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Craiganmore Books
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Name: Metalman
E-mail address: metalman154@yahoo.com
Comments:This website is one of the best I've seen in a long while. Keep up and good work, and... GET A NEW BOOK OUT ALREADY!!
Sunday, September 11th 2011 - 03:10:15 AM
Name: kate craig
E-mail address: katie_crg@yahoo.com
Comments:heyyyyyyyyy love you guys! ur awesome at what u do....hmmm im hungry. we should eat more pizza... :) ok then...im gonna get off this now...before i do something i'll regret....oh right...hey tiffany...thats a lot of juice! do the ponys still haunt you after you fed them the burned cookies?...THEY WERE DIABETIC, IDIOT!!! lololol alrighty thehn ttyl see ya later :P
Tuesday, April 19th 2011 - 06:07:18 AM
Name: jonathan cramer
E-mail address: jonathan_cramer2003@yahoo.com
Comments:this is great! i really liked the poetry! it was cool of you to offer a free book, too, even though i don't read romance novels. i'm telling my mom about it, cause she'll read it. great site!
Thursday, October 7th 2010 - 05:50:54 AM
Name: kate craig
Comments:mom and tiff are freakin fantabulous!!!! if u dont read the books they write i will come thru this comp. and beat u up...lol jk but u will regret it...
Sunday, September 19th 2010 - 04:26:21 AM
Name: dillon
Comments:My sister and mom are great writers and I LOVE this website!
Sunday, September 19th 2010 - 02:38:30 AM
Name: zoe craig
E-mail address: zoecrg@yahoo.com
Comments:tiffany t.j. craig, my partner in crime... umm, collabora-tion partner, has been working her little fingers to the bone trying to get our website up,running, and interesting... i happen to think she has done a fabulous job!!!!!!! keep up the good work, daughter mine!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, September 19th 2010 - 02:29:35 AM
Name: Tiffany T.J. Craig
E-mail address: tiffanycrg@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.craiganmorebooks.yolasite.com
Comments:I love this site! ;)
Sunday, September 19th 2010 - 02:22:57 AM
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