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The Bruce Rutherford Homepage
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Name: gary and hope gaines
E-mail address: ehg1001@hotmail.com
Comments:got to thinking about the early days googled you and want to say hi glad you are doing well. gary
Where Do You Live: kentucky
Wednesday, January 22nd 2014 - 09:51:30 PM
Name: Rod Johnston
E-mail address: rod@cymgard.com
Comments:Hi Bruce. If you get a chance, check out Cymgard. (www.cymgard.com - also: check out Cymgard on facebook) Let me know what you think. If you like them, I can outfit your set at no charge. Let me know.

Look forward to meeting you someday.

Rod Johnston
Where Do You Live: Asheville area
Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 05:33:15 PM
Name: Chester Eckler
E-mail address: becorinth@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey Bruce been many years sense the gigs in Lexington. Glad you are still drumming. Would like to see you sometime .
Where Do You Live: Corinth ky
Thursday, November 14th 2013 - 03:44:38 PM
Name: Krystal
Comments:Hi Bruce , I know you know it would be Keith's Birthday today July 1st , 2013 . Just thinking of Keith and The rest of the Best Band in Country Music ! God Bless You Bruce !
Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Monday, July 1st 2013 - 09:58:51 PM
Name: Krystal
Comments:It's Me again , Bruce Thinking of You And All Keith's family and friends today May the 9th . God bless you Bruce !
Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 10:01:48 PM
Name: Bob Cox
E-mail address: Robert_Cox@memorial.org
Comments:Just thought I would say hello. I am glad to hear you are
doing well. Over the years I have thought about you and wondered what you were doing. I am a minister in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are ever up this way look me up. Take care.
Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Tuesday, April 16th 2013 - 08:47:54 PM
Name: Linda Rutherford Lambert
E-mail address: lklambert@att.net
Comments:Hi Bruce just found your website. It's been years but I still keep up with you and Alan. Take care and I hope to see you sometime when you are back in Alabama on tour. Your former sister in law, Linda
Where Do You Live: Montgomery, Al
Tuesday, January 29th 2013 - 06:26:54 PM
Name: Steve and Mary Jamison
E-mail address: sjamison59@gmail.com
Comments:Hi Bruce,
We have been a fan of Alan's and the Strayhorns for 18 years and can't wait to hear you, Alan, and the rest of your band this Friday Night in Fort Myers, FL. My Dad was a union drummer and his last drum set before he passed away was a Tama.I used to love hearing him play that 6 1/2 X 14 king beat snare!! If it's not too much trouble we would like to say hello if we could. No problem at all if you can't do it.
Steve and Mary Jamison
Where Do You Live: Fort Myers, FL
Saturday, November 24th 2012 - 07:17:10 PM
Name: Brian Wilkinson
E-mail address: brianswilkinson@aol.com
Comments:Hey Bruce! Just checking you guys out on the Strayhorns' page. I sure miss driving Alan's truck and touring with you guys. God bless and hope to see you again. Cya
Where Do You Live: Florence,AL
Wednesday, October 31st 2012 - 09:48:05 PM
Name: Donna Simon
E-mail address: donna_welch56@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Bruce, i love Alan & The Strayhorns....for over 20 years...been to 12 of ya'lls concerts and never get enough....saw ya'll last weekend in Baton Rouge, La...keep up the good work...get a facebook so we can stalk ya...lol...just kiddin....take care.
Where Do You Live: Starks, Louisiana
Wednesday, October 10th 2012 - 04:30:36 PM
Name: Krystal
Comments:It's me again ! Letting everyone know This would be Keith Whitley's bithday today. Bruce you had a great boss years ago.I would love meet you someday .Please be safe on the road !
Where Do You Live: Tenn.
Sunday, July 1st 2012 - 09:29:19 PM
Name: Terry Garner
E-mail address: garner_nell@yahoo.com
Comments:I went to Gardendale High with your brother,Gary.I met you several years ago at Pensacola, Fl, Buick car concert after the show. Would love to see you again and enjoy a show.
Where Do You Live: Auburn, Al
Monday, June 11th 2012 - 07:16:53 AM
Name: billy wagers
E-mail address: wagers_b@yahoo.com
Comments:just checking in...........hope all is well....

Tuesday, May 29th 2012 - 08:54:12 PM
Name: Joe Giunto
E-mail address: drumminjoeyg@gmail.com
Comments:Dear Bruce,

It is an honor to sign your guestbook and contact you today. I have been listening to country music all my life and I have been a drummer for 13 years. I just graduated college with a BA in Music. I started playing with plastic spoons on plastic bowls when I was 3. When I was 10 years old, I wanted to play for real. When I started playing to Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks, I was getting frustated because I couldn't stay in time nor play a simple beat. I took lessons and learned how to read drum music and play with a metronome. I started turning away from country in Middle School. I got into Jazz, Blues and Rock. In high school I was band leader, percussion section leader, and concert master. Senior year of high school, I was invited to see a Toby Keith concert. It was then when I started listening to country again. The performance and entertainment got me hooked. I made the choice to study music in college with a concentration in performance because I grew up learning how to be an entertainer by watching other performers. Growing up, you and Mike Palmer (Garth Brooks) gave me such inspiration. Your drumming is so musical. Your phrasing on your fills are perfect (something I am in the middle of perfecting). I am currently learning the Nashville Number System. I have a friend who is currently in the process of getting signed and becoming a future country artist. She wants me to be her drummer. I am so thrilled and excited because it is something I always wanted to do since I saw Luke Bryan in a small bar in Ohio. I belong in Nashville playing Country music and that is where I hope God is taking me. Again it has been a pleasure and I hope to see you in person one day. Have fun with Alan. He is a great entertainer and it was one of the best concerts I have seen. Be safe, have fun and God Bless!


Joey G
Where Do You Live: New York, NY
Tuesday, May 15th 2012 - 10:03:16 AM
Name: Krystal
Comments:Hi Bruce ,
It's me again ! This is May the 9th again , It's the 23rd anniversary of Keith Whitley's death .I am thinking of Keith and the family and the Miami Band today . God bless you on the road !
Where Do You Live: Tenn.
Wednesday, May 9th 2012 - 09:33:03 PM
Name: Dave Kusek
E-mail address: dvkusek@aol.com
Comments:Bruce, I saw you with alan jackson up in scranton pa at his concert what a fantastic show and myself as a drummer I have played in a lot of local country bands when I lived up in pennsylvania and am still playing down here in florida currently doing a one man band show and I dreamed of going to nashville to be a drummer.
Where Do You Live: Florida
Thursday, April 26th 2012 - 08:06:29 PM
Name: Dave Kusek
E-mail address: dvkusek@aol.com
Comments:Bruce, I saw you with alan jackson up in scranton pa at his concert what a fantastic show and myself as a drummer I have played in a lot of local country bands when I lived up in pennsylvania and am still playing down here in florida currently doing a one man band show and I dreamed of going to nashville to be a drummer.
Where Do You Live: Florida
Thursday, April 26th 2012 - 08:06:23 PM
Name: Butch
E-mail address: butch@aol.com
Thursday, December 15th 2011 - 04:15:32 PM
Name: Jon & Rosie Shelley
E-mail address: TheShelleys2@verizon.net
Comments:Hey Bruce!

My husband Jon was the drummer of the band that opened for AJ at Pechanga Casino in Temecula, CA and we wanted to say thanks for coming out of the bus to talk to us after the show. It was really gracious of you. Most players in your position wouldn't have been so cool. The show was great and you were solid. Hope the gig in Murphys was as good or better.

Thanks again!
Where Do You Live: Corona, CA
Saturday, September 3rd 2011 - 05:33:33 PM
Name: Jeannie Hamilton
E-mail address: jeanniemcpeek@windstream.net
Comments:Hey you do you even check your website and write your fans back lol.
Friday, August 5th 2011 - 04:50:04 PM
Name: Jenna Boudreau
E-mail address: jen_marie29@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Bruce!
I am the daughter of Della Sexton, the woman you met at the hotel Baie Bleue when you were on the Gaspe Coast for Alan Jackson's concert on July 23rd, 2011. I wanted to thank you for your autographed picture, as well as the one of AJ, and his guitar pic! You'll never know how much it all meant to me. I have just finished a scrapbook of the night, and I have included your picture!
Thank you again for being so generous and thoughful.
All the best!
P.S. My Mom says hi, and thanks for everything!
Where Do You Live: Gaspe Coast
Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 02:35:20 PM
Name: Dale Martin
E-mail address: martinkathy@bellsouth.net
Comments:I am trying to find drum tabs( more visual and sound than notes) for Chattahoochee and alot more of Alan's songs. I like your technique and style of drumming. I am auditioning for a local band as their new drummer. They play alot of Alan Jackson songs and a verity of differant types of music to try and please the crowd (and you know you can't do that all the time).
This just a hobby and if I going to play any style of music I would like to play the song with as much good representation and respect to the song.
Where Do You Live: Hattiesburg, MS
Monday, July 25th 2011 - 02:24:53 PM
Name: Krystal
Comments:Hi Bruce .
I'm remembering Your former boss Keith Whitley on his birthday.He is still thought of by me.You be safe out there on the road.
Friday, July 1st 2011 - 10:01:03 PM
E-mail address: Saddledrummer1@yahoo.com
Comments:You are one of my all time favorite drummers. I am known as THE SADDLEDRUMMER ! Thanks for your musicianship you have giving us over the years.
Monday, May 30th 2011 - 05:56:56 AM
E-mail address: Saddledrummer1@yahoo.com
Comments:You are one of my all time favorite drummers. I am known as THE SADDLEDRUMMER ! Thanks for your musicianship you have giving us over the years.
Monday, May 30th 2011 - 05:52:04 AM
Name: Krystal
Comments:Once Again It's May the 9th and I'm remembering Keith Whitley . This is the 22nd anniversary of Keith's death .
You worked for the BEST all those years ago ! God Bless YOU !
Monday, May 9th 2011 - 09:36:43 PM
Name: Rick Smith
E-mail address: sugarfoot@insightbb.com
Comments:Hey,Bruce....Rick Smith ...just ran across your home page and wanted to say hi......hope all is well....thanks for all you did for my kids in the past when it came to the concerts...e-mail if and when you can....
Where Do You Live: Lexington,ky
Monday, April 4th 2011 - 10:02:23 PM
Name: Bobby Hollingshead
E-mail address: bjh30143@yahoo.com
Comments:Hay it is so good that ALAN JACKSON has a band like yall love the way Yall play .~~WISHING THE BEST FOR YALL ~~BOBBY
Where Do You Live: JASPER G.A
Monday, January 31st 2011 - 08:23:50 AM
Name: Darrell Crawford
E-mail address: crawford.darrell@gmail.com
Comments:I'm a drummer myself. Used to play for a guy in Catlettsburg, KY. his name is Paul Pace. I don't play much anymore. I really like your style of playing, and put my own style together, using Your style and Eddie Bayers style together. I still use that style today when i do play.

Where Do You Live: Morehead, KY
Tuesday, December 14th 2010 - 09:25:49 PM
Name: Bryan Rice
E-mail address: brice1@fuse.net
Comments:Bruce, being a drummer I appreciated the licks you played when I saw you last year. I think you had 10 seconds in th spotlight and made a show of it, rare for straight country drummin, but I know live you get to spruce it up. One of my favorite drummers is Tommy Aldridge just for his all around style but there are many great ones. I like a guy down in Georgia named John Mcknight too. Me I've never been flashyn just meat and potatoes. Lol. Anyway good writing you and keep up the great work with Alan.
Where Do You Live: Hamilton Ohio
Friday, November 19th 2010 - 03:56:24 PM
Name: Hope Gaines
E-mail address: ehg1001@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Bruce, Remember me? Gary and I were your neighbors in Moon Lake years ago. I recently saw a post by Marlene on Facebook and caught up with her. We live on a farm in Harrison Co. now. Thinking of moving to Florida, but not yet. Both kids are musicians. Adam is a trumpet professor in Green Bay and Kate teaches elementary music in Athens, Greece. She plays piano and clarinet.
You look like you are doing well and have had an exciting life.
I still remember the time you were liming your garden and Adam got in the way and came home looking like Casper the ghost. So funny.
Take care.
Where Do You Live: Sadieville, KY
Monday, October 18th 2010 - 09:03:31 PM
Name: Andrew Sawyer
Comments:I'm a huge Alan fan and saw you in Orlando in 2010.
Where Do You Live: Athens, GA
Sunday, July 18th 2010 - 03:04:02 PM
Name: Krystal
Comments:Hi again ! I just wanted to remind everyone today
July 1st would have been Keith Whitley's birthday.
He was special to you, Bruce and many more.
Where Do You Live: Kentucky
Thursday, July 1st 2010 - 09:29:03 PM
Name: Krystal
Comments:Remembering your former boss Keith Whitley on May 9th, 2010. The 21st Anniversary of Keith's death.
Just want you to know he still is remembered.
Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Sunday, May 9th 2010 - 10:00:33 PM
Name: Lance Logan
E-mail address: sharonlogan58@basicisp.net
Comments:Hey Bruce, I have seen you guys live 3 times so far and yall are so great. Write me sometime, I live in Alabama.
Where Do You Live: Sylacauga, AL
Sunday, May 9th 2010 - 04:59:57 PM
Name: pecos
E-mail address: pecosphil@q.com
Comments:Hey there Rock Star! Gosh, it's been a long time. I hope you and the family are doing well and misbehaving yourselves. Drop me a line if you get a chance - we can shoot the breeze and catch up a bit.

(And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hilarious high-school mullet photo!)
Where Do You Live: Colorado
Tuesday, April 20th 2010 - 07:24:29 PM
Name: Frank Byrd Jr.
E-mail address: bdalebyrd@aol.com
Great to see you doing well. At least one of us made it. Good for you. Take care,partner.
Where Do You Live: Southaven,MS.
Friday, March 26th 2010 - 08:45:49 AM
Name: jeannie hamilton mcpeek
E-mail address: jeanniemcpeek@windstream.net
Comments:Dear Bruce,
You probably don't remember me, but I am Roger's sister. Wow ... looks like you have had a wonderful life. I have seen you on TV, and can't believe that I even knew you back when you weren't a star ... Just wanted to say Hi & Merry Christmas.
Hope you remeber who I am.
Where Do You Live: Cleveland, Ohio
Sunday, December 27th 2009 - 10:58:22 AM
Name: Kenneth Floyd
E-mail address: littlek1223@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey Bruce,
Love to watch you play - I am a drummer myself and I am trying to get with a country group but it's so hard to find anyone (help) lol! Keep up the good work!
p.s. Love to see you guys in person sometime.
Where Do You Live: Florence,Al
Saturday, December 19th 2009 - 01:19:20 PM
Name: Rick Harper
E-mail address: harperbass@yahoo.com
Comments:Well, Hiya Bruce. Played with you w/ Mickey Clark for a short time in '78. Have a live show at the Old Time Pickin' Parlor in Nashville June '78. Will send upon request. Impressed w/ yer credits, yep!

Sincere regards,
Rick H.
Where Do You Live: Louisville, KY
Thursday, December 3rd 2009 - 05:02:33 PM
E-mail address: jsnodell@yahoo.com
Where Do You Live: SIOUX FALLS, SD
Thursday, August 27th 2009 - 04:03:14 PM
Name: Bekkemellem
E-mail address: bekkemellem@tele2.no
Comments:Thanks for a great concert in Bergen 15 august.
Where Do You Live: Norway
Monday, August 24th 2009 - 05:57:54 AM
Name: Christer Palmgren
E-mail address: christer.palmgren@gmail.com
Comments:Howdy Bruce!
I just want to say that I love your drumming. I´m a drummer myself and I play country, blues and some jazz. We are just going to start a new country group in Sweden. The band's name is COUNTRY 4 U. We are going to play some of Alan's songs. I missed your show in Sweden, too bad. I hope I have a chance to see you live some time.

Many thanks,
Where Do You Live: Borĺs, sweden
Monday, August 17th 2009 - 04:54:45 PM
Name: Erica
Comments:Hi Bruce ,
I signed this on the anniversary of Keith Whitley's death . Today July 1st , would be Keith's birthday , so I wanted to sign it again .
Please know Keith is still remembered and loved .
God bless you out on the road .
Where Do You Live: Kentucky
Wednesday, July 1st 2009 - 07:51:41 PM
Name: Randy Grable
E-mail address: randy.grable@yahoo.com
Saw your name under Promark endorsers. I have a friend there that manages their warehouse and shipping. Looks like you've done pretty good over the years.

Take Care,
Where Do You Live: Houston/League City
Monday, May 11th 2009 - 01:44:55 AM
Name: Erica
Comments:Hi Bruce ,
I love your website . You have been a member of some great bands. Alan is great, and Keith Whitley was The Best !
Today is May 9 , 2009 , the 20th annivesary of Keith's death. I know you remember that date well.

This Song Goes Out To Keith and all the band "Wherever You Are Tonight"
God bless you Bruce !
Where Do You Live: Kentucky
Saturday, May 9th 2009 - 09:57:43 PM
Name: earshplittenloudenboomer
E-mail address: swingstreetband@aol.com
Comments:bobby....... your parents are of no use to you now


Where Do You Live: the planet nomi
Tuesday, December 16th 2008 - 09:26:56 AM
Name: jim mcbride
E-mail address: jmcbridemail@yahoo.com
Comments:Can you get me Alan Jackson's autograph?
Where Do You Live: brentwood
Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 10:04:38 PM
Name: kevin jackson
E-mail address: redfurdawg@yahoo.com
Comments:nice solo at the alpharetta show! i saw you backstage after the show,(i'm denise's nephew)i would like to intrduce you to my son next time we see you if possible.he's a 7 year old who likes percussion too.anyway have a great week. ........kj
Where Do You Live: ga
Wednesday, October 8th 2008 - 10:28:25 AM
Name: Brandy
E-mail address: brandy@juno.com
Comments:You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
Friday, September 26th 2008 - 10:56:02 AM
Name: Aaron Pritchard
E-mail address: ap_burns@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey Bruce, just stopped by your site while checking out the Strayhorns. Very impressive career to say the least. Love the photos. I too am a huge fan of Sabian Cymbals. I was wondering what your choice was in terms of series and sizes? Keep up the great work. I put on AJ records all the time and play along with ya. Take Care.


Where Do You Live: Regina, SK, Canada
Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 07:22:18 PM
Name: Jean Brown Potter
E-mail address: potterdi@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi Bruce,
Just wanted to tell you how much our family has always admired you! We appreciate you being such a good friend of our brother Charlie Brown! See you soon at a concert.

Jean Brown Potter
Where Do You Live: Dauphin Island, AL.
Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 09:03:46 PM
Name: Sonya
Comments:Just stopping by to help remember Keith Whitley on his birthday July 1st . I know this day is special to all of his former band members , as it is special to his fans .
God bless you Bruce ,
Be safe on the road .
Tuesday, July 1st 2008 - 10:10:24 PM
Name: Know as Pudor
E-mail address: skldperk@bellsouth.net
Comments:Hi Bruce I don't know why but I thought maybe you might have a picture on your Web Site of my Dear Brother with you-I guess you were in Big Time Bands.I think of you often And Jerry -every day.I just want you to know when I cry for him.I think of you Guys like Brothers.I still wonder why he doen't call.I will never get over his Death.I talk to very few people about him and how I have a big empty part of my Heart is gone forever.He Loved You. I'm glad you got to do his last Gig together.It ment everything to him.I still can't believe he could pull of that nite as sick as he was.He would not have missed it.I hope you are doing well.I talk to Jetta and ask about you.
Where Do You Live: Kentucky
Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 12:54:52 AM
Name: Bruce Gohn
E-mail address: bgohn@onealsteel.com
Comments:Hi Bruce, Several years ago I was sitting, one evening, in a vegetative state of mind watching Alan Jackson on Austin City Limits. Alan introduced the band and I came up out of my chair yelling for Dale (McKinney) to see the drummer. Every since then when I see an AJ video, I always stop to see if they do a close up on the drummer. It is always cool to see a classmate done well. I e-mailed Mark Chapman a couple times a few years back. Was going to meet him at Grumps in Southside for lunch but yet to be able to set time aside for catchup. Take care.

Where Do You Live: Gardendale, Al
Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 08:00:53 PM
Name: Sonya
Comments:Hi Bruce ,
Just dropping in to remember Keith Whitley on May the 9th . Your life has went on , but I know you have fond memories of working with Keith . His fans still remember him !
God Bless you Bruce , and the rest of the Miami Band
Friday, May 9th 2008 - 10:23:35 PM
Name: Chad Studdard
E-mail address: minotcrewdog@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey Bruce. My name is Chad Studdard. I'm not sure if you know but I'm Randy Latham's nephew. I'm sure you know that Randy is Pat's son. I was told that your mom was friends with Pat. Well if this sounds familiar you can write back and let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.

Where Do You Live: Birmingham, AL.
Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 02:52:34 PM
Name: Chrissy
E-mail address: AlanEJacksonFan@Yahoo.com
Comments:howdy.. Bruce!
I Jest LUV Alan... and The strayhorns!
YEE HAW!!.. Chrissy!!!
Where Do You Live: USA....
Friday, November 16th 2007 - 08:54:55 PM
Name: Jeannie Sackett
E-mail address: sackett_j@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello Bruce
Just checking out your website and thought I would say hello.
Where Do You Live: Ohio
Wednesday, October 24th 2007 - 10:05:49 AM
Name: Bob Battersby
E-mail address: battsbeat@hotmail.com
Comments:Looking forward to your Tampa Show with Alan Jackson this week. www.myspace.com/drumsumu
Where Do You Live: Florida
Monday, October 15th 2007 - 10:33:19 AM
Name: Shawn Carter
E-mail address: shawnbozeman@yahoo.com
Comments:I was at the concert at Oak Mountain Saturday night. I wanted to let you know my friends and I loved your song! It was the best of the night!
Where Do You Live: Vernon, AL
Monday, August 27th 2007 - 10:37:01 AM
Name: Gloria
E-mail address: mustang_lady20002@yahoo.com
Comments:Sorry, I didn't know all my post with through.
You do have a wonderful web site.
Where Do You Live: Indiana
Tuesday, July 3rd 2007 - 05:45:19 AM
Name: Gloria
E-mail address: mustang_lady2002@yahoo.com
Comments:Hope this will post. Mkaes thress times
I have tried to sign your dream book.
If it works. i will be back.
Where Do You Live: Indiana
Tuesday, July 3rd 2007 - 05:36:51 AM
Name: Gloria
E-mail address: mustang_lady20002@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi Bruce,
Nice to finally sign your dream book. I will see you in Denver Co. Oct. 5th. I live 25 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana. a wonderful lady was nice enough to invite 8 ladies to spend a week with her and go to the concert. We are coming from 4 different states and 3 different countrys. You want be able to misss us. LOL All kidding side. You have a wonderful site. Hope to here from you.

Where Do You Live: Indiana
Tuesday, July 3rd 2007 - 05:30:04 AM
Name: Gloria
E-mail address: mustang_lady2002@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi Bruce,
I'm sure you don't know me. You guys haven't come my way in two years. I live 25 miles from indianapolis Indiana.
A few of us ladies are getting together in Oct to go to the concert on the 5th. One of the ladies was kind enough to invite 8 of us to spend a week with her and go to the concert. I can't wait. We are coming from three different country's. I get to meet my friend from Cananda. We all are so excited to be going to the concert together. It will be the firt time we have meeet each other. . We are calling it AJ Slumber Party. LOL Hope we get to talk to you and the other band members before the show and after the show. I know I enjoy talking to as many as the band members as I can. I also know you don't come out very often. LOL That is ok. I understand. Please let all the people and Alan know we will will be there. Of course we will be up close so you want be able to miss us. We are coming up with a lot of things so you all can see us. Know way will you miss us. LOL Hope to here from you. I have all the web sites of most of the band members but Roger's. Does he have one? I would love to have it if he has one. Thanks for puttting on such a wonderful show each time I go to one. I have been to 25. But I'm to old to be a stocker. LOL You guys are awesome. Tell Roger to send me his web site and be sure and let everyone know we will be in Denver Co Oct 5 th. Gloria
Where Do You Live: Shelbyville, Indiana
Tuesday, July 3rd 2007 - 05:18:22 AM
Name: Sonya
Comments:Hi Bruce ,
It's me again back for July 1, Remembering Keith Whitley on his birthday. I hope someday to meet you .You are the best drummer in Country Music ! God Bless you and Keith's memory !
Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Sunday, July 1st 2007 - 09:01:44 PM
Name: Martha Strickland
E-mail address: mpstrick@aol.co,
Comments:Would like to hear from you after all the 35 year's. We could catch up on a lot of time gone by.
Where Do You Live: Selma, Al
Saturday, June 9th 2007 - 02:38:53 PM
Name: Sonya
Comments:Hi Bruce,
I just wanted to stop in and let you know all of
You guys that made up the Miami Band For Keith Whitley are
considered the best musicians ever in my eyes.This being May the 9th Keith Whitley's Music is being remembered.
God bless you, Bruce

Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Wednesday, May 9th 2007 - 08:14:28 PM
Name: juliette
E-mail address: judiyvonne@hotmail.com
Comments:What was I thinking? I MEANT Midnight Purple!!! Excuse me!!
Where Do You Live: Bama
Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 06:04:33 PM
Name: juliette
E-mail address: judiyvonne@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey Bruce!! It's Juliette, your gal pal from Purple Midnight days.... I saw your photo at 17 and melted. You were just as I remembered you. I just wanted to say I am so PROUD of you, honey! And for those of you who do not know Bruce believe me when I say he is bright, bubbly, fun and wonderful to know!
Where Do You Live: Bama
Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 05:56:32 PM
Name: Hal Flaro
E-mail address: hal7772000@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi Bruce,
Just starting out to play more serious stuff, I try to pattern my rhythm from country artists like yourself, as I get motivation from such talent as Alan Jackson and his band, (namely yourself!). Not too many artists have captured the mood of 911 as you have, sheds tears don't it. Anyway, I have had the privilege to play with Canadian Cheryl Dunn, on tour in Canada, and I listen to you guys to practice some of those wonderfull licks you do. Thanks for the inspiration, the challenge!
Where Do You Live: Bewdly Ontario, Canada
Monday, July 17th 2006 - 07:50:04 AM
Name: Blair Allen
Comments:Your website is really neat.I enjoyed all of your pictures.
It was nice to see you and Keith Whitey in some pictures.
I thought you were once in his band.I'm a fan of Keith's, so I know July 1st would have been his birthday.
I'm a fan of Alan Jackson's too.
Keith and Alan are pure country and I love that kind of country music!
Where Do You Live: Georgia
Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 02:19:10 AM
E-mail address: TRACYT27@HOTMAIL.COM
Where Do You Live: MINNESOTA
Wednesday, May 24th 2006 - 10:34:27 AM
Name: Pamela Bodine Banks
E-mail address: pamelabbanks@aol.com
Comments:Hello Bruce. I was very happy to come across this page. You look just like you did in High School. Did you find the fountain of youth? Do you ever hear from our old gang? I hear from Ferg and Vicki Trotter the most. I am good. Moved back to Gardendale last year. Got a divorce after 31 years!!!! Can you believe we are so old? I would love to hear from you. Remember all those times we all packed into my house at night? It is a wonder we survived. I hope to hear from you.
Love, Pam Bodine
Where Do You Live: Gardendale
Thursday, May 11th 2006 - 10:17:47 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:I just wanted to say your website is great.I am a Keith Whitley fan who remembered him on May 9th.I know your life has went on as the drummer for Alan Jackson,but I know Keith will always have a place in your heart as he does with his fans.
Keep up the good work and be safe on the road!
Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Wednesday, May 10th 2006 - 01:16:26 AM
Name: jules
E-mail address: jules67@charter.net
Comments:Hey Bruce - Met u for the second time the other night in Valdosta - in case I didn't mention it, it was pretty damn cold in there - especially to be so far down in the deep SOUTH - and I've done some research - neither Oklahoma nor Arkansas are in the south!!!! Y'all were great - nice to see u again!!!!!
Where Do You Live: DEEP SOUTH!!
Tuesday, May 9th 2006 - 09:47:35 AM
Name: Billy Hinton
E-mail address: BillyHinton@bellsouth.net
Comments:Hey sorry about asking if you link worked. IT DOES, just not the one on your email header. I clicked the one on the email you sent me "the boy from brooklyn" but it didn't work so I just googled Strayhorns.
Safe Travels,
Billy H
Where Do You Live: Franklin, TN
Thursday, March 23rd 2006 - 10:12:32 AM
Name: ron jones
E-mail address: asbestron@bellsouth.net
Comments:Nice meeting you Bruce,,very cool site with great "behind the scene" pictures.Thank's to all the band members & musicians for all they do..also my wife Teresa is a fan of yours. Feel free to email us any cool pics from the road,,you the man,Ron & Teresa
Where Do You Live: Lugoff,SC
Wednesday, March 8th 2006 - 06:01:57 PM
Name: Freddie Wooton
E-mail address: fwooton@adelphia.net
Comments:Bruce,surely you've got a picture of all of us together somewhere. Jerry,Doc, Earl,Sandy,Keith,And myself. You know, from down at the river. drop a line sometime. See Ya Fred
Where Do You Live: London,Ky
Saturday, February 4th 2006 - 12:28:18 AM
Name: Trish
E-mail address: TGJ50@aol.com
Comments:Hi Bruce.......Thanks to Vickie.....I am sitting here watching the Country Music Awards.....I love watching my friends on TV......I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with love, joy and peace....keep up the hard work........it's working....Best wishes for your future and Alan along with the other guys...In Christian Love, Trish Hunter
Where Do You Live: Hendersonville
Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 09:25:07 PM
E-mail address: PERCYBYRD2001@YAHOO.COM
Where Do You Live: KIMBERLY, AL
Wednesday, November 9th 2005 - 09:06:39 AM
Name: Sharon Smith Denham
E-mail address: ghs1975@bellsouth.net
Comments:Bruce, I sent another email, but can't tell if it "went" or not. We are very proud of you and happy for you...sure would like you to surprise us at our 30 year high school reunion next Saturday, 10/8, at The Club in Birmingham.
Where Do You Live: Gardendale, AL
Friday, September 30th 2005 - 11:28:35 PM
Name: Kelly Barnett
E-mail address: skfarms@flash.net
Comments:Bruce, it's been so many years you might not remember me, but I catered to you all along with Ken and Dave. I lived in Amarillo, Tx. at the time but have recently moved to Dallas. Your schedule puts you here on September 16. I would love to see everyone. It has been several years so you may not even have to same crew I have no idea. but it would be great to see you. I think about all of you often and miss those years I catered. Please email me would love to hear from you. P.S. On the last show you gave me your Barnett Harley Davidson t'shirt, I still have it.
Where Do You Live: Dallas, Texas
Wednesday, September 7th 2005 - 08:34:35 AM
Name: Jake Dean
E-mail address: sayheydean@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey Bruce, It was fun talking to you at Bosco's the other day. I just checked out your website, so I thougt I should drop you a line. Since I live right down the street, maybe we could jam some time. I hope you had a good 4th of July. I'll talk to you soon!!! My band website is www.3dRide.Net
Where Do You Live: Hendersonville,Tn
Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 10:58:50 PM
Name: Brenda Long
E-mail address: koala5082002@yahoo.com
Comments:Bruce, Hi! Your web site just keeps getting better! Saw ya on CMA'S! Great Job! Be Safe On The Road! Brenda
Where Do You Live: Cuyahoga falls ohio
Monday, May 30th 2005 - 09:10:10 PM
Name: Allie James
Comments:Hi Bruce! I just wanted to sign your guestbook and let you
know this fan remembered Keith Whitley today May 9th.For all of Keith's fans "It was love Ten Feet Away"
Keep up the great work on the drums.
Where Do You Live: Tennessee
Monday, May 9th 2005 - 11:41:14 PM
Name: Steve & Gloria Stump
E-mail address: gjstump@ntelos.net
Comments:Hello Bruce,
Long time no SEE! These are names from your past. Just found your site today as I was looking through our home town boy Tim Spears site internet is a awesome thing.. How in the world are you? I seams like only yesterday that we was in helping with Keith's Fan Club. We haven't talked to Donna in years either. I can't believe it's been 16 years we have totally lost track of every one. Has all the gang kept in touch with you? Please if you have time e-mail or even call us 540-487-4667, Would love to hear a response back from you. Just pulled up Alan's tour and seen where the gang is going to be in Virginia Beach in the next week or two,unforunatly Steve and I are in North Carolina that week-end.What a wonderful website. I am so proud of what you have achived over the years, Are you still collecting those antigue insturments?
Friends from the past.
Gloria And Steve Stump
41 Stump Lane
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980

We help you achive Plan B!
Time Freedom!
Where Do You Live: Waynesboro,Virginia 22980
Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 06:49:49 AM
Name: Dan Callnon
E-mail address: dcallnon@cherrington.com
How are you? Nice website. I play drums in a country band and we are presently learning “Its 5 O’clock Somewhere”. In the 2 verses (The sun is hot…………… & This lunch break………..) I was hearing you play the hi-hat through the verse and some of the band members insisted they were hearing you play the ride cymbal. Could you please clarify this for us? Looking forward to seeing the band next time you are in town.
Dan Callnon

Where Do You Live: Sacramento, CA
Thursday, March 31st 2005 - 02:00:24 PM
Name: um-bd-litel-litel
E-mail address: uknowit
Comments:A really cool site for a rock solid drummer!....I otta know..and by the way Bru....who loves ya in this band?
Where Do You Live: podunk
Sunday, March 6th 2005 - 12:20:58 AM
Name: Brenda Long
E-mail address: koala5082002@yahoo.com
Comments:Bruce, Hey! This is a great website! I am impressed! You did a great job! Hope to see you in Ohio soon! Be safe on the road Brenda
Where Do You Live: Cuyahoga falls ohio
Thursday, January 20th 2005 - 09:49:03 AM
Name: melissa
Comments:Keep Jammin'
Happy Birthday!
Tuesday, November 9th 2004 - 12:10:48 PM
Name: Rick Boyles
E-mail address: fuzzbuster@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Nice site! Keep Jammin! Tell Roger Rick from back home in Seminole, OK said Hi. Take Care !!
Where Do You Live: Seminole,Ok.
Monday, October 11th 2004 - 11:12:21 PM
Name: Tema Ward
E-mail address: temaward@hotmail.com
Comments:Just wanted to see what you were all about!
Where Do You Live: Orlando
Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 12:19:14 AM
Name: Bruce Deverger Jr
E-mail address: Chipper7@hotmail.com
Comments:I am a huge fan of Alan Jackson's and I think you're cool too, you play Tama's and so do I!
Where Do You Live: Darien ,GA
Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 08:43:25 PM
Name: Steve Flatt
E-mail address: smfharleyhog89@aol
Comments:I like your web site!
Where Do You Live: Louisville,Ky.
Saturday, July 3rd 2004 - 04:24:37 PM
Name: Barbara
Comments:I am remembering Keith Whitley on July 1st, his birthday. Keith still has so many fans out there. I enjoyed the pictures of Keith on your site. As you are a former band member of Keith's, please know Keith is remembered and his music still does get played.
Where Do You Live: Kentucky
Thursday, July 1st 2004 - 10:40:33 PM
Name: Karen in Cali =)
Comments:Hi Bruce,
I just wanted to tell you that your site is looking better and better :) and that Alan couldn't get to "Do What I Do" without the Strayhorns. The Strayhorns are by far, one of the best, if not THE BEST, back-up bands in all of country music! Thanx for sharing your music with us :)
I love your picture gallery. WOW! I never knew you played with Keith Whitley's band... how awesome! You've got so many great pictures on your site! Had to giggle just a little bit at the "disco band" picture ;) I hate to admit that I too remember "those days"....LOL Your career has afforded you many great opportunities to meet and play your music with such a varied group of people. You're a lucky (and talented!) guy!
Hope to see you, AJ, and the rest of the Strayhorns this summer! Take care out there on the road :)
Where Do You Live: California
Monday, June 21st 2004 - 04:22:34 PM
Name: Megan
Comments:With this being May the 9th, KEITH WHITLEY is on our minds.
15 years ago, Country Music lost the Greatest singer. You had a great job being his drummer. His Music Lives On!
Where Do You Live: Kentucky
Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 11:13:10 PM
Name: Kevin
E-mail address: hinzee4@comcast.net
Comments:I saw the concert in Manchester tonight (4/24/04)and really enjoyed the show. Alan Jackson was great but my heart is in drumming. Being a fellow drummer I enjoyed watching you. You inspired me to get home and practice my drums (next day that is). I have a set of tama rockstar customs and I like the way they sound. I just turned 50 and am still playing, although I wish I had perservered as much as you. Thanks for a great show!
Where Do You Live: Nashua,NH,USA
Saturday, April 24th 2004 - 11:25:33 PM
E-mail address: sdentalhygienist@charter.net
Comments:I absolutely love the Strayhorns! You guys really make some beautiful music. I would have loved to been at Castaway Marina when ya'll had that surprise concert for a birthday party for Jim Burg. How much fun you all must have had. What a beautiful place! Please keep on playing music for Alan to sing to us. Thanks to all the Strayhorns. Love to all, Sandi
Wednesday, March 17th 2004 - 03:10:51 PM
Name: Shirley Hamilton
E-mail address: inezrose@hotmail.com
Comments:Greetings from Parry Sound, Ontario Canada.
Just surfed in to say hello, and to take a peek at your website. Looks like U have had a very interesting career, and have done very well. It must be quite an honor to be a Strayhorn, and to know Alan Jackson. Alan and The Strayhorns are very much loved and apprecriated here in Canada. Just wish that y'all would come here more often to entertain. Thanks for sharing your site with "us" fans. Its greatly apprecriated! Please check out my Tribute To Alan Jackson if you care to. http://www.geocities.com/shirleyir/TributeToAlanJackson
Keep up the terrific work, and please come to Canada soon.
Shirley in Ontario.
Where Do You Live: Parry Sound, Ontario Canada.
Tuesday, March 16th 2004 - 08:24:39 AM
Name: kelly sherman
E-mail address: popeye_ks@yahoo.com
Comments:howdy bruce. i am a long time fan of yours from your days of playing with the greatest country singer to ever live. your the greatest drumer a band could have. we all know keithwhitley is a legend but your are to bruce. lots of respect for you and your band. alan rock to another legend as well.
Where Do You Live: odessa texas.
Wednesday, February 4th 2004 - 02:49:47 PM
Name: Cheryle Eisen
E-mail address: ceisen0627@comcast.net
Comments:I am a BIG FAN of the Strayhorns, and a BIGGER FAN of Alan Jackson. I am looking forward to the May concert in Nashville, TN. I have been a Platinum Card Member of Alan's fan club for YEARS!!!

See you In Nashville.

Cheryle! (A.K.A. Chattahoochee Honey)
Where Do You Live: Hendersonville, TN
Wednesday, January 7th 2004 - 10:11:52 AM
Name: Cindy Gravlee Bonds
E-mail address: cindybonds@mac.com
Comments:Hi Bruce! Love the photos. I can tell you are still the Bruce we all know and love. I can't help but think about the old days when we all had so much fun together. Glad to see you made it to the top! You have always been one heck of a drummer!
Where Do You Live: Alabama
Friday, December 19th 2003 - 08:53:23 AM
Name: Gloria
E-mail address: collins@lightbound.com
Comments:Hi Bruce, It was so nice meeting you in Champaign IL. Thank you for signing my 5 o'clock shirt a friend made me and each one of the girls who were with me.
I will see you in Lexington Feb. 2004. I enjoy your site very much. I will be visiting my sister in Virginia the same week in Feb. you guys will be in Roanoke Va. I will be at that show also and any show close to Indianapolis. My sister will be seeing Alan and the Strayhorns for the first time in Roanoke. Thank you for sharing your site with us fans.
Where Do You Live: Indiana
Friday, December 12th 2003 - 09:34:06 PM
Name: Richard Tingle
E-mail address: tinglerr@usa.com
Comments:I've been keeping up with you. Looks like you are doing very well. I don't think I have seen you since you were 10. Visiting your site to get some pics for my family album/geneology file. Guerry is going to send some pics; I've lost track of Linda & Judy. I am a little short on pics from the Rutherford limb of the tree in the 50's & 60's if you want to make a contribution. I have several of your parents, especially your mom from 30's & 40's if you would like copies. Take Care & good luck!
Where Do You Live: Atlanta (previously Montevallo)
Wednesday, December 3rd 2003 - 06:56:50 PM
Name: Marilyn Mitchell
E-mail address: MMarilynRN@aol.com
Comments:Was sorry to hear about Lucky. I remember when you got Lucky Dog. I used to work with Marlene at the Personnel Board. You're doing a great job! Let me know when you'll be coming to Kentucky again.
Where Do You Live: Frankfort, Kentucky
Monday, November 3rd 2003 - 07:48:55 PM
Name: Sky Jack Miller
E-mail address: skyjackmiller@aol.com
Comments:Great web page Bruce. If you are in Lex this weekend stop by the steel guitar show Heinrich will be there and lots of old friends. Sky Jack
Where Do You Live: lexington Ky
Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 02:48:21 PM
Name: David Battles
E-mail address: petey@ipa.net
Comments:Awesome site Bruce you've played with the 2 greatest names in Country Music I hope ta see ya'll again if I Live long enough for ya ta get back ta Ark I've been ta 4 of Alan's concerts 1st one was in FtSm @ the fair I don't remember the year but never have been able ta see ya'll in person hope too next time I see ya guys. Meeting John Ritter musta been a real pleasure too. Did ya go from Keith ta Alan playing the drums? Thanks for the wonderful website.
Where Do You Live: Mulberry, Arkansas
Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 - 10:09:58 PM
Name: Spence
E-mail address: derrellspe@aol.com
Comments: All your pictures are great but the ones with Keith Whitley are amazing,what it must have felt to play with the greatest singer ever,what an experince!!
Where Do You Live: Ohio
Monday, October 6th 2003 - 07:03:55 AM
Name: Brenda
E-mail address: MedicPal@fuse.net
Where Do You Live: Ky
Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 09:33:42 PM
Name: Kimberly Holland
E-mail address: TTTTTKH@aol.com
Comments:Hi Bruce

It was great talking with you after the show in SDF.
Ya'll are just such a pleasure to be around.
Have fun on the road, see ya soon!
Where Do You Live: Indiana
Monday, August 18th 2003 - 11:52:50 PM
E-mail address: mickeyclark1@aol.com
Comments:Bruce - Hope all is well with you! We look forward to seeing you in Louisville on August 14th!

Where Do You Live: LOUISVILLE, KY
Tuesday, August 5th 2003 - 11:21:38 AM
Name: James Lowery (Carl)
E-mail address: jim_lowery@yahoo.com
Comments:My Dad went to school with you in the 10th and 11th grade.71-73/@Gardendale H.S.He has told me alot of good times ya'll had.Thanks for taking him under your wing back in school.Ya'll keep up the good work and keep it rockin'.
Read the yearbook entries,and got a kick out of them.

James Lowery
Where Do You Live: GARDENDALE,AL
Sunday, August 3rd 2003 - 07:09:50 PM
Name: Martin Parker
E-mail address: af4dd@comcast.net
Comments:Hey Man it's Martin Cool site I hope to get one up & running soon Be Cool Talk to you soon Tell J Schmit I got A new Joey D CD tonight Later .........
Where Do You Live: Nashvegas
Monday, July 14th 2003 - 10:52:30 PM
Name: Bruce Rutherford
E-mail address: StrayhornIV@aol.com
Comments:Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to say thanks for your condolences regarding the passing of my four legged friend, Lucky Dog.
Whether you called, sent a card or email, signed my guest book, or posted something on Alan's website, your kind notes of sympathy were very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Where Do You Live: www.geocities.com/StrayhornIV/drum.html
Sunday, July 6th 2003 - 08:40:56 AM
Name: Dominique
E-mail address: domirola@pandora.be
Comments:So sorry Bruce to read this sad news!

As a big pet lover, I know how hard it is to say goodbye
to a friend of so many years.
I loss our little Suzy (cat) of 16 years last year, she was our baby and I still miss her.
I hope that time will heal your sorrow and also all the nice warmest memories that you made together with Lucky Dog, will comfort you.
With Sincere Sympathy,


Where Do You Live: Ostend, BELGIUM
Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 06:01:22 AM
Name: MarliynJinIL
E-mail address: wavinflag@yahoo.com
Comments:Dear Bruce, I am so sorry to learn of the loss of your faithful buddy and Webmaster, Lucky Dog. He sure was Lucky to have you as his owner. As the indian legend goes, May he be there to greet you when you cross over! Hugs to you!
Where Do You Live: Metamora
Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 08:37:38 PM
Name: Larry
Comments:Hi, Bruce!!!
I am very sad to hear about the loss of your precious dog. I know how you feel.
Thanks for the great music you provide for Alan Jackson, my favorite singer.
I really like your website.
Larry (alanjacksonsuperfan)
Where Do You Live: Canada
Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 02:27:59 PM
Name: Carol Balla
E-mail address: cballa_99@yahoo.com
Comments:Bruce, I am so sorry to hear about the lose of your dogs. They touch our hearts in many ways. I have a 11 year old dachshund
Bruce, I am so sorry to hear about the lose of your pet. They touch our hearts in so many ways. I have a 11 year old dachshund who is having problems with hip displacement. The vet just gave her a shot of steroids and we are hoping for the best. I know I may be facing your situation soon as this is our last hope. Again my condolences go out to you.

Looking forward to seeing you, the rest of the Strayhorns and Alan soon.


Where Do You Live: Croswell, Mich.
Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 03:05:49 PM
Name: Becky
E-mail address: sailor@warplink.net
Comments:My condolances to you on the loss of Lucky Dog. May Lucky Dog rest in peace, and may you find comfort in your memories of him.
Where Do You Live: Mulberry
Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 07:18:21 AM
Name: Diane Walsh
E-mail address: froggy82much@hotmail.com
Comments:I just read on your website about the loss of your dog. From one animal lover to another....my heart goes out to you. To quote the words from a picture frame of my beloved pet:
Faithful Friends never leave us....
They just run ahead to wait for us in a happier place.
Where Do You Live: Celina, TN
Friday, June 20th 2003 - 10:11:06 PM
Name: Robin Leach
E-mail address: pgga7@hotmail.com
Comments:Laughed alot when I saw my husband's (Dan Leach) picture in the Whitewater photo! He hasn't changed much!
Where Do You Live: Fl
Thursday, May 22nd 2003 - 07:36:39 AM
Name: Cindy (Gravlee) Bonds
E-mail address: cindybonds@mac.com
Comments:When we were kids, did it ever occur to you that we would be communicating like this?

It's good to "see" you in your website at the very least. Hope to see you up close someday.
Where Do You Live: Hoover, AL
Sunday, March 2nd 2003 - 07:48:41 PM
Name: Vickie T.
E-mail address: vickiet@techsavvycpa.com
Comments:Hi Bruce,

I was just introduced to Alan Jackson and the Strayhorns by a very good friend. You guys are fabulous and I look forward to future musical contributions. Hopefully I can catch you guys when you play in San Antonio next month.

Give my regards to Lucky, the webmaster. He did an excellent job with this site. A+++

Happy New Year!

Where Do You Live: Dallas, TX
Friday, January 3rd 2003 - 02:07:03 PM
Name: Terri Jennings
E-mail address: blue_plate_special@sbcglobal.net
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
I look forward to seeing you and your fellow Strayhorns on the road in 2003! =)
Until then....Cheers!
Where Do You Live: 5 miles from Nowhere, Mojave desert
Wednesday, January 1st 2003 - 10:09:03 AM
Name: Marcio Diniz
E-mail address: marciodiniz@victorhugo.com.br
Comments:Ola ,
sou do Brasil , sou seu fă, adorei a oportunidade de deixar registrado meu contato.
Um abraco !!
Monday, December 16th 2002 - 02:05:51 PM
E-mail address: BGPOPTOP@AOL.COM
Comments:Hi Bruce,
Nice Website,Thanks for sharing.You guys are the GREATEST!
Hope to see y'ALL SOON
Where Do You Live: Muncie Ind
Tuesday, December 10th 2002 - 07:49:35 PM
Name: Carol Balla
E-mail address: cballa_99@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey Bruce just wanted to let ya know what a great job you are doing out there on the road and with your website. Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon. Hope to get to chat with you tomorrow night. Take care and be safe.
Where Do You Live: Croswell, Mich.
Monday, December 9th 2002 - 06:41:08 PM
Name: Reggie
E-mail address: bevreggie@aol.com
Comments:Hi Bruce,
Your a great drummer and vocalist,It must be a real honor to play for Alan {Huh}. I dropped off a my wife's press kit at alans front gate last week,She is an awsome country music singer. Do you think he got it?
And if he did,what do you think he will do with it? Keep up the good work, your great.

Just Curious,
Reggie D.
Where Do You Live: Plainfield In
Sunday, December 8th 2002 - 09:19:58 AM
Name: Noah Pape
E-mail address: drumman_757@yahoo.com
Comments:I LOVE YOUR DRUMMING. It must be an HONOR to play for one of country music's GREATEST artists. Could you please explain your drumset for me(what kind,brand name,tom descriptions,and cymbal selection. You are the GREATEST.(YOU ARE MY # 1 INSPRIRATION). THANKS ALOT. I have been listening to your for MANY YEARS.
Where Do You Live: Newark Ohio
Saturday, December 7th 2002 - 08:27:49 PM
Name: Dominique
E-mail address: domirola@pandora.be
Comments:Hello, Bruce

Just a few lines to thank you for your music, your website and to wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Where Do You Live: Belgium, EUROPE
Saturday, November 9th 2002 - 05:43:32 AM
Name: Lee Ann Wagner
E-mail address: lindywag@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Bruce,
Just found your website and wanted to tell you I enjoyed the pictures. I especially liked the early pictures since that's how I remember you from high school. Since I've known you since 5th grade I can honestly say all your success couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! As I told you before, I really enjoyed the 9/29/02 show at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.
Where Do You Live: Helena, Alabama (formerly Gardendale, AL)
Sunday, October 6th 2002 - 08:21:01 PM
Name: Kency
E-mail address: kencyskorners@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Bruce..just love the website..all of your pics are just great..why not stop over to Keyboard & Wires and join all of AJ's crazy fans on the message board! Would love to have you post there! you and the Strayhorns are the best!!
take care!
Where Do You Live: Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, October 2nd 2002 - 08:21:37 AM
Name: Gloria Collins
E-mail address: collins@svs.net
Comments:Great web site Bruce. Love all the pictures of You Alan and the Strayhornes. Like the old pictures and of different people you have been with and meet. It's fun looking back isn't it. You guys do a great job. Seen you 5 times this year. Will see you in Nashville Nov. 15th. Keep up the good work on you web site. Love it.
Where Do You Live: 20 miles East of Indy
Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 06:44:15 PM
Name: Martha Hayes
E-mail address: dhayes@mts.net
Comments:Love your site.Love your Music.Keep up the good work.Say a Big Hello to that Tall Hunky Super Star for me.Yee Haw!!!!!!
Where Do You Live: Winnipeg,M.B.Canada
Thursday, September 19th 2002 - 08:50:39 PM
Name: Martha Hayes
E-mail address: dhayes@mts.net
Comments:I'm glad you have a Web Site.I wish all the Stray Horns did.It's nice to know a little about the guys who are behind Alan's music.I feel that I know you.Keep up the great music.Alan and the Stray Horns==========YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where Do You Live: Winnipeg,M.B.Canada
Thursday, September 19th 2002 - 08:33:30 PM
Name: Patty Wonser
E-mail address: Icedtea58@aol.com
Comments:Really looking forward to another concert with AJ and the Strayhorns. Country USA 2002 was my first live experience and you guys are just the best. It would be really great to see you again and again. In essence it would be great if you all stayed together infinately.
Where Do You Live: Menasha, WI
Saturday, August 31st 2002 - 08:36:24 AM
Name: Otto
E-mail address: amioh@t-online.de
Comments:I am like the country and western music.
you heave a super homepage.
otto from germany
Where Do You Live: Germany
Friday, August 16th 2002 - 03:09:58 PM
Name: Terri
The Anaheim show was incredible, as always. Thanks for taking the time to visit with my daughter and I after the show, we always enjoy talking with you.:)Watch out for the elephants! :)LOL
See you somewhere down the road.
Happy trails

Terri & Tawnya
Where Do You Live: middle of nowhere
Saturday, July 27th 2002 - 10:41:19 AM
Name: Pat Van Heuklon
E-mail address: sassypat@famavid.com
I really enjoyed viewing this website. Anything that is connected to Alan Jackson is of interest to me. I have followed his music past from the start and am so proud to be a platiumn fan club member of such a fine performer as he is. I think he has a great band and I really appreciate listening to it as you can always hear what Alan is singing aside of other bands that drown out the singer. Keep up the good work.
Where Do You Live: Appleton, Wis
Saturday, June 22nd 2002 - 06:38:24 AM
Name: Betty grant
E-mail address: BGPOPTOP@AOL.COM
Comments:Hi Bruce,
I have been to a lot of your concerts.You guys are the GREATEST!!!!!Elaine and i will see you at Riverbend in July.
Be careful.
Where Do You Live: INDIANA
Friday, June 21st 2002 - 11:47:17 PM
Name: Lisa J.
E-mail address: LJT1964@YAHOO.COM
Comments: Loved the site Bruce! Lots of wonderful pictures.
Looking forward to FC Party. See ya there!
Where Do You Live: With the little voices in my head
Sunday, May 26th 2002 - 10:47:35 PM
Name: Pam Meyer
E-mail address: ajlvr58@attbi.com
Comments:Hi Bruce!

Just visiting your website! It's been almost two years that Alan and the Strayhorns have been to the Twin Cities, any plans to return in the near future? We all love you here! I keep checking the tour dates and never see you in my neck of the woods. Keep up the great work, say hi to Alan for me he-he!!
Where Do You Live: Plymouth, MN
Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 01:44:33 PM
Name: Kim
E-mail address: TTTTTKH@aol.com
Comments:Hi there Bruce!
Thanks for making my buddy Terri's birthday extra special at Primm. You guys are the best. Have a blast out there on tour. See ya in Indy!
Where Do You Live: Indy.....actually Avon
Monday, May 6th 2002 - 01:09:09 AM
Name: todd coates
E-mail address: tdc01@mindspring.com
Where Do You Live: ga
Sunday, May 5th 2002 - 10:53:53 PM
Name: Cathy Petrelli
E-mail address: capsi@webtv.net
Comments:Hi Bruce !
Just stopped by to check on your website and say "Hello"
Will be looking for you at the Mohegan Sun Arena and Oakdale Theater in Ct next week. Any requests ?
Where Do You Live: Mass.
Thursday, May 2nd 2002 - 12:56:12 PM
Name: Terri
E-mail address: jennings@as.net
It was such a pleasure to see you and be able to visit with you in Primm. Thank you so very much for the 'on stage' birthday wishes! ;-) It was the perfect ending to a fabulous night. We look forward to seeing you in Southern California in July. Until then......Happy Trails:)

Where Do You Live: the cold and windy Mojave Desert
Tuesday, April 30th 2002 - 01:56:13 PM
Name: Linda Akers
Friday, March 22nd 2002 - 06:57:22 PM
Name: Terri
E-mail address: jennings@as.net
Comments:Thanks so much for having this website for the fans.
Its great to see you all back on the road! I look forward to all your West Coast shows. ;-) I want to thank you again for giving my daughter, Tawnya, a drumstick when we saw you at the Greek. It is one of her most prized possessions. See you on the road, you just never know where we might show up or what we might bring along. ;)

Where Do You Live: Middle of Nowhere
Sunday, March 17th 2002 - 04:46:22 PM
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