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When a Child Screams
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FFree StuffE
Saturday, February 2nd 2002 - 12:50:59 PM
Name: ravi jose
E-mail address: zappa63@hotmail.com
Its great work you are doing supporting the cause of abused
God be with you.:-))
i live in india,and maybe the first indian to sign your
guest book?!!
i have been abused myself as a child and wish to tell you
you are really doing great work supporting a good cause
Saturday, August 7th 1999 - 04:00:57 AM
Name: Sharon
E-mail address: Feyacat@hotmail.com
Comments:Great work, being a survivor of child abuse myself - It's
good to see sites that show how wrong & horrrible it is !
Hopefully this will help educate people about it !
Wednesday, May 19th 1999 - 07:50:13 PM
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Comments:Interesting page, keep up the good work :)
Sunday, April 25th 1999 - 04:12:08 AM
Name: Pennie
E-mail address: pennie_n@yahoo.com
Comments:An excellent job Kelly.It was very disturbing & thought
provoking.I think you you really got to the heart of
somethings an abused child hears.
Saturday, April 24th 1999 - 06:39:36 AM
Name: Debra
E-mail address: dchurch@ligtel.com
Comments:I really enjoyed looking at your site. This is one of the best I have seen. Thank you for introducing me to it.
Saturday, April 24th 1999 - 05:12:19 AM
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Saturday, April 24th 1999 - 02:53:27 AM
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Comments:the page looks great. keep up the good work
Saturday, April 24th 1999 - 12:38:13 AM
Name: cv
E-mail address: cvbuzzz@yahoo.com
Comments:good work, worthy cause
Friday, April 23rd 1999 - 09:10:19 PM
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Friday, April 23rd 1999 - 01:45:53 AM
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