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Roll playing games of forced bondage and sex


This site is for sharing stories of adult roll playing games that involve forced bondage and some times sex or the fantasies you're too scared to live out! You may tell the story from the perspective of a character in the game such as the victim,intruder,rapist,ect.Please remeber these are only fantasies.

My name is Jack and I work for a profesional dungeon were people pay us to tie them up or some times we let them tie some one up.We provide an out call service called Home Invasion For people who want there fantasies to seem a litle more real.Often people want sex as part of the game. Like with escort services this is not what you pay for but when the job is done if two adults decide to have sex thats there buisness.Through this job I have many great stories to share that don't belong on other web sites similar to this one. I will be putting my stories here over time. Feel free to add yours if you wish.

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Title: Home Invasion, Chap. 4
Comments:Red puts the TV down and heads over to the sofa to check
out my captive, ‘our’ captive, I mean. Fuck,just because
it’s me who tied her up and gagged her doesn’t make
her ‘mine, her ass belongs to all three of us, just like
her mom, and all three of us get to fuck them. Well, not
really the three of us, just me and Red. Jerry can’t get
it up when it comes down to actually letting ‘em have it
but still, he gets to lube up their holes which is
something he likes to do and he gets to watch and jack off
while they’re getting serviced. I dunno why I got started
on this but I just wanted to get it straight for the
record. Anyway Red goes over and takes a look at Beth.
She’s kneeling bound and gagged by the sofa, she hadn’t
budged an inch from where I’d left her. That’s not too
surprising. It’s kinda tough to get very far when you’re
shoved face down on a couch with your knees on the floor,
your hands tied behind your back and your legs pulled up in
back and roped, ankles to thighs. Beth wasn’t even
struggling any more, just sobbing nicely into her gag. Red
looks at her tightly taped wrists and gives them a friendly
pat, then he squats down and runs his hand casually up her
trim calves and examines her leg bindings. He fingers the
taut ropes at her ankles and the deep ridges where the
ankle binds are biting into the sensitive flesh at the
front of her thighs. ‘Nice,’ he says to me, ‘nice
catch.’ ‘I know,’ I tell him. ‘Yeah,’ he says, ‘and you got
her trussed up good and tight. Frogtied, huh? Any special
reason?’ ‘Sure,’ I tell him, ‘she’s being punished. She got
a little too feisty so I figure I’d let her suffer for a
while.’ ‘Is that a fact?’ he says to the bound and gagged
girl, ‘got a little feisty? I bet those ropes are teaching
you a lesson. How about it? You gonna be a good girl from
now on?’ The bound girl sobs and nods her head
slightly. ‘Good,’ Red tells her, ‘just hang in there for
now, you’re looking great. Lemme see, what do I like here?
Hey, I like your ass for starters.’ He runs his hand over
Beth’s butt, fingers the hem of her shorts, and slips his
hand in between her legs. ‘I don’t just like your ass,
sweetheart, I love your ass. Nice and firm and ready for
fucking. Ever been buttfucked, Beth?’ The girl lets out a
muffled sob and shakes her head. ‘No?’ Red says in mock
surprise, ‘well, you’re gonna like it, I can tell.’ More
sobbing noises come out from under the tight gag. ‘And I
like those cute little shorts, Beth,’ he goes
on, ‘especially the way you’ve got ‘em on, hiked up nice
and high on your ass. Is that how you like to wear em?’ The
girl shakes her head vigorously, ‘mmmpph, mmmpph’ she
goes. ‘No?’ Red says, ‘how’d they get that way then? And
your tits, how come they’re all naked like that and getting
me all hot and horny just looking at ‘em. Lemme check ‘em
out.’ He squats down behind her, reaches under her and
kneads her breasts, ignoring Beth’s gag-muted squeals of
protest. ‘Nice jugs too,’ he comments. He pulls her head up
and takes a good long look at her face. The bound girl’s
eyes are wet from crying and she’s got that pleading ‘why
are you doing this to me’ look in them. Red touches her gag
and puts his finger across his lips and winks at
her. ‘Shhh’ he says. He likes to do pull that stunt on
victims, just to rub it in that they’re gagged. Like they
didn’t know it already. ‘Jerry was right,’ he says to
me, ‘cute face, nice tits, great ass. She’s hot all right.
Give her her T&L yet?’ ‘Just the fuckhole,’ I tell him, ‘I
left the other one for you. I figured you’d want to do it
yourself. I fingered it a little just to let her know I
cared but I didn’t go in. Anyhow, it was pretty fucking
tight. You’ll see for yourself. Greasing it ain’t gonna be
enough. That hole needs a good hard stretching before it’s
ready for fucking.’ While I’m talking, Red keeps staring at
her butt, running his finger up and down the narrow
crotchband of her shorts that had wedged itself inside her
ass, a taut band of pleated fabric that was trying to do a
job it just wasn’t cut out for. Tufts of cunt hair peeked
out from behind it and further up you couldn’t miss the
tumescent swell of the cunt lips pressing up against the
cloth. Red reaches out and eases the girl’s shorts down an
inch or two to loosen them up, then slips the crotchband
over to one side, uncovering her cute little openings. He
looks up at me with surprise. ‘No underwear?’ he asks me. I
shrug. ‘Kind of looks that way, don’t it?’ I tell him. Red
shakes his head in mock dismay while he carefully examines
the bound girl’s butthole. He fingers it gently, running
his third finger slowly around the edge of the tightly
puckered little hole. ‘Nice,’ he says, ‘what happened to
her panties? She wasn’t wearing any or you took ‘em
off?’ ‘Number two,’ I tell him, ‘she had a thong on under
her shorts. It smelled pretty raunchy, kind of unsanitary,
like she’d been wearing it too long. I figured she was
better off with it inside her mouth.’ Red chuckles
quietly, ‘do me a favor, hold her down for a minute,’ he
says to me. I give the back of Beth’s head a good hard
shove to grind her face down on the sofa and I hold it
there, pinned down hard, while Red gets set to give her her
T&L. With the girl sobbing and trembling while I’m holding
her down, Red centers his third finger on her butthole and
rams it in good and hard, a quick penetrating thrust
through the sphincter that jams his finger all the way up
her butthole. He’s frowning with concentration as he feels
her up, keeping her tight little ass skewered on his finger
for at least a minute while she’s thrashing around under
me, sobbing and whimpering. With his finger still inside
her, he says to me, ‘You said you checked her fuckhole,
right? And?’ ‘It’s good,’ I tell him, ‘the fuckhole’s good.
Nice and tight with plenty of stretch. Good grip. But she
won’t lubricate on her own. I fingered her clit to see if I
could get her to cream but it was no dice. She’ll be OK,
though, once Jerry gets her good and slicked up.’ Red
finishes his inspection. Still frowning, he pulls his
finger out of the bound girl’s ass and wipes it off on the
sofa. ‘Too fucking tight,’ he says to me, ‘just like her
mom, what’s her name, Holly. I checked out her butthole
upstairs and it was just the same, tight as a drum, like
she’s never been fucked up the ass in her whole life. I bet
it runs in the family. Do you know if we packed the
plugs?’ ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘they’re in the car. In the glove
compartment.’ ‘Yeah, well I’m gonna go get a couple. One
for each of them.’ ‘Bring the lube tube too,’ I tell
him. ‘Yeah, sure,’ he says, ‘I told Jerry to go get it but
it looks like he’s taking his time up there. He can be a
real prick sometimes, I mean about the gag. And not even an
ankle hobble on the bitch. Anything else you want me to get
from the car?’ ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘get the camcorder. It’d be
nice to take some pictures, maybe a little video.’ ‘Sure
thing,’ he says, ‘we can tape the two of them while they’re
getting their plugs shoved up their asses and crotchroped
in. Tell you what. Set ‘em up so they can both see each
other getting their plugs fitted. It ought to be more fun
that way.’ ‘They’ll both get pretty frisky,’ I tell
him, ‘Oh yeah?’ Red says, ‘not if they’re hogtied. Hey,
talk about the devil, here’s Jerry and Mom!’ And sure
enough, there’s Jerry coming down the stairs herding the
Holly woman in front of him, hands bound, stripped to her
panties and sporting a tight heavy-duty tape gag like I’d
never seen Jerry use on a victim before. He’d wrapped the
tape across her mouth and around her head so many times
that her mouth was strapped up tighter than a mummy’s ass.
From the way her cheeks bulged out over the tape strapping
I could tell he’d packed her mouth pretty tight, probably
with some of her underwear he’d picked up from her room
upstairs. And for a final touch, she had her shorts cut and
tugged up inside out around her waist. The bitch was beet
red with embarrassment at the way she was being marched
down the stairs in her underwear with her shorts yanked up
inside out, her hands bound and her mouth strapped up, with
me and Red staring at her. Not to mention Beth who’s
twisting her head around on the sofa and staring bug-eyed
at her mom with tears running down her face. Right off the
bat, the bitch’s eyes home in on her daughter and she
starts mmmpphing and grunting desperately through her gag.
I pick up some rope from the floor and walk over to where
she’s standing at the foot of the stairs with Jerry
gripping her arm. I tell her to shut the fuck up. ‘Your
daughter’s OK,’ I tell her. ‘Nobody’s fucked her yet. We’ve
been waiting for you. Now get your ass down on the floor,
face down on the floor, move it.’ The bitch starts shaking
her head violently and thrusting it toward Beth, grunting
and mmmpphing through her gag like she wanted to tell me
something. ‘Mmmpph, mmpmph,’ she goes insistently. ‘What
the fuck’s wrong,’ I tell her, ‘you wanna say hello to
Beth? Is that it?’ ‘Mmmpph,’ she goes again, nodding her
head vigorously. I figure what the fuck, it can’t do any
harm, might even be fun. I drop the rope. ‘Let her go,’ I
tell Jerry, and he shrugs and lets go of her elbow. Holly’s
off like a flash, she doesn’t just walk, she literally
sprints over to the sofa. I get a kick out of watching her
move, her bare well-turned legs scissoring gracefully, her
bound arms bobbing rhythmically behind her back. It only
took a couple of seconds but it was great to watch. I wish
I’d had the camcorder so I could have taped it. She throws
herself on her knees by the sofa with her head down right
next to her daughter’s on the pillow and the two of them
start grunting at each other through their tight gags,
mmmpphing and crying, the tears streaming down their
cheeks. I don’t know what they think they’re saying to each
other but it was real fun to see the two of them like that,
like a couple of tethered birds trying to chirp at each
other with their beaks strapped up. I like the look of
their butts as the two of them are kneeling there sharing
their misery, one of them in her panties, the other in her
little shorts. One thing I never figured out about panties
and short shorts. Maybe you can help me out here. Because
if the cops see some dumb broad walking around in her
panties they cuff her and shove her ass in a squad car. But
if she’s parading around in a pair of shorts that are so
fucking short you can see right up her ass the cops don’t
give a fuck. In the meantime all the guys who are staring
at her buttcheeks can‘t do a fucking thing with their
boners except go home and jack off. You figure it out, I
can’t. Anyway seeing the two of them like that makes me
wanna do something I been wanting to do for a long time,
for months in fact. It’s against protocol but what the
fuck. I pick up a roll of duct tape and go back over and
squat down behind the two captive chicks. I can see Red
frowning at me while I pull Holly’s panties over to one
side, wrap some tape around the stretched crotchband and
tape it down on her asscheek. The bitch stops mmmpphing at
her daughter and starts wiggling her ass, trying to shake
the tape off. Red’s still frowning. ‘You’re jumping the
gun,’ he says to me, ‘they don’t get their panties taped
until they’re table-tied and ready for fucking.’ That’s the
thing about Red. He likes to run a tight ship. Every chick
we grab gets fucked over a table, bent over face-down for
rear entry, her hands behind her back, her legs spread wide
and her ankles locked in cuffs that are attached to the
table legs. And if she’s still in her panties, if she’s
been allowed to keep them on, I mean, then that’s when she
gets them taped to one side on her buttcheek so that Jerry
can get her holes slicked and ready for fucking. ‘Yeah I
know,’ I tell Red, ‘I’m giving them both a head start.’ I
rip another strip of tape off the roll, pull Beth’s shorts
over to the same side as her mom’s and wrap the tape around
the crotch. ‘Just for some variety, Red,’ I tell him. I
press the end of the tape down hard on Beth’s buttcheek
with the heel of my hand to make sure it sticks. ‘Is it a
problem?’ I ask. Red shakes his head but I can see he’s
irritated. The two sets of exposed holes on the two chicks
look mighty pretty and I take a minute to admire the view.
Then I pull mom to her feet. ‘Visiting hours are over,’ I
tell her, ‘get the fuck down on the floor, on your tummy.’
She glares at me but she doesn’t give me any trouble. While
I’m giving Holly a hand so she doesn’t keel over getting
down on the floor, I can hear Red talking to Jerry. ‘You
got the gun?’ he asks him. ‘Yeah’ Jerry says, ‘I got
it.’ ‘So lemme have it,’ Red tells him. I pick up some
rope, double it up and flip the loop into a noose. Holly’s
lying there on her side, her legs splayed as wide apart as
she can get them, looking wide-eyed and frightened at the
noosed rope in my hands. She shakes her head and
goes ‘mmmpph, mmmpph’ to let me know she doesn’t like the
idea of me roping her ankles. ‘Yeah, right,’ I tell
her, ‘come on, on your tum,’ and I give her a quick shove
with my foot to turn her over on her stomach. I squat down,
pull her legs together and hold her ankles firmly crossed
with my elbow while I work the noose over her feet. A quick
tug pulls it tight and while I’m wrapping the rope around
her ankles I look up and see Jerry looking pissed as hell
at Red.’ ‘Hey,’ he says, ‘the gun’s mine. I found
it.’ ‘Yeah, right,’ Red tells him, ‘you found it. So lemme
have it. We work as a team, remember?’ Jerry gives him a
real dirty look but lets him have the gun. Red checks the
cylinder and pockets the gun. ‘You did OK, Jerry,’ he tells
him, ‘but from now on, never let a vic go around without a
gag on. Try and remember that.’ Jerry keeps on staring at
him, real pissed and I can see the thing is starting to get
a little ugly when all of a sudden Red laughs. ‘Fuck this,’
he says, ‘I’m going out to the car,’ and he walks away.
Halfway to the door he turns around and says, ‘Oh and
Jerry, I’m gonna be bringing in a couple of buttplugs so I
want you to help Slim get these two ladies hogtied and
ready. You got that?’ Jerry nods sullenly and Red goes out
the door. ‘Yeah and fuck you very much,’ Jerry says under
his breath. He pulls out his knife, goes over to Beth and
cuts her legs loose from the frogtie I’d put her in. Her
calves flop back lifelessly, her legs useless from the
cramped position they’d been roped up in. Quickly he picks
up another rope and pulls her ankles together. ‘Do her
ankles crossed,’ I tell him, ‘so it’ll be easier to slip
the plug up her ass and get it crotchroped in.’ ‘Yeah sure,
whatever,’ Jerry says sullenly, ‘I dunno why the fuck Red
can’t do some of this shit himself. You notice it’s always
me and you who get to do the tie-ups?’ I give him a big
grin. ‘Come off it Jerry,’ I tell him, ‘it’s not like you
don’t like it.’ Jerry grins back at me. ‘Sure I like it but
the motherfucker thinks me and you are some kind of hired
help.’ I’m done roping Holly’s ankles so I tie off the
knots, leaving about four feet of double stranded rope for
her hogtie. ‘Yeah, well, Red’s the number one guy, Jerry,’
I tell him, ‘don’t forget that.’ I double up Holly’s legs
and pull her ankles up in back of her, threading the free
ends of the rope in between her bound wrists. A quick yank
on the rope the other way, towards her feet, jerks her
ankles up real close to her wrists, maybe a couple of
inches away, and I keep right on yanking the rope until
it’s good and tight and the bitch is grunting with pain
through her gag. The grunts of pain are my signal that the
hogtie is working OK so I thread a couple more loops of
rope in between the wrists and tie off the knots with a few
quick tugs. She wasn’t going anywhere. In the meantime
Jerry’s got Beth’s ankles crossed and tied and he’s
dragging her by her feet face down across the floor while
she’s grunting and protesting through her gag. ‘How does he
want ‘em set up?’ he asks me. ‘Drag her over here next to
her mom,’ I tell him. Jerry pulls Beth over so the two of
them are lying side by side with their heads together. I
shake my head, ‘Uh uh, the other way, Jerry, head to thigh,
they gotta be able to see each other’s asses.’ Jerry grunts
and spins Beth around so her head is next to her mom’s ass.
While he squats down and pulls Beth’s ankles up behind her
back I look down at Holly. She’s squirming around trying to
find some relief from the harsh tie-up. ‘What the fuck
happened up there?’ I ask Jerry, ‘that’s one hell of a
killer gag she’s got on,’ I tell him, ‘she talk too much or
what?’ Jerry looks at Holly writhing in her hogtie while
he’s roping Beth’s ankles expertly to her wrists, looping
the rope in between the taped wrists so it cinches up good
and hard if she tries to move her legs. I had taught him
that trick myself. ‘Yeah,’ he says, ‘she started coming on
to me real strong, all slutty, telling me her panties were
showing, trying to get me to untie her hands so she could
fix them up.’ ‘Uh huh, well that’s what happens when you
let a bitch run around with no gag on,’ I tell him, ‘Red’s
told you that a dozen times. Remember that bitch about a
month ago? The one who got next to the window and started
screaming her head off before you finally got her muzzled?
Your lucky this one just talked.’ ‘The motherfucker didn’t
have to take my gun,’ Jerry blurts out. I look at him. I
can’t believe what I’m seeing. The jerk is almost crying. I
shrug. ‘Like I said, Jerry,’ I tell him, ‘he’s number one.
He tells you to make sure a victim’s gagged, you make damn
sure she’s gagged. He says hogtie this bitch here, I hogtie
her ass. If he wants a gun, you give him the gun.’ I look
up and see Red walking back in with the camcorder. He’s
carrying the plugs and the lube tube and he tosses them
over to me. The plugs are real quality items designed for
heavy duty stretching. Black rubber, about four and a half
inches long, tapered at the end for quick and easy
insertion and flared to about two and a half inches thick
at their widest point where they fit in under the
sphincter. They’re not designed with the victim’s comfort
in mind, they’re designed to stretch her sphincter good and
hard and open her up so she’s ready for fucking. Plus, you
can’t just shove these babies in all at once. You gotta
twist them in nice and easy, giving the sphincter a chance
to stretch and adjust to the plug. But once they’re in they
really do the job and they’ve got rubber knobs at the end
so you can pull ‘em out when the job’s done. Thing is, you
can’t just use tape to keep them in place, tape doesn’t cut
it. The right way to make sure the victim can’t expel her
plug is to use a good tight crotchrope with a couple of
wraps around the base of the knob. I grease up the ends of
the plugs with some jelly from the tube and hand one of
them to Jerry. My favorite part of the exercise is when we
show the victim her plug. I get a real kick out of that. I
wait until Red’s got the camcorder ready to roll and when I
hear the whirring noise and I know he’s taping this down, I
hold the plug in front of Holly’s face and tell her what
it’s for. She goes all bug eyed on me and starts screaming
into her gag to try and let me know she can’t possibly take
that up her ass. Patiently I explain to her what her
problem is. ‘Listen up, bitch,’ I tell her, ‘we’re gonna be
fucking you up the ass, you got that? Your butthole’s way
too tight. It could rip and if it rips it’s no good to us
any more, not to mention the fact that you’re gonna have to
be going to the hospital to get it sewn up. So we’re gonna
stretch it first. These plugs are professionally designed.’
I show her the tapered end. ‘See that,’ I tell her, ‘it’s
designed for easy and painless insertion. You’re not gonna
feel a thing, trust me.’ I get a real kick outta the way
she looks up at me tearfully, trying to figure out if I’m
telling her the truth. I look over at Jerry and I can see
he’s having himself a real good time bullshitting Beth
about her plug. What the fuck, I mean sure it hurts. It
hurts bad. I wouldn’t wanna have one of those babies up my
ass, no way. But look at it from the victim’s point of
view. I mean what the fuck is a little discomfort and maybe
a little pain if it’s gonna save you a trip to the
hospital? We used the plug on one victim just a couple of
weeks ago and she kept screaming into her gag for the whole
45 minutes that it took to stretch her. But you know what?
Afterwards, she gave us one of the nicest, smoothest fucks
we’d ever had. She took it up the ass from the three of us
(well, the two of us really, like I said before, Jerry
can’t get it up) without a single scream, no pain, no
ripping, no nothing. OK she sobbed a lot but that was just
from the humiliation she was going through, not from any
pain or anything. All I mean is, sometimes you’ve gotta be
cruel to be kind. It’s plug time and the camcorder’s
whirring away so I grab hold of mom’s ass cheeks and pull
them apart to uncover the tight little hole for the
camcorder. I can see Red grinning from ear to ear as he’s
taping this and I know he’s figuring it wasn’t such a bad
idea after all, me taping her panties up on her buttcheek
the way I did. Her butthole’s nice and exposed and when I
look over at what Jerry’s doing I can see he’s right in
sync with me, holding Beth’s asscheeks apart and grinning
up at the camcorder. I figure I might as well join in so I
give the camera a nice grin and quickly slip the plug into
Holly’s asshole. It slides in nice and easy, then it jams
up. The hardest part is getting the two and half inch flare
past the sphincter and I know I’ve got to shove it in real
hard before I can get it through so I just keep shoving and
twisting the plug in while she’s screaming with pain
through her gag. ‘Sommmph, peemmmph, peemmmph,’ she goes,
it sounded like she was saying ‘stop, please, please’ but I
couldn’t be sure. In the meantime Beth is taking her own
plug up the ass from Jerry and starts screaming herself.
Mom sees Beth taking her plug and she starts thrashing
around like crazy, fighting her hogtie like a wildcat. I
figure I better take a break and cool her down so I pull
her head up by her hair. ‘Listen up, sweetcheeks,’ I tell
her, ‘screaming doesn’t help. You’re gagged and nobody can
hear you outside this room. You’re gonna take a plug
whether you like it or not, and so is Beth over there. And
don’t fight that hogtie, you’re gonna hurt yourself. It’s
designed to hurt if you fight it. Feel those ropes around
your wrists? The way they tighten up if you try and move
your legs?’ I give the hogtie rope a little tug to show her
what I mean. ‘Feel it?’ I ask her again and I jerk her
hair. She nods her head weakly, her eyes brimming with
tears. ‘So just lie still. It won’t hurt so much that way.’
I give her plug another good shove, twist it again and,
what the fuck, it slides in all the way. I slip a doubled
length of rope under her tummy, noose it in the small of
her back and pull the ends back down through her crotch,
threading it in between her cunt lips, then back under her
tummy. I flip the ends quickly around her waist rope, give
them a quick tug back up to pull them tight and thread them
up through her crotch again with a couple of tight wraps
around the base of the buttplug to wedge it firmly inside
her ass. I’m almost done. One last tug on the ends snugs
the crotch harness up nice and tight and I tie the ends off
at her waist rope behind her back. Jerry’s right in sync
with me, snugging up Beth’s crotchrope with a final
flourish for the camera. It was a photofinish with the two
of us squatting there, grinning up at the camera with our
plugged and nicely crotchroped captives lying gagged and
hogtied at our feet. I couldn’t wait to see the
video. ‘Good work, guys,’ Red says as he switches off the
camcorder. I always get a good feeling when Red compliments
me on my work. I look down at mom. She’s lying there
quietly, not screaming any more and not struggling either,
just sobbing quietly into her gag. And Beth too, both of
them are sobbing nicely now that the excitement’s over. I
like the way the two of them are quieting down and letting
their plugs settle in. I figure it calls for a little word
of comfort and encouragement. I put one hand on mom’s
shoulder and the other on Beth’s. ‘You ladies have been
good,’ I tell them, ‘nice and cooperative, and you’re gonna
get used to those plugs, trust me on that. Anyway, you only
gotta wear ‘em inside your butts for like 45 minutes.
That’s about how long it takes to get those sphincters
fully stretched and ready for fucking. Sorry about the
hogties but they’re on to make sure you stay nice and still
and let the plugs do what they’re supposed to do. Just hang
in there. You’re gonna be OK.’ I give the two of them a
friendly little tweak on their crotchropes to cheer them up
and get them nice and relaxed. It’s time for all of us to
relax for a while, so me and Red we sprawl ourselves down
on the sofa while Jerry goes and looks for the liquor
cabinet. He comes back with a bottle of Jack Daniels
Sipping Whisky and we help ourselves to a couple of drinks.
We sit around, smoke some weed and every so often one of us
gets up and moseys on over to get a look at the two
captives, checking wrist and ankle binds and checking the
crotch harnesses to make sure the plugs are still roped in
good and tight. The two of them are still crying a little
but you gotta expect that. Like I said, those plugs hurt.
It won’t be too long now before we get down to some serious
fucking and just to pass the time, Red starts in with his
favorite story, the one about that chick a few months ago.
I’d heard it from him about half a dozen times already but
the way Red tells it we always wind up splitting our sides
laughing. There were these four chicks that we’d fucked and
we had them stripped to their panties, hogtied and gagged
on the floor, getting ready for our getaway. Three of them
were already choke-roped to some heavy items of furniture
around the living room and Jerry was fixing up the last
one, a cute little redhead with nice long legs and a killer
ass, choke-roping her to the sofa legs. He’s almost done
when all of a sudden the chick gets so fucking worked up
that she pees herself while Jerry’s tying down her choke-
rope. Jerry checks her underwear and it’s soaked with pee.
You should have seen the look on the chick’s face. We
really got a belly laugh outta that. We’re sitting there,
all three of us, laughing and joking when all of a sudden,
out of the blue, the doorbell rings.

Name: Andromeda
Sunday, November 26th 2000 - 09:48:43 PM
Title: Home Invasion, 5 - Holly
Comments:I really don’t have any idea how much time went by until
the doorbell rang. I was crying most of the time. So was
Beth. Time. Time didn’t exist any more. The normal passage
of minutes and seconds was gone, replaced by an endless
haze of agony, shame and discomfort. My body bathed in
pain. My stretched sphincter was on fire from the
remorseless pressure of the plug that had been jammed into
my butt. Further down, my pussy lips had been rubbed raw by
the chafing of the crotchrope that had been pulled tight
between my legs to bind the plug in place, and my wrists
and ankles were in agony from the mercilessly tight ropes
that lashed them together behind my back. But worse, far
worse than the physical agony was the bitter humiliation of
having to lie face down in my panties, gagged, hogtied,
buttplugged, and even crotchroped, so that my butt could be
prepared for anal penetration. Every degrading detail, the
harsh bindings at my wrists and ankles behind my back, the
humiliating use of my underwear to silence me, the
demeaning and painful stretching of my butthole and the
mortifyingly tight crotchrope tied between my legs had been
carefully calculated to humiliate and shame. Hogtied. The
word was grotesquely apt, I thought bitterly. I had been
trussed up like an animal, like a steer roped for branding.
And not only me. It was horrible to have to see my own
daughter lying face down and hogtied at my side, her
hindquarters buttplugged and crotchroped in the same
merciless fashion, and have to hear her bitter sobbing as
she bore her pain and humiliation. From where I lay
helpless I could see the tape that had been used to pull
her shorts to one side and expose her privates to the lewd
gaze of the three predators. There was no sign of any
underwear under her shorts. Her panties had obviously been
removed, probably used to silence her. And though I
couldn’t see it, I knew my panties had been pulled aside to
expose my own privates with the crotchband taped down to my
buttcheek in the same obscene fashion. The nightmare had
gotten worse, much worse, the way I had guessed it would
from the start. I simply hadn’t known how bad it could get.
I think if I’d had the choice, I would have preferred a
swift brutal rape to get it over with, instead of this slow
deliberate degradation. In any case, we were both going to
be raped before this was over, both vaginally and anally.
But by spinning it out, by binding us in humiliating
hogties and preparing us for penetration by stretching our
sphincters, these three psychopaths had succeeded in
choreographing the rape and turning it into a grim ballet
of shame and degradation. The sound of the doorbell
shattered the haze and the gloom for a brief moment.
Suddenly I felt hope. Could it be the police? What could
have had alerted them? I heard the three predators who had
sprawled themselves over my sofa and armchairs, drinking my
liquor, smoking weed and exchanging filthy stories about
their past exploits, spring to their feet. Suddenly I
remembered. Rachel, the assistant librarian at school, a
friend of Beth’s, had said she would drop in this
afternoon. I had forgotten about it in the trauma of the
assault. I reared up in my bonds, mmmpphing desperately
through my gag to try and warn her but it was futile, she
couldn’t possibly hear my muffled cry through the closed
door and my sudden movement caused sharp agonizing stabs of
pain to lance through my throbbing sphincter and ricochet
through my tortured wrists and ankles. The man in overalls,
Red, the one who had taken the humiliating video of Beth
and me being forced to accept our plugs, was suddenly at my
throat holding a knife to it. I froze with fear, I could
feel his blade against my neck. ‘Shut the fuck up,’ he
hissed at me. He pulled my head up painfully by my
hair. ‘You expecting somebody?’ he whispered. I nodded my
head weakly. The man in chino pants, Slim I think he was
called, ran to the door, peered through the peephole then
ran back. ‘It’s a chick,’ he whispered. Red pulled my hair
up again. ‘Friend of yours?’ Again I nodded. Behind me I
heard Slim talking softly to Beth. ‘There’s a knife at your
mom’s throat,’ he told her, ‘I’m gonna take that gag off
you and you’re gonna call out exactly what I say, not
another word, you got that?’ After a moment’s silence he
went on, ‘You’re gonna call out and say, “I’m pulling on a
pair of shorts. Come around the back of the house. Mom’s
out on the patio and I’ll see you there,” nod again if you
got that.’ Again there was silence and then I heard the
sound of the tape being ripped from Beth’s mouth and the
sound of her voice. ‘Rachel,’ she called out, ‘I’m putting
a pair of shorts on. Come around the back and I’ll see you
out on the patio.’ ‘Good enough, sweetheart,’ I heard Slim
say. Red let go of my head and picked up something from the
floor, two shiny red balls, each of them attached to an
ugly array of straps and buckles. I had noticed them before
and had shuddered at the sight of them, wondering if it
could be some sort of brutal gagging device. He tossed one
of them over behind me to Slim. ‘Regag her with this,’ he
hissed at him, ‘strap it on her good and tight.’ I
mmmpphed in protest as loudly as my gag would allow. The
thought of that ghastly gagging contraption being strapped
on my daughter’s face made me flinch. Red pulled my head up
again and gave me a short sharp slap across my taped mouth.
It stung. ‘Shut the fuck up,’ he whispered as he tossed the
other gagging harness over to Jerry who had picked up some
rope from the floor and was on his way out to the patio,
gun in hand. ‘Get her muzzled first thing, Jerry, no fuck-
ups this time,’ Red told him in a hushed tone. I heard Beth
whispering to me, her muted voice edged with panic, ‘It’s
OK, mom,’ she whispered softly ‘I’m going to be OK.
Please, mom, don’t ...mmmpphh...’ her voice got choked off
and I knew she had the ball gag in her mouth and I could
see from the way her bound body was being jerked to and fro
that the gag straps were being fastened and buckled tight.
I lay my head down on the floor in despair and began
sobbing bitterly. When I looked up a couple of minute
later, my eyes blurry with tears, Jerry was hustling Rachel
in from the patio. I could see her hands had been attended
to, they were behind her back. I knew I would see her with
her hands bound, but the shock was the sight of her face,
the way she had been gagged, the shiny red ball lodged
firmly behind her teeth, her face and her head festooned in
a loathsome network of straps and buckles whose sole
purpose, as far as I could see, was to keep the gag wedged
inside her mouth. If I hadn’t actually seen it, I wouldn’t
have believed anyone could strap such a demeaning and
degrading gag on a human being. Rachel was muzzled like an
animal. The neck strap that bound the gag in her mouth was
buckled tightly at the back of her head. Two ancillary
straps ran up her cheeks, framing her nose in an inverted V
and merged on her forehead with a third strap running down
the back of her head. And to make matters even worse, the
gag was equipped with a chinstrap that forced her to keep
her jaws tightly clamped on the ball inside her mouth. It
was brutal. It was inhumane and demeaning. I wasn’t all
that fond of Rachel but nobody, no human being, deserved
to be muzzled like that. One wouldn’t even muzzle a dog
that way. I cringed at the thought that Beth had been
brutally gagged in precisely the same way, her face and her
head humiliatingly strapped and harnessed. I was silently
thankful that it wasn’t possible for me to see it. Rachel
was marched over to where Beth and I lay hogtied on the
floor. Her face, what one could see of it behind the
straps, was flushed and her eyes widened as she saw us. Her
eyes widened even further when she saw our crotchropes and
buttplugs. She struggled briefly against Jerry’s grip on
her arm and as she did I caught a brief glimpse of her
wrists. I immediately recognized Jerry’s brutal handiwork,
the same harsh and grimly competent ropework, the same
unyielding and inescapable restraints that I wore on my
wrists since that time, was it hours ago or was it days,
that Jerry had first bound my hands behind my back. I knew
how it felt and my heart went out to Rachel but I cringed
at how she was dressed. The way Beth and I had been dressed
was bad enough, short shorts weren’t really the most
suitable things to wear when you’re facing rape. But what
Rachel was wearing was even worse. A white tight fitting
and shockingly transparent blouse revealed the lacy
contours of her bra and the outlines of her nipples where
they pressed up against the taut fabric. And if her blouse
left little to the imagination her miniskirt left even
less. Red and scandalously short, the hem barely covering
her buttocks, it showcased a pair of long shapely legs that
were clad in suntan colored pantyhose and were
provocatively enhanced by a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels.
From where I lay on the floor I could readily see the silky
white crotchband of her thong panties between her legs.
Rachel liked wearing short sexy dresses and skirts anywhere
she could, even to work, and she liked to wear her panties
over her hose. It was a standing joke at school.
Everyone, from the principal on down to the janitor had
caught glimpses of her underwear. The principal had even
taken the matter up with her, mentioning dress codes and
suchlike. All to no avail. She loved to dress
provocatively. She had even confided to Beth that it gave
her a thrill to know that the boys were getting hard-ons
from watching her bend over the shelves to reach for a
book. I didn’t really approve all that much of Rachel’s
friendship with Beth. She was a bad influence on her, I
felt, and I had already noted subtle changes in the way
Beth dressed and acted that weren’t to my liking. But what
could I do? Then I noticed something else. Rachel wasn’t
crying, she was remarkably dry-eyed, but her face was
flushed and for a brief moment the thought flashed through
my mind that maybe it was flushed with excitement. Could
Rachel be secretly enjoying what was happening? Could she
be getting a sexual thrill from being captured and bound or
from seeing Beth and me lying hogtied on the floor? I
suppressed the thought but I remembered a brief
conversation I’d had with Beth only a month or two ago. I’d
been visiting with her at her home and I’d been making her
bed, something she rarely took care of. As I bent down I
noticed a pair of shiny steel handcuffs lying on the floor,
half concealed by the bedspread. I picked them up and asked
Beth what they were for. She reddened visibly and mumbled
that they were for sex. ‘Sex?’ I said, ‘are you kidding me?
Are you into that?’ ‘Mom,’ she replied, ‘everybody’s kinky
one way or another. OK, so I like getting cuffed for sex
every so often, big deal, Mom. You ought to see what Rachel
is into, heavy stuff, hard bondage like you wouldn’t
believe.’ I had shrugged and dropped the subject, but it
left me with an unpleasant feeling. I watched, riveted, as
Jerry tore Rachel’s blouse open to reveal her bra and
pulled her bra straps down over her bound arms. Her ample
breasts tumbled out from the cups and hung out obscenely.
Jerry spun her around and forced her down on her knees over
one of my armchairs, pulling the hem of her brief miniskirt
up around her hips and tucking it in under the waistband to
expose the buttocks and the skimpy white thong she wore
over her pantyhose. As the two other predators looked on
expressionlessly, Jerry pulled out his knife, the same one
he had used earlier on to sever my shorts at the crotch,
and cut through Rachel’s pantyhose, tearing at it until it
lay shredded around her legs but leaving her thong panties
untouched. When he was done he looked over at Slim. ‘She’s
all yours, buddy,’ he grinned. Slim looked at Red. ‘OK with
you?’ he asked. Red nodded. He seemed to be irritated.
Slim picked up a roll of duct tape from the floor and
squatted down behind Rachel. He grabbed the crotchband of
her thong and slipped it one side to uncover her privates.
Realizing that Slim was now doing to Rachel what he earlier
done to Beth and to me, I watched, transfixed, as he
wrapped duct tape around the crotchband of her thong and
taped the rolled strip of fabric to her buttcheek. He
released the thong and it lay where he had taped it,
obscenely fashioned into a crescent surrounding her exposed
anus and vagina, like a half moon surrounding a pair of
stars. I gazed at Rachel’s exposed privates, gruesomely
fascinated by the spectacle of another woman being abased
and degraded in the same way Beth and I had been abased and
degraded. It was dreadful for a woman to be stripped of her
dignity, degradingly gagged, denied the use of her limbs,
her underwear humiliatingly handled by strangers, her
private parts casually bared and prepared for penetration.
It was as though her sexual organs, her lingerie, her
intimate apparel were someone else’s property to be handled
and used as he pleased. For the first time in my life I
felt the sting of the term ‘sex slave’. I knew that women
all over the world, and especially in Asia, were routinely
abducted by criminals and forced to work as prostitutes. I
had read about it but I had never stopped to think what it
meant. Now for the first time I felt it on my skin. Beth
and I, and now Rachel, had been captured, bound and
enslaved by marauding bandits. That the slavery would end
once the humiliations and rapes were consummated did not
make me feel any better. Right now the three of us were
bound and gagged, helplessly trapped in a hideous pit of
degradation and despair from which the only exit was
through the fiery branding irons of rape. Slim had finished
his repulsive task of duct taping Rachel’s panty crotchband
to her buttcheek and had turned around. He looked over at
Red. ‘You gonna T&L her now?,’ he asked. I knew what it
meant. Jerry had made it all too clear up in the bedroom,
the ‘tightness and lubrication’ test which every victim was
forced to undergo after capture, an obscene euphemism for
finger-fucking, a private terminology these psychopaths had
invented to mask their disgusting depredations. Red took
his place next to Slim and without warning, just as he had
dealt with me on the landing after Jerry had bound my
hands, he brutally rammed his finger into Rachel’s butthole
and twisted it around inside while she moaned softly
through her gag. She didn’t sob or cry, she moaned. Were
they moans of pleasure, I wondered uncharitably. He kept
her butt impaled on his finger for well over a minute as he
frowned in mock concentration. Suddenly he grinned, pulled
out his finger and wiped it off on my armchair. ‘Looks like
we bagged ourselves a winner here,’ he announced. ‘Oh
yeah?’ said Slim. ‘You better believe it,’ he
exulted, ‘this one’s gonna get the butthole of the year
prize. Not too loose, not too tight, just right. This bitch
gotta a name?’ Jerry tossed Rachel’s handbag over to Slim
who riffled through it and extracted her driving
license. ‘Her name’s Rachel Mackenzie,’ Slim
announced, ‘she’s like, lemme see, 24 years old and she
lives at...’ Red interrupted him. ‘Forget where she lives,
Slim, right now she lives right here, don’t you Rachel,’ he
asked the bound and gagged girl. Rachel nodded her
head. ‘You ever been fucked up the ass, Rachel? he asked
her. She nodded again. No tears, just a brief nod. ‘Yeah,’
said Red, ‘I bet you have. It shows. How about your cunt?
Lemme check.’ He inserted one finger into Rachel’s vagina
and probed inside, while he massaged her clitoris with his
thumb. I watched closely but I needn’t have bothered. It
was impossible to miss. The bound girl began grinding her
hips and pushing her butt backward against the pressure in
her pussy while unmistakable groans of pleasure issued from
her tightly gagged mouth. ‘Hey guys,’ Red called out, ‘this
is one hot bitch. Can you believe she’s actually creaming
her cunt? How about that? She’s hot and ready! No grease
for her, Jerry, this one’s just plug and play.’ He
extracted his finger, wiped it off on his pants and got
up. ‘OK guys,’ he said, ‘time’s up. Let’s get everybody
into the kitchen. There’s a table there we can use. Slim,
Jerry, take care of these two bitches on the floor. Get
their plugs out and cut ‘em loose, ankles, hogties,
crotchropes, everything except their hands and their gags
and bring ‘em in. It’s time to rock and roll. No clothes
except panties.’ ‘What about Beth,’ Slim asked, ‘she hasn’t
got any on. How about leaving her little shorts on for
variety? They won’t get in the way.’ ‘Nope,’ Red
snapped, ‘those come off. She goes in butt naked. Let’s go.
Let’s move it.’ He was like a quartermaster, barking out
his orders. He pulled Rachel to her feet and marched her to
the kitchen.

Name: Andromeda
Thursday, November 30th 2000 - 02:55:14 AM
Title: one lucky dude
Comments:Last weekend,my wife asked if we could play an all day
fantasy game. She wanted me to use thick cloth duct tape
and wrap her entire body in it. Also, she told me that she
wanted me to make her be as uncomfortable as possible. We
started early in the morning and didn't finish until early
that night. First, I had her put on her new, leopard print
g-string bikini that I recently purchased for her. The
bikini had a very small triangle tied top and equally small
g-string bottom held togehter by two very tiny strings.
After she put it on, I began to get aroused. I took out a
roll of thick cloth gray duct tape and began to wrap it
tightly around her ankles. I continued to wrap the tape up
her legs,thighs,and up to her g-string bottom where I
stopped, at least for now. I then proceeded to wrap the
tape around her belly and up to her chest but stopped at
her triangle-tied top. I then lifted her up and lay her
down on the bed. I tore off a long strip of tape and placed
it over her mouth and then took another one and placed that
over her eyes. With her now completely tied, gagged and
rendered sightless, I left the room and went into the
kitchen. I took out a tray of frozen ice cubes and dumped
them into a bowl. I then returned to my pretty "victim". As
I entered the room, she heard my footsteps and began to
writhe on the bed and repeatedly moan through her gag. I
was now getting turned on by the site of my helpless wife.
I took six ice cubes pulled open her g-string bottom, and
placed the cubes on top of her pubic mons. Immediately, she
began to loudly moan through her gag. Then I placed three
ice cubes in each of her triangle bra cups.Again she began
to moan and moan. Now, I just sat there and watched as the
frozen ice cubes were slowly melting inside her g-string
bottom and top. What a turn on!! As the ice melted, she
began and continued to writhe, struggle against her bonds,
and loudly moan and mmmmmmph through her gag. Tears started
streaming down her cheeks. After the ice had completely
melted, I removed her g-string bikini and dried her off. I
then began to suck, nibble and lick her clitoris. She
became very wet and I became very hard,at which time I
inserted my rock-hard rod into her moist little pussy.
After I came, I withdrew and then stood her up. I took some
more cloth duct tape and then wrapped some around her cute
pubic mound and her lovely breasts. I lay her back down on
the bed and watched her for a couple of hours. She
struggled and mmmphed loudly, but was unable to free
herself from her tight bonds or effective gag. Finally, I
took a pair of scissors and began to cut away the tape. As
I pulled of a strip,one at a time, she would moan and mmmph
through her gag. As I was removing the tape from her pubic
mound, some of her hair from her dark bush was removed
along with the tape. As this happened, she would
mmmmmmmmmmppppphhhhh through her tightly gagged lips and
tears would appear streaming down her cheeks. When all the
tape had been removed, and I finally removed her gag and
blindfold, she quickly sat up and gave me a deep,
passionate kiss. She then proceeded to lick me all over and
give me a fantastic blowjob, followed by some great sex. We
continued to engage in oral, vaginal and anal sex for
several more hours until we both fell asleep in each
other's arms.
Name: burglar
Sunday, January 21st 2001 - 10:54:53 AM
Title: After-Dinner Treat
Comments:Last night, when I came home from work, my wife asked me if
we could play a fantasy bondage game. I told her that I
would love to. So, right after we had dinner, we began our
little adventure. My wife went into the bedroom, removed
all of her clothes, and yelled out to me, "I'm
waiting."When I went into the bedroom, there she was in all
of her beauty- her milky white skin, her pert little tits
and her cute little clit which was covered by her dark
hairy bush- eagerly awaiting for me to play with. To be
Name: burglar
Saturday, February 10th 2001 - 01:47:59 PM
Title: garage rape
Comments: about ten yrs ago i lived in florida iwas a fucked black
kid then in an out of foster homes iwas 15 yrs old but i
looked 12 real skinny and small for my size with a lot of
anger i use to deliver papers to this white bitch whowas 35-
38 yrs old i guess hot body a real cock tease i would
deliver papers to her and hand them to her in her garage
where she had a makeshift gym set up she was always cock
teasing me stretching when i would drop the paper offer to
her in her tank tops and shorts that went up the crack of
her ass she looked to be maybe 5.7 ft 130 lbs much bigger
then me, well one day i came in and dropped the paper in
front of her and when she bent down i had a brass knuckle
and hit it on the back of her neck she sunk down to the
floor and started moaning i quickly started punching her
one arm about 10 times as hard as i could and then her
other arm until her arms were dead, she was twice as big
as me but at that point i knew i had her, with all my
might i lifter her up to her knees by her hair as she was
whimpering in front of me her arms hung down to her side
and i said its time you showed me your tits, well she
said fuck you and i slapped her as hard as i could across
her face and repeated the question this time she cowered in
front of me and i knew she would submit, i ripped her top
off and her tits were pointing straight out, then i said
put your mouth on me i pulled my pants down but she
refused and turned her head, this time i put bother hands
behind her back with my one hand and with the other i
grabbed her hair and walked her over the empty fllor where
their was no gym equipment i pulled her down on her
stomach and quickly sat on her back an put my hands under
her chin and pulled her head back so her tits were now
facing the upward i held her like that for a minute and i
could hear her making little meowing sounds as i bent her
back , then i released and hit her again in the neck with
my black jackwhich almost knocked her completely out i
dragged her to a machine by the wall and out of my
newspaper bag i pulled some heavy rope i tied her hands in
front of her and laid her on her stomach i took her legs
and one at a timei picked them up and pulled them over her
head and tied them to a pole so when i was finished she
was bent over backwards i slapped her face and when she
came to she was bawling in pain i said after another
minute do you want to me blow me now and she said yes ,
before i let her go i punched her arms again so again they
hung limply to her sides i then sat her up on her knees
and pulled out some twine i had brought with me i wrapped
it first around one tit and then the other and then i
wrapped them together well the sight of this white stuck up
chick with her tits jutting out sitting on her knees was
enough to make me almost cum by now i cadraggerher over to
the benc h press and now tied her hands in fron to f her so
she was laying on her stomach i got behind her pulled off
her shorts and underwear she was crying again she knew what
i wanted i pulled some vaseline from a jar i brought with
me and rubbed it on her ass well when i stuck my cock in
her ass she arched back and i grabbed her hair with one
hand and pulled her head as far back as i could and started
rammingher in 3 seconds i shot a load in her and she bucked
and screamed in pain i ran out and when she called the cops
on me they never caught me cause i nevr went back to that
foster home and i now live in another state
Name: believe me
Thursday, February 22nd 2001 - 07:43:36 PM
Title: Home Invasion, Chap 6
Comments:Can you believe this shit? You wanna know how long we’ve
had Beth and her mom tied up and gagged, their shorts and
panties pulled over and taped for lubrication and fucking?
Like an hour and a half, maybe more. OK, so we took time
out to get their buttholes stretched open, but still,
that’s one whole hour and a half we’ve been cooling our
heels with our dicks drilling holes in our pants. And now
suddenly we gotta put Beth on hold and her mom too just
because we’ve bagged this new slut, Rachel or whatever,
that Red’s so fired up about? So fucking fired up he’s
probably getting her set up for First Fuck instead of Beth?
First Fuck’s what we call the one that’s first in line, the
one that gets the best we’ve got to offer. She takes fresh
hard dick shoved in nice and deep from the rear, gets a
good thorough fucking through both holes and, best of all,
she takes the full load, our first and best shot, right up
her ass or into her cunt. We give First Fuck our very best
so naturally we try and pick the best piece of ass to fill
the slot and the best piece of ass here today has gotta be
Beth. In my book Beth is First Fuck by a mile. OK, so this
new bitch, what’s her name, Rachel, creams her cunt. You
know what? Big fucking deal. You can bet Beth’s gonna be
creaming hers too once Jerry’s through working her over.
When Jerry lubricates a fuckhole he doesn’t just rub in a
few gobs of KY jelly, he gently masturbates the victim’s
clit at the same time so her juices get nicely coaxed out
and mixed in with the lubing jelly. By the time he’s
finished the fuckhole’s beautifully slicked and wet and
ready for use. I gotta hand it to him. He’s got magic
fingers, probably to make up for his sorry dick. Fact is I
can’t think of a single bitch we’ve bagged in the past year
that didn’t end up getting her cunt nicely creamed and rape-
ready once Jerry’s worked her over. I guess what I’m saying
is I’m not too happy with the way Red’s running things this
time around. Anyway, with Red probably getting the new
slut, Rachel, set up for First Fuck in the kitchen, we get
to work on Beth and her mom. Red said cut them loose,
everything except for gags and wrist binds. Jerry and me
pull out our knives and go over to where the two of them
are lying face down on the floor in their hogties and
crotchropes. A couple of quick cuts gets rid of the hogtie
ropes and the crotch-harnesses and we pull out the plugs.
Buttplugs are great for stretching but they don’t smell too
good when they get pulled so we gotta hold our noses while
we’re slipping them out. The two chicks moan a little while
we pull their plugs but hey, that's just to let us know
they're not happy about having had them shoved into their
asses to begin with. I mean, fuck, getting your plug pulled
doesn't hurt half as much as getting it shoved in. Each
chick gets her own plug shoved up under her nose to give
her a good whiff of it so we can enjoy seeing them turn
their faces away and wrinkle their noses up in disgust.
Then we stash the plugs in transparent pressure seal
plastic envelopes. Jerry's usually gets the job of cleaning
them up once he gets home. With their hogtie ropes cut
loose, we’ve got Beth and her mom lying flat on their
tummies side by side, faces down on the floor, ankles
roped, hands lashed behind their backs, mouths tightly
gagged. The two of them look pretty attractive in their
bonds except there’s a couple of strands of hogtie cord
still dangling from their wrists and ankles so me and Jerry
cut them away so the bondage look nice and neat. The next
job is getting them stripped down to panties and bare butts
the way Red wants them. Holly’s already in panties but her
shredded little shorts are still on her, pulled up inside
out around her waist and tucked in under the waistband, the
way Jerry fixed them up. Jerry squats down and examines
them. ‘What the fuck does Red want me to do with those?’ he
asks me. I scratch my head. ‘I dunno, Jerry,’ I tell
him, ‘Red didn’t say. Leave ‘em on, I figure. They look
good on her. Look, check her out, she’s in her panties,
she’s got them pulled over and taped, she’s gagged and
she’s got her hands tied. The way I see it, she’s all set
for her lubrication. End of story. Cut her ankles loose and
take her in. I’ll take care of Beth.’ ‘How about putting a
choke rope on her?’ Jerry volunteers.’ I give it a moment’s
thought. Fact is we always leave our victims hogtied,
gagged and choke-roped when we’re ready to check out. It’s
routine. But we don’t normally use choke ropes during
handling and fucking because they can get in the way. I
mean we don’t like to have to interrupt a good fuck just
because the victim’s choking herself. But today’s
different. I mean we’re gonna be forcing Holly to watch
while we bang her daughter. I squat down next to Holly and
pull her head up by her hair so I can study her face. She
looks whipped, there’s that frightened hopeless look in her
eyes that I’ve seen dozens of times in victims who’ve been
kept tied and gagged for an hour or more while they’re
waiting to get raped. Rope and tape and gagging cloths will
do that to a victim if they’re kept on long enough, they’ll
wear her down, break her spirit, knock all the fight out of
her, and if the bondage isn’t enough then a little rough
handling and a few good swift smacks across the face will
do the job every time. ‘I dunno Jerry,’ I tell him in
reply, ‘she looks good and whipped to me. You figure she
needs one?’ ‘Yeah, I do a matter of fact,’ he growls at
me, ‘unless you wanna be the guy who’s riding shotgun over
her while little baby Beth over there is getting it shoved
to her. You wanna do that?’ ‘All right, all right,’ I tell
him, ‘do it. You’re right. It might just come in handy. You
never know. There’s gotta be a few of them lying around in
that pile over there,’ I point at the pile of unused ropes
and gagging cloths lying on the floor by the sofa. Jerry
heads over and picks up a fresh hank of white cotton rope
about five feet long, pre-noosed and heavily waxed so the
slipknot won’t slip back once the cord’s secured around the
victim’s neck. Holly’s eyes follow him worriedly as he
moves back to her, the noosed cord held taut between his
hands. It slips easily around her neck where Jerry snugs it
up with a quick tug, slipknot at the front, the free end
dangling down over the bound woman’s bare breasts. Holly’s
looking up at him, her eyes wide and petrified, muffled
little protest noises coming out from behind her
gag. ‘Relax, bitch,’ he growls at her, ‘it’s just a
precaution. Don’t jerk us around and you got nothing to
worry about.’ A swift stroke of his knife cuts through
Holly’s ankle bonds and she gets pulled to her feet. Jerry
grabs her hair, bends her over and frog-marches her, hand-
bound, gagged and in her panties, over to the kitchen, the
choke cord dangling awkwardly from her neck. Meanwhile, I
squat down next to Beth, grab hold of her waist and drag
her over to one of the armchairs where I shove her facedown
on the cushion, knees on the floor, ass nicely raised. I
take a last look at her short little shorts stretched taut
against her asscheeks, the crotchband neatly pulled aside
and taped to her ass to display the fuckhole and the fact
she had no underwear on. Her panties were long gone, cut
away and discarded. They were lying on the floor just a
couple feet away, crumpled up and soaked with her saliva
from when I’d stuffed them in her mouth an hour and a half
ago. With her little shorts taped to her butt and her
wrists crossed and bound tight behind her back, she looks
totally irresistible. I’ve been hard as a rock for the past
hour but looking at Beth I start feeling some of that
precum on my dick seeping into my shorts. I swear I gotta
to make a real effort to keep myself from cumming right in
my pants. It’s kinda tough but I figure if I don’t hang in
there I don’t get to shoot my full load into her when the
time comes. I just hope she makes First Fuck. I really
can’t figure how Red would pass her over in favor of
Rachel. I gotta move on. ‘Hold still,’ I tell her, ‘your
shorts are coming off. No shorts allowed in the rape room.
Doctor’s orders.’ She sobs a little when she hears the R
word but she holds still. I give her shorts a quick tug to
pull the tape off her asscheek and slip my knife under the
crotch. The sharp serrated edged blade cuts through the
thin fabric with a harsh ripping noise that elicits a gasp
and a little muffled sobbing from my bound and gagged
captive. I pull the severed shorts up inside out over her
butt until they’re up around her waist and I take a minute
to admire her beautifully shaped ass and fondle the rounded
curves of her bare buttocks. I debate whether to cut the
shorts away completely or leave them hiked up and tucked in
under the waistband. I decide she looks a lot better
keeping them on around her waist, sort of like a reminder
like her mom’s got hers, so I tuck them in and flip her
over so she’s facing me. Her eyes are frightened and soaked
with tears behind the face straps of her gag harness and
there’s a line of drool running down her chin from the
edges of her ball gag. I squat down in front of her and
pull out a paper handkerchief to dry her tears and soak up
the drool and she gives me a quick grateful glance,
sniffling softly into her gag. Actually I’m in no rush to
get Beth into the kitchen. What the fuck do I need to see
Beth sitting on the floor tied and gagged next to her mom
and waiting for her turn while I’m shooting my top load
into Rachel? Fuck that. I’m squatting there looking at Beth
and wondering what to do when I suddenly get an idea for a
little mind-fucking, a little game that might just get
things moving in the right direction and end up getting
Beth set up for First Fuck. I think it over quickly,
checking out the angles, and, yeah, it might just work. To
start the ball rolling I give Beth a nice friendly
smile. ‘You know what, Beth?’ I tell her, ‘you look kinda
cute in that ball gag. It suits your face. How about those
straps? Not too uncomfortable I hope.’ She chokes back a
quick sob and turns her face away. I reach over and pull it
back to get eye contact. ‘I asked you a question,’ I tell
her evenly, ‘just nod or shake your head, yes or no?’ She
looks at me terrified, the fear she’s radiating is so thick
you can almost cut it with a knife. Finally she shakes her
head. ‘Good,’ I tell her cheerfully, ‘that’s because I was
careful not to buckle the straps up too tight. How about
your hands? Wrists OK?’ I reach over behind her back and
briefly touch the tape bonds on her wrists. She hesitates
for a second then shakes her head and gives me a couple of
mmpphs through her ball gag, meaning no. ‘You mean they
hurt?’ I ask solicitously. She hesitates a second time then
nods her head. ‘They hurt a lot or they hurt a little? A
little, right?’ She nods her head. ‘Yeah, well, no pun
intended, but you’re bound to feel something,’ I tell
her, ‘I tied your hands pretty securely. Be thankful I used
tape on your wrists, not rope like your mom’s got around
hers. Or your friend Rachel. I bet their wrists hurt a
helluva lot more than yours. Jerry likes to tie hard. He’s
not happy until the ropes are on so tight they’re
practically cutting the victim’s hands off.’ I shrug my
shoulders. ‘I dunno. When I tie a woman up I don’t go out
of my way to hurt her, I just try and make damn sure she
can’t slip loose. ’ I notice Beth eyeing me suspiciously,
tying to figure what direction I’m coming from. ‘Just
talking,’ I tell her, ‘trying to keep the conversation
going. I don’t really expect you to be doing much of the
talking.’ I stoop down and examine her ankle ropes. ‘Take
your ankles, for instance,’ I tell her, ‘they’re red and
sore. Those ropes are way too tight. I should have hogtied
you myself instead of letting Red take care of it.’ I pull
out my knife and give her a quick smile, ‘Here, lemme get
you out of that,’ I say as I cut through her ankle bonds
with a quick stroke of the knife. Her ankles are marked
with red welts where the rope had bitten deep into her soft
flesh. ‘Bet that feels better already, doesn’t it?’ I smile
at her warmly. She nods gratefully and I can tell she’s
starting to buy my bullshit, falling for my Good Cop
routine. She twists around to show me her taped wrists,
mmpphing plaintively through her gag and flapping her bound
hands up and down. Can you believe this bitch. You cut her
ankles loose and the next thing you know she wants her
hands untied too. Fucking typical. Well she’s gonna get
what she wants but not just yet and not exactly the way she
wants it either. I shake my head at her. ‘Sorry,’ I tell
her, ‘that stays on. I gotta keep your hands tied. I think
you can figure out why.’ She looks away and chokes back a
couple of sobs. ‘Scared?’ I ask her. She nods
quietly. ‘Look Beth,’ I tell her, ‘there’s something I’ve
been meaning to ask you. You don’t have to respond if you
don’t feel like it. But I wanna know, you ever been tied up
before?’ She hesitates so I know right away the answer’s
yes but I wait until she decides to respond. Finally she
nods her head slightly. I nod mine a couple times too just
to let her know I’m with her. ‘You know, I kinda figured
that, I dunno why but I did. Bondage games, right, like for
sex?’ I look her straight in the eye. She averts her eyes
but she nods again, very slightly. ‘That’s OK,’ I tell
her, ‘you know what, that makes me feel a helluva lot
better. I figure maybe if you like bondage with your sex
you’re gonna like getting fucked in there, how about it?’
She shakes her head vigorously. ‘Mmpph, mmpph,’ she goes. I
guess it’s a no. I give her a puzzled look. ‘No? Come on.
It’s won’t be so bad. You wanna know how many women me and
my buddies have tied up and raped this past year? Dozens.’
She gives me a startled look. ‘That’s right,’ I tell
her, ‘dozens of them, and you’d be surprised how many of
them liked it except they don’t let on. You know what? They
fucking fantasize about getting roped and raped. You ever
fantasize about getting raped, Beth? Come on, tell the
truth.’ She turns her head away, her face red as a
beet. ‘Sure you have. Isn’t that what bondage sex is all
about? Acting out a little fantasy about coercion and
humiliation? Getting hot and wet because you’re tied up and
you can’t resist whatever your boyfriend wants to do to
you? Feeling humiliated because you can’t resist, and not
wanting to resist because you love being humiliated? Come
on, Beth, gimme a fucking break here.’ There’s a puzzled,
confused look growing on Beth’s face while she’s taking in
this latest round of bullshit like she was wondering what
the fuck happened to Good Cop, was he still around? I
figure it’s time to put Bad Cop back to work. ‘Listen to
me,’ I tell her, ‘lemme lay it out for you so you know what
the fuck to expect in there. Then you can lemme know how it
sounds because maybe, just maybe, this is one fantasy
you’re gonna love acting out. When we fuck you we like to
do it doggy style from behind, so we bend you over a table.
You’ll be in position with your head down on the table and
your ass raised for quick easy access and we keep your
hands tied of course, they’ll be bound behind your back
just the way they are now. No other restraints, except for
the gag you’ve already got on and maybe some ankle cuffs to
keep your legs spread. Once we’ve got you over the table,
we give you a good thorough lube job inside of your holes,
lots of nice KY Jelly massaged into your ass and cunt to
get your holes nice and slick. And hey, you’re gonna love
this, we masturbate your clit at the same time until you’re
creaming yourself so bad you’re gonna be begging for it.
It’s Jerry who’s gonna be doing that for you. He does a
terrific job so you can relax, you’re gonna be in good
hands.’ I pause again to see how she’s taking this. The
tears were back in her eyes and the look of horror mixed
with humiliation on her face was priceless. Bad Cop was
back with a vengeance. I go on impassively, ‘OK, once
Jerry’s through with you is when we get down to some real
serious fucking. That’ll be just me and Red. Jerry can't
get it up, poor bastard. He just watches and jacks off.
First we make you take it up the ass, we ram it in good and
hard and keep pounding it in for like ten minutes or so
while we masturbate your clit at the same time to make sure
you stay good and wet. It’s not gonna hurt, or if it does
it’ll be just a little, because we took a lot of trouble
getting you stretched open and you’re gonna be nicely
lubricated. When we’re done fucking you in the ass we pull
out and give you a good thorough fucking through the cunt.
Believe me, by the time we shoot our load into you you’re
gonna be screaming your head off and begging for more,
that’s why you’re gonna be needing that gag on you. And
when it’s all over we give you a blindfold so you don’t
have to see your mom and your friend Rachel staring at you
while we sit you down on the floor. We make you sit with
your legs spread wide so the excess cum can seep out of you
just in case we decide to use you again later on after
we’ve done the other two ladies. How’s all that sound to
you?’ I guess I’ve been kind of insensitive laying it all
out because from the looks of things it doesn’t sound too
good at all to her. She’s twisting around, fighting her
bonds and giving her gag a heavy duty workout, mmmphing
into it over and over again, and the tears are literally
streaming down her cheeks and wetting the leather straps of
her gag. I watch her impassively for about a minute,
enjoying her futile struggling and crying, then I give her
a broad grin. ‘Hey, come on, Beth,’ I tell her, ‘how’s it
all that different from some of that bondage sex you’ve
been having with your boyfriends. Come on, girl. Don’t make
it so fucking hard on yourself.’ I give her another one of
my friendly grins while she goes on shaking her head,
twisting her arms around behind her back, sobbing and
going ‘mmpph mmpph’ through her ball gag like she was
getting raped already. ‘You know something,’ I tell her, ‘
I just don’t get it. I mean, what the fuck, is it that
consensual crap? When you do it with your boyfriends it’s
OK because you agree to it, while with me and my buddies
it’s not OK because we didn’t ask for your permission? Is
that it?’ She nods her head vigorously and gives me an
emphatic sounding mmpph through her gag. ‘OK, well you know
what,’ I tell her, ‘that’s pretty fucking childish. I’ll
tell you what. I’m gonna make this as consensual as I can.’
I pull out my knife and get up. Her eyes widen with alarm
as I bend over her. ‘Lean forward,’ I tell her, ‘I’m
cutting you loose.’

Name: Andromeda
Tuesday, March 20th 2001 - 06:05:44 AM
Title: Home Invasion, Chap. 7 - Holly
Comments:I had expected our captors would rape us on the floor or on
the sofa. Or that we'd be marched upstairs to my bedroom
and raped there. Instead we were to be raped on my kitchen
table, probably bent over it with our butts obscenely
raised and presented to our captors for their use. And with
our hands tied, of course, so we couldn’t struggle and our
mouths gagged to muffle our protests. I agonized over Beth.
I knew she was about to be denied the only item of clothing
she still had on, her little summer shorts. Rachel and I,
on the other hand, were to be raped in our panties with the
crotchbands lewdly stretched to one side and humiliatingly
taped to our buttcheeks to expose our openings. The thought
that we would probably be forced to watch each other being
brutally raped in our bondage made me shudder. For the
umpteenth time I tugged futilely at my bonds and chewed
hopelessly at the sodden panties stuffed inside my mouth,
humiliatingly aware of how well I had been tied and gagged.
Whoever these men were, they were experts at their
trade. ‘On your feet,’ I heard my captor growl. Jerry
grabbed my hair, pulled me painfully to my feet and bent me
over. I looked back at Beth, still face down on the floor.
Her hands were still taped behind her back though her legs
had been freed from the relentless pressure of the ropes
binding her wrists to her ankles. She had been badly
manhandled, her body jerked violently back and forth as
Slim had cut away her hogtie and crotchrope restraints, her
half naked body handled as though it were little more than
a side of beef being prepared for delivery. Now she faced
being stripped of her shorts in the same brutally
nonchalant manner. She raised her head and looked at me,
her face almost unrecognizable behind the hateful gagging
harness that had been buckled around her head. I reddened
when I saw her staring wide eyed at my taped panties and at
my shamefully exposed openings as I was marched bent over
toward the kitchen. It was dreadful having her see me this
way, hands tied behind me, gagged, a noose around my neck,
my panties taped to one side, being led away to be raped.
It couldn’t have taken more than a few seconds for me to
cross the room but it seemed like forever. It felt like a
scene in a nightmare. Suddenly, so it seemed, I was inside
the kitchen. I raised my head and peered at the scene.
Rachel had been bent over the kitchen table exactly the way
I had imagined she would be, stripped to her panties, her
face pressed down and her bare breasts lying crushed
against the table beneath her. Two pairs of cuffs shackled
her ankles to the table legs and kept her legs spread. Her
skimpy white thong lay tautly stretched to one side, taped
down to her asscheek. She twisted around and peered at me
as I was led in, her eyes expressionless behind the leather
straps of the gag harness. Red stood behind her fingering
her exposed privates. ‘Still good and wet?’ I heard Jerry
ask sneeringly. ‘Wet?’ Red snickered, ‘you better believe
it. She ain’t just wet, she’s sopping. This bitch wants it
bad, she’s begging for it. Where the fuck you
been?’ ‘Getting mom here ready,’ Jerry answered, ‘good ass
takes time to prepare.’ ‘Yeah, right. Sit her down over
here on the floor where she can get a good look-see,’ Red
said. He moved out of the way as Jerry shoved me toward the
wall behind Rachel and manhandled me into a sitting
position on the floor with my back against the wall. I
looked up and saw my choke rope being hitched quickly to an
overhead towel rack to tether me in place. ‘Don’t go away,’
Jerry quipped, grinning widely. I looked up at Rachel. From
where I sat on the floor I had an unobstructed view of her
crotch, obscenely bared and showcased by her taped thong.
Her engorged pussy lips glistened with her juices. I
shifted my weight uncomfortably, conscious of the cold
tiling of the kitchen floor pressing up against my own
bared crotch. I closed my eyes and drifted into fantasy.
Suddenly I was Wonder Woman, able to break free from
whatever bondage I was placed in unless I were bound with
my Magic Lariat. I saw myself bursting free from my ropes
and, with my Beth at my side, capturing and binding our
three assailants with my lasso and hauling them off to
jail. It was a pleasant daydream. My reverie was
interrupted by Jerry squatting down in front of me, holding
a vibrating dildo, its end glistening with lubricant. ‘Warm
ups,’ he snapped curtly, ‘spread your legs. Knees up.’ I
complied reluctantly and as I spread my legs and raised my
knees, the vibrator was unceremoniously thrust into my
vagina and my panties were pulled up over it to hold it in.
I reddened as felt my vaginal muscles ripple and contract
around the dildo to receive it. It hummed softly inside
me. ‘You’re gonna get a good thorough fucking, ass and
cunt,' Jerry grated, 'so make sure you get good and wet.
Make it easy on yourself, it won’t hurt so bad that way.’
He patted my panties and stood up. ‘How about Rachel here?’
he asked Red, ‘you want her butthole slicked up? Or is that
just plug and play like her fuckhole? Clue me in.’ ‘Yeah,
slick it up, Jerry,’ Red chuckled, 'her ass can use a
little reaming. Where the fuck is Slim?’ Jerry pulled a
tube of KY Jelly from his pocket and squatted down behind
Rachel. As my vibrator hummed softly inside me, I watched,
transfixed, as the lubricant was applied and rubbed swiftly
and forcefully into Rachel’s small puckered butthole. I
couldn't help thinking that soon I too was to be subjected
to the same humiliating preparation, bent over and
shackled, my privates exposed to my daughter's horrified
gaze, my captor's fingers inside me lubricating me for
rape. For a brief moment I wondered if this wasn’t just a
bad dream and that soon I would be waking up to my normal
workaday world and breathing a huge sigh of relief. But the
ropes at my wrists and neck, the gag in my mouth and the
insistent humming of the vibrator inside me massaging my
vaginal walls told me this was no dream. As Jerry
forcefully massaged the lubricant into Rachel’s ass, the
bound and shackled girl began wiggling her buttocks
seductively and moaning softly into her gag. 'Where the
fuck is Slim,' Red repeated, 'why hasn’t he brought that
chick in already?' 'Fucking bitch can’t keep still,’ Jerry
grumbled as he withdrew his finger from Rachel's ass, ‘how
the fuck am I supposed to work when she’s wriggling around?
Fucking bitch.’ He spanked her soundly, a dozen swift hard
smacks on her asscheeks while Rachel mewled into her gag in
protest. It left her buttcheeks red and glowing. ‘You gonna
shut the fuck up and keep still now?’ he growled at her. A
muffled mmpph of assent issued from under her gag. She held
still as more lubricant was inserted and massaged
vigorously into the lining of her ass. At least, I thought
bitterly, when my turn came I wouldn't be giving them the
satisfaction of seeing me writhing and begging to be raped.
I could hear Jerry grunting as he lubricated her back
passage painstakingly and thoroughly, scrupulously intent
on his grisly task. When he was through reaming her he
pulled out, wiped his soiled fingers off on her skimpy
white panties and stood up. ‘She’s all set to go, Red,’ he
announced. He pulled his pants down, pulled his cock out
from under his shorts and moved over to the side of the
table facing it. His cock was limp and flaccid, I was
grimly pleased to note. I’d been right in my assessment of
him earlier on. He was impotent, couldn't sustain an
erection. As I peered under the table I saw him grasp his
limp cock and masturbate it slowly. 'Hey, Jerry,' Red
called out, 'quit jacking off and check out what the fuck
Slim's doing with the other chick, will ya?' Reluctantly,
Jerry tore himself away from his nauseating activity and
went out to the living room. Red stripped off his pants and
pulled his cock out from his shorts, its tip glistening
with precum. It was fully erect, monstrously huge, at least
nine inches long and almost two inches thick at the base. I
gazed terrified at the enormous member. How could Beth and
I ever receive such a monstrous shaft into our vaginas, let
alone have it thrust like a battering ram through our
bruised and throbbing sphincters? 'Like it, cunt? Nice and
big, huh?’ he grinned. As the vibrator hummed quietly
inside me, he grasped my head and ran the tip of his shaft
lightly over my cheeks and forehead, leaving a sickening
slick trail of slimy liquid in its wake. 'Just a little
preview to get you in the mood for some more,' he said as
he released my head. The defiling fluid stayed stuck to my
face and I tried desperately and pointlessly to dislodge
it, shaking my head in a violent spasm of loathing and
disgust. 'Keep it on, cunt,' he grinned, 'it looks good on
you.' He stood up and positioned himself behind Rachel,
holding his cock poised at her anus. He was about to
thrust it in when I heard Jerry's voice call out from my
living room. 'Hey Red,’ he yelled, ‘get your ass in here
ASAP, Slim's cut her loose.'

Name: Andromeda
Thursday, April 12th 2001 - 03:39:00 AM
Title: Home Invasion, Chapter 8 - Slim
Comments:Chapter 8

I lean over behind Beth and get busy with my knife, sawing
the tape bonds around her wrists, the same restraints I'd
put her in out on the patio when the raid began a couple of
hours ago. While I'm cutting her loose I'm weighing up the
odds. Sure there's a little risk, I mean the chick could
try to make a run for it or start hollering like crazy.
Still, if she does I'm pretty fucking sure I can tackle her
down and get her trussed up and muzzled again in no time.
Anyway it's too late to go back. If this doesn't jack Beth
up to First Fuck, nothing will. The knife cuts through the
last strand of tape on Beth's wrists and I quickly reach
over and unbuckle the gag straps behind her head and under
her chin. The shiny red rubber ball pops out of her mouth
dripping with drool. I wipe it off on my pants and put it
in my pocket. The chick sits there staring at me, working
her jaws and rubbing the marks on her wrists, looking even
more scared than before. 'You letting me go?' she asks me.I
give her a broad grin. 'Well, yes and no, sweetheart,' I
tell her, 'thing is I figured I'd cut you loose so you can
tell us how much this is turning you on. So you can ask us
to tie you up and gag you even tighter and beg us to hurry
up and fuck the living daylights out of you.' She stares at
me in disbelief. 'What?' she goes. 'You heard me,' I tell
her evenly, 'you're gonna beg us to rope you up good and
tight and gang rape you through your ass and pussy the way
you've been fantasizing all these years, a good thorough
fucking while you're tightly bound and gagged. And you're
gonna beg us to hurry up about it and stop fucking around.
It'll be nice and consensual just the way you like it. It's
what you want, isn't it? Well here's your chance to get
it.' She keeps staring at me for a minute then blurts
out, 'are you fucking out of your mind? Do you think for a
minute I've been enjoying this abuse you're putting me
through? What do you think this is? This is a rape, you
moron.' I gotta hand it to her. She looks terrific when
she's angry. 'Anyway,' she goes on, 'I'll do no such thing.
Thanks for untying me but no thank you. I want you to untie
my mom and let us go. I want you to get the hell out of our
house. Get out now and I promise we wont call the police.
You have my word on that.' She was pushing it but I stayed
patient. 'You know what, sweetheart,' I tell her, 'I think
you are gonna do it and you know why? Because it's the only
way you're gonna get your mom off the hook. That's the
deal. You ask to get roped and raped, we rape you and we
let your mom walk. Not literally, she's gonna have to stay
tied just like you while we get away but that'll be it, she
won't get raped.' She stays silent, looking at me. You can
almost see the gears whirring around inside her
head. 'Look,' I tell her, 'you've got two choices. Either
we go on doing what we've been doing and then both you and
your mom are gonna get our cocks rammed up your asses. Or
you do what I suggest, you beg us to tie you up and gag you
again, good and tight, and fuck you with your consent. In
that case we just do you, we leave your mom alone. It's up
to you. I mean do you really want to see your mom get butt-
fucked right in front of you. Hey, right now as we speak
you can bet Red's got your mom sitting on the floor, still
bound and gagged, with her knees up and her legs spread,
watching Rachel get fucked and waiting for her turn to get
it. And probably with a vibrator stuffed in her cunt to get
her good and wet and ready for when Red finishes with
Rachel. Hey, you can do something to help her out here. You
can make it easier on your mom.' Beth keeps on staring at
me. I can tell I'm getting to her. A few tears start up in
her eyes when I talk about her mom. I grin at her. 'It's a
tradeoff, sweetheart. All you gotta do is walk into that
kitchen with me and let my buddies know that you just can't
wait any more. That you want us to tie you up again, harder
and tighter this time, put a nice good tight gag on you and
hurry up and fuck you like you've never been fucked
before.' Beth is still staring at me. 'Hey,' I go on, 'I
mean it's not as if you haven't already been tied and
gagged and waiting to get fucked. You've been there. The
only difference is that now you're gonna be asking us to do
it. Think about it. Your mom gets to walk away from this!
What's that worth to you?' I give her a nice friendly
smile. She looks away, shaking her head. Yeah, she's
starting to go for it. She turns her head back and looks me
straight in the eye. 'If I do that,' she says, 'are you
really going to let my mom go?' 'Absolutely,' I tell her,
oozing sincerity, 'trust me on that. Your mom's gonna walk
away from this with just a few rope marks on her wrists and
ankles. She's not gonna have to go through what you're
gonna go through. That's the deal.' She eyeballs me for a
minute or so, then says, 'I dunno,' she tells me, 'lemme
think about it. Lemme see my mom first.' 'Oh sure,' I tell
her, 'you can see her.' I pull her up from the chair, grab
her by the elbow and steer her toward the kitchen. 'Wait a
minute,' she says, 'can I pull these down?' She points at
the ruined pair of short shorts that I'd rolled up around
her waist. I eyeball her and shrug. 'Sure, if it makes you
feel better. In any case, you're just gonna get 'em hiked
up later on.' She tosses her head. 'Yeah maybe,' she
says, 'but I'm not going in butt-naked like this.' 'Suit
yourself,' I tell her. She pulls what's left of her shorts
down from her waist and presses them down over the tops of
her thighs. The cut crotch band hangs down over her naked
crotch at the front and back and she tries to cover up her
bared privates by tucking the ends in between her legs.
Naturally it doesn't work but the severed shorts make her
look even sexier, like she was wearing an ultra short mini
or better yet, a loincloth like in one of those old Jane
and Tarzan movies. My boner gets bigger and better just
watching her. She sees me grinning at her and she blushes
deep red. 'You all done?' I ask her. She nods her head in
resignation and I grab hold of her arm and escort her
toward the kitchen. That's when Jerry suddenly shows up at
the kitchen door gawking at us, his mouth wide open. 'Hey,
Red,' he yells out, 'get over here ASAP. Slim's cut her
loose.' I brush past him with Beth in tow and tell him not
to get his shorts in a twist. Talking about his shorts,
that's all Jerry's got on and they're halfway down his
legs. He'd been jacking off, I figure. I pull Beth into the
kitchen and sure enough there's Rachel, already table-tied
with her panty clad butt sticking up a mile while Red's
standing behind her, his huge tool poised and ready for
action, getting set to ram it into Rachel's bared butthole.
And like I figured, Holly's sitting on the floor with her
back to the wall, hands behind her, knees up, legs spread
wide and with that telltale bulge in her panties in between
her legs that clues me she's got a vibrator stuffed inside
her fuckhole. Plus she's got her choke cord tethered to the
wall behind her. While Red pulls back and stops what he's
doing to glance at us, Beth is staring at Holly. 'Oh Mom,'
she goes, 'oh my God.' I keep a tight grip on her elbow
while she's struggling to break away and run over to where
her mom's sitting trussed up on the floor. 'Hey,' I grunt
at her, 'what did I tell you? You've seen your mom, now
make up your fucking mind. You gonna take the deal or not?'
Red looks up at me, real irritated. 'What the fuck,' he
barks, 'why the hell isn't she tied and gagged? I raise my
hand. 'Take it easy, Red,' I tell him, 'Beth's got
something she wants to tell us, don't you Beth?' I glare at
her. 'Well sweetheart, it's now or never.' There's some
tears in her eyes and she wipes them away absently. Then
she tosses her hair defiantly and looks Red right in the
eye. 'Look,' she begins, 'your buddy here cut me loose to
give me a chance to tell you how much I'm getting turned on
by all of this.' Her face turns deep red but she goes
on. 'The thing is I've been fantasizing about getting roped
and gang-raped for years but I never thought it could
happen to me in real life. And now it's happening and I've
got to tell you, I'm loving every minute of it and I can't
wait to get fucked.' She looks at me questioningly. I nod
my head in encouragement. 'Tell them what it is exactly
that you want,' I tell her. 'Yes,' she says, 'I know. OK.'
She takes a deep breath then goes on, 'what I want is for
you guys to tie me up and gag me even tighter than you did
before. And then I want you to fuck the living daylights
out of me. I want to get fucked,' she hesitates for a
second, 'up my ass, through my cunt, penetrated all the way
in, good and hard, a real throrough fucking that I'll never
forget. So I want you to stop screwing around with all this
preparation stuff and get down to business. I was gagged
before so I couldn't tell you but I'm telling you now. I
can't wait any more. Fuck me, guys, fuck me, rope me and
rape me. I'm begging you.' She looked at me again. 'There,
I've said what I had to say.' She turns around and swings
her arms behind her back and crosses her wrists. 'Now tie
me up again and let's get down to it.' There's a moment of
silence and I almost feel like giving her a round of
applause. Wow! What a performance! The chick really came
through all the way, even adding in some stuff I hadn't
even thought about. I couldn't believe it. I look around at
Red and Jerry and the two bound victims, and everybody's
like staring at Beth. Red's jaw kinda dropped through the
floor and the look on Mom's face is absolutely priceless, a
look of shock and horror like I'd never seen before. Mom
starts struggling and mmpphing pathetically through her
tight tape and panty gag and even forgets about keeping her
legs spread open. She tries desperately to get up but gets
jerked back against the wall by the choke rope around her
neck. Jerry looks at her and walks over and absently kicks
her legs apart again. 'Keep 'em spread, sweetheart,' he
mutters. As Holly subsides in her bonds, Red finally finds
something to say. 'So that's what you want, huh?' he says
unbelievingly, 'hey tell me something, did Red put you up
to this?' He eyes me and I shrug my shoulders. Beth eyes
him over her shoulder and says, 'absolutely not, what I
told you is what I want, that's how I feel about it. The
only thing Red said was that you guys were gonna let my mom
go, I mean you weren't gonna rape her, just leave her tied
up. You are going to let her go aren't you?' Red looks at
me again, accusingly, and I wink at him. He winks back. He
catches on fast. 'Oh sure, sweetheart, we'll let her go,'
he says, 'but hey, how do we know you're not just saying
this to get your mom off the hook, how do we know you
really mean it?' Beth tosses her hair to one side. 'Well,'
she says, 'what do I have to do to prove it?' Red grins at
me. 'Well for starters,' he tells her, 'you can bend
forward and show us what you've got.' Beth hesitates for a
second and looks at me over her shoulder. I nod my head at
her and she bends forward, keeping her hands behind her
back. The shorts or ultra mini or whatever you wanna call
it rides up smartly over her butt giving everybody a nice
unobstructed view of her cunt lips. You can't see her
asshole though, the severed crotchband is hanging down
behind her butt blocking out the view. 'Is that OK?' she
asks. 'Yeah,' Red says, 'that looks just fine. Now let's
see you reach down and pull those cunt lips open. Show us
some pink.' 'Oh God,' she breathes, 'do I have to?' 'Yeah,
sweetheart, you do if you want us to take you seriously,'
Red goes. 'OK,' she sighs and reaches down with both hands
and spreads her lips wide open to expose the pink insides
of her fuckhole. 'Happy now?' she asks
sarcastically. 'Nice,' Red comments, 'now the ass cheeks,
pull 'em apart, let's see the butthole. Let's see what you
got up there. And push that tail on your shorts outta the
way. It's irritating me.' 'Look, please,' she
protests, 'you already checked me out hours ago. It's
already been done. Can't we just get on with it? Can't you
just tie me up and fuck me and get it over with?' 'Yeah
right, sweetheart,' Red grates at her, 'sure it's already
been done but the thing is it hasn't been done by you, it's
been done to you. If you want us to believe you, then
you're gonna be happy to do it voluntarily. Come on, sweet
cakes, show us the hole. Spread those cheeks. Spread 'em
wide.' Reluctantly, Beth fingers her crotchband out of the
way, grabs her asscheeks and pulls them apart, nicely
exposing her cute little puckered hole,' 'OK now? she asks
anxiously. 'Yeah OK, sweet cheeks, you can straighten up
now. Put your hands on top of your head and stand facing
the wall. Jerry, you take charge of her. Rope her up, gag
her and lubricate her. You can bend her over the table here
facing Rachel. As soon as you've got Beth table-tied and
ready Slim can get started on her. I'll do her when I'm
through with Rachel. You got what you wanted, Slim,' he
growls at me, 'I hope you're happy about it. I'm going back
to fucking Rachel.' He goes back behind the bound girl and
rams his huge tool deep into her ass as she cries out in
pain through her gag.
Name: Andromeda
Saturday, September 15th 2001 - 02:38:36 PM
Title: Chapter 9 - Holly
Comments:I watched as Red jammed his enormous member deep into
Rachel's ass and heard her cry out in pain at the initial
impalement. This was followed almost at once by massive
grunts of pleasure as her ass was relentlessly assaulted
and penetrated in and out. It was sickening. Here was a
woman who had been bound and gagged, shackled and bent over
a table in the most obscene position I could imagine, her
ass raised and presented to her assailants for their
pleasure and her underwear humiliatingly pulled to one side
at the crotch and fastened with tape to her asscheek to
showcase her privates. Yet this same woman was now visibly
and shamelessly enjoying the brutal violation of her body.
It was too perverted for words. I tore my eyes away from
the obscene spectacle and looked over Beth. They had made
assume the standard position of a captured prisoner waiting
to be bound, facing a wall with her hands clasped above her
head. I knew they had made her beg for her humiliation by
cruelly dangling my freedom as bait. I was sick to my
stomach over it, all the more so that I knew it was futile.
The promises they made her were fraudulent and in the end
she would suffer even more than if she'd refused. 'Slim,'
Jerry called out, 'I need something to gag her with. She's
got some panties lying around somewhere on the floor.
Get 'em for me will ya. And I need rope.?' 'Sure,' Slim
said, 'you need tape?' 'Maybe not, I think I'll put a
cleave gag on her.' Slim left the kitchen and Jerry circled
behind where Beth stood facing the wall. 'OK honey,' Jerry
said, 'spread your legs and lean forward with your forehead
against the wall. That's right,' he added after Beth
quickly complied. 'Now we're gonna do this nice and easy,'
he told her, 'Just hold still. Keep your hands where they
are.' I watched helplessly as the rapist quickly hiked up
her brief shorts, now severed at the crotch. They were
hiked up to her waist and tucked in under her waistband
leaving her naked. Slowly and deliberately, as though he
were a policeman strip-searching an arrested suspect, the
rapist ran his hands over my daughter's body, over the
breasts, down the sides and the backs of her thighs, then
in between her legs. She bit her lip as he briefly fingered
her privates, grinning widely from ear to ear, then
extracted the tube of KY Jelly from his pocket and rubbed
the lubricant into her outer lips. 'You're gonna get your
cunt slicked before you get tied,' he informed her, 'just
keep your hands clasped on top of your head and relax.
You're gonna enjoy this, trust me. I'll do your ass once I
get you roped and cuffed over the table. Hope that's to
your liking. We aim to please.' He chuckled in amusement.
With slow practiced movements he began rubbing the
lubricant inside my daughter's vagina with one hand. With
the other, he slowly massaged her clitoris. I watched the
degrading procedure with disgust. I could see from Beth's
facial expressions, her frown, the way she kept biting her
lower lip, that she was trying desperately to keep herself
from becoming aroused. But her resistance was futile. The
insistent manipulation of her clitoris and the lubrication
of her vaginal walls finally prevailed and her body
betrayed her. 'You're getting wet, honey,' he informed
her, 'you're creaming nicely. Keep it coming. Just a little
more and you'll be all set,' then finally, 'that's it.
Fuckhole's good and wet. Stay just the way you are. Slim's
gonna be here in a second with the rope.' I tore my eyes
away in despair and looked at Rachel. She, for her part,
was participating in her rape with obvious and undisguised
gusto, a willing collaborator in the assault on her body.
She ground her hips enthusiatically against Red's violent
strokes, her juices trickling down her legs from her vagina
where her rapist kept up an insistent massaging of the
clitoris while he rammed his member back and forth through
the clinging lining of her ass. I wondered dimly how I
would react when it was my turn. Would I too become a
willing victim? I shuddered at the thought. By now Slim
was back in the kitchen carrying rope and gagging
cloths. 'I got her panties for you,' he told Jerry
cheerfully, 'they're still pretty soaked from last time but
you can use 'em again. And I got you some black strips for
the strap. I figure black on white oughtta look interesting
on her, make a nice contrast. And I got you plenty of
rope.' He handed the humiliating items to Jerry who put
them on the table behind him. Selecting a few hanks of rope
he approached my daughter from behind. 'OK, honey,' he
grunted, 'hands behind your back, let's go.' Beth complied,
crossing her wrists submissively. Jerry uncrossed them and
repositioned them palm to palm. 'I'm gonna make this good
and tight on you, sweetheart, ' he told her, 'just like you
asked for. Enjoy.' As I watched, a doubled length of rope
was noosed and slipped over my daughter's wrists. Beth
gasped as it was pulled brutally tight then wrapped
repeatedly around her joined wrists then cinched between
the wrists and knotted off. Another noose was prepared and
slipped over the bound wrists then pulled up to the elbows
where it too was pulled viciously tight, forcing the elbows
painfully together behind the back. I winced as Beth cried
out in pain. 'You're hurting me,' she complained. 'Oh
yeah,' Jerry said, 'no shit?' Suddenly I felt rage rising
in me at the brutality of the binding and I mmpphed and
grunted as loud as I possibly could through the wadded
panties packed inside my mouth. Beth turned her head and
looked at me irritably. 'Mom, keep quiet for heaven's
sake,' she snapped. I reddened. Her words stung me. All I'd
done was protest as best I could against the brutal binding
she was being forced to endure. Maybe she didn't want me
interfering and ruining the bargain she'd struck with the
two rapists but I didn't believe in the bargain and
besides, she needn't have snapped at me like that. It was
bad enough that she had to see me this way, sitting on the
floor in my underwear, bound and gagged, with my legs
spread and the white of my panties on display at my crotch.
But to have her tell me to 'keep quiet' when my mouth was
already heavily gagged, muzzled like a dog's, imprisoned in
a mass of wadded underwear and tape, was too much to bear.
I slumped back in my bonds, defeated, forced to watch
helplessly while my daughter was being brutally bound. Her
captor was now busy with another length of rope, a longer
one this time. It was anchored at my daughter's taut and
tightly knotted elbow bonds then threaded through her
armpits and around the back of her neck then back to the
elbows where it was knotted off. secured, leaving an unused
length of rope about three feet long. As I watched
horrified this last length was pulled up and threaded
through the rope around her neck then jerked back down to
her elbows where it was pulled tight with a vicious tug,
forcing her shoulders painfully back and pushing her
breasts out. It was brutal. I knew Beth was in terrible
pain. She whimpered softly and tears started forming in her
eyes. 'Tight, huh,' Jerry muttered, 'take it easy, you'll
get used to it.' Beth looked back over her
shoulder. 'Please,' she begged, 'does it have to hurt like
this?' Her voice was strained. 'Like I said, honey, 'you'll
get used to it. Keep facing the wall and open wide for the
gag.' The sodden panties Slim had brought were wadded and
ready. Reluctantly, Beth opened her mouth to accept the
packing that was quickly shoved in from behind and strapped
in place with the black cloth strip. Slim watched the grim
procedure impassively. 'You done gagging her?' he
asked, 'lemme have a look.' He turned Beth's head around to
face him and examined the gag. From where I sat I could see
snatches of lacy white panty protruding above and below the
gag strap. It looked obscene. 'Nice,' Slim commented, 'it
suits her face. I like the black on white effect.' 'Yeah,'
Jerry grunted, 'gags make nice fashion accessories. Help me
get her tabled. She's almost all set.' As I watched Beth
was led to the end of the table opposite Rachel. A quick
shove forced her down and her legs were kicked apart. From
my position on the floor at the opposite end of the table I
couldn't see her any longer, only her legs were visible,
spread wide in preparation for shackling. I watched as a
pair of handcuffs was locked around each of her ankles and
used to chain her to the table legs. And from the comments
the two rapists exchanged I knew that a choke cord was
being applied to hold her down. I saw it being tied off at
the top of the table leg in front of me next to where
Rachel was being raped. I saw Jerry position himself behind
her and knew she was being lubricated to prepare her for
anal rape. I shuddered. Then his place was taken by Slim.
Peering under the table I could see the rapist positioned
behind my daughter's spread and shackled legs. Then I heard
Beth begin to sob quietly. The rape had started. I trembled
inside as I heard Beth's cry of pain when the rapist
penetrated her anus followed by the thumping and slapping
sound of flesh against flesh interspersed with Beth's
pathetic quiet sobbing as she endured the assault. I prayed
silently for her, wondering if she would ever be the same
after this outrage. I averted my eyes but there was nothing
I could do to block out the sounds of the assault, the
jeering and grunting of the rapist, the insistent thumping
and slapping, the muted sobbing and crying of the victim,
it was like the sound of hell. It went on for well over ten
minutes until the noises changed and I realized that Beth
was now being taken vaginally. More thumping. Crying and
sobbing. Suddenly I heard the rapist groan loudly as he
climaxed inside my daughter. I began sobbing
uncontrollably. Through my tears I looked up and saw that
Red had finished with Rachel. Gobs of slimy white semen
oozed out of her vagina as he withdrew from her and wiped
his member off on the back of her panties. 'You all done,
Slim?' he grunted. Because if you are I figure we can
switch. You do this one here. She's a little too wet so you
might want to wipe some of the jism off her cunt before you
use her. How'd it go with Beth?' 'It went fine,' Slim
replied, 'the ass was still a little too tight but the
fuckhole's just right, not too wet, not too dry. It was
good. But I couldn't get her to come. She froze up on
me.' 'Oh yeah?' Red grunted, 'lemme see if I can do
something about that.' I watched the two rapists change
places and the raping started all over again. It was too
much to bear. I couldn't stop sobbing. Over by the side of
the table Jerry was busy masturbating, his mouth contorted,
his eyes wild with unsatisfied lust. The raping, the
thumping and the sobbing of the bound victims went on for
another fifteen minutes until both Jerry and Red had both
climaxed in their captives and staggered away from the
table. 'Shit, I'm outta breath,' Slim complained, 'gonna
have to stop smoking.' He chuckled. 'Fuck that,' Red
said, 'we still got mom to do. Help me get these two
bitches on the floor,' My stomach churned. I had expected
it of course. I prayed silently that I'd have the strength
to endure the ordeal. I watched in agony as Beth and Rachel
were released from the table and forced to sit on the floor
beside me with their backs to the wall where their choke
cords were hitched to the overhead cabinets. I couldn't
bear to look at Beth's face. It was flushed and contorted
with pain. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. 'Listen
up, bitches, keep your legs spread and your knees up, just
like Holly here,' Red ordered them, 'we want you to let the
cum seep out on the floor. We might wanna use you again
after we do mom here.' Beth shrank back in her bonds and
shook her head. Almost convulsively, she closed her legs.
She was obviously traumatized. Red squatted down in front
of her and dealt her a sharp slap across her gagged
mouth. 'Told you to open your legs, bitch. Do it,' he
rasped. I turned my head away, sobbing my heart out. Red
moved over to me. 'Your turn now, sweetheart,' he grinned.
He squatted down in front of me, his eyes on my crotch.
Involuntarily, almost by reflex, I closed my legs. I caught
myself and quickly parted them again to avoid being
slapped. Red reached down and pushed my underwear aside to
extract the vibrator. I reddened as I saw it come out
glistening with my juices. Red examined the tip then wiped
the vibrator off on my panties and put it in his
pocket. 'Hold still,' he ordered me. I cringed as he
casually probed inside my vagina with two fingers and
briefly massaged my clitoris with his thumb. He seemed
satisfied. 'Nice and wet.' he remarked, 'you've done
great, sweetheart. Let's go. On your feet.' He straightened
up and unfastened my neck tether from the wall, then pulled
me up by the elbows and shoved me over to the table. He
positioned me in the same place where Rachel had been
raped, in full view of my daughter. What I had been
dreading was finally coming to pass. My mind recoiled from
the thought of the ordeal I was about to undergo. Behind me
I could hear my daughter's gag-muted and futile sounds of
protest interspersed with bitter sobbing. I knew she had to
be bitterly aware that her self-humiliation had been
useless, that despite their promises they had never
intended to let me go. I felt my captor's hands at my bound
wrists and a sudden sharp pain in my shoulders as my arms
were wrenched up behind me, forcing me to bend forward over
the table. My ass and my vagina, degradingly bared by my
obscenely taped underwear, were now fully exposed to my
daughter's gaze. I tried not to think about it though I
wondered briefly if the juices I had involuntarily produced
were also visible around my labia. Not that it mattered any
longer. Far worse was to come. My head was pushed down on
the table and my choke rope quickly fastened to the table
leg at the far end. My legs were next. They were quickly
kicked apart. Handcuffs were applied to my ankles and
locked around the table legs. I was completely immobilized,
hands tied behind my back, ankles shackled, neck confined
in a choke cord to stop me rearing up from the table. The
perfect victim, I thought bitterly, thoroughly secured for
rape, bound and gagged, ass raised and ready for
penetration. I was in hell. I tensed myself against what
came next, the inevitable anal lubrication, to be performed
naturally by Jerry. When it came I bit my lip to stop
myself from crying out. Tears starting forming in my eyes
and I didn't fight them. They flowed freely as I sobbed
uncontrollably while Jerry reamed my ass and rubbed in the
lubricant that would ease the way for my assailants. There
was a moment's pause as Jerry withdrew his finger and again
I tensed myself. I knew it was coming, just a matter of
seconds. Then it came, an unbearably sharp pain in my ass
as something very long and thick was inserted into it and
rammed home. The rape had begun. I tried to disconnect
myself. This is only happening to my body, not to my mind,
I kept repeating to myself. But the pain in my ass was too
terrible to ignore. I wondered which of them was inside me.
Certainly not Jerry, he was off to one side masturbating. I
couldn't tell which of other two it was. Both of them were
behind me, the rapist inside me and the other one off to
one side watching. And of course my daughter was watching
this too. So was Rachel though I didn't really care about
her. But the fact that Beth was seeing her mother being
assfucked mortified me more than anything. I knew I was
living through the most humilating moment in my entire
life. I suddenly became conscious that my clitoris was
being stimulated. Of course. I had watched Red do it to
Rachel so why not me. Maybe this was Red inside me. I felt
no arousal whatsoever from the clitoral massage, only
dreadful pain from the insistent pounding of my ass by
whoever was in me. And an awful and humiliating desire to
defecate. At length I felt the object inside me stiffen and
throb and I realized my rapist was ejaculating. Then came a
sudden release as he withdrew and the pain began easing. I
felt my underwear being used as a rag to wipe off my
assailant's ejaculate, then I broke down and sobbed
bitterly. I heard Red's voice. 'I'm not gonna fuck this
bitch's cunt,' I heard him say. You do it if you want. I'm
through.' So it was Red who had raped me. 'How's her ass,'
I heard Slim say. 'OK,' Red answered, 'nothing special but
OK. For a moment there I thought the bitch was gonna shit
herself.' I heard him chuckle then came a moment's silence
and I knew I was about to be raped again, this time by
Slim. When it came, the pain of the anal penetration was
less severe, less insistent. And it didn't last as long.
The rhythm of the pounding was different too, easier, less
aggressive, more relaxed. Once again I felt the clitoral
stimulation being applied and suddenly to my horror, for
the first time that afternoon I felt strangely aroused. My
body was betraying me, just like Beth had been betrayed
earlier by hers but somehow it didn't seem to matter and I
quickly gave in to the pleasurable sensations. Very soon
the growing pleasure began to drown out the pain. I fought
my bonds and grunted through my gag to try and let my
captors know that I needed to touch myself and bring myself
to orgasm. My vagina ached for release and when I felt my
rapist ejaculate in my ass I found, to my shame, that I was
hoping he would find the strength to penetrate me vaginally
and relieve the ache. A minute later I felt his newly erect
member probe my outer lips and I strained backward to try
and seize it in my snatch and draw it inside me. I knew I
was suddenly behaving like a slut but I didn't care. It
didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was relieving
the aching need in my cunt. My cunt, not my vagina. I was a
slut and I had a cunt, a fuckhole as my rapist called it. I
liked the sound of that. I was suddenly proud of my
fuckhole and proud that I'd been bound and gagged. I was
glad that these men had had the foresight to restrain me
and deny me the freedom to resist. Behind me I could hear
the men laughing at me and suddenly I thought of Beth. What
must she be thinking, seeing her mother transformed into a
slut? But the thought quickly passed and then, mercifully,
I felt my rapist penetrate my fuckhole. I screamed through
my gag trying to tell him how grateful I was for the
penetration. Thank you. Oh my God. Thank you. It felt so
good inside. I hardly noticed the pain any more, not the
pain in my ass or the pain of the ropes at my wrists or the
soreness of the cuffs at my ankles or the chafing of the
choke cord at my neck. I was aware only of the waves of
pleasure that washed over me as I ground my hips and
welcomed the throbbing member inside me, welcomed his
pounding as I eased his way with my cunt juices. I was
creaming like I'd never creamed before and I rode the waves
of pleasure as they swelled and broke and then suddenly I
realized I was coming. Massively. I rode the monumental
orgasm for all it was worth, then felt the hot stream of my
rapist's ejaculate bathing the insides of my fuckhole. I
was grateful for his come, thankful he had come inside me
at the same time as I had orgasmed. It seemed strangely
right. As my rapist slowly withdrew and the waves of
pleasure receded I heard Red's voice. 'Nice work, buddy,
looks like you got the bitch to come.' 'Yeah,' Slim
replied, 'so it would seem. Couldn't get the daughter to
come but I sure as hell scored with her mom.' 'Uh huh,' Red
said, 'usually it's the ones that've got a stick up their
ass that turn out to be the hottest. Good work. Come on,
let's go. Let's get these bitches douched and hogtied and
get the fuck outta here.' I can't remember too well what
happened after that, just snatches of memory. I know now
that I was in shock but at the time it felt like I was
floating. I was limp as I was released from the table and
was hustled, half walking, half dragged into the living
room. My fellow captives were escorted in after me and all
three of us were make to lie face down on the floor where
our ankles were securely bound with rope. I think it was
Slim who escorted me and bound my ankles but I'm not really
sure. I do remember the strange and searching look that
Beth gave me as she lay face down on the floor next to me
having her ankles bound. Before we were hogtied our asses
and cunts were thoroughy douched. We were told this was
being done to wash away any physical or DNA evidence that
could be used to identify our assailants. Beth struggled
and sobbed a good deal while this was done but Rachel and I
submitted to it willingly. Once this was done the three of
us were laid out in a row, side by side, and our legs were
folded back and our ankles securely lashed to our bound
wrists behind our backs. Then more choke cords were
produced and used to fasten our necks to pieces of
furniture. The hogtie was awfully confining and
uncomfortable but I didn't mind it all that much after a
while especially after everything else I'd been through. It
even seemed strangely comforting to be bound and gagged.
The memory of my orgasm was still fresh. In all my married
and unmarried life I'd never experienced anything remotely
like it. I had surrendered myself completely. It made
everything else seem unimportant. I lay contentedly though
uncomfortably in my bonds, dosing off at times, almost
oblivious to the muted sobbing noises of my daughter lying
next to me. At one point after dosing off I woke up and
realized the men were gone. I looked at my two fellow
captives and noticed that they too had fallen asleep in
their restraints. I wondered idly how long it would be
before we were found and released. I wasn't worried about
it though. It didn't seem to matter that much.

Name: Andromeda
Tuesday, September 18th 2001 - 04:01:15 AM
Title: First One
Comments:I watched her jogging for weeks, then on a Friday, early in the morning I decided to take her. She lived in a ground floor apartment. While she was out running, I popped the sliding glass door by her patio and walked in. She had turned the second bedroom into a study with her books and computer. While I waited I turned on the computer and erased her hard drive, then packed up her back up disks, just to make her life harder. I stepped into the closet when I heard the front door open. I heard her walk through her apartment to her bedroom then I heard water running in the shower. I went into her bedroom and set my bag next to her bed, then with my huntiing knife in hand I waited out side the bathroom door. When she came out she was wrapped in a towel her wet shoulder length blonde hair hanging loose on her shoulers. I grabbed her and with the knife blade uder her chin I forced her to lean againist the hall wall."Don't hurt me." she begged. "Drop the towel." I hissed. Shaking she dropped the towel. "Hands over your head on the wall,NOW!" "Feet back and spread." "Oh God please, don't rape me, please." she whimpered. She cringed as I put my left hand on the small of her back, then slipped around onto her stomach. I leaned foward and smelled the herbal fragrence of her hair. With the blade in her vision she answered all my questions Age? twenty Height? Five foot three Weight? one hundrred ten pounds Measurements? Oh no please MEASUREMENTS?! thirtyfour twen... twenty four thirty five cup size c.Are you a coed? yes Major? Economics. I ran my hand up to her breasts and squeezed them, then I pulled and stroked her nipples too hardness. She started weeping then shaking when I put her right arm in a hammer lock and said "Bedroom, bitch." When I pulled her arm harder she squeeled and said it hurt. I told her I would break it if she didn't move her ass. Face down on her bed she begged as I duct taped her folded arms behind her back. I flipped her over and with the knife at her left eye forced her to open her mouth, I then packed an ace bandage in until her cheeks were bulging then I duct taped it tightly in. I flipped her back over and told her not to even think about moving, then I swatted her ass and did a search of her apartment. I gathered her money, jewelry, put them in her purse and sat it by the glass door. When I went back to the bedroom she hadn't moved I turned her over and slid her so her butt was on the side edge of the bed then forced her legs up and back. When Ii unzipped my pants she started kicking so I slapped her face, after four slaps she settled down. I pushed her knees out and back as far as I could then slammed my cock into her dry cunt.A choked scream died in her throat as I raped her hard and quick. After ten minutes I orgasimed deep inside her. Over the next three hours I raped an sodomized her four more times. She finaly quit screaming after the third rape and only grunted and groaned. I ripped the tape from around her head "Please no more." she weakly begged. "Open your mouth, bitch. Sha had no choice so when she opened I stuffed my cock in and slowly throat raped her. Whe I was finished I got dressed, grabbed my bag and her purse and left her sobbing, arms still taped, on her bedroom floor.
Name: viper
Saturday, October 27th 2001 - 02:21:52 AM
Title: Jogging
Comments:It's a gorgous day so I am going running for the first time in a while.I got on the river trail and started my run had my headphones on so didn't hear anything.I am not sure how long I had been running but had to stop and take a drink next thing I knew I was on the ground.A hand came over my mouth and I was picked up and put in a van and hogtied.The van drove and drove for what seemed like hours before it came to a stop.The doors openned and I was carried out to what looked like a barn in the middle of nowhere.I could hear guys talking but couldn't see them.I was tossed on a bed retied to it with my arms above my head and my legs were spread apart.These guys meant business cause the next thing I knew my clothes were being torn off.I heard 1 guy say look at how neatly shaved I was so they wouldn't have any troubles there.I started to get very scared of what they had in mind for me.I started to feel hands all over my body they were grabbing and pinching my nipples they were spreading my lips apart between my legs.Then I felt someone on top of me and he was trying to push his fat cock inside but I was so tight he was having trouble so not wanting to I guess hurt himself someone poured some oil between my legs and he started rubbing his cock all over to get greased up.He then started to push it in me again,shit this guy is huge I thought to myself it isn't going to fit he is going to rip me apart.In one thrust he shoved his meat in me and I tried to scream but couldn't.He was pumping faster and faster and moaning at the same time.Then next thing I knew the gag I had was taken off and a dick was pushed in my mouth.It tasted aweful like he hadn't bathed in a week and I started to suck him as the other guy was moaning on me.They both started moving very fast and I could feel them both swelling up in me as the first guy in between my legs satrted to go I could feel the guy in my mouth start to moan and breath fast,they both went at the same time.The guy in me had me clean him off,it tasted nasty the smell of his cum and my own insides made me gag.The second guy went and knelt between my legs poking me with his fingers and saying look she's swollen after only one pounding.Next thing I knew he was ready again and he started to push his fat cock in me.The other guy I cleaned off was ready again also and he put his cock in my mouth.I didn't think it would ever end they kept pounding at me fast and hard.Finally they both did and they collapsed on me.After a while I was retied in a knelling position with my hands stretched out and my legs apart with my knees up and bent under me.They had blindfolded me again so I couldn't see what was happening.I heard a door open and then heard what sounded like panting of an animal,it came closer and closer to me.Then I felt a wet sandpapery tongue go up my thighs to right between mt legs.It licked me from my rear all the way up to my clit and did it so fast it was making me so wet.I knew what it was but couldn't bring myself to believe they would have a dog fuck me.Next thing I new this dog wrapped it's front paws around my waist and started probbing me with it's cock.It was so wet and hot I was afraid to move for fear he'd bite me.He finally found what he was probbing for and with one thrust he shoved his dog cock in me.He was panting hard and making my shoulders wet with his tongue.He then pushed what felt like all his might and then stopped moving.I felt something very hard swell up in me and I knew I was tied to this dog.The guys were sitting there laughing at me saying I was a bitch in heat and was going to be taken care of.The dog swelled up so big it felt like a tennis ball inside me and was going to rip me open.I just stayed in one stop hoping it would be all over soon and it was.They kept me with them for a long time taking turns with me and letting the dog fuck me over and over again.
Name: Terry
E-mail address: snakegirl13_69@yahoo.com
Wednesday, January 30th 2002 - 10:30:35 AM
Title: Robbed and Raped
Comments: So often are females the victims of brutal attacks that we guys trick ourselves into believing it will never happen to us. The fact that I had money and lived alone made me a pretty easy target, but I never bothered to consider that I was in any danger.......until it actually happened.
It was a brisk autumn day and I was reading a book when the doorbell rang. When I answered the door, I was treated to the site of an attractive 30ish woman with strawberry blonde hair. She was dressed from head to toe in black and wore dark shades. I should have known right then and there not to trust her.....who wears shades in autumn? Nonetheless, I didn't suspect a thing.
"Can I use your phone?" she asked politely. "I'm having car trouble."
"Sure," I said. I invited her inside and showed her to the phone. I then went back to my book. A moment later, I felt the coldness of a knife against my neck.
"What the...." I began.
"Not another sound," she cautioned me in a hoarse whisper. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was being robbed....or so I thought. Well, perhaps there was a chance I could expidite the process without her ransacking my house.
"Look...." I began.
"I said shutup!" she hissed and smacked me across the face. I was stunned. She seemed like a nice person only a moment ago. More so, I was angry. If she didn't have the knife so close, I would have chanced fighting her for it.
"Hands behind your back," she ordered. I decided not to test her further and did as she said. I was not surrised when I felt the steel handcuffs click shut around my wrist. Nonetheless, I groaned in despair.
"You think its bad now, you just wait," she teased. Still pressing the knife against my throat with one hand, she dangled a ballgag in front of me with the other. The ball was hideously large and I figured there was no way I'd be able to take it. "Open your mouth," she ordered. "Or I'll cut your dick off." I slowly opened my mouth as wide as it could go and she plunged the ballgag deeply in. It was buckled all too tightly behind my head. My cheeks bulged out and I could barely breathe, let alone make any kind of noise. She must have savored the look of despair in my eyes, for the next thing I know she was laughing. I wish she would hurry up with the robbery and get on with it.
I began to realize that this was more than a robbery when she pulled up one of my chairs and sat down in it. She stared at me with contempt for my predicament and hurled a barrage of insults at me, too which I was quite obviously unable to respond. She then took off my pants and underwear, leaving me naked before her. I was red with embarassment and she continued to laugh and mock me. Worse still was the fact that despite its terrible implications, all this excitement gave me a hardon.
The woman added to my bondage by snapping an additional pair of cuffs on my ankles. It was made certain that I wasn't going anywhere. I tried to plead with her through my gag, but all to no avail. Before I knew what was happening, she thrust me face down over her lap.
"That cute little ass of yours is going to get it now," she told me. I instinctively began to squirm. "Go ahead," she encouraged. "I like it when they fight." She held me still long enough to insert a lubricated butt plug up my anus. It was uncomofrtable as hell going in and I screamed into my gag as she heled it in place with tape.
Next, she began spanking me, at first with her hand and later with a paddle. She called me names like "man slut" or "little bitch with a dick." She spanked me over and over until my ass cheeks were red and I was sobbing. I screamed repeatedly into my gag, but all that came out was a dull "mmmmph."
My captor then forced me to the ground on my knees and made me watch as she undressed. Off went her black pants and her black g-string panty as well. Though I was under too much trauma to possibly be aroused, she had a great body.
"Now," she said, pointing to her pussy. "You are gonna rub your gagged mouth against me until you get me off. Maybe if you're good later, I'll let you suck my juices." I cringed at this thought but did as I was told. While the butt plug I was made to wear caused me nothing but pain, I gave her great pleasure as my ballgag rubbed up against her pussy over and over again.
"That's enough," she said. She then forced me to bend over a table, uncuffed my ankles and bound them to the table legs. I knew what was coming and began thrashing wildly against my bonds.
There was no mercy. Out went the butt plug and in went a dildo. I was being fucked by a woman.
"Now you know how we feel, pig!" she sneered. I was in tears at this point but there was still no mercy. She untied me from the table and turned me around to face her, enjoying the look of defeat in my eyes. Once again, she pressed the knife to my throat. "I'm going to take that gag out and when I do, you're gonna eat out my pussy. Make one sound and you're gonna get it."
I nodded solemnly. The horrible ballgag was finally removed, but I barely had a chance to catch my breath before she shoved her cunt in my face. I licked and nibbled and made sure to get her off the best that I could. After I was finished, I was gagged again for my troubles.......this time with a ring gag.
She stripped off her top and her bra but still left on the sunglasses. Her tits were large and shapely and the sight of them was enough to get me aroused despite my predicament.
"You want these?" she asked. I didn't answer. "First you have to suck this," she told me and plunged a rubber penis into my ringgag. I sucked it obedniently until she was satisfied that I had done my job. Then, she inserted a nipple and moaned in ecstacy as I sucked it. By the time I was finished sucking the other one, I was rock hard. She swapped the ringgag again for the ballgag and left me there on the floor with my dick in the air. I was sore and beaten.
When she returned moments later, she had bags full of my stuff. I grunted indignantly and she merely smiled.
"Well," she said. "I guess you've been a good boy."
She then stripped off her clothes again and rode me hard. It was degrading, but I needed the relief. After I was finished, she turned me over and inserted something else into my already tortured behind. This time, it was a vibrator. I tried to protest into my gag, but she took no notice. The vibrator went in. She also put me in a strict hogtie.
"Oh.....there's one thing I forgot," she said. Her final touch was to put me into a diaper. When I was found, it would be ballgagged and hogtied on the floor of my own house while wearing a diaper with a vibrator in my ass. Was there no dignity?!
She reached into my diaper and turned the vibrator on, giving me a kiss on the forehead at the same time.
"It's been fun," she said and walked out the door. After what seemed like an eternity (it was only several hours), the police arrived. I had to be taken to a hospital and I swore revenge. To this day, the cruel and twisted bitch who did this has not been caught and I have not been able to enjoy a normal, healthy relationship.
Name: Ben
Tuesday, June 4th 2002 - 07:45:59 AM
Title: blind date
Comments:I started using internet dating services when I was 16. I didn't have any problem getting guys, but I wanted to meet someone exotic who would test me and let me explore my more erotic side. I met a couple of guys, but things never worked out quite right. Some were too far away, some ended up being posers. I was about to give up when I met Michael. Michael was a 25 year old corporate accountant with a firm in London. I spoke with him on the net, and he seemed like a really nice guy who had everything going for him. He sent me a few pictures (which were very attractive). Finally, I decided to bring up the subject of sex. The more we talked, the more I knew Michael would be the one for me. I told him about my fantasies of rape and bondage and how torture scenes in movies have always turned me on, and he started telling me about what he'd like to do to me, but never using enough detail for me to get a mental picture of the events that would take place.
Finally the day came. I arranged to meet Michael at his house outside of London. I was really nervous driving up to the house in my '98 neon, but was very impressed when i finally found it. The house looked like something my grandmother and grandfather would have lived in, very neat, trimmed hedges, a picket fence, the whole works. I got out of the car, and glanced at my reflection in the window. I was looking good. My blonde hair came down just past my shoulders and was blowing lightly in the breeze of the summer day. I had bought a new pair of leather pants for the trip, one which was nearly impossible to get into, and road low enough that my genital hair would have shown if I didn't shave. I was wearing a black g-string, the straps of which showed just slightly over my low-cut pants, and a white sleeveless shirt with a V-neck which came down just between my breasts, showing more cleavage than I should have been. I walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. No one answered. I waited a few minutes, then rung it again..again no one answered. I knocked on the door, and when I did, noticed a small yellow note on the floor mat of the door. "open up and come inside tina".
i opened the door and stepped inside the house. i looked around and was sort of surprised to see the house looked the same on the inside as it did outside...like that of an old couple. I looked around and saw another note on the table next to the door. "go through the kitchen to the basement door and downstairs".
i didn't know what to expect, but was getting very excited to meet Michael...he was gorgeous in his pictures and i had a picture in my head of a romantic flower-filled basement and a night of making love. I reached the basement door and slowly opened it, not knowing what to expect. The basement was not like the rest of the house, it had a dingy, cold feel to it and the lighting was almost non-existent. i walked down a set of old wooden stairs into the floor of the basement and found a note at the bottom on the handrail. "go to the back of the basement, there's another room there. go inside"
i walked to the back of the basement, and just as the note said, there was another door. I opened it, and walked in, finding myself alone in a small room with concrete walls, floor, and ceiling, a dresser, a locker, and a double-sized bed. on the bed there was another note. "take off all your clothes, go to the dresser and take the handcuffs out of the third drawer. I did as the note said, upset that Michael had not seen me in my little leather pants and low-cut shirt, but excited about giving myself to him right away. I couldn't wait to feel his powerful arms around me and his big full lips kissing mine. I went over to the dresser and opened the third drawer. Inside there were three sets of handcuffs. I withdrew them all. Under the handcuffs, there was another note. "lay on the bed and secure you legs to the corners at the foot of the bed with two pairs, then lay back and cuff your arms to the top of the headboard...wait for me". i knew he would be along soon. He was so caring and honest and gorgeous on the net, there was nothing i wanted more than to feel him in me. i laid down on the bed and spread my legs as wide as i could, barely able to reach both corners of the bed. I used to compete at gymnastics, which was very helpful, because I didn't know if it was possible to cuff both of my feet at a spread-eagle. After some trying, both of my feet were secured. i laid back and cuffed both of my hands to the headboard.
As if on cue, the door opened and i heard someone enter the room. i tried to see Michael's face, but couldn't..the light was right in my face. I heard him move closer, and he finally came into the light...only it wasn't my Michael.
The man in front of me must have been 70 years old. He was grey and old and wearing the most evil smile i could imagine, like something from a horror movie. I started screaming for Michael, but he just stood there smiling at me. Finally, when I felt my voice would give out, i stopped screaming. The old man bent down over me, still smiling his evil smile and whispered in my ear "i'd like to introduce myself..i'm michael..the boy you saw was my grandson, but he doesn't live here, and now you've cuffed yourself up for my personal use..welcome to hell tina"
i tried to scream, but he pushed a ball gag into my mouth. I tried to fight, but the more i moved, just made my ankles and wrists hurt, finally i stopped. I looked across the room to see that michael had removed his clothing. i could smell his stench from across the room...it was as though he hadn't bathed in months. He turned to face me, and revealed the only part of his body that didn't look old and disgusting...his penis still looked like that of a 30 year old's, rigid and upright, and larger than any I had ever seen. He smiled when he noticed I had seen his weapon "you'll get plently of it, don't worry, but first it's time to warm up"
michael moved over to the dresser and opened the second drawer, removing a black box with two wire sets coming out of it. Both the wire sets had suctions at the end, which he carefully covered in some type of gel. "this should do nicely for the first round"
he moved over to me, and despite my writhing and muffled screams, attached one suction to the each side of my pelvic area, just inside the thigh, just above my vagina. I had never felt so helpless before in my life, feeling him attaching things to me, with no way to stop him. "you'll like this honey, you're my new little toy, you better" he bent down to kiss my forehead, bringing his aweful stench with him. As he kissed me, his right hand grabbed firmly onto my left nipple and began to twist harder than i had ever felt. tears came to my eyes as he continued to twist. finally he pulled back and brought the box closer for my inspection. "this is used for shock therapy tina, it's an antique. they used to use it in mental wards where they thought if you went crazy enough, you'd become sane again...do you see this lock?" he asked, showing me a small metal clip, " when i push it down, electricity is going to run though your little pussy until i decide to make it stop, now you want to make me happy don't you?" i quickly nodded, not knowing what it would do to me, and realizing no one in the world knew where i was "it's a little too late for that tina" he said, quickly pushing down the button, and adjusting the lock. I felt a sudden jolt of heat runner between my legs and an immense pain begin to develop inside my vagina, like a thousand needles inside me moving around all at once. Michael stood up and walked over to where i had laid my clothes down. he dug in my purse and emerged with my car keys "i think i'll park this in the garage, wouldn't want anybody to come looking for you here, would we, we're just getting started." With that, he left the room, leaving the shock-machine working my pussy, and headed upstairs to guarantee no one would ever know.

to be continued
Name: tina carter
E-mail address: tinapussyus@yahoo.com
Wednesday, July 10th 2002 - 07:22:49 AM
Title: blind date
Comments:after what felt like an eternity, maybe 20 minutes, maybe an hour, Micheal emerged through the only entrace in the room. My entire body had been locked in pain for some time, cum pouring freely from between my legs, my naked chest rising and falling with each short breath. As Micheall entered, he disrobed and sat down on the corner of the bed, admiring the work he was performing on my body and the tears sliding down my cheeks. After spending a little time twising my nipples and enjoying the pain he was causing me, he undid the locking mechanism and allowed the button to fall into the off position. I was still crying, muffled whimpers creeping from around the sides of the gag. Michael looked down at me with sarcastic pity, "does it hurt Tina? Is it hot?" I weakly nodded my head, tears still flowing down my face. "Let me cool you off then," he said as another evil smile crept across his face.
As he entered the room, I had failed to notice the bucket of ice he carried in with him. Michael slid down to the foot of the bed and knelt directly in front of my pussy. One by one, he slid the ice cubes inside of me, pushing each one deeper with the next until he could squeeze no more inside my hot little box. Finally, he took what looked like a chip bag clip and used it to clip both of my pussy lips together very tightly, so that not even a drop of the frigid melted ice could escape from my pussy. Next, he slowly moved up my naked body, dragging his enormous cock along my thigh, then my pelvis, then my stomach, over my breasts, and up just south of my chin. His face was now above me, and he looked down, "This is never going to end Tina, I hope you know that, but if you serve me right, I can make the pain bearable....if not, you will stay here, suffering until you die...you do want to make your new master happy, don't you?"
I nodded weakly, the cold was starting to grip my pussy, which was already more full than I had ever felt before, with the corners of the ice cubes burrowing into the walls of my vagina, numming and causing pain inside my helpless little place once more.
"Very good, slave. I want to cum in you now, but not into your ass, or your pussy, or even your mouth. I want to cum directly into your stomach...have you ever deep throated before Tina?"
I shook my head, I never even thought it was possible to take it all, but at this point anything seemed possible.
"I'm going to take the gag out of your mouth now, I don't want to hear any complaints. From this point forward, you will speak only when spoken to, you will not moan, you will not scream, you will not even orgasm without my permission. You are a thing now, and I own you, you will do as I say, is that clear?"
I nodded my head, no matter what he thought, he would never own me, but as long as I was cuffed and spread, there was no resistance I could offer.
Micheal removed the gag from my mouth and moved his cock up to my lips. "now open your mouth as wide as you can and relax every muscle in your body, I'm going to fuck your mouth now, and your going to eat my cum." I relaxed my body, allowing the ice cubes to push further inside my helpless frozen pussy, and opened my mouth as wide as it would go. I felt his huge organ entering me, tasting the salty, unbathed cock as it slipped past my tongue. As he reached the back of my throat, my gag reflex took hold for one second, but just as I gagged, he forced his way deep inside my throat, bringing his balls to my lips.
Breathing with a cock so far inside you isn't easy, but as micheal said, as long as I stayed totally relaxed, allowing his cock to move as it wished and the ice cubes to work inside my pussy, I could get just enough air past his huge member not to pass out.
Micheal went to work on me hard, slamming his balls against my lips, and allowing his cock to almost clear my lips before slamming it down my throat again. Over and over, he pushed deep inside me, his hand coming to rest on my chest and twisting as hard as he could my right nipple. The pain was immense, but was the least of my concern, all stretched out, spread eagled, with my pussy filled and a cock in my throat.
Eventually, the swelling began as his cock exploded into my throat, sending spurts of cum directly into my stomach. Micheal remained there for a few minutes, watching my chest as it fought for breathe and as he twisted more and more. Finally, he withdrew, allowing me breathe, and stood up.
"Eventually, you will learn how to fuck me with your throat, but this will due for the time being. It's time for me to get washed up, but I've arranged a little company for you while you wait."
Micheal unclipped my pussy, allowing the water and cum to flow out onto the mattress, then moved over to the door and whistled. The large Laborador Retrievers came bounding into the room. "None of them have been bread in over a year...enjoy, you'll be seeing alot of them in the future."
Micheal turned and closed the door as the Labs bounded up onto the bed to explore their new breeding mate.

to be continued
Name: Tina Carter
E-mail address: tinapussyus@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://profiles.yahoo.com/tinapussyus
Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 12:53:32 AM
Title: My Halloween Torture
Comments:It was the night of halloween and me and my friend had dressed up for a night of fun. I was dressed as a gypsy and she was dressed as a slave girl. We decided to do a little trick or treating just for fun. Imagine, two teenage girls trick or treating like a bunch of kids. We walked about six blocks away so no one would know who we were. We trick or treated for about 3 hours. We decided one last house then we were going home to check out our 'cany profit.' We walked up to this small house and I rang the doorbell. A large muscular man answered the door. He wore a mask off of the movire Scream. He said in a deep voice 'Why dont you two come in. My friends are in the living room smoking. I will fix you two a drink. Not thinking about it we walked in and giggles to each other that he had a nice body. He led us to the living room where sure enough four guys were sitting on the couch passing a joint. Us being pot head ourselves joined in on the rotation. About two hours passed and my friend, Vanessa, was getting rather tired. I told her I would tell them we had to go. She nodded in agreement. I cleared my throat, 'It's been great guys but we have to get home.' As we stood and headed for the door I felt a hand grab my arm. 'Aw come on sweetie, stay for a little while longer.' I tried to pull away insisting that I was tired and I would come back tomorrow. I turned to look a guy with cold blue eyes staring at my breasts. I looked over at Vanessa and noticed they were shoving her into a door way. By the way she was heading sownwards I could tell it was down some stairs. I started to scream but the guy that had grabbed me covered my mouth with his large hand. 'One sound and we will kill both of you.' I nodded in understanding and he led me downsatairs behind Vanessa. I had failed to realize the other guys were down there until I saw them with ropes ready for both of us to be tied. I tried to pull away from the man but he had a tight hold of me. All five of the men looked at me and Vanessa. The largest of the men spoke up. 'You two look really nice in those costumes. I want to see what is underneath them.' Being 17, we both had rather large breasts. I wore a 42DD and she wore a 32C. My mother always said I was blessed. My top was cut off from behind me. I felt the cold steel of a knife run down my back to the bottoms. All of my clothing was torn away and I stood there naked. My face turned bright red as I began sobbing. Vanessa had been done the same way. 'What's yer names?' The smallest of them men asked. 'I'm Silver, and that's Ness.' I didnt want to give them our real names in case they did let us go. 'You have an interesting name Silver. Tell me, why did your mother name you after a color?' 'It was her favorite color when she was a kid.' I quickly lied. I was good at that. Lieing and making people believe me. The guy looked over to Vanessa and asked her if this was true. She nodded her head slowly. Her face was stained with tears. She had always been the one I had taken up for in school. I was miss big and bad and she was...i guess my side kick. I begged with them not to hurt her and do what they wanted to me. I couldn't bare to see my best friend be hurt. Her small body couldn't take it. The largest guy looked into my eyes. 'And why is that?' 'you would kill her if you fucked her. She is to small to take you.' My pleading went on for about 30 minutes. Finally they agreed as long as I did whatever I was told. They put a gas mask over Vanessa's face. I guessed it was sleeping gas since her eyes closed and she fell to the floor. One of the guys picked her up and laid her on a bed in the back of the room. I was lead to the middle of the room, tears streaming down my face. 'Open your mouth bitch. NOW!' I opened my mouth and a large ball gag was shoved into it making my lips bulge. They tied my hands above my hands and hoisted me into the air. A spacer bar was places between my ankles spreading my legs wide apart. I hung there for what seemed like an eternity. The men took turns starring at me and calling me a slut and a whore. I just prayed that Vanessa didnt wake up and see me like this. I was let down and made to stand with the bar still between my legs. 'Bend over bitch.' One of the men ordered. I bent over trying not to fall on my face. One of the larger guys helped me out and held me there. I could hear two of them talking about how I was still dry and how hot my ass was. I prayed that they didn't want to fuck my ass hole, but as I prayed I felt a sharp pain as oine guy shoved his dick in me. I tried to scream but my gag blocked it and all the came out was a slight mmmmpphhhh. I bit down on the ball as my ass took a brutal beating. 'Damn she's tight.' I felt his dick swell and shoot his laod of cum deep inside my bowels. He pulled out of me and i fell to the floor. I passed out soon after.
Name: Nicky
E-mail address: dark_rose_angel@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://To be continued......
Monday, September 30th 2002 - 04:42:44 AM
Title: Halloween torture continued
Comments:When I awoke I had been hog tied. A huge butt plug was up my ass and a huge vibrator had been stuck up my pussy and turned on full blast. My ass was on fire and aparently I had had many orgasms. Vanessa was still asleep on the bed as far as I could tell. I looked around searching for some method of escape but found that my neck had been tied to a table by a 2 foot rope. I started to cry again softly. A few minutes later one of the guys walked into the room. 'So your awake now.' He took the vibrator from within my twat and finered me for about a minute. 'Ah nice and wet, just the way we like them. Hey guys! She's wet now!' I heard a bunch of steps then saw the men crowd around me. My legs were cut lose and I was stood up. I looked at each of the men. One of the smaller ones looked at me and grinned. 'Your gonna get the fuck of your life.' I was laid down and my legs were lifted by the man. He shoved his cock deep into me. I winced in pain. I was still a virgin and had never expereianced so much pain. Tears rolled down my cheeks as he shoved his cock in and out. He blew his load and another took his place fucking me even harder. My breasts bounced with each thrust. He fucked me for what seemed an eternity then pulled out. I was quickly flipped and the butt plug ripped from my ass. I didnt have the time to enjoy the emptiness as he shoved his cock deep into me. He fucked my ass hard and finally blew his load. I went through this brutal assault with all the men. The last was the largest of them. When I sa his cock I was very frightened. It was huge! About 12 inches long and a good 5 inches around. He slammed into my twat hard and held it there for a few minutes. Then he began fucking me hard. One of his hands massaged my clit which made me orgasm imensly. I had brought myself to orgasm plenty of time by masturbating but never like this. He blew his load and stood up. I relaxed my legs and curled up into a ball. They pulled me to my feet and cut me loose. Vanessa woke up and was rubbing her eyes. 'Here bitch.' One of them said as he threw us some clothes. 'Put them on. We are taking you home.' We quickly and quietly put on the clothes and were led up the stairs. One of the guys walked us outside. 'Silver. If you ever want to hook up. Gimmie a call.' 'You want me to call you after what you just did?!' I grabbed vaness's hand and we ran all the way home. To this day Vanessa is still thanking me for protecting her. She is my baby. I don't want anyone to hurt her.
Name: Nicky
E-mail address: dark_rose_angel@msn.com
Monday, September 30th 2002 - 06:31:27 AM
Title: Couple's Therapy
Comments:I am an oddity. The FBI, nor any provincial law enforcement, has successfully profiled me, and believe me, I've paid attention. I am a bi-sexual female serial rapist, specializing in couples. That sounds a little scary, but frankly I'm a little straight-forward. I myself am 24, 5'6", 128 lbs., 38-26-36, straight brown hair, brwn eyes, friends have said I look like what Kate Moss would if she ate a damn sandwich now and then. I take it as a compliment.
I spend weeks shadowing and studying a young couple, pref. 25-30 years old. I usually notice the girl first, but sometimes it's the guy I follow first. Every couple I've had has seemed to be young successes, springing ahead in the business world, having nice houses and cozy little lives. I change that, but not necesarily for the worse. I like to think I open up some people's minds about their own sexuality. Let me give you an example:
The guy: 6'2", black hair,green eyes, maybe 210 lbs(not sure), ripped torso, etc. Basically, a Chippendale's. But it was the chick I started with on this one.
The chick: Oh, where do I start? Everyone who enjoys sex with women has at one time in their life seen that perfect brunette with blue eyes. This muffin, Krissy I think, was my dream brown-n-blue. More than generous tits, shorter than me, tight waist you couldn't pinch a bit of fat on, ass that DaVinci would have painted had he witnessed it. This was a girl the ages, or at least my weekend.
See, I'm just a waitress that happens to be good at breaking and entering. No lock I can't pop, no larm I can't short-circuit. I only steal the occasional salable knick-knack t hedge my expenses. I don't aspire to be rich, I just aspire to take a good time out of some stranger's ass (which I do with some frequency).
I see this chick at the post office, and I'd like to think that I'm not so animal as to plot a person's rape as soon as I see them, let alone lust at first sight, but hat's pretty much how it went down. I posted my bills and followed the chicky out to the parking lot.
Now, I've followed hundreds of people, but only pursued 24. That's just the game, you have to have a good selection pool and pick the cream. I live in a hub city that caters to many suburbs. I realize that I'm hunting in my backyard, but frankly the cops have never tied my cases together, and like I said, I pay attention.
Why do I have this drive? Well, no to be too graphic, but I am comepletely infertile, yet I constantly have the same sex drive a woman has the week before her menses. I get wet very easily, and without fear of pregnancy. Plus, I have rare immunity to most communicable diseaes. I don't even get colds. Anyone would with the same sexual freedom as myself would pursue the same path: taking what you wanted from a young hot couple.
This chick lives in the northern suburbs, perfect. I park a block away from her 1 1/2 story ranch-style and watch her tight, big-breasted body get out of her sensible yet sporty car and greet her personal hunk at the door. I saw the guy, the girl, and the house and knew it was meant ot be. It only took another month to get all the info I needed, and it was worth the wait. By following them and going through their garbage, I knew when they went to bed depending on the day of the week, I knew if the bitch was on the pill (she was), I knew her cycle (important for knowing when she's the most horny), and I knew the guy had a mistress (credit card receipts). I had the recipe for a wonderful time with this loving couple.
I pick Thursday night. On thurs., she likes to go to bed with something sexy on, whether or not they have sex. They also hav esome wine before bed, whether or not thy plan on havng sex. I pick her prime week, and I don't think they'll be havng sex as they had sex last thurs. They get to bed about 11:00 p.m. They are both expected at their respective offices at 8:30 am. Plenty of time.
I have dressed for the occassion. I like burglar outfits, so I have on a tight black cotton bodysuit. I don't wera a mask, I don't care about them seeing my face, hell I've taped a few sessions and left it with the couple. None of them has turned the tape over to the police. Too private, I suppose. Underneath I'm wearing a delicate see-through black bra and g-string set. The girl is about my size so I plan on trying on some of her lingerie.
It's a routine entry. Cheap "KBD" security system, match this wire to it's cousin, motorized file through the bolt, yadda-yadda-yadda, I'm in. Not let me say this: chloroform is not something you should use in sexual play. It's dangerous and a good way to lose an open-mided sexual partner. However, I m not playing here. I'm taking a young soule to new levels of sexual awareness. And I've found that chloroform is a good way to control a situation. You can only really give one dose, and it's a lot harder than it looks on TV. The cloth or pad (I use a dish-towel) has to be soaked just right and re-wetted constantly. It's a pain, but way better than than injections or stun-guns (believe me, I've been down that road). So I get the dish-towel, get out the little smoky-brown bottle, and load up the first dose on my way to the master bedroom.
Name: Liz
Homepage URL: http://Lock your doors! (like that will help)
Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 03:58:06 AM
Title: Couples Therapy Part 2
Comments:You know I have to subdue the man first, that's a given. He is much stronger than me and the only advantage I have on him is surprise. I wait until 12:00 to enter the bedroom, knowing that's when they'll be entering deep sleep. They have a wonderful bed, iron frame with many bars, and a thin frmae chair next to a vaninty. The man is only wearing silk boxers. The girl is wearing a pink satin half-shirt and a lacy pink thong. They both are sleeping on top of the covers.
I tiptoe to the left side (if you're on it facing the foot) of the bed to the guy. They both look so peaceful. I'm goingto take away their peace, but give them something much more valuable. I gently press the cloth to the guy's mouth and nose. Chloroform has a very strong odor, and he half-wakes for s split second, his eyes rolling, and then falls into a deeper sleep than he was. This will only last for 15 mins. The girl moans and stirs in her sleep from the slight comotion, but remains asleep. I re-wet the towel and move o her side of the bed. When I press the cloth to her face, she awakens immediately. The panic and fear in her eyes is precious. I think I enjoy my play-pals' fear so much because I know I would never really hurt them. Her distress lasts only seconds, as the fumes never let her even struggle. She joins her lover in forced slumber.
Now to get to the mechanics of the situation. I cannot give my lovelies anymore chloroform for the rest of the night, or I'll risk hurting them. This means I have to secure them in fashions that will let me move them while I conduct our acivities. And let me say now, I'm not into heavy sado. I love giving a little spanking, and nipple pinching (and sometimes clothes-pinning) isn't out of the question, but I don't do whipping or burning wax, pirecing (no blood, for the love of god, if there is one), electro, whatever. Like I said, I'm going sexual elevation here, not a freaky leather scene. Understanding this, I have to bind my new friends in a way that won't injure them or cause pain (discomfort can't be helped). These two are in great shape, so I tie their hands behind their backs, forearm-to-foreamr, wrist-to-elbow, with his silk neckties. Done properly, this allows fair ciculation while the subject is laying o their back on top of their arms. I secure their legs to the foot rails, slightly elevated. They are now both on their backs, legs up, arms folded behind them.
Ever since KO-ing he boy, I've been wet as a lake. I need to pasue and get out of my body suit before proceeding. I get rid of the bra, too, getting down to just my soft black g-string. I have two large Nerf balls with soft cord ran through them with me, rolled up in my pockets. Not ideal for sound blocking, but good enough, plus they don't threaten the subject's ability to breathe. I don't really want to hear the couple's opinions on what's being done to them, that's the only reason I gag them at all.
They were already sleeping, and with the chloro they could sleep through the morning, but after waiting 15mins. I'm able to wake them at the same time. These first few moments are so wonderful. My new buddies need a full two minutes to get over their confusion. They seem unable to decide if they're in a bad dream or not. Then, they realize the bonds are very real, as is the soft ball in their mouths as well as the slight breeze on their spread thighs. It's not uncommon for a man to get hard right away when he wakes up to find he is tied up. Ladies, if you're sneaky enough, try binding and gagging your man some early morning beofre he wakes up, then suck and fuck him dry. He won't forget it for the rest of his life. I haven't turned pn the lights yet so it's dim in the bedroom, but I think I see the guy's boxers move just a little bit.
"Hi babies," I say. I get the usual distressed mmmph's in return. Whatever. I turn on the lights. They Blink and adjust their eyes. The girl is fearful upon seeing my mostly naked body, the guy is apprehensivley curious. Like most men, as much as he wants a hot chick to tie him up and rape him, he doesn't see it happening. So when a hot chick DOES tie him up against his will, he can't help but be somewhat fearful, as he doesn't think fucking him is the first thing on their mind. To be onest, fucking him wasn't the first thing on my mind. I had a few warm-up exercises for him and his lovely gal-pal first.
Name: Liz
Homepage URL: http://Tell me where you are, I'll show you and the misses a good time...
Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 04:48:17 AM
Title: Couple's Therapy Part 3
Comments:I kneel on the large bed in between my victims. They're all grunts and squeals and squirms, so I put a hand on each of their shoulders and say, "You can both quit struggling or I can start hurting you." They still themselves very quickly. "I'm going to play with both of you and I expect complete cooperation or someone's not gonna wake up in the morning. Nod if you understand." They both nod warily.
"Great!" I say with a chipper smile. I run my nails up and down both of their legs. They try very hard to stay still, but I can see Dave's cock lurch when my hand slides up his leg. He's going to be great. But I usually start with the girl. Without warning, I rip open the buttons on Krissy's shirt. Her reaction is wonderful, the cutest little squeal as her beautiful breasts flop out. I immediately grab her tits, not roughly, but firmly, my fingers playing over her nipples. The little brown circles harden instantly under my touch. She is whimpering and struggling a little. "Now what did I say about cooperation, Krissy?" She stops and presses herself down onto the bed, watching me with fear.
I take some time licking and generally playing with her breasts, which are gloriously real. Her skin has that tender, almost powdery textue that only the most delicate of women possess. It's absolute heaven. I straddle her at the waist. I didn't realize just how wet I was until her pelvis presses my panties against my lips, and I feel that they are soaked through. I lean forward to lick and suck at her neck. Between this and licking her nipples, she's well on her way to being ready for my tounge. I know that there's a good assortment of vibrators and such in the bottom dress drawer, but I'll hold off on those for just a bit.
I look over at Dave to see his distress has been replaced with fascination. "Hey Krissy, did you know Dave's been cheating on you?" Her eyebrows raise briefly, then descend to glare daggers at Dave. "Yeah, she's gorgeous. Expensive, too. I bet you two had a little chat about a $650 charge to BR Limited. You should have looked into that, Kirssy, I did. They're a jewlery, and the six-fifty was a gold bracelet." She starts struggling again, this time in fury. I let her go for a second just to watch those wonderful breasts jiggle. Then I grab her jaw so she's looking in my eyes. "Settle. Now."
She humphs, then settles. I turn myself around, still straddling her and now facing her legs. I run my hands all around her legs, then a focused rub on her inner thighs. 30 seconds on her thighs and I can faintly smell her arousal. I gingerly hook my thumbs under her waistband, and look over my shoulder at her. She gives my a pleading look and shakes her head, "no". "Oh yes," I say, and pull her thong down about to her knees, stretching it. Like me, she is freshly shaved and perfectly smooth. I can see a slight glistening on her lower-lips.
I take my index finger-nail and run it from the peak of her ass to the tip of her pussy. She shudders in the most delightful way. With my left hand, I gently spread her lips. Her clit is so small, yet hard as a pebble. I tickle it, and she holds as still as she can. She cannot help but tremor a little, and a very light sweat is forming on her skin. Mind my nails, I push two fingers into her surprisingly tight pussy. "My, my. It's clear to me that Dave has been putting to that little redhead a lot more than you, Kirssy." She mmphs indingnantly at this. I laugh as I start sliding my fingers in and out, hitting that g-spot every time. I look back to see that Krissy has closed her eyes and laid her head back, resigning herself. I smile.
I reach under her, gripping her toned and beautifully rounded ass, and place my wet middle finger on top of her anus. Then I dive in. I quickly latch my lips onto her snatch and set in on her clit with a soft, steady licking. A groan escapes her, but i don't let up a bit. She squirms a little, but I don't chide her, knowing fully well she can't help it. It only takes about a minute and a half before her body tenses up and she lets out a loud moan. I press my lips firmly to her clit through her orgasm.
I get up off the bed and look at my beauty. Her is tussled, she's gleaming with sweat, she's gorgeous. As fast is possible, I untie her legs and jerk her to her feet. She's a little weak from cumming so hard, and offers no resistance. I push her down into the vanity chair and yank her panties off. I drape her legs over the chair's arms at the knees and tie her down. Now she's sitting up, legs up and sprad, naked except for her torn half-shirt.
Then I look over at Dave, and I'm not at all surprised to see that he's very hard, his black silk boxers suddenly very tight. I step over and pat his erection. "Good boy, it's your turn now."
Name: Liz
Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 02:10:11 AM
Title: Couple's Therapy Part 4
Comments: I think I can get three good cums out of him. The first will be quick, naturally, so I take the direct route. I grab his fly and pull hard, widening the gap and exposing all of his manhood. I grasp the base firmly and dive right in, sliding his cock right past my tounge and into the top of my throat, and I go right into a bobbing motion, all in an instant. Sounds like some feat, but it's easy with a little, well, a LOT of practice. He's sweating right away and grunting. I think he still wants to pretend he doesn't like it, for his wife's sake.
I pull up briefly to say, "You know Dave, Krissy's been unfaithful to you, too." He shot a an accusing stare at Krissy, as if he had any right. "Yeah, you know what else, Dave?" I asked.
He shook his head.
"It's a CHICK!" His eyes widened. "Yeah, tonight wasn't the first time a woman's made her cum! She's a hot little redhead, just like yours, Dave." I went back to sucking his dick. I didn't want to get him off just so he'd last longe when I fucked him, I really wanted his load in my mouth. I just like the feeling, I can't explain. At this point, Krissy had regained enough energy to make angry noises in my direction, but I gave her no mind. Dave was well on his way.
I'd like to think that if I hadn't been at this height of arousal at that exact moment I would have heard footsteps coming down the hall, certainly entering the bedroom. Nor did I see Dave's glances over my shoulder as I worked to take his essence. I was busy running my nails over his hips and across his stomach as my mouth easily slid over his member.
His ejaculation was just what I expected, just what I needed. The first burst went right down my throat, and I pulled back a little so the next few smaller bursts went across my tounge. I got back up on my knees and wiped my lip. "Good boy," I said.
And at this calculated moment of weakness, one arm encircled my neck and another brought a pad under my nose. The effect was quick, and all I heard before the darkness came was "Now we've got a party."
Name: Liz
Saturday, September 18th 2004 - 03:35:40 AM
Title: Couple's Therapy Part 5
Comments:The reason anyone uses chloroform or ether or whatever is to incapacitate a person without huring them (even though such substances are toxic and fairly dangerous). So the person who uses chloroform on others is likely to test it first, generally on themselves. I'm no exception. Before I used chlorofrom on anyone else, I took a rag and a stopwatch to see how long it would put someone of my stature out (29 mins. 42 sec. when well rested, by the by). I believe it was this experimentation that immuned me to "waking sickness", the nausea that accompanies waking from chloro. or ether. So, when I awoke hogtied and tape-gagged on Dave and Krissy's bed, I felt no need to vomit. I'd say my sensation at that exact moment was 30% anger, 10% fear, and 60% lust.
I was facing the head board. Dave was still next to me on my right with his fun parts out. Krissy was still in her dressing chair, spread and generally upset. And for someting new, a diminutive woman was sitting on the bed to my left, gently kneading my buttocks and tracing her fingernails along my ass-crack and the lightly tugging on the string of my panties.
I don't know what my exact expression looked like, but I was going for an impatient acknowledgement, the glance of one arrested for a minor offense: Ok, you got me, what do you want? I think I got the look right, because the new fourth party gave me a "I understand, and you're still fucked" smile.
I'm sure she had clothes on when she came in, but now my captor was naked. Her hair was a long, faint orange. Her breasts were a natural C, sloped on top and curved on bottom. Slim but still generous hips, legs tapering to perfect feet all tan. It was her first time in this particular house, but she was known to everyone in the room.
"Hello Dave, hello Krissy," she said, nodding at her involuntary hosts. "And you," she said, stroking my hair like a doting aunt. "I came to set things straight with you two tonight, but then there's this little intruder. I've heard of her. She likes to play games. I bet she's been telling you things." The redhead rose and walked to the vanity, open the bottom drawer. The looks the Dave and Krissy were exchanging went beyond simple terms of interaction. They were being thrust upon feelings no one would expect, no matter what social risks they might take, such as infidelity.
"I know this is crazy now, but I think we can all be friends," the new party continued. "Not including this weird little bitch. You'll give me a chance, right Krissy?" The redhead simultaneously undid Krissy's gag and pulled an ovular piece of plastic with nylon straps attached from the vanity drawer.
"Darlene!" spat Krissy, ejecting the Nerf ball from her mouth. "You and David? And me? Why?"
"Sssssh, don't get excited. Just try something with me." Darlene bent over in front of Krissy. I couldn't see her actions, but I knew she was fastening a device to Krissy's groin, a butterfly. "The three of us will finally share an expereince, Krissy. You will see what we could be together." Darlene held a slim control box that trailed from Krissy's crotch. Darlene stepped over to Dave and grasped his cock, easily stroking him to another erection. "This is good for all of us," Darlene said, straddling Dave.
Name: Liz
Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 12:35:14 AM
Title: Couple's Therapy Part 6 (if you can believe it!)
Comments:Damn. That was my next move. Pretty obvious, really. I was going to fuck Dave in front of Krissy, making her really mad, but to complicate things I was going to stimulate Krissy while I went to town on Dave, hopefully making her cum while enraged. It wouldn't have been the first time I've pulled such a spectacle off. It's just plain magical every time, seeing the woman (it really only works well on the chick, guys are just too into the whole scene at this point) have a knock-your-socks-off O while some stranger is fucking her beau and she's plenty pissed about. That was going to be my fun, but Darlene got the upper hand.
So I had to simply lie there on my side, watching Darlene fuck Dave in a manner at once both romantic and pornographic while Krissy was getting the full benefit of a high-end butterfly vibe and generally pissed about her circumstances. It only took about 3 or 4 minutes before the collusion reached it's planned conclusion, with Darlene, Dave and Krissy coming all at once, Krissy spouting profanities at everyone else in the room, Dave squeezing his red face together, and Darlene letting out a gasping maon that was almost a laugh.
"I know you've never felt like that before," Darlene said, looking right at Krissy.
"Please just leave," Krissy replied.
Darlene stroked Dave's chest then pulled herslef of him, standing on the floor. "Did she go down on you, Krissy," Darlene asked, casually pointing a thumbover her shoulder at me.
"Just go, Darlene, I-"
"Did she?" Darlene caught Krissy's jaw as she asked again.
"Yes, OK, she made me cum like that."
"Then I guess you should return the favor."
Darlene turned on me. She untied the rope holding my legs together and my arms to my legs. I realized my ankles were tied to my thighs, and my arms were still bound behind my back: I was in a frogtie. Darlene flipped me on my back, and my legs spread under their own weight. She untied Krissy's ankles and then tied them together in one smooth motion. I realized that this lady has been practicing her knots for a long time, probably since she was a kid. Krissy was hauled up by one arm and slung over the bed. Darlene grabbed her by the hair and held her head over my crotch.
"I think she's been needing this for a little while now, huh Krissy?" asked Darlene. "Well, you know ho to give it to her."
In one strong tug, Darlene completely ripped off my delicate underwear. I have to admit, I was a little scared of my captor at this point.
Name: Liz
Friday, July 15th 2005 - 05:04:37 PM
Title: Couple's Therapy Part 7
Comments:I wasn't in a good position, but it was about to improve slightly. Krissy looked into my eyes. She knew she wasn't getting out of licking me. The pout that formed on her soft lips was precious, and I almost smiled behind the tape on my mouth.
But I looked at the hand holding Krissy's hair. And the feminine, yet finely muscled arm attached to said hand. Darlene was smiling at me in way that said she had plans, that this was just foreplay. There was a full length mirror on a closet door facing the bed. I glanced there, between Krissy's shoulder and Darlene's thigh. It was then I realized how scared I was. I had done a good job calming myself, assuring myself there would be a way out of this- at least I wasn't dealing with any cops! But when I saw my own eyes, so wide above the tape, tears slowly but surely welling, my self-assurance went out the window. Darlene was probably as crazy as I was. The problem with that is, a lot of people who do what I do don't stop with the sexual escapades. They go further.
I didn't know how far Darlene wanted to go, I just knew odds were not in my favor.
My concerns were sidetracked by a face being thrust into my crotch. "Come on, baby, make her feel good," Darlene cooed. Krissy was either heavily primed from the night's activities or just wanted to finish the job quickly. She voraciously licked and sucked avery centimeter from my clit to my asscrack. Her tounge swirled in my hole and she dragged her teeth lightly across the lips at just the right moments.
It didn't really matter what she did, though. I was used to controlling whatever intercourse I had. But often the greatest sexual response comes when you have no control and don't know what to expect. I think I was just quivering in place as Krissy pleasured me. I don't know how long it took for me to cum; it could have been one minute or twenty. I was faint through most of it, my urge having been built up since before I even entered the house. All I know is I came ridiculously hard. Krissy licked me thorugh my orgasm, then Darlene pulled her back, keeping her belly down on the mattress. I rolled onto my side, panting through my nose, tears and sweat rolling off my face.
Darlene laid across Dave. Her one hand was casually playing with Dave's dick and balls, her other was stroking my hair. "What do you think you're worth, dear?" she asked of me. I just stared at her. "I'm sure you remember from science class, when they said if you broke the human body down into its elements it would only be worth a few bucks. Remember that?" I was frozen stiff, my eyes locked with hers and a cold spot growing slowly in my belly.
"Well, I think you're worth more than a few bucks. In fact, I bet I could get $10,000 for you." I thought, she can't be serious. Does that happen? I mean, sure, in third-world countries, but not in the real world! "I think you, Krissy, and Dave together could be about $25,000."
"What are ou talking about, Darlene?" asked Krissy.
"Well, Krissy, it's pretty clear to me that you don't like my vision of an enlightened relationship with me and Dave. And, I just so happen to have friends that deal in, well let's just call them HR guys. Since I don't feel like risking you calling the cops over what we've shared tonight, I guess I'll just make a buck off your pretty little ass."
Name: Liz
Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 12:07:05 AM
Title: RE: Couple's Therapy
Comments:Welcome back, Liz. I had this link stashed away in an "inactive books" folder. Enjoyed reading your further adventures. Hope to read some more soon. Thanks.
Name: SAB Book Admin
E-mail address: bound2bwild@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/ddtfromoc/sab.html
Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 09:00:05 AM
Title: Couple's Therapy Part 8
Comments:I had to control my panic. If Liz got her way, I'd probably be some rich old asshole's gimp until he got bored of me. It's not a pleasant way to live the rest of your life. Darlene had probably been planning to kidnap and sell Dave and Krissy for some time, and they probably wouldn't be the first people she had done it to. But now I was involved. I had been steadily working on the knots on my wrists ever since Darlene had mounted Dave, but my hands were growing more and more numb, and couldn't tell if the cord was loosening.
"Now, I need to check your response, Dave," Darlene said. "There's one thing you'll probably be doing a lot of, and I need to see if you'll get used to it."
She hopped off the bed and went to the low drawer, pulling out a moderately-sized rotating vibrator. She checked the batteries then put just a little lube on the tip. Dave was furiously shaking his head back and forth. "Oh yeah, baby, let's see how much you like it."
Darlene got in between Dave's upraised legs and pressed the head to his ass. He was jerking his shoulders around, but his lower half was unable to move much at all. Darlene slowly pushed the dildo in, and Dave squeezed his eyes shut as his face turned red. Once it was all in, Darlene began sliding it back and forth just a couple of inches. She was angling it upward slightly to hit his prostate, and despite having cum twice already, Dave's prick started to rise. Darlene pushed the toy all the way in and pressed two buttons on its base, starting the vibrations and rotations. Dave whimpered, his cock fully hard now.
Darlene looked at me and said, "Let's see how you do." She pulled a slightly oversized buttplug from the drawer and covered it liberally with lube. I stared daggers at her. It had been a long time since anything went in my ass, and I wasn't looking forward to get that kind of action from a slave trader.
Name: Liz
Friday, August 19th 2005 - 12:19:22 PM
Title: raped
Comments:hi my name is ashley. i am 5 feet 6. i am asian and i have size 32b breasts.

when i was 16, last year, i went to a friends party. he lives in a mansion and was very rich. he invited everybody from all of his periods! i was in his history and gym class and several times i saw him staring at my legs and breasts. i always ignored him. when i went to the party there were a lot of people. at about 9 pm, the rich boy (adam)told everyone to leave but as i started to leave, he stopped me and asked me if i could help him with the history homework that we had. i said yes and we went to his room. after 20 min. he asked me if i wanted anything to drink. i said sure and he gave me some water. as i was drinking it he was smiling. i suddenly started to feel drowsy. the last thing i heard was adam saying nighty night...

when i woke up i was naked on his bed. i tried to scream but there was something in my mouth. it was a ball gag. i was tied spread eagled on my back. adam walked in and grinned. i noticed that he was completely naked. he got on top of me and started raped me. immediately i orgasmed, he had a monster cock. after 20 min. of raping me, i had 3 orgasms. then he said to me, "how i have long wanted to do this" and he started raping me again while he took off the ball gag. because he raped me so hard i couldnt speak. he fondled me and started rolling his tongue around my throat...

to be continued
Name: ashley
Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 03:15:20 PM
Title: Couple's Therapy 9 (Oh yes, I'm going to finish this)
Comments:Darlene leaned in towards me on her left hand, her right holding the greased-up plug. She had the look of one about to play out her fantasy, a look that can be warming at times at chilling at others. I was on my back, my torso fairly level and my hips turned a little to my left. What Darlene didn't expect, however, was the dexterity of my feet. The toes may not be able to type, but the feet are much stronger than the hands. My ankles were bound, but my feet could turn 45 degrees outward. My captor pressed the tip of the plug to my buttocks, and that was my cue. In a single, swift motion, my out-turned feet connected with her neck and continued over my head. Her pretty little chin was caught up, and the top of her head followed through with my feet right onto the headboard. Her surprise was priceless. She had shown no sign of weakness until this point, but the stun of having her body jerked forward and her head struck was apparently much more than she expected. "Oh!" she exclaimed in a little girl voice, and fell momentarily onto Dave's chest over Krissy, both of who uttered their own surprise.
Now, if I had remained bound, this would have only upset my captor and made my punishment worse. But I had been working on my wrist bonds ever since I regained consciousness, and they had come loose seconds before I drove Darlene into the headboard. Hah! As if this was this was the first time I'd been tied up.
I rolled to my left onto Darlene's back. I pulled her arms back, ignoring the numbness in my arms, and brought the cord I had been bound with onto Darlene's wrists, tying an unforgiving knot. "Damn it. DAMN IT!" she yelled. I went straight for ankles. My circulation was rapidly returning. I knew the best thing to do in such a situation was to keep moving; it was the best way to get blood back to the limbs. I untied my feet and hopped up off the bed. A bottle of chloro and a pliant rag were ready upon the vanity. Just what I needed.
Before Darlene could regain her bearings, I loaded up the rag and jumped onto her back, straddling her. She grunted beneath my imposed weight. "OK, Darlene, it's Q&A time."
"Fuck you," she said.
I held the rag in one had and reached underneath her with the other. I pinched her nipple just short of drawing blood. She warbled like an injured cat. "Be nice, Darlene," I said. "Don't make me pull the hair from your scalp."
"You sick little bitch," she said. "I'll have your ass, you crazy slut." I reached underneath her and did to her clit what I did to her nipple. She barely made a sound, as the air escaped her lungs. The skin on her back went red, as did most of her skin, I'm assuming.
"You lost, Darlene, simple as that," I said. "Now it's time to answer my questions."
"Fine, just stop," she said.
"Who are your buyers?"
"I don't know them, they just come."
"What's the arrangement, Darlene? Be specific."
"I call them. I tell them how many there are for pickup. They take the merchandise and leave cash in place. No face-to-face."
"Have already called them?"
"When will they be here?"
"I don't-" As soon as I heared a negative, my hand went to her clit."
"30 minutes!" she yelled immediately. "They'll be here in 30 minutes."
"Thanks." I pressed the rag to her face. She didn't fight; she knew it was useless. I used the rag on Krissy and Dave as well. Now I had three unconscious, very attractive people on the same bed. I turned off the device in Dave and removed it. It didn't smell pleasant, and I delicately held it in two fingers as I took to the bathrrom sink where it was deposited. It didn't take long to find more cord as well as some scarves in the bedroom drawers.
Name: Liz
Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 04:45:15 AM
Title: Couple's Therapy Part 10
Comments:This was new to me. I ignored the thoughts in the back of my mind of what the future held for the three people in front of me. It wasn't pleasant. But hey, it was my ass or theirs. I thought of how they might best be packaged for shipment, and put the thought into action. Dave and Krissy were decently gagged. I took Krissy's discarded panties and shoved them in Darlene's mouth followed by a scarf to complete the gag. I retied her arms in the same fashion as Dave and Krissy. Then I crossed her ankles and tied them, followed by her thighs. She was tightly boud and not going anywhere, in addition to being unconscious.
I untied Dave and Krissy's ankles from the footboard and tied their legs the same way as Darlene's. I added scarf blidfolds to all three. I stepped back and looked at my handiwork. Three nudes, all perfectly bound and ready for easy removal.
Now came the hard part. I dressed and packed up everything I had brought except Dave and Krissy's gags. I wasn't worried about fingerprints, as I've never been arrested. The closet door was solid oak but had a keyhole. There was no actual lock, just a leftover from previous owners. Ten minutes until the traders arrived. I got in the closet and closed the door tightly. I could have just left and come back later, but something held me. Maybe it was a morbid curiosity. Maybe it was a godlike feeling of power I had in relation to these unfortunate souls. Whatever the reason, I risked death or worse by staying behind to watch the precedings.
Only a couple of moments after entering the closet and closing the door did the three people on the bed regain consciousness. They moaned and groaned and jerked and bucked, but they weren't going anywhere thanks to my bonds. I had only had one orgasm that night, and my pussy quivered at the sight of those three squirming on the bed. But I held still, crouching behind the closet door and waiting for events to unfold.
I heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall. Four men entered the bedroom. I am slight of frame so my perspective may be biased, but to me they were simply huge. All were at least six feet, two probably taller. All had very broad shoulders. They wore identical uniforms. Tight-fitting black t-shirts, grey and black camo pants, black boots, and ski masks. These were men I would never want to deal with face-to-face. Just by looking at them I could tell they would rather throw me over their shoulder and take me somewhere to be raped than talk to me. It was almost a march as they enterd the room and took positions around the bed. They had clearly been in similar situations before. I held my breath. The one on the left side of the bed spoke.
"Pretty good haul."
"Yeah," said another. "Five or six for the lot, probably."
"Probably," said another. Darlene was still on her stomach and she bucked her hips up and down and mmphed through her gag. "Stop it," the slaver said firmly, smacking her ass in a most likely painful fashion. She pressed her hips down to the mattress away from the offending hand and remained still.
"Well, let's do it," said one of the larger slavers. He picked up Dave in a single motion and deposited him over his shoulder. I stifiled a gasp. Two of the other slavers picked up Krissy and Darlene in the same fashion and all four marched out of the room. I waited a moment. Even if it was a rip-off and there was no money, I would have been glad to get out of there safely. But just two minutes later, one of the shorter men came back with a bowling bag and deposited it on the bed.
He was walking out the door when he stopped and looked right at me. I don't think I've ever wet myself, but that would have been a good time to start. I was frozen in place and waiting for him to walk over, throw open the closet door and pull me into a life of slavery. Instead, he gave a single nod and a very slight smile, then stepped out of the room. Moments later, I heard the sound of a larger vehicle, probably a van, starting up and pulling away. I knew the ordeal was over. Still, I was shaken and it took a moment to exit the closet.
I opened the door and looked around, expecting a mna in camoflauge and a ski-mask to spring out from behind the vanity and snatch me away. When I was sure that I was alone, I went over to the bowling bag. Inside was $150,000. I wasn't going to quit waitressing, but my hours were going to be cut down some. I ran out of the house and to my car a few blocks away, thanking whatever was looking out for me.

THE END (of this particular adventure)
Name: Liz
Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 02:24:07 AM
Title: Origins, Part One
Comments:How does someone get into this?

I knew in my early pubescnce that I was comfortable with both sexes. It was a little later on that I discovered I enjoyed controlling a scene and guiding people, particularly couples, through sexual odysees. Like many sexual adventurers, I started my journey of discovery in college.

I graduated 7th in my high school class and landed a decent scholarship. I left the countryside and went to the city for a degree in computer science/engineering. I never finished the degree, but I found a greater purpose than designing circuit boards. The school was big on 3 things: booze, drugs, and as little clothing as possible. The guys were cut, the girls curvy. I had lways considered myself a fairly attractive girl (without being too conceited, hopefully), but these young people were straight out of catalogs. I was in heaven.

The sex came fast. I my unique medical condition (See "Couple's Therapy" Part one) had been identified when I was 16. By 18, I was confident, if not ferocious, in my sexual freedom. The weekend before classes started my freshman year, I had already had my first 3-way with a sophomore cheerleader and lifter from the school's "Spirit Squad". By late fall, I was well into the drug/sex combo scene. There were both guys and girls that willingly took roofies so that they could be played with and watch the events later on tape. I took five of these coeds, finding that both sexes can be brought to orgasm even in a heavily drugged state. Eventually, I had to give into curiosity and take the plunge myself, bringing together the 5 students (2 male, 3 female) that I had taken so that they could take me. After watching the video, I had some idea of what a heart attack might feel like, as my heart was beating so fast. It was indescribable.

Then I met Loren. She was second-year senior, about 5'6", very slight. She had a thinly muscled frame. You'd be hard pressed to find a bit of flab on her. She was very light, but strong for her size. She taught me about "guerrila drugging", i.e. having a partner that is receptive to the chemical assault, and playing out a resistance fantasy. I felt so relieved when she first described this idea to me over a few bottles of pinot. I knew right away that I had been looking for something like this. Loren talked about different grades of ether and chloroform, while romanticizing the Victorian poets that abused the inhalants. I was taken.

"Here's what we do," she said one friday afternoon after classes in the central hall. "Susie and Gerie are out of town this weekend. Go to their place in a few hours. The front door will be unlocked. Just walk in and we'll see what happens."

Oh, what could make me wetter than that? I didn't even know Susie and Gerie all that well, let alone Loren. I was about to walk into two faint acquaintence's house and open myself completely to a mysterious half-friend. Absolutely anything could happen; it would probably just be a very kinky sexual encounter, but you never know. Was I walking into some psycopath's trap, about to become a statistic? I was more than willing to take that chance, as the risk itself had me more turned on than I'd ever been.
Name: Liz
Saturday, November 5th 2005 - 03:20:16 AM
Title: saw
Comments:jessica woke up in a room and she was chained to the wall.she was wearing nothing at all and her mouth was gagged with a type of ball gag. the only thing in the room other than her was a tv which flickered on.a puppet looked at her and giggled."welcome.i want to play a game.it's very easy actually.there is a combination hidden where you were born. it
will allow you to unlock the chains on your srms. to get the gag off, you will need another key which i have.

more to come, please be patient.
Name: jigsaw
Monday, November 14th 2005 - 02:25:25 PM
Title: saw chapter 1
Comments:when jeniffer woke up,she was chained to a wall in the basement washroom of some house.she was wearing a ballgag and no clothes.the only other objects in the room was a old t.v which flickered on.a creepy little puppet appeared on screen.
"welcome jennifer, i want to play a game. a very simple game.to free yourself and get out of this house,you need the key to your gag and the chains.the key to the gag is with me.you must do something for me to allow me to give you the key to the gag.however, the key to the chains is where you were born and there is something with it.good luck." then the puppet started giggling and the t.v turned off.
sorry guys, i will continue but i have something to do.tell me if you want more.
Name: jigsaw
E-mail address: iamhollow@hotmail.com
Tuesday, November 15th 2005 - 01:52:52 PM
Title: Origins, Part two
Comments:At 8 pm, I walked in through Susie and Gerie's backdoor. I made sure no one saw me enter. I still didn't know what I was in for, but I maintained some discretion. I went straight through the kitchen into the living room and found the evening's first event.

Susie was about a dark blonde at 5'7", 120-5. She carried nicely rounded B's and and sculpted, blemishless behind. And she was at that moment bound, gagged, and blindfolded on the couch. She was bound with what looked like torn bedsheets, wide strips across her eyes and mouth, bands over and under her breasts and across her arms, arms folded and tied behind her back, and several strips around her ankles and thighs, leaving her frog-tied. She was completely immobile yet entirely open. The best part of all was that there were stereo headphones over her ears. She hadn't even heard me come in. I locked the back and front doors then came back to my prize.

I turned on the lamp next to the sofa, and Susie went very stiff. I waited a moment but she didn't relax her body. It wasn't just surprise: it was fear. Up until that moment I had assumed Susie was in on some general game, but I realized she was an actual prisoner. This was against her will. I stepped back and plopped down on the ottoman, considering my next move.

Of course, I should have expected to hear footsteps coming down the stairs just then but I didn't, so my stomach flattened when I did hear them. I was frozen in place, only able to turn my head to the archway by the stairs. Loren entered the room. Well, not any Loren I had known. The Loren I knew was a woman's woman. She was beautiful, but not so given to fashion and cosmetics as she never sought to impress any men. The Loren that walked into Susie and Geries' living room looked right at home in second-skin leather pants with with barely-there underwear riding over her hips, a black baby tee with not nearly the amount of material found in a sports bra, and prefectly smooth, full black hair and subtle make-up.

I had gone from finding a tight blonde in tighter bondage on the couch, to being scared silly, to being walked in on by one of the most unexpectedly beautiful women around. Plus there was the small matter of Susie possibly being held against her will. I thought I was some sort of sexual veteran, but I was shaken.

"So," Loren said. "What do you think?"
Name: Liz
Homepage URL: http://I like NottyTales.com (Great links as well as pics)
Wednesday, November 30th 2005 - 06:05:11 PM
Title: Origins, Part Three
Comments:What do I think? Is this an essay question? I think I'm glad I didn't just piss my pants since I was wearing a $40 merlot-colored velvet g-string under my jeans. I needed to play 20 questions with Loren, but I knew that wasn't happening. I also knew that the next five minutes of conversation with Loren were crucial. I had no idea what Loren wanted. I had no idea if she had a gun. Even if she didn't, there was a good chance she could overpower me if I showed any sign of being objectionable to whatever the hell was going on here. So I played it cool.
"Hey babe," I said. "You look great."
"Thanks," she said with a killer smile. "So do you." I was flattered, despite my fear, as I had forgone any makeup and was just wearing a black tanktop, jeans, sandals, my g-string, and no bra.
"So, is Susie down for a scene?" I asked, lightly probing. I made a conscious effort to keep my eyes off the front door that was just a couple of feet behind Loren. I had to consider making a shoulder-rush to get the hell out of there.
"Well, that's kind of a thing," said Loren. "I thought her and Gerie would be down, based on prior encounters." Loren and I had a very heavy make-out with Susie and Gerie and couple of weeks earlier, but it didn't lead to anything. "But," Loren continued, "I guess they were just trying to be cool." We had a small audience of boys during our session, in that very room. What Loren was getting at was that Susie and Gerie were just acting bi to get the men on campus talking. It's pretty common.
"I came over here yesterday," Loren said. "I sat both Susie and Gerie dwon and told them what I had in mind." I had no idea what that entailed. "And you know what? The bitches kicked me out. They called me a freak, Liz. A freak!"
"Oh no," I said, my voice full of friendly concern. In truth, I was petrified.
"But I don't think they understood just how good a thing they were missing," Loren said. Her eyes were steadily widening as she spoke. I wouldn't call her a psycopath, but I wouldn't call her stable, either. "Fortunately, I already knew their schedules. Susie likes to go for a jog at 3pm on fridays. She likes to come back and have a tall glass of OJ after her jog. So it was just a matter of getting that carton of OJ in the fridge full of sedative. I loaded it up and waited in the hall closet. She got back at 4:30 and had a tall glass. It only took about 25 minutes for the drug to take effect. It's a heavy narco, so I had plenty of time to bathe her and get her properly tied as you see her now. I even had time to make a good playlist for the mP3 player she's listening to now."
"I see," I said, calmly. So that was it. Loren had Susie against her will. And it wasn't going to stop with the drugging and the bondage, of course. I had already expected as much, so at this point I was getting a reign on my cool. "How about Gerie?" I asked.
"Gerie has a late lecture on fridays," Loren responded. "She'll be walking throught the door any minute. We'll need to be ready." Loren reached behind the sofa and produced a small, smoky brown bottle and a thick cloth pad. "I thought you might take of Gerie," she said, extending the bottle and pad to me.
Name: Liz
Monday, December 12th 2005 - 10:41:16 PM
Title: Origins, Part Four
Comments:The time had come to put my cards on the table. The resitance play had been a game between consenting adults up to this point. This was another level.

"OK, Loren," I said. "I don't know if I like this. I'm scared, and I'm sure Susie's very scared. Maybe we should just end this now, huh?"

"Hah!" Loren exclaimed, tilting her head back with the laugh. She put the bottle down on the coffee table. "Sit down, Liz," she said, gesturing towards the recliner.

"Loren, I think I-"

Loren stepped in towards me. "Sit down, Liz," she said with cold authority. I sat down. "Now look, you have your doubts, and I understand. I had my doubts once too. But you need to understand something. You're thinkg of this as kidnapping and rape, am I right?" I nodded. "Well, that's what it looks like. But consider what you might show Susie and Gerie. Consider that you might take them to a place they haven't been before. Wouldn't that be something? What if you could make them fell a way they've never felt before?" I hadn't considered that. But there were still problems.

"But Loren," I said. "What if they don't enjoy it? What if they're grossed out and revolted by the whole thing? I want Susie and Gerie just as bad as you do, but I don't want to do something they don't like."

"Then make them like it!" Loren said. "These two are playing make-believe lezzy for the benefit of a bunch of frat-boys. They have no idea what the act entails. They have no concept of the sexual vistas they claim to explore but have never even touched upon. We can change that, Liz. We can take two people and bring them to a level of sexual awareness they never imagined! Can there be anything more empowering?"

Something in my head clicked. I realized that my resistance fantasies weren't just about getting off by making someone do something they didn't want to do; it was about showing a person a side of sex they had never considered. Not to be melodramatic, but in that living room with Loren and a squirming Susie on the couch, I felt a touch of destiny.

"All right," I said. "Let's do this." I picked up the smoky brown bottle and loaded up the cloth pad. Loren ducked around the archway to the kitchen.

"Make me proud," she said.
Name: Liz
Monday, December 12th 2005 - 11:08:34 PM
Title: Origins, Part Five
Comments: I decided to crouch in wait on the staircase beside the front door, as Gerie was very tall. She walked in wearing a jean skirt, a long and loose white top and white sneakers. She closed the door behind her, and in one motion I pounced upon her back, wrapping my legs around hers and my left arm around her arms and waist while the cloth went over her face. I twisted our tightly joined bodies and landed on my back on the carpet with Gerie in front of me. The chemical took effect in less than twenty seconds; Gerie had gone from completely unsuspecting to captured in no time at all.

Susie was gorgeous, but Gerie may have been the real prize. Six foot even, probably 140 lbs. She had long natural auburn hair, pouty lips and doe-like blue eyes. Her long body had no distinct flab nor muscle definition, just complete femininty. Had Gerie been born in the 40's, she would have been a sex symbol in the 60's. Loren came from her hiding place in the kitchen, a big smile on her lips.

"Let's get her set up," Loren said. "I moved their beds together in one room. There's also a couple straight-backed chairs." Susie and Gerie had single-size beds in seperate bedrooms upstairs, but loren had brought them together in Susie's room. Before we carried Gerie upstairs, Loren kneeled next to the couch by Susie and lifted up her left earphone. "Gerie's here now, so the party can start," Loren whispered in Susie's ear, causing a shudder and a fearful whimper from Susie. Loren put the earphone back in place.

"What are you doing?" I asked. "She'll recognize your voice."

"I doubt it," Loren replied. "And if she does, we'll cross that bridge later. Let's get Gerie set up upstairs." Loren had tied strips of nylon at the four points of each bed, a sort of windbreaker material. We got Gerie down to her panties (a white g-string with a floral pattern on front) and tied her spread-eagle on one bed with a pillow under her head. We blindfolded her but did without a gag as she was unconscious and the neighbours probably wouldn't hear anything anyway. "Just needs one more touch," Loren said. She reached into a bag in the corner by the door and pulled out a small bottle. "An oil with extract of mint," she explained. "It will warm up gradually and have a focused tingling sensation. And it will make her pussy taste even better." She rubbed a little underneath Gerie's panties. "Let's leave her to rest for a while," Loren said. "We'll let Susie entertain us for a little while."
Name: Liz
Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 02:36:30 AM
Title: Origins, Part Six
Comments: We went downstairs. Loren went over to Susie and untied the cloth holding her gag in. Loren pulled wadded black cloth from Gerie's mouth which I realized was Gerie's thong. Gerie coughed and groaned. Loren took a sports bottle from the end table and squirted water into her (our) captive's mouth, which was taken gratefully.

"Hey, what's going on?" Susie asked. Her confusion must have been deep. She had gone from drinking orange juice after her workout, to feeling dizzy and probably laying down, to waking up bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Loren quickly and lightly raked her nails across Susie's across her left nipple and down to her pubis. Susie gasped and convulsed once. "Ooh! Don't do that, please!" she begged. "Look, I don't know who you are or what's going. Just take what you want and leave, okay?"

Loren lifted Susie's headphones. The current track was "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction. "We're going to take quite a bit, babe," Loren said. My heart jumped and I leaned in front of Loren, pulling the headphones back down.

"Are you nuts?" I whispered. "She's heard your voice, she'll recognize you, we'll get busted."

"Take a pill already," Loren responded. "It doesn't matter what she hears or who she thinks we are. When we're done with her and Gerie, they'll be too embarrased to talk about it with some cop." I understood Loren's logic, but decided to keep my mouth shut as long as I could.

"What?" Susie asked. "What do you want?"

Loren lifted the headphones again. "What do you know about eating pussy, Susie?" Loren asked.

Susie's face scrunched up. She was on the verge of tears. "Oh no, please don't-" Loren silenced her with a finger on her lips.

"No, no, don't get all upset. We'll work you through it." Loren started at Susie's neck, planting a slow assault of delicate kisses, her hands working all up and down Susie's body. Loren's lips moved their way softly and deliberately down Susie's body, lingering here and there only briefly. By the time she got to Susie's pussy, Susie was in a state, twisting in her bonds. Her arms, legs, and breasts were all goosebumps.

I stood aside watching Loren's technique. Thought it had been used on me many times, I had never seen it from a third-person perspective. She was perfect. Lightly sucking kisses up and down the outer lips, then the same motion with the tip of her tounge darting out quickly and lightly at odd intervals. Then she delved her tounge into the folds, dragging it up and down without pulling too much. Working her lips around the clit, scooping up from the vaginal opening to the clit in a wriggling motion (are you taking notes, fellas?) and brushing across the clit but barely touching it. My flow was definitely kicking in just standing there and watching.

After only three or four minutes, Loren went in for the kill. She locked her lips around Susie's clit and steadily licked up and down. But just as Susie was about to climax, Loren pulled back, her lips making a popping sound off Susie. Susie had a great change of heart in those brief moments. Her skin was completely flush and she was gasping.

"Whu? Wait, no, please finish me, please!" Loren responded by pressing kisses into Gerie's hips, which drove her mad. "Ah, please, just let me come!"

"See, it's not that hard, Susie," Loren said, stroking Susie's writhing body. "Do you really want to come?"

"Yes, please, make me come!" I was astonished at how fast Susie went from firmly telling an unknown assailant to leave to begging that same person to make them orgasm.

"Well, babe, if you want to come, you'll have to make me and friend feel at home. Whaddaya say?" Loren asked.

"Oh please, just let me- Oh!" Loren cut Susie off by quickly licking her pussy.

"What do you say, Susie?"

"Okay! Okay, whatever you want."

"Great!" Loren said. She turned to me, still on her knees, and began unbuttoning my jeans. "I guess we're in business.
Name: Liz
Wednesday, January 4th 2006 - 02:46:33 AM
Title: Origins, Part 7
Comments:I got my pants off and Loren pushed me down on the end of the couch. Then she pulled the frogtied Susie around so her head was in my lap. The way Loren lifted and turned Susie around so quickly yet delicately spoke of great strength and control for her slight frame. "Are you ready, babe?" Loren asked, though whether to me or Susie I was not sure. I remained quiet, as Susie could still hear.

"Oh, God, I never -" Susie started. Loren cupped her hand against susie, her palm on Susie's lower buttocks and her fingers curving around the delicate areas. Her fingers wriggled in a practiced manner. Susie's body hardened. She was right on the edge.

"It's nothing babe," Loren assured. "Just go with it." Loren gave Susie a few more twiddles of her fingers then quickly leaned over to me and yanked off my underwear. I jumped a little but still kept quiet. Loren put Susie's headphones back and placed her hand back between Susie's legs. She then pushed Susie's head between my legs.

For the first few seconds, Susie did nothing but shake a little. Then Loren placed her hand on Susie's shoulder and worled her finger magic. Susie groaned then opened her mouth, and I spread my legs a little more.

It was quiet in the room. I could hear some P.J. Harvey song (probably Loren's choice) on Susies headphones. For all her protest, Susie got into it nice and strong. She just had to have licked a pussy before. I was starting to doubt Loren's "faux-bi" analysis the way Susie wa going at me. It still took a little while for me to climax, but no more than 10 minutes. The whole time, Loren kept her hand working on Susie but never letting her come.

I cannot describe the feel of Susie squealing into my pussy. We all know that there are times when we are receiving oral sex and, male or female, we can feel our partner's entire body just through their mouth on our privates. Any time any muscle of Susie's tightened or trembled, I felt it in my own body. It was any sort of spiritual connection; it was just fantastic sex. The way Susie's bondage accentuated her form was almost perfect, her back arched in and her butt jutting out. I dragged my short nails up and down her toned body as she pleasured me.

After I came, Susie pulled back her blindfolded face, now glistening. "Oh please, I did it, I did what you want, let me come!" she begged.

Loren pulled back the headphones. "There's two of us, honey," she said, "not to mention Gerie."

"Oh no, please don't hurt - " Susie started. Loren put the hand that wasn't working Susie's pussy of Susie's mouth.

"Don't you worry about Gerie. She'll have as much fun as you. Now get back to work and we'll see if we can let you cum." Loren put the headphones back into place and motioned for me to get up. I stood up and put my thong back on as Loren took off her pants and g-string and sat down in my place. "Keep her primed, okay?" Loren asked. I shrugged and kneeled down behind Susie. Loren pulled Susie's head into her crotch as I leaned in and started tickling as Susie's behind. She was so ready to come that I didn't need to do much at all, just not let her come. It only took Loren half as long as me to come. She was very forceful, not quite too forceful. She kept her fingers deep in Susie's hair and gently moved Susie's head. She also had Susie keep licking completely through her orgasm. Often, I'm too sensitive after a orally induced orgasm to have direct contact. It can almost hurt (I'm sure plenty of the ladies know what I'm talking about). I think it actually hurt Loren just as much, especially as hard as Susie was going at it at this point, but the thing was Loren seem to like the pain. It was as if she was forcing her own body to come harder than it was meant to. It was something I head never seen before.

A bit after Loren's orgasm, Susie managed to yank her head back and take a huge gulp of air (she had been deep in Loren's pussy for about a minute and a half). "PLEASE!" Susie half-shrieked, half-gasped. "Please let me come. Loren, who had her head back and was taking deep breaths, looked at me and nodded. I grinned, then gently but firmly pushed two fingers into Susie's pussy as two on my other hand went to her clit. That was all it took to set Susie off on what was probably one of the biggest orgasms of her life at that point. Loren stroked Susie's hair and back as she came. She didn't cry out very loudly, just a steady, o-mouthed groan that probably only lasted 8 seconds but seemed much longer.

"Well," Loren said. "You get her legs. Let's go upstairs and see how Gerie's doing."
Name: Liz
Saturday, February 11th 2006 - 05:20:39 PM
Title: Carol
Comments:The story Im about to tell happened a few yrs ago now. When I was about 20 I was having bondage sex with a woman who was the former wife of my former employer.
Carol was about 35 and for yrs I had had fantasies about how good she'd look tied up and gagged, she was incredible sexy and dressed in dresses,heels and hose 90% of the time this I found an Incredible turn on as I have a huge stocking and tickle fetish.
That was infact how it had started.....her former husband owned a shop which I locked up at the weekends. Carol would pick me up at closing time and we'd take the takings for the day to her house lock them away and then she'd run me home. Well this day she arrived, she looked incredible!!she had on a knee length cream dress, nude coloured hose and matching high heels her hair which was blonde was pulled into a long ponytail.After a quick chat we locked up n left. When we got to her house there were two young guys hanging about on the street obvoiusly up to no good. To cut a long story short I challenged them and they made off in a car.
When I went back to the house Carol was extremely shaken and asked me to stay till her husband got home ( she was still with him at this point)
She told me to make myself at home and we settled down to watch TV. Carol was physically shaking and I put my arm around her to comfort her..." I'm so thankfull that u were here...ur my knight in shinning armour saving the damsel in distress...who knows what might have happened if u weren't hear..."
I have to admit that even her saying the words damsel in distress immediately made me think of her tied up!!I went red in the face and cock began to swell in my trousers. She must have noticed the red face because she asked what was wrong.
" Noth...nothing I stammered..."
" Yes there is....come on tell me!!"
i to this day don't knw what made me blurt it out but I just came out with it.....
" I like the thought of u like that"
" Like what??"
" As a damsel in distress!! u know tied up and stuff...."
" Oh really....." she sat up next to me " n I take it by stuff u mean gagged?"
" ye...yeh! Im sorry....." she cut me off...n started laughing
" don't be sorry Im flattered..........n how long have you felt like this?"
So it all came out about the fantasies Id had about her like that, n the stuff I'd like to do to her.
When I was finished talking I thought she'd go mad! but she just sat and looked at me...." well y don't u?"
" y don't I what?"
" why don't u tie me up..." Iwas dump struck.
" r u seroius?"
" Look u saved me from who know what today......consider it a reward.......but u can't do anything else, do u understand?" with that she got up " I'll be back in a minute.
She came back carrying several minutes later carrying several lenghts of cord and a few scarfs.
" OK where do u want me?" she asked
" I 'm not sure to be honest..."
" Do u want to play a game??"
" If u want" I said.
"Right how about we pretend that ur an intruder and u over power me and u tickle torture me......I take it u want to tickle torture me? for the combination to the safe..."
" U wouldn't mind?"
" I'm not a bondage virgin as they say....my brothers use to tie me and my sister up all the time when we were young...invariable it would end in us being tickled....I actually quite like it"
So it was desided that she'd go out the back of the house walk round and come in the front and I'd overpower her.
In she came I can't lie my cock was rock hard as I waited in the hallway for her. I let her pass by she went into the kitchen n after a few minutes she came back out and started to walk along the hall to the lounge where we'd sat earlier.
I followed her and clamped my hand over her mouth from behind pinning her arms to her sides with my other arm, she began to struggle and scream into my hand....
" Stay quiet and u won't get hurt.... I have a gun....do what I want and this will be over quickly....do u understand?"
She played the damsel so well nodding her head as I held her.
" Now I'll take my hand away...don't scream....when I do turn and put ur hands on the wall just like in the cop shops on TV....I'm goin to search u...."
I got a real shock at this point...she was moaning as I told her about the search n I could see her nipples standing out through her dress that was pulled taught across her chest......SHE WAS GETTING TURNED ON BY THIS!!
" Plaese don't hurt me! I'll do whatever u want..."
" Quiet! I know u've got cash in the house...but we'll get to that..."
I ran my hands down her arms, that were outstreached against the wall, down on to her shoulders then down her back and then round the front under her breasts....she moaned again.......then one leg at a time I frisked her lower half. The feeling of the nylon against my hand was incredible, n I couldn't resist slidding my hand up her skirt till my hand found flesh at what turned out to be the top of her hold up stockings.
" I'm goin to have to make u a little more uncomfortable...." I said.
" what do you mean uncomfortable??
" Ur goin to be bound I'm afraid.....it's for ur own good........now up stairs...n keep ur hands where I can see them"
Carol walked ahead of me as we climbed the stairs, she had the damsel act down to a fine art......
I took her to the main bedroom, I had the cord that she had supplied with me " that's far enough....now put ur hands behind ur back.."
She did it immediately, I bound her wrist firmly together....." look is it really nessasary to tie me I'll do what u want" she asked in a submissive voice.
" I told u it's for ur own good...once ur tied u'll give me the combination to the safe.....u'll then b gagged and left to allow me to leave..."
" But I don't know the combination......." she gave me a little smile and pulled a face.
I sat her on the edge of the bed and bent down and statred to tie her ankles.
" I hope for ur sake u do! I have many way to make you talk my dear" I gently pulled her to her feet and turned her round her back to my chest. She MUST have been able to feel my hard cock through my jeans as I held her.
" We can do this the easy way or the hard way...it's up to u?"
Breaking out of character she said with a giggle " it feels like the hard way to me"
" now what's the numbers sweetheart?"
" I told u I don't know .....what u goin to do to me u fiend?"
"U'll find out....but 1st the gag!!! " I had two of the scarfs from down stairs in my back pocket, balling it uo I pushed the 1st into her mouth packing it behind her teeth, the second I tied a knot in the middle secureing the 1st in place . She moaned as I put her on the bed.
" now I told u easy or hard....u seem to want the hard way....oh don't worry I have no pain in mind for u..." I rolled her onto her stomach and removed her heels. Now I don't know if she'd forgot about the tickling or not but she began to struggle and scream into the gag. I was so horny watching her struggle around helpless as I began to tickle the soles of her stockinged feet.
" now any time ur ready to talk just let me know" I rolled her over " ready?" she slowly nodded her head so I removed the gag. As she was struggling her dress had ridden up around her waist showing off her great legs and the cream french knickers she had on. I was just about to ask her the numbers again when I noticed that the front of her panties was soaking wet!!!
" ru turned on??" it was her turn to go red. " the truth or I'll take great pleasure in tickling u again" I took hold of her stockinged feet.....
" Yes I'm turned on!!! but no more tickling please!! u can do whatever u want to me"
" Anything?"
" Yeh!"
I swiftly regagged her and pushed her back on the bed, untieing her ankles I told her to stay still. I removed her by now wet french knickers and pushed her legs apart. I went down on her and licked her till I felt her come hard. I was ready to burst by this time. I re tied her ankles n sat her up on the side of the bed.
" was that good??" I asked.She nodded.
" now ur goin to take me in ur mouth do u understand?"
I undid my jeans and took my cock out. She nodded again
" u like being dominated don't u Carol?"
" ummmmph" was the reply through the gag as she again nodded.
I removed the gag and before she could say a word I pushed my cock into her mouth I held her by the back of the head. I was close to cuming so I withdrew my dick, turned her face down with her bent over the end of the bed her kneeling on the floor. Her ass was in the air and I entered her from behind, her legs were still tied and thrust hard into her she was making a lot of noise so i told her to " shut up"......" if u want me quiet gag me" she screamed. I put my hand over her mouth and I felt her come again at which point I shot up inside her.
That was the 1st time anything happened like that but it wasn't the last.
If u want to know more let me know and I'll tell u
Name: avenger scotland
Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 03:43:37 PM
Title: Carol's party
Comments:Well if u liked the story be4 I'll tell u some of the other things we got up 2!!
Over the next while we got to know what got each other off and had talked about senarios that we wanted to play out.
About August that year Carol told me that she was having a party at her house that Saturday night as her best friend Joanne was coming up from London it was her birthday and they hadn't seen each other for two years. I told her Id help her get things organised if she needed a helping hand. So all week I helped her go to the supermarket for supplies etc....I was very horny come the Thursday night and after things were nearly in order I in bed with her............well she was more tied to the bed!! having my wicked way!
I was threatening to leave her bound all night n was tickling her exposed ribs!!
She was giggling at every touch gasping to talk" look u can't do that I've got to work tomorrow!"
"I can do what I want ur the one tied to the bed"
" Look u can do this all night on Saturday after the party, just untie me tonight so I can get a good sleep" she rolled her eyes at me "ppppleease, I'll make it up to u on Saturday"
"I don't know about that ur friend might find it strange to walk in on us with u bound and gagged? I take it she'll b staying here after the party?"
"Don't worry abt Joanne we don't have any secrets from each other" and she gave a little cheeky grin!
" What do u mean by that? n whats so funny? I asked.
" Wouldn't u like to know.........lets just say Joanne and I are CLOSE friends and she shares the same Tastes as I do.............oh and she knows all about what we get up too!!!......girls talk about everything!"
" Are u kidding??" I asked.
For a second she looked a bit worried I think she thought I was angry " don't worry she's lookin forward to meeting u she says it was really sexy what we've been getting up too.............u'll like her.......in everyway!"
" What does that mean?"
"Jo is very very good looking n is up for a laugh"
" It 's just goin to b a bit embarressing that she knows that I get off tieing u up at any opportunity....she'll think I'm a perv!!"
"Listen! she knows I'm into this in a big way n have been for a long time " she smiled at me again" do I have to spell it out to u? Jo and I have tied each other up for years ever since we were teenagers!.......if anything she's more submissive than me!!........" I couldn't quite believe what she was saying.
" Tell me about it?"
"Oh no!!i couldn't possibly tell u! ud just get a horny again n want to fuck me some more"
" Ur tied up n ain't goin anywhere so talk or I 'll tickle u all night till u do....n u know I will!" n I moved down to her tied stockinged feet.
" OK! I'll tell u !" she screamed.
"I told u be4 that my brothers used to tie me up when I was younger and thats how I knew I got turned on by being bound and gagged? they'd tickle torture me and my younger sister for hours playing different games....u know cops and robbers, cowboys and indians! that's how I met Jo, she was a year below me at school and all the boys use to fancy her.Anyway...we were firm friend in no time and this day we went back to my house after school to watch TV till my parents got home, I think we were about 15 or 16 at the time.
" I remember u telling me this ages ago" I replied.
" Well this day we were watching the TV and The "Avengers" was on, it ws an episode where Linda Thorsen had been tied to a chair and gagged by the villians she was trying to scream a warning to Steed through her gag.After another few minutes she managed to get loose and overpower the female villian who was very attractive and was played by an actress called Kate O'Mara.....i ALWAYS REMEMBERED THAT" Carol said.
" I've seen every episode of the Avengers ever made!! I know the show ur meaning, now get on with the story" I ran my finger up the sole of her foot in mock warning.
"No!"she laughed.
" I'm getting to it u perv!...where was I?...oh yeh she overpowers the villian. So Jo and I had been sitting on the settee watching and as they were fighting I heard her say as clear as day under her breath " tie her up" Jo didn't know I was watching her, she was fidgeting and too engrossed in the show.
"Ur making this up?" I said.
" No No, I swear!"
"So what happened next?" I asked.
"Do u like when they get tied up Jo?" I asked her as she turned her face turning red.
" Wha..what!!!"....she spluttered
" When the heriones get tied up, do u like it?..... I do!"
" What do u mean u do?" Jo stammerd.
" It gets me turned on always has since I was about 12......u ever been tied up?
" NO"
"But u've thought about it though?....u watch all the cop shows hoping that the girl gets kidnapped ? bound and gagged?... do u wish it was u?? I enquired.
" How'd u know that! I had my first orgasm watching the Avengers!!!" she was bright red by now.
" I'm the same! makes me horny as hell....I give my brothers cheek so they get fed up and tie me up...ur not alone Jo"
" Really? well I don't have any brothers only a sister and she's younger than me and wont let me"
" So u want to do the tying then? I asked.
" Most of the time!" replied Jo.
I lay next to Carol and couldn't believe how hard I'd became........Carol's exposed nipples were standing out n I began to tease them between my fingers...she was moaning in seconds..." I can't tell u if u keep doin that!"
" u tell me n I'll make u come!" i ran my hand across her tummy down over her pubic hair and rubbed her wet clit....she arched her back pulling on the cords that held her hands above her head to the frame of the bed.
" Please!"
" Tell me the rest of what happened or I'll bring u close and STOP!" I whispered close to her ear.
" No! I'll tell u just don't stop! do it slowly please!"
I continued to touch her up and began licking her nipples just to tease her some more.
" Yeh I 'd love to ! u wouldn't mind?"
" I get to tie u too! that's the only condition! OK?"
" We went up to my room and talked for a few minutes about what we were goin to do. We decided that I'd come into my room and she'd grab me and then tie me up.
She said she wanted me to act all distressed but not to fight to much...that suited me fine.....I took off my school blazer and shoes so it would be easier left the room and came back a few minutes later. She grabbed me as I entered, handgagging me and pinning my arms to my sides.........I wriggled and mmmppphhed into her hand.
" Do what ur told and u won't get hurt, do u understand?"
I played along nodding my head.
" Good girl now down on the bed n don't give me any trouble!"
She let me go gently pushing me towards my bed. I lay face down and could see that she had taken off her blazer, skirt and school shoes.
" Now I need something to tie u with?"
" The top drawer of the dresser" I replied.
"Jo was back in a few moments with the cords from my dressing gown and several pairs of tights like the ones I was still wearing, she straddled me and quickly tied my wrists in the small of my back"

Now by this time I was wanting to come inside Carol I was so turned on by the story and she knew it!
" Why don't u wank urself over me n I'll finish the story" I undid the cord holding her bound ankles to the foot of the bed turned her on her side and told her to bend her legs. I don't think she was sure what I wanted.....so I went to her ear and whispered to her that I was goin to wank over her stockinged feet....n began to rub my cock up n down the sole of her still bound feet.....she moaned " u and my feet! u want me t foot wank u?"
" Yeh! now tell me the rest of what happened"

" Ok......my hands were tied.....she then tied my knees and ankles..TIGHT! n sat me up on the edge of the bed"
"Now what shall we gag u with?" she said. Jo was kneeling on the bed behind me at this point with her arm round my waist pinning me up against her.
" I don't wa..." her hand went back over my mouth.
" I didn't ask u to speak!.... now open wide!"
With her free hand she brought a balled up hankie infront of my face at the same time she ruubbed my nipples...which I have to say were hard by this point....through my school shirt....Iwasn't expecting this and gasped...as I did the hankie was forced into my mouth and again held in place with her hand. Jo then got a pair of my black tights and wrapped it round my head several times gagging me securely. She when rolled me onto the bed picking my bound legs and making me more comfortable. Before standing up to admire her handy work.
Carol's voice had been getting very dry and I knew she was close to coming I had been rubbing her clit the whole time she had been telling me the story.
" U close to coming? I asked.
" Yeh!!" she gasped.
I undid the cord round her ankles and she turned onto her back her hands still tied to the bed frame above her head. I went down on her....she was thrashing about and making a lot of noise...."behave or I'll tie ur legs down n gag u!" I pinned one of her legs underneath my body as I licked her....she knew what I wanted and rubbed her stockinged foot over my cock.......I pulled at the other stocking on her free leg pulling it off!!
I put my hand on her wet pussy and sat up slightly Carol raised her head to see why I had stopped licking her...as she opened her eyes I brought the stocking I'd removed up to her face...
" I warned u! now open ur mouth! ur making far to much noise"
She never got a word out as I forced the balled up stocking into her mouth I packed it in behind her teeth .She was suddenly quite silent except for a few grunts and moans. I covered her mouth with my hand, pinning the gag in place.
" Now ur goin to behave while I fuck......" I pushed inside her...I felt her come almost immediately....she groaned through the gag which made me come hard inside her.
I took the gag out and untied her we lay on the bed and she told me about how Joanne had tickled her that day and how this had became a regular thing between them till they left school.
I couldn't wait to meet this girl at the party so I could put a face to the story.
Little did I know what the Saturday had in store for me......... if ur interested let me know n I'll tell u.
Name: Avenger Scotland.
Thursday, September 7th 2006 - 05:37:44 AM
Title: The party!
Comments:So Saturday came along the Friday was a long day so I went and bought a new shirt too wear at the party.
I was a bit nervous at the thought of the party as I thought I'd b a bit younger than most of the people who'd b attending,it turned out that I was right but it was ok in the end most of them were very nice.
I didn't get to the party till about 10 o'clock as I'd been playing rugby in an away match. I rang the bell and could hear music and the noise of people from within.
Carol opened the door herself and looked absolutely stunning, she had on a tight fitting red dress, which stopped just above her knee it was very low cut but not tarty! matching red heels and nude stockings she had obviously had a glass or two of wine as she pulled the door closed behind her and kissed me full on the lips....... her tongue felt hot n wet and I let my hands slip onto her bottom.........
" all good things come to those who wait!" she said " n later come will b the optimum word in ur case......now come in and meet everyone"
I followed her in and whispered to her " u look stunning by the way!! "
" thankyou, I hoped ud like the dress....oh n before u ask! I've got stockings on!" she turned and gave me a dirty little smile.
"U always wear stockings it's a major turn on babe!"

The people at the party all seemed very nice and I was introduced to everyone within minutes, there must have been 40-50 peole there.

We eventually made our way to the kitchen......where all good parties end up....... Carol got me a beer and we chatted about how the rugby had went......suddenly the door bell rang Carol let out a little shreik...."Joanne!!! she went to get more wine that will b her back!....u haven't met her!!...come on!"
She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me toward the front door. We went through the inner door in to the small hallway pulling the door closed behind us.....
" Now listen I want to wind her up! when I open the door just ask her who the hell does she think she is tying up my girlfriend when I 'm not there!" said Carol.
" What do u mean?"
" We were larking about earlier on this afternoon and she tied me up! wish u'd been here!.......anyway I told her that I'd b telling u and that u wouldn't b pleased!!....It'll b a laugh"
The door bell rang again.
" She really tied u up??"
" Yeh !! it's made me horny as hell....which is good for u!!" she rubbed her hand over my groin and kissed me again. " now play along!!"
At that she opened the door and I stood back out of the way
" That was a bit of a walk!" the voice was soft and gentle.
I waited till she had finished and stepped forward
" Is this her?" I said in as stern a voice as I could muster. I have to say I was stunned at the girl that stood before me in the entrance hall. Joanne was gorgeous! not as tall as Carol but she had the most incredible hourglass figure, shoulder length dark hair and beautiful pale skin. She had on a pale green dress and black court heels.
" What have u been up to with Carol this afternoon??"
" U told him !!" she replied instantly in the direction of Carol " What a bitch! I take it this IS ur man of mystery?" BEFORE THE TWO OF THEM BURST OUT LAUGHING.
"Yeh this is David....told u I'd tell him" said Carol.
" At last!!!... I finally get to meet u!" replied Joanne leaning forward to give me a kiss.
I had to stoop to kiss her on the cheek " nice to meet u too!! thought I feel at a disadvantage as by what I hear I've been the topic of conversation!!"
" It's all good hon...trust me!" said Joanne " now I need a drink and we can chat some more inside" and off she went in the direction of the kitchen.
" She seems really nice " I said to Carol as we followed.
" She is I told u ud like her! she's a bit mad mind but nice with it!"

We all chatted and the party was in full swing till about 3 in the morning when everybody started to drift away. I had had a few beers though I wasn't drunk compared to most.
I went and sat with Carol a couple of bean bags on the lounge floor.
" U had a good time?" I asked.
" Yeh it's been a really good night" she leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the lips.
" I want to take u up stairs n fuck u" I whispered to her
" Oh U do do u!.........n what if I say no? what u goin to do?... force me?" she put her hands up in mock surrender
" I'll scream for help!!"
I could feel myself goin hard.
" I do hope so...right enough it'll be hard to scream once ur gagged and bound...."
" OH GET A ROOM!!" I WAS STARTLED FOR AN INSTANT! Joanne was standing behind me and had been listening to us talking.
" That's everybody gone...even that dickhead Derek...he felt my arse the wanker....he's got bad breath!!" she continued.
" U want one for the road babes?" Carol asked, nodding towards Joanne who had went and sat down on the settee behind me.
" Yeh, if u two are having one a wine would be nice"
"What about u D ?" Carol asked getting up from the bean bag.
" Mmmm...I'll have another beer thanks!........u want a hand?"
" Na I'm fine, u relax"
When I turned back to Joanne she was lying on the settee with her head propped up on a cushion,she had taken off her heels and was flexing her stockinged feet.
" Ur feet sore?"
" U men don't know what we go through in the name of fashion...my feet are killing me "
I have too admit I was turned on by watching her lying there her feet were tiny probably about a size 2 or 3 and I could c her pink nail vanish through her stockings.
"Didn't u meet anybody u liked tonight?" I asked.
" Na not really"
At that Carol came back into the room carrying the drinks....she handed me my beer and sat the two glasses of wine on the lamp table next to ths sette Joanne was sitting on..."So what u been talking about??" she said.
" I'm just telling D that men don't understand what us women go through in the name of fashion!!....my feet are killing me"
" Oh poor baby!! u want a foot rub?" not waiting on a reply she sat down on the settee lifting Joanne's feet onto her lap and began to massage her feet and ankles.
" I'm sure that u two could think of much better things to b doin than u giving me a foot rub and D watching.....and besides u know how ticklish I am Carol..."
" I don't mind darling it's the least I can do after u coming all the way from London to visit"......she turned and looked towards me..."David u don't mind if I give Jo a foot rub do u?" giving me a little smile......." Didn't think so!!" she knew I'd b turned on by this.
I made myself comfortable as Jo settled back and closed her eyes enjoying every minute of the massage......MMMMM....OOOHHH!! occasionally coming out from her mouth.

This went on for a few minutes and I was extremely turned on watching them.
Carol interupted the silence.
" Yeh" she replied sleepily.
" U remember this afternoon when I was......how can I put it a little more indisposed!!"
Jo opened her eyes and lifted her head from the cushion.
" I remember" she giggled.
" Do u remember what I said to u? before u gagged me of coarse........about getting u back for this!"
" Yeh I remember!"
" Well this is pay back time sweetheart!!!" replied Carol in a completely different tone.
At that Carol grabbed Jo's feet and pinned them under her arm and began to vigorously tickle Jo's stockinged feet. Jo began to scream with laughter and struggle violently...
" No!No! I'm too weak n tired to fight!!!....that's not fair!!"
I was rock hard watching this and I think Carol knew it.

"David do me a favour n hold her down she's struggling too much!"
I didn't know what too do.
" Carol ur a bitch!" screamed Joanne through a mixture of laughs and squeels. " Two on one isn't fair n u know it...what chance have I got against David n u!"
" Life's a bitch honey " laughed Carol " now hold her arms David!"

I didn't have too be asked twice I jumped up and took hold of her wrists whilst Carol continued to hold her legs whilst tickling her feet.
"Maybe if we got her on the floor!" I suggested.
" Good idea!.......pull her down!" Carol agreed.
We manuvered her from the settee to the floor easily....Joanne ended up face down with me holding her wrists in the small of her back and Carol with her feet pulled under her arm giving her full control to tickle her . Jo was no match for our combined strengh and screamed and begged for us to stop the tickling. All of Jo's struggling had resulted in her dress ridding up round her waist showing off white suspender belt, nude stockings and matching white panties.
" Oh dear would u look at that D....Jo's really not goin to behave herself I'm afraid we might need to take her upstairs to finish this off!...what do u think?" at which point she let up tickling Jo who was completely out of breath, the two of us held her down watching for a reaction. To my surprise she lay quiet and didn't protest.
" I think we'll get her to take that dress off.......u wouldn't mind that would u honey?" running her finger up the sole of the now silent Jo!
" No! I'll do whatever u want just no more tickling please!"
" Good girl now we're goin let u go...stand up and remove the dress to ur underwear ...do u understand?"
" Yeh!"
"N no silly attempts to resist!!.....or I'll get D here to spank u!!" for the first time Jo let out a moan and I knew she was very turned on by this.
Jo stood and undid the zip and slid the dress of before stepping out of it as it lay on the floor. I was still behind her and couldn't believe how good a body this girl had.
" Oh n put the heels back on!" Carol said.
Jo sat on the settee about to comply when some thing just came over me " I'll do it for u" I said.
" Good idea " said Carol.
I took her by the ankle, her feet were tiny and very sexy in the soft nylon! I rubbed the soles between my hands, she moaned gently..
" Carol I think it would be much easier to control our little friend if she were tie! what do u think?"
" That's a great idea!keep her here and I'll get some restraints!" she got up and left the room.
I sat infront of her as she sat on the settee, I knew she was very aroused she was breathing heavily and I could see her nipples through her bra.
"Open ur legs!and lean back" she looked at me and slowly complied.I sat beside her my hand on her knee she groaned....oh no no no I said and put my hand over her mouth pinning her head to the settee back.... no noise honey....can't have that!! I ran my hand up her stockinged leg to her groin...her panties were soaking wet!!! she Mmmmmppphhed under my hand as I slid my fingers under the seam of her panties n into her wet pussy....the lips of her pussy were swelled and my fingers moved in and out easily making her moan under my hand.
" Carol....Carol...." I shouted as I fingered her.
" Yeh" came the reply from a short distance away " What is it?"
I turned back to look at Jo " Bring something to gag her with!" Jo let out a loader moan from behind my hand and anched her back as she bagan to come I pushed my weight down on her keeping her quiet till the orgasm subsided.
" U like to get told whats goin to happen to you don't u?" she nodded her head.
"This was a very nice surprise tonight I didn't think I'd see u like this....ur quite beautiful...a bondage wet dream infact!! n ur underwear is very sexy.....would u mind if I kissed u?"
Jo look at me and slowly shook her head.
" I'll take my hand away......Iwant u too kiss me...OK?"
Again she nodded.
I slowly took my hand away and kissed her she moaned onto my mouth our tongues flicking eachothers.
I pulled away and before she could speak I handgagged her again......" Now!... Carol's goin to b back in a minute......I take it u both knew that something was goin to happen??" she nodded I could see she was smiling even though I still had my hand over her mouth.
" Well why don't we turn the tables on Carol?...........when she comes back......why don't we tie her up and gag her!!......" she nodded vigorously and tried to talk from under my hand...."it just came out all mumbled......
" one condition!!! I get to tie u up before u leave tomorrow night!.....agreed?" again a nod.
" Now I'm goin to take my hand away....b a good girl!"

I can't write any more just now but if u want me to tell the rest of the story let me know.

Name: Avenger Scotland.
Monday, September 11th 2006 - 08:42:13 AM
Title: Nurse "Rape"
Comments:I once acted out a rape fantasy that a nurse living in the same apartment building as I lived in. She had given me the key to her apartment and told me not to tell her when it would happen.
Now this was back in the days nurses wore all white uniforms and nylons. The day I desided it was going to take place, she was wearing the classic white dress, nylons and shoes. She worked the 3 to 11 shift so I had plenty of time to get ready.
At around 10:30, I got my supplies together and went to her apartment. I let myself in with the key and made everything ready.
At 11:30, I heard her key scraping in the lock and I took my position behind the door. I had loosened the light bulb in the light she normally turned on when she got home.
She sighed as if this was all she needed, when I came out from behind the door and grabbed her. At first she didn't know it was me, but we had set a a phrase I would use to let her know it was me. She still played the scared victim to a tee.
I kept her tied up and "raped" her several times during the night and used her mouth a couple of times too.
When I saw her later that day, she looked at me and said it was fantastic and wanted to do it again sometime. I readily agreed.
Name: Bill
E-mail address: roper527@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.myspace.com/roper527
Monday, September 11th 2006 - 02:06:16 PM
Title: parked part 1
Comments:hi, my name is john. age:23 brown hair, blue eyes, 5'9 and 186 pounds. hobby? you'l see in a minute. since i have a hella of lot to tell, let me start now so i can save space

2:30 central time, in houstin texas. i see a girl walk by; we were on the side walk next to the metro so i decided to stock her. she was a hotty! brown hair, green eyes, and what i would find out later, 5'5. nice ass but the best thing about her was her legs. toe nails painted red in her glittery red high heels. brown straight silky hair which spilled down centimeters away from her shoulders.
her ankles made perfect and her nose, mouth, and eyes were tremendes! even her eyebrows were just waxed and neatly set to make her face more sexy. a smart tan, unlike you see with alot of models, which make them look mexican. but she wasint, she was a perfect caucasian, a true bueaty. her eyes glamouris, her nose looking liked it was sculpted to perfection by god himeself. my penis was rock hard, no, more than that, i heard it beating like a heart. but it shouldint of worried, todays meal for it was 'cooked to perfection steak' with fedichini. see, i always named my phases since i was a kid. "sticky" "rocky" "2balls", whatever i found amusing. i was only 12 when i thought of them. i mentioned in my descreption that i would mention my hobby later, so i will do that now. my hobby use to be in the dungeon. but i was kicked out. i was "fucking" the wemon to hard. fucking pussy's. i had so many bondage gear upstairs, even illegal stuff that was turtured them so hard it wasint even made legal. best of it, my gear was twik'd to were suctions sucked 2x harder, vibraters practicly bounced around the floor with a moter that convinced me was onced used for blenders. it probily made you bleed. alot of rope, ducttape, gags, and torture machines. i was gonna have a fun night with this whore. stocking her home, i saw her walk into a expensive apartment. address, 3456 buclkefinn lane, south view apartments. taking notes, i began to run home. taking 2 suitcases of bondage and illegal sex torture devises, i headed to her place. but first i decided to go to toms house, the biggest musleman in the world. he needed a medal for his penis size. once me and got there, we noticed she had her door unlocked. with our glocks in our hands, we snuck in her door. tom packed alot of his bondage equiptment to, as he was expelled from the dungeon silmply because of his cock size.to large for the wemons tight cunt i guess. but really, i felt bad for them. but not the bitch i was about to tackle. all toether 4 bags of bdsm gear, we busted in. i was so horny, but i was gonna do this slowly!

Name: john
E-mail address: unrelentingsoldier@gmail.com
Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 05:21:39 PM
Title: parked part 2
Comments:as we busted in we found out they were both naked. this pissed me off so i let tom hold them at gun point and slid into the bathroom, then i screwed some loops up on the roof. we were on the last floor, and the roof is always strong enough. from there flor to the roof was about 13 feet, good. they could suspend them yards into the air without the roof interfearing.
i made loops with the small ropes which would tighten when pulled at, so that when the guy would pull they would tightin' and cause pain, so he wouldint struggle. i saw the couple frozen from shock and knew they were not going anywere anytime soon. i told tom to duck tape the girl when he was finised and gagged the couple. i then duck taped the guy lightly and lead him into the bathrooms, signaling tom to follow with the bitch. tom knew what i was doing. an old trick i used to do with couples. i would sexually torture the guy in front of the bitch and say its punishment for having sex. making it seem like i was her master. tom complemented me on my loops and my plan. i then explained. "since you are a fucking pig and has slept with another man, i will show now make sure this fuck gets it hard. squells can from her gag and she finally started relizing what was happening. i put the guys and ankles through strings attached to the loops. then pulled the ends to tighten' the up. then, raising his arm, i pulled the string attached to the loop at the roof and raised him up till' his toes barley left the floor. i then attached a sting around his neck and pulled out the remainder and attached it to his cock. making it to were if he let his head stay strieght, the string attached to his cock would tighten tremendislly. but if he bent his his head down to relieve the pain, another noose around his neck would tighten and choke him. he starting groaning and i saw his cock turn red, then purple. the screaming then started. being suspended and sexually totured, wowza, that musta sucked. he woulding die because the noose left small room so he could barely breath. the bitch started screaming and i just smiled. "this will be a tough night for you! im going to suck u untill your a fucking dry hump, you hear!" " im going to park my fucking dick into your fucking cunt and make u scream, you dumb whore.
Name: john
E-mail address: unrelentingsoldier@gmail.com
Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 06:56:29 PM
Title: parked part 2
Comments:as we busted in we found out they were both naked. this pissed me off so i let tom hold them at gun point and slid into the bathroom, then i screwed some loops up on the roof. we were on the last floor, and the roof is always strong enough. from there flor to the roof was about 13 feet, good. they could suspend them yards into the air without the roof interfearing.
i made loops with the small ropes which would tighten when pulled at, so that when the guy would pull they would tightin' and cause pain, so he wouldint struggle. i saw the couple frozen from shock and knew they were not going anywere anytime soon. i told tom to duck tape the girl when he was finised and gagged the couple. i then duck taped the guy lightly and lead him into the bathrooms, signaling tom to follow with the bitch. tom knew what i was doing. an old trick i used to do with couples. i would sexually torture the guy in front of the bitch and say its punishment for having sex. making it seem like i was her master. tom complemented me on my loops and my plan. i then explained. "since you are a fucking pig and has slept with another man, i will show now make sure this fuck gets it hard. squells can from her gag and she finally started relizing what was happening. i put the guys and ankles through strings attached to the loops. then pulled the ends to tighten' the up. then, raising his arm, i pulled the string attached to the loop at the roof and raised him up till' his toes barley left the floor. i then attached a sting around his neck and pulled out the remainder and attached it to his cock. making it to were if he let his head stay strieght, the string attached to his cock would tighten tremendislly. but if he bent his his head down to relieve the pain, another noose around his neck would tighten and choke him. he starting groaning and i saw his cock turn red, then purple. the screaming then started. being suspended and sexually totured, wowza, that musta sucked. he woulding die because the noose left small room so he could barely breath. the bitch started screaming and i just smiled. "this will be a tough night for you! im going to suck u untill your a fucking dry hump, you hear!" " im going to park my fucking dick into your fucking cunt and make u scream, you dumb whore.
Name: john
E-mail address: unrelentingsoldier@gmail.com
Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 07:33:43 PM
Title: Home Intruders
Comments:Ever since my wife and I got into roleplay bondage I have had a fantasy about her being a victim of two armed house intruders.
The two men kept a discreet watch on the house and knew that Sue was at home and alone. They approached the door and put on their ski masks and rung the bell.
Sue had finished getting dressed and was wearing a knee length black pleated skirt and a polka dot blouse. She went to answer the door and the two men bundled her inside taking her by surprise. Before she could do anything one of them pointed a gun at her and spoke. 'Dont try anything lady, just keep quiet and you wont get hurt'.
She was marched into the living room and instucted to stand with her back to the wall. She could only watch helplessly as they searched through her purse, but she thought that they were only going to rob her. She was right they were indeed going to rob her but they also had other plans for later. They emptied her purse and took everything of value.
Then the gunman spoke again 'We should not be disturbed for a few hours Mrs A but We will have to tie you up while we search the house'. She realised they had found her name during the search of her purse and pleaded with them not to tie her up. 'Sorry Mrs. A you have to be tied up'.
He led her to a dining chair and instructed her to sit down and put her hands behind the chair. He stood in front of her as she complied and his partner then began to tie her up. He tied her wrists securely behind her back with a length of thin rope, making sure that it was fairly tight before he knelt in front of her and tied her ankles together finishing the rope around the chair leg. He stood up to have a good look at his handiwork and suggested to his partner that Sue should be gagged. 'Yes you better put a good gag into her pretty mouth we dont want her shouting for help do we' said the gunman. He wadded a piece of cloth into her mouth and then tied it in place with another cloth tied tightly between her teeth and knotted at the nape of her neck.
Now Sue realised how vulnerable she was and how her boobs were protuding tightly against her blouse. He then went to search the house whilst the gunman drew up another chair and sat facing her. He remained silent for a few minutes just looking at their bound victim but then he began to speak again. 'It looks as though you are pretty helpless now Sue but you will have to wait until he returns before we get down to business'. Sues fear rose again as she wonered what he meant. Shortly afterwards the other man dis return and he approached her. She tried in vain to shrink away but the ropes prevented much movement as he ran his hands under her skirt feeling the soft nylon of her slip before going further to her panties. She screamed through her gag as his hand slipped under her panties and started to finger her pussy.Then the other man took over as he undid her blouse and started to fondle her through her bra.
This stage of the assault lasted a few minutes before she was untied
'Now Mrs. A you just take off your clothes' instucted the gunman. She had no real choice and slowly she took off her blouse and her skirt before he tied her wrists behind her bck again Her gag was removed and she was told to kneel.
Now you just take my cock into your pretty mouth and suck it
Name: Jim
Monday, May 14th 2007 - 05:36:52 AM
Title: Home Intruders
Comments:Ever since my wife and I got into roleplay bondage I have had a fantasy about her being a victim of two armed house intruders.
The two men kept a discreet watch on the house and knew that Sue was at home and alone. They approached the door and put on their ski masks and rung the bell.
Sue had finished getting dressed and was wearing a knee length black pleated skirt and a polka dot blouse. She went to answer the door and the two men bundled her inside taking her by surprise. Before she could do anything one of them pointed a gun at her and spoke. 'Dont try anything lady, just keep quiet and you wont get hurt'.
She was marched into the living room and instucted to stand with her back to the wall. She could only watch helplessly as they searched through her purse, but she thought that they were only going to rob her. She was right they were indeed going to rob her but they also had other plans for later. They emptied her purse and took everything of value.
Then the gunman spoke again 'We should not be disturbed for a few hours Mrs A but We will have to tie you up while we search the house'. She realised they had found her name during the search of her purse and pleaded with them not to tie her up. 'Sorry Mrs. A you have to be tied up'.
He led her to a dining chair and instructed her to sit down and put her hands behind the chair. He stood in front of her as she complied and his partner then began to tie her up. He tied her wrists securely behind her back with a length of thin rope, making sure that it was fairly tight before he knelt in front of her and tied her ankles together finishing the rope around the chair leg. He stood up to have a good look at his handiwork and suggested to his partner that Sue should be gagged. 'Yes you better put a good gag into her pretty mouth we dont want her shouting for help do we' said the gunman. He wadded a piece of cloth into her mouth and then tied it in place with another cloth tied tightly between her teeth and knotted at the nape of her neck.
Now Sue realised how vulnerable she was and how her boobs were protuding tightly against her blouse. He then went to search the house whilst the gunman drew up another chair and sat facing her. He remained silent for a few minutes just looking at their bound victim but then he began to speak again. 'It looks as though you are pretty helpless now Sue but you will have to wait until he returns before we get down to business'. Sues fear rose again as she wonered what he meant. Shortly afterwards the other man dis return and he approached her. She tried in vain to shrink away but the ropes prevented much movement as he ran his hands under her skirt feeling the soft nylon of her slip before going further to her panties. She screamed through her gag as his hand slipped under her panties and started to finger her pussy.Then the other man took over as he undid her blouse and started to fondle her through her bra.
This stage of the assault lasted a few minutes before she was untied
'Now Mrs. A you just take off your clothes' instucted the gunman. She had no real choice and slowly she took off her blouse and her skirt before he tied her wrists behind her bck again Her gag was removed and she was told to kneel.
Now you just take my cock into your pretty mouth and suck it
Name: Jim
Monday, May 14th 2007 - 05:39:42 AM
Comments:Please do continue with your story.
Did you actually set the thing up or is still a fantasy that you wish can happen?
Name: King of Bling
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/boundfilipinas/
Thursday, May 17th 2007 - 09:56:37 AM
Title: Home Intruders
Comments:Home Intruders,

No I did not set it all up, it is a fantasy and her torment continues if requested
Name: Jim
Thursday, May 31st 2007 - 02:04:23 AM
Title: I dont know if this site is active
Comments:I have a fantasy of me being tied up and gagged by a stranger(male)from the personal ads or internet etc.....
and then being stroked and fondled until climax
then this guy would tie up my wife in front of while I am still tied up.
then I am still tied up and He is having rape sex and then real sex with my witfe in front of me while I am tied up and gagged.
Can some one write a story with that as a theme
and post it for me to read.
My wife:5'8 245lbs blond bob hair cut
looks like jennifer ashton
me :5'7 215lbs brown hair man hair cut
looks like Cloonely but not as sexy more rugged.

Thanks for the site


Name: Jon
Monday, June 4th 2007 - 09:33:00 PM
Title: a messy pretend rape
Comments:My boyfriend and I have been into bondage play for over a year. Often, he ties me up and plays with me sexually over a period of several hours. Often I have to try to tell him through my gag that I have to go to the bathroom. He usually warns me that I have to hold it and rubs my pussy to try to get my mind off of what I have to do. In the past, he's keep me bound for as long as he thought I could hold out, then he's untied me and let me run to the bathroom just in time.

Yesterday, as we were leaving the apartment for the movies, he suddenly grabbed me, hand gagged me, tied my hands and feet and told me I was going to be raped. He didn't take off all my clothes. He bared my tits so he could suck and pinch them, but he left my jeans and underpants on. This time when I gave him the signal that I had to go, he laughed and said that it was just too bad--but a naughty rape victim didn't have bathroom privilages; I could either hold it for a LONG LONG TIME, or I would have to go in my pants. I started yelling behind my gag and trying to call him all sorts of names. He answered by turning me over his knee and giving me about fifty really hard smacks. He warned me that the next fifty would be on my open and naked pussy if I didn't behave. He eventually carried me to the bed, on which he had layered a lot of large towels. As he again sucked my nipples, I lost control and peed for what seemed like over a minute. As it happened he teased me by saying, "My naughty girl is pissing in her pants. She's going to have to be punished before she gets raped." He untied my feet, took off the wet jeans and left me in my soaked panties. He raised my feet high up in the air--getting my knees to part at the same time, then began spanking me on my open pussy. Until that moment I hadn't realized that my bladder hadn't been the only thing that was full. With the pain of the smacks, I lost control of my bowels and filled up my panties with warm poop that at first felt really sexy against my ass. While continuing to tell me how naughty I was, he told me that he was going to have to stay in my dirty panties during my rape as punishmet for having messed myself. He took his small knife and cut a slit in my panties through which he could enter my pussy. Took me with great passion with me feeling sexier and sexier as my ass bounced up and down into what I had just deposited in my pants. After we both had probably the strongest orgasms of our lives (at least of our relationship), he cleaned me up while I was still gagged with my hands bound behind me--all that time telling me how sexy it was to rape a naughty, tied up girl who had wet and messed herself.
Name: Di
E-mail address: Diaccor@aol.com
Wednesday, August 15th 2007 - 11:00:32 PM
Title: Origins, Part Eight
Comments: "Hey! Hey somebody?"
Loren and I heard the call as soon as we rose from our seats in the living room. I realized we had beeen abusing Susie for about thirty minutes or so, more than long enough for Gerie to shake off the chloroform. She must have been a little tired for it to hold her that long.
"What's going on? Susie? Am I on your bed? Where are my - " Susie gasped at her realized nudity, or perhaps her realized bondage, though most likely a combination of the two. She remained silent and the sound of a small bed scooting and rattling accompanied Loren and myself up the stairs and down the hall.
We entered the end bedroom and Gerie's grunts were delicious. She moved the bed only an inch or so at every jerk against her bonds, useless save to jiggle her breasts and tussle her hair.
Name: Liz
Homepage URL: http://More Soon
Saturday, January 19th 2008 - 02:14:15 AM
Title: Wife Rape
Comments:I have always had fantasies about my wife getting captured by a single rapist or by a group of two or three captors but have never been in a position to share these.
Could I put together a dtailed storry on this site
Name: Oral Man
Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 03:14:23 AM
Title: invite
Comments:certainly, or you could try Dreambook-wives tied up and gagged.
Name: Lee
Sunday, July 6th 2008 - 07:53:40 AM
Title: wife held by intruders
Comments:I would be happy to write a fantasy story about my wife being held at home by intruders who decide to do more than just tie her up.
Name: Jim
Wednesday, July 23rd 2008 - 01:30:06 PM
Title: Origins Part Nine
Comments: Gerie could have easily been a willing girlfriend in those first few moments of her waking. The way she pulled at her restraints gave me the impression of a playful confusion, a lover's willingness to accept unknown circumstances.
"Hey what's up? Susie?" were her relaxed initial queries. I suppose now, in hindsight, Gerie and Susie probably had some light experimentation with teasing and kissing. In such a case, light bondage and blindfolds would be natural. However, Gerie had only momentarily forgotten the brief violence that led to her predicament.
"Susie what happened when I came in- oh, god..."
Loren was behind me. She placed a firm, sensual, threatening hand on my lower back, as well as two hushed, moist words in my ear:
"You first."
There was no hesitation. Half an hour before I was weighing the morality of my choices, questioning if my lust was overriding my mind. Now I realized that my mind and body were in accordance, one as alit as the other towards this feast before me. Gerie was so very beautiful and so very mine. I moved in on her.
I leaned over the bed, not putting my weight over her. Just the heat from her body nearly overwhelmed me. I still get surprised how much another woman's body can strike me. There are no mysteries, as a man might face, yet the transendence of form can overtake just as a male. There were so many things I could do with her body, so many things I WOULD do, but I couldn't pick one.
So I kissed her on the corner of her lips. She quivered, more goosebumps than fear.
"Who... who are you?"
"I doesn't matter," I said. "Picture me as anyone. I'm going to do things to you now, and won't get hurt of you don't fight me."
Name: Liz
E-mail address: You Wish
Tuesday, August 12th 2008 - 12:47:48 AM
Comments:sure Jim
Name: Lee
Monday, August 18th 2008 - 12:42:48 PM
Title: Roped & Raped
Comments:i read all the stories on this page and they are great.
i didnt stop till i read all of them.
keep up the good work.
Name: josh
E-mail address: roostercruiser379@yahoo.com
Monday, August 25th 2008 - 12:44:50 AM
Comments:Great site, lotsa funny links and stuff. I enjoyed my stay and will come back again. You can visit my sites imitrex prescription ... tussionex lean ... too.
Name: Ailani
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Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 11:05:25 AM
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Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 06:17:04 AM
Comments:I came across your site using the link from your face-pic site and Im glad I did. Im in Scotland and I just wanted to leave a short message encouraging you to keep on doing! ultram ultracet ... macrobid and birth control pills ... rules!
Name: Jayden
E-mail address: jayden@yahoo.com.br
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Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 06:20:02 AM
Title: Next Step
Comments:I'm debating continuing my chronicle. I know it's drawn out, but I could pull it together in a reasonable timeframe. It's just a matter of popular demand. If enough folks want me to continue, I shall.
Name: Liz
Friday, October 17th 2008 - 11:58:46 PM
Title: please
Comments:Hi Liz,
yes please write a story!
Name: Lee
Sunday, October 26th 2008 - 08:12:44 AM
Title: wickid's pet
Comments:Please, please Liz, continue!!
Name: wickids pet
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Thursday, November 27th 2008 - 07:29:40 PM
Title: mr arnie k
Name: Arnie Knutsen
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Tuesday, December 2nd 2008 - 02:26:38 PM
Title: mr arnie knutsen
Name: Arnie Knutsen
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Tuesday, December 2nd 2008 - 02:28:29 PM
Comments:I fucking love this dreambook Roped Raped and fingering that sweet cunt and ass.
Name: Tony
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Wednesday, January 28th 2009 - 03:59:13 PM
Comments:preety cool website!
Name: Esmerelda
Wednesday, May 27th 2009 - 08:25:59 AM
Title: humiliation
Comments:When i was in grade 10 i was the total package if i do say so myself. i got very high grades but as well i was very beautiful most guys said. i had long redish brown hair and a nice body with rather large boobs. I was walking home from school one day when one of the kids from my school came up to me and asked if i could help him with his homework. his name was David. I said yes of course so he asked if i wanted to just walk to his house instead of mine. When we got there I called my parents and i told them where i was. he said he was having a party that night so i told my parents i was going to stay the night there. i invited a couple of my ffriends to join us later on in the night. So we started doing homework and then david asked if I could go get him and myself a drink while he tried some more math problems. I said sure when i walked into the room holding two cups of fruit punch (we were going to drink drink later on in the night) David jumped out from behind me and took me down. Juice spilled glasses broke and david eventually forced me onto my stomach. I was about to scream when david handgagged me. he then shoved a sock in my mouth. he ducked taped to keep the sock in place. he then handcuffed my hands behind my back and ducktaped my feet together. He then carried me over his shoulder to the basement. he sat me on a chair then left for a few minutes i tried to hop away but he had locked the door. When he returned he had a large black bag with him. he told me i was going to help him stay entertained until the party. he got out a hand gun (he wasnt most trust worhy kid at r school but i had always thought he was good unneath) he said he was going to un tie and un gag me but i better do as he says or he'd kill me. I nodded and he unlocked the cuffs and removed the gag. He then said to take off my clothes. i removed my sweater, t shirt, bra, jeans and thong. he looked at me for a sec then started feeling my boobs and licking them. After a while he started to finger me. then he said Lean over my knees and he said cayley your such a goodie two shoes its time u felt some pain and he spanked me for a long time until i was crying. he then undid his pants and let them and his boxers fall to the floor. I'll continue with part 2 later
Name: cayley
Wednesday, May 27th 2009 - 02:32:12 PM
Name: esmerelda
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Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 08:53:19 AM
Title: part 2
Comments:here is part 2 of my story. So he got his dick out and said to me "Cayley give me a good blow job right now". I had never given a blow job before so i was a little worried. He forced his dick into my mouth. At first i didnt do anything and he wagged the gun in my face. I then started to move my tounge up and down his dick and hoped this is what he was lookin for. he seemed satified so i continued for several minutes until he blew his load in my mouth. He said swallow it or your dead so i forced down the cum although i nearly vomitted. he then stuck his dick between my tits and told me to push them together. i did and he started moving his dick up and down between my tits. A few minutes later he blew a load again this time right onto my face. I was disgusted and he took my t shirt and said here wipe it with this. I did and he said now for the fun part sex. I was really scared and started to cry. he asked if i had ever had sex before? no i said. He then told me I had to b gagged then or i'd scream to much. he grabbed my panties shoved them in my mouth and taped it shut. he then forced his dick into my pussy. he started thursting back and forth and it really hurt. He had a fairly large dick and i could feel it. then he started to move faster I started to scream which was muffled fairly well by the gag. He continued this for a while going slower then faster then slower again and it hurt so much! Finally when he was done he blew a load deep inside me. I felt so dirty and i was crying. He then handcuffed my hands above my head to a beam above and taped my ankles together. He started fondling my tit and whispered to me "your friend will be along soon and then we can start the party" o shit i thought, my friends. He then left and i stood there helpless as went to try and capture my 2 best friends
Name: cayley
Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 12:30:17 PM
Title: part 2
Comments:here is part 2 of my story. So he got his dick out and said to me "Cayley give me a good blow job right now". I had never given a blow job before so i was a little worried. He forced his dick into my mouth. At first i didnt do anything and he wagged the gun in my face. I then started to move my tounge up and down his dick and hoped this is what he was lookin for. he seemed satified so i continued for several minutes until he blew his load in my mouth. He said swallow it or your dead so i forced down the cum although i nearly vomitted. he then stuck his dick between my tits and told me to push them together. i did and he started moving his dick up and down between my tits. A few minutes later he blew a load again this time right onto my face. I was disgusted and he took my t shirt and said here wipe it with this. I did and he said now for the fun part sex. I was really scared and started to cry. he asked if i had ever had sex before? no i said. He then told me I had to b gagged then or i'd scream to much. he grabbed my panties shoved them in my mouth and taped it shut. he then forced his dick into my pussy. he started thursting back and forth and it really hurt. He had a fairly large dick and i could feel it. then he started to move faster I started to scream which was muffled fairly well by the gag. He continued this for a while going slower then faster then slower again and it hurt so much! Finally when he was done he blew a load deep inside me. I felt so dirty and i was crying. He then handcuffed my hands above my head to a beam above and taped my ankles together. He started fondling my tit and whispered to me "your friend will be along soon and then we can start the party" o shit i thought, my friends. He then left and i stood there helpless as went to try and capture my 2 best friends
Name: cayley
Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 12:30:39 PM
Title: error
Comments:i tried to post part 2 but i dnt think it worked i really dnt wanna type all that again
Name: cayley
Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 12:34:33 PM
Title: error
Comments:i tried to post part 2 but i dnt think it worked i really dnt wanna type all that again
Name: cayley
Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 12:34:47 PM
Title: part 3
Comments:nevermind guess there was no error. anyways He returned with something for me me to drink and he forced me too take it. There musta been drugs in the drink cause I went out cold. When i Woke up There were my two friends Perri and Alychia tied just like me standing/hanging there too (Perri was tall with black hair skinny not much in way tits but still hot and alychia was shorter with long dirty blonde hair with real big tits). They were also naked. I heard noise common from upstairs and i knew the party must of started. David came down said wake up sleepy heads and spanked perri and alychia till they woke up. He then went back upstairs and I heard people coming down stairs and David said boys do i have a surprise for you. he opened the door and 4 guys walked in. there was david his best friend jon and 2 other guys i didnt no. The 3 new guys circled around us like vulturs. They each picked a girl and hungrily started playing with our boobs. After a few minutes david said come on lets watch tv. So they sat down and tured on the tv which was on the other side of the room with some couches around. David placed a cooler by us and said whenever u want to get a drink u can fondle some boobs. So they watched tv for bout a hour and whenever a guy got up he would walked over and feel our boobs or ass. They mostly fondled alychia though since her boobs were the biggest. After a hour one of the guys said Im bored lets do somethin with the girls and david said ok. He uncuffed us from the sealing and cuffed are hands in front of us. He told us to crawl over tothe couch. We did as we were told. He then got out the gun saying im going to un gag and untie u and u better not scream and fight or ill kill u. We nodded and he uncuffed and ungagged us. Then he told us to make out. I was hesitant at first but then i just leaned in and felt alychias lips on mine. Our tounges locked and we made out for a while. After a bit perri and alychia switched and i made out with perri. then perri and alychia made out. he then told me and perri to suck on alychias tits. So i grabbed alychias left boob and played with her nipple with my finger then my tounge then sucked it. It felt so weird doing this but i knew i had to. Next he got out the paddle and told alychia to bend over. I was told to spank her 50 times. david gagged her and then i did it until her ass was beet red and she was crying again. he said it was tweleve and time for his guests to go home happy. he told them to pick a girl and jon chose me. We were told to give them a blow job. Jon got his dick out and i gave him one and he blew his load in my mouth. After they were done the guests left feeling r boobs one more time before they go. Then David said unfortantly time for u 3 to get going. he duct taped r hands really tight and r elbows together to and gagged us with r panties and duct tape. he left us naked and just pushed us out the door saying see u around and laughing. he were running around naked at 1 in the morning. we made it to behind a shed where we worked free of r tape. We sat there for the rest of the night crying until someone found us in the morning. they called r parents and the cops and we told them r story. David is now in jail and will b there for a while and me and perri and alychia r still friends despite the experiance
Name: cayley
Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 01:03:26 PM
Title: part 3
Comments:nevermind guess there was no error. anyways He returned with something for me me to drink and he forced me too take it. There musta been drugs in the drink cause I went out cold. When i Woke up There were my two friends Perri and Alychia tied just like me standing/hanging there too (Perri was tall with black hair skinny not much in way tits but still hot and alychia was shorter with long dirty blonde hair with real big tits). They were also naked. I heard noise common from upstairs and i knew the party must of started. David came down said wake up sleepy heads and spanked perri and alychia till they woke up. He then went back upstairs and I heard people coming down stairs and David said boys do i have a surprise for you. he opened the door and 4 guys walked in. there was david his best friend jon and 2 other guys i didnt no. The 3 new guys circled around us like vulturs. They each picked a girl and hungrily started playing with our boobs. After a few minutes david said come on lets watch tv. So they sat down and tured on the tv which was on the other side of the room with some couches around. David placed a cooler by us and said whenever u want to get a drink u can fondle some boobs. So they watched tv for bout a hour and whenever a guy got up he would walked over and feel our boobs or ass. They mostly fondled alychia though since her boobs were the biggest. After a hour one of the guys said Im bored lets do somethin with the girls and david said ok. He uncuffed us from the sealing and cuffed are hands in front of us. He told us to crawl over tothe couch. We did as we were told. He then got out the gun saying im going to un gag and untie u and u better not scream and fight or ill kill u. We nodded and he uncuffed and ungagged us. Then he told us to make out. I was hesitant at first but then i just leaned in and felt alychias lips on mine. Our tounges locked and we made out for a while. After a bit perri and alychia switched and i made out with perri. then perri and alychia made out. he then told me and perri to suck on alychias tits. So i grabbed alychias left boob and played with her nipple with my finger then my tounge then sucked it. It felt so weird doing this but i knew i had to. Next he got out the paddle and told alychia to bend over. I was told to spank her 50 times. david gagged her and then i did it until her ass was beet red and she was crying again. he said it was tweleve and time for his guests to go home happy. he told them to pick a girl and jon chose me. We were told to give them a blow job. Jon got his dick out and i gave him one and he blew his load in my mouth. After they were done the guests left feeling r boobs one more time before they go. Then David said unfortantly time for u 3 to get going. he duct taped r hands really tight and r elbows together to and gagged us with r panties and duct tape. he left us naked and just pushed us out the door saying see u around and laughing. he were running around naked at 1 in the morning. we made it to behind a shed where we worked free of r tape. We sat there for the rest of the night crying until someone found us in the morning. they called r parents and the cops and we told them r story. David is now in jail and will b there for a while and me and perri and alychia r still friends despite the experiance
Name: cayley
Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 01:03:39 PM
Title: the night we wont forget
Comments:hello my name is rachel. this is a story about the time my house was broken into. here it is. My parents were gone on a business trip for the weekend and wouldnt be back till sunday morning. so on friday night i invited my friend danielle to come over and stay the night. What we looked like I was tall about 5 9 with long red hair and big DD tits. Danielle was like 5 11 with blondish brown hair. she also had DD. we both had fine ass' if i do say so myself. anyways so we were just watching a movie, drinking a little bit when there was a knock on the door. Since it was my house I answered it. Standing before me were two guys probably in there 40ies whereing uniforms. I asked them what they wanted. they said they were hear to replace the leaky sink we had downstairs. i knew we had a leaky sink so i didnt ask anymore questions like why would they come here at night and not during the day? but anyways wwe got downstairs and i was opening the door to the bathroom when one of the guys clasped his hand over my mouth. I immeditaly began to struggle but it was no use his grip was too tight. the other guy got out some handcuffs from a big black bag they had and cuffed my hands behind my back. He then got out a ball gag and forced it into my mouth. they lead me too a chair where they used tape to attach my legs to the chair. "Now to get your friend they said" (we had passed danielle going downstairs so they knew she was there. i sat there struggling but it was all for not. A few minutes later they were leading danielle downstairs in cuffs and a ball gag as well. they taped her to a chair and then said "were going to collect the cash and jewellery in this place and then we'll deal with you two beautiful girls". Me and danielle tried to free ourseleves but it was no use. after a while they returned. They said alright now for a good time. One of them walked over to me and ran his hand across my cheek. i struggled to try and get away so he slapped me across the face and said sit still and this will be less painful. i did as I was told and he ran his hand down my neck all the way down to my boobs. He squeezed them threw my shirt and said "these are very nice this is gonna be great". i could only imagine what he ment by this. he then walked over to danielle and did the same thing. Danielle was crying and felt her up and i felt bad this was my house but now she was in trouble too. he said all this robbing made him hungry so him and the other guy (who hadnt done much since they came back) went to get some food. When they returned they undid the tape from on my chair so my legs were free but my hands were still cuffed. The guy i guess he was the leader of the two said "I'm going to undo your gag and your going to give me your best BJ ever or my partner will kill your friend. The other guy stood by danielle holding a knife. The ball was removed but before i had time to catch my breath his dick was in my mouth. Now im not gonna lie i had given a few blowjobs by that point in my life and i knew what to do.i sucked his dick for a good ten minutes before he grabbed my head and pushed his dick to the back and blew his load deep in my mouth so i couldnt spit it up. i gagged at this but he seemed sastisfied. his partner then grabbed me and forced me back on the chair. "Same goes for you" the leader said to danielle "give me a good BJ or your friend gets it". So the ball was removed from danielles mouth and replaced with the guys dick. Now danielle and i were friends and i knew she had only had sex once before and that was with her boyfriend of a long time. i had to close my eyes not to watch this scene of danielle crying and sucking this guys dick at the same time and the guy grinning from ear to ear. after another few minutes he was finished with danielle and then said come on slasher (his partners robber name i guess) lets bring them to another room. They brought us too the basement part of my house where there are lots of hanging beams. They recuffed are hands so they were just above are heads (it was a low celing so we werent strechted) and taped are legs together. One got out a knife and i was worried that they were going to hurt us but he used it to cut threw my t shirt. After that he unhooked my bra to reveal my tits. "damn your got some big fuckin tits girl" he said as he squeezed them and played with my nipples. this continued for a little while then he turned his attention to danielle. (the other guy was just standin there and i think he didnt like the idea of raping to girls) He cut threw Danielle's shirt and unhooked her bra and said "wow you got some big tits too this was my lucky night" he then squeezed her tits and played with her nipples for a while and she started to cry again and that made me start to too. We were only 17 and getting raped by a 40 year old. after a while he told his partner to get out the gun. When he did he said "alright im gonna untie you two one at a time and your gonna do what i say or you'll watch your friend die". "you first he said to me" he came over and unlocked my cuffs and untaped my legs. he then said take of the rest of your clothes. i took off my jeans and my thong and he said spread your legs. i did and he then fingered me. i didnt squirm as much as i wanted to. i could tell this guy was not a pro at fingering and i figured he musta not got girls sides rape. after a while he brought his finger out of me and then told me to kneel. i did and he got his dick back out. he put it between my tits and then told me to squeeze them together. i did and he proceded to tit fuck me for a while. When he was done he blew a load into my face. i was digusted by this and he used my cut up t shirt to wipe it off. Ten he told me to spread my legs again and i knew it was coming he stuck his cock into my pussy. he rammed it hard and fast and i was screaming threw the gag. he proceded to keep doing this going hard then slowing down then going fast again. After a while he blew his load deep inside me. he then told me to sit overwith his partner. i did as i was told. He then untied danielle. he told her to kneel. he stuck his dick between her tits like he did me and told her to push them together. She did and he titie fucked her for a while. when he was done he then told her to kneel on the chair he then proceded to fuck her the same way he had fucked me. when he was done she went to sit with me and we were both crying. The guy then said its almost time for us to go but lets c some girl on girl first. he then told us to make out. We had done this before (drunk) so we did with tounge and all. he then told me to suck on danielle's nipples. so i grabbed her tit firmly with my hand and used my idex finger to play with her nipple toget get it hard. i then used my tounge to cirlce the nipple beofre sucking on it fully.after this he said " time for us to go its been fun" he used tape to tape are hands in front of us and r legs together while we were standing. he then came over to me and played with my nipples with his fingers and squeezed my boobs for the last time. he then went over to danielle and squeezed her boobs and played with her nipples too. he then lay us down on are backs and him and his partner left. eventually me and danielle worked free of r roped we got some clothes on and called the police but the culprits were never caught.
Name: rachel
Thursday, June 18th 2009 - 06:42:07 AM
Title: the kidnapping part 1
Comments:my name is jessica. This story took place when I was 17 years old. I was a little over weight but i was still fairly attractive and the the guys at school had nicknamed me twin cannons becuase of my very large boobs. My father was a high powered Lawyer and during this time he was trying to put away the leader of a very high powered gang. Anyways one day i was walking home from school and i was almost home when I saw a large white van in my driveway. I wondered what the van could be doing there as my parents were not expecting anybody. So I walked up too the van and no one was in it so I just walked in the front door. when I walked in I was grabbed from behind as a hand clasped over my mouth. I struggled but the grip was so strong and my hands were forced behind my back. I tried to turn my head to see who it was but my eyes were covered with a hand. My hands were tied behind me and a ball gag was forced into my mouth. A blind fold was also placed over my eyes and I couldnt see anything. they tied my legs together and carried me to the van. they (i figured there was more then one) put me on the floor of the van and started to drive. At first i tried to flop around to get free but after a while i just gave up and lay on the floor. I was so scared. We kept driving for a long tim and i didnt no how far out of the city they were taking me. Finally we stopped and i was picked up again and carried. They undid my hands and feet but they used ropes to tie my hands and legs so that i was fairly spread out like spread eagle standing up. i then heard them leave and they just left me there tied gagged and blindfolded. i stood there scared and wondering what they were going to do to me for some time but eventually i dozed off and fell asleep. I woke to people talking. i couldnt make out what they were saying. Then i got walked towards me and whispered in my ear your gag is coming out dnt bother screaming no one can hear you. I nodded and the ball was removed from my mouth. The guy said time to feed you then we'll do a video for your dad. This told me they were enemies of my dad taking me. They said alright masks on and then they removed the blindfold. i saw that i was in a barn and there were about 6 guys around me. They were all wearing halloween masks to avoid me reconizing them from the pictures my dad had shown me. One of them started shoveling food into my mouth it was like a pork thing. I ate it i was so hungry. After the meal the one said k were going to get a video to your dad while your still in good condition. This worried me cause it ment they were gonna torture me. The guy said to say exactly what he said Dad im alright please tell these guys the location to your star witness and send 10 million dollars to this adress 11 red wood drive by next tuesday (i was kidnapped on a tuesday so they gave him a week). My dad was doing well but i knew we couldnt afford 10 millon dollars to send them. After the video was done and taken properly one of the guys said alright lets see what information we can find out from this little girl. He turned to one of the guys and said remove her clothes. I struggled and shuddered at this thought but one of the guys grabbed a knife and cut threw my T-shirt revealing my bra. he unbuttoned my jeans and cut threw my thong exposing my pussy to the men. he then reached around to unhook my bra and my breasts were out there for all them to see. They all looked at them hungerly. Then one of the guys got out a whip and whispered too me "where is your father hiding the star witness" i don't know" i said. I felt a sharp sting on my ass as he whipped me once. i cringed. "ill ask you again where is the witness" I swear I dnt no" I yelled. he then whipped me four more times and I started to cry from the pain. Alright fine the guy said then what is your fathers main eveidence againest r leader (this question I did no the answer too). i dnt know anything my father doesnt talk about his work I said. he hit my tit with the whip. I hurt and it turned red. Your lyin girl he said your a lying whore. you want to be a whore? tomorrow Ill show you what A whore does. he turned to the others and said alright lets pack it in for the night. They all left but he stayed for a sec. he got out an ice cube and circed it around my nipples. They became hard. he then took out a pair of nipple clamps and placed them on my nipples. This really hurt but to add to the pain he tied a piece of string to the clamp chain and pulled the string stretching out the clamps so they were really causing me pain. he tied the string off aroudn a beam and said "there you go enjoy that pain for the night". he put the ball gag back in and then left. ill continue with part 2 later
Name: jessica
Friday, June 19th 2009 - 11:08:55 AM
Name: harry
Thursday, June 25th 2009 - 05:12:25 AM
Title: Burglar Fantasy
Comments:Whenever my wife and I make love, she wants me to tie her up, blindfold and gag her as she feels this helps me to cum harder and stronger. (Boy does it ever). However, each time she is tied, gagged and blindfolded, she always manages to escape the knots I have tied (I deliberately tie them loose on purpose). Then, she comments on how she could even escape from a real burglar.

At that point, I mentioned to her that a real burglar would not be so gentle with her and would tie her up, gag and blindfold her in a most uncomfortable manner and where she would not be able to escape. She laughed when I said this, and said that could never happen.

So, in order to prove my point, I decided to teach her a lesson.

One day, when my wife was out side watering, I went into the bedroom and got the things I would need to use as if I was a real burglar.

I hid them under the bed, and then waited for her to come inside and go to our bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom and I heard the door close, I put my plan into motion.

I pulled a black stocking over my face, and entered into the bedroom. I saw my wife lying on the bed resting. Now was my chance.

I quickly jumped on top of her, placed my hand over her mouth and pinned her small body to the bed. I told her to be quiet and not make a sound. I then told her to get up and strip off all of her clothes. She immediately complied with my request. Then, I told her to lie down on her stomach and place her hands behind her back. Reaching under the bed, I pulled out my stuff I had placed there earlier.

I picked up a panty I had taken earlier and an old tie and stuffed the panty in her mouth and then secured it with the tie. Then, I placed the blindfold over her eyes, and also put two cotton balls into her ears. She was now effectively gagged blindfolded and unable to hear.

She continued to lay there on her stomach, waiting what was to happen next.

Little did she know that I was going to use the one thing she knew that she could never get out of –duct tape.

I reached under the bed and pulled out the roll of duct tape and placed it next to me. I took the roll and pulled out a piece which I used to tie her hands together in an x pattern behind her back. Then, for good measure, I took a strip and placed it over her mouth to hold in the tie and panty gag I had previously used as my gag.

I then turned her over on her back and where her hands were under her butt.
I removed the blindfold and replaced it with a strip of duct tape.

She started to MMMFFF and squirm so I pinched her nipples and told her to stay still. She complied.

Knowing that she was now completely helpless and unable to see or hear, I removed my mask. I then began to torture her by slowly licking and sucking her clit, then stopping, and then starting all over again. I did this for about fifteen minutes. During that time, she had numerous orgasms, and was trying to get free (she couldn’t). I really got turned on when I heard her moaning through her gag and developed a rock hard erection. I then pushed my dick into her moist pussy and pushed in until I was all of the way in. Even while tied, she raised her hips up to meet my thrusts and had another orgasm. I then pulled out and began to lick and suck her clit again which caused her to have more orgasms and me to get my penis rock hard once again.

I then flipped her over onto her stomach. She knew what was coming next (anal sex) and tried again to get free from her bonds. I then positioned my now hard penis over her puckered hole and then slowly began pushing in. She began to scream as much as she could through her heavily gagged mouth. However, as I continued to push in, her screams turns to deep moans until finally I was all of the way in. I stayed inside of her, not moving, until I felt my hot cum explode inside of her anus. I knew she was enjoying this too, as she pushed up while I was cumming in her rectum.

When my cock became small and slid out, I then slowly and carefully cut away the duct tape which had secured my wife, and then pulled the strips from her mouth and eyes. After taking the strip off of her mouth and taking out the tie, she spit out her soaked panty gag and gave me a long, passionate kiss.

She told me that had always been a fantasy of hers to have a burglar restrain and gag her with duct tape and then have his way with her.

She asked me when we could do it again. “How about right now?

“Let’s go”, she replied.

Who was I to argue?

Name: The Burglar
Saturday, August 15th 2009 - 11:02:00 AM
Title: Burglar's Fun with Anal Sex
Comments: My petite Asian Wife was securely tied spread-eagle, face down on our bed with cotton stuffed in her ears, blindfolded and gagged with a pair of her silky lace bikini panties.

“MMMMMM NO” she moaned into her mouth filled panty gag as I moved down the bed and knelt between her legs. I allowed my hands to play over her legs, and then slowly ran them up her sides. I leaned forward and felt her tense as I placed a kiss at the base of her spine. Gradually, I licked and kissed my way up her back until I was lying on her, my face buried in the hair at the back of her neck.

“MMMMMFFFF” she moaned as I slowly pressed the head of my dick against her cute little rosebud. She struggled at her restraints and fiercely bit down and screamed through her silk panty gag as I slowly started to enter her small, tight rectum. I pushed in slowly, and once I was all the way in, I felt her push up (as much as she was able due to her restraints) and then heard her moan as a wave of orgasms swept over her small petite body. She was writhing moaning and screaming with delight from the intense orgasmic pleasure she was feeling. With my cock still inside of her anus, I lay on top of her and stayed there until my cock became small. At that point, I slowly pulled out of her.
I then removed her restraints and her gag. She immediately turned over and gave me a warm, loving, passionate kiss. “That was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced! Thank you for giving me such pleasure”, she said as we held each other tightly in a passionate embrace. She proceeded to give me the most explosive blow job I have ever had. Then, we both fell asleep while lovingly holding each other.
What a fantastic experience for both of us! We both can’t wait to do it again!

Name: The Burglar
Saturday, October 10th 2009 - 10:41:01 AM
Title: hazing
Comments:my name is alyssa. This story happened when I was in grade 9. I was 5 2, very thin,with white blonde hair. I was actrative i'd say with decntly sized tits. I was on the school rugby team and we had just had practice and where in the change room changing. There were three remaining girls in the change room lets call them J B and I. J was as tall as me with blonde hair and brunette streaks. She was thin and had tits slightly larger then mine. B was tall with dark brown hair and big tits. I was a a little tiny bit over weight with brown hair but she had massive boobs even bigger then B's. So I was changing when after a little bit i noticed that they were all looking at me as I changed which I thought was weird but I kept to myself. Thenwhen I was nearly done J came up too me and started talking to me about the team. Thenafter about 30 second the other 2 grabbed me from behind. They held my arms and covered my mouth with there hands.They said they were going to do a little grade 9 hazing. They let me go and told me too take off all my clothes. I shook my head no so then I slapped me in the face. Then J said very sternly Take them off. So I took off my white american eagle t shirt and my jeans leaving my in my white bra and my purple thong. Those off too sayed J. I started crying as i removed my bra and thong. They looked at me hungerly. Into the showers with u they said and shoved me threw the curtain and turned the shower on. Then when it on they stepped out. I stayed in there feeling the warm warm on my body. Then after two minutes i was told to come out. When I came out i saw J was naked laying on the bench in the changeroom. Lick my pussy she sayed as the other two still clothed stood by. I went over and got on my knees and started in. I had obviously never done this or had it done to me but I tryed my best moving my tounge all over. After a little while she went to an organism and I pulled back. After she told the other two to used there extra clothes to tie me standing up to the bench. They faced my ass out and my face right into a cubbie hole. Then they gagged me by shaving socks in my mouth and tying a shirt around my head. Then almost immedatly my ass was being felt up. I couldnt see which one of them it was. Then after a while they started smacking it. At first lightly then the started smacking it with all there stregth. I tried to cry out in pain but it was muffled well by the gag. After a while they stopped and untied me from the bench and tied my hands behind my back. Then j who now had clothes back on told B and I to go fetch the final stage. she sayed with my stroking my nipples saying how hot i was. After a while B and i returned and a guy came in with them. I hadnt seen him before he must have been in grade 11. I was told to get on my knees my hands were untied and the guy took off his pants to reveal his cock. He then placed it between my tits and I was told to push them together. I did and he procedded to titie fuck me. Back and fourth he went but the situation must have been hot for him because he blew his load rather quickly. He blew it right in me face and on my tits. I used my shirt to wipe it off. Then they removed my gag and told me to suck his dick. I didnt want to but eventually the dick was forced into my mouth i started running my tounge up and down and used my lips to seal. This time he did not blow his load nearly as fast but finally he did and it went down my thorat and i couldnt spit it all up and I swalled some. Fially they just pushed me out of the change room naked (It was late and no one was at the school incept for a couple janitors) I was crying as i went to my locker got my jacket to cover myself. They had stolen my bag with my phone and the office was locked so I had to ask the janitor to used the phone. he let me and i called my mom and she picked me up and the next day The girls were caught and i trafered school to get away from those meories
Name: alyssa
Thursday, October 22nd 2009 - 12:17:11 PM
Title: Teacher's Discipline Part 1
Comments:My name is Sam, I live close to my school and one day when i returned to get some courswork i had forgotten I was raped by two teachers - its a long(ish)story.

I had gone back to school to get my economic courswork and I was in the school car park, my biology teacher Miss Montoya was bundling my chemistry teacher, Miss Howard, bound and gagged into the back of her car. Miss Montoya is a tanned beauty, (not dissimilar to Amanda Bryam), with big tits - although she carries a few too many pounds of fat. Miss Howard is fairly pretty - with small breasts but the nicest ass in England. I was about to try and help Miss Howard when someone struck on the back of the head with something heavy - i blacked out immediately.

I woke up to find hogtied and with a ball gag crammed in my mouth. Miss Howard was tied to a chair close by - also naked- squirming as Miss Montoya clamped her nipples.someone yanked my head back and i discovered the person who hit me was my small blonde German teacher, Mrs Wheeler. Untying my legs she forced me to my knees and Mrs Wheeler and Miss Montoya dragged me across the room to Miss Howard. Miss Montoya produced a knife and said "I'm going to take off your gag and then without making a noise you are going to eat Ruth (Miss Howard) out and lick her arse hole", i was terrified and shook my head - and mrs Wheeler slapped me hard across the face - i was being dominated by two of my teachers!
After a few more slaps Mrs Wheeler asked me whether i would comply - i nodded weakly. She yanked off my gag and thrust my head into the sobbing Ruth's vagina. I sucked her pussy lips and probed inside her with my tougue for several mintues, Ruth began to get aroused and her pussy became moist and sweet tasting - suddenly Miss Montoya yanked my head back growling "i said lick her anus aswell" so i rimmed her until she came, whimpering, - Ruth's pussy juices pouring over my face.

Emma (Mrs Wheeler) laughed at Ruth's humiliation then straped a large strap-on, "you like it up arse don't you Sam?!" ....
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Title: it happened to me
Comments:When I was 42 yrs old, I worked as a substitute house mother for a children's home. I filled in for 2 weeks at a time when other house parents took time off from the stressful lifestyle. Normally, I subbed for the younger children but one time they asked me to sub for teenage boys. I was reluctant at first, but was finally convinced. My husband didn't want me to, but he was an over road trucker at the time, so was gone for 10-14 days at a time. I had seen and met the boys previously, and thought there would be no issues. The first few days were fine, but one day a new boy was brought to the cottage. He had a reputation as being difficult but not dangerous. As it turned out, he was a negative influence on the other 3 boys. On Friday evening, after finishing their homework and chores, those with limited restrictions were told it was time to go to their rooms. Only one boy was at a high enough level to stay up til 10 PM. This particular cottage was at a secondary location from main campus, kind of a rural setting. The staff thought it was a better environment for teenage boys, I guess. About 9:45PM I told B to start getting ready for bed and that's when my nightmare began. He uncharacteristically became argumentative, and started yelling and swearing, and all of a sudden the other boys came on the run. I told them to go back to their quarters, that I had it all under control. That's when J said, "we're running things now. Grab her. boys." I am only 5ft 4in tall about 125 at the time, but was in decent condition, but not able to fight 4 teen boys, all larger than me. B and R tacckled me and J stuffed a large wadded cloth in my mouth, then taped my mouth with duct tape. "Roll the bitch over and pull her arms behind her" J told the others. I fought with all my might, but R pinched my nose shut, and couldn't breathe with my mouth taped shut. I felt I was passing out and kind of went into a haze. I felt my hands being tied very tightly, with one of the boys jerking the ropes with all his might. Another rope was going around my upper arms and pulled my elbows til they touched. I had neveer been tied up, and this was a painful, frightening situation. Once my elbows were tied I was set up and the fourth boy, C, started tying my feet together. J stopped him and said not to tie my feet til they walked me into the bedroom. I tried to scream, but the gag was so large and so much tape, that no one would have heard me outside the room we were in. They did tie my legs above my knees, so I couldn't kick or run, but still walk, sort of. As they walked me into the bedroom, all their hands were all over me. I had made the mistake of wearing a house dress that evening, but as usual was barefoot, so they had no trouble in feeling below my waist and down my front. They pushed me on the bed and C said that he was going to tie me up better than anyone had ever seen. I fought, but too no avail, as he tied my ankles so tight I began losing feeling almost instantly. Then he told the others "watch this" as he started pulling my feet up behind me. He pulled and jerked and yanked until I literally felt the soles of my feet touch my elbows. It was horribly painful, and C kept adding rope. The only consolation I could think of was that tied like I was, they wouldnt be able to rape me. J said, "OK, lets see what we want to take, and get it packed and ready, and we'll take the van and go. They left the room, turned off the light and closed the door. For several minutes I could hear them ransacking the house and hoped they would soon be gone, even tho I was in a horrible situation, and no one would probably come looking til I missed church Sunday AM. After what seemed an eternity, the door opened and the light came on. J was looking at me very salaciously, and started rubbing his crotch. He was a star athlete, about 6ft, 190 lbs and supposedly had gang affiliations before getting in trouble and sent to the childrens home. He came over and grabbed me by my hair, raising me up several inches. He asked me if I wanted to be untied. I nodded my head as best as I could, so he said to be untied I had to earm it. He asked me if I had ever sucked a black dick, and i shook my head. I had never done that even to my husband. He said it was time I did. He yanked the tape off my mouth, and the pain was agaonizing. He pulled the cloth out of my mouth, and in one motion had his penis in my face and pinched my nose so I had to opn my mouth again. His penis was about average size I guess, cause I had limited experience in that area, as my husband had been my sweetheart since grade school and the only man I was ever with. He rammed it as far in mouth as he could, until the pubis hair was against my face. He pulled back, then rammed it again, several times, until I felt him tense, then he ejaculated against the back of my throat, and told me if one drop seeped out, he would cout out my eyes. I swallowed and dry heaved, but managed to keep it all in. Sobbing, I asked why he was doing this, and said because he could. About that time, I heard the other boys arguing about who was next, finally going by age. B was next, and when he dropped his pants, I almost screamed when I saw what I was in store for. He was absolutely huge, long, fully erect, with veins very noticeable. He grabbed my head and asked if I wanted to go along with it, or get hurt. That's when I made the mistake of saying I had never done that til J forced me. He said, "well, you'll know how after tonight. I sure am glad it was you tonite. Mrs M is fat and ugly, but we been planning this for a while and J seems to fit right in. He said he evn knows someone who'll buy you back home, so your life is gonna be real interesting from now one." He then shoved that monster down my throat, but came almost instantly. This seemed to make him made, but he stpped aside as the other 2 forced me to do them. When they were done, J said that he told me he would untie me from the hogtie if I did what he said. At that, B said that he was running the show, and he made the decisions. J pulled him aside and whispered something to him. B started nodding his head and saying, "yeah, yeah, that sounds good." J went to the kitchen and came back with a butcher knife and cut the rope that pulled my feet to my elbows. As my legs flopped down, I realized that the feeling was pretty much gone. That's when I noticed B stacking some pillows up in the iddle of the bed. A sense of dread came over me, and the boys grabbed me and lifted my up and laid me face down on the pillows with them under my stomach. Then I felt my dress be ing raised and opened my mouth to scream, only to have something kinda round and big shoved in it. It dawned on me that it was an artificial piece of fruit from the centerpiece on the dining table. B was behind me pulling down my panties, and began fingering my vagina, but he told the others "this bitch won't get wet fo'r me." One of the boys said "just do her dry. As big as u are when u unload in her, that will have her ready for the rest of us." Trying to beg them not to and trying to escape, just seemed to amuse them. B then tried to enter me, but being dry and not used to such a large penis, he wasn't having uch luck. Someoone went into the bathroom and came back with some kind of oil, which they all began smearing on y privates. Then B tried again and this time was able to penetrate me. I felt like I was being assaulted witha ball bat. He started out slow, but very soon began speeding up and ramming harder. It seemed to last forever, with the other boys cheering him on, yelling "pund her, B, pound her. Fill that pussy. Make her scream, make her come" as he just rammed harder and faster. Finally, he grabbed me by my hair and yanked as I felt him fill my insides with what felt like a gallon of semen. He got off me, and I felt another enter me, but not as violently. He only lasted a minutre at most, then another then another. I was sobbing, shaking, and couldnt feel my feet or hands. Some one rolled me over on my back, and I saw J untying my feet. I thought for a minute he was setting me free, but he just pushed my legs apart, and crawled between my legs. He showed me the knife, and said he would use it if necessary. He then entered me and at the same time pulled my dress off my breasts, and cut my bra off with the knife. This time he was less violent, almost as if we were lovers making love. He kissed my gagged mouth, my nipples, my neck and continued having sex with me until to my disgust I felt an orgasm building. I tried to stop the feeling, but it just got stronger. The more i resisted the urge, the stronger it got until I just had to get off. As I bucked and humped he began to come also, and someone said "I think he made her get off. I'm gonna try to, also." That's when i passed out. When I woke up, I was hogtie again but not so brutally. I also realized I was in a moving vehicle and that I was blindfolded and also felt like some sort of bag or sack was over my head. I was so cramped from being bound so tightly for so long that I was in extreme pain and I guess I moaned. "She's awake, guys" I heard J say. "Good"' said B, "I'm ready for some more action." "Mouth or cunt?" "Neither. Gonna drive down the dirt back road this time." I had no idea what he meant, but I felt the hogtie rope being untied, and was positioned so that I was on my knees, bent over with my chest against my legs. When someone said "no way she gonna take that thing in there, as tight as she was up front". Then I understood that he was going to rape me anally. I began trying to scream, but again to no avail. "Too bad for her, then," he said. I felt him smearing the oil around my anus and sticking his finger inside and working oil in there, also. "Let R go first, he's smaller and will stretch her some, plus lube he some more. We don't want to ruin her just yet" j said. I felt an immediate pain in my bottom as R began trying to penetrate me, but not able to. B must have gotten impatient, as he pushed him away and with all the strength he could muster, rammmed me all the way to the hilt. It was excrcuating, feeling like I was being stuffed with a watermelon and at the same time like someone was trying to rip me apart. He once again starte moving slow, but soon sped up and ramming as hard as he could. I thought I was going to lose control of my bowels as he kept ramming and ramming and ramming, finally ejaculaiting deep inside me and collapsing on me. I felt humiliated, violated, and wanted to die. Then R tried again and since I was so stretched was able to enter me and quickly came also. J said "someone else drive, I want to fuck the whore again, but not her ass, I want her mouth again then he pussy, then maybe her ass". My gag was removed and his swollen cock went in but he took a long time to come. When he started to come he pulled out and covered my face with his semen. He then got behind me and started rubbing agains my vagina until he was erect again and entered me, and R, erect again, stuck his member into my mouth, and he and J timed their movements to one anther, and J was also rubbing my clit until I felt another orgasm coming on. Once again I had a violent orgasm and J and R also climaxed. Thats when I heard "Oh, shit, I just ran a stop sign in front of a cop. What are we going to do?" J yelled "hit the ditch and everybody is on their own, run for it." The van came to a cruching stop leaning to one side as I heard doors opening and people yelling and all kinds of commotion. I tried to make as much noise as I could and I heard a voice say "someone's still inside". Then I heard "come out with ur hands raised, NOW" as if I could. Finally, someone was untying me, and ungagging me, and telling me it was going to be alright, that an ambulance was on the way. I was taken to the hospital where I found i was almost 200 miles fromwhere my ordeal began. I ended up with nerve damage in my hands, arms, legs, feet, had vaginal tearing, anal tearing, and suffered from muscular pain for over three years. I was fortunate that I was not impregnated, or given any diseases. My husband has a vasectomy after our second son was born so I had not used birth control since then. I was fortunate when their trial came up that the youngest, R, turned states evidence and testified against the others and did not have to testify. The trial revealed that they had raped me over 30 times, and because of the brutality of it, the other three were tried as adults and since they had kidnapped me, stolen a vehicle, and were suspected of robbing a store, recieved 30 years without parole. My marriage suffered, also, as I had extreme difficulty being intimate with my husband after the ordeal, but I found out he is the most wonderful, patient, loving husband in the world. After much counseling, praying, and overcoming fear and dread, I finally was able to resume my life. My therapist is responsible for me finding this site and telling my story, as she thought it would be therapeutic for me and also for others who had like experiences. I still get uncomfortable around teenage boys, but i realize that what happended was becasue of several circumstances unforseen when I helped at the children's home. It wa fate that put me there, but faith let me survive. Thanks for letting me tell my story. God Bless.
Name: patricia
Saturday, May 28th 2011 - 10:29:26 PM
Title: watching and waiting
Comments:I had been watching both of them for about 3 weeks now. Mother and daughter, they lived in a large old farmhouse about 5 miles from town. Both were daark haired beauties, the mother maybe a little plump but not fat, the daughter rather athletic in appearance, slender, smaller boobs than mom, longer hair, but they looked more like sisters than mother/daughter. I would observe them together, separately, just whenever I felt it could be done without arousing suspicion; once sitting next to their booth in a restaurant, once while they were grocery shopping, even speaking to the mom at the gas stations once. They were nice, friendly, but seemed to keep to themselves other than when at their jobs. I observed long enough and carefully enough that I knew now was the time. After they left for work that morning, I sneaked thru the woods around their place, picked the lock on the basement door, and went in and began laying my trap. I had over 1000 ft of rope in various lengths and sizes, some rubber balls, three different types of tape: duct, electrical, and medical. I slowly searched the house for any cash or small valuables laying around, but since I'm not a thief, but rather what one would call "lover of the opposite sex", so just bided my time until they came home. The daughter would get home about 3:30 pm, the mother about 5 pm. I would have an hour and a half with the daughter, then it would be mom's turn. As expected, the daughter showed up right on time, but she was dressed differently than when she left that morning. Not important, but definitely an improvement. It had been jeans and pullover blouse, sneakers, and hair in a ponytail that morning, but now she was in a denim skirt, light blue blouse and high heeled sandals, with hair down, and chatting on her phone as she walked in. I waited til she ended her call, then stepped out of my hiding spot and zapped her with my stun gun. She dropped like a rock, and even tho her eyes were open, I knew she wasn't really aware of happenings, especailly since her eyes were kind of glaxed over. I straddled her prone body, raised her head and shoved a rubber ball into her mouth, then wrapped her face, including eyese with the medical tape. Then I started tying her wrists behind her, and when finished, I also wrapped them with duct tape. Next, her elbosw, which didn't want to touch, but yanked on the rope hard enough that they finally did. Next, I bound her upper torso with about 50ft of paracord, again yanking the ropes as tight as I could. It was too bad for her, right? Finally satisfied with my efforts, I dragged her by her hair into the first bedroom I came to, threw her face down on the bed, reached under the denim skirt, yanked her panties off, then tied her ankles to her thighs so tightly the ropes dug way into her flesh. She began to stir finally, so I whisped into her ear that it was time for fun and games. I spread her bound legs apart, dropped my pants and rammed my hard cock, all 10 inches of it into her tight cunt. She writhed and jerked and screamed into her gag as I began to thrust into her box and felt it begin to moisten. As much as she didn't want me to fuck her, her cunt was respondig as if it had been awaiting such an event. I rode her until I felt my balls start to timgle, and holding her waist plunged as far up into her as I could reach and filled her with my jizz, at least a pint, or so it seemed, as when I withdrew it oozed out for at least 5 minutres. I then picked more rope and tied her frogtied legs together and then tied her into as tight a hogtie as I could bend her body. Too bad for her if it was uncomfortable. I checked the time and realized I had probably spent too long securing her and then fucking her that I didn't have enough time for a rematch before mom got home. So, I grabbed more rope and tied her to the bed also, making sure she went nowhere, and set back to wait for mom. At 5;10, I heard mom's car pull up, the door closed, then the garage door closed. Mom came in the back door, all alone and looking ever so fine I might add. She apparently worked somewhere with a dress code because the entire time I was checking them out she always wore a skirt and heel, or a dress and heels. I let her put down her purse and heard her call out to her daughter, "Jill, how about we eat out tonite to celebrate my being off for 2 weeks?" When she got no answer, she went looking, and I guess Jill was afraid to answer, because the house remained silent. "Jill, wher are you, honey?" she asked. Whenshe walked past the open door of the room where Jill was she cried, "Jill, what happend, who did this?" She began trying to untie the girl and didn't hear me sneak up and again my stun gun did the job, altho I worried at first it might have been too much for mom, as she dropped like a rock then began convulsing for about 20 seconds, but finally stopped, with her eyes closed. Fearing I had killed her, I felt for a pulse, and luckily found it. Hey, I'm no murderer! She was so far out that she was like a limp towel and I had no trouble tying her much like Jill. Again, off with the panties before tying the ankles and thighs. As I said earlier mom was maybe just a little plump, but her body was definitely meant to give a man pleasure: big, at least a large C cup, more likely a D, nice round ass, and the softest cunt hair I had felt in ages, even softer than her daughter's. I decided to do something I rarely do, I didn't blindfold mom, at least not right away. I pulled my ski mask down and waited for to her to come around. When she did, I yanked her hair and pulled her over near her daughter and said, "see what I have in store for each of you." I pulled out my 9mm and rubbed Jill's face with it, and told her, "Your mom is right next to you and if you don't do exactly what I want, I'll scatter her brains all over the place, understand?" At that I yanked mom's hair hard so she woul cry out, so the girl knew for sure she was there. "Okay, I'm going to take out your gag, and you'll suck my dick like your and your mom's life depends on it, which it does. So much as one tooth, and you're an orphan, with her face cut so no man will ever look at you. Understand?" She nodded yes, and I removed the tape around the lower part of her face and took out the ball, leaving her eyes still covered. When mom saw my cock, once more fully erect, she began yelling and crying into her gag, shaking her head 'no, no' but I shoved it down Jill's throat as far as it would go, seeing Jills fingers trying to wiggle under the duct tape and heard her gagging and retching, which just excited me more. I kept it down her throat until I felt she might be about to pass out from lack of air, and slowly withdrew. She gasped for air around my shaft so I told her "breathe thru your nose, you won't suffocate that way." Then down her throat once more. She finally figured out how to handle my cock and still breather, which allowed me to go to town, finally blowing another large load down her throat. I was so far back that she had no choice but swallow, but just to let her know who was boss, I pinched her nose shut until I was sure she would keep everything down. I then regagged her, and went looking for something to ear. After rading the fridge, I returned to my captives, and just for fun, swallowed a Viagra to keep things lively. By the time I was back in the room, I had just about the hardest, biggest hard on I had ever had, and since mom was still ot blinfolded, she was able to see what she was about to experience. Releasing her hogtie, but not her frogtie, I pushed her knees apart, and she tried to wiggle away, to get off the bed, anything, just get away from me. Having to work too hard makes me angry and I usually punish those who do, so I zeroed in on her nice tight little asshole. Whenshe felt me against her opening she really started trying to make noise, shaking her head, swinging her round ass trying to get away, but I had her too well, so I pushed harder and harder, felt my cock start into her, but with plenty of resistance. I actually felt a little sorry for her, as it weemed she had never been butt fucked before. First time for everything, huh? I was about half my length in, when I gave a mighty shove, and kind of felt like something inside her chute tore, but I sand all the way to the end of my cock. Man, was she tight, sobbing, trembline, moaning, wanting my rigid manhood out of her exit ramp. I stroked kind of slow, for me, until I felt that old tingly feeling again and picked up the pace and shot another large load of my goo up her guts. She was crying hard, as loud as her gag would let her, as I wiped the grease and shit off my dick on Jill's skirt. One thing about Viagra, when it works, it WORKS! My dick was harder than trigonometry still, so I looked at mom, at those big titties inside her blouse, and rolled her over on her back, not caring if her arms hurt or not, and rammed my cock up her cunt. Just like her daughter, a few strokes and she was as wet as could be. I ripped her blouse open, buttons flying everywhere, pulled those tits out of her bra, and began sucking them as hard as I could while ramming her pussy with all the strenght I had. It took longer than I expected to cum once more, butr again a rather heavy load went into her. I kissed her on her gagged lips, and started to blindfold her, telling her she could listen but not watch as I played with Jill. I must have fucked these two at leat antother 5 times easch before I left the next morning, leaving them tied and gagged, but not together. I carried Jill into the basement, mom went into a closet in the upstairs hallway. I whispered into both of their ears when I stashed each one of them, "thanks for a great visit and I will come back some day and do this again. You two are so much fun." The I was gone. Don't know who, if anyone found them, as I had tied them so they were unable to free themselves at all. I left the state, and never heard anything on the news about them. That was 3 years ago, and I've been thinking about going back and see if they are still living around there and have another party with them
Name: muggles
Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 02:46:03 PM
Title: nightmare on elm street
Comments:I don't live on Elm Street, but it might make it harder for someone who knows me to realize that this is my story. I'm married, 27, my husband works in the transporttion industry and is gone for 30 days at a time, then home for a week. No kids, yet, just a cat I've had since I was 18. We live in a modest house, even tho my husband makes a good income, and I work for a school bus company, which means I only work 10 months, and off for 2 every summer. For some unknown reason, the last time my husband was home, we seemed to argue most of the time, always about something petty. After he left for work, a friend dropped by for a visit, and over a few cups of coffee, I mentioned that I was feeling down, kinda lonely, and upset with my self for letting my husband leave without us really making up. Tina said I needed a night on the town with her and our other friends. At first, I said no, but she eventually convinced me. She started calling the other girls, setting up a date and deciding where to go. They chose Friday night, at a local nightspot, and told me they would pick me up about 6pm. Friday came, the girls picked me up, and I noticed they were all pretty well dolled up. I made a quick change from jeans to a skirt, sandals, and a peasant blouse. Off we went, and were pleasantly surprised to find live music at the club, instead of a DJ. I had a few drinks, as did all the girls, and we all danced with just about anyone who asked us. When we left, we decided to grab a bite to eat, then they took me home. Tina asked if I wanted her to stay overnight, to just talk, but I told her, and the others, that just going out for the evening with friends had made me feel much better. They dropped me off and waited until I was inside and turned off the porch light before driving away. Once inside, I sat my purse down and heard a thump back in the rear part of the house. "Cat, what did you knock over?" I said, more to myself than outloud, stepped into the bathroom, then heard the thump again. "What are you d" I started to say, when something struck me in the head and I blacked out. When I regained my senses, I felt a heavy weight on my back, and something pulling on my arms. I tried to get up, but was shoved back down, and heard the words, "stay stil, be quiet, and you wont get killed." I began to panic, as my mind cleared I realized the weight was someone sitting on me and tying my hands behind me. My head was jerked up by the hair, and before I realized what was happening, a huge wad of cloth was stuffed in my mouth, then strips of tape were plastered over my mouth, pretty much ear to ear. Then a bag of some sort was yanked over my head and taped around my neck. I was crying into my gag, shaking like a leaf, and so scared I thought I was going to vomit or wet myself. Fortunately, I did neither. "We need a place to hang out for a couple of days. Don't give us any trouble, you won't get hurt." I was stood up, and led over to the sofa and pushed down onto it. I heard the sound of my fridge being opened, cabinets opening and closing, then the microwave was beeping. I began to get that feeling you get when someone is watching you, an uneasy feeling to say the least. "Let's see what we caught here," I heard just before the tape was removed from my neck and the bag pulled off. "Very nice" I heard as my eyes readjusted to the lite. I could see that there were 2 of them, one was quite tall, with an athletic build; the other was shorter, kind of pudgy, with several scars on his face and both arms covered with tattooes. I started getting a feeling of dread from the way they were looking at me, and it was impossible not to notice that the short one had an erectionpoking at the front of his pants. I knew then what was in store for me, but as it turned out, I seriously underestimated them. "I'm going to look for some stuff, you watch her" the fat one said. He walked all thru the house, and I heard drawers sliding, cabinets opening and had no idea what he could be looking for. Finally, he came back into the living room, grabbed my bound arms, stood me up and said "come on sweetheart, let's have some fun". The taller one followed behind, so I figured Fatty was the leader. I was led into my own bedroom, to the bed, and knowing what was about to happen, started to sob and try to get away. "You're not being a very good hostess, girlie," he said, as he turned me to face the bed, and reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down, turned me around and tore my blouse off, shoved me down on my back on top of my bound arms. He took some rope, and tied each ankle to a corner of my bed, very tightly. My skirt was flipped up, and he positioned himself between my legs, rubbed my breasts with rough calloused hands, and suddenly his head went into my crotch area, and I felt his tongue began to caress my private parts. This was something my husband never did, and I was unprepared for the sensation it gave me. I always thought my husband and I had a good sex life, as he was constantly wanting sex when home, and we usually both ended up breathless after our lovemaking. Still, this was something new, and my body responded with a will of its own, which seemed to encourage my attacker. His tongue soon found my clit, and began to work it over with a vengeance. All I could do was thrust my pelvis into his probing tongue, gasping for air thru my gag and my nose. To my shame and horror, I had the most explosive orgasm of my life, literally bouncing off the mattress with my buttocks. Fatso raised his head, leering at me and said, "that's about the sweetest cunt I ever tasted, and she like it." He raised up on his knees, then shoved his hard penis into my still dripping pussy. Again, my body responded to my assailant, much as I willed it not to. He rammed and thrust and shoved for what seemed like 2 lifetimes and again another violent orgasm happened, but he kept up his relentless thrusting, until, as I achieved yet another orgasm, he yelled "fuck yeah" then collapsed on top of me. He kissed my gagged mouth, and said "Ican't believe you don't have a man home with you taking care of business. I've fucked lots of women, all ages, all races, all sizes, and you're the best fuck I have ever had." He climbed off me, and told the tall one, "enjoy yourself". The other one stood looking at me, then rolled me over onto my stomach. I knew he was going to fuck me doggy style, which was my husband's favorite position. I was wrong, as I felt him start rubbing what felt like Vaseline into my bottom, and probing my anus with at least 2 fingers as he did. I began crying again, as this was something I had heard friends talk about, and all said the time was very painful and was uncomfortable, at least, every other time. I tried screaming, but gagged as I was it just sound like a loud moan. I felt him between my legs, on his knees, as he raised me up to his erection. I tensed my anus, hoping to prevent what was coming, but he whispered in my ear, "you can clinch your ass as tight as you want, it'll just make it hurt more, and i like husrting women" then with a powerful thrust buried his member into my guts. It was incredibly painful, and he was actually laughing as he probed the depths of my intestines, as vilently as he could. It took about 15 minutes, but finally I felt him stiffen and start to tremble, and I actually felt his discharge inside me. He withdrew from my savaged ass, and I felt him wipe his member on the remains on my clothing, and the semen was oozing from my bottom. I was so ashamed, felt so dirty, that I wished they would kill me. He pulled my ankles together, tying them so tight i thought the rope was cutting to the bone. Then, my legs were lifted, and he bound my ankles to my numb wrists, tied my elbows until they touched, tied a rope around my throat, tied it to my elbow rope, slapped my bottom, and said, "get some rest, you're gonna need it." After that, everything was kind of foggy, almost like another dimension, as if I was not in my body, but watching, as I was repeatedly raped by both Fatso, who was able to bring me to orgasm every time, it seemed, never really brutal, just vigorous,; while the tall man seemed to delight in hurting and degrading me. I don't really know what time or day, but finally they told me they were leaving, and taking me car. They also took what cash was in my bag, my debit card, credit cards, threw my cell phone in the toilet tank, smashed the 2 house phones, and left me so tightly hogtied I wa afraid I would suffocate because breathing was so difficult. My friend Tina finally found me, as I never answered my phones or returned her calls or text messages, got worried and came looking for me. The experience had more impact than anyone can imagine. My husband left me because he was ashamed of what happened, and did not want "damaged goods" for a wife. My friends try to act like nothing is different, but it is. I see the pity in their eyes, and most won't even look me in the eye. Tina, my best friend, has been with me the whole way, always calling me, coming to see me, spend time with me, tries to make me laugh. I will never forget what happened, and since my attackers have yet to be caught, will have to relive the experience if they are brought to trial. The one bright spot, besides Tina, is I have actually been asked out by very nice guy, who knows what happened, and says he is here for me, will help me heal, and wants to become part of my life. Only time will tell
Name: Carlie
Saturday, July 9th 2011 - 04:10:55 AM
Title: Home Alone
Comments:I was shopping at the supermarket, and I had the feeling I was being watched. Glancing around, I could see no one looking at me, but I still felt uncomfortable, so I hurriedly finished my shopping and headed home. My house is about 5 miles out of the city limits. Its an older farmhouse, built in the 1920s and it has always been a dream of mine to restore an old house. I bought it with some of the alimony money from my divorce. I hadn't really done much yet, as my job is quite time consuming, and for the last year has required quite a bit of travel. It was Friday, a cool wet autumn day. I kept looking in my mirror as I drove home, to see if I was being followed. I guess I was being paranoid. As I turned into my driveway, I noticed the teenage boy who lived across the road hanging around with 2 other boys that I didn't recognize. He waved so I waved back. When I pulled into my garage, the 3 boys came running up, and asked if I needed any helpcarrying in my groceries. The neighbor boy also asked if I had any work that needed done around the place (I have 15 acres with the house). I said maybe when the rain stopped he could clear some brush and also tidy up the barn, but I would appreciate help carrying in the groceries. I popped the trunk of my car, then went to unlock my kitchen door and closed the garage door. About the time I stepped inside, closely followed by the boys, it dawned on me that they couldn't see my groceries in the trunk, so how did they know I had them? I turned around to ask, and when I did I saw the 2 boys I didn't know had grabbed knives, and were leering at me. The neighbor boy had a bit of a reputation, but I had never felt threatened by him, so had been letting him do some work for me for which I paid him. He was also looking at me in a way that made me feel uncomforable. "Sorry, Ms. Thacker, but we need some stuff to sell so we can skip this shitty place and go where life is exciting. You have some good stuff, and we're taking it. Just do as we say, and you won't get hurt." About this time the other 2 went off to different parts of my house, to find items to steal, I guessed, and Carl told me to sit in one of my dining room chairs. He stood watching me, and shortly both the others were back. When I saw what they were carrying I got scared. One of them had found the pistol I kept in my bureau, and also had some jewelry. His pockets seemed stuffed with scarves, and I saw some black panties also. The other one had come from my utility room and had all the clothesline rope I had stored in there, 4 rolls 50ft long, as well as all the rope that I had strung in there to hang stuff on. He dropped it on the floor, and went into the bathroom. When he came out, he had a roll of adhesive bandage about 3inches wide, surgical tape from my first aid kit, a Ban-Aid box, and a box of gauze pads. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they were going to tie me up. "Don't tie me up, I won't give you any trouble" I pleaded, but they just leered. "Let me tie her, Carl, I can tie real good" the smaller of the pair said. "Okay, but make sure she can't get loose for a while, until we get far enough away." "No sweat, dude, she won't get free without help" I was told to stand up and face the wall. Then they removed the blazer I was wearing, and the bigger guy said "looks like she's got nice tits." Carl said, "she does, I've seen her in a bikini." A 50 ft rope was draped over my shoulders and around the back of my neck. The ends were passed under my arms, then fed back up thru the part over my shoulders, then the slack was taken out. The rope was then looped around my arms above my elbows several time, pulling my elbows together til they touched, and my shoulders felt as if they were being pulled behind my back as well. The rope was then looped several times around my arms below the elbows, then down around my wrists several times, and finally I felt the ends being knotted, with the knot out of reach of my fingers. With my arms being pulled back so hard and tight, it caused the top 2 buttons of my blouse to come unbuttoned, and part of my lacy bra could be seen. "Get her gagged" Carl said to the bigger guy, and he rolled up the black panties he had brought from my room, and stuffed in my mouth. A strip of Surgical tape sealed them in, then another strip was added, then he wrapped the adhesive bandage around my head, pulling it very tight, squeezing my jaws so that I couldn't move them. Little guy was down on his knees in fron of me, wrapping my thighs with a rope very tightly, passing the ends over the loops and cinching it tight. While down there, he reached under my skirt and rubbed my vaginal area, and looked up at me and grinned. "Okay, finish tying her, blindfold her, and we'll start loading stuff in her car." I was led into the family room, and sat down on the sofa. He then began binding my ankles just as tightly as the rest of my body. When finished, He opened then Bandaid box and took out 2 of the largest ones, pulled the backing off and stuck them over my eyes. Then, more adhesive bandage was wrapped over them, sealing out all light. The only senses I still had free use of was hearing and smell. I heard them moving thru my house, going into the garage and back, for quite some time, then I heard them talking in low tones for a while, and it sounded like they were disagreeing about something. Without warning, I wa jerked upright by my hair, and told to walk. Walking with bound ankles, and high heels, is pretty much impossible, so I had to hop. I realized they were taking down the hall, away from the kitchen, so I figured they were going to leave me in my room. I was taken into my room, but for something different. They laid me on my stomach, and when they pushed my skirt up, I knew what they planned, and I tried to fight as best I could. I wiggled, and flopped, and tried to kick, but they just giggled at my efforts. "Ms Thacker, you might as well stop resisting, its not going to do any good. We're going to give you a pretty good going away present, so get used to it." I felt my panties being ripped off, then I was pulled back so my knees were under my torso, and my rear end was over my feet. One of them began to finger me, vigorously, so that I began to get wet, even though I tried not to. After about 3 minutes of fingering, I felt one of them position himself behind me, then he entered me, with no resistance at all from my body. "She really does want it, you won't believe how wet she is, even wetter than Darci was when we gangbanged her last year." It was the voice of bigger, so I figured he was the first. He seemed rather large for a teenage boy, but it may have been the position I was in. Anyway, he settled into a rhythym, taking his time, and I felt his hands come around and begin to squeeze my breasts. I didn't want to be raped, but at least he wasn't trying to injure me, rather seemed to be trying to please me. He took about 10 minutes before he ejaculated into me, and withdrew. I felt him wipe his penis on my leg, and said "next." The next assailant entered me and he began rapidly to pump into me, increasing in speed and energy as he seemed anxious to be finished. He ejaculated into me in about 5 minutes. Finally, the third, who turned out to be Carl, because he said, " stretch her out and roll her over." This was done, and he raised my legs up vertical, then bent them towards the head of the bed, and I felt him enter me with a brutal shove. He seemed to want to hurt me, as he was much more vilent in his actions than either of the other 2, and he also took much longer, at least 20, maybe 30 minutes, and when he was ready to ejaculate, he pulled out, and I felt his discharge go into my hair. "Dude, what's up with that?" "Her face is covered, or I would have cum on her face." I heard bigger say, "I'm hard again, and I want to play with those tits, so untie her legs." My legs were untied, and instantly, he was between them, and I felt him unbutton my blouse. He entered me as before, and again settled into a motion that actually began to cause stirrings in my body. When he took a nipple into his mouth, I knew I was doomed, as nipple stimulation always helped me achieve orgasm. He took his time, caressing my breasts with mouth and hand, and my orgasm began to build, until I coould not restrain it any longer, which made it much more intense. He began to thrust faster and slightly harder, sensing my orgasm, and I came when he did, but so intensely, that I actually lifter him off the bed as I rammed my pelvis into him with all my might. When finished, we were both breathless, and he actually kissed my gagged mouth, and whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry we did this, you are a nice, beautiful lady. Don't worry, as soon as we leave, I'll call the Police so they can rescue you." I felt another kiss on my gag, and he was gone. "I'm gonna do her again, too, only I'm fucking her ass" I heard Carl say. "Hey, man, we've done enough, let's go" I heard bigger say. "You fucked her twice, so I am too." "Me, too" I heard little say, "but I want her to suck my dick, too". "No, we need to leave, someone may have seen us come in" bigger said. They began to argue, then I heard sounds of a scuffle, and then a gunshot. "I think you killed him" little said. Who? Who got shot, was he dead? After a couple minutes, Carl said, "Yeah, he's dead, the back of his head is splattered all over the wall. We better split, so hogtie the bitch and let's go." I was rolled onto my stomach, and quickly put into a tight hogtie. I figured it was little who did the tying again, and when he finished , he yanked on both nipples, and then I heard them going out the kitchen door, heard my car start, and drive away. I could roll around on the bed, but couldn't free my bonds at all. I was afraid I would be here all weekend, since I didn't socialize much, so no one would miss me till time to be at work on Monday. I rolled around so much that I fell off the bed, knocking the wind out of me, but after about 10 minutes, I remember a pair of scissors in my nightstand and tried to roll against it and knock it over. I succeeded after a long time, and even with numb fingers, eventually was able to cut my self free. They had smashed the one lanline phone I had, and my purse was dumped out and my cell phone smashed. I avoided looking at the body in my dining room, and half crawled and half limped down the road to a different neighbor and had them call the police. Carl and little have yet to be caught, but they are being looked for. I still live alone, but am more paranoid than ever.
Name: Barbara
Friday, September 9th 2011 - 05:28:24 AM
Title: Happy Anniversary
Comments:My wife, Charlotte, and I went out for a night on the town on our fifth anniversary. She wore a new outfit I gave her for the occasion, and I must admit my gorgeous wife was absolutely stunning in it. We had an elegant, expensive dinner, danced a bit, and I told her I had reserved a room for us at the fanciest hotel in the city. We were making our way across the parking lot, making out as we went, laughing and carrying on. Just when we got to our car and I clicked the keyless entry, two large men appeared, shoved a gun into Charlotte's face, and told us not to make a sound. One of them took my keys, and then a white, unmarked van pulled up. We were shoved into it, and the van sped off. "Get them tied up good" we heard fromthe front of the van. We were pushed face down, and I watched in fear and horror as a brute tied my wife's delicate wrists behind her, jerking the ropes so hard she cried out several times. I was bound also, but not with rope, but rather zipties. I knew I would never get loose fromthem. "Shut the fuck up, bitch," one of them said, and then he hit me in the side of my head with his fist. "Another sound and I'll kill your man." "Here, this will shut her up" and I watched another man stuff a ballgag in her mouth and pull the straps so tight the corners of her mouth were pulled brutally back. One of them reached under her skirt and yanked off her panties, rolled them up and they were stuffed into my mouth, followed by a lot of duct tape. By now, I had been hogtied with the zipties and was totally helpless, and had to watch in horror as they amused themselves at my wife's expense, rubbing and squeezing her breasts, fondling her under her skirt, etc. As I watched, the ballgag was removed, and laughing maniacally, one of them, with an enormous penis, shoved it into her mouth, ramming in and out of her mouth as if he was fucking a pussy. "Oh, shit" he yelled as he ejacualted, and was replaced by another brute instantly, and he also filled her oral cavity with his vile discharge. Everyone except the driver took a turn, and he complained bitterly about that fact. "Thenstop the damned van, and get back here" someone said. A quick stop and driver change, and we were rolling again. Charlotte lay as if in a daze after her assaults, but something told me this was just a beginning. When the former driver assessed the situation, he said, "time for something new", positioned Charlotte so her knees were under her torso, and her shapely rear was in the air. He pushed her skirt up, and I began protesting as much as I could, trying to prevent the rape that was about to happen. It did no good, as helpless as I was, and as I watched horrified, the lout pulled oout his cock, at least as large as the first assailant's, and withshe out using any lube , brutally rammed into her tight little anus. She started screaming, so the ballgag was again strapped on, and he ravished her bottom as energetically as he could. Again, all the others felt obligated to follow the example, and within a half hour her bottom had been raped four times. I felt the van begin bouncing as if we were on a gravel or dirt road, then it stopped. The side door was opened, I was grabbed and dragged face down in the dirt for several feet, then lifted and thrown into the trunk of my own car. One of my carriers laughed, and said, "lets make sure the wife gets more cooperative." He pointed a gun at the ground and fired twice, then slammed the trunk. I suppose it was to make my wife think I had been killed. Unable to move at all, I was in a predicament for sure. For quite some time I kept hearing lauging and a couple of times I thought I heard Charlotte scream. Then it got quieter, and I heard an engine start and a vehicle drive away. It was hours later when I again heard activity outside, and voices around the car. Taking a chance, I started making asmuch noise as my gag, and my bound body would allow, and eventually the trunk opened and I was looking at a Sheriff's Dept uniform. I was released from the zipeties, and was able finally to talk and told the story. The farmer who owned the land where my car was abandoned had called the sheriff to have it towed, which had meant my salvation. Other than being white, I could give no description of the van, and really couldn't describe our assailants except that 2 of them had enormous penises. It took 7 months before Charlotte was found and rescued, as they had changed her appearance, cutting her long auburn hair short and dyeing it blond. They also had her tattooed all over, had her nose, tongue, upper lip, and nipples pierced. They worked her as a prostitute, and used her to make lots of adult videos of being gang raped, tortured, bound, and brutally mistreated. They also injected her with drugs, getting her hooked so they could control her. The people she was rescued from weren't the ones who kidnapped us, but instead had bought her froma group of white slavers. She is still hospitalized, as they get her off the drugs, plus treat her emotional problems. I pray every day that this never happens to anyone.
Name: John
Sunday, September 11th 2011 - 10:34:10 AM
Title: Patricia
Comments:It was not the smartest thing I have ever done, but I decided to make the houseboat trip up, then back down, the Missouri River that my husband talked about our whole marriage. He had lost his long battle with heart disease recently, never gettting to fulfill his dream. I felt I owed it to his memory, and asked my daughter and son-in-law to accompany me. They thought I was insane, that I should sell the houseboat, his classic GTO, and some other "toys" he had enjoyed, but it would be like losing him a second time, and that was something I didn't think I would be able to handle. So, I quit my job, advertised for some help with the boat, and began making plans. I had only 2 or 3 contacts about the help, none seemed really interested, until a week before I was leaving. 2 brothers, one a recent high school grad and his older brother, who was taking a year off before returning to college. I checked them as much as I could, and no one seemed to have any thing knowledge of problems or bad reputation, so I decide to let them come along. The good part was they would do it for meals. They just wanted some adventure, not money, so it was better for me. They were polite, quick learners, eager to please, and in a couple of days, could handle the boat better than I could. Before i forget, I'm 46 yrs old, but work out regulary, eat right, take vitamins, so I am physically fit, and still considered atractive. We slowly made our way up river, enjoying the scenery and great weather. At one town along the river, they were having some sort of festival and Bill and David asked if they could have some time to check it out. Not being on a schedule, I thought it would be good change for them. We docked at the local boat club, and they headed for town. Feeling bold, I went onto the top deck of the boat to get some sun where I had tan lines. My normal attire on the trip was some sort of swim wear, usually a bikini with a beach skirt over the bottoms. While the boys were ashore, I was topless, as no one could see over the railing on the top deck unless they were pretty high up. It was a glorious day, and I was kind of dozing, and didn't hear the boys return right away. Bill, the younger, came up top to tell me they were back, and surprised me. I jerked awake when I heard his voice, and he actually saw me topless for a second, before he quickly turned his head, and stammered and apology. I told him it was my fault, and not to be concerned about it. I covered myself, went to the main deck, and we untied and continued our voyage. Later, I felt someone eyeing me, and when I looked up, Bill turned his head away. My husband had been dead for almos a year, and his illness had curtailed the intimacy in our life for several years before his death. He worried that i was unhappy, and had told me he would understand if I took a lover, but I had no intention of doing that. So, being eyed by a young, obvious virile male, was a new experience, but I gave it no thought. My downfall, as it turned out. That evening, it began to rain, then storm, so we found a rock dike and tied up to it. I started the generator, turned on the lights, fixed supper, and called the boys to eat. "Pat, do you think this is a safe idea?" David asked. "Sure, we're tied to the dike and the riverbank, on the downstream side of the dike, our deck lights are all on, the cabin is lit, plenty of fuel, so we'll be fine" i assured him. We sat down to eat, and I always put a shirt on over my bikini top when at the table, and required the boys to be covered as well. We were about finished eating when Bill left the table in a rush, and went into the toilet. "Is he okay?" I asked David, who said he thought so. David helped clear the table, and put a DVD in the player. I didn't pay attention to it at first, but when I did, I was shocked. It was a pornographic movie, and I told David I didn't want any thing like that on my boat. He said, "its just a movie, not real" but I was adamant. I stopped the disc, ejected it, and went on deck and threw it in the river. I was upset, even a little angry, and knew I shouldn't have thrown in in the river, but I was surprised about the whole thing. When I went back in the cabin, Bill was out of the toilet, and had a strange look about him. Worried that he was ill, I touched him to see if he had any fever, but he was cool. "She threw our DVD in the river" David told him, and Bill asked me why. "I'll not have that filth on this boat" i told him. I turned to go to my curtained off berth when Bill punched me in the stomach so hard, I fell to my knees. I gasped for air, when I felt a foot against my shoulder, and I was pushed flat on the floor. Before I could react at all, David was pulling my hands behind me and tying them as tight as he could, which was painfully tight. I tried to scream, but Bill put his hand over my mouth. David said, "let her scream, no one can hear over the storm" but Bill shoved a huge wad of cloth in my mouth, then began taping it in with tape from the first aid kit. When finished, I was lifted to my feet, walked up into the front of the cabin, and shoved down onto a mattress. My feet were then bound, I was rolled over, and my ankles were tied tightly to my wrists. "Now, Pat, since you threw our movie away, you'll just have to star in a new one" Bill said, and showed me a video camera he had brought. I shook my head, mmmmpppphhhhhh into the gag, which was suppposed to have been an emphatic "NO", but that's not what came out. David began pulling my skirt and blouse off, and leering at me, running his hands over my breasts and between my legs. I tried to roll away, but he held me by my hair, laughing, and with his pocket knife cut my bikini bottoms off. "Damn, she's aa natural blond, bro. I figured she dyed her hair" he told Bill. "Damn sure is. You want to film first, or fuck first?" he asked David. "You're older, you go first" Bill said. At those words, David ripped my bikini top off, exposing my breasts, and leaving completely naked. I fought as mcuh as my bonds allowed, not much, as David untied my hogtie, and retied my ankles to my thighs. He stripped his shorts and shirt off, and his erect penis was sticking straight out. I was begging him not too, but he couldn't understand my gag talk, and probably wouldn't have listened any way. He rolled me onto my back, on top of my bound arms, spread my knees, and plunged in with one motion. I was impaled on his member, the first that had entered me in almost 6 years. He began thrusting with all his might and kept at it for what seemed forever, until I ffinally felt his body stiffen and he gave 2 or 3 brutal thrusts and filled me with his discharge. He kissed my forehead as I lay there sobbing, withdrew, and got off of me. In a flash, Bill replaced him, and it was immediately obvious that Bill was much larger than his older brother. It actually felt like it just barely fit in me. Even filled with his brother's semen to lubricate, it still was uncomfortable, and Bill was not as impatient with his rape as David had been. He actually seemed to be making love, not committing rape, slowly going in and out, kissing my nipples and throat as he violated me. To my horror, I began responding to his motion, and we sttle into a rhythym, and he lassted much longer than his brother, at least 30-45 minutes. Even when my husband still had his health, he had never lasted more than 10 minutes. My body must have been really sex starved, as I felt an orgasm building, and came before Bill did. After I came, his actions changed, as he began to stroke rapidly and much harder, and I felt anothe orgasm coming. I began thrusting back as hard and fast as him,and just as I began my 2nd orgasm, he filled me with an unbelievably large quantity of semen. It was oozing out while he was still thrusting and squirting. He asked David if he was ready to go again, but David said no, so Bill rolled me onto my stomach, and re-hogtied me, this time also binding my elbows til they touched. I could feel a large puddle of semen under me, and it still oozed out of me. It then dawned on me that neither rapist had used a condom, and I hadn't used birth control for years. My mind raced as I tried to calculate if I was in my fertile cycle or not, since it hadn't been as issue for so long. It became a long night, as David assaulted me once more, and Bill raped me several times that night. That was just the beginning of a nightmarish ordeal that lasted 11 more days. David hardly touched me after the first night, at least sexually, but Bill was insatiable, assaulting me repeatedly day and night. He sodomized me numerous times, forced me to give oral sex, ejaculating in my mouth and making me swallow. Twice a day, I was unbound and allowed to use the bathroom, but the door was kept open so Bill could keep an eye on me. When Bill was no longer able to cause me to orgasm, he became rather violent, and this David was more than eager to participate in. They lashed me with a belt, rope, made me chug alcohol until I almost vomitted several times, and constantly tied me in new and more stringent positions. At one point, a boat approached us and asked about me, as they apparently had seen us earlier in the trip. Bill told them that I had to return home due to a family emergency, and they were taking the boat back down river so I could sell it. David had told me if I made any noise, he would cut out my tongue. I beleived him, ad remained silent. They continued assaulting and torturing me until we were almost back to our starting point. They waited until very late at night to moor the boat, left me so tightly hogtied, gagged blindfolded, and hidden in a storage compartment, that when the police, alerted by my daughter about my not showing up with the boat, came searching for me, it was almost 30 hours after our return before I was rescued. And then they had to use a search dog to find me. The boys had stolen my SUV, and fled the state. They committed some more crimes, rape and armed robbery in another state, but were apprehended there. The state won't extradite them until after they get out of prison, which will be a minimum of 30 years for Bill, and 15 to 20 for David. I was not allowed to testify at their trial as my ordeal was commited in more than one state, but not where they were caught. I don't really want to relive my experience when I'm 70, but it will be the only way I'll get justice for what happened to me. I also have to live with the knowledge that I had an abortion to terminate a pregnancy due to a rape
Name: Patricia
Saturday, October 22nd 2011 - 05:43:15 AM
Title: Why me
Comments:My name is Bonnie. I'm 40 yrs old, college educated, and work for a Community college. I am the librarian, as I have always loved books and reading. I was married for 7 years, but it didn't work out, so we went our separate ways. I have dated occasionally, and have been told I am very attractive. I'm 5ft 9in tall, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and dress as fashionably as my income allows, which is quite good. Recently, something happened to me that I have a hard time understanding and accepting. It was a Friday and the school had an important staff and faculty meeting, so i dressed in a skirt, silk blouse with a scarf, a blazer to march, and purple pumps with a 4 inch heel. I have never bought into the "Sex and the City" idea of not wearing panty hose or stockings with heels, so, not liking panty hose, I wore thigh high stockings. After the meeting, on my way home I stopped at a convenience store for gas and a 12 pack of beer. At the store, some young men were loitering outside, and I didn't care for the leering looks directed at me, so I left as soon as I could. When I got home, I had settled down, so after putting the beer in the fridge, I decided to call for a pizza. The delivery driver rang the bell, so I opened the door, handed him $20, took the pizza, and when I had it in my hands, he stuck a pistol in my face. He stepped inside, still pointing the gun at me, closed the door, and locked the deadbolt. He had yet to say a word, just motioning with his weapon. Finally, he ordered me to open the back door. I did so, and he blinked the porch light 3 times and pushed me to the sofa. The back door opened and 2 other young men ran in, closed and locked the door. It really happend so quick I hadn't really been able to react. Finally I asked what they wanted, and the one with the gun said, "it's party time". One of the others hjelped himself to some pizza, another opened the frige and got some beer. "We've been keeping eyes on you for a long time" the gunman said. "You one of the best looking women in this town, that's for sure" one of the others said. "Bud, you look around, see if she has some jewelry or anything worth selling. Andy, you check the medicine cabinet, see if she has any Vicodin, or other good drugs." The 2 henchmen went to their tasks, and the gunman kept his eye on me, and the gun on me as well. After several minutes, both returned, the one had all the contents of my jewelry box, the other was unable to find any pills or anything of that type. He seemed angry, as if I was keeping something from them. "I'll get the bag" the angry one said, and went out and returned in 5 minutes with a duffle bag. "Okay, tie her up, good and tight, gag her, and we'll decide what to do with her" the leader said. I was pushed to the floor, on my stomach, my hands were pulled behind me, and bound so tight I thought the ropes would cut thru to the bone. After my hands, my elbows were wrapped with rope, and my binder yanked so hard on the rope I thought my shoulders were dislocated. The elbows were also bound very tight. I was raised up, sat on the sofa, and my legs were bound above my knees. When satisfied with his handiwork, he stepped away, and the third one told me to open wide. He shoved what I think was a racquetball in my mouth, then covered it with adhesive medical tape. I had so far remained reasonably calm, given the circumstances, but I began getting a sinking feelingt that it was about to get unpleasant. Finally, I was stood on my feet, and then my ankles were tied, tightly. Then, 2 of them scooped me up and carried me towards the bedroom. Now I began to struggle, trying to scream, but to no avail. "I think she finally caught on" the third one said, elliciting a laugh for both of the others. They depositied me on my bed, then the second guy pulled me ankles up behind me and tied them to my wrists. The leader pulled the tape off my mouth, and with the gun against my head, removed the ball from my mouth, and said, "we're gonna feed you some tube steak, and if you do good, you might make it thru til morning." At that he stood up, unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his penis, which was becoming erect. "Please, don't do this, I've never done anything to you" I pleaded. "After tonite, you won't be able to say that" he said, and pinching my nose to force my mouth open, pushed his erection between my lips, into the back of my throat as far as he could push. I gagged, struggling to breathe, as he pushed in then withdrew, over and over, finally ejaculating down my throat. The third one, then, took his turn, with the same end result, pinching my nose as he climaxed to force me to gulp for air, and making me swallow his semen. Finally, the second brute approached me, and I couldn't beleive the size of his erect penis. It was at least 9 inches long, probably longer, and as thick as my wrist. His was also the only uncircumsized organ. Standing in front of me, he struck my face with his erection, several times, until the leader, said, "don't break her face with that warclub of yours, man". Holding the back of my head, he shoved his massive organ into my oral cavity, holding it so far back for so long,that it sealed my windpipe, and I thought I would suffocate. "Lady, unless you want to die, you better breathe thru your nose" the leader said. It took some effort, but I finally was able to breathe around his member enough to not black out, and when he began ejacualting, he was discharging so much I couldn't swallow fast enough. He removed himself from my mouth, slapped me for not swallowing his entire load, then gagged me again. My ankles were untied from my wrists, then my ankels and legs were untied, and I knew I was about to be raped vaginally. To my disbelief, the last one to violate my mouth was the first to climb between my legs. His penis was fully erect already, and he intended to use it as a weapon again, I discovered. He cupped his hands under my bottom, sloghtly raising me up, and rammed that monster viciously into my vagina. Then he ripped my blouse open, and began pulling on my nipples as if they were elastic, not flesh. His brutal ramming was painful, to say the least, but continued until my body began producing juices, to naturally lubricate his offending member. The harder and faster he violated me, the wetter I became, making him think I was having an orgasm. "Man, she likes it like this" he said, and raped with such violence I thought the bed would collapse. He filled my cavity, again with such an unbelievable quantity, that it flowed out. When he got off me, the leader rolled me onto my belly, and entered me doggy style, and also brutally and rapidly just pounded my vagina for several minutes, and climaxed profusely as well. He was breathing heavily when he left me, and the final thug climbed on the bed. He surprised me by sticking several fingers into me, then rubbed my bottom with the semen that covered his fingers, and almost gently enterd my anus. He wasn't as large as the other two, and was less violent in his asault of me, but my bottom was in agony as I had never had anal sex. He was inside me for a very long time but eventually began thrusting faster and faster, and I could actually feel when he fillled my intestines with his seed. He barely got out of the way before the one with the huge penis took his place, and if it hhurt during nr 3's assault, it was nothing compared to the pain I now experienced. He was even more brutal than when he raped my vagina, and I could feel what I thougt was tissue or muscle ripping in my anus. Whe he finished, they decided they were through with me, and re-hogtied me, brutally tight, slapped my bottom, and were gone. I struggled for what seemed like hours, finally falling off the bed, and rolled and wiggled my way to the nightstand, knocking it over, and was able to actually push 911 on the phone. When the dispatcher answered I yelled and screamed as much as the gag allowed, and I guess he figured I was introuble and sent a squad car to investigate. I gave as good a description as I could, which, along with other evidence, was able to lead the police to the suspects. They haven't been to trial yet, but I intend to testify so that they go to prison for a long time.
Name: Bonnie
Saturday, November 5th 2011 - 02:24:32 AM
Title: Cant put a name on it
Comments:The snow and sleet started about 9AM, so the school system dismissed classes early. I don't teach, but work in the office, but we went home also. Our area is not hit very often with severe winter weather, so everyone goes home and stays til it passes thru. I'm a 48 yr old widow, live alone, as my kids leave on either coast, involved in their careers. I arrived home about 10:15, and the first thing I did was turn up the heat and start the coffee pot. My doorbell rang, and 2 teenage boys were there, asking if I would like them to shovel my sidewalk and driveway. "It hasn't stopped falling yet, so it's a little early to shovel" I said. "We're just trying to line up customers for when it stops" the taller of them said. "Oh, okay. Put me down as a customer, then" I told them. "Could we come in and get warm for a few minutes, ma'am? The wind cuts right thru our jackets" the shorter asked. They were so polite, and clean cut, I just couldn't refuse. I let them in, and asked if they drank coffee. Neither did, so I said I would fix them hot chocolate. "Thank you, ma'am, that'd be real great" the talller said. As I busied myself in the kitchen, I found them in there with me, asking about my house, how long I lived there, where I worked, did I have kids or a husband. Just small talk I thought at the time, and answered honestly each question. When the water was hot enough, I turned to pour it into the cups, and found myself facing a small black, but menacing looking, handgun. "Put down the hot water, don't scream, and you won't get hurt" I was told. It never dawned on me to throw the boiking hot water at the one with the gun. "In the living room, now" I was ordered. In the living room, I saw a pile of rope and tape, scarves, gauze, and other items laying on my coffee table. "Take off all your jewelry, glasses, rings, and lay on the table on your belly" the shorter one said. Doing as instructed, I told them, "I don't have anything of value, and you don't need to tie me up. There's maybe $20 in my purse, thats all the cash I have." "I told you to shutup, and we'll decide what is of value, lady" the taller one said. Laying on my belly, my wrists were pulled behind me and tightly bound, making me wince and groan. "Stuff something in her mouth to shut her up" shorty said. A huge wad of cloth was then inserted in my mouth, and then it was wrapped with several layers of adhesive tape, pulled so tight I thought he was trying to make my jaws touch each other. By this time my elbows had been bound until they touch, my ankles were tied and pulled up behind me and tied to my wrists, also tight. In fact so tight, I began to feel numbness in my wrists. "Look around, see if she has anything in her room worth taking" tall guy ordered. He then looked in the cabinets and the bathroom and laundry room. They both returned about the same time, and looking over what they had, agreed I had little of value. That's when I saw a sly grin come on the face of tallguy. I don't consider myself ugly, but I am 48, and my hair is still blond only because of Clairol. I'm petite, only 5ft 2in, small breasted, small bottomed, and more wrinkles that I want. What I'm getting at is I'm not a centerfold by any means, but their looks scared me. My ankles and hogtie were untied, I was stood up and taken into the dining room. The taller one pushed me down on the dining table, and his hands went under my wool skirt. I then knew he wanted to rape me, so I fought as best I could with wrists and arms tightly bound, manly using my legs trying to kick. He grabbed my throat and began to squeeze, cutting off my air, and said, "I never fucked a dead woman before, but you can be my first if you want." I quit fighting, and felt one hand pulling down my pantyhose, the other still tight around my throat. My legs were shoved apart, he pulled me towards the table edge, and rammed himself inside me, without any lubrication or anything. Still choking me he began ramming into me with such force I thought he would ruture my cervix or something worse. His onslaught lasted for what seemed forever,all the while choking me, but at last I felt him pause, stiffen, and give one more brutal thrust as he climaxed inside me. He released my throat, withdrew his softening member,, and stood me up. I felt his semen oozing down my legs, and he shoved me towards the short one, almost making me fall from my pantyhose being around my ankles. Short guy grabbed me, spun me around, bent me over the table faced down this time, and entered me, but not so forcefully. His approach was slower, less violent, and I could tell he was larger in the organ department, but had little trouble entering, as I was now lubed with the first one's discharge. He took his time, reaching around to fondle my small, A cup breasts. Finally, he moved his grip to my small waist, pulling me forcefully onto him as he increased his speed and energy, and I felt him shoot his large load of semen into my abused vagina. He shot so much, I could feel it leaking out around his not yet flaccid member, still stroking and disharging for atleast another 60 seconds. He slowly withdrew and stood, leaning over and kissing the top of my head. "Don't get all lovey-dovey with her, I'm hard again and gonna really pump this bitch this time" tall guy said. By now I was basically hysterical, bawling into the gag over my mouth. I was helpless, alone, shut in due to the severe winter weather, at the mercy of two attackers. Tall guy lifted me from the table, took me into the living room, bent me over the sofa, with my knees up under my abdomen, and again rammed with all his might into me. I flinched in pain, but he just giggled. "Hold on, lady, you're in for a long rough ride" he cackled. Again the brutal, violent thrusting ramming pounding, just as before, began. I could see my digital clock, and this assault lasted for 39 minutes. My attacker seemed tireless, and again when he ejacualted, he raammmed as hard as he could. Just as he finished, the phone rang, my answer machine picked up, and I heard the voice of a co-worker checking on me, and telling me he and his wife were coming to pick me up and take me to their house in case the power went off, as they had a fireplace and a woodstove, too, for heat, and I don't. My assailants, panicked, quickly hogtied me, and hit the back door at a run. My rescuers arrived in about 10 more minutes, and as the wife untied me, my co-worker called the police. Other than the sexual assault, some marks from the tight ropes and sore muscles was the only evidence of my ordeal
Name: Shirley
Friday, November 11th 2011 - 01:28:05 PM
Title: horrible weekend
Comments:My daughter Lisa, my daughter in law Cheryl, and I were hanging out for the weekend, since our husbands had gone to a pro football game. The game was Sunday, but they had a 4 hr drive, so left Friday after work, and not intending to return until very late Sunday. We spent Friday night gossiping and reminiscing. We slept in Saturday, and after a late breakfast, decided to take in an afternoon movie matinee. We had recently had a tornado hit our subdivision, and many homes very badly damaged, a few destroyed, but ours escaped damage. We did have some trees down, as well as lots of limbs. There must have been a dozen or more work crews cleaning up, and just as we were about to leave the doorbell rang. The girls went to the car as I went to the front door. Opening it, I discovered a middle aged man, and a white work-type van parked in the cul de sac. "Ma'am, would you like us to clean up your property?" he asked. "No, my husband will do it next week" I replied. "I'll give you a real good price" he continued, but again I declined, telling him my husband would do it after he came home from his out of town trip. I should have picked up on the raised eyebrows when I told him that, but I was wanting to leave. I closed the door, went to the garage, got in the car, and began to back out. The van immediatgely pulled up against my bumper, preventing me from getting out of the garage. I jumped out, shouting at the driver to move, asking him if he was crazy. That's when I saw at least 4 other men, and the middle aged man had a pistol, and he pointed it right between my eyes, and I could see the bullets in the gun. "Not another word. Now let's all go in the house." I turned around and saw the girls had been pulled from the car, but no other guns. We were escorted back in the house, my car was driven back in, the van pulled up to the door, and the door closed. As soon as we were inside, we were roughly grabbed, pushed to our knees, and they began to tie us up. My daughter was so pale I thought she was going to faint. Cheryl showed no emotion as she was bound just as tightly as Lisa and I. I was raised to my feet, then pushed into a kitchen chair. My arms were pulled thru the back, rope was run from my wrists up the back of the chair and then around my shoulders and pulled so incredibly tight I almost passed out. A huge wad of cloth was shoved in my mouth, then taped over with several strips of tape. I could see Lisa, still colorless, as she was lifted by her hair, led to the sofa, and to my horror, bent over the arm of the sofa, her denim skirt was yanked off, her panties ripped off, and a Hispanic looking man began raping her. He was ramming at her so violently they scooted the sofa several inches, and it is a heavy sofa-sleeper. I was crying thru my gag, but Lisa was absolutely emotionless, as if she was not there. The rapist gave a loud groan, stiffened and apparently ejaculated into her. After he withdrew fro her, he shoved her on her face on the sofa, tied rope around each ankle, the pulled her ankles as far up behind her as he could, and bound them to her arms. It was abvious that tied as she was, she could be raped without being untied. It dawned on me then that Cheryl wasn't in the room, but I hadn't seen anyone take her out. The middle aged man walked in front of Lisa, unzipped his pants and pulled out a large penis, waved it in fron of her face, removed her gag, and thrust his organ between her lips. He didn't just put it in her mouth, but shoved it full length , causing her to begin gagging and retching, the first sign of life from her since the ordeal had begun. I saw th man give a shiver, then heard him say, "swallow that, you cunt". After several more second, he removed his penis, and Lisa vomited on his shoes. That's when I heard someone saying, "man, you got try this little brunette (Cheryl). She just loves to fuck. She got off at leat twice, and humped me as hard as I humped her." "It's mom's turn now, who wants to give it to her?" All the thugs said "not me, I want the young pussy". "I'll do the mom" I heard. The youngest looking member of the gang was leering at me, and rubbing his crotch. "Have fun, dawg" he was told. He grabbed the chair I was bound to and dragged it down the hall into the first bedroom he got to, then released me fromthe chair, but left my arms bound behind me. I was pushed onto the bed, on top of my bound arms, and my clothes were ripped fromme. I tried to get away, but had been bound so tight for so long, my legs didn't work. My assailant dropped his jeans, and I was horrified to see a very large male organ, fully erect, protruding from his crotch. My husband and I still enjoy sex, even tho were both in our late 40s. I am not a prude either, but only interested in my husband. He knelt between my legs, pushing them very far apart, and without a bit of hesiitation, plunged into my vagina, with much gusto. He seemed to be really enjoying himself, leering in my face, as he thrust repeatedly, rapidly, and brutally. His onslaught seemed to last forever, but finally he stiffened, groaned, and I felt his discharge going into me. He must have shot at least a cup full into me, because after he withdrew, I felt his fluid oozing for a very long time. He left me, but I saw the older man in the room, and he had a jar of Vaseline in his hands. I got a feeling of dread, and as he rolled me onto my stomach, I knew he intended to anally rape me. Sure enough, he began to rub the jelly into my anus, working more and more and more into me. I began to tremble in fear, and dread, as I had done anzl sex when a teenager, and didn't like it. He put the jar down, knelt between my legs, and I felt the tip of his penis pressing against my anal opening. He kept pushing and pushing, and I felt the tip enter me, then more and more of him entering my cavity, until I coujld feel him fully inside me. The pain and pressure was intense, and his organ felt even bigger than my first rapists' member. He soon began just pounding me so brutally, I thought I was being ripped apart. After he ejaculated, he left, but returned soon with severl lengths of rope. He bound me in a hogtied position, patted my bottom, said goodbye, and was gone. I was unable to freee y self, and the girls also were unable to escape, so we remained that way until the men returned home Sunday evening
Name: debra
Friday, November 18th 2011 - 03:53:46 PM
Title: roped and violated
Comments:I'm currently working thru a Temp Agency, as my full time job was outsourced, so i have worked at several companies during the last year and a half. I make good enough money to get by even with an occasional period of umemployment, which never seem to last more than a couple of weeks before the agency sends me on another assisgnment. It happened during one of my periods of unemployment, and my counselor recommended this sight. I live alone, in the house I grew up in. I am the oldest of 3 children, and when my parents died only 2 months apart, I was the executor of the estate, and the only one of my siblings who still live in our home town. My brother and sister both insisted I take the house, since they each have homes in other states, and I am in the worst shape financially, so I acccepted. It was during an especially serious hot spell in the month of July. My house is surrounded by several tall shade trees, and need trimming badly, but not enough $$$ to have it done. So, there are lots of low hanging limbs, hampering the view of the street, or of the house if looking from the street. About an hour before dark, a sudden thunderstorm brewed up, and it began storming, hailing, wind blowing, the whole nine yards. The power hadn't gone off, so I still had AC, but the cable tv went out. I heard something on the front porch, and started to look out when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and found 2 boys, teenages, and a girl, all soaked, shivering, looking like lost little puppies. They asked if they could stay on my porch til the storm eased, and then would head for home. I didn't recognize them but the neighborhood had changed a lot since I was a girl. I told them to come in, because the wind was blowing the rain on the porch, and they would get even wetter. The girl and the smaller of the boys seemed very frindly, but the larger boy ws quite sullen. I went to the linen closet to get some towels for them to dry off a little, and when I returned to the kitchen, all 3 seemed suddenly on edge. I asked if they were alright, and the girl said they were, just worried about the storm. "Storms are just God's way of purifying things" I said. All at once, the larger boy, behind me, grabbed my hair, pulled me backwards, and stuck the point of a butcher knife against my throat. "We want your car keys, cash, jewelry, anything of value, and your PIN for your ATM card." "I don't have anything valuable, I just work as a temp, but my keys are in my purse, there's about $20 in my wallet, but don't have an ATM card. My credit cards are maxed out, so they can't be used. My watch is a Timex, but take it, just don't hurt me" I said, trembling so bad I could hardly stand. "You 2 look around, see if she's telling the truth. Find something to tie her up with so we can get out of here" he told the others. The girl and smaller boy split up, and I could hear them emptying drawers all thru the house. When the girl returned she seemed angry. "Can't find anything worth a shit anywhere. Her laptop is so old its not worth messing with. She's kinda chubby, so her clothes wont fit me. We really fucked up hitting this house" she said. "Fuck" the bigger one said. Thats when the smaller one came up from the basement, saying "nothing down stairs but old crap, broken crap, and crappy crap, but I found all this." He dropped several lenghts of rope, some of it cotton clothesline, some hemp rope, some nylon. There was also some duct tape, and a roll of black elelctrical tape. "When does your husband get home?" the girl asked. "I'm not married" I told them, "I just got envolved in y career and never got interested enough to get married" I said. "Not even a boyfriend?" I was asked. "Not right now. My last boyfriend decided he wanted some one the size of a supermodel." I'm 5-5 tall, about 25 pounds overweight. My friends and family all tell me I'm pretty, just need to tone up some. "Get her tied, good and tight" the bigger one said. The girl and the smaller one, each grabbed some rope and began tying me. I was wearing a tank top and shorts, and flip-flops, so pretty much anywhere they applied rope, it was on bare skin. They were tying incredibly tight, and for some reason, my nipples began to harden; also, I felt my crotch area begin to get moist. "Woo-hoo, she's getting turned on" the bigger boy said. "If she's gettin turned on, then she does have something to take" the smaller one said. "Just don't take all night if you're gonna fuck her. Once each and lets hit the road" the girl said. With lascivious looks on their faces the 2 boys took my by the arms and led me to the first room the found a bed in. They had only bound my wrists and my elbows, and when we got to the bed, they shoved me on it, told me to get on my knees, and when I did, the smaller one yanked my shorts and panties down, and I immediately felt his fingers probing my area. "She's already wet, man, I think she wants a good fucking" he said. "You go first, dude. Fatties aren't my thing" the bigger one said. At those words, I felt him kneel behind me, puch my knees apart, and without a bit of hjesitation, rammed himself into me. I'm not a virgin, so I have had sex; actually quite a lot, and I could tell that he had a pretty large penis. He kept thrusting, with all his might for at least 10 minutes, when he pulled out, came around in front of me, grabbed my hair, and jammed his organ into my mouth before I could protest. As soon as it was in my mouth, it began shooting huge spurts of semen into my mouth, most of which went right to the back of my throat, causing me to swallow from reflex. About the time he pulled out of my mouth, the bigger boy had changed his mind, turned me over, flat on my back, and he also began raping me. His penis didn't feel as thick, but did seem to be longer. When he was ready to climax, he didn't pull out of me, rather pumping his load into my vagina. The girl appeard then, said, "let's roll" and the smaller boy rolled me on my belly, bound my feet tightly, then bound them to my ankles. The girl stuffed my panties in my mouth, and tthe larger one used a belt from my robe, wrapped it around my mouth, pulling hard each time around, finally knotting it in my teeth. They left me like that, stole my car, and if not for my neighbor across the street coming over to see if I had any storm damage, I might still be hogtied on my bed.

Name: Gloria
Friday, December 9th 2011 - 01:24:23 PM
Comments:My mom, my aunt Jill, my older sister Amber, and I went out to celebrate my 21st birthday. Jill appointed herself as designated driver, so the rest of us pretty much let it all hang out. Mom is divorced from my father, Amber and I are both single, Jill is married, but uncle Dave is in the National Guard and on deployment to Afghanistan for a year. So, it's Friday nite, no reason to go home early for any of us, and we had a good time. We danced with just about anyone who asked us, we had several drinks, and I guess our attitude rubbed off on Jill, as she danced with several guys and generally enjoyed herself, just no liquor. Jill is mom's youngest sister, therefore we all look a lot alike. We're brunettes, we all work out, usually together, vary in height from 5-10 (me), to 5-6 (mom). Even tho mom is in her 40s, she still turns men's heads, I've particiapted in a couple of beauty contests, Amber has done modelling, and Jill is just downright beautiful. A few of the guys hit on us, but we weren't there for that, just celebrating my birthday. About midnite, we decided to grab a late bite and head home. We ate at an all nite diner/greasy spoon, still enjoying ourselves, then set out for our house. Mom's house (I live there as well) is set back from the street about 200 feet, with a lot of trees and shrubs all around, and overlooks the Missouri River, with no buildings between the house and the river. A car followed us in the driveway, but stopped, and appeared to back out to turn around. After getting inside, we were pretty loopy, and Jill decided it was time for her to have a drink, so we all had one. We were laughing, carryin on, not paying attention to the late hour, when the back sliding door to the patio shattered, and suddenly 5 or 6 people rushed in, yelling for us to be quiet, lay on the floor, and don't move. I guess all the alcohol made mom brave or foolish, because she tried to confront one of them, and he punched her in the stomach, knocking her to the floor, gasping for breath. "You cunts think you can just tease people, then leave, and probably think its funny" the one who appeared to be the leader said. "Well, not tonite".Amber was almost hysterical, Jill was white as a sheet, but absolutely silent. I was worried about mom, and started up off the floor to go to her, and I was struck from behind, making my head reel. "No one said you could move, bitch" I heard, then someone was sitting on my back, and my arms were pulled back, and I felt something very slick and small in sized wrapped around my wrists, then heard a "zzzziiipppp" and my wrist were tightly bound tol each other. It was a plastic ziptie, and pulled so tight it cut into my skin. Tape was plastered over my mouth, effectively gagging me. I looked around and saw my family members suffering a similiar fate. I was wearing very tight jeans and calf length high heel boots, and my feet were bound as well. The others all had chosen to wear skirts, and mom had on heels that were at least 6 inches high, since she didn't want to appear shorter than the rest of us. A ziptie went around my elbows, pulling them together til tney touched. Then, something pulled my ankles up til the touched my wrists and fastened them together. Mom's were bound differently than mine; her ankles were bound to her thighs. At first I didn't understand why, but when one of the attackers grabbed mom by one of her knees and dragged her down the hall, it became painfully obvious why she was bound that way. In fact Jill and Amber were bound the same. Why I was bound differently I don't know. One of the thugs pretty much threw my sister on the coffee table, belly down, and as I watched in horror, reached under her skirt and I heard the sound of materail ripping, and Amber's black lacy panties came flying across the room. The rapist dropped his pants, and shoved himself into my sister, then began raping her so violently he was moving the coffee table across the carpet. I could tell Amber was screaming thru her gag, but no one outside the room would have heard her. About this time, the first assailant returned, with mom in tow, her legs unbound and walking, altho very unsteadily. Her hair was a mess, her makeup was tear streaked, her clothes disheveled, with her breasts hanging out of her blouse. No sooner than they got in the lving room, one of the others took mom by her arm and led her back the way she had just come. I heard Jill trying to scream, as 2 of them were tearing her clothes off. They had her laying on her back, on top of her bound arms, her strangely bound legs shoved apart and one of the began visciously raping her. Amber's attacker had finished, and was replaced by the one who had raped mom first. After about an hour of attacks, they stopped, and mom was led back into the room we were in. She really looked haggard now, and I saw hickeys all over her neck and breasts, and the smell of sex was all over her. She was pushed down to the floor, then bound as I was. Amber and Jill also were bound this way. That's when the leader said, "now that everyone has had their warmup exercises, it's time for the birthday girl to get her presents". Someone cut my ankle bindings, and my numb legs just flopped to the floor. I felt my jeans, boots, pantyhose, and panties being yanked from my body. I was raised to my knees, then bent over til my head was on the floor. I felt a prodding of an erect penis at my vagina, then it was inside me, and I was being raped as vilently as my sister had been earlier. My head was raised by my hair, the tape pulled from my mouth, and another erect penis shoved in my mouth. Every thrust of the penis between my legs shoved me farther on the penis in my mouth. Unbelieveably, both attackers began ejaculating at the same time, filling my throat and vagina with their semen. I felt I was going to be ill, but before I could, 2 more took their place, and it began anew. Ultimately, I was raped by the entire mob, in front of my family. The final humiliations were being anally raped by 2 of them, and one of them shot his load on mom's face and made me lick it off and swallow. I was then regagged, hogtied, and one of them took scissors and cut my long hair (middle of my back) in a ragged bob cut, hardly more than 2 inches long. As the left, one of them laughnly said, "a girl should have an unforgettable 21st birthday." It was Saturday afternoon before a friend of mom's came by to visit and discoverd us, freed us, called the police, EMTs, anyone she could think of. That was May of 2011, and the investigation continues, with no arrests yet
Name: Regina
Saturday, December 17th 2011 - 12:50:12 AM
Chapter One
Bedtime for Who?
It was a cool summer afternoon and Katy(18) was getting ready to go babysit the brats down the street from her own house. Katy wasnt to thrilled about having to spend a saturday afternoon and night at that house with those brats but money was money she could not have refused. She arived at the household of the Hunters exactly at 4:00 pm right on time. The bell rang and Ms. Hunter opened the door to reveal the stunning Katy. Katy was wearing her tight white tanktop, tight black yoga pants, and her white sneakers.
"Hello Ms. Hunter how are you doing?" Katy asked with a smile on her face as the sutting sun reflected off her bright blue eyes which were slightly hidden by her jet black hair.
"Hey Katy. Ill be back late so dont bother waiting up just have the boys in bed by 9:00 pm at the latest" Ms. Hunter said as she put on her coat.
"Emergency numbers are on the fridge as always I'll see you when I come home" Ms. Hunter said as she walked out the front door leaving Katy with the kids.
Katy got settled and called out into the house for the brats to show up. Mark and James came down the stairs from the second floor of the house (where their bedrooms were) and greeted Katy. The boys wasted no time grabbing out board games such as life, risk, and checkers for them to play with there extreamly attractive babysitter that both boys had a hard on for.
"Lets play Life!" James suggested with a great big smile on his face.
"Ya! Please?" Mark agreed as the two boys opened the box and took out the pieces.
Katy agreed to play game after game after game. The next thing she knew she was getting tired and the clock read 9:00 pm. She scrambled to finish the game before ordering the boys to clean up and get ready for bed. She sat on the couch in the family room reading a book she had brought with her while she listened to the running water of the shower upstairs. After a half hour or so the water finaly stopped and the house became (for the most part) silent.
"Finaly I can relax!" Katy said as she took out her CD player (or whatever kind of music player you want her to have) and started listening to her music as she closed her eyes and layed down putting her feet on top of the coffe table for support.
Some time passed and Katy started to drift away into sleep however it was not because she was tired but an someone was tampering with what she was breathing in (unknown to her).

Chapter Two
Sleep was the Begining

When Katy awoke she found it hard to move around and found this quite strange. At first she figured she had just fallen asleep in an odd position and that her leg(s) or arm(s) were still asleep so she tried to move again. Still she was unable to move around. She finaly opened her eyes to relize she was nolonger on the couch she had fallen asleep on. Instead she was on the floor in nothing but her white lacy C cup bra and her tight white panties.
"Hmmmpphhhhhhh?!?!" Katy screamed as she slowly started to understand what was going on.
Katy was on the floor of the family room in her bra and panties. Her hands were restrained behind her back with tape of some sort as were her ankles as was both above and bellow her knees. Rags had been neatly shoved into her mouth packing it full and sealed up with a few layers of tape to make it more secure. She struggled and screamed into the gag but it was less then helpful.
"Mppphhhh!?!?!" Katy screamed as she paniced wondering what was going an and how it happened.
She feared that someone had broken into the house and was robbing it or worse was going to sell her and the two boys as sex slaves on the black market.
"Shhhhhhh!" Jake said as he kneeled down to Kate's eye level.
"Now your not going anywhere or saying anything so just play along and we will all be better off got it?" he said with a smile as he kissed her ductapped lips.
The two boys laughed as she struggled and screamed. The two boys picked her up and bent her over the couch with her tight little butt up in the air. The boys smirked and started to slap her butt over and over till their little red hand prints covered her.
"Kate this might hurt a bit" Mark said as he stood behind their bound and gagged babysitter.
Kate screamed into her gag as Mark bagan to have his fun. He started to put his manhood into Kates but over and over faster and faster. Tears fell from her cheeks and onto the couch. It was not long before Mark had exploded and James was up to bat. He ramed Kate's pretty butt repeatedly and after a short while unloaded. This continued through the entire night in multiple rooms of the house.

Chapter Three
Morning pains

After a long night Kate eventually fell asleep only to awake feeling as though she had never slept. She was laying on the floor of the boy's bedroom bra and panties ripped still bound and gagged.
"Ok here is how this is going down" Mark said with a grin
"We have pictures... lots and lots of pictures of last night" James said with a chuckle
"You are going to babysit us every Friday night untill further notice or all these pictures go up around schools and the internet" Mark said as he waved a camera memmory stick in Kate's face.
"Is this understood?" Mark asked as he pocketed the memory stick.
Kate shook her head as best she could given the amount of pain she was in from all the activitied the night before. Kate was un-tied and un-gagged. She got dressed in her extra clothes and greeted Ms Hunter who had shown up that night and never relized her babysitter had been captive by her sons all night. Kate said she would watch the kids every Friday and she made her way to the front door.
"Kate!" James shouted as the babysitter reacher for the door.
"Nextime we will have more fun toys and games to play with" he said as he gave a smile and walked back upstairs.

If you want to hear more look me up on Deviant Art.
Name: OverLooker
Homepage URL: http://overlooker.deviantart.com/
Sunday, January 22nd 2012 - 09:33:46 PM
Title: To Mr. OverLooker
Comments:Please post more stories
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai?ref=tn_tnmn
Tuesday, January 24th 2012 - 02:36:49 AM
Title: "Mr. OverLooker" Story
Comments:Yeah, don't know how "legal" that UNDER-AGE story is~
Name: boundblackgirllover
Thursday, January 26th 2012 - 01:01:34 AM
Title: Fantasy
Comments:Whenever my wife and I make love, she wants me to tie her up, blindfold and gag her as she feels this helps me to cum harder and stronger. (Boy does it ever). However, each time she is tied, gagged and blindfolded, she always manages to escape the knots I have tied (I deliberately tie them loose on purpose). Then, she comments on how she could even escape from a real burglar.

At that point, I mentioned to her that a real burglar would not be so gentle with her and would tie her up, gag and blindfold her in a most uncomfortable manner and where she would not be able to escape. She laughed when I said this, and said that could never happen.

So, in order to prove my point, I decided to teach her a lesson.

One day, when my wife was out side watering, I went into the bedroom and got the things I would need to use as if I was a real burglar.
I hid them under the bed, and then waited for her to come inside and go to our bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom and I heard the door close, I put my plan into motion.
I pulled a black stocking over my face, and entered into the bedroom. I saw my wife lying on the bed resting. Now was my chance.
I quickly jumped on top of her, placed my hand over her mouth and pinned her small body to the bed. I told her to be quiet and not make a sound. I then told her to get up and strip off all of her clothes. She immediately complied with my request. Then, I told her to lie down on her stomach and place her hands behind her back. Reaching under the bed, I pulled out my stuff I had placed there earlier.

I picked up a panty I had taken earlier and an old tie and stuffed the panty in her mouth and then secured it with the tie. Then, I placed the blindfold over her eyes, and also put two cotton balls into her ears. She was now effectively gagged blindfolded and unable to hear.

She continued to lay there on her stomach, waiting what was to happen next.
Little did she know that I was going to use the one thing she knew that she could never get out of –duct tape.

I reached under the bed and pulled out the roll of duct tape and placed it next to me. I took the roll and pulled out a piece which I used to tie her hands together in an x pattern behind her back. Then, for good measure, I took a strip and placed it over her mouth to hold in the tie and panty gag I had previously used as my gag.

I then turned her over on her back and where her hands were under her butt.
I removed the blindfold and replaced it with a strip of duct tape.

She started to MMMFFF and squirm so I pinched her nipples and told her to stay still. She complied.

Knowing that she was now completely helpless and unable to see or hear, I removed my mask. I then began to torture her by slowly licking and sucking her clit, then stopping, and then starting all over again. I did this for about fifteen minutes. During that time, she had numerous orgasms, and was trying to get free (she couldn’t). I really got turned on when I heard her moaning through her gag and developed a rock hard erection. I then pushed my dick into her moist pussy and pushed in until I was all of the way in. Even while tied, she raised her hips up to meet my thrusts and had another orgasm. I then pulled out and began to lick and suck her clit again which caused her to have more orgasms and me to get my penis rock hard once again.

I then flipped her over onto her stomach. She knew what was coming next (anal sex) and tried again to get free from her bonds. I then positioned my now hard penis over her puckered hole and then slowly began pushing in. She began to scream as much as she could through her heavily gagged mouth. However, as I continued to push in, her screams turns to deep moans until finally I was all of the way in. I stayed inside of her, not moving, until I felt my hot cum explode inside of her anus. I knew she was enjoying this too, as she pushed up while I was cumming in her rectum.

When my cock became small and slid out, I then slowly and carefully cut away the duct tape which had secured my wife, and then pulled the strips from her mouth and eyes. After taking the strip off of her mouth and taking out the tie, she spit out her soaked panty gag and gave me a long, passionate kiss.
She told me that had always been a fantasy of hers to have a burglar restrain and gag her with duct tape and then have his way with her.

She asked me when we could do it again. “How about right now?

“Let’s go”, she replied.

Name: Burglar
Monday, February 20th 2012 - 06:40:04 AM
Title: A Horror Story
Comments:I met some friends for lunch, and, over the meal, revealed my plans. My parents were taking our kids on a month long RV trip, and I was going to drive to Charlotte, meetup with my huisband who was on a business trip, where we would have an extended second honeymoon, and the drive home, taking our time. I was leaving on Saturday (tomorrow), and arrive late tomorrow nite. "I'm not answering my cellphone unless its my husband or kids" I told them. "The office won't exist for the next 15 days." After we were finished, we said our goodbyes, got a couple hugs, hopped in my SUV, and headed for home. I stopped at the service station we use (they still exist!), and told the attendant who came out to serve me to check my vehicle real good, and told him why. I didn't notice the rather battered old van at the other pump, at least not at first, or the scruffy looking guy filling his tank. Watching as the teenage-boy filled me tank, checked under the hood, and he even checked air pressure in tires, I kept a one-sided converstation with him about my plans. When he finished, he asked, "put on your account, Ms. D?" I nodded my head, and as I turned to get in my truck, the other guy, and another unsavory looking guy, were staring at me, and the newest one blew me a kiss, and said, "have a good trip, Ms D" then licked his lips. It caused me to involutarily shiver, and then I got a bit indignant at their familiarity, since I didn't have any idea who they were. I went home, and decided to load my luggage before I showered. That way, I wouldn't get so hot and sweaty loading, after cleaning up. I had 1 bag packed, and the other one partially so, and began to finish it. When done, I started for my Tahoe, rolling one, and carrying the other. For some unexplainable reason, I had left the garage door up when I got home, and just as I opened the door from the kitchen and stepped out, i was grabbed. My attacker grabbed my long blond hair, and shoved me against the rail on the steps, and I heard the garage door going down. I am in good physical shape, from working out regularly, and also from martial arts. I released my luggage, jammed a foot still wearing a stiletto heeled sandal into what I hoped was my attacker's foot, and jammed my elbow backwards. Unfortunately, my attacker was also physically fit, and used my actions against me. Before I could yell, a shiny pistol was stuck into my face, and I heard, "don't want to mess up such a gorgeous face, but if you so much as move or yell, I'll scatter your brains all over the wall, understand?" I'm afraid of guns, so I got the point real quick. That's when I felt a noose of some sort go around my throat, then pulled tight enough that it was difficult to breathe. Despite what anybody says, when you're being choked, you don't think to breathe thru your nose, but try to thru your mouth. Basically, you panic, which I did. I grabbed at the noose, to no avail, and felt myself being dragged backwards back into the house. I heard as much as saw the door closing, and being locked, as I was shoved to the floor on my stomach. Something large, round, and hard was shoved in my mouth, like a rubber ball only very hard. Then, 2 pairs of hands almost feverishly pulling my arms behind me, tying them and my elbows, my ankles, brutally tight. I tried to scream in agony but the gag only allowed a mmmmppphhhh that I doubt could be heard 5 feet away. They worked to tie me so fast, that if I had felt brave enought to resist, I wouldn't have been able to. When satisfied I was bound well enough, they rose, then stood me up. My attackers were the 2 seedy looking young men from the station. I had never seen them before the station, had no idea who they were, or why they were attacking me. The ropes were tied so tight they sank into my skin. Besides still wearing my 4 inch heeld sandals, I was wearing a sleeveless, summer weight dress, that accented my body. Like I said earlier, I work out, and have a good body, so like to let others admire it. The ropes biding my elbows also had the unwanted effect of pulling my shoulders back and thrusting my 35C breasts out til the material of my dress was stretched almost to the ripping point. The taller of the 2 reached over and squeezed my right breast, and leering at me, told his accomplice, "dude, these are the real things, not implants'" "I told you so. I can tell fake tits for real tits by sight from 20feet." "Let's look around, see what she has we can sell or use. Make sure to check the medicine chest. I'll look in her room for jewelry. Also, look for a safe or strongbox." "What about her. She's liable to try to get away." "She don't go anywhere when Im finished." At those words, the leader hopped me over into the family room, fondling my breasts the whole way. Once there, he laid me on the . sofa on my stomach, pulled my legs up behind me, and bound my ankles to my wrists, then put a noose around my throat again, and tied it to my wrists and ankles, which would choke me if I struggled much at all. Then he left me like that. It must have been 30 minutes before they returned, and from their looks, had something unplesant in store for me. "Lady, we have until tomorrow nite before anyone will worry about where you are. It sure was nice of you to provide all that info. By the time you're missed, and anyone comes searching for you, we'll be gone, all 3 of us." "3? Dude, we taking her with us?" "Why not. She's a fine looking piece of ass, great tits and sweet looking rear end. We can have a lot of fun, and when finished, leave her where no one will find her. This is a big country, lot of other hot women needing some good fucking, and we're the ones to do it." "Never thought of it. You're right. Oh, yeah, she had $2500 cash in her purse, for her trip I reckon." "I found another $2000 in her dresser, and this jewelry ought be worth a lot." They bumped fists, and then the "party" started. I was released from the choke rope and hogtie, bent over the sofa arm, and the leader reached under my dress and yanked down my panties. "Sure like it when the bitch ain't wearing pantyhose. Saves time." At those words, he shoved his erect penis roughly into my vagina. The other was immediately in front of me, with an erect penis, much bigger than my husband's pointed at my face. Again the pistol appeared, and he said, "not one tooth, cunt, or you'll be in hell before the blood flows." He pulled the ball from my mouth, which had been held so wide for so long, that I couldn't have bitten even if I wasn't so frightened. He rammed himself full length into my throat, again causing me to panic and forget to breathe thru my nose. He held my hair, and worked my head up and down the length of his large, erect member. Tears were streaming from my face, and he slowed his movements so that I could feel his accomplice violating my body with as much energy as he could muster. I had never had anyone use me like he did, violently, brutally, vigorously. I could feel his flesh, and also hear it, as it slapped agains mine. He finally exclaimed, "fuck yeah," and rammed one last time so hard it drove me onto the other's erection until my nose was in his crotch hair, and I felt both ejaculate as one, filling my throat and my vagina. As soon as the offending penis was removed from y mouth, the ball was jammed back in. I had not option but to swallow what semen was in my mouth, just as I had swallowed the larger portion due to it being dischared so far back. The leader, wiping his penis on the hem of my dress, slapped my bottom, and said, "rest up for a few minutes, lady. I'm big, but not as big as my partner, which you've seen up close. He's gonna destroy your pussy." "I'm not gonna fuck her doggy style yet. I want at those tits. Later, I'll treat her like a bitch dog, maybe even fuck that ass real good." I was stood up, and onced again was hopped, this time to the first bedroom we came to, which was the guest room. Roughly shoved onto the bed, my breasts were pulled from my dress, and his mouth instantly engulfed my left breast, and that huge penis shoved between my legs, caussing me to involuntarily gasp. "Love it, don't you cunt?" Then, he violated me like a pile driver or jackhammer. He was so large, and even tho my vagina had been filled earlier, it felt like a file or sandpaper. He took at least 30 minutes to achieve orgasm, but when he did, it was an extraodrinarily large quantity. I didn't believe any man could discharge so much at once, especially after a previous event. It was like a hose! Laying there with legs spread, vagina burning and irritated from the assaults, I couldn't keep from sobbing. The first one was now in the room, laughing, and he had a jar of Vaseline in his hands. "I figure that pussy's pretty tore up now, so I got something to help it feel better" he said, but had a disgusting leer on his face. He grabbed my ankles, flipped me onto my stomach, and I felt him start applying Vaseline on my inner thighs, then up to my vagina, but not in, then, to my horror and disgust, into my bottom. It felt as if he inserted first 1 finger, then 2, then 3. I heard him laugh as he shoved my legs as far apart as he could, then the tip of his member was against my anus. I tried to pucker my opening as tight as possible, wanting to prevent what he wanted to do. He laughed, saying, "fight it if you want. Just makes if more fun for me." He kept pressure against my opening, and I felt it give a little, then more, and more, until he was filling my opening. He met resistance again at my sphincter, but shoving with all his might, penetrated the last "obstacle." Then, the thrusting was aboslutely brutal, my bottom was on fire, I felt as if I would lose control of my bowels, and also had an almost uncontrollable urge to urinate. Grunting like a wild animal, he pounded and rode me until he finally gave one final thrust. Withdrawing, he leant over and kissed the top of my head. "For your sake, I hope Pete doesn't want to fuck your ass. As tight as you are, and big as he is, he'll rip you wide open." As if on cue, Pete was back in the room. "You fucked her ass?" he asked. "Yeah, nice and tight. I'll save her cunt for you, her ass and mouth suits me." I felt my ankles being tied together again, and I was draped over the side of the bed, knees on the floor. Then, again, that huge penis was pushed back into me. For some reason, it wasn't so painful this time. He began thrusting slowly at first, almost like we were making love. After maybe 5 minutes he began quickening his motions, until he was finally once again literally pounding me, so hard this time that I was bouncing like a rubber ball. The disturbing thought was that I felt a tingle go thru me, like I always felt when an orgasm was building. i thought, "no, this can't happen. Please God, not this time, don't have my body react as if it enjoys it." I fought the feeling with all my might, which was probably the wrong action. My body actually began acting on its own. I was basically matching his every thrust with all the energy I had left, and this made him thrust harder than ever. I was making as many animallike noises as he, just mine were almost imperceptible due to the gag. As he began to ejaculate, I also reached orgasm. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. As I lay there, gasping for air, listening to him gasp, the partner said, "damn, dude, I'm glad I had this video camera. I got all that on film. I bet we can sell this and make big bucks." Pete looked at him and said, "if you filmed my face, we've got to erase it. The cops might see it and be able to find us." They looked at the video, and said, "whew, only her face, but look at that expression, Never saw a woman look so pleased when being pounded like that." They high-fived each other, and left me alone for a while. Eventually they returned, picked me up, and began taking me to their van. I knew that I was probably going to my death, maybe not right away,but eventually. Just as they slid open the side door, a UPS truck drove up. AS the driver started out, Pete pointed the gun and fired one shot, hitting the windshield. The driver jumped back in and sped off, Pete and his partner looked at each other, shoved me down, jumped in the old van and sped away. Within 15 minutes, 3 Sheriff cars drove up. Untying me, asking me questions nonstop, it all seemed surreal. A deputy walked over and said they had captured them at a roadblock, but one had been shot, probably fatally. I wanted to cheer, to cry, to curse, anything to forget the day.
Name: Sue
Saturday, April 28th 2012 - 02:17:31 PM
Title: Not My Favorite Uncle
Comments:My husband and I had been married for just over a year, when 9/11 happened. In the ensuing months, his Army Reserve unit got activated, and were prepared to deploy to Iraq after some specific training. He got to come home once during the training, and we talked on the phone several times before he was deployed. He told me if I needed anything done around the house, or with the vehicles, some one from his family would help out. We were living in his home town, over 1000 miles from any of my family. We met in college. One of his cousins kept our lawn mowed, a nephew called to check at least once a week, then one day, the door bell rang, and when I opened the door, I recognized the man from some family pictures. It was my hubby's Uncle Carl. He was the black sheep, having been in prison at least twice. He was upset, saying he had been evicted from his apartment when the landlord found out about his record. Carl had served his parole, and was no longer supervised by the Corrections Dept. Anyway, he almost begged me to let him stay here for a week or 2 until he foound a new place. Wanting to stay in good graces with the family (even tho none of them ever had anything to do with him), I said okay. Carl said I might not want to let the family know, or they might avoid me as well. So, I told no one. On a Friday evening, when I got home, Carl had a couple of visitors, a couple he hung out with. The woman had a harsh, bitter attitude about her, the man had stringy long hair around the sides of his head, and was bald on top. All of his visible skin was covered with tattoos, most of the hate, racial, anti-establishment type. The woman actually leered at me, ogling me from head to foot. I work for an accounting firm, and office dress code requires dresses or skirts for women, and was still in work clothes. The man also was eyeing me, and I had to suppress a shiver. As I started for my room, the woman stood in front of me, blocking the way, and said, "how about having a drink with us, honey." I declined, but she insisted I stay wwith them. I tried to push her aside and walk by, but she grabbed my hair, yanking me backwards so hard, I fell on my ass. My first thought was to pull my cellphone from my purse and call 911, but Carl snatched the phone and my purse from me. "All of you get out, now!" I yelled, but the woman said, "we're not going anywhere, at least til we're ready. So, you get to be the host." Her man then spoke, "get up, bitch. Fix us something to eat." Carl led me into the kitchen, and told me to get to work. The couple each went walking thru the house, separately. Carl watched as I cooked, and in about 20 minutes the woman was back, wearing one of my outfits, a blouse that was too tight on her, as she had a belly, and the skirt also was stretched over her fat ass. She actually looked ridiculous. "This bitch must be one of those fuckin health nuts. Her clothes all are too small for me. Hell, even her shoes are too small, and she's got some sexy looking ones, too." The man had returned to the living room by this time, and I heard him drop something on the floor. "Is the food ready yet?" he asked. I set the food on the table, and Carl and the other man immediately sat down to eat. The woman started to sit, also, but her man, said, "not yet. Take her in the living room and make sure she stays put." Swearing under her breath, she again grabbed my hair and yanked me into the living room. I saw then what the man had dropped: a large pile of ropes, some tape, a couple of scarves, and other items I didn't really recognize. "Don't tie me up" I begged, which made her smile nastily. She shoved me down, sat astraddle my back, and almost before I blinked, was stuffing a scarf in my mouth, followed by tape. She then bound my wrists so tightly, I was afraid the rope had cut to the bone, and then bound my elbows, which I had never heard of being done before. She pulled me to my knees, wrapped rope all around my torso, again brutally tight, which pinned my arms even tighter to my body. She roughly pushed me back to my belly, then began binding my ankles, and then pulled them way up behind my back, and I felt rope tugging my ankles and my elbows at the same time. She pulled so hard for so long, my body was arched unnaturally backwards. She finally seemed finished, at walked away. In moments, the men were in there, so I figured she was eating. "Damn, Peggy, did she piss you off? Never saw you hogtied someone so strict before. Not even that rich cunt you kidnapped tha time in Texas." Peggy yelled back, "no, but she just needed to know who's the boss. Don't start withoout me." I wasn't sure wht she meant but soon found out. Peggy returned to the living room, this time carrying a small suitcase. Carl grabbed me, untied my rope linking my ankles to elbows, then untied my feet. He then tied each ankle to a thigh, very tight, but not as tight as Peggy had. Peggy's man pulled a cushion fromthe sofa, dropping it at the end of the coffee table. Then he and Carl lifted me and lowered me on my knees on the cushion, and leaned me over the table. I knew what they intended, and decide to be as difficult for them as possible, even tho cruelly bound hand and foot. I felt my skirt go up, hands under pulling at my pantyhose and panties, and began squirming and squealing as much as my bonds and gag allowed, which wasn't much. Carl had removed his pants and was sitting astraddle the coffeetable right in front of me, with his organ erect and exposed, aimed right at my face, and was gently stroking it. It was thicker than my husband's but not as long. It had ropy like veins running the length, and was uncircumcised. I pleaded with my eyes, to no avail, but before my gag was removed, the other guy rammed into my vagina without warning. He felt huge, and I was dry, so it was extremely painful. After a few thrusts, Carl ungagged me and told me, "if you bite, you die. Peggy here will cut you into a 1000 pieces. Don't try to scream, either." With that, He shoved full length in my mouth, holding my hair and working my head back and forth on his shaft. By now the other guy, who's name I never heard, began pounding my vagina with all the force he could muster. In a short time, Carl blasted his load down my throat, without ginving any advance indication. Gagging, I managed to keep from puking, and to my horror, the other guy was instantly in front of me, shoving into my abused mouth also. By now, I was sobbing, almost hysterical, and felt my privates being entered and viloated again. I was shocked as I saw Carl out of the corner of my eye, and realized it had to be Peggy! As it turned out, she had a collection of sex toys in the little suitcase, and planned to, and did, use each one of me. She was actually more brutal than either man, and kept at it much longer. It was almost a relief when one of the men raped me. I have no idea of how many times I was raped over that weekend, but it had to be more than 25 times, Peggy being the most often and most violent rapist. She even forced me to perform oral sex on her, at least a half dozen times. Having seen all 3 of them undressed, it was easy to give descriptions to the law, after my ordeal was over. Each of them had identifying tattoos, scars, and other physical identification. I won't tell how I was rescued, or how long my recovery has been. My attackers were captured, and all are now serving lengthy prison terms, for other crimes as well as my ordeal.
Name: Janine
Sunday, April 29th 2012 - 03:32:52 PM
Title: Stormy night
Comments:It was a Friday night, the weather was very stormy, with a tornado watch issued, so I stayed up later than normal. Also, I don't work weekends, so didn't have to rise early. I live in a basement apartment because the rent is cheaper. The neighborhood is a nice, friendly one, so crime is non-existent in it. When I turned in, it was still storming, but the tornado watch had expired, so I undressed to my bikini panties, then pulled a T-shirt on, crawled under the covers, shut off the lights, and soon fell asleep. I'm not sure of the time, but something made me wake up. Before I was fully aware, the covers were torn from me, and a heavy weight sat on me, straddling me, and something large, round, and rubbery, also hard, was jammed in my mouth, I was roughly rolled onto my my stomach, something like a cloth bag jerked over my head. Then my arms were pulled behind me, and my wrists were ziptied. Amnother went around my elbows, pulling them together. I felt my legs pulled up, then zipties went around each, binding them to my thighs. I was helpless and i knew it. Screaming didn't do any good, as the large ball only let a minimum amount of noise escape. The entire incident had taken less than 2 minutes. Struggling only caused the zipties to dig into my skin. I was terrified, had no idea who my attacker was. I heard him walk thru my apartment, and the sound of cabinets opening and closing, then I sensed he had returned to my bedroom. Thunder was still cracking, but the bag over my head kept me from seeing any light. To make it worse, he grabbed my head, lifted it, then began wrapping tape around the bag. In tears and trembling with fear, I felt him run his hands over my body, concentrating on my breasts for quite some time. I'm not large breasted by anymeans, just a 33B, but they are very sensitive. Unfortunately, he realized my nipples hardening, and I heard him chuckle. Finally, using scissors he had found, he cut my Tshirt off, then my panties. I didn't have to be a genius to realize what was going to happen, but I tried to roll away from him even tho I was helplessly bound. Now he was actually laughing, then he spoke, "been watching you for almost a month. Jogging, on campus, at work (pizza restaurant), even when you went out with friends last week. I been waiting for the right time, and this is it. I'm gonna enjoy this, and maybe I can make you enjoy it, also.. That nice little, round ass, small but perfect tits, and you always smell so good. Yeah, this is gonna be lots of fun." Then, he began to rub something greasy on my bottom, working it into my anus. Now I really tried to escape, again to no avail. I had had anal sex once or twice, didn't enjoy it, and never went out with a guy again if he asked for it. My body tensed up, dreading what was about to happen. I felt him place the tip of his erect member against my tiny opening, again laughing. He rubbed more lube into me, then began pushing into me. My opening was being stretched more than it had ever been. I could tell that his penis was absolutely huge in thickness. The pain was unbearable, and I was screaming against the ball in my mouth. He was relentless in his attempt, and I felt my anus giving way, and finally he had his whole thickness in me. Then, he began to thrust, slowly at first, as he had to stretch my rectal cavity as well. Eventually, I felt his crotch completely against my bottom, and he had achieved full penetration. Then, he began to thrust so violently, the bed was rocking so much I thought it would collapse. The assault lasted probably no more a 5 minutes, but seemed like eternity. Finally, I could sense his release as he flooded my intestines with his vile seed. My anus made a noticeable slurping sound when he withdrew. My body was convulsing fromthe pain and the humiliation, tears drenched my face, and I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to both defecate and urinate, but somehow managed to control it. Sometime later, don't know how long, he was beside me again, fondling me once more. He rolled me onto my back on top of my bound arms, pushed my knees apart, and with no lube this time, rammed himself full length into my vagina. It hurt, but not like the anal rape. Once more, he began slowly, but soon was violently thrusting again. If the anal rape lasted a long time, it was nothing to this. It seemed unending. He twisted and yanked my nipples, bit my breasts, but not hard enough to draw blood, and just kept thrusting with all the energy he could muster. Again, I felt him discharge into me, and when he withdrew, I could feel the fluids from my vagina ooze down between my legs. I could hear him dressing, and realized he must have sated himself with me. He left but soon was back, and he cut the zipties binding my ankles to my thighs. He lifted me from the bed, and half led and half dragged me into the bathroom where I heard the shower running. He placed me under the water, which was quite hot, but not scalding. Then, he basically violated me again as he lathered my crotch, my bottom, my breasts, all my exposed skin, then rinsed me then lathered me again. I guess he was destroying DNA evidence. After 3 times of washing then rinsing me, he led me, dripping wet, back to the bed, shoved me onto my stomach again, and rebound me, tho this time my ankles were together, then pulled up and zipped them to my wrists. Then, he was gone. I don't know how long I lay there, but finally, I heard someone calling my name. I made as much noise as possible, and my friend Jessica was beside me, trying to set me free. She had come to take me for lunch, found my apartment door standing wide open, and found me. As expected, the Crime Lab found no physical evidence, other than me. Apparently, he is a serial rapist, as I was just one of many victims from around the country, all with the same M.O., down to every last detail.
Name: Grace
Sunday, May 20th 2012 - 12:44:38 PM
Title: At Long Last
Comments:It'd been 20 years since the last time. I was just 16, the victim was proably in her 40s but still fuckable. Did it, got away with it, and recently decided to do it again. This time, I reversed the ages, picking a teenage girl who turned out to be just 18, just out of high school. She worked in a local restaurant, even was my wiatress once. About 5-3, petite, but with a delectable body that fit her small size. I just watched from a distance for about 3 weeks, getting as much info as possible. Knew her name, that she had broken up with her boyfriend, where she hung out when not working. She seemed to like movies and books, as she went to the library often, and rented lots of DVDs. I scoped out where she lived, with her folks; the family dog was so old wouldn't be a problem. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of her parents, when it just fell into my lap...her parents decided to take a vacation. I overheard her telling her friends at Starbucks one day how she would have the whole house to herself for 9 days. One friend said she should plan a party, that concerned me, but she said no, not wanting to have a mess to clean up, and she was working as much as her boss would allow, to make enough money to b a newer car. All you have to do is hang around people without being conspicuous, and listen, You find out everything you need to know. As luck would have it, the dog got sick and had to be put down just before the parents left, eliminating that potential problem. I planned for a Saturday night, as she was not a church goer. She worked the day shift that day, so, knowing her usual routing, knew she would come home and stay in. So, I picked the lock on the rear basement door and went in and waited. I heard her car with the leaky exhaust pull in, and prepared to strike. Hiding in the hall closet, I heard her lock the deadbolt and the chain, toss her keys and purse on the counter, and let out a sigh as she stepped out of her sneakers. As she passed the closet, I struck, bolting from the closet, tackling her, and straddled her back. I yanked her hair, pulling her head back, and stuck a large butcher knife against her throat. "Struggle, or make a sound, and I'll slit your throat. Nod your head if you understand." It happened so fast, I had terrified her. I felt her whole body tremble under neath me as she nodded yes. Releasing her hair, I pulled a large rubber ball from y pocket, handed it to her, and told her, "shove this in your mouth as far as it will go. She complied, and I pulled out a roll of vet wrap and began wrapping it over her eyes, shutting out all light and sight. This was followed by couple strips of duct tape to hold it on. She was almost sobbing now, but too bad for her. I slid down til I straddled her legs, pulled her arms behind her, and, using aboout 15 feet of hemp rope, tied her wrists as tight as I could. Then, just to make her more uncomfortable and unable to ecape, I tied her elbows, this time using about 20 feet of rope, also as tight as I could tie it (I'm a mean bastard, huh). Then, I yanked her jeans down, over her feet, and threw them across the room. Next were her white panties. She was really making noise now, trying to kick, to escape, anything, to avoid what she now knew was going to happen. I once again yanked her by the hair and asked, "are you a virgin? Don't lie, because I'll find out soon enough anyway." She shook her head 'no', so I knew I was gonna enjoy the night even more. I hate popping cherries. Next, I asked, "you ever been fucked up the ass?" This time she shook her head vigorously. Now, I was really excited. I like being the first to fuck a nice, tight ass. I resumed tying her up, tying her ankles tightly, and then pulling them up into a nice, tight hogtie. I got off her then, and took a walk thru the house, deciding where I wanted to start. I decided to use the parents' bed. I returned to my helpless little package, again grabbing her hair, and dragged her on her belly to the bedroom. I lifted her like a suitcase, hearing her grunt in pain as I did, and dropped her on the bed. I sat beside her, and began rubbing her pert titties, pulling on the nipples just enought to harden them. I touched the knife to her throat, then dragged the point all over her body. "Here's what's going down: I'm going to take the ball out of your mouth and replace it with my hard cock. You're gonna suck it like you life depends on it, cause it does. When I fill your mouth with my jizz, you'll swallow every drop. If you spit, or I feel one tooth, when I get thru using the knife, even your parents won't recognize you, kids will run screaming from you. Understand?" She nodded, almost imperceptably, so I reached for the ball. Before I removed it, I said, "not a sound, or it'll be the last sound you make." I pulled the ball out, with a plop, since it was so big and filled her mouth so well. In a flash, I rammed my 8 inch cock full length into her hot mouth, feeling her gag and retch. I held it there for several seconds, as she struggle to breathe, then finally began to stroke and finally blew my wad down her throat. She gagged a lot, and I thought she might puke, but I guess the fear made her keep it down. I shoved the ball back in, silencing her again. She just lay there, whimpering and trembling, while I "recharged". I took another walk thru the house, visiting the bathroom, taking a piss and flushing, making sure no drops hit the floor or edge of the bowl. Looking in the medicine cabinet, I was surprised to find a bottle of Viagra. I was kinda surprised at this, having seen her mom, and it was obvious where my little friend had gotten her beauty Feeling emboldened, I tossed one down. I returned to sweetcakes, finding she had stopped the crying, and untied the hogtie rope. "Betcha missed me, huh?" She didn't respond, just lay there. Knowing what I was about to do really turned me on, and the Viagra kicked in, giving me a hardon like I had never had before. It was so hard, I thought I could drill thru concrete. Her nice round little ass looked so inviting, so I began to rub the baby oil I had found into her tight asshole, and she began to cry again. I put in liberally, not wanting to damage my cock, and rubbed some on it as well. I pulled her backwards til she was on her knees with her head still on the mattress, and put the head of my cock against her asshole. She rally pitched a fit then, trying to clamp it shut, but I was not to be denied. I kept pushing, and gradually began making progress, with her screaming into the gag. Soon, I was full inside her, and began to thrust, slowly at first, then picking up the pace until I was pounding that poopchute like a jackhammer. I thought I was gonna fuck forever, but finally shot my load into her guts. She was pretty much hysterical by now, and I felt like the King of the World. Pulling out of her tight little ass, (not so tight after the stretching I gave it), I went to the bathroom again to wash my cock. It never went soft!! Again, disposing of any physical evidence, I returned to my new fuck toy, to find her laying on her side. Still with a raging hard-on, I untied her ankles, spread her legs, and told her, "time for the main event." Kneeling between her legs, I reached under the nice ass I had just enjoyed so much, lifted it a little, and plunged into her tight pussy. I was kinda surprised to find it rather wet, and wondered if she had wet herself. I went slow at first, just enjoying how tight she was, and, to my surprise, she actually seemed to respond. I gradually began increasing the pace, and soon was again pounding away. I fucked that little cunt as hard and fast as I had ever fucked anyone, and she was actually moaning, and began meeting ever thrust with one of her own. I must have fucked her for well over 30 minutes, til we both were drenced in sweat, out of breath, and still y dick was like a steel rod. I slowed for a bit, then began anew pounding that young pussy, and finally I started to cum. It was different than ever before, at first just a slow dribble, it felt, then like an explosion as I filled that sweet little pussy with what felt like at least a quart of jiz. Even after all that, my dick was still hard, and I began to remember the commercials about a hard-on lasting for 4 hours. I wondered if I should stick around and enjoy my prize again, but decided I better head out. It was still dark, about 4am when I slipped out and headed for my place. I tossed all the stuff I had left over into the river, and avoided any place she might hang out. I never heard anything on the radio, TV, or gossip, or read in the paper about that night, so I don't know if I'm being hunted. I did see her about 2 months after, from a distance, but still stay away.
Name: Alan Edgar
Saturday, May 26th 2012 - 08:19:24 PM
Title: What a way to say thanks
Comments:After my husband left me for a younger woman, and my youngest went off to college, I moved back to my hometown. My father had died, leaving me as his sole heir. I live in the house I grew up in as an only child. I was hired by the school system as a Guidance Counselor at the high school. It was a Friday, I was driving home in a cold rain, when I saw a student I recognized walking along the street, soaking wet, and pulled over to offer a ride. She tried to decline, saying her home was too far out of town and didn't want to inconvenience me. She had missed the bus and was walking home. I insisted, so, finally, she got in my car, and gave me directions to her house. It was pretty far out, at least 20 miles. Pulling in the driveway, I saw large, older, farmhouse that needed some attention. 2 or 3 derelict vehicles sat in the backyard, fences were sagging, gates were broken, weeds abundant. I figured this was a good time to meet her parents, discuss their daughter's goals and ambitions, as I guessed they would be reluctant to attend parent/teacher conferences as school. She leapt out as soon as I stopped and ran into the house. At first, I was going to just leave, but deciced to go on with my original plan. I went to the back door, and knocked. A man who appeared 40-ish came to the door, with a teenage boy in the background. When I identified myself, telling him my purpose to be there, he opend the door and I entered. He turned hisback to me and walked away, and I figured I was to follow. As I passed thru the hallway, I felt an explosion in my head, and lost consciousness. I don't know how long I was out, but when I came around, the back of my skull was throbbing, and ears were ringing. It took several seconds for my vison to clear, and I began to wonder why I was laying on the stained carpet. When I tried to rise, I couldn't make my arms or legs work, and I tasted a rubbery taste, and felt something spongy in my mouth. It took a while, but I finally realized that I was tightly bound and gagged. My feet were pulled up behind me and hogtied to my elbows. I was totally immobilized, helpless. I tried to struggle, but only succeeded in making my bonds tighter. I could hear voices in another room, but unable to make out what was being said. Soon, I was staring at 3 pair of feet clad in workboots, all in pretty rough, scuffed condition. I then heard a female voice, "she never hurt any of us, or gave me any trouble at school, so why are you doing this?" "Don't matter, she fell into our hands, so we gonna take advantage of the situation" I heard a younger sounding male voice say. "You not going to take her side, are you?" "No, just wish it was one of those snooty bitches from school, or my gym teacher. They deserve whatever bad things happen to 'em". At those words, someone grabbed my ankles and began to drag me, belly down, backwards and into a room containing a bed, a chest, a dressing table and bench, and a couple of chairs. I was lifted then dropped on the bed. My stomach began churning in fear, as I had a pretty good guess why I was placed on a bed. Sure enough, I heard the sound of trousers being removed, and, looking over my shoulder, saw 3 male bodies naked from the waist down, all with erect penises, 2 of which were quite long, but probably average thickness. The third was probably about 7 inches, but much thicker than the other 2. Realizing my fears were justified, I tried to plead with the gag in my mouth, but all that came out was "mmmmpppphhhhhh, plmmmsm,". I was grabbed by my hair, turned to face the side of the bed, and felt the tape holding my lips together was torn from my face, and automatically spit out what turned out to be a large sponge. Before I could speak, I was jerked b the hair and told, "if one tooth touches any of us, they won't recognize you when your body is found, or rather whats left of your body. Undersand, cunt?" Trembling with fear and dread, all I could manage was aslight nod of my head, and immediately the thickest penis was jammed between my lips as far into my throat as it would reach. In about 3-4 minutes, my throat was blasted with a large amount of semen., causing me to gag and retch. As soon as the penis was removed I spit his disgusting fluid from my mouth, causing the other 2 to laugh. "Guess she didn't like the taste, Ollie. Maybe she'll like one of oours." Another penis was rammed in, going so far back I thougt I couldn't breathe. My attacker held it there until I was afraid I would pass out. Whehe he finally alowed air back intpo my throat, he began to thrust witha vengeance, and soon repeated what the first had done. However, he held my nose until I had to swallow, which caused me to retch repeatedly. Instantly, the 3rd took his turn, holding the back of my head and working it up and down his long shaft. Again, my throat was filled, although this time, even though it was probably the largest amount, I was able to swallow without gagging and retching. Whenhe finished, the gag was replaced, and fresh tape applied, plastered in several layers over my mouth. I felt my ankles and legs being unbound, the rebound differently, each ankle to its respective thigh. My pantyhouse and panties were yanked down as far as the bindings allowed, then cut from me. I felt the bed sag as I was joined on it, felt my knees shoved widely apart then lifted, exposing my vagina, then the tip of a penis was pressing against my vaginal opening. "Damn, JR, aren't you gonna lube her first. It'll be like fucking sandpaper if you don't." I felt fingers shoved inside me roughly then, and began wiggling and pinching my labia. Eventually, he decided I was ready, and thats when he shoved his erection deep into me, causing me to gasp. "I think she likes it, fromthe sound of her" one said. My attacker then began vigorously thrusting, reaching around and squeezing my breasts for a few minutes, then shoved first one, then several fingers into my anus. The discomfort in both vagina and anus was immense. At last, he released into me, leaned over and kissed the top of my head. Instantly he was replaced by another, and it began anew. He began musch slower, not speeeding up til he neared climax, when he was actually much rougher and energetic than the first. Then the 3rd rape began, much as the first 2, for a while, even tho he fingered my anus much more than the other 2, and I flet him, smearing some of the fluids excreted from my abused vagina into the oepning, signifying some different was about to happen. Sure enough, without hardly break in the motion, he withdrew from my vagina and plunged, painfully, into my anus, and he became aboslutely violent as he raped my anally. I was screaming with all my might into the gag, but it did no good, as I don't think I could have been heard outside the room. He filled my intestines with a flood of semen, shouting as he did. Laying on my belly, sobbing uncontrollably from pain and humiliation, feeling my vagina and anus each oozing fluids onto the mattress, I wondered if they were going to kill me. I was re-hogtied, even more brutally than previously, then the girl peeld the tape and sponge from me and offered a drink of water. "I'm sorry this is happening to you. I tried to get you to let me walk, but you inisited. So, its part your fault" she told me, before regagging me. The rapes continued for the rest of the weekend, then, surprisingly,, I was released, shoved into my car nude, and told to leave, and not tell the police or their relatives would find me and make this seem like tea party. Naturally, I went straight to the Sheriff, but when they went to the farmhouse, all were gone. They have descriptions, DNA, names, plenty of evidence to convict. They just need to find them.
Name: Ellen
Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 08:58:13 AM
Comments:....... WITHOUT EVEN TRYING

It was the first day of our honeymoon and we were travelling on the SS Marie Celeste.

My gorgeous wife looked stunning in her black slinky skirt blouse and red jumper and black shiny boots. She dressed just as I liked her

The wind drifted through her hair as she sauntered along the deck and it could have been heaven.

The Marie Celeste was also carrying seven white Miss World contestants and besides Jenny and me there were no other white people on board.

The crew consisted of our black Captain and three other crew members

Suddenly there was a crash into the side of the ship and a number of pirates sprang aboard.

I was surprised to see they were all pretty women - I guess they too believed in equal opportunities for women - dressed in skirts and boots and carrying submachine guns.

They quickly rustled up the women on board planning to take them to sell on as white slaves at Mogadishu, as time was short.

The Captain of the SS Marie Celeste and the crew jumped overboard and were allowed to swim to land.

The Pirates rounded up the white Miss World Contestants and my pretty wife Jenny.

Each one of them had their hands tied behind their back very quickly and were each gagged with a ball gag including my Jenny.

I tried to intervene but a gun was put to my head.

" Stay out of this" the pretty pirate said "Or we will simply shoot you"

"But you don't need my wife" I cried.

But as luck would have it - Jenny was the Pirate Captain's own special choice.

And the Pirate Captain was a buxom woman, very pretty herself, with a lesbian taste for pretty women and an even bigger taste for money!!

She stood arms akimbo in her black leather boots with her skirt fluttering in the breeze .

" If you know what's good for you, you'll jump overboard and swim to land like the other men have done" the Pirate Captain said

At that moment one of the Pirate crew came up from the cabins - having gone through the clothes in all the cabins -holding a black skirt (size 8), white blouse red jumper and black shiny boots size 10 (all my size surprisingly - but then I found out later that that this pirate had previously worked for a specailist dress shop specialising in boots and skirts and she had the ability to gauge size simply by seeing the subject)

""Capt'n, how about making him look like a girl too" she said: "He looks pretty enough to pass for a girl at the market and CDs sell well in Mogadishu."

The Captain smiled, paused and looked me in the eye. "Yes what a good idea. If you are so keen to be with your wife, so be it"

And with that I was forced to change into the skirt, blouse, jumper and boots (with a gun to my head) before being quickly bound and gagged myself.

I was taken off the ship with Jenny and the seven other white contestants and we were all "stored", hogtied in the hold of the ship - except for Jenny

Jenny was reserved for the Captain's cabin

She was taken into her cabin and roughly tied to the post in the centre of the room, helpless to await the Captain's return.

It was later that evening that the Captain returned to her cabin - sufficiently happy/drunk after this quick success - and she started to play with Jenny.

It was a painful eveing for Jenny I was told by the crew hoping to add to my discomfort.

During the night we were all hooded and we travelled like this for the next few days - having the hoods removed only to feed and water us - and take us to the bathroom.

In Mogadishu, we were all taken to the market.

Jenny was one of the first to be sold to a local Arab chief
and I never saw Jenny again.

I was sold as a Cross Dresser (I was tightly gagged so I could not say anything to protest) for a very high price to a white woman with distinctly kinky and fetish tastes.

At the end of the sale, we slaves were all hooded and transported to our new "homes".

Two of the Miss World Contestants came to the same ranch as me.

All three of us were taken to a barn, where we were quartered in horses stables on straw.

The two girls were forced to change out of their beautiful dresses and each wear a black skirt - midi length, black boots and a blouse and red jumper - just as I had been forced to wear.

We were then shackled to the rings in the walls of the stables - usually used to tie the horses too and our hands were re-bound - forcing us each into a reverse prayer position - which makes it extremely difficult to resist. Try it and see.

The mistress of the house came down to the stables with her black maid - a fierce Amazon of a woman and she gave me to the Maid.

I was untied from the ring and led up to the Maid's bedroom where I was forced on to the bed (bum sunny side up) and my ankles were spreadeagled apart on top of the bed.

I was helpless when she came to bed.

She then simply sat on me my back - to be precise on my hands) and rocked on me until she was sexually satified.

She would also to tousel my hair - pulling it hard from time to time to jerk my head back making it hard for me to breathe - and incidentally "turning me on"

At the end of the session she simply hogied me and hooded me for the night.

The black Maid (I called her the Amazon) would also regularly wrestle with me. She always brought one or two guards - just in case I got the upper hand but I never did.

She would stand me up, ungag me and untie me.

We would then circle the stable until she could catch hold one of my hands.

She would delight in whisking my arm behind my back and forcing me to my knees and then she would place her knee in the middle of my back as she forced me down on my stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as I howled like a girl.

Then she would demand the other arm be presented - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until I put the other behind my back quickly to ease the pain.

Once tied, she would put a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) on with the bit in my mouth and proceed to ride me, her skirt caressing my bound arms as she rode up and down.

I would then be yanked to my feet and taken to the buggy where I would be harnessed to it.

She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (you will see why I always describe what the women wear later) would go for a ride - with me pulling the buggy.

This was exhausting in the heat and I would come back drenched after 3 hours.

I would be stripped off and hosed down and then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, boots and blouse).

Some days when the weather wasn't so good, we dispensed with the buggy ride but life wasn't any easier.

I would be taken to the dungeon where I was suspended by my arms behind me back - one can only survive that for max 2 minutes - standing just on tiptoe.

She would then stand and caress my hair - that was now quite long and had been cut to make me look like a girl - while I suffered and then I would be released.

Occasionally I would be strung up by my ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind me with the skirt over my face for ten minutes, while she again caressed my hair.

She seemed to have a long hair fetish.

And, of course, if she got out of bed on the wrong side, I could be whipped but that wasn't often and not too hard.

This routine went in for months until one morning my owner's sister Fiona came down to the stables.

Wow, was she pretty in her brown leather skirt and matching boots and white blouse - and she carried a black whip with her all the time. She had wonderful blonde hair and had sparkling eyes and a seductively beautiful smile

She approached me and said she had persuaded her sister to make a present of me to her for her twenty fifth birthday.

The deal was that I come back to the US with her (they ahd been given my passport as part of the deal at the auction) as her personal assistant for her club the "Vixens Club".

I would have to sign a contract of my own free will and the only "strange" clause was that my uniform, which I had to wear at all times would be a skirt, a blouse and boots.

Given my present predicament, I agreed and the papers were freely signed and notarised (I went into the notary's office in my own male clothes - but my mistress' guards armed with guns accompanied us (- for protection!!)).

I then travelled back with Fiona to the States and went to her ranch in Arizona, where the Club was located.

There I found all the staff suitably skirted and booted in a uniform - black skirt, black shiny boots and a red blouse.

Any members who came to use the facilities - also had to be skirted and booted but the blouse could be any colour than red.

In that way we could differentiate been staff and guests.

The Vixen Club was set up to celebrate skirts and boots - a kick back against the ugly modern sloppy tend of jeans and sneakers.

The Club was highly secretive - I guess none of you ahve heard of it??- and was protected from outsiders by huge walls and guards (suitable skirted and booted girls with guns with live ammo. Most of them were ex Special Forces. You didn't want to mess with them.)

I was Fiona's PA, and to make sure I showed no stubble on my face, each morning a beauty specialist came in - again she had to be skirted and booted - to treat my 'tache and beard electrolytically so I would appear as a woman.

As I had not heavy growth of beard or 'tache, I never had a 5 o'clock shadow.

I was always at Fiona's side around the Club, though I could be bought for "special services" by special friends of hers.

Most of the time these "special services" would entail being tightly tied up on the bed, so they could play with me until they were sexually satisfied. It was so unusual to find a girly man who was prepared to be skirted and booted that I could be rented out quite expensively.

I think many of them hired me because secretly - deep down -they would like their husbands/boyfriends to be dressed and compliant like me

Sometimes I would be tied to a post - my torso would be tightly tied to the post, with rope twisted around the body but my skirt and boots would be free of rope (though occasionally my ankles were tied with rope to the post too) so I would be "part of the furniture" while the clients took "afternoon tea".

As they have my contract - I have to go along - and if one is honest what else can I do.

My old life is gone and Jenny too.

I heard later that the Marie Celeste was found abandoned in the Indian Ocean three days after our abduction.

It was assumed that the ship had turned turtle in a violent storm and everyone was drowned. The owners then found "scientists" who came up with the proposal that after everyone had drowned, a tidal wave had righted the schooner. The only living being found on the ship was the ship's cat - who couldn't have told the real tale.

We had all been declared dead and massive insurance claims paid out.

I think the owners were in on the scam - but who knows?

And anyway, how could I escape?

I have been renamed Rowena (I was Rodney) and I only answer to that now.

All I am ever allowed to wear is a skirt blouse and boots.

To minimise the risk of my escaping at night, my wrists are always tied behind my back with rope - ocassionaly handcuffs are used instead whihc is more comfortable - as I am forced to sleep in the spare bed in Fiona's room.

If I try to talk to her and she doesn't want to talk, I am simply gagged.

And believe it or not I am beginning to enjoy it.

I will have to sign off the computer now as Fiona has come into the room

I don't know if this story was interestibg enough for you to hear more about the Vixen's Club?

Let me know

Love Rowena
Name: Rowena
Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 04:12:40 PM
Title: Hole, Hole Where should I Go?
Comments:Hole, Hole, where should I go?

Last night, when my sexy wife and I were making love, we decided to play a little fantasy game. I had my wife strip off all of her clothes and lie face down on our bed. Just looking at her petite, sexy Asian body was already getting me hard.

“Hands”, I said, as she placed her hands behind her back. I proceeded to take some old white stockings of hers that we had used before and tied her wrists tightly together behind her back. I then took another stocking and tied her ankles together. Now, she was lying face down on the bed.
I then took a blindfold we always used and placed it over her eyes.
“Open wide”, I said, as I stuffed a wash cloth into her mouth.
“I’ll be back in a minute”, I told her, leaving her to think about what will happen while bound and gagged. I returned a short time later with a roll of black electrical tape. I ripped off a piece and placed it over the blindfold to keep it on her and prevent her from rubbing it off or pulling it down. I then lifted up her head and taking another strip of tape placed that over the cloth in her mouth so she could not spit the cloth out.

“Hmmn, which hole should I use? Pussy or Ass?”

I proceeded to begin to rub my hard cock over the cheeks of her ass. “I think it will be ass”, I said. As I was rubbing my cock over the cheeks of her ass, she began to “mmmph” , squirm and shake her head from side to side as a way of telling me not to put my cock in her ass. I continued to tease her like this for a few more seconds, and then flipped her over on her back.
“How about your pussy?”, as I began to rub my dick over her pussy lips.
“MMMMMM”, she moaned as she was nodding her head. I continued to tease her for about ten minutes by flipping her on her stomach, putting my hard cock on her ass cheeks and rubbing her ass cheeks with it, and then flipping her on her back and teasing her pussy with my cock.
Every time I rubbed my hard cock on her ass cheeks while she was face down and lying on her stomach, the intensity level of her “mmmphs” and shaking of her head sideways became more intense.
Finally, I turned her over on her back, cut the tape off of her ankles, grabbed and spread her legs and placed my now very hard cock into her wet pussy.
She came (and so did I) with an intense orgasm and screamed through her gag.
I then took out the gag and blindfold and cut the tape from her wrists.
“I really enjoyed this game. I knew all along which hole you were going to use”, she said. “So did I, So did I.”

Name: Burglar
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 08:31:12 AM
Title: Multiple O's

Last night when we were making love, my sexy Pinay wife told me she wanted to see how many clitoral orgasms she could have in an hour while tied, gagged, and blindfolded. I then had her lie down on the bed in a spread eagle position with her arms and legs spread out. I took some old ties and proceeded to tie her arms and legs to the four corners of our 4 poster bed. I then took a blindfold and placed it over her eyes, and then placed another blindfold over the first one to effectively make sure she could not see. Next, I took a pair of her panties and placed them in her mouth, and then took another tie and placed that in her mouth to securely hold in the panty gag. I asked her if she was ok, and she mumbled the word “mmmmes” and nodded her head up and down.

Now, came the fun part. I started slowly to rub my tongue around the outside of her pussy lips and then gently placed it inside of her pussy. With my tongue inside of her pussy, I proceeded to lick the inside very slowly. At this point, she started to moan with pleasure as she was becoming aroused. I then removed my tongue from her pussy and began to slowly lick the little tip of her clit. At this point, she began to get excited and started to squirm and mew through her gag.
As I continued to lick, and then suck and hold her clit in my mouth, her mewing and moaning became more intense and I knew she was starting to have an orgasm. I stopped, waited a few seconds, and then continued to suck, lick and hold her clit in my mouth. Each time I did this, her moans became louder and her contractions signaling an orgasm became more intense. I continued to lick, suck and hold her clit, then release, for the next hour which caused her to have multiple orgasms. After her final intense orgasm, which was so intense that she screamed through her gag and squirted all over the bed, I released her from her restraints and then gently held her in my arms. All told, we counted that during the hour, my sexy wife who I love dearly had over 20 orgasms.
When we finished, she told me that experience was fantastic, and she could not wait until we did it again. We both promised each other that we would do that no less than 3 times a week from now on. I’m the luckiest guy in the world!!

Name: Burglar
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 08:32:26 AM
Comments:I met Debbs at my first year in Uni at a party.

After the party I dropped her home but couldn't go in to her flat because she told me it was a "boys no-go" zone.

Her landlady, Mrs M Allister, a pretty 40 year old, didn't want the flat to degenerate into a "student brothel".

Having a boy in the flat would constitute a breach in the contract and then Debbs would have to find another place.

We had been going out for three months when I took Debbs home and she said: "Why don't you dress up in skirt and boots - and then she won't notice you as a boy."

It wasn't such a crazy idea as I had beautiful long blonde hair that most girls would kill for. I was slim - svelte you might say, and no growth at all on my face. I might have to shave once a month - and there was never a 5 o'clock shadow.

In fact Rosie was Debbs nickname for me (just between ourselves)

"OK" I said and I changed into the skirt and boots in the car. Debbs applied some lipstick to make it look more authentic.

As we went in, I caught a glance of myself in the long corridor mirror and I really looked like a beautiful girl.

Mrs McAllister poked her head out from her flat door as we disappeared upstairs - and then called Debbs over as I went into the flat

Debbs came back and said that Mrs MacAllister had not fallen for the trick - yes I looked the part but walked like a boy.

She had given us two options

1. Debbs would have to leave or

2. Debbs would have to deliver me up to Mrs MacAlliser tied up for the day for her to do what she wanted with me - though she said there would be no sexual intercourse.

And she had a consent form - a standard BDSM release form - for me to sign.

"No choice, Debbs" I said after thinking a bit "I'll do it"

And with that Debbs bound my hands behind my back - quite tightly and wound the rest of the rope around my torso pinning my arms to my back and tying it off at the top of the skirt. Everything below the waist was free.

I was marched down to Mrs MacAlliser who smiled.

"I thought so" she said "Rosie, let's go" and with that she went to get the car out. I was surprised she called my Rosie - after all that was Debbs special nickname for me

Now I need to say that Mrs MacAllister was dressed beautifully in a red leather skirt, boots and a beautiful silk blouse. And her perfume was alluring.

Debbs accompanied me to the car and kissed me goodbye as she helped me into the passenger seat and buckled me in.

Mrs McAllister turned to me and said “We are off to a bondage party and you are my prisoner.”

What could I say or do? I just nodded

We arrived at the secluded location and just before we went in, Mrs McAlliser ball gagged me and then hooded me.

She dropped a noose over my neck and led me in like that.

I heard a number of female voices saying “Hi Zoe, wow he looks as good as you told us he would”

It was then that I realised that Debbs had been in on this too - how else did Zoe know that I would be her prisoner that evening or my nickname.

I was taken and tied to a post in the middle of the room.

During the evening, my hood and gag were removed and a number of girls came up to kiss me. " Wow Zoe has a beautiful prisoner" they would say.

Then I saw Debbs who came over to me.

“You do look beautiful, Rosie” she said "all tied up - it is a real turn on for me"

And standing there in front of me she started to fondle me and kiss me passionately for a few minutes.

“I’ll get you back” I smiled as she regagged me.

Later that evening, Zoe McAllister was brought over by two beautiful skirted and booted women.She had lost at poker and for the forfeit had been told that she was to be tied to my pole – her hands behind her back and also around my waist.

Once tied up, then her hands started to wander and she started to play. And wow how that turned me on.

“ Ever since I saw you outside the flat the first night you brought Debbs back ” she said “ I have wanted to have you – you see my fetish is bondage and skirts. And I knew you would look beautiful skirted, booted and tied up."

At the end of the evening, Debbs and I were taken back to the flat in the back of Mrs McAllister’s car. I was still tied up – and Debbs lay me across her knees with her hands all over me.

I was taken up to the flat (after all it wasn't true that it was a boys-no go zone) - and Zoe and Debbs teased me -still bound tightly until midnight when I was released. Given I was still "nder control" adn therefore was helpless to resist, it was like rape and bondage when they peneatred me - but I loved it.

I went home the next day - in my male gear!!

But what a fabulous evening with the two of them
Name: Rosie
E-mail address: Rosie @hotmail.com
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 10:20:09 AM
Title: Torture of Jenny

When I read the story about the family you worked as a nanny for, you said that the mother Jenny was sold at the slave auction in Mogadishu to an Arab Sheik.

I was working for an Arab Sheik for many years in Mogadishu - and I recall him buying a white slave - I remember it because it was such a strange buy.

She was wearing - unlike any other slave we ever bought - a black skirt, red top (and red pullover - in that heat) and shiny black boots. All pretty designer stuff - so we knew she was something special.

She was so pretty yet as the Sheik was old, she was simply a trophy that could be used for "special services" by special friends of the Sheik's.

Most of the time these "special services" would entail no more than being tied up and sat upon until the b…..ds were sexually satisfied. Usually she was respected but not always. Sometimes, as she ws helpless and tied up, they would raped her, causing her a lot of pain.

What made her so attractive to these men? I think it was because she was a girly girl, skirted and booted in the desert .

Yet she was given to some of the worst perverts I have ever come across.

i) For example one day she was brought hooded into the room with Abdullah - she was generally only given to men.

Abdullah caught hold of one of her hands as she stretched her hands out to feel where she was. He then whisked her arm behind her back and forcing her to her knees as she squealed in pain. He placed his knee in the middle of her back as she was forced down on her stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as she howled in agony. Then he would demand the other arm be presented immediately - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until she put the other behind her back quickly to ease the pain.

She was then tied up - reverse prayer position I recall - and was fitted with a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) with the bit fitted into her mouth.

Abdullah placed her on a table and sat on her riding her. The pain in having the bit yanked in her mouth was such as to draw blood.

He would then turn her over and rape her.

ii) On another occasion she was harnessed to a buggy - her hands tied behind her so she could get no purchase on the carriage with her hands - which made pulling the buggy far more strenuous as she has nothing to hold on - not even the harness she was pulling.

She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (obviously as a punishment) were harnessed together in a buggy and were taken for a ride - pulling a buggy with four twenty stone men in over rough terrain.

The two woman were regularly whipped if they did not pull hard enough. This was exhausting in the heat and she and the tortured guard came back drenched after 3 hours. Both were stripped off and hosed down.

The guard was then released but Jenny was then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, jumper -oh the heat must have been unbearable- and boots). She was then hooded which made her plight even worse as she gasped for breath with her hands tied behind her - to stop her removing the hood.

iii) On another occasion, she was taken to the dungeon where she was suspended by her arms behind her back – for half an hour minutes - standing just on tiptoe. She told me that was agony as your muscles start to seize up. The man to whom she had been given that evening, Mustapha, just sat on a chair and watched the tears roll down her cheeks till she passed out. She couldn’t scream as she was ball gagged agonisingly.

Apparently Mustapha was the Sheik’s executioner and torturer. And torture was his speciality.

iv) Again on yet another occasion, she was strung up by her ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind her back with the skirt over her face and whipped for ten minutes - and I mean whipped. The man, Abdul seemed to be turned on by her howls of agony

v) There was one case only that I know of when she was given to a woman (or shall I say the woman was entertained by Jenny’s presence) and that was to Abdullah’s mother.

Jenny's torso was tightly tied to a thick post in the middle of the room, the rope being tied to accentuate her breasts (after the blouse and jumper had been removed) but the skirt and boots would be free of rope so she would be "part of the furniture" while Abdullah and his mother took "afternoon tea".

I remember Abdullah ogling her for a good hour before he went up to her. Her face froze in absolute fear as he bent down and started licking her breasts and then started to bite them hard. She screamed as the blood flowed and a strong security guard had to be called to avoid Abdullah biting her breast off and killing her.

I have never heard a woman scream so loudly and so fearfully and for so long as I did that afternoon. But then the breasts are the most sensitive area of our body.

vi) I don't know what it was with Abdullah - but as he was his father's favourite son, he persuaded the Sheik to give Jenny to him for his 25th birthday.

When she heard that she had been gifted to Abdullah , she fell on her knees before Abdullah and pleaded for mercy with tears in her eyes. She kissed his feet and promised to be obedient and do naything he wished her to do – as she knew what a sadist he was.

Abdullah just smiled and told her that her time had come - it was pay back and yes she would do anything he told her to do when the time came.

I have never seen anyone with so much fear as I saw in her eyes that afternoon. She sobbed as she kissed his feet - and he trampled on her head - and then viciously kicked it away almost decapitating her.

What happened to her after that I don't know.

What caused Abdullah to be so sadistic to her, I don't know? After all he was always so gentle with me.

But perhaps it was because I am black and he despised the white Governesses had brought him up.

If you do find her alive, give my love and tell her I so wanted to help her but I was fearful of reprisals -especially from Abdullah

With love
Name: Polly
E-mail address: Polly@hotmail.co.uk
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 10:29:50 AM
Title: Booted and Skirted at school (not mine!)
Comments:It was my last year at an all male bording school and I got to know a beautiful girl Gemma at the local all girls school.

Gemma and I used to meet with her girlfriends Daphne, Debbie and Rachel from school outside their school.

One evening, it was decided to try and sneak me in - and so I was dressed up in the school uniform of black skirt, red blouse and black boots.

I was after all a very fine looking boy - and they were right I could pass off as a girl

They applied makeup to me to make things look real as well as lipstick and eye shaddow

One privilege Gemma, being head of school was allowed - as she had already passed her test was to have her own car.

So she drove in with Debbie in the passenger's seat and me (suitably skirted and booted) sat between Daphne and Rachel.

The porter let us all in - and saluted Gemma - he didn't notice that I wasn't one of the school's girls because in the dark I looked like one of them.

Indeed the girls had done such a good job that even in the light it was hard to have made out that I wasn't a girl - as I had no growth on my chin (no beard or moustache) and had long brunette hair anyway.

The girls parked the car and peeled out - but unfortunately ran into the French teacher - a beautiful lady called Miss Yvonne.

She noticed that she didn't know "one of the girls" and so called us over.

"'ou ist she?" she asked in her strong French accent pointing at me. "Rosinda" Rachel replied and then went red and admitted that I was Gemma's boyfriend who they were smuggling in - for some fun.

Miss Yvonne smiled and told Rachel and Daphne to take Rosinda to her study and I was to be made to wait there.

I started to leave but Rachel simply twisted my arm behind my back to stop me. "You are not going to drop us in it" she said and with Daphne frogmarched me up to Mis Yvonne's study.

They then proceeded to tie my hands behind my back and gagged me, tying me to Miss Yvonne's chair

I struggled but it was no use; the girls had tied my torso to the back of the chair and my ankles to the legs of the chair.

Miss Yvonne and Miss Cynthia the Head came up about half an hour later and smiled as they saw me tied up in the chair.

"So you want to be a girl tonight" Miss Cynthia said. "I think that can be arranged."

They untied me from the chair (though my wrists were still tied behind my back - those girls knew how to tie knots) freed my nakles and led me down the corridor to Miss Cynthia's room.

There I was forced to lie down on a carpet on the floor and was hogtied and gagged.

" Wait there dear until after roll all and I will come back and deal with you" Miss Cynthia said.

When she came back, she said " The choice is yours. You can either be sent back to your school like this and explain to the Headman what is going on - or accept my punishment for you"

She removed my gag and said "Well which is it?"

"What is your punishment" I asked

" I am not going to say, you'll just have to trust me" Miss Cynthia replied. "But it will be fitting"

Not wanting to explain why I was like this, I opted for Miss Cynthia's punishment.

And so I was taken to the upper school girl's dorm (the girls in it were Gemma, Daphne, Rachel and Debbie all of whom I knew and Susan who I hadn't met)- still tied up - and left with them.

It didn't take them long to tie me down on a bed and then they played poker for who would get me - and who would be tied up next to me.

Gemma lost and was tied up tightly next to me. It was areal turn on to see your girlfriend tied up in her skirt, boots and blouse - and how they tied her up accentuated her breasts.

And the winner was Susan.

And so she and Daphne and Debbs had their way with Gemma and me that evening.

Any one interested to know what happened to us?
Name: Rosinda
E-mail address: Rosinda@hotmail.co.uk
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 01:16:02 PM
Title: To Rosinda
Comments:Please continue
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai
Monday, June 11th 2012 - 02:49:44 AM
Title: skirted and booted (in a school not my own) pt 2
Comments:I left the story where Susan had won the game and taht Gemma was tied up next to me.

"What shall we do with them" Susan asked her cohorts and a bit of whispering went on that I could not hear

Susan untied my feet and threw a rope noose around my neck and did the same for Gemma and led us (- hands still tightly tied up behind our backs) down to her sister's study, where the girls in there were all spaced out on dope but not that spaced out that they did not sit up wide eyed in surprise as she led us in.

I was then laid on a bed with my feet tied spereadeagled to the corners of the bed. Gemma was hogtied on the floor.

One of the girls decided to climb on my back - and and started riding me so that her private parts were massaged on my tied hands.

She then took a rope and forced it into my mouth holding both ends and using it like a horse's bit as she rode on me.

The more excited she got, the harder she pulled until I grunted with pain.

After she had sexually climaxed on me, she said: "We've got a real wuz here" as she grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

As it was still early afternoon, they led Gemma and me down to the horses and harnassed us into a buggy each.

Pulling a buggy with four girls in is hard even when you can hold on to the buggy frame but imagine how hard that is with your hands twisted and tied behind your back in a reverse prayer hold. And all you have is an harness to which you are attached.

Mind you, I was glad of the boots because Gemma and I were raced against each other (pulling the buggies) in rough filed terrain.

At the end of the buggy race, which Gemma won, having been whipped the more severely during the race, we were both steaming.

We were taken for a shower - stipped and hosed down.

Gemma was released (after all she was one of them) and given a fresh set of clothes.

I was given a fresh set of clothes too (of course skirted and booted) but then retied. I was then hooded which was real hell as I was still sweating profusely. It felt as if I was in a damp tropical rain forest

I was then taken into one of the other stables and my hands were tied in front of me. They were then attached to a ring far above my head

I was then hoisted off the ground and given a trashing for losing. (The girls had laid bets on who would win and those who bet on me were furious at losing)

And could they whip hard.

Hardly able to take much more, I was released from my bonds and I fell to the ground.

One of the girls started to carress and play with me - which was such a turn on.

Suddenly rather sadistically she twisted my arm behind my back and then went "downstairs" and I then "just went".

The evening ended with the girls returning me tied and gagged to the Headmistress who said:

"Ok it's quits now. If you try to sneak in again you know what to expect. You'll get the same again"

With that she returned my male clothes and released me (with a smile which told me she would love to induge her girls again with me), but the smile the girls gave me told me that it would be worth going through that again.


Name: Rosinda
E-mail address: Rosinda@hotmail.cm
Monday, June 11th 2012 - 02:36:32 PM
Comments:Our partners :
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Sunday, June 24th 2012 - 09:47:45 PM
Title: Nightmare come true
Comments:It was a rainy, stormy day. My daughter and son were a trip with the Youth Group from church, my parents had gone to visit one of my sisters several hundred miles away. So, when my friend Linda called to invite me to lunch with her and her teenage daughter at their home, I accepted happily. At least i wouldn't be so lonely. Ever since my divorce, a year ago, I have felt so alone, even with 2 teenagers at home. No romance, no one to cuddle with when cold, or stormy like today. It was June, schools out, but weather not condusive to doing much. Linda's home is adjacent to a golf course, but the rain had it shut down. Like me, Linda is divorced, with a 17 year old daughter and 13 yr old son. Her daughter is a bit rebellious, so Linda needed a friend as much as I. Her son was on the same trip my kids were on, but the daughter, Julie, had refused to go. Anyway, I put on a sleeveless summer dress, made sure my toenails and fingernails were painted the same color, a pair of cotton bikini panties, and a lightweight white bra. A pair of strappy sandals with a 3.5 inch heel were on my feet. no makeup except a bit of lip gloss, and off to Linda's I went. I parked in the drive, and as usual, used the back door. Linda greeted me with a hug and a kiss on my cheek, and Julie actually acknowledged my existence with a slight nod. Lunch was excellent, primarily vegetables with a bit of grilled fish. When finished, Julie told her mom she wanted to go run around with friends, but Linda said, "no, you're groounded til next Friday, remember. Now, clean the table and load the dishwasher while Beth and I have a chat." Julie turned her back, and I thought I heard her mutter, "bitch" but went to perfrom her chores. Linda and I went to the family room, and sat drinking tea and catching up on gossip and rumors. In the distance, a phone rang, apparently Julie's, as we could hear her talking but couldn't really understand what she was saying. She finally joined us in the family room, and when Linda asked who called, she said, "so now I can't even have phone calls? If you really need to know, it was Hannah, asking me to come over, but I told her I can't. You know you're ruining my life." After a few minutes, she left for her room, and Linda just shook her head, "were we that difficult for our parents at 17?" she asked. "Probably" I responded, remembering some of what I subjected my parents to. About 2:30, I got a call from my son, saying that it would be about 9pm when the bus returned from the trip, and he would call 30 minutes before arrival. "You can stay for supper, now" Linda said. Julie had returned from her room by now, but was giving the silent treatment. She sat down, and began texting, ignoring the 2 adults. A car pulled into the driveway, and I looked at the clock when it did, it was 2:52. Linda asked Julie if it was some of her friends, but Julie said no, she didn't recognize the car. Within a minute, the front doorbell rang, and Linda went to answer. As she opened the door, it was shoved open, knocking her down, and a tall, broadshouldered man, 30-ish, stepped in. Julie and I both sprang to our feet to assist Linda when we heard someone behind us, and when we turned, there were 3 more, although they appeared younger. The first man grabbed Linda by her hair and yanked her to her feet so hard,I was surprised none of her haif was pulled out. I froze in fear, but Julie spoke, "who the fuck are you? Get out of our house, and let my mom go." In a flash, one of the guys from the back door sprang over and punched her in the stomach, knocking her to her knees and leaving her breathless. He then grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her over to me and pushed me backwards back into my chair, then dragged Julie to the sofa and depositied her there. Linda was shoved down beside her daughter, and that's when i noticed the guns. I was so frightenened I couldn't speak, just sat trembling. "Each of yuou cunts put your hands on top of your heads and don't move, don't speak, don't do anything." He nodded his head at the other 3, and they sprang into action. Each had a backpack, and one of them stood by each of us. Since I hadn't done anyting but shake, the guy infront of me had a smirk on his face as he dropped his backpack by my feet, reached in and pulled out a huge black ball with a strap thru it. "OPen that mouth, cunt" he told me, and when I did, the ball was jammed into my mouth. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me out of the chair and twisted me at the same time, so my back was to him. He pulled the strap behind me head til the corners of my mouth were distorted, then I felt him buckle it. He then dropped down, straddling my feet, pulled my arms behind me, and began tying them with rough, coars rope, pulling it so tight, I instinctively groaned. He workd so fast, that in no time my wrists were bound, my elbows had been pulled together and bound, then a noose was draped around my throat and pulled tight enough to feel it, but not choking me, yet. He whispered in my ear, "I can choke you any time I want, and you can't do anything to stop me. Be good, and you live." To emphasize hiw words he gave slight pull on the noose, then relaxed it. He grabbed both of my breasts then, and lifted me to my feet and turned me around and shoved me back into the chair. I could see the others now, and Linda was bound much the same as me, but Julie was laying on the coffee table, ankles bound to her thighs, her arms pulled up so her hands were basically between her shoulder blades and roped from wrist to elbow. It was obvious she was in pain, and her mom looked so worried I thought she was going to start crying. The first guy was now back in the family room, and, seeing Julie, asked, "she give some trouble?" "She just has a foul mouth" her binder answered, "so, she has to suffer." Julie had been wearing flipflops, but they had come off, and her captor took a rope and whipped the soles of her feet for about a minute. Julie was screaming into her gag, her mom was screaming into hers, I was just shaking. Then, all 4 of them took off thru the house, looking for loot, I guess. Linda slid off the sofa and crawled to Julie, who was sobbing almost uncontrollably, and tried to comfrot her, even tho she was tightly bound also. It must have been 30 minutes, but the thugs all returned together, looking unhappy. The leader pulled the gag from Linda's mouth and asked where the safe deposit box was. "The only one I have is at the bank" she cried. "Bitch, all these fancy homes have one built in, so if you don't tell me, your daughter gonna suffer." "Please, I'm telling the truth, there's no safe, only my jewlry box, and I figure you already found it. I don't have anything but the house. My ex took all the vaulables when he left." The leader raised Linda's face, almost lovingly, then slapped her across the face. "Too bad, then bitch. We'll have to find something else of value to take, right, guys?" In unison, they all answered, "fuck yeah", and the looks they gave me and Julie were scary. I should explain, I guess. I am considered a very attractive woman, even competed in a couple of beauty contests when in my teens. Julie is a beautful, rather athlectic teenager, flawless complexion, long blond hair. Linda is also a very pretty woman, but rather overweight. "Showtime" the leader said, and he pulled the gag from Julie's mouth and presented her with a huge erect penis, pinched her mose shut, and wehn she opend her mouth to breathe, rammed it into her throat. Lindda screamed, "motherfucker" and tried to struggle free, but to no avail. The other 3 watched an made filthy comments as their leader worked his enormous member in and out of Julie's mouth until he ejacualted into her mouth. When he removed his member, Julie immediately vomited, then began dry heaving. "I think she needs some practice, guys, so have at it" he said, and one after another Julie was viloated while her now re-gagged mom continued to protest. The leader then focused on me, licking his lips. He walked over, grabbed me, pulled me off the chair onto my knees with my torso on the chair. I felt him reach under my dress and rip my panties from me. I began to cry, knowing what he intended to do, and having seen the size of his member when erect, was scared that I would be ripped apart. He began by fingering me, trying to get me moist, which, unfortunately I did. When he was satisfied, he positioned himself behind me, then I felt the head of that monstrous thing agains my opening, then a brutal shove and I was impaled on the largest organ I had ever even seen. He just held himself there for several seconds, then began to slowly thrust. By now, the other 3 had finished with Julie and were watching and cheering him on. after just a couple of minutes, he began going faster, like a jackhammer, until he was bouncing me up and donw on the chair for what seemed and eternity, and then yelled, "Geronimo" and I felt him coating the insdie of my vagina with his spunk. Even tho he had just violated Julie, his discharge was the most I had ever experienced. He leaned over and patted the top of my head, saying, "we're gonna have a lot of fun before we leave." My body was shaking with fear and revulsion, but I managed to look around the room again, and saw that Linda was being raped orally and from behind at the same time. The bastard behind her said, "you guys need to get some chubby, cause she's working my cock with a vengeance." The leader said, "none for me, thanks. I'm saving my self", then burst into laughter. The fourth guy asked the leader if I was fair game or reserved. "She's for everybody, but the only one I'm interested in. The kid probably doesn't know how to fuck, and I don't like fat girls. Before we're done, this one will be fucking everybody willingly, I bet. Just got to reach the first level, then watch out." Getting the okay, the one who asked pulled me back to my knees leaning over the chair. Then, I felt him rubbins something on my bottom, even into my opening. I began to protest, to try to wiggle away, but he and the leader just laughed. "Slick her up good, dude, cause I bet she's got a cherry poopchute." He did just that, working a lot of whatever he was using into my anus, even sticking several fingers in at once. Finally, he said, "that should do it" and I felt his erection pressing agains my tight anus. He leaned over and said, "relax, cunt, itwont hurt so much" and began pushing into me. He lied, because the pain was sheer agony as he slowly penetrated an opening that wasn't intended for this. His assault was relentless, and finally his crotch was flush agains my bottom. He just paused, letting my insides adapt to the offending object, but finally began to thrust, slowly at first, just as my first rapist had done, but soon began to pound and thrust in earnest. He grabbed my waist to pull me onto him as he thrust forward. The pain desisted a little, but still hurt like hell. I felt my insides getting all warm and liquidy, like he had climaxed into me, but he just kept thrusting away, and I realized he inteded to go until he couldn't anmore. He must have violated me for at least 45 minutes, but finally withdrew and I felt a large amount of fluid oozing out of my anus. "Damn, dude, didn't think you'd ever get off her" the leader said. He lifted me from my knees, led me to the sofa, shoved Linda, still sobbing from her ordeal, to the floor and laid me on my back on my bound arms. Then, he tore the top of my dress from me, riipped my bra off, forced himself between my legs, and rammed his massive member into my vagina again. There was not slow thrusting this time, just brutal pounding, and he sucked and nipped at my breasts, which are very sensitive. I didn.t even breatfeed my kids, due to the sensitivity. This time, his pounding, in the face to face position, was actually stimulating my clit, which had been neglected for so long, To my humiliation I felt my body begin to tingle, and I knew if he didn't finish soon, he would make me orgasm, the last thing I wanted.My body betrayed me, getting to the point of climax before him, and I could hear myself moaning and whimpering, out of desire, and began rising to meet each thrust, even wrapping my legs around him as tightly as I could, not wanting to stop. I came 3 times before he began going wild on top of me, and when he released into me, I had the most intense orgasm I could remember ever having. When he finished, he told the others he was thru, for them to do whatever, and each of them took turns on me, and each of them, although smaller equipped, still managed to make me cum like a slut. At 8;45 on Linda's mantle clock, they decided to leave, and hogtied all 3 of us incredibly tight, wrapping tape over our hands so we couldn't help each other get freee. It was after 11 Pm when one of the men from the trip brought Linda's son home that we were discoverd and the police were called.
Name: Beth
Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 02:58:42 PM
Title: housewifes ordeal
Comments:Sue returned from her office about three in the afternoon and as she opened the door to her houes she was confronted by two masked men and shoved inside before she could make a sound or move away.
She stood facing the men for a secons or two and then realised that one of them was pointing a gun at her. @Back against the wall lady and put your hans on your head'. \she had no choice but to obey him and he moved closer to her with his gun pointed straight at her stomach. \he told the other one to check upstairs and he left the room.
'Now lady I want the car keys, your mobile and your purse' he said as he took her keys and mobile from her. The other one returned and said everything upstairs was fine. 'OK lady, kepp your hand on your head and lets take a walk upstairs'. She started to climb the stairs knowing that he was just behind her with his gun pointing at her and soon they were in the bedroom. He told her to put her hands down and ordered her to move the chair in front of the full length mirror and sit down. He took out a camera and told his partner to get started. He took Sues wrists and began to tie them tightly and securely behind the chair as the other one took several pictures. Sue realised how defenceless and vulnerable she now was but hoped that they were only going to rob her. The second guy bent down and tied her ankles together with a length of clothes rope before tying her kness together. He stood back to admire his handiwork before opening one of her drawers and taking out a pair of panties and a waist slip. 'Open up lady' he oredred before he wadded her panties into her mouth and tied it in place with her slip. The gunman proceeded to take more photos of their victim before he read an inward text coming in on her phone. He grinned as he told her that it was from her husband saying that he would be staying away on business that night and telling her to keep the door locked. He also now knew her name and. standing behind her he taunted her by name.No husband at home tonight eh Sue, well that gives us more time to have some real fun with you. She moaned through her gag as he left the room.
The second man then came behind her and she could see in the mirror that he too ahd a gun. He put it in his pocket and grabbed both her tits from the back. 'Not bad tits Sue lets have a look at them'. He proceeded to slowly unbutton her blouse as she tried in vain to move away and to scream through the very effective gag. Now her blouse was wide open he noticed that she was wearing a front fastening bra and naturally he undid it with a little effort and her breasts were open to his view. His partner returned and saw her decent sized breasts and treated himself to a good feel.
Sue was kept bound and gagged for the next hour or so and was unable to stop the intruders having a good feel of her white breasts whenever that wanted.
Worse was then to follow as her gag was removed and replaced by a blindfold. She sensed one of them go in front of her and she then felt the cold metal of his gun pressed into her stomach. 'You know what happens now Sue, you open that pretty mouth and take my cock.If I so much as feel a tooth I will have no hesitaion about shooting you'.
He pushed his thobbing cock into her mouthans ordered her to suck. After what seemed an eternity she felt a small spurt of his spunk before several larger spurts as he grunted in pleasure. Although Sue had performed oral a few times in the past she had never felt so much cum before. He withdrew his cock and shouted at her to swallow it as he callously slapped her face.
She did as ordered and he moved away but only to be replaced by the second man who gave her similar orders and warnings before inserting his cock into her mouth. It felt so big that it would choke her. Suddenly with a grunt of delight he withdrew it and let the spurting cream splash on to her tear stained face. Sue ordeal had been humiliating so far but they had not finished with her yet, as they had further plans for her.
Name: Rob
Wednesday, July 18th 2012 - 07:42:35 AM
Title: Time to Relocate
Comments:My wife, Susan, and I are what you would call community activists. She's an attorney, I'm a stock broker. I guess you could say, politically, we are liberal. Recently, an event happened that has convinced us to move. It was a Friday, and I decided to work from home. Sue was due in court, so I was home alone. About noontime, she called, in high spirits, to tell me that she had won her case, and would be home a little early, about 3pm, ans suggested we go celebrate. I jumped in the shower about 1:45, to prepare for the evening out. When I emerged from the shower, I heard a crash downstairs. I donned a bathrobe and went to investigate. When I reached the bottom of the staircase, I saw 3 figures, dressed in dark clothing and wearing skimasks, trashing our kitchen. I started to speak, but only got out, "who/" when I was struck on the head and everything went black. When I awoke, I was laying on the floor, belly down, and my hands were bound very tightly behind me, something large, hard, and rubbery tasting was forcing my jaws wide apart, with tape over my mouth. I could tell my ankles were bound just as tight as my wrists. One of the thugs noticed I was awake and raised me to my feet, which caused my robe to open. "No wonder your old lady's such a bitch. Getting fucked with a dick that little would piss off any woman" one said and all laughed. Glancing around, I realized there were 5 of them. I also realized my head was pounding from being struck. About this time, I heard the garage door open, one of the vandals said, "fuck, she's home now too. Thought they didn't get home til late on Friday." "No problem" the apparent leader said, "she can join the party." The door from the garage opened, and before I could make any noise to warn Sue, I was struck again and blacked out once more. When I came to, Sue was laying on the floor also, but she had been bound so brutally with rope, that only her waist area touched the floor. I was bound with zipties, but she was bound with a coarse looking hemp rope. She was gagged, as I was, but also blindfolded. Her legs were pulled up behind her and tied to her in such a way that her upper body was arched unnaturally backwards. She was struggling and trying to scream, but the gag was as effective on her as mine was. One of the intruders then said, "let's have a party", and everyone of them began laughing. At first I thought they were just going to drink our liquor, or something like that. When one of them grabbed Sue byher hair and began to drag her across the floor to the stairs that I finally realized just what they meant by "party". I tried to scream, to escape, to resist, but to no avail. I was also dragged, face down, and they pulled us up the stairs. By the time we got to the top, my robe was basically completely off, just held to me by my bindings. Sue's skirt was down to her knees, which showed her stockings (no garters), and her lovely legs. Sue did some modelling when younger, to pay for law school, and has retained her looks and figure ever since. We are in our mid-thirtys, childless, and both work out and eat correctly, so she has an amazing body. Sue was still struggling with all her might, making as much noise as the gag allowed. That was when one of them pulled out a large, wicked looking knife, and said, "calm down, or you old man's dick will be a lot smaller than it is now." Sue's eyes grew huge, but with a look of pure hatred, but quieted down. The leader then spoke: "here's what's going down. You're going to entertain us until we get tired. Maybe then you'll cause a lot less trouble here in town. And if you go to the cops after, what happens the next time will make this seem like a tea party. We may even take some video and let everyone see how you like to party. Might even get you invited to other parties." He gave a nod of his head and the one who dragged Sue up the stairs lifted her as if she was weigthless and deposited her on our kingsize bed. Pulling a knife from his pants, he quickly cut the rope binding her in such a brutal hogtie. I thought I heard Sue give a sigh of relief, but wasn't sure. He yanked her skirt the rest of thje way off, then slowly, almost sensually, began working her satin bikini panties down, caressing her legs as he did, but Sue seemed to be repulsed by the event. "Who's first" he asked, and the leader said, "you've done all the work, consider it your reward for being so dependable." With a noticeable "alright" he pulled Sue back til she was on her knees, with her head on the bed, then dropped his pants and pulled out a rather large, uncircumcised, fully erect penis, and began to rub it against Sue's vagina. Sue was almost hysterical, sobbing, moaning, screaming thru her gag, as the cretin just rubbed it over and over on her opening. Finally, he said, "she's wet enough now" and rammed his member full length into Sue, holding her waist as he did. Sue reacted with a jerk and began shaking her head as if to say, :no, no", but he just slowly began to move his hips and thrust in and out. After a few minutes, Sue seemed to relax and evn respond to his motions, until he began to thrust in earnes, almost pounding her like a piledriver, and Sue seemed to thrust back as energetically. He was pounding her so hard, the headboard was banging against the wall like a bass drum. Sue began to moan, the sure sign she was having ann orgasm, and as he began to climax, he began to moan also, then yell, with Sue responding as actively as the binding allowed. He ceased his activity, gasping for air, and withdrew his member from Sue's most private area. It glistened with semen and her vaginal fluids. He instantly replaced by another, who was just as energetic in his assault as the first, but took less time, or so it seemed. He pulled his still erect penis from her, and quickly spun her around, yanked the tape and mouthstuffing from her and rammed it full lenght into her mouth. She began to gag and retch, but he kept up his assault until he gave a shudder, and apparetnly ejaculated into her mouth, then held her nose until she swallowed his discharge. Sue tried to cry out, but the leader yanked her by the hair and said, "any sound, and you old man will pay the penalty. If you understand, nod your head." She did, so he released her hair, dropped his trousers and stuck his erect penis in her face, told her to open her mouth, the pushed his member into her. At first, he held her head and worked it up down his shaft, but finally let go and told her to do it without any help. She did so for several minutes, til he said, "get ready, cunt, dessert is on the way." He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face against his crotch, began trembling, and yelled, "fuck yeah!" and again Sue was forced to swallow an amount of semen. As he removed his softening penis from Sue's mouth, she began to sob. The fourth was by this time pounding away at Sue's vagina with more energy than any of her previous rapists, almost as if he was trying to drill a hole thru her. He brutally raped her for at least 20 minutes, with Sue sobbing the entire time, but when he was ready to ejaculate, he pulled out and sprayed his semen all over her buttocks and anus. In an instant, the final attacker was behind Sue, with an absolutely enormous erection, and with only the semen covering her anal opening, rammed his cock into Sue's anus, using the semen as lube. Sue screamed in agony, which made all the others laugh. Her rapist brutally assaulted her intestines, until he also fill her with his repulsive discharge. The others had apparently become aroused during these attacks, as they all had erections they were strking on, and they one by one shot loads of semen all over my wife's lovely face as she sobbed with humiliation. That's when I was brought into the game. I was dragged over and told to lick my wife's abused anus and vagina to remove any semen still lingering, and to lick her face clean. My gag was removed, and with a gun and also a large knife near my wife's head, I had to comply with their orders. It was all I could do to not vomit, but fearing for my wife, as well as myself, continued with my task. Finally, I was pulled away from her, regagged, and placed into a hog tie. I watched in fear as my wife was also re-hogtied, more brutal than before, with a choke rope and a crotch rope this time. They doused us each with several liquors, even vinegar, in an attmept to destruy on DNA, and departed. Their final parting words were, "see you again soon" and they were gone. Througout the entire ordeal they had kept their ski masks on, and Sue had remained blindfolded. To be honest, I could not remember any identifying marks, scars, tattoos, anything to ID them. Their voices had sounded like every one else in town, with a midwestern drawl. It took me an eternity to wiggle across the bedroom, turn over a small table that held a pair of scissors, and cut myself free. I then released Sue, who immediately ran into the bathroom and began a long hot shower
Name: Bill and Susan
Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 05:45:37 PM
Title: Totally Fiction
Comments:My husband was on a business trip outside the US. He works for a consultant/advisor company in the oil industry. He was spending 3 weeks in the North Sea, had been gone only one and I was feeling lonely and sorry for myself. Some ladies I work with were going out on a Friday evening, a girls night out, and invited me along. I declined, but while driving home, I changed my mind. I was going to grab a shower, change clothes, and surprise them when I arrived. Kinda lifted my spirits. I turned into the gravel drive leading uphill to our ranch-style home, on a small hill. It's about 6 miles out of our medium sized city in the mid section of our country. I noticed our nieghbors that we shared the drive with were not home, and appeared that the neighbor across the county road was also gone. For whatever reason, when I entered my house, I didn't re-lock the back door. Guess I was rushing. Anyway, I showered, appled my makeup, then spent 15 minutes deciding wht to wear. I chose a modest length skirt, not too tight, a western-motif blouse, and a pair of calf-length brown boots, with a 3 inch heel. I grabbed a small purse, dropped in my wallet, cellphone, keys, and a couple of other items, and headed for the carport. Walking the hallway to the door, I noticed the deadbolt was not locked, and mentally admonished myself. Just as I reached for the doorknob, the door exploded open, knocking backwards and to the floor. 2 figurs clad all in dark clothing wearing ski masks, and at least one pistol, burst in and one of them instantly straddled my torso, pointed the gun in my face and said, "one sound, and you die." I was so terrfied, I couldn't have m ade any noise even if required to. He rose from me, offered me a hand up, and then slowly backed me thru the hallway. As we entered the family room, the second intruder wrapped an arm around my neck and lowered me to the flooer again. He rolled me over onto my belly and pulled my arms behind me, then began to bind me quite tightly, wrists, elbows, upper body, even ran a rope around my throat. Pulling the throat rope, he lifted me, gasping for air, to my feet. "Okay, sweetheart, we're gonna go look around, and see what you have worth taking. You cooperate, you'll be around when the sun comes up. Give us any shit, they'll have to scrape your brains off the walls, understand?" Still to scared to speak, I just nodded my assent. The led me room by room, but found very little of value. A laptop, some jewelry, and my husband's 9mm pistol was all. They weem agitated, and one of them said, "guess we'll just take something else." It sounded ominous, but at first I didn't comprehend his meaning. It became clear when they led me into our bedroom, and I knew then what was going to happen. I'm 44 years old, mother of 2 college students, but take care of myself and ear right, so an considered attractive. In fact, my son always told me his friends thought I was hot. I'm not a prude either, but am happily married, have never had sex outside of marriage, so I intended to make this as difficult for them as possible without getting killed. Once in the bedroom, they decided to tie me to the foot of the bed, my ankles tied to the legs. The ropes were pulled so tight, I was glad I had on boots. The throat rope was tied to the lower end of the bed, so I was bent slightly backwards. I felt my skirt being lifted, then my silk panties were ripped from me. I tensed my body, preparing for the assault I anticipated was about to happen, but, instead, fingers were inserted into me, then worked around, and to my dismay I began to get wet, very wet. I couldn't see which attacker it was, but heard him say. " she's getting really juicy. Wonder what she tastes like." NOt sure what he meant, I felt the fingers stop and then go away. The next thing I felt was completely foreign to me; I gasped when I was touched, and at first didn't know what it was, but it was a feeling I had never experienced before. It finally dawned on me it was a tongue, and it probed deep inside my vagina, then licked the edges, then probedd again. Finally, the tongue found my spot, which began to harden and swell. He worked my clit over aggressively, and my body began to twitch and buck oncontrollably. I heard a animal-like moaning, and realized it was coming from me! I was actually enjoying what I was being subjected to, which was the last thing I intended to happen. "Man, this bitch loves having her pussy eaten" I heard one of them say. It was a totally new experience for me. My husband was my only sex partner before this, and had never performed oral sex on me, nor I on him. I heard a lot of women talk about how enjoyable it was, but never had the experience. Now, I was being violated, and was actually responding to my attacker. I experienced numerous orgasms before my attacker rose to his feet. I was breathless, from ecstasy, and saw a pair of piercing gray eyes looking at me, and then I felt him thrust his erect penis into me with one jab. It felt rather large, but it could have been the position I was in. Anyway, after several seconds of just standing there with his member inside me, he began to move, slowly thrusting at first, but pwerfully, and again I felt my body involuntarily responding, and those gray eyes never left my gaze. After several minutes of slow intercourse, his movements and thrusts came faster and more powerful, and finally his strokes were so powerful he was raising my booted feet off the floor, and my vagina felt electrified, as again I started having multiple orgasms. Finally, he was ramming into me so violently I think he was even lifting the foot of the bed off the floor. Then, he grabbed my breasts and squeezed violently and yelled, "oh, FUCK" and I felt my vagina flooded with his semen, a virtual flood. Standing there, still holding my breasts, both of us breathing heavily, he suddenly ripped my bouse open, and lifted each breast fromthe cups of my bra and began to suck my nipples, the one thing that my husband knows drives me insane, because they are so sensitve. The other intruder said, "hey, man, move. It's my turn." The first seemed reluctant to leave me, but did, and in an instant, the second rammed his penis into me with a vengeance. This one was definitely larger than any I had ever experienced, whic was only 2, my hubby, and the first rapist. He was not only much larger, but also more brutal, famming into me so hard, that I wasn't feeling any pleasure or enjoyment, just pain and discomfort, but he seemed to go forever, and as he finally approached climax, he grabbed the throat rope and began tightening it til I was unable to breathe hardly, and finally I felt his discharge also flood my vagina, but he seemed to ejaculate forever. When he stepped away, the first began to untie me from the bed, then pushed me onto y stomach on the bed, and bound ma ankled together, then my knees also. He rasied me to my knees on the bed, with my head on the mattress, and I felt him enter me again. As before, at first he just remained motionless, then began to thrust slowly. This time he kept a slow, methodical thrust just as if we were lovers, and once again slowly brought me to multiple orgasms, leaving me breathless once again. Knowing the second man was proably intending to rape me again, I just knelt there, but he rolled me over, untied my knees and ankles, shoved them apart and bound them to the bed frame. I was spread wide open, face up, breasts thrust upwards, as he applied duct tape over each eye. "Don't want her to study my face while I fuck her brains out" he told the other. Again, he rammed his huge penis into me violently, and as before, thrust hard and fast, sucking brutally on my breasts, which this time would cause me to respond, albeit unwillingly, to his harsh attack. He just punded away at me, brutalizing my breasts with mouth and hands, until I began to orgasm. In fact, my orgasm was violent, endless, and humiliating. Humiliating in that I had never responed to my husband in such fashion. I was thrusting my pelvis into his stroke for stroke, using all my energy and for the first time I actually verbally responded, scraming, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you motherfucker" and he dis just that, riding me violently, brutally, for at least 30 minutes, but just as he approached his climax, he jerked out of me, grabbed my head, lifted it up and rammed that large, slimy, cock of his to the back of my throat and shot his huge load of semen into my throat. It was to much I couldnt help but gag, cough, and try to spit it out, but he clamped my nose shut so when I gasped for air, i swallowed every bit of it. My stomach rumbled, churned, rebelled, but before i could vomit it up, a washcloth was rammed in my mouth then taped over. My ankles were released from the bed framed, then bound side by side and pulled up and bound to my wrists. "Goodbye, bitch, maybe we'll be back some day" one of them said, then I heard them depart. I lay there tightly bound and gagged for what seemed an eternity, when i heard my neighbor calling my name, and made as much noise as possible with a mouth full of washcloth. Fortunately it was enought, as soon she was removing the gag, blindfold, and tried to untie me, but ended up using scissors to cut me loose. The police are still looking for my aattackers, who apparently burglarized allt the houses in the area that were empty that evening
Name: Jane Doe
Saturday, July 28th 2012 - 03:00:09 PM
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Title: Mother and Daughters
Comments:My girls and I had attended a bachelorette party on a Friday evening. Breaking with traditon, the party was a week before the wedding. We all had indulged in alcohol, so the hostess of the party had arranged designated drivers for us. Actually, it was a limo service. Picked us up before, took us home after. My daugthers are 21 and 24, I'm 43. We're all brunettes, and, if all the men who hit on us when we're out together, i look like thier sister, not mother. I own a fitness center, and my girls work there as trainers/instructors, so we're all in great shape. Anyway, feeling rather buzzed, I insisited the girls stay at my place overnight rather than go to their respective apartments. They agreed, and we sat around in our party clothes, gossiping about who had gained weight, lost weight, etc, just enjoying ourselves, when the lights flickered and went out. I went for a flashlight and candles, and someone grabbed me and wrestled me to the floor with a hand over my mouth, then I was struck on the head and blacked out. When I awoke, I was bound hand and foot, something was jammed into my mouth, stretching my jaws til they ached. My feet were bound to my wrists, my elbows were touching, my head throbbed, but all I was concerned with were my girls. "Looks like mom's awake" I heard from somewhere behind me. I was grabbed by my bound ankles and dragged on my stomach across the floor into my living room, and saw my daughters bound musch the same as me. Then I noticed 3 large men, making no effort to conceal their identity, but I didn't recognize them. "Let the games begin" one of them said. I didn't understand at first, but I saw one of them with his back turned to us begin to disrobe. I had to admit he had a very toned, muscular body, but the numerous tattoos on his back weren't attractive at all. He had a small butt, as well. I felt disgusted at myself for admiring his physical condition, but that is my line of work. Anyway, he slowly removed all his clothing, even socks and shoes.. There was no doubt what his intentions were, or the other 2 as well. When he turned around, all 3 of us women got a shock. He had the largest male organ I have ever seen. It had to be atleast 10 inches, almost as thick as my wrist and was uncircumcised. It stood straight out like a pointer, and my youngest seemed totally mesmerized by the sight. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. Then, one of the others said, "here's the deal. Each one of us is gonna fuck the living shit out of each one of you, probably more than once. Probably all 3 holes, too. You can fight as much as you are able, all hogtied, but it still gonna happen. When you suck our dicks, if anyone of us feels a tooth, all 3 will suffer for it. Whenwe finally decide we've had enough, we'll leave. You won't call the cops, cause if you do, if we don't come back, our friends will. When we leave the next time, no one will be able to identify you except a dentist. Also, someone will be contacting you to buy your gym, and you will sell. If you don't, if you call the cops, or try to stall the sale, we'll be back, and it will be mush worse." The one with the big dick was slowly stroking it, and seemed to be deciding who was his first victim. He decided on my youngest, walked over, rubbed that huge dick all over her face, removed her gag, and shoved it into her mouth. She began gaggin, making retching noises, crying, trying to get the massive intruded out of her mouth, but was held firmly by her head. After several minutes he pulled out of her mouth, and shot a huge amount of semen all over her face. She was sobbing hysterically, and the other 2 repeated the actions of the first, and when the last one finished, her face was basically a mass of semen. She was regagged, and they turned attention to my other daughter. She was untied from her hogtie, her ankles were bound to her thighs, her pantied torn from her, and that huge organ was rammed into her, and she was brutally pounded for an eternity until he depostied his filthy discharge into her vagina. One of the others untied me, bent me over a foot stool and rammed himself into my anus. He was more brutal than my daughter's violator. The pain was unberable, and I was screaming into the gag in my mouth. My daughters were both crying, watching their mother being sodomized, knowing the same fate was in store for them. I lost count of the number of times I was raped and sodomized, forced to fellate, repeatedly. My daughters were forced to perform oral sex on each other, cleaning each other's private parts with their tongues. They were also raped repeatedly and sodomized. Dayligt came, then darkness returned, before our attackers were through with us. We were again hogtied, our bodies bent into impossible arches. In my case, the soles if my feet were touching my elbows. Any movement at all was excruciating, and the girls had ropes around thier throats to choke them if they struggled. I had a crotch rope on me, that was of especially coarse hemp rope and my brutally abused vagina was on fire from it. We remained like that until my assistant manager came looking to see why none of us had been to the gym that day.
Name: Jane Doe
Sunday, August 12th 2012 - 12:27:48 AM
Title: What a wait
Comments:It came to me our of the blue. It was Sunday, I was in a fast food joint eating lunch when I saw her. I doubt if she recognized me or even remembered me, but she had been my 3rd grade tacher and I was now 22. My family moved during the summer before the 4th grade, but I recognized her immediately. Older, but still extremely attractive, with a body that men noticed. She had to be late 40s, maybe 50, bubt her dress accentuated and complimented her shape. She was wearing heels, and, being Sunday, I figured she was heading home from church. Her outfit was not suggestive or revealing, but a man couldn't help but notice. For some reason, my cock got rock hard, and I had to wait for it to go down before standing up. She walked by me on her way out, and showed no sign of recognition, and I began forming a plan. I waited til she had left the parking lot, then left myself. I was pretty sure I knew my way around the town still, so I drove to where I thougt she had lived so many yeras ago. Sure enough, I was coming down the street from the other direction when I saw her pull into the driveway of an older, multi-story house. I went to 3 different stores acquiring items I would need for my plan: adhesive bandage, surgical tape and gauze from a drug store; a 200 ft roll of rope from a discount store; at another discount store I purchased another 300 ft of rope, duct tape, and an assortment of zipties of various lengths. I watched from afar for over a week, figuring out her routine, her habits, til I decided on a time to strike. She was single, an "old maid" I guess, lived alone, and never socialized. I waited til she left for church on a Sunday of a 3 day weekend. I was pleased to see she wore a skirt that hugged her bottom seductively, a form fitting blouse, dark hosiery, and high heel pumps. It wasn't revealing, so I guess it was okay for church. I hid my old car about 2 blocks from her house, and even tho it was raining, walked to her place and sneaked thru the back yard and found a cellar door unlocked. Entering was a snap, now just waiting for her return. Her house sat back from the street about 200 feet, with a patch of woods behind it. No one ever saw me! About 12:30 I heard her drive in on the gravel driveway. I waited, with my dick getting harder by the second. I had never done this before, but was confident I could get away with it, and was eager. She entered the back door, sat her purse on the kitchen table, hung her keys on a pegboard by the door, and turned around. I was facing her then, clad all in black, ski mask, sunglasses, and had a nickel-plated pistol which was pointed right at her heart. Her mouth gaped open, her eyes focused on the gun, and I saw the fear in her eyes. I waved her forward, grabbed her shoulders, spun her around, bent her over the back of her sofa, pinning her with my body. I croaked in her ear, "not a fuckin sound, and open your mouth." She complied instantly, and I could feel her trembling. I rammed a rubber ball into her mouth, then told her to put her arms behind her. She was sobbing now, but did as ordered. I ziptied her elbows together in a flash, then began to tie her wrists with rope. I yanked the rope hard, making her grunt. Next, I applied the 2 eyepads I had made to her face, then wrapped with the adhesive bandage. Confident that all was according to plan, I guided her to the cellar. She almost fell going down the steps, and when I caught her, it was by her left tit. She groaned but didn't try to pull away, so I took the liberty to squeeze some more, causing her to groan again, almost as if she enjoyed it. With a steel hard cock, I led her to an old metal bedframe, no mattress but just the steel springs running length and breadth of the frame. I pushed her on the bed on her knees, applied a rope around her throat to hold her down on the bed, and to limit her struggles, otherwise whe would choke. I tied her ankles tightly to the side rail of the frame as far apart as I could get them. She was still sobbing, and I felt sure she knew what was about to happen. Grinning to myself, I pushed her tight fitting skirt up over her bottom, and was surprised to see stockings instead of panty hose, as well as bikini panties, instead of "granny panties". I had the thought that she wasn't so modest after all. Her round bottom was reeally quite shapely, so I smacked it then rubbed it, stuck a finger into her twat and wiggled it around, causing her to wiggle her ass. When my finger was quite wet with her juices, I stuck it in her tight asshole, causing her to flinch and begin making noises that sort sounded like "no, no, please", but the game was on. I had a tube of lubricant that was supposed to "enhance sensitivity and stimulation" and rubbed a liberal amount into her ass and cunt, eliciting several moans. I rubbed my dick with some, causing it to tingle pleasantly. I rubbed it first against her cunt lips, then her puckered ass hole. Grabbing her by the waist, I rammed into her ass with all my might. She squealed into the gag in pain, as I bottomed out in her poop chute. I held for several secounds, before beginning to stroke, with her wiggling and protesting each stroke. I kept increasing speed until I was pounding her ass as fast as my body could allow. I schieved a massive climax, filling her with several hard spurts of jizz. As I withdrew from her ass, the sound of air secaping was noticeable, and for a minute I thought she might empty her bowels. Fortunately it was just air. I went to wash off, returned, and prepared to take her again. This time, before applying more lube, I again fingered her cunt, really working it over for a couple of minutes til she agains was moaning. More lube on mu cock, and I plunged into her cunt. Her reaction was much different this time, as her moans sounded like moans of pleasure. In just a minute, she was working her hips in unison with my thrusts, and her cunt was milking mu cock, trying to get me to fill her with my seed. Having just filled her guts, it took quite some time before I begin feeling that tingling in my balls that I was about to shoot. I began just pounding her cunt, and she responded just as eagerly, until we both were cumming. I decided it was time to go, so I released her from the position she was in, bound her ankles, in a crossed fashion, then bound them to the end of the bed. I left, not really thinking if anyone would rescue her or not. I left town for a few days, and when I returned, the only news about Teacher was that someone had broken into her house, found nothing worth taking, and left her bound and gagged to a kitchen chair. Its been several months now, I've remained in town, even getting a job, and no one seems to be invetigating anything about me. I see her every once in a while, and have been thinking that maybe I should pay another visit.
Name: John Holmes
Monday, September 3rd 2012 - 05:21:50 PM
Title: Unexpected Surprise
Comments:An Unexpected Surprise

My lovely Asian Wife is always concerned that I am able to cum when we make love. She feels that when we engage in fantasy role play this will help me to cum much better, longer and stronger than if she performs oral sex with me. Also, as part of the fantasy role play, she likes it when I tie her up, completely restrain her, and include sensory deprivation as part of our fantasy role play lovemaking.
For her, she finds that I cum stronger and last longer if I cum in her small little rosebud. And, I have to admit, I do have a much more powerful ejaculation when I come in her rectum.

She likes to fantasize in our role play that she is being attacked by a burglar (me) who has stripped her, tied her spread-eagled and face down on her stomach on the bed, and has gagged her with a panty, placed tape over her mouth, put cotton balls over her eyes and then tape over the cotton balls, and stuffed cotton into her ears. Just her telling me this makes me get hard.

Since this is her fantasy, I am very eager to oblige.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked up to my wife while she was in the Kitchen and said to her “want to be ravished?” Immediately she turned around said “let’s do it now.” I told her to wait in the kitchen and then come into the bedroom in about fifteen minutes. While she was waiting, I prepared to make her fantasy come true. However, I had an unexpected surprise for her- Ginger.

As my wife entered the bedroom and being ready and in disguise, I grabbed her and clamped my hand over her mouth, telling her to “keep quiet.” I then shut the door and with my hand over her mouth, I told her “don’t do any stupid. I am just here to rob you. But first, I need to make sure you are restrained and secured so you can’t escape and summon help.” Do you understand? Nod your head if you understand.” She nodded her head. “Good, I said, now I am going to take my hand off your mouth. Don’t scream.” She did as told. “Now, I want you to go get the following from your drawers: two clean panties.” She did as told. “Next, I want you to go to the bathroom and get four cotton balls.” She again did as told. “Now hand those over to me.” She gave me the panties, and the cotton balls. “Now, I want you to take off all of your clothes, and then go lie face down on the bed, on your stomach, with your arms and legs spread out.” Again, she did as told.

With her nude, face down and spread eagled on the bed, I began to restrain her.
Using the duct tape I already had with me. I tightly taped each of her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Then, I picked up the panties. “Open your mouth”, I told her. She did as told. I shoved the panties into her mouth and then applied tape over her mouth to hold the panties in place. Next, I placed two cotton balls over her yes and secured those with tape as well. Then, I took the two remaining cotton balls and placed one in each ear.

Looking at her being helpless, fully exposed and sensory deprived made my cock start to get hard.

Now, with her fully restrained and unable to speak, see or hear, I removed my clothes and my black ski-mask.

I climbed on top of her and began to slowly rub my now hard cock over her pussy and rectum. While I was doing this, she began to moan and mew through her gag and squirm against her restraints.

I could tell she was enjoying having my cock rub against her small puckered rosebud as her moans and mews became louder and louder.

Just as I started to press my dick against her rectum, I stopped. Immediately she started to moan and mew as if telling me she wanted me to continue.

However, I had a surprise for her. I took a piece of cut ginger and placed it in her rectum. Immediately, she began to squirm, moan and mew with more intensity. She struggled, mewed and moaned through her gag and began shaking her head from side to side. I just watched with delight as the ginger was doing its job. Her body was shaking and she was bucking as the ginger continued to remain in her rectum for at least ten minutes. During that time, I saw she was having multiple, small orgasms. All of a sudden, her body began to violently shake with a huge, final orgasm and then a huge wet patch began to appear under her body.

When she stopped shaking, I removed the ginger root from her rectum and then removed her gag, blindfold and restraints. She then slowly got up, turned to me, and gave me a big hug and a passionate kiss. “This was the most intense and earth-shattering orgasm I have ever had”, she said. “I loved it. From now on, I want our fantasy role plays to always be this way.”

Name: burglar
Saturday, September 8th 2012 - 07:31:45 AM
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Title: Ordeal
Comments:I became a widow at the age of 39, when my husband died in his sleep. No illness, syptoms, or anything. Just went to sleep and never woke up. He had retired from the military less than a year befoe his death, and we opened a pawn shop/military surplus store. After his death, since we had no children, I just stayed put, keeping the business open. bout a year after his passing, I closed the shop, on a Friday night, slosed out the register, put the cash in the safe, and decided to ear out. After dinner, I stopped at the supermarket for groceries, then heded home. I closed the garage door, then began to carry my purchses iside. I forgot to add, the shop is located in a very large ranch style house, and we lived in the back half. I set the first bags down, went after the rest, and when I got back into the kitchen, I was confronted by an individual dressed in black witha hooded sweatshirt and a large knife, taken from the display case in the shop, which he held point first against my throat. "One word, one sound, and its the las you'll ever make." I nodded my head, and he reached out, grabbed my shoulder and guided me into my living room. "Sit down, be quiet" he told me, and again I nodded. I was so scared, my heart felt as if it wasa in my throat. About that time, another figure showed up and the first told him to "go find something to tie her up with." A third then appeared, and was told, "go find something to gag her with." I started to object, but the knife was still visible, so I kept silent. The 2nd man returned, and dropped a whole spool of nylon paracord from the surplus area of the shop. The first chuckled, saying, "that's 1000 feet, we can tie her up 20 times." He grabbed the spool, and unwound several feet, cut it off, threw it to the second guy and told him to tie me up, and make sure I couldn't escape. The second thug began to tie, and the first kept cutting off lengths of rope and tossing them over by us. I was tied incredibly tight, with rope being tied pretty much the entire length of my arms, even pulling my elbows together, which pulled my shoulders back, causing my large breasts to strain against my blouse. I'm not a thin super model type, but I'm also not large by any means, I'm 5-4, 38D-31-37, all genuine woman. The third returned by now with several scarves, and a roll of medical tape from the medicine cabinet. I was roughly shoved to the floor, my ankles were crossed and tightly tied, then a rope was tied from them to my wrists, and pulled so sharply I groaned, which caused the 3rd attacker to shove a rolled up scarf into my mouth then criss-cross several strips of tape over my mouth. Once satisfied I was unable to escape, all 3 went rummaging thru the house and shop for several minutes. The leader finally returned, ripped the tape off my mouth and pulled the wad of scarf out, and asked for thje combination to th safe. I told him there was nothing in it, that he needn't worry about it, that I had been to the bank, and he slapped me, saying, "I want the combination, and right now," then slapped me again. Reluctantly I gave the comination, he re-gagged me, and returned to the safe. The other 2 were back by then, each carrying duffel bags filled with items. After several minutes, nr.1 was back, grabbed my hair, lifted my head and slapped me again, then said, "you fucking lied to me, bitch. I found over $1000 cash in th safe." He slapped me again, and one of the others said, "we need to teach her not to lie." "Dude, you're right. Take the tape off, and the gag also." Again, the tape was painfully ripped of, the gag pulled out, and when the guy stepped aside, the leader was standing there with an erect penis pointed straight at my face. I begged him not to do what he intended, but he pinched my nose, forcing my mouth open and rammed his member to the back of my throat, holding me by the back of my head, and shortly discharged a large quanmtity of semen down my throat. He withdrew, stepped aside, and was replaced by another, who repeated the actions of the first, and was rpelaced by the third, who also blasted the back of my throat. In short order, I had been froced to swallow an incredible amount of semen, and from their off-color remarks, and leering looks, I knew more of something was in store for me. I found out just what in no time. I was lfted like a suitcase, carried over to the dining table, and plopped down. Hands under my skirt tore off my panties, which were shoved in as a new gag, followed by tape. One of them positioned himself behind me, lifting my knees and pulling me backwards, and entered me with a brutal thrust. He performed this rape just as the forced oral sex, brutal and rapid. The others also indulged themselves at my expense, more than once each also, until they were unable to reach erection. I was yanked off the table, left on the floor, and they departed. When I tried to work my bonds loose, all I accomplished was making them tighter. I remained on the floor until 9am, when the teenaged boy who worked for me came in for work, untied me, called the police and an ambulance.
Name: Paige
Saturday, September 22nd 2012 - 08:50:23 PM
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Friday, November 2nd 2012 - 05:26:52 AM
Title: golden opportunity
Comments:I was sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a nice Saturday lunch. Just in front of me was a table of 4 or 5 good looking women, eatin, talking, laughing, gossiping. One very good looking woman with blond hair with just a few wisps of gray, really caught my attention-hourglass figure, with her blouse cut low enough to show good cleavage, and a very snug fitting skirt with dark hosiery underneath, and some chunky high heeled sandals. I was close enough to hear everything they said, especially since they weren't trying to be quiet. It came to me when one of the women asked the blond why she still lived alone in her old farmhouse in the country. "I've always wanted to have a house like it, to fix up but still retain the old style and atmosphere. Plus, one of the upstairs bedrooms is a great studio for my painting" was her reply. Having been raised in the area, but left as soon as I finished high school (15 years earlier), I wondered just where she lived. As if she had read my thoughts, she said, "when the Cooke family sold the farm, the developed who bought it didn't really want the house and 15 acres right around it, and that's when I got it. Needed a new roof and furnace, but otherwise, a real solid older house. Plus, plenty of room for a nice flower garden and vegetable garden. I don't mind living alone, anyway." That's when I realized I had a hard-on just looking at her; so, I began to plan something. I knew the place she lived, had even helped the Cooke family on their farm when a teenager, baling hay, fixing fence, etc. So, I had an inside advantage. I left the restaurant and went shopping. At the hardware store, I bought 300 feet of rope. Next, the drugstore for gauze and tape. Finally, a retail store, where I bought some items for disguising my identity. After spending the evening preparing my kit, cutting the rope into various lengths, making plans, etc, before taking advantage of the dark, and hiked to her place. I found a good place to hide and watch, and about 10pm, unexplainedly, she got in her car and drove off. Not expecting this, I had to rethink my plans, finally deciding to break in and wait for her to return. I guess it was good thinking to have brought some pepper spray and a stun gun. She looked pretty fit, and might fight pretty hard. I waited for quite some time, and was starting to get cold feet, when she pulled in. I hoped she had returned alone; she had. Don't know where she had been, but when she walked into the dim light of the kitchen, she was wearing a denim skirt, tank top, and black loafers. She set down her bag, dropped her carkeys into it, then pulled out a cell phone and plugged in the charger. She was unaware I was standing in the shadows, dressed completely in black. When she bend over to pick something up, I noticed how shapely her ass was. Stun gun in one hand, spray in the other, I lunged at her. She sensed the movement and turned, so I sprayed her eyes, and when she raised her hands to rub them, I zapped her with the stun gun in her armpit. She dropped like a rock, and as quick as I could, I tied her hands with 20 ft of rope as tight as I could yank it. She began to stir, and I grabbed her hair and yanked her hair back. "Please, my eyes are on fire, whoever you are. Wash them out, I beg you" she begged, pretty much in tears. "Keep crying, cunt, the tears will wash them. Now open your mouth." To provide incentive to her, I slapped her ass as hard as I could, and she opened wide. I stuffed a huge wad of 2 rolled up bandanas in, then taped it over. Next, I tied her elbows together, getting them to touch. I could feel her body under me, as she sobbed. Feeling empowered, I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "we're going to have a lot of fun tonite. Don't cause trouble, and you might see the sun come up. If you ar difficult, you will suffer." To stress my point, I looped a rope around her throat and tightened it a bit, causing her to to squeaal thru her gag. I relaxed the noose, then helped her get to her feet. A notion hit me, and I took the role of first aid tape and wrapped it over her eyes so she couldn't see. By now, she understood what was going to happen, and she went as stiff as a board. I turned her towards the living room, with her resisting as much as possible. Angry, I steered her to the sofa, bent her over the arm, reached under her skirt and yanked her panties off, with her tryin to kick me while I did. I wrapped my legs all through hers, stopping the kicking, dropped my pants, pulled out my rock hard dick, and with no lube, no gentleness, nothing, rammed it in her tight, puckered ass hole, full length. She stiffened then began twitching and jerking from the pain. I began to hammer her ass as hard as I could, with the sound of our flesh slapping together very loud. She was sobbing, screaming, making as much noise as the gag allowed, as I rammed her ass like a madman. Finally, I shot my load into her guts, and withdrew and wiped off my cock on her skirt. She was trembling as if she was a leaf in the wind. "More to come, sweet cheeks" I told her. Grabbing some rope, I tied her into a tight frogtie. I laid her on top of her bound arms on the sofa, ripped her tank top up to expose what turned out to be the most beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen. I began to kiss and suck her npples, and her sobs turned to moans. Not sure if it was pleasure or grief, I just kept at it til my dick was hard. I reached down and rubbed her cunt vigorously, getting it wet and ready. She was shaking her head back and forth, 'no, no', but I wasn't to be denied. I rubbed my cockhead agains her cunt lips, then pushed in about an inch and withdrew. I did that for several minutes, til she was just soaking wet, and the sounds became more of desire. She arched her back a bit, and as she did, I rammed into her again, only in her cunt. Again, I pounded her like a wild man, and she was into it as much as I was. I lasted for an eternity, due to the previous episode, I guess; I had to pause to rest a couple of times, with sweat dripping off me onto her also sweaty body. Finally, I began to cum again, and I was ramming her so hard, her big tits were flooping around like crazy. As i came, I yelled, 'fuck,yeah!. Exhausted and spent, i collapesed on top of her, and I thing both of us drifted off for a while. Finally I awoke, noticed the time, and decided I had to leave. I rolled her onto her stomach, and tied her ankles then pulled them up and tied them to her elbow rope. I figured it was uncomfortable, but knew she would not be able to escape for quite some time. Long enough for me to hike back into town, get my car, and hit the road. I had already checked out of the motel. I whispered in her ear, "I'll leave a knife on the kitchen table. All you have to do is wiggle off the sofa, across the floor, knock over the table, and cut yourself loose. If you call the cops and I find out, my next visit will be more painful but quicker. See ya." Then I was gone. I went to a town about 10 miles away, found a job, and watched the news and the paper, but never a word about a search. Not planning on doing it again.
Name: Brutus
Saturday, November 3rd 2012 - 02:59:55 PM
Title: Jane Doe
Comments:I'm now 19, but this happened when I was 18. It was summer, I had just graduated from high school, and wanted to earn some extra cash before going to college in the fall. Some family friends asked me to house sit for them while they went on a cruise to celebrated their 25th anniversary. They have a nice home, on several acres about 10 miles from town. My family was going on a vacation trip that I dearly wanted to avoid, so agreed. The money wasn't great, but the house is luxurios, has a pool, sauna room, home gym, all kinds of stuff to entertain myself. On the day agreed on, I showed up, was briefed on the alarm system, the a/c system, the pool, etc. Satisfied I had been thoroughly briefed, they departed. The first 2 days, I really enjoyed just laying around the pool, swimming, working out in their gym, and the satellite tv. On day 3, it clouded up and began to storm, which kept me inside and away from the pool. About 2 pm, I decided to take a nap, due to the boredom. I lay down on the sofa in the tv room, and soon fell asleep. Something about a rainy day makes me sleep pretty good. Something woke me, a strange noise, and I slipped my loafers on and went to find out what the noise was. I found the door from the deck to the kitchen was open, and figured I hadn't shut it good, and the storm had blown it open. I cllosed it and locked the deadbolt, got a cold drink from the fridge, and when I started back to the tv room, just as I turned the corner into the long hallway, I was accosted by a rather large African-American man, and he had a hatchet in his hand, and I saw a gun stuck in his waistband. I yelled in surprise more than fright, and in a flash he punched me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me and dropping me to my knees. Gasping for air, I felt my hair grabbed and I was lifted back to my feet. The gun was stuck to my temple, and he asked, "who else if fuckin here?" "Nnnno one,just me" I said in fear for my life. "You must be tellin the truth, 'cause no one come to see what the noise is" he said, with an evil sneer on his face. He began shoving me down the hall, and when he found a bedroom, he pushed me into it, threw me on the bed face down, straddled my legs, yanked my arms behind me, and I felt something go around my wrists. "Please don't tie me up" I begged, but to no avail. My wrists were pulled tgether by what turned out to be zipties. My elbows were also zipped together, then my ankles, and finally my ankles were connected to my wrists with another ziptie. He pulled them so tight they bit deeply into my skin. "Since you hear all by yourself, and so far from town, no need to gag you, least not yet", he said with a chuckle. "Now, be a good girl and stay put." Stay put? Where could I go, hogtied with plastic zipties? He left me, and I could hear him moving around the house, knocking things over as he went. According to the digital clock beHside the bed, he was gone for 45 minutes. When he returned, he smelled of liquor. "Miss me, snowflake?" he asked me. I tried to ignore him, and he laughed. "Guess you need to learn some manners, blondie" he said. He walked across the room, and with his back to me, began to disrobe. "No, please" I begged, but he kept removing his clothes. For the rest of my life, I'll remember how hairy his body was, and he was a bit overweight as well. When he turned to face me, I was stunned-his erect cock was the largest I had ever seen. I wasn't a virgin by any means, but never had a lover who was so huge. I was mesmerized, as he walked to me, his organ like a bayonet in front of him. Grabbing me by the back of my head, he said, "it's time for your gag". I tried to turn my head, but his grip was too much. I clamped my jaws as tight as possible, but he just pinched my nose until I had to open my mouth to breathe. Once open, my mouth was immediately stuffed with his cock, stretching it more open than I thougth possible. He jammed it so far back I had to gag and retch, but he just laughed and held my head tight into his crotch until I began breathing thru my nose, then worked my head back and forth until he blasted a huge load of cum into the back of my throat. Again he pinched my nose, causing me to swallow what he had just filled my mouth with. I almost puked, as I don't like the taste of cum, and never had swallowed before. Laughing at me, he walked across the hall into the bathroom and began looking thru the cabinet, til he found something he wanted, then returned to where I was, humming to himself. He was carrying a tube of Vaseline, and I couldn't figure out why, at first. When he pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the ziptie that held my ankles to my wrists, yanked my shorts and undies down, then squeezed some of the Vaseline onto my butt and began rubbing it in my bottom, I knew. I began to scream, cry, beg, anything to change his mind, but again he just laughed. He seemed to work a lot of the jelly into me, then several fingers, which hurt a lot. Finally he straddled my legs, pulled me back til my knees were under my belly, then I felt the head of that huge cock against my bottom, and he began to push it in. It ws the most agonizing pain I ever felt. I shrieked in pain, but he just kept laughing, and finally he was inside me full length. It felt like a baseball bat was inside my body. He then began to thrust, slow at first, but then faster and faster until I was actually bouncing on the bed, the bed was slamming into the wall, with me screaming in agony. Finally, I heard him making animal noises and then he was finished. When he withdrew from my ass, it made a 'slurp' noise. I lay there sobbing in pain and humiliation, and I felt him shove me back onto my belly, then pulled my legs up and ziptied each ankle to a thigh. He left me for almost an hour, but when he returned, he was absolutely reeking of alcohol. I guessed it was going to get bad again. He rolled me over onto my back, on top of my bound arms. This caused me legs to spread, and he said, "I like it when the woman I gettin ready to fuck is eager for it". He reached down and ripped my blouse open, exposing my braless breasts. I'm not blessed with large breasts, but my nipples are pretty long, and he seemed disapponted at this revelation. As he fondled my breasts, he caught me unaware and rammed his huge cock into my cunt so hard I thought he might have ruptured my cervix. Again, he started slow, even gentle, but began going faster and harder every second, holding himself at arms length above me, sweating profusely, which dripped onto my body. He was pounding me so hard he was almost in a blur. Again, when he ejaculated into me he made animal sounds, grunting and moaning, until he was thoroughly drained. I felt his disgusting fluid oozing from me for what seemed forever. He raped several more times before he left, and when he did leave, he put me into a brutal hogtie,, taped my mouth shut, and then ziptied my throat to the bedpost. I was finally discovered when a friend came to join me for a swim, found the door wide open, and all 4 tires on my car flat. The sheriff's department told me that the evidence left by my attacker showed him to be a serial rapist who had raped over 20 women in a year's time, all over the country. Its been a year and he still hasn't been caught.
Name: Jane Doe
Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 01:38:03 AM
Title: The Punishment Fit the Crime
Comments:I'm a mother of 3 girls, 17, 15, and 12, plus a boy, 8. Married twice, divorced twice. Seems I couldn't pick men too well. It was a Friday evening, in the summer. I am a teacher, so don't have to work the months of June and July. It had rained off and on all day, the humidity was almost intolerable, so we were watching movies, eating popcorn, drinking tea or lemonade. A car drove up, and 3 guys got out, walked up to the door and rang the bell. My oldest, Paige, jumped up to answer the door, then called me to come. I didn't know any of them, so just stuck my head around the door's edge to ask what was up. They said they were looking for David (2nd ex). "He hasn't lived here for 6 years" I told them. "Too bad" the largest said, and all 3 hit the door so hard it was if it exploded. I was knocked to the floor, and Paige ran screaming at the other kids to run. "Come back here you fucking kids, or we'll cut your old lady's throat." One of them had apparently gone out the front and ran to the back, and headed them off anyway. Our subdivision is semi-secluded, and there are numerous trees on my property. I got the house in the divorce settlement with my first husband, which he had actually designed and had built before our marriage disintegrated. No one could see what was happening, is what I'm trying to say. Anyway, I was grabbed by my hair and dragged, even tho I was trying to get to my feet. Finally, I was released and told to stand up, keep my mouth shut, and, if I didn't want my kids hurt, do what they said immediately. We were all terrified, but I think my 8 year old son was the least scared. "Get these rugrats tied and gagged" the largest said. Guess he was the leader. I asked what they were after, but as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I was slapped so hard my ears rang. "I said shut your fuckin mouth, bitch" I was told. I saw my kids being bound with a small diameter, rough looking type of cord, and they weren't being spared because of their ages, either. Paige was crying but silently; Anna was sobbing as the cretin bound her brutally (she's the 15 yr old). Actually, I think it was because the brute was rubbing and squeezing her breasts. Anna is the most developed in the family. 15 and already in a C cup. I am a C also, but I'm 40 and breastfed all 4 kids. I started to jump to her assistance, but was yanked back by my hair. "Get mom tied, too. Don't tie her ankles yet, tho." That sounded rather ominous. The second intruder began to bind me, but used plastic zipties instead of rope. He pulled them so tight I thought they would go to the bone. He had looped 2 into a sort of cuff, then pulled each tight. He used a long one to bind my elbows til they touched. I noticed Anna had her elbows bound also, so her young but large and full breasts thrust far out. Paige and Grace are both slender, small framed, athletic looking and seemed to draw no unwanted notice. Lucas was just glaring at our attackers, but wasn't spared. I was wearing a lightweight summer dress, the others were in shorts and tanktops or t-shirts. I watched anxiously as my poor children were each gagged with several pieces of duct tape. To my horror, I was bent over a armchair and my undies were yanked off. Then, they were stuffed into my mouth and taped over. "Okay, cunt. David told us you are a great fuck, and these girls of yours are all pretty hot for kids. Seems he told the truth, at least aboout the girls. Here's what we're gonna do. You get to "entertain" us until we have enough, then, we gonna take these kids and sell them. Them girls probably make a couple hundred bucka nite working truckstops and rest areas. This blond, blue eyed little boy worth a lot of money in South America somewhere. If you treat us good, we might not cut your fuckin throat, but after tonite, you ain't never seein them kids again." All of us began crying and yelling into our gags, and the thugs just laughed. "Shank, you tie them kids to chairs and watch them. Buster and I gonna take mom for some fun." Why me? Why not Buster?" the one who had bound the kids asked. "'Cause you can be trusted not to sample the goods, and Buster can't. He likes young girls." "Sure do, that young stuff just beggin' to be busted" the one who obviously was Buster said with a chuckle. I was shoved and prodded upstairs to the bedrooms, even tho I struggled and tried to resist leaving my children. The one left behind stuck his pistol into his belt and began binding my kids to chairs. The other 2 just kept shoving me along til they got to my room. They knew it was mine, as it had a king size bed, the others all had doubles. They began by fondling my brests, rubbing my panty-less crotch with their rough fingers, probing my vagina, my anus, laughing as they did. They toyed with me for several minutes, til they heard a bit of noise from downstairs. "Go make sure he ain't fuckin the one with big tits" the leader told Buster. "Man, I want some of this pussy" Buster protested. "If her ex old man told the truth, she's gonna have plenty for both of us, and Shank too. Mumbling and mutterin, Buster headed back down stairs. The leader shoved onto the bed, and for a minute I felt as if my arms were brokern when I landed on them. He tore my dress from me, squeezed and pulled my nipples, then sucked on them. He shoved my legs apart and rammed his erect penis into me brutally, then began to slowly thrust. I was not going to give them the satisfaction of reacting to my rape, so I turned me head and just lay there. He was humping away when I saw my boyfried rush thru the bedroom door and yank him off me. "Motherfucker, I'll kill you for that" the rapist screamed, and reached for his gun. Boom! Boom! Now, my ears really were ringing. But, my man was holding what appeared to be Shank's gun, with a small wisp of smoke emanating from the barrel. Then, screaming. My guy had shot my attacked twice in the groin, blood was spurting thru his hands, which were holding his destroyed reproductiv organ. Thomas pulled his pocketknife out, rolled me over, and cut the zipties that cruelly restrained me. Altho my extremities were rather numb from being bound, I grabbed and hugged him, altho my knees were so weak i almost fell. "My kids! What about them? Are they okay? Are they hurt?" He told me, "they're fine. I told Paige to go to my car, lock the door, start the engine, and if anybody but you or me came out the door, to drive away as fast as she can." He then handed me his cell phone, and i ran to my kids. I came to an abrupt halt when I got downstairs. Shank was laying on his stomach, but his head was almost completely backwards. Buster had a kitchen knife sticking in one eye. Both were thoroughly dead. I ran out then, and my kids saw me, jumped from the car, and cam running, crying, yelling. They all hugged me, crying and sobbing. Then, police cars, ambulances, a fire truck, started arriving. Here's the findings of the investigation: the kids each described how Thomas had walked in, catching Shank off guard. A brief struggle, and, according to Paige, Thomas grabbed Shank's head, there was a loud crack, and Shank was gone. About then, Buster showed up, Thomas grabbed the nearest thing handy, the knife which Shank must have used to cut rope, then rammed it into his eye,dropping him like a rock. He then took Shank's pistol and came for me. The rest you already know. My rapist had not achieved his climax when Thomas appeared, and after Thomas eliminated the threat, he never would again. In fact, he bled to death before they got him to the hospital. I should explain that Thomas is a former Navy SEAL, very capable in self defense, use of firearms, and very protective of everyone he cares about. The town, a small midwestern town, proclaimed him a hero, my family considers him a savior, but, being the modest person he is, never talks about the event. Oh, yes. I married him, and I know that no one will harm me or my children as long as he lives.
Name: Jane Doe
Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 05:42:36 PM
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Sunday, January 27th 2013 - 04:48:48 PM
Title: A Night in Hell
Comments:It was my wife's birthday, and after dinner at her favorite restaurant we decided to return home rather than go dancing. I had given her some very expensive jewelry for her birthday, and she was wearing it at the resstaurant. Planning on a night on the town, we had dressed quite nicely, me in a suit, she in a knee length, rather tight skirt, a silk blouse, with a matching silk scarf around her lovely throat, dark stockings and black pumps about 4 inches high. She is a gorgeous, sexy woman, even in sweats. She offered a rather exciting night at home, to show her appreciation for the jewelry, and, basically, had dressed for enticement. We got up from the table, and I paid the bill, and we walked to our vehicle. It was raining slightly, so we walked rather fast, so didn't notice we were being followed. We turned donw our long drive, thru the trees that lined it on both sides, and drove into our garage. We actually began to make out like teenagers, (we are both in our mid 30s), and I didn,t think to close the garage door, ar our home is secluded from any neighbors' view. Unxpectedly, the door on my wife's side was yanked open, and she was pulled out by her hair. I reacted by throwing my door open and jumping out, only to be struck in the stomach, knocking me breathless. "Okay, both of you keep your fucking mouths shut. If one of you makes any noise, the other one gets hurt" we were told, and I saw a large man holding my wife's hair, and a knife at her throat. One of our attackers pushed the button on the closer, and the garage was closed. "Now, we're going inside, and you're going to give us that jewelry and whatever else we want" the leader said. At that, we were basically shoved into our home, and each of us was bent over the kitchen table, and our wrists were bound together with plastic zipties. My ankles were also bound, and they bound my wife's elbows until they touched. They stood us up, and I noticed that with her wrists and elbows bound behind her, my wife's breasts were thrust out substantially. She looked terrified, pale, tears streaming down her lovely face. "Now, I ask, you answer. You only answer the questions, don't say anything else. Understand?" We both nodded our heads. "Do you have a safe, and where is it?" I answered, "no safe,I swear". One of the thugs (there were 4) relieved my wife of her earrings, necklace, rings, and tore her bracelet from her also. "Take the bitch upstairs and have her show her jewelry box" the leader told one, then told another, "get his wallet, her purse, anything you see". Another he told to keep an eye on me while the leader looked around the house. About 10 minutes later, the first cretin returned with my wife, who looked evn more frightenend. Soon, all were present in the dining room again. I saw the leader with my roll of duct tape and some rags, and I knew we were about to be gagged. He formed a huge wad and stuffed it in my mouth, wrapped several wraps of tape around my head so tight I thought he would dislocate my jaw. One of them, looking out, said, "man, it sure is fucking storming out". The leader got a contemplative look, then said, "smash the home phone, their cell phones, and bring 'em back here". Back here turned out to be our bedroom, which made my wife almost hysterical. I was shoved onto the chair for her makeup table, then more zipties were used to bind me to it until I was totally immobilized. By the time my binder was thru binding me, I saw that my wife was on her stomach, and her ankles had been ziptied to her thighs. They had apparently removed her panties, as one of them was sniffing them, then stuffed them in her mouth, which was then taped over, but not wrapped like mine was. The leader walked in front of her, and then removed his clothes. He was a rather large man, not fat, but muscular; broad-shouldered like a NFL linebacker, tattooed, and almost no chest hair. What was disturbing was his very large, uncircumcised penis. I had never seen pictures of one so large, or even in a porn movie. My wife got very wide-eyed at the sight of it, shaking her head rapidly. He gently stroked it to get it fully erect. My wife began making noises, like a wounded animal, as it was obvious he was preparing to rape her. I was straining against my bonds, to no avail. Horrified, I watched as he positioned behind her, pulled her to the edge of the bed, shoved her knees open, and with a brutal thrust, entered her vagina. Her noises intensified, as he began to thrust so hard and fast that the bed was moving, she was bouncing, and his cohorts were cheering and urging him on. I didn't know anyone could endure such brutal, violent sex, and my wife was whimpering, screaming into her gag, bugeyed, as he continued his vicious assault. After an eternity, he grabbed my wife at her waist, yanking her back into him as he made guttural animal noises and filled her with his sperm. He stepped back, and another took his place. Again, Lori was subjected to a brutal rape. As one finished, he was immediately replaced by another until all 4 had violated her. She lay sobbing, her body twitching with revulsion at her experience. One of them, an African-American, pulled her across the bed by her hair, until her head was at the other edge. He ripped the tape from her mouth, pulled out the panties, and shoved his erect member full length into her mouth. She gagged and made retching noise as he repeatedly rammed his cock down her throat finally ejaculating into her throat. Again, each took a turn exxcept the leader. He waited until the 3 had finished violating her oral cavity, rolled her onto her stomach, ripped her blouse and bra off,positioned himself between her knees and began raping her even more violently than before, and sucked and bit at her breasts as Lori lay there sobbing hysterically. When he finished this time, he told the others that it was time to leave. They dressed, gathered up their booty, and were gone. Lori sobbed for a long time, unable to look at me. I was unable to get off the chair, so it was up to her to try to find a way to free us. Eventually, she rolled off the bed,wiggled down the hall, and I heard a crash. Several minutes later, she returned with scissors, and cut me free, although she also cut me in several places. During the investigation the police told us that this had occurred several places in the region. The DNA matched all the other cases, so they know who our attackers are, just can't find them. Lori and I both have become rather paranoid since our exxperience.
Name: Doug and Lori
Sunday, February 24th 2013 - 05:47:47 AM
Title: A Weekend of Terror
Comments:She was really looking foreward to quitting time. New, important clients visited today, and all the staff in the office were instructed to dress professionally. She had chosen her nicest silk blouse, a tailored, body-hugging skirt about knee length with a matching blazer, and a pair of very chic, stylish pumps. They were quite uncomfortable, 4.5 inch heels without platforms, rather tight and hardly worn, so they weren't broken in. To accessorize, she had added a silk scarf worn like a man's necktie. She had removed the shoes every time she sat at her desk, but office decorum required she wear them anytime she left her cubicle. She was planning on soaking in a nice bubble bath, enjoying some wine, and cooking herself a steak for supper. It had been a long week, she had ended a relationship with a man she had been seeing, but found out he was married. Time for babying and spoiling herself! Traffic was even worse than usual driving home, due to a persistent rainy, foggy condition that resluted in many crashes as drivers hurried home. On the way, her mom called, and they chatted a bit, but she told her mom whe was planning to be out of contact all weekend. "Special plans?" mom asked. "Very special" was her reply. She arrived home, thanking herself mentally for finding her home, even at someone else's misfortune (foreclosure). She closed the garage door as she entered the kitchen, sat her purse and keys on the table, removed her blazer, draped it over a chairback, and as she turned and headed for her room to rid herslef of her uncomfortable shoes, something struck the back of her head and all went black. When she regained her wits, she felt something heavy on her legs. It dawned on her it felt like someone sitting on them. She tried to shake the cobwebs from her head, but felt odd. Finally she realized something large and rubber-tasting was jammed into her mouth and what felt like tape covered her eyes, rendering her unable to see. Also, her arms were being pulled behind her and wrapped with what felt like rope. It was wrapped numerouse times before it was yanked unbelievably tight, causing her to cry out in pain, although the gag prevented her from being heard outside her home. She tried to struggle, but her hair was grabbed and yanked, pulling her head back. A voice spoke into her ear: "give me any trouble, and I'll break your fucking neck, bitch." She didn't recognize the voice, and his breath was absolutely disgusting. He released her hair and her head dropped back to the floor, and she felt more rope wrapping around her upper arms, and it was yanked visciously, forcing her elbows to touch unnaturally. After tying her elbows so tightly, her attacker slowly ran his hands up and down her stocking-clad legs. She protested and tried to wiggle away, so he brutally bound her ankles together, the ropes so tight it felt as if it was cutting to the bone. She began to cry, but her assailant just laughed at her. She heard him moving around the kitchen, opened, then closed, the fridge. She realized he must had found something to eat. Several minutes passed, as he opned and closed cabinets, until, she heard him burp, then she was grabbed by the ankles and dragged thru her house on her belly. She felt her blouse rise up, exposing her midriff. After being dragged the length of her hallway, she sensed he was at the door to her room. She was pulled to her feet, still clad in the miserably uncomfartable pumps, and then hopped over until her knees touched the bed. Shuddering, she figured out what was going to happen. He shoved her onto the bed, face down, and again ran his hands over her legs, and then under her and squeezed her breasts ferociously, causing her to groan in pain. "Don't go away, cunt" he said, and she sensed him move away. Now, he was rummaging in her bathroom, but soon returned to her and said, "found these, but don't intend to use any of them", and then she felt what she determined to be condoms, still packaged, being thrown at her. "Now, let's party" he said, and her skirt was pushed up, her panties rolled down, and she tried to struggle as much as her bonds allowed (very little). He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back until her knees were under her torso. She knew he was going to rape her doggy style, but wasd caught off guard when something rather greasy was applied to her bottom. Realization struck her; he was going to rape her anally! She had never permitted a lover to have anal sex with her, even tho some requested it. She began to sob as whatever the greasy stuff was (turned out to be vaseline) was rubbed into her anus. He seemed to use a lot, working it into her anus, first with one finger, then several. Her opening was agonizing, as his fingers kept working it over, trying to stretch it. She heard him unzip his troousers, unbuckle his belt, felt the bed react to his weight as he positioned behind her. Next, he again reached around and began fondling her breasts, not squeezing this time, but caressing. Then, what was abviously the tipe of his erect penis was against her anus. He began to push into her, stretching her more than she thought she was capable of. Slowly, her opening gave way to the invading, offending member. In agony, she felt the touch of his crotch area meet her bottom, and she knew he was full length into her. "Okay, you fucking rich cunt, I'm gonna buttfuck you til I blow my wad up your guts. Then, soon as I'm hard again, you're gonna lick my cock clean. Then, I'm gonna fuck you til I can't fuck any more, rest, and fuck you some more. We're gonna have a great time. Well, at least I will have a great time." Then, he began to thrust, slowly at first, then faster and faster, until her body was recoiling from the violence of his attack. With a shout, he finally filled her with his disgusting discharge. She lay sobbing, how long she really couldn't tell, until she felt the ball wedged into her mouth being pulled out. She tried to beg, but was slapped, and her nose pinched shut. Gasping for air, her mouth opened and was instantly filled with his hard member. Not just between her lips, but shoved so far back it touched her tonsils. Remembering where it had recently been caused her to begin to gag and retch. "If you puke, or bite, it'll be the last thing you do." Her head was held firmly at the back, as he again thrust like a wild man into her throat, finally discharging once again, after severl minutes. As soon as he removed his softeneing penis, the ball was shoved once again in her mouth. She lost track of time, and the number of times he raped her. She couldn't believe one man could hadve sex so often in such a short time. She was relieved when he finally told her it ws time to go. He then pulled her legs up behind her and hogtied her brutally tight, ran rope around her shoulders, and pulled the rope, raising her shoulders, and tied the rope to her ankles. After several minutes, she sensed he was gone, finally. Struggling was no use, the ropes were too tight. Also, she had been bound so long, her limbs were numb. She wasn't discovered until Monday when a concerned co-worker came to see why she wasn't at work and didn't answer her phone. She suffered serious damage to her nerves in her arms and legs, vaginal tearing, anal tearing, vaginal bruising, dehydration, strained muscles in her thighs. Also, emotional damage was serious. The investigation revealed her attacker was a serial rapist who had committed several rapes nationwide over the last few years. DNA evidence linked him to these crimes, but he had never been arressted, as there was no record of him in the database except for his crimes.
Name: Edgan Alan Poe
Saturday, March 2nd 2013 - 01:08:30 PM
Title: Ex-husband's Revenge
Comments:I was heading to my friend Anne's house to drop off a suitcase I had borrowed for a recent trip. I was still wearing my office clothes: skirt, blouse, blazer, heels, and thigh-high stockings (I don't like the feel of pantyhose). It was Friday evening before a 3-day holiday weekend. When I arrived, Anne wasn't home. Her live-in boyfriend, Mark, was there, which bothered me for 2 reasons-he always seemed to be undressing me with his eyes, and he was good friends with my ex. Actually, too good. My ex was the one who introduced him to Anne. Anne had a sheltered, easy life of luxury as a child, and always seemed to fall for the bad boys. You know, the seedy, all brawn, little brain, thug type. I told him I had the suitcase, and he told me to just take it into the garage and stash it anywhere. Being a neat freak, that just went against my beliefs, and told him so. "I don't care if you stick that suitcase up your ass" Mark said, and turned his back on me and walked off. I retrieved the suitcase from my Tahoe, and carried it thru the house to the garage, as the dickhead hadn't opend the garage door for me. I found an open spot in the far corner, and when I turned around, Mark was between me and the door, drinking a beer, and holding another one. "Here, I know you like this hig-dollar crap, so have a drink with me." I declined and shouldered my way past him. He grabbed me, spun me around, and stuck his mouth against mine, trying to jam his tongue between my lips. He was far too strong for me to break loose from, so I jammed one of my 5 inch stilleto heels at his foot. Unfortunately, he dodged, and slapped me on the side of my head, right on my ear. I was slightly stunned, my ears rang, and he shoved me against his truck, forcing my legs apart and entwining his legs in mine so I couldn't knee him in the balls. He kissed me again, but I twisted my head away. "You bastard, I'll see you in jail" I screamed at me. "Bullshit. I got all ur texts and e-mails the last 2 weeks, and I'm all prepared for you fine ass. That's why Anne isn't here, be gone all weekend in fact, so her best friend can have her fantasy fulfilled." "What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked, stunned that Anne was aware of what he was trying. He pulled out his smartphone and read me several texts, 'from me', and, sure enough his phone showed they had come from my phone. In fact, there were 23 messages telling him I had a fantasy about him, and 2 or 3 others, taking me captive and having their way with me. "We also have over 40 e-mails about this, all fromeither your home computer, your work computer, and your smartphone." I hadn't sent any thing of the sort, but how could they have come from my work and home computers, since I was the only one with the password for either, plus, the home computer was new, so even if my ex had broken in, he culdn't have used it. I again tried to break free, even managed to get an elbow shot into his chest which surprised him, but that was about all. "I'm ready for all your games" he told me. I tried to reason with him but he said that I had told him I would, but he was to ignore any objections or denials I made. I then switched to pleading, but all I did was make him laugh. He unwound himself from my legs, then spun me around and leaned me over the hood of his truck, pulled my arms behind me, and in an instant, had put 2 looped zipties around my wrists and pulled so tight I thought I was cut to the bone. He pulled me upright by my long blond hair, and started to take me back into the house. I started to scream, but he noticed and quickly clamped a hand over my mouth, lead me over to a toolbench on the back wall, and grabbed a big sponge. I realized he wanted to gag me with it, so I decided to keep my mouth closed. Didn't work, as he held my nose until I had to open my mouth to breathe, and in went that sponge. It had a odd taste to it, and I hoped it wasnt anything poisonous or caustic. He followed the sponge with duct tape, and I was gagged well enough to be unheard by anyone outside the garage. So, I tried to kick him again. Again he dodged, and before I knew it, he had more zipties and bound my ankles and just above my knees with them. Then, out of meanness, he put one around my upper arms and pulled my elbows together and my shoulders back. He next slung me over his shoulder and carried me inside. He dropped me on a bed in a spare bedroom, and in a flash I was hogtied with another ziptie. He took out his phone and made a call: "she's here and she's ready, just like she said she would be. Get the guys and come on." Then, he left, closing the door as he went out. I tried to brak free, but only succedded on making my wrists hurt worse. About 30 minutes later, the ddoor opened and inwalkd Mark and 4 other guys, all of them big, broa-shouldered, types, lookded like weightlifters or NFL players. "See, just like she asked for in her messages" Mark told them. One of them said, "fuck, she's even better looking than you said. She's eating material". Not sure wheat he meant at the time, but soon found out. I was released from the hogtie, someone reached under my skirt, and my thong panties were soon gone. I was spreadeagled and tied with ropes at my ankles, and the one who had made the comment was between my legs, and buried his face in my crotch, his tongue working my slit like a madman. One thing I've always like was having oral sex performed on me, and this guy was good at it. He soon had me cumming as hard as I had ever before. I struggled to breathe, so the tape was ripped off and the sponge pulled out. Let me tell you, duct tape hurst when its ripped off something as sensitive as your lips. Without going into further details, I was raped repeatedly by all 5 for the whole weekend. I was found in my Tahoe parked alongside a county road 2 counties away on Tuesday. I told teh deputy who found me my story, but when he checked on my truck license, it was reported stolen on Sunday. I had no purse, no drivers licencs, no ID of any type. I was wearing an old housedress I had never seen before, flipflops (Which I hate and dont even own any), and all my jewelry was gone except a bracelet. I was taken to jail processed, and locked up. I insisted they call my boss to verify I was who I said I was, but when the investigator was interviwing me, he said my employer told them that I was at work that day, that a co-worker had even driven me to wrok, since my Tahoe was stolen. A blood test showed a high level of alcohol and several illegal drugs in my system, so I was charged with Grand Theft Auto, driving under the influence (found in the driver's seat and keys in the ignition, engine running). When fingerprinted, they came back as a suspect in an identity theft and credit card fraud crime. Also, my mugshot came back as a hooker in Baltimore who had skipped out on her bail. My whole world had caved in on me! How? I figured my ex had done this to me, as he was a computer genius and somehow had planted enought viruses to frame me for all of this. I had nothing for security to get a bailbondsman to touch me, and my phony arrest record showed me a flight risk andyway, so, no bail. After a couple of months in jail, I got sick, and was sick evry day, so tests were run, and discovered I was pregnant. I can't figure out how he pulled it off so completely. I can figure all the computer records, thats his field, but my friend Anne told the police that she didn't recognize my photo, and my co-workers introduced the investigator to me in my office. He did tell me that the woman he met bore a great resemblance to me, enough for us to be twins. I am an only child. Now, I'm known by a name I never heard of before, in jail, pregnant, unemployed, homeless (except jail), pennyless, friendless, all because I got divorced. Oh, I forgot to add that my parents are deceased, so no one can verify my identity. That's my story
Name: Samantha
Saturday, April 27th 2013 - 02:00:17 PM
Title: Samantha
Comments:Really it is a sad story, god be with you in your life and don't be afraid about what is coming?
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: https://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai
Sunday, April 28th 2013 - 04:44:04 AM
Title: A Horrible Weekend
Comments:My plans were to just relax, sleep late every day, and basically avoid contact with anyone. Monday was a holiday, so I had 3 days to just chill. Sure I would get lonely, as it was the first long weekend since my significant other and I had split up. Long distance relationships are seldom long-lasting. He had taken a new job, 2000 miles away, and we tried to continue, but the travelling took too much time, and he found someone new. I was still alone, not acccepting any of the invitations I had received to spend the weekend with friends. I am a professional woman, in the banking industry, and I have to dress professionally daily. I wore a silk blouse, a tailored skirt that accented my bottom rather well, dark-hued thigh-high stockings, all over my black bikini panties and black bra. 4 inch heeled pumps completed my outfit. It began torain quite hard about 30 minutes before I left work, but I keep an umbrella in my office, so I would keep dry when I walked to my car. Traffic moved rather slow, slower than a normal Friday, due to the rain, so I didn't arrive at my home until almost 6:45 pm. It was pouring so hard, I put my pumps back on to walk from the carport to the back door. I mentally told myself to get some fish from my freezer to thaw and have a late meal after a soaking bath and some wine. I unlocked the door, entered, tossed my keys on the breakfast bar, and when I turned to head for my bedroom, I was accosted by 3 figures, all wearing skimasks and dark clothes. A very large, menacing, pistol was pointed straight at me, and the holder said, "make a sound, a funny move, anything at all, and ur brains will be all over the walls, understand?". I was so scared all I could do was nod my head. "You cooperate, don't cause any problems, don what we want, and you'll have a story to tell your friends." I nodded again, trembling at the gun, and also at the need to urinate. "Okay, turn on your computer and log into your company accounts, and we'll take over from there." "I can't access the corporate computer system with any computer except a company computer, which I don't have here" I said in a shaky voice. "What the fuck you mean, cunt, you're one of the VP's, and can access from anywhere" one of the others spoke. "No, sir, the new board of directors eliminated outside computer access for anyone. Only a unit inside the office can access. And then only by someone cleared thru security, if after hours. If I try to log in, the system will warn the data security branch, and the system will automatically lock out all access. I have no access to any financial accounts until Tuesday morning. I'm afraid you're not going to profit anything from me. Please, just leave, and I won't tell anyone." The 3 began to discuss the situation in a foreign language I couldn't understand or recognize, and it was rather heated. Finally, they stopped yelling and looked at me, and I felt a shiver run thru me. i figured they were about to kill me. One of them turned and walked across the room and came back with a backpack, which he set down on the back of the sofa, removed a notebook-type computer, then pulled out several lengths of rope, a huge sponge still in the package, and a couple rolls of tape. Before I could react, I was grabbed, shoved to my knees, and my arms were pulled behind me and lifted almost straight up. One of them pinned my head between his knees, squeezing so hard I couldn't even scream. One began binding my ankles very tight, using a lot of rope; another began binding my wrists while the third kept my arms together and straight up behind me, also very tight. When my wrists were bound, rope went around my upper arms and yanked until my elbows touched, pulling my shoulders back also. Satified my limbs were securely bound, my head was relesed from the thug's knees, but in an instant the sponge was crammed into my mouth, filling it so full my jaws began to ache instantly. Tape was wrapped around and around my head over my mouth, then also over my eyes. Next I was shoved down on my abdomen, my ankles were pulled way up behind me andrope pulled them towards my elbows until I felt the stiletto heels of my pumps dig into my upper arms just above my elbows, which lifted my tummy off the floor and arched my back in the wrong direction, and I fully expected it to snap. I could hear one of them in a rather one-sided converstaion which I figured was a phone call. Again, it was in the unrecognizable language. Then, I sensed them begin to move thru my home, and guessed they were looking for anything of value. It seemed like an eternity had passed when I heard someone enter my back door, and a conversation began, interspersed with laughter. Suddenly, I was lifted, like a suitcase and then dropped onto the sofa, and hands began to touch me all over, squeezing my breasts and nipples very roughly, then under my skirt and a finger, then a second, a third, and a fourth finger penetrated my privates and began probing and poking. It seemed they were going to substitute sexual assault for theft. I'm not a prude by any means, enjoying a rather lusty life, especially my last relationship, but that was willingly. Rape is different. Rather than give intimate details, I will just say that I was raped, sodomized, brutallized, and tormented until they finally decided I was no more appealling to them. They left me tied to a kitchen chair, which I guess I should be grateful for instead of a brutal hogtie. It was Sunday evening when a curious neighbor came to see why my back door was standing open for so long. It was just a bit less than 48 hours since my ordeal had begun, and I spend 13 days in the hospital and was off work for over 2 months longer. The police have no suspects.
Name: Elizabeth
Sunday, June 23rd 2013 - 03:48:02 PM
Title: Absolute Terror
Comments:I'm in business with my mom and my Aunt Ruby. We buy, refurbish, then resell items abondoned in rental storage units. Apparently, the previous owner(s) of a unit wanted soemthing that had been left in one of the units we purchased. Ruby and I attend the auctions and do the buying, while mom operates our resale outlet. We're located in a a slightly run-down area at the edge of our city, and times have not treated the area well. Anyway, on a Saturday afternoon, a day i normally don't work, I decided to stop by the store and see how mom and Ruby were coming along with some restoration work the had going on. I was planning on meeting some of my friends for dinner and drinks so dressed for a night on the town-leather skirt, black pumps with a 5 inch heel, sleeveless blouse of a V-E-R-Y transparent material, which barely hid my black push-up bra, and, not liking pantyhose but also don't like wearing heels without some sort of hosiery, wore some dark-hued thigh-hi stockings. As I drove up to the store, I saw they had already turned the CLOSED sign. "Axious to get those items restored and sold" I chuckled to my self about their determintion. I parked in the rear, and soemthing made me feel uneasy as I let myself in the back door. "Mom, Ruby, it's me. Just stopped by for a bit before doing the town" I called out. Silence. I called thier names again, knowing they had to be here, as both cars were parked in back. I heard something slide across the floor in the storeroom, so I went in there. I saw mom and my aunt just standing there, with strange looks on their faces. Just as I started to speak, something hard was jammed into the small of my back. "Get your asss over there with the other 2 cunts, now!" I was told, then pushed. I joined them before turning around, and when I did, I saw 2, then another another 2, dark clad figures, 2 wearing hoodies, 2 wearing ski caps, and all wearing dark glasses. Also, each held a gun. "Okay, bitches, you bought our storage unit a while back, and we want something that was in it. So, you're going to give it to us, or we will make life miserable for you." The speaker's tone left no doubt how ominous our position was. Ruby finally spoke, "what item are you looking for. I do the buying, so I can probably tell you where it is, then you can leave us alone". The item was described, and Ruby told them, "we never bought anything that looks like that." Faster that a snake can strike, the obvious leader, leapt over and punched my mom in the stomach so hard she dropped to her knees. "Don't fucking lie to me, cunt, or I'm going to start carving pieces off your partners here." At that he pulled a long, slim-bladed, wicked looking knife, and leared at us. In a panic, Ruby asked where we had supposedly bought this, and when he told us, she had a blank look on her face. "I have never been to that storage facility, never bought anything there" she stated. The leader slapped her across the face, and said, "I looked at their records and it shows your outfit bought 3 unit that day." That's when i spoke, "that was me, that day I went alone. Ruby had an appointment. I don't remember anything like that, and we have a record of each item we buy, even if its a cardboard box. We list all the contents of every container. If we bought it we have a record of it. If there's no record we never bought it." "Okay, bitch, lets go look at your records. You guys hogtie these other bitches while we look at the files. Don't be gentle, either. Make 'em good and snug. Gag them with something disgusting, too." At that he grabbed my arm and steered me to the office. We looked at all our records for the last year, and the item never showed up. The longer we looked the more irate he got. Finally, he knocked my computer onto the floor, smashing it. "Me and my guys are gonna rip the place apart til we find it, so if you know what's good for you, you'll tell me where it is. Let's go back in the storeroom." When we rejoined the others, it was not going too well for mom and ruby. One of them was wrapping ducttape around Ruby's mouth so tight, the skin of her cheeks was bulging over the top. It also appeared as if her mouth was stuffed with something so large her jaws were stretching almost to the point to dislocating. One of them had mom on her belly, her arms bound behind her, and was in the process of pulling her feet up behind her. He was pulling so hard, and bending her so much, I was afraid her spine would snap. I yelled, "stop it, you're hurting my mom!" That's when I was shoved onto a small, waist high table, on my stomach, and my hands were yanked behind me and bound so tight I thought the rope was cutting to the bone. My elbows were next bound, also brutally tight. Then, each leg was raised, and bound ankle to thigh. "Okay, bitches, we're gonna tear this place down around you til we find what we're after. Tell me where it is, and you might still be alive at sunup. Don't, and we will make the rest of your short lives miserable." He then walked away, about 15 feet, then turned and looked at us. "Anything to say?" We all just looked at each other, clueless as to the whereabouts of his item. "Okay, then. Dogman, start with that one," and pointed at Ruby. The largest of them, an absolute hulk of a man,grabbed her by the hair, dragged her into the middle of the room, untied her ankles from her wrists, stood her up, bent her over the arm of a sofa, yanked down her capri pants, and slapped her bottom brutally hard. "This gonna hurt you more than me" he said, then dropped his pants and shorts, pulled out his erect penis and rammed it into Ruby's bottom with all his might. Ruby was screaming into her gag, but could hardly be heard 10 feet away. The brute just violently thrust into her as fast as he could, raising her onto her tiptoes with each brutal thrust. Finally, he began to snort like a wild animal, and began to twitch and jerk, and yelled, "motherfuck!" He inhaled roughly for a couple of minutes then withdrew his rapidly softening penis from Ruby's bottom. He wiped himself on her panties but left them down. As me moved away from her, Ruby lost control of her bowels and defacated at her feet. This brough laughter from the thugs who were witnessing he being defiled. One of our attackers, who spoke with an accent I couln't identify, said, "I'm next, and I want the other old bitch to suck my cock." Mom's eyes widened at his words, and the thug said, "if I feel a tooth so much as scrape my cock, your partners over there, will suffer even more than you, understand?" Mom looked at us with tears in her eyes,and nodded. The tape over her mouth was ripped off, causing her to cry out, but the rapist rammed his erect cock full length into mom;s throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Mom gagged and retched until he slowly withdrew, but immediately rammed completely back in. He continued for several minutes until he grabbed mom's head and held it while he discharged his semen into her throat. Pulling out, he told mom, "swallow every drop", then pinched her nose shut while she did his bidding. To shorten this story, suffice to say, all 3 of us were raped, sodomized, abused, and humiliated repeatedly for hours and hours, until they grew tired of us. We sold our business, and mom and Ruby moved away, unable to face their longtime friends.
Name: Susan, Ruby, and Norma
Monday, August 5th 2013 - 04:00:15 PM
Comments:I'm not the actual physical victim of this crime, but a secondary one, I guess. It began when my secretary informed me I had a visitor without an appointment, but was insistent on seeing me. It was about a development project I'm envolved in, and my wife. Normally I see no one without and appointment, but when the visitor mentioned my wife, I was curious, as she has no involvemnt with my business, having one of her own. The person was a rather attractive woman, but a bit plus-sized. She asked if I would inform my secretary that I was accompanying her to the restaurant across the street. Telling her I had no intention of going anywhere with her, and she should leave as i was too busy for any nonsense. She handed me my wife's wedding band and if I was concerned about her safety, I was to leave with her immediately, and turned for the door. "Wait, I'm coming" I told her, then informed my secretary as instructed, and joined her in the elevator. We were not the only ones in the elevator, so we had no conversation. We entered the restaurant, still with no conversation, and went to the very back, and occupied a booth. When seated, from underneath the booth she produced a laptop, plugged in a USB stick, and activated the computer. She then turned it around, and instructed me, "no outbursts, or any reaction. If you do, I walk out, and you never see your wife again." She clicked the mouse and what came on the display was horribly disturbing. My wife was laying on a rather large table, her eyes covered with a black blindfold, a large rubber ball with straps was crammed into her mouth. Her arms were bound behind her with what seemed to be a mile of rope. Wrists, forearms, elbows, all bound so tight the ropes cut into her flesh deeply. Her ankles were bound to her thighs, also very tightly, then ropes pulled her legs towards her shoulders, bending her in an impossible reverse arch. Shocked, I almost didn't hear her next words. "In case you don't believe that's your wife, just notice her uniques birthmark on her right hand. Also, her nails are finished her favorite colors." I could see the evidence as informed, plus I've been married to her since we were teenagers in college, over 25 years now, so I recognized her body. My wife is a fitness instructor/gym owner, and has a remarkable body. I acknowledged that it was indeed my wife, and started to leave and call the police. "Call the cops, and she's dead, and you'll never find her body." " What do you want?" "Walk away from the development, today, and in 72 hrs, you get your wife back." "Why 72 hours?" "Tp verify you actually cancelled the project. In 72 hours, someone else will announce they are assuming the project. Then, you can have your wife." "You must be crazy. This project is worth millions of dollars for me." "Take out you cellphone and call your wife, now." Confused, I placed the call, but it was answered by a man. Noticing the display again, a large swarthy-skinned man walked into view, holding a phone, and I realziaed it was a live feed. In a heavily accented voice, he said, "so, you need convincing, huh?" At that, he approached my wife, dragged her to the edge of the table, dropped his trousers, displaying an erect penis at least 9 inches long, and very thick. He rammed his memeber into my wife, and began to rape her violently. "Your woman has a tight cunt, asshole. Gonna be fun the next few days, at least for me, and my friends." In the background, I saw at least 3 other figures ,moving around. The woman accomplice then informed me, "you let this happen, and your wife is suffering for it. Those men are going to rape your wife repeatedly until they are unable to perform, then more will replace them. If you don't comply with the instructions, if you call the police, your wife will end up in some whorehouse in some 3rd world country, being fucked by unwashed, diseased, brutes until she dies of AIDS or some other veneral disease. In 72 hrs. Goodbye." She closed the laptop and walked out of the restaurant. I just sat there stunned. I did as instructed, and 72 hours later, I received an e-mail telling me where she was. She had obviously be subjected to repeated sexual assaults, and been drugged. She still is in therapy, and no one has ever been arrested for this crime
Name: Puddin' Tame
Saturday, November 16th 2013 - 09:03:47 PM
Title: Payback
Comments:I spent several years working as an Asst DA after I got my law degree, but now I have a private practice, and avoid criminal cases like the plague. What happened occurred after I left the DA's office. My husband is also an attorney, but works for a law firm that handles tax and civil offense issues. We have a beautiful 18 year old daughter who has no desire to get involved in the legal profession, and a 21 yr old son in the Marines. This hoffific experience happend over Memorial Day weekend. We made reservations on Friday night at one of our favorite, rather fancy restaurant, and after arriving home from our respective offices, mu hsuband and I just took time to freshen up, pick up our daughter and head for the restaurant. Mu hubby retained his tie, but left his suit jacket at home, and I was still in skirt, blazer, and heels. Our daughter wore a sleeveless, halter-style dress, a little too revealing for my husband's taste, but time was short so she wasn't told to change. We enjoyed our meal, mainly making plans for a summer trip as soon as our son returned from deployemnt and began his leave. Nothing exceptional at the restaurant, other than the excellent meal, and hubby and I each had a few cocktails and split a bottle of wine. When we headed home, our daughter drove. We don't live an extravagant lifestyle, just a nice home in the suburbs, on a cul-de-sac in a pleasant subdivision. It was raining lightly, some fog, and hubby and I kind of behave like teens in the back on the way home-lots of kissing and feeeling, so we were in a great mood. Shaking her head at our antics, our daughter dashed right inside while we shared more passionate kisses in the car, my husband even suggested we have sex in the back seat, but it was my car, not his, so I nixed that idea. I did allow my blouse to remain mostly unbuttoned, to speed things along when we got to our room. We entered the the kitchen, I turned and kissed my hubby again, but he sort of pushed me away. Somewhat confused, I turned to look where he was looking, and my heart almost stopped. There were 4 large figures wearing skimasks and sunglasses, and one had a large handgun pointed right in my daughter's mouth. She was obviously terrified, and just as I started to ask, one, the leader I guess, spoke first-"time for some payback, cunt. You convicted me for a crime I didn't commit, and me and the boys are gonna settle your debt. Now, you, and that squirrelly looking man get over here and get on your knnes. Bug, bring that hot looking kid over here with her folks. Hank, get them tied up, and dont be gentle, especially with the DA here." "I don't know who you are, but you better leave, or you'll be back in jail by midnight. And, I'm not a DA anymore." "I don't give flying fuck what you are now, your debt is for what you did to me." By this time, Hank was binding my wrists behind me so tight , I thought my hands would be severred from my arms. He shoved me forward, onto my belly, then bound my elbows just as tightly, then my ankles were tied to my wrists, rope was wrapped around my throat, then also tied to my wrists. I was tight but not strangling me, altho I knew any struggling would change that, so I remained motionless. I glanced my eyes to my left, and saw Hank tying my daughter as strictly as I, plus, he was letting his hands go places no one was allowed to go. One of the other cretins had hogtied my husband as well, and something had been stuffed in his mouth, bulging his cheeks out, then covered his lips with duct tape. "You want the lawyer gagged or you want to talk some more?" Hank asked the leader. "No, I've got a better idea for a gag for her, and the kid too" he said with an evil smirk. He then walked over to me, and standing before me, dropped his pants and short and let his erect penis make an appearance. It was quite long, thick, and not circumcised. Didn't have to be a brain surgeon to know his intentions, so I told him, "anything goes in my mouth is going to get bitten" with a defiant tone. He just knelt down, then punched my husband in his face, over and over, until I was begging him to stop. He stopped, and my husbands face was already swollen and bloody. My duaghter was crying almost hysterically. "Okay, bitch, here's the deal-you don't do everything we tell you, immediately, you old man and your girl will pay for your attitude. You say no, or try to escape, you cause them pain. Understand?" I just glared at him. He stood back up, then reached down and grabbed my ropes like a suticase handle, and lifted me up and depositied me on the coffee table. "NOw, open that mouth of yours, or Hank's gonna cut your kid's ears off." She was still sobbing,so Hank stuffed a rolled up cloth in her mouth to limit the noise. Then the leader grabbed my hair, pulled me towards his erect cock, and in a flash rammed it as far as my mouth would allow. I began to gag and retch, but he just rammed over and over, as fast as he could until I felt him blast a large discharge of semen into the back of my throat. I almost vomited, but something told me it wouldm be a bad idea, so I fought the impulse with all my willpower. One by one, his partners did the same, until my jaws ached from all the violations. Then, they began to violate me vaginally, repeatedly. The rapes continued for a couple of hours, when Leader said, "okay, now for the real punishment. Drag that slut kid over here, and lets see if she's a better fuck than dear old mom." My husband and I each started to protest, which earned us both slaps to the face. Then, they stuffed my mouth with my own panties and taped them in. Now I could only make unintelligible noises like my husband. "Fuck, this is a tight pussy" the one raping my daughter said. "She cherry?" another asked. "Nope, just tight. Guess she only been fucking guys with little dicks." "Well, after this, she will be looser, cause we can hang here all weekend, fuck botgh these cunts as much as we wish. Hell, if any of you miss being inside bad enough, you might fuck Dear Old Dad, too." This brought loud guffaws from all our attackers. By now, a secound rapist was raping my daughter, and to my horror, she seemed to be responding. Even our assailants noticed, and made lewed remarks and jokes about it. Each of the 4 had a turn with my girl, then Leader said, "separate these 3, make sure that they are tied good, and lets get some sleep." End of day One
Name: Mrs. X
Sunday, November 17th 2013 - 12:23:03 PM
Title: Payback
Comments:Day Two. Leader dragged my by my hair into our bedroom, and using at least another 100 feet of rope, tied me so tightly in a brutal hogtie that not only could I not move, but barely breathe. Eventually, I either fell asleep or just passed out. I was brought back to awareness with a hard smack to my hip, and Leader was untying me. "Get your ass in the shower, clean up and douche your cunt real good." It was all I could do to move, I was so stiff from being bound for so long, and my hands and feet almost refused to function. I managed to get to the shower, and the hot water brought some much appreciated relief. I was aware that I was being watched, and looking out, saw Leader sitting on the closed lid of the toilet. "Keepin my eyes on you. Smart cunt like you may get ideas." I finished bathing, brushed my teeth, thinking I would never get the taste of all that semen and their organs out of my mouth. Finally Leader grabbed my arm and said that I had done enough. He led me to my closet and told me to pick something to wear. I grabbed some jeans, but he said, "nope, a dress or skirt, something that can stay on while we fuck you all day and night." "Why have me wear anything if thats all I can look forward to?" "Okay, but figured you'd rather not be bare-assed in front of your kid." Not giving me another opportunity to dress, he pushed me out the door and back to the family room. To my surprise, my daughter was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast for these crimninals. She was also in rather high spirits, which was a surprise considered each had raped her the night before. My husband was still where he had been the night before, and I could tell he was in bad shape. His wrists were both purple and white, so I knew he had never been untied. "If you don't let the blood circulate in y husband's limbs, he will lose them", I said. "To bad for him, then. He stays like that." "If you will untie him, you will have no problems from me. I'll do everything you want, as often as you wish, with no resistance. Plus, if you leave my duaghter alone, I'd really be greatful", I said, then winked at him. "Bitch, we dont care if you reisist or not. We gonna do everything we want to you and your kid, and if any neighbors show up, they can join the party too." "Mom, you don't make any deals fro me, I can take care of my self" my daughter said, a bit indignant. "Looks like your kid is enjoyin herself" Hank said with a sneer. She gave a smile and Hank grabbed her, turned her around, bent her over the table, and in a flash buried his massive organ into her privates once again. "Old Hank like to fuck doggystyle," one said, and I watched as Hank rammed into her so hard she was lifted off the floor. I started to protest, but Leader grabbed me and showed me a tube of something. "Know what this is, bitch?" I shook my head, and he said, "its KY jelly, with an extra ingredient, to 'enhance stimulation', so we gonna see how it works." At that, he spun me around and bound my wrists again, then pushed me face down onto the sofa and applied the lube to my anal region. I tried to protest, to escape, but to no avail. He worked the lube into my anus, using several fingers, and I did begin to feel a somewhat tingly, stimulating feeling. Satisfied with his actions, I heard him lower his trousers, then felt his weight on top of me, with the head of his erect penis pushing at my puckerd anus. As he penetrated me the pain was so intense I started to scream, but something was shoved in my mouth so far I feared I would swallow it. He kept up his relentless mission, until I could feel his skin agains my bottom and relaized I was fuly penetrated by his huge organ. He then began to assault me with an intensity that had to be expericenced to believe it. It lassted for an eternity, untill he gave one or 2 powerful thrusts, and I felt a warmth spreading throughout my abdomen. As with the previous night, all too turns, Leader even returning for a secound assault. Then I was vaginally raped again over and over, as was my daughter, but it seemed as if she was becoming a willing particiapnt. I don't know how they were able to assault us so oftne for so long, but they real humiliations and degradations were yet to come. Finally untying my husband, they forced him to perform oral sex on me, telling him to clean me out with his tongue. He did as bid, but objected when told to do it to our daughter as well. A few slaps and kicks and he finally gave in and did the disgusting deed on her. Then, I was told to perform oral sex on my daughter and make her climax. I objected, and they again began beating my husband, and slapping my daughter also, until I gave in. The clincher was: I was told to make her climax. If I failed, she would be anally raped; if I succeeded, her dad would be anally raped. Since they had already committed that fould deed on me, I told them to just anally rape me again, but they laughed amd began to beat my loved ones again. Ultimately, both were anally raped, as was i again. The ordeal ended on Monday night in an unusual way. We all 3 were made to shower, then take a hot bath, then shower again. They then proceeded to sanitize our home cleaner that it had ever been. We were separated, hogtied, gagged, blindfolded, and then they left. We were discovered Tuesday morning when my daughter's friends came to pick her up for a day of shopping, and found us. While the police believed what happened, there was never and physical evidnece recovered; no DNA, no hair, no prints, nothing. Our attackers are still anonymous, and on the loose.
Name: Mrs X
Sunday, November 17th 2013 - 01:05:41 PM
Title: Novice
Comments: The story of a high placed business woman who one day on a lunch break finds a newspaper page sticking out of the seat she is sitting in, pulls it out and reads it. It is an ad page from a trashy underground paper she has seen but never read, found herself looking it over a she ate her salad.
It was the small ad she saw in the corner that caught her imagination the one that read, " FEMALES TIRED OF REGULAR LIFE, WILL TRAIN AND POSITION YOU INTO A LIFE VERY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOU KNOW. CALL 905-393-3334" It sounded so outlandish and unreal that she dismissed outright.
But the seed was planted, dropped into that area of her mind that as a grain of sand in an oyster that over time turns it into a pearl, dropped in so that it was there postured in her thinking that as the hours & days went by, Rebecca found herself pondering just what it would be like to be controlled and held under someones hand............
The process started one late night when she was sitting in bed reading over another boring financial report and that little voice in her head told her to call the number and find out which she did and from that she found herself on a new path in life unlike any she had found before
Name: M.Wryter
E-mail address: masterwryter@gmail.com
Tuesday, November 19th 2013 - 04:13:44 AM
Title: Wryter
Comments: It was just 4:00 pm when he opened the storage locker, pulled out the big cleaner cart, pushed it to the side then closed the door, then pushed it to the service elevator and left it. He stepped into his small office, opened the bottom drawer took out the bag, dropped it on the desk then opened it taking out the cuffs, a ball gag and a set of leather straps. He put them back in the bag, closed it up then opened the drawer and took out the small hypo, looked at it then slipped it into his pocket, turned and left the small office and went to the service elevator unlocked it pushed the large cart into it then closed once he stepped in slipped the key into the key hole, turned it then hit the button for the 23rd floor.

The door opened and he pushed the cart out, turned left and made his way down to the end office as it was now near 4:30 and the office staff would be leaving making his job easier. He entered the office to see it nearly empty, pushed the cart to the near end of it then stopped and looked at her.

Her name was Beth and to him she was everything in that dark world of fantasy that and she sat in the corner cubicle of the office away from most of the others. He had since the first day she came to work here wanted her, had watched her as he cleaned, how she moved, her long slender legs, the roll of her hips, the subtle bounce in her blouse, the way her long brown hair shone in the light. he had every Thursday since she had started 8 months ago enjoyed going to the offices of Miller & Henderson as she made his day. And it was as he went there every Thursday that he formed a plan for her.

He knew that at the end of Oct that she was taking a week to visit her sister and that each Thurs eve she worked late till at least 8:00 pm making his plan work the better. he had a small room in the sub basement that no one ever checked, big enough that he could keep here there for a few days and enjoy her to his pleasure as no one would hear anything or suspect anything. he had found an old mattress in the alley near by, lugged it there and has fixed the room up to his wanting, put in a pulley a chair and ha gone an gotten some items from one of the local sex shops. he had even bought a small video camera & tripod as he wanted to video all that she was going to be made to do.

He spent the better part of 2 hours cleaning the office as one by one the others left until she was the only one. He watched his time keeping an eye on her as he came closer to her area and it was when she got up to go and make some copies that he put his plan into action, moving on her quickly, the hypo sliding into her neck quickly as he slipped his strong arm about her waist, the drug acting quickly that she slumped against him a dead weight. It was perfect he felt as he moved her to the cart then slipped the ball gag into her mouth and placed her into the bottom of the cart and started toward the elevator and the final trip down to the basement and his small but special room where for the next few days he would enjoy this pretty bitch and all he would take from her.....30
Name: Wryter
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Thursday, November 21st 2013 - 07:36:44 AM
Title: Wryter
One of the best ways to do an interrogation scene is what I call the " 2 book method." It works well and once done you will return to it again

What you do is get 2 books the same, paperback, a magazine, an operators manual. One of them you tear out every other page and that one you keep. the other you give to her to read fully with all pages.

The interrogation will commence with you asking her questions about the book to fill you in on the pages that are missing. She will have to remember everything and the interrogation can can get very in depth and intense as she struggles to remember and all the pages.

It can be fun and intense, give it a shot and see.....30
Name: Wryter
E-mail address: masterwryter@gmail.com
Thursday, November 21st 2013 - 08:17:11 PM
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Sunday, November 24th 2013 - 07:28:10 AM
Name: danushka
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Friday, December 6th 2013 - 06:29:37 AM
Title: Kidnapped
Comments:I had just finished giving a seminar, and wwas close on time, so I kept on the outfit and shoes I was wearing for it. My luggage was already downstairs, so I had the doorman hail a taxi for me. One pulled up, but the doorman suggested I get a different one, as he had poor regards for this particular company. I brushed off his suggestion, saying I was too close on time to wait for another, and climbed in. I instructed the driver to take me to the AmTrak station (afrfaid of flying), and he took off. Not being familiar witht this particualr city, I ignored the passing scenery and instead began checking e-mail and texts on my smartphone. He pulled over to the curb, and just as I was about to ask why he was stopping, the door opend, and a large, unshaven man wearing dark glasses climbed in. I started to protest, as this was my ride, not a ride for 2, and he produced a large handgun and pointed it right against the bottom of my jaw. "Not a fucking sound, cunt", he rasped, and th taxi took off. "You finally got a good looking one, J. Might give you some more business." I ha no ide what was about to happen, I just knew the gun looked like a cannon up close. I was so scared I was afraid I would wet myself. Finally noticing the surroundings as we drove, I realized we ere in a rundown industrial area. The driver made several turns, probably to confuse me as to where we would actually end up. Finally, he turned into an alley, drove until almost the dead end, and a overhead door went up, and we drove in, then the door closed. I was shaking from fear so bad, I wa afraid I would be unable to move. The gunman opend the door, slid out, reached back in and grabbed my hair and dragged me out. With my feet still clad in stilleto heels 4 inches tall,and so terrified, I started to fall. My assailant yanked my hair so hard it felt almost as if i was lifted completely off the ground. "Alright, bitch, lose the blazer" I was told. Trembling, I removed myblazer. "Now, all the jewelry you got on." I removed my earrrings, bracelets, watch, necklace, but not my wedding ring set." "The fucking rings, bitch, take 'em off." Finding my voice, I said, "no, please, it reminds me of my late husband." "If the only way you can rememeber someone is with a ring, he must have been a lousy man." Those words empowered me-"he was a better man than a cretin like you will ever be." He hit me in the stomach so hard, I fell to my knees gasping for breath. The driver was back from wherever he had gone, and said, "why'd you hit her, man? Don't mark her all up." "She called me a name." "What did she call you?" "A cretin." "What's that?" "Don't know, but doubt if it was something good." The driver helped me to my feet, still gasping, and led me thru the rundown building. We must have gone 200 feet, til we got to an old freight elevator. We got in, and went up at least 3 flloors. When the doors opened, we were looking at a large open area furnished with several sofas, easy chairs, recliners, a large dining table with lots of chairs, and 4 beds-2 of them brass beds, 2 were 4-poster types. I was shoved into the room, then again and again until we were next to the dining table. "Bend over" I was told, and when I did, my arms were pulled behind me, then one of them began binding my hands palm to palm. He was yanking the ropes so tight I thought he might sever them from my arms. "You're hurting me" I cried out. "Too bad. Get used to it, cause it don't get no better." Next, my hands were wrapped in layer after layer of tape until my fingers couldn't even wiggle. My upper arms were next, both just below my elbows, the above, pulling my elbows together and my shuldrs back. Again I yelped in pain. After securing all the knots, my binder reached around and squeezed both breasts, hard. I tried to kick him in the balls, reverse-style, but just grazed against his thigh. "Cunt got some spunk, don't she?" the gunman said to the driver, who ws binding me. "She gonna have a lot more spunk in her shortly, too" was his response. I understood what that meant, that I was going to be raped. Not looking forward to that experience, I tried to wiggle and scoot away, but was pulled back by my hair. "Gonna frogtie, then hogtie this bitch, then gonna fuck her ass, her cunt, her ass again, then make her clean my dick with her tongue." "Feisty as she is, might be a good idea to keep your cock away from her mouth. She'd probably try to bite it off." "Got a nice big ring gag just for that occasion." He produced a wide leather strap with a large steel ring in the middle of it, and a strap that went across from each side strap. Instantly it was forced between my teeth, my mouth almost unable to open enough to get it in. It made my jaws ache instanlty. Next, I was pushed on top of the table, belly down, and my ankles were each bound to a thigh, again very tightly. Finally, my ankles were then bound together, and pulled way up behind my back, arching it until I thougt it would snap. Then, they were tied to my elbows. I was totally immobilized. My fingers, wrapped in tape were unable to wiggle, and my toes inside my tight pumps, also were unable to wiggle. I could turn my head, and I could rock on my abdomen, as only about 6 inches of it were in contact with the table. "Dude, tied like that, you ain't gonna be able to fuck her ass or pussy." "Maybe not, but her mouth s available, and I can reach her cunt with my fingers. Give her some enjoyment that way." The driver then walked away, leaving me with the gunman. I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being zipped (unzipped in this case), and the gunman was standing in front of me, with his rather large penis fully erect, and at mouth level. I looked at it, then at his face, and began shaking my head and trying to beg with my eyes not to do what he obviously intended. Chuckling, he just stepped up and shoved it thru the ring to the back of my throat, and held my head and worked back and forth. About 5 minutes went by, when, with no advanced notice, I felt a huge gush of warm, gooey, thick, bitter tasting cum hit the back of my throat, and began oozing down my throat. I began to gag, but couldn't expel the disgusting fluid from my mouth. "Just had to be first, huh?" I heard the other say, with a bit of a laugh. Then, I was rocked forward, and something was being slid under my wool skirt until it rested against my panty-clad vagina opening. Then, a buzzing sound, and the object began to vibrate slightly. That got my attention. I was bound to keep from showing any reaction to the vibrator, actually a Hitachi wand, but, you ladies that hav eused them know thats almost impossible to ignore. They let me lay for several minutes with the wand stirring up feelings that I was trying ti suppress. Finally, I felt one of them untying my hogtie rope, taking the strain off my back, and just as I was about to actually say 'thanks' a strip of duct tape was taped over the ring gag, muffling me. "Here, use this to stretch thing out a bit" one of them said. I was pulled backwards until my knees were under my chest, then something cold and greasy was rubbed into my bottom, the rapist working it in with first one finger, then 2, then 3, finally 4. More grease was applied, and I knew I was about to be sodomized. I tried to protest, useless when gagged, but I wasn't used to this activity. "She sure is a tight ass, huh? Use the plug to open her up nice and wide." Thats when I felt something against my anal opening, then it was being pushed in, then pulled back, then in, then out. I was sobbing, groaning, trying to resist the unwanted invasion. Finally, a hard shove and the object was buried full length, causing incredible pain. My body convulsed from the agony and the humiliation, and one of them again pushed the vibrating want against my vagina, causing more unwanted feelings. My torment lasted at least 30 minutes, and one, I believe it was the driver, said, "she should be stretched enough. Let's get down to business." The item in my bottom was turned back and forth, then pulled out and pushed back in a few times, then removed with a slurping sound. I startedd to relax after it was out, but instantly, something much thicker at the tip than the previous plug. A powerful thrust, and I felt what was obvious a large, erect male organ, was buried full tilt. Then, my rapist began with a maniacal motion, literally pounding my intestines with all his energy. He kept up his attack for at least 30 minutes, then a loud groan and a warm flood filled my intestines. I was repulsed, revolted, disgusted, at my degradation. Instantly, the second assumed the position and agains I was sodomized. He was much faster, and not quite as brutal as the first, but still it was painful. When he finished, they left me alone for some time, but when they returned, they rolled me over onto my back, atop my bound but numb arms, tore my blouse and my skirt off, and each savagedly attacked my vagina, over and over. Time seemed to stand still, but also race by. The kept me for several days, before taking me out at night, and dumped me, hogtied and naked, on the riverbank, where a fisherman found me at daylight and called the police. Now safe, and able to relate my experience to the police, is when I found out that I had been captive for 6 days.
Name: DeeAnne
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 09:20:22 AM
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