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Tall Penpal Page...Females 5ft 8+ Males 5ft 11+

Welcome to my Tall Penpal Page...Females 5ft 8+...Males 5ft 11+, a free guestbook service from New Dream Network and the DreamHost!

If you have a minute, please add your entry to those below by signing my Tall Penpal Page!

If you find that your name is in this list and it shouldn't be, please mail the list administrator sallyf@infinito.it and put "Take me off" in the subject line! This has happened *2* times...

Name: Andrew Heath
E-mail address: Lastofthetimelord77@gmail.com
Comments:my name is Andrew heath and I'm 36 years old from the uk. I'm 6ft 1 tall. I'm looking for female penpals aged 20 to 49 who is 6ft and above.

i born September 20th on my mothers birth I'm 3rd oldest out of 4 brothers. my hobbies are astronomy, reading, movies, pen paling, the paranormal,video games, drawing, anime and manga.

Saturday, November 10th 2012 - 11:58:23 PM
Name: slaveboy24
E-mail address: ebudnick99@comcast.net
Comments:seeking a beautiful african woman with big breasts so she
could train me as her personal sexservant
Thursday, September 27th 2012 - 12:12:36 PM
Name: andrew
E-mail address: andrew.jancik@gmail.com
Comments:Since I was 12 I have always been attacted to womens that are taller than me.I lived in the Bridgeport Connecticut area. I am white man,49 years old,5ft.10ins.tall,weigh 190 lb, athletic build.I am looking for a womem who is over 6ft. tall for friendship,love and marriage.Women race,weigh and physical appearance are unimportant to me because friendship and love are mostly value by me.
Saturday, August 4th 2012 - 09:36:14 PM
Name: Monica Bazzle
E-mail address: (see message)
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828

I am a female, brown hair, height 6' 2" and loving life. I am happy with who I am. I'm a slender mind bender.

When I was younger, my family teased me, saying things like, "jump shot mama," "big porcupine," "fee fi fo fum," etc. It hurt, but I got over it. I tipped my brother's Fiat over a cliff.

I would love to meet a guy on the furry side. Maybe a cocktail or two in the dungeon. Wizardy and Majic are a couple interests of mine (puritans, stay home).

Don't be boring! Let me know you have a heart of adventure.

I am changing Internet providers, so my Verizon email is about to collapse. Remember, just friend me.

If I can't smell ya, I can't tell ya!
Monday, April 23rd 2012 - 06:42:50 AM
E-mail address: prophetofgoddess@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.prophetofgoddess.com
Comments:You are frustrated, sad and lonely, and sometimes you feel nobody cares. If you feel you are stuck in the wilderness in a situation that appears hopeless, you should know that you're not the only person this has happened to. And there is something you can do about it! Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and it appears whatever they do, they can't get out of the quagmire. If this describes you, don't give up. The situation is not hopeless. The prophet of goddess spells can turn things around for you,be it lost love,make someone sexually attracted to you,lose weight,stop smoking,get a promotion or raise or come into huge money,alter your future to bring forth happiness and success. Email me today for a better life on prophetofgoddess@yahoo.com or view my website on www.prophetofgoddess.com.
Wednesday, April 11th 2012 - 01:22:23 PM
Name: Yusuf Syed
E-mail address: yusufsyed95@yahoo.com
Comments:I am an 56 year young male from Mumbai, India, who is 80% physically challenged whose right foot has been amputed above the knee due to gangrene caused after being shot by a sniper fire while performing my duty as a camp-supervisor for an organization which provided logistics support to the US Army and the Allied Forces based in Kuwait...I am looking out for horny women -- married or unmarried for discreet chatting on line and if possible for physical interaction from women who want extra-marital affairs leading from IM chatting to getting physical...interested women/girls can interact with me on yahoo messenger and can also send email on yusuf180555@gmail.com...LOVE AN BE A BELOVED, I LOVE TO LOVE YOU'LL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, April 5th 2012 - 09:38:58 AM
Name: Ali
E-mail address: howthehelldoyouknow@yahoo.com
Comments:Recently got the urge to connect with tall people, so here I am. I'm a 26 year old female, 6'1", from Florida, and want conversation - maybe a future friend.
Friday, February 3rd 2012 - 12:52:55 AM
Name: Mark
E-mail address: marks45acp@gmail.com
Comments:Hi. I am a 44 yr. Old male just outside Chicago. I am 6'6" (198 cm).
I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am a healthy 280 lbs.
I enjoy meeting tall people to discuss views, experiences and general friendship.
Monday, January 16th 2012 - 08:38:16 PM
Name: phillip a gary
E-mail address: umshunga@hotmail.com
Comments:i'm 63yrs old, single, never been married, and not kids.
looking for a tall lady who is married minded and want
a kid. i'm 6f4in, 285lbs, big boned black man. played
college running back. still have a athletic built. trying
to move forward with a postive attitude. beleive in god
straight-up and want her to be the same. take care and
god bless u all. for real. phil.
Saturday, November 19th 2011 - 07:32:24 PM
Name: Dennis
E-mail address: dedwards2020@yahoo.com
Comments:I m looking for anyone from 1950's era Cleveland Tall Teens Club. I was president back then. I would also reply to anyone else. I m 71 yrs. old & have had 1 leg amputated so am pretty much homebound. Oh, yes, I m also single and would like 2 talk 2 an intelligent woman regardless of age !!
Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 05:20:01 PM
Name: Napoleon
E-mail address: Maratheftis_napoleon@hotmail.com
Comments:Iam a 41 years old ans iam 1.80 cm . Iam from cyprus and i stay in pafos . I looking for a sexy a hot a horne a tall ( 1.83 - 2.32 cm ) woman hoo have a very very big chaist . No with cilicon .
Tuesday, February 22nd 2011 - 11:02:26 PM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: cjc_mallen@hotmail.com
Comments:Tall, proud and fun!!
Tuesday, January 25th 2011 - 03:53:16 PM
Name: Inna
E-mail address: kiakia76@mail.ru
Comments:Hey guys..... I am 6ft tall attractive woman, live in Moldova. Hope to meet a smart, serious, good looking, family oriented man - a native soul in this big world..... Distance doesn`t matter
Saturday, September 4th 2010 - 05:36:38 PM
Name: Mandy
E-mail address: tallteachergal@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi! I am 25, blond, and 6'2. I love to go new places, try new things, and meet new people. E-mail me for more info :)
Wednesday, August 25th 2010 - 05:52:41 PM
Name: alex
E-mail address: paulbuckley11@yahoo.com
Comments:6'7" male from Pittsburgh looking to make good friends. i love all kinds of movies, tell me what your favorites are! into all kinds of music, traveling, reading, writing, and other things.

if you wanna talk shoot me an e-mail.
Sunday, August 15th 2010 - 12:52:22 PM
Name: Yasmine
E-mail address: yasminegurl@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi my name is yasmine i am 6'2 ,22 and i am from philadelphia. I am a tall woman who loves a taller (6'4 and above) guy. Love great convo, shoot me an email :)
Tuesday, August 3rd 2010 - 06:53:50 AM
Name: Raj
E-mail address: raj_kwt_2010@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi i am Raj. i am working in middle east as software application analyst. i am looking for a Nice pen pal. I love tall girls. I am looking for a nice friend who can share my + and -. hope i will do the same as a friend. thanks
Tuesday, July 27th 2010 - 05:30:00 PM
Name: Anthony Eshun
E-mail address: eshun_22@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello!,I am a Student in a college here in Ghana.I am a male of 20yrs who like to meet new friends to learn and share ideas together.I am slim and tall around 6feet.I would like to hear from any one.
Thursday, November 26th 2009 - 04:42:33 PM
Name: nian
E-mail address: anian66@sina.com
Comments:hi, i am 201cm tall, single, 41 year old, a sports coach at Hainan island, china. want to meet a tall girl to set up a family. please don't let my species die out.
Saturday, November 7th 2009 - 12:23:40 AM
Name: ladybug
E-mail address: igetmail2009@yahoo.com
Comments:hi. looking for penpals from all over. i like rock n roll, diners, motorcycles, and lots of mail. ladybud is my handle. what is yours? no prisoners.
Wednesday, July 15th 2009 - 03:12:03 PM
Name: max
E-mail address: schmitt_max@t-online.de
Comments:My name is Max.I am a French banker lmooking for a very tall sexy girl with humor.
I like travels in Africa,paleontogy,literature(Voltaire,Dostoievsky,Pushkin)
I look for a long term relation or anything other.
I love children,family.I am single,lonely,good looking,black haired,hazel eyes.I look for my fairy tall sexy girl from any where in this galaxy.
Write me ,love me
Friday, July 10th 2009 - 10:25:17 AM
Name: Steve
E-mail address: toydriver2000@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi, am 6ft. 5 inches tall salt and pepper hair from Kentucky, USA. Would like to penpal lady from around my area, NON-SMOKER would be good. Wll be wiating. Thanks
Saturday, June 20th 2009 - 12:45:21 AM
Name: Reese
E-mail address: raiyu245@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi I'm Reese. I'm 5'9" but I really like tall girls. I'm a nice, smart sweet guy who knows how to treat a female well. Any tall girls out there want to chat, you can find me on my msn above or aim BKPride245.
Friday, June 12th 2009 - 04:44:50 AM
Name: kenneh wali
E-mail address: walikenneth@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dreambook.com
Comments:hi there my name is Kenneth and i am 14 years old and i came from africa egypt i would like to have a friend who to chat with.
Friday, May 29th 2009 - 11:34:16 PM
Name: Lasanja
E-mail address: Bossgyal20@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.myspace.com/thosethighs
Comments:Hi , im lasanja, a 24 year old jamaican female, im 5 ft 10 inches, finding it really hard to find a tall man for a serious relationship..Ready to settle down i reside in the miramar / pembroke pines fla area so someone within my vicinity....please no one over 34 max......u can e mail me at anytime with a picture if interested..i have no kids and single......please be handsome ..i also date out of my race frequently so dont be shy...muuaahhh
Saturday, May 9th 2009 - 04:27:09 PM
Name: Nicole
E-mail address: tallnblonde32@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:Hey Everyone :]

I'm Nicole, I'm fifteen and six foot three.
Maybe I'm to young for this site ? idk, lol.
I like to talk, so email me :]]]
Sunday, August 31st 2008 - 07:27:01 PM
Name: Heather
E-mail address: hringram04@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://msn.com
I'm 31 yrs old. I'm 6'2. It would be nice to have some tall friends to talk to. If you want to drop a line do so.
Saturday, August 16th 2008 - 03:38:00 AM
Name: Benita
E-mail address: benicareece@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://HTTP://
I'm 49, 6'1 1/2", 170lbs. Trim and Athletic. Into most anything outdoors. Looking for other tall people in western North Carolina. Hey guys, I can fish and hunt with you.lol Would love to hear, from all tall people everywhere.:)
Saturday, August 25th 2007 - 09:14:39 AM
Name: Sandra
E-mail address: liverpoollass65@hotmail.com
Didn't know there was a site for tall folk - wonderful!! I'm female, 42 and 5'9" tall, from Kent, UK.
Saturday, June 9th 2007 - 03:47:51 AM
Name: Jason
E-mail address: guitarpalooz@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm 6'7 and 21 yrs old from jersey, always love getting new penpals.
Saturday, May 19th 2007 - 05:06:25 AM
Name: peggy
E-mail address: tallcountrygirl@aol.com
Comments:hi my name is peggy selfridge i am 6f4 150lbs i live in wauconda i like short mem contact me on tallfriends my screen name is tall countrygirl
Friday, January 26th 2007 - 11:29:05 PM
Name: jola
E-mail address: bridge@jokeemail.com
Comments:ah forgot to add i am 6'3 thats 191 cm tall and my email add above ;)
Monday, January 8th 2007 - 03:28:17 PM
Name: -kareen
E-mail address: kar_jay1@yahoo.com
Comments:i'm a 24 year old mother of a beautiful 1year 6month old daugther living in Jamaica,i'm only 5ft 5" but i love tall men,i'm neccessarily looking for a relationship but i would love to establish a communication with a male between the ages of 26-33 from antwhere in America because i think it would be grteayt to have a frien from another country we could teach eachother things about or culture so if anyone is interested i'm eagerly awaiting your response
Tuesday, November 21st 2006 - 05:13:53 PM
Name: Diane
E-mail address: dianebogie@hotmail.com
Comments:I am 5'9", almost 54, divorced with a college-aged student at home, living in a rural town full of rednecks (what a drag). With an M.A. Degree and artistic/jazz leanings, and saddled with Alopecia Areata to boot (Google THAT!), it is very hard to meet someone even over the internet. Heck, all I want right now is someone intelligent, over 50, over 5'11", over 200 lbs (with hair issues okay) to write to. A liberal, cynical but fun view of the world and religions would be interesting (I'm somewhere between UU and Reformed Judaism, but have been Methodist. Don't like fundamentalists in any faith.), because that's where I am. If your doctor has restricted your red meat consumption and drinking, then we also have more in common. If you love Motown, polkas, Russian folk songs, Klezmer, saxaphone jazz (the old stuff), Latin jazz, and oldies you sing loudly in your car...I like you already. If you are into gambling, outdoor sports, hunting, smoking, two-wheeled vehicles, philandering, or not looking into someone's eyes when you talk, you are NOT my type. I'm pretty straight-laced on those issues. But great discussions...ahhh! (See the movie "The Lake House.") Need someone to talk to?
Saturday, September 23rd 2006 - 05:22:16 PM
Name: Alex
E-mail address: theeraging_bull@yahoo.com
Comments:Im a 24 year old guy from Iowa who is 6'4 with brown hair and blue eyes, and just hoping to chat with some taller women out there. Feel free to shoot me a line ;)
Friday, August 4th 2006 - 08:50:03 PM
Name: tamara
E-mail address: tamarabolsius@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello im a 23 year old dutch girl, i like to mail with people over the whole world, i write in the past with penpals but thers nothing anymore. Im NOT looking for a relationchip, because im married. im only looking for mail pals from the age of 21..

i hear from you bye....
Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 01:39:02 PM
Name: Milena Boteva
E-mail address: melissam@inwind.it
Homepage URL: http://www.pallavoloaragona.it/FOTO/MOSAICO1.HTM
Comments:Hi..I'm Bulgarian girl volley player living in Italy in Aragona. 204cm i hope to speak to other girls tall, no men please..my pics are within the aragona team page
Wednesday, July 5th 2006 - 09:54:11 PM
Name: Tamma
E-mail address: inner_peace2me@yahoo.com
Comments:I am 46 yo, divorced, 3 children. I am 5'11" tall and absolutely LOVE my height. But, I would like a tall boyfriend just once in my life. Are there any tall men out there?
Tuesday, June 27th 2006 - 09:30:55 PM
Name: Emma
E-mail address: xmckennax@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey all, I'm Emma, 19 year old student. I'm 6ft3. Looking for tall people just to have a chat and laugh with, so if you fancy it email me. Hope to talk soon

Emma x
Wednesday, May 24th 2006 - 01:53:23 AM
Name: Mary
E-mail address: taste_the_rainbow18241@hotmail.com
Comments:I'm waaaaay too tall for my age, about 5ft 7, which is really tall for age 14, and am somewhat thin. If you would like to see a picture of me, go to www.myspace.com/xxforgottenfaithxx18241.
Well, I guess I'm what they call a musician. I play guitar, bass, keyboard, and a little drums. I sing, and have been taking vocal training for years. Music is my passion. I don't really like mainstream music; in fact I hate it. Everywhere I go I hear the same old overplayed songs. Some of my favorite bands are Social Code, Day of Contempt, Silverchair, Hawthorne Heights, and Rancid. Art is my second passion. I draw and write poetry all the time. I'm very outgoing, and tend to be somewhat loud. It takes a lot to annoy me or anger me in any way. I guess thats a good thing, but then again I could be wrong. I have medium lenght brown hair, and brown eyes.
Monday, May 22nd 2006 - 02:34:13 PM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: Bestguy@starspath.com
Comments:Hello...My name is Chris...I'm 36 years straight Afro-American male...ht:6"1'...Well, my interests are swimming,dinning out,cinema theater, dancing, church, beach,cooking,sports,telling jokes, festivals & carnivals,sailing, traveling,cruise ship traveling, fashion, video & arcade games...I'm looking for a tall female for a meaningful friendship or a serious relationship in time, I'm very affectionate & romantic too.
Sunday, May 21st 2006 - 12:03:42 AM
Name: michelle
E-mail address: michelleuthaya@yahoo.com
Comments:Dear friend
I believe that you will be a wonderful friend forever.
Sri Lanka is a beautiful country .H you been to Sri Lanka ? I live in Kandy.
I like people who can understand others that is called a friend- and friendship. Life is like a rose. And we should know to be a good friend for god sends to share our love and sadness . I am looking for a nice friend in my life. May be you will be the friend in my life . Well I am a school teacher . I work with pre school children .It is full of joy and lot of responcibility.but children will face the world Tomorrow.
I have lot of idea,s and plans . but I am not rich, but I am rich in heart . in this world people meet people . if you like sent your postal address to me
In a little way I can send our beautiful country post card . I like your country very much because I don’t like smoking or drinking alcohol . That is my nature
. That dosent mean those who drink and smoke are bad . But it is not good for the health . If you like you can be a part of our school. Thanking you so much.
have seen from Television I hope you will like me , I
So see you in next letter ( please write to me }
Your loving Friend

if you think I am not good for you please give my
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Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 08:30:30 AM
Name: Jan
E-mail address: orion37@wanadoo.nl
Comments:Hi any tall lady!

So far, so tall, so what! I am 1.99 m(=male too)so far-;), wondering if there is a lady so tall and moreover special in other ways in my vicinity or further away (than Holland)for a friendship/relationship. So what if you are too shy, too tall or too nice or too whatever. I hope I am!
Don't mind hopefully any drawbacks I have, for my tallness is already the perfect thing about me -;).
I am 41 y.o.!

a tall mail (male) will do!

Bye for now

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 08:53:32 AM
Name: June HILL
E-mail address: wpack43@hotmail.com

I am 6'5 women living in North Carolina. I am 47 years old. I would love to meet more tall men. If you are interested in talking please e-mail me at wpack43@hotmail.com

Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 - 02:41:50 PM
Name: Ylva
E-mail address: persson.ylva@gmail.com
Comments:Well... what to say..... I'm 5'11 feet tall..... girl from sweden. I like to sing, walk and talk (hehe... made a rhyme there...). I've always liked to be tall, and many tall guys/girls I've met have many of those characteristics I find is most important in a caring persons.... one of them is respect against other humans... and that you don't act like you are a supperior over the others....
What can I tell more...... travelling is always fun.... but I guess that's what all are saying....
Soon turning 18... so I have a lot of schoolwork....
Hoping that I can meet interesting and tall people out there... and maybe get some practise in the english vocabulary....
Have a jolly good day... all of you
Ylva =D
Wednesday, March 1st 2006 - 08:41:55 PM
Name: single in atlanta
E-mail address: blawaiianangel2@yahoo.com
Comments:I am only 5'5'' myself, but I adore tall men! 6'4'' and taller is great! You feel so secure and you truely feel his presense. If there are any tall men in and around Georgia, email me ASAP.
Thursday, January 19th 2006 - 12:54:02 PM
E-mail address: sexythickandtall@yahoo.com
Wednesday, January 11th 2006 - 02:12:17 AM
Name: amanda
E-mail address: amanda_harrison@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:hi im a female 5 10 tall looking for a male about the same size help me im slim very sexy but i hate small guys
Monday, November 28th 2005 - 09:28:37 PM
Name: Kevin
E-mail address: kharkins1@juno.com
Comments:Hey guys... I am a 6 feet tall gay male, looking for a super tall guy, 7 feet or taller, or young, real tall and still growing. I'm a regular guy, not into the hole gay scene, masculine, honest, into the outdoors and camping, astronomy, all kinds of music, cooking, and a score of other interests. I'm affectionand loyal, and want to share osmething lasting and meaningful with an extremely big guy with enormous feet and a nice smile who likes to laugh and needs an understanding, trust worthy, sincere man in his life. Drop me an e-mail or IM me on AIM; my screen name is, "hkevinh413". - Peace
Monday, October 24th 2005 - 12:56:03 AM
Name: Steffi
E-mail address: anchesenamun1@yahoo.de
Comments:I am 17 years old and from germany.
I am tall and my eyes are blue-grey. My haircolour is dark-red but I am naturally blonde. My favourite music is metal, middleage sounds and gothic (esp. industrial). I like to go to concerts, go out with friends, watch movies, read books and play "The Sims 2" (I LOVE this game). I'm searching for penpals all over the world at the age of 18-??.
gender, religion or country is not important.
Monday, October 10th 2005 - 06:38:11 AM
Name: Book Writer
E-mail address: malefeetproject@mail.com
Comments:Looks like I might have stumbled across a great source for a book I am in the midst of writing. The male feet project will be totally dedicated to exactly that *Male Feet*. From famous steps, to foot fetish sex, large feet, strange feet, foot likes and dislikes, stinky feet, celeb foot photos, etc etc etc. I need stories and pics from guys with huge feet and the benefits and disadvantages of those *dawgs*. Serious submissions only ?? maybe you can appear in the book !!!! Whether its yourself or a friend please contact me if you wear size 14 shoes or higher. ??.. also applies to any feet that are ?. lets say ?.. unusual ?? i.e. - 6 toes, long toes, short guy huge feet etc. malefeetproject@mail.com Thanks
Saturday, September 17th 2005 - 08:10:05 PM
Name: Denice
E-mail address: chickywithcheese@aol.com
Comments:Age 16...
Lakewood, Colorado, United States

I am a tall, with red hair and dark eyes that show you my soul. I love swimming, singing, and guys with long hair. I do almost everything a teenage girl is capable of. And I like to explore all types of people.....Anyone with a sense of adventure and open minded. Good conversation is expected. I generally get along better with guys, but chicks are okay too.

Friday, July 29th 2005 - 06:35:28 PM
Name: Christopher
E-mail address: crodgersz@hotmail.com
Comments:hello, i am 32 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, well built, i am looking for new female friends, i am a very sociable person and go out lots,
Sunday, July 24th 2005 - 05:24:57 PM
Name: Dewy (Female)
E-mail address: Dewy(at)every-heart.net
Homepage URL: http://www.every-heart.net/
Comments:Luv this page...your tall 2!!! I'm 5'9 and I hate it. *every* anime girl is short, excpecially the ones I want to do. They all wear heels too. Hate it hate it. >___> But yeah. I try to get characters that seem tall, either in the way they act or in their designs...since no anime girl is acutally tall (except for the mascunline ones, which I really dont want to een try. ^^; )
Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 12:39:17 AM
Name: William Ball
E-mail address: wball@birch.com
Comments:I am 6'7" tall, 44 years old with a good job. I seek to meet a younger woman who would like to have children.
I have brown hair with green eyes. As I said, I'm 6'7" and weight 230lbs.
Good values, good educations.
Monday, July 4th 2005 - 07:25:17 PM
Name: Ann
E-mail address: gramma_39@yahoo.com
Comments:I am a 5' 9" grandmother Always have a hard time with finding the right size of pants for me
Friday, July 1st 2005 - 01:41:16 AM
Name: Pete
E-mail address: im5particus@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:I used to be 6ft 3/4" tall when I left college 12 years ago, got measured at a health check at work a couple of days ago, best I could manage was only 5ft 11ins, could I be shrinking? Will it continue? Whe knows?
Thought I better sign the book while I still qualify, this time next week it may be too late!! lol
Friday, June 24th 2005 - 01:54:07 AM
Name: Jolanda
E-mail address: rotterdam.is.fun@gmail.com
Comments:Holland: Tall blond female want females !
I’m a slim tall blond girl, 23 year 183cm from Rotterdam, I’m looking for a tall female (18-30 year) for a serious relationship. I invite you to come for vacation or to stay with me for ever, please send an email with your photo!
Thursday, June 16th 2005 - 03:24:00 AM
Name: charlie
E-mail address: harveyc_72@yahoo.com
Comments:i absolutely adore tall, tall women! i am 6'4 slim, fit, smart and well educated/employed.i love most sports, the outdoors and anything to do with water having grown up on the beaches of south florida. also love music and collect all types. i am 40 but prefer younger gals as most of my friends are in their mid to late 20's and i can keep up just fine thankyou.. wish there were more clean sites for tall people-- god bless you all....
Friday, June 10th 2005 - 08:06:24 PM
Name: Anja
E-mail address: anja.verebes [AT] web.de
Comments:It rains and rains here in Germany.The good weather is gone. ,I have a daughter.Her name is Nadine and she is 9 years old. I play no instrument..My hobbies are,swimming,ride my bike,drive my car,write many letters,go to holiday and work at thecomputer. 1.80m, blonde tall lady
Thursday, March 3rd 2005 - 11:12:10 AM
Name: Rodney
E-mail address: Orin_fox@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm 19, 6' 2. I study photography. Looking for a nice chill person to talk to. If u want to know more email me ad ask.
Wednesday, February 23rd 2005 - 04:41:50 AM
Name: Nichole
E-mail address: krussell3@hvc.rr.com
Comments:hi everyone my name is nichole,i'm 14 if your looking for a friend come and chat with me! im 5'10 long dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes(blue green) im tall and thin im athletic and im cute im in high school and im smart i from the united states but i speak alot of french and a lil spanish!
Monday, November 29th 2004 - 01:29:39 PM
Name: Tom
E-mail address: trs500@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi you extra tall ladies, I am six foot six,,wear a size fourteen shoe and am a bigger guy, kind of built like a full back. I m single and would like to hear from you all. I am very curious to hear how your height has affected your life. I am in mid Michigan and do have some freedom to travel. Let me hear from you now. Thanks
Monday, November 29th 2004 - 04:25:50 AM
Name: Jade
E-mail address: supa_jade@hotmail.com
Comments:hi my name is jade, i am 13 and and i live in the uk, i am tall with auburn hair and brown eyes. i love playing basketball, football, rugby, swimming and horse riding. i have a borther and sister, they are 4 and 5. i have a guinea pig and a cat. I wanna talk to someone i can have a laugh with, aged between 12-15, girl or boy. i would prefer to speak to someone from canada, germany, australia or the uk. But ill talk to anyone really. (except weirdos or pervs)
Saturday, October 16th 2004 - 06:53:12 PM
Name: Leon
E-mail address: Moosefoot1122@yahoo.com
Comments:I love tall (6+), full-figured women with large wide feet. OK, so I am freaky like that, deal with it. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and check out this site. I am willing to email anyone who shares a similar interest. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
Thursday, September 16th 2004 - 05:48:45 AM
Name: Sandra
E-mail address: sandysunrays@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Canadiansunshinesinglelooking@groups.msn.com
Comments:Hello there, I'm a tall 5'9 in a half BBW looking for a sincere tall christian man. I am easy going, love to laugh, and read and write. I am a 32yr. old single parent of two.I reside in Alberta, Canada. Please feel free to contact me. I love to chat, write, and talk. :-)
Saturday, September 11th 2004 - 11:41:10 AM
Name: DON
E-mail address: WOODFU2001@YAHOO.COM
Thursday, September 9th 2004 - 03:47:07 AM
Name: Cynthia
E-mail address: cydebay [AT] yahoo.com
Comments:18, 5'7". brown hair and brown eyes. I love to read,hitchhike,draw, write poems and stories, watch movies, hang out with my friends, . I like listening to industrial, rock and heavy metal, . If you like metallica, black sabbath, linkin park, puddle of mudd, ironmaiden , papa roach, creed, incubus, rammstein, american head charge,korn, slipkknot, marylin manson,aerosmith, kmfdm, write. Even if you don't, write anyway and we'll argue about it. Also interested in Witchcraft, calligraphy, piercings, tatooes, occult, tarot, blood letting, graveyards, mythology, travelling.

Wednesday, September 1st 2004 - 08:56:04 AM
Name: Ken
E-mail address: rangerktc@rocketmail.com
Comments:I'm a 6'4" guy looking to make penpals with tall ladies over 6'0"--feel free to write and tell me about yourself.


Monday, August 16th 2004 - 05:51:23 AM
Name: Monika
E-mail address: rozalija69@yahoo.com
Comments:country: Lithuania

I'm a 21 year old, happy, lucky and crazy girl!:))) My height is 180cm, and weight - 65kg:))) I would like to find someone truly kind, honest and unpredictable:)) I love travelling, listening to different music (my singing is terrible, but I could not live a day
without it either:)))),
I'm not into sports very much, but I absolutely loooove water and swimming:)
I also adore home-pets (have a black cat), ice-cream, pink color and going
to the wild parties sometimes:) I smoke, but I hope i will be able to give
up that terrible habit soon:))) After a year, I will finish my high school
(business management in english) and then only God knows where the life will
take me, hope somewhere where music will play a major part:)))) We can be
friends, pen-pals, maybe even fall in love with each other someday, who
Saturday, August 14th 2004 - 08:37:27 AM
Name: Lou Hall
E-mail address: hall@rowan.edu
Homepage URL: http://users.rowan.edu/~hall/
Comments:Yep. 6'4". 37 years old. Looking for a tall woman who wants to get married. lol! Drop me a line! Peace!

Sunday, August 8th 2004 - 10:06:20 PM
Name: Amanda
E-mail address: amanda_urquhart [AT] hotmail.com
Comments:5ft 11....A little about me im 18 , i work with a fruit and veg company just doing ;till i save up my money so i get get a place of my own and find a job that is nearer there, I live with my parents at the moment.At the weekends when im not workin i like goin out with my mates and meeting new, people cause u can see how different people think and live there lives. I also like goin to the cinema, and watching tv, and also goin swimming
Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 02:24:27 PM
Name: Nams Hits
E-mail address: umaymailtome@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello everybody !!
My name is nams and i am 6.4" tall and looking for a girl of height around 6 ft or more. you can send me a mail. hoping to get a mail from you
warm regards

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 04:36:20 PM
Name: Veronika
E-mail address: veronika.vanova [AT] centrum.cz
Comments: I am 16,I study at high school in small town near our
capital Prague.I play
the piano,tennis,I do the aerobics and I also like
snowboarding etc.I am tall(170cm) and thin with a
blond hair and blue
Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 04:09:35 AM
Name: Mariah
E-mail address: maria.marin1@luukku.com
Comments:Hello! Im from Philippines who is 33 years old but I lived in Finland for 14 years. Im married to a Finnish man and I have two pretty daughters who is both young commercial model here in Europe. I want to have a new friend in other countries. I dont mind what age you are. I just want great e-mail friend, and Im interested in other cultures. I am tall and have a long hair,dark eyes and fair complexion.I have many hobbies. They include reading , writing to my friends, photography,nature, as I live in Finland its rich in nature. I love also cooking,shopping and fashion. Hope to hear from you! And best regards from Finland!
Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 04:52:29 PM
Name: nelle
E-mail address: the_girl_in_the_cuddle@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hi, i'm a student from london, 5"11, I don't know any other tall people, and would love to share experiences with others... :-)
Saturday, June 12th 2004 - 03:20:57 AM
Name: david
E-mail address: wsoulbrother45@YAHOO.COM
Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 02:42:41 AM
Name: Michael
E-mail address: michael@verycoolmail.zzn.com
Comments:Hi everyone

Would like have tall female penpals any age,any country i`m in Germany myself ana I am 29/6´10
Doesnt matter what you look like as long as you`re a nice friendly person.
I`m a very nice,sportive, genuine guy so please be the same but female.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 09:35:31 AM
Name: Angela
E-mail address: tinkerbell1984 [AT] hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://smitten.org/angela
Comments:dangit. i spelt signing wrong.

alot of people have emailed me from here, but you can stop now, I aint bored anymore. mwhaha.
Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 04:10:47 PM
Name: Mick
E-mail address: jimcougar69@hotmail.com
Comments:20 years old. bored. thought i'd post. 6'5.

Bobby Dazzler
Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 10:11:09 PM
Name: Tom
E-mail address: tcwright2002@yahoo.com
Comments:Would love to hear from tall ladies. :-) I'm 33, single, never married, from Austin, Texas. Age isn't important to me.
Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 04:47:29 AM
Name: chantelle
E-mail address: chantellecherubin@hotmail.com
Comments:whats goin on peeps.. HOLLA
Thursday, April 29th 2004 - 02:28:25 PM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: cjc_mallen@hotmail.com
Comments:Tall, proud and fun!! I am 6'6" short and would love to hear from ladies over 5'!! in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

Have fun out there!!!
Friday, April 23rd 2004 - 09:56:55 PM
Name: pol
E-mail address: polo185b@yahoo.fr
Comments:I love tall girls,
I'm 6' 0" and would like to exchange emails with girls above 6 feet
thank you for your mails
Sunday, April 18th 2004 - 06:33:42 AM
Name: Angela
E-mail address: tinkerbell1984@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey! My names Angela. I'm just siging this because I'm bored, tehe. :P

I'm 19 (born 1984) and 6'2.
Thursday, April 15th 2004 - 11:54:11 AM
Name: Kim
E-mail address: kimpy03 [AT] aol.com
Comments:Hi I'm a 6'1ish asian female just looking for penpals. I am a college student and love to travel. asian pride.
Thursday, April 8th 2004 - 09:18:00 PM
Name: jose
E-mail address: lildide828@yahoo.com
Comments:jose torres

Wednesday, April 7th 2004 - 11:06:12 AM
Name: Ireland Tony
E-mail address: ajtonyreilly@hotmail.com
Comments:Longing for m/f friends from UK,Holland,London & Europe,,even as far as Kenya too,,ill reply to all mails & sms too,,sure im hear waiting for you,,,ajtonyreilly@hotmail.com
Sunday, April 4th 2004 - 01:31:18 PM
Name: Claudio Acuña
E-mail address: claudioacuna@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi there. I am Claudio Acuña from Quilmes, Argentina and I like tall women.
Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 07:39:41 PM
Name: Ashley
E-mail address: a_lil_xtreme_69@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey whats up? I'm a 16 yr old girl from Detroit,Michigan,USA i'm 5'10 and a size 4. I have a problem with boys i am very pretty but no guys ever wanna date me because im tall. If there are any guys who wanna talk email me i'd love to hear from u!
Tuesday, March 30th 2004 - 11:07:58 PM
Name: Janet
E-mail address: janet_karan [AT] yahoo.com
i`m a very tall 26yo girl (192cm,6'4") I live in Cyprus and i want to speak with other tall people out there, girls or boys. Glad to see there are many of us all over the world, cause in Lemessos where i live, i feel so lonely up here. Really wondering.....do you have dating problems too? Feel free to send me a message or email me
Monday, March 29th 2004 - 09:23:11 PM
Name: Stephanie
E-mail address: lakebrantleyhottie@hotmail.com
Comments:i have blonde hair blue eyes tan skin, im 5'11" im in the 10th grade i like to hang with friends, party, and go to the beach
Thursday, March 18th 2004 - 02:21:11 PM
Name: Agrios
E-mail address: agriopouli@hotmail.com
Comments:From the sunny island of Crete, Greece a great hallo.
I hope the contained of this add will meet with your interest in the subject of mutual pleasure, fun and great holiday time. I am looking forward to meet a clean, discrete and serious couple or female who visits Crete this summer and would like to meet up with a fit, clean, serious, easy going and caring 38yo Greek guy.
I can say that I know how to give pleasure and I care for that. I also can tell you that I get very horny. Especially I would like to meet with couples that have not mach experience but would like to find out how comfortable they will feel, with no push no must.
Just the normal human easy way.
Lets meet, have a drink and if our chemistry couples.... lets triple it then.
I hope to hear from you
My very best wishes

Monday, March 15th 2004 - 04:22:15 AM
Name: samantha
E-mail address: fairycat04@yahoo.com
Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 10:19:16 PM
Name: Yvette (female) 58
E-mail address: NeedSomeLovin01@webtv.net
Comments:Buffalo, New York, United States
Very out going 5'8" tall
58 years young! brown hair, brown eyes.
Love meeting interesting men and having discreet e-mail correspondance. Do not like Chat lines or Messengers. Need some spice in my life. No Strings!!
Just looking to meet someone that enjoys life and would like to tell me about their experiences or fantasies!!
Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 12:04:14 AM
Name: Jade
E-mail address: jade34@hotmail.com

Monday, March 8th 2004 - 03:32:37 PM
Name: Brian Ruff
E-mail address: deepchester@aol.com
Comments:Hi i am 15 years 7.1 inches tall i am looking for someone just as tall or taller then me.
Monday, March 1st 2004 - 01:36:36 AM
Name: Adam
E-mail address: footmassager31@yahoo.com
Comments:hello,I am a 31year old who loves women that are very tall
6'1 to over 7'0 tall I would like to hear from women for penpals or relationship.Women with very big feet size 12wide to 17 please email me!I would like to hear from women with big feet who love foot massages on their barefeet everyday.I am very romantic and I am looking for women who are very romantic so,write to me.Also I would like to hear from women with a dominant attitude towards disciplining men for misbehavior.Esp. women who believe in useing the belt on men's bare backside.
Thursday, February 26th 2004 - 08:03:54 PM
Name: Sara
E-mail address: SaraBarra@cox.net
Comments:Hello! I really love your website. I'm 14 years old, and have just started playing the piano again recently ( I've played when I was 6 ft 3 , but my family has moved so I had to quit) and I wanted to find some history of piano music. Your website is wonderful, great job! =)
Saturday, February 7th 2004 - 12:08:25 PM
Name: Estyroni (Female) 24
E-mail address: estyroni@yahoo.com
Comments:tall,slim and choculate in colour.I have brown hair and brown eye balls.Sweet voice and beautiful face. i need a male closed friend whom i can interact always from all over the world.
Wednesday, January 28th 2004 - 12:55:30 PM
Name: Christina
E-mail address: pakrfaninlv@yahoo.com
Comments:6ft 3 inches... I am Christina I live in Las Vegas Nevada. Well to sum it up in a nutshell for you of my likes and dislikes I am giving you a link to my page so that way you can read about me and even see a picture of me.

So take a look at, let me know what ya think. I am getting ready for work right now, it is Friday morning.
Have a nice day!


Friday, January 23rd 2004 - 10:20:04 AM
Name: See who visits this page!
Homepage URL: http://www.geobytes.com/gr.htm?gr&buttonid=28661&view=country
Comments:Click above to find out who visits this page, and how many people...if your visit does not register(when you get to the georeport click "Realtime data")go to the following site to put your geographical location on the map:


Thursday, January 8th 2004 - 08:28:25 PM
Name: Maly D (female)
E-mail address: maly_209@yahoo.com
Comments:i'm 5'8" tall Asian female
brown eyes and brown hair
i'm in the 11th grade in high school right now....
i'm only 16 years old...
i'm from stockton, california
i like to spend time hanging out with my friends and listening to r&b music like nelly and IMX
my favorite subject in science and world history
my favorite singer is Christina Aguilera
i'll tell you more later. abbott.shorturl.com">

Sunday, December 14th 2003 - 12:18:28 PM
Name: Kat
E-mail address: kaloal_thuile [AT] hotmail.com
Comments:well i am tall and pritty, age 17..australia.. i have brown eyes and brown hair, um my friends say i am very funny but i am not sure about that. I love all music (excpt pop). and i if i could be any place in the world i would be in the Neatherlands or Canada..boys between 17-20 they have to speak english and no one from asia!!


Thursday, December 11th 2003 - 02:40:07 PM
Name: Sabine
E-mail address: fraby01 [AT] web.de
Comments:my hobbies...??well, i like going out with my friend,going in bars,discos and to the cinema.sometimes i like to go for a walk and to go riding...i'm 18 years old...i'm a tall girl..ugly weather here in munich,it' raining all the time;i hate it.
Wednesday, December 10th 2003 - 01:09:59 PM
Name: Kyla
E-mail address: sebrocker [AT] hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=rockin_faery_chick
Comments:Female...Hello everybody! My name is Kyla Crowley, 5ft 9, dark blonde hair, and I live in Amarillo, Texas in the USA. One special thing about me is that I am a songwriter who is very passionate about music. I am looking for penpals/swappers! You can be a girl or a guy (a guy swapper would be interesting) between the ages of 14-18. But I have to stress this, if you are male and over the age of 18 PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME! Normally I would reply back and let you know that I'm sorry but I can't be your pen pal, but too many guys aren't respecting my wishes, so from now on I will just delete your e-mail if you are a male over the age of 18 and try to contact me. My reasoning behind this is that it makes me uncomfortable and it's just unwelcome. Please respect this. However, if you are a female younger than 14 or older than 18 and would like to swap then that's ok. I'd just feel more comfortable talking to older girls than older guys. So basically, females of any age are welcome. Also, if you are from Ghana, Africa don't contact me as I have too many of you as penpals already. Anyway, I am kind of new to this whole swapping thing, but I would gladly love to do it! I will swap anything that you want to... just let me know watcha wanna swap, ok? To let you know a little bit of what I have... I have some Josh Hartnett posters, Aaron Carter (I have like 8 of him), Britney, Hilary Duff, Eminem, Christina Aguilera... I also have little magazine posters (like the size of a sheet of paper, you know what I'm talking about) of almost everybody.... so let me know! I also have a bunch of stickers. It's pretty much a first come, first serve deal. So the first people to contact me will get stuff. I'll keep going till I run out, or am able to buy more magazines w/ posters in them. If you are interested, DO NOT hesitate to email me! Hope to be hearing from you soon!

Name: Tameka
E-mail address: tamacon [AT] yahoo.com
Comments:6ft 1 inch ..I live in the states, I am African American. I like sports, cosmetics, reading, police shows and traveling.I am 28. I played clarinet for 4 years and piano for 5 years. I have not travelled all that much, I am in school and will be working on my Master's soon. I watch a lot of Lifetime TV, I love Law and Order, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, The Practice, tv shows like that.I am in grad school now in NY, like I had planned
Sunday, November 23rd 2003 - 05:05:33 PM
Name: Barbara
E-mail address: latnt46@aol.com
Comments:Who woulda thunk it?This is great!!!!When I was young NOBODY was taller than me.All the girls seemed 5'2" & blond.I was all knee caps and elbows and it was in no way "cool" to be tall.Ahhhh,sweet revenge.I`m 46,finally got the figure I wanted,at 40 LOL.I`m 6'1.5" and I LOVE IT!.All those girls in high school are....still short and middle age.I am the one now with the blond hair and good figure.I love running into the boys who wouldn`t date me:)I`m also amazed that there are enough of us to make a web site.How glorious!Im here for friends & pick up more places to get 36"jeans.Glad to meet you.Write me in Tennessee
Tuesday, November 18th 2003 - 06:51:58 PM
Name: Cassie
E-mail address: doughnut@berlin.com
Comments:Hey! I am into anime. I'm 17 years old..California So if ne one is into anime drop me a line. Arigato! Since I am bein a poo, I feel i should give some des. of me. The only significant thing is im a 6ft TALL Asian Chick!!!! Tall AZn pride! Muah!


Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 12:09:04 PM
Name: Kagoya joanita
E-mail address: joanlyne [AT] hotmail.com
Comments:am a ugandan girl, 21,tall and chocolate skinned. i weigh 58kg and i like watching movies and listening to music.i also like making friends and travelling.i am not fat nor small, am just slender. ma snaps will tell.thanks..would like to get in touch with males mostly coz am in need of a boyfriend.
Thursday, October 9th 2003 - 11:42:29 AM
Name: Keli
E-mail address: myalynn [AT] aol.com
Comments:Very tall girl...Hey My anme is Keli, but People call me KiKi, not for short, because it's not shorter, but just because. I live in Washington State in the US. I like to
watch all sorts of movies and I listen to a lot of music. . I listen to anything mostly. I really like show toons though, just because they are fun. I am 19. I don't play sports very well but
I dance. I like t dance . I have been dancing since I was three. I also play the flute. I don't do very much with it anymore but I still like to play on my spare time. I go to college and work at the same time. I work at a retail store named Mervyn's in the Men's clothing department. In school I am working to become a teacher. I live in a city named Orting. It is really small. I guess you could call it country out here. There is a lot of farmland around. I live right by a mountain. it's really pretty on a clear day, but it is usually raining around here.I like to watch any kind of good story in a movie. My favorite movie to watch right now is Moulin Rouge. I love the whole musical number idea. Also, I really like Baz's direction in all his movies. My Favorite is still Strictly Ballroom though. I gotta go get ready for work now, so I'll leave you alone.
Wednesday, October 1st 2003 - 12:34:05 PM
Name: Brittni
E-mail address: Tallmiss@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi, I am 6ft 1inch and I will probably never find a man who isnt intimadated by my height. I am a little ashamed of my height, but for the most part I could really care less. If any sexy African American can get down with me, then you should drop me a line sometimes.

P.S If you want to see a picture of me visit: www.blackplanet.com, and in the member box type BrownAngel_85.
Wednesday, October 1st 2003 - 02:30:34 AM
Name: lily
E-mail address: tallgirl3@hotmail.com
Comments:I am 15 and all of six seven in my stockings,I am having a horrible time finding clothes and a boy friend.I am blond,165pds,green eyes and I am a basketball and volley ball player.I live in CT.Please advise!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 9th 2003 - 03:28:31 PM
Name: Heather
E-mail address: heatherhaven08 [AT] yahoo.com
Comments:Heather Haven, I'm 6ft 5, 7ft 2 in heels. Blonde. Search for me on the web. My Yahoo group has pics of when I was young, hand and foot comparisons, and lots of other photos..Well, I am not really that great at sports....that's probably why I don't play many. I like to snow ski in the winter and swim and play with watercraft in the summers...I still play instruments occassionally...just got an antique piano from 1914...it needs some work, but will be beautiful when I am finished with it.
Sunday, September 7th 2003 - 11:57:30 AM
Name: Astrid
E-mail address: legsurprise@yahoo.de
Comments:Here is astrid writing.
Thanks for your interest that i sign your book.

God bless you!



Sunday, August 31st 2003 - 07:55:45 PM
Name: Rebecca
E-mail address: chs_sweetie [AT] hotmail.com
Comments:Tall...My name is Rebecca and i live in Choctaw, Oklahoma.....I play the piano and am in chior at my church. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, and there all older than I. I go camping alot with my friends and i love cooking. i have a keyboard, well a couple actually. I know some Spanish, i'm taking French next year and i know a lil bit of German. Whats ur fav movie?i can honostly say i've never been to a concert.....but my friend heidi is dragging me to a Korn concert..i don't even like them. What do i look like? well i have blonde hair, blue eyes, around 5'8, i have freckles all over the place, kinda makes me look like i'm 4. I actually don't know what island i'm going to, but i don't really care either, its hawaii. I'll be in the 10th grade, just 3 more years of high school and then off to college...what fun.
Saturday, August 23rd 2003 - 04:01:27 PM
Name: Sabrina
E-mail address: brethree56@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi, I am sabrina, i live in austin texas, i enjoy dancing, reading and
traveling. Hope to hear from you! I'm very tall :)
Sunday, August 3rd 2003 - 10:10:20 PM
Name: Karen Kirk
E-mail address: brownbutterfly1981@hotmail.com
Comments:Yes I'm tall... i have personally been having a hard time deciding on a major and having confidence in myself and life if you have any advice let me know . I am probably going to join a dance class this summer
Wednesday, July 30th 2003 - 04:35:59 PM
Name: Teresa
E-mail address: terevil_87@hotmail.com
Comments:My name is Teresa Lobo Jarne and I'm 16 years old.
I'm tall, I've got dark hair and brown eyes.
I love reading, swimming, going out with my friends and cinema.
I want to go to Canada to know people from other country, learn english, know another habits and to have a great time with a canada family.
I think that I'm a friendly person.
About food, I dont' care to try other food and I eat all type of it.
Now I'm learning english and french, I'm in Secondary 4.
read you soon..
Sunday, July 27th 2003 - 11:49:18 AM
Name: Melissa
E-mail address: frommeme@luther.edu
Comments:5ft 11...my name is melissa and i live in iowa and im a sophomore in college. im in a sorority and i love going out and having a good time with my friends.
Monday, July 14th 2003 - 05:55:15 PM
Name: mark
E-mail address: parrish272000@yahoo.com
Comments:nice to at last see a site for tall people to get intouch with other tall people! me myself im just over 6ft by half an inch ;-) but i have always had my eye on the taller woman im from the uk i was 30 in just im in very good shape well so they say;-) just a message really to any tall woman that enter this site im free and single i live life to the full and as long as your over 5ft11 single and looking to chat the please do contact me oh females only people im not fuzzy but im very straight! cheers and hope to hear from your ;-)

Accidentally Married an Amazon
By Spitfire

I would like to submit this true story of my friend's life as told by him.

It all seems like yesterday, but it was more than just a few years ago.
It was the summer right before my senior year and I was 17. I was at the
county fair with my buddies and we had been drinking. We were sitting in
the stands listening to Night Ranger in concert (sorry I'm dating myself
here!). Anyways my friend Brad's sister, Natalie, and their new neighbor
came over and sat down with us. I always viewed Natalie as a pain, but her
neighbor really looked hot, so I figured I'd be nice to Natalie and get in
good with their neighbor. In spite of the fact that Natalie was a
sophomore this year and she always tried to act cool and hang around us. I
said, "Hey Nats what's up." She gave me a surprised look because usually I
give her a hard time and call her names. She just said, "Hey Digger!"
Then she and her neighbor whispered in each other's ear and laughed. They
used to call me Digger in school because these huge guys would always hit
me during football games and I'd take a serious digger! Then I'd get right
back up. The one thing that you can say about me is that I'm durable! So,
uh, Natalie, who's your friend? Natalie said, "This is our new neighbor
Sara. She just moved in 2 days ago." I asked Sara if she'd like to sit by
me and she got a big smile on her face and said yeah. She sat next to me
and I tried my best to impress her. Apparently she wasn't hard to impress,
though. She was just impressed that I (a senior) was talking to her (a
sophomore)! (Well I assumed she was a sophomore, but more on that later)
And I was Mr. Cool with a beat up Firebird! Like I said though, she was
hot! Blonde hair, Blue eyes, and a beautiful smile.

We stayed until the show was over then we all walked around together,
laughing and being loud teenagers. Sara was just the right size for me
(well back then anyways). I was 5'8", about 160 and she was 5'4 and about
120 and built like a brick house! Finally Brad and the rest of my buddies
got tired of me ignoring them and Brad told me he had to take his sister
home. The rest said they were going to the Merriment. A bar where back in
the 80's minors could get in pretty easily to drink 2% beer. I told Brad I
would take Sara home. He just looked at me and shook his head. I stopped
by the convenient store and picked up a 6-pack. I gave Sara some to loosen
her up. Unfortunately I only got to second base before she started
pleading with me to take her home. I figured I'd play my hand right and
take her home and maybe get some another night. She told me her parents
were really big and she wouldn't want her dad to beat me up for bringing
her home late. Yeah right, I thought. I dropped her off in the alley
behind Brad's house. She walked around his house and pretended that was
where she came from on the way home. It's a good thing too because her dad
was on his front porch waiting on her!

We went out 3-4 times a week that summer, using Nats as a go between.
We were having sex like rabbits and you know what eventually happens to
rabbits.Well it was the first day of school and I found out Sara was
actually a freshman! Oh well, we had something pretty good going so it
didn't really bother me. At lunch I came over to her and sat down. She
had a very upset look on her face. She looked at me with tears in her eyes
and said, "Digger, I'm pregnant!" My world just imploded! My college
plans went down the crapper. Her parents were going to have me arrested
for statutory rape, but I convinced them I would do the honorable thing,
marry Sara and take care of our child. It was a very unpleasant situation
with her father. He was every bit as big as Sara said he was! He grabbed
me and I thought he was going to kill me! He probably would have too if
Sara and her mom wouldn't have pulled him off of me! He was 6'8" and her
mom was 6'4" and both of them were ready to kill me! Thankfully her mom
was a little bit cooler headed than her dad! My parents just stood there
and I think they were going to let him kill me!

They all weren't just upset because she was pregnant; they were upset
because she was only 12! She was able to skip two grades because she was
so smart. I felt like scum, but I didn't know she was so young! She
looked like she was at least 16! My parents disowned me. They said I
ought to go to jail for doing something so stupid! My dad told me that I
had to move out and couldn't come back. They told Sara's parents they were
very sorry and left.

I told her dad I would take care of her somehow and I got a full -time
job working after school. Finally I was able to get us an apartment.
Shortly after we moved in together she just started eating, I mean eating a
lot! But I understood because she was eating for two! This is also when I
started to notice subtle changes in her. I noticed that the top of her
head now came up past my eyes. When we first met, it was eye level. She
was filling out more also, probably due to the pregnancy and she gained
about 20 lbs. She noticed I was changing too. I didn't have time to hit
the weights anymore and wasn't eating right. I lost about 20 lbs. We now
weighed about the same! I asked her if she was getting taller and she said
she wasn't sure. I asked her if I could measure her and she told me, "Go
ahead I don't care." I measured her and my suspicions were right. She
was now 5'6" tall. Over the next few months she continued to get bigger, I
mean gain weight and get taller! By Christmas she was able to look at me
eye to eye! She grew about 4" in 4 months! She was an eating machine and
constantly needed stuff from the store and more clothes than I just could
afford. Things were starting to get really stressful for me and I figured
I had to do something drastic. I had already sold my plasma just to get
her something for Christmas! I couldn't afford to pay all of our bills and
then I found out that I could graduate early (in January) and joined the
Air Force.

I moved Sara back in with her parents until I was done with training.
I promised her dad that it was only temporary. I sent her all of my
paycheck but the $15.00 I needed for shaving gear and stuff. She was
living a lot better with her parents and the added income than with me in
that apartment. While in my job school, Sara called me and told me she had
broken her leg, was in a cast and had to walk around on crutches. I felt
so bad because all of this was my fault. She must have been miserable.
She was pregnant, walking on crutches and her husband 100's of miles away.
And on top of all of this she was only 12!

Finally my Air Force graduation day came and I flew home and was
reunited with my wife. It wasn't such a happy reunion though. I had to
tell her that the Air Force with its infinite knowledge was sending me to
Korea for a year. And she couldn't go with me! She nonetheless greeted me
with a big smile at the Airport, still on crutches. She was hunched over
on the crutches and she was still able to look me in the eye! We kissed
and hugged. I saw her mom poke her dad in the ribs with her elbows. Then
her dad walked over and shook my hand. He said he was proud of me and
thought I was doing the right thing. It didn't really show on his face

I overheard Sara's parents talking. Her dad said he still wanted to
kill me because they had to take care of my screw-up. Her mom calmed him
down and said that I was doing my best and I was taking the best care of
her that I could. I did everything I could for her in those 30 days of
leave I had with her. She turned 13 while I was there and we had a party
for her. Now she was a teenager. It was not that great of a party because
of her whole situation. The whole time one thing was bugging me also. She
definitely looked bigger and taller and I lost even more weight due to my
training. There was little chance I was bigger than her because I weighed
135 now! I went to the doctors with her to get her checkup. He told me
she's perfectly healthy and her leg was healing just fine. I asked him
what her height and weight was and he said she weighed 185, probably 170
without the cast.

It's hard to guess the height with her cast on but she's probably about
5'10"-5'11". She now outweighed me by 35 lbs. and was most likely 2-3
inches taller than me too!

The dreaded day came May 20th and I had to leave for Korea. We kissed
and she cried as I left for the plane. I felt bad that I had to leave her
with her parents again, but her mother reassured me that they knew I was
doing my best to take care of her. Her dad just gave waved goodbye. Time
crept by as I was over there and we missed each other badly. We wrote to
each other every day and called when we could. On the 10th of June I got a
message from my commander. He told me I was the proud papa of a healthy 9
lb. baby girl, Amber Renee! I couldn't wait to come home and see her! I
couldn't wait to be with my wife again! I called her and talked with her
for a few hours. Man, I missed her; I didn't know it was her on the phone
at first because her voice sounded a little bit lower. I just figured it
was strained because of the labor. A few months later I sent her a
birthday card and called her. She sounded the same. I told her she
sounded like she had become a woman while I was gone. Later on in the
conversation I said, "I wished I could be there for your 14th birthday.
Some of the guys heard me say that and they started calling me "Jerry Lee
after jerry Lee Lewis!" Some people still don't let me live that one

Finally my tour was over and I was on my way home. The day before I
left I talked to Sara on the phone and she said, "I hope you're not
disappointed when you come home, but I've changed a lot. I told her after
all we'd been through, I would love her no matter what and I couldn't wait
to see her. She sounded thrilled that I was coming back home and said she
couldn't wait to see me too.

I hadn't seen her or my daughter for a whole year now and I was so
anxious on the plane. I couldn't sit still, and it was an 18-hour ride! I
got off the plane and started walking through the airport. Suddenly this
really tall girl, pushing a stroller grabbed me and just started kissing
me! It was Sara! When I realized it was Sara, I embraced her and kissed
her back. I almost passed out then and there! She had to be at least 6'2!
She was almost as tall as her mom! And she looked gorgeous! She had lost
all her baby fat and she told me she was working out. She was built like,
wow! This image is permanently burnt in my mind! I picked up my baby girl
Amber and I just couldn't believe it. I was a dad! And she was so
precious; she looked just like her mom! Her dad was standing there and he
shook my hand and said, "Good to see you son." He was obviously the proud
grandpa! I guess that was when he quit wanting to kill me! A few days
after I got home, my parents un-disowned me. My dad said they just did
what they did so I would make something of myself. They also saw their
grand daughter for the first time and were really surprised at how tall
Sara had gotten since the last time they saw her!

Well anyway to make a long story short, Sara finally quit growing at
6'6" when she turned 17. She eventually finished High School and has
earned a Doctorate in Psychology. She's now 6'6" and weighs about 220 lbs.
I am still 5'8" but built back up to 160 lbs. And it took a while but I
have gotten used to her being so much bigger and taller than me.
Truthfully, I don't really mind it most of the time, but I never ever could
have predicted that I would be this attracted to a woman so much bigger
than me. I had always been the biggest and strongest one in the
relationship..Until I met Sara that is! Since then, 20 years have gone by
and mow I'm a computer engineer. And now I am finally able to take very
good care of my wife and my 3 daughters. All of my daughters, by the way
are taller than me and I'm very protective of them!

Well that's my friend's story; I've heard him tell it so many times! I'm
Brad and I've always been jealous of Digger because of his Amazon wife! If
I could have only got to the girl next door her before Digger did...

Sunday, July 13th 2003 - 10:11:59 PM
Name: Don Arceneaux
E-mail address: dole1123@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://msn.com
Comments:Hello to all you wonderful tall ladies. I know you're
out there, just don't seem to meet you anywhere.
Send an e-mail if you would like to correspond. Would
really enjoy talking to you.


Toxic_Kisses 4'9 I hope to some day be 5'0 (w/o high hills) someday. 011012
stars 5'9" I'm average I guess... well for a 17 year old girl. 011012
yoink 5'7" now i think.... 011012
height expert . 5'9" is not average for any aged girl. 5'9" is tall. 011012
yummyC 5'1" 011012
Mister Mourning 6'8" 011012
Norm I measured myself today, for gym class, and I'm not 6'3" like I thought I was. I'm 6'2". 011012
Casey 6'2" to 6'3" somewhere in there 011012
Sonya the sullen feline 5'3", forever within the "petite" category...*sigh* 011012
kelli crane 5'5''3/4 exactly
same as my nana 020115
Arwyn 5' 3'' 020115
pralines&cream 5'8". now i think that's pretty average for everyone :( although it used to be tall. 020115
Mahayana 5 ft 7 1/2 inches

same height since middle school 020115
Mahayana & height expert
you are correcto-mondo
5ft. 9in. is 'NOT' average
for women of any age 020115
oren 5'7 3/4" 020115
Grievance almost six foot 020115
ClairE yet_another_poll

or if you are lazy

5' 3 3/8" 020115
birdmad 6'2" 020115
tonya 1 foot tall and three and a half feet long from nose to tail

although some days when i'm the big_electric_cat you can multiply that by about a factor of twelve but thanks to the miracle of celestial physics i have no discernible mass unless and until i want to 020115
stupidpunkgirl almost 6 ft tall...pretty tall for a girl, huh? 020115
bzzmel 172cms 020116
I think Im [daxle] I think I'm 5'4
but my mom says that since we're the same height I must be 5'5''3/4
I'm ok with multiple answers to the same question 020116
SuicidalAngel 5ft 6

Same height since 8th grade! I guess this is normal but some of my friends are almost 6ft so I feel short. 020116
CheapVodka short

(5'4") 020117
Teenage Jesus 6'2" (seems like a lot of blather dudes are 6'2") 020117
yoink not me. i hate being so insufficient. it sucks. more than you could imagine. oh well, i guess i'll deal with it. i can kick your shins. 020117
carne de metal tall enough to be a flight attendant; waweeeeee! 020206
Minnesota_chris Every time I measure, in bare feet, I'm 5' 10". Every woman who's says she's 5' 10" is taller than me. I don't know what to do about this. 020309
little wonder 5'8"
my brother is 13,
and 6'2".
and he's far from being done growing. 020309
she 5' 1 and a half"

and I'm done growing. 020310
hey now! i know someone whos shrinking 020310
lycanthrope when i'm lying down, i can seem to be going on endlessly...but with the right leverage...i'm 5'6...and a middleweight...my head is big though...i've got the head of a giant. Disproportion, it's what's for breakfast. 020310
Mahayana maybe not!~!

[[ima ma check right now]] 020310
Mahayana ~!YEAH!~
i didnt shrink
i had someone measure me
instead of me trying to do it myself

im still
5ft 7 1/2 inches

[[[ i really did not wanna shrink ]]]
[not yet anyways] 020310
dionysos I waver between 4 & 8 feet tall, settling usually exactly in the middle 020310
MollyCule 5'9" barefoot. I think so, atleast; Vince says he's 5'9" and we're only the same height every once in a while. 020312
d-O_O-ver I'm 0.001058315 nautical mile tall :) 020312
Freak Female,17 years old and 5'11". The funny part about it all is that my boyfriend is only 5'5". For some reason I can't stand to be around people that are taller than me besides my father or any other family member. 020508
i am jack I am tall enough to be proof that they DO indeed stack shit that high (6'2") 020508
kerry 5'3... taller than my mother. shorter than my little brother. how weird that sounds. 020508
Kate A few days ago Tracee and I were walking in the hallway and she looks at me and was like "you grew!" but I told her that I haven't grown anywhere since 5th grade. She said I looked so much taller than normal. I'm 5'10 or so, but my favourite school shoes have 3 inch heels, so I guess that makes me rather monsterous. Tracee is just a bit shorter than I am. But I'm still shorter than Mike Pertz so I think I'm alright. 020508
blown cherry on the stairs 5'8" (but probably realistically more like 5'7") or between 169-171cm for all us metric ppl out here.

6'2" if I'm standing on the step above you 020508
Deborah Five-foot-seven. Or eight. Possibly nine. But I haven't checked. 020517
tallboy 6'3" it sucks looking up to yall all da time. i like it best when we all the same height! 020518
Novice I'm 5'5 3/4 030527
Nathan88 6' 7" 030527
girl_jane 5'3"

I actually wish I were an inch shorter. Oh well, I'm ok here. 030527
birdmad well, it looks like even though i've already said my height, "I am jack" beat me to the other thing i was going to say... damn 030527
phil nathan had to steal my thunder
6'5" 030527
margaux how_old_are_you phil? 030527
m did you turn 23 this year 030527
pobodys nerfect After reading some of the entries, I feel weird saying how "tall" I am. I wouldn't exactly say 4 ft 10 and 3/4 inches is "tall". hehe! =D 030527
phil that's true m 030602
drstangeglove 6 3 and dark
ok some says handsome.
altho i could lose 2 pounds or so
more like or so 030603
megan 5'2
woot woot 030603
crimson 5'3" and proud 030819
screwing for virginity im 5'8"ish

my dad knew this guy who alwase said that anybody 7 feet tall or taller was a freak. he was 6'13" 030819
misstree i reach almost to the stars 030819
elimeny im 5'10... i dont really like being that tall, because i dont like guys to be shorter than me, or even my height... but it looks like there are lots of guys here 6'0 or taller. nice to know they exist somewhere. 030828
Kristopher 6'5" and just plain big. I'm a large type of guy, and there's nothing wrong with that. I do get asked to lift things and move people aroung, though.

And just in case there's a whats_your_shoe_size blather, depending on the shoe, I wear either a 14 wide or a 15.

Yeah, you know what they say about guys with big feet. . .

They're hard to buy shoes for. . . 030829
minnesota_chris the_intellectual_decay_of_blather 030829
realistic optimist tall enough for my feet to reach the ground... 6'3" 030831
spathic i think i'm shrinking. i seem to remember being told at one point that was 5'10" but now it might be more like 5' 9 1/4" or something like that, so now i just say 5' 9"...am still the tallest of all my siblings though, so that's what counts. 031018
blah-ze 5 foot 11 and a 1/2 inches... dammit. i wanna be six foot (seems to be a nice number). 031019
TalviFatin 5'2. 031019
Death of a Rose 1803.4mm in height, 83,979 grams 031019
phil I lied, I am only 6'4" 031129
lenore 5'6" when i was younger i was taller than most kids but ive stopped growing. 031130
endless desire 5'6...maybe 7 031130
Whitechocolatewalrus 5' 3/8" very short at seventeen, oh well, I don't mind so much. 031201
reue not as tall as i should have been, guess i can't go back and change what i've done and i have to live with the results 031202
Strideo about 72 inches
... 031202
time_warp two inches shorter than my mother. damn those two inches. her shoe size beats mine by 3 1/2 sizes, though, so she can keep the two inches *and* her monster feet. 031202
Little Average Riding Hood 5' 6".

Think I am kinda average! My little bro is 13 and like 6'!!!

My dad is 6'3" though, so i guess he is destined to be a tall one!! 031202
Little !! Riding Hood Just realised how many exclamation marks I put in that post.

!! 031202
Toxic_Kisses I've finely come to terms w/ my hight and realize I like being this "tall" and that I wouldent want to be an inbetween hight, meaning that if I could change my hight I'd eather want to be 5'8 or taller or the hight I already am, but nothing inbetween bc thats so advrage, your cute when your my hight and when your tall you have looooooooooooong sexy legs, although I'm not shure my personality would work if I was tall, ppl might find me anoying then, wear as now bc of my hight everything I say and do is usualy always just seen as "cute" witch can sometimes be anoying bc when I'm being serious every ones all "awww isent that cyooot!" or they just blow off what I say, aww she doesnt mean it or she's not really serious. Eather way I like all 4 foot 9 inches of me! 031211
distorted tendencies about 5'6'' my boyfriend is like 5'4''? 031212
ice 6" just a little bit more should be good enough 040124
Azz 6 inches... don't want to know what height you're on about....
I'm just over 6', and just over 6"

Hello, my name is Becky. I am a seventeen-year-old senior in high school, and have a success story to share. I would have written sooner, but now have finally gotten the chance to. So here is my story. I hope you like it....

Throughout my childhood, I always seemed to be in the right weight range--not extremely thin, but not fat. But when I got to fifth grade, things changed quite a bit. My teacher had a very low tolerance level and always yelled. Being the quiet, sensitive girl I've always been, this scared me very much, so I looked to food for comfort. I made myself uncomfortably out of shape, developed much cellulite and ugly, red stretch marks. This continued through my sixth grade year.

When I entered junior high school, things started looking better. Thanks to puberty! ;-) Luckily, I started to have a thinner appearance as I grew taller. In eighth grade, I joined a health club in town with my family for about a year. All of the buff bodies were motivating, but being as young as I was, it was hard to figure out why I had joined the club in the first place. I really didn't lose any weight. I guess I went just because I was bored and didn't understand the true meaning of being fit.

Then, my freshman year rolled around. I felt somewhat comfortable with myself, but I still had that chunky feel to my body. The stretch marks were starting to lessen and I was beginning to grow taller. At this time, I appeared slender, was about 5'5", 125 lbs., and was wearing size 8 jeans.

With so much peer pressure and girls bragging that they weigh less than 100 lbs. and wear such small sizes, this made me jealous and feel out of place. I couldn't get it through my head that there is such a thing as "different shapes and sizes." So over the summer of ninth grade, I depended on food once again to relieve my stress. This led to a 25 lb. weight gain. I was now developing those ugly, red stretch marks, wearing a tight-fitting size 10 pants, and weighed about as much as the boys--150. I really started to notice the change in myself as I went through the first semester of my sophomore year.

As 1998 rolled around, I sat in my bedroom one night, in early January, thinking about a lot. I especially thought about how badly I wanted to audition for "Renaissance," the high school show choir of juniors and seniors. I knew the ability to sing and dance at the same time would be difficult, but would really be hard weighing 150 lbs. It was hard enough climbing 13 stairs in my house to get to my bedroom without being out of breath.

I also thought real hard about popping out of my size 10 pants, almost ready to wear an 11. It had finally dawned on me that I was wearing a double-digit size. I told myself: "I don't want to wear this size. I'm too young to be this big."

So much was beginning to motivate me. I thought of all the exercise equipment and videos collecting dust. I thought of how I've always dreamed of going to the prom in a beautiful gown. It was an unbelievable feeling that came over me! I finally realized I needed to give my body a gift--the gift of health. "This is the year I'm gonna do it," I said.

That night, I searched through my collection of exercise videos and remembered I have Jacki Sorensen's California Workout. I had remembered how much fun the video was, although I had only done it maybe 3 times at the most. I couldn't figure out why I was letting all these videos sit around and get all dusty--especially the California Workout! ;-)

So, the second semester of my tenth grade year began. I measured myself carefully, weighed myself carefully, watched what I ate, and made sure I drank plenty of water every day. I tried not to make drastic changes in my habits, because I knew that if I did, they wouldn't work. I chose Jacki's California Workout to help motivate me and achieve my goals. I made sure I did the video every night after school.

I am so glad I did! What wonderful results I have gotten! I am now about 5'8" tall, have lost my goal of 25 lbs. (so now I weigh 125! :-) ), and am now wearing size 3 pants and dresses (actually the waist is too big, so am I a size 2?!)

It took me close to a year to take off all the pounds, but it has definitely been worth the time and effort! I am now in the process of toning up, but still look forward to the California Workout for my aerobics.

I have now kept the weight off for over 1 year and plan to keep it off! I am so amazed that my dreams have come true! Every day, I look at myself in the mirror and can't believe how my body has transformed into a beautiful figure. Thank you so much, Jacki! You are so very motivating and fun, which I believe is what has helped me through it all!

It's such a great feeling to be this way now! I never want to go back to the old me--NEVER! I turn heads everywhere and have such a positive outlook on life. It's incredible!

Well, that's my story! I know it's kind of long, but it's changed my life and could maybe change somebody else's. I'm sorry I don't have any before/after pictures*, but I do have before/after measurements!

Before After
Upper abdominals 28½ 25¼
Lower abdominals 35 31½
Waist 28 24½
Hips 40 36
Thighs 25 21¼
Arms 13 11
Bust 34 34

Thanks again, Jacki! I love you!

P.S. I did make "Renaissance" and am in my second and final year of it. Out
of all the girls, I have the smallest waist! Thanks to you!


Saturday, July 12th 2003 - 07:29:37 PM
Name: Andrea Knight
E-mail address: knight_andrea@aclink.org
Comments:Dateless and Tall...Female..How are you?
my friends have always been much shorter than me. I never
had a friend that was as tall as me. In almost 6"1. I felt
for a while, that I was the only tall women in my area. Please write

Towering Tall Men
What is it About These Guys?

Let's forget about the six feet and talk about the seven inches.
—Mae West, on being told that a new male acquaintance was 6'7"

Being 6ft7, I never have a woman as tall as I. The nearest was one who measured 6ft in high heels. I have had one partner who was less than 5ft tall too, the opposite end of the scale.

Not that I have much choice, but I do like the feeling of 'towering' over a woman (feeding the dominant nature?) and from what I have experienced, women seem to like that too.

So the question is..., If tall is good, then what is it about being towered over? —Captivatex

Tower over these hot spots...
• Libida.com - the premier online sex toy store with an impressive variety of quality sex toys, books and videos for women and men. A veritable playground of pleasure. Privacy and discretion guaranteed. Products are competitively priced. Highly recommended.

• Ladies Secret - This site is like an online romance novel brought to life in photographic series. Romance that leads to steamy hot torrid SEX! All sort of buff men, tons of intense videos, spicy erotic stories with raunchy details and much more. Dim the lights, pour yourself a tall one and enjoy.

From Shula
Being on the tall end of the feminine scale (5'9"), I much prefer to be with tall men. Rather than be intimidated by height, I am intimidated by lack of height. If a man I'm with is my height, I simply don't know what to do! I've a platonic dance partner right now who is 6'10" delicious inches. I've been in heaven ever since we met!

From Dianne
To Mary [see entry below]- Honey, I am just so impressed! You have a husband and an Aaron?! Sweetie, how did you do it? I'm sure most of us girls out there would LOVE to know how they and you handle the logistics!

But on the topic, I'm 5'3" (when I really, really stretch) and I've never had anyone over 5'10". While I drool over the larger men from a distance, I simply find them way too big and intimidating up close. They are so much bigger and stronger that I've never trusted one not to accidentally hurt me in a romantic situation. And when they're that big honey, and I'm as small as I am - that's a whole world of hurting to be looking at.

Nupe. 5'10" and under please. And well built. And a hairy body (no waxing, ewww!) And lots of testosterone...

From Mad
I'm 6 foot 4 and have been so since late teens I guess. I went to Uni and during that time it was harder to date girls I think because I really stood out. College was the same, my first you could say regular woman was a lady I worked with at book shop, I was not yet 24 she was 45. Her sexual preference was doggie sexual and claimed that my height difference put wonderful pressure on her vagina.

The lady with the shortest height was maybe 5'2 or something like this, that was acrobatic sex ).

From Karen
I am dating a man who is 15" taller than me and I LOVE it. I'm 5'4" and he's 6'7".

I enjoy his potential for physical dominance—though I'm not sure I'd like it if he wasn't such a naturally gentle and considerate human being all in all. I enjoy having someone to reach things on the top, top shelves—I get anything stored in low cupboards or under tables. And hey, I enjoy the curious looks we get as we walk down the street together.

While there are certain sexual positions that are difficult, there are also things that we can do that we wouldn't be able to if he were closer to my size. 69 is pretty much out of the question, but I love how he can throw me around in bed.

All in all I'd say height doesn't matter, but I like my big guy a whole lot.

From Claire
I am 5 ft 8.5 inches and I've always been attracted to taller guys (6'2" and taller). My husband is 6'0" and the only thing I'd change about him would be to make him 2 inches taller. But since he is perfect for me in every other way, his height does not bother me at all.

Since I am taller than most women, it is unusual for me to have a lot of interaction with taller men. So when I do, I am surprised by how just standing next to a taller guy can turn me on. He doesn't even have to be super good looking. There is just something about a tall guy that makes me feel extremely feminine and makes me see him as more masculine than a shorter guy.

From The Mad Russian
Well, I just had to add my two cents here, as a male who is 6' 6" tall, I can honestly tell you that being much taller than my sexual partners (both male and female) can be a real drag! For example, I have a real big fetish about oral sex (LOVE IT), yet there are oral sexual positions (I.E. 69) that I can't achieve with many lovers because of my height.

I have also had complaints that my size is intimidating and has prevented some of my lovers from doing/acting on certain fantasies. Maybe I haven't met the right type yet, but what I would give for an over- sexed over six feet woman right now!

From Amanda B
I was married to someone 14" taller than me. I did not like the feeling of being towered over at all, and it carried over outside the bedroom. In the bedroom, it was annoying at best. It was difficult to kiss during intercourse, and I just love that. The smaller the guy, the smaller the ego-- and the better the sex!

From TMS
Always thought of myself as a "tall men only" kind of gal. Until I met some wonderful not-so-tall guys. I, too, am taller than the average female 5'9" & solid so I guess the feeling of being "petite & feminine" factors in somewhat. Bottom line is how I'm treated regardless of his vertical stature. I'll blush & confess that a tall guy will catch my eye from across the room first.... could be he's just easier to see, right?!

From Kalliannassa
Well, I feel rather out of place here. I'm female and 5'4 in shoes. I have accepted my state as vertically challenged. While I like my men taller than me, (by necessity, I have only met 3 that were shorter than I) I don't much care for towering tall.

My most significant other was 5'8 and that was perfect for me. I am strong for my build so I liked him being able to over power me, but only when he wanted to and I let him. It would be fun to try a very tall man out, but at the same time, the thought runs through my mind, how would that really work? The 5'8 was a perfect fit for me in all ways, and to be perfectly honest, more just seems potentially painful. Then again, I remember thinking that a couple of tall guys I knew could be worth the climb....

From Anonymous
I love tall men. They seem in scarce supply though. For some reason. I've only dated two men who were what I'd consider "tall" (over 6') and I loved it.

I'm relatively tall for a woman at 5'8" and most men I meet are very close to my height. I like tall men because at my height and my build (bbw) a tall man makes me feel petite. Petite makes me feel feminine and I like to feel feminine. At least, when I'm with a man. It's that simple.

From Ann Regentin
Gosh, I wish I knew! It is very, very nice, though.

I used to be about 5'9". I'm 5'7" now, which still puts me within spitting distance of average male height. I've dated shorter and taller and while taller is nice in a visceral way, I think it's because it's symbolic of something more important--at least for me. While I'm not fond of being dominated, I dislike being dominant, too. I like men who are in some control over their lives and physical size gives that impression. Naturally, it often deceives. I've known big guys who have been hopelessly lost and smaller guys who have really had things together. I'll take the latter over the former any day of the week. I find competence very sexy.

Oddly, I think my height relative to theirs bothers men more than it bothers me. If someone shorter than I am expresses interest, his height goes into the "if it doesn't bother him, why should I worry about it?" category. Anyway, once you're horizontal, it doesn't make that much difference who is taller than whom unless the disparity is particularly great. Come to think of it, if a man is about the same height or slightly shorter than I am, it makes sex standing up a lot more comfortable. But my experience is that men like towering as much as women like being towered over. Guys? Comments?

From Phlyon Zawahl
As an old girlfriend, 3" my senior, demonstrated quite ably during a pre-coital session some years ago, once you're on the mattress doin' the 'Horizontal Mambo', it doesn't really matter what your height difference is. This so inflated my (up 'till then) fragile ego, with respect to the fairer AND taller gender, that I rushed out and got me one o' them 'wives' that was and continues to be 3" inches taller than me - to this very day! Somehow, we manage to make it work. (I just keep tellin' myself, prior to entering the bedroom 'she is not my wife...she is NOT my wife...' ~but I digress...)

She even wears stilettos now and again (- but I make her take 'em off when we exit the bedcovers...)

From Wench
Bigger is not necessarily better guys....however, I am fairly short (5'4") and do prefer my men to be 6' to 6'4". Just natural instinct to be attracted to them. But, I have had a lot of fun with shorter guys as well. My opinion...take it for what it's worth.

From Jack Raven
Well now I'm crushed! I recall seeing women-seeking-men personals wanting someone tall "but no giraffes".

But I admit that at dances, I scan the room for any woman who wouldn't have to strain their neck to look me in the eye. But only for the novelty of the experience since its so rare for me. (6'5")

I read once that the average male preference is that his lady friend be four inches shorter than himself and the average female preference is that her gentleman friend be six inches taller than herself. To me, a woman within six inches of my own height is a pleasant novelty, but I've never met a woman who was the wrong height. Of course, I haven't had to worry about women being taller than myself, though I've known a couple who were about my height.

From Todd Rowlands
As a short-arse 5' 6 1/2 " I can safely say that I am the perfect height. I mean some women wonder why I can't talk to their face when standing in front of them and that's because their tits get in the way.

Also any males try giving me grief then it's a case of "Ya want a bit of bother, Jimmy?" as I head butt them in the balls.

My slightly twisted take on this topic.

From Jane
Yeah Yeah Todd... right... as if you don't like staring at tits... Why the heck do you think I wear blue lipstick huh??? It's to watch the ping pong effect of guy's eyeballs.

Oh and BTW the perfect woman is 3 foot 4 inches tall with a flat head and no teeth, and maybe a set of knockers you could hide a beer can between for those clandestine grog sippings at the movies...

From Joan
At 5'1", nearly everyone is taller than I am. I've dated both the tall and the not-so-tall, and I don't really have a preference - or do I? I must admit, when a shorter man holds me, all the parts line up in just the right places...

From jojo
It makes me feel safe, makes me feel more feminine, I don't often get the chance in my job to be girlie so I like to more than make up for it when I'm out with a chap. There's also a feeling of power (perversely) in that a small woman can be seen as an equal partner of such a big man. You can see it in others' faces.. "How do they do it?" "How can she take him?" etc.. If they only knew.

Having said that, my last long term partner was 5'4" so it's not a pre-requisite, fellas. If you're a good guy and can excite me, it makes not a jot of difference to me what height you are.

From Annie
I am 5'8" tall and prefer men 6feet or taller. It has to do with the fact that a taller man will be stronger than me and will probably be more of a take charge or dominant kind of guy. This appeases the more submissive, feminine side of me. The more aggressive, masculine side of me doesn't care how tall a man is, if he gives me problems I'll fix his little red wagon nonetheless...

From Ciera
I think the preference for tall men is a primitive response, selecting the male most physically able to provide meat and protection for a woman and her children. However, that would only include tall, strong men. There are plenty of tall but not strong men. Funny we should be talking about this. Last night I dreamed about the tallest man I have known, who was 6' 5". So many people asked him how tall he was that he started answering 5' 17". I wouldn't kick a good man to the curb if he wasn't tall.

From Kassandra
I'm 6' and I dated a man once who was 6' 7". Personally I didn't like dating a man who towered over me. I think the reason is because I'm use to being taller than most women and some men, that the only person I ever had to look up to was my father at 6' 5". With that said, I like to look my men in the eyes.

From Christine
I like being towered over for just the opposite reason. I rarely come across it that when I do, I step back and go "WOW, I want that!"

From Captivatex
The answers you all gave, very open and honest too, are pretty much what I thought they might be - instinctive feelings as opposed to the need to feel the person inside too.

Like I had said initially, the closest anyone's came to my 6ft7 was 6ft in heels, so it's always been a case of shorter women for me. However, and this is a big however, put me in a roomful of women of various heights and, if I go purely by my instincts, my eyes will be drawn to the shorter ones. And to confuse the issue even more, if she's wearing a pair of high heels she'll get two looks!!

Don't ask me why, I never analyze what feels good... I just love to go with my instincts!

From Mary
I just have to add my two cents' worth to this thread, too. My husband is 6'3"...I'm 5'8". The other significant male in my life is 6'5". However, even though he is only 2 inches taller than my husband, he always strikes me as being very tall. The differences are in their builds and the way they carry themselves. My husband tends to try to blend into the shadows unless he knows everyone around him. Aaron, on the other hand, tends to portray the traditional Paladin type. Think somewhere around the hero mentality...except that he is very shy around new people, too. As far as the whole towering thing goes, it depends on what I'm feeling at the time. My husband usually cannot tower over me, even if he is angry. Aaron can sometimes...if I let him.

The only time I enjoy being towered over is if I am not feeling strong enough to defend myself. Then it is really nice to step into an enveloping, towering hug. Otherwise, it bugs me. Aaron and I have a long running joke about him being too tall and me being too short. It's kind of how we keep on an even footing, so to speak. Of course, one of the first things my husband and I, and then Aaron and I, had to do was establish rules for when they can step in and help me. I tend to be overly independent. Consequently, it is one of my greatest pet peeves to have someone step in and fight my battles, unless I have invited them to do so. Now we all have an understanding that we will try to resolve our own conflicts by ourselves first. If we can't, the rest of the group is welcome to step in and help. It has worked pretty well so far.

Thursday, July 10th 2003 - 03:36:28 PM
Name: Kevin
E-mail address: nelsonka1@yahoo.com
Comments:I currently live in the Washington, DC area (US). I am looking to expand my circle of tall women friends. I am 38 years old and have a slender build.

Lauren becomes a Muscle Goddess
By IM4BBgirlssdreham@aol.com
Lauren works out to get her older neighbor

Lauren had always been athletic, it ran in her family . Her older
brother was a pro wrestler,her dad was a former Navy seal, and her mom
played college sports when she was younger.....Lauren's older brother
moved away..and her parents got a divorce...this left Lauren to live
with her father who was retired and old,her parents had Lauren late in
life...they tried to have more children after her brother but it never
seemed to work, after years of trying her dad went to a fertility
specialist who gave her dad injections of a new trial drug..it was
suppossed to make his sperm stronger more resiliant, (super sperm) the
Dr would laugh and say they will produce super sperm......it was
entirely an experimental drug that was never approved by the
FDA.............after 5 treatments her mom became pregnant and Lauren
was born...

She was for all intents and purposes a normal baby, throughout all her
early years, she seemed normal it wasn't until she reached puberty that
she noticed changes in her, things that were different then the other

at age 13,I have always been interested in being tied up and rendered helpless in bondage. I was in my late 20's when this happened to me. I lived next door to 2 lovely women who were a few years older than me. I lived in a large older house with a carrage house on the rear. Actually it had been an apartment above a garage. I had placed a bed in one room. I also keep all of the equipment I used for self bondage there. When I indulged in myself in self bondage experiments I left the door to the carriage house unlocked. No one had ever bothered me there. It was a nice fall day and I didn't have anything important to get done. I decided to go for a long strenuous self bondage session.

I went up and sat on the bed in the 2nd floor apartment. I sat for awhile and pondered on what to do to myself. I decided I would fix myself on the bed in a hog tie position.

Instead of using the old ropes, I prepared new lengths of rope form a large roll of bailing rope I had bought for virtually nothing at a farm supply store. It was a 20lb roll of rope. It was somewhat thinner than the usual rope I used. Probably 3/8 ths of an inch in diameter. It was very soft, pliable and felt good.

I started by tying my ankles snuggly together and cinching the ropes. I did the same to my legs above and below the knees leaving the cinched ropes loose enough that they would not cut of circulation when my legs were doubled in the hog tie.

Ok my legs were helpless, now what?

I decided to add some different touches to this hogtie. I usually just bound my wrists and then tied them to my ankles as tightly as I could.

First I looped a rope a couple of times around my neck with the rope running under my arm pits so it would not choke me if pulled tight. I knotted this rope tightly on my chest.

I then reached over to the table at the bed side and placed the knife I would use to escape on the bed. I would also use it to cut off any reachable loose ends of rope.

I used the neck rope as an anchor for a long rope to come down and run through my ankle tie and have enough rope left to put over my bound wrists and pull my body into a tight hog tie.

I had found by practice that if I tied loops of rope around each arm above my wrists and then passed 2 loopes of rope between them I could pull my elbows snuggly together.

I got the elbow ropes in position and pulled them snuggly together and tied the rope off. I cut off the loose ends of the rope.

Next I put my wrists, from opposite sides, through prepared loops of rope with the cinch rope looped around them several times. I pulled the cinches tight, tied them and cut off the loose ends of the rope.

The last thing I had to do was to put the rope from the back of my neck through the anke ropes and tie it tightly in place. I did this and cut off the loose ends.

As usual, I had made sure that I pulled all the knots as tightly as possible. I was now tightly ropped into a delicious hog tie.

I wriggled around in my bonds. I found I was more helpless than I had ever been in any of my self bondage games. I could do little more than wiggle around on the bed a little. I was even afraid to roll over on my side. The way I was tied, I might not be able to roll back up. My arms were now useless to give me any kind of leverage in which to roll on the bed.

Oh well, I gave into my feelings of bliss and drifted off into fantasy land. I must have fallen asleep. I awoke stiff and hurting from my bondage. I decided to try to free myself. I felt around on the bed for the knife and I could not find it.

Then I heard a voice and giggles.

"Looking for this."

It was Donna and Linda, the ladies from next door.

I turned 70 shades of purple and red.

I said, "Please give me the knife. I need to get loose."

Donna replied, "You got yourself in this fix. We're not going to let you out of it that easily. You see we have always been looking for a hapless male to dominate. You have just unknowingly fallen into our web. First you need a few additions."

Donna and Linda added ropes here and there pulling every rope on my body much tighter. Then they used one of gags to gag me. They had obviously found my chest of bondage equipment. Thenn they produced the most severe helmet I owned. I had laced it on my head. It was so tight and confining that I never had the courage to use it when I would be in bondage. The only openings in the helmet were 2 short hoses extending from the nasal openings for air. From experience, when laced in this helmet I would not be able to see anything and only be able to get enough air to stay alive. In additio I would only be able to hear a little. The helmet was havily padded over the ears.

I shook my head and yelled into my gag. Of course all that came out was unintelligible mmfffs and ghhhes. Soon I was laced in darkness.

I heard Donna and Linda yelling at me, "We're going shopping now we think you'll be more cooperative now.

Donna and Linda left me there for most of the afternoon and evening. When they returned the released me from my hog tie being sure that I was locked in cuffs aand chains. They took me back to their house.

They had me sign a personal services contract. To this day I am there chastised slave. I only get relief when they milk me. They keep me locked in a chastity device where relief is impossible.

They are lesbians and keep me bound and force me to listen or watch when they hhave sex.
Lauren hit puberty with a Bang! she grew in height, and grew
in other areas as well . She was big breasted for a 13 year old..a 34 C.
but she was VERY athleticbeat all the girls in every sport and alot of
the boys as well . she knew something was different BETTER about her
but never thought it was the treatments her dad got before she was
born....little did she know!!!!!

Lauren's neighbor, a 33 year old man who's wife had died was always so
lonely. she felt so bad for him and would often bring him food she had
cooked or cakes she had baked over to his house to make him feel better
and not so alone .She often would clean for him and tidy up a
bit....slowly but surely as she went through puberty she had the
inevitible crush on him..she liked everything about him,he was so
niceand he treated her as an adult not like a kid like everyone else
did she really was beginning to fall in love with him...... one day
while he was asleep and she was cleaning up his house,she noticed a
video on the table. she put in in the VCR and turned it onfiguring she
would watch a movie while she cleaned......she was surprised to see that
it was a muscle video of strong girls working out, she then found
several muscle mags ALL of them with women much stronger looking then
normal....almost immediately Lauren had this devilish grin, "this is it,
he loves strong girls.." she thought,"thats how I can get him to want
me" at that moment she vowed to become What he fantasized about on the
videos....she never mentioned it to him.....

3 months had past and Lauren had been lifting weights 7 days a week for
4 hours a day All the while thinking of John her neighbor....she had
started to see results very quicklyshe had already gained 15 lbs of
muscle and was becomming strong for a girl, lifting the weights along
with puberty hitting and her SECRET super genetics she got from her dads
treatments were about to explode......she was now 5'4 125lbs a 34 C and
had 11 inch biceps she would measure once a month she
thought.....during one workout she felt that the weights were lighter
then usual.. she figured it was just her being so excited about
John...but it wasn't her genetics kicked ineverything was light she
had to increase the weights daily to keep up by the end of the month she
was growing like a weed.....she was now 5'6 150 lbs and had 13 inch
biceps she was a 36 D cup and could bench 185 lbsWOW this is great she
thought, she decided to wear bulky cloths and hide it from John

it was starting to become noticible.....another month passed and
another....it was now 6 months after her genetics kicked in and she was
getting bigger and stronger by the dayafter 6 months she was now5'11 190
lbs of muscle aside from her chest which was huge at 36 DDher biceps
were now 16 inches and she could bench press 275 lbs .... John had
noticed obviously by now how tall she had gotten and started to look
more in her direction even with her bulky cloths it was impossible to
miss her chest,she noticed him watching her alot and asked him if he
was alright, "yes" he said commenting on her height..she told him she
was now 5'11 that puberty was good to her, he stated he was 5'10 and
liked tall women Lauren decided to stay away from john for several
months to SHOCK him when she was ready to be his dream 4 more months
had passed and Lauren became a goddess a super strong muscle
goddess,,"Now,Now is the time" she thought

she called John on the phone he soundes so depressed, she apologized
for not being around and said she had sports and school work and it was
too much to handle she asked to come over and she heard him perk up
and immediately say yeshe hadn't seen her in 4 months he remembered
her at 5'11 1 inch taller then he was... the door bell rang and John
opened it up to see Lauren "Jeez" he said what happened hahahahaha
she replied puberty kept going i guess hahaha John was referring to
the fact that before him stood a 14 year old girl who was 6'4 " inches
tall she was wearing a long overcoat which puzzled John being it was
July she came in "damn u got tall" he said hehehe she laughed i
thought you liked tall girls I do I do he replied and smiled here
let me take your coat...not yet she said i have something to tell you 1
styou see john about a year ago i saw your muscle video and mags....John
got all red and embarrassed...dont be embarrassed John you see i always
had a crush on you and realized this was the way to get you so i did
all of this for you,puberty and my genetics certainly didnt hurt,hahaha
she laughed.......did all of what joihn asked........THIS she saidand
with that Lauren took off her over coat revealing only a thong bikini
covering the largest most muscular woman john had ever seen oh my god
how did? what did? you are huge how big are you? hehehe Lauren saw his
erection I knew he would Love me this wayhow big are you he askedlets
find out she said and pulled out a tape

john immediately ran to her to measure his fantasy I am 6' 4" tall and i
weigh 245 lbs of solid musclewith that she did a bicep flex that made
John's mouth drop he wrapped the tape around and it read 22" my god
he thought her thighs were 33 " her calves 20" her waist was 27" and
her chest was huge defying gravity at 44EEhow strong are you? hahaha
she laugfhed i was hoping you would ask i can bench press 550 lbs my
lord he said...hahaha ummm thats 550 lbs for 10 reps she giggledi one
arm curl 120lb dumbells i can squat over 1500 lbs and two arm curl
300 lbs for 10 repsmy god John thought i am only 175lbs

suddenly John began to frown whats wrong John asked laureni cant believe
it he said the muscle goddess girl of my dreamsand i am 33 you are only
14 i can never have youhe seemed so dejectedbut he noticed this
devilish grin on her facejohn i did this all for you you were so
lonely and i love you YOU will never be lonely again i will take care
of you everyday i will be your muscle goddess

But you are 14? he said I Know she replied and i can see by your crotch
that it turns you onready or not like it or not YOU ARE now mine you
belong to me and i plan on getting bigger and stronger and YOU will be
mine forever with that she scooped up her new little 33 year old man in
her huge muscular 14 year old arms and becan to stroke his engored erect
penisJohn my little man you can worship my body my huge muscles and in
return you will teach me and give me ALL the sex my overhyped sexually
active adolesent mind can take she held him over her head and brought
his cock down into her mouth and began to give him a blowjob while
dangling him over her shoulders........this is gonna be a long summer
she thought........I am the luckiest man alive he thought......

Monday, July 7th 2003 - 09:37:16 PM
Name: Jenn
E-mail address: jenlue2003@yahoo.com
Comments: My name is Jennifer I am 22 and i live in North Carolina, USA but i am originally from Florida. Tall - 5ft 11..I love traveling, nature, history and music of all types.

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finance, finances, financial, financials, financing, fincas, finch, find, finders, findet, Finding, FindNJ, findus, fine, FiNeDeSiGn, finest, finish, finner, Fino, Fire, Firecard, Firecards, fired, Firefighters, Firefighting, firend, fireplace, Firetrucks, firing, First, firworks, fish, fisher, Fisherman, fishing, Fishy, fit, fitness, Fitzgerald, fizzy, Fl, flag, flags, flagstaff, Flame, Flanders, flash, Flashcards, flat, Flathead, flavoured, flaws, fleet, flesh, fleur, Flight, flippo, Flirt, Flit, float, flood, flor, flora, Floral, florals, FLORES, Florest, floricultura, floriculturas, Florida, Florist, Florists, flower, flowerbulb, Flowerbulbs, flowers, flowershop, flowershops, flowing, flowres, floyd, Flutter, fluviatilis, Fluxus, Fly, Flynn, Flávia, FMLA, Fnusa, foals, Focus, FocusAsia, focused, focusing, Fodaro, foe, foes, foghorn, folders, foliage, folk, folkart, FolkCards, Follow, Followed, fondness, font, Fontaine, fontanini, Fonte, fonts, food, FOODS, fool, Fools, fool’s, foot, Football, footwear, Forbidden, Ford, forecasts, foreclosure, foreclosures, ForeFront, foreign, foremost, forest, forestcats, Forever, forfait, forget, forgot, fork, forklifts, forkups, Forlag, Form, format, formats, Formel1, formerly, forms, Formula, Fort, fortune, Forum, Forums, forwarding, ForWorld, foto, Fotodesign, Fotografering, fotografia, fotografias, Fotografie, Fotografien, Foton, fotos, found, foundation, Founded, Foundland, Fountain, Fountains, four, Fourth, fox, foxes, FP, fractal, fram, Frame, Framed, frames, Frameset, framing, France, france98, FranceWay, franchies, Franchise, Francina, Francis, Francisco, Frank, Frankfurt, frankfurters, Franklin, Fraser, fraternal, fraud, fred, fredgrams, Fredricton, Free, freebie, freebies, freedom, freelance, freely, Freemo, freestuff, freestyle, freeware, freewords, FreeZone, fregram, freight, Freizeit, fremail, French, Frends, frequent, Frequently, fresh, freshest, freshwater, Freud, fridays, friend, friendly, Friends, friendship, Friese, Friesland, fright, Fringe, Friuli, frog, frogophiles, Frollo, Front, frontdoor, Frontier, frontierland, FrontPage, frugality, Fruit, fruits, frustration, FryeWillamson, FryeWilliamson, frá, FT, FTD, fuck, fudd, Fueler, fueller, fuit, fuji, Full, fullcolor, Fully, fun, function, functional, Fund, funded, FUNERAL, FuNmAiL, funnest, funnies, Funny, funpacked, Funtime, Fur, Furniture, Fursten, fuschia, fusion, futbol, Future, FutureCard, FutureNet, futurism, FWP, FX, FYI, Fågel, födelsedag, Förening, Förlag, GABF, Gable, Gabriel, Gabrielle, Gabriel´s, Gacher, gaestebuch, Gag, Gagne, gahanna, Gail, gainesville, Galactic, Galaxies, galaxy, Galerie, galerien, Gallagher, Gallerie, Galleries, Gallery, galore, Gama, gambling, Gambrinus, game, GameLand, Games, gaming, gamlar, GammaNet, Gang, ganze, gaphics, Garage, Garbo, Garcia, GarcíaSevilla, Garden, Gardena, Gardening, Gardens, Gardner, Gards, Garfield, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, gargyole, Garifuna, garland, Garner, Gary, garygole, gas, gasoline, Gaspar, Gastronomie, Gate, Gates, gateway, gather, gathering, Gator, Gators, GATT, Gauley, gay, Gaydaze, Gaz621, Gazette, Gazoo, Gear, Gearcards, gebied, Geburtstag, Geburtstage, Geburtstagskarte, Gedeon, gedicht, gedichten, geekgirl, geen, geese, gefeliciteerd, Gego, geitonia, Gemaelde, gemini, genaeology, gender, Genealogy, geneology, General, Generate, Generated, generates, Generation, Generator, genesee, GENEVA, geneve, GENEXT, genf, genoa, Genova, Genovese, gently, genuine, GeoCities, geography, GeoGreetings, geology, GeoMall, George, Georgetown, Gerardo, German, Germany, gestuel, gestuelle, get, get_post, getaway, getaways, gets, getting, gettysburg, GetWell, GeWeb, Geórgia, gfx, GGA, ghost, Ghosts, GI, Giacommiti, Gianni, Giants, gibilisco, Gibson, gif, gif89a, giff, giffs, GIFs, gift, gifted, gifts, Giftshop, Giger, GiGi, Giglmons, Gilberton, Gilbertson, Gill, ginclear, Gino, giochi, Girafe, Girl, girlfriend, girlfriends, girlie, girls, Gisborne, gites, giubilieo, give, giveaway, Giveaways, gives, Giving, Gizmos, glacier, glamou, glamour, glass, glaucoma, GLBT, glenda, Glenn, global, globaldialog, globe, globoy, Gloria, Glorious, Glory, Gloucester, Gloves, glozone, Glueckwuensche, Glueckwunsch, Glueckwunschkarte, Glueckwunschkarten, Glückwunschkarten, gnome, GO, Goat, Goats, GOCARD, God, goddess, godhead, Goes, gogh, going, Gold, golden, goldens, goldfish, Goldwyn, Golf, golfers, golfing, GOLFonline, Golubev, GOMEZ, GOMEZartHUB, Gone, gong, gonzalez, goo, Good, goodbye, Goodness, Goods, goofy, Goon, goose, GoPlay, GoPlayer, Gorant, Gordon, Gore, Gorge, Gort, Gospodarka, got, Gothic, gotta, Goumet, Gourd, Gourds, gourmet, Government, governmental, governors, Govt, Goya, gr, Grab, grabado, grabados, Grable, Grace, gracias, grad, grade, graduate, graduation, graffiti, grafiek, GraFXFX, gram, Grampidae, Grams, Granada, Grand, grandfather, Grandma, Grandmother, Grandparent, grandparents, grandparent’s, grandview, Grant, granville, graphic, graphical, Graphics, Gras, grass, grasshoppers, grateful, gratefuldead, gratis, GRATUIT, Gratuite, gratuites, gratuiti, gratuito, Grave, Gray, graywolf, graça, great, Greater, greatest, greating, greatings, Greco, Greece, greeeting, Greek, green, GreenWorld, greet, GREETHINGS, greeting, greetingcard, Greetingcards, greetingcardservice, Greetings, GreetingsFree, greetingss, Greetings®, Greetingz, Greetins, Greettings, Gregoretti, Greta, grey, grievances, griffin, Grill, Grimmy, gripe, grizzlies, grizzly, Groceries, groenendael, groeten, Gromit, Groom, Grooming, grotesque, groundhog, groundhogs, Groundwood, Group, groups, grove, groveport, Grover, grow, growing, grown, grows, growth, großes, grrl, Gruesse, grátis, Gröden, Grüße, GSD, Gserve, gsmba, GSTAAD, GT, gti, guadalest, guang, guarantee, guaranteed, Guard, Guatemala, GUESS, Guest, guestbook, guestbooks, guesthouses, guests, GuestWorld, Guida, guidance, guide, guidebooks, guides, guild, Guilt, Guinness, guitar, Gulf, gumby, gund, Gunnar, guy, Guzzardo, gynoid, gypsies, gästebuch, gömul, göran, H, Haarlem, Habit, habitats, Habitude, hack, hagalo, Hague, hair, Hairiet, Hairiette, hairless, Hajime, HaleBopp, half, Halifax, Hall, hallmark, halloween, HALO, hamburger, hamilton, Hamley, Hamm, Hammer, hammond, Hampers, hampton, Hand, Handcrafted, handicappers, handicapping, handicraft, Handicrafts, handle, handlers, Handpick, hands, Handsome, handwriting, handwritten, hangout, Hanks, hannukah, Hanson, Hanukah, Hanukkah, happening, happiness, happy, har, harassment, hard, HARDCOPY, hardcover, hardware, hari, Harley, Harleys, Harlow, harness, Harpies, Harris, Harrison, harvard, Harvey, Harwood, has, hashanah, Hatcher, Hatchoo, hate, Hats, haunnika, Haunt, Haunted, Haupteingangsseite, Hauraki, Haus, hauser, haute, HauteSavoie, Haved, Haven, HAVILAND, Havilland, having, hawaii, hawaiian, Hawaiiana, Hawg, hawid, Hawks, HawleyNet, hayward, Hayworth, hazard, hazards, Hazcom, Hazel, HAZMAT, Head, headers, Headline, headlines, Heads, healer, Healing, health, healthcare, heard, Heart, HeartCards, heartfelt, hearth, Heartily, Heartland, HEARTLIGHT, HEARTLIGHT®, Hearts, heath, Heaven, Heavenly, HeavenSent, Heaven’s, Hebrew, Hedy, Heel, heet, Heidelberg, heights, Heineken, Helen, Hell, Heller, hello, help, Helper, helping, Hemingway, hemisfério, hemisphere, Hemmingford, hemsida, Hendry, Henry, Hepburn, Hepcat, her, herbs, hercules, here, Heri, heritage, Herkenhoff, Herman, Hero, Heroes, heroic, Hershey, Hertfordshire, hertsWEB, Herzegovina, Hess, Hesselmann, Het, hetero, heterosexual, Hex, hexagon, hexagram, hexes, Heyward, HFC, hg, Hi, Hidden, hide, Hideaway, hiding, Hier, HiFamilies, high, Highest, highlander, highlight, Highlights, Highway, Highways, hike, hiking, hilarious, Hill, hilliard, Hills, Hilltopper, Hilton, Him, himalaya, himself, Hincapié, Hintergrundinfos, hints, hip, hiresolution, hiring, His, hisense, HispanicLife, historic, Historical, history, HIT, Hitchhikers, hitler, hits, hittar, hitting, HIV, Hiway, HIX, Hjelm, hk, HKNet, HMRCARDS, ho, Hoax, Hobbes, hobbies, Hobbs, hobby, Hochpustertal, Hochzeit, Hockey, Hodara, Hoek, Hoerig, hohoho, hoiliday, Holden, HOLDERS, Holds, Hole, holgersson, Holi, holiday, holidaycards, Holidays, holistic, Holland, hollow, holly, Hollywood, holt, Holy, Holyoke, Home, home_postcard, HomeArts, homebase, homebrew, homeElectronic, Homeland, homepage, homepages, homes, homesite, homestead, homework, homo, homosexual, hon, Honey, honeymoon, honeymoons, Hong, honolulu, Honor, hop, Hope, Hopeless, Hopkinton, hopper, Hor, Horace, Horex, Horizons, HORIZONTAL, horn, horns, horoscope, horoscopes, horror, Horse, horsemanship, horseracing, Horses, Horseshoe, HorseWorld, Horsey, horstman, Hos, Hosentaschenpizza, Hospital, host, Hosted, hostel, hostess, hostindex, hosting, hosts, hot, HotBot, hotdog, hotdogs, Hotel, hotels, hotlinks, hotmail, hottest, Hotwheels, hounds, hours, house, Housebreaking, houses, housewares, housewarming, housewife, housing, Houston, houtsnedes, How, Howard, however, Howto, HR, HRGiger, Hrvatska, htm, html, http, Huasteca, Hub, Hubbard, huckleberries, Hudson, Hug, huge, huggies, hugging, hugh, Hugo, HUGS, Hulce, human, humanity, Hume, hummingbird, hummingbirds, Humor, Humorous, humour, humpback, Humphrey, Humpty, Hunchback, hund, hundar, Hundmeister, hundred, hundreds, hundvykort, Hungary, Hungry, Hunks, hunny, hunt, hunter, Hunterdon, hunters, hunting, HuntWorks, hurricane, husband, Huskies, Husky, huwelijk, Hyenas, hymns, hyper, hypercard, hyperisland, Hypermart, hypernaut, HyperNews, hyperopia, hälsning, hälsningar, hämta, här, i, IANTD, Iasi, ibill, IBM, IBR, ic, Icanect, iCard, iCards, ICC, Ice, Icecream, Iceland, Icelandic, icon, ICONOGRAMMES, icons, icq, ID, Idaho, idea, ideal, ideas, Identity, iDepth, Ides, idioms, ie, if, iflowers, ifornia, ihr, II, Il, Iles, Illawarra, Illinois, illness, Illustrated, illustration, illustrations, illustrator, Ilya, image, imagenes, images, Imagination, imaging, Imation, Imatrion, imelda, Imformation
Monday, July 7th 2003 - 03:46:41 PM
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