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Female babysitters getting bound and gagged
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Name: stephengillespie
E-mail address: dukerules8479708@cs.com
Comments:all hot girls respond and come tie me up now
Thursday, May 24th 2001 - 08:52:17 AM
Name: NT
Comments:very nice story Em!
Thursday, May 24th 2001 - 01:27:39 PM
Name: Christopher
E-mail address: graeme0@home.com
Comments:Charlie..........I'm afraid that it is you who has been fed propaganda about Toronto and Canada.

Let me clear up a few misconceptions that you have about Canada.

I have lived in Toronto since 1972 and the following are not true:

1) (The crime rate in Toronto is a direct result of the heavy censorship in that culture of violence.)Where you got this information is beyond my imagination as I have no problem getting information about the police and their methods and I can go anywhere, anytime and feel safe.

Are you saying that our culture of violence the same as yours? Compared to Detroit, Miami and Washington, D.C. they have about 1/3 of Torornto's population but do they have less than a 66 murders/year? Having read between the lines that you've written I can only conclude that you have never visited Toronto (have you).

2)(and the high amount of police the city employs.) Toronto
police force is about 5,149 police for a city of 3.5 million. This is a heavy concentration? Detroit, Washington (D.C.)and Miami have heavier concentrations of police for the population and has that reduced the crime rate? Not from what I have been reading and listening to U.S. TV newscasts.

3)(, They also ban businesses that attract crime.) We have 4 casinos in the city if that is what you mean.

4)(It is almost a police state.) Almost a police state? In Canada there are no concentration camps, secret trials, no show trials, we do not live in fear of the midnight knock at the door and people taken away never to return. Red China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Iran and Afganistan are police states.....are you saying that Canada is one of these countries.

5)(When they made guns harder to get). What's wrong with this? To apply for a handgun one must apply to the police for a license, be interviewed by 2 pychiatrists and prove beyond a show of a doubt that his life is being threatened.

6)(they didn't confiscate the firearms people already had unlike the dimwits in Britain and Australia.) Charlie.....we don't have to confiscate guns....parliment(your congress as you seem to know very little about Canada whereas I know as much if not more about the U.S. and it's history than most Americans)passed a law requiring all firearm owners to apply for a license to buy ammunition. If they don't have an ammo license they can't buy any. Why can't your congress do that?

If you don't believe a Torontoian then prove, with facts, to me that everything I have said is bullshit.

Thursday, May 24th 2001 - 08:43:03 PM
Name: RI Red
E-mail address: rired6155@netzero.net
Comments:I thought this was a web site for posting stories about female babysitters in bondage. Yet most of the posts for the last two months or so have nothing to do with the subject matter i come to the web site for. Lately, it seems there's 2 clowns debating the merits of the quality of life in Canada and the U.S. Why don't you two e-mail each other and let the rest of us enjoy this site for what it was intended.
Monday, May 28th 2001 - 05:25:04 PM
Name: ?????????????
Comments:When is krisse gonna post the rest of her story
Wednesday, May 30th 2001 - 12:50:07 PM
Name: Fallen Angel
E-mail address: disappearingfriend@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/fallenangel01/main.html
Comments:I invite all posters to post stories at my dreambook.
Wednesday, May 30th 2001 - 09:57:39 PM
Name: MasterSJB
E-mail address: stebon47@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.books.dreambook.com/mastersjb/olderwomentied.html
Comments:Take the above url to my new story page. PLEASE COME, READ, AND FOLLOW THE RULES. THANX.
Friday, June 1st 2001 - 01:05:25 PM
Name: Hunter
E-mail address: happyhunterhardon@hotmail.com
Comments:Well , let's see here, I do have some tales to tell, but I also want to say something first....


You want to discuss law in USA and CANADA Im all for it, Its my forte, but this isnt the place for it, exchange emails or something... and lets not clutter up this board with it... and you can say your sorry yet it seems theres always an "im sorry but" and the issue gets discussed hereagain... this book has had to deal with more than its fair share of non topic issues as well as invasive bull... lets just stop it here...

Now, whos up for a tale or two related to this topic, I have a few to share like i said but i dont wnat to post one or part of one and see that this or something like this has happened again, its a waste of my time and yours and if it happens i just may have to decide to not finish despite my devotion to this board...( been reading herefor over a year i beleive) sound good? ( im asking everyone since there appears to be no moderator or at least one who cares...)
Monday, June 18th 2001 - 12:52:42 AM
Name: nt
Comments:lets hear it
Monday, June 18th 2001 - 01:06:06 PM
Name: B.A.
Comments:i second the notion "lets hear it".
Monday, June 18th 2001 - 04:13:34 PM
Name: killer
E-mail address: killer@kill.com
Comments:A girl next door ,A BABY-SITTER,once came to my house to meet my sister,who was her best friend.As mysister was out I was talkin to her.Suddenly she sprang up and pressed my balls real hard .I couldn't react.She removed my pants and touched my balls with her fingers.She tied my hands and legs and continued to press my balls till it was bloody red.
Friday, June 22nd 2001 - 07:04:23 AM
Name: sick-of-it
Comments:Ok this site is called " Female baby sitters getting
bound and gagged". Not "Discuss Morals" or "Whats the
difference between US and Canada". If you want to discuss
that then e-mail each other don't clutter this site with these unrelated topics and other such things.Post jstories or post comments about the stories or don't post at all. thats just my opinion but I am sure others agree with me.
Monday, July 2nd 2001 - 09:27:30 PM
Name: kidnapperken
E-mail address: astro_anubis@yahoo.com.hk
Homepage URL: http://lookNmeet.com/kidnapperken
Comments:After the first time I took Marianne to my friends for the bondage photo-story, I had a date with her. I would took her to the woods on the bagage-space of my bike. I had plenty of rope, tape, socks and gag-stuff. I said to her that I would tie her up and gag her again and again she said that she was ok with that. We were all alone in the wood and with her hands tied behind her back I nahd-gagged her for more than 5 minutes. I do not have pictures from that day. You know, when we made the photo-story, there was a moment that we, four guys and our hostage Marianne, were walking from one location to another. Marianne had to be bound and gagged at the to locations, so she walked with us in the middle; TIED UP AND GAGGED. In the story there are also great captures; we grab her, hand-gag her, tie her up, take her.
I can send pictures of Marianne bound and gagged, but you will have to be patient, for the moment, the cd-rom is with a friend of mine. There is NO nudity in our photo-story!!!(we do not support that!!). Marianne is bound and gagged with lots of stuff, rope, tape, hand, several gags.
I am looking for other girls in Europe who like to get tied up and gagged, I live in Belgium.
Please send me an e-mail if you are a girl who like to get tied up and gagged. You can also mail if you are intressted in Marianne bound and gagged.
greets, Marianne's Kidnapper
Wednesday, July 4th 2001 - 04:21:42 AM
Name: smooth1
E-mail address: lepijbn@yahoo.com
Comments:let's get back to the stories that's what this site is for, so the 2 dickheads that what to talk about canada and usa laws and lifestyle take just do me a favor and take that bullshit elsewhere!
Wednesday, July 4th 2001 - 06:58:54 AM
Name: Katie
Comments:I was babysitting my sister and 2 of her bratty friends last weekend and I had an experience I will never forget. I did a search for "Babysitters" and this site immediately caught my eye. I was talking on the phone about 11:30 sat night. I was laying fac down on the bed with my back to the bedroom door. I was wearing a tank top and a pair of bikini panties. I had the television on so I didn't hear the "3 Amigos" enter my room. I no sooner hung up the phone, when my sister pounced on my legs and wedged my panties completely up my ass. When I reached back to pick the "Wedge" she grabbed my elbows and the other 2 duct taped my wrists together. I was screaming my head off, demanding to be cut free, but they just laughed and stuffed a sock in my mouth and tightly wrapped my head with the tape. I was completely helpless. They continued taping me into a HogTie and then left me on bed to struggle. I knew I was screwed, I couldn't budge my legs or my arms, and my mouth was wrapped so tight, I was starting to get light headed. I managed to squirm to the edge of the bed and lower myself onto the floor(painfully) and managed to loosen the tape on my wrists. I sat up and started to free my legs when I was jumped from behind and held face down on the floor by my sister. She started to call for help when I managed to knock her off balance and she fell and hit her head on the floor. She was groggy but not knocked out so I knew I had to act quick. Thankfully the other 2 did not hear her call for help. I had just enough time to hop to my bureau and grab another sock. I hopped into the bathroom and got a roll of stretchy white surgical tape and hopped over to her. She was just coming around when I(still gagged myself) crammed the sock in her mouth and wrapped her mouth as tight as I could. She tried to fight me off but I overpowered her and flipped her onto her stomach. I pulled her arms behind her back and taped them together. I taped her knees and ankles and then I finished freeing myself. Now for the other two....... more later!
Thursday, July 5th 2001 - 03:58:14 PM
Name: NT
Comments:very nice story, please continue!
Thursday, July 5th 2001 - 06:15:20 PM
Name: ssjtrunks737
Comments:I think it may be a miracle , but those 2 idiots have stopped talking about united sates and canada laws . God that was pissing me off .
Saturday, July 7th 2001 - 12:33:44 AM
Name: MasterSJB
E-mail address: stebon47@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/mastersjb/olderwomentied.html
Comments:Thanks to Dreambook screwing up my site I have had to change the URL for "olderwomentied" to:
http://books.dreambook.com/mastersjb/olderwomentied.html(Please feel free to destroy previous entry by MasterSJB dated June 1st, 2001.)
Saturday, July 7th 2001 - 06:56:19 AM
Name: danny
E-mail address: none
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:When i was twelve years old my little brother and i had a
babysitter named nancie who was 18 with big firm tits,green
eyes and auburn hair. She was a real bitch so normally I
would not mess with her but this night I was feeling kind
of cocky so I told her no when she told me to go to bed. At
this time in my life I was still wearing loose fitting
pajamas and she teased me about them and told me if I didnt
go to bed she would pull them down and spank me!!! Well the
thought of this babe doing that to me really turned me on
so I proceeded to taunt her more. When she had enough she
sent my little brother to bed and then went out to her car.
When she came back inside she had a large bundle of cotton
clothsline.I saw this and yelped,quickly running into my
bedroom.She tackled me from behind and I landed on my bed
face down( by the way this takes place in the summer in
seattle so she was wear tight cut-off shorts and a denim
shirt tied in the front showing off her tight abs ).Anyway
she quickly tied my wrists behind my back while I yelled at
her to let me go.She said no-way its pay-back time!!! Next
she tied my ankles and knees tightly and then tied my
wrists to my ankles hogtying me. Finally she opened my
dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of my socks balling
one up and stuffing it in my mouth, the other was tied
tightly around my head gagging me.I mmmphed into my gag and
struggled but I was helpless!!! All the time I had been
wriggling around on my stomach being tied-up my dick had
been grinding into the bed and was now VERY hard.She rolled
me over on my side to look me in the face and when she did
the way I was hogtied was thrusting my hips forward so the
head of erect penis popped out of my pajama fly!!! I was so
embarressed that my face became hot.She starred wide-eyed
at my helpless twitching young penis and then she got up
and went into the bathroom.When she came back she
blindfolded me tightly with a sock and then slowly began
rubbing something greasy over my whole dick (found out
later it was vaseline). I struggled and MMMPPPHHED!!!, into
my gag as she slowly strocked me until i arched my back
even further,bucking my hips back and forth
MMMPH,MMMPH,MMMPHING into my gag and spurting all over my
bed.She untied me and I "acted-up" every time she babysat
us from then on.
Friday, July 13th 2001 - 02:30:43 PM
Name: bart
E-mail address: edwardkhoughton@yahoo.com
Comments:if any1 has any gr8 pics of babysitters and mothers tied up
email me thanx
Sunday, July 15th 2001 - 06:05:09 AM
Name: Shannon
E-mail address: Heikigaki0@aol.com
could you send me your story? also, you should post the
entire thing somewhere. as this page scrolls up, it will
be lost and that would be a shame.
Sunday, July 15th 2001 - 06:11:09 PM
Name: aa
E-mail address: aa
Wednesday, July 18th 2001 - 07:50:56 PM
Name: Jake Logann
E-mail address: jakelogann@aol.com
Comments:Is this site really completely dead? I don't see any
updates since November 1998? Is there a new site?
Saturday, July 21st 2001 - 12:29:14 PM
Name: Caroline
I am a 31 year old bi-sexual women who is well versed in
bondage.I am very attractive,5 foot 9 inches tall,137 lbs.
I am blonde,sexy,34c-24-36,and get plenty of attention.
When I was 14 years old,my mom would ask this 17 year old
girl,a daughter of her girlfriend to babysit me on occasion.
Talk about a beauty..brunette,green eyed,babe,5 foot 6,125
pounds...she looked just like Kathy Ireland..incredible..
A very feminine girl always in a skirt or dress.I had a
feeling I could have my way with her because of her shyness.
My mom and her friend were going away for a week-end and
Louise was to be in charge.I decided it would be the perfect
chance to test my theory if Louise was a perfect playmate.
I even prepared a bag of goodies...long lengths of soft
cotton ropes,folded and arranged.A black blindfold,a red
latex ball strung thru a short dog collar that I had made.
I even had a polaroid camera and several rolls of film.
And that week-end,a friday evening her and her mom arrived.
Louise was wearing a skirt,and t-top,and sandals.I had on
shorts and white tee,which showed of my obvious assets.I had
always had a good body even at 14 years.
After my mom and her friend left,we had supper and had
went for a walk to the store.Later near bedtime,she changed
into a cotton nightie.I was parading around in my bra and
panties,and sat next to her on the sofa to watch t.v.
I curled up to Louise and said I was cold.I put my feet
next to hers to warm them up.I could tell she was nervous,
but continued.I put my hands on her lap under the blanket.
She was squirming,and I asked if anything was wrong.She
said no.I explored her thighs and she kept squirming.I told
her to quit squirming or I would have to tie her up.
Her expression was priceless when I said that.She couldnt
believe what I had said.I told her she would look sexy tied.
I went up-stairs before Louise and to my room.I heard her
come up the stairs,and she was going to be sleeping in my
moms room.She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and
wash.I looked thru the peephole and she was taking off her
nightie for a showerer.She was taking off white satin bra,
and thong panties.
She had her showerer as I prepared for her.I got my ropes
layed out on the bed.I took one length and doubled it.
I heard the water stop and her dry off.She came out of the
washroom in her bra and thong...I was standing with rope in
my hands.She was frozen as I approached her and turned her
around.She told me I shouldnt be doing this as I roped her
elbows ever so easily touching together.Then I walked her
into my bedroom and she seen all the ropes layed out.
I easily moved her over to my bed mattress and pushed her
chest down on the bed.She gasped when she seen me take a
fresh length and begin carefully roping her slim wrists with
loops of carefully cinched rope,and her hands positioned
palms facing.Louise was breathing heavily and kept saying I
was wrong to be doing this to her,but offered no resistance.
I stood her back up and admired my expert workmanship.I
looked into her eyes as I blindfolded her with the black
soft scarve,and knotted it tightly after positioning it.
I gathered up several lengths of rope,the ballgag,and my
camera and walked her back downstairs through the kitchen,
and to the basement rec-room.We had leather couches,a stereo
and large t.v.
I made Louise kneel by the couch.I pushed her chest into
the couch and told her to spread her knees wide.Without much
fuss she obeyed.I said wider,and after she did I crossed her
slim ankles and roped them heavily so that her knees could
not come together again.
She looked so sweet with her perfect little bum high in
the air,and clad in a white satin thong.I knew she couldnt
raise herself up now.....no way.I told her to sit up,and I
watched as she struggled to obey.She said she couldnt,and I
must have had this huge smile on my face.I turned on the
stereo loud enough so she couldnt tell I was snapping photos
of her babe body.
Soon I untied her ankles and knelt her at my feet.I tied
each of her legs ankle to thigh tightly.Again I took some
photos but this time some frontal shots too.It was time for
the ballgag and that surprised her and got her worried.She
had no idea she was going to get gagged and especially so
I moved her facedown on the floor,and she was squirming.
I told her she better be a good girl or I would keep her
like this all night.She nodded yes....and I said for her to
spread her knees wide.I smiled as she obeyed and my hand
took hold of her between her bum and gently squeezed at her.
If she squirmed too much she got a spank,and soon she got
the idea.I checked and she was wet,and she began to moan
thru the ball.I pulled her hair into a ponytail and pulled
it back well I squeezed her bum and cheeks.
I had so much fun with her that night.I knew she was the
right girl.I untied each leg and stood her up against the
wall and crossed her ankles and roped them...then her knees.
It was incredible watching her try to keep her balance,
Later I took her up to my bedroom and untied her.I told her
to get in my bed and we slept together that night.We cuddled
and she asked if I could keep a secret.That I wouldnt tell
anyone.I told her not to worry,but to expect much more of
the same during the week-end.
She couldnt believe how enjoyable the experience had been
and agreed to explore it more.She became a babysitter on a
regular basis and we played for several years until she went
to university.
Friday, July 27th 2001 - 09:56:54 AM
Name: chubkins
E-mail address: dmarklevit@aol.com
Comments:What has happened to this forum? All I recieve is posting dating back to 1999. What gives?
Saturday, July 28th 2001 - 08:41:43 PM
Name: chubkins
E-mail address: dmarklevit@aol.com
Comments:What has happened to this forum? All I recieve is posting dating back to 1998. What gives?
Saturday, July 28th 2001 - 08:43:06 PM
Name: ````
Comments:Is this place working or not?
Monday, August 6th 2001 - 03:21:41 PM
Name: Doug
Comments:Who ever is in charge of this page ought to fix it!
Saturday, August 11th 2001 - 12:59:54 PM
Name: B.A.
Comments:ok, im posting this to see if this site is screwed up, because all i'm geting here is posts from '98.
Tuesday, August 14th 2001 - 06:49:41 PM
Name: aly
Comments:Want to see former posts on this topic in this forum?
Have fun.
Friday, August 17th 2001 - 09:34:17 AM
Name: alya
E-mail address: datestar@yahoo.com
Comments:Want to see formoer posts on this topic in this forum?
Go to the Babysitter Archives at:

Have fun.
Friday, August 17th 2001 - 09:37:11 AM
Name: Mary
E-mail address: slipknot511@hotmail.com

Monday, August 20th 2001 - 02:14:16 PM
Name: Azmodan
Comments:Hi all,

I'm just wondering, where this site has gone..
The one I'm seing, seems to be from the past..

New stories would be really nice..

Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 01:40:30 PM
Name: none
E-mail address: joe@blow.me
Thursday, September 20th 2001 - 04:48:59 PM
Name: Jimx
Comments:Great stories there. Maybe I will post some mines later.
Friday, September 21st 2001 - 04:55:24 PM
Name: argos
Saturday, September 22nd 2001 - 07:10:43 AM
Name: chubkins
E-mail address: dmarklevit@aol.com
Comments:What is going on with this site? Whenever I log into this site only get to 1998. What is going on?
Saturday, September 29th 2001 - 10:15:48 PM
Name: MR
Monday, October 1st 2001 - 03:51:33 PM
Name: yugguy
E-mail address: tfytf
Monday, October 8th 2001 - 05:47:52 AM
Name: Mike
E-mail address: tugrop@yahoo.com
Comments:What's the deal with this site? why is showing 2 year old posts?
Tuesday, October 23rd 2001 - 10:58:19 PM
Name: Anonymous
E-mail address: imwatchingyou@spyring.com
Comments:Is anyone having trouble viewing this dreambook? When I access it, I see old posts, none of the new ones.... currently I'm in the year 2000 posts. If anyone wants to reply to me (and think about this...) you'll have to e-mail me and not post here...
Sunday, November 18th 2001 - 07:44:20 PM
Name: erik
Comments:it don't work
Tuesday, December 4th 2001 - 05:30:32 PM
Name: tugrop
E-mail address: tugrop@yahoo.com
Comments:What's the deal with all these dreambooks screwing up?. Mike
Thursday, December 6th 2001 - 08:17:20 AM
Name: someone with a life
E-mail address: does-it-really-matter.com
Comments:Why don't you people find something better to do with your time, rather that killing good clubs like this one was?
Thursday, December 13th 2001 - 03:54:58 AM
Name: Melissa
E-mail address: smevans@lineone.net
Comments:Hi, I'm Melissa, 18 from UK, and this happened to me a year or so ago. I was babysitting for a neighbour one day because she was going to be late home from work. I had to be at the house soon after school finished so I didn't have time to go home change out of my uniform. I was babysitting for two kids, a girl aged 15 and boy age 12. I was only supposed to be there for an hour or two until the mum got home but when I was there I got a phonecall saying she was running late and could I make tea and stay an extra couple of hours. I agreed, afterall she paid me well. Anyway, it was about 6.30 now and we had just eaten and was now sitting down watching TV. The girl, lets call her Suzanne, then came in the room with her hands behind her back and sat down on the sofa looking at me. She asked if I would mind playing a little game with her, so I agreed, stupidly without asking what it was! She asked if I could turn round and face away from her - she was next to me. I did, and then felt her pulling my arm. She put some handcuffs on me! and I reluctantly agreed for her to cuff my other arm too. I was told to lie down on the floor, and reluctantly I agreed. After all she had the keys and I daren't cross her. I was now on the floor in my uniform (white shirt, loose tie, skirt and pantyhose) in handcuffs on the floor. My ankles were tied with some of her pantyhose (I guess) and I was blindfolded too with a bandana. I was lifted up so I was now kneeling, and heard the boy, lets call him James, whispering to Suzanne. Then one of them pinched my nose and I instinctively opened my mouth for air, when a par of rolled up socks were forced into my mouth, secured with another pantyhose. I was now helpless and the handcuffs were uncomfortable. I was lead over to a chair in the kitched and had rope wrapped around my body and my legs, securing me to the chair. For the remainded of the time I was tickled and teased, increasingly aprehensive of when the mother would return, and what she would think - that I was stupid enough to be tied up by two younger kids, or that I just couldn't control children? Then the room fell silent and I heard the door close. I occasionally heard movements upstairs, where the kids must have been playing. Then, I heard the door open and heard a gasp, I assumed the mother had returned. Suzanne and James's names were shouted up the stairs and the mother returned to me to remove the blindfold and gag. She then tried to untie me from the chair, but the rope was knotted. Suzanne came into the room and hurriedly untied the rope and removed the pantyhose from my ankles, but claimed she had forgotten where she left the key for the handcuffs! I was now deeply embarrassed and uncomfortable with the situation, knowing I was due home some 20 minutes ago, during which time the kids and mother were looking for the keys. Fortunately they were found on the sofa where I was sitting earlier. The mother apoligised once again and paid me well for my experience. This experience made me aware that I secretly enjoyed being helpless, especially in uniform, and that I also felt something sexual for the girl, who was nearly 16. Since this time, I am now openly lesbian and have a girlfriend who I like to tie me up. Maybe more later.
Saturday, December 29th 2001 - 10:29:26 AM
Name: Kev
E-mail address: Loco Mi Amore@AOL.com
Comments:when I was 16 years old, My parents had to leave town for the funeral of a friend, not wanting to take me out of school they asked the two sister in the next apartment to watch me for a couple days. Being family friends they agreed without haste. Both sisters worked as cocktail wiatresses at a local club and fixed it so they both wouldnt work at the same time. The friday evening my parents left, the oldest sister Michelle had to work, as I sat in her appt. I watched her carefully put her makeup on, then her fishnet stockings were on, each time she came out of her bedroom, she was a little more ready for work. finally she came out in he Black Micro Mini skirt, and Black long sleeved body suit underneath, fishnets, and at least 5" heels. After my eyes had finished buggin out of my head, I returned to watch TV in my appt. The other sister Samantha came with me to watch tv. We watched tv together, and decided on Maginum PI. while watching the show there was a girl who was bound and gagged. Sam looked at me and said " Jesus anyone could get out of that, I wouldnt even need help" Noticing my chance I said " wanna bet?" she said sure!!!!! sam was wearing sweats an a baggy t-shirt, and not being the brightest of girls, agreed that her clothes being as loose as they were would benifit her escape. I told her that if I was going to make a bet with her it would be my rules. she agreed, and we went to her appt so she could change clothes. she went to her room with me standing in the door, and siad " so what should I wear for this? I told her Jokingly, how about your Cocktail uniform.......and before I could even laugh, she pulled it out of the closet, and started rumaging through her drawer for her fishnets. I let her go to the bathroom to change and told her I would go to my appt to get ready.
As I was getting yards of rope ready, I heard her phone ring from across the hall, and heard her talking. it was her sister Michelle on the phone and was coming home because they had schedualed too many girls...............
Thursday, January 10th 2002 - 03:24:32 PM
Name: Kev
Comments:Part2: well hearing that Michelle was coming home I figured all bets are off. I went to sit in the living room, and Sam came walking in. still wearing her Cocktail Uniform!!!!!! Sam standing in the door, was holding two pair of shoes. She said " well since it your rules, which pair do you want me to wear? My eyes buldging out of my head I picked a pair of Black pumps in her left hand, at least 5" high. I asked her if Michelle was coming, and she said yes. I told her we should wait for another day, Sam replied, No I told her whats going on, and she wants in on the bet!!!! I couldnt believe my ears.......I WAS IN HEAVEN!. shortly there after Michelle arrived, wearing the same thing as her sister, we expained why Sam was dressed in her uniform, and that it was my rules. Michelle agreed, and thought it would be funny. I quickly retrieved all the rope scarves, and tape I could find, and went into the living room. I pulled two chairs over from the kitchen table and instructed them both to sit. Now I was hard as a rock by now. to beautiful red headed girls with fantastic bodies letting me do this, and dressed the way they were I could hardly contain myself. Just before tying Sams hands she asked, " now when we are bound, do we have to "Act the part?, you know? like damsels in distress?" I said sure.
but no cheating. I quickly tied Sams hands behind her back, as she let out grunts of discomfort, then I tied Michelles. I pulled out more rope, and bound both girls' ankles then knees, calves, elbows, and upper bodies.both girls where giggling a littlethen I shoved sponges in both of thier mouths and tied a scarf around both girls mouthstightly. each girl was begining to get into the act....Eyes wide, acting as if they had been kidnapped. then I told them to wait a moment before they started to struggle, and got my father video camera out. both girls freaked when I came out with this, and the struggling and Mmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhh's got bigger. I videotaped them on thier chairs for over an hour, both struggling, MMMMMPHHing, and pleading with thier eyes. to my supprise niether girl got free. after this I walked over to them both and removed thier gags.Michelle was first to speak up. "That was awsome" she said with a smile. "Whats next?" I couldnt believe this, so I told her "its a supprise"
I untied thier upper bodies from the chair and thier ankles only, and made them hobble as best they could to thier apptthier skirts riding up and making thier panties and fishnets visible, they struggled as I held thier bound hands and escorted them to thier apt. once there I tied thier ankles back together, and set them on the floor. They immediatly went back into the "Damsel in distress" mode, as I watched. I retrieved the Camera from my appt, and left it filming them while I looked for some other devious thing to do to them .
Both girls still in thier uniforms struggled, until finally Michelle got her hands free, and with me in the other room, started untiying her self. I came out of her room, and seeing this takled her just as she had finished untying her ankles. her knees still bound we wrtestled, until I got the upper hand, and quickly tied her wrists behind her. I clamped my hand over her mouth, and led her to the bedroom. once there I tied her upright to a post of her bed, and gagged her again. But she didnt know I found the Bondage Magazines in her drawers!!!! I pulled them out and showed her. Her eyes bulged and she screamed through her gag. It seem both sisters loved bondage, but it was thier little secret until now.I went back to the other room, and stood Sam up. still struggling, and me being a strapping 16 year old. I threw her 100 pound 5'1" body over my shoulder and carried her to the room where her sister was bound. when she saw Michelle bound to the bed Post she began to struggle and fight more. Bondage amgazines on the floor, I tied her in a tight hogtie, her wrists touching her ankles. little did they know I had just become involved in bondage at the young age of 16.I retied Michelles ankles, and resecured her to the post., and brought the camera into the bedroom. both girls still in thier uniforms and fishnets. I must have left them in there for hours. finally I returned with water, removed thier gags, and let them drink. Sma looking mussed, looked at me and said " so when do we sleep? You have us here, and we cant sleep in these positions" but I didnt want them to sleep. so I brought chairs into the room, and tied them back to back, hands behind them, ankles crossed and tied, knees tied, gagged, and thier ankles pulled under the chairs and tied to the other girls ankles. the whole time they begged me to let them go, pleaded as if they where actually kidnapped, knowing this turned me on! Both girl still in front of the camera stayed there until well after midnight. once untied, they both laughed about me knowing thier little secret, and asked if we could play again the next day. I told them that would be fun....so the next day I supprised them in thier sleep........but thats another story!! God how I miss those two girls!!!!!!
Thursday, January 10th 2002 - 04:02:08 PM
Name: Jeff
Comments:My babysitter was sleeping when I used some rope to tie her hands and feet. When she woke up she couldn't get free. I tickled her a little and she seemed to enjoy it. Then Fred my friend came over and saw what I had done. He wanted in on the action. Fred went to our basement and got a roll of duct tape and came back. I asked what he was going to do and he said just watch. Susan tried to stop him but Fred got the tape over her mouth sealing her lips tight. Fred suggested we take her to my room and we both carried her and layed her on my bed. Fred then asked me to come into the living room for a minute. When I did he jumped on me and taped my hands, feet and mouth. Then he went back to my room I got lose in a about a half of an hour. I went to sneek a look in my bedroom and Fred had pulled her pants down and her shirt and bra was pulled over her head. He had in finger between her legs. She was bucking but Fred was in control. Then he rolled her over and started spanking her on her but. Fred's mother called for him to come home and he was surprised that I got loose. I untied Susan and she never told.
Wednesday, January 16th 2002 - 07:33:57 PM
Name: Zep
Comments:Is this site still active?
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Name: patris

is somebody hear???
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Comments:Note to Z:

Take your medication lately, you schizophrenic cocksucker?

I'm REALLY hoping you read this.

Come and get me, chickenshit. Bring it.
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Comments:what's happening dude
Saturday, April 13th 2002 - 03:12:25 AM
Name: patris
Comments:Elena 1

Das alles geschah, als ich 10 Jahre alt war. Meine Eltern sind an diesem Abend von Freunden eingeladen worden und ich konnte nicht mitgehen. Also musste ich zuhause bleiben. Damit ich mich nicht langweile, durfte ich meinen Freund Sven, der schon 13 Jahre alt war, einladen. Elena, die Tochter der Nachbarn, sollte auf uns aufpassen. Vielleicht beschreibe ich hier erst mal Elena. Elena war damals 16 Jahre alt. Sie hatte rote Haare und Sommersprossen. Als sie Abends zu uns kam hatte sie eine Jeans an und ein weißes enganliegendes Top mit Spagettiträger an.
Saturday, June 1st 2002 - 06:43:56 AM
Name: patris
Comments:Elena 2

Meine Eltern verabschiedeten sich und wir drei aßen zu Abend. Als Elena mit dem Abwasch fertig war, wollten Jens und ich unbedingt Wahrheit oder Pflicht spielen. Wir gingen also in mein Zimmer und fingen an. Am Anfang war alles noch ganz harmlos. Dann frage Sven Elena Wahrheit oder Pflicht und Elena sagte Pflicht. Sven sagte: „Elena, lass Dir von mir die Hände fesseln.“ Elena willigte ein und Sven nahm ein Seil, welches er aus einem Rucksack zog, den er an diesem Abend dabei hatte, und begann. Elena hielt ihn die Hände hin doch Sven wollte sie ihr hinter dem Rücken fesseln. Elena drehte sich also um und Sven wickelte ihr das Seil um die Handgelenke. Er verknotete das Seil. Elena wollte sich schon wieder umdrehen, doch Sven hielt sie fest und meinte, das er noch nicht fertig sein. Er nahm das eine Ende des Seiles und fesselte damit Elenas Ellbogen. Er zog das Seil dabei so eng zusammen, dass sich diese fast berührten. Nachdem er fertig war, durfte sich Elena wieder umdrehen. Was ich da sah, verschlug mir fast die Sprache. Durch die zurückgezogenen Ellbogen spannte sich das Top von Elena und man konnte ihre Brüste sehr gut sehen. Man sah auch zwei Punkte, mit denen ich damals noch nichts anfangen konnte.
Saturday, June 1st 2002 - 06:44:48 AM
Name: patris
Comments:Wir spielten weiter und während des Verlaufes sagte Elena Wahrheit, als Sven dran war und er fragte sie, wie ihr es den gefiele, wenn sie so gefesselt sei. Elena wollte wohl nicht zugeben, dass ihr die Situation nicht so behagte und meinte nur, dass es Ihr toll gefiele. Noch besser wäre es aber mit gefesselten Füssen. Dass hätte sie wohl nicht sagen sollen. Als Sven das nächste mal dran war und Elena Pflicht sagte, sagte Sven: „Da Dir das Fesseln ja so gut gefällt, lass Dich mal weiter von mir fesseln. Vielleicht legst Du Dich dafür besser auf das Bett. Das ist für Dich bequemer.“ Zu mir sagte er, dass ich ihm helfen solle. Er nahm sich ein Seil und gab mir ein anderes. „Jetzt zeige ich Dir mal, wie Du das am besten machst.“ Mit den Worten band er das Ende seines Seiles um das Fußgelenk von Elena. „Mach das gleiche mit dem andern Fuß.“ sagte er zu mir. Als ich fertig war wollte Elena ihre Füße schon zusammenhalten, damit er ihr die Beine zusammen binden konnte. Doch Sven hatte was anderes im Kopf. Anstatt ihr die Beine zusammen zu binden, zog er an dem Seil und band Elenas Fuß an den Bettpfosten fest. Ich tat das selbe mit der anderen Seite. Dann nahm er zwei weitere Seile. Diese band er an Elenas Ellbogen und an die noch freien Bettpfosten. Er schien aber immer noch nicht zufrieden zu sein. Er zog Elenas Top etwas hoch, damit ihr Bauch frei war und schlang ein Seil um diesen. Die Enden des Seils band er an den Bettkasten. Elena konnte sich so gar nicht mehr bewegen. Sven schien zufrieden. „Und was meinst Du?“, sagte er zu mir. „Das sieht ja toll aus. Doch in den Westen haben die Gefesselten immer noch Tücher um den Mund.“ „Nein, dass könnt ihr doch nicht machen. Jetzt reicht es aber.“ Sven fand die Idee aber toll. Er nahm sich ein paar Socken und wollte sie Elena in den Mund stecken. Doch Elena wollte nicht. Sven meinte „Das schaffen wir schon. Kitzel Elena doch mal. Dann wird sie den Mund schon vor lachen öffnen.“ Ich fing also an Elena unter den Armen zu kitzeln. Sven hielt die Socken immer ganz Dich vor Elenas Mund, damit er diese auch rechtzeitig reinstecken konnte. Doch Elena versuchte mit allen Mitteln ihren Mund nicht zu öffnen. Ich wurde immer wilder beim Kitzeln und strich Elena dabei immer mal wieder mit versehen über die Brüste. Dabei merkte ich das diese zu wachsen schienen. Irgendwann konnte Elena nicht mehr und öffnete ihren Mund um zu protestieren. Doch bevor sie was sagen konnte, hatte sie die Socken schon im Mund. Sven nahm ein Tuch und vervollständigte damit den Knebel.
Saturday, June 1st 2002 - 06:45:18 AM
Name: patris
Comments:Nun wollte ich aber wissen, was mit Elenas Brüsten los war. Also Fragte ich Sven: „Du Sven, irgendwie sind Elenas Brüste beim Kitzeln gewachsen. Besonders die beiden Punkte da. Wie kann den so was passieren.“ „Das erkläre ich Dir mal. Pass mal auf. Wenn Du so über die Brüste streifst, dann merken die Brüste das und strecken sich Dir entgegen, damit Du nicht aufhörst. Die kleinen Punkte, dass sind übrigens Brustwarzen, wollen aber auch was abbekommen. Die nimmst Du am besten so zwischen denen Daumen und Zeigefinger und reibst sie etwas. Manchmal verlangen die Brüste sogar noch mehr. Wenn Du merkst, dass sie sich Dir so richtig entgegen recken, und gar nicht mehr aufhören wollen, dann sagen sie Dir, dass sie Dich so richtig lieb haben. Um ihnen auch zu zeigen, wie gerne Du sie hast, musst Du sie direkt auf der Haut streicheln. Dann musst Du Elena das Top hochziehen. Ich habe etwas durst und gehe mal schnell in die Küche. Mach Du nur schön weiter.“ Sven ging also in die Küche und ich fing an Elenas Brüste zu streicheln. Elena hatte ihre Augen geschlossen und atmete immer tiefer. Dann merkte ich, wie hart Elenas Brustwarzen wurden. Ich nahm sie also zwischen Daumen und Zeigefinger und rieb sie. Nach nur einigen Minuten waren sie so hart wie Steine. Elena bäumte sich richtig gegen ihre Fesseln. Sie versuchte immer wieder mit ihrem Rücken nach oben zu gehen und ihre Brüste gegen meine Hand zu drücken. Das nahm ich zum Anlass ihre das Top nach oben zu ziehen. Sie hatte keinen BH an und ich sah das erste mal die Brüste einer Frau. Ich nahm die Brustwaren wieder in die Hand und rieb an ihnen. Elenas Bauchmuskeln arbeiteten ziemlich. Plötzlich hielt Elena den Atem an und ihr Körper bäumte sich ziemlich auf. Das tat er ein paar mal und dann atmete Elena wieder einigermaßen normal. Ihre Brüste wurden wieder was kleiner. Ich schaute zur Tür und sah, das Sven dort stand und lächelte. Wir banden Elena wieder los und sie dankte uns. Sie meinte, es habe ihr Spaß gemacht und wir sollten das irgendwann wieder wiederholen. Aber davon ein andermal mehr.
Saturday, June 1st 2002 - 06:45:54 AM
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Comments:This site seems kinda cool except for the tosser who infuriatingly pisses about wiht his stupid comments.
He should get a life.

Ive enjoyed reading your stories and even if they arent all true or very accurate theyre fun to read ;)

I feel I should tell of my few experiences of bondage while I have been babysitting. Firstly, I have 2 sisters (Leeanne and Jade) and my mum works full time as a receptioist. My mum works from 9-5, Monday to Friday and Me and my 2 sisters are at school, so normally we're home at about 3:30.
This hour and a half when my mum isnt in, im supposed to make sure my 2 sisters behave and do what theyre told, which is where my story starts.
About 5 or 6 months ago I got home at about 3:00 from secondary school (May I point out that i was 17 at the time and Im 18 now) and my youngest sister (who was 12 at the time) returned home from Primary. She said that Leeanne was at an afterschool club and wouldnt be back till about 5:30. Of course, I thought nothing of this.

We were sitting watching the TV but there wasnt really much on. Jade who was still wearing her school clothes - short black shirt, white knee length socks and white shirt and tie - said that she was bored and 'she hated school'. Being the older brother i felt inclined to ask why she hated school, being the younger sister she simply said 'there was nothin' interestin for her to do'. She said she wanted to play more games at school like 'tig', 'skipping' and 'Cops and Robbers'.

The last game caught my attention. Being into bondage but never experienced tying someone up i suddenly realised there was a chance, if not sexual, but at least a chance to do just that.

I suggested we play one of those games right now if she was really that bored. She thoght that was a great idea because she seemed so bored. We laughed at the thought of tig with just the two of us, and skipping didnt really seem the right sort of game at the time. So it was settled, we were to play a game of cops and robbers (to my joy):)

At first she wanted to be the cop and I was to be the robber, but as appealing as submissive sounds, i decided agianst this and exerted my 'older brother authority' to be the cop :)

She set the scene by saying that she was breaking into the house but she didnt realise that there was a cop waiting for her inside. (I know its a bad storyline but it was her idea so i went along with it lol :) She said that I was to let her see me, then was allowed to run away and hide and when i found her i was to arrest her before she could run away and hide again. I said that I had nothing to 'arrest' her with and suggested we find things to use. so for 5 minutes we were searching the whole house for the right equipment for our game.

Unknown to her i had lots of ropes underneath my bed because i was already into bondage. but i couldnt let her know this and pretended i found them around the house ;)
In all we had 5 three metre white ropes, a very long plastic blue clothes line, her school tie, a pair of toy handcuffs she'd had for years (safety escape), and an assortment of scarves she'd raked out from somewhere.

So the game began at about 4:10 and Jade hid behind the livingroom door and when outside took off her schholshoes and crept into the livingroom on her tip-toes trying to look innocent and quiet while pretending to look for something to steal. I was hiding behind the door (she knew this) and in my most authorative voice said 'Hello, Hello'-'and what are we up to'. Trying to look shocked and surprised she gasped with her hand up to her mouth, and said 'nothing' (giggling lots though :) She then ran out of the living room laughing and, as planned hid somewhere in the house. I was supposed to give her a minute, but I got excited and only gave her about 7 secongs LOL.

As she was giggling I could hear her and knew exactly where she was, but I decided to play along and pretend I didnt know where she was before I 'caught' her. She had predictably hid under her bed and when I caught her I said 'come out from under there young lady' but not wanting to be caught she simply said 'no, you cheated' you didnt give me long enough' (still laughing though). So I said id have to bring her out from under there myself and took hold of her ankle and tried to pull her out, but she wouldnt budge so i had to pull her out by both ankles. When she finally came out from unfer there we were both laughing, and her skirt had managed to upturn and I could see her underpants. Being my sister I thought nothing of this and was laughing too much too really notice anyway.

I grabbed her arms and she struggled a bit so i threw her onto her bed and said 'youre undre arrest young lady' and playing along she said 'but ive done nothing wrong' and then laughed lots because to her this was hilarious. I told her to put her hands behind her back but she stubbornly said no. so with the handcuffs i grabbed her left wrist and secured it then took her second wrist to handcuff but she resisted. May I add that for a 12 year old compared to a 17 year old she had a lot of strength in her and managed to evade being handcuffed for about a minute while we wrestled around for a minute. Evntually after I had wrapped my legs around her legs and used my elbow to pin hre back down i secured the handcuffs on her wrists. at this point she said 'you got me' and then said 'that was a good game'.
But the game was only just starting I told her and when I said this she smiled and remembered all the ropes we had. I said youre coming with me young lady and led her through to the living room where all the ropes were.

It was only at this point that I noticed her skirt had came off and her shirt was all opened at the front from when we were wrestling on the bed. I ordered her to lie on her stomach so she get down on her knees but since she was handcuffed needed my help to get down fully. We hadnt discussed how she would ne tied up so I just gagged her with her tie before she could say anything. I took one of the white ropes and (since they were easy to escape from) removed the handcuffs) and began to tie her wrists. Thankfully there was no struggle this time. I crossed her wrists over and wrapped the rope around them about 5 or 6 times then over her wrists a couple of times and tied a knot. there was plenty of rope left after this so i just continued tying her wrists like this till there was none left. She tried to look over her shoulder and she must have caught a glimpse of what id done because she sighed and said somehting to the effect of 'Oh No'. I said that she wasnt allowed to see since she was a prisoner and used one of the scarves to blindfold her. I then took another rope and tied her elbows togther (not too tightly though) and then encircled the rope around her body and over her shoulders. she began to laugh at this and said something to the effect of 'you can see my boobies'. This i found funny as well so I laughed with her. I lay her on her stomach again and took hold of one of her ankles and said 'I wonder of she's tickly' she screamed and squirmed and chouted 'No' and began laughing and begging me not to tickle her. I said that if she didnt stop squirming around I would tickle her but she didnt stop because I think she could tell i was going to anyway. I tickled her feet through her socks and simply worked my way up her leg. she still lying on her stomach and was writhing around while laughing in hysterics. when i started to tickle her thighs she was almost passing out with laughter and i thought this was hilarious. she squirmed away but i pulled her back by her ankles and lodged her legs around my stomach and tickled her thighs even more since that made her laugh so much.

By now the whole idea behind the cops and robbers game was gone and i was simply torturing Jade into hysterics :) lol

I decided she was moving around too much and took both her ankles and crossed them over. I held her small ankles toether with one hand (which even surprised me lol :) and reached over for some of the white rope. As i begun to tie her feet together she was groanig a lot and was trying to escape from her tied wrists but she just kept on sighing and giggling every time she failed. While she was doing this I tied her ankles together quite tightly and encircled the rope around and over her feet about 20 times. she tested these ropes by wriggling her feet and trying to pull one foot through but to no avail. I took one of the many scarves and tied this round her ankles and then used the rest and tied this round her wrists leaving her in a tight hogtie. I said that she had to learn her lesson and that as it was half past four she had 30 minutes to escape. She wasnt too pleased at this and she said 'no, untie me NOW' but i told her that prisoners never get what they want unless they ask nicely. She said 'please' as nicely as she could through her gag. but i said that was no good and it was part of the game to escape anyway.

She conceded to this and spent the next 20 minutes rolling around on the floor while I watched TV (or at least that what I told her I was watching ;)

I untied her at about 4:50 before mum came in and she said that she didnt like trying to escape but everything else was fun. She said that the next time she wanted to be the cop and she did eventually become the cop, but thats another story.

When mum came back from work we just acted as if nothing had happened and hid all the ropes under her bed.
The next day Leeanne said she wanted to play cops and robbers since it sounded like so much fun. (anything one sister does the ohter always wants to do as well). so (to my delight) the three of us played C&Rs togther and had lots of fun, but , yet again, thats another story ;)

I hope you enjoyed reading my wee story as much as ive enjoyed writing it. Id be glad to hear from any comments from any1.


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Comments:I use to tie up my babysittere and have lots of stories. Anyone still visit this site?
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Comments:This site has died. Let's make a new one at the above address -- for playful stories involving tying up the babysitter or the mom or whoever.
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Once when I was fourteen my parents insisted (over my objections) that I babysit their best friends` boys who were twelve and ten -- much too young for a cool guy like me to have anything to do with. They were going to some meeting or something where they`d be gone for a weekend. Finally I relented (as if I had any choice) and solaced myself with the $25 I was going to earn.

That night the guys got bored with television and started acting up and wrestling around. Pretty soon we were all in a big pile on the floor and between the two of them they managed to get me pinned pretty well. They were both strong, well-built kids and even though I was bigger, if they worked together, they could usually pin me. That`s when the younger one said Let`s tie him up! Yeah! Great idea! the older one said. Now this is where it gets weird: in order to tie me up, one of them had to go and find some rope. That meant there would only be one of them holding me down and I wouldn`t have any trouble getting away. Sure enough, the younger one ran off for rope, leaving the twelve-year-old sitting on my chest with his knees on my arms. Like I said, he was a strong kid, but it would have been easy for to flip him off me. But for some weird reason I still can`t figure out I didn`t do it. I just lay there and pretended to struggle a little. In just a few seconds Donny was back with a whole handful of clothesline and the two of them flipped me over on my stomach and grabbed my arms and made me cross my wrists behind me. Again I struggled a little bit but not enough to keep them from doing what they wanted with me. They tied my hands real tight and then flipped me over on my back and this time it was the younger one that sat on my chest. Now we`re in charge! he said and pinched each cheek like people sometimes do to little kids. Coochy, coochy,coo! he teased. What do you think we should do to him? he asked Mike, his older brother. Mike said, We could keep him tied up for a long time. Even when we go to bed. Donny seemed to think for a few seconds and then said Nah, I got a better idea. Let`s torture him!

Now here I have to try to explain something. I had gotten the strangest feeling when we were wrestling and they had pinned me down. It was a feeling of great contentment and happiness I guess I would have to say. Just a feeling of rightness, I suppose you could call it. And when Mike was holding me down while Donny went for the ropes I felt the same way, too. But once I was tied and truly helpless the feeling became even stronger. It was a sort of tingle in my chest and belly. Hard to describe it, but it felt really good to me: deeply pleasing and almost hypnotic and when Donny said what he did while he was sitting on me that thrill went through me like an electric shock. I know this sounds strange, but it was so exciting to be completely helpless like I was and not be able to keep them from doing whatever they wanted to me. It was scarey, too, but I guess that was a part of the thrill I felt.

Donny unbuttoned my shirt and Mike brought a tray of icecubes from the kitchen and they worked me over with the ice from my neck down to my belly button. Then Donny (he seemed to be the one with all the ideas) said Let`s take his pants off! Remember that they hadn`t tied my legs yet and I had wanted to I probably could have kept them from depantsing me, but instead of struggling I even lifted my butt up to help them to ease my jeans off! They continued with their ice play up and down my bare legs and on the bottoms of my feet, too. After a while Donny got up on me again and sat astride my hips and began to give me a sort of massage on my chest and belly where I was all wet from the ice. And then`s when it happened.

After a couple of minutes Donny felt it under his butt and said to Mike, Hey! He`s got a boner! and Mike said No kidding! I was very embarrassed because in my family stuff like that was never discussed. But these guys didn`t seem to have any problem with it at all! Donny scrambled off me and they inspected my erection, still in the confines of my underpants, and then Donny said I know! We could play with him and see if we can make him squirt! and Mike said Gosh, do you think we should? Sure, Donny said it`ll be great! Let`s fold out the bed and put him on it!

They had a big old couch in the family room, where we were, that folded out to make a double bed and they unfolded it and got me up onto it and made me lie on my back on my tied hands. Once again I barely struggled as Mike sat on me while Donny slipped my undershorts down my legs and off. I remember I felt a rush of pride when Donny said Oooo, it`s a nice one! just as my hard-on bounced free. Donny spread my legs wide apart and tied each ankle to the corners of the heavy metal frame of the bed. Then they made me sit up and untied my hands. They pushed me back on my back and stretched my arms out to the corners of the bed at the top and tied my wrists to the frame. I was now completely naked and securely spread-eagled to the bed. The knots were real and they had stretched me out so that I could feel the tension in my legs and arms and chest and belly. I cold raise my head and look down across my belly and see my boner pointing up at me. Who`s gonna do it? Mike asked. We both will, Donny said and added Go get some stuff. Mike ran out of the room. Donny got up on the bed next to me and ran a finger over the tight muscles of my abdomen. This is gonna be so great! he said, and put his hand on my boner, made a little fist around it and squeezed gently. Oh, god, but his hand felt good on me: the first hand other my own that had ever touched my hard prick.

Mike came back with what looked like a tube of toothpaste and said It was where they always keep it. Donny took the tube and squeezed out some of the stuff onto his hand and I saw that it wasn`t toothpaste at all but some sort of clear stuff. He reached over and began to put the stuff on my cock. When I felt his warm slippery fingers close around me and start their slow, tight up-and-down movement I arched up off the bed and said something like Unnnnh! and heard them laugh.

They were both now squatting on either side of me and seemed very excited by what they were doing to me. How far do you think he`ll shoot? Mike asked. Further than you, I bet! said Donny. Mike looked a little hurt and said Well, he`s a lot older, too. Donny was taking long, tight strokes on my lubed shaft with both hands now, and the pleasure was shooting through me like nothing I`d ever felt before in my life. But then he suddenly stopped stroking me and said We don`t want to go too fast. It would ruin the torture.

They took turns on me then. A few long strokes and then a long pause. Then another couple of strokes and another pause. At first I had thought that they were just going to jerk me off, but that wasn`t the plan. The idea was to torture me by keeping me hard and giving me just enough strokes to get me almost there, but always stopping before I could finish. Donny, despite being the younger of the two, seemed to be the director, just as he had been all along. Mike, though, seemed to have the better hands. Donny was good, too, but Mike always got me closer much quicker whenever it was his turn and I felt like I was going to pass out from the feel of his hands on my cock.

I don`t know how long they tortured me like this. It seemed like a very, very long time, but probably was not more than an hour. In the end they had an argument. By this time I was begging and pleading for them to let me come and Mike said that I had had enough. But Donny wanted to go on some more. Mike said it was too cruel and Donny finally gave in.

Mike did it for me. He gave me long two-handed strokes while Donny lightly tickled my balls with his finger tips. When I came I my spunk shot up in a great arch and some of it landed on my chin. No question but that it was the greatest orgasm I had ever had up to that time.

Before they had let me shoot they had made me swear that I wouldn`t do anything to them in revenge for what they had done and that I would never tell anyone what we had done. I was so stiff and sore when they finally untied me that I could hardly move and I just lay there for a long time while they resumed watching TV. I`m not sure, but I think I heard them playing with themselves, or each other, for a while before I drifted off to sleep. I remember thinking that I wasn`t going to give nearly as much of an argument the next time I was asked to babysit these two torture experts!

Later that night, actually in the wee hours of the morning, I gradually woke up to find my arms being gently pulled up and tied to the bed frame again. I pretended to be asleep and let it happen. When my wrists were tied, whoever it was went down and did the same to my legs. Then I felt someone settling over me and sitting on my belly. I could tell he was naked by the touch of his warm, smooth skin against mine. A dark shape leaned over close to my face and tied a gag around my mouth. I could tell that it was Donny. He bent even lower and whispered into my ear. You got off easy before. But Mike`s asleep in the other room and you`re all mine now!

Oh, how that sweet tingle shot through me when I heard him say that!

I remember I looked at the digital clock next to the bed just as he got started. It said 2:17. I looked again after he was through and was untying me.

It said 4.56. It`s funny, but whenever I think of that time with Donny I start to sweat.

Sunday, September 14th 2003 - 12:03:06 AM
Name: Mike
E-mail address: Jorw23@cs.com
Comments:I'm huge bondage fan. I once had a babbysitter named Sara. She was hot. She had huge breast, a fine ass and a great body. It was like a girl in a dream. Anyway, one time she was babysitting me when I was eleven. My parents wuld be gone for the weekend so it was just her and me all week. She came over in white tank topp and some short jeans. My parents left and she asked me what I wanted to do.Then I said that I had to do some homework and then we could play. She said alright. I went to my basement to look for some suplies. I went around to my dad's work area and I found some duct tape. There where three rolls of it. I then took the duct tape and placed it in a bag. I then was seaching around for a toy gun. I found one. Then I asked Sara to come down stairs for a second. She said alright. Then when she came down stairs I grabbed her. I told her that she was being kiddnapped. She played along. I then took her into a workplace and then I ask her to lay down. I grab the duct tape and then I started to tie her hand be hind her back. Then she yelled no don't use duct tape that hurts when you take it off. I said who said I was taking it off. She then screamed. I the put some tape over her mouth. Then I started to work on tapeing her legs. I just got done with her ankles when the tape came off her mouth. She was screaming her head off. So I knew she could not be heard from down there but It was annoying. So I kept tapeing her thighs then the leg part. I then remeber something. I ran up stairs and I grabbed a clothe. I then went downstairs and shoved it in her mouth. I then put a piece of tape on her mouth. I then Placed another piece of tape on her lower lip. Then one on the top lip. It was complete execpt I then taped her lower part of the breast and then the higher part of the breast. I then just watch her squirm and MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHHH. Then about a hour later she got really tired and then she stop. I then took her along with a roll of duct tape upstairs. I was a very strong man. I got some
Wednesday, September 17th 2003 - 02:22:32 PM
Name: abbey
E-mail address: abbeygrace99@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://yahoo.com
Comments:One time I came home and my brother was asleep but then his friends came over Matt,the Asian is his nickname he looks very Asian Anthony Newman or Jewman Cody The queer my brother dates him but they"re joking around my bros not gay. Well when my brother woke up they came upstairs, when I was watching t.v they knocked me out which hurt. when I woke up they tied my hands together and I started screaming to death like this"HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!MOM DAD!" they put duct tape on my mouth then started the tourcher, Charlie(I was babysat by my bro charlie) then he tickled my feet I started laughing my butt off then they started pointing Nerf guns torward me to frighten me(I soon found out they weren"t full) I hate Nerf guns I don't wanna get shot. I screamed in my gag MMMMMMMPH then i tried saying your so grounded but all that came out was MMMMPPPPPPPPh Mph MMHP I was struggling like crazy now. they turned the light off and went upstairs, I was afraid of the dark. (way to many scary movies) so i fell off the bed the put me on earlier owww but came out was a deep moan. then it was morning they untied me and I tried beating them up the were 4 years older then me overpower well hop you liked my story..!
Wednesday, December 30th 2009 - 08:23:55 PM
Name: Abbey
Comments:Well....back with more stories!My bros friends come over Lauren I call her my sister Lauren's sister Kyle(Ki-Lee) my second sister,Josh emo kid,Tyler yellow Afro!So we were watching an animated cartoon on Disney XD we were watching Spectacular Spider-Man, the one where Gwen gets gagged(nature vs.Nurture) where Gwen is gagged and tied to the balloon.So at like 5:00 the boys ambush us!Gage,Josh,and Cody Left my uncle aunt and Gage went home while Natasha stayed behind.I was the weakest so sadly yes I was the first tied up(hogtie style with green leather rope) one by one Natasha then Lauren then kyle oh yeah I forgot Matt and Cody did stay sorry!OK all of us are tied up hogtied styled everyone.then Charlie got black tape put it over my mouth,Matt got green tape put it over Laurens,kyle got pink tape.My sister walks in like WTF (my mom and dad are at a boss trip in Arkansas).....so my sister agreed with tieng me up!And let's go Lauren and kyle They go home and promise never to say of this!So I am pissed!I start struggling and shit!and yell in my gag I am going to kill you when I get out of these ropes....that's another story though :).So everyone is gone except Charlie and Ashley(my real sister)So they carry me downstairs and force me to watch Mario all night(mom and dad don't come home till Sunday)and then I pass out after 2:00 a.m my sister called me in sick at my school!Now I was furious!I was mmphing in my gag.They let me go to pee and eat and change clothes.Then I remembered something!I AM FREE!!!

Part 2 REVENGE!!!!!All the girls got together ambushed all boys and did the same thing we did at the top But we sucked at Mario but my sis was the best player!We tied her up too since u know y.WE stopped the game and tickled there feet it was enjoyable!Then we untied him then we never did it since and we never spoke of it..
Tuesday, May 11th 2010 - 02:23:41 PM
Name: Merdrill
E-mail address: Merdrill2011@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/toasta/bsit_bg.sign.html
Comments:good book
Wednesday, February 22nd 2012 - 12:53:52 PM
Name: Matt
Comments:I am just your average bondage loving kid at about the age of 9 and have loved to tie up girls, especially girls in boots and/or skirts. My sister, 15, likes being tied up but my parents aren't exactly for it. They don't like the idea of me tieing up girls so I normally on ly tie my sister when my parents are out. Well at one point my sister was going to be out of the house with her boyfriend (he's a much better tyer than me but I'm still pretty good) so my parents decided to get me a babysitter. I was fine with it as long as it was a girl, but I wasn't about to make any special requests. When the babysitter got to our house I took one look and knew my parents had hit the jackpot. I recognized her from a football game we went to and she was a cheerleader for our high school. She has long black hair with a white highlight in a single bunch from her forehead back down a little to the right of the top of her head. She has a really pretty face (she actually does some modeling) and she is pretty thin with medium sized breasts. I wasn't really paying attention to that, more what she was wearing. She was actually wearing the cheerleading uniform for our high school, our school colors are black and red so imagine the uniform how you will, with a skirt that goes alittle above the knee and black leggings. She was also wearing her black boots that go about 3/4 of the way from her ankle to her
knee. Me being the hormone crazed kid I am couldn't help but stare and fortunately nobody noticed cause she was talking to my parents. She was given the rundown on emergency contacts and when my bedtime was (as if my mom thought a teenager would care) and my mom said they'd be back around 11. As they left Tierra (her name) walked in and I noticed a bag she was carrying over her shoulder, but I didn't pay much mind. She ordered some pizza and after that she grabbed her bag and said "can I ask you a favor?" I said sure and she opened her bag to reveal rope, duct tape, and belts. "could you tie me up? Iknow it's kinda wierd but-" she didn't finish cause I was nodding my head in excitement and I explained how I liked tied up girls. She smiled and said "great, what do you want to start with?" I thought about it and decided we should start with a hogtie my sisters boyfriend showed me once (I liked him after that) she sat down on her knees and I set to work. I tied her hands together with some rope and then I tied her ankles together. Next I tied her knees together and I pulled her elbows together and tied them tight enough so they almost touched. I asked if that was alright and she said she was flexible so it was fine. I laid her down on her stomach and pulled her legs up to perpendicular from the ground. I took a rope and tied her ankles to her wrists, and then I took another rope and tied her arms to her body, going around her chest four times, once above and three times below her breast, but I didn't pull it tight yet. I took more rope and attached it to her ankles then pulled it around to the ropes on her chest and tied it off there. Then I pulled that rope, the rope connecting her wrists and ankles, and the rope around her chest and pulled them tight. At this point I asked her to try and move her legs and she did little more than wiggle them becse they were too tight in both directions. I asked her how she was doing and se said one, it would be kindof bad if she screamed out because she was bored or something, and two, I used too much rope and the best way to look hot is to use different materials. I thought about that for a sec and while she wasn't entirely right, in my minds eye she looked really hot struggling in the way I envisioned. I started by gagging her with a sock and sealing it in with ductape all the way around her head three times. After that I grabbed the duct tape and restarted my work. I put the tape on the middle of her
upper and lower legs and wrapped them around five times. I dragged her over to our kitchen table and took the belts and used them too hold her there. I put more duct tape on over her stomach and arms and then I stood back to admire my work. She looked hot while she struggled and I stared in wonder as all my bondage fantasies came alive at once. A girl, wearing a skirt and boots, my favorite clothes to stare at, tied up, struggling helplessly as her captor stares at her. What could be better, except two of them. After about 20 minutes of her struggling the door bell rang and I looked at the clock and saw it was only 9 so it wasn't my parents. I cracked the door open to see my sisters boyfriend looking at me and smiled. He asked what was up and I opened the door the rest of the way and he saw Tierra struggling against her bonds. He smiled and gave me a high five. He asked if I could help him with something so we went to his car where he opened the trunk to reveal my sister, tied in a similar fashion to tierra. We carried her inside and spent the rest of the night staring at them struggling until eventually we had to untie them so my parents wouldn't find out. When my parents got home they paid tierra and they asked how it was and I told them it was great, and they asked if she would be available next week. She looked at me and smiled and said "I think I can squeeze you in" my parents smiled and Tierra left, right after telling me that next time we could have even morefun.

She's babysat me twice more since then and my parents said they would be going out for the weekend on business. So here's hoping tierra likes me enough to be tied for a whole weekend.
Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 05:04:57 PM
Name: Matt
Comments:Well I'm back with my story about Tierra babysitting me for the weekend.

During one of the other times she babysat me I told her about my fetish for skirts and boots, but she told me that she didn't like being tied up in a skirt, apparently she had just come from cheerleading practice the first time I saw her and she made a special exception. Well, she showed up Friday night in a white blouse that buttons up and with a collar with lace that made her look really hot. She was also wearing Jean shorts that went to about halfway down her thigh and black leather boots with straps on them that went to just below her knee, along with a white scarf. My parents left and she took the suitcase she was carrying and put it on the couch. She opened it to reveal that half of it had her clothes and the other half had her rope. At that point my sisters boyfriend showed up to pick her up since apparently after hearing that my parents would be out for the weekend, she made plans with her boyfriend to be with him for the weekend while he went camping with some friends. Anyway, tierra started by asking what I wanted to start with. I thought about it and decided since I had already put her in a hogtie, I would tie her to a chair. She sat down in a high backed chair and I set to work. I started by pulling her hands behind her and crossed her wrists to tie them. Then I tied her ankles and knees together and pulled a rope under the chair and tied it to her wrists and to her ankles and pulled it tight so her legs were pulled under the chair to almost parallel with the ground. I doubled that rope back over to reinforce the rope and then I took some more rope and looped it around her thighs and brought it around and wrapped it around her calves so she could move even less. Next, I tied a rope around her body and pinned her and her arms to the chair. She asked how I would do the gag so I cleave gagged her with a sock in her mouth and her own scarf wrapped around it to hold it, and then found a scarf in my sisters room and covered her mouth with it, effectively silencing her to nothing more than afew moans. I looked back to admire my work and I smiled to see her struggling against her bonds and I could tell she was smiling under her gag. I realized I was getting hungry and I asked if I could order pizza. She nodded okay and turned her waist over so I could grab her wallet out of her pocket. I took it, enjoying touching her butt as I went, and ordered a pizza. We waited for afew minutes until I realized it would be bad if the pizza guy saw Tierra tied up, so I dragged the chair out of view from the front door (I pulled the chair from behind so I had my arms just below her breasts:) and continued to wait until the pizza man finally showed up, and we actually had some fun while he was there. He walked in and saw me and asked if there was anyone older to pick it up. I said there was but she was alittle tied up if you get what I mean. He got a confused look on his face as I took the pizza and paid him, and as I was about to shut the door, Tierra started yelling through her gag and I started yelling that she would remain tied until I told her otherwise. The pizza guy gave me a serious look and I pulled out ten bucks and he smiled and said have a nice night as I handed it to him and he left. We laughed for a minute after I took off her gag so she could eat and we ate in silence as I was forced to feed her.

Sorry I got to go, Tierra is actually still here and she needs to go to the bathroom so I've got to leave for a bit.

More in part 2
Sunday, June 10th 2012 - 02:24:02 PM
Name: Matt
Comments:Hey I'm back so now to continue.

At about 10 or so that night Tierra asked me to untie her so she could Take a shower and change into her sleep wear. She came out of the bathroom wearing a thin white tanktop with sorta low cleavage and black short shorts. She asked how I would tie her now and I told her to lie on the bed in the guest room. I took some belts and put her arms against the vertical bars on the head of the bed where I tightened the belts so she couldn't get out but she could still move them up and down across the bars so she could lay down. I pulled her legs down to the end of the bed and used some rope to tie them to the legs of the bed and pulled them tight so she she could barely move. Then I took the gag I used earlier and applied it so she couldn't talk. Then I wondered how I could make this better and I looked up and saw a hook on the ceiling (for whatever reason) and got an idea. I went into my sisters room and found a feather boa she wore to a dance once and still hadn't returned to her friend. I tied a rope to it and went back to the guest room and tied it to the hook so it touched her stomach just enough so it could tickle her. I pulled up her shirt so her stomach was revealed and stepped back. It tickled her alittle so she kinda moved, so it brushed against her even more and it tickled even more. Once she realized this she stopped moving so I had to think of something else. Then I thought of something. I went into our garage and found our old rotating fan. I set it up so it would blow on the feather and tickle her for a second and then give her afew seconds of reprieve. The fan had a timer so I set it so it would only stay on for an hour or two, so she would have some sleep that night. I went to my room which is right next to the guest room and listened to her laugh until I fell asleep.

The next day I went into her room to find her awake. She saw me and mmphed into her gag so I pulled it off and she said this was good for the night but she needed something else for the day. I untied her and we went to the kitchen for some breakfast. I was trying to think of a way to tie her when she made a suggestion. She pointed to a ladder that my dad had been using to get into the attic and I immediately understood. She went into the guest room to change her clothes and went to the bathroom before we began. She came out wearing a grey shirt with a wide tope hole so it extended over her shoulder and I could see her black undershirt she was wearing. She was also wearing tight jeans and the same boots as before, black with straps, but she wasn't wearing her scarf since I was gonna gag her with it anyway, so she gagged herself how I had been doing it the whole time, the scarf was holding in a sock with another scarf covering her mouth. The ladder we would be using was attached to the door to the attic so she wouldn't be able to move once it was done. She climbed up a step anyway so she put her arms behind her and through the rungs where I tied them together as tight as I could and tied it to the rung below it so she wouldn't slip down. She experimentally dropped her feet off the rung and she dropped about an inch or two but otherwise held, but I doubled up on it as a precaution and continued. Fortunately since she dropped her ankles were next to the rung so I tied them together and then I tied them to the rung next to it and pulled it tight. I went up to the next rung which was right below her knee and did the same thing, then i did the same above her knee, but the next rung was right next to her butt, so I looked up at her and she was glaring at me and shaking her head, so I kept going. I proceeded to go up the rest of the ladder until I had tied her neck to the ladder. I stood back and asked her if she was alright and she nodded. She didn't struggle for fear that she might fall so I just stared at her and, when she wasn't looking, I took a picture. We just sat for about an hour, with her periodically jerking at her bonds and me staring as hard as I could. Then she jerked once and I heard a snap so I looked up and went around to her back and saw the ropes on her hands starting to fray. I ungagged her and told her and she insisted I untie her. I complied because one, I didn't want her to get hurt, two, it was almost lunch time, and three, I was getting kinda bored of this. I untied her legs and she pulled herself up on to a rung so she wouldn't fall and I untied the rest of her. She got down and we went to get something to eat. We didn't really have anything so we went to mcdonalds. When we got back I had an idea. We got into the house and I told her my idea, to which she smiled and immediately agreed to. She laid down on the couch and I went into my room to grab what I needed. I came back out wearing all black and a black hat and holding a roll of ductape in one hand and a scarf in the other. She saw me and gasped (in her best acting voice) and begged me not to hurt her. She pulled out her wallet and threw it to me. I opened it and pulled out some of the money and put it in my pocket (I returned it later) and told her go outside. We went to the backyard where there is a post that has been there since we got the house and we've been to lazy to remove. She put her back to it and I pulled her arms behind it and wrapped them in tape. Then I took the tape and wrapped her ankles and knees and then I taped them to the post. Then I took the tape and wrapped it around her stomach and shoved the now balled up scarf in her mouth and taped it in, wrapping the tape around her head twice. I put a small cut in the tape around her legs so she could have a chance to escape and I "accidentally" dropped a knife next to her and said I'd be back in thirty minutes. I went into the house and went to a window to watch her struggle. She tugged against the tape around her legs and eventually ripped it off and grabbed the knife between her toes. She reached up to her hands and grabbed it and started to cut her hands free and when that was done she had ten minutes left cause she dropped it afew times. She brought her arms in front of her and started to cut her stomach and when she finally did she ungagged herself and started to walk back inside. She opened the door and I started a slow clap to congratulate her and saw she had five minutes left. She asked what her reward was and I said not being tied up. She sighed as if disappointed and i asked what was wrong and she said she was so looking forward to being tied up again. I smiled and accepted her offer. I looked around cause I was running out of ideas and my only idea was a suspended tie but i was saving that for Sunday. She looked at me and offered a suggestion, and I liked it. It was simple, but it was still really hot in my mind so I accepted. She sat down and I set to work, starting with her legs. She put them together and I tied them at the ankle and knee with some rope, then I put her hands together in front of her and tied them at the wrist and elbow and put them against her legs so they were flat and wrapped tape over her arms and around her legs. Then I bent her legs as far as they would go and wrapped tape around it all, so she could barely move her arms or her lower body. I gagged her with a scarf in her mouth and tape over it and wrapped tape around her torso so her upper arms were secured to her body. I then took a scarf and blindfolded her and wrapped her in a blanket and dragged her into the guest room. She laughed alittle and I saw her suitcase open so I took a quick peek. The clothes from yesterday were next to it and I looked inside and saw two more sets of clothes. I thought that was odd since she would only be there for two days, so I wondered what the third set was for. I looked at one of them and it was just some basic clothes, jeans, a tshirt, knee high socks for the boots, and some underwear. I looked at the other set and smiled. It was a white tshirt and a very short jean skirt that looked like it would go an inch or so down her legs and some leggings with it, obviously as a small precaution in case I tried to look up her skirt. I looked over at her, still wrapped in the blanket and Unaware of what I was doing, so I put everything back as it was and dragged her into my sisters room and took off the blanket and her gag and asked if she was alright. She said she was fine but asked where she was now and where she had been before. I told her I had put her in my room originally and then thought shed be better in my sisters room. So I left her to struggle for a few hours and came back to find she was still tied so I untied her and we grabbed a quick bite to eat by ordering some more pizza. She showered and changed back into her sleep wear, still a white tanktop and black shorts, and I tied her as I had the night before, belting her arms to the head and tying her feet to the legs, but I left off te feather this time. I went to my room and went to sleep and started thinking of how I would tie her to end the weekend.

More in part 3
Sunday, June 10th 2012 - 07:02:04 PM
Name: L.S.
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:I had my babysitter, who is my nephew, look up pics on Google Images.

"Don't you want to show me where the food is?" I looked at him sternly: "No. I want to show you where parties can happen." He brushed the crumbs off his chin and threw his passport to the floor. "Looks like you have a fondness for Presidents on the can," I squealed. Hooray, we had a party started.

So he says to me, "I found a nice picture of Abe Lincoln on the can reading the paper." I wiped the sweat off my brow and said, "Nice work. I decided to stay home and I don't have any food."

He didn't want to stay because his wife was coming home and expected him to bring home some babysitting money. "Don't worry," I said. "I'll pay you fifty smackarooniss to feed my chihuahua." He obliged, went home and borrowed some money from his brother-in-law to get a flat screen.

Where he has it hooked up to a computer to find his Abe fix.

You got a great thing going, keep up the good work.
Wednesday, October 24th 2012 - 01:55:58 PM

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