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Dreambook for bound and gagged mothers

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Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/RP
Comments:Hello, all! It's been a crazy long time since I've posted and for that I apologize. Play sessions have been sparse and I've had no time for anything but work. Anyway, the holiday finally gave mom and me some quality time together...VERY quality time.

On Thanksgiving morning, I received a call from mom asking me to come over and help her with some of the cooking--mixing, sauteing, stirring, tasting, etc.. I obliged and when I showed up, to my surprise, we were alone. Mom informed me, as she answered the door in her bathrobe, that my dad had gone to spend some time with my grandmother before bringing her to their place for the meal. I nodded, commented on how nice that was, and went up to the kitchen to help. Upon reaching the kitchen, I discovered that the necessary food-things were not there. My mother reached the top of the stairs (they have a second floor kitchen...something of a marvel to my friends for whatever reason) and I inquired.

"What gives?" I asked with a bit of indignation. I could have, of course, been sleeping or doing nothing valuable at all.

"You know..." she said, smiling. Playing games, given the scarcity of such events, hadn't even crossed my mind. When it finally hit me, my eyes lit up and I nodded furiously.

"But we don't really have supplies," I said, disappointed.

"I'm sure you can think of something, hun," she said, disappearing down the hallway to her room. Running through options in my head, I made my way down the hall and turned to the left at her room, stopping short in the doorway. There she laid on her queen sized bed....nude. Her bathrobe was crumpled on the floor. "Since it's a holiday, and it's been a while," she said, "I thought we'd make this special." With stuttered, staggered breath, I composed myself and nodded in agreement.

"I...uh...thanks..." I spit out dumbly. She giggled and told me that it's nothing I hadn't seen before. Her bare skin was practically glowing; she must've put on lotion or something beforehand. And her nipples were standing firm and erect (as was I beneath my jeans).

"So what are you going to tie me with?" she said brightly. Frankly, I had an idea, but by now, I'd lost it. Then, she ran her right foot up her left calf.

"YOUR PANTYHOSE!" I yelled out excitedly. She flinched, taken aback by my sudden enthusiasm. A second later, I got to work.

With her naked, I wanted her on full display. I used several sets of her pantyhose to bind her spread-eagle to the bed. She was glorious. Her breasts heaved freely as she breathed in and out. Her skin was soft to the touch and had a faint hint of lavender to it. For a gag, I asked her if clean panties were okay. After a second of contemplation, she agreed. Kneeling next to her, I fitted her mouth with a pair of bikini style panties, then held them in with a stocking for good measure.

She proceeded to writhe and struggle, testing the bonds. Eventually, she worked up a bit of a sweat; I think she underestimated the holding power of her own pantyhose! Thirty minutes later, it was about time for her to actually get ready so I had to, begrudgingly, untie her. All through our meal, all I could picture was her nude body, bound and gagged on her own bed. I don't know HOW we'll top this next time, but I'm sure we will.
Friday, November 29th 2013 - 12:21:47 PM
Name: Kon
Comments:Squints, your stories are getting more and more interesting. I hope you get your mom bound in the nude soon. Have you thought about how far you might want to go with her sexually and what she might be willing to do, and how to approach it? If you can afford to support her, one of these times you might just bind her and gag her in a way she can't get out of and present her with a fait accompli.
Thursday, September 26th 2013 - 02:48:10 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/rp!
Comments:Since work started back up for me, it's been hard to find any sort of time to play with mom. Fortunately, today, Thursday, I had a day off and she was able to go into work a little later than normal.

She came into the apartment as she always did on work days--makeup fully done and a nice outfit. Today, she had on a flowy skirt that fell just below the knees. Her legs were bare and she was wearing some fashionable flip-flop style flats. Despite the recent coolness here, she was also sporting a tank-style top that still managed to be appropriate for work. Mom and I have had our differences over the years, but she does always manage to dress well for work and have good taste.

"Do you want to roleplay or do you want to just get tied?" I inquired. Her lips moved this way and that and she tilted her head from side to side, seemingly racking her brain for a roleplay scenario. She couldn't think of one, and frankly neither could I, so we agreed on just straight tie ups. "Are your shoes comfortable?" I asked.

"Yea, why?" she said, a bit puzzled.

"Because I'm going to tie you standing up!" Her eyebrows raised and she looked around.

"Where? There's no poles or anything." I motioned to the large clock hanging on my wall. "I don't follow..." Silently, I walked over and took the clock off its perch, revealing a few large nails that could certainly hold the weight of a little rope. "Oh..." she exhaled.

I left the living room, got the supplies from my nightstand and returned, quickly tying her wrists in front of her. Once they were secure, I lifted them up and hooked her up to the nails. My mom's fairly short, maybe 5'5", but being stretched out definitely helped her out; her body looked more slender and her legs certainly appeared longer--if only she'd been wearing heels! I stood back to admire her a bit more, smiling on one side of my mouth and she wiggled a bit, getting used to the security of the ropes and the nail. Speaking like an appraiser, I told her this just wasn't going to work. She gave a disappointed look.

"Your skirt will get in the way of me tying your legs!" This probably wasn't even remotely true, but I felt like it needed to be said. Her disappointment wore away as I lowered the skirt and she stepped out of it, revealing nude colored panties. Smiling, I began to work on her knees and legs. When I stood, her face and her body were red with blush. With that same smile, I gave her cheek a reassuring peck. "Hmmm," I sighed with an obvious intent.

"Let me guess, the top needs to go, too?" she said, not surprised in the least. I nodded, removed her hands from the makeshift hook, and slid her top off. Her bra, also a nude color, was modest, but still gave her bust a little flattery. Again, predictably, she blushed. I shook my head and giggled, then said,

"Here, now you won't see me seeing you..." Continuing the improvisational theme of the day, I used her tank top as a blindfold, tying it around her eyes. Nervously, she laughed, but I think it was more comfortable that way. I was out of creative ways to gag her, unless I removed her panties, and I sensed she wasn't quite down for that, even if she's been very close to nude with me before. For a more conventional gag, I gave her a simple stuffed tape gag. The best part? Because she was blindfolded and the floor is carpeted, she didn't hear me approaching. I saw her flinching at the rips of the strips of tape, but I could tell she wasn't sure how close I was.

"Oh just get it over with..." she begged over and over again, until one time I cut her off in the middle by stuffing a silk bandanna into her mouth before applying five strips of tape over it. The shock made her moan and grunt into the gag excitedly. Her muffled cries continued as I sat back and watched her struggle and sway...

Previously worn sexy outfits aside, this was the best I'd seen her look during one of our sessions. Stretched out and stripped down to undies and shoes...my goodness. I kept her like that for about 20 minutes, admiring my handiwork and her inherent sexiness until it was time to free her so she could go to work. I have no idea when we'll play again, but this was definitely a great time to hold me over! As always, please email me so we can chat or RP or whatever you'd like to do! Love hearing from you all!

Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 07:39:09 AM
Name: master
Comments:Well the story starts really last year Mark and I had just split up with our girl friends and they moved out of the area so we won't be seeing them again. However what surprises me is just how well we've both taken it, I think that can be down to being at Uni and most likely our Mothers. Let me explain Mark and I are best of mates knowing each other since we can remember and our mothers are single still young and hot, both 5'4" 39 years old, my Mom Christie has long blonde hair and Marks mom has long brunnette hair with bodies to die for and divorced. As luck would have it we were going to a halloween party were the theme was superheroines and villains that is the girls dressed as superheroines and boys as villains but breaking up with our girl friends put the mockers on plans thats were our mothers come in. It is here we can kill two birds with one stone because Mark and I have got a score to settle with our moms who played a prank on us so it's pay back. We finally discussed the party with our moms and finally won them over besides with everybody wearing masks who would know we were mothers and sons. Two months before halloween we stole our mothers oldest leotards so they wouldn't relise they are missing and took them to the local fancy dress shop who also do custom jobs. We explained it was for our girlfriends and a party but could we have zips in both Breast regions and crotch to which the tailor had no problem with, she returned the leotards after taking measurement and we dually paid in advance. Eventually it was halloween and we all agreed to meet and change at our house and leave for the party with Mark and Vanessa agreeing to sleep over. Mom was quizzing me all day long what was her costume and why over the months in our spare time from uni was Mark and I doing in the basement. All in good time Mom all in good time is all said as Mark entered the house with Vanessa. Alright Mom vanessa go and get changed we will chang down here. At this Mom and Vanessa trooted up stair to get changed. Alright Gregg remember tonight we swap moms you take my Mom and I'll have yours Mark said to which I agreed. It didn't take us long to change Mark and I were simple black trouser, trainers, striped t-shirts and cloth caps over our masks and rope cut to varying lengths in our little swag bags as well as duct tape, but the women they seemed to take an age but they appeared we nearly fainted. Vanessa was first dressed as bat woman from bottom to top she had black 5" heel knee length boots, black sheer to waist pantyhose, purple leotard with yellow utility belt with cowl gloves and cape with make up applied she looked hot I wanted her now. But the came my mother again black 5" boots, black sheer to waist pantyhose, green and red leotard wiyh black belt, cape and green gloves, perfect make up blonde hair over black mask she was a perfect robin. After giving them two drinks drugged of course we made our way to the party. As the hours moved on the party went with a blast dancing, drinking, eating slowly getting our moms tipsy not drunk it was soon time to leave and we eventually got home. Mom and Vanessa dropped onto the sofa and were about to take there boots and masks of when I told them the party isn't over yet and all superheroines like on tv must be bound and gagged in no time we had mom and Vanessa tied up and tape gagged. After looking at our handy work I grabbed Vanessa and threw her over my shoulder to Gregg gave a sharp hard smack over her nylon clad behind ang Gregg threw my mother over his to which I gave mom a good smack we boyh then took our captives down to the basement our makeshift dungeon. It was here secured the to gorgeous to X frames telling our moms that the were being swapped for a week and they would be our slaves. unzipping their breast and crotch zips we had our way with both women. come dawn I helped Gregg take my mother of the x frame and out of mask and costume leaving still gagged and her pantyhose intact we tied her hands behind her back, then we did the same to Greggs mother we then put a collar and leash on both of them and lead up to the bedrooms for more adventures. Strange though both moms seemed to enjoy it.
Thursday, August 29th 2013 - 07:17:38 PM
Name: My Mom- The Damsel
Comments:Mom was at work, we had been playing Cops & robbers. Me, 5 other boys & 2 girls. Of course, the girls were the Cops.
We had tied them up in all kinds of ways.
We had been playing for a couple hours, then the girls headed home. All us guys went into my house. I poured everyone some kool aid. Then I noticed the time, crap, I hadn't made my bed or cleaned my room. So, I ran upstairs to do that. The 5 boys turned on the tv. I didn't know it but Mom got home & came into the kitchen. She thought it was just me in the living room & she said, " Hey, Im home, do you want to tie me up?" Those 5 boys dream just came true. I know they all thought my Mom was sexy. They also had not gotten their fill of bondage for the day. They got up & hide near the doorway to the kitchen. One of them was holding the quilt that had been on the couch. Mom came thru the doorway, the quilt was thrown over her head. Her legs were grabbed & she was quickly wrestled to the ground.
I could hear a ruckus but just thought the guys were rough housing. I came out of my room & looked down the stairway.
They already tied her hands behind her back & tied her ankles together. She was screaming at them to let her go.
Someone took a scraf & gagged her. They had tied rope around her thighs too. They finished the job by hog tying her. She was struggling but they had done a good job of tying her securely. She had kicked off her high heels & her nylon feet were sticking up in the air. They all stood around her & watched her struggle. I didn't notice but was sure they all had hard ons. I finally came down and said, "Oh..great guys, now I'm going to get in trouble. You guys better leave now." They all looked so bummed out, they were not done watching her or neither had they finished their mind fantasies but they slowly walked out the door. With their heads turned back to watch my Mom's final struggles. I locked the door & walkled back into the living room. She looked at me like, ok you can untie me now. I looked at her & said out loud, no way, your staying like this for a while. I got the polaroid & took some pics.
She was gag talking & rolling back and forth. Then I tickled her nylon feet. This made her laugh & stopped her struggling. For the first time I also felt her nylon legs while I tickled her. Her skirt had hiked up & I could see her nylon clad ass. MAN DID SHE HAVE A GREAT BODY! I took off the gag. She said,"That was not fair, I didn't know all those boys were here." I said, how did you get like this?" She said she walked in, heard the Tv & just assumed
it was only me, in the house. So she said, do you want to tie me up? We both laughed, then she said...uumm...are you finished with me? I didn't say a word but I re gagged her.
Sat down on the couch & she struggled again, finally getting loose after a few minutes. I went to set the dinner table, she came into the kitchen & hugged me.
I said , "Mom...you looked great all tied up." She smiled.
We started to talk about our day, I watched her shuffle along the kitchen floor, staring at her nylon legs, while she started to make dinner.
Monday, August 26th 2013 - 09:49:09 PM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Comments:To: "My Mom~The Damsel":
I HOPE you were able to over-power your babysitter
and WILL post those stories here, also!
Saturday, August 17th 2013 - 05:07:12 PM
Name: connor
Comments:that was a hot story "my mom-the damsel" hope to see more of em, specially if ur mom gets duct taped/gagged again, i love tape gags lol
Wednesday, August 7th 2013 - 10:24:44 PM
Name: My Mom-The Damsel
Homepage URL: http://http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Northampton_Museum_1979.123.1_womens_boot_1970s.jpg
Comments:As a matter of fact, the above link shows my Moms style of boots. Our Next Encounter.... Unknown to my Mom. I had been practicing my bondage skills playing Cops & robbers with the girls in the neighborhood. It was a hot Summer Saturday. Mom was wearing a bikini & laying in the backyard tanning herself. Her boyfriend was taking her to a KISS concert later that night. She had been drinking beer, PBR's. I had cut the lawn & was finishing with sweeping & raking. I wasn't paying attention to her, which gave her time to fill a water balloon & nail me with it.
She was laughing her ass off at me. I was soaked but she had a couple more & threw them at me. Those missed.
I grabbed the hose & soaked her good. She went into the house. I finished my yard work & went inside. It was quiet.
I looked around & found her laying on her bed. She was wet all over. She was sleeping. The victim of over drinking. Between the hot Sun & too many beers, she was out & vulnerable. She looked very sexy lying on her stomach, legs spread a part. I pushed on her back but got no response. THIS WAS MY CHANCE!
I didn't think I had a lot of time, so I grabbed a roll of duct tape. I got her hands behind her back & wrapped the tape around them 6 times, very quickly. Then I put her ankles together & wrapped the tape quickly around another 6 times. She was starting to stir & turned over. I wrapped the tape around her thighs. Now she was waking up. I pulled off 3 separate pieces of tape & gagged her. She was now awake & surprised. Looking at her body & struggling. She looked up & gagged talked her disgust & surprise. I answered by getting behing her & wrapping more tape around the upper mid section of her body. I went & grabbed a pop & bag of chips, pulled up a chair next to the bed & watched her. She was struggling to get free & looking at me like...BOY, WHEN I GET FREE, YOU'RE GONNA GET IT.
Her struggling was very sexy. 15 minutes flew by.She was really all over the bed, then it happened..her boobs got free out of her bikini top. This made her lay on her stomach again.
Then I got the idea to tickle her. She hated being tickled.
It stopped her struggling while she laughed her ass off.
She was getting wore out. I stopped tickling her & slowly she fell a sleep. I grabbed the polaroid & snapped a few pics. I rolled her onto her back & stared at her boobs.
She looked so sexy! I cut the tape & pulled a sheet over her. I went outside & rode my bike to a friends house
About 2 hrs later, I came home. My babysitter Kelly was there, so was my Mom's boyfriend. Mom had grilled some burgers & was getting ready to leave for the concert. She kissed me & whispered in my ear...you got me good today...I want a rematch. I smiled & away they went.
My sitter was wearing a tube top & jean shorts. I looked over at the roll of duct tape. As I ate my burger, I wondered if she would let me tie her up too!
Monday, August 5th 2013 - 09:10:04 PM
Name: CD
Comments:My Mom The Damsel. More please was the mother bound wearing pantyhose & boots? the story's good
Saturday, August 3rd 2013 - 08:07:20 AM
Name: My Mom- The Damsel
Comments:My Mom said, I have a bag full of rope in my closet. Sure enough, she got it & threw it on the floor next to the couch. Next she said, here put these pantyhose over your head so you look like a bad guy. Looking back at this years later, I realized I was getting schooled by her. She liked being tied up & knew how to roleplay. I was getting into the moment as well, I found my toy gun & got ready to play. She said, I'll come into the living room & pretend I'm looking for papers with secret information. I went & hid in the coat closet, with the door slightly open.
She slowly crept into the room, striking sexy poses. It may sound funny but thats the first time I realized how sexy my Mom looked. She found some papers on the coffee table. She said, finally, this is all the evidence I need to send Mr. Wilson to jail. I wondered who was Mr. Wilson..duh..she made it up, Mom could act as well.
I burst out of the closet, Ok stck em up. She complied.
She said, who are you? I said, nevermind that, have a seat on the couch & put your hands behind your back. I put my gun down & grabbed a piece of rope. I had played cowboys & indians & tied up some kids but my bondage skills were not good. Mom started to struggle, she got out of the ropes, then she grabbed me & we started to wrestle. She said, so..your not so tough without your gun. She got me down on the floor & tied my hands behind my back. I told her thats not how the game should go, thats when she gagged me. She grabbed the papers & said, Tell your boss, I got the evidence & he's going to be visited by the Police. She then left the room. I was pissed. This wasn't how it was suppose to go. She walked back in & said, Wasn't that fun?
Can you get loose Jim? No, I couldn't but I gave her a look. She said, opps, are you mad? Here honey, I'll untie you. Once the gag was off, I said, Mom...I was suppose to tie you up. She said, oh I'm sorry, I got caught up in the moment. She said, lets try it again. Its not easy for a 10 yr old to recover. I said no, I want to watch TV. I sulked & sat on the couch. My Mom felt bad. She asked, can I sit & watch TV with you? I said yes. Mom sat & put her legs up on the coffee table. This got my attention! I was mesmerized by hey nylon legs & high heels. Than she slowly kicked off her shoes & rubbed her feet together.
It was very hard to watch TV, she knew what she was doing.
It turned out to be a fun day after all. Our adventures had just begun!
Saturday, August 3rd 2013 - 03:53:41 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:My Mom the Damsel, I would love to hear more! Thanks.
Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 10:14:12 AM
Name: My Mom - The Damsel
Comments:My Mother was single, thanks to a divorce. She was 30 yrs old, I was ten & an only child, when my Father left. He was lazy & reserved. She was daring, with a wild side. She worked in an office from 8 to 4. Mon, Wed & Thursday. It was for a salesman, who often wasn't there or let her leave early. This was back when you could leave a kid at home alone. She always wore tight blouses, short skirts, nylons & high heels. She had a great body, curvy. 5Ft"6 inches, 120lbs, with long brunette hair. We lived on a street with a dead end. There were only 6 houses on our street. There were 17 kids on our street, ten were older & varied in age but the rest of us were around the same age. We rode bikes, played baseball, went fishing etc. No cable tv & internet wasn't invented. One day it was raining & I was watching the adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves. My Mom came home early dressed in her office attire. My Mom was trying to talk to me but I was fixated by the bad guys tying up Lois Lane. Mom wandered over & looked at the tv , than me. She could tell I was very interested with what I was watching. She was making us lunch. When the show was over , we ate lunch. I guess I was lost in my Lois Lane bondage thoughts & my Mom somehow, knew it. Out of the blue, she asked, " Would you like to tie me up, Jim?" I couldn't believe my ears. I was excited but nothing came out of my mouth. Than she said, "I can pretend to be Lois Lane & your a bad guy who captures me." I said, that would be fun....let me see if we have rope in the basement.....to be continued
Thursday, August 1st 2013 - 08:03:05 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@Gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://email for chat/rp
Comments:Hi, all! This is as fresh a story as you could get; my mom just left after a surprise play session. Mom called on her way over to the beach on her off day saying she wanted a quick round before laying out in the sun.

"So, what do you want to do?" I asked.

"Your pick," she deferred. I stood for a few moments and rubbed my chin pensively. Silently, I pointed to my queen sized bed.

"On your back, limbs spread eagle!" I said excitedly. Silently, but with a small, excited smile, she walked over to the bed and flopped down. Now, my bed does not have posts, so I had to get creative. I looped ropes around her ankles and wrists and tied them to the corresponding legs on the bed frame. After securing her, I heard that the neighbors were coming home and inspiration struck me. "Shhh!" I said in a slightly sinister voice. "Wouldn't want them to hear you...hostage," I said, laying it on a bit thick (so she'd get the point) at the end. She snapped into action and began to playfully call for help. I threw my hand over her mouth. Immediately, her lips began vibrating on my palm and it drove me absolutely wild. It felt as though her entire body were behind the moans, and judging by the sudden struggling she was doing, it was! "I can't hold you like this forever..." I said, reaching towards my nightstand for the ball gag in one of its drawers. "Got it!"

"Mmmmpph..." then my hand released. "Help! Helppmmmmhhh!" As the gag was fastened into place. I smiled and proceeded to fake rob my apartment as my quarry struggled on the bed, moaning, begging, and pleading into her ball gag to be let go.

After finishing my "robbery," I pulled up a chair and enjoyed the show and it was nothing less than mesmerizing. The gag? Tight. The ropes? Tight. Her swimsuit? Tight. My pants? Suddenly tight. It was one of the best struggling shows she's ever put on. It was a shame it had to end; hopefully, she can scurry back later this week. As always, I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to hearing from you!
Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 03:53:19 AM
Name: Mark B
Comments:My came to collect me at the railway station having finished my first semester at Uni I was looking forward to christmas with mom. Myfather died when I was young and mom had me at an early age when she was 20 as a matter of fact. So for a 38 year old not being biased but shes a stunner even more so when she collected me from the station. To describe her she was 5' 3", slim yet athletic at 106lbs, 34DD breasts and a brunnette pixie cut hair style my mom was imaculate as ever. She was wearing her grey buisness suit I love so much basically of the skirt being a miniskirt, black sheer pantyhose and black heels.
As well as running her own successful buisness my mom also was quite successful on the distance running scene. Plus we had a good private relationship to which I will explain. After kissing me on the cheek my mom gave me a hug and left for the car to go home. "So mom the two parcels came mom eventually" I said to mom, "yes son, and I don't really mind posing for you mark if helps you in any way" my mom replied. All I could say was "good" as my dastardly plan was moving together. My mom and I have been playing bondage games since I was little as well as moms best friend Becca who is our divoced neighbour but she will be explained later. But as I grew older Idiscovered how sexy my mom is especially since she does and has done some bondage modelling in magazines and on the web. to help my studies I have taken up photography both with girls in glamour shots and bondage. My mom & Becca thinks shes helping me with a glamour shot wearing jackets they will be surprised. Once we got home we parked up had a meal and settled down for the even as Becca who also at 5'4" 116lbs 36C breast athletic and attractive with short blonde hair styled in a bob at 42 god I wanted her, popped round we had a chat over a bottle of wine about tomorrows shoot. Explaining to mom and Becca of the attire thats required Mom Becca all I ask is for both of you to wear these and eithe stillettos or knee boots as I handed the little packets to they both openned revealing two pairs of Wolfords black sheer to waist tights. I reassured them that the jackets will hide their modesty. So that wa it for the night Becca gave me a hug and left after agreeing a 10.30 start. My mom bathed and I set everything up for tomorrow whilst turned in for the night. In my room I unpacked the parcels and there they were, two black leather straitjackets with special grional attachment for both a vibrator and but plug that was already fitted I couldn't wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow came and after breakfast my mom went upstairs and got ready for the shoot, and got everthing rady downstair placing two chairs in the middle of the room cutting seral large strips of microfoam tape to be used as gags and got the jackets ready and hidden to surprise mom and Becca. I thought Mom and Becca are going to cum so often today they won't know whats hit them. Entually at nine mom came down and she looked a knock out black pantyhose sheer to waist six inch heels and imaculately made up I was wanting to jump my own mom. We started to take a few private photos until Becca arrived and by ten I said hey mom try the jacket on but close your eye and hold your hands out infront of you to which mom happily complied until that is when it was on. Moms face was picture of shock and dibelief, "what the fuck" my mom yelled "get me out of this fucking thing Mark, I agreed model for you but not become part of bondage harem I know you fuck your models when they are tied up and gagged" my mom said as I tightly restrained before sealing lips shut with microfoam tape. After taking a few snaps of mom I quickly shoved her into her bedroom as Becca arrived. After taking Beccas coat I said you aaaaaaaaand mom should be sisters dressed sexily in sheer pantyhose and exactly the same stillettos as mom but she will be back shortly. After pulling the same trick with Becca I brought mom back into the room and took more photos of two angry MILFs struggling in bondage their nylon clad legs kicking the air. It was at this point I picked mom up and fasten her crotch rope hard between her legs forcing to shreek into her tape gag more I think of the vibrator and butplug forcing the nylon into her than the strap itself. The same was done for Becca and after binding their ankles I fastened them to chairs taking more photos of them. After putiing the camera away I got the vid camera out mom and Becca looked at each other and then to me as they realised it hooked to the internet and I was skyping o my friends. I showed mom and Becca the remotes and turned them on, The two ladies imediately jolted and screamed into their gags. For the rest of the day they remaind like this. But my reslve broke they were both far to sexy and I had them both with their hands tied behind their backs and gagged forcing the nylon deep into them. When we had breakfast on Sunday mom said "now that you've Becca and me I suspect we are now bondage slaves and part of your bondage harem. What are going to do to us next" Becca and mom smiled
Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 08:16:51 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/RP
Comments:Just found this DB. I've posted a handful of other stories here: http://books.dreambook.com/wwwarmachine/bondagemother.html , so head on over there to read the precursors to this story:

Hi, all. As you'll recall, during my last story, I relayed that mom and I agreed that we'd be doing some roleplay for the first time. So, we decided to incorporate a teacher/student game into our latest tie up session. She had off on the day and I didn't, so despite the age inappropriateness, I played the roll of the teacher. She, in her jeans and t-shirt and flip flops, played the role of the student.

After some awkwardness and some giggling, we started in earnest. As I tried to teach the "class," she would make noise (pop imaginary gum, tap a pencil, etc.).

"Miss ______," I said. "Please stop that." She rolled her eyes and stopped for a few seconds before it started. Soon after her restart, I began to walk around the "classroom" making sure I ended up behind her. Once behind her, I continued teaching my lesson while undoing my tie as stealthily as possible. As soon as it was off, I swiftly reached down and pulled her hands behind her back and tied them in place with my tie.


"I'm sick of your tapping and this extreme measure is certainly warranted." She glared at me and continued to talk 'out of turn' and pop gum that wasn't there. "I can stop your oral distractions if you'd like. I have a new tool for that."

"I dare you!" With that, I moved over to the bedroom and grabbed up my supplies--a ball gag and three lengths of rope. "No! No way! You can't do that!" she protested as I forcefully buckled the ball gag in place. "MMMMPPPPH!" After she was silenced, I removed my tie from her wrists. She tried to reach her hands up to her gag, but I was able to pin them down and get them bound up. The tighter I tied, the harder she fought. To secure her to the chair, I put a second length of rope around her body, tying it to the chair just below her breasts. Finally, I tied her ankles together.

"I guess you're bound to pay attention now, huh, Miss ______?" She gave a frustrated grunt into her gag, which I reinforced with my tie. Sitting across from her, I kept teaching, growing more and more distracted by the second. Her moans danced across the table, blissfully blowing into my ears. Her struggles seemingly sent vibrations through the floor. My tie began to darken as it sopped up the drool from her ball gag....

When our time ran out, I untied her and we agreed that this scenario was worth repeating. "But next time, be...naughtier."

"What do you mean?" Silently, I pointed to her outfit. "Oh...well....we'll see if I can dig something up..." I smiled and told her not to pressure herself, but I know she'll come through....

Until next time, everyone! Please shoot me emails. I love hearing from you!
Monday, June 24th 2013 - 03:46:24 AM
Name: hi
E-mail address: enmadante@yahoo.com
Comments:hi im Jasper im 14 years old and highly interested in bondage, i would love to speak to pepole about it. :)
Friday, June 14th 2013 - 06:50:54 PM
Name: Sandy B
E-mail address: arasandy@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=123725010975374
Comments:I enjoy gagging my mother's mouth while she's sleeping.

I remember last semester how she made me hold my hand over her mouth and tie her to the toilet. I'm fascinated with watching her pretend to be Mrs. Abe Lincoln on the toilet. I call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and she always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. Silly, silly animal that I am, MMMPH!

I kneel... then she pulls the paper out of my mouth. She pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf, then moistens it in her hole. She goes in and out about 20 times really, really fast then shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste.

Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. She's all fucked up, kicking bottles and slicing herself. At one point she pisses on the wall.

Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her. Fuck, it makes us both feel so good.

She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy. Perhaps a guy couple.

Hopefully I'll find one this semester. I'm not wiping this semester so my pheremones kick in.
Thursday, May 30th 2013 - 09:19:51 PM
Name: Sara
Comments:It was summer time, and my girls, 15, 14, 12, wanted to ask some friends for a sleepover, during the week. I thought it might be a good idea, to break the monotony of tv and video games. I allowed them each to invite 2 friends, and I personally talked to each mom, to reassure them and find out about dietary likes or needs, allergies, etc. My husband is an over the road trucker, so during the week was a good time. The girls began arriving before lunch, as expected, and they all were getting along great from the beginning. The first afternoon and evening, I hardly saw any of them unless they were looking for snacks or drinks. I went to bed about 10pm, but they were still going strong. I had some quiet time the next morning before they got up, but by 9:30 all were up and wanting brakfast. I had kind of hoped they would spend most of the day outside, but it was raining pretty hard so they were cooped up inside, and became bored by lunchtime. After lunch, they asked, no, begged me to join in a game and they were son insistent, due to the fact there were 9 girls and what they wanted to do was via teams, and wanted even numbers for the teams. After lunch, which they helped prepare and clean up afterwards, we went to our basement for their game. We each had to draw a card from a special deck, that had 5 red cards Ace thru 5, and 5 black. We each drew a card, and thats when I found out that the black cards were to be tied up by the reds and try to escape. After thye escaped, the blacks were to tie the reds. Sort of a challenge. I drew a red 3, and was relieved that the black 3 was drawn by one of the older girls, a friend of my 14 yr old. I had misgivings about tying up any of them, being an adult, but I had agreed so was bound to keep my word. I tied my opposite up, with ropes that I didn't evn know we had. There ws enough to tie us all at the same time, with leftovers. There was also duct tape. Most of the girls used the tape, but I used rope, and made sure not to tie my target to tightly. She was the first one loose, too. After all the first round were loose, either by their efforts or being released by their captor. My youngest daughter chided me for not tying my target too well or gagging her. Well, now it was my turn to get tied, so I lay on my stomach as requested, with my hands behind me. The girl's name was Karla, and was on most of the freshman sports teams for girls, so she quite athletic and fit. She sat astraddle of my bottom and bound my wrists with palms touching. I must say she did an excellent job, too. I was a little off guard, ad when she asked me to open my mouth, I did, but to ask why. Before I could, tho, she stuffed a rolled up sock, a clean one, in my mouth, then appled about 4 strips of duct tape. Then, she bound my arms til my elbows touched, then bound my legs above my knees and then my ankles in a crossed manner. She finally pulled my ankles to my wrists and tied a lot of rope to fasten ankles to wrists. By now all the others were watching intently as Karla rendered me tompletely helpless. Someone then suggested she blindfold me, and I shook my head but one of my girls came up with a scarf which was bound around my eyes. Karla then said, "done". My oldes said, "okay, mom, try to get loose. If you can't you have to saty tied up for 30 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't escape. After 30 minutes I was released and made a bee-line for the bathroom. When I came out, Karla was sitting on the floor by the door, and she apologized over and over for tying me like she did. Seh explained that she was very competitive, and the only girl in a family of 7 kids. I accepted the apology, and decided to enquire before playing any more games with kids.
Sunday, April 21st 2013 - 05:35:21 PM
Homepage URL: http://SILENCER
Somewhere, a single mother, 44 years old, hears her 22 year old son walk in the door. She knows that she shouldn't be dressed the way she is in front of her son. Cut off jean shorts, bikini top, high heels. But she does it anyway because she likes the effect it has on him. Her son pounces on her. One hand clamps over her pretty mouth. Tightly over her mouth. Tight like a vice. His other hand grabs her throat and squeezes it like a snake. Her sons rock hard cock is pressed against her sexy ass. In a few minutes her son will tie her, gag her and rape her.
Wednesday, September 26th 2012 - 02:03:08 PM
Name: scott lumsden
E-mail address: lummy71@yahoo.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://07818283562
Comments:Hi there I was 14 yrs old my mom and dad had gone on holiday. So I had Jus came home from school and the next door mother came over to check on me. She was 45 yrs old and had a fit body. She was wearing a blouse, black skirt, black tights and black and white high heels. So I said to her come on in. I had forgot that I left my ball gag and rope on the table. She asked me wot I use those things for and I said to tie people up. She said oooo. So I said to her sit on this chair and ill tie u up. She said ok but u have to let me go in an hour. I said ok. So I set up a video recorder. Pressed rec. I said put ur hands behind ur back. I tied them tight to the chair then I tied her ankles together then tied rope from her ankles to her wrists. Then I put the ball gag in her mouth. I then took her high heels off and had a wank til I came all over them. Then I put them back on her feet and left her to struggle for half an hour. Then I untied her and Jus before she left she said hope we can do that again and her keep my high heels so can fill them up with more cum before u tie me up next. This happened every day for two weeks and every day I tied her up in different position. I am now 28 yrs old and I still tie her up from time to time.
Saturday, August 18th 2012 - 03:13:53 PM
Name: Jason
Comments:A strange tale....

It was late at night in the hotel room and there was a knock on the door. As I opened the door, a gorgeous lady with two girlfriends stood in front of me pointing a gun.

They told me to strip and put on the skirt they laid on the bed - which surprisingly was my size. Then they had me put on the boots and blouse.

I was then turned around and tight rope tied my hands together behind me. A gag was forced into my mouth and I was pushed out of the room into the corridor to the lift.

I was "escorted" into the lift and forced to my knees.

They took me to the car, still suitably tied up.

The lead girl then started to shackle my feet and put a hood on me.

Half an hour later, I arrived at the castle and was led hobbling into the lounge. Aunt Mavis and Rachel's mother were there - and I was forced onto my knees in front of her.

"Well done Gemma" her mother said and then I realised that Rachel had another sister.

Yet some time later........

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 06:36:53 AM
Name: Jason
Comments:It was many years ago. I was dating a girl called Rachel and she asked me to go and meet her mother at home (actually it was a scottish castle).

She siad my mother has a hang up about men in kilts, so please can you wear one. And boots too in case we go for a walk.

That evening I came to the castle and was shown up to a room by the maid where the kilt - a black dark tartan lay on the bed with black boots to match.

I dressed into these and went downstairs, where I saw Rachel in a stunning black shirt and red top together with her mother and Aunt Mavis, both suitably dressed and looking stunning.

As I tottered down the stairs - 6 inch heels were what I was used to - Aunt Mavis came up behind me and twisted my right arm behind my back. I bent forward over a table and she grabbed my other arm and it joined the first one behind my back.

Rachel then came along with some rope and tied my wrists together and then my elbows.

I was then frogmarched into the lounge and forced on to my knees in front of her mother.

I was forced to walk on my knees over towards th fireplace where I was pushed on my stomack and my ankles were tied together and then brought up to my wrists and I was left in a hogtie.

Her mother then said: So you think women are the weaker sex do you. Wrong boy. And with that she thrust a ball gag in my mouth.

I was left there squirming trying to escape until I agreed to submit.

They then untied me and we had a great evening together.

Quite an experience .......................

One weekend later, Rachel's mother invited me to a special weekend at what turned out (unbeknown to me) to be a women hunters weekend.

When we arrived, I found myself in the same room as Rachel's beautiful mother. On the bed was one white skirt and a black skirt - in fact each room was so kitted out.

If you wore the white shirt, you were a hunter and if you wore the black skirt you could be hunted.

Rachel'smother insisted in wearing the white skirt so by default I had to wear the black one.

After lunch, we were assigned to our groups and the hunted were given a five minute start to go and hide, after which they were fair game for the hunters.

I went down a corridor and saw a couple of girls in black skirts trying to hide. We got together and decided to go out of the house into the grounds.

However as luck would have it we stumbled across three white skirted Amazons who took off in pursuit.

I was soon brought down and my hands were quickly tied behind my back. A rough gag was placed in my mouth and I was tied neck to neck with one of the other black skirted girls who had also been captured.

We were led off into the courtyard where we were then fastened to poles until supper.

Rachel's mother caught nothing - but she was gald to see me bound to a post so early on - so she could come and tease me.

Sometime later................

One morning, Rachel's mother came down to breakfast and opened the post. Amongst her letters was an invitation for a party

She asked me if I would be her escort to the party that evening. Only stipulation was that I had to wear a skirt.

I went upstairs and put on the red skirt she had laid out.

The maid tied my hands behind my back - as was usual

Strange I thought as we travelled in the taxi - a women's club.

When we arrived, I was taken into a small room where I was searched for contraband. I was then tightly re-bound, ball gagged, blindfolded and returned to my owner - Susie, Rachel's mother.

Hobbling down the corridor - in six inch heeled boots, I was taken to the gym where my hands were released and my blindfold taken off.

"You will be wrestling with Jen this evening" Susie said.

I looked at Jen and realsied this was a mismatch.

She was a gorgeous Amazon, tingling with muscle wearing a short leather skirt - very much like Xena on TV.

I got into the ring rather reluncatntly and heard there were bets on how quickly Jen could tie me up.

I advanced to the centre of the ring and Jen grabbed my outstretched hand and whisked it behind my back. I went forward on my knees and she pushed me to the ground and sat on me.

It was a no contest.

She had rope dangling from her waist and soon had both my wrists tied tightly together behind me and in a flash I was hogtied.

"One minute, ten" said one of the bystanders. "Bit slow by your standards Jen."

I was released and escorted from the ring to the red room

There I was tied up Japanese style.

Jen took the rope, laid it in the middle across my neck, (having first tied a loop off in the middle) and wound it around my arms to my wrists. She then twisted my wrists behind my back and tied them together with the ends of the rope and then connected the rope ends with the loop dangling from the middle of my neck.

I was then led into the main room where I was paraded around and a score was made of the ropework. I noticed a number a girls and crossdressers similarly tied up.

We came last and I found myself released and told that as Jen lost, I could tie her up that evening.

I took her wrists behind her back and tied them tightly - she winced.

I then took her to one of the side rooms and pushed her on the bed and hog tied her. I removed her shoes and tickled her until she submitted.

We had a great night together.

What happened to Rachel's mother? I saw her tied tightly to a pole in the middle of the main hall, with some Amazon torturing her with a feather.

At the end of the evening Rachel's mother was returned to the taxi, hands tied behind her. I was free and so got to escort her into the castle.

Once in the castle, I had my revenge. I took her to her room, ball gagged her and hogtied her - and then had fun.

In the morning I released her.

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 06:36:05 AM
Name: burglar
Comments:hey so my mom's birthday was coming up and i wanted it to make it memorable.so she use to be annoying about my grades in school so i'm going to get payback on her birthday and it was just me and my mom i had no dad.so she came back to the house that day she was,35 years old,she had a great body and she came back wearing her new dress,high heels and nylon's,so i was going to abduct her when she came back home and i had a good oppurtunityto get her because i told her i was going to spend the night with friend.about 5 minutes later i heard the car door slam and i was ready,i put on a ski mask and black clothing on when the door open i grabbed her mouth and said/ "shut up,close the door and show me to your room".i was a tall kid by the way.any way i was carring a bag full of rope,duct tape and other items and i put her on her bed took out rope but,before i got to tie her up she got up and begged me not to do this becuase it was her birth,this what she,said "please sir please don't do this to me take anything you want but don't do this because today it's my birthday" then i told her she i going to have the special treatment.then she turned around kicked of her high heels and i got the rope and tied her up when she was saying thank you.she started to scream so brought out the duct tape and gagged her.then tied her up and said to her "now did you really think i was just going to leave without doing this" then she nodded yes.5 minutes passed i removed her gag and told her it was time for the special part of your birthday.

me:ok lady it's time for the special part of today.
mom:let me go you freaken creep.
me:oh thats not nice.
mom:so is tying me up.
me:why don't you take that back.
mom:make me you bastard!
me:what pretty feet you have.
mom:why thank you,but don't look a my feet please.
me:why,you ticklish?
me:you are because you sound like your lying in front of a burglars face
mom:no i'm not ticklish!
me:ok then let's find out.i'm going to rip your nylons,is that cool?
mom:no and let's not find out
me:to late i'm going to get a chair that way you can sit down and don't have to be hog-tied for a long time.
mom:you son of a bitch it was a birthday gift!
me:all right you ready to be tickled.
mom:no i'm not fucker!
me:you know this is what cost you to be tickled.
mom:no shit!
me:that's it i'm starting!
mom:no please hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
me:so i realised you have a safe,you want tell me the password?
mom:never bitch!
me:oh unwised choice lady.
me:you know what are you going to say your sorry?
mom:yes hahahahahahaha.
me:say it then.
mom:i'm sorry.
me:ok then happy birthday i'll just leave you like thisall tied up and gagged now just hope anybody will save you.

next day later after the ransom

me:mom what happened to you?!
mom:some guy tied me up and tickle tortured my feet.
me:that's not cool here i'll untie you.
mom:thank you son.

i got away with tying up and gagging my mom i'm going to do it next year on her birthday.
Friday, May 18th 2012 - 11:08:45 PM
Name: master
Comments:It was my 21st birthday sometime back and my mom asked how I would like to celebrate it and I asked for a fancy dress party. It turned out to be a party mom won't forget. I got the idea when I was clearing rubbish from the attic and I came across some old photos of mom back in 1988 when she worked as a strippergram and boy she looked hot and has aged. she was dressed as a dominatrix in pvc leotard, fishnet tights and stilletto's. When I showed her the photo she was mildly shocked but pacifying her I suggested, well insisted that she wears that costume for the party and that she invites her friends to the party as well. Mom doesn't know that I for a longtime now have known that she still has the outfit and her kinky sex toys, and also the lads of the soccer team have got the hots for her and her friends and thats how I got the idea. So the day of my party came I and the rest of the lads deliberately dressed in our soccer kit and while mom got ready I hid all 11 lads in the garage for the right time. Mom looked hot at 44 years 5'2" 36dd breasts brunnette shoulder length hair and legs that went for ever all encased fishnet tights and pvc leotard this time with stilletto heeled thigh boots all finished of with makeup that made her look a real dom, boy did she have a surprise coming. The guests that came were all as follows and like mom were all single and divorced.
Helen 35 years 5' blonde short hair, slim, long legs. she was dressed a prince charming all set of with black fishnet tights and knee length boots.
Val was next at 46 years 5'6" long straight black hair and again long legs. She was dressed as Elvira and boy when she sat down you just see under the gussett of her sheer black tights she wasn't wearing panties.
Emma was next at 38 years 5'4" shoulder length black hair and an extremely attractive athletic body. She was dressed in an exact replica Wonder Woman costume with lasso and the shine of her legs showed she was wearing tights.
Pam followed at 49 years standing at 5'5" blonde shoulder length hair and again an attractive body and legs. She was dressed in black rubber dress with a white pinny, sheer black tights and 6" stillettos I she was a maid.
Finally Becca at 42 years 5'4" pert atractive body and short red hair Becca was dressed as a school girl with white blouse, school tie, mini-skirt, black tights and stillettos all set of with freckles paint on her face she looked like she should have been at school.
As the ladies got into the party I went to the garage to get the lads once there we went through the plan. At this time lots had been taken but as captain I had command " our game lads is this it's a sort of musical chairs, Brian, Phil I know you got your eyes on my mom and she has the same for you guys so tonight shes yours. Shes always had something for young big black guys. but when I give the the signal silently take the girls into the living room one at a time agreed and have you got the ropes and gags ready" every body agreed and we all eagerly joined the party. The party was going great and by 10pm the party was in full blast mode drinking ,dancing Helen was well away slapping her thigh with to of the guys and mom was trying to dominate Brian and phil. with one nod the plan fell into place "Mom I need to see you Brian and Phil in the living room" I said and mom fallowed me into the room with Brian and Phil. In the room mom found six dinning room chairs all laid in a circle facing each other and with the heavy curtains closed know one could see in. "Whats this mom asked mulitple chairs Jon" mom asked "sort of mom Biran and phil have volunteered to help you get it started" I replied "enjoy your selves" and left the room with mom looking puzzled and Phil and Brian closing in on mom with rope and tape in there hands mom realised to late that a night in bondage was in store for her friends. 45 minutes later all but Becca had been captured but Becca wouldn't take much handling "were have all the girls gone she aked" to which I replied "they're having a party in the other room lets join them" Standing at 6' it didn't take much for me to drag her into the room for all her martial arts she was helpless. So there we were 10 horny young guys and 6 bound and gagged middle aged but extremely attractive women the games were about to begin. Mom was feisty as hell and she looked the part of a dom still struggling against her bonds Mmpp into her tape gag. "right ladies tonights game is called sex and has we drew lots earlier mom will go first" At this poit Mark handed me moms hitachi vibrator. moms eyes bulged as I held it tight up to her sex and switched it on while she struggled against her orgasm i told her how Brian and Phil wanted her and the fantasies she had about being raped and double penetrated by big black men and this was going to be her night. After I was done Brian picked mom out of her chair still bound and gagged with arms behind her back Brian put mom over his shoulder and carried her struggling body to her bedroom while I started on the others. 1 by 1 they all succombed to the vibrator we were very soon into orgy mode with our ladies still bound and gagged. Pam and Emma were great for their noises under their gags but this was probably due to the nylon of their tights being forced into them. But checking on mom her dom attitude had been well and truly broken now looking the abject slave to which she was by 5am all the girls including my mom had been conquered except all the lads pointed out that I handn't taken the girls Brian presented me with a mask and noted that with the exception of mom the girls hadn't been taken anally. So I surprised all the ladies who truely weren't expecting that. But best of all was mom who was presented to me last and looking at her arse covered with the thong of her leotard and fishnet tights deserved to hard slaps before being mounted. She said she and the girls can't wait for the next party.
Friday, September 16th 2011 - 05:42:25 PM
Name: master
E-mail address: c.diamond@talk21.com
Comments:Mom and I have a fairly open relationship and being a single Mom perhaps gives her no secrets. However I've just turned 21 and my mother a 44 year old looker who could easily pass as my sister, she's 5'2" Tall shapely legs well toned athletic body with well rounded breasts and brunnette short tomboy croped hair with the haughtiness of a manageress that she is. Any how watching people looking at my mom especially in her short skirted buisness suits, tights, heels and boots just got to me and who could blame them. So I made plans for the weekend. I arranged to get some movies and a bottle of wine so we would settle in for the night. After mom had finished work and we had our evening meal I got mom to take a bath while I got the vids ready for the evening. So time passed I Kocked on the bathroom door and shouted "Mom when youv'e finished could you apply some makeup and just come down in your bathrobe as well as the surprises thats on your bed" to which my mom said ok to. My plan was perfect I deposited a packet of sheer to waist tights moms bed and pair of stilletto heeled knee length boots from moms closet also a bullet vibrator that mom doesn't I know about but I took that downstairs. After 20 minutes or so there she was a image of perfection her face well made up but not tarty her body wrapped in a white bathrobe to which when she sat down revealed the black nylon encased thighs with boots finishing of her attire. After she thanked me for the tights and showing them of infront of me sheer to the waist I couldn't help but think of the facy dress party she had arranged for me when she dressed as a school girl. "Before we settle down mom I have a surprise for you that you haven't had since my birthday, now close your eyes and hold out your hands". To this mom happily complied and I quickly placed a set of handcuffs around one moms wrists before forcing her hands behind her back locking the other wrist in place. Moms face was a picture of stunned shock and disbelief before she could say anything I placed a wide piece of microam tape over her mouth to keep her quiet. It was at this point the doorbell, excellent my plan was working I shoved mom into the kitchen and answered the door. It was aunt Carolyn well not an aunt exactly but moms best friend and she was my birthday present dressed also as school girl in black tights and 6" stillettos I'll never have party like that again. But tonight like my mom I asked her to pop over wearing tights boots but a trench coat. Well carolyn at 50 years old and 5'5" blonde hair styled into a bob like mom she looks far younger and once taking her coat I nearly came their and then dressed only in black sheer to waist tights and black stilletto heeled boots. "Were's Paula your'e mom Andrew Carolyn asked as I handed her a spare bathrobe". "Oh she's in the kitchen Carolyn she'll be out in a minute but she asked for us to start the game anyway Carolyn and she'll just join in" I replied and showed her into the living room. Inside I sat Carolyn down and gave her a glass of wine we spoke of the party and how she took my virginty and how we never finished "yes Andrew but I've never tried it before and besides what ever happened to your mom that night we didn't see her for hours and whats the game for tonight" Caroly said. At this point I replied that this was moms idea and that she should explain and proceed to the kitchen and carried mom out over my shoulder dumping her on the sofa before Carolyn could react I quickly grabbed Carolyn before she left room and tied Carolyns wrists behind her back before gagging her with a pair of moms panties and microam tape and taping her legs together I deposited on the sofa next to mom. "Right ladies this is the game tonight I'm finish my present with Auntie Carolyn, mom your going to watch but you'll be happy with the bullet I heard all about the games you played with those black at my party" I said at this both carolyns and my moms eyes bulged open and screamed into their gags more with mom as I showed the vibrating bullet. I ungagged mom and pulled down her tights "Andrew enough is enough let me go now more said "I can't believe" she gasped as I placed the bullet inside and pulled up her tights before stuffing her mouth Carolyns worn panties that she had brought over and taped her knees and ankles. before turning to Carolyn I applied two clothes pegs to moms ample breasts and switching the vibrator on mom really jolted to life with orgasm following orgasm. Carolyn was next I pulled a dinning room chair into the middle of room I then turned Carolyn onto her front and removed her robe retying her wrists behind her back with handcuffs like moms before freeing her legs and dragging to the awaiting removing my shorts I sat on the chair and holding Carolyns slim waist lowered her onto my 6'2" frame she squeeled as she felt the nylon of her tights forced into her and the size of my penis made cum again and again. Know this was an accident Aunt Carolyn was lost in sex Mom was lost in sex anso was I by the time I untied mom and removed the vibrator she removed her bathrobe and promptly handcuffed her wrists behind her back and knelt next to Carolyn by now giggling like school girls under their gags I found myself mounting mom and hearing her squeals she also experienced the nylon of tights inside her and the shock of surprise they both had of anal sex was a picture. The following day mom and Carolyn both explained that when they sex their tights was always ripped open and they never experience bondage but loved it and also they would like to be tied up again but I know mom got tied up on my birthday but is another story and as for sex well thats just our little secret.
Wednesday, September 14th 2011 - 02:38:42 PM
Name: creed237
E-mail address: creed237@ao9l.com
Monday, July 4th 2011 - 06:36:15 PM
Name: Silencer
E-mail address: Adultsubjects@aol.com
Comments:I grabbed my mom's mouth again. I did it in the living room. I just reached over and clamped my hand so tightly over my mom's mouth that her cheeks puffed out. I enjoyed her "mmmppphhh" sounds. I talked her into putting on some super short super tight Daisy Duke short shorts with a pair of high heels. As soon as mom was finished changing, I pounced on her and grabbed her mouth. I lifted her off the ground and laid her on the couch. I rubbed up and down on her sexy body and kissed her after I took my hand off of her mouth. I like it when mom wears short shorts when it's cold. It turns us both on.
Saturday, January 22nd 2011 - 02:16:17 AM
Comments:It's great having your mom live with you, when you, the former child, are now an adult too, and the tables are turned, and now YOU have all the power. I took mom to the movies with me on Saturday night. But I made her wear a VERY short skirt with some SUPER high heels. Reluctantly, she put them on. I took her down to the garage and put her in my car. I tied her hands behind her back and then I tied her ankles together. I buckled her into her seat belt. Safety first! I got in to the drivers seat and started the engine and backed out of the garage. As we drove to the theatre, I slowly ran my hand along my mom's sexy, smooth thigh. "You know, I could scream and get somebody's attention that way", mom said as she struggled in vain to escape the ropes around her slender wrists. "The only attention you'll get, mom, is when everyone at the theatre sees you in that super short skirt that you're wearing in this freezing cold weather, mom", I replied. "Besides, I have the windows closed. Who would hear you even if you did scream, mom?" I saw my mom open her mouth to scream. "HELP! HELP! MY SON IS KIDNAPPING ME! HELP! SOMEBODY -- MMMPPPHHH". My hand was over mom's mouth in a flash. I am an expert at keeping my sexy mom quiet as a mouse by covering her mouth with my hand. Her lips were trying to move under my hand. Her eyes were looking at me from over my hand. Mom's eyes assumed a pleading expression. I parked the car on the roof of the movie theatre's parking garage. As I had expected, we were the only car up there. I parked the car and shut it off. "Are you going to be quiet, mom", I asked as I kept my hand over her mouth. She slowly nodded her head. Just as slowly, I took my hand away from her soft mouth. My mom licked her lips as my hand left her mouth. "Remember, mom. You live with me in MY house. I'M the master and YOU'RE the slave, now." Mom looked at me with her beautiful eyes and nodded. "I guess I sort of have it coming. When you were 17 years old I used to tie you up and put a gag in your mouth. It was the only way I could control you, back then. And I guess I sort of liked tying you up", mom confessed. I interrupted her. "And gagging me too, mom. I saw the look on your face when you put your hands over my mouth. And when you gagged me with your scarves, belts or whatever else was handy. Well guess what. I grew up wanting to tie you up and gag you and make you dress like a slut and be my slave. And now, I'm going to do it." Mom replied, "Does it make me a bad person if I enjoy being tied, gagged and treated like a whore by my own son?" I took my tied up mom on my arms. "No, mom. It makes me love you in a special way that most people can't understand. But you and me are consenting adults, living alone together and what we do is nobody's business." With that, I kissed my mom on the lips more passionately than I had ever kissed my ex-wife or any of my ex-girlfriends. Mom kissed me back with more passion than she had ever given to my dad when they were still married. After a few minutes of the sweetest, warmest and best kisses of our lives, I untied mom's wrists and ankles and we walked into the theatre. Everyone's eyes looked at my still sexy mom as she walked into the theatre wearing a tight, black, SUPER SHORT leather mini-skirt that just BARELY covered her sexy ass.

Monday, January 17th 2011 - 11:56:26 AM
Name: Falco
Comments:Continuation of Unknown's Aunt Pam story (below)

She was in her bikini at the time, of course, and I was getting pretty hard. I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom, where I had my supplies. She sat demurely on my bed as I tied her wrists together behind her tightly with rope, then tied ropes around her torso above and below her 38C tits. I blindfolded her and moved in for a passionate kiss.
"What if the captive aunt were to call for help?" she asked.
"No worries," I assured her, as I stuffed a pair of her panties into her mouth, then used a pair of her pantyhose to tie them in securely. She mmmphed experimentally, then nodded. I could see her nipples were getting erect. I couldn't control myself any longer- I moved in and grabbed her breasts and fondled and squeezed them as I'd been wanting to do. She moaned with pleasure. I hastily removed her bikini, and now I had my aunt, who had been like a mother to me, naked, bound, gagged, and blindfolded, on my bed. I'm sure you all know what happened next, and it was the best sex I'd ever had. She let me keep her tied up all night, and it became a regular thing.
Monday, January 17th 2011 - 03:40:51 AM
Name: Silencer
E-mail address: adultsubjects@aol.com
Comments:My mom is 44 years old. I am 24. When mom got divorced she asked if she could live with me. She was out of work and had no money. I took full advantage of the situation. I told her that if she wanted to live with me then whenever we were home together she would have to wear a pair of cut off short shorts around the house. My mom knew how kinky I was and she had no choice but to agree to my kinky demands. I also told her she had to let me put my hand over her mouth and gag her whenever I wanted to. On Friday night I crept up behind my mom and clamped my hand over her soft, sweet mouth. Mom tried to scream under my hand but no one came to her rescue. I tied her to my bed in a spread eagle fassion. I put my hand tightly over her mouth. We live on a main street. People walked past my bedroom window. None of them suspected that on the other side of the shade my mother was being held prisoner by her own son. I let go of mom's mouth just long enough to kiss her passionately on the mouth. Mom opened her mouth for me... willingly ... hungrily ... wantonly. My tongue probed her throat. Mom moaned with dissapointment as I tied a piece of white cloth between her sexy, pouty lips, My hands probed my mom's sweet, smooth, sexy thighs. Her cloth gag kept her from screaming. After a while I removed her gag and put my rock hard cock into mom's willing mouth. She was nearly strangled by the torrent of cum that ran down her slender throat. I put my hand back over my mom's tender mouth. I wanted to savor the feel of her full lips under my palm. Her sweet breath on my fingers. Her beautiful eyes looking at me, her son, as I gagged her with my hand. I won't let my mom work. I want her as my slave. I want to cover her mouth whenever and wherever I please . I want to tie her slender wrists together, behind her back. I want her to scream in vain through the gags that I force into her sweet and sexy mouth. I want to enjoy the picture that is created by the snow outside and mom's sexy, tender legs inside, as she walks around the house in her tight little cut off short shorts.
Saturday, January 8th 2011 - 01:30:18 AM
Name: Natasha
Comments:Hey all, my names Natasha. I am a 38, single mother with a 14 year old son. Im 5'6, 120lbs, 34C, blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic. Im from Russia, so please excuse my english.

This story happened a few weeks ago, my son Adam was home from school (it was the weekend), and we were watching a movie. There was a scene in the movie were a woman was tied up in her underwear and it caught our attention. Adam asked me what it was like to be tied up and asked if he could tie me up. I told him that we could try it. He asked where to start, so I went to the basement and found some coils of rope and a roll of duct tape. I came back upstairs and Adam was waiting for me. At the time I was wearing a black sweater and bra, jeans, a black thong, and black knee high boots (4in heels I think). Adam looked at me a second before asking if he could tie me up in my underwear, like the woman in the movie. Thinking it over for a minute, I said sure, but we would stop if I wanted to. I stripped off my boots, sweater and jeans, but Adam said he wanted me to wear the boots (I think he has a thing for them). I slipped them back on and we started.

He started by pulling my hands behind my back and tightly tieing them palm to palm. I told him to tie my elbows together, and he looped a strand around and cinched it tight. I took gymnastics so I got them to touch. He helped me to the floor and quickly tied my ankles to my thighs, left ankle to left tight, right to right. (I think he had learned about bondage before tieing me up). He tied a connecting cord from my ankles to my wrists, hogtying and frogtying me. He ripped off a piece of duct tape and taped my mouth shut.I looked up at him and started to squirm a little bit.

I am sorry, but I have to go. I will post some more later.

Wednesday, November 17th 2010 - 12:30:08 PM
Name: Kinky Son
Comments:When I first tied up my mom, I was 14. I wasn't very imaginative at first. I just tied some loose pieces of clothesline around her wrists. I tied her hands in front of her. It was just mom and me living alome. Maybe that's why our "tie up games" didn't stop as I got older. Instead, they got more and more elaborate ... and some might say ... a little more sinister. As I went through high school my mom supported us both. Like a lot of single moms she worked as a waitress. After a few month's on that job, mom noticed that if she wore a shorter skirt, her tip money would increase. I couldn't help staring at my mom! My mom was and still is a beautiful woman. She had long, black hair, even longer legs and wonderful, round breasts. I used to tease her about what might happen if somebody ever robbed the restaurant while she was working. That's when I started tying my mom up with stronger rope, better knots, and for the very first time ... a gag. It was a white cloth that I tied over mom's mouth. Mom was wearing black high heels, a VERY short black skirt and an EXTREMELY low cut green top. I gave mom some bullshit excuse about how she should practice trying to escape the ropes just in case robbers tied her up. For the next hour, I watched my mom struggle against the ropes and "mmmppphhh" under her gag as I watched transfixed. When I released her, mom told me that she knew that I liked tying and gagging her and it was all right because she liked being tied and gagged by me. Mom did stress that none of our relatives, friends, or neighbors should ever find out. Now, I am in my 20's and my mom is in her 50's and she now owns the restaurant that she used to work at. Our bondage games have progressed to. Tonight, we went out for a while. When we came home, I quickly and easily stripped off her clothes. In a matter of minutes, I had my nude mom tied up in a "hog-tie" on our living room floor. I shoved a "ball-gag" into her mouth and proceeded to probe every inch of her smooth skin as she made muffled sounds under the ball gag. Please keep checking this site for another post.
Saturday, September 18th 2010 - 02:46:06 AM
Name: june
Comments:well Tim, why don't you write something?
Thursday, September 2nd 2010 - 06:31:43 AM
Name: Angela
Homepage URL: http://angela.delhi@gmail.com
Comments:hi i am a divorced mom ....my son aged 16 is a bondage fan and wanted to tie me up and gag me....i would be grateful if any mom or anyone suggests what to do...send the suggestion at my e-mail address
Saturday, July 3rd 2010 - 09:57:58 AM
Name: Tim
Comments:Well another dreambook bites the dust. Every dreambook apparently is dead.
Friday, June 4th 2010 - 02:02:09 PM
Name: JT
Comments:My mom was in the back yard laying out when me and my friends came home. She was wearing a black bikini and my friends had to comment to me how good she looked. My mom has blonde hair and a great figure. I have put pictures of her on my space of us at the lake or by the pool in her bikini, and some of my friends like to comment on what they would like to do to her. We had been playing poker all night and I lost some money to my friends. One of my friends offered to give me all my money back, but he wanted something in return. My mom! He told me that he just wanted to grab her and tie her up. My other friend got really excited and said we could pretend to abduct her.
I said that as long as they let me watch from a distance and did not harm her in any way, I would say OK. We went to the gargage to get some duct tape. They came up behind her and one of them put is hand over her mouth and the other one around her waist, rubbing her belly and belly button. The other started to tie her hands behind her back and tie her feet. Within seconds they had her tied up and gagged, she looked terrified as she screamed into the gag. As they carried her inside, I had to wonder if they had done this before, and what they were going to do to her.
Monday, April 5th 2010 - 07:46:53 AM
Name: Mama's boy
Comments:I tie Mom's hands tightly behind her back. Next, I tie her sexy, smooth legs together. Now, I tie her hands and feet together in a hog tie. Next, I tie a rope around her throat. I tie the other end to the hog tie rope. Mom tries to free herself but quickly realizes she will choke herself if she struggles. I put my hand over my Mom's mouth and enjoy the delicious feeling of her lips trying to move underneath my palm. I savor the wonderful sound of muffled screams. After a while, I force a black ball gag into my Mom's mouth and tie it tightly behind her head. I fondle Mom's bikini-clad body as she screams underneath her gag.
Wednesday, March 17th 2010 - 08:41:46 AM
Name: Pissed off
Comments:I come home late. For the 50th time I hear those two lovable bitches scheeming ; My mother and mother in law.
The topic not relevant- the point is they both ask my descisions and then change the plans, undermining my authority.

While they sit around talking behind my back; Early fifties,
Mom wearing a yellow houserobe, old yellow slippers, Mom-in-law wearing short shorts- her saggy yet shaply ass cheeks hanging out, her little dirty bare feet mocking my clean floor.

Blah Blah Blah- time to shut them up!

I pounce on Mom'n law! Bind her wrists quick as my mom watches in shock. Mom'nlaw tries to run her mouth- I
sit on the couch, pull her by the hair, forcing her across
my lap ! I slap her ass! again! again! I force a ballgag into that flapping mouth of hers!!

" I knew she'd go too far one day!" My mom nervously says to me.

I grab mom by the back of her robe- it rips off, leaving
her with only her yellow panties, her bare boobs jiggle as she gasps! I toss my now docile mom'n law on the far end of the couch- " C'mere, mom"

I firmly pull mom across my knee and start spanking her bottom! 'Move your hands, mom" She moves them- I
spank her five times then use her torn robe to bind her
wrists behind her. I use the waist tie to gag her.

Now I hang each mom over the back of the couch, face down.
ASS UP! I tickle mom about her hips , thighs and feet while
I slap mom'n law about her fat ass!


Mom" HNN- HNN- HNN! she laughs!

mom'nlaw " UHN!! snort! NNNUHHHH! She sobs!

This goes on for five minutes!

Next, I put mom'n law's dirty little feet in my lap, soles up and I tickle between her toes.


Next I pulled down shorts and panties and I grabbed a
featherduster and gently tickled the two bare, sore, tender bottoms of my moms!

You should have heard the giggle's and coo's that came out of those two lovable bitches!

I never heard them talk crap about me again...
Sunday, February 14th 2010 - 03:21:48 AM
Name: Pissed off
Comments:I come home late. For the 50th time I hear those two lovable bitches scheeming ; My mother and mother in law.
The topic not relevant- the point is they both ask my descisions and then change the plans, undermining my authority.

While they sit around talking behind my back; Early fifties,
Mom wearing a yellow houserobe, old yellow slippers, Mom-in-law wearing short shorts- her saggy yet shaply ass cheeks hanging out, her little dirty bare feet mocking my clean floor.

Blah Blah Blah- time to shut them up!

I pounce on Mom'n law! Bind her wrists quick as my mom watches in shock. Mom'nlaw tries to run her mouth- I
sit on the couch, pull her by the hair, forcing her across
my lap ! I slap her ass! again! again! I force a ballgag into that flapping mouth of hers!!

" I knew she'd go too far one day!" My mom nervously says to me.

I grab mom by the back of her robe- it rips off, leaving
her with only her yellow panties, her bare boobs jiggle as she gasps! I toss my now docile mom'n law on the far end of the couch- " C'mere, mom"

I firmly pull mom across my knee and start spanking her bottom! 'Move your hands, mom" She moves them- I
spank her five times then use her torn robe to bind her
wrists behind her. I use the waist tie to gag her.

Now I hang each mom over the back of the couch, face down.
ASS UP! I tickle mom about her hips , thighs and feet while
I slap mom'n law about her fat ass!


Mom" HNN- HNN- HNN! she laughs!

mom'nlaw " UHN!! snort! NNNUHHHH! She sobs!

This goes on for five minutes!

Next, I put mom'n law's dirty little feet in my lap, soles up and I tickle between her toes.


Next I pulled down shorts and panties and I grabbed a
featherduster and gently tickled the two bare, sore, tender bottoms of my moms!

You should have heard the giggle's and coo's that came out of those two lovable bitches!

I never heard them talk crap about me again...
Sunday, February 14th 2010 - 03:20:00 AM
Name: henry
E-mail address: henry@hotmail.com
Wednesday, August 5th 2009 - 11:50:45 AM
Name: naughty boy
Comments:Mom is in her bedroom. She parades around in her tight red lingerie that shows off her busty DD breasts. Her son watches from behind her bathroom door hidden from view, nowhere near the summer camp he is supposed to be at. He silently creeps out behind her as his mother pauses to look in the mirror. He snakes one arm around her waste as he muffles her screams with his other hand and pulls her to the bed. Quickly he replaces his hand with a thick black scarf and ties her arms behind her back with rope making her boobs stick out even farther. Her muffled pleas are not heard as her son starts to fondle her beautiful breasts and pulls her underwire down to reveal her hardening tits! After relentlessly groping her cleavage he moves south to discover a growing wet spot in her crouch! as punishment he turns her on her belly and spanks her til her sexy rear is red. Her muffled cries turn to pleasure as he gives her a second groping of her sexily erect tits! he removes her gag and kisses her as he moves his hands all over her curvy body! he replaces the gag and pulls himself away only to unbutton her hot lingerie and pull it away completely exposing her smooth tan body! he removes his own clothing b4 resuming his exploration of her buxom curves! he removes her scarf once more to insert his own erection! he is now moaning as she fulfills his needs! however after this blowjob he shoves his own wet boxers in her mouth and seals it off with several thick strips of duct tape!!! more rope is added to her ankles, knees, and elbows and her wrists tied to a bedpost to prevent escape. her son leaves her to regain strength. she prepares herself 4 the next session which she is sure will be soon!!
Wednesday, July 29th 2009 - 12:33:01 AM
Name: John Davis
E-mail address: jonnyroper@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/johdav21/handgaggedmoms.html
Comments:Hi All

Check out my new dreambook.It's for stories about mothers (or daughters) being handgagged and/or tied up in games or real life happenings.

Cheers John
Monday, January 12th 2009 - 07:53:15 AM
Name: Tedybare
E-mail address: tedybare2002@yahoo.com
Comments:I'd like to tell you about the dangers of being exposed to bondage at an early age.
Years ago, when I was 16, after my father died my mom got me to tie her up and gag her every Friday night. It was a sort of continuation of a habit they had since they were married. It turned out that was the only way she ever could ever have an orgasm because her first one as a teenager was when she was tied up and gagged by her father as a punishment for not doing her homework. It is often first experiences of sex that set the tone for the rest of your life.
She would always be wearing a white rubber open bottom girdle holding up her black seamed stockings on her shapely slightly plump legs and a large white satin bra to cover her 40DD breasts. Six inch glossy black spiked heels would complete her outfit making her legs look particularly shapely.
She was as taller as me in her high heels (6ft 3ins) and it was lucky she was always the instigator as I would have had no way of overcoming her if she didn't want to be tied up.
First she would get me to strap on her harness ball gag, a red rubber ball nearly three inches in diameter attached to thin soft leather straps but luckily her mouth was very big and she could take it. Then I would blindfold her with white surgical adhesive tape.
After using thin white cotton rope to tie her wrists crossed behind her back, elbows to her sides, thighs, knees and ankles parallel together, I would leave a vibrator inserted up under the lower rim of her girdle and have to pull up a chair to watch her for the hour in case she choked on her gag or got into difficulties.
As she could not see me, I developed the habit of relieving myself while she was pleasuring herself which resulted in me having this dreadful bondage habit that I now can't shake.
One fateful day I stripped and climbed on top of my mom and ejaculated against her inner upper legs. From then on she made me do this every Friday until I was 20 and moved away.

It turns out she then became possessive of me and didn't want me to leave her and pal up with any girlfriend so she made tie her up and me cum on her every night so I wouldn't have enough energy to seek another girl my own age!

I now can't reach a climax unless the girl under me is wearing a girdle and bra and high heels and tied up and gagged like my mom was.
I wish there was someone who could help me back to being normal?
Sunday, August 17th 2008 - 04:23:43 PM
Comments:Mom is on the patio. I creep up to the sliding glass door. Mom doesn't notice. She's too busy reading her gossip magazines. Too busy working on her tan. Too busy parading around in her bright red bikini to notice me. Mom's chair is just in front of the sliding glass door. I slide the door open. The moment of truth! My arm circles around Mom's slender waist. She opens her mouth to scream. I clamp my hand tightly over her mouth. I pull her into the kitchen and shut the door. I drag my Mom down the stairs into the basement. In a matter of moments, I have her tied, spreadeagled and helpless to my worktable. I let her scream as I run my hands over her legs. I kiss Mom forcibly on her mouth. She tries to scream. Enough screaming. My hand covers her mouth, once again.
Sunday, June 22nd 2008 - 02:13:28 AM
Name: Withheld.
Comments:I sneak up on Mom. She is doing her workout routine. Mom is wearing a one piece body suit. She has asked me to surprise her the way a burglar would. I'm happy to indulge her fantsy. I pounce on her. Mom starts to scream. My hand clamps tightly over her mouth and keeps her silent. Mom pretends to struggle. I tie her wrists behind her back. Next I tie her sexy legs together. As a reward for being such a good fantasy burglar Mom allows me to stroke her sexy smooth tighs. I put a cloth gag in her mouth so I have two hands free to caress her and keep her quiet.
Sunday, July 1st 2007 - 02:00:16 AM
Name: Bondage boy.
Comments:It was late. Mom And I were talking about the things that turned us on. I always got a hard on when the subject matter turned racy like that. There was nothing we didn't talk about. Mom had discovered my bondage videos while cleaning my room. She asked me if I wanted to try that stuff on a real girl. I told her that I was turned on more by the gags that were put over the girl's mouth's than I was by the ropes. Mom asked me to demonstrate on her! Without wasting any time at all, I told Mom to stand up. Mom was wearing short, tight, red and white striped short shorts and a black halter top. I clamped one arm around my Mom's slender waist. I clamped the other hand tightly over my Mom's mouth. I dragged Mom down the hallway to the bathroom where a supply of clean wash cloths could be found. I took my hand off of Mom's mouth and immediately forced a small white wash cloth between her sexy lips. I asked Mom if she was enjoying this as much as I was. Mom nodded her head, "yes", with enthusiasm. Next, i took my Mom to my room where I pulled her gag out. Mom surprised me by giving me a sexy kiss on the lips that lasted for several minutes. Mom reassured me that since we were both consenting adults, what were doing was not wrong. Next, I gagged my mom with some silver duct tape. Next, I taped Mom's wrists together. Then, I got busy massaging Mom's sexy, smooth legs.
Saturday, March 10th 2007 - 12:05:59 AM
Name: Mom's son.
Comments:I've had fantasies about being alone in the house with mom. The whole family is out somewhere. We're all alone. Mom has on a tank top and short shorts. I grab her and sit her down on a chair in the kitchen. I tie her hands behind her back. Then I tie her feet together. I cover her mouth with one hand. I stroke her legs with the other. There's never any sex in this fantasy other than me jerking off while my mom is tied up in front of me. A neighbor comes to the door. Mom tries to call for help but I just cover her mouth tighter.
Saturday, September 9th 2006 - 01:21:28 AM
Name: Unknown.
Comments:Mother relaxes on her backyard deck in her black bikini. Her son creeps up behind her and puts his hand over her mouth. Mother's screams are muffled as her son walks her back into the house. Her son takes his hand off her mouth and replaces it with a white cloth. The son ties his mother's wrists behind her back with a short length of rope which causes her breasts to thrust forward. Her son slowly strokes his mom's breasts causing her to moan with muffled pleasure. The son sits mom down in a kitchen chair. He strokes her thighs gently. His mother is tightly gagged and cannot protest even if she wanted to which she most definitely does not.
Saturday, July 8th 2006 - 10:27:16 AM
Name: Dawn
Comments:Pam is 45 years old, blonde,tanned,trim,about 115 pounds. She has been having fantasies about being bound and gagged. Her son, Paul, is 23 years old, well built, and can't keep his eyes off of his mom. Coincidentally, he has been having fantasies about doing some binding and gagging. They talk about everything to each other so now, they know about each others respective fantasies. Tonight, they are watching TV in the family room. His mom is wearing the swimsuit that she was sunning in, all that day. Her son is pretending to concentrate on the TV but he is really watching his mother's beautiful crossed legs. They are filling him with excitment. He has been searching for the courage to bind and gag his mother and hopefully both of their fantasies will be realized. He doesn't know for sure, how she'll react but he's willing to find out. The movie they are watching has a kidnapping scene in which a women is walking down the street when a man comes up behind her and clamps his hand over her mouth. As the scene comes up he sees his mother's reaction. She is obviously aroused. He makes his move. "I can see your enjoying that scene, mom", he says. She looks at him. "You know that I am", she admits. He goes for it. "Maybe I'll kidnap you like that, sometime". "Promises, promises", says his mom. She gets up to get herself a drink. Her back is turned. Her son races up behind her. His left arm goes around her slender waist. His right hand clamps over her pretty mouth. "Mmmppphhh", is all his mom can say. He whispers in her ear, "Don't fight this mom. This is something we have both wanted for a long time. You know it. I know it."
She relaxes her beautiful body and lets her son lead her back to the couch. She surrenders to the passion that her son has stirred up within her. Her tongue begins to slowly lick the palm of her son's hand as he keeps that hand tightly over her mouth.
Thursday, June 22nd 2006 - 04:13:11 AM
Name: Chris
Comments:I was 16 and spending summer vacation with my Aunt Linda, Aunt Linda was 45 years old and about 5 foot 4 inches tall, weighing around 145 lbs I would guess, with c or d breasts, they were quite large and still really perky for a 45 year old. I was embarrassed at the time but I was attracted to and had a crush on my aunt. In time I would embrace that however. She always complained how this 30 year old guy named brad at work loved her and wanted to take her out and it bothered her, so other people thought she was attractive also. The first week I was there she grounded me. The second week I was there she made me do a million chores and acted like I was a 2 year old. I was grounded the third week and was just sick of it. So on a thursday night when she would get back from work I was going to straighten it out. I had it all planned. She walked in the front door, she was dressed up nicely in a black knee high skirt, a white blouse and black pantyhose with black heels. She set her bag down. And she walked down the hall. I came from behind her and tackled her. I hand gagged her and said I was going to tie her up. She could do this the easy way or the hard way. She chose the hard way. She tried to bite me so I tackled her. I had my rope ready. I bound her wrists and hauled her to the bedroom. There I had ropes already tied to bed posts. I wrestled her to the bed and tied her spread eagle to the bed. I struggled a bit then I got her tied very tight. She was demanding I release her. So I grabbed my ball-gag that I got off of a friend. It was black with a black strap, I shoved it in her mouth then lifter her head and buckled it. She was pulling at her bonds. I told her I was going to leave her to think a little bit about how she has treated me. I looked at her and since her legs were spread, her skirt was raised and I could barely see the crotch panel in her hose. I winked at her, I lit some candles and then shut off the lights. I left her there until 9. It was three hours. I came in with a bag full of my goodies. I turned the lights on. She had been sleeping. I told her that she was going to deeply regret grounding me. I told her that for this next series of activities I would need to make sure the bondage was secure. I retightened the four ropes and then I added some. I tied a rope to her knee and tied it under the bed. I did the same to the other knee and then to both ther elbows. She looked a little uncomfortable but not bad. ANd completely immobile. I then started to tickle her armpits through her shirt, she giggled a little bit, but then i moved to her sides, but she was not very ticklish, so I then proceeded to take off her right shoe. Her pantyhose covered foot was gorgeous. I stroked it and kissed it, then I began to tickle it. She could not take it at all. I tickled and tickled at one point non-stop for a full 5 minutes, then I did it off and on for 10 minutes. Then to end I did it constantly, she was laughing and struggling but there was no escape, then I realized that she pee'd herself. I stopped tickling her, I told her she was a bad girl to wet the bed. I said that she needed punished. I leaned over the bed and began to unbutton her blouse. She was very sweaty from all the tickling. She made her objections unclearly known through the gag. I then showed off her white bra and unhooked it from the front. I spread it out and revealed her large beautiful breasts. She was pulling at her ropes when I did this. but no luck, she was not going anywhere. I then took some of my clothes pins from my bag. I then began on the left breasts. I would pinch a small flab of skin and clamp a pin on it. I did this on both breasts half-way around. She would wince every time I did it. Her hands were shaking with pain. I then took two wooden mouse traps. I pulled them back and then set them gently on each of her nipples. Linda was making a very high pitched squeal through the gag. Tears were coming down her face. I would move the mouse traps around from time to time. then I left the room again for an hour until 1030 at night. Then I came in and moved all the clamps to ensure they were on there. She moaned again. Then I took the candles I lit earlier and brought one by the bed. SHe looked at me kind of puzzled. Then I spilled some of wax on her chest. She screamed. I did this a few more times. I told her then she was getting a spanking for each scream. But that could not stop her from crying out. So I undid the clamps and untied her she tried to fight me but I just over powered her and flipped her over on my lap. I began to smack her ass hard. I did it a good 15 times. She was crying a lot. I then layed her on her bed. She was clearly tired. I took some rope and tied her wrists to the head board. I then Let her go to sleep. Then at 4 in the morning I woke her up. time to go to work I said. She looked puzzled. I then untied her and told her that if she tried to get away while I dressed her, she would think last night was pleasurable. then I took her to her bathroom. I stripped off all her clothes, Then I gave her a bath and shaved her legs and I actually did her hair. Then I put on her a lingerie set I found in a bag in the closet. IT was a red lace corset, a red lace panty with black stockings. Then I added a knee length flowery silky skirt and a dark red blouse. I then grabbed some black heels and I then tied her up and gagged her after we did her make-up. It was now 5 and she didn't have to be at work until 8. I put her in the trunk and drove her to her office, thankfully I had just gotten my license at 16. I then drove behind her office. I used her key to get in the back door. I walked her to her office. I shut the door and turned on the lights. I then took out the cleave gag and put the ball-gag in. I then cleared off her desk and sat her down on the edge.From there I tied her ankles to the legs of the desk, then I layed her back and tied ropes to her wrists and then ran them to the other end of the desk. She was secured down. I then cut off her blouse and skirt. Then i printed off something on her computer. She was looking at me weird. I then cut off her panty and stuck her clothes in my bag. Then I held my print off in front of Aunt Linda, The note read this, Dear Brad, I have always adored you from a distance, afraid to get to close, now I have given in and we shall get no closer. come see me at 7:30 in my office.
The note was perfect, she screamed in her gag. I took that note and left it on Brads door, the guy that has a crush on her. then I took another note and taped it to my aunts stomach saying. Keep me subdued until you are satisfied. She was horrified. I knew that Brad was the guy who opened the insurance office so he got there a while earlier than the rest. I blindfolded my aunt, and grabbed my bag and went home......
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