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Name: Dirk wife
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Yo sharon keep it real, we always stick together..maybe all we have is each other god bless and stay real
Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 09:15:33 PM
Name: sharon wilson
E-mail address: sharon.wilson@redcross.org
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:My maiden name was Sewell, father Percy Sewell, sister Christine Sewell, mother Mildred. We are African American.
my dad had a brother Frank, a sister Mary and a sister Henrietta. He was from W. Virginia. His parents were Frank & Susie Sewell. We were also the only Sewells that I ever knew until I was grown!. We grew up in Detroit. I sure would be interested in finding out some history as well!
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 11:04:46 PM
Name: Chad Sewell
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Luke he was my English teacher best I ever had Luke wayne Sewell always got a A from him
Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 10:10:05 AM
Name: Luke Wayne Sewell
E-mail address: Luked912@google mail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi my name is Luke Wayne Sewell I'm son of Kenneth Sewell which he's father was samuel Sewell and my dads dads dad was called samuel Andrew Sewell looking for any one that was related to samuel Sewell he was a gypsy man and owned fruit shops in hull wich were called bob sewells fruit and veg
Friday, December 20th 2013 - 01:36:13 PM
Name: Dirk wife
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dirk say he love your windmill Peter
Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 12:54:56 PM
Name: Peter Townsend
E-mail address: P-Townsend3@sky,com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I have been looking for an old acquaintence named Gwyneth Sewell nee Baron. She lived in Abbots Langley in the UK around 1961 -3 with her parents. She was a hairdresser and beautician and married Jack Sewell at whose wedding I was in attendance The family came from Bolton,Lancashire.
Can anyone help?
Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 10:18:54 AM
Name: Stace Sewll-Zhang
E-mail address: staze_saiz@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Just a heads up- in parts of Arkansas, they tweet people like animals. Can't look into it. Dirk, wut up?
Wednesday, November 20th 2013 - 05:30:46 PM
Name: Aaron Sewell
E-mail address: aaronvs7900@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi my name is Aaron Sewell. I'm 34 and originated from Conway, Arkansas. I'm interested in tracing my roots back as far as I can.
Saturday, November 16th 2013 - 11:03:17 PM
Name: Dirk wife
E-mail address: tamarajenkinswatsonsewelljones@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Yo those is some crazy names for real, I hate to think what Cotton up to now. Inez is that like Imus? He all old and whatnot.

We gots a long way to go. We need to Educate.
Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 07:26:21 PM
Name: Denise Sewell
E-mail address: Djsallen1@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi everyone,
I'm looking for background info, new at this. The Sewell's I'm related too are from Tennessee. Thomas, Ralph, Cotton, Warren, Mark, Ruby, Inez, Mary, Dorothy & Dorris Sewell all children from Sally Ruth (Alcorn) Sewell & Thomas Sewell my grandfather and grandmother. Some have passed on and just a few remain. I was the only child of Mark. My children would like more info on our ancestors.

Any info? Thanks !
Friday, September 27th 2013 - 02:12:55 AM
Name: Chad Sewell
E-mail address: outandproud@concast.net
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:myrna girl, you know colm?
Friday, August 9th 2013 - 08:35:45 PM
Name: myrna bowman
E-mail address: mdierick@rogers.com
Homepage URL: http://
Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 12:42:20 PM
Name: Colm Sewell
E-mail address: Colmsewell@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: facebook.com/colm.osuiligh
Comments:Hi, my name is Colm and I'm one of the Irish Sewells. Apart from my cousins, I have never met another Sewell in Ireland (or anywhere else for that matter). I was born in Dublin but the name comes from my grandfather who was born in county Kildare. Before then, rumour has it that we were brought over from Cornwall by Oliver Cromwell.

(who is an absolutely hated figure here)

Basically, I'm of Anglo-Irish stock and the I'm product of British Colonialism. Although, culturally speaking my family has never been very Anglo.

Also: I don't know if I am any relation to Anna Sewell, the author. And I pronounce my name "Sool" (like Jewell). I hear it mispronounced as "See Well" all the time.

If you want any information or discussion on where this weird little name we have comes from, gimme a shout. I don't know much but I find it kind of interesting.
Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 05:34:54 AM
Name: Chad Sewell
E-mail address: outandproud@concast.net
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Hey Tamara girl I know right?

My uncle, we just talked and he remember Granma Jo too. How she would be up in her chair and she had that clock.

What your mama up to?
Sunday, March 24th 2013 - 02:29:41 PM
Name: annette sewell
E-mail address: annettebarton7@bigpond.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:reading this web site has blown me away?
I am a Sewell whose grandfather came from
Durham in the north of england in the late 1920s. he married my scottish granmother out here in Melbourne Australia and there are now 132 decedendants. I had no Idea there were so many in the world. when I was a kid in the 60s there was only 3 in the melbourne phone book and look at you all.
Thursday, March 21st 2013 - 02:19:14 AM
Name: Dirk wife
E-mail address: tamarajenkinswatsonsewelljones@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.antiracistalliance.com/
Comments:shout out

Chad, you crazy. She die? Really?

I remember we was all at her house. It was a bbq. She all giving us soda and what not. Those were some times.

Tuesday, March 12th 2013 - 12:27:04 AM
Name: Lorraine Sewell
E-mail address: lolosewell@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am married to Dwayne Michael Sewell son of Michael Sewell born July 14/48 St. Mary Jamaica. Nothing more is known then that. I am curious able his family history and family location in jamaica
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 11:08:35 AM
Name: Chad Sewell
E-mail address: outandproud@concast.net
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Tamara girl happy new year! Dirk wut he up 2?

Hopes you got all you want for xmas my uncle say. Maybe see you at the reunion alls we know it cuold happen

Grandma Jo yeah she die, like way back but she old. You mom still wit dat playa or she lay low now, cuz i heard no thing?

Girl we get together, peace
Thursday, January 3rd 2013 - 02:20:03 PM
Name: Annette Willett
E-mail address: annette_willett@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am looking for an old girlfriend Margaret Sewell born in the 1940's Lived IN Bristol went to St mary;s On the Quay rc School
Wednesday, January 2nd 2013 - 09:13:16 PM
Name: Dirk wife
E-mail address: tamarajenkinswatsonsewelljones@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Yo Chad what da shizz?

You hear from Grandma Jo? She die or what? Dirk aks.

Thursday, November 8th 2012 - 07:49:25 PM
Name: Debbie hoover
E-mail address: debbie_rollback@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi I am looking for George Hugh Sewell b 1863
His brother was Ben Sewell b 1867. He is listed as orphan in the 1880 cencus in Lick Mountain Ark living wih the Pearce family. In the 1870 cencus both Hugh Sewell & ben are living with Swensens. Hugh Sewel m Malinda Jane Scroggins Mar 1884. Their daughter was Joise Aleen Sewell b 1885 our grandmother. She died 1985. George Hugh Sewell killed in a farming accident abt 1892-94.
Would love to find out more about Ben & george HUGH Sewell.
Thank you
Friday, October 26th 2012 - 05:55:21 PM
Name: Chad Sewell
E-mail address: outandproud@concast.net
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Yo Tamara, Wut Up?

You see Lashandra? For real? Tell that girl I be pokin her on Facebook!

All I can say is Shaun owe me like 500 dollars. It's all good, cuz I know when he cash in on that settlement he have to come into my hood now.

Girl, you man call heself golden prince wut up wit dat?

God bless I guess.

Keep yoself real cuz aint nobody gonna do it for you you deserve a lot in the bunch.
Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 05:50:37 PM
Name: Dirk wife
E-mail address: tamarajenkinswatsonsewelljones@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.antiracistalliance.com/
Comments:Yo, Lashandra shout out

What up with Shaun? He be playin?

Golden Prince all that
Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 08:59:38 PM
Name: Joshua Lemon
E-mail address: lemond_j@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:wheres my Lemon family in Louisiana New Orleans and Baton Rouge
Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 02:29:06 PM
Name: Elizabeth Sewell Byrd
E-mail address: eksbyrd@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:The Sewell name comes from a hamlet in Bedfordshire England. It supposedly comes from Seven Wells and originates in between 1000-1100 ad. There is a lot of interesting material online under the name Sewell/England.

My father was Arthur Allen Sewell descendent of Elizabeth Echard and Arthur Lionell Sewell, descendents of Minnie Knapp and Christopher Sewell b.1843 Bedforshire England of Martha ? and Christopher.

I am also kin to Anna Sewell, the author. Would love to get more information on Sewells before they came to America.
Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 01:44:04 PM
Name: LashandraDebardelaben
E-mail address: Shaun316@att.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hey Sewell my mother is Mary Emma Sewell and her father name is golden prince Sewell if any one is related to my grandfather please feel free to email me
Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 08:43:38 AM
Name: Dirk Sewell
E-mail address: dirkjsewell@familyhistory.org
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Looking for someone who knows about the Sewell interbreeding/intermarrying legacy.

If possible, email me or Friend me. God loves all.


Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 07:36:40 PM
Name: Laura
E-mail address: jenkinslaurasue@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:trying to find a Mamie Reeves who Married a floyd william sewell b:alabama family moved to texas.(my family the blacks had moved from alabama to texas with the sewells(abt 1850s) and many married . floyd and mamie moved to California abt 1940. Floyds father was william and mother francis faulkner. it looks like floyd william sewell passed in california abt 1972
Sunday, June 24th 2012 - 10:33:27 AM
Name: Gena Meyers Kotke
E-mail address: dexunltd@connectcomm.ca
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:D TRIBLE. I am also having trouble with your email. My great aunt was Harriet Loretta Sewell, daughter of Sarah Catherine McElhaney and Samuel Sewell. My grandmother,(Harriets sister) Sarah Susan Sewell married William Joseph Meyers and they came to Coaldale, Alberta Canada. She died when my father was still a young boy so we never had the opportunity to know her or of her history. It was very exciting for my father to have been found by his cousin Enos Cave in 1977 who I believe is your grandfather.
I would be so grateful to have knowledge of where grandma sarah (sadie)'s parents came from before Iowa on both the Sewell and McElhaney side.
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 04:00:46 PM
Name: Lee Sewell
E-mail address: lee.t.sewell@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello. I'm Lee Sewell, son of Joe Thomas Sewell, son of Thomas Clint Sewell, son of Samuel Sewell of Theta, TN.
Thursday, June 7th 2012 - 07:06:31 PM
Name: Michelle Sewell-Richards
E-mail address: michelle.richards72@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:My maiden surname is Sewell. I was born in Durban, South Africa in 1972. My father was George Anthony Sewell, born in 1943(SA)and his dad was Alfred Anthony Sewell, probably born around 1915-1918 (SA).All I know is that my Great Granddad, Albert Sewell (born around 1890-1895)immigrated to South Africa around 1912, where he met his common-law wife, a Miss Chetty from India when their ships docked in the Port of Durban.

Is there anyone out there who perhaps knows a bit more?
Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 04:39:05 AM
Name: Natasha Young
E-mail address: lady-of-the-lake-x-x@hotmail.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi, My name is Natasha Young. I live in England and I am related to Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty. I don't know much except that she had a younger brother named Phillip, who I think had two sons, Henry and Edward. Can anyone point me i the right direction?
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 - 03:30:29 PM
Name: Dirk Sewell
E-mail address: dirkthejerk@peoplepc.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party and freed the slaves. Taking his wife out to the theatre was his only flaw.

Many a time, he sat; he shat. Reading the paper on the can. He may not have wrapped, but he certainly crapped. Love is not lost.

Take a dump from your rump, hope you don't need a sump pump- thumpity bump, show your lump to a chump! Shitting in paradise.

Thank you.
Tuesday, May 29th 2012 - 09:18:22 AM
Name: Alan Sewell
E-mail address: asewell@clear.net.nz
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi My father was Leonard Sewell born 1932 in Hull,it is all I know I am looking for any family. Dad came to New Zealand when about 18 he was in the air force and married Jennifer Simpson. He had a brother Gilbert, sister Ellen and other siblings, I don't know his parents names or anything really hoping someone out there can help?
Monday, May 14th 2012 - 04:10:17 AM
Name: Gregory Lee Sewell -Vey
E-mail address: redben1114@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 - 01:36:06 PM
Name: Gregory Lee Sewell -Vey
E-mail address: redben1114@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 - 01:32:29 PM
Name: Tanisha Everett
E-mail address: shulamit@lattesandlipstick.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lattesandlipstick.com
Comments:Hi all,

I am trying to do some research on the Sewell side of my family. My great great grandfather was Foster Sewell from Keatchie, De Soto Parrish, Louisiana. He was born March 13, 1887 to Dick and Georgianna Sewell. He had four sisters, Eveline, Hellen, Lizzie and Dora and one brother, Robert. I do not know much else about him except I found a WWI draft card with his name on it. If we are related please contact me. This is one of the most exciting things in my life.
Saturday, April 28th 2012 - 08:07:46 PM
Name: Gregory William Sewell
E-mail address: sewell1009@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:My father was William Henry Sewell.....i never new much about his family..
Sunday, March 25th 2012 - 05:48:47 PM
Name: Charles Henry
E-mail address: nigger4lifeMovement@aim.com
Homepage URL: http://www.antiracistalliance.com/
Comments:I read your post, Jermaine Sewell.

How DARE you?

Promoting Old Man Henry Sewell? The SLAVE trader? So now you in Maryland and you think it's okay because Slavery is over? Are you PATRONIZING me?

And to top it off, you suggest MIXED blood, interracial bonds, ancestry and decendants to make an issue over the color of one's skin, not to mention 400 YEARS of slavery?


My big stick sticks by me, and I stick by my big stick. Get it? SISTER?
Saturday, March 17th 2012 - 08:33:45 PM
Name: Walt Lawrence
E-mail address: wl1336@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://

Im currently researching my Sewell line. My Great Grandfather is Charles Gearld Sewell; son of James Marion Sewell, son of Sylvester H. Sewell who is the son of
Thomas Jefferson Sewell and Margaret Letitia Henry.
Thomas Jefferson Sewell is the son of William Sewell and
Sarah Ward. William is the son of my 6th great grandfather and grandmother: Thomas Michael Sewell and Hannah Keller.
Now Im at a brick wall.If anyone has any info - it is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Friday, March 16th 2012 - 08:26:04 PM
Name: ken sewell
E-mail address: ksewell379@btinternet.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:hi,im father of adrian [4 down] my grandad was thought to be a policeman in london area 30s 4os?? the family seem to have lived in either norfolk suffolk or cambridgeshire england and were farmers any ideas please text
Saturday, January 14th 2012 - 02:15:40 PM
Name: Jonathan Luke Sewell
E-mail address: libertees87@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003202547315
Comments:What's Trappenin!?! Lol, I'm Jon and I heard all Sewell's originally are from Whales? Or at least my ancestors. My dad and grandfather are from the Brewster/Massilon Ohio area. My grandpa is John Sewell (R.I.P.) from Massilon and was a butcher at his own shop. My dad Timothy Sewell was also a meat cutter and a manager at a grocery store in Wooster, where I was born. That's where he met my mom. It's cool to be a Sewell. All I really want to know is if I'm related to the great Joe Sewell, Luke Sewell, Rip Sewell, the three major league baseball player brothers. I know Joe and Luke were born in Titus Alabama and resided in Akron Ohio, not far from my current city. Joe played for the Cleveland Indians and Luke was their manager at one time. Go Tribe!
Sunday, December 11th 2011 - 05:43:06 PM
Name: Pandora Sewell
E-mail address: pandysewell@googlemail.com
Homepage URL: http://http://books.dreambook.com/sewell/queries.sign.html
Tuesday, December 6th 2011 - 09:43:10 PM
Name: George Bryan Sewell
E-mail address: jangeo@bellsouth.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am George Bryan Sewell. I live in Aiken, SC and was born 11/16/60 in Baytown, TX. My father is George Maxwell Sewell from Birmingham, AL. My grandfather was George Samual Sewell also from Alabama. My granfather had 11 brothers and sisters, but I know nothing about them. If I remember correctly, they were from Enterprise, AL.
Monday, November 14th 2011 - 11:28:43 AM
Name: Martha Doreen Harris
E-mail address: fattadad@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I was born Martha Doreen Sewell. My father was William Costello SewellDOB 9/17/15 DOD 5/30/89-Grandmother Savannah Sewell-Clemons DOB-7/15/1900-Great Grandmother Molly Sewell, all originated from Florida, moved to Chattanoga, Tennesee. My grandmother had 11 sibs-Eula-Clarence-Collins-Chester-Vera whom I knew but all have pasted on. My grandmother also told me that some of them were seperated when they were small children before they left Florida.I have 4 (live)siblings-1 missing since 1986-Venita Margo Sewell?
Sunday, November 13th 2011 - 03:37:49 PM
Name: debbie scott
E-mail address: dsgma123@yqahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am trying to find my family & have very little to begin with. my grandmother was Louise

I am trying to find my family. My Grandmoher was Louise Seuel? Thomas. Married Hunter Thomas & had 4 kids.They were from pennsulvania at the time.Help if you can.If you knew my Grandma Nee , you know how special she was .She had amazing children (my mom was one)I would love to find our roots

Wednesday, November 9th 2011 - 12:10:14 AM
Name: Adrian Sewell
E-mail address: sewelladrian@rocketmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi, we are another set of Sewell's from the Bolton/Bury area of the UK. At present we are trying to find some history behind our ancestory however with not many of us left we have little detail to go back to.

Therefore if anybody knows of James Albert Sewell (born 1909) or Emma Sewell (born Parr) you may be able to point us in the right direction.
Friday, October 28th 2011 - 04:05:25 AM
Name: ivor harry sewell
E-mail address: ihsewell@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://N/A
Comments:Hello Family SEWELL out there in the wide world.
I'm trying to find John Sewell who married a Sarah they had at least 1 son henry sewell. b 1773 Byfield Northamtonshire UK
the family line from her moves up to Yorkshire west ridings (light cliffe) then to Bradford them to pontypool south wales then kidderminster worcestershire Then I started life in 1940 married a son Gary John and a daughter Clare finally I have flown the UK nest and now here in thailand.
anyone wanting to shaare my findings please contacy me.
Happy huntings.
Tuesday, October 25th 2011 - 03:28:12 AM
Name: Richard Sewell
E-mail address: tklight@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I'm the son of Milton Lewis Sewell, 1914 to 2010. My brother is Milton Howard Sewell. Our family is origially from Coweta County, Georgia. My grandfather who died in 1921 was living in Atlanta at the time Howard Sewell.
Monday, October 3rd 2011 - 01:45:00 PM
Name: lisa goodspeed
E-mail address: lisa_goodspeed@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am searching for my any info on my grandmothers first husband stanley sewell.her name was grace agnes stanley.
they lived near portland/augusta area in maine.I believe he brought his own children from previous relationship into the marriage too.they married had 3 children stanley,nathaniel,and cora.I know they separated he kept the children she moved to ny and had more children with wesley dunican.If anyone can let me know any info on this sewell line would be greatly appreciated.e-mail me with info.thanx
Sunday, October 2nd 2011 - 03:55:26 PM
Name: Martin Sewell
E-mail address: moles1776@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dear Sewell Family History Fans,

I would like to invite you to investigate the Sewell Surname DNA Project website at Family Tree DNA.

Best regards and good luck!

Sunday, August 28th 2011 - 09:41:38 PM
Name: Renee Sewell
E-mail address: rrtweetyr@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello, I'm a Sewell too. I live in Pittsburgh PA. My father's name was Percy Sewell. I know that we have family in Pittsburgh PA, Detroit MI, Georgia, Ohio and a few other places. I'm African American but I know that I have Indian and Irish heritage. Our last reunion was in Pittsburgh PA (2010) and this year it's in Detroit MI. My dad was a lot of sisters and brothers. Rosalee, Viola, Georgetta, Jesse, Sandra, and others. His mother's name was Josephine. I have 14 brothers and sisters. Most of us live in Pittsburgh PA. I know in the 1800 census my grandfather's name was Aaron Sewell. If you have any more info, feel free to contact me. Thank you.
Saturday, August 13th 2011 - 10:30:28 PM
Name: Wanda O'Bryant
E-mail address: wobryant@att.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:My greatgrand mother was Ida Thomas from Keatchie, La. She married Eli Sewell Sr., whose father was Green Sewell and his mother was Carolyn Hewitt. My gradmother was Evelyn Sewell who married Henry Mack. Does anyone know any of these people?
Saturday, July 23rd 2011 - 06:09:11 AM
Name: Gail Sewell
E-mail address: Gailforce929@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Another Sewell Here! My grandfather was Arthur Courtney Sewell from Houghton, Michigan. My Dad was Arthur Joseph Sewell. Great grandfather was Frederick George Sewell, from Quebec and then Houghton, Michigan.
Thanks for the site and hi to all my relatives!
Wednesday, June 29th 2011 - 12:32:32 PM
Name: Gail Martin
E-mail address: marting864@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi! I'm also a Sewell, my maiden name is Gail Sewell. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Grandmother is Emma Sewell, her two sons are Theador(Ben) Sewell my father, George Sewell my uncle. Would like to know more about my father's side. The came from Alabama or Georgia.I will return with more info.
Wednesday, June 22nd 2011 - 06:36:54 PM
Name: Denise
E-mail address: auntdenise1206@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hey Dean Have you been to Onslow county Library?
Try the Heritage of Onslow County North Carolina
Onslow County Historical Society Books. Good Luck
Saturday, May 28th 2011 - 10:22:55 PM
Name: Denise
E-mail address: auntdenie1206@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hey Dean Have you been to Onslow county Library?
Try the Heritage of Onslow County North Carolina
Onslow County Historical Society Books. Good Luck
Saturday, May 28th 2011 - 10:19:08 PM
Name: Rose Sewell
E-mail address: frenchrose1@live.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi. I just ran across your site and I'm a Sewell looking for a half brother or sister who may carry the name Sewell. My father was Lealand Sewell. He had another child around the same time I was born so they would have been born in 1946 or 47. If you are looking for us we would like to get to know you. There are only three of us five children left now. Time is getting away from us.
Thursday, May 12th 2011 - 09:19:46 AM
Name: Jermaine Sewell
E-mail address: sewell_jermaine3@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:My name is Jermaine Sewell my father is Tyrone Adam Sewell I did some research about the Sewell last name seam like it started with a Henry Sewell in Mayo County Ireland which he was a white Sewell had some slave and they took the name of Sewell which stuck with there kids and there kids and so on so then some of the moved to Jamaca spelled that wrong lol the from there to the USA which then everyone branched off so I'm sayinf the white and black Sewells are related some how I'm in Maryland plz feel free to email me if you would like I'm a black Sewell and I'm pround to be irish Jamacan and American
Thursday, May 12th 2011 - 03:38:10 AM
Name: Joyce Ann Sewell
E-mail address: jsewell17@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello Sewell's my name is Joyce Sewell, daughter of Louis Sewell. I have a brother named Nathaniel Sewell. I never knew there was so many Sewell's out in the world. We are planning another Sewell reunion this time in Philadelphia Pa so in researching the Sewell history & I came cross this site. I hope in one form or another everyone finds what they are looking for. I come from a long line of Sewell's most of them reside in S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Washington DC, Nevada, Ohio, Maryland, Conneticut, Pennsylvania... Family always seems to grow.. If anyone feels a connection or have any questions please feel free to email myself. May everyone remain blessed. Joyce
Wednesday, May 11th 2011 - 09:56:24 AM
Name: Jenn Bedlington
E-mail address: jenn@jenngen.com.au
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi My father was a Sewell who emigrated to Australia in 1910 from England. I am seeking some information about his grandfather, Thomas Henry Sewell, who was born in around 1839 in Leeds, UK, and who may have emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand in 1908. His wife's name was Emily Bristow.
Do any NZ Sewells know anything about him?
Tuesday, April 12th 2011 - 06:06:08 AM
Name: Sandra Aman
E-mail address: saman001@ec.rr.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:You have a Pamela Aman listed as married to a Swell. She is the daughter of John Aman Born 1764 & Charity Foyles born 1754 in Onslow County,NC.
Hope this will help you with realative.
Wednesday, March 30th 2011 - 01:47:22 PM
Name: Dean Charles Sewell
E-mail address: DeanSewel@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi all. Need some help please. Looking for info on the Sewell's from Onslow County NC. Oscar Charles Sewell 1923-1996, Oscar Thomas Sewell 1886-1930, Elijah A. Sewell 1856-1930 wife Emma Webb 1864-1925, Henry Sewell 1835- , wife Nancy Morton?, 1880 cencus Henry is in Jacksonville NC, Shadrick Sewell 1813-. Wife Rebecca Ann James 1815-. Cencus reports have children as follows Henry 1835, Mary C 1837, Sarah Jane 1841, Thomas E 1844, William L 1846. Rebbeca Ann 1848, Dolcey 1851, Laura 1852, Dorthey Ellen 1853-1926, John Sewell 1858-, by cencus's Onslow county NC 1860, But by 1880 cencus all were missing but Henry. Was wondering where Shadrick moved his Family too? Shadricks father is beleived to be Daniel Sowell, Mother Pamela Aman 1785. Onslow County NC 1850 Cencus but have him on the 1860 Cenus in Distric 17m Dekalb, Tennessee. Beleive Daniel,s father is a Shadrick Sowell 1765-1831, his father was Lewis Sowell and had half ciblings Charles 1745-1830, John 1750-1812, Sarah 1752, Samuel 1754-1809, Lewis Jr 1755-1800, They are still in Onslow County NC at this time. Please help with anything you can. I do have more info on Brothers and sisters. Good luck All
Tuesday, February 8th 2011 - 05:02:00 AM
Name: Horace sewell -El
E-mail address: dogontrb@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.MuShufashions.com
Comments:Wow so many Sewell's so little time! My line of the Sewell family is from Fairburn Ga USA. My G.G.grandfather was Oswell Sewell he had sons John, Seth, and his wife was Thirza or Thursday Sewell according to the 1870 census. Members of the household were:
Seth, 20 years old Asa,8 yrs, Jane, 6yrs Harriet, 4yrs, Willis 14yrs, John 3yrs,
Mary, maybe 5/12.
Oswell was a farmer who owned 178 acres of land purchased in 1878 in Fairburn Ga. If anyone has any info about this line of the Sewell family please let me know. All the best! great forum.
Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 08:03:30 PM
Name: Fredrick Daniel Sewell Jr
E-mail address: fredricksewell81@live.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi everyone! I'm a Sewell and don't really know anything of my family's history. My fathers name is Fredrick Daniel Sewell. He has two brothers name Wesley Sewell and Jimmy Sewell. My father and brother Wesley live in Phenix city, alabama. Jimmy lived or lives in the Detriot area. They also have a sister who's maiden name is Sewell, her first name Jan...I'd like to meet or find some information on Jimmy or Jan..if anyone could help me email me at fredricksewell81@live.com thanks.
Tuesday, December 21st 2010 - 02:44:41 PM
Name: Fredrick Daniel Sewell Jr
E-mail address: fredricksewell81@live.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi everyone! I'm a Sewell and don't really know anything of my family's history. My fathers name is Fredrick Daniel Sewell. He has two brothers name Wesley Sewell and Jimmy Sewell. My father and brother Wesley live in Phenix city, alabama. Jimmy lived or lives in the Detriot area. They also have a sister who's maiden name is Sewell, her first name Jan...I'd like to meet or find some information on Jimmy or Jan..if anyone could help me email me at fredricksewell81@live.com thanks.
Tuesday, December 21st 2010 - 02:44:16 PM
Name: barry ronald sewell
E-mail address: gai_baz@live.com.au
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:born ponders end middilsex 22/11/1946 son of albert ronald sewell born west ham 23 sept 1913 & constance evelyn cullum born west ham 23 oct 1915 my mothers father name was harold cyril willam cullum and my fathers father name was charles sewell all lived in the london area, we moved to australia in 1960 we still have a lot of reletives all over england would love to come back for a visit sometime.
Wednesday, November 24th 2010 - 04:21:53 PM
Name: Rebecca
E-mail address: rhyde@cws.co.merced.ca.us
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am looking for family members of Elvira Sewell of Monroe Louisiana, b. 1927 approx, and her daughter is Shirley Sewell, b. 4/10/48, her daughter is Kimberly Jenee Sewell, b. 3/28/65, with three sons, Marcus Williams and Gregory Sewell. If anyone has any information on family members alive or gone, please contact me at rhyde@cws.co.merced.ca.us or 209-385-3000x5633, 11/17/2010
Thursday, November 18th 2010 - 10:16:04 AM
Name: Sarah Lawn
E-mail address: lawnsarah@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am researching the Sowell family...Richard who married Margaret Williams, richard sowell. obediah sowell, Isaac Sowell who married Mary Quimby. I am looking for proof that Obediah was Isaac's father. I doknow that Obediah was married twice. Isaac who married Mary Quimby died in the Revolutionary War. In Obediah's will he leaves property to a younger son Isaac. Obediah's will was written in 1802/03.
I would appreciate any help in proving this line. Thanks! Sarah
Wednesday, July 7th 2010 - 08:36:07 PM
Name: TennesseeTyrone Love-Sewell
E-mail address: twiztist1991@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/TennesseeTyrone Love-Sewell
Comments:Hello to all you other sewells out there in the world. I posted something on here 4 years ago about my family and now we a re reconnected. But now im posting this because i would like to know some history on the "sewells" i never knew that there were so many of us out here. so if any of you can help me out and enlighten me if you know any sort of history please email me or add me on facebook. Only thing i know is that my family of sewells are originally from lil rock arkansas so if that can help anyone out to look up something please let me know what you find. Thank you all
Wednesday, June 23rd 2010 - 12:49:48 PM
Name: Nancy Sewell
E-mail address: NSewell1@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello all you Sewells

I was married to Henry Lewis Sewell in 1996 and he passed away Dec 13, 1997 after siffering with cancer. Henry was previously married to Joanne and they had two sons, Jay and Thomas; a daughter Victoria plus two lost before birth
Henry was born in the Tifton Ga area and has an extended family in the area as his mother was married several times and family from each. They are a loving family, and hold reunions each year at a Civil War national park nearby. We went to the Morman Library in Salt Lake Utah and researched the family name which was very interesting. We found a Henry in every generation of Sewells dating back to Mary Queen of Scotts. We also found the family crest. Contact me and I will try to email more to you. I encourage tracing your family heritage and you can get some on lime from the library. I married into your family but am proud to be a part of it.
Monday, June 7th 2010 - 04:25:44 AM
Homepage URL: http://
Sunday, March 28th 2010 - 11:23:52 AM
Homepage URL: http://
Sunday, March 28th 2010 - 10:45:53 AM
Name: sam sewell
E-mail address: smitherean@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Sam Sewell from Phoenix Arizona. Trying to find some info regarding the Sewell family tree. My father Joseph L. Sewell was born in Iowa, Denison I think in 1938, and later moved to ARK.His father Lewis Paul Sewell was from Denison Iowa. His father L.A.Sewell builder/architect in Denison was born in 1843 in Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co. New York. His father was Joseph Sewell and mother Sarah Honsinger. Cannot find anything further than the next generation,Joseph's Father who was also named Joseph Sewell,a colonel in the war of 1812. Beyond that I seem to be stuck. If anyone can shed some light on this branch of the Sewell geneology past Colonel Joseph Sewell I would appreciate it...Thanks
Thursday, March 25th 2010 - 03:55:54 PM
Name: sam sewell
E-mail address: smitherean@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Sam Sewell from Phoenix Arizona. Trying to find some info regarding the Sewell family tree. My father Joseph L. Sewell was born in Iowa, Denison I think in 1938, and later moved to ARK.His father Lewis Paul Sewell was from Denison Iowa. His father L.A.Sewell builder/architect in Denison was born in 1843 in Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co. New York. His father was Joseph Sewell and mother Sarah Honsinger. Cannot find anything further than the next generation,Joseph's Father who was also named Joseph Sewell,a colonel in the war of 1812. Beyond that I seem to be stuck. If anyone can shed some light on this branch of the Sewell geneology past Colonel Joseph Sewell I would appreciate it...Thanks
Thursday, March 25th 2010 - 03:54:39 PM
Name: Brenda Tolbert
E-mail address: 99turkey@bellsouth.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am a descendent of Davis Sewell and Eliza C Johnson. They were born in AL and came to Santa Rosa County Fl.
Davis' mother was named Martha J. (need a maiden name)she married a Dennis Herrington.
Davis also had a sister named Sarah and brother named Lafayette..half brother named James Herrington.
If anyone knows of this family and has information, please write.
Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 05:27:18 PM
Name: donny sewell
E-mail address: donny_sewell@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:i did not know there were alot of sewell's my dad's name donald vernon sewell and his mother's name is maude i'm trying too find people on my dad's side of the family that i have never met and would love too meet so if you know my dad just e-mail me!!! sewell' rock
Saturday, December 26th 2009 - 06:45:50 PM
Name: Barbara Kelly
E-mail address: bkelly_risc@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello: I'm looking for the family of Gwyneth (nee Baron)and Jack SEWELL. I visited them in Waco, Texas in 1978. Their children are Owen and Bronwen (teenagers). Jack was in the aviation business and Gwyneth was associated with the arts community. Gwyneth was from Bolton, UK and is my second cousin. Thanks, Barbara Kelly (nee Moorhouse)
Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 - 07:41:54 AM
Name: D Tlrible
E-mail address: lonniesewell@comcast.net
Homepage URL: None
Comments:I was searching through this site and found your posting to me. First, the E-Mail address is correct and I have no idea why you couldn't get it to work. Lets try again.

The Thomas Sewell I'm interested in was born in 1751 in Liverpool England and came to Betetourt County Virginia and married Hannah Keller.

The William Sewell I'm interested in was born in 1781 in Betetourt County to Thomas and Hannah and married Sarah Ward around 1807
Monday, November 2nd 2009 - 03:41:07 PM
Name: Christopher Sewell
E-mail address: ccsewell@charter.net
Homepage URL: http://home.att.net/~chris-janet.sewell/chrisfamilytree.htm
Comments:My heritage is from the Sewell family in Nevada that owned the Sewell Markets. The URL listed shows my family tree. I have to updated it, with new information, but it will give people an idea of my family history. If anyone has any information that can plug in holes, please let me know.
Thursday, October 22nd 2009 - 12:11:24 PM
Name: Erin Sewell
E-mail address: hersheykiss55@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=568002442&ref=name
Comments:Hello i'm 25, african american and live in North East, Maryland. my fathers name is TYRONE ADAMS SEWELL. His fathers name is ELIJAH SEWELL. Elijah married a woman named Ruth, i am not sure of her maiden name at the moment. My dad was 1 of i think 9 children. I think they lived in the D.C. or Baltimore area. I will ask my dad for some more details so i can find out his grandfather and great grandfathers name. email me if you think we are related. Oh and i also know a WILLIAM SEWELL that also lives here in Maryland but i am not sure if we are related or not. Have a great day!
Saturday, October 17th 2009 - 06:18:34 AM
Name: Robert Sewell
E-mail address: rbseaking1@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi all! I'm a Sewell from the NE Ohio area. My family 'sprung' from the Athens Ohio area which is a bit south and west of where I live. Sadly my dad passed away a few years ago at the young age of 65. My dad always had a yearround tan, even a redish tint to his skin and I did notice that one of the posters claimed to have Cherokee blood?? Maybe that explains it! We were always led to believe we were European 'mutts'. Anyway, it's nice to see there is an active society of Sewellski's out there!
Wednesday, September 30th 2009 - 06:13:57 PM
Name: Charles E. Sewell
E-mail address: bsewell13698@charter.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Descendants of Samuel Sewell, grandson of Henry Sewell, are planning a reunion to be held near Sewell's Point, VA. Watch for dates and contact information.
Monday, September 28th 2009 - 09:36:26 PM
Name: Robert Lightfoot Wright ( Sewell )
E-mail address: Lightfootproinc@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I Robert Lightfoot Wright Was Born Robert Lightfoot Sewell in 1950 in Washington DC @ George Washington Hospital. My Father was John William Sewell of Detroit Michigan who was raised by his Aunts. They owned the BIG and Small Stores of Detroit. John Sewell married my Mother Jean Shick in aprox 1945. After the marriage ended in 1955 my Mother, my Brother John, and I never herd from him again. I would like to find out what happened to him. He is my father. Rob
Monday, September 7th 2009 - 11:13:40 AM
Name: Sandra Rowan
E-mail address: rowsan615@bellsouth.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Looking for information on Wesley (West) Sewell born 1849 in GA. Died after 1910 in Lee Co AL. Married to Caroline (Carrie)Lisle. Wesley is said to be native American (Creek ?) but the family Bible notes that the family was Black Dutch "Robert being the only fair skinned Sewell." Robert Sewell was my great grandfather. 1880 Census in AL shows Wesley's father was born in NC.
I would love to hear from anyone with any information on any of these people.
Saturday, July 25th 2009 - 12:20:13 PM
Name: emma
E-mail address: emmysewe@hotmail.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am a Sewell from Dearham near Maryport, Cumbria, UK.

I had no idea that there are so many sewells out there!!

Our name rocks, come on the Sewells!!
Wednesday, July 15th 2009 - 01:12:27 PM
Name: D. Morgan
E-mail address: dadamo@online.nl
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi. I don't know if this helps anyone, but my great grandmother, was born Myrtle Sewell in 1895 in North Georgia, and I was told by my grandmother that my great grandparents were both Cherokee. I have an obituary for one of her brothers, I think it is, on a different computer. Will try to remember to send it tomorrow.
Sunday, April 26th 2009 - 11:13:17 AM
Name: Robin Bergman (Sewell)
E-mail address: rbergman@goldenwest.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I was born a Sewell, however my ancestry is native american, not english. Several years ago my father attempted to trace his family but to no avail. I now have also been trying to trace our ancestry but most of my family has passed on that side and so my information is very limited, I do have photo albums that belonged to my grandmother on my fathers side and there is a picture of an elder woman sitting in a rocking chair smoking a pipe, there is also an article (not dated) that said she lived to be 118 yrs old and as a cherokee indian she was best known for her foul smelling pipe. My gradmother, Laura Sewell (Reed) kept many newspaper articles and photo's but sadly didn't date 90% of them. If anyone can help me with any information on the Cherokee bloodline in the Sewell family it would be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday, January 6th 2009 - 01:17:41 PM
Name: william sewell
E-mail address: onelostone2000@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Not sure who im related to ive lived in kansas all my life i do have family spread out through the u.s. Thought id say hello to everyone. Have a very happy new year!
Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 01:43:28 PM
Name: carolyn keaton
E-mail address: carolynkeaton@att.net
Comments:My maiden name is a seawell....I'm from Thomas Sowell's line ...starting with my dad(living)his dasd Oscar Laban Seawell, Eli Quimm Seawell, John Bradley Seawell,william quimby Sewell, Asa Sewell, Isaac Sowell, Obediah Sowell, Richard Sowell, Jr., Richard Sowell, Sr., Charles Sowell, Thomas Sowell, Jr., Thomas Sowell, Sr.(Henry's brother), and last but not least but back in England where Thomas was born in 1597. My brother is also a living Seawell.
Wow.....this is fun and interesting! You guys keep it up!
Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 09:16:06 PM
Name: Christine Sewell
E-mail address: christysewell2000@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:wow there really are a lot of Sewell's out there. i have been asking my parents for our family history but have yet to receive it. i am a born Sewell my dad is from Sherman, TX and my mom from Omaha,NE where my brothers and i are also from. but we now live in the Denver metro area. this is really cool by the way. hope everyone has a great holiday and good day.:)
Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 05:20:04 PM
Name: Charles Elby Sewell
E-mail address: bsewell13698@charter.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am a descendant of brothers Henry and Thomas Sewell/Sawell/Seawell/Sowell of Sewell's Point, Virginia. I am also a cousin of Wayne Sewell of Alexander City, AL, see below. Henry & Alice Willoughby Sewell, London to Sewell's Point, VA; Henry & Johanna Warner Sewell, to Anne Arundell Co., MD; Henry & Mary Marriott, Severn River, MD; Samuel & (2nd) Elizabeth Baker Sewell, Rowan Co., NC; Rev. John N. & Mary Richmond Sewell, Franklin Co., GA; John Asbury & Martha N. Polk Sewell, Cherokee Co., AL; Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell, Cherokee Co., AL; Buford Q. & Reba Sharp Sewell. Thomas Sewell came over to VA from England 1619 on The George as a servant to Lord Pearsey. Thomas & Mercy Sewell Sr., Norfolk Co., VA; Thomas & Sarah Williams Sewell Jr.; Charles & Elizabeth Martha Wynn Sowell, VA to NC; Richard R. & Margaret Williams Sowell, Bertie Co., NC; Richard & Martha Oliver Sowell Jr., NC; Obediah Mary Raynor Sowell Sr., NC; Isaac & Mary Quimby Sowell, NC; John L. & Elizabeth Carpenter Sowell, NC to TN; Isaac & Rebecca Sewell, Cherokee Co., AL; John C. & Elizabeth Sewell Smith, AL; Joel C. & Sarah M. E. Smith Weems II, Cherokee Co., AL; Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell, AL; Buford Q. & Reba Sharp Sewell, Cherokee Co., AL. I have been researching the Sewell lines for about 20 years. If you are a Sewell in Maine or Canada, I recommend the web site of Robert Sewell, http://www3.sympatico.ca/robert.sewell. He is a great resource for the Sewall/Sewell family of Coventry, England who came to Mas. & Con. to Maine and Canada. Robert and I are 18th cousins from non-Sewell ancestors. We are still trying to find a closer relationship. Good luck hunting ancestors.
Monday, December 1st 2008 - 12:26:03 AM
Name: August Abner Sewell
E-mail address: sandramozart@sbcglobal.net
Homepage URL: http://
My son who is 35 is a Sewell. I was married to his father Andrew Abner Sewell and when we divorced I took back my maiden name Mozart. Andrew was born in Wash. DC and grew up in Reno, Nevada and his father Wilber was in the produce business and had grocery stores thoughout Nevada.
Friday, September 26th 2008 - 06:02:41 PM
Name: Ed Livingston
E-mail address: liedw@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
I am researching the Seawell/Sewell family of Elizabeth City, Norfolk Counties, Va. In Particular the lines of the Thomas Seawell/Sewell/Sowell and Henry Sewell of Sewell's Pt. who died abt. ca. 1642. I am looking for a connection to the John Livingston immigrant to Virginia 1650 resided on Sowell's land in York/Gloucester Counties 1650-1653. Believed he married Abigail Sewell. All info will be shared!
Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 08:53:31 PM
Name: Nikki Sewell-Kostuch
E-mail address: petdoc@cogeco.ca
Homepage URL: http://
Great Site.
I was born a Sewell in Ontario, Canada. My father was born in Ontario also but met my mother during WWII in England and they married in England. My Father's name is Clifford Shakespeare Sewell. His mother was Caroline and to the best of my knowledge his father's name was John. Both were born in England and came to Canada where they died, John in the 30's and Caroline in the 50's.
Any information beyond that would be greatly appreciated.
Friday, September 12th 2008 - 08:31:56 AM
Name: theodores
E-mail address: theodoresewell@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://idk//
Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 03:21:19 PM
Name: T Sewell
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hey Yall, I had no idea there was this many Sewells. Where I live, we're the only ones. Well God bless yall and have a great umm... day!!!
Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 12:36:39 PM
Name: Christine Sewell
E-mail address: chrissysewell@hotmail.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi to all,I am a Sewell by marriage but sadly my husband Dennis George Sewell passed away. I too am very proud of the name and still use it now as Mrs Christine Sewell. I have recently started my family tree as I have now reached the big 60 and wanted to do it for my children. My father-in-law (from the Birmingham area in England) was George Sewell born 1910-1986 married to Rhoda Dutton c1884-1951. All I know from then on is that Georges father was named James c1957. Any one out there that can help pretty please.
Found it interesting that someone should make a comment that the Sewell origin must have been British (white) and that they must have been slave owners, I will investigate more as my children went to school some 20years ago with other Sewells and they were black. Never did have an answer to give to them, but they were all friends anyway.
Thursday, May 1st 2008 - 03:28:46 AM
Name: Lonnie Sewell
E-mail address: lonniesewell@comcast.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:D Trible. Your E-Mail address doesn't work. Contact me as I have information about Thomas and William.
Tuesday, February 19th 2008 - 03:44:12 PM
Name: Rick Sewell
E-mail address: seacrow@rogers.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello I am a Sewell from Ontario, Canada my line is desended from Arthur Sewell from Cavan, Ireland who settled in Markville, Ontario and one with any info?
Friday, February 8th 2008 - 08:28:15 PM
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