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VFW District 11
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Name: John Murphy
E-mail address: jsm2462@msn.com
Comments:Hi, I am trying to locate VFW posts in my area. I am a member at large and haven't chosen a post to affiliate with yet. I looked on district site but everything is out of date. Bothell has no website or contact info. And I'd like to visit there as its closest. Can you help me with info or directions. John
Tuesday, June 6th 2006 - 09:46:59 AM
Name: Bill Hornok
E-mail address: wildbill@caveusa.com
Comments:I am currently District 4 Dept. of Connecticut Sr. Vice Cdr. We are considering a Website.
Sunday, April 4th 2004 - 02:25:19 PM
Name: Gil Jones
E-mail address: comanchero@verizon.net
Comments:I'm a NAM vet in need of help with a PTSD claim. I have tried for decades to forget, but the demonds are still there.
Monday, July 28th 2003 - 08:22:58 PM
Name: melodie bales
E-mail address: melodie5757@yahoo.com
Comments:I read your story in what you did in service. I t is good to see woman either break the berrier zone when it comes to men. It is good to see that women can do a lot for vfw especially for the women... i would like to know where the nearest vfw in my area is? My name is Melodie Bales: address 9508 edmonds way apt 212 Edmonds, Wa 98020 telephone at home 425 697 5343 good time to reach me is 8:00 am monday through friday saturday till 10:00 sunday in the aftrenoon please reply when you can thank you Melodie Bales... ps i was in the navy for 6 years
Saturday, May 24th 2003 - 11:51:24 AM
Name: Dori
E-mail address: dori@cuteandsingle.com
Homepage URL: http://cuteandsingle.com
Comments:This is a very well done site! Enjoyed it!
Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 10:04:26 AM
Name: Steve Schwartz
E-mail address: MARS4@att.net
Homepage URL: http://renton.50megs.com/Tuscania/home02.html
Comments:World War I memorial web site dedicated to the American soldiers lost on the Transport Tuscania Feb. 5th, 1918.
Full passenger list and more. http://renton.50megs.com/Tuscania/home02.html
Thursday, September 19th 2002 - 08:46:23 AM
Name: jim amondson jr. vice commander 2001-2002 post #11329
E-mail address: jrcma25@attbi.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/vfw11329
Comments:hope we all prosper and grow in 2002.
Sunday, January 6th 2002 - 11:26:31 AM
Name: Karen McGehee
E-mail address: kmcgehee@tahoma.wednet.edu
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/vfw5052/
Comments:How do I link our post site (Post 5052)to the district
site. We have just created a website for Post 5052. Please
let me know.

Karen McGehee,
Junior Vice Commander
Post 5052
Thursday, September 21st 2000 - 03:19:07 PM
Name: Cynthia Van Esch
E-mail address: eaglespy@cnw.com
Comments:The page looks good. I am now Chaplain of our Auxiliary and
also voted in as 2000-2001 Auxiliary Chaplain from District
#15, Auxiliary #933 Mount Vernon.

Friday, May 26th 2000 - 09:19:46 AM
Name: Glenn Albert
E-mail address: vfw1474qm@aol.com
Comments:Looks good. Soon I hope more of the Wa. VFW Posts get
going with the internet. See you at State Convention in
Thursday, March 9th 2000 - 06:27:55 AM
Name: Kevin C. Lee
E-mail address: leekc@gte.net
Comments:Great site Keep up the great work.

Kevin, Cdr post 5056
District 15 Jr Vice
Monday, February 14th 2000 - 05:59:10 PM
Name: Chuck Vitiritti
E-mail address: Chpaco4@aol.com
Tuesday, November 2nd 1999 - 07:11:34 PM
Name: Chuck Vitiritti
E-mail address: Chpaco4@aol.com
Tuesday, November 2nd 1999 - 07:11:32 PM
Name: Chuck Vitiritti
Tuesday, November 2nd 1999 - 07:11:15 PM
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