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Ray & Elreeta Weathers' Homepage
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Name: Civilla Ford
E-mail address: sissy.ford@comcast.net
Comments:I was in face book and looking for family members of my half brother.Children of his that would be my nieces and nephews. I have not seen him in many years and don't know any thing about him. I do know that 4 of his children mothers name was Debbie.
Physical location of visitor: : New Mexico USA
Sunday, April 3rd 2011 - 04:23:22 PM
Name: Joe Betts
E-mail address: joe@mito.ne.jp
Comments:Thank you for taking the time to run such a page as this. I know it takes time, effort and money.
Physical location of visitor: : Hitachi, Japan
Wednesday, December 18th 2002 - 10:30:13 PM
Name: brett rowland
Comments:say hey ray. I was at the library and thought i would look you up. I still do not own a computer so can not reach you or the information you hold. I will call you on the land line july 20 at 7pm. I have a few questions. king rowland is doing okay. his birthday is july 30. I am going to attempt to bring his great grandson jonathan vargas to him in the near future. thanks for setting up this homepage now I can reach you via the library computer.
Physical location of visitor: : AMARILLO, TEXAS
Saturday, July 20th 2002 - 10:23:53 AM
Name: brett rowland
Physical location of visitor: : amarillo texas
Saturday, July 20th 2002 - 10:14:56 AM
Name: Gary Lassetter
E-mail address: regala@nmol.com
Retha and I are in Mississippi doing research and stoped by
your site toget some notes on the Grishams. Hope all is
God Bless
Physical location of visitor: : Oxford Mississippi
Tuesday, May 22nd 2001 - 08:09:34 AM
Name: Larry Weathers
E-mail address: lweathers@dixie-net.com
Homepage URL: http://weathersmetal.com
Comments:'just to say hello
ran across you page searching "Weathers"

My late great granfather Weathers came from Cedartown, GA
Physical location of visitor: : Tupelo, Mississippi
Sunday, September 17th 2000 - 10:13:09 PM
E-mail address: wayneo@zianet.com
Comments:just searching for my roots. think i have it back to (1)
Thomas Weathers (b. 1685?) VA. Wife Lydia. (2) Micheal
(3) Jesse (4) James (5) James (6) Abner Guy (7) Arthur to
(8) myself. Are you in there anywhere?
Physical location of visitor: : Rincon, NM
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 08:48:03 PM
Name: Roger Weathers
E-mail address: weathers@tka.com
Comments:Just visiting.
Physical location of visitor: : Topsham, Maine
Sunday, August 22nd 1999 - 05:48:32 PM
E-mail address: Peter@stribling79.freeeserve.co.uk
Comments:Hello from England to any Striblings out there !
Physical location of visitor: : Duxford .Cambridge.England
Sunday, February 7th 1999 - 03:54:41 AM
Name: Marvin L. Mathers
E-mail address: mjm@redriverok.com
Comments:Hi, Just passing around. Nice,
Physical location of visitor: : S.E. Okla.
Tuesday, December 1st 1998 - 07:01:44 PM
Name: Richard Roberts
E-mail address: vero_wiz@prodigy.net
Comments:Passing thru>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Thursday, October 22nd 1998 - 12:24:16 PM
Name: Richard Roberts
E-mail address: vero_wiz@prodigy.net
Comments:Passing thru>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Thursday, October 22nd 1998 - 12:24:13 PM
Name: AdaWeathersDumire
E-mail address: dumire34@hotmail.com
My father was Edgar William Weathers. Born in Florence
,Ala1912. Ada
Monday, October 12th 1998 - 04:59:06 PM
Name: Ray Weathers
E-mail address: rrw@htcomp.net
Homepage URL: http://www.rootsweb.com/~txhamilt/main.htm
Comments:TESTING a new guestbook.
Monday, August 31st 1998 - 01:29:29 PM
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