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Trentino Genealogy and Culture
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Name:  Linda
From:   Napa California
E-mail:   wolfecreek@comcast.net
Comments:  I'm looking for the Corra family from Revo. My grandmother was born in the Leadville Colorado U.S. in 1892 but raised in Revo by an Uncle. Her mother died in childbirth. She had two brothers, Sam and Fred. Her father was Bertolo Corra and her mother Micheli Dominica. She married Valentino Negherbon from Cagno. Any information would be appreciated.
Nov 25 2013
Name:  Mitchell
E-mail:   mitchell@gmail.com
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Nov 22 2013
Name:  Almandos A. IRIGOYEN
From:   Buenos Aires - Argentina
E-mail:   almandos.irigoyen@gmail.com
Comments:  Hi, My name is Almandos Irigoyen. I live in Buenos Aires - Argentina - South America. My great grand Parents were from the Trento zone - Italy (former Austria Hungarian Empire). Their names were. Giovanni Battista Zadra, born in 1850 aprox. and Anna Maria Marinelli, born in 1859 aprox. Giovanni Battista Zadra had two brothers and the three of them left Genoa in 1852. My Great Grand Pa was a railway specialist and Director for the construction of roads, bridges and factories. I have a recommendation letter quoting theses skills, dated in 1881 and signed in the "Comune di Vervó" I learnt a lot about this Zadra family branch in Argentina but I recently aware of these two brother he had. The only thing I know is that my ancestor came to Argentina, the other brothers: one went to the United States and the other one went to Brazil: maybe Sau Paulo. I do not know anything else about the Zadra family outside Argentina. I would appreciate to be in touch with any possible relative. Thanks a lot. Almandos A. Irigoyen
Oct 25 2013
Name:  Amedeo Alippio Conta
From:   seattle, WA
E-mail:   contaamedeo@yahoo.com
Comments:  Im curious to find my the Conta family from Trento. My great grandfather Antone(Antonio) Conta immigrated from Trento to salt lake, utah around 1900- 1915 with his family i believe. He had a brother named Alippio from whom I get my middle name.
Sep 19 2013
Name:  Amedeo Alippio Conta
From:   seattle, WA
E-mail:   contaamedeo@yahoo.com
Comments:  Im curious to find my the Conta family from Trento. My great grandfather Antone(Antonio) Conta immigrated from Trento to salt lake, utah around 1900- 1915 with his family i believe. He had a brother named Alippio from whom I get my middle name.
Sep 19 2013
Name:  Amy Wickersham-Hebrard
From:   Denver, CO, USA
E-mail:   amy.hebrard@gmail.com
Comments:  Looking for family of my great grandmother , Lena Angelina Morten, ship manifest states that she was born in Marcena, Austria-Hungary which was probably in that country then but now exists in Italy. Her mother was Maria and her brother was Giovanni......they have different spellings.......im sorry I dont speak the language...... please help!!!!!!!!! They left from La Havre, France early 1900s.............
Sep 04 2013
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From:   Deutschland
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Jul 30 2013
Jun 22 2013
Name:  Tom Genetti
E-mail:   tgenetti@sbcglobal.net
Comments:  Looking for any information on the Genetti family from Castelfondo. My family ended up in Collinsville IL. Have ties to Dosadeli family as well.
May 26 2013
Name:  Rylee McKelvey
E-mail:   ryleeburningham@hotmail.com
Comments:  I am looking for more information on (and the family of) Vigilio Cristel born in September of 1871 in Trentino, Austria. Imigrated to Las Animas, Colorado in 1891.
May 15 2013
Name:  Verna
From:   Iowa
E-mail:   vanikv@hotmail.com
Comments:  I left a message earlier looking for Simon Turri and Romana "Marchetti" I left the wrong email. Thank you.
May 03 2013
Name:  Verna
From:   Iowa
E-mail:   vanikv@hotmail.com
Comments:  I left a message earlier looking for Simon Turri and Anna "Marchetti" I left the wrong email. Thank you.
May 03 2013
Name:  Vicki
From:   New Jersey
E-mail:   vfior@verizon.net
Comments:  Hi, I could sure use some help in tracing the family of Maria Frances Menapace dob October 6, 1887. She arived in the US on April 10, 1910 and married Serafino Bergamo on May 14, 1910. Much Thanks, Vicki
Apr 24 2013
Name:  Verna
From:   Iowa
E-mail:   vanikv@wmpenn.edu
Comments:  I am looking for information on all the following people. Simon Turri and Romona "Marchetti" Turri. They were from the area of Castlefondo Italy (Austria). One of their daughters would have been Anna "Turri" Zambotti who married Louis Zambotti in Castlefondo. I am looking for information such as birth records, marriage records, sibling records and death records. Louis Zambotti traveled to the United States after WWI. He sent for Anna Zambotti who traveled to USA in 1921 with 5 daughters, Carmella, Mary, Candida, Anna and Pauline or Rita. I know there are relatives in the Castlefondo area, but I do not know how to contact them. Please help if you can.
Apr 24 2013
Name:  Vicki
From:   Vineland,NJ
E-mail:   vfior@verizon.net
Comments:  Hi, I am trying to trace the family of Maria Frances Virginia Menapace born 10/6/1887, married Serafino Bergamo on May 14, 1910. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated. Vicki vfior@verizon.net
Apr 23 2013
Name:  Lois Johnson
From:   Lois
E-mail:   mjohns19@rochester.rr.com
Comments:  There are 3 family names I am researching and seem to be at a standstill. The Corra family, Revo I have back to the 1700's with Maurizio Corra. Do not have a wife's name or parents. Have relatives still there who has given me information from his time on - nothing prior to Maurizio. Epifanio De Manincor, listed in 'A Courageous People of the Dolomites' as leading through Brenner's Pass. Do not know where this trip originated from. Also having a hard time finding this book. Then, the Marchetti's, last address known was from Brez. Was Revo and Brez a part of Austria at one time? Is anyone familiar with the Brenner Pass excursion and where it might have originated? Can anyone point me to a source for any of this info. Love this website - it has helped me tremendously.
Apr 11 2013
Name:  bernadete bistulfi reis
From:   sao paulo brasil
E-mail:   bernadetereis@yahoo.com.br
Comments:  Dear sirs, As is written in the request I am looking for the address of an old italian friend that was my roommate in Manheim, Germany in the summer of 1971. I have been trying form many years. Please if the site can find her I allowed you to send may email. Thanks Bernadete B Reis
Feb 09 2013
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Jan 07 2013
Name:  Antonella & Cesare
From:   Trento
E-mail:   cesare.cornella@provincia.tn.it
Comments:  Hi Sal and all! At the eleventh hour, we send You and to the readers of your blog our kindest wishes of a merry Xstmas and a serene New Year. At the same time we solicite the MAIL ADDRESS of everybody of Trentino discent who don't receive, for free, our beautiful CALENDARS - for the 2013 dedicated to the Dolomites Unesco Heritage. We have also a limited edition of a book, in English, dedicated to our Coat of Arms and, by extension, to the history of Trentino - The Eagle of Saint Venceslas, which we will send, also for free, to the first 100 happy few. Readers can reply to the mail above. Love from both of us, Antonella "Antonella" Giordani and Cesare.
Dec 24 2012
Name:  Simon Flaim
From:   Pennsylvania
E-mail:   sflaim12@gmail.com
Comments:  Hello, i found my way to this site after doing much research about my family tree, i lost my grandfather and subsequent relatives early in my life and was unable to learn the beautiful language of tyrolean, i was wondering if someone on here could help me learn a few simple words, thanks.
Nov 18 2012
Name:  Cesare
From:   Trento
E-mail:   cesare.cornella@provincia.tn.it
Comments:  To Irene from Delaware, Comcast.net is overzealous in blocking spams, so I communicate with you thru' this site. An Anna Eduina Pallanch is registered as born on July 10, 1886, from Carlotta Rigotti and Luigi Pallanch.
Nov 12 2012
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Oct 31 2012
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Oct 22 2012
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Sep 30 2012
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Sep 09 2012
Name:  Autumn Cumer
From:   Pittsburgh
E-mail:   arcumer4@msn.com
Comments:  I am researching my husband's family. They came from the village on Cumerlotti in Vallarsa. Have you heard of that village? Would there be records for that village from 1800-1900's. Looking to find some of the puzzle pieces for my husband's ancestry. Thanks, Autumn Cumer
Sep 05 2012
Name:  Susan
From:   Utah
E-mail:   susank@mindspring.com
Comments:  I'm looking for Salvatori or Isadore Zocki or Sochi. He emigrated to America in 1888 from Storo, Austria. Can I get any records from Storo?
Aug 24 2012
Name:  Bernadete Bistulfi
From:   Brazil, Sao Paulo
E-mail:   bernadetereis@yahoo.com.br
Comments:  Hi, I am looking for ANCILLA FLAIM CLAUSER, from REVO, Trento. She was my roommate in Manheim , Germany around 1970. She was a PhD student on that time. If you have her email or address please contact me. Bernadete Bistulfi Reis
Jul 31 2012
Name:  BERGAMO Monica
From:   Italy
E-mail:   bergamom@libero.it
Comments:  Hi, I'm trying to get information on my grandfather's brother. I know that his name was Francesco Frank Bergamo perhaps by Nanno Val di Non. I believe that his destination was a mine of Rock Springs. Who had news about my possible relatives living in america, please let me know.
Jun 20 2012
Name:  Christina Stanga
From:   Wisconsin
E-mail:   genmom56@gmail.com
Comments:  I have many photos belonging to my husbands Paternal Grandmother, Natalina Stefania [Baroni] Stanga. 1. Is there a place to post pictures pertinent to Trento so that others may see them? 2. Where do you request vital records for Trentino cities? I am working to study the family of a photo/death card for: Francesca [Stanga] Mantovani b. 13 Sept 1928 d. 15 Dec 1975 in Cologna Di Tenno. I know she was related to my Father-in-Law, Edward Stanga who passed in October 2011, but not quite clear how. Any help is appreciated.
Jun 16 2012
Name:  Rose Anne Gilbride
From:   Pittsburgh Pa
E-mail:   sqwirl1@gmail.com
Comments:  Looking for info on my grandmother's relatives. She was Elena Speranza Yannes Calovini. She emigrated from Tyrol to Nuremburg PA. with my grandfather Guiseppe Calovini in 1905. They later relocated to Sheppton Pa. where they owned a bar. If you know anything about the YANNES' would love to hear from you. Thanks so much!
Jun 10 2012
Name:  Rose Anne Gilbride
From:   Pittsburgh Pa
E-mail:   sqwirl1@gmail.com
Comments:  Looking for info on my grandmother's relatives. She was Elena Speranza Yannes Calovini. She emigrated from Tyrol to Nuremburg PA. with my grandfather Guiseppe Calovini in 1905. They later relocated to Sheppton Pa. where they owned a bar. If you know anything about the YANNES' would love to hear from you. Thanks so much!
Jun 10 2012
Name:  Panza Baudino
From:   Cile
E-mail:   ramsetti@hotmail.com
Comments:  Great page ! Im looking for surname of my great grandmother Ana Panza Baudino who emmigrated to Cile in the 1900 from trentino ,she was a widow of Domenico Morasso and had a daugter Magdalena Morasso .She laterre married giuseppe Setti massaretti from Bologna. I live in London. Thank you
Jun 01 2012
Name:  George Mantovani
From:   Perth, Western Australia
E-mail:   georgemantovani@iprimus.com.au
Comments:  I came across this excellent site this morning while surfing the net to find the name of the stream that ran below the vilage where my Mum was born (nee Michelotti-sadly recently passed) -Drena Trento 1921(Val dei Laghi). My Dad,(Max - Massimo) is still with us and doing very well he is from Cologna di Tenno, Trento, a magnificent location with a birds eye view of Lake Garda. I have many relatives in Riva del Garda Tenno area and Drena as well as other towns and villages in the Trentino/Bolzano areas. I was born in Perth and am very proud of my Trentino Heritage and maintain and sometimes visit my relatives in Trento who also come to Perth from time to time. I would be very happy to hear from anyone who may be related to me- other maternal surnames that would be related are Pederzolli and Benini. Keep up the good work, George
May 27 2012
Name:  Tom Bott
From:   Two Harbors, Mn
E-mail:   tomtbott@yahoo.com
Comments:  Does anybody have information on any Bott's from Malgolo? Thanks, Tom Bott
May 10 2012
Name:  Vicki Fiorella-Caplis
From:   Vineland,NJ
E-mail:   vfior@verizon.net
Comments:  Hi, I am searching for family, originally from the Trento area, for my aunt Anna Gremillion (Bergamo). She is 87 & the last surviving sibling of seven. Any help and/or information would be appreciated. Mother: Maria Frances Menapace 10/6/1887 Her mother: Barbara Fellin Menapace 1851 father: Robert Battista Menapace 1845 Father: Serafino Bergamo 7/26/1880 Much thanks, Vicki
Apr 22 2012
Name:  maria
From:   Seattle,WA
E-mail:   gerdafr@comcast.net
Comments:  Interesting site. Hope that someone can fill in the blanks. Know that my grandparents last lived in PLAUS, Tirol. Grandfathers name was Schnitzer and Grandmothers name was Stricker.
Apr 12 2012
Name:  heather
From:   frank zanotelli
E-mail:   hhullo814@yahoo.com
Comments:   hi heather i belive you are locking for SCANNA livo trento, i come from same erea its the only town that i knw that start with S regard frank.
Apr 11 2012
Name:  heather
From:   frank zanotelli
E-mail:   hhullo814@yahoo.com
Comments:   hi heather i belive you are locking for SCANNA livo trento, i come from same erea its the only town that i knw that start with S regard frank.
Apr 11 2012
Name:  Rick Wright
From:   Columbus, OH
E-mail:   rwrigh8@columbus.rr.com
Comments:  We must be distant relatives. Marco Benedetto Chini was my mother's uncle. My grandmother, Pia Chini, was a much younger sister of Marco. Marco's book is very interesting. However, he left one of my mother's siblings (Candido) off of the familiy tree. My mother always said her mother did not like Candido. I guess she was correct.
Apr 07 2012
Name:  Irene
From:   Delaware
E-mail:   taiterbug@comcast.net
Comments:  Help. I'm trying to find information on my paternal grandparents. Guiseppe Francesco Tait and Edwina (Palanck) Tait from Mezzolombardo, Austria. I know that Guiseppe's father's name was Francesco but that's all I have. Finally after almost a year of searching, I was able to find them in ancestry.com and know they arrived at Ellis Island on 11/21/1910. I am looking for information on them in Austria. For instance a marriage license, who their parents and siblings were and on and on. Help and Thank you!
Apr 05 2012
Name:  Rochelle
From:   CA
E-mail:   shellz000@yahoo.com
Comments:  I've hit a wall and could use some help. My great grandparents came fron Tirol to the states about 1890 or 1891 My great grandmother's name was Virginia Katherine Dallao, and my great grandfather's name was John Batista Clauser. I have searched everywhere for family information in Tirol/Austria, as I believe none of their other family members came out here with them, and I have found nothing. This is a long shot, but I thought I would try leaving a message here, just in case either - or both - of those surnames rings a bell with anyone. Thank you! Rochelle
Mar 27 2012
Name:  David
From:   Pinamonti
E-mail:   daveatdurham@aol.com
Comments:  Mi scusi, non scrivere Italiano. Parlo un po Italiano. I am looking for Pinamonti relatives in Cles. My grandfather Guiseppe Pinamonti came from Cles in the early 1900's. We are related to Albert and Carl Pinamonti living in the San Diego, California region. My wife and I are coming to Cles the end of May this year to see if we can meet family relatives. We live in the Atlanta, Gerogia area. Any help on contacting Pinamonti's would be greatly appreciated Grazie mille email address: daveatdurham@aol.com dpstly@aol.com
Mar 26 2012
Name:  Christina W.
From:   New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
E-mail:   Longaberger_basket_collector@yahoo.com
Comments:  Hello, Was wondering if there is any way to get a hold of death records for the village of Revo at all? Thanks!
Mar 19 2012
Name:  James Carollo
From:   Iron Mountain, Michigan,USA
E-mail:   jlcarollo@gamail.com
Comments:  My great grand father was Cesare De Manicor from La Vis north of Trento. He settled in Iron Mountain Michigan, USA in the 1890s. I have a Ancestry.com page with information on him and his wife Maria. I have been unable to find any information on family in Italy. I see De Manincor Stoves and wine and wonder if there are many De Manicors living in the area. If anyone can give me any information on Cesare De Manincor it would be appreciated. Thanks Jim Carollo Years ago a film crew came to Iron Mountain and filmed some of the decendents from the Trentino area. They made a film but I don't know the title. My uncle Albert Carollo was in the film. He owned and operated the Iron Mountian Iron Mine tourist attraction. I would like to get a copy of this film if anyone has one. Thanks again
Mar 10 2012
Name:  Lois Johnson
From:   Fairport, NY
E-mail:   mjohns19@rochester.rr.com
Comments:  My heritage is from Revo. I found a journal my grandfather kept. I'm trying to find someone who can translate this dialect. I've tried the Italian translator on the web but I believe something is missing - some words could not be translated. Thanks for any suggestions
Mar 08 2012
Name:  Miriam
From:   Australia
E-mail:   mimcardle11@gmail.com
Comments:  My great great great grandparents were from Trentino. Marianna Paolazzi and Giacomo Buratti, their daughter Maria married Donemico Formaini and their son Giacomo Formaini was my great grandfather. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Miriam
Mar 05 2012
Name:  Vincenzo Maistrelli
From:   Tuenno
E-mail:   Glennscove@aol.com
Comments:  Hello, My name is Glenn Hough and i am looking for information on my Great Great Grandfather Vincenzo Maistrelli. I believe he was a public figure in Tuenno in the mid 1800 s . I notice a street with his name. I would appreciate any information about him. I hope to go to Tuenno one day, It looks beautiful!!
Feb 29 2012
Name:  Tom Albertini
From:   Pennsylvania
E-mail:   tjma21@hotmail.com
Comments:  I finally made the trip to Italy to visit the hometowns of my grandparents. I spent time in the city of Trento, which was a really wonderful place, but the really exciting part of the trip was visiting the Val di Non, and especially Arsio and Brez. It was great to see the church where my grandparents were baptized, and to visit with people who had the same last name as me. The food was great. It was the same food that I grew up with and still eat. The people in the towns of the Val di Non were really welcoming to my wife and me. We were invited into homes of strangers who treated us as friends. It was a great experience, and I can't wait to go back. t was the food i grew up with. The people living in the towns in the valley were really nice to my wife and me. It was an incredible experience, and I can't wait to go back.
Feb 12 2012
Name:  mary ann gasperetti
From:   NEW YORK, U.S.A,
E-mail:   chuppy20001@hotmail.com
Feb 06 2012
Name:  Christina Wigfield
From:   New Philadelphia
E-mail:   Longaberger_basket_collector@yahoo.com
Comments:  Hello all, I see on this website some people came to Ohio to live including my great grandfather. We had a lot of Italians settle here in the early part of the 1900's in towns... Midvale, Dennison, Roswell, New Philadelphia, Uhrichsville. These are all in Tuscarawas County. If you had relatives settle here I can do some research if you need help. There were a lot of coal mines here. My great grandfather worked in the Midvale mine. He was an Albertini who was born in Revo. Let me know if you need any help! Also, thanks for the info on my great grandfather !
Jan 27 2012
Name:  Christina W.
From:   New Philadelphia, Ohio
E-mail:   Longaberger_basket_collector@yahoo.com
Comments:  Hello..... I'm looking for more information on my family. My great grandfather is Serafino Alexander Albertini. He listed his sister Maria Pancheri living in Romallo.He also had siblings Catina, Columba,Pete, etc. his parents were John Alexander Albertini and Mary Rose Fleim. I'm pretty sure they were born in Tyrol, Austria. I think where they were from is now part of Italy. He listed his last residence as Trento, Italy. He came to the United States in in April 1921. Sailed from Napoli on March 9. I would appreciate any info you might come across. I do know he was the only one of the family to come over. He settled in Midvale, Ohio in Tuscarawas county and worked in the coal mine. He had a friend Guiseppe Clauser that came over before he did. Thanks so much!!!!
Jan 26 2012
Name:  Margie (Martini) Jones
From:   Wenatchee, WA
E-mail:   margiej6@frontier.com
Comments:  I have traced my Martini roots to the late 1400's in Revo, Italy. My grandmother was Lucia Rosa Rossi who was also born in Revo in the 1870's but that is about as far as I have gotten because of the many Rossis. She was the daughter of Maddelena Moscon and Stephano Rossi Maddelena was the daughter of Pietro Moscon. I have no idea of the parents of Stephano. I do know he was from Revo. I would like this last piece of the puzzle. I have been to Revo twice in the past 6 years and hope to go again this year to visit Martini relatives and any Rossi ones I can find. I need some help
Jan 22 2012
Name:  Tolotti,Joseph John and Susan
From:   NJ,USA
E-mail:   tolottis@verizon.net
Comments:  We are the Tolotti,s from Vineland, NJ, USA, my husband,s grandfather was Guesseppe Tolotti from Val de Non, Austria.He came to the USA to work in the coal mines in Mount Carmel, Pa and later moved his family to Vineland to farm. He had a brother Robert Tolotti who immigrated to Ohio, is their anyone from his family out there? On the internet there are Tolottis in Ohio, California and Nevado. Are you related??? Susan Pagliughi-Tolotti
Jan 22 2012
Name:  Fred
From:   California
E-mail:   fbonani@hotmail.com
Comments:  For: B. Maederer There is a Pancheri family that lives in Preghena. Mario is the older of the children that I went to school with when I lived there prior to coming to America. Mario has two brothers and one sister. I don't have any contact information at the moment but can try to get an email address if you wish. Contact me offline and I will follow up with you.
Jan 19 2012
Name:  José Henrique Souza
From:   Brazil
E-mail:   josehenriquesouza@yahoo.com.br
Comments:  According to my research my trentino ancestors were from families: Bassi, Furlani, Casna, Copat, Giacomelli, Nicoletti, Monte, Pergher, Sadler and Tamanini.
Jan 17 2012
Name:  Becky Eby
From:   Ohio
E-mail:   kc8znx@yahoo.com
Comments:  I am researching Chini from Calabria. I am looking for a Dominico born Sept 11, 1884. or his brother Letterio born abt 1888. Do you have a connection or know where I can get information? Thanks so much Becky Eby Toledo, Ohio
Jan 15 2012
Name:  Pancheri
From:   B. Maederer
E-mail:   bmaeder@bayland.net
Comments:  Geneology: Looking for more Grandfather: Isadore Giuliani... Born US Father: John Fabiano ( Giovanni) Giuliani...Born Jan 20, 1864 Marcena Di Romo, Trento immigrated 1886 US Father: Luigi Giuliani. b LanzaDi Rumo May 9, 1835 father: Giuseppi Antonio Giuliani b Dec 8, 1799 father: Giuseppe Antonio Giuliani 1770 mother Maria Felicita Bonani 1771 mother: Anna Maria Micheli 1803 father: Pietro Micheli 1765 mother Marianna Eccher 1799 Mother: Rosa Filmena Paris(? Paris-Parissi-Paarsi), b. Aug 1, 1835 (1838) Mother:Angela(Angeline)Arnoldi b Apr. 15, 1874 Bresimio immigrated 1890 US father: Giuseppe Arnoldi Tyrol mother: Rosa Theresa Pancheri b Dec 26, 1852(1851) Bresimo immigrated 1907 US father: Batista Pancheri mother: Rosa Arnoldi Also related to Tomasini... Pio Tomasini b 1877 Tyrol immigrated 1898 US father: Basilio Tomasini mother: Emilia Tomasini Amalia Tomasini b 1878 b tylol? father Guilio Tomasini mother : Erminia Chini MORE available???? Thanks, Barbara
Jan 14 2012
Name:  Jo Ann Yobb
From:   Levittown, Pa
E-mail:   jo.abrams.07@gmail.com
Comments:  Have traced much of our family back to the Tyrol valley. We know that some of our family emigrated from or through Val di Non. We are looking for information on August and Mary's parents. If you have any further information on the following people, please contact me! August Yobb (b 1860- d 1902) married Mary Valentine (b-1865 - d 1917) Children of August and Mary: Mary Yobb - Married Mario Sborz (b 1884 - d 1935) James Yobb Joseph Yobb (b 1895 - d 1988) married Erma Moll (b 1896 - d 1977) August Yobb John Yobb (some of the family has dropped one B - Yob) Jo Ann Yobb Abrams
Dec 26 2011
Name:  Vicki Fiorella-Caplis
From:   Vineland,NJ (USA)
E-mail:   vfior@verizon.net
Comments:  Hi, I've been searching for information on Maria (Menapace) Bergamo. Father: Robert Battista Menapace (1845-1925)and mother: Barbara (Fellin) Menapace (1851-1928). If anyone can help or has relatives in the family tree, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'm trying to locate family for my aunt Anna (Bergamo) Gremillion who is 86 and the lat living sibling of Maria Menapace (Bergamo) and Serafino Luigi Bergamo. Thanks in advance, Vicki
Nov 24 2011
Name:  Stephanie (Stanker) Burns
From:   Vineland, NJ USA
E-mail:   theflyersgirl@comcast.net
Comments:  My father's parents both came from Austria in parts that are now considered Italy. His father's father was Fortunato Stancher from Tavon, and his mother's father was Apolinara Sterchele from Cassotto. I am having very little luck finding any ancestors beyond them. I had a Great Great Uncle Guido Stancher who passed away in Tavon (Trento) in the 1960's. I have a World Access to Ancestry.com, and have searched all over the internet for any information. If you could help out, I would be very appreciative. If you need any additional information, please let me know, I would be more than happy to provide it. Thank you so much!
Nov 19 2011
Name:  Recla Giuseppe
From:   Ronzone
E-mail:   reclag@yahoo.it
Comments:  Hello and congratulation for your big job, I'm really impressed for all the information you have. If possible in future I would like to give you some more story because for instance my grandmother born in USA and she was there with the hausband and children for many years before coming back to Trentino. For now I just say thanks a lot and by. Recla Giuseppe.
Nov 01 2011
Name:  Joseph P. Hovan
From:   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA
E-mail:   jphovan@verizon.net
Comments:  Dear Sal, We had spoken on the phone years ago, and you were kind enough to send me the family tree going way back to the 1400s! Just to introduce us: we are descendants of DOLZANI Clementina who was born 12 December 1894 in Flavon and who emigrated to the USA in April 1913 settling in Blackwood, then Minersville, then Pottsville and finally Palo Alto (all in Pennsylvania). There she married: ARMELLIN Francesco (born 1884 in Conegliano, in the Veneto Region or Province of Treviso). Clementina and husband Francesco had 3 daughters: QUINN Christine (my grandmother b. 1914 in Minersville, PA; died 1981 in Palo Alto, PA) RIOTTO Helen (still living) HARTRANFT Genevieve (still living) QUINN Christine married Robert Joseph I and had 3 children: QUINN Robert Joseph II HOVAN Patricia Christine (my mother) HOVAN Patricia Christine (my mother) married Joseph Michael and has 2 children: HOVAN Joseph Patrick (myself) HOVAN-METTAM Melissa Anne HOVAN-METTAM Melissa Anne married Kenneth and have 1 daughter: My parents, my cousin (QUINN Ellen) and I have all been to the Trentino. Especially I have been there many times. My uncle, DOLZANI Celeste is 84 in 2011 and lives in in Flavon (TN) Italia. We maintain contact, but I have especially kept contact with his daughter: DOLZANI Fiorella living in Civezzano (TN). We look forward to reconnecting with any relatives, however distant, throughout the world! Thank you for your unforgetable efforts! Warm regards (cari saluti), HOVAN Joseph Patrick
Oct 29 2011
Name:  nancy ledger
From:   val di non
E-mail:   nancyledger@att.net
Comments:  My grandfather and uncle came to America in the early 1900's. They were Paolo Molignoni and Virgilio Molignoni. I was looking for family in Italy. They had brothers and sisters. the sisters married Fedrizzi, Brentari, Bedoni and Sicher (last names). Would like to get to know some relatives. Thank you.
Oct 27 2011
Name:  Theresa
From:   California
E-mail:   theresaz@cox.net
Comments:  Hi Sal, I just looked at your blog and you have a big job ahead of you, but knowing you for so many years, I know that you will do a good job. Thanks for all the work you are doing, have done and will do in the future. Theresa
Oct 07 2011
Name:  H. Wilkinson
From:   Wylie, Texas
E-mail:   hwwilkinson@hotmail.com
Comments:  I am looking for information on my wife's Grandfather and Great Grandfather from Ballino d'Riva area of Tydol. Her Grandfathers name was PAOLO BARTOLAMEO ALOISI. He came to America in c. 1889. At some other time a sister, Rosa, and a brother, Frank, also came to America. The Great Grand fathers name was LUIGI CESARE ALOISI. No additional information known about him except his wife's maiden name was LEOPOLDA CAZZOTTI. Any additional information and help would be greatly appreciated.
Sep 28 2011
Name:  Joseph E Berry
From:   mary ann jones
E-mail:   marysekmet@excite,com
Comments:  looking for family ties to Joseph E Berry(Guiseppi emamanuel Bertagnolli) 1884-1963... born Milan Italy (lived in FONDA AUSTRIA) Came to America in Eary 1900's... trained shoemaker... coalminer ... lived in Gallitzin Pa (buried there Married Margaret S. Shanton had 14 children the youngest...Stella Leona ... my mother. had a niece... Amneris (Genniti) other relatives Emilia...Carlotta, Luigia, and Viola Any help appreciated
Sep 12 2011
Name:  kathy lozzio martin
From:   delphos,ohio united statess
E-mail:   catkdiamond@aol.com
Comments:  i am looking for information about my great grandfather and grandmother. Rocco Lozzio born 5-20-1881. josephine r.bonzi lozzio born 1881 or 1882. immagrated 4-21-1901 on L aquitiane.they settled in Rockford,Il. I thank you so much for any help you can provide. Rocco listed his home as Bersone on ellis island papers.
Sep 05 2011
Name:  Shelley
From:   Australia
E-mail:   evoke17@hotmail.com
Comments:  Hi, Great website! I'm looking for information on the Mochen's from Dimaro. My great great grandfather, David Mochen, was born in 1853 in Dimaro, his parents we believe were Jolico Mochen and Caterina Ziano. David immigrated to New Zealand in 1874 had a family there and eventually moved to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to mine gold, before retiring in Perth before dying there in 1923. Family rumour has it that the Mochens owned a flour mill on a hill in Dimaro? If anyone has any information on this family, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!
Aug 18 2011
Name:  Serafinn / Onorati
From:   Vrinda Pendred
E-mail:   thymeoperator@yahoo.co..uk
Comments:  My grandfather was Romeo Serafinn, born 31 October 1919, son of Louis Serafinn (1888) and Marie Onorati (born 1893). Marie's family were from the parish of Santa Croce del Bleggio. They emigrated to New York, USA around 1922. Other family emigrated to Buenos Ares. I can't locate any information on the Serafinns, though I have found the Onorati lineage dating back to 1915 online.
Jul 22 2011
Name:  Giacomo Bonaventure Pedrotti
From:   Judy Pedrotti Andersen
E-mail:   bobjudyand@aol.com
Comments:  Looking for information of distant relatives. My great grandfather: Giacomo Bonaventure Pedrotti (born 1845, Magras) Came to America about 1870 His parents were: Giacomo Pietro Pedrotti (born 1823 in Male') Felicita Giuseppa Marinelli (born 1822 in Casez) Parents of Giacomo Pietro Pedrotti were: Vincenzo Pedrotti (about 1796 Margarita Gentilini (about 1798) I am going to Magras, Male', and Cles in Trento September 20 and 21 and looking for any help. Judy
Jul 12 2011
Name:  margaret berggren
From:   raton, NM
E-mail:   margaret.berggren@gmail.com
Comments:  I am the grand dauther of Peter Yob who was married to Sylvia Bertol. His brother, Remigio, married Sylvia's sister, Maria. Peter owned the City market in Raton. This is a very interesting site.
Jul 02 2011
Name:  Nancy Gentilini
From:   Milwaukee, WI.
E-mail:   afbuss@msn.com
Comments:  Fantastic website! Hope to find the village my grandfather came from in Northern Italy (Austria). I see many references to Gentilini family name from Trento region including Romallo and Parish of CARANO - S. Nicolò. Am looking for more information on my grandfather Charles (Carlo? b. 1877 or 1878 Austria)Gentilini and great-grandfather John (Giovanni? b.1849 Austria) Gentilini. Information from the 1900 Michigan census indicates John Gentilini immigrated to the USA around 1881 or 1882 from Austria along with his wife Pauline(?) and small children Amelia and Charles (my grandfather). Other information I have is the father of John, my great-great grandfather, name was Jacob (Giacomo?)Gentilini. Any information on how to trace these names to records of birth, baptism, marriage, ship passenger lists etc. would be of great help! Thanks again!
Jun 13 2011
Name:  Fred
From:   California
E-mail:   fbonani@hotmail.com
Comments:  To Heather: My mother's maiden name is Zanotelli and she was born in Livo, in Val di Non. I was also born there and immigrated to the US. Let me know what infomation you are looking for and I will try to answer it. Who knows, you might have information that I have been looking for.
Jun 12 2011
Name:  Kevin DeLange
From:   Seekonk, MA
E-mail:   kevindelange@msn.com
Comments:  I just found this site and was pleased to see the references and names. My family, Luchi, came from Romallo and settled in Hazleton, PA. Just returned from a trip last weekend to Hazleton to visit the Tyrolian cemetery there and took many pictures of names I know have some relationship. Salvaterra (my greatgrandmother), Martini, Rossi, Magagna, Ferrari, Albertini and Gentilini. I also saw some Fellin buried there. It may take some time to fit all the pieces together, but hopefully I can gather some information from this site to assist. Great work! Nice to know I'm not alone out here asking questions.
Jun 08 2011
Name:  Joan Barker
From:   Des Moines (Seattle), WA
E-mail:   joanbarker@mac.com
Comments:  Partially inspired by this wonderful website, we last year formed the Seattle Trentino Club. We have members in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. If you are interested in becoming a part of our group, please contact me. Our goal is to keep the Trentino culture alive for all those of trentino descent in our region -- the food, the music, the language, the art, etc. Our members are from under one year old to 90 years old. We try to make our activities multigenerational. My grandparents, Fiore (Fred) Zadra and Domenica (Minka) Fellin both came to Seattle from Revò in Val di Non. There is a large group of their descendants in the Seattle area and we have many cousins whose families settled in New York and Pennsylvania.
May 27 2011
Name:  Maria N. Police
From:   San Jacinto, California
E-mail:   mnpolice2@hotmail.com
Comments:  I would like to find my ancestors in the Trentino area. My great-grandparents went to Brazil 1887. Their names were Luigi Anhezini and his wife Philomena Furini, and Carlo Speltri and his wife Maria Speltri. The Anhezinis were from Venezia and the Speltris were from Rovigo. I have searched many different data bases and cannot find any information. I have also looked into ship's logs for that time and have not found records of these two families ever arriving in Brazil, but they did. They went to work on the railroad construction in the state of Sao Paulo and there raised a very large family. I am one of many great-granddaughters and am writing the family history. Anything you can help me with will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Maria Nilza Police (nee Anhezini Silveira)
May 24 2011
Name:  Luca Pellegrini
From:   Cavareno -Val di non-
E-mail:   luca.pellegrini@ymail.com
Comments:  Hello everyone, I come from Cavareno. I found this site really interesting. Many family name that I read in your messages are the same of some friend's name but I'm 34 and I don't live regularly in Cavareno so it's a bit hard to me to help you in detail about old people. My Grandmother name is Pia Piazzi, she is 84 years old and she live in Castelfondo, her father went to USA in 1900 and stayed almost 15 years working in a gold mine. All my others grandparents are unfortunately gone,their names were: Valentino Genetti (Castelfondo), Roberto Pellegrini (Cavareno), Ancilla Battocletti (Cavareno). Maybe someone knows them!! There are recent Italian books about "Val di Non" and peculiars part of it, we grow apples and grapes, we produce milk and cheeses,we speak always "nones" as family language, we go to the church, we work with wood stuff ....in fact nothing has changed in the last 50 years ! Marco Romano, an author based in Fondo makes researches in this sense: emigrations, ordinary life, traditions, interviews to old people to keep memory. Ciao a tutti!!
May 13 2011
Name:  Heather
From:   Perrysburg, OH
E-mail:   HHULL0814@yahoo.com
Comments:  I am interested in learning about my families history. The surnames are Agosti and Zanotelli. They were from the villages of Val di Non and one that starts with an "S". Any information would be helpful and appreciated! Thanks !
May 11 2011
Name:  Vicki Fiorella
From:   Vineland,NJ
E-mail:   vfior@verizon.net
Comments:  I am trying to find information on my aunt's grandparents. She is 88 years old & is searching for information on her grandmother & grandfather Barbara Fellin Menapace, born in 1851 & Robert Battista Menapace born in 1845. She believes they were both born in Rallo, Austria. Thanks in advance for any information.
May 09 2011
Name:  Colette Bruegel
From:   Lafayette,Colorado
E-mail:   cabruegel@aol.com
Comments:  I am trying to find any information on my grandfather HENRY (ENRICO)COLETTI OR COLLETTI. I was told that he came to the USA in about 1890 and was from CLES, ITALY. I have one record that says that his father's name was JOHN COLETTI and his mother's name was JANE DEMANINGCORPA (SP??). He worked as a miner and eventually lived in Saginaw, Michigan. My mother visited CLES back in 1968 and met some of his relatives, but she did not speak Italian and did not leave any information about whom she met or where she located them. I also would appreciate any info that might tell me where he lived/worked in the USA from 1890-91 until 1910, when I found him in the Saginaw, Michigan census.
Apr 16 2011
Name:  Leonardo Banaletti
From:   Mary Rose Martini
E-mail:   eds_rose @msn.com
Comments:  I'm researching family history and was surprised and delighted to see my great grandfather's picture on your website. He is Leonardo Banaletti. His first wife was Concepta Martini. Their first child was my grandmother - Maria Rose Banaletti- born Nov.3rd 1897 in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Was told Concepta died from the flu and pneumonia when my grandmother was very young. And Leonado returned to Italy and eventually married his wife's sister and then came back to the USA and eventually moved to Colorado. The time line is off as we thought Grandma was 8 years old when her mother died; but according to your info she was 8 when her father died in 1905. Trying to figure out the chronology of events in her life. I have a copy of a photo of my grandma and her family? and the idenifying photographer is "Aultman- Trinidad, Colorado." Grandma looks to be around 12 or 13 years old. I thought the older man in the photo was her father. Based on the info at your site, it cannot be him as he died 6 (?) years previously. Any suggestionsas are welcomed as to how to find more info. on who is in the photograph? And if Leonado did indeed return to Italy before moving to Colorado? My Grandmother married Luigi Martini an Italian immigrant from I beleive from Tuenno, Italy. Thank you.
Apr 12 2011
Name:  Barbara DeNooyer
From:   Pa
E-mail:   xstitch@ptd.net
Comments:  I just learned that my mother was adopted by the family Serra. They came from Naples Italy October 28, 1920. My mother has passed away and I really doubt that she knew this. I found this out from a cousin in California that was looking for records on Ellis Island. My mother is being shown as Pasqualina Benvenuti. I am wondering if there is any family. She was born in 1910. Please if anybody has any information contact me.
Apr 10 2011
Name:  Barbara DeNooyer
From:   Pa
E-mail:   xstitch@ptd.net
Comments:  I just learned that my mother was adopted by the family Serra. They came from Naples Italy October 28, 1920. My mother has passed away and I really doubt that she knew this. I found this out from a cousin in California that was looking for records on Ellis Island. My mother is being shown as Pasqualina Benvenuti. I am wondering if there is any family. She was born in 1910. Please if anybody has any information contact me.
Apr 10 2011
Name:  Mario Rubén RIZZARDI
E-mail:   marrubriz@hotmail.com.ar
Comments:  Estoy construyendo el árbol genealógico de la familia,gracias al sitio www.natitrentino.mondotrentino; mis antepasados (RIZZARDI) provienen de COREDO (Italia), (mis tatarabuelos) Francesco RIZZARDI (n.27/03/1821) Teresa CAGLIARI(n30/11/1825) sus hijos Luigi Francesco (nac.02/11/1848), María Rosa (nac. 07/08/1851),Luigi Alessandro(nac.14/08/1854),Angela Margarita (nac.19/03/1857),María Augusta (nac.31/07/1859) Leopolda María Domínica (nac.19/03/1861)María Doménica (nac.08/07/1863)y Emi lio Leopoldo(nac.03/12/1866. Los que vinieron a Argentina:(salieron de Italia el 24/04/1881 y llegaron el 06/07/1881) Luiggi Alessandro,casado con Teresa MOLIGNONI (mis bisabuelos) su hijo Adolfo Giuseppe(tio pepe)(nac.11/06/1879)y la hermana María Domenica Rizzardi, no figura la llegada de Marco Giuse- ppe Rizzardi (nac.20/08/1877) que se supone fallecido),aqui nació mi Abuelo Luis RIZZARDI el 14/01/1892 casado con María Isabel Santorum.- Agradeceré cualquier dato que puedan aportar sobre la familias: RIZZARDI, CAGLIARI, MOLIGNONI. Un saludo cordial al crador de esta página.- 05/04/2011.-
Apr 05 2011
Name:  Marciane Faes
From:   Brazil
E-mail:   marcianef@yahoo.com.br
Comments:  Hello! About the Pilati of Tassulo. My ancestor Berti Giuseppe, emmigrate Brazil 1878, was married 1860 with Rosa Pilati. She died 18 days after de marriage. I would like more about her. Best regards
Mar 28 2011
E-mail:   eugenio.adami@gmail.com
Comments:  Me ciamo Eugenio Adami e vivo en Trentin a Zambana (vizin a Trent). Questo lè propri en bel sito che parla del Trentino. Bravi! El lui de quest'an mi e la me famiglia voressen vegnir en America (a New York, anca) per far en giro turistico. Me cugnà, chel cognose la Presidentessa dei "Trentini nel mondo" qua de Trent, el m'ha indicà proprio i "Trentini nel mondo" come base de apoggio per el giro turistico che mi e la me famiglia faren. Ne piaseria cognoser qualchedun de voialtri li a New York. Saluti. Translated from Trentino dialect (above): My name is Eugenio Adami and I live in Trentino Zambana (near Trento). This is really a great site that talks about the Trentino and Trentini in the world. Good! In July of this year me and my family would like to come to America (in New York also) for sightseeing. My brother, who knows the President of Trentini in the world here in Trento, just showed me you association as a base for the tour that me and my family will. We would like to know some of you there to New York. Best regards to you all. Eugene Adami
Mar 25 2011
Name:  kathy
From:   Horsham,PA
E-mail:   fkmacl@verizon.net
Comments:  My grandparents were from Tyrol. They came to PA and settled in Nuremberg--a cute village near Hazleton,PA My grandfather was Giuseppe(joseph) Bott from Salter.(b-1867-1942) My Grandmother was Annie Marchetti MY step Grandmother was Fannie Bertoldi My great Grandfather was John Marchetti great Grandmother was Catherine Marchetti If I have any mor relatives I would to hear from you and any information about SudTirol.
Mar 06 2011
Name:  Jose Berardo Garcia (Pepe)
From:   Colombia
E-mail:   pepingar@gmail.com
Comments:  Busco a los descendientes de Cornelio Bonelli (fallecido en Colombia) Sus hijas en Italia son: Argia Ida casada con Giovanni Pinamonti y Adriana casada con Carlo Reik. Sus nietos son Gian Cornelio y Mara Pinamonti. Sus hijas en Colombia son Ida y Virginia Bonelli. Yo soy el esposo de Ida y me gustaria contactar a la familia de Corneilo Bonelli. Cordial saludo. Ingeniero: Jose Berardo Garcia (Pepe)
Feb 24 2011
Name:  Joseph P Gabardi
From:   Layton, Utah
E-mail:   jpgabardi@comcast.net
Comments:  My name is Joe, my father is Albert I Gabardi, Salt Lake City, Ut. Grandfather, Joseph A Gabardi, Molgolo, Austria. Grandmother Pia Gabardi, Molgolo, Austria. My grandfather imigrated early 1900 and worked the mines just outside of Diamond Wyo. Moved to Salt Lake City, Ut where he continued to work in the mines and as a carpenter for Holy Cross Hospital. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with like information. - 13 Feb 2011 -
Feb 13 2011
Name:  Stacy Lesser
From:   Pana, IL USA
E-mail:   slesser2002@yahoo.com
Comments:  I am looking for any relatives of Katherine Zueck(Zuech). She is the grandmother of my mother in law. I am planning a trip this year to Italy and would love to find some one that is related.
Feb 13 2011
Name:  Debbie Dallago
From:   Adamstown, PA
E-mail:   ddallago313@gmail.com
Comments:  Seeking any information about Giuseppi Dallago (may even been spelled Delago) he was married to Louisa (Tretter) Dallago. They are my great grandparents. They arrived in the US around 1891. Giuseppi returned to Europe and died in Tuenno in 1938 I have a death certificate with that information. They had twins Louis and Louisa and several other children. Frank was the oldest. Joseph my grandfather was born in the US in 1902. Any information
Feb 04 2011
Name:  Marie Voltolini Kleffner
From:   Moscow, Idaho
E-mail:   kleffner@moscow.com
Comments:  My nona was Josephine Albertini Voltolini. She was brought to Wallace, Idaho from Revo by her brothers Albert, Dan, George and John (may be other siblings) to marry a chosen man. She instead married my nono Faust Voltolini originally from Strigno, Italy. I am visiting Revo area in late May and would love as much information about my family as possible. My nona was very good friends with Minca (Dominica) Zadra who settled in Seattle, WA. I am one of Harry Dan Voltolini's daughters. My nona Josephine had a niece Carolina Inama Visintainer, Joe Inama and I believe another nephew who was a priest.
Jan 28 2011
Name:  Tullio Mereu
From:   Voorheesville,NY
E-mail:   trmereu@msn.com
Comments:  Any news about Livio Campostrini from Syracuse, NY, last arrival to the USA in 1921 aboard the liner France. Thank you, Tullio Mereu
Jan 23 2011
Name:  Sandra Kuch
From:   Pennsylvania, USA
E-mail:   kuch407@comcast.net
Comments:  My grandfather Antonio Scarpari emigrated in 1905 departing from Cherburg, Havre, France, traveling on American Lines Philadelphia (ship). He lists on his naturalization papers that he was born Jan 22 1872 in the village of Storo, parents Frauk and Elizabeth Scarpari. We know nothing about my grandfather, he was killed in 1927 in a ceiling mine cave in. In 1907 he brought over from the village of Livio Maria Zanotelli, and they were married Jan 1907 with her brother Virgilio Zanotelli as witness, Virgilio then moved to Ohio. Antonio worked in the mines in Darraugh, Pa I am trying to research my grandfathers heritage, as all 7 children are now departed and we have searched all their papers and found alot of identification on Maria, but nothing on Antonio Scarpari...which leaves us wondering if his name somehow got misspelled upon arrival. Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you.
Jan 21 2011
Name:  Carlo Yob
From:   Matt Cordes
E-mail:   mattcordes77@yahoo.com
Comments:   My great-grandfather was Carlo Yob (Job) from Lover. He came to Vulcan around 1918, and met my great-grandma in WI shortly after. Her maiden name was Adele Fedel, her family was from Cles. They moved to Hisperia MI around 1928 and farmed the land. Carlo and Adele had 5 children Joeseph, Mary Jane, Lucille, Charlie and Adele. I am Mary Jane's grandson. My wife, Jackie, and I took our honeymoon in Germany, Austria and Italy in 2004. We spent almost a week in Lover where we found family who welcomed us with open arms. Mostly decendants of Carlo's sister Anna. My wife has family ancestry in Italy also. Her great-grandparents came from Cordenonce, around 1918. Their son Americo Maset was my wifes Grandpa. He was the first born in America. His family also spent some time mining, but it was in West Virgina.
Dec 27 2010
Name:  Christine DeYoung
From:   Carnation, WA. USA
E-mail:   christyqdeyoung@yahoo.com
Comments:  My Great Grandfather immigrated her from Storo, Trentino-Alto Italy. He was born in 1868. He also listed his mother land as Austria. His name was James Parlari. He also spells his name Panlani on his naturalization forms. His fathers names was Anton. Any information or website to go to would be helpful. I know he had brothers and they were in the military. They also belonged to a church that had odd offerings such as; eggs. I don't know much about that, it was a tidbit passed down. Thank You, Christy
Dec 17 2010
Name:  Sandra R. Kuch
From:   West Newton, Pa 15089
E-mail:   kuch407@comcast.net
Comments:  Looking for information on Maria Zanotelli,departed in the 1900's at age 28 from Tirolo, Italy, from the port of Havre to come to America and marry Anthony Scarpari. We are told many families with this name are still in Tirolo, in the 1950's one of our relations from Wisconsin visited and came back supposedly to write a book about it, but we have never been able to find out if this transpired.
Dec 09 2010
Name:  Carla Formolo
From:   Trentino-Alto Adige
E-mail:   butterflytania@optonline.net
Comments:  I wanted to share with you all a poem from Val di Non which I learned in 1958 in school when I was 7. I hope to share this with you so this part of our beloved heritage will not be forgotten. I hope you enjoy! O Mia Cara Val de Non: O mia cara Val de Non La e mia e de me Non a ti mi ai bu pensa per ani e ani con an gran strani fin a chel di che me papa al ma mena zo an zita e come ansemeni ai tolt orgoli da ti. E ades mo che son ci no me movi pu e resterai con ei e resterai con ti gran Val de Non per tut l'eternita.
Dec 07 2010
Name:  Judy Pedrotti
From:   St. Louis, Missouri
E-mail:   bobjudyand@aol.com
Comments:  I am looking for ancestors or descendents of my great-grandfather who is from the Tryol area. Giacomo PEDROTTI, born May 1845 Parents: Giacoma PEDROTTI and Felicita MARINOLI. He had a brother named Giovanni and a sister, Angela who did not come to America. In He came to America about 1870. His passport was issued at Capitanato in Cles in March of 1870. In a letter from his father in 1874, he states that his sister Angela was on San Nicolo Street in Verone. Thanks for any help.
Nov 04 2010
Name:  Jeff Eker
From:   u.k.
E-mail:   zeeker@btinternet.com
Comments:  Hi, I am trying to trace the family of my ggrandfather Bartolo Auguste Eccher. He died in Guernsey, Channel Islands aged 64 in 1910. The Guernsey 1901 gives his nationality as "Austrian (French Subject)" and his death and marriage certificates give his paraents as "Pierre and Rose" (these are posibly french versions of the names as nearly all records were in french at the time, so the parents may be Pietro and Rosa. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
Oct 18 2010
Name:  Wendy Negley
From:   San Francisco, CA
E-mail:   wnegley@gmail.com
Comments:  Sal, My great grandfather, Francesco Giovanni Stefani (or in America, Frank John Stefani)came to the US from Sporminore. I really appreciate your website! However, I am having trouble with Nati in Trentino and hope you can help. I tried to register a few months ago and it said my user name was wrong but I couldn't figure that out and felt I had followed the instructions exactly. I retried and it told me that I was now suspect. So I left it. Today I retried it and it said something was wrong and I had to contact the "System Administrator". I found no such listing but found what I thought was it, that site was in Italian but gave an e-mail address. I tried to e-mail it and couldn't. So I am wondering if you can help me on this. Thank you! Wendy Negley
Oct 16 2010
Name:  Thomas Beber
From:   Iron River, MI
E-mail:   edvige@sbcglobal.net
Comments:  I am looking for information about Antonio Beber from Vignola. He is the older brother of my grandfather Celeste. Celeste came to the US in 1904 and went to Wakefield, MI. Antonio came in 1905 and went to Triadad, Co. I never heard my Grandparents speak of him but after my aunts passed away I got alot of pictures dating back to 1908. There were pictures of Antonio's family taking in Gallop, New Mexico. There was one of the family when they were younger (2 daughters and a son). and another when older but a gentleman was added. A husband? The final pictures were taken in Portland Or. Antonio wasn't in it but the wife was. The last picture was of the daughter of this family. Her name was Lucille. Any BEBER's out there in Oregon?
Oct 16 2010
Name:  robert
From:   mcmanus
E-mail:   pluto@fight.org
Comments:  my mother's mother was trentini. her name was Mary Thomas from Maria Eugenia Tame. Names that have surfaced are Inama, Eccher, Rosati among others and they had lived in the "ancestral villages" of Taio and Dermullo and Smeranza. My mother was hazed=eyed and had light brown hair. I am wondering how much Austrian is in the mix (in general) with the Trentini. This may sound like a dumb question but is a way to distinguish Trento from other areas. What I have read about the trentini is very interesting and I'd like to know about some good websites...this is all new to me. I live in philadelphia.
Oct 04 2010
Name:  Athena M. Trujillo (Bentz)
From:   New Mexico
E-mail:   Thesaffy@plateautel.net
Comments:  Hello, Researching Val di Non for a report for my son in school on Italy. We picked this beautiful country as my grandfather came from the area of Trento (specifically the Val di Non). My grandfather's name was Frank Basil Menapace whose family settled in Clarksville (a territory) prior to New Mexico becoming a state. His wife Amelia Serafin came from Walsenburg, Colorado. We are unsure of where her family originated as she was taken in by an aunt when her parents died. We have traced the family back to an Archbishop Menapace and have found a family crest. I am unclear with a lot of this as my mother has also passed on.
Oct 03 2010
Name:  Claudia Miotti
From:   Brasil
E-mail:   claudiamioti@via-rs.net
Comments:  Parabéns pelo site, muito interessante, meus ancestrais também eram de Cunevo e Flavon, família Martini e Cattani, gostaria de trocar informações para quem sabe encontrarmos ligação entre nossas famílias. Abraços
Sep 29 2010
Name:  Carmelita Flaim
From:   Revo Italy
E-mail:   funky1@rogers.com
Comments:  My name is Carmelita Flaim and I was born in 1955 in Revo Italy, my parents are Luigi and Victoria Flaim. We came to Canada in 1957 through Halifax (Canada). If anyone is looking for information on their family my Father Luigi who is 89 is still alive and well, his memory of Revo is very good and he can help you, unfortunately I was 2 years old when we came to Canada and I do not know much about Revo except what my parents have told me. funky1@rogers.com
Sep 04 2010
Name:  jaime aizpuru marchetti
From:   mexico
E-mail:   gueragonzalez27@hotmail.com
Comments:  hola: estoy buscando a mi familia de castelfondo italia, es muy bueno este directorio. felicitaciones, muy documentado este blog. mi bisabuelo nacio en Castelfondo Val di Non Trento, el 24 de febrero de 1904, se llamaba Luigi Marchetti Piazzi.Vino a Mexico en el año 1926.Si saben algo avisame.
Aug 30 2010
Name:  Frances K.Lamb
From:   Salter
E-mail:   fkmacl@verizon.net
Comments:  This message is for Dominic Genetti. There are many Genetti families in the Hazleton/Wilkesbare PA area. Gus Genetti has a Hotel Restaurant in Wilkesbarre. He is originally from Hazleton. I am related through marriage. My grandmother was from Casle Fondo My grandfather from Romano/Salter area. My sister Lois has much more infor than I and I will give her this site. My mother was a Bott-Mathilda from Nuremberg. My grandmother was a Marchetti. Hope this is helpful.
Aug 24 2010
Name:  Luca Iori
From:   Trentino - Bleggio
E-mail:   luca.iori29@gmail.com
Comments:  Dear friend, I leave a link, where perhaps you can find many informations about your ancestry in Trentino (born between 1815 and 1923). www.natitrentino.mondotrentino.net Bye. Luca
Aug 20 2010
Name:  Andrew Mendini
From:   Iron Mountain, Michigan
E-mail:   mendinia@imschools.org
Comments:  What an incredible website! I've been trying to expand our Mendini family research and wish I would have found this site earlier! I have been able to trace the Mendini lineage to the village of Pavillo in Val di Non. My great grandfather Nicolo/a was born in 1872. Not sure when he came to the US. His father was Pietro born in 1847. Pietro's father Luigi, not sure of his birthdate. Luigi's father Pietro was born in 1796? I have the name Guiseppe for Peitro's father but that is as far as I can get. Can anyone help? It is thought that maybe my Great Grandfather Nicolo entered the US in Pa. He had a brother named Alphonse who settled in New Mexico, but that has not led me anywhere yet. Where would I search for ship manifest records in Pennsylvania? Vulcan, Michigan is just around the corner, so if anyone needs some information....I can help! Oh yeah, we still have Polenta at deer camp served with red sauce, Asiago cheese and fresh venison. Look forward to that meal every year!
Aug 11 2010
Name:  Brentari
From:   Smarano
E-mail:   meemaw@ptd.net
Comments:  I am researching Augusto Giacomo Brentari, son of Vincenzo Giovanni and Angela Romana Recla Brentari. Gusto was born in Smarano,Tirol, Austria (now Italy) in 1873 and he came to the USA in 1890. Gusto and his wife, Catterina DeConcini, lived in Mahanoy City, PA, where they raised 7 children. Any information would be much appreciated. Joanne L. Brentari
Jul 06 2010
Name:  Iob
From:   Gene Pancheri
E-mail:   ginopan@hotmail.com
Comments:  Sal, I ate at a pizzaria in Cunevo last week that is next door to the church. The "history" on the menu mentions that the Iob family was associated with Castel Corona. Have you explored this connection? Gene
Jul 05 2010
Name:  Benvenuti/Crosina
From:   Lois
E-mail:   loisben@berkshire.net
Comments:  In reading ove the emclosed, I noticed that many of the litle villages in Val di Ledro such as Tiarno di Sotto and Tiarno di Sopra, amoung others have ben left out. Some of the families that emegrated from that area were Crosina, Daldoss, Donati, Cellana, etc. Also from Rovereto, the Benvenuti family.
Jun 25 2010
Name:  Diego Diaz
From:   Argentina
E-mail:   ddiazgalvez@gmail.com
Comments:  hey, I have ancestors from the trentino area on my mother's side... One of them was named Enrica Dapont... I've always been intrigued by that surname because it sounds French, unlike the more common Italian or Austrian surnames found in the area... Have you ever heard of someone else in trentino with that surname? Do you think it's possible that someone moved there from France some time in the past? Thanks for any info.
May 31 2010
Name:  Diane Burns
From:   Issaquah, Washington
E-mail:   dianeburns15@hotmail.com
Comments:  Hello All! Since my last post I have discovered that my great-grandparents, PIETRO PEDERGNANA (later Peter Pedegana) and MARIA DOMINICA ALBASINI of Dimaro, Italy, were married in Feb. 1888 in Vulcan Michigan. The witnesses were listed as Charles Marcsini and Mary Marsheti. I am sure that the names are written incorrectly. I believe that the second name, Marsheti, should have been MARCHETTI, but I am not sure. I have no idea about the first. At the time there was an iron ore mine in Vulcan and a large Italian community. I would greatly appreciate any information on the place or the names. Diane Burns
May 27 2010
Name:  Mario Sborz
From:   Annie
E-mail:   percannie@aol.com
Comments:  Hello. I have been looking at the wonderful pictures of villages in the Trentino area. I am still looking for my grandfather, Mario Sborz born6 August 1884 and immigrated to Blackwood(Minersville), Pennsylvannia. He worked in coal Mines there and married a Mary Yobb.They had 12 children. My granfather was born in the Val di Non area and had only one brother.He died 1935 from mining illness. I am trying to locate this family and my heritage. If anyone has any information and can help I would appreciate. Thank you Annie percannie@aol.com
May 26 2010
Name:  Christine Delaplace
From:   USA
E-mail:   cmplaton@gmail.com
Comments:  Researching the Tamboi, Tambos family from Basenga di Pine
May 14 2010
E-mail:   grumpydonmanas@aol.com
Comments:  HI HAVE A FAMILY NAME KOTHARINA MARTINI!!!... she had child daugther name RUTH GRITZMACHER IN JULY 10TH OF 1911!!.. i'm her granddaugther I MIGHT HAVE SOME FAMILY OVER IN ITALY!!.. I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME FINE THEM OVER THERE!! i've never been over there.. we are also german too!!.. and some french on my dad side that's he's grandma!!.. and he was over there in thewar too!!.. please help o.k. thank you tell me more about that family over there thank again!!..
May 11 2010
E-mail:   giulchi@virgilio.it
Comments:  Se vi può essere utile vedete qui per i nati in Trentino dal 1815 al 1923. www.natitrentino.mondotrentino.net
Apr 28 2010
Name:  joao guilherme burnett
From:   porto alegre-RS Brasile
E-mail:   joao.burnett@terra.com.br
Comments:   I need to continue my ancestor's research.I know that my great grand father MASSIMILIANO BERNARDO POLLI and his wife were born in Marco di Rovereto, Trentino, respectivelly 1822 and 1842; they came to Brasil at 1874 or 75, not like emigrants but to know Santa Catarina-Itajai valley. I have relatives at Marco, but I don't have the addresses. Their surenames SETTI, MARCHI, POLLI and DI MARCO. Can you help me? Thanks, gracie infinita. Rua Riachuelo,994 ap 26 Porto Alegre/RS cep 90.010-272 RS/BRASIL. Giovanni Guillhelmo Polli Burnett
Apr 23 2010
Name:  Diane Burns
From:   Issaquah, Washington
E-mail:   dianeburns15@hotmail.com
Comments:  Hello again! Since writing on April 14 I have been able to find out a lot about my relatives, much of it thanks to the kindness of the readers of this page. Thanks so much! First, the family name is not Pedegana, but is rather Pedergnana. My great-grandmother was born DOMINICA ALBASINI in 1865, and seems to have been from Dimaro. My great-grandfather was born PIETRO PEDERGNANA in 1860, son of ANTON PEDERGNANA and PASQUA ALBASINI, either from Dimaro itself or the vicinity. We think he was orphaned at a very young age. They were married in Menominee, Michigan on Feb. 04, 1888. In 1889 my grandfather, Joseph was born in Issaquah, Washington where Peter Pedegana (new name) worked in the coal mines. Does anyone know why they would have been in Menominee? I see that there was mining there, but I don't see that it was coal mining. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! Diane Burns
Apr 19 2010
Name:  Yvonne (Trentine) Wion
From:   Piqua, Ohio
E-mail:   dmark4@woh.rr.com
Comments:  I am looking for any information about the Trentine family. My husband's grandfather was born Angel Trentine and emmigrated to the United States before WWII from Austria. After WWII that area became part of northern Italy. Angel was married to Anna Mueller and had 5 children (Carl, Arthur, Edward, and 2 daughters). Thank you!!!
Apr 18 2010
Name:  David Zanoni
From:   Milwaukee, WI
E-mail:   david@zanoni.net
Comments:  Has anybody here received Italian citizenship because of ancestral connections? Any experience or advice would be appreciated.
Apr 18 2010
Name:  Fred Bonani
From:   California
E-mail:   fbonani@hotmail.com
Comments:  In reply to the post about the last name ZADRA, my grandmother's mother was Angelina Zadra who married Raffaele Mengoni. I have no dates for her however. My grandmother, Giuditta later married Oreste Zanotelli was born in Cis, which is a small town in Val di Non near Livo and Preghena. I was born in Cles and lived in Preghena until my family immigrated to the US in the mid 50's. I would be curious to know if there is any relations.
Apr 18 2010
Name:  Barbara Brentari
From:   Palm Harbor FL USA
E-mail:   Babbs6@gmail.com
Comments:  Sal, Thank you so much for the info regarding my grandfather. I understand about the discrepency, he was born in America. His parents made the trip specifically for that purpose and then returned back to Smarano and then he made the trip back again at 17. I am hoping to be able to find some relatives! Take care and thanks again.
Apr 14 2010
Name:  Barbara Brentari
From:   Palm Harbor Florida via Minersville Pa
E-mail:   Babbs6@gmail.com
Comments:  Hi I am trying to find any info on my grandfather Michael Brentari who left Smarano Italy for Minersville PA somewhere in the early 1920's. I am planning a trip at the end of the month to go to Smarano and try to find any relatives and see the area where he came from. If anyone knows of any Brentari's in the area or could be of any help with info etc I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!
Apr 14 2010
Name:  Cam Franzoi
From:   Windsor, ON
E-mail:   franzoi@sympatico.ca
Comments:  Hello everyone, My father was from Sporminore, Italy. His name is Erminio Franzoi. My grandparents were Camillo and Maria Franzoi. I would like to connect with relatives in North America.
Apr 13 2010
Name:  Joanne Simpson
From:   San Diego California
E-mail:   daffyandcat2@yahoo.com
Comments:  My grandfather (Evaristo Franch (changed to Franks when he came to the States) and grandmother (Louisa Rauzi) on my mother's side were from the Valley of the Cloz, Italy (was Austria during their time). My grandmother's brother (Luigi Rauzi) was a priest in Trento or around the area. I am trying to locate any possible living relatives with family names of Franch and Rauzi. Evaristo Franch and Louisa Rauzi were married in 1909 and then moved to Utah to a mining town that no longer exist (Sego, Utah).
Apr 12 2010
Name:  Diane Burns
From:   Issaquah, Washington
E-mail:   dianeburns15@hotmail.com
Comments:  Hello! I have long known that my great-grandparents came from a town in the Tirol region of Italy. Just recently the staff of the Issaquah, Washington Historical Society has located documents that show they were from the town of Dimaro. My great-grandfathr's name was PETER PEDEGANA. He left Dimaro in the 1880's and went to work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. In the census around that time he listed he nationality as Austrian. He kept going west, and finally settled in Issaquah, Washington, just outside of Seattle. This was a coal mining town at that time. He sent for his bride who was waiting in Dimaro and he became the leader of the coal miner's union in Issaquah, demanding decent working conditions. He was quite a hero. My great grand-mother died of a strange disease that maybe was something like lupus, but it was passed on to all of her daughters, who also died of this disease. I know it baffled the doctors and some of my mother's aunts were studied by the University of Washington, who could not identify this disease. I would love to hear from anyone who has knowledge of my family background. Thanks! Diane Burns
Apr 11 2010
Name:  Suzie Salam
From:   Arizona
E-mail:   suesalam@hotmail.com
Comments:  What a "keeper" this site is. It is beautiful and informational. Thanks for your work and interest in your heritage, which is the history of the American experience. It has great personal meaning for me.
Apr 11 2010
Name:  Sherri Hines
From:   PA
E-mail:   billieyank6165@hotmail.com
Comments:  Hello, I'm running into a brick wall & maybe you can help me; my mother's maiden name was Dallao, parents possibly Emilio & Catherine (unsure of spelling), from northern Italy/Austria (Tyron)....came to PA in early 1940's, lived in Shenandoah & Hazleton. Emilio killed in a coal mine around 1949. Names ring any bells in your tree? ANY help appreciated!!! Take care, -Sherri Stengline
Apr 10 2010
Name:  Marlene Archer
From:   Dimaro
E-mail:   Brookside1@gmail.com
Comments:  I have an inquiry and am asking for anyone's help/expertise. I am unable to find ship records for my grandmother, although on her naturalization application she listed a ship name (LaProvence arrived Nov. 24, 1906) arriving at Ellis Island. I am unable to find her name on that ship; I think she came to America under an assumed name...to marry the man from her town in Trentini whom she accompanied. This man's first wife was said to have died at sea on their way back to visit her family in Trento. My question is this: were records kept for people leaving the port of New york returning to Trento, and where could I access them? If I can prove that this woman died at sea, as it is assumed, then my grandmother assumed this worman's name as she came to America. I can prove that she married this man 2 weeks later when they arrived in Central City, Colorado. Thanks for any advice and help.
Mar 28 2010
Name:  Margie Martini Jones
From:   Washington State
E-mail:   margiej6@verizon.net
Comments:  I have visited Revo twice. My Martini family has been there since 1493 and my Rossi grandmother's family since 1600's. I am now trying to find out about my father's uncle, Angelo Martini, born in 1888 who came to the U.S. in 1905 and died in 1918. He never "wrote home" so was pretty much disinherited by his father Pio Martini. What I have been able to find is that he came to Ohio to be with his cousin, Dominico Ravina. According to his WWI draft registration he was married with 4 children but no names were mentioned. He died in Tuscarawas County Ohio and is supposed to be buried in Roswell, Ohio. I am looking for any relatives as there are relatives in Italy who want to know about them. Another reason is that if he did not have sons,the line of Pio (Lau)Martini will die out. Any information would be appreciated.
Mar 20 2010
Name:  Stanga
From:   Chris Stanga
E-mail:   genmom56@gmail.com
Comments:  In studying some receipts for what I assume to be wire transfers from the States to various places where my ancestors sent money to his family (Just before WWI), I have found the name of a place I have been unable to identify: Madruz, Caserma (could be Laserma), Trento If anyone could enlighten me as to where this is, I would appreciate it greatly!
Mar 19 2010
Name:  Stanga
From:   Chris
E-mail:   genmom56@gmail.com
Comments:  I am looking for information about "4 Regimento 8 Compagnia" during World War I. In particular, I would like to locate records or indexes to soldiers in this regiment as I suspect these were regional and I am trying to find out about related surnames. Thank you for any help.
Mar 19 2010
Name:  cecile
From:   south australia
E-mail:   cecileterese@gmail.com
Comments:  Hello, My grandfather, on my fathers side,was an Echer(the spelling varies) born around 1904.I know nothing of my granfather,apart from the fact he was a miner.I don't even know his fathers first name.I have enjoyed greatly this site,it has given me a bit of a look,maybe,into my past.
Mar 19 2010
Name:  Debra Marigoni
From:   Utah
E-mail:   DMarigoni@comcast.net
Comments:  Thanks so much for the website. I love reading the stories and history. I have been searching for my husband's ties to his genealogy for years. Our original last name spelling is MARIGNONI. From what I've been able to research, there were once quite a few of them in the mining areas of Michigan and then Rocksprings, Wyoming. We have been trying to locate any information about John MARIGNONI or his father Vincent. I think John immigrated to the states sometime in the mid 1880's but have been unable to verify or find much more on him prior to his marriage in 1887. All of the men in the family have died very young, except for my husband's father, and therefore we don't have much in the way of stories or information. If anyone has any information about the area they may have come from I would love to hear from you. All we have is a marriage certificate from Michigan that gives the birthplace as Tirol. We would love to visit the area. Thanks Debbie
Mar 18 2010
Name:  Laura Hackstein
From:   California
E-mail:   laurahackstein@hotmail.com
Comments:  Hello: I am the great grandaughter of Gust Deromedi. Can I register to be an Italian citizen or must I be the grandaughter? Thank you for making this website. Sincerely, Laura Hackstein
Mar 18 2010
Name:  Christine Comotto
From:   St. Charles, Missouri
E-mail:   ccomotto@att.net
Comments:  Your website on Trentino Genealogy and Culture is so informative! I have been trying to find information on my husband's family for years, with little to no success. For years I was also confused about whether Trentino was in Austria or in Italy. Thanks to your website and the historical information, I now have a better understanding of the area. I am searching for information on the family of Emial Paolo ZADRA (b. 12 Aug 1858 in Tres, Trentino; immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1882). I believe his father was Giovanni ZADRA and his mother was Domenica ZANELLA. On 21 June 1886 he married Katherina SAUR in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking for information on the family for almost 20 years and have had no success. Thank you for this site! Hopefully someone will find me and be able to share the info.
Mar 16 2010
Name:  Elaine
From:   Petersburgh, NY
E-mail:   elainerose@fairpoint.net
Comments:  I found this website about 2 1/2 years ago through which I was able to email Storo, Italy where my grandfather, Antonio Zontini was born. I connected with relatives that my mother did not know she had. At the age of 85, I took her on a trip to Italy to see her father's hometown in Storo and then to Selva Di Levico where her mother, Adelaide Furlan was born. It was wonderful to give her this experience. I am returning to Italy in July 2010; I can't wait to return. Elaine D.
Feb 01 2010
Name:  Leean Archer (Stanchina Family)
From:   Twinsburg, Ohio
E-mail:   leeanarcher@gmail.com
Comments:  Hello, My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Stanchina and her family was from Livo. As I've searched my family tree, I've found Zannotelli, Dalpiaz, Sparapani, Furlani, Facini, and Fedrigoni family names that are from Varallo, Livo and Preghena who immigrated to the Bridgeport, Ohio area. If anyone has any info about these families, I'd be happy to hear it! Thanks so much! Leean
Jan 20 2010
Name:  Jim Genetti
From:   Boise, Idaho
E-mail:   jimgenetti@gmail.com
Comments:  I was born in 1943 in Rock Springs, Wyoming. My Father was Leno Genetti, my grandfather was Frank Genetti (Francesco)and my grandmother was Ermina Yannes. My grandfather was from Castelfondo, Italy and my Grandmother was from Dovina, Austria. Dovina is today a part of Italy. My great grandfather was Angelo Genetti he emigrated to the USA in the late 1800 and my grandfather, the oldest of five boys, followed him shortly thereafter. My grandfather worked in the mines in Superior until about 1943 and they he moved to Hooper, Utah to farm along with his brother Dominic Genetti. I have a family tree which was completed by my grandfather's relatives in Italy which dates back to the 1400's. My grandfather died in 1974 at the age of 89. I am currently 66 years old. Our family is related to the Anselmis, Menghinis and Bertognolis and others. A few years ago we had a reunion in Hooper, Utah and visited with relatives who came over from Castelfondo to visit. My wife learned to make polenta, torte and other dishes passed down from my grandmother and my aunt.
Jan 08 2010
Name:  ASSON
From:   Gary Asson
E-mail:   assoni@cableone.net
Comments:  You have a very comprehensive site. Lots of good information. I am disappointed that you apparently have no information about the villages of Amblar, Don or Malgolo. Of course I would notice this because my paternal grandparents emigrated from those locations. I am grateful for the information you present, however. Thank you. Gary Asson
Jan 03 2010
Name:  shirley scaia powell
From:   canton ohio
E-mail:   mom44721@yahoo.com
Comments:  my father fortunato scaia born in prezzo,he had three brothers,silvio,amadio and raymond also a sister who did not come to the u.s. amadio and raymond lived in solvay n.y.forunato and silvio lived in ohio all are now deceased.
Dec 18 2009
E-mail:   0000leonardelli@orange.fr
Comments:  Ciao, Ho realizzato una ricerca della mia famiglia e non posso prendere un periodo di: vicino a 2 anni, Carlo Leonardelli nato nel 1840? (erano 46 alla sua morte) corrisponde a Carlo Emilio, lo stesso padre e stessa madre Nato probabilmente nel 1843; Luogo di nascita varia, è scritto Torelli Provine, Giorgetti si dice nella stessa provincia. Sua moglie 1856 - nato in Zucca - è considerata "d'Averno LUCIA" Can you help me back per i genitori di Carlo? Grazie mille
Dec 11 2009
Name:  Rosanna Christini
From:   New Zealand
E-mail:   grattans@clear.net.nz
Comments:  Still searching for the birth location of my g.grandfather Giovanni Francesco Christina/Christino/De Cristina b. 18 Novembre 1848 in Trentino.He came to New Zealand in 1867/68, had a large family of nine children and left NZ for Italy in 1913 and was never heard of again.Recent info is that it could have been Vermiglio,but have not found anything there yet.The Christini family here want to know where they came from and met their Italian family. His mother was Santa LUCHI and his father Giovanni CHRISTINA/CHRISTINO/DI CRISTINA. If anyone has these names in their family please contact me.
Nov 30 2009
Name:  Kim Recla
From:   Vale, Oregon
E-mail:   recla@fmtc.com
Comments:  Very nice web site. A friend recently moved to Vicenza, Italy and when trying to convince my husband to go for a visit, I discovered our friend is living very close to the home of my husband's ancestors. My husband's family came from Smarano. His father is George Recla, grandfather is Luigi (Louis), great grandfather is Giovanni Recla. Giovanni's brothers were Clemente and Valentino. Grandfather Luigi's siblings are Clemento, Evaristo, Raffaele, Carolina, Cesare and Zelinda. We don't have much information on the youngest children. Our family has had contact with the family of Valentino (Clemente's son)in Smarano, and we will hope to visit them in early 2010.
Jan 01 2002
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