your sight while searching for family ties to Jonas McClung and Rebecca Reed. I'm related through William Eddington and Chelsea Langston McClungs daughter Rebecca McClung.
Do you have any more info on Jonas and Rebecca? My family histories and others claim she was 100% Cherokee.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thursday, 24th August 2006 - 05:43:50 PM
Name: J K Conner
E-mail address: jkconner46@aol.com
Comments:Very nice site. I'll be stopping by later to look at any links to "Conner"'s of Tippah County. Thanks JKC
Thursday, 17th August 2006 - 11:44:19 AM
Name: Terry Rutherford
E-mail address: terryr1963@yahoo.com
Sunday, 9th July 2006 - 10:35:51 AM
Name: John Ussery
E-mail address: geepajohn@earthlink.net
Comments:The Wilson Covington in your database came to Tippah County, Mississippi with his brother John A. Covington and his family. They are the sons of Matthew Covington (1802 -1836) who died in the Creek Indian Wars, and his wife Elizabeth Chappell/Capel. The family is from Richmond County, North Carolina. There is a great book on the family of Terrell Covington who is a brother to Wilson and John A. Covington. Info can be found at: http://www.broadfootpublishing.com/Covington%20Genealogy.htm .
Monday, 22nd May 2006 - 10:45:08 PM
Name: Mary E.A, Woodward Pillsworth
E-mail address: mpillsworth@twcny.rr.com
Comments:Greetings from Mexico. I am the daughter of Velma Rutherford Woodward and Lewis Oliver Woodward and the granddaughter of James McCullough Rutherford and Mary Etta (Mollie) Hensley Rutherford.

I was thrilled to discover your site. I almost wept when for the first time in my life I saw a picture of my grandfather and realized immediately where my Mother got her looks. My mother was only seven or eight years old when her father died and she and her mother moved to Mrmphis and later to Texas. Although Mother spoke often and affectionately of her father we knew practically nothing of the extended Rutherford family. I must have cousins by the dozens that I never knew I had.

I can fill you in a bit on my branch of the family tree. I married Philip J. Pillsworth of Troy, NY on June 17, 1967. My wedding ring was inherited from Mollie and bears the inscription "From Capt. JMR to Miss MEH". Phil and I have 2 children: Lewis James Pillsworth, born July 6, 1969 and Elizabeth Grace Pillsworth, born April 17, 1972. Phil and I lived in the Albany, NY area for 37 years. Now that we are retired we divide our time between homes in Little Falls, NY and Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico, generally spending summer and early fall in New York and the rest of the time in Mexico(except when we are travelling, which is our obsession).

I fear I am taking too much space in your guest book. but I will take a little more space to briefly give some info about my brother, Lewis Oliver Woodward Jr. Born Aug. 1, 1931, he married Consuelo Hope on Jan. 19, 1957. They have four children, Michael Lee, Lisa(Woodward) Holderness, Mollie (Woodward) Williams and Mary Jane (Woodward) Edwards. They have eight grandchildren.

My brother is in very poor health, but if you would like more information about his offspring, I suggest you e-mail his youngest daughter, Mary Jane (always called Pancho). Her e-mail address is pancharita@cox.net

It's been great getting to know some of my relatives via the internet. Maybe one day we can meet in person in Mississippi, New York, or even South of the Borded--down Mexico way.

Regards to all, Mary Elizabeth Ann (yes. my family calls me the whole thing)

Saturday, 20th May 2006 - 12:02:15 AM
Name: christie
E-mail address: shilohforrest@yahoo.com
Comments:i would just like to say thank all of you who have contibuted to this web site. i have been able to find people i have wondered about for years. my mom is of the stroupe,newby,pannell and morrison clans and with grandma gone it's hard to get the answers i needed. thank God for all of you and bless you all.
Saturday, 13th May 2006 - 05:18:52 AM
Name: Gene Lod
E-mail address: relsloyd@bellsouth,net
Comments:Great website, I am seeking any information on the family ancestry of Jarrett Scott who was born to my 2nd great grandparents Lawrence Scott jr. and Winnie (Camp) SCott, Lawrence being born in Knox Co. Tn. circa 1810 and died in 1901 in Marshall County Alabama. My great grandfather John Franklin Scott was a brother to Jarrett. Would be interested in sharing any data and information of the Scott/Low ancestry lineage

Gene Loyd Cullman Alabama
Monday, 27th February 2006 - 09:44:43 PM
Name: Shannon Payne
E-mail address: Cpayn14@sears.com or masterofmirages@aol.com
Comments:I have been reading your site for a very long time. We are all very blessed to have your site for our viewing. Keep up the good work. I am a descendent of Elijah Reed/Charles Reed/Jeff Reed and would love to get a copy of Elijah Reed's will executed by JM Rutherford for my family tree book. If this is possible please email me. PLEASE EMAIL ME.
Also i have alot of info that you have blank or son or daughter listed in the genealogy branches. Surnames Downs, Reed, Roberts and Barkley ... example Charles Howard Downs and Tinnie Daphine Roberts .... please contact me for this info desperately needs to be added to your site.
Thanks alot .... Shannon
Tuesday, 31st January 2006 - 03:59:36 PM
Name: Theresa Adkins
E-mail address: lady-eagle@cox.net
Comments:Very nice. wonderful work. Thank you for putting information online. As I have looked and looked and finally found information on your site. Thank you.
Wednesday, 11th January 2006 - 09:28:50 PM
Name: Laura Ann Marrocco
E-mail address: lmarrocco@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://coopercreekcardigans.com
Comments:Hey cousin from both our mothers sides. Great site! Thanks for sending me the link. You sure have done a great job on this and I find it very interesting. Do you have a link to a Camburn site? Was wondering if any of the cousins have a site like this up. I started a family tree program on the Camburns about five years ago, but the hubby accidently deleted it in the computer. My bad. I did not have a back up.

Keep in touch. Tell Kelly and the girls Hello from
East Central Missouri. :-)

Laura - grand-daughter of Annie Lou Fayne Camburn
Monday, 26th December 2005 - 01:58:09 AM
Name: Vicki Jamar Christian
E-mail address: wlcv4348@cs.com
Comments:After year's of searching and very little information, I have finally found my Great Grandmother! She was Amanda Ann (Mandy) Hawkins Singleton! I am so thrilled. I will have 4 more Generation's to add! Hello Family!
Vicki Jamar Christian
Thursday, 13th October 2005 - 11:35:21 PM
Name: Larry Northcross
E-mail address: LNorthcros@aol.com
Comments:Thank you for all of the help that you have made available through your web site.
Sunday, 18th September 2005 - 02:51:46 AM
Name: Janie Withrow Davis
E-mail address: jdavis0817@sbcglobal.net
Comments:We have all always been proud of our Mississippi connection. We know from family stories that Thomas Emery Harvey joined the Civil WAr and was wounded at 16....I think in the jaw.

Thanks so much for connecting us.

Friday, 26th August 2005 - 10:17:30 PM
E-mail address: dlwilbanks@dixie-net.com
Comments:great website-lots of info on flakes in tippah co.
my mother was a flake.have info on levi t. flake and william r. flake families if you want to contact me
Sunday, 21st August 2005 - 10:21:06 PM
Name: Regina
E-mail address: Krmgecounciltx@yahoo.com
Comments:Wow- what a great job you've done collecting all this info- thanks! I wanted to know if you or someone you know might have any more info on the children of Thomas Madison Guthrie(b7/8/1811) and married Elizabeth Proctor(b1809)- married 7/1832. We are especially looking for info on their son John Nelson born 12/1839. Info on any of John children would be great. Thank You!
Saturday, 20th August 2005 - 10:58:27 PM
Name: Regina
E-mail address: rmgecounciltx@yahoo.com
Comments:Wow- what a great job you've done collecting all this info- thanks! I wanted to know if you or someone you know might have any more info on the children of Thomas Madison Guthrie(b7/8/1811) and married Elizabeth Proctor(b1809)- married 7/1832. We are especially looking for info on their son John Nelson born 12/1839. Info on any of John children would be great. Thank You!
Saturday, 20th August 2005 - 10:58:16 PM
Name: Donald R. Sanford
E-mail address: dsanford358@msn.com
Comments:I noticed you had researched John Flanagin some married to Patsy. John is my uncle. Are you related to him somehow?
Sunday, 24th July 2005 - 12:49:34 PM
Name: Robert wilkinson
E-mail address: kb9vem@yahoo.com
Comments:Nice site, I see that you have a Barbara Wilkinson and Victor Heg listed in your tree. Barbara was my father sister and Chris Heg was my step father after my father passed away. George Heg, Chris and Victor brother, married Dorthy Wilkinson,Barbara sister.
Wednesday, 11th May 2005 - 08:28:58 PM
Name: joy crum forsyth
E-mail address: joyaforsyth@yahoo.com
Wednesday, 4th May 2005 - 04:45:13 PM
Name: Michael A. Parker
E-mail address: mipar36@yahoo.com
Comments:I like your website very much.I am kin to the Mercers you have on there.I believe I am kin to the Clarks you have on there also,I have to look again to be sure.
Michael A. Parker
Cherry Valley,Arkansas
Sunday, 3rd April 2005 - 12:55:20 PM
Name: Kenneth W. Storey
E-mail address: kenandjanice@cs.com
Comments:Thank you for your work. This is very interesting.
Saturday, 2nd April 2005 - 09:34:57 PM
E-mail address: sclark@twinvalley.net
Comments:You have a great site and I have been studying it a lot the last 3 months. You have a John Evans WATTS in your data that matches one that I believe is the grandfather of my maternal great grandmother through a son, Josiah T. WATTS. Their county in MS was Copiah Co. and Josiah moved on to LA and died in Bienville Parish, LA. I know this is not your direct line, but thought I would give it a shot. I will not go into particulars unless I hear back from you. Also, do you have any COODY information as my family lived there in the 1830s and 1840s on their way to LA. Keep up the good work. I am June born and raised in LA, but am a Kansan now.
Thursday, 3rd February 2005 - 09:14:45 AM
Name: Susan Richardson
E-mail address: richardson9712@bellsouth.net
Homepage URL: http://I have a roots page to
Comments:I got caught on your sight by the mohundro connection but couldn't find anything else on that surname I am a decendent of the Tenn Mohundros and would love to hear from you also there is a web sight called omohundro you may be able to get a lot of great pictures and info on any mohundro you still need info for thanks
Susan Richardson
I too am researching family connections with lots of mohundro family
Friday, 7th January 2005 - 04:57:36 PM
Name: henrietta
E-mail address: hchildr@yahoo.com
Comments:This is a awesome site. I am still trying to connect with any family of Mike Cox (b 1797 Ireland and lived to be 114. Wife's name Martha Geno Crawford. I know they lived in Tippah Co. but can not connect with anyone of this family. Mike and Martha are my gr-gr-grandparents.
Keep up the great work.
Thursday, 9th December 2004 - 10:40:31 AM
Name: Ms Gerry Hill
E-mail address: gerryinga@yahoo.com
Comments:We have the children of Thomas A Aven somewhat similar (His brother James Stanford is my ancestor)
by Arminta (Thomas?)
Delilah Jacqueline a 1842
Amanda Jane a 1 747 m James M Terry same date
Sybilla Antha "Sybil" a 1849 (You show 2 children)
Ardelia F 1852 m Wm H Terry same date
Emily Ann 1855-6
Martha Theodosia Apr. 1857 m Wm. Terrell Aven-1st cousin
son of Elijah- another brother of James S.

Delilah Jacquiline" Dicey" married William G. Ruff- son of Henry & Nancy Smith- Nancy was the child of Levi Smith
and Levi had another dtr. Mary "Polly" who married Chesley W. Nalson Aven- another brother of Elijah & James S

Monday, 27th September 2004 - 10:50:18 AM
Name: Jesper Hansen
Homepage URL: http://www.janke.dk/detektor
Comments:Hello over there !

Nice homepage!

- Jesper, Denmark
Saturday, 25th September 2004 - 02:57:22 PM
Name: Chaela
E-mail address: chaela56123@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://north-america.zared.com/United_States/Texas/Localities/B/Bogata/
Comments:This is a very well done site! Enjoyed it!
Thursday, 23rd September 2004 - 01:17:15 AM
Name: Carol Schwartz
E-mail address: carolsch@computerconnect.net
Comments:Direct descendant of Wm. C. Gooch and Julia Ann Parks. Just browsing at this point. Looks like alot of care and work.
Monday, 13th September 2004 - 11:01:21 PM
Name: Benny Luna Peters
E-mail address: creighz@bright.net
Comments:Sent an E-mail. so good be to connected.
Monday, 30th August 2004 - 07:55:01 AM
Name: Ronnie Ferguson
E-mail address: ronne14@hotmail.com
Comments:Great site
Wednesday, 25th August 2004 - 01:35:44 AM
Name: Virginia (Ann George)Chapo
E-mail address: bcmd80@charter.net
Comments:Hi Great site I am decendent of the White /Garner family in Ripley MIss. Irene White is my Grand mother>I am lookinfg for my other side my fathers side of family Egbert George & Junie George . Leroy passed ) owned the barber shop in Ripley for years. They too lived in Ripley. Can you help! thanks Ann
Thursday, 19th August 2004 - 05:27:28 PM
Name: James Jones
E-mail address: iriecapn@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Thank you for an awesome site. I located my great great grandmother, Nancy Jane Prescott. She married Jake F. Hughey, son - Neely Dokus Hughey, son Neely Stoddard Hughey - my grandfather. If you would like any of this other info, please e-mail me.

Thanks again,
James Jones
Wednesday, 11th August 2004 - 02:40:28 PM
Name: patty
E-mail address: panwon@ligtel.com
Comments:Iam researching the Aven family that lived in Mississippi. Hope that there is a connection. Thank you. Patty
Wednesday, 21st July 2004 - 03:07:21 PM
Name: Kellie Crnkovich
E-mail address: markkell95@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~kelliesconnections/
Comments:I came here from your tree on Ancestry as you have in there info on the Wilhites of Tippah County. This is my line through William Lee Henderson Wilhite's son Thompson Alexander Wilhite.

Tuesday, 20th July 2004 - 11:57:16 AM
Name: derek rutherford
E-mail address: derek_rebecca@hotmail.com
Comments: Greetings cousin from Johnson Co. Illinois,
It warms this Scottish heart of mine every time I come here, thank you so very much.
The farthest verbally known ancestor to me is Archibald Rutherford. He moved to Hardin Co. ill. Where he will forever reside in the Rutherford family cemetery, living on in descendantís memories and the tales of his life. As we all should hope to eternally live.
Give my love to all the family
Sunday, 18th July 2004 - 08:20:02 PM
Name: Laura Straw
E-mail address: Laura_J716@hotmail.com
Comments:You have a great site with lots of helpful information. Thanks for all the help you've given me so far.
Saturday, 17th July 2004 - 09:07:02 AM
Name: lisa
E-mail address: lisarinewalt@yahoo.com
Comments:oh my goodness this page on your site is my family. But you do not have my Mother or some of her sisters listed here, her dad is Henry Rutherford and her Mother is Ethel Suzy Hill ... My Mom died in 1985 anyone here KIN?

Entries: 107006 Updated: 2004-07-03 16:37:34 UTC (Sat) Contact: Steven Rutherford Home Page: Click here for my Homepage RUTHERFORDs of TIPPAH COUNTY MISSISSIPPI and OUR KIN


This data updated about once a month. Email me with corrections on all familys. Don't assume that the Rutherfords are blood kin to every person listed in the Tippah County Mississippi Connecting Family's, as we and everyone else listed are not. It shows many connections through marriage.


Index | Descendancy | Register | Add Post-em

ID: I101646
Surname: Rutherford
Sex: M
Death: ( ? )
Reference Number: 101646

Marriage 1 Ethel HILL
Mary Lillian RUTHERFORD b: Abt 1920
Tuesday, 13th July 2004 - 09:09:14 PM
Name: scott morgam anson nc
E-mail address: sadkins2.nc.org
Tuesday, 13th July 2004 - 09:03:10 PM
Name: Uyless Lee Glover
E-mail address: runawaytrain@comcast.net
Comments:I sent you an email about the McAlister's you have posted on the net. I should have more information in the near future for you. Thank you for you time and thank you for your effort that you have put forth on your web page. It is really great. I live in Muscle Shoals Alabma but will soon be a member in the SCV out of Savanah Tennessee.


Uyless Lee Glover
Thursday, 24th June 2004 - 12:04:09 PM
Name: Janet C. Jones
E-mail address: obrednose@aol.com
Comments:My Grandmother is Gracie Victoria Dickerson Flake (ID# I89169). I will send you updated information on her children. My mother, Madaline Victoria Flake Cunningham is not listed. The only deceased sibling she has is Shirley Flake.

Tuesday, 22nd June 2004 - 05:39:42 PM
Name: Patty
E-mail address: hosch-genealogy@sbcglobal.net
Comments:My G-Grandmother was Frances Melinda Rutherford (Born 1878 - Died 1960) and she married Lonnie Stenson Hosch (Born 1871 - Died 1957). Their son Lonnie James Hosch was my Grandfather. Your site showed that he married 'Latilee', but it was actually 'Katilee'. Lonnie James and Katilee had seven children who are all still living.

Would love to share info for our twig on this extended family tree.

Thank you,

Saturday, 19th June 2004 - 12:13:51 AM
Name: Mary Lynn Lyle
E-mail address: mlyle@charter.net
Comments:I was thrilled to find this site! My great-grandfather was Blake Clayton Smith, married to Mary Elizabeth Giles. It was such a surprise to find that Susannah Patterson Giles, is buried in Abbeville County, SC, which is where I live!!Thank you so much!
Thursday, 17th June 2004 - 03:25:50 PM
Name: Wanda Coffey
E-mail address: coffey2@lcc.net
Comments:My grandmother was the daughter of John Richard Rutherford and Paulina Grace of Tippah Co. Also my grandfather Archibald Evander Clark Jr. was born in Tippah Co. He and my grandmother came to Texas in the 1890's. I am looking for info.on my granfather's aunt, Ellen Buie. She was the daughter of James R. Clark of N.C. She and her husband, Calvin Buie came to Tippah about 1860 with her brother Archibald E. Clark Sr. Archibald and Calvin were both killed in the Civil War. I have a letter she wrote in 1865. After that I can not find her. Wanda
Tuesday, 15th June 2004 - 09:36:30 PM
Name: Joan Weeks Martin
E-mail address: Joanbluebird@aol.com
Comments:Hi everyone

I am descended from Wilson and Susannah Clifton through their son Mansfield Clifton brother to Patrick Henry Clifton. I have been doing research about 20 years on the family. Lots of dead ends on wilson and Susannah however. Need help!

Can anyone tell me what county in VA that the Cliftons were from?

Can anyone tell me for sure what Susannah's maiden name was?

I have lots of material on Mansfield Clifton and some on Patrick Henry.

Would love to chat.

Kindly Joan Martin
Saturday, 12th June 2004 - 06:40:20 PM
Name: Joan Weeks Martin
E-mail address: Joanbluebird@aol.com
Comments:Hi everyone

I am descended from Wilson and Susannah Clifton through their son Mansfield Clifton brother to Patrick Henry Clifton. I have been doing research about 20 years on the family. Lots of dead ends on wilson and Susannah however. Need help!

Can anyone tell me what county in VA that the Cliftons were from?

Can anyone tell me for sure what Susannah's maiden name was?

I have lots of material on Mansfield Clifton and some on Patrick Henry.

Would love to chat.

Kindly Joan Martin
Saturday, 12th June 2004 - 06:40:14 PM
Name: Rogerdale Ann Rogers
E-mail address: missnila91@aol.com
Comments:Thanks This site has ben a great experience for me.. there are a few mistakes in the Rogers part of it if you need the info please contact me. Will be glad to give you what I know.. Love thisand will return often..my father is George N Rogers from tippa county
Monday, 31st May 2004 - 11:55:22 PM
Name: Mitzy Rainey Taylor
E-mail address: mitzy_taylor@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm glad to comes across your home page. My great-grandfather is Thomas Alexander Rainsy who I didn't know at all. I look forward to researching the Rainey side of the family.
Wednesday, 12th May 2004 - 10:48:14 PM
Name: Morris Johnson
E-mail address: dennismc1900@aol.com
Friday, 30th April 2004 - 12:12:09 PM
Name: Heather
E-mail address: valacho@sover.net
Comments:Hey, you have a Valachovic in your connected families. Do you know where your Valachovic came from? I could maybe check into something way up North here for you if you want. You may not be pursuing that line of research. You have Nora Shelton married to ? Valachovic. I don't know a Nora Shelton, but a bunch of Valachovics settled in Johnstown, New York and Johnstown, Pennsylvania (someone got confused and sent some of the immigrants to the wrong place). Just offering...

Nice site!
Thursday, 29th April 2004 - 03:30:14 PM
Name: Susan Tusing
E-mail address: etusing@arkansas.net
Comments:Hello, I have emailed you before a long time ago. I am related to the John Thomas Pybas and Edna Ward. I can give you some information. Please contact me at the above email address. I have been researchin Pybas and they are difficult to find info on.
Good site.
Thursday, 29th April 2004 - 12:13:52 PM
E-mail address: southerngirl1654@aol.com
Comments:Nice pictures of your family. Your website is interesting.Hopefully you can be of help with my query of the RUTHERFORDS of GEORGE SAMUEL or WILLIAM B. RUTHERFORD.
Thursday, 22nd April 2004 - 03:43:02 PM
Name: Heather Rutherford Burns Nelson
E-mail address: HNELSON8@MSN.COM
Comments:Would really like to talk to you and get some help linking our families. Please contact me ASAP.

Thank You,
Heather Nelson
Thursday, 22nd April 2004 - 12:43:47 PM
Name: Rick D. Shore
E-mail address: rshore9@comcast.net
Comments:WOW!!!!!! That is some site!!! Is that what you have been doing since the Air Force. We now have 9 less Airplanes. How come you never told us the rutherford stories during our Barracks parties.

See-ya......Rick Shore
Monday, 19th April 2004 - 07:52:06 PM
Name: Milton & Nancy Welch
E-mail address: mnwelch@dixie-net.com
Comments:Still enjoy your site. You will never know how much we appreciate all of the hard work that you put into this. Hardly a week passes that we do not visit your site. Thanks again.
Wednesday, 31st March 2004 - 09:02:35 PM
Name: Jennifer
E-mail address: jbonecwa@webtv.net
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help in my quest for ancestors. Not only have you given me valuable information on my line but you have also directed me to others that are a part of the my same quest. Without your help and direction I would not be near as far along as I am. You have made it so easy to find things on the website and along with the county genweb site the information available is tremedous. Thanks for doing what you do... and keep on doing it. I enjoy it! Thanks again. Jennifer B.
Wednesday, 31st March 2004 - 06:59:32 PM
Name: Sandra Barkley McCollum
E-mail address: sbmccollum@yahoo.com
Comments:I am kin to two lines of Barkleys from Tippah Co. My mother's gmother was Silas Ann Barkley and married John Pinkney Ford, Sr. My father was Samuel Thomas Barkley--supervisor for Union Co. for 28 years.
I also have information on Foley, Ford, McAlister, Hanks, Stewart families in the Tippah Co. area.
Thursday, 18th March 2004 - 11:37:55 PM
Name: Sandra Barkley McCollum
E-mail address: sbmccollum@yahoo.com
Comments:I am kin to two lines of Barkleys from Tippah Co. My mother's gmother was Silas Ann Barkley and married John Pinkney Ford, Sr. My father was Samuel Thomas Barkley--supervisor for Union Co. for 28 years.
I also have information on Foley, Ford, McAlister, Hanks, Stewart families in the Tippah Co. area.
Thursday, 18th March 2004 - 11:37:20 PM
Name: geneva lewis
E-mail address: holley1969@hotmail.com
Thursday, 18th March 2004 - 11:14:11 PM
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