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Linda's Genealogy
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Name: Donna Price
E-mail address: dpsqrd@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda,
I am a descendant of Peter James Bailey and wife Nancy through their daughters, Elizabeth married to David Parsons and Lucy married to Samuel Parsons.

It is always nice to find more family!
Saturday, November 9th 2013 - 04:41:56 PM
Name: Laura
E-mail address: mcquaid@centurylink.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I have a postcard (real photo) that I've put up for sale on EBAY and it looks around 1915 or so. Pictures a woman and a small boy child all dressed up. The back of the item says, "Marlin Zeigler and Mother." It came from stuff I got at an auction in Perry County, which is where I live. I have the image scanned and could send it to you. Contact me. I would like to make sure this photo - at least the image if not the original - gets preserved for their family.
Monday, August 6th 2012 - 09:35:50 PM
Name: Anne
E-mail address: aginchereau@charter.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda, what a great job you have done with your genealogy website. I found you when I googled J Coble photographer Newport. I have an unidentified picture, negative #402, same setting (rug, curtain) as your #399 but a different chair. I don't know if there could be any connection. I have a connection to Zeiglers. My gggg grandmother was first married to Daniel Zeigler (I think possibly Martin's brother). He died young in 1816 and she remarried a Hufferd. He was a shoemaker and his son, Jonathan, also a shoemaker, was partner with a Lahr in Millerstown. I would love to hear anything more you know about Martin Zeigler, and compare notes/photos.
Friday, November 11th 2011 - 01:40:31 PM
Name: Michele Hancock
E-mail address: sheogre12@cox.net
Homepage URL: http://hancockellingtonfamily.tribalpages.com
Comments:Hello! I love your page, especially the Hiatt part. My great grandmother was Mary Lee Gill, and her mother was a Hiatt. I was noticing that the line you are researching has similarities to mine. I have a birth record for My great great grandmother's father, Lawerence Hiatt b. Dec 1853 in Rockcastle to a W. P Hiatt and Mary French. Just wondering if you have come across any of these names in your research.
I am in the middle of transferring all my stuff on ancestry, to my webpage (above) so you can check there, but I haven't gotten everything over there yet. Its a slow process! Thank you and keep up the good work!
Thursday, October 13th 2011 - 12:52:03 PM
Name: Deb
E-mail address: debsbooknook@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am doing some genealogy and hope your site will help me.
Thursday, July 28th 2011 - 08:54:59 AM
Name: Kathy Hiatt
E-mail address: kathylhiatt@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda,
What a sweetie, my mom was married to a Hiatt too, I doubt very seriously that she would take the time to look up my Hiatt roots. I looked up what you had and found this:


Then I worked my way back by continuing to click on their father link, and sure enough, it brought me right to my George and Martha Wakefield Hiatt. You know, there is a site on facebook called Family of George and Martha Hiatt
and we are all eligable for the DAR or SOR by way of George's maternal grandfather, Richard Williams. Check me out on Facebook:

Kathleen Hiatt
Sunday, March 20th 2011 - 02:13:26 PM
Name: Erin Reller
E-mail address: erin_reller@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Just saying "Hi" and noticed you were interested in my last name.
Tuesday, June 1st 2010 - 08:09:55 PM
Name: Sharon( Bowman) Goddard
E-mail address: Sherny@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am also looking up my family heritage since the last of my dad's brothers and sisters have all passed away. I was so pleased to fine you had information on my great grandparents Isaac & Mary Bowman. I am making a family tree for the 9 of us cousins who are left.
Thank you
Wednesday, April 7th 2010 - 10:49:10 AM
Name: Dorothy Burke
E-mail address: deburke1@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda,
Great site! Your cousin Lori Lindgren Voorhees is married into my husband's family. Although I had a lot of information already, your site helped me to round it out. I LOVE all your wonderful stories and pictures - that's what genealogy is all about - keeping the people alive in our memories. Oh, and congrats on being a RAOGK volunteer - though I'm not doing it right now, I have been and I intend to again - it is a wonderful way to help others in the genealogical "family".
Thanks again,
Monday, July 6th 2009 - 05:03:56 PM
Name: Michelle
E-mail address: colbert742554@att.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dear Linda,
First let me say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your web page. My mother passed when I was four years old and I have been trying to gather info. on her family without much luck. I was hoping that maybe you could help me.You see, my mothers maiden name was Ellen Frances Niess and the only info. that I have is that her mothers name was Mary ( I don't know her maiden name ).Her father was Albert Niess and she had a sister named Rose and a brother I believe was named John. My mother was from Pennsylvania, I believe Harrisburgh. She married a man by the name of Leonard Barkanski and had a son that died during infancy and three daughters. She later divorced and married my father Herbert Colvert. Ellen was born on December 28, 1935 and died on January 21, 1975. She resided in Alabama after her marriage to Herbert but her family remained in Pennsylvania. Any information that you may have would be greatly appreciated.Please contact me. Thank you for your time and your hard work and dedication, Michelle
Monday, March 23rd 2009 - 01:41:06 PM
Name: Dave Whisner
E-mail address: dave_whisner@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:how r u linda
i am a decendent of Nicholas Stillwell born 1480 in Dorking, Surry, England and died 1591 in Surry, England
if u have a regular email address, i can send u what i have so u can match it up with what u have.
where do u fit in at?
so i can match up with what i have
Saturday, October 4th 2008 - 07:12:47 PM
Name: Andy Reichenbach
E-mail address: fredneck89 - at - verizon.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Talked with you years ago about the Reichenbach / Carvell / Herrold name...just touching base again!
Friday, February 15th 2008 - 05:36:07 AM
Name: Mary Ellen Carvell
E-mail address: mgcrvl@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: none
Comments:Hello Linda,
I have truly enjoyed finding your website. It is amazing. I am a daughter of Arthur Benton Carvell (father: Thomas Frederick; father: Lewis Benton; father: Thomas Benton, etc.) I would love to get in touch with you and share information. Thank you for all your dedication and commitment to the memorialization of our ancestors.

Mary Carvell
7917 85th Court North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Friday, January 18th 2008 - 03:07:41 PM
Name: Kaye McKenzie
E-mail address: kayemac@telusplanet.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda, we are related too Elizabeth Graf/Grove.....she married Peter Wolf and there daughter Catherine Wolf married Chriatian Clay/Klee.......I would like permission too use some of your early Geneology on the Wolf's and Graf families......I will give you full credit for the information.....it is great stuff........I live in Canada.
Thursday, October 25th 2007 - 10:47:00 AM
Name: Howard G. Lanham
E-mail address: howardl@carr.org
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dear Linda,
I tried to e-mail using your e-mail link regarding genealogy and got an "invalid argument" error message. I am sure neither of us have any idea what that is. I you are able please drop me a note.
HOWARD LANHAM (Westminster, MD)
Thursday, September 13th 2007 - 07:36:40 AM
Name: Bruce
E-mail address: mccreadygenealogy@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am related to you through Hans Groff. Can we share info?
Friday, August 17th 2007 - 12:56:36 PM
Name: Kai von Breymann
E-mail address: vBreymann.architekt@t-online.de
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:...and I saw a pic of Edna v.Breymann
...but dont know yet who she really is.
Again al the best.
Monday, March 26th 2007 - 02:06:09 AM
Name: Kai von Breymann
E-mail address: vBreymann.architekt@t-online.de
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dear Linda, its very nice for me to read of my/our family on your page. 4 months ago I waws in Gebhardshagen and Schloss Salter to look for our history. It was very interesting. If you want, I can send you some pics of it.Also I have a copy of a book from arround 1900 where the von Breymann Family "club" tried to find something out about our history. Is there any chance to get a real copy ofthe family-Bible?
All the best from germany and thank you for your work.
Kai v.Breymann
Monday, March 26th 2007 - 01:57:57 AM
Name: Wayne Stoltz
E-mail address: wlstoltz@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Very nice job on your entire site. Outstanding family information
Wednesday, March 21st 2007 - 06:49:47 PM
Name: Kai von Breymann
E-mail address: vBreymann.architekt@t-online.de
Homepage URL: http://
Tuesday, March 13th 2007 - 03:48:13 PM
Name: George Mark
E-mail address: gmark4@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dear Linda,

I was hoping to ask you some questions about how I can trace back the history of my branch of the Mark family, also from central pennsylvania, but now located in Philadelphia. Any suggestions you might have I would love to hear.


George E. Mark IV
Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 07:37:59 AM
Name: Claude Villee
E-mail address: claude@villee.org
Comments:Very nice website! I am researching the Auxer line (I am related to Elizabeth Ann Strine (her sister, Matilda Regina Strine was my 3xgreat grandmother). It would be great to exchange information.
Monday, January 1st 2007 - 10:36:05 AM
Name: Tom
E-mail address: nrails@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I have an old German Bible that was given to a "Hannah Groff" on May 16, 1830. It has some more info in it as well. If you're interested send me and email.
Saturday, December 30th 2006 - 08:13:31 AM
Name: Donna Price
E-mail address: dpsqrd@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Celia/Sally Bailey married William P. Hiatt in Rockcastle County, KY. She was the daughter of Peter James Bailey and sister to two of my ancestors, Elizabeth and Lucy Bailey. Elizabeth and Lucy married brothers, David and Samuel Parsons. They were brothers to Benjamin Parsons of Renfro Valley, KY. Celia had two children, probably dying shortly after the birth of her daughter, Celia. Her son's name was Bennet. If you have any information, I would love to know anything about them. I would be happy to share the information I have on the Bailey family.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 - 02:29:55 PM
Name: Ruth
E-mail address: rkrabbe
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I happened uppon your website and was thrilled to find more info about the Brouwers. My grandfather was Jan Brouwer, son of Cornelis. Cornelis' mother(Hiltje)widower from Andijk immigrated to Iowa in the 1880's with her family except Cornelis and his wife.My grandparents & family immigrated to ALberta in 1936. A sister of my grandfather immigrated during WW1 to Iowa(Hendrik & Grietje Zwaan)It is a small world!
I live in Calgary Alberta.Would love to hear from you. Do you also have a family tree posted?
Saturday, October 21st 2006 - 01:47:02 PM
Name: joshua greenawalt
E-mail address: www.dahiic@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am the son of Roy I. Greenawalt (deceased)
Monday, February 27th 2006 - 05:49:18 PM
Name: Richard Hall
E-mail address: dh12@erols.com
Homepage URL: http://www.hallrichard.com
Comments:I am a Civil War author and researcher. While studying up on CDVs I found your site. No doubt someone has told you by now that the general on the page "Photographs from Newville, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Chambersburg" is none other than Ulysses S. Grant!
Friday, February 24th 2006 - 05:32:39 AM
Name: charlotte
E-mail address: dadamiro@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Linda, happened upon your website while searching for info on the Hiatt/Hyatt line in Rockcastle Co. KY!
Enjoyed viewing your pages----everything!
Very nice!

Am searching for info on one of Will Hiatt and FNU Hiatt's daughters...Angie Hiatt born ca 1884.
Believe Angie Hiatt Salyers(sp)and 2ND husband William Kelley/Kelly were living in Corbin KY, listed in the 1910 Census. They m'd <1909>, location UNK.
Kelley's carpenter, L&N Railroad.
They are not in the 1920 Corbin Whitley Co. KY Census.
Angie Hiatt's sisters are Mary Susie Hiatt (Mart) HICKS and Rebecca Hiatt(FNU) LUCAS...not sure Rebecca married Lucas.
Do you have any additional info on William Hiatt and Rebecca Hiatt?
Thanks so much!
Tuesday, November 1st 2005 - 07:45:34 PM
Name: Robert C. Sollars
E-mail address: rcsollars@comcast.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Beautiful site you have here Linda!
Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 03:43:31 PM
Name: Michelle Doepke Virtue
E-mail address: doepkm@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:WOW!! You have done a great job.I have learned so much from the "carvell" side of my family. My grandpa is Rodney carvell Doepke his parents are Oscar william Doepke and Myrtle martha Carvell Doepke. I was wondering if you would mind if i printed off the gravestones and obits for my folder and to send to my great-aunt audrey. please write me back and maybe we could fiqure out if we are related some where on the decented line. Thank you Michelle
Monday, August 1st 2005 - 10:23:00 PM
Name: Diane (Gruger) Eden
E-mail address: dianemail2@juno.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello! I believe Henry S. Gruger is from my Gruger line. I just wanted to know if you have any information to verify who his parents were. Everything else you have lines up with what information I have about him. Here is what I have:
Peter Gruber/Kruger( -1818) md 1807 Margaret Sneider/Snyder

Adam Peter Kruger/Gruger(1808-1891) md 1833 Hannah Catherine Sallada(1815-1897)

Pearson Emanuel Gruger(1834-) md 1858 Rebecca Ellen Metzger(1836-1875)

Henry(Harry) Shumaker Gruger (27 Aug 1874-23 Apr 1956)

...Pearson E was brother to my Great great grandfather, Francis Reuben Gruger, who went west to settle in Kansas.

I believe that Henry was also somewhat of a genealogist himself, as he is listed as author of some descriptions of cemetery listings.

Please let me know if you other information that identifies this Henry. Even though he is not my direct ancestor, I am always interested to know about the siblings & offspring of my Gruger line.

Thank you so much!
Diane (Gruger) Eden
Saturday, July 2nd 2005 - 08:56:21 AM
Name: Paul Brittain
E-mail address: pbrittain@klis.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I have been researching the family for the last 30 years and have much more and different information than you.I can be reached at:Paul Brittain 154 Brooklyn Rd.,Yarmouth,N.S.,Canada B5A4A8
Sunday, May 29th 2005 - 12:18:02 PM
Name: John J. Neiss Jr.
E-mail address: One30eightfiend@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi, my name is John Neiss, I live in Buffalo NY.
Monday, November 15th 2004 - 11:31:21 AM
Name: Mary Ferm
E-mail address: dferm@bainbridge.net
Homepage URL: http://
My husband is descended from the John Auxer who married Jane Parks. I had not known Jane's last name until I saw your web page. Do you know where they were married? I would love to share information, so please e-mail me.
Wednesday, November 3rd 2004 - 06:31:16 PM
Name: S Carvell
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:From London England
very interesting I would love to know how far your work takes you.
Monday, October 18th 2004 - 08:00:33 PM
Name: Alice Kidd
E-mail address: lona002@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://
Somehow I found your website. I am looking for information on the name Howenstein. It was listed for your site, but there was not definite information there.
Mary Houndstone (Howenstein) married John Snyder, 1824, in Franklin County, Penn. The had four children: Ephraim Snyder, d. 8mos.; Amdam J. Snyder, b. 4/8/1827, d. 1890, Wash. state; John M.P. Snyder, b. March 5, 1829, d. 1913, Wash. state (my gggrandfather); and Sarah Ann Snyder, b. 4/22/1832, d. 1855.
Any family connection? The Ziegler's also married into the Snyder family, at the level of the first offspring of the orginal immigrants, in the late 1700's.
Thanks for your information. I know Mary died and was buried at Falling Spring, Franklin County, Penn. But I cannot find any information on her before the marriage. She was Mennonite.

Yours truly,
Alice Kidd
Friday, September 10th 2004 - 08:01:51 PM
Name: glenn a. britton
E-mail address: gabritton@charter.net
Homepage URL: http://
Tuesday, August 10th 2004 - 06:11:04 PM
Name: Virginia Braden
E-mail address: braden08@orwell.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am a Stillwell decendant (my maiden name is Stillwell)I found your sight to be interesting and very well put together.GREAT JOB!!
Thursday, June 10th 2004 - 04:06:40 PM
Name: Diana Greenawalt
E-mail address: greenydi@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda,

I found you by doing a search for Bessie Greenawalt Hafer. My mother and I are working on our family tree and we had lost track of her. Bessie would be my great-great-Aunt (sister to Roy Greenawalt, my great-great-grandfather). Please let me know if we can share more information.

Thank you!

Diana Greenawalt
Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 04:37:12 PM
Name: kathy traub
E-mail address: Psyd1947@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:My father is from PA and I'v just started this. Grandfather was Leon Traub, Warren Pa. Do you have any info on this family? Perhaps we are connected. He married Mildred King.

Thanks, KT
Friday, March 19th 2004 - 12:27:39 PM
Name: Kathy Brown
E-mail address: kbrown@olg.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda,
Thank you for putting your information out! Your story about Susanna Leader's (German)Bible, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, 1842, really hit home with me because my mother always told me that she thought her father's side of the family came from Germany, and it appears that that it is likely. Also, she said that they came from Lancaster County PA, and Harrisburg PA. John E. NIESS was my Grandfather, Lived in Washington D.C., his father was John E Niess(b.July 1880)and brother of Edwin A. Niess. I have some photos that I can scan and send to you. Thank you again for your great research. A huge part of my family history just came together! and I just met a relative- Hi Linda.

John Ephriam Niess 1880
John E. Niess (son) (b.jan 7,1904 wash,d.c.);(d.jan 11 1973)
Helen Niess-Brown b.1928
Kathy Brown
Friday, February 27th 2004 - 07:26:58 PM
Name: Tammie Brittain
E-mail address: butterflycatcher78@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I came across this website when I did a search on my own name. I surmised from your guest book that you have done some research on the Brittain line. My father was Charles Hamilton, my grandfather was Williard and my great grandfather was Charles. I appreciate any information you have on the Brittains. Thank you in advance for your time.
Friday, February 27th 2004 - 10:31:55 AM
Name: karen fitzmaurice camp
E-mail address: dcamp@usadatanet.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Greetings from NYS..I have a grandmother who was born in Eisenach Germany and came to the US around 1889. Her family name was Stuck. Her Father was Henry Stuck and at one time worked for the RR's of Germany in a very prominent job. Does anyone know any connections in Eisenach Germany where I could get information on this line for my genealogy. I am thanking you in advance...karen
Saturday, January 3rd 2004 - 08:08:46 AM
Name: Frits Ogg
E-mail address: f.ogg@hccnet.nl
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:looking for connection original Ogg place Thayngen (Switserland)1800 to Netherlands place Terneuzen 1842
Friday, August 29th 2003 - 01:42:00 PM
Name: Robert I. Grove
E-mail address: rgrove99@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Great job on the site. I too am descended from Hans Groff (or Graff; b 1661 in Switzerland, settled in Lancaster PA in 1690) by way of his son Wendel Groff/Graff and then Martin Groff/Graff (he changed his name to Grove when he bought land in VA). Martin married Nancy Kindig/Kendig and one of their sons was Isaac, b 1820. Isaac's son was Isaac N, b 1851. Isaac N had a son Isaac E, b 1882 and then my father, Irvin was b in 1914. I grew up in VA and now reside in CA. My info is sparse from Hans to Martin. Do you have more details? Best regards, Bob.
Wednesday, July 23rd 2003 - 10:47:34 PM
Name: Thora Robertson
E-mail address: thorarobertsonln@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda,I found your web site tonight. I am the great-great grand-daughter of Elizabeth Britton, born Mar. 1824 in Ohio. Elizabeth married Samuel
Foster, Feb. 1855,shortly after they moved to Waco, Tx.They had four children. John Edmond, born 1856, Elizabeth Orsovilla, born1858, Samuel Monroe,born 1861, James Manuel, born 1863. Elizabeth had a sister, Isabell Britton, she married John Rose. Sometime in the late 1860's-1870's the family went back to Iowa,where Elizabeth and Samuel married.
Tuesday, July 22nd 2003 - 09:43:57 PM
Name: carol benzel schmidt
E-mail address: community@scnews.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi, was surfing "anything with Benzel name" and came across this site but don't see any Benzels while reading your genealogy. My people came in 1912 as Germans from Russia and lived in Wa. state, Co. and Montana where grandparents are buried. Just recently came across those Benzels who live in the eastern part of U.S. and wondering if we all have a common village in Germany.
I just recently published a novel "Dakota Breezes" at publishamerica.com, go to link "search for books" and type in name of the book to get particulars. I'm so proud of my Benzel name that I use it as my pen name, and dedicatd the book to my late father who gave me the love of reading.
Carol Benzel Schmidt
Stanwood, WA.
Sunday, July 13th 2003 - 01:50:27 PM
Name: Joanne S. Hellberg
E-mail address: hellberg@OregonVOS.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I enjoyed your page. I am looking for information about my grandmother Alida Lindgren from Rattvik,Sweden. Her father was John Lindgren. Census records from Idaho 1910 indicate they emigrated from Northern Germany Saxony (Weimar Eisenach). Any suggestions. Alida was born on July 8th 1871 and died in Weiser, Idaho on 25 March 1930. Thank you for you help.
Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 08:58:02 PM
Name: Rozena
E-mail address: rms@ojai.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:May 25 2003

Just found your site, I am looking for myggggrandmother
Elizabeth Stillwell born abt 1740 England and she married a
Barnard Schnell (Snell ) abt 1765 they had three sons.Looking for her and her parents and family.Hope you can
help me .
Monday, May 26th 2003 - 10:35:35 AM
Name: Eric Forsberg
E-mail address: forzforz2@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am a descendant of Peter Von Estenberg and Regina Westerskold. I reseached for over one month in the archieves at Hernosand, Stockholm, & Upsalla and I have some very good information. Did you know that both the Von Estenbergs and the Westerskolds have family crests in the hall of nobility at the Ridderhus in Stockholm. There is even a Von Estenburg society. You have really done a nice job with your site.
Tuesday, May 6th 2003 - 09:07:42 AM
Name: Tabatha Ricketts
E-mail address: tabasco7992@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am also searching Stillwell ancestors.
Wednesday, April 30th 2003 - 02:18:11 PM
Name: Brent
E-mail address: bbahler@erols.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I saw your genealogy research on Perander Hiatt who married Lauretta Houk McClary. You say that Lauretta's parents were Andrew and Susan (Doucel) McClary. Please contact me because I think that may be an error. According to my research. Lauretta was the daughter of Andrew and Susan (Rawlings) McClary. Mariah McClary, another of Andrew and Susan's daughters, married William Peasley Hiatt. Please contact me if you want more information on the Rawlings family, as this is the one I am descended from.
Sunday, January 26th 2003 - 11:04:51 AM
Name: vanderploeg h
E-mail address: hendrikentineke@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:the early way of wrighting miersma was myersma
Wednesday, January 22nd 2003 - 01:44:01 PM
Name: vanderploeg h
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:the original wrightingway of miersma was myersma
Wednesday, January 22nd 2003 - 01:40:34 PM
Name: vanderploeg h
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:the original wrightingway of miersma was myersma
Wednesday, January 22nd 2003 - 01:40:05 PM
Name: Connie Flo
E-mail address: connieflo@netdirect.net
Homepage URL: http:// none
Comments:Hi, My lineage is the Day family and I have just today found your page and my line connects through Rebecca ASHTON and Capt Jeremiah STILLWELL. Their daughter, Elizabeth, married John BRITTAIN and their daughter, Martha, married Edward POE, father, of my Abigail, who married John DAY.
It is through John DAY that I am in DAR.

My friends are wanting me to join the DAC. It sure takes a lot of hunting.

Really I am researching my husband line and here I am.

You have a nice site


Monday, December 30th 2002 - 03:40:37 PM
Name: John Steele
E-mail address: steeledome2@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Thanks for sharing your great work. I have Groggs (Groffs), and Hauenstines in common with you. I'm stuck on both lines. My Solomon Grogg was born in Penn in 1784. I surmise that his father went by Groff. Would you have a Solomon Groff (Grove) that might match? My Maria Philipbeana Hauenstine (b. abt 1818) was the daughter of a Peter Hauenstine. I also have several other Swiss line that all left Switzerland around 1700. Let me know if any of this sounds familiar and we can share info if they do.

Hanks again for the great work
Wednesday, December 25th 2002 - 12:09:30 PM
Name: Linda Hollinger
E-mail address: joey_dingo2@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hello! Just thought that I would do a search for my own name on Google and a link to this site came up with my name on it so I thought that I would check it out. Thanks Linda Hollinger
Tuesday, October 15th 2002 - 05:51:04 PM
Name: Bill Sering
E-mail address: bsering@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments: Linda what do you have on the Serings maybe we can share
what we have,Thank Bill
Sunday, July 28th 2002 - 10:54:34 PM
Name: Charles E. Fies
E-mail address: chasfies@worldnet.att.net
Homepage URL: http:// "Too numerous to list"
Comments:Did scan your home page, and found the little about Leader that you have. Since Samuel Lieder died in Harrisburg, along with wife Maria, the possibilities here are great that you have a direct connection! If only Jim could remember his GGGrandfather!!!

Sunday, July 7th 2002 - 05:27:12 PM
Name: Del Lafevor
E-mail address: lafevordel@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Your Genalogy work is really great. The music and history really brought out the emotions here. A really beautiful Patriotic work of art. Thanks for brightening my day!
Wednesday, June 19th 2002 - 06:20:39 AM
Name: Carol Parker
E-mail address: cdparker64@logan.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I found decendents on the Greenawalt tombstone picture - thank you! While not direct line decendents Jacob Greenawalt and Catherine Drause and children are on the family tree that I have for Greenawalts. Jacob was a brother to my 3x great grandfather John Greenawalt. I have more Greenawalt names decending from Philip Lorenzo (1725-1802) born in Switzerland, emigrating to Mother Creek, Lancaster County PA in 1749. He served in the Revolutionary War as a Colonel with General Washington. Actually crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve. Let me know names you have and I'll be glad to cross reference.

Carol Parker
Monday, June 10th 2002 - 08:44:10 AM
Name: Cal Troupe
E-mail address: bcltro@sedona.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda,
Nice work! I'm related to Johann Paul Traub. You indicted that he died in Millerstown, PA. Where is that located? I can find Millersville and Millersburg but not Millerstown
Thursday, May 30th 2002 - 01:00:55 PM
Name: Peter Burrows
E-mail address: Peter_Burrows@LineOne.net
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dear Linda, I am a British descendant of John Stillwell & Joanne Shudd. The information I have is gained a Family Pedigree prepared from another British ancester of mine a few hundred years ago (I dont have it to hand at present). The dates in this document do not agree with your own - there were several John Stillwells and according to my source it was a different one that married Joanne Stillwell.
If you are interested, I can be a bit more specific - let me know if you want to follow up please...
Tuesday, April 9th 2002 - 06:48:11 AM
Name: Lynn Erb
E-mail address: erbsrus@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda, My ggggrandfather was Peter Erb b.1770 and his 1st wife was Barbara Groff b.1772 d/o John and Elizabeth Groff of Frederick Co.,Md. In your website you have listed a John groff b.abt.1715 and Elizabeth Carpenter b.abt.1716 and at least 10 childern! Would you please share who these 10 childern are? Thanks, Lynn
Thursday, January 24th 2002 - 10:19:21 AM
Name: Shirley Fields Ingram
E-mail address: teacup48@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi Linda:
I have connections to PA. Small Family.
My grandmother was Nellie M. Small married Adams,he died, & She Married Roy Bostian & divorced him. Her Parents were Ralph & Alice Small. I don't have Alce's maiden name yet.
From Lancaster,Co. & Northumberland. Sunbury,PA.
Saturday, January 19th 2002 - 10:12:43 AM
Name: Carrie
E-mail address: waymoody9@cs.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi I loved your website. It has alot of great information. I came acrossed it because of your Schulze connection. But I didn't find anything on them. I have a Hugo G./Gustave H. a Ida and a Sophie. If any of this sounds like your line please e-mail me. I would love to share information. Thanks, Carrie
Wednesday, January 16th 2002 - 02:55:44 PM
Name: Larry Hillpot
E-mail address: lhillpot@aol.com
Homepage URL: www.larryhillpot.com
Comments:I visited your website and although it does not contain my family, it was quite impressive. Keep up ythe nice work, it's great to see a page that does provide information rather than a group of links that seem to go nowhere.
Sunday, January 6th 2002 - 11:48:09 AM
Name: Barb Ingolia
E-mail address: Barbo22001@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Hi ! Came across your webpage by accident . I am researching the Brittin-Brittain line also .I am from Nathan Brittin m. Ann Thomas. My Brittins settled in Illinois in the 1820's.Looks like you have done a lot of good research with the Brittian and Stillwell line. Would love to hear from you when you have time
Tuesday, October 30th 2001 - 03:17:51 PM
Name: Pat
E-mail address: irishlass14@hotmail.come
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:help my dads family is related to the brittons of ohio i really could use your help please please contact me. pat
Saturday, October 20th 2001 - 12:50:49 PM
Name: Ruth Merkis-Hunt
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/morespooge
Comments:If there are any other people out there with the name Merkis, check out our website and please write back.
Thursday, October 18th 2001 - 12:55:43 PM
Name: Hester (Miersma) Bolks
E-mail address: lhbolks@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I bumped into your website and I'm very curious as to who had this interesting site. I am the youngest daughter of Joe and Wilma Miersma who is shown on the headstone on your web page. My name is Hester and I was born and raised in Hull, Iowa. I married Lauren Bolks and we have since moved to Arizona where we present live. Please contact me at the above email address so we can get acquainted!!! Hester
Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 07:29:53 PM
E-mail address: wina_miller@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:i, also have brittains in my family tree. i'll try to make contact later.
Friday, July 13th 2001 - 03:51:46 PM
Name: Ray Carvell
E-mail address: r.carvell@brightwell-instruments.com
Homepage URL: http://
Wednesday, May 23rd 2001 - 04:29:13 AM
Name: Jerker Blomqvist
E-mail address: jerker.blomqvist@klass.lu.se
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Dear Linda, By coincidence I came across your genealogy page
while searching for the name Estenberg on the web. Like you,
I am a remote descendant of Peter Estenberg. His great-
granddaughter Elsa Sara (b. 1772) had a younger brother, Sven
Svensson (one of the "seven other children"), who in his turn
seems to have had 13 children. One of them was the father of
my mother's grandmother (her mother's mother). I have one
more reason for being interested in Estenberg: He had the
same job as I have. I am professor of Greek language and
literature in the University of Lund and live a few minutes
walk from where he lived (and where his daughter Elsa Sara
was born). The old names keep returning in my family. My
mother's grandmother was called Elsa, and so was one of my
mother's sisters. My eldest daughter is named Sara, and her
eldest daughter was named Elsa. Sincerely yours, Jerker
Friday, May 11th 2001 - 02:29:09 PM
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