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Site Update - So long and thank you...
Reported By - Pete [Editor] Monday, March 28th 2005 - 01:20:21 AM
Well the time has come to say farewell...

I want to thank all who have made it a pleasure to do the site, staff, visitors and fellow webmasters. It has been great fun over the last 6 years... but all good things must come to an end.

Thankfully this good thing doesn't have too! Head over to the all new and far better TPU right now!

Literature - Total Film magazine
Reported By - Darl Saturday, March 26th 2005 - 11:13:21 PM
new issue of Total Filmmagazine has a free DVD of trailers and stuff packed with it. The dvd has a Star Wars cover (the teaser poster) and has the Teaser trailer for Episode III on the DVD as well as trailers for Fantastic 4, Batman, Sin City, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy plus lots more


Area Report - Revenge of the Sith Cereal Find
Reported By - Obi-Wan Saturday, March 26th 2005 - 06:55:50 AM
I have found my second Revenge of the Sith foodstuffs yesterday in Asda in Farnborough.

Coco Pops have an on packet competition to win a Christopher Lee signed Count Dooku Hasbro electronic lightsaber, and runner up prizes of the new Obi-Wan and Anakin/Vader Hasbro elctronic lightsabers, and Ricicles have an in packet glow in the dark lightsaber maze (six to find in total: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Darth Vader, Mace, Yoda and Luke Skywalker).

Having found the Chuba Chubb lollipops, liquid candy lightsabers and now the cereals, I think people should keep a close eye on their supermarket shelves.


SOURCE - Obi-Wan

Toys R Us Midnight Madness Update 1...
Reported By - Jon Daniels (News Editor) Friday, March 25th 2005 - 07:49:41 PM
In the first of our regular Toys R Us Midnight Madness Updates...

Stormtroopers will only be at 5 of the 11 stores. These stores will be Brent Cross (Darth Vader will also make an appearance), Bristol, Birmingham (Oldham), Croydon and Warrington (which is still to be confirmed).

David Prowse will be signing the Lenticular Prints (provided by Cards Inc.) as well as limited edition cells provided by Inspirational Works (ranging in price from £35 - £100). There will be more giveaways that just those listed on the TRU site including limited edition Hasbro posters (detaling all the Episode III basic figures) and also the Star Wars Magazine.

All stores will be closing at there normal time – latest is 10pm and reopening at 12am for as long as needed. Everybody in line will be served – hopefully, nobody will be disappointed.

TRU will be releasing a full Press Release sometime on Tuesday!

We will be announcing some exclusive TPU/TRU competitions next week. Keep checking back for more TRU UK Midnight Madness news, only at TPU!

Clone Wars Episode 25 World Premiere
Reported By - Jon Daniels [News Editor] Friday, March 25th 2005 - 07:38:53 PM
The Worls Premiere of Episode 25 (and the last) has just aired on Toonami - all I can say is today really is GOOD Friday here in the UK...

It was amazing and the final shots of this Episode to directly link into the opening shots of Episode III as predicted!!!

ROTS Figures Still On Woolies Shelves
Reported By - Pete [Editor] Friday, March 25th 2005 - 04:00:00 PM
Despite Woolies being told to remove the ROTS figures that they shouldn't have put out till April 2nd, I found them decorating the shelves of my local store.

So don't give up if you want them early, head down to Woolies and see what you can find.

Film - UCI Cinemas taking ROTS bookings online.....
Reported By - Mike Friday, March 25th 2005 - 12:14:58 AM
...have just booked my tickets. The site even tells you which screen the showing is on and even better I got to choose my seats! (I cannot remember the last time there were allocated seats at my local cinema)

SOURCE - UCI cinemas

Area Report - First Candy/Foodstuff's find at Tesco Portsmouth
Reported By - Obi-Wan Thursday, March 24th 2005 - 09:18:12 PM
Last night we were shopping in Tescos North Harbour in Portsmouth when I found Revenge of the Sith Chupa Chubb lollies with Vader, Yoda and Chewbacca heads for 99p and two variations on liquid candy lightsabers, Obi-Wan (Blue) and Vader (Red) for £1.89 (I think).

This is the first foodstuffs that I have found associated with the new movie.

Book your UK Episode III tickets now!
Reported By - Jon Daniels (News Editor) Thursday, March 24th 2005 - 04:52:33 PM
Headline says it all; what are you waiting for, take the link below to book tickets for Episode III at VUE Cinemas...

SOURCE - VUE Cinemas

Supporter Update - Toyz And Gamez
Reported By - Pete [Editor] Wednesday, March 23rd 2005 - 11:34:32 PM
Now available to pre-order from the website are the following:-

ROTS basic figure singles from £6 each
ROTS unleashed from £15 each
ROTS Deluxe figures from £11 each
ROTS Large Vehicle asst from £22 each
ROTS Force Battlers from £10 each
ROTS Small Vehicles and Beasts Asst from £18 each
ROTS Battle Arena Asst from £22 each

All the items will be shipped for delivery on April 2nd.Get your orders in early as it will be done on a first come first shipped basis!

Half the standard figure cases have already been pre-ordered as if you order by the case it works out to under £6 a figure with the TPU discount (coupon code TPU5).

Also new this week:-
ROTS Galactic Heroes @ £7 each 2 pack
Anakin and Dooku Electronic Lightsabers @ £15 each

To Clear:-
Jedi Warriors 4 Pack £8
Endor Ambush box set £14
Luke VOTC 12" £14 each
Stormtrooper VOTC 12" £20 each
Set of 12 votc £110

Your 5% discount applies on ALL sale items although some are full price on the website so call the shop on 01603 660092.

Head over to take advantage of Nick's great offers...

SOURCE - Toyz And Gamez

Who Is Going Mad At Midnight With TRU & TPU?
Reported By - Pete [Editor] Wednesday, March 23rd 2005 - 11:32:18 PM
Furhter to Jon's exclusive announcement of TPU's involvement at TRU's midnight madness, I want to know who is going and to where?

Head over to our forums to tell us, and maybe you'll bump into a TPU'er going mad at TRU too!

SOURCE - The Cantina Forum

EXCLUSIVE: TPU/TRU Team Up for Star Wars Midnight Madness!
Reported By - Jon Daniels [News Editor] Wednesday, March 23rd 2005 - 07:51:34 PM
We at TPU are happy to announce that we've teamed up with TRU to become THE UK Website of TRU's UK Midnight Madness.

There is LOTS going on, too much to reveal today but check back over the next few days for some exciting news!!!

We can reveal the following...

There will be 500 Lenticular Star Wars Prints and 1000 Exclusive Midnight Madness T Shirts to give away. If you buy 2 Star Wars figures you’ll receive a free Holographic Yoda figure FREE!

Midnight Madness will happen at 11 TRU stores around the country with a BIGGER event taking place at the Brent Cross store where TPU will also be on hand! At the Brent Cross store only there will be an X-Wing (as used in the Original Trilogy) on display in the car park as well as Storm Troopers and David Prowse (the Original Darth Vader) on hand signing film cell’s.

The 11 stores are Brent Cross, Croydon, Medway, Southampton, Bristol, Oldbury, Warrington, Metro Centre, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow

All stores will have a 26ft wall dedicated to Star Wars including items from Hasbro, LucasArts, Cards Inc., Master Replicas, Lego, Rubies, Stationary and lots more.

SOURCE - Toys R Us Star Wars Midnight Madness

New Argos ROTS Stock Arriving
Reported By - Pete [Editor] Tuesday, March 22nd 2005 - 10:31:35 PM
The friendly (Star Wars fan) manager of my local Argos stopped me when I was instore yesterday and told me that new ROTS stock has arrived.

As yet it is limited, but new stuff is arriving all the time, he told me. So far they have just Yoda and Darth Vader action figures, and the AT-RT vehicle.

He brought out the AT-RT vehicle to show me. It's an impressive little vehicle, but the figure is a disappointing mould and looks odd being green and not white as his other clone brothers.

These new items are not yet available for sale, unless you want to pay £9999.99, a price used for new stock not yet for sale...

Literature - UK Comic News
Reported By - Rad Tuesday, March 22nd 2005 - 07:41:28 PM
Star Wars: Obsession #4 (of 5)

Still convinced that Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress is alive, Obi-Wan Kenobi leads Anakin Skywalker and Senator Bail Organa to the grisly graveyard world of Boz Pity. They're hopelessly out-numbered, but Obi-Wan's obsession has made him blind to the danger.

Fortunately, help is on the way. Rig for action as Mace Windu leads a battalion of Jedi and an army of clone troopers to the rescue! All of your favorite Jedi guest star, as well as villains Count Dooku and General Grievous. Plus, the return of ARC Trooper Alpha!

Star Wars: Republic #74

This is it kids. This story arc leads directly into Revenge of the Sith. Hold on to your hats.

The Outer Rim Sieges have begun, and Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis leads the Republic forces in a desperate drive against a new and major Separatist threat on the planet Saleucami. Aayla Secura and her army must punch through the Separatist fleet to bring re-enforcements and much needed supplies. On the surface of the planet-and beneath it-battles rage, and betrayal simmers! The Dark Jedi Sora Bulq has allies ... and one may be among the Jedi themselves!


More Starfighter Colours...
Reported By - Jon Daniels [Assistant Editor] Tuesday, March 22nd 2005 - 08:24:50 AM
So far we've seen Anakin's Yellow Jedi Starfighter and also some pictures (from Lego) as Obi's Red Starfighter...

Epsiode 23 of Clone Wars reveals that Mace pilots, you've guessed it, a purple Starfighter while Saesee Tiin pilots a green Starfighter!!!

Great, more to collect...?


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