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Dreambook for Bound and Gagged by Burglars

Welcome to my dreambook on victims who were bound and gagged by burglars. I look forward to your participation if you have an experience that you want to share.

Extremely off-topic post should be posted in forums that are more likely to have audiences of similar interest.

We also ask you to be descrete in your description of events so that this site doesn't need an XXX rating

Stories of you being a predator or commiting a crime are strongly discouraged. This played a significant role in the failure of the origional dreambook on this topic.

Thank you for your cooperation! Email me at victorj0001@yahoo.com if you have any questions or concerns

Name: Kogyipaw
E-mail address: naingz942@gmail.com
Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 - 11:19:43 PM
Name: Dave
Comments:9 out of 10 of these stories are fake. Burglars don't bring coils of rope and scarves with them. They use duct tape, cable ties or at a push stuff they find lying around. You can be sure it would NOT be comfortable, in fact if a robber used phone cable, for example, it would be tied so tight your hands would go blue, it would be VERY painful. Same for gags, they don't rip off lots of pieces and gently cover your mouth, they would just wrap the roll round and round, and if they stuffed your mouth first they wouldnt care less if you were virtually choking on it. lets also remember that many people have been killed even after being tied up, when they weren't a danger to the robbers...the whole experience would be terrifying and would most likey put you off bondage for life!
Saturday, December 3rd 2011 - 10:17:31 AM
Name: Larry
Comments:Well said Dave; I think that Carlene post was probably a true story, but beyond that, most of these aren't very believable at all and seem more for entertainment and fantasies to think about.

I do believe real burglars can use rope on occasion though, as I have heard stories of that happening, in which I guess rope was found in the garage or somewhere like that, or they knew in advance they would be dealing with at least one person in the house and came prepared. But certainly any elaborate tieing jobs, like tieing the knees, arms, chest, crotch ropes, feet toes tied together, etc..... none of those things would be done by a burglar in a hurry.
Tuesday, December 6th 2011 - 01:16:12 PM
Name: Anna
Comments:Yes, many of these stories are fake. Tommy writes his stories for entertainment, I believe. Mine was made up, and I'll admit that. I was just bored one day and wrote it off the top of my head. I would seriously doubt if someone would be willing to post a real story that happened to them, taking into consideration how they felt about what happened to them.

And off topic, since there hasn't been any new material on here in ages, I'll write another horrible story to have another story on here. :P
Wednesday, December 14th 2011 - 11:39:37 PM
Name: m203gunr
E-mail address: m203gunr@yahoo.com
Comments:Burglars are by nature opportunistic. Most try to get into unoccupied homes in an effort not to get caught. They use whatever is inside the home to help them in their effort, such as pillowcases to carrythings out. Most make every effort to avoid confrontation. However in the event that they do encounter somone in the house, or somone walks in on them and they are forced to take action, they will use things they can find in the house to bind and gag their victims, kneckties, bandannas, torn sheets, or duct tape that can be found in most tool boxes. They will usually tie their victims as quicley as possible in order to make as fast an escape as possible. Home invaders on the otherhand are a different matter. They expect to find somone inside the house when they enter and will take in what is needed, weapons, rope, tape, scarves, bandannas or anything else they can use to bind and gag the occupants of the house. They will take their time tying and make sure binds and gages are secure.
Sunday, December 18th 2011 - 11:14:45 PM
Name: Carlene
Comments:You guys are all correct; I was never the victim of a home invasion, but rather a pre-meditated plan by so-called "friends" and therefore they had the materials and methods planned in advance on how to tie me up. There was nothing rushed about it, they didn't have to worry about anyone interrupting them, and they spent at least 30 minutes to an hour getting me prepared before they just left me.

A burglar in a hurry would not be able to do such insane tie up jobs; it would be nothing more than to keep the person from getting the robber caught until they are long gone, such as a simple hand and foot tie, and more often than not the person can escape without help in a few minutes. The rare cases where people come prepared, they have probably scouted it out, they know who will be there and when, and they probably know the ins and outs of how to tie up a person, whether it be for (God forbid) rape, to simply humiliate them or torture them for information, or just to simply keep them out of the way helplessly until someone else helps them to escape.

I have other female friends who were victims of robberies, and a large number of them were sadly raped. In most of those cases, pantyhose was used to tie them up and also for their gag; pantyhose is both very stretchable and incredibly strong and unbreakable when stretched out, perfect for tieing up someone, and the knots cannot be untied. The other women were tied with ropes. In all of the cases, the women were noticed in advance by someone who targeted them for the crime, and came prepared with the materials and methods.

It is very easy for me to tell a fake story from a real story, but I hope everyone continues to tell their real stories if they have them.

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, December 20th 2011 - 08:45:31 PM
Name: Stanley Michaels
E-mail address: coomail@stanleymichaeldesigns
Homepage URL: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=lincoln+shitting+facebook&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CDwQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fnote.php%3Fnote_id%3D124322497581380&ei=CF_1TvH0DKj10gGj_emgAg&usg=AFQjCNEh6BgkbIYo-gxO6BvR9HgMuWNCYQ&sig2=sDwzNj-snjOgkrf7lIf9pQ
Comments:Carlene, I understand where you are coming from.

Believe me, but you can't just go around confusing fiction with non-fiction. Case in point: Raven vs. Iowa 1973.

Raven was the victim of such a misrepresentation and won a settlement that included having his Copyright extended 40 years.

With all due respect, I suggest you stick to the actual happenings, not stories influenced by others here. I have a private life too, you know.

Take care for now,

Saturday, December 24th 2011 - 12:14:56 AM
Name: Carlene
Comments:I don't understand what you're saying sir. Are you saying it is wrong for me to say that I can easily tell what is a fake story and a real story on here? Or are you saying it is wrong for me to talk about the horrors that can come from TRUE cases of those who are robbed?
Saturday, December 31st 2011 - 04:26:40 PM
Name: Anna
Comments:People would not want to write real stories on here, since I would really doubt if they would want to share the story with their friends, as being in a situation like this is terrifying.
People will just go ahead and keep writing fake stories, no matter what. Carlene's story is most likely real, as something like that is believable.
Still, one person cannot just march in here and say to start writing real stories.
Sunday, January 1st 2012 - 12:49:00 AM
Name: Raymond
Comments:m203gunr is dead right, it is home intruders who come prepared and expect someone to be in the house. At least that was the case with my wife when she was held by two home intruders who did a little more than just rob her.
Friday, January 6th 2012 - 10:08:39 AM
Name: Carlene
Comments:Raymond, would you care to share the story of what happened? I found that sharing the story helped me more than I thought it would.
Friday, January 6th 2012 - 10:13:34 PM
Name: Mmmmppphhh Mmmppphhh
Comments:Whether or not the stories are true is beyond the point. Obviously the people who contribute to this page spend a great deal of time thinking about this subject. The important thing is to talk about the things that obsess us with others who are like minded. If someone has a story that seems particularly real or horrific I think most of us here feel sympathy rather than arousal. Then again a great writer like Tommy reminds me of the kind of comic books I wish they'd had when I was a kid. Tying my gag back in now. MMmmmppphh!
Saturday, January 7th 2012 - 04:17:37 PM
Name: essequamvideri
Comments:I was the [intended] victim of a home invasion when my wife was out of town. The perpetrators might well have conducted some elementary research before attempting something that has possible fatal consequences. The main thing to remember in a siuation like this is to remain calm and wait for an opportunity to respond. I started boxing when I was about 12-years old and continued until I was way too old to be getting in the ring. I also studied various Asian martial arts for nearly thirty years. One of the last self defense seminars I attended was given by Leso Sensei in Los Angeles a few years ago and centered on using everyday household items for self defense, for example irons, skillets, toasters and the like.

These two armed guys forced their way into my house and made me go into the kitchen where they dropped a bag on the floor and began to remove rope and duct tape. The second thing to remember in a situation like this is to never, ever allow anyone to bind you.

I bided my time until they told me to sit down in a kitchen chair and put my hands behind me. Both of them stupidly placed their pistols on the counter to tie me to the chair. I grabbed a ten inch French chef's knife from the block on the counter and slashed the nearest one across the upper arm with a backhanded motion and stabbed the other in the abdomen. The first one was attempting to pick up his pistol while slinging blood all over the kitchen. I slashed him across the side of the neck with the knife, nearly severing one branch of his carotid artery. Both survived to go to jail, but only because I applied pressure to their wounds until the police arrived. Moral: If you're going to attack someone; make sure that person lacks the will and the skills to kill you.
Monday, January 9th 2012 - 06:05:22 PM
Name: essequamvideri
Comments:Should have read, "narrowly missing one branch of his cartid atrery." Had I reached it with my knife he would have been pushing up dasies.
Monday, January 9th 2012 - 06:09:48 PM
Name: Larry
Comments:What happens first, a new president, or a new post from someone else here?
Thursday, March 1st 2012 - 09:23:32 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Inside Job
Comments:Hi, everyone. This is another fiction/fantasy story.


It was 5:30pm and dusk had arrived, just about quitting time. It had been a busy day at the store, and the three of us who staffed it, Gina-the manager, Kathy and I-the employees, had worked hard to sell a record amount of merchandise and put the books into the red. Gina was 48, 5'10", 140lbs with long, shoulder-length curly brown hair and round-rimmed wire glasses. Her large breasts also became an attraction for the male customers and even me. (Yeah, I'll fess up--she disciplined me with a warning for appearing too curious one day). Kathy was 57, 5'11", 160lbs with her blonde-now graying hair put up in a bun.

"Hey, Gina," Kathy said, "It's about closing time, isn't it?"

"Yeah," I added, "We've already worked half an hour overtime." (And it was Saturday! Ugh!)

Gina slowly, efficiently glanced at her wristwatch and paused for what seemed to Kathy and me like forever, and replied, "Mmm..okay, I suppose it is about that time, isn't it. Let's shut down. And guys, great work today. We've made record sale receipts."

Kathy and I smiled and began closing preparations, and Gina walked to the back of the store where her office was located. A few minutes later, a bell tingled, which meant that the front door opened, which meant visitors had arrived, and last-minute customers always had a way of being the most interesting of the day. (Like, little did we know!)

"Oh, I'm sorry," Kathy said as she looked up from her task, "The store is closing and--"

I looked at her, bewildered at why she didn't finish her sentence. Kathy's face was frozen in surprise, with her mouth wide open in shock. I immediately discovered the reason for that reaction when I looked at the visitors. They were two large men in black catsuits with black ski masks, a black utility bag and two ominous-looking pistols.

"Okay, you two," one of them ordered, "Just keep your mouths shut and do as we tell ya and this'll go nice n' easy with none of ya's gettin' hurt. Savvy?"

As Kathy and I nodded fearfully, one of the thugs displayed the "Closed" sign on the front door and quickly lowered the blinds over the front windows. My last sight of the street in front of the store before the blinds came down was of an empty, lifeless street. (Talk about luck--the only Saturday evening in history where the street outside had no activity. I tell ya!)

"Tommy, Kathy," Gina called out as she walked to the front of the store from her office, "Do we have customers? You know that means we'll have to stay open to serve them, because as I always say, the customer is always--OMG!!"

A scared expression appeared on Gina's face as she was held up with us.

"Are you the store manager?" one of the thugs asked Gina.

"Y-y-y-yess...Oh, p-please don't-"

"Just keep your trap shut, lady," one of the goons ordered her. "Me and my partner are here for a nice little heist. Now the three of you--hands on top of your heads!"

Gina, Kathy and I immediately obeyed and we were marched, single-file to the back of the store and into Gina's office.

"All three of you," one of the thugs barked, "strip down to only your underwear. It's showtime!"

Gina, Kathy and I gave shocked expressions without moving.

"I said strip down to just the undies, or I'll make you three get completely nude!" the thug commanded with a wave of his pistol.

I immediately began to strip out of my shoes, socks and polo shirt. Gina and Kathy looked at me with surprise and fear.

"Kathy, Gina," I said as I climbed out of my slacks and was now clad only in my tight, black bikini briefs, "I've been through this before when I was robbed at a summer job long ago. These guys mean business, so cooperate and this'll be over fast, ok? (Here's hoping, right?)

The two women complied and shed their blouses, slacks, nylons and flats. All Gina had on was a watermelon-colored bra and matching thong. Kathy was clad only in her white bra and panties. This part of the thug's plan was cruel and effective: by making us so breifly clad, Gina, Kathy and I would also be more submissive and less likely to cause trouble.

"My, my," one of the goons said, "Are'nt you three a sight for sore eyes!" His partner joined him in laughter.

One of the thugs pulled a chair to the middle of the office and forced Gina to sit down.

"Okay, you two," the thug said to me and Kathy, "Get down on your knees and face each other. Put your hands behind you and kiss each other on the lips and close your eyes. And don't stop the kiss until we say so. Move!"

Kathy and I dropped to our knees,and put our arms behind our backs. "Tommy, OMG," Kathy mouthed silently, and then our eyes closed and our lips locked. This was again a cruel and effective step taken by the thugs, because Kathy and I would be immobile and unable to see or speak. But what about Gina, I wondered.

"Oh, this is terrible!" said Gina. "Why do you have to humiliate us--"

Then there was the sound of a crack against flesh and Gina's soft sobs. Apparently, one of the goons slapped her face hard. As Kathy and I continued our forced make-out session, I felt the barrel of one of the thug's pistols against the back of my neck. The message was clear: Keep those lips locked and those eyes closed....or else! (Yeah, yeah, I know--if only this weren't a robbery.)

Some time later, Kathy and I were patted on top of our heads.

"You two stop kissin', open your eyes and stand up," we were ordered. When we were back on our feet, we were stunned at what we saw. Gina was tied to the chair. Her arms were pulled behind the back and her wrists were tied together. Her upper body was lashed to the back of the chair, just above and below her breasts, which made that feature stand out even more. (I wonder--would she write me up again for staring under these circumstances?) Her thighs were tied to the seat, and her bare feet were tied at the ankles and then tied to the lower rung of the chair. A small, white cloth was visible in her mouth and a black cloth was wedged between her lips with the ends tied behind her head.

"Mmmph!" she moaned.

"Okay, you two. Here's the deal. Both of you go out there and empty the money into these sacks (which they gave us.) Work hard and fast. If you don't bring the bags back to us with the dough in it in five minutes, your boss gets it. Now, move!"

Kathy and I hustled out to the front of the store, bags in hand. The tile floor felt chilly beneath our bare feet. The goons were right: It was showtime.

To Be Continued.....

Sunday, March 4th 2012 - 07:16:21 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Inside Job (Part 2)

Kathy and I were almost finished stuffing the cash into the sacks. (So much for the record sales day!) We noticed that neither of the thugs came out with us to the front of the store, but instead stayed back in the office with Gina.

"Kath, we have a chance to escape," I whispered as I jerked my head toward the front door. "Those goons are in the other side of the store."

"Tommy, we have to calculate the risk. They told us if wer'e not back in the office with this cash in another few minutes, they're going to harm Gina. Do you want that on your conscience? Besides, all we have on is our undies. If people see us running down the street like this as if wer'e loonies, do you think they'll believe us? Goodness, the cops will cuff 'n stuff us and that'll be the end of everything."

I put my sack down and took a couple of steps toward the door. The way I figured, what would stop those goons from harming all three of us anyway? And what the goons did would be reported, even if we didn't think it would be acted on right away.

Kathy saw me move slowly for the door and pointed at me.

"Tommy, don't do this. It's too risky for Gina, and I can't leave her to those goons all by herself. If you take one more step, I'll call them out here," she warned.

When I took another step toward the door, Kathy cried out, "Hey! Tommy's trying to escape!"

Stupid bitch, I thought. Her good intentions were only making things worse!

Instantly, one of the goons rushed out and pointed his pistol at us. Kathy and I raised our hands in the air.

"So, trying to get away, are you bub," he said. "Well, we'll just have to do something to make sure you and your girlfriend here don't bust out. Both of you pick up those sacks and get back to the office!"

When we returned to the office, we noticed Gina, still bound to the chair and gagged, but with her bra pulled down. Evidently, the thugs had some sport with her.

"Put those sacks on the desk, you two," the other goon said. "So, trying to escape, huh? We'll take care of that right away!"

Kathy and I gulped as more lengths of rope were taken from the bag. Kathy was immediately grabbed by one of the goons and forced to sit with her back against a vertical beam, only a few feet from Gina. Kathy's arms were pulled behind the beam and her hands were tied at the wrists. Another piece of rope was used to tie her bare feet at the ankles. The other thug grabbed me, and since there wasn't anything to tie me to, my hands were tied behind my back, my bare feet were tied at the ankles, and I was lain on the floor between Gina and Kathy.

"You punks will never get away with this," Kathy growled.

"Mmmphh..ummphh!" Gina added.

A small handkerchief, wadded into a small ball, was brought toward Kathy's mouth.

"Oh, God, no...," Kathy pleaded, "No..Nmmmmphhhh!"

The hanky was stuffed into her mouth and a strip of cloth was immediately wedged between her lips and the ends tied roughly behind her head.

"Nmmmmphhh! Mmmphhh-mummmfff!" Kathy moaned with tears in her eyes as she shook her head. (Actually, anyone working around women all day and their chatter might welcome the use of gags. Ladies, what do you think?)

Another hanky was being wadded up, so I knew it was my turn.

"Please, do you have to gag us? I know you two need time to make a clean get-away, so you had to tie us us up--I get that--but it's late, and nobody will hear us from this back office since--mmmmphhhhh!"

I was immediately gagged just like Kathy and Gina. As the three of us reacted with muffled moans, the thugs picked up the sacks filled with cash and walked toward the back door.

"Me and my partner would like to thank you three for your awesome customer service. We'd like to stay longer and chat, but it looks like you people are tied up with something at the moment and you're not very talkative!"

The thugs laughed heartily and exited.

Gina, Kathy and I began to fight against the ropes which bound us. We wiggled our hands, fingers and bare feet in a frustrating attempt to get free, and it soon became obvious that this wouldn't be accomplished anytime soon. The three of us also shook and twisted our heads in various directions in attempts to loosen the cloths which were fastened into our mouths and spit the hankys out, but this also proved futile.

"Mmmphh! ummphhh,mummmmphh!" moaned Kathy.

"Hmmm-mmmummphh, mmmmm," Gina grunted from her gag.

"Mummmphh! Ummph-hmmmmff!" I groaned through my gag, as I looked up at Gina and couldn't help noticing her cleavage.

"Ummmph! Ummmph!" Gina growled at me. She had already written me up once for being too smitten with those features before..was she planning on doing it again? One thing was for sure: Until we were free from these ropes and gags, none of us would be doing much of anything for a while.

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, March 6th 2012 - 03:37:02 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Tommy, nice story. Thanks for keeping the board going. Of course don't be afraid to checkout the helpless women a little more closely.
Thursday, March 8th 2012 - 03:28:32 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Inside Job (Part 3)

Since Gina and Kathy were tied to a chair and a beam respectively and couldn't loosen their knots, they were stuck where they were. They breathed heavy as their breasts heaved in their bound helplessness.

"Uhmmmmphh," they grunted. (Ooohh, if the thugs had blindfolded me, that really would've been cruel, eh?)

My secret fantasy admirations for those women in their state aside, I had to come up with something to get us free. Tied hand and foot only, I could move...but to where?Not only that, but the knots which bound my wrists and ankles were very secure. If I couldn't get free, what to do?

"Mmmrrmmphh," I groaned in thought.

Suddenly, I had an idea. I remembered in the front of the store, behind the service desk, was a burglar alarm. Once that was activated, the police would be alerted and over to the store in no time, so I decided to make my way to the front and try to get to the alarm. Of course, getting there was the challenge. I crawled on my belly for a bit.

"Mmmphh..mmmphhh." That's it, Tommy, push along, push along.

Once I got near the office door, I struggled until I was on my knees and, with difficulty, raised myself into a standing position. I could now attempt to hop forward.

"Mmphhhh...mmmmmm," Gina moaned encouragingly.

"Ummph! Ummph!" Kathy agreed with vigorous nods of her head.

Oh, so many thoughts in my head now. Like, it was stuffy inside the store, and our bodies were beginning to become glazed with perspiration, and those ladies were really looking hot now..come on, Tommy, focus on getting to that alarm.

I bounced a few yards on the soles of my bare feet.

"Mmmph..mmmph..mmmph," I grunted with each bounce. Gotta keep my balance...just gotta.

Of course, I finally lost my balance and collapsed on the floor.

"Grrrmmmph," I cursed as a shook my head.

Well, back to the 'ol belly crawl again, Tommy Boy, I thought. Good thing those creeps didn't hogtie you, or you wouldn've made it even this far.

A few minutes later, I'd pushed myself to the service desk, and I could see the alarm device beneath the desk. It was a red, circular-shaped thing with a large, black button. I smooched in a little closer, extended my legs, got my feet against the button and pushed.

Nothing. There should have been an ear-splitting alarm blast, but the device remained mockingly silent.

"Urrmmphh!" I groaned. I could also hear Gina and Kathy cry into their gags from the other end of the store. They were probobly wondering why the alarm hadn't gone off yet.

The answer, it happens, is that there was no way the alarm could go off, because it had been deactivated. A couple of loose wires were hanging out from behind the device, unattached. I suddenly forgot about my sweaty body clad only in tight, black bikini briefs, the ropes which bound my hands and bare feet, and the snug cleave gag which shut me up.

Like, I didn't see the goons go under the desk to do this, I thought...OMG, someone who works here must've did this. This was an inside job! No wonder the goons took their sweet time in robbing, tying and gagging us, because they were aided by one of us. I know it wasn't me, but who?

"Mmmmmphhhhhh!" I cried through my gag, frustrated.

Gina's and Kathy's answering gagged moans could be heard from the other end of the store, though they couldn't have known what I was thinking.

Great, Tommy, I thought. One of the women you're stripped,bound and gagged with is in on this caper, and you still need someone to come in and free you from these darn ropes and gags!

Two hours later, the front door opened and people entered.

"Police! Anyone here?"

I wiggled out from behind the desk and cried into my gag.

"Heeermmmphhh! Hellmmmphhh!"

A flashlight beam cut through the darkness and illuminated my sweaty, briefly-clad, bound and gagged body.

"Holy crap! Here's one."

Gina and Kathy cried into their gags as loud as they could.

"Hey, sounds like a couple more in the back, and sounds like they're gagged also. I'll go and check."


A few days later, we were back to work again, as things had returned to somewhat normal. I'd kept my suspicions about an inside job to myself, as I wanted extra time to carefully think this through before I accused one of these wonderful, hard-working, hot-when-stripped-to-their-bras and panties-women of such a thing. Soon, I had an idea who it was. Gina was the store manager and financially well-off, so the extra money wouldn've made a huge difference with her. Besides, this robbery brought a lot of controversey and embarrassment to the store, so why would a store manager want that? Kathy, on the other hand, was a different story. She was struggling with money and worked at least one other job. I'd just discovered that she'd quit her other jobs and was coming into worked dressed in fancy new clothing. The picture was coming together.

The following week, Gina called me into her office.

"Tommy, come in and close the door please," she said.

After I complied and sat down, Gina scribbled something on a personnel form.

"Tommy," she said, "I'm writing you up again for gazing too intently at my breasts."

"Oh, come on, Gina! That was a special circumstance."

"I understand how you could think that," she said, "After all, I was stripped to my watermelon-colored bra and thong, soaked in perspiration, tied up, gagged, squirming and moaning, so the temptation for you to look upon me like that must have been powerful. But, as I've told you before, I expect my employees to behave better than that. This is two strikes against you now, and if you get one more, you're fired."

I figured it was time to let her in on my suspicion. I told her of how I thought the robbery was an inside job between one of us and the goons and how Kathy's life had suddenly improved financally--at least by the looks of things.

"Goodness, Tommy. Why didn't you tell me before?"

"Well, Gina, even though this seems to add up, I really wanted to go over it with you before reporting to the police. This isn't an easy charge to make against her."

"I see," Gina nodded. "Okay, before we report her to the police, let's check her out. Tonight, I'll drop over to her place for some tea or something for a little girl-to-girl time with her, you know, find out how she's dealing with the aftermath of this robbery. If from what I see, she's living high on the hoof, I'll go to the bathroom, close the door and give you a call on my cell phone. When you get my signal, you have the police come over to Kathy's house and we can make the charge."

"Okay, Gina, but while I think your plan is clever, it could be very risky."

"Don't worry," she said with a wink, "I know what I'm doing."

To Be Continued....

Saturday, March 10th 2012 - 12:10:37 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Inside Job (Part 4)

Back at my apartment, I stepped out of the shower, toweled off, slipped into purple bikini briefs and made some hot poses in front of the mirror.

The women will really want to sign up to see this, I thought.

I also looked at the clock. It was 7:30pm, and there was still no word from Gina yet. She said she'd go over to Kathy's place right after work, say 5:30, so Gina should have been there, having her "girl-to-girl" with Kathy.

Well, why hasn't she called, I wondered. Maybe what she saw over at Kathy's didn't make her suspicious...or maybe she did see something that validated my theory and hasn't had a chance to call yet...or maybe Gina walked into a trap...Oh, Tommy, don't think that. Maybe no news is good news. After all, it's been over two hours now.

Suddenly, the phone went off. I pounced on it and answered.

"Tommy...". It was definitely Gina's voice, tired-sounding.

"Yeah, Gina...what did you find?"

"Well, it's...." That's all Gina said, and the connection was ended.

Strange, I thought. Why'd she hang up like that?

Something definitely wasn't right. I had to get over to Kathy's and find out for myself. I immediately dressed and wished they'd come out with a law allowing hotties like me to go where I wished in just my bikinis.


I parked the car and strode up the steps to the front door of Kathy's house. I rang the doorbell, and after a few minutes, the door opened a little and I could see Kathy's face.

"Tommy? Oh, what brings you over here?"

"Hi, Kath. I was just thinking about you tonight and wondered if you were holding up ok after the robbery."

Granted, it probobly didn't sound too convincing, but it was the best I was able to invent on the way over.

"I'm doing fine, thanks," she said. "Actually, I thought a little about you as well. Please come in."

As I entered, I scanned the surroundings as fast as I could, but I could see nothing out of place, no signs of some kind of struggle, nothing to indicate something could have happene to Gina.

"It's strange," Kathy said as she closed the door behind me, "but Gina was just over here a little while ago. In fact, she said she was over here to check up on me, see how I was getting on after that horrible evening last week. I'm so glad to know those I work with are so concerned."

Kathy wore an orange, short-sleeve polo shirt with a button or two unfastened and jeans. She wore her hair down and was barefoot.

"Well, Kath, you know our company and how we try to look out for one another. It's one of Gina's mottos."

"Mmm, yes it is. I'll go into the kitchen and get some coffee brewing. Why don't you wait here in the living room, and I'll be right back. I hope you don't mind me hosting you in my bare feet, but the new carpet I've had installed recently is sooooo cushy."

Kathy giggled and almost skipped like a schoolgirl toward the kitchen area. I looked at the floor in the living room and observed the carpeting. It was quite expensive, something I was sure Kathy wouldn't have gone after only a week ago. I sat on the sofa and looked at the front page of the newspaper, which rested on the nearby coffee table. The headline about our store's robbery investigation was in big letters. I looked around the room trying to see if there were any signs that Gina might still be there or if anything happened to her. All of a sudden I noticed something under a couple of the sofa pillows. I lifted up the pillows and discovered a peach blouse, black slacks, beige knee-high nylons and a pair of slip-on clogs--exactly what Gina wore that day at work.

My heart pounded harder.


I noticed a door to a nearby room. I rose from the sofa and began to turn the doorknob. I stopped for a moment and listened for Kathy. I could hear her in the kitchen, humming some happy-ass tune. I turned the knob the rest of the way, slowly opened the door and stepped into the room, which resembled a den or a study. I stared at the love seat in the middle of the room with horror.

Oh shit, Tommy, I thought.

There sat Gina. She was clad only in a sky blue bra and matching thong. Her hands were tied behind her back, her arms bound to her upper body, with the ropes snugging just above and below her surgiing breasts. Her legs were tied together just above the knees and her bare feet were tied together at the ankles. I could barely make out something beige stuffed into her mouth, while a piece of beige hosiery had been forced between her lips with the ends tied firmly behind her head.

"Tmmmphhmmm..nmmmphhh..nmmmmphh," she moaned into the gag while she shook her head. I rushed over and tried to untie her.

"Gina, my goodness," I said, "I thought this might be a set-up to trap you."

I'd barely begun trying to loosen one of the knots when I heard a voice behind me.

"Your instincts haven't failed you, Tommy."

I spun around and faced Kathy. She had the confident smile on her face of a woman who knew how to use the pistol in her hand--which was pointed at me.

"You know," she said, "If you decide to quit your job at the store, you'd make a super detective. But I hope you weren't planning on beginning tonight, because your crime-solving career will be somewhat delayed. Now, strip down to only your undies."

Within moments, I stood before Kathy stripped to only my purple bikini briefs with my hands raised in the air. Kathy closed the door behind her, opened the drawer to a nearby cabinet and removed several lengths of pre-cut rope.

"Mmmm, Tommy...sit down next to Gina. There's room enough for two. After all, it's a love seat," Kathy said with a devilish grin on her face.

I sat next to Gina and heard a ticking sound. It was a nearby grandfather clock. The time was now 9pm, and the chimes rang out ominously.

To Be Continued.....

Saturday, March 10th 2012 - 03:53:46 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Great story so far Tommy, but I am concerned for Gina. What happens when she visits Kathy and runs into her partners in crime? Will you arrive on time to save her, or will Kathy be onto you too and sneak up and have a partner grab you too? Hopefully both you and Gina are wearing clean undies, because I have an awful feeling you guys will be stripped and bound and gagged again. Good luck and try not to get written up again for staring at Gina's rack and bum.
Saturday, March 10th 2012 - 11:34:10 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Inside Job (Part 5)
Comments:Hey, speedo: Here's the conclusion. Let me know what you think. Feel free to rate this with my other stories. Same for the rest of you readers.


"So, Kathy, it was you," I said.

Kathy knelt before me and finished tying my bare feet at the ankles.

"Like I said before, Tommy, you're very perceptive."

I squirmed against my ropes. My hands, feet, upper body and legs were tied like Gina's.

"Gmmpphhh.mmmphh," Gina moaned.

Except for the gag. I exptected Kathy to shut me up at some point, so I had to get some sort of converstation going with her before that happened. Before I came over, I contacted the police, shared my suspicions about Kathy with them, and the cops said they'd be over too. So it was important--big time--for me to delay Kathy as much as possible.

"Where are the two goons who were in on this caper with you?"

Kathy rose and placed the un-needed lenghts of rope back in the drawer.

"Oh, don't worry about them, Tommy. They're a long ways from here at a location where the police will never find them...and I'm on my way to join them."

"Hmmmphhmmm," Gina protested.

"Oh, you two are such amateurs," Kathy said as she paced before Gina and me. "This foolish scheme of Gina coming here to see how I was doing and have a little "girl-to-girl" time...did you really think I'd fall for that?"

At least I had the satisfaction of knowing this idea was Gina's and not mine.

"So I played along at first," Kathy continued. "I put on a pot of tea and served her a nice, fresh, steaming cup..with some knock-out potion."

Gina bowed her head. "Ohmmfff," she softly moaned.

"Why'd you take her clothes?"

"To humiliate and shame her of coure, Tommy, just like I made you strip."

(Well, I like hanging out in my bikinis, but I thought there was no use in explaining that to the villainess.)

Kathy walked over to me and ran her fingers through my hair.

"So, what I want to know, mister, is how you figured it was me on the inside of this scheme."

A time-consuming converstation...great, just like I hoped for, I thought.

"I had no idea at first, Kathy. After your friends tied and gagged us and left, I realized there was no way I could free myself, so I crawled out to the front of the store where the alarm was and saw it was disconnected. I knew your thug friends didn't fool with it, and I know I didn't. That just left Gina and you to consider. Gina's out because she's wealthy enough as it is, but you, Kath, would stand to benefit greatly from the heisted cash. And from the looks of your house furnishings and fancy new clothes and the fact that you quit your other jobs, you became the obvious suspect."

"Very good, Tommy. So who's hair-brained idea was it that Gina and you come over here?"

"Gina's. She told me that as soon as she found something incriminating against you, she'd give me a call."

Gina wiggled against her ropes and gag. "Ummphhh..mummmphhmmm."

"I see," said Kathy. "I rehearsed my role painstakingly. Every night in front of the mirror, I practiced my role, even gagging myself to practice giving muffled cries for help, so no one would suspect me. Earlier on the day of the heist, when you and Gina were in the back office, I disconnected the alarm system. I knew, of course, that the police would discover the system break from their end and send some officers, but not before my pals made off with the loot."

"Kathy, you're such a diabolical witch!"

"Thank you, Tommy, you're such a sexy stud in those bikini briefs, too. Anyway, while my buddies did all the hard work that night, all the details were worked out by me. I told them in advance where the cash was kept, and it was my idea that me, you and Gina be hustled into the back office so we'd be harder to find. And yes, it was also my idea that the three of us be stripped to just our undies. Even the ropes and gags that were used on us was my idea."

"Well, Kath, you certainly had us fooled for a while. But I would never have taken you for a crook."

Kathy re-checked the ropes which bound Gina and me.

"I didn't really want to resort to this, Tommy, but you know how lousy our economy is right now--I mean, I had to work three lousy jobs just to get by."

"Mmmphhh..ummphhh!" Gina retorted.

Kathy pulled Gina's bra straps down and gave her ex-boss's racks a good fondling.


"Cheapskate Boss," Kathy said as she slid Gina's bra back on.
Did you really think you'd get loyalty from me by denying me a raise for so long?"

I looked at the clock. A good twenty minutes had gone by. Come on, cops, I thought, get a move on!

"So now that you have a good share of the robbery money, what are your plans now?" I asked.

Kathy walked to the cabinet again and opened another drawer.

"Oh, I suppose I'll just leave the country, find a nice deserted desert island and lie nude on a warm, sandy beach."

"Oh! Can I come?" I kidded.

Kathy made a playful grin, reached into the drawer and removed some more beige pantyhose.

"W-what's that f-for?"

Kathy rolled a knee-high nylon into a wad.

"I must say, Tommy, you've been far better conversation than Gina, but it's about time for me to be going. I had to gag Gina earlier so she wouldn't alert you when you got here. Now, I'll have to gag you so no curious passers-by will hear you yell."

As Kathy walked up to me and brought the nylon wad toward my mouth, I desperately tried to think of a topic to keep the conversation going but was at a loss.

"Um, Kath, one more thing."


"You sure looked hot in your white bra and panties the other night."

(Ok, ok, but it was the best I could come up with!)

"You're so sweet, Tommy. Now, open your mouth."

I sighed and opened. The balled nylon stocking was shoved into my mouth. Kathy took another beige nylon, forced the middle between my lips and tied the ends behind my head.

"Mmmphrrmmmm..ummmphhh," I groaned into my gag.

Kathy smiled at us as she watched us squirm in our ropes.

"I must admit that I'm not as skilled at tying people up as my partners in crime, but that should hold you two for another hour or two. By the time you're free, I'll be long gone, and I know I won't be caught where I'm going."

Kathy then took Gina's and my clothes and tossed them into a sack.

"An extra precaution," she said. "When you finally free yourselves, I doubt you'll go running down the street in just your undies. Also I've cut the phone cord and taken your cell phones."

Come on, cops, I thought, finish your doughnuts and get over here!

Kathy slipped her bare feet into a pair of flip-flops and tossed the sack over her shoulder.

"Bye, you two," she said, then, placing a finger over her lips, she said softly to us, "Mum's the word!"

"Grrrmmmphhhh," Gina and I growled in unison as Kathy closed the door and left.

My frustration at the police not arriving on time was counter-balanced by the fact that I was briefly clad next to my hot briefly-clad boss on a love seat. As we struggled with our bonds, our bodies naturally pressed together.

"Mmmphhhhh," I groaned as once again I found myself gazing down at Gina's magnificient breasts.

"Hrrrmmmphh," she snarled at me. Was she trying to say "Strike three?"

(Can you say "Worth it," boys and girls?)

After another twenty minutes of struggling against our ropes and twisting our heads against our pantyhose gags, we began to perspire, and the sweat gleamed off our skin as well as moisten our undies. Kathy was right in that she didn't tie us as securely as her buddies had earlier, but neither Gina or I succeeded in getting loose.

Suddenly, there was knocking at the door.

"City police! Open up!"

"Helllmmmmphhhhhh! Hellllmmmmmphhhhhh!" Gina wailed into her gag.

"Mmmmmphhhhhhhh! Helllllmmmmphhhhhhh!" I cried into my gag.

We heard footsteps, then the door to the room where we were held opened. A group of cops gazed at us, open-mouthed.

"Tommy, Gina," one of them said, "Where's Kathy?"

"Mmmmrmmmphhmmmm..uhmmphhh..ohmmmphhhh," we wailed back with our eyes bugging out of our heads.

As the cops untied us and removed our gags, Gina's bra, whic had become loose with perspiration, slipped down, and her melons sprang out and almost hit an officer in the face.

"Great balls of fire!" the cop exclaimed. "What a pair! Sure beats writing traffic tickets!"


Well, that was a few weeks ago. Gina got out of the business. I guess all that excitement was too much for her...but not before firing me for looking one too many times at the forbidden items, but as I said earlier, "worth it." To this day, Kathy and her accomplices still have not been found. At the new store where I work, I always put on a hot pair of bikinis just in case she returns, and in spite of everything, I've got to give her credit, the clever witch!

Monday, March 12th 2012 - 04:10:01 PM
Name: Gagged Detective
E-mail address: M203gunr@yahoo.com
Comments:Great Stoyr Tommy, Maybe I should try to hunt Kathy down
Monday, March 12th 2012 - 05:22:11 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Tommy another masterpiece, with room for a few more chapters. Gina needs to be captured again and humiliated by Kathy and perhaps even one of her partners in crime. I see the buxom cruel boss in the trunk of a car in just a leopard print bra, matching bikini and pantyhose, gagged with one of Kathy's worn panties and pantyhose.

Of course while shopping you see Kathy at the gas station filling up her car and take chase, after all an unemployeed man needs money and the reward is more than tempting, unaware of your former gorgeous boss is in the trunk. You follow her to a sleazy motel, don't all stories end up there and sneak around only to find a pistol afainst your back and kathy holding it, she lored you into her trap.

Gina is a mess, covered in sweat and her flimsy bra has come loose exposing one of her firm round orbs. She looks at you with pleading eyes, you are her only chance. Kathy has other plans and has you strip down to your white bikini brief and bind and gags you with her worn pantyhose and a wide white cloth. The two of you struggle on the queen sized bed with a zebra print cover on it as Jerry Springer plays in the background.

Kathy is distracted by the show, after all crossdressers in diapers that break up marriages with their bosses wives is a favorite subject of her's. You see the scissors on teh nightstand, it is a longshot, but all you have as you reach and touch Gina's sweaty almost bare body! At first she meows through her panty packed mouth that tastes of Kathy, in fact the kinky former employee wore the panty for three straight days just to gag her cheap boss with. Kathy is so involved in the middle of the show you see the phone and knock it off the hook and dial out 9-1-1.

Kathy sees you with the scissors, a nice diversion, since it is the phone that is your lifeline. She grabs them and informs you that you and Gina will be sold to whiteslavers in the Middle East for $50,000.00 each.

Will the police arrive on time? Is Gina getting excited? Kathy looks excited? Who will get stuck with the motel bill? Why is a businessman named Rex knocking on the door looking for Trixie, this isn't room #6 it is room #9? Will you get your job back? Stay tuned to teh same Tommy Channel.................
Tuesday, March 13th 2012 - 12:46:54 AM
Name: Ken
Comments:I have a story about my wife being held captive in our own house by three intruders. \she is tied several different ways, forced to remove clothing and then abused by them.
Anyone want to read it.
Wednesday, March 21st 2012 - 02:27:51 PM
Name: Larry
Comments:Go ahead Ken
Wednesday, March 21st 2012 - 07:13:56 PM
Name: wybsdhd
E-mail address: wxy9208@163.com
Friday, March 23rd 2012 - 01:09:50 AM
Name: ligateurre
E-mail address: alacsw@yahoo.com
Comments:I would Ken
Saturday, March 31st 2012 - 06:31:38 PM
Name: Kay
Comments:My husband and I are both teachers. Recently, there was a convention for teachers, out of town, that my husband really was interested in attending, but I had no interest. It was scheduled in the time frame when most school systems kn the state were wcheduled for Spring Break. My husband left on Wednesday afternoon, with about a 6 hour drive. He kissed me, patted my bottom, and said he'd be home Saturday night late. I asked him to wait til Sunday morning, so he wouldn't drive while tired. It tooks some convincing, but he finally promised to wait til Sunday AM befoe driving home. About 10pm, he called me to let me know he had arrived safely. I went to bed, and mentally planned my activties for the remaining days of the week. Next day, after a rare late rising, I dressed to go shopping and grab a burger or something for lunch. I put on a dress, and decided on a pair of chunky heels that were reminiscent of penny loafers. I hit the mall, shopped for about 2 hrs, then hit the food court for a bite. When finished, I headed for the supermarket, and lingered as I shopped, and for some reason, I felt like someone was watching me. I glanced around several times, but saw no one looking, in fact much of the time I was alone in the aisle. After checking out, I headed for home. Still feeling as if I was being watched, I kept checking the rearview mirror, but saw nothing suspicious. Arriving home, I took one load of shjopping bags in, visited the bathroom, and just as I came out of the bathroom, the front doorbell rang. Opening the door, I was greeted by a teenage boy, whom I recognized from school, but didn't know his name. He began a 'sales pitch' for lawncare, saying he was trying to get the jump on others for the grasscutting season. He was polite, even sounded professional. I really regretted telling him no, as my husband looked forward to doing the lawn. He politely thanked me, turned and walked away. I closed and locked the door, and headed back to the garage to finish unloading my car. As I walked down the hall and into the kitchen, a fist came from nowhere and punched me so hard in my stomach it knocked the wind out of me. I dropped to my knees, and someone put a foot on my shoulder and shoved me face down on the floor, then sat astraddle of my back and also pinned my arms to the floor with his knees. Gasping to breathe, I tried to turn my face away as I saw a wad of cloth nearing my mouth. My attacker pinched my nose causing my mouth to drop open, which allowed the wad to be shoved into my mouth. It was a huge wad, filling my mouth. I heard tape being ripped from a roll, then my mouth was taped shut, and then more tape applied ovr my eyes. Several strips were applied, sealing my mouth and my eyes. Not a hint of light came around the tape over my eyes. The attacker then scooted down til he was sitting on my legs just below my bottom, grabbed my arms and pulled behind me. I felt plastic loops go around my wrists, the a zipping noise as they were tightened, so much that they dug into my wrists. I finally could breathe almost normal, and tried to scream, to ask why he was there, what he wanted, but the gag let virtually no sound escape. Another plastic band went around my upper arms, and again the zip sound, and my elbows touched. It was painful and uncomfortable at the same time. I am rather large breasted, and could feel my breasts trying to escape my blouse. I was lifted by my shoulders to my feet, led over to sit on the coffee table, and felt my legs get bound above my knees, then my ankles. Then, the intruder spoke: "time for payback, bitch. You failed me and kept me from getting a scholarship so I'm gonna ruin you like you did me." The voice was completely unfamiliar to me, and I searched my brain for any athlete I had failed and prevented from going to college. I knew it had to be a mistake, as virtually all my students are either female, or the nerdy, unathletic types. Gagged as I was, I could not reason with him; bound as I was I couldn't flee. I was a prisoner in my own home, my husband away for 3 more days. I was terrified! He lifted me off the table, shoved me to the floor, and pulled my ankles up behind my back, and again the zip noise, and my ankles were fastened to my wrists. The narrow plastic binding cut deeply into my skin, and he pulled the connector between wrist and ankles harder, and my ankles were against my wrists with no slack between them. I heard my attacker walk all thru the house, and I heard my cellphone beep as it received a text message. My uninvited guest heard it as well. "Hmm, Teach, its from your old man, says a snowstorm is hitting where he is, and he might not get home til Monday now. Too bad, cunt." I heard him go out the door into the garage, and figured he wa leaving. I was wrong. He returned in about 5 minutes, and I heard himdrop my shopping bags on the kitchen table. He was moving all around the kitchen, and in a few minutes, I caught the smell of food cooking. Then, the sounds of him apparently eating. My bindings were so tight that I was developing numbness in hands and feet. The gag had my mouth so dry I could hardly stand it. Then, I sensed him beside me, and my hair was grabbed and I was dragged, on my belly, across the carpet. We stopped, I heard a door open, realized it was the cellar door, then he actually lifted me up in his arms. I weight about 165 pounds and he lifted me like it was nothing. He carried me down the steps, again effortlessly, and once down stairs, deposited me on an old patio lounge we stored inside til summer. Then, his hands were all over me, under my dress, down the top of my dress squeezing my breasts roughly. He put his face down close to mine. I could feel his hot breath, and it smelled foul. I felt something cold, flat, metallic against my cheek. "Feel this knife, bitch? It's a serrated steak knife. It'll cut a nice jagged gash, and no one will be able to look at you without feeling sick. You gonna do everything I want, or I'm cutting parts of you off, and even your old man wont recognzie your face. I'm taking off your gag, but not a sound." I'm terrified of knives, so nodded in agreement. With the gag out of my mouth, I asked for a drink. "I'm getting ready to give you a nice mouthful of juice. Open wide." He pinched my nose again, making me open my mouth, then he jammed his erect penis into my mouth. His attack was brutal and disgusting, as he worked my head back and forth on his member, and in no time, blasted a huge amount of semen into the back of my throat. Most of it went down my throat, but some seeped out. This infuriated him, and he slapped my face. "Cunt, don't you ever spit my cum out, or I'll clit your throat." He jammed the gag back in my mouth, and again applied tape. I heard him walk away, going upstairs. I don't know how long it was, but eventually I heard the door open, and footsteps on the stairs. My hair was grabbed again, and he spoke, "miss me bitch?" He cut the ziptie holding my ankles to my wrists, then ran his hands under my skirt. My panties were pulled down and ripped off. I thougtht, "should have worn pantyhose", as I felt him finger my privates and my anus. He began pulling and twisting my labia, causing my body to flinch in pain. He then pushed my knees up under my stomach putting me into a kneeling position. He flipped my dress up, and then something cold and greasy was rubbed all over my anal area, and into my anal opening. I tried to wiggle away, to no avail. He slapped my buttocks repeatedly, and kept rubbing the ointment into my anus. I am no prude, and knew what he was intending, but I had never done that, my husband had never even hinted at it. We have a great sex life, but nothing kinky. Just normal man on woman sex, several times a week. Finally, he began probing me opening with his member's head, rubbing all thru the crack between my buttocks, occasioanlly pushing against my tiny opening, then more ointment, then slightly entering my anus, then withdrawing; he was toying with me, taking his time, adding to my dread. Finally, he began pushing harder, and also applying more ointment as his large member entered my anus. The pain wa horrendous, I felt as if he was tearing me open. He met some resistance as he penetrated my depths, causing more pain, and it felt as if pressure was buliding up in my intestines. He gave one brutal thrust, and then his crotch was completely against my rear. He grabbed my hair, and began rapidly and brutally thrusting in and out. I was in agony. He just pounded away at me for what seemed like eternity, then going even faster, and making animallike noises, then he yelled out, "oh fuck,fuck" and I felt him actually discharge into me. The pain was unbearable, but the humiliation was even worse. My body was racked with my sobs as he withdrew from me. He agains slapped my bottom hard. "You must have been a cherry ass, as tight as you are" he told me. "Don't worry, by the time I leave, you'll be stretched plenty. Hell, I may even call some friends over to enjoy what you have to offer. I bet you'd like that." Again he left me, and I managed to get my legs stretched out, and just lay there, crying. My limbs were numb, my anus felt like it had acid on it, my insides were rumbling so bad I thought I would lose control of my bowels. Before long, he was back. Again, my knees were forced under me, and I told myself ther was no way I could withstand a repeat of the last assault. However, this time, he fingered my vagina roughly, again pulling and twisting my labia. Then, without warning, he rammed his erect penis into my vagina. Once again, he brutally asaulted me, this time it must have taken 45 minutes. He raped me so butally hard, the lounge collapsed but he never missed a stroke. Again, I felt his discharge as he filled me with his semen. I lost track of how many times after that I was violated, all track of time, just praying for death so it would end. At last, he once again bound my ankles to my wrists with no slack, but then dragged me across the cellar's cold, dirty concret floor. He bound my throat tightly to a support post, then told me he might see me again one day. Then, footsteps walking away, and finally silence. I was there for what seemed forevr, but the best I could figure it was still Friday. Then, I heard my husband calling my name. Had I been there for 4 days? It seemed like forever, but I surprised it was that long. Turned out it wasn't. My hubby had decided to leave early, get away from the storm, and it really was just Friday. It took a while to get his attention, but finally he was by my side. He kept telling me to hold on, he had to find something to cut the plastic ties, and finally I was free. I asked him to carry me to the bathtub, fill it with hot water, and let me lay thereuntil I felt the filth of my attack gone. He wanted to wait til the Police got there and collected evidence. but I felt so unclean I insisted on the bath. He stripped what was left of my clothing from me and carried me naked to the tub. The Police arrived, investigated, took whatever evidence they could find, and asked me if I had any idea who it was. I told them I had no idea, they investigated every student I had ever given a failing grade, and came up empy handed. The DNA was not from any one in the data bank, and 2 years after my ordeal, they still have no suspect. They interrogated the teenager who asked to mow our grass, several times, but it was determined to be coincidence he rang the bell when the intruder came in thru the back. I've tried to get over this, but still have nightmares. My husband won't hardly let me out of his sight because he feels so guilty he was not home. We'll get thru this, and go on with our lives, but I still every once in a while remember his threat to se me again one day.
Sunday, April 15th 2012 - 12:01:40 AM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Fresh-Air Kid
Comments:Hi again, my tied and gagged friends! Here's another fiction/fantasy tale. Enjoy!


It was an unusually hot summer.

The dirt from the old back road kicked up massive clouds of dust as I drove the SUV toward Camp Knotty. Beside me, in the front passenger seat, sat Sereta. She was 47, 5'11", of decent weight, with shoulder-length curly, dark brown hair, and well-proportioned breasts. She had an innocent, truth and light facial complexion that seemed to come from Sunday School, and she wore black,plastic-rimmed glasses as if to reinforce that point. She was attired in an orange t-shirt, white shorts and flip-flops. I found her extremely gorgeous and made several romantically-inspired overtures to her, but she rejected each one. You see, Sereta was the kind of woman who liked to take her time when it came to romantic encounters. This was true especially now, with our project at Camp Knotty about to begin.

Camp Knotty, a very secluded summer camp, nestled among field and forest, served as a "fresh air" location for troubled youths. When the kids arrived at the camp, they'd participate in numerous activties and responsibilities which would give them a needed break from their horrendous home/street lives and teach them skills that would serve them well as they got older. Sereta and me had volunteered as camp counselors that year, and the youth we had the most interest in sat in the back seat of the SUV. His name was Brad. He was 18, tall and thin, with bushy brown hair which dropped past his ears. He wore a tshirt which advertised some heavy-metal band, faded jeans and basketball shoes. In another situation, Brad could've been mistaken for a bright, athletic young man, but an obsession with drugs, drinking and dope-smoking endeared him to the totally wrong crowd, which in turn led to criminal activity, which led him to prison. The powers-that-be decided that if Brad could redeem himself in some way that summer, Brad's sentence could be greatly reduced or even eliminated. Me and Sereta both saw something special in him, a hidden gem so to speak, waiting to burst out, and the two of us were determined to do all we could to help Brad find the real Him, the wonderful young man we all knew he could be. At Camp Knotty.

"Hear the wind blow, dear, hear the wind blow," Sereta sang with her irresistable, soft, angelic voice. Yes my friends, she sure could sing...and she sure had lovely lips...and a beatiful mouth...and gorgeous breasts...and nice legs...and alluring bare feet that she slid in and out of her flip-flops....and....

"Tommy! Watch out!" she said as the vehicle veered off the dirt road.

I corrected the vehicle's path and focused again on the road, though with difficulty. I was so hard.

"Hey, Brad," I said. "Sereta can sure sing, can't she?"

Brad picked his nose and flicked a booger to the ceiling of the vehicle.

"Yeah, Dude, whatever."


When we finally arrived at the camp that evening and parked the vehicle, we noticed that we were the first to get there. There was absolutely no sign of anyone else yet.

"Well, here we are," Sereta said. "It's getting late, Tommy, and it's still unbearably hot, so why don't we get our bags out and go inside. By morning, everyone else should be here, and then we can get started with the activities.

Sereta's tshirt and hair were already showing signs of dampness.

"Oh," she groaned, "it feels so good to finally get out and stretch my legs."

Sure, I thought, we'll just go to our room, close the door, then I'll help you stretch those gorgeous legs...and pull those shorts down...and hike that tshirt up...and...

"Tommy!" she said, "Did you hear me? I said we have to get our things and go inside for the night."

"Oh yeah, sure," I replied as I snapped out of the dream.

Sereta looked at Brad as we hauled our duffle bags into the cabin.

"Well, Brad, home sweet home, huh?" she said.

Brad picked up a couple of bags and passed gas.

"Sure, Babe, whatever," he replied.

The cabin we moved into was large, with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and equipment room. Brad took his duffle bag into one bedroom, and I followed Sereta into the other.

"Um, Tommy," she said, "why are you bringing your bags in here?"

"This is our bedroom, isn't it?" I replied opportunistically.

"Tommy, we agreed beforehand that I'd have a bedroom to myself and you and Brad would share the other."

I closed the door and put my arm around her waist.

"Sereta, I really think this would be better, you know?"

"Look, Tommy, we've been over this before. I'm not interested in romance right now. I have this passion for helping that young man across the hall realize his full potential in life, and I mean to make that happen with your help. Do you understand?"

Sure I do, I thought...and I have this passion for you...and to help that bed right there realize it's full potential...and I mean to make that happen, especially with your help...

"Tommy!" she said as she broke away from me. "Did you hear me? Go across the hall and bunk with Brad. Please!"

"Uh...ok," I replied.


It was 9pm. I went to check on Brad but discovered he wasn't in the bedroom.

"Hey, Sereta," I called as I knocked on her bedroom door, "Do you know where Brad is?"

Sereta opened the door and stood there barefoot, her flip-flops kicked off, but still clad in the orange tshirt and white shorts. She'd removed her glasses..

"No, Tommy, I don't. But he's so young and this is an exciting, new place for him. He probobly's taking a look around. I'm sure he'll turn up in a couple of minutes."

"Ok, I'll look for him," I said as she closed the door. "See you in the morning."

"Good night," she replied softly but unenthusiastically.

Due to the huge size of the cabin, I walked down a long hallway which led to the well-stocked equipment room. It had everything for recreation at a summer camp. Athletic gear, archery and fishing stuff, musical instruments, you name it, even a case containing rifles for target shooting.
It was this case which especially grabbed my attention, because the glass doors, which were still in the locked position were smashed, and it appeared that one of the rifles was missing. Also, a nearby box of cartridges had been opened, with several rounds of ammunition missing.

"Brad?" I called out loud.

It's not that I suspected him of doing this, because like Sereta, I felt that Brad's time at camp would bring out something great in him. No, I was worried about his whereabouts in the event that there was a burglar--an armed one--on the premesis.

I left the cabin and patrolled a good portion of the camp. No Brad. Finally, I re-entered the cabin and made my way back to Sereta's room.

"Sereta," I called as I knocked on the door again, "I still can't find Brad, and it looks like one of the rifles and some ammunition is missing from the equipment room."

The door slowly opened, and there stood Sereta with a nervous expression on her face. I also noticed that she'd perspired heavily.

"P-please, Tommy, come in," she said.

As soon as I entered, I discovered the reason for Sereta's nervousness. Brad emerged from behind the door with a .22 target rifle aimed at us.

"Awsome Dude!" he said. "Now close that door and stand next to the babe."

"Brad," I said, "what are you--"

"Shut the f*** up and do it!!!"


Brad took the sweat-drenched clothing Sereta and I peeled off ourselves and stuffed it into a sack. Sereta stood beside me clad only in a white bra and matching thong. I was suprised she wore a bra in that oppressive heat, but I wasn't in much of a position to ponder that too much. I was forced to strip down to only my dark blue, tight-fitting bikini briefs. Of course, being like this with Sereta was a turn-on, but the circumstances could've been better, y'know?

"Brad, please," Sereta said, "why did you make Tommy and me strip to just our underwear? Why are you pointing that gun at us? You know we think highly of you and--"

"Shut the f*** up, bitch! I know what I'm doin'. I'm gettin' out of here."

"Brad," I piped in, "the conditions for leniency to your prison sentence are that you participate in camp activites and not do anything criminal."

"Yeah, dude, I know the deal. Like I said, I'm gettin' out of here, and I'm gonna make sure you and the babe don't get in my way."

Brad saw a heavy-duty pair of scissors on the dresser and tossed them to Sereta.

"Ok, babe, go over to that window and use the scissors to cut the rope off the curtains!"

Sereta, lips trembling, took the scissors and obeyed. She padded barefoot to the window and used the scissors to cut the rope used for opening and closing the curtains. She cut four lenghts of the cord.

"Good!" Brad said and motioned to me. "Now you, dude, sit on the bed and put your hands behind your back!"

"Are you going to tie us up?" I said as I obeyed.

"That's right! This'll buy me time to get the f*** out of here." He motioned to Sereta. "Tie him up!"

As Sereta moved behind me and I felt the cord wind about my wrists, I felt there was no need to panic yet. After all, Sereta could just use the oldest trick in the book: tie me up, but not too tightly, so I could easily get free after Brad left.

"And make sure it's tight," Brad added, "I'm gonna check!"


I suddenly felt the twine wind more thoroughly about my wrists and knots tighten. Sereta might've been a sunshine church girl, but one of those sunday sermons must have taught her how to tie pretty good! She then knelt down and tied my bare feet together at the ankles.

"Brad, please," she said. "This can be a really good situation for you here at the camp if you'll only give it a chance."

Brad took the remaining rope from her. "Babe, it'll only be a good situation for you if you do what I f***n' say. Now sit down next to the dude and put your hands behind your back."

Sereta sighed and obeyed. Brad tied her hands behind her back, and then bound her bare feet together at the ankles. Me and her winced uncomfortably as Brad checked our ropes and tightened them for good measure.

"Brad," I said, "why are you doing this? Why are you running?"

"Yes Brad," Sereta pleaded with tears in her eyes. "Why...oh, why are you turning your back on such a good thing. Don't you see we're doing this for you out of love?"

Brad opened the dresser and found a couple of bandannas, a red one and a blue one. He quicly formed each into a long cylinder and tied a knot in the middle of each one.

Sereta and I squirmed helplessly for a moment and looked at each other with forboding. I stole a quick glance down her sweaty bra and said, "W-what are you going to do with those?"

As he approached us, he said, "I know after I get outta here, you two are gonna yell. I don't want some nosey f*** comin' by and hearing you."

"Oh, please," Sereta said softly, "No--ummphhhhhh."

Brad forced the knot between her lips, pulled the bandanna tight so it dug into the corners of her mouth and then tied the two ends behind her head. Sereta looked at me, her face now flooded with tears.


"Brad, you don't have to gag us. This camp is so far out in the middle of nowhere that there's no way a nosey passer-by would even think of coming out to investigate, and the rest of the campers arrive tomorrow, by which time you'll be long gone."

"Dude, I'm still gonna do this."

"You still didn't tell us why you're running away."

Brad tossed the bandanna on the bed next to me and paced back and forth, waving his arms.

"It's my life, dude! Those people I hang with, y'know, they're my friends and shit. You and the babe here are trying to change me so I'll lose my friends, and that ain't gonna f***'n happen."

"Brad, please stop this. Me and Sereta really care about you and will work as hard as we can to make you better. Please...untie me and Sereta and we'll forget all about this. Trust us, we will. We love you."

Sereta nodded vigorously and sobbed softly into her gag.

Brad picked up the bandanna and moved behind me.

"No deal, dude! Oh, yeah, where are the car keys?"

I sighed.

"On the dresser in our bedroom."

"Cool, dude."

Brad shoved the knot in the middle of the bandanna between my lips, pulled it tight so the gag dug into the corners of my mouth and tied the ends tightly behind my head.

"Mmmphhhh..mmmummphmmmmm..mmmphhmmmm," I protested.

"Dude, I never heard you sound so good!"

Brad spent the next few minutes taking all of our clothing and stuffed it into a duffle bag. He obviously didn't intend for me and Sereta to go anywhere if we managed to free ourselves. Just before he left the room, he took one last look at us.

"Mmmphhh! Nmmmphhh! Ohmmmmphh!" Sereta and I moaned through our gags.

Brad grinned cockily at us and gave us the middle finger, then closed the bedroom door and left. A few minutes later, we heard the SUV start up and thunder down the road. Me and Sereta stared at each other. We were stripped to just our brief undies, perspiring, tied up and gagged and helpless, and the young man we'd sworn to reform had run away for further damange to his life.

"Mmmm?" Sereta lightly moaned to me.

"Ummphh," I moaned back.

We were both thinking the same thing: What now?

To Be Continued...

Thursday, April 26th 2012 - 01:44:20 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Tommy, your partners in danger seem to get better looking all of the time. Another grreat adventure. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Sunday, April 29th 2012 - 04:27:04 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Fresh-Air Kid(Part 2)

I suppose I should give Brad credit here: he was an efficient, devious little bugger! Another half hour had passed, and Sereta and I were no closer to freeing ourselves from our ropes or loosening our gags than we were when Brad mugged us. We tried the usual, standard attempts at freeing ourselves-get back to back and use our fingers to work at the knots binding each other's wrists, even using our toes to try to work the knots binding our ankles...but to no avail.

"Mmmmphhhh," Sereta moaned to me.

...yes indeed, you gorgeous, hot female. I've always wanted to be tied up and gagged next to you on a hot, sultry evening...just sitting here with my near-nude,sweat-glazed body pressing against yours...moaning to each other...
..just gotta take a peek down that bra...

"Mmmmphhh!!" she roared as loud as she could manage.

That snapped me out of it for the moment. In spite of my fantasy, I knew we definitely had to get free. Not only so we could pursue Brad before he dug a deeper hole for himself with the law, but also to get out before the rest of the camp counselors arrived early the next morning. Sure, Sereta and I could tell them that Brad held us at gunpoint, forced us to strip to just our undies, bound and gagged us, then took off with our vehicle...sure, we could tell them that, but what were the chances they'd believe us? Right! So we had to get free, and soon.

Across the room on a table was a lit candle. I suppose Sereta lit that to save on the energy needed with the electric lights. It gave us a "flicker" of hope, so to speak. Sereta's idea was to hop over to the candle, then run the twine which bound her wrists against the flame, severing her bonds, and then she could free me. Sereta slid off the bed and managed to keep her balance and hop on the soles of her bare feet over to the table. My attention was on her breasts, which bounced with each hop she took.

"Mmmphh...mmmmphh...mmmmphh," she lightly moaned with each hop.

When she reached the table, she held her tied wrists as close as she could against the candle, while bending her knees slightly and twisting her head.

"Mmmmphhmmmmmm.ummphhh," she moaned in anticipation as she felt the heat of the flame against her bound wrists. A few minutes later, the twine gave way and Sereta's hands came apart, causing her to loose her balance and tumble to the floor. But her hands were now free, so she untied her bare feet and unfastened the tight bandanna which gagged her.

"Whew!" she said as she rose from the floor. "Thank goodness I lit that candle earlier. I don't know how I would've freed myself otherwise."

"Ummmmphhmmmmm! Mmmmphh!" I replied as I wiggled against my ropes and gag.

"Oh! Of course, Tommy. Sorry."

Sereta loosened my gag and removed it.

"Mmmphhhmmmm...whew! Brad sure did a number on us, didn't he?"

"He certainly did," Sereta replied.

I wiggled again against my ropes.

"Well, come on, Sereta. Untie me!"

Sereta stood and rubbed her hand against her chin in thought, while she rubbed one of her bare feet against the other.

"Well, I don't know, Tommy."

"What the? What do you mean, you don't know!"

"Tommy, you've been gazing at me with this hungry, ravenous look ever since we began this trip. We're supposed to be friends, and yet I've been getting the feeling you want something else out of our relationship, and from the looks you've been giving me---from the ride up in the vehicle to being tied up on the bed together--well, maybe I'd feel a little safer if you stayed tied up a while longer."

"Bullshit, Sereta! Look, I've been looking at you like that because you're the most beautiful woman I've ever been around, and seeing you stripped to just your bra and thong, sweaty, bound and gagged triggered some fantasies within me. But those fantasies happened because I want you. Badly."

Sereta walked behind me and took hold of the bandanna which loosely hung about my neck.

"Hey," I said, "what are you gonna-mmmmphhh!"

"I'm sorry, Tommy," she said as she re-fastened the gag, "but this has been a very hectic, confusing night. I need time to think a little."

"Mmmphh! ummmphhmmmm!" I struggled against my ropes and gag helplessly. She was confused, huh!

Sereta straightened her dark, plastic-framed glasses against her face and padded barefoot to the door. Her steps appeared all the more appealing as her thong-clad buttocks made that seductive, feminine sway. She stepped out into the hallway, and before she closed the door, she took a look at me and sighed.

"Nmmmphhh! Mmmmphhh!"

Sereta closed the door and left me alone.


The clock on the wall ticked off another hour. It was midnight. I sat on the bed in bound, gagged helplessness. Before Sereta left the room, she blew out the candle, which ensured that she'd be the only one to free me...if she wanted to. Damn! Why does this happen with me and women? I suppose I could've behaved differently around her, but at the same time I was passionate about her...feelings and thoughts just happen, y'know. Well, I always wanted to tell her how I felt about her, and now that I did, all I could do was wait.

Suddenly, the door slowly opened.


Sereta walked back in and stood before me.

"Tommy, I've been thinking this over..."


She removed her glasses, snuggled against me on the bed and removed the gag.

"Sereta, I..."

"Shhh," she whispered as she placed a finger against my lips. To my suprise, she pulled her bra down, kissed me hard and long on the lips, rubbed her breasts against me and ran her hand over my bikini briefs (now of predictable shape!)

"Will this hold you over for a while," she said softly.

What do you think!


"I don't see where we have any choice now," I said. Sereta had untied me and I rubbed my wrists to get the circulation going better as I paced back and forth.

"Tommy, we can't just run out into the night and try to find someone to help us....Brad took our clothes. All we have on are our undies! What will people say? Let's wait a few more hours until the rest of the counselors get here. We'll explain what happened, and they'll believe us."

"Sereta, when the rest of the counselors get here, they're gonna find me only in my tight, dark blue bikini briefs, and they're gonna find you in just that white bra and thong. It won't take them long to notice that we're all sweaty. They're gonna assume that while you and I were getting intimate, Brad was able to get away, and no, they won't believe us."

"B-but..what about those?" Sereta said as she pointed to the discarded ropes and bandannas.

"Easy. They'll think we're into bondage. After that, they'll take away our camp counselor liscenses and we'll never be able to help Brad and other troubled kids like him again. No, Sereta, we've got to get going now. We'll stick to the forest trails as much as possible and just have to hope that we run into someone understanding."

Sereta slowly undestood the logic of my argument and rose from the bed. Hand-in-hand we left the cabin and went out into the night. At tough as things looked, we had to count our lucky stars: It wasn't raining and it was summer, so even though our bodies would be glazed with even more sweat, at least we wouldn't be cold. As we walked the dark forest trails for several miles and the fresh dirt clung to the soles of our bare feet, I couldn't help wondering about the intimacy session we'd just had: did Sereta consent just to get me off her back for a while, or did she really develop sensual feelings for me? Since I knew her to be of strong loyalty, I hoped it was the latter possibility.

A few minutes later, we heard voices just down the road.

"What is it?" Sereta asked in a hushed voice.

"Looks like a group of hunters coming this way."

Sereta waved her arms and opened her mouth as if to yell out to them. I immediately grabbed her, clapped my hand hard over her mouth, pulled her into the bushes and pinned her to the ground.

"Mmmphh-mmmm," her muffled voice protested.

"Sereta...shhhhhhh," I warned in a whisper. "Look, some hunter groups can be pretty primative thinkers. If we go up to them, and they see us all sweaty in just our undies, we might just end up hogtied and gagged in the back of their pick-up on the way to some campfire beer party. Do you want that?"

"Nmmmphh.." she moaned with a shake of her head.

"Okay," I said while I kept my hand over her mouth. "Let's just lay here for a while, nice and quiet and let them pass."

It turns out my suspicions were well-founded. This particular group of hunters were loud, boisterous, profane and rowdy. Fortunately, they didn't see us in the bushes. One of them randomly hurled an empty beer can in our direction, and it actually struck me on the head.

"You see what I mean," I said as I took my hand away from Sereta's mouth.

"Mmm, I do. You think very well on the spot, Tommy."

"Yeah, well, problem is that we're laying in the dirt, and now we're totally filthy."

I began to rise, but Sereta pulled me down again. She'd quickly shed her bra and thong and motioned for me to lose the bikinis. Suddenly, she had become the ravenous animal, and I remembered from nature class in school that one doesn't want to disappoint a ravenous animal, right? As we indulged, a light rain developed, lathering us in a gooey, sensual mud.


Neither of us had a watch, but from the looks of things it was dawn, as attested by the brightening of morning. Sereta and I still didn't know where we were going, and our appearances would have been more frightening to any passers-by, since our sweaty, undie-clad bodies were now wet with the recently-concluded rain and muddy.

Suddenly, Sereta came to a stop and grabbed my arm.

"Tommy! Look over there!"

A hundred yards down the dirt road was a cabin, it's fireplace smoking, and a car parked outside.

"Ok, shall we go and introduce ourselves," I suggested half-jokingly.

"Sure," she squealed with delight. "My Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy live there. They were my very first sunday school teachers. Oh, they'll be so happy to see us!"

I was skeptical, but I guess there was no other choice.

When the door to the cabin opened, and elderly man, say in his late 60's, thin, with a balding head and a few gray hairs stood in suprise. He wore a black shirt, black slacks, black jacket and a white clerical collar.

"Oh, hi Unlce Wilbur," Sereta announced. "It's me, Sereta, and this is my friend Tommy."

Uncle Wilbur's mouth hung wide open. I guess he wasn't expecting two much younger, undie-clad, sweaty, wet, mud-splattered, panting people to appear on his doorstep.

"Oh...yes, Sereta," he finally said. "Well, I suppose you youngin's are gettin' a might chilly standing out there like that..suppose ya'll better come on in."

"Oh, thanks, Sereta replied as we stepped into the cabin. Uncle Wilbur closed the door behind us.

"Daisy!" Uncle Wilbur bellowed, "we have company!"

A moment later, a large, heavy-set woman, late 60's, gray long hair and clothed in a dress which loped to the floor entered.

"Oh, Glorybetogod!" Aunt Daisy exclaimed upon seeing us, "what is the meaning of you two appearing in our home in such a ...sinful manner!"

"It's a long story, Ma'am," I piped in. "You see, Sereta and I are camp counselors at Camp Knotty, just down the road."

Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy gave us suspicious looks.

"Yes," Sereta added, "Tommy and I are helping this real nice boy. His name is Brad, and he's had a rough go in life. Well, we brought him to the camp to help reform him and get him back on life's decent track again."

Our hosts continued to look upon us unbelievingly.

"Only things took a kinda wrong turn," I continued. "Brad found a target-shooting rifle, held me and Sereta up, then forced us to strip to just our undies, then tied us up and gagged us, then ran off with our vehicle."

"And clothing," Sereta added. "We're trying to find Brad before he gets into much more trouble, and we could sure use your help."

Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy remained silent for several seconds. Finally, Wilbur spoke up.

"Yes indeed, I s'pose you youngin's could use help."

"Durn right!" Daisy nodded.

"Oh, good!" Sereta said with a smile. I was feeling relieved.

"I mean," Uncle Wilbur continued, "youse two nearly naked wanderers could use the word of goodness in your lives."

"Well, sir," I said, "We appreciate the offer, but we don't have much time--"

"Oh, don't go joshin' me, young feller," Uncle Wilbur said as he picked up a double-barrell shotgun and leveled it at us, "Daisy and me are gonna help y'all for sure!"

"Uncle Wilbur!" Sereta gasped. "W-why..."

"It's simple young lady. You and your companion here are runnin' around almost naked to spread the message of unfaithful livin'! Well, as servants of the message of goodness, your Aunt Daisy and me ain't gonna let you run around like that."

"Durn tootin' we ain't!" Daisy agreed as she postioned two wooden chairs with their backs against each other.

"Sir," I said with my hands in the air, "I assure you that Sereta and I are on a mission of mercy to help a troubled young man--"

"That'll be enough outta you, young feller!" Wilbur said as he waved the old shotgun. "Now, youse two have a seat. Daisy, go on out to the tool shed and fetch that rope, willya."

Sereta and I took our seats as ordered. As soon as we were seated, we looked back at each other over our shoulders and sighed.


"Sereta told me you and Daisy were her sunday school teachers," I said as I squirmed uncomfortably. "How can you do this to us?"

Aunt Daisy rose from the kneeling position before us and massaged her back. "There! That oughta hold 'em!"

Sereta and I were tied to the chairs, back to back. Our arms were pulled behind the backs of the chairs, and our hands were tied together at the wrists. Our upper bodies were tied to the backs of the chairs. Then our thighs were bound to the seats, while our bare feet were tied at the ankles, then fastened to the lower rungs of the chairs.
Contrary to her image as a good sunday school teacher, Daisy could tie, and Wilbur aimed the shotgun at us as she did.

"We'd expect you to carry on as such, young feller," Wilbur said to me. "But we understand you and dear Sereta are lost in darkness, and until we can fix you, you'll stay all screwed up as ya'll are."

"Oh, sure!" I fired back. "You call yourself an angel of goodness, but angels don't kidnap people."

Uncle Wilbur pulled a white handkercief from his jacket pocket and wadded it up.

"W-w-what are you going to do with that?" I asked.

"Young feller, I won't have your heathen blaspheme under my roof!"

"No...no...don't-Mmmmmmphhhh!" That's as far as I got. Wilbur shut me up by stuffing the wadded cloth into my mouth.

"Oh, Uncle Wilbur, how could you!" Sereta said as she squirmed against her ropes. "We came to you because you and Aunt Daisy were my first sunday school teachers. We don't understand why you're doing this to us!"

"Young lady, I thought me an' yer Aunt Daisy raised you to speak politely to yer elders. I see this young feller you're with has darkened your manners," Uncle Wilbur said as he wadded another handkerchief and brought it toward Sereta's mouth.

"Oh, please, Uncle Wilbur," Sereta sobbed, "no...no..mmmphh!"

Aunt Daisy emerged from the bedroom with a pair of old scarves. She rolled each into a long cylinder, then fastened the middle of each between Sereta's and my lips, while the two ends were tied behind our heads to gag us.

"Daisy, you ready to head t' town?"

"All set, Wilbur."

"Me n' Daisy are headin' t' town for a prayer meetin'" Wilbur said as he placed the shotgun back into the wall rack. "I spect that we'll get the word of goodness to tell us what to do with y'all when we get back."

The smug, elderly self-righteous couple exited the cabin and drove down the road in the car.

As I squirmed helplessly, tied to my chair, I looked back over my shoulder at Sereta.

"Helllllmmmmphhhhhh!" I wailed into my gag.

Sereta looked back toward me and wiggled against her ropes.

"Mmmphh! Mmmmphhh! Mmmmmphhhhh!" she sobbed into her gag, equally distressed.

As the two of us, barely able to move and unable to speak or cry out, struggled against the ropes which bound us to the chairs, the nearby grandfather clock ticked away the minutes.

To Be Continued....
Thursday, May 10th 2012 - 01:40:33 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Fresh-Air Kid(Part 3)

The chairs we were tied to both sounded and felt rickety, as if one of the legs would come loose, so naturally, Sereta and I shook ourselves back and forth in the hopes that one of our chairs would come apart and maybe aid us in our efforts to get free. In our exertions, we did a great deal of grunting and moaning into our gags, and I must admit that it made me feel quite sensual to hear Sereta's breathing and muffled moaning as she struggled.

"Mmmph..mumm-mmmphhh!" I groaned.

"Oooohmmphhh..mmmmmm," she moaned back.

Oh, this was getting me hard! Normally, I'd be willing to play this game for a lot longer, but the truth was Sereta and I needed to get free of these ropes and gags before Wilbur and Daisy returned, because I had the feeling that those two elderly yahoos had something sinister in mind for us, in spite of their religeous talk. Since our chairs were postioned back-to-back, Sereta and I were able to use our fingers to try to loosen the twine which bound our wrists. It seemed a futile effort for a while, but half an hour later I felt Sereta's nimble fingers manipulate a knot that Daisy had neglected to tighten when she tied us up. After some more wiggling, I was able to pull my wrists free, unfasten the remaining ropes which bound me to the chair and remove my gag.

"Good job at working the rope on my wrists free," I said as I loosened the scarf which gagged her.

"Uhmmphhh--Ah! Oh, Tommy, this is terrible," Sereta wept as I pulled the wadded handkerchief from her mouth.

Minutes later, I untied her, and she stood up and stretched.

"So, what are we going to do now," she asked as she pushed her glasses back up her nose.

I pulled her close to me, kissed her hard on the lips, squeezed her buttocks and attempted to pull her bra down.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm..uhhh..Tommy, no!" she protested as she backed away. "We don't have time for that. We have to get back to finding Brad."

"Well, I have a plan, Sereta."

"Mmmmm?" she inquired with a purr and a twitch of her eyebrows.

Oh, man, she was so sexy when whe did that!

"We stay right here," I said.

"I don't understand. Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy will be back soon."

"Exactly," I said as I picked up the shotgun Wilbur left in the corner of the room. "Sereta, it just isn't wise for us to be running around the countryside in just our undies and we need a vehicle. So when those two get back, I'll hold them up with this shotgun, we'll take their clothes, tie them up and leave in their vehicle."

Sereta frowned.

"Oh, Tommy, I don't know. We're talking about my aunt and uncle here. That sounds like such a rough way of treating them. Um, how about if we explain to them again what our problem is. Maybe that will work better."


"Sereta, Wilbur and Daisy aren't the same sunday school loving couple you remember. Not only did they refuse to believe us when we explained our situation, they held us up at gunpoint, then tied us up and gagged us. No, we have to do it this way. Look, I promise to handle this as gently as possible, ok?"

Sereta rubbed one bare foot against the other, placed a finger to her lip and closed her eyes for a moment.

"Ok," she whispered.


The headlights on Wilbur's car were visible as he and Daisy parked in the dirt driveway outside the cabin. I motioned for Sereta to grab the robes, scarves and handkerchiefs and get out of site. It was showtime.

"...then we'll take those two down to the chapel," I heard Wilbur say as he and Daisy walked to the door. "'Ol Elmer will be there to discipline 'em out of their evil ways. By the way, Darlin', you sure those two were tied good 'n tight before we left?"

"Oh, Wilbur, you're sure an 'ol worry wart, ain'tcha! You keep forgettin' that I won all those blue ribbons for my ropework at the county fair. When I tie somebody, they durn sure stay tied!"

When Wilbur and Daisy entered the cabin, they were shocked to see the chairs Sereta snd I had been tied to vacant. I had concealed myself behind the door and confronted them with the shotgun as soon as they came in.

"I guess that's one less blue ribbon you would've won today, Daisy," I said.

Wilbur and Daisy raised their hands and stared at me wide-eyed.

"Still up to your evil, young feller?" Wilbur said.

"You're a fine one to talk, mister," I replied. "Daisy, close the door. Sereta, you can come in here now."

As Daisy obeyed, Sereta slinked in from the other room with the ropes, scarves and handkerchiefs.

"Oh, Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy," she said, "You both know how much I love you, but we just have to do this."

"Young lady," Daisy replied, "I never thought in a million years that you'd be foolin' round like this! Just what do you and yer fella plan to do with us?"

"Well, I'm glad you asked," I said. "You see, Sereta and I have to track down that troubled youth we were telling you about. Problem is, we just can't go running around the county in just our tight undies and we need a vehicle."

"Dag nab it!" Wilbur said with a nod, "You don't mean..."

"That's right, mister," I confirmed, "Sereta and I are going to borrow the clothes from you and Daisy, tie you two up and take your car."

"Glorybetogod!" Daisy exclaimed, "You are truly livin' in the darkness, aintcha!"

"Don't look at it as us taking from you, Daisy," I said, "look at it as you and Wilbur helping others out of charity. Like your good book says. You two can lower your hands now. Strip to your underwear and sit in those chairs with your backs against each other."

"Um, Aunt Daisy," Sereta said, "I see your hair is up in a bun. I think you'll be a little more comfortable if you undid the bun and let your hair down, ok?"


"Can't say these are the best fitting clothes I ever wore," I said. Wilbur's sunday preaching suit hung a little loosely on me and didn't make me feel any cooler. Daisy's sunday dress hung similarly on Sereta.

"I know," Sereta said, "but this is the best we have right now. Oh, Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy, I'm sorry about this again."

"Oh, child, I'm just a-hopin' ya'll see the light after you go," Daisy replied.

Daisy, clad only in a white bra--which fought to keep her large breasts from spilling out despite her age--and white panty bottoms sat in one chair. Her graying hair, which had been up in a bun, had been released and flowed past her shoulders. In the other chair, back-to-back, sat a much chagrined Wilbur, clad only in large, white briefs. Sereta had just finished tying them in the same way they'd tied us earlier: hands tied at the wrists behind the backs of the chairs, upper bodies tied to the backs of the chairs, and bare feet tied at the ankles which were then tied to the lower rungs of the chairs. Extra rope was used to tie them

"Young feller," Wilbur said as he strained helplessly against his ropes, "Hope you don't mind a lil' prachin', but You're in for some firery judgement for pollutin' our darlin' Sereta with your durn-tootin' ways!"

"Thanks for the advice, mister," I replied, "but that was your last sermon for the day. Sereta, gag him."

Sereta approached Wilbur with a wadded handkerchief.

"Oh, Uncle Wilbur--"

"Ok, Darlin'," Wilbur replied, "I know...yer gonna say yer sorry again--mmmphhh!"

Before he could finish the sentence, Sereta stuffed the wadded handkerchief into his mouth, then wedged the middle of a scarf between his lips and tied the ends behind his head.

"Mrrrmmmmphrrmmphhh!" the once-proud preacher protested.

"Now, now, Wilbur, doesn't your good book teach about taming the tongue?" I asked with a chuckle. Wilbur glared at me.

Daisy squirmed a little against her ropes. "Might as well let y'all know that the car keys are in the pocket of Wilbur's coat ya got on, young feller, and to be on the lookout for "ol Rube, the deputy. He's cruisin' these here parts around this time lookin' for folks who like speedin'" she said.

"Thanks, Daisy," I said. "Sereta and I really appreciate you being such a good sport about this, but, uh, you'll have to be gagged too."

"I reckon," she sighed and opened her mouth in resignation. I stuffed the compressed handkerchief into her mouth and fastened a scarf between her lips.

"Um, Tommy, do you think they really need to be gagged? I mean, this is a very secluded place, you know."

I stared at the now bound and gagged Wilbur and Daisy.

"Best not to take any chances, Sereta. Like Daisy said, that deputy is patrolling around, and if he's close enough, he might just hear them yell."

As Sereta and I were about to leave, a thought struck me.

"By the way, Wilbur and Daisy," I announced, "On the way through town, Sereta and I'll stop at that chapel you attend and leave word about you, so sit tight, ok?"

Me and Sereta took one last look at those two as they squirmed, briefly clad, against their ropes and murmured into their gags. Moments later, we were in the car and heading toward the highway. We hoped this episode with Wilbur and Daisy was a mere speed bump for us. The hard work of chasing down Brad was still to be done.

To Be Continued...
Wednesday, May 16th 2012 - 02:09:40 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Fresh-Air Kid(Part 4)

True to our word, we stopped at the local chapel and left word Wilbur and Daisy's predicament. It turned out that those two left a sizable amount of cash in the glove compartment of their car, and after a long drive, Sereta and I utilized that money in the purchase of some clothing--tshirts, shorts, flip-flops, bras, thongs, and of course, dark bikini briefs. There was also enough cash left over to fund our stay at a nearby hotel, which afforded us the chance to get out of sight and decide what our next move would be.

Once we'd checked into our room, we immediately stripped out of our "borrowed clothing" and peeled off our undies. The shower Sereta and I took together was not only refreshing but damn exhilirating. We both took great care to thoroughly wash every nook and cranny each of us had. Afterward, Sereta slipped into her newly-purchased, dark blue thong and lay topless, chest-down on the bed, while I donned tight, dark blue bikini briefs and did a little dance in front of the mirror.

"Oh, baby, I'm probobly the most popular bikini brief-clad guy in America," I boasted.

"Mmm," Sereta purred as she raised her legs and rubbed her bare feet against each other. "And probobly the most wanted bikini-brief guy as well. When Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy are finally found and freed, they're going to have everyone from the police to the national guard looking for us."

I strolled to the bed, sat down next to Sereta and gently ran my fingers through her hair.

"I know, Sexy, but at least we have time to figure out a plan to locate Brad. Besides, I'm not sure what Wilbur and Daisy had planned for us when we were all tied up at their cabin, but something tells me it wasn't having us try out for the choir."

Sereta rolled onto her back, exposed her bare breasts point-blank to me and removed her glasses. I crawled over and hovered inches above her.

"Yes, you told me that before," she said. "So, do you have a plan to track down Brad?"

Sereta giggled as I gently fingered her melons.

"It's pretty simple, Sereta. Brad's going to hang out at the place nobody will think to look for him--back at Camp Knotty."

"But Tommy, the rest of the camp counselors should be there by now. There's no way Brad's going to want to be around them, don't you think?"

"Not quite. Just before we showered, I contacted the youth counselor office and explained what happened to us. I'm not sure if they believed my story, but they said they were cancelling the youth retreat at the camp because without us there wouldn't be enough counselors. No, Camp Knotty is as quiet as a tomb, and that's exactly where Brad's gonna go, at least for the time being."

Sereta flashed that irresistable feminine grin.

"So, when are we going to-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

I lowered myself upon her, planted my lips hard against hers, and we engaged in intimacy. Brad would have to wait a little while.


The heavy rainstorm which blanketed our route back to Camp Knotty only cooled things off very slightly. As soon as the storm passed, the oppressive humidity returned. The only real difference was that the dirt road to the camp had become a lathered, slimy, muddy trail.

"Oh, look, Tommy!" Sereta called out as we approached the camp's main gate. Parked to the side of the gate was our SUV. My hunch was right: Brad had returned. I parked Wilbur's car next to the SUV. We decided that by keeping the car outside the gate, it would take Brad longer to realize we'd arrived. Of course, the disadvantage was that we'd have to walk the remaining 3/4 of a mile to the camp complex in the soupy mud. After only a couple of minutes, our flip-flops had slid from our feet and disappeared into the thick bog, while our tshirts and shorts were soon filthy as well as sweaty.

"Ohhhhhhh, Sereta pouted as she lifted a bare foot out of the mud and wiggled it, "Look at us! We're so muddy. I told you we should have driven the rest of the way in."

"Sereta, we've been over this. If we'd driven the rest of the way to the complex, Brad probobly would've seen us and run. At least this way, we might just catch him by suprise. I just know that when he sees us again, he'll be convinced of our sincerity in helping him and he'll respond better this time around."

Sereta grimaced. "I know, Tommy, but arrgh! These sweaty, muddy clothes!"

"Ok, Sereta, how about this: we'll strip to our undies. After all, we're not gonna get much cleaner before the day's out, will we?"

Sereta struck a meditative pose for a minute.

"Mmm," she acknowledged, and pulled off her tshirt and shorts. Her dark blue thong was sexily snug, and her matching bra barely restrained her breasts, which appeared ready to flop out at the least exhertion. Of course, such a sight only speeded my stripping. I also noticed that despite the dark color of her bra, thong, and my bikini briefs, perspiration stains could be noticed. I congratulated myself on my suggestion to strip down. Hand-in-hand, briefly-clad, we slogged barefoot down the muddy trail.


We finally arrived at the camp complex. As expected, it was quiet enough to be a cemetery. Sereta and I gazed at the various buildings and noticed that two of them--the camp office complex and the recreation hall--had lights on in the windows.

"I'll check the rec hall here," I suggested, "and you take a look in the office complex over there."

"Oh, Tommy, he probobly still has that rifle. What if he reacts angrily toward us?"

"Remember our camp counselor creed," I said as I toyed with one of her bra straps, "Compassion Conquers All."

"Mmmm, I feel better now," she said with a playful grin. After we embraced in a long kiss and I squeezed her buttocks, we began our assignments.

"Good luck," Sereta whispered. She began to jog toward the office complex when the predictable happened: One of her breasts bounced free from the bra.

"Grrrr," she growled as she tucked it back in.

As I entered the rec hall, I glanced at her one more time as she disappeared toward the office complex. No doubt about it, I thought, she's even sexier in the mud!


The lit window of the rec hall was on the top floor, so I climbed the stairs. I was a little frustrated that each step was carpeted, because my muddy bare feet left a print on each one.

"Brad!" I called out as I reached the top of the stairs.

A few feet away was the room which the light shined from, and it's door was half closed. I slowly approached, opened the door a little more, and entered. It was a large room with a bright lamp in the window. A large sofa was against the wall nearest the window, and a wooden cabinet was a few feet away from that. Perfectly normal, I thought, I'll just go and check one of the other roo--

The force with which the large hand clapped over my mouth from behind suprised me, as well as the hard object that pressed against my back.

"So," Brad's voice hissed from behind, "you're back! Listen, a**hole, don't make a peep and don't try nothin' stupid, get it?"

"Mmmph," I lightly grunted as I nodded vigorously.

Brad pushed me toward the sofa and leveled the target rifle at me as I raised my hands in submission.

"Brad, please. Sereta and I have returned to help you, to give you another chance. What you did to us the other night doesn't matter anymore. It's still a clean slate with us."

Brad opened the cabinet and tossed a length of rope at me.

"Sit down and tie your feet together," he ordered. Obviously, what he did the other night was about to be repeated. I sat and tied my bare, muddy feet together at the ankles, making a thorough knot because I knew he was going to check to make certain it was secure.

"So, your b**ch girlfriend is here too," Brad growled as he took another length of rope from the cabinet. "Where is she?"

"Sereta's over in the office complex looking for you, Brad. Each of us searched for you in a building where we saw a light in the window."

"You're real f***ing clever! Put your hands behind your back!"

"Look Brad, you don't have to tie me up like this. I'm here to--"

"Shut the f**k up and get your hands behind your back!!"

I sighed and obeyed. Minutes later, Brad had tied my hands behind my back at the wrists and tightened the knots.


"Gotta make sure it's tight. You and your b**ch girlfriend got away last time."

"Brad...can you at least tell me what your plans are?"

"Nosey motherf***er, ain't you. Okay you prick, first I'm going fishin for your girlfriend, and you're the bait!!"


Brad opened the window and helped me to my feet.

"Hop over to the window! Now!"

I bounced toward the window on the soles of my bare feet, while Brad held onto me for support. When I arrived at the window, the youth's hand clapped over my mouth once more.

"Listen, a**hole! You're gonna call out to your chick. Tell her to come over here. Tell her that you've found something she needs to see. Don't warn her or your dead meet!"

I nodded, and Brad took his hand from my mouth. I stuck my head out the window and called out.

"Sereta! Sereta!"

From across the complex, Sereta's called reply could be fainty heard.

"Yes, Tommy....have you found Brad?"

"Sereta! Come here please....I found something you have to see!"

Brad's hand once again clapped over my mouth.

"You did real good calling her over here, a**hole! Now hop back over to the couch!"

Once more, I played the part of the tied-hand-and-foot-bikini brief-clad kangaroo until I was once again seated on the sofa.

"Brad, please don't hurt us..look, we just want to talk, that's all. Just listen to what we have to say, then you can run, ok?"

Brad reached into the cabinet again and produced a long, white cloth which he formed into a long cylinder and tied a knot in the middle. My heart sank as he approached me with it.

"No, Brad..don't shut me up...just--Mmmmmphhh!"

Brad wedged the knot into my mouth and tightened the cloth against the corners of my mouth.

"Mmmmphh!" I moaned against the tightness of the gag as he tied the ends firmly behind my head.

"Tommy! I'm coming!"

Sereta's voice was clearer now. She was obviously approaching the rec hall and the sound of her bare feet splatting in the mud as she jogged was audible.

Brad looked down at me with a devilish look on his face. I was unable to move or speak, and I pleaded with him with my eyes...helplessly...begging.

To Be Continued...

Thursday, May 17th 2012 - 01:54:15 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Fresh-Air Kid(Part 5 and Conclusion)

From the sound of things, Sereta was getting closer and closer. The sound of her bare feet splashing across the muddy ground stopped, and the sound of the rec hall door squeaking alerted us that she'd arrived.

"Tommy," she called from the bottom floor, "Tommy, I'm here."

While Brad positioned himself behind the door to the room we were in, I again attempted to dissuade him.

"nmmmphh..nmmmphhh," I moaned at him, shaking my head.

I suppose the sight of a muddy, sweaty, bikini-brief-clad, tied up and gagged captive only served to motivate him further, because he only smiled at my plight.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of Sereta's bare feet padding up the stairs and into the trap Brad had set. As soon as she'd see me, Sereta's first impulse would be to rush over to me and free me...then Brad would grab her as well.

"Tommy, what did you find?" Sereta asked as she entered the room. Her trip up the stairs evidently caused her breast to pop loose from her bra again, and her thick rimmed glasses slipped to the end of her nose. She quickly corrected both when she noticed me.

"Tommy! My goodness!"

I reacted as vigorously as possible to warn her of the trap that was about to be sprung upon her.

"Nmmmmphhh! Mmmphhh ummmmphhh trmmmphh! Mmmph ummmph trmmph!" I cried into the gag as I shook my head and struggled helplessly.

"Oh, let me help you," she said as she ran to me.

It figures. Really. It's amazing how often the old "bait" trap works. The bound and gagged person used as the bait does the best he/she can to warn the partner of the trap, but the partner fails to understand what the bait person is trying to say gagged. Well, I'm sure you can guess what happens next!

As soon as Sereta reached me, Brad slammed the door shut behind her. Sereta turned around in surprise.



"Mmmmphh!" I groaned at Sereta, with that told-you-so look.


"You must be a really stupid b**ch to fall for that one," Brad told Sereta as he re-checked the knotty twine which bound our hands behind our backs and our bare feet together at the ankles. Her and I were seated side by side on the sofa.

"Mmmmphmmm..wummmphhh..mmmm," she replied, gagged. Brad had taken another strip of cloth, knotted the middle and tightly fastened it into Sereta's mouth.

Now that Sereta and I were bound and gagged, Brad felt at ease enough to put the target rifle on a nearby table. He paced back and forth while he puffed on a joint. It was clear to Sereta and me that he was trying to decide what to do next.

"I don't know...I just can't seem to get away from you two f**cks!"

Me and Sereta looked at each other. Despite the circumstances, I was impressed how sexy her mouth looked, even with the tight cleave-gag firmly fastened against the corners of her mouth. As she twitched her bound bare feet and I looked at her toes, Brad got our attention again.

"You two got here in a car, didn't ya?"

"mmmphh..mmmphh," the two of us replied and nodded together.

"Good, cuz that SUV of yours is out of gas. I ain't taking no chances with you two a**holes getting away again, so I'm taking you with me. I'll stuff both of you in the trunk for safe keeping."

"Nmmmphhh..ummpmm cmmmff mummm!" I protested.

Brad knelt down in front of us.

"I'm gonna untie your feet so you two f**cks can walk, but don't f**k with me! I have the rifle!"

Before he could untie our bare feet, the sound of several vehicles and sirens filled the complex outside. I craned my neck and noticed several flashing lights.

"What the f**k!" Brad roared as he ran to the window. "There's more f**kin' cops out there than at a free doughnut giveaway! You two knew about this sh*t, didn't ya!"

"Nmmmphh! Mmmph! Nmmmph!" Sereta and I pleaded through our gags as we shook our heads. It was true. We really had no idea.

Brad in this state was clearly at his most dangerous, and I began to wonder if Sereta and I made a mistake in trying to reform him. He certainly had time to do violence to us before the police charged in. Brad grabbed the rifle off the table and ran down the stairs, after which we could hear several pairs of running feet and much shouting from below.

Not knowing how that was going to turn out, I focused my attention instead on Sereta. She was squirming helplessly against her ropes and moaning desperately into her gag. Add to that her sweaty, mud-spattered body, bra and thong, and you might be able to see how I forgot about the commotion outside.

I rubbed against her, trying to play a little "footsie."

"Mmmmphhhh," I smoothly moaned to her, hoping she'd notice the prominent feature underneath my bikini briefs.

"Urrhhmmmphh!" she crossly retorted, apparently believing this wasn't the time or place. Her angry response caused her body to jolt, which in turn made her breast pop loose again from her bra and her glasses to slip to the end of her nose. That didn't exactly dissuade me, if you know what I mean!

Minutes later, we heard the sound of several pairs of feet thunder up the stairs.

"Police! Freeze!" commanded the officer in charge of the squad which burst into the room.

Sereta and I squirmed helplessly against our ropes and begged through our cleave-gagged mouths, "Hllmmmphhh!"


After we were freed, Sereta and I stood on the front step of the rec hall. Being clad only in tight, sweaty, mud-stained bikini briefs, bra and thong, we clearly captured the attenion of the assembled law enforcement officers, news reporters and the rest.

"Well," said the shefiff as he looked us over carefully, "You won't have to worry about that punk kidnapping you again. We've got a program all worked out for him!"

Sereta and I exchanged concerned glances. Despite the fact that Brad had twice within the week kept us as briefly-clad bound and gagged prisoners, the concern for his future still burned brightly within us.

"You mean back to jail, sheriff?" I asked.

"Sir, he truly does have a wonderful potential inside of him despite what happened," Sereta added.

"Actually, no" the shefiff replied. Then he called out to the crowd, "Hey...can you folks come over here?"

To Sereta's and my astonishment, Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Daisy strode over to us.

"Daisy, Wilbur," I said, "Me and Sereta are truly sorry for what we felt we had to do back at your cabin, but we hope you can see our motives now. We realize that it was wrong for us to leave you two bound and gagged and take your clothing and car, so we truly accept whatever charges and punishment we have coming."

"Charges? Punishment? Tarnation, no!" Wilbur replied.

Sereta and I exchanged puzzled looks.

"You see, young feller," Daisy said, "Me n' Wilbur stayed roped 'n gagged a good long time in our undies. Well, all that squirmin' n' moanin' we did together kinda touched somethin' off, and now we're more intimate than ever before. We just don't know how to thank you and Sereta, so we hope you'll accept a tokin' of appreciation from the mayor next week."

Despite the surprise of hearing this, I managed to ask about what would become of Brad.

"Oh, we got that in hand, young feller," Wilbur replied. "The shefiff here gave that youngin' over to me and Daisy. Why, we're-a-gonna take that boy to our chapel where he's-a-gonna learn scripture and sing in our choir."

"Oh, Wilbur," Daisy said with tears in her eyes, "my heart's-a-gonna burst with joy!"

Wilbur then took Brad in arm.

"Welcome to the family, sonny-boy!"

"This f**kin' sucks, dude!" Brad growled as Wilbur and Daisy escorted him away.

"Well, Tommy...all's well that ends well, huh?" said Sereta. "Both of us are ok, and Brad is getting a new, better life." She winked at me and gave me that sexy grin.

"You couldn't be more right, hottie," I replied as I gave her buttocks a quick squeeze.

"Hey," said the shefiff, "You two folks need a lift back into town? We can get some clothes for you as well."

"Oh, that's ok, sir." I said. "Me and Sereta thought we'd spend some quiet, quality time out here for a bit."

Sereta's breast again popped from the bra and her glasses again slipped to the end of her nose. She smiled blissfully.

"Well, I see what you mean," said the shefiff. Soon, the police and everyone else left. Sereta and I stood alone in the middle of Camp Knotty.

Sereta removed her glasses and set them aside. She then removed her bra.

"Those cheap value-mart bras never did hold my stuff well," she giggled.

"Oh, no," I joked as I put my arms around her, "what will we do now?"

Sereta suggestively tugged at my bikini briefs as she rubbed her bare foot against my hairy leg.

"I don't know," she purred, "but I heard someone once say that things are always better in the mud!"


Friday, May 18th 2012 - 01:48:04 PM
Name: Michael Day
Comments:The sweat running down my face mixed with tears of frustration and pain as I struggled to free myself from the rope holding my body in this torturous position.
I had opened the door of my office to a man in a brown UPS uniform, holding one of those electronic signature pads. No sooner had he come inside than he drew a revolver from his waistband and ordered me to the back of the office. He was joined by a woman carrying a red cloth bag that she dropped on the floor. Taking several coils of thin, flexible rope from the bag, she forced me into a chair and twisted my arms behind my back. I don’t know where she had learned her skills, but she seemed to be a magician with rope; soon my wrists were crossed and lashed painfully together between my shoulders, at the base of my neck. Tight coils of rope encompassed my upper arms, holding my elbows firmly against my body. The woman pressed me back against the chair and began to run coils of rope above and below my breast and around the chair. When she finished I would have been fortunate to have been able to twitch an eyebrow.
Turning her attention to my legs, she lifted each ankle off the floor and tied it to the back of the chair. As the piece de resistance she plucked the handkerchief from my shirt pocket, shook it from its folds, stuffed it into my mouth and wound a long strip of cloth several times about my head, well between my teeth. Knotting the cloth at the back of my neck, she wrapped a few layers of gray duct tape around my head, covering my face from just below my nose to my chin. Almost as an afterthought she wound a strip of the cloth about my head and over my eyes, leaving me in darkness.
“Well, looks like he ain’t goin’ nowhere,” said her companion with a laugh. “Where did you learn English, you ignoramus,” came the reply, “ain’t goin’ nowhere?” An exasperated sigh from the man indicated that he’d heard this criticism of his grammar many times before, “Will you please lighten up and give me a fuckin’ break; I was just tryin’ to compliment you.” I tested the ropes holding me and found that all of the knots were out of my reach. I could hear them as they ransacked my office, taking what money was in the cash drawer and hauling out the back door any electronic gear that was easily carried. It seemed as if they spent about a half an hour in the office before taking my keys from the desk and leaving. I was startled when the woman leaned down and whispered in my ear, “The way I have you tied, you’ll never be able to get free; so after we’re safely away from here I’ll call the cops and let them know where to find you.”
Tuesday, May 29th 2012 - 03:08:36 PM
Name: TommyVictim
Comments:Love the scenario, Michael. Your assailants were cool and deliberate in their actions. Their confidence was noticable, too, as they took their time with the heist. I was wondering about the guy in the uniform who held you up: was he the real driver, or was the real driver in the back of the delivery van, minus his uniform, dressed only in ropes, gag and undies?

Wednesday, May 30th 2012 - 02:22:10 PM
Name: Jeanne
E-mail address: jg@dreambook.com
Homepage URL: http://emachines.com
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 - 08:52:14 PM
Name: Lance BG
Comments:Tommy, I can answer that question because that driver was me. I was in the back of the truck with my hankerchief stuffed in my mouth and tied tightly in place by one of my sweatsocks. My hands were cuffed behind me and the other sock tightly binding my ankles together. Yes, I had been stripped but not down to MY underwear...my GF finally got her way that morning and had gotten me to wear a pair of her panties to work under my uniform. Not very frilly and sexy ones obviously not for my athletic build. Very tight nylon bikinis rather skimpy on me. The guys that grabbed me were two huge brutes in ski masks and they laughed at my predicament as they manhandled me while tying me up, even spanking me. The one guy went into the house and got our friend and the other gave me menacing looks as he told me what he liked to do to pantyboys...
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 - 10:20:10 PM
Name: TommyVictim
Comments:Thanks, Lance. My curiosity has been satisfied!

Thursday, May 31st 2012 - 12:06:24 AM
Name: Ed Overton

Looking for other guys who fantasize about being bound and gagged with other guys during kidnappings, robberies, home invasions to discuss possible stories and scenarios. Please email me at edoverton99@yahoo.com to discuss.

Saturday, June 2nd 2012 - 07:10:06 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:A friend of mine was in a sneaker store robbery while in college twnety years ago. The robbers left him bound and gagged in the storageroom while they stole the expensive sneakers and clothes.

He was secured with yards of duct tape and had a sock stuffed in his mouth with more tape put over it and left in just his jockey shorts. No one foiund him until late the following morning and he was left helpless for over 16 hours. He admits that when he realized he was no longer in danger and the first few hours he was very scared, he became aroused and even had a climax while riding the couch at one point in the evening.

He still likes the feeling of being bound and gagged and likes to pretend he is being robbed or kidnapped. He especially likes to wear tight spandex or Speedos since they make hime feel more vulnerable and on display.
Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 06:08:12 PM
Name: Larry
Comments:I have heard similar cases of victims of robberies where they become very aroused and later become very interested in being tied up for sex or other things. I'm sure that is is indeed very stimulating once the element of danger with the people there are long gone and you're left on your own.
Monday, June 4th 2012 - 03:51:55 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:A lot of the interest is from younger victims since it is in their early developement stages of life. Many of these people can not have normal sex because of these events.
Thursday, June 7th 2012 - 06:28:59 AM
Name: Candace
Comments:I wasn't the victim of an actual burlary, but rather a robbery. I guess it was really my fault, since the robber was the man I dated for about 3 months. I'm single, because after college, I concentrated on my career, and was able to start my own business before the age of 30. A successful business, too. By the time I was 38, I was really feeling lonely. I had been in a few relationships, but all were short term. Then, a charming, handsome man entered my life, sweeping me off my feet. I began to feel as if I was in love, and lavished many gifts, expensive gifts, on him. I really opened my life up to him, disclosing many financial facts about both my personal assetts and business assets. He was always affectionate, and I finally fave him a key to m house. I made plans for us to go on a romantic weekend, so told my personal assistant I would be gone from Thursday night til Monday morning, my cell phone would be off, and didn't reveal where I was taking my lover. I stayed a little late Thursday evening, tying up loose ends, then headed home. Rain and fog had set in, but it couldn't cloud my feelings about the next few days. I had told him I would be by for him about 8pm, and we'd take off then. My house was in a new development, one of only a handful, and no one had built in my cul-de-sac yet except me, so I had solitude. I drove in the garage, lowered the door, and entered thru the kitchen door. I almost jumped out of my skin when he spoke. "Welcome home" he said. "Jesus, honey, you scare the life out of me." Then, in the background, in the dimly lit room, I saw the outline of another person. "Who's that, someone who gave you a ride. Didn't see your car." The person stepped forward, a woman, and in the better light of the hallway, could see she had a hard look about her. Her hair was bleached blond, the giveaway were her dark eyebrows. Her clothes were a size too small, as she was about to burst out of them. To my surprise, she wrapped her arms around his waist. "What's going on here?" I asked. He slid his arm around her, and said, "change of plans. You have so much, I have so little, so things are about to be reversed. Have a seat." The woman shoved me backwards, and I fell on the floor, so she grabbed m hair and yanked me to my feet, then pushed me onto a kitchen chair. "Here's how it's going down. I want the PIN for your special account you have set back for your golden years, all your jewelry including that Rolex you have on, plus, you're going to transfer all the corporation money from the bank to this secret account, fromyour home computer. I know you can, seen you do it before, although not the transfer. The account will trace back to you if discovered, thanks to Beverly's computer savvy. It's all worked out that it will look like you embezzled all your corporation funds, hid your personal money from the IRS. You'll go to prison for 20 years or more. And Bev and I will live in luxury someplace without extraditon. Took us a long time to set this up, but gonna pay off big time." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then Beverly spoke, "I just might slice that pretty face of yours for fucking my husband for the last few months, bitch." "HUsband?" I asked, stunned. "Yep, 6 years now." For the next hour or so, I worked at my computer, heartbroken at the way my life had gone, scared I wass going to prison. Finally, I told them the transfer was complete. Then, I gave my PIN and he told the woman to go to the bank, use the ATM and clean out as much as she could get. She left, and he just stared at me. About an hour later, Beverly returned, and she was very angry. "There was a limit on the amount of the transaction, so I only got $3000." He leapt to his feet, demanded to see the receipt to make sure she wan't holding out. "Goddamn it, that's fucked up" he ssaid. She told him they would get some more the next day, but he seemed upset about that, too. "She's supposed to be gone for the next 3 days, so we can't use it here. Keep an eye on her, while I toss the house." He then handed her a pistol and a backpack like a college student would use. He left, she turned to me, and before I knew what happened, punched me in the stomach, sending me to my knees gasping for air. She pushed me donw on my face, straddled my back, slid the backpack closer, pulled my arms behind me, and, with rope from the backpack, tied my wrists together so tight the rope felt like it cut to the bone. A large blue rubber ball was jammed into mouth, silencing me. My ankles were bound next, just as tightly. She actually was giggling while she tied me. Rope went around my torso, above and below my breasts, cutting into the flesh. Then, she very roughly bound my elbows til the touched, sending agony thru them and my shoulders as well. I was still wearing my business attire, skirt, blouse, pantyhose, high-heeled pumps and a long narrow scarf, which she now removed. This was wrapped over my eyes, blindfolding me. The ropes were all pulled so tight, I was afraid I was going to start bleeding. Plus, the rope around my torso made it difficult to breathe. I felt my legs pulled up behind me, and rope was used to link my ankles to the ropes binding my upper arms, raising my upper body off the floor. I wanted to scream at the pain, but no sound came out. Then, I heard his voice: "damn, baby, she piss you off? You got her hogtied worse than that schoolteacher down in Florida a couple of years ago. And she spit in your face." "Just letting this bitch know how mad it made me she slept with you." "Here's all the jewelry I found. Don't know how valuable it is, that's your expertise. We need to hightail it." "Okay, I'm ready. She ain't going nowhere til someone cuts her loose. Used the knots my daddy showed me when I wa a girl. The one's that get tightere when you pull at 'em, so you have to cut them to get loose. Hand me that wide roll of adhesive bandage stuff there. Gonna make sure she stays quiet and in the dark." Then I heard the sound of tape being unrolled, and felt it being wapped all around my head, over mouth, eyes, ears, til only my nose wasn't covered. She even wrapped my hair. "Hand me that duct tape, now". Again, the sound of tape coming off the roll as duct tape was used over the bandage tape. She even wrapped my hands, so even my fingers were rendered helpless and useless. I heard the sound of them packing up their loot, then footsteps fading, a door opening and closing. Then, total silence. I did hear the occasional pop or creak of the house, but thats all. I began thinking about my predicament; I was supposed to be totally away from communication, people who knew me, completely isolated. No one even knew where I had ntended to go. Monday would be the earliest anyone would worry about my absence, and I could be dead by then. I began sobbing at my predicament, realizing I was going to die alone, no family, no one. As it turned out, I was rescued, but not til Saturday morning. My assistant had been checking things, noticed the irregularity of the accounts, called the police, who began an investigation. They basically broke into y home, with a warrant, to search for evidence to use against me. Finding me in my condtion proved I had been the victim of a crime, which kept the IRS off me, but the criminals disappeard with my corpation's finances. I was able to secure loans to keep going, but the experience has been humiliating.
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Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Joanna, P.I.!(Part 1)
Comments:Hi,everyone: Here is the start of another fiction/fantasy tale.


I didn't think the job market would be this rough. Really. I'd recently graduated with a doctorate in Ancient Babylonian Sexual Intercourse Techniques and figured the world would be my oyster, with all kinds of opportunities looking for me. Reality was quite different. Months after graduation, I was still unemployed with massive student loan payments to take care of. So, partially out of desperation, and partially as a gag, I sent my resume in to a local private investigator, and to my suprise, I was contacted and informed that a position as the private investigator's assistant was mine if I wanted it. (Nothing like a good college education, eh?)

It was a warm, humid Tuesday afternoon when I reported to the P.I.'s office, which was located on the top floor of an obsolete, run-down former office building. There used to be several businesses and staffed offices housed in that building, but only the P.I.'s office remained. After I climbed several flights of stairs, I finally stood before the door.

"Joanna, P.I," the bold lettering on the glass on the outside of the door proudly proclaimed. Full of anticipation, I knocked. My exciting career as a private investigator's assistant was about to begin, I thought, and I couldn't wait to discover how my Ph.d would be utilized.

"Oh, come in," a perky, energetic, feminine voice announced.

As I entered the office, a woman rose from behind a cluttered desk and strode across the room to shake my hand. Joanna was 59, 5'8, and slim. Underneath her hair--curly, still blonde, and almost to her shoulders--was a sunny face and alert blue eyes which rested behind a dainty pair of reading glasses which had slipped to the end of her nose. As we shook hands, I gave her overall appearance a quick scan: after all, if I was going to be in the private investigation business, I'd better learn to size up people's looks, I thought. Joanna's outfit consisted of a snow white blouse underneath a strawberry red jacket and matching skirt which rested about 3" above the knees--quite business-like. Her legs in beige pantyhose appeared more muscular than I anticipated, and her feet were nestled into a pair of red stiletto pumps, which clacked smartly across the floor as we met.

"You must be Tommy," she said with an enthusiastic smile. "Thank you for coming."

"My pleasure, Ma'am."

"Oh," she giggled, "it's Joanna. Since we'll be working together, let's just drop all those formalites, hmm?"

As we took our seats at the desk, I glanced quickly at her breasts. (Come on..all those years in college, and you think I wouldn't be attuned to such features?) While Joanna's frontal "arsenal" wasn't as large as the stereotypical female P.I.'s that we're used to seeing, her breasts did have a wiggle.

Our talk began with descriptons about ourselves, where we were from, our familes, etc. Joanna liked to break the ice with a partner that way. After I told her about myself, she reciprocated. Joanna had been divorced several years before, but rather than live a life as a shell-shocked, secluded female divorcee, she took life by the horns and became a private investigator. She also mentioned with pride her two daughters, both recently graduated from college, whose pictures appeared on the desk.

To Be Continued...

Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 01:55:28 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Joanna, P.I.!(Part 2)

Now that the ice-breaking, comfortable, friendly chit-chat part was over, we got down to business. Joanna opened one of the desk drawers and placed a dossier in front of me.

"Go on and open it," she said. "Do you know who that is?"

I studied the picture of the suave, hunk-looking stud for a minute or two, but I drew a blank.

"His name is Hot Freddy," Joanna said, "and he runs the auto dealership here in town. We have reason to believe that he and his cohorts are running a drug trafficking ring through his auto plaza."

"Wow!" I responded. "Any idea about how they're doing it?"

"The main theory is that there's folks who are bringing unwanted used cars to Hot Freddy to sell," Joanna replied, "and the owners of those used cars are transporting illegal drugs--cocaine, heroine, the like--inside those allegedly unwanted vehicles. Hot Freddy gets the cars, opens them up, takes the drugs and distributes them. It's quite an operation."

"Well, since this is a very serious charge," I asked, "why aren't the police involved? It seems to me that they'd drop everything to crack a case like this one."

Joanna removed her dainty reading glasses and set them on the desk. "Oh, they are. In fact, they're handling most of this case, but they're a little short on manpower so they've asked me to help out wherever I can."

She leaned back in her chair and flashed a confident, alluring smile. "Of course, I was only too happy to oblige. You know, Tommy, if I can make a major contribution to this investigation, it'll be a real feather in my cap."

Once again, she displayed that enthusiastic grin. "And yours too, hmm?"

As I nodded, there was a knock at the door.

"Come," Joanna announced.

The door opened, and in strode Linda, the county sheriff. She appeared a tad older than Joanna, a tad shorter and a tad plumper. Her brown hair was straight and short, extending just past the ears. She had large, round, alert eyes and a mouth that could fluctuate between seriousness and levity. Her dark blue, long-sleeve blouse had three stars on each collar lapel, and a shiny badge and nameplate on the right breast. A black necktie hung rigidly and smartly from her neck. My quick glance downward revealed a dark blue skirt which extended to just above the knees, short and unspectacular legs which were housed in beige pantyhose and flat regulation slip-on shoes which were so polished, I could see my reflection. Her attire was completed with a pistol belt which snugly circled her waist.

"I apologize for being late, Joanna," she said, "but I was doing some more follow-up on the Hot Freddy investigation."

"No problem at all," said Joanna as she rose from her chair. "Sheriff, I'd like you to meet my new assistant, Tommy. He'll be helping me as I do my part of this case."

"Mmm, I'm pleased to meet you, Tommy," Linda said as she shook my hand. I noticed she smiled without showing any teeth, just keeping her lips together. "We're going to need all the help we can get on this investigation, and I'm sure Joanna has briefed you on the particulars."

"We were just starting to go over that, Sheriff," I replied, "and thank you. I'm glad to be here."

Joanna was about to sit down, and Linda was in the process of pulling another chair over to the desk when the sound of several sets of feet thundered up the stairs toward the office.

"Were you expecting anyone else for the meeting," I asked.

As Joanna, with a puzzled look on her face began to shake her head, the door flew open with such force that I thought it would be unhinged. Six men, dressed in dark catsuits rushed in. Each of them wore black pantyhose over their heads, and there was just enough nylon to form a sort of ponytail. One of the intruders carried a gym bag, while the other five carried 9mm pistols with attached silencers...aimed at us.

"All three of you...hands in the air!" barked the one who appeared to be the ringleader.

While Joanna and I obeyed, Linda didn't raise her hands, but cooly surveyed the goons.

"I don't know who you creeps are or where you've come from," she addressed them, "but armed intrusion is a serious violation of the law. Now, I want you to place your weapons on the floor, remove your masks and raise your hands." She sounded so calm, so professional.

"You've got that ass-backwards, Sheriff," the ringleader replied. "You're the one who'll do as we say--undo your pistol belt and let it drop to the floor."

Joanna and I watched in heart-pounding suspense as Linda did nothing at first. In fact, the look in her eye indicated she was thinking of drawing her service pistol and engaging the intruders in a shoot-out. I guess she figured she wouldn't be able to peg all of them because she was outnumbered, so with a deep sigh, she carefully unbuckled her pistol belt, which dropped to the floor at her feet with a depressing thud.

The armed intruders formed a circle around us, and the ringleader said, "Now, nice and fast, all three of you strip down to just your underwear. Everything else comes off--socks and pantyhose too. Just like you're all on a hot date. Move!"

There was a moment of uneasy silence.

"Look," Joanna said, "this isn't necessary. If this is a robbery, then-"

"I said, strip down to just your underwear, Ms. Private Investigator! Otherwise, all three of you can strip totally nude, and I'll make you three have an orgy! Unless you'd rather have a bullet between your sexy eyes!"

No sooner had the ringleader said this, I immediately began to strip down. I wasn't stupid. After all, I had my doctorate in Ancient Babylonian Sexual Intercouse Techniques from the university, right? Within moments, I stood before them all clad only in my snug, dark bikini briefs.

"Ohh, what do we have here," the ringleader observed, "a sexy boy, eh! Okay, Ms. P.I., you know the drill."

Joanna, resigned to the situation, removed her jacket and tossed it on the floor. She simulataniously unbuttoned her blouse and kicked off her stilettos. After she shed her blouse, her white lace bra was on display for all to see. Joanna sighed and unfastened her skirt which dropped to the floor. After she stepped clear of that, she removed her beige, control-top pantyhose, which exposed her white, low-cut panties. Like me, Joanna placed her hands on top of her head and joined me in briefly clad humiliation.

Linda maintained a cool demeanor as the goons focused their attention on her.

"You should know that forcing an officer of the law to strip contitutes assault," she told our evil visitors.

"Yeah, yeah, Sheriff..if you ever catch us someday, you can remind us of that as you read us our rights. But now it's your turn!"

Linda frowned and shook her head as she simultaniously loosened her tie and slid her feet out of her shoes. By the time her regulation uniform blouse, skirt and pantyhose lay in a heap on the floor, the sheriff was clad only in a black bra and matiching panties. While I felt Linda's figure left something to be desired, I'll go on record as saying her breasts were invitingly large.

We finally discovered what was in the gym bag carried by one of the intruders. Several lengths of pre-cut rope were tossed out, followed by a few small handkerchiefs and a couple rolls of wide, white tape. Three of the office chairs--wooden ones with straight backs--were positioned side-by-side. Joanna, Linda and I were made to sit down and place our arms behind the backs of the chairs. With slow, accurate precision, the rope-toting goon tied our hands behind us at the wrists and our upper bodies to the backs of the chairs. I noticed how the rope snugly and firmly looped around Joanna's and Linda's breasts. Further tying resulted in our thighs bound to the seats, our legs tied just above the knees and our bare feet at the ankles--which then were tied to the lower rungs of the chairs.

"You new here, boy?" the ringleader said to me.

"Y-yes...it's my f-first day," I replied.

"Well, welcome aboard!" he said. Then the goon wadded up a handkerchief, stuffed it in my mouth, then wrapped the wide, white tape several times around my head--between my nose and chin. My mouth was so thoroughly gagged, I could only manage a weak, muffled peep.

"I suppose you'll continue this humiliation by gagging me as well," Linda said, as another small cloth was wadded up before her eyes. "This'll only be another count of assault against y-mmmmmphhh!"

That's as far as she got. Like mine, the Sheriff's mouth was stuffed and thoroughly taped. She could only glare at the intruders, unable to move or speak.

The ringleader then picked up the phone from the desk, dialed a number, then held the receiver to Joanna's mouth. A card was held before her eyes.

"Go ahead, Ms. P.I.," the ringleader said. "At the tone, read what it says on the card, unless you want a bullet."

Since Linda and I were seated next to Joanna, we could hear the four rings at the number dialed, followed by a message: "Hello..this is the local press news story hotline..if you have a story you think is newsworthy, please leave it at the tone. Thank you.....Beeeeeeeeeeeep"

Joanna wiggled helplessly against her ropes as she was forced to read from the card in front of her.

"This is Joanna, the local private investigator," she recited. "At this time, me, the sheriff and my new assistant are stripped to only our underwear, tied to chairs and gagged. We will be unable to free ourselves and need help..this is the result of a perfectly executed office invasion."

Me and Linda looked at each other in wide-eyed shock at the audacity of all of this.

The card was taken away as the ringleader hung up the phone.

"Nice work, Joanna. That should be front-page news," he said as he wadded up another small hanky.

"I don't know what you creeps want," Joanna protested, "but you'll be caught...you'll never get away with this-mmmmmphh!"

Thus, my new boss was finished speaking for a while. The wadded hanky was stuffed in her mouth, and several winds of wide, white tape sealed her mouth, gagging her. Also distressing to the three of us was the fact that the goons took our clothes and stuffed them into the gym bag--it was obviously their intention that it should take a while before we were dressed again.

The other five goons quickly exited the office. Only the ringleader remained.

"And now, I have a message to leave the three of you," he said.

Joanna, Linda and I stared at him in terror, each of us breathing heavily.

"Remember this: Stay away from Hot Freddy, or next time we won't treat you so nice!"

"Understand, Mr. Assistant," he asked me as he ran his hand over my crotch.

"Mmmphhh-hmmmphhh!" I nodded vigorously in horror.

"Any questions, Joanna, P.I.," he asked her as he hiked her bra down and fondled her breasts.

"Ummmphhhhh..nmmmmmphhhhh," Joanna moaned.

"Remember, Shefiff, you got off lucky today," he told Linda, as he pulled her bra down and played with her breasts.

"Ummmphh! Ummmphhh! Mmmphhh!" the helpless, humiliated, top law enforcement officer in the area cried into her gag.

The ringleader then blew us a kiss and exited. He didn't bother to hike Joanna's and Linda's bras back up. As the three of us squirmed helplessly against our ropes and moaned into our gags, we knew further embarassment awaited us when we would be discovered. But we also knew the meaning of this office invasion: Hot Freddy had sent us a message.

To Be Continued...
Sunday, June 10th 2012 - 12:48:29 PM
Name: speedob
Comments:Nice stories. Keep up the good writing. Thanks.
Monday, June 11th 2012 - 03:03:33 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Joanna, P.I.! (Part 3)

Hi all. The story continues. I have this tale all planned out and will complete the installments as time permits. Thanks for your patience.

The energetic and fruitless attemps Joanna, Linda and I made to free ourselves from our ropes and gags resulted in an interesting, rhythmic noise. The chairs we were tied to creaked repeatedly under our strains, while our gagged mouths produced a wierd harmony.

"Urmmmphh! Urmmphh!" my deep voice grunted.

"Mmmmmphh! ummmphh!" Linda's medium-pitched voice growled.

"Hlllmmmphh!" Joanna's higher-pitched voice squealed.

After half an hour, I relaxed, as it became obvious to me that I wouldn't free myself. Joanna's and Linda's tied bodies also relaxed, as they probobly came to the same conclusion. But then, even if we were able to untie and ungag ourselves, what good would it really have been? After all, the intruders took our clothing with them, so the three of us would have been forced to just stand around in our undies while we waited for someone to come to us.

Soon, another army of footsteps ascended the stairs and stomped toward the office.

"Hellmmphh!" Joanna cried.

"Mmmphh hrrmmff!" Linda moaned.

Without trying to cry out, I closed my eyes and bowed my head. I'd done the math here, so I knew who was coming. Joanna was forced to leave a phone message with the local newspaper about what happened to us (See Part 2), so it seemed that someone at the paper got the message and sent a horde of reporters over. Yup.

The office door flew open, and sure enough, a dozen newspaper reporters, equipped with notepads, tape recorders and cameras hustled in. They gawked at us wide-eyed.

"Wow!" shouted one of them, "It's true!"

"Yeah," agreed another, "This is gonna be the story of the year!"

Joanna, Linda and I squirmed against our ropes and moaned through our gags for them to free us, but instead, they set up their tape recorders and cameras. You know the press, eh?

"So, Joanna," said one of the reporters as the camera bulbs flashed, "Does this break-in signify the end of your private investigation agency?"

"Nmmmphhh! Mmmmphh!" Joanna squealed, shaking her head, in tears.

"Sheriff," another reporter inquired, "Will being found like this in public diminish your reputation as a law enforcement officer after all your years of service?"

"Grmmmphhh! Mmmphh! Fmmmphh!" Linda replied in some profane-sounding gag-talk.

"Tell us Tommy," another scribe addressed me, "Since you and these women are so scantily clad, bound and gagged, does this mean perhaps that the three of you have engaged in a sexual bondage orgy?"

"Mmmphhh! Hmmmphmmm!" I replied. Actually, I told them I wished that were true. I was able to get away with that because my stuffed, taped mouth made it impossible for any coherent words to come out.

Joanna, me and Linda continued to squirm helplessly against our ropes and cry into our gags as the reporters continued to scribble on their pads and take countless pictures of us. It turns out that none of the reporters could free us because our ropes and gags were evidence, and only the approaching deputies could free us legally without tampering.

"Hey, Joanna, Tommy, Sheriff," called one of the reporters as he and his colleagues filed out of the room, "Thanks for the story. This'll bump up the circulation of our newspaper big time!"

Unable to move or speak, the three of us looked at each other sorrowfully. All the news that's fit to print....yeah, right!

To Be Continued....
Thursday, June 14th 2012 - 11:34:22 AM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Joanna, P.I.! (Part 4)

The following morning, Joanna arrived at the office shortly after me. She stomped in, wearing a white blouse, black dress jacket and matching slacks. Her feet, housed in beige nylons were wedged into black stilettos. She wasn't happy, but given the number those thugs did on us the day before, could you blame her?

"There!" she said as she slammed the newspaper on the desk. "Take a look at that!"

On the front page was a full color, close-up shot of Joanna, Linda and me, stripped to our undies, tied to chairs and gagged. Just above the picture was a bold caption which read, "Private Investigators and Sheriff in Knotty Situation--No Gag!" (I'd beg to differ on that last point, but the press is the press, eh?)

"Joanna, I'm a little surprised you have us back to work on this case after what just happened. I was thinking you'd want to take a few days off, at least."

"I don't know about your former employers, Tommy, but when I take on an assignment, I see it through to the end! After this humiliation of me and my agency, I'm going to work to get Hot Freddy and his goons put away for good!"

"I suppose Hot Freddy was given a lot more attention because of this," I said.

"Oh, sure," Joanna replied, "The Sheriff's Department picked him up yesterday evening, but there was nothing solid to hold him on. Freddy expressed his 'sorrow' for what happened to us...the nerve!"

"Yeah," I interjected, "but one of those goons said that Hot Freddy sent them. Doesn't that mean anything?"

Joanna removed her black stilettos, sat back in her chair behind the desk and put her smooth stockinged feet up.

"That's circumstantial evidence, Tommy. No, we're going to need something more solid to nail him with."

I pointed to the picture on the front page.

"What about the sheriff? How's she handling this?"

"Linda? Oh, I've never seen her so full of vengeance! She swears that she's going to arrest Hot Freddy and his goons if it's the last thing she does. She's got the entire Sheriff's Department working overtime on this one."

"She's getting a little old," I said. "Shouldn't she be thinking of retirement at some point, instead of filling her life with the pursuit of scum like this?"

"Yes, she should be," Joanna replied. "Linda could already cash in on a huge taxpayer-funded pension anytime she wants. But like I said, she's an eager beaver for hunting down criminals."

"Well," I continued as I gazed upon my boss's sexy feet, "I guess Linda's working her end of this aggressively, but what's our move going to be?"

"Tommy, I'm glad you asked!" Joanna said as she rose from her chair and padded stocking-foot to a file cabinet. She opened a drawer, picked through some files and tossed a folder onto the desk in front of me.

"Go on," she said, "open it."

I opened the dossier and stared at the picture of a 20-something year old young man. He was athletic-looking with that sandy blonde hair you'd find on the surfing stars.

"His name is Slick Bobby," Joanna said. "He's Hot Freddy's second-in-command. As such, he knows a great deal about the drug racket they're running at the auto mall. I have a plan for getting that information out of him."

My heart pounded with excitement again.

"Swell, but how's that going to work?"

"Easy," Joanna said, "We're going to arrange for him to pick up a hot date at the bar he normally attends. We'll wire this woman with a hidden tape recorder and when Slick Bobby gets carried away with his sexual fantasies, maybe he'll divulge some incriminating information we can use to put that gang away once and for all."

I figured that this 'hot date' wouldn't be Joanna, as she was heavily well-known around town at this point.

"Okay," I said, "but where are we going to find a woman who'd be willing to take a risk like this?"

"Hello, Tomminique," Joanna giggled. "I picked a French name for you. You see, you're going to dress in drag and be the hot date that we need for Slick Bobby."


Joanna opened a drawer in her desk and looked at my resume again.

"It says here that you've done some cross-dressing in college. I'm confident you'll handle yourself just fine."

"Yeah, Joanna...but that was just for an occasional gag for my frat."

"Tommy...do you want to see Hot Freddy and his crew get away with what they're doing...get away with having me, you and Linda stripped, bound and gagged....get away with poisoning our town to the point of destruction? Have you forgotten your obligation to justice?"

"But Joanna, I didn't think I had to go that far in this job."

She handed me the application I filled out.

"Take a close look, Tommy. It says you'd be willing to do whatever the agency--that's me--chooses as the best course to hunt down criminals. And your signature is below the finde print."

I sighed and handed the paper back to her.

Joanna walked over to a lage closet at the other side of the office and opened it's large doors. Inside the closet was a large selection of women's clothing, wigs, false breasts, hosiery, shoes and make-up.

"Hmm," Joanna said as she picked through the wardrobe selection, "I think the brighter colors are more for you."

"Yeah, right," I said as I began to strip out of my clothes.

Fine print...###***###!!!

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, June 27th 2012 - 03:28:39 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Joanna, P.I.! (Part 5)

So, now I was Tomminique. Sweet. Well, at least I looked the part now. Over my 36D false, strap-on breasts was a flaming yellow, long-sleeve blouse, the top couple of buttons unfastened to allow the curious a peek at the cleavage. The black, slit-skirt I put on stopped just above the knees. The smooth, beige pantyhose I wore massaged my shaved legs, and the 3" black stiletto pumps I had on completed the wardrobe. On my head rested a shoulder-length, curly red wig, while my face was painstakingly made up with make-up, eye shadow and lip gloss. Earrings, necklace, rings and an ankle bracelet were my other decorations. Joanna made me strut about the office until she was satisfied that my posture, buttock swing and stride were identical with that of the bar bimbo I was to be. A quick rehersal of facial expressions, head-tilting, laughter and feminine speech completed the preparations.

"Ooooh, you look convincing," Joanna said. "How do you feel?"

"Oh, like I'm about to get laid by some guy in a bar," I replied with a smirk.

"Good," Joanna said. "Now let's get going."


The name of the place was called Peek-A-Boos Gentleman's Club. It was a combination bar and strip joint perfectly in keeping with the venue someone like Slick Bobby would frequent. Joanna parked the car in the parking lot and we reviewed strategy one more time.

"Ok," Joanna said, "You have the tape recorder strapped to your side beneath the blouse, right?"

I nodded.

"Good," she continued. "Remember to turn it on just before you go inside. Now once again, where do you have him drive you after he picks you up?"

"Just a few blocks down by that dead-end street," I recited for the billionth time. "Once we're there, I entice him with some feminine moves to get him to think we're gonna make out. I'll ask him what he does for a living, and hopefully his horniness and whatever alcohol he consumed with make his tongue loose enough to say some incriminating stuff that'll be recorded."

"Right!" Joanna nodded. "After he parks the car on that dead-end street, I'll wait 10-15 minutes before I move in. I'll run up to the driver's window and point my .38 at him."

"Yeah," I continued, "Then I'll reach into my purse, take out the handcuffs, cuff him to the steering wheel, gag him, and that'll give us enough time to get away with the recording before he'll be able to come after us."

"Ok, Tommy, I think you're as ready as you'll ever be for this. Good luck."


I got out of the car and strutted to the door. Before I went in, I turned on the tape recorder beneath my blouse. As I passed through the door, the sound of rock music was blaring, and the cigarrette smoke was thick. There was a bar and tables, occupied by sleazy-looking women and enthusiastic men. I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. Already I was the attention of several pairs of men's eyes hungrily sizing me up.

Good, I thought, the drag is working so far.

I scanned the place thoroughly in order to find Slick Bobby, and sure enough, there he was at the other end of the bar, in the process of trying to pick up a Dolly Parton-looking blonde.

"Hey, baby," he said to her, "I just want you to know that I love every bone in your body--especially mine!"

"You ###**!! pervert!" the blonde screamed. She threw her drink in his face and stormed out.

I found that to be encouraging. Slick Bobby was obviously hungry for female companionship that night. I strutted over to him with a sexy swaying of my hips and sat on the stool the blonde had just vacated.

"Hey sugar," I purred, "Sorry to see that. A real hunk of a man like you shouldn't be alone tonight, mmm?"

"Yeah, baby," the young man replied with a hungry grin, "Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten-I-see!"

I tilted my head back and gave him an enthusiastic chick giggle. He certainly had a way with pick-up-lines!

"My name's Bobby. Slick Bobby," he said as he took my hand in his. "What's yours?"

"Mmm, sugar, it's Tomminique. That's French for....kinky."

"Yeah, baby...and how far does a hot lady like you go?"

I opened my purse and removed a pair of handcuffs and red ballgag and set them on the bar in front of him.

"Mmmmmm, Bobby, why don't the two of us get out of this place. You can drive me to a nice, quiet spot, then you can cuff and gag me and take me for all I'm worth." I invited with a purring voice and sexy wink.

"Yeah, baby," he said with his eyes bugging out of his head, "you talk my kind of talk."

We got off our barstools and left the place, with Bobby's arm around me as I swung my hips and strutted sooooo sexy.

True to the plan, Slick Bobby had no problem with driving me to the spot Joanna and I arranged. Bobby drove to the dead-end street and shut the engine off.

"God, you're sooooo hot, Tomminique," he said between heavy breaths.

I unbuckled my seat belt and slipped my pumps off. "And you're the sexiest man I've ever seen, Bobby...tell me, what do you do?"


"I mean," I said while playing with my long, curly red hair, "for a living, sugar...you sure look wealthy and well-to-do, so you must have quite a job."

"I sure do, Tomminique. I'm part of the biggest drug racket this town has ever seen."

Bingo! Now the key was to keep him talking while the tape recorder rolled.

"Oooohhh," I replied while licking my lips, "that must be a very dangerous business...you've got to be careful, you know."

"Don't worry, sexy girl," he said as he pulled the zipper on his pants down, "Me and Hot Freddy have it all figured out. We make the deal at that auto mall in town."

"Oh?" I said as I unbuttoned my blouse a little more. "Then what?"

My heart pounded like crazy. Just a little more talk and Slick Bobby would hand us the evidence we've been looking for on a silver platter.

Bobby gently ran his hand on my smooth, pantyhosed thigh.

"Yeah, sexy girl, we bring the drugs in town ourselves. Then we stash them in the trunks of a bunch of used cars. The pimps we sell the drugs to come in, pay us, and drive off in the cars. People think we're just selling used cars, but it's a whole lot more...heheheheheheh."

Like I said.....Bingo!!

Bobby reached into my purse, took out the handcuffs and ballgag and pressed my wrists together to snap the cuffs on.

"We've talked enough now, sexy girl. Now it's time to get to the main event," he said as he cuffed my wrists in front of me.

Uh, Joanna, I thought...it's about time.

Slick Bobby then wedged the red ballgag between my lips and fastened the strap behind my head of curly, long red hair.

"You know, sexy girl," he said, "after I f**k the sh**t out of you, I'll have to kill you and dump you into the river...can't have you go around repeating all the stuff I told you."

"Mmmmphhh!" I moaned in desperation.

(Uh, Joanna, please feel free to get over here in the nick of time!)

As Bobby tugged at my skirt, I heard the sound of women's stilettos clacking on the pavement toward the car.

"Freeze, Slick Bobby!" Joanna's voice roared from the driver side window. She expertly aimed her .38 revolver at his head.

"What the f**k!" Bobby said. "Hey..you're that Joanna P.I. bitch in the paper!"

"That's right," she said, "and you're close to being a thug with a bullet between your eyes. Now get those cuffs and gag off that girl!"

Bobby obeyed. The handcuffs and ballgag on me had been so tight that I had to rub my wrists and mouth to restore some circulation.

"Ok, Tomminique," Joanna said, "cuff him to the steering wheel and gag him."

"You dirty bitches!" Slick Bobby said as I cuffed his wrists, "this was a set-up!"

"That's right," said Joanna. "That woman beside you is an undercover private detective and she has a hidden tape recorder that has everything you said about your drug ring on tape. Now we have all the evidence we need to put you, Hot Freddy and the rest of the gang away for good."

"Why you bitches--mmmmphhh!" I strapped the ballgag into his mouth before he could compliment us further.

"Oh, by the way, sugar," I said to him, "I'm really a guy in drag!"

"Grrmmmphhh!" he roared as I gave him a playful kiss on the forehead.

I was in such a hurry to get out of the car that I didn't take the time to put my pumps back on. I just picked them up and ran stockinged-foot to Joanna's car and got in.

"Good job...Tomminique," Joanna winked at me as she put the gas pedal to the floor.


Back at the office, it was a celebration. After I got out of my drag and removed the make-up and such, Joanna broke open a couple of bottles of champagne, and we drank toast after toast, getting a little weathered in the process. But why wouldn't we be merry? We now had the evidence to put Hot Freddy and his crew behind bars for the rest of their lives--we still had to deliver the tape to the Sheriff's Department yet. In addition, Joanna's humiliation in the press would be reversed as a result of this, and she'd be a national heroine of private investigators now. Joanna was happier still, because her two daughters, Tiffany and Brittny, recently graduated from college, were due in town for a visit. I saw their pictures on Joanna's desk, and I hoped to meet those atheltic, young, energetic blondes.

Joanna then took me by surprise.

"You know, Tommy, you're a very sexy man."

I hadn't gotten dressed yet, and I was only clad in my snug, dark blue bikini briefs.

"And you're a very gorgeous woman, Joanna," I replied. Maybe that was out of place for me to say to my boss. Maybe the champagne had taken it's toll on both of us. Who knows.

"Here," Joanna said as she tossed me a box of condoms. "We're all alone here."

"Are...are you s-serious?"

"Don't get me wrong, Tommy," she said as she stripped down to her black bra and matching low-cut panties only, "I don't love you...but you're a big asset to this private detective agency, so you should be rewarded."

"Is that in the fine print also," I asked as we shed our undies and lay on the floor.

"Neither is this," Joanna replied as she mounted me.


Our love making had lasted quite a while, and finally, exhausted but satisfied, we rose from the floor. I slipped on my bikini briefs again and sat in the chair beside her desk. Joanna dropped into her chair still nude, her undies still on the floor on the other side of the office.

"What a day, Tommy," she said with a grin, "one we'll never forget!"

I was about to agree when the phone on the desk rang.

"Hello, Joanna, P.I.," she answered.

"What?" Joanna said, puzzled. She scribbled something down on the notepad next to her.

"Wait...who is this," she asked. A second later, she hung up the phone.

"Who was that," I asked.

"I..I don't know, Tommy," Joanna said as she turned on the computer next to her. "Some voice told me to log onto this website for a special message for me."

A couple of minutes later, Joanna stared at the screen and broke down into hysterical sobs. I rose from my chair and hurried to her side of the desk and looked at the computer screen.

OMG...to this day I can't believe it...the evil...oh.

The website Joanna logged onto featured a live cam feed. The cam displayed two college-age, athletic, energetic blondes. Both were clad only in bras and thongs--one girl wearing black, while the other's undies were sky-blue. Both young women sat side-by-side, with their hands tied behind them, their bare feet tied together and their upper bodies bound. Tight, black cleave-gags were fastened into their mouths. The two wiggled against each other and their tear-stained faces pleaded.


Somehow, the young women looked familiar, and it was then to my added horror that I noticed they were the girls in the pictures on the desk. Tiffany and Brittny...Joanna's daughters...OMG.

Beside them was a large piece of cardboard with a message written in black sharpie pen--the message stated where Joanna should go with the tape recorded evidence. The implication of what would happen if Joanna didn't comply was clear.

Joanna recovered a little, wrote down the address and turned off the computer.

"Joanna..this is serious...let's call the sheriff's office now."

"No, Tommy! The message said no police!" Joanna said as she strode still nude across the office.

"I know," I said, "but you see the kind of scum we're up against. We're gonna need all the help we can get."

"Tommy, I want you to stay here," she commanded as she picked her bra and panties up from the floor, "My Tiffany and Brittny are in peril, and I've got to handle this alone!"

To Be Continued...

Thursday, June 28th 2012 - 12:18:25 PM
Name: speedob
Comments:Tommy you have to go undercover again to help find the daughters. Perhaps go back to the gentleman's club and get captures while wearing a homing device in a buttplug tucked safely inside your tightest bikini brief, Spanx might be a good idea in this case and Joanna and the shefiff can follow. It might be scary being bound and gagged as a French escort, but if you read the fine print you will see that your job depends on it. Perhaps you can bring a worn panty from your sexy boss' hamper as a good luck charm.

Can't wait for the rest.
Friday, June 29th 2012 - 05:54:35 AM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Joanna, P.I.! (Part 6)

At the Sheriff's Department, Linda stood in front of her desk, arms crossed, as I told her what happened. She was dressed in her normal dress uniform: Dark blue, long sleeve blouse with shiny decorations, name tag, badge, black tie; dark blue skirt just past her knees; beige pantyhose and shiny, flat, black dress shoes.

"Mmm," she said, "So Joanna immediately left the office to this address she was given? You didn't go along?"

"That's right, Sheriff. She was determined to do this all by herself, and nothing I said convinced her I should come along...she didn't even want any police along."

"That's a pity," Linda said. "That was quite an achievement you two made in getting Slick Bobby's incriminating words on tape, and now Joanna's forced to give that evidence back to Hot Freddy and his gang to save the lives of her daughters. What did you say that address was again?"

After I repeated, Linda walked across the room, grabbed her pistol belt, and fastened it around her waist.

"Come with me, Tommy. I have a hunch this case is going to get even more interesting!"


I didn't find out about this until later, but while Linda and I were talking, Joanna drove to the address posted on the ransom-cam website. The place was a deserted warehouse on the outskirts of town. Joanna parked the car, got out and walked cautiously toward the warehouse. She was within a few feet of it when the warehouse's large sliding doors flew open with the roar of a freight train. Facing Joanna was a group of twelve men,all wearing black catsuits and black pantyhose masks except for one--this guy was tall, meaty, with a full head of jet black hair, black mustache and a cat-ate-the canary grin. It was Hot Freddy.

"Well, well, if it isn't our sweet lady private-eye," Hot Freddy said. "And prepared to make the transaction we discussed earlier, I presume."

Joanna reached into her black dress jacket pocket and held the tape in her hand.

"Yes, Hot Freddy, I'm here to make the exchange. You and your dirtbags win, damn it...but first I want to see my daughters!"

"Of course," Hot Freddy said, "This is a legitimate transaction, and we all must operate in good faith, right?"

Hot Freddy motioned to one of his goons who walked over to a large white van. The van's back doors were opened and revealed Joanna's daughters in the back, clad only in their bras and thongs, thoroughly tied up and tightly cleave-gagged.

"Oh my god...Tiffany, Brittny!" Joanna wailed.

"Mommmmphhhh..ohmmmmphhhh," the college girls moaned as they wiggled helplessly together. Their eyes were tear-stained and their brief undies appeared to have been jostled a bit. The goons closed the doors to the van again.

"Here, damn you!" Joanna said as she placed the tape into Hot Freddy's hand, "Now untie and ungag my daughters and let them go!"

"Ahh, it feels so nice to have this in my possession," Hot Freddy said as he valued the tape in his hand. "Of course, Joanna, you realize you'll have to be searched before we go any further."

"Wha-what?" Joanna said, open-mouthed, as six of the goons surrounded her with drawn pistols. "I did exactly what you said..why are you adding more to it?"

"Just a precaution, my dear. After all, you're an emotional, energetic woman who's just seen her daughters stripped to their bras and thongs, bound and gagged and threatened. There's no telling how you'll react."

Hot Freddy motioned to his goons to begin the search. Joanna raised her arms in the air, and the goons' probing hands reached underneath her black dress jacket and removed her .38 revolver and a small tape recorder.

"What's this," Hot Freddy said, "a gun and a tape recorder? Oh, Joanna, Joanna..that's so unsporting of you. I'd call that a slight breach of our agreement, so some further procedure will be necessary."

"W-wha-what do you mean, you slimy bastard?"

"I do believe a full strip-search of your person will be in order first. You may keep your bra and panties on, but shed all other clothing."

Joanna was indignant. "If you think I'm going to allow you to humiliate me like this, you dirty creep, you--"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Hot Freddy said. "I forgot to say, Simon Says-strip to just your bra and panties. Don't irritate me any more, lady snoop! If you don't strip right now, I'll have my men place plastic bags over your daughters' heads and you can watch them slowly suffocate to death. Decide and decide now!!"

"Ok..ok," Joanna said with tears in her eyes. She quickly shed her black dress jacket, kicked off her black stiletto pumps, climbed out of her black dress slacks, pulled off her beige knee-high hosiery and removed her white blouse. Except for a necklace, bracelet and a ring, Joanna was now clad only in her black bra and matching, low-cut panties.

Four of the goons quickly seized Joanna and pinned her to the warehouse floor. When she saw her legs being spread apart, she looked up at Hot Freddy.

"I suppose you'll just stand there and watch with that shit-eating grin of yours while your thugs penetrate me," she said defiantly.

"On the contrary, lady P.I.," Hot Freddy replied as he approached and unfastened his zipper, "I'll take my fill of your first, then my comrades will help themselves to what's left over.

"You sick pervert! You'll never get away with-mmmmph."

Joanna's was silenced when one of the goons holding her down clapped a large, meaty hand over her mouth.

"You know, Joanna," Hot Freddy said as he crouched over her, "if you're anywhere as appetizing as your daughters were, this'll be a real good time!"

Joanna closed her eyes and sobbed into the hand which clapped over her mouth as the darkest side of male intentions descended upon her to take and to probe.


"Linda..Sheriff," I said from the passenger seat of the police cruiser, "Do you really think it's wise to go charging to this address without back-up? I mean, Hot Freddy and his crew don't exactly collect for the March of Dimes, you know."

The police car accelerated even faster as Linda pressed a shiny dress shoe on the pedal.

"Yes, Tommy. This may seem unorthodox, but in the first place I have many years of experience with this kind of situation, and second, extra deputies will ruin the element of surprise I've planned." Linda turned off the car's communication radio to drive home her point.

"Ok, Ma'am," I said as we sped onward.

We finally arrived at the warehouse, but not at the end of the complex opposite of where Joanna entered. After the police cruiser was parked, the two of us quietly entered the building through a decaying wooden door.

"Sheriff, are you sure Hot Freddy and his gang are at the other end of this complex?"

"Yes, Tommy. That was our arrangement."

My eyes bugged out of my head.

"W-what do you mean, Sheriff? Do you mean you knew those creeps would be here all along?"

Linda drew her service pistol from its holster and aimed it at me.

"That's right, you pain-in-the-ass. Now strip to only those snug bikini briefs you love to prance around in!"

After I stripped to just my snug, dark blue bikini briefs only, Linda made me lean against the wall, arms and legs spread out.

"Sheriff...Linda...I can't believe someone with all those years of devotion to upholding the law and a pillar of the community would be seduced by Hot Freddy's evil ways."

Linda ran her hand over my hairy chest, back, up and down my hairy legs and reached into my bikini briefs and felt around a little. She then gave my buttocks a firm squeeze.

"You know, Tommy, you have a nice, tight ass. If there was no hurry for me to turn you over to Hot Freddy for disposal, I'd cuff, gag and mount you in this dirty old warehouse. I've read all your fiction/fantasy stories on the Bound and Gagged by Burglars Dreambook site in my spare time, and I must say I'm a big fan."

"Well, Sheriff, in that case, maybe you'll be so kind as to tell me how you got mixed up in all of this and what your plans are."

Linda pulled my arms behind me and snapped the handcuffs on my wrists. Then she pushed me from behind and we began our walk to the other end of the warehouse. There was a thick dusty dirt on the floor which clung to the soles of my bare feet.

"You see, Tommy, years ago I was slighted by the governor. I worked extremely hard to put away a local mob boss, and when the governor announced the arrests, he didn't even give me credit for it. Perhaps that was a bit vain of me to feel that way, but damn it, I'm the hardest working law enforcement officer in the state, maybe even in the entire country and I deserve my due. So I decided to get even with the state by offering my services to Hot Freddy, and I've served him well."

"Right," I said, "and now instead of being the hardest working law enforcement officer in the state, you're the hardest working corrupt law enforcement officer in the state!"

Linda spun me around and drove her knee into my crotch. As I dropped down in pain, she removed a small handkerchief from her pocket, wadded it and shoved it into my mouth. Next, she removed her black necktie, wedged the middle of it between my lips and wound the ends behind my head and fastened them firmly. She had me stripped, cuffed and gagged. For a moment, I thought she had the time to mount me as well, but she got me back on my feet again and pushed me from behind as our walk continued.

"Yes, Tommy, that day in Joanna's office when Hot Freddy's boys stripped us to our undies, bound us to those chairs and gagged us was all a rehearsed plot."


"Well, not exactly all of it. When one of the goons fondled my breasts, that wasn't in the script. Only Joanna's breasts were supposed to be groped. By allowing myself to be abused and humiliated like that, it eliminated any chances someone would think I was part of that gang.


"The money? Well, Hot Freddy's payment kick-backs to me are quite sizable, but I'm really doing this for the thrill of knowing I can get away with this...and trust me, this'll be covered up so well, it'll be at least four thousand years before anyone even suspects me at all. Anyway, with my huge taxpayer-funded pension coming in another couple of years, I'll have all the money I'll ever dream of needing."


"Oh, yes, and as far as that ransom-cam video sent to Joanna is concerned, I helped put it together. When I found out Joanna's daughters were coming to town to celebrate their college graduation, I arranged to pick them up and give them a tour of the town..and the last stop of that tour was to turn them over to Hot Freddy so they'd become bait to trap their private-eye, nosey mother."

Linda giggled.

"It's funny. Those two girls graduated college with honors in Criminal Justice. I guess they're finding out plenty about the criminal element now, eh, Tommy?"



We finally completed the walk to the other end of the warehouse. Hot Freddy gazed upon me with that cocky grin of his, and his catsuited, panyhose-headed goons added their sneers to my predicament.

"Well, Sheriff," Hot Freddy said, "I see you have private-eye number two firmly in hand."

"It was no problem, Freddy. He thought that because I'm the sheriff, he'd be perfectly safe. He guessed wrong. I assume Joanna and her daughters are all accounted for?"

"Ahh, snug as a bug in a rug," Hot Freddy laughed. He motioned again, and one of the goons opened the back doors to the van. Joanna's daughters were still there, helpless, and in between them sat Joanna. My boss's hands were tightly tied behind her back, her bare feet tied at the ankles, and her upper body firmly bound. Joanna's mouth was tightly gagged with a cloth stuffed in, while a scarf taken from her purse was wedged between her lips with the ends tied behind her head. Her panties were only halfway on, and one of her breasts hung from her bra. Like her daughters, there was a ravaged look on her face which indicated how she was treated upon capture.

"Urrmmmphh! Mrrmmphhh!" I roared angrily at Hot Freddy through my gag.

"Put him with the others," Hot Freddy ordered.

Rough hands immediately grabbed me and wedged me between Joanna and Tiffany. Since my hands were already cuffed behind my back, all the creeps had to do was tie my bare feet together at the ankles, tie up my upper body and make sure my gag stayed snug. The four of us--kidnapped captives--were stripped to our brief undies, barefoot, thoroughly bound and gagged, and sweating. We wiggled helplessly against each other and whimpered to one another through our tight gags.

"Well, Sheriff," Hot Freddy said, "have you found a good location where we can kill these four and dump their bodies?"

"I sure have," Linda replied. A few miles down the road, they're excavating to put in a strip mall. There's this huge hole dug out of the ground. It's out in the middle of nowhere, so nobody will see. Have your goons drive those four out there, give them each a bullet in the back of the head, and throw some dirt over them.Very soon the strip mall will be put in and nobody will ever find these snoops. By the way, make sure silencers are attached to the pistols to eliminate gun noise."

"Mmmphmm..mmmmphmmm..mmmmphmmm," Joanna, her daughters and me pleaded into our gags.

"Great idea," Hot Freddy said. "Oh, yes, there's one more execution to take care of here." He nodded to his goons. "Bring him out here!"

A moment later, Slick Bobby was brought in. He was stripped to his tight, black bikini briefs. His hands were tightly tied behind his back and his bare feet were tied at the ankles. His mouth was stuffed with some kind of material, and an enormous amount of tape was wound around his head and mouth. His gag was so thorough that he could barely utter a peep. Two of the thugs grabbed him and made him hop on the soles of his bare feet to stand before Hot Freddy. The doors to the van were left open so Joanna, myself, Brittny and Tiffany could witness what would follow.

"Ah, Bobby, what can I say," Hot Freddy said as he ran his hand through Slick Bobby's hair. "Such faithful service from you all these years....but you allowed yourself to be recorded giving incriminating evidence to Joanna's hired drag queen. That carelessness almost destroyed this entire operation and us with it. So, my boy, your promising career with me must come to this inglorious end."

"Nmmmphhh! Nmmmphhh!" Slick Bobby begged into his gag.

One of the goons put his pistol to the back of Slick Bobby's head and the gun was about to be fired when Linda interrupted.

"Freddy! Wait! Um...can I do it?"

Hot Freddy motioned for the goon to put his pistol away.

"Yes indeed, Sheriff...that is a wonderful idea...it would be most reassuring to know that a head honcho as you are can still pull the trigger."

Hot Freddy motioned to the back of Slick Bobby's head.

"Please, Linda...please proceed," he said with a smile.

Linda drew her service pistol, placed it to the back of Slick Bobby's head and pulled the trigger. A thunderous explosion rocked the place as the gun went off, and a shower of Slick Bobby's brains and head splattered all over the place. The corpse dropped into the gooey mess.

Joanna, Brittny, Tiffany and me wailed with horror into our gags. I noticed their breasts bounced and dripped with perspiration as their tied up bodies recoiled at the horrific sight.

"Well done, Linda," Hot Freddy said.

"Thanks, Freddy. Us law enforcement officers like to take care of loose ends, you know."

"I see," Hot Freddy replied, "and
speaking of loose ends..." He motioned again to one of the thugs, who came up behind Linda, removed the pistol from her holster and pressed it against her back.

"But...but.." she stammered as she raised her hands in the air.

"No buts," Hot Freddy replied. "You see, Sheriff, you were the biggest loose end to this operation all along. I see that dress uniform you have on is uncomfortable in this humidity. Now strip down to your bra and panties..and there'll be no play-acting about this one."


Linda's gunbelt, blouse, skirt, pantyhose and shoes lay in a pile to the side. The sheriff, now clad only in a black bra and matching panties, pleaded as her hands were tightly tied behind her back.

"Please Freddy...think this through...I've covered up your tracks for your drug racket...I've arranged the kidnapping of Joanna, her smart-ass assistant and her daughters...I've even killed for you...please don't do this!"

"Indeed you have, Sheriff," Hot Freddy said as Linda's upper body was tied, "but you seem to have forgotten that there is no honor among thieves."

Linda persisted in her pleading with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Freddy, please...please...I'll do anything you want..oh, please...what more can I say?"

"From this point, Madam Sheriff, you'll be unable to say anything more."

Hot Freddy snapped his fingers, and one of the goons came up to Linda, wadded up a handkerchief and stuffed it into her mouth.


A long strip of cloth was produced. It's middle was wedged between Linda's lips while the ends were firmly tied behind her head. The sheriff was efficiently gagged.

"Put her with the others," Hot Freddy ordered.

Linda was stuffed into the van beside us, and her bare feet were tightly tied at the ankles.

"Mmmphhh..ummmphmmm," Linda protested.

"By the way, Madam Sheriff," Hot Freddy said, "we'll still go with your wonderful idea of having the five of you driven to that excavation site, executed and buried. Ta-Taa!"

"Mmmmmphhhh!" the five of us wailed as the van doors were slammed shut.


The van hadn't started up yet, but we expected it would shortly.

Brittny, Joanna, myself, Tiffany, and Linda. Seated side-by-side, left-to-right, in that order. Each of us stripped to our brief undies. Each of us thorougly tied up. Each of us tightly gagged. Each of us heavily perspiring. Each of us on our way to execution. I reckoned that there were only a few minutes left for us to live, so I cleared my mind of criminals, justice, whatever. Instead, I focused on the four women around me, how beautiful they were and how aroused I was getting.

I stared at Brittny and Tiffany, the young college grads, so well-proportioned and athletic. These two had struggled the hardest against their ropes and cried the loudest into their gags. Sweat glazed their entire briefly clad bodies, from their matted blonde hair to their luscious breasts to the tips of their bare toes. I lamented what a shame that there wasn't time enough now for those feminine energies to be used to please well-intentioned men.

"Mmmmphhh! Mmmmphh!" the two co-eds cried in frustration as their bodies shook against their bonds.

Joanna was next to me. What a boss! She actually found it in her to surrender her body to me as a reward for good work on the job. She was a great love-maker, and I hoped she'd keep images of that passionate time on her office floor shortly ago in her mind as long as possible before the upcoming bullet ended her talents. Joanna just sat there kind of limp, not struggling against her ropes or twisting her head in an attempt to work her gag off. Like her daughters, she was glazed in sweat.

"mmmphh," she weakly moaned to me.

Then there was Linda on the far end. Tragic. She thought she could have the best of both worlds, and now the realization was setting in that her only reward would be a cruel death in an excavation pit. She wasn't as sweaty as the other women yet, but she was getting there. Her large breasts strained against the ropes which bound her, and she twisted her head violently in an attempt to work her gag loose.

"Nmmmphhh! Nmmmmphhhh!" she wailed.

Of course, it was hard to have sympathy for her. After all, she worked hard with Hot Freddy to have us kidnapped and murdered. But still I thought...in another time...in another place..would she yield her breasts to me?


We heard Hot Freddy's voice bark out, "Okay, get that van to the excavation pit and off those five!"

The engine on the van had just turned over, when the sound of many vehicles and sirens could be heard outside of the warehouse. The sound of helicopters could be heard circling overhead. There was also the sound of panic among Hot Freddy and his thugs. We could hear their feet scampering every which way and their voices swearing as loud as they could.

"How the f**k did they find us?" we heard Hot Freddy roar.

You see, I took a precaution before I left the Shefiff's Department with Linda to come out to the warehouse. Just before we left, I told one of the deputies what was going on and the address we'd be heading to. Our lucky stars must have lined up, because that deputy took action, assembled a task force and raced to the warehouse.

Then it got scary.

Suddenly the sound of may guns of different types thundered through the complex. A bullet or two even pierced the inside of the van, but fortunately, none of us were hit. A few minutes later, the doors to the van flew open, and a deputy looked in at us.

"Here they are!" he shouted to his comrades. "Safe."

Joanna, me, Tiffany, Brittny and Linda were freed from our ropes and gags, and we staggered out of the van. The bodies of Hot Freddy and all his gang were strewn all over the floor, shot dead. Evidently, there was no surrender in that scum.

Tiffany and Brittny, still clad only in their sweaty bras and thongs, stood away from the crowd, hugged each other and wept.

Joanna and I stood together in our sweaty undies. I placed my arm around her. She didn't seem to mind.

Lina marched up to the deputies--only in her very sweaty bra and panties, of course--and played business as usual.

"Good work, men," she said. "Get these bodies cleared out of here and inform the press. Hot Freddy and his drug ring are out of business."

Joanna and I looked at each other in indignation. Joanna ran to the deputies and said, "Deputies, I want to charge the Sheriff here, Linda, with participation in this drug gang."

The deputies had strange looks on their faces, and Linda tried to do her best to blow it all over.

"As you can see, men," Linda said, "Joanna is obviously overcome by the tension and stress of this perilous situation. Put out a call for an ambulance so Joanna can be taken to a sedation ward at the hospital until she gets her mind back."

"Yeah!" Joanna interrupted, "but before you have me strapped to an ambulance stretcher and drugged, you better listen to this."

Joanna padded barefoot across the filthy floor and retrieved the tape recorder that Hot Freddy's goons had taken from her earlier. It was still recording.

"W-what's that?" Linda asked nervously.

"It's the end of your criminal activities, Sheriff, and I use that term very loosely. You see, when I came out here to exchange the tape of Slick Bobby for my daughters, Hot Freddy had me searched, and they took my gun and this tape recorder. Well, those scumbags were so busy raping me afterward that they forgot to check to see if the tape recorder was still recording, which it was. And it captured Linda's confession when she joined us."

"Oh, that's not believable!" Linda snorted.

"Really?" Joanna countered, then listen to this!

Joanna rewound the tape and pressed the play button....

..."Please, Freddy, think this through...I've covered up your tracks for your drug racket..I've arranged the kidnapping of Joanna, her smart-ass assistant and her daughters....I've even killed for you..."

Joanna stopped the tape recorder and a look of horror appeared on Linda's face.

"Sheriff," one of the deputies said, "You're under arrest for drug trafficking, kidnapping and murder."

"Wait...this.." Linda stuttered.

"Place your hands behind your back, Ma'am."

Yes, it was a peculiar sight to see the once top law enforcement official clad in just her bra and panties, get cuffed and stuffed in the back of the police cruiser.


Well, as gratifying as it was to be part of the team that brought down the biggest drug ring the town had ever known, I finally decided that being a crime fighter wasn't for me. Of course, I had to let Joanna know about it, but she wasn't located in her P.I. office anymore. No sirree, she'd become such a heroine from this episode that she was unanimously made county sheriff--as you've just realized, there was a sudden vacancy to fill for that position. Joanna's office was located at the women's prison just outside of town.

When I arrived at Joanna's office at the prison, she greeted me warmly. She wore the same regulation dress uniform Linda used to wear, except Joanna took the liberty of wearing 3" black pumps on her feet.

"Oh, Tommy, I'm sorry you're leaving the private-eye business," she said when I told her the news.

She asked me what my future plans were, but before I could answer, we looked down to the lower tier of the prison. We saw Lina, ex-sheriff, attired in an orange jump suit with a black-stenciled number across it. Her bare feet were squeezed into a pair of black prison-made flip-flops. She was also bound with handcuffs, foot-shackles and body chains, while two guards escorted her to a holding area.

"Looks like she won't be needing that fat taxpayer-funded pension now," I observed.

"No she won't," Joanna replied. "The taxpayers will only be funding her basic living necessities at this prison for the rest of her life."

"So what part of this prison is she heading to?"

"Oh, she's going to the hard-core women's lock-up," Joanna said. "As I recall, there are a few hundred women inmates there--inmates that Linda put here at one time or another. I immagine that ought to be quite a reunion."

"Yeah, nasty," I said. "Those other hardened women might kill her or at least clean out her butt-plumbing."

"That's possible," Joanna said, "and I can get her moved to a safer cell, but that's going to take a lot of paperwork, and since I'm new to the job, doing that paperwork will take a while...if you know what I mean."

She winked.

"Anyway, Tommy, you haven't answered my question. What are your plans now?"

"I'm not sure, Joanna. I know I'll find something. After all, I've got a doctorate in Ancient Babylonian Sexual Intercourse Techniques."

"Oh," Joanna said with a hearty laugh.


Friday, June 29th 2012 - 05:11:05 PM
Name: Lancebg
Comments: Your most exciting story yet Tommy! At first I was surprised at you suggesting that Slick Bobby cuff and gag you. Then I realized how smart you were to do it. What if he had demanded a sampling of your oral talents instead? There's no way you could have refused! Imagine what the ladies would have heard then, besides Bobby's confession!
There are many classic scenes in this masterpiece! Keep up the good work. Mmmmppphhh! Mmmmmpppphhhh!
Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 09:38:40 PM
Name: speedob
Comments:Tommy, I see you doing more undercover work in drag. It takes a special man to be a gorgeous lady and you are it. The perfect damsel-in-distres if you will. You need to go out more as a woman and lore in the evil doers. Just make sure you wear clean underwear just in case though.
Thursday, July 5th 2012 - 06:12:27 PM
Name: TommyVictim
Comments:Hi, speedo, Lance:

Glad you enjoyed the story. I'll say this, though: even though a few of my stories involved me dressing in drag, I actually don't do it for real..the thought of sensual pantyhose takes my mind in that direction sometimes. I'd love for some of the female contributors to this site to weigh in on the issue.

Yours in snug bikini briefs and pantyhose...

Friday, July 6th 2012 - 10:25:51 AM
Name: Lancebg
Comments: Your writing is pretty clear that you don't do it for kicks. I don't really either but always had a thing for panties. That's what led me to be tied up the first time. Speedo, your concept of not being able to enjoy it at the time but the memory may turn you on is a good one, if I read you right.
Friday, July 6th 2012 - 09:40:49 PM
Name: Amiee
Comments:I am 16 right now, I will share with you what happened over 5 years ago. The only reason why I am doing this is that, hopefully it will encourage others to share their stories, and maybe get more to come forward.

It was the weekend before Christmas, after dark, and one of the coldest nights I can think of, everyone was sleeping. I was sleeping to, I was awaking buy what I though wsa something pressing on my mouth, then it I knew it was someone, and with a blade to my face, he also said he had a gun. He first gagged me, and then wrapped tape around my face to cover the gag and then took my hands and cuffed them behind my back, and had a lock as well, so I could not move my hands at all.

Needless to say, I was real scared, wondering if he was going to kill me. I wanted to scream, but did not know what he was going to do to me, and plus the way my gag was, no one would hear me.

He took me from my bedroom, in his car and drove like a half-hour. Could not fight him, could not run. It was for a few hours, the longest and most terrifying few hours of my life. He beated me, let's say he sexually violated me, in everyway. Whatever you can think of, he did it to me. I was both hurting physically and emotionally, asked why is this happening to me. It was like this the whole night into the next morming, no breaks from this at all.

When it was morning, I guess if he would have known that there were dogs in the area, he may have took me to a different place. Dogs saw that what was going on, they were barking, the neighbors went to see what was happening he ran off. They found me, lying cloths ripped aparted, and cuffed and gagged. I was very bruised up and cold. They took me in, called the cops.

My parents were totally unware of what happened, until the police called them. I was in the hospital for a few days, for all kinds of things, fractured ribs, sprained shoulder, one leg was fractured, mild case illnesses related to being cold as well, also injuries from sexual advantages as well. stayed there most of Christmas break.

I spend many nights, for years sleeping with my parents, could not sleep alone after what had happened, even then I had nothing but nightmares. Cannot go in public, I cannot date or go to anything like proms, or dances, and still being scared of what happened. I always wondered if what would happened if he picked a different location to take me, or the dogs did not bark, or anyone could not find me, would he have killed me, or would I be here today. That is in my mind alot.

Another reason why I wrote this, to let you all know that tie up games should not be a joke at all. Nothing funny about it. Especially what happens to some people. If you call yourself a victim after a tie up game, that hurts those who were real victims of this. Don't joke about it, or make up stories about it. It hurts real victims. (My name is not Amiee by the way).
Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 09:57:21 AM
Name: DarkSnidely
Comments:Heheheheheheh....poor Tommy was about to reply to this last posting when I dropped in to visit him unannounced. He was very surprised to see me, and he was only wearing skimpy, dark-colored briefs....apparently, that's his home fasion, I take it. I think he had plans for the day, but he's "all tied up" now--to a chair, that is.

Are you nice and snug, Tommy? Here...I'll remove your gag so you can get a quick word in....Heheheheheheheheheh.
Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 09:00:52 AM
Name: TommyVictim
Comments:Mmmmphhh..whmmmummmfff..mmmphh...DarkSnidely, you'll never get away with this, you evil fiend! When you knocked on my door, you said you were collecting for a good cause!

Anyhow, friends, when I finally free myself from these sinister ropes this diabolical creep has tied me with, I'll begin work on a new fiction/fantasy tale. I was going to say that if "Amiee" doesn't like the fiction stories on this site, nobody's forcing her to read, and...no, wait, just let me finish wh-mmmphh...mmmph! Ummphh..grrmmphhh..hummphh!
Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 09:14:24 AM
Name: DarkSnidely
Comments:Ahhhh, Tommy has a way with words, doesn't he? Well, my briefly-clad exhibitionist, it has been grand, but I have places to see and things to do.

Oh, and Tommy? Remember...don't go away, and mum's the word!


(DarkSnidely lowers himself out of Tommy's apartment window, climbs down to the parking lot and disappears into the night.)
Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 09:21:29 AM
Name: Alex
Comments:I'd just like to start by saying this is fake, I had a dream that actually seemed relatively realistic, so I decided i'd post it. (for the record I'm a guy)

I was sitting with my girlfriend Jessica, my best friend Josh, and his girl friend Jordan in joshs living room of his apartment (we're all in college) watching a movie. A knock came at the door so I got up to answer it. I looked through the peephole and saw two guys dressed in black holding guns, a small pistol each, and I pretended I wasn't there. One of them yelled that they'd shoot the lock off if I didn't open the door, and he saw all of us come in so if he had to break the door open he said he'd shoot one of the girls. Not wanting to risk the girls lives I opened the door and ran to the back room and told them what happened. Josh was about to take the girls to the fire escape when the burglars walked in on us and held up their guns. He told me and Josh to tie up our girlfriends using whatever we could find. Thinking that would be better than them tying up the girls, we complied. We looked around the house for anything and found two rolls of duct tape. We each took one and proceeded to tie up our girlfriends. I asked Jessica for her hands and she put them behind her and I wrapped tape around her wrists afew times and Josh did the same to Jordan. Then the burglars pointed their guns at us and made us keep wrapping it till we had wrapped their wrists at least 10 times and they told us to do the same to their ankles. We wrapped their legs 10 or so times and they told us to give them the tape and forced us to sit. One of them wrapped tape around our wrists and ankles and wrapped the tape over our mouths and around our heads three times and disk the same to the girls. When they made sure we couldn't move they left to find something of value. Unfortunately the only things of any value were the tv and afew other things (we're in college after all) they decided to take the girls instead and threw them over their shoulder and walked out. We struggled against the tape and when we finally got free I ran out the door and saw them peeling out of the parking lot in a black van. I jumped into my car and Josh got in the other side and we drove after them.

Then I woke up. Sorry but I don't have the rest of the story as it was a dream.
Friday, July 13th 2012 - 03:24:32 PM
Name: LanceBG
Comments: I used to go to a neighbors house to water her plants while she was on vacation. She paid me well to do it but I would have done it for free because she was so pretty. I had a panty fetish even then and used to go into her room and try hers on. I was in there one day in a pair of her bikini panties when I heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. Too scared to think clearly I just stood there and whined. A masked man burst into the room. He was a huge, muscled man but he showed no weapon. He simply ordered me to lie face down on the bed as he took stockings out of the open panty drawer to bind my wrists and ankles. He went to the hamper and pulled a pair of worn panties out and shoved them in my mouth as I looked up pleadingly. He laughed at how cute I looked tied up and panties and slapped my ass. After he got his loot and left I got myself free. I got away easy so the memory is not as bad as most people's experience. My current fantasies revolve around if that burglar had not been such a gentleman.
Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 10:56:45 AM
Name: Jasmine
Comments:This is a story that happened about a year ago. I was 17 and my parents were out for the day for their work and wouldn't be back until the next day. I don't really care since it normally doesn't happen often and it's just me and my little sister Andrea(13) so it's allright. Well I was staying up late one night and i was wearing a tanktop and some white shorts since it was summer and some sandals. I was watching a movie and I thought Andrea was asleep. Then suddenly out of nowhere I felt something against the back of my head and I froze. Then I heard the person say something and I relaxed, it was just Andrea having fun, this isn't her first time to do this. I pretended to be shocked and she said "move and I shoot, talk and I shoot." then she threw a scarf on my legs and told me to gag myself. I did and pulled it tight so I could barely speak even if I wanted to. She told me to lean forward so I did and she pulled my arms behind me and crossed them and tied them tight. Then she told me to stand up and turn around so I did and saw she had an old ski mask on to hide her face and she was dressed in a long sleeved black shirt, black jeans, and my black leather boots (I have small feet) and she was holding a toy gun we had around the house for our young cousins who come over occasionally. Anyway she told me to sit down and cross my legs and she walked over to me and tied my legs in a crisscross pattern. To be honest I could have gotten out pretty easily but I didn't because I actually enjoy it. She started talking about how I was her prisoner and I had to do what she said and I played along and acted scared. That went on for a minute or two when she said she had an idea. She said she would get my phone and take a picture and send it to all my friends. I laughed alittle to be honest. Most of my friends no I like being tied up anyway and she knows that and Ive actually sent them pictures before so that wouldn't be a problem either. She ran off into my room and I thought I heard something crash but I thought nothing of it. I waited for afew minutes and she wasn't back so I assumed she couldn't find it. I started to pull out of the ropes so I could help her and figured she could just tie me up again. I got my hands out and was untying my legs when a man walked into the room from mine carrying Andrea over his shoulder and I could see she was tied up. He threw her onto the floor next to me and she screamed in pain alittle when she hit the floor. It was a basic tie with her hands behind her and her wrists crossed like mine were but with twice as much rope and her ankles were tied together and looked like they had enough rope to hold a horse. She wasn't gagged so I asked if they hurt her and she. Said no but they snuck up behind her while she was looking for the phone and she had pulled out my stash of rope I use to tie myself and was planning to bring it out since I didn't look very secure, but they snuck into the room through the window since I normally leave it open during the summer, took the rope and tied her up with it. One of the guys looked at me and threw me a scarf that I recognized from my closet and told me to gag her. I put it in her mouth and tied it off and he walked over and tightened it until she screamed alittle so he slapped her. He looked up at me as I tried to scoot away since my feet were still tied and said it was my turn. I froze and one of them went into the garage to look for something and came back with like three rolls of duct tape and walked toward me and grabbed me by the ankle and dragged me to the kitchen where he picked me uo and threw me on a chair with a high solid back and armrests. He put my arms on the rests and wrapped both sides in tape ten times each. He pulled my legs next to the chair legs and did the same thing at my ankles on either side. Then he wrapped tape around my stomach about five times and kept it really tight so I could barely move at all. Then he tied my knees together and wrapped tape around my thighs and around the chair ten times. Then he wrapped it around my head four or five times as tight as he could and walked away leaving me struggling in the chair while they tore the place apart. After what seemed like an eternity they walked back into the kitchen with one of them holding Andrea over his shoulder and he pulled her around so he was holding her in his arms and threw her at me and she landed on me with enough force that we both went back wards on to the tile floor. And they both laughed and walked out and I could see one of them was carrying a bag over his shoulder, no doubt holding all our stolen stuff. We waited until we were sure they were gone and started to try and get out. Andrea rolled off me and put her wrists up to my hand and I tried to untie it and after ten minutes I eventually got it loose and she grabbed a knife and cut herself free and took out her gag, then she started to cut me loose and when we were both free we called the cops and our parents freaked when they found out (we left out the part where Andrea was already robbing the house when they walked in :) and eventually the two were caught.

Honestly I think we both took it pretty well cause the next time our parents were out we tied eachother up again like nothing had happened.
Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 07:41:43 PM
Name: Usual Suspect
Comments:I sincerely hope that I'm never bound and gagged by burglars; but I have on many occasions allowed someone I trust to tie me up and gag me. Most people have no idea about the proper way to bind someone so as to make escape impossible. They will take a long length of rope and begin to wind great loops of it about their victim's body, thus allowing plenty of slack for escape. If someone knows what he or she is doing getting loose will be very difficult if not impossible.

I dated a woman shortly after my divorce who was an expert at the fine art of binding and gagging. She was very nearly a magician with rope, having studied Hojojutsu as a part of her martial arts training. Once placed in one of her bondage positions I was helpless to free muself until she decided to untie me.

The one I remember most vividly happened one Saturday shortly after we met. She'd tied me up before but only in the standard, hands behind my back, ankles together manner that most people think about when they hear "bound and gagged." She asked me if I'd like to experience something "unique and inescapable." Who could resist that?

She seated me on the floor and tied my legs into a cross-legged position, then tied my wrists loosely behind my back. Then, removing the handkerchief from my shirt pocket, she shook it from its neat folds and stuffed it into my mouth. Holding her hand across my lips to hold the handkerchief in place she wrapped an elastic bandage about my head, covering my face from just below my nose to my chin. She moved around behind me and began to draw my crossed wrists upward to a point at the base of my neck. She made the bindings tight and wrapped additional rope about my arms to hold them in this position.

I was beginning to understand why she'd said that this position was unique and inescapable. She fastened another length of rope to my ankles, passed it around the back of my neck and drew my chest down to my legs and my neck down to my ankles, where she made fast the remaining rope. Now, I was bent double into a ball with my wrists crossed between my shoulder blades and my neck mere inches from my ankles. A few more judiciously placed bindings, connecting my shoulders to my knees ensured that I would not be able to move other than to rock weakly back and forth.

She kept me in this position for only about an hour but it seemed as if it were several days. The pain of having my body contorted and bent into such a small and tight ball was almost unbearable toward the end of the hour or so I spent in this position. She later told me that this position was used as a torture in feudal Japan to elicit confessions from criminals and would sometimes last for hours on end. If I were faced with the prospect of spending hours upon hours tied into this hellish posture, I would confess to just about anything.
Wednesday, August 1st 2012 - 01:46:22 PM
Name: Fran
Comments:This event wasn't a burglary, but rather a robbery/home invasion. My husband and my best friend's husband were on their annual deer hunting trip, so I invited my friend to spend the week with me so we wouldn't be lonely. Betsy has 2 kids, a 15 yr old son and 11 yr old daughter, but nice kids, and they came along also. Our men left on Friday morning, Betsy and kids showed up about 5pm and we went to dinner with Betsy and I still in our work clothes. After dinner, we headed back to my house, just out of the city limits in a exclusive development. My house in the last house on our street, top of the hill in the cul-de-sac. Its surrounded by lots of trees, and all homes are on 5 acre or larger lots, something about septic rules or something. Anyway, its a bit secluded, not visible from the highway, barely visible from our street. My husband and Betsy's are life-long friends, and we have all prospered quite well. I was driving my Suburban, and failed to notice the dark vehicle at the bottom of the hill. I pulled in the garage, closed the garage door, and we all went inside. Everyone pretty much headed for a bathroom, and just as I returned to the family room, someone knocked on the front door. Very unusual, as there is a bell. I looked thru the peep hole but didn't see anybody, even with the porchlight on. That's when I heard a crash and a scream from behind me. Looking back, I saw 3 masked people, clad in black, all with guns. One of them had Betsy's daughter by her hair, and another spoke: "no screamsing, or yelling , or talking. Sure hate to see this little girl ged hurt." We were all told to put our hands on top of our heads, and sit on the sofa. It was a bit crowded with 4 on the sofa, but everyone was too scared to do anything but obey their commands. "Here's the deal. We know you have jewelry and money here, and we want it, all of it. Also, you have some at your house" he said, pointing at Betsy. "After we get blondie's here (me) we, (meaning the hoodlums and Betsy) are going to ur house, get ur stuff, and then, if it's enough, we'll leave you be. If not enough, then you'll have to come up with more." The apparent leader then motioned for me to go with him, and we went thru the house, emptying my jewelry box, our safe, my purse, Betsy's purse, my husband's Rolex, and other valuables. He seemed disappointed in his haul, and escorted me back to the den. I was shocked to find Betsy and Leah bound with duct tape, and Eric was bound with rope, lots of rope. "This cunt", one said, motioning at Betsy, "says she wont go to her house unless we take her kids along also." "She'll go, or the kids won't see the sun come up" the leader told him. Leah began to cry when she heard this, and Betsy tried to comfort her, but she became hysterical. After some arguing among themselves, the cretins desided that Leah would go with Betsy to thier home, but Eric would stay here with me and one of them to watch us. Two left with Betsy and Leah, and one, the cruelest looking one stayed with us. With and evil leer, he told me to undress. I refused, and he slapped Eric so hard he fell out of the chair he was in. "Next time, he gets a kick" he told me, "now, get your fuckin clothes off." I complied this time, and stripped down to nothing. He then bound my hands behind me so tight, I thought the ropes would cut to the bone. He untied Eric and told him to strip also. Once Eric was nude, with an erection from seeing me, I guess, as I keep in shape, and had brest implants a few years back, leaving me with 36D breasts. He was staring at my nude body with a flattering look on his face. He was rebound, then we were stood face to face, and then bound together. The thug pulled my legs up around Eric and bound them behind his back. His erection was between my legs, and he could no longer look at me, he was som embarrased. Our elbows were bound, which pushed my brests out even farther, then we were pushed down onto the sofa, with me on the bottom. At this action, it was unavoidable for Eric's erection to not enter me fully. Almost as soon as he did, he ejaculated into me, and tears were in his eyes. "Fran, I'm so sorry, I couldn't help myself". i assured him that he wasn't to blame, and he lowered his head to my torso and began to cry softly. Our captor seemed overjoyed at our predicament. He tied more rope around us, but we were still face to face, then went to my bedroom. When he returned in about 5 minutes, I saw he was carrying some of the adult toys my husband and I use on occasion. One was a rather large vibrating dildo, and one was my Hitachi wand. He also had a tube of KY stimulating ointment. He applied a coating to the dildo, turned it on, and shoved with all his might right into my anus. My reaction was to buck and squirm, and he then taped the wand to my inner thigh, which not only stimulated my vagina, but was also against Eric's testicles. The effect was stimulating to Eric, who was instantly erect,, and he squirmed and I squirmed, and soon he was thrustin into me energetically. He lasted longer than the previous event, but not much, and soon filled me again. Our tormentor horse-laughed loudly and said, "kid, you should thank me. You're getting laid by a good lookin bitch, riding her bareback, and she seems to be enjoying herself." He repositioned the toys, and again Eric was erect, and this time I was squirming so much that he began to thrust with all his might. To my shock, and dismay, I felt an orgasm building. Sure enought, i began to react just as if my husband was making love to me, using all the energy and motion I could muster, and we each climaxed at the same time, something I rarely achieve with my husband. Again, our tormentor repositoned us, laughing again, and soon we were being intimate again. That's when the other 2 and Betsy and Leah returned. Betsy shrieked when she saw Eric and I rutting like wild animals, screaming for Eric to stop, but once again we were both to far along to stop. Amnother load of Eric's semen filled my vagina, and Eric was pretty much on the verge of exhaustion, and I was pretty worn out as well. Our invaders seemed to enjoy the show, and while Eric and I rested, they cruelly hogtied Betsy, even using a choke rope so she couldn't struggle without choking herself. Fortunately, Leah was just taped with about 2 rolls of ducttape to a dining chair, but she could see everything going on. Her mom was blindfolded, but placed on the floor beside the sofa where Eric and I were bound together. The dildo was removed from my anus, relubed, and shoved into Betsy's. She began to squeal and whimper, so she was gagged with panties and her son's Jockey shorts and ducttape. Eric would no longer look at me, and I could feel his body trembling. I whisperd into his ear that it wasnt his fault, not to worry, but he was still upset. Our captors seemd to be very amused at the way things were turning out, and once again, decided that Eric and I should have sex. Eric tried to refuse, but they threatened Betsy and Leah, with sexual assault as weel as bodily harm. This time, we were told to act as lovers, with kissing and caressing and nuzzling. My arms were numb from being tightly bound as well as me laying on them, so we were left bound, but Eric was told to suck on my breasts and kiss me, and I felt his penis hardening again. Subconsciously, I thought that when Eric begins a relationship with a woman, she was going to be blessed with a man who could perform often and well. Soon, we were basically making love, and if under other conditions, would have been very enjoyable. Finally the robbers departed with their loot, and Eric and I began to struggle to get loose. Unfortunately, our bodies rubbing together caused another reaction from Eric, and I felt another discharge into me. Eventually, Eric was able to wiggle from his bonds, cut me loose, dressed, told me to free his mom an sister, and ran out the door, sobbing. The Sheriff's Dept, showed up, investigated, but Eric has been devastated by the events. He refuses to attend school, avoids contact with his mother, sister, and any female. I've tried to see him, to assure him he isn't to blame, but I'm the one person he says he never wants to see again.
Sunday, August 12th 2012 - 01:49:55 AM
Name: Hm_Invdr
Comments:Have you ever had a story told from the other side, as in from the unique perspective of the individual who is the perpetrator in home invasions and is intimately acquainted with the fine arts of binding and gagging victims so well that escape is impossible?
Wednesday, August 15th 2012 - 03:52:42 PM
Name: bound couple
E-mail address: whitecouple4blk@yahoo.com
Comments:lets hear it please
Saturday, August 18th 2012 - 02:05:05 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:I had cased the nice house at the end of the street for weeks. They were the typical hard working couple, he was a bank manager and she was a successful real estate agent. I knew he collected rare coins and she inherited a jewelry collection from an aunt. I knew because I worked at the insurance office in town. They finally left for a week's vacation.

I pulled my car down the street and went through the backyard to the house. It was 9:00 P.M. and still hot and humid outside. I felt my black spandex pants and matching t-shirt get damp as I snuck around the bushes. I was about to go through the pool area, until I heard a few splashes! Someone was home! I then remembered the 18-year-old, well-tanned, cute, 5'6", son, with big baby-blue eyes, thick golden-blonde hair and a well-toned 135 pound frame still lived at the house. He returned from Florida a little early. It was an unexpected detail to deal with. It was too late to turn away, after all over $10,000.00 in jewels and coins awaited me.

I hid behind the fence and looked around. Sure enough cute teenager was in and out of the pool in just a red Speedo, that was a little too tight. He jumped back into the water. I had to admit he was cute, which made me a little uncomfortable, since I am not gay.

All of a sudden an olive skinned very pretty 5'9", teenage girl, with big shaped shaped hazel eyes, thick curly shoulder length flaming-red hair and an overripe figure that strained in a tight white one-piece swimsuit. She had two cold sodas in her well-manicured hands. I quickly took the opportunity to sneak around in the dark and through the open sliding door while they kissed. I eneded up in the boy's bedroom and saw the discarded clothes on his full-sized bed. The healthy looking redhead wore a 36GG bra! I was impressed and aroused.

I sniffed the leopard print bra, that looked like it could hold two basketballs when she walked in the room! I picked up her leopard print bikini panty and stuffed it in her luscious mouth before she had a chance to call out for help! I tackled her and used her own nude controltop pantyhose to bind her hands behind her back! She was terrified! I wrapped a red bandana over her full red lips to keep the panty in place and told her to be quiet or else!

I had a feeling the boy would not be far behind and went into the master bedroom and pulled out a handful of pantyhose. The cute blonde teenager showed up in his room just as I returned. The ultra-buxom redhead tried to warn him as he turned on teh light, but I quickly jammed a balled up white panty girdle in his mouth and pushed him to the bed! I tied his hands behind his back as he struggled and meowed through his own mother's worn undergarment! I tied his ankles together with more pantyhose and used a beige pair to secure the pretty redhead's pencil thin ankles together, and wondered how such dainty ankles could support so much woman, she had 25 well distributed pounds on the boy. I became erect in my black spandex pants as I finished binding and gagging the two college lovers.

I then went about my main business and went through teh master bedroom and office. I grabbed the coin collection and box of jewelry.

I heard the muffled meows in the bedroom and noticed that the front of the boy's Speedo had tented out prominently! The gorgeous ultra-buxom redhead strained and sweated as she tried to get loose. I had tied them up too well to escape. I wanted to stay and watch them, but had already spent too much time in the house. Burglary was serious enough, I didn't want to go further, although touching the hard spandex clad penis and huge natural wonders was tempting. I touched myself between my muscular legs and climaxed!

I doubled checked the two bound and gagged young lovers restraints. I ran a black leather gloved hand across the cute blonde's spandex covered member and helped him cum! It was the least I could do. I then ran a hand between the gorgeous redhead's thick but shapely long legs and noticed she was quite wet as well. I then felt up her huge spandex covered mammeries and felt her hard nipples, she wass aroused!

I overstayed my visit and did what I wasn't supposed to do. I grabbed the bag of loot and took off into the night.

The next day I watched the noon local news in the breakroom. The pretty blue eyed blonde reporter stood in front of the house and told the viewers about the robbery and how a couple of teenagers spent most of the evening bound and gagged in just their bathingsuits. At least they were safe................

Sunday, August 26th 2012 - 08:13:28 PM
Name: Anna Belle
E-mail address: annabelle@concast.net
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:My mother wasn't speaking to me. She just got out of jail and I told her she wasn't allowed to see the kids.

Then she broke into my house!!

She made me tie her to the toilet again. Honestly, I don't know why she's so obsessed with it. She makes me call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog.

I always must kneel when she pulls the paper out of my mouth. Then she pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf and shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste.

Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies.

Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her. Meanwhile, I have dreams about a drawing of Abe Lincoln on the toilet.

She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy.

Friend me on Facebook if you need my address. And get some heavy duty rope!
Monday, August 27th 2012 - 11:59:02 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Weekend Shift
Comments:Here's another fiction/fantasy tale.


It was 5:55am on Saturday morning, and despite the early hour, the summer air was muggy. I parked the car and entered the facility. The temp agency I worked for assigned me to this place, and my job for the day was to help a couple of others copy technical manuals, organize them and prepare them for shipping.

I entered the work area, which was equipped with computers, keyboards, large laser copiers and numerous cases of white printing paper. An air conditioner hummed away. A woman in her mid-fifties emerged from behind one of the copiers and greeted me.

"I'm Sue, the team leader. It's nice to meet you," she said as she shook my hand. Sue was 5'9", slender, with shoulder-length red hair. The emerging wrinkles on her face advertised her experience in life, but didn't hamper her drive and enthusiasm.

"The temp agency said this'll be a 12-14 hour job today," I said.

"Definitely! We'll be making copies of pages for a corporation's technical manuals...thousands and thousands of pages of them. This may sound like a long, tedious task, Tommy, but the corporation dearly prizes these manuals, and all those copies have to be shipped by the end of the day."

"Great," I un-enthusiastically sighed, "so, show me what to do and we'll get to it, I guess."

"Not yet," Sue replied. "There's one more member of our team who's yet to arrive. Her name's Kelli. When she's here, I'll show the two of you what to do."

A few minutes later, the door to the work area opened, and a woman in her mid-40's entered. She was a little shorter than Sue, heavy-set, with long blonde hair.

"Hi," she said as she shook my hand, "I'm Kelli."

Because it was a weekend, the dress standards were more casual than usual, so the three of us wore jeans, sneakers and tshirts.

"Kelli, Tommy, I'm glad the two of you had a chance to meet," Sue said, "but now we have to get to work. I want the two of you to stand by each of those giant laser-copiers. I'll enter the data into this computer and the copies will come out for you. Then you'll organize the pages and put them into the cardboard boxes. We've got a lot to do, so let's snap to it!"

As Sue sat before her computer, Kelli winked at me and said softly, "Slave driver, isn't she."

I returned Kelli's wink as the two of us positioned ourselves by the massive copiers. We were just about to begin when the work area's doors opened once more. Two security officers approached us. Both were men, massive and muscular, with dead-serious looks on their faces. Both were dressed in immaculate security guard uniforms, complete with hats and sidearms about their waists. I noticed one of them carried a black gym bag.

"Oh, hello, officers," Sue said as she rose from her computer. "I hope nothing's wrong."

Outside of Kelli, Sue and myself, the security guards were the only ones on the premesis. The guards looked imposing, but I knew the company took the security of their product very seriously.

"Just checking, miss," one of the guards replied. "This is the place were copies of that corporate manual are being re-produced, right?"

"That's right," said Sue. "We have 20,000 copies to reproduce and ship out by day's end. There's a high security classification on them, so I'm glad you guards are here with us. We'll feel a lot safer that way."

"Oh, we'll be here with you all right," one of the guards said as he drew a large automatic pistol from his holster.
"We're gonna make sure this job's done right."

"W-w-what is this?" Sue stammered.

"Me and my partner here are from a competitor corporation," the pistol-wielding guard replied. "Our bosses want every copy of that manual you're going to print out, as well as give us the original software in that computer of yours."

Before Sue could reply, pistol-toting guard waved his gun at Kelli and me.

"You two--get over here and stand next to your supervisor!"

"Oh, crap!" Kelli silently mouthed to me as we hustled over to where Linda was standing. The three of us stood side-by-side, hands in the air.

"Uh," I piped up, "If you two aren't the real security guards...just where are they?"

"Figured you'd wanna know that!" the pistol-waving assailant said. "Go ahead, Chauncy, get 'em in here."

His partner walked to the entrance way door and called out, "Okay, you two, get in here! Move!"

Suddenly, the real security guards hustled in. Both were young, muscular, beach-boy guys with sandy, bushy blonde hair. Both were clad only in snug speedos, one red and the other black. Each had their hands tightly tied behind their backs at the wrists, while tight, thick white cleave gags were fastened in their mouths.

"Oh, my god!" Sue gasped.

"Mmmphh," one of the briefly-clad guards protested.

"Shut up I said!" the gun-waving imposter roared. "Now you and your partner..get over against that wall and sit down."

The two--real--speedo clad guards quickly padded barefoot against a far wall and sat down beside each other.

"Okay, Chauncy, go over there and tie their feet."

The other imposter removed a couple of lenghts of rope from the gym bag and did the deed.

"As you can see," the ringleader said, "their uniforms fit us perfectly."

"I suppose you're going to make us copy those manuals so you and your partner can run off with them," Kelli said.

"That's right, you fat blonde. But first, the three of you--strip down to just your underwear!"

Sue, Kelli and I stared at each other, open-mouthed.

"I said strip! Unless the three of you want to be forced to work totally nude!"


Shortly--very shortly, that is--I stood there clad only in my snug, sky-blue bikini briefs. To my left, Kelli stood clad only in a black bra and matching panties, while to my left, Sue was reduced to only her traditional white bra and panties, The tile floor felt chilly beneath the soles of our bare feet. Sue, Kelli and I looked at each other in panic. The goons sure knew thier psychology--by forcing us to strip, we'd be more submissive to their whims.

"P-please..n-no," Sue begged.

"Okay, broad," the ringleader said, "It's time for you three to get to work. You're through talking. Okay, Chauncy, shut 'em up!"

The other guard/imposter stood behind the three of us and reached into the gym bag again. He took a small handerchief, compressed it into a small ball, then stuffed it into Sue's mouth. A moment later, a strip of white cloth was wedged between her lips and the ends were fastened behind her head.

"Nmmmphh!" she whimpered.

Sue..our outspoken team leader...stripped to just her white bra and panties...gagged...forced to submit.

Kelli looked at me with tears in her eyes and silently mouthed the words, "Oh, Tommy, no", before another wadded handkerchief was wedged into her mouth. Another strip of white cloth was wedged between her lips and the ends tied behind her head.

"Ummmphh!" she sobbed.

Kelli...the silent critic of Sue...stripped to her black bra and panties...gagged...forced to submit.

I heard a rustling in the gym bag behind me and knew it was about to be my turn.

"Uh," I said, "since this appears to be the last chance for me to speak, just what do you guys hope to accomplish?"

"Nosey, aren't you bub? Okay, I'll tell you. When our corporation--which will stay un-named--gets these manuals and software, our corporation will corner the market on the product outlined in these manuals. That means billions for us, and it means your corporation will lose a ton of money--probobly have to go out of business. And me and Chauncy here will get a nice cut for the work we're doing here today!"

"Oh, please," I sighed, "just tell me all this is a gag--mmmph!"

"In a way, you're right, bub," the ringleader said as a wadded handkerchief was stuffed into my mouth. A strip of cloth wedged itself between my lips, and my head jerked as the ends were tightly tied behind my head.

Me, Tommy...stripped to only my sky-blue bikini briefs...gagged...forced to submit.

"Okay, you three. You've had enough time gabbing...now it's time to get to work!"


The ringleader grabbed Sue, hustled her across the floor, barefoot, and shoved her into the chair next to her computer.

"All right, sweetheart, start entering the data and send it to those laser-copiers!"

Sue sobbed softly into her gag as her fingers tapped away at the keyboard.

The other guard/imposter grabbed me and Kelli and pushed us toward the laser-copiers.

"You two know what to do!" he roared at us.

"Mmmphhhh-nmmmmphhh!" Kelli protested into her gag.

"Ummphh..mmmphhh" I pleaded into my gag.

"One more peep outta you two and you're gonna get a bullet. Now, start workin' those machines!"

So for the next 12-14 hours, that's the way it was. Sue typing and entering data with the ringleader standing over her with his drawn pistol, making lewd references to her body, while Kelli and I pulled copies out of the machine and loaded them into boxes, while the other imposter accosted us in the same crude manner. I glanced to the other side of the work area and gazed upon the real security guards. There they sat, side by side, clad only in their tight speedos, tied up and gagged, helpless to assist. Occasionally, the goon who watched us would go over to the real guards, punch them and threaten to beat or shoot them. In addition, the ringleader shut off the air conditioning, so the work area became muggy, and all of us were glazed in sweat. I suddenly considered it a blessing that the real guards, Kelli, Sue and I were just in our undies. Oh god, it was our only comfort of the day, y'know?

Sue had entered all the data from the computer and was made to erase the highly confidential files afterward. Kelli and I finished handling all those copies and boxed them. At one point, when Sue was done at the computer, she was hustled over to the copiers and forced to help us box up documents. Then the three of us were forced to load the many boxes of documents into the back of a large van. It was tough, strenuous work in just our undies and bare feet, sweating. Sue, Kelli and I remained gagged throughout the entire workday. We'd occasionally look at each other and moan into our gags, only to be slapped across our heads and threatened. Finally, the work was done...except for one more task.


"Okay you three, put your hands behind your backs!"

Those oh-so-dreaded words could only have meant one thing: Sue, Kelli and I were going to be tied up. Each of us had our hands tightly tied behind our backs at the wrists, and then we were made to sit against the wall with the real securtiy guards. After our bare feet were tied at the ankles, the goons had finished their work for the day.

Let's take stock:

* 20,000 copies of an important corporate manual stolen, with the original software erased forever.

*Five workplace victims--two real security guards stripped only to their speedos, tied hand and foot, gagged. Beside them the regular employees--Sue and Kelli in just their bras and panties, tied hand and foot, gagged, and me, in just my bikini briefs--tied hand and foot, gagged.

The rumbling sound of the van leaving the premesis announced the exit of the goons. For the next few hours, the five of us wiggled and squirmed against each other's sweaty, briefly-clad bodies and we grunted into our gags. Eventually, the night-shift security guards arrived and freed us. The area had never seen a heist like this one, and I'll bet it'll never see another like it. This episode will be re-told in my upcoming book, "Adventures of a Temp Agency Employee."


Tuesday, September 4th 2012 - 12:55:40 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Tommy, you need to find a safer job, perhaps being an underwear model and specializing in bikini briefs or Speedos. Thanks again for the story.
Thursday, September 6th 2012 - 03:52:51 PM
Name: LanceBG
Comments: Tommy I felt like I was right there with you as I read! When they brought the real guards in in their little underpants and tight cleave gags I felt true terror that tingled at the same time.
SpeedoBob you put together quite a scene yourself! You lads understand the drama but keep it fun.
I know this is a real site and I have been appalled by some of the stories I've read on it and have completely commiserated as much as possible with the people involved, but still I keep fantasizing about this scenario so it's great to hear that others do too.
MMmmmmpphhhhh! MMmmmmmmmmpppphhhhh!!!!!!!
Friday, September 7th 2012 - 01:00:28 AM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Tommy's next adventure should be helping at a modeling studio. He helps the lingerie models and ends up modeling bikini briefs and Speedo along with handsome well-tanned blonde men. However beware of the evil clothing designer that feels her new Speedo idea has been stolen and who is wearing her new idea? Tommy.

Of course being captured in a modeling studio has a lot of plusses for the bad guys and girls, lots of panties for gags, pantyhose to bind hands and feet, plenty of spandex cloth for gags, and an evil female designer might go as far as usung worn briefs in a captive's mouth to tease, humiliate and silence him or her.

Of course a handsome securtiy or two might end up stripped to their jockey shorts and left in a storeage area bound and gagged and what of the female models? The super busty redhead might end up having more material binding and gaging her than she is wearing!

Oh the plotlines and possibities!!!
Sunday, September 9th 2012 - 07:07:32 AM
Name: Bethany
Comments:It just wasnt a normal Friday, no 2 ways about it. I was supposed to meet my ex at 6pm to deliver our kids to him for their annual month visit with him. The new owners of the business where I worked were visiting, inspecting, deciding who would keep their job, and who would get laid off. It was raining and dreary and rather cold for June. Since the visitors were from Europe, all officer personnel were told to dress very professional, not the usual casual we wore. I wore a beige skirt, which fit just a bit tighter than the las time I wore it, with a matching blazer over a white blouse, tan stockings (hate pantyhose with a passion), and brown strappy style sandals with about a 4 inch heel. A 3 inch wide black belt completed the outfit, and I decided wo wear the most expensive jewelry I still possessed after the divorce-diamond stud earrings, a gold chain necklace, gold bracelet, and my college class ring. The visit left all with a feeling of impending doom, my ex bitched like a woman with pms because I was 5 minutes late, my kids looked sad as they left with their dad, and it was still raining. I stopped by a chicken place and got a bucket of chicked before driving to my home just outside the city limits. As the garage door went up, the raing really began pouring down. I lowered the door, unlocked the back door, and entered my kitchen. I sat the chicken on teh island, checked the answer machine and got no messages, opened the refrigerator to get a glass of tea. I was mumbling about bad weather, ex husbands, new owners, just every thing that had gone on that day. I closed the refrigerator door, and got a surprise I will never forget-a rather large figure dressed in camouflage trousers, hoody, sunglasses, and a ski mask. In his left hand was a stun gun pointed right at me. "Who-who are you?" I asked, my voice cracking and nervous, eyes neever leaving the stun gun. "Someone who has been very interested in you for a long time. I've watched you for weeks, learned your schedule, your routine, and know jusrt about everything worth knowing about you. You wear size 7 shoes, like high heels, the higher the better, you have several sets of very sexy, exotic lingerie. You wear a 36C bra, but its a bit small. You like steak medium rare, French dressing on your salad, peanut butter and jelly on English muffins. Need i say more?" I was stunned; he knew as much, if not more than my ex. But why? "What do you want?" "Well, let's go look at your jewelry box first, then go from there." I told him, "I'm wearing evrything that has any value." He stared for several seconds, then held out his free hand. I began removing the jewelry and handed it over. "Now your purse-dump the contents on the table, if you please" he directed. I did as he bid, and he quickly went thru everything, removing all y cash, about $150.00, my debit card and atm card, but left my credit cards. So far, except for the stun gun which remained pointed at me, he was very polite, spoke rather softly, and hadn't spoken any threats. "You're quite a lovely woman, you know? Your ex must be crazy to leave you for that redhead with the fake breasts. I'm sure you're already feeling lonely, too. I really hate to take your stuff, but this is how I make my living. I hate jhaving a job." He finally put the stun gun away, which instantly eased the tension in the room. He had me accompany him on a walk thru the house as he looked for other valuables, taking note of the computers my 2 oldest kids had in their rooms, as well as some artwork on the walls of my hallway. He paused to study on painting in particular, and I did something a bit rash-I pushed him and turned and ran for the patio door. I got maybe a half dozen steps when I felt a sharp stab, then my body had a mind of its own, collapsing on the floor, and then twitching uncontrolably for several seconds. Finally, I could think clearly again and the twitching stopped. "I sure hated to taze such a sweet ass, cause you'll have a burn mark for s few weeks, and you are so beautiful, its a shame. Now, rather than have to shock you again, I will have to restrain you, before I leave. Please join me in the last bedroom on the right." I shakily got to my feet, and was surprised when he offered his arm. I felt a bit of dread at being taken to a bedroom, even if it was my youngest's room, quite small, with a twin bed, a toy chest, and tiny closet. He bent down a retrieved a black bag and we continued into the room. "Please kneel on the floor, and place your wrists behind you. Wait a bit" he said, then put the pillow from the bed on the floor. "Kneel on this, it wont be so hard on your lovely knees." "Please, don't tie me up. I promise I won't try to run again." "Umm, the problem with that is, I actually enjoy binding lovely women, so, get on your knees." At the last words, his voice changed to a rather ominous soound. I knelt, put my hands behind me, and waited. The wait was short, as he immediately began wrapping several wraps of rope around my wrists, altho loosely, for a bit. Then, he cinched rope around the wraps and yanked very hard, and the ropes were painfully tight. He sat astraddle of my ankles as he roped my elbows together as tight as my wrists, then held up a large red ball with straps running thru it and a buckle on the end. "Open those beautiful red lips, if you please" he agains said politely. The ball was so large, I didn't think my mouth would open enough, but he pushed it in then pulled the straps until the corners of my mouth were stretched, then buckled them. Then, things changed drastically. He reached down and began fondling my breasts, gently at first, then much rougher, pinching and pulling my nipples, making me flinch and groan in pain. "Party time" he said, and roughly shoved me face down on the floor, bound my ankles, as tightly as wrists and elbows, then pulled them up and bound them to the rope binding my elbows, pulling as much slack as he could, rendering me totally immobilized. A very wide roll iof tape materialized from the bag, and he pulled the end loose, then wrapped it around the ballgag and then over my eyes, so now I was even more thoroughy gagged plust rendered sightless. I felt myself lifted like a suitcase and then deposited on the bed. Hands again caressed my breasts, softly first as before, then rougher. A kiss on tp of my head, then a whisper in my ear, "you've been a good girl for the ost part, so I'm going to reward you." The reward apparently was his hand up under mys skirt, then fingers caressing my labia through my panties, at first. After just enough to get me moist, the fingers worked around my panties and penetrated my most personal spot, not gentle, but not really rough, either, just, well, sensual. Soon, the fingers caressed my clit, slowly first, then rapidly, then pulling and squeezing, and finally, an explosive orgasm, my body twitching and jerking as if thstun gun was used again. He repeated his actions numerous times, until I was drenched in perspiration from the exertions of my orgasms. I lay on my belly, gasping for air, as he ran his hands over the rest of my body. "You really are a beautiful woman, and that's why i picked you." He then untied my hogtie, my ankles, my knees, and rolled me onto my back on top of my bound arms. My legs were shoved open, and I heard a belt and zipper being handled. My panties were torn from my, then I felt the tip of his penis against my opening. My blouse was then unbuttoned, my bra pulled down, and his mouth closed on a nipple. I felt rather stimulated again, but not yet penetrated, but that happend soon enough. He pushed himself into me, his size causing me to gasp. I had never had anyone so large as a lover, and that's how he treated me, as if I was his lover. He made slow, gentle thrusts into me, caressing breasts and throat, his hands fondling my bottom, and he took at least 30 minutes, not increasing his tempo until he neard orgasm, and that casued me to begin to orgasm, both of us soon thrusting our pelvises against one another until he was drained and I was spent. He then re-hogtied me, not as strict this time, kissed my forehead, and siad he might see me again one day. He then said, "count to 1000, slowly, then carefully wiggle off the bed and over to desk. I put some scissors on the edge, you can rock the desk until they fall, then cut yourself lose. Should take close to an hour, and by then I'll be long gone, so you can call the sheriff. Try not to hate me, as this was as much for your pleasure as mine. you can keep your belongings. Bye."
Saturday, September 15th 2012 - 03:25:46 AM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Court Date
Comments:Hi, everyone: I'm serving up another fiction/fantasy tale for your enjoyment.


The judge looked at the jury foreman and asked, "Has the jury reached a verdict?"

"Yes, Your Honor," a slightly-built, balding, bespectacled man answered.

The judge then looked at the defendant. "Will the defendant please rise and face the jury."

I rose from my chair, my heart pounding. I knew I shouldn't have been on trial in the first place, because I was framed. I knew who'd done it, too. My mind raced as I tried to figure out how to catch that scum. But right now, I was the one who was caught.

"On the charge of armed robbery, how does the jury find?"

"Your Honor, the jury finds the defendant, Tommy, guilty."

"Very well," the judge replied. "The defendant is hereby remanded to prison to await sentencing. The court wishes to thank the jury for their service. That's all."

The gavel slammed down, and the noise seemed to echo in my ears for an eternity. My lawyer, Valerie, approached me and whispered in my ear.

"Don't worry, Tommy. I'll work hard for an appeal hearing."

That would be the hardest you've worked since you took my case, sweetheart, I thought angrily.

Valerie was 5'11, 130lbs, 50 years old, with blonde hair which flowed just past her shoulders. She wore thick-rimmed glasses, which made her appear a little too scholarly in my opinion. She was attired in a creamy white blouse, a sharp, legal-style business jacket which had mixed results in restraining her generous breasts, matching skirt, beige pantyhose and black stiletto pumps.

"Hands behind your back, Tommy," came another voice behind me. It was the officer charged with guarding me, a police sergeant, Grace something-or-another. She seemed the same height and build as Valerie. Grace was 48, had short black hair and small breasts. Her uniform consisted of a white, long-sleeve blouse with her nameplate, badge, and police patches on the shoulders. Her black skirt descended to her knees, beige pantyhose encased her muscular legs. Shined, black dress pumps were on her feet. Of course, a utility belt encircled her waist--pistol, handcuffs, walkie-talkie included.

I felt the familiar pinch of the cuffs on my wrists, then the sergeant took me by the arm and led me from the courtroom and the mobs of gawking, pointing people. Valerie accompanied us. We walked down an extremely long hallway which led to the parking lot. Soon the ruckus of the courtroom could no longer be heard, just the smart clacking sound of the ladie's pumps on the polished floor.

"Don't worry about parole," Grace said. "It's just a waste of time, and as far as I'm concerned, it's good riddance to you."

"Sergeant," Valerie shot back, "You will treat my client with respect and be professional." Grace grunted.

I knew I had to get out of there and immediately go about finding the villain who framed me. But I had to act fast...act now. Once I was seated in the back seat of the police cruiser it would be too late. But how to go about it?

I suddenly noticed a nurses office a few yards ahead. I had an idea, flimsy, but it was my only chance.

"Ohhhhhhh..uhhhhhh," I moaned loudly as my knees buckled.

"What's wrong?" Grace asked.

"Looks like sudden abdominal pain, Sergeant," Valerie replied. "There's the medical office. Let's get him in there for a check-up."

"Well...I don't know if time will permit that," the sergeant said in a huff.

"Sergeant," my lawyer shot back, "just because my client is being remanded to prison doesn't mean he isn't entitled to medical treatment. I want to advise you that if you refuse to have him checked, I'll file charges against the police department for negligence and maybe brutality."

"Okay," Grace sighed, "Help me get him in there, will you?"

The two ladies each grabbed an arm and guided me into the medical office. The place had a large examination table, cabinets full of medical supplies, and a few straight backed chairs.

"May I help you?" the nurse said from behind her neat, orderly desk.

"The prisoner is experiencing sudden abdominal pains," Grace said. "He needs an examination to determine the severity before he's remanded."

Valerie closed the door behind her. I noticed that us four were the only ones in the office. It turned out that it was almost 5pm and the office would be closing shortly.

So far, so good, I thought. Now, if I can just get out of these cuffs.

The nurse was shorter, say 5'8. She appeared in her late 50's, with curly, graying hair down to the shoulders, and her figure was slightly pudgy. She had one of those round Irish faces which could bubble over in laughter or become deathly grim, depending on circumstances. She wore the typical nurses outfit: White jacket, with matching slacks and soft-soled shoes.

I made like I had trouble breathing as the nurse placed her hands on me to check for vital signs.

"I'm glad you brought him here," said the nurse. "He may be experiencing cardiac difficulties. Remove his handcuffs, please."

"That's not possible," Grace said. "Procedure states that prisoners remained cuffed until--"

"Until they die?" the nurse shot back. "Because that's what'll happen if his circulation isn't improved."

"Uh, Sergeant," Valerie added, "don't forget about my pending lawsuit against you if my client is maltreated."

Grace sighed disgustedly as she unlocked the cuffs from my wrists. Why can't this be the good old days when the police could be the police, she thought to herself.

When my cuffs came off, my heart leaped for joy.


I quickly sprang up from my doubled-over position, whisked Grace's pistol from it's holster and trained it on the three women. Valerie stepped back and raised her hands in the air, the nurse stood still with her mouth open, and Grace raised her hands up with a dumbstruck expression on her face.

"Now listen, Tommy," Grace said, "You're a convicted felon under arrest. I want you to lay the pistol on the floor and take three steps backward."

"I admire your professionalism, Sergeant," I replied, "but I'm calling the shots now. Now, you three ladies, move to the end of the room, this way. Move!"

II. (Scene Change).

Dark Snidely sat on the bed and watched the television news flash with satisfaction.

"It didn't take the jury long to convict Tommy of armed robbery," the reporter-on-the-street said into the camera in front of the courthouse. "Sentencing is due within a week, and Tommy faces life in prison. No doubt about it, the local community is breathing a huge sigh of relief over the verdict. Now, back to you--"

Dark Snidely pointed the remote and switched the tv off. His framing of Tommy had worked. Dark Snidely took a sip of beer and reminisced once more..............

....Tommy's clothing was just a little tight, but it would have to do, Dark Snidely thought. He checked the black hair wig to make sure it was secure on his head and looked at the mirror. Perfect. Anyone who saw him would think he was Tommy. Dark Snidely was about to leave when he decided he'd better check one more time. He walked to Tommy's bedroom and opened the door.

"What do you think, Tommy? A spitting image, huh? Well, what can I say--you should've locked your apartment door.

On the bed lay Tommy. He was clad only in dark blue, snug-fitting bikini briefs. His hands were tied behind his back at the wrists and his bare feet were tied together at the ankles.

"Mmmmphh! Nmmmmphhh!"

It was the best he could manage through the tight cleave gag. A large red bandanna had been rolled into a long cylinder with a knot formed in the middle, which was then wedged between Tommy's lips with the ends fastened behind his head.

"I'd like to stay and chat some more," Dark Snidely said as he slapped his hand across Tommy's buttocks, "But I--you--have a bank to knock over. Besides, you don't seem very talkative today."

Dark Snidely walked out into the hallway, then gazed at Tommy one more time.


Dark Snidely chuckled as he closed the bedroom door and exited the apartment..................................

................A woman's voice brought Dark Snidely back from the memory.

"Hon, was that the news? What was the verdict?"

Melissa walked in. She'd been Dark Snidely's lover for the past three years. 5'9", 42 years old, 128lbs, long, curly, red hair and dominating breasts, which hung bra-less. She was clad only in a maroon, perfumed thong.

"He's guilty, baby," Dark Snidely replied. "Tommy's put away for life, and we're home free."

Melissa giggled, lay on the bed and hiked her thong down. Dark Snidely unzipped his pants. They celebrated.

III. (Scene Change)

The police Sergeant couldn't believe what she'd just heard.


"Uh...Tommy.." Valerie stammered.

"Oh my god," the nurse sighed.

"That's right, ladies," I said, "I want all three of you to strip down to only your underwear."

"Well...why-" Valerie began to ask.

"I'll let you know shortly, Val. Okay ladies, strippity-doo-dah!"

The police sergeant and Valerie unbuttoned their blouses and slipped their smooth, silky stockinged feet out of their pumps. The nurse removed her jacket, pulled off her soft-soled shoes and unfastened her slacks.

"You know this is one more set of charges that'll be counted against you," the police sergeant said as she and Valerie unfastened their skirts while the nurse pulled off her shirt.

"What difference does it make, Madamme Sergeant? I'm already due to be put away for life, so a few extra charges won't make any difference, now will it? I've been framed here. I didn't commit an armed robbery, but I know who did, and I have to find him to prove my point."

Valerie and the police sergeant carefully removed their pantyhose and the nurse removed her beige, nylon knee-high stockings. Valerie stood clad only in her black lace bra and matching thong. The police sergeant was stripped down to only a beige bra and matching panties, while all the nurse wore was a white bra and matching panties. All three women defensively covered their breasts.

"Don't worry, ladies. I'm not going to rape you or gawk at you or anything like that. Now, before we go any further, I want to lighten the tension a little. Let's introduce ourselves, shall we. As we know, I'm Tommy."

I pointed the gun toward the police sergeant.

"What's your name, Sergeant?"

She gave me a dark look.

"It's Sergeant--"

"Uh-uh, I know that. I mean what's your first name?"

"Grace. It's Grace."

"Okay," I replied and looked at the nurse. "And you?"


"Nice," I said. "Kathleen, have you met my lawyer, Valerie, here?"

Kathleen nodded nervously to Valerie.

"Hi," Valerie whispered back.

"See how simple that was?" I said. "Now that we're all freinds, we can get down to business. Grace and Kathleen, I want you to sit in those chairs behind you, then put your arms behind the backs. Val, be a good girl and get Grace's handcuffs from her utility belt, will you?"

As Valerie obeyed, Grace had a horrified look on her face.

"That's right, Grace," I said, "it's your turn to wear 'em. Val, cuff Grace's wrists."

Valerie knelt behind Grace's chair and pulled Grace's arms behind her and pulled Grace's arms through the vertical posts on the chair's back.

"Sorry, Sergeant," Valerie said, "but I'm being forced to do this at gunpoint, ok?"

"I know," Grace sighed, "you're doing this under duress--ow!" she reacted to the cuffs pinching her wrists.

I looked at the supply cabinets and discovered several rolls of medical tape of various sizes. I took a roll of the thin tape and tossed it to Valerie.

"Val, use that tape to bind Kathleen's hands behind the back of her chair, will you?"

"So...you said you were framed?" Kathleen said as her wrists were bound behind the back of her chair securely. "By whom?"

"By a scum named Dark Snidely. He's probobly the dirtiest, most slippery snake who ever lived. Val, keep using that tape and bind Kathleen's and Graces ankles to the legs of their chairs."

Valerie sighed and did as she was told. Minutes later, Grace and Kathleen were firmly bound to their chairs. They wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

"Even if you're telling the truth--which I doubt--" Grace growled, "there's an appeal process for prisoners like you."

I reached into the supply cabinet and took out another roll of medical tape--the white, wide kind--as well as a box of cotton. I tossed each to Valerie.

"Val...gag 'em."

"Oh, isn't this cute!" Grace said. "I think you've been watching too much t-mmmmmphhh!"

While Grace was in mid-sentence, Valerie stuffed a wad of cotton into her mouth and used a couple strips of the wide, white medical tape to seal her lips. The cotton would make her mouth dry, and with the tape over her lips, the hardcore police sergeant would barely be able to make a peep.

Kathleen squirmed helplessly in her chair as Valerie knelt beside her and removed some more cotton from the box.

"Uh...do we really need to have our mouths gagged?" Kathleen asked, " I mean...this is a very quiet part of the facility and it's after 5pm. Nobod-mmmmmphh!"

"I can't take any chances," I said as Valerie stuffed the cotton into her mouth and sealed her lips with more tape. "The quieter you are, the longer it'll take for someone to hear you, and thus the longer it'll take for you to be freed. Hopefully, that'll give me time to run down Dark Snidely."

Valerie stood before me, quite alluring in just her black lace bra-which barely restrained her breasts, matching thong and bare feet. She pushed her thick rimmed glasses back up the bridge of her nose.

"I..uh,,guess it's my turn now, huh?"

"Sorry, Val," I replied as I motioned for her to sit down.

As soon as she was seated, I handed her a large rectangular piece of cardboard and a black sharpie pen. Per my instructions, she wrote the message: Help! Three Women Bound and Gagged Inside! Help!

"I'll post it on the door on my way out."

"Thanks," she said as I pulled her arms behind the back of the chair and securely taped her wrists.

"You know, Val, I know this is a lousy thing to do to my lawyer, but I want to thank you for representing me in court."

"Well, Tommy, you obviously believe in what you're doing by taking our clothes and binding us and all."

After I securely taped Valeries ankles to the legs of the chair, I stripped down until all I had on was my snug, black bikini briefs.

Grace and Kathleen squirmed helplessly in their chairs, their eyes bugging out of their heads.


"Tommy...hey...this has been kinky enough, hasn't it?"

"Well, Val, that might be, but this is why I made the three of you strip down to just your undies. Back in college, I did some cross-dressing on the side."

"No way!" Valerie giggled. "You don't mean-"

"Exactly. I noticed that I can probobly fit into yours and Grace's clothes due to our sizes. Since I'll be a fugitive, I'll need all the disguises I can get my hands on."

I took a large plastic trash bag and dumped Valerie's clothes inside. I left Katleen's clothes on the floor in front of her, since her size was too small for me.

"Mmmphh..whmmmphhh!" Kathleen moaned from her gag.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I said to her. "I decided to make you strip as well, so it would be more fair to Val and Grace."

"Oh my god, Tommy, you are a card!"

I picked up Graces uniform blouse and said, "I guess this'll be my chance to be a police sergeant, eh?"

"Mmmphh! Mmmphh!" Grace protested.

"Okay, this I gotta see!" said Valerie.

Shortly afterward, I stood before the ladies crossdressed in Grace's dress uniform. Other than her dress pumps pinching, the clothes fit fine. I paraded in front of them, swaying my hips in feminine style.

"Oh my god, Tommy! You really do know how to crossdress. But...what are you gonna do for a wig?"

"Yeah...you've got a point there," I said as I fastened Grace's utility belt around my waist and holstered her pistol.

I looked around and discovered a CPR training dummy on the examination table. The dummy was female with short black hair attached. I walked over to the dummy, and with some difficutly, was able to pry the wig from it's head. I then mounted the wig on my head. It didn't fit exactly, but I only had to make a brisk walk to Grace's police cruiser just outside.

"Mummmphmmmm," Grace moaned into her gag from the crushing humiliation.

"I got to hand it to you, Tommy. You're sure creative. But--what?" Valerie said in surprise as I removed her thick glasses.

"You know, Val, maybe you should get contacts or something. I mean, you have an attractive figure and all, but you'd be all the more irresistable without these glasses...they make you look so...bookish."

"You trying to tell me something, mister" she said with a feint grin.

"Yeah. I guess I'm trying to say I want to kiss you."

"Oh..and I suppose you deserve it after what you've done to me."

"No..of course not, Val. I'm just sayin', that's all."

There was a brief silence.

"...kay.." she said softly..."c'mere."

I leaned over and our lips locked for a few seconds, sweet and good.

I picked up the roll of white, wide medical tape and some more cotton.

"I suppose you're going to gag me after that kiss I allowed you to have, right?"

"Sorry Val, but yeah..the plan has to stay the same."

"I guess," she sighed as I knelt beside her. "But Tommy, I really do see how sincere you are about all this. I totally believe you about your being framed, and I want you to know that I'm ready to help you out in any way."

"I'm delighted to know that, Val, but right now the best way for you to help me is for you to open your mouth."

"Good luck," she said softly and opened her mouth.

I gently wedged a wad of cotton into her mouth and sealed her lips with the tape.

"Uhmmmmphh..Mm-hmmmmph!" she moaned and winked at me.

On the way out I stopped before Grace and pointed to a keychain on the utility belt.

"These your police cruiser keys, Grace?"

"Mmmph," she nodded.

"Thanks. And ladies, I'm really sorry I had to do this to you, but I just have to get out of here and find Dark Snidely."

I stepped out into the hall, closed the medical office door behind me, and posted the sign Val wrote. As I headed for the exit, I heard Valerie, Grace and Kathleen Mmmph-ing into their gags from behind the door. I stepped outside into the parking lot and walked toward Grace's squad car.

"Good afternoon, Sergeant," a patrolman greeted me as we passed each other.

I said nothing and merely nodded. A few steps further, I looked back and noticed him staring at my butt and pantyhosed legs. Apparently, my crossdress skills hadn't left me. I sat in the driver's seat of the squad car and pulled off Grace's dress pumps.

"Shit! How does she manage to go around in these?" I said to myself.

I placed a pantyhosed foot to the gas pedal and drove out of town. I needed to hole up somewhere and think.

To Be Continued....

Thursday, October 4th 2012 - 01:59:17 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:I would be tempted to date you while you were in drag Tommy. You need to weat controltop pantyhose though to conceal your penis. Love th story so far. Thanks.
Friday, October 5th 2012 - 04:35:16 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Court Date (Part 2)

It took a while, but I finally found a motel that I thought would be suitable to hole up in on the outskirts of town. I parked the police cruiser and walked into the motel's office.

"Well, hello, Gracie," the clerk said. "I just caught the news about that armed robber being convicted. Boy, nobody can pull the wool over the police's eyes, eh?"

"Mmm," I replied with a nod, as I signed into the register book and took the keys to my room. While I had some experience crossdressing, my feminine voice impersonation wasn't anything to write home about, so I was glad that the conversation with the clerk was short and sweet.

As soon as I entered my motel room, I once again-and with relief-kicked off the dress pumps. For a cheap motel, the room's floor was plushly carpeted, so it was relieving to walk across it with my feet in pantyhose. I opened the bag I took from the medical office, but to my dismay, only Valerie's clothes were inside--I'd forgotton to put my own clothing in before I left.


I suddenly had an idea. Grace's mobile phone was attached to her utility belt, so I placed a call with it. After a few moments, a woman's voice answered on the other end.


"Hi, Jane. It's me, Tommy."

"Tommy...well, I just saw the news. I guess they're giving you one last phone call before incarceration."

"Not quite. I pulled a fast one on them and escaped to that cheap motel just outside of town."

There was a deadly pause on the other end of the line.

"OMG...you son of a bitch," Jane finally said.

"Right. Jane, I need you to come out here, and I'll explain the whole thing to you. Oh, yeah--can you stop by my apartment and bring me some clothes? Key's under the doormat."

There was another pause on her end of the line.

"Okay, but this better be good. The authorities will be checking every nook and cranny for you."

"Yeah. I guess I'm getting to be real popular."

With the phone call over, I placed the mobile phone back inot the utility belt, unfastened the utility belt and reclined on the bed, keeping Grace's pistol beside me. I was glad Jane was coming over. She'd just started a career as a private investigator, and her help in checking some things out for me would be invaluable. She was also my Ex.

V. (Scene Change)

Ol' Gordy patrolled the shiny, buffed floors of the now empty courthouse for the last time. After 37 years of faithful service, his law enforcement career had reached it's end, all of it excellently served as a security officer at the courthouse.

I can't believe it's really over, he thought. Just one more hallway to walk down, and that'll be that, and I'll be retired.

He strode down the long corridor and noticed a light still on inside the medical office.

Strange, he thought. It's after Five. Guess Kathleen's working a little late. I think I'll stop in and say goodbye one more time.

Gordy approached the door and was taken aback by the sign posted on it.

"Help! Three Women Bound and Gagged Inside! Help!"

What the...

He suddenly heard a chorus of muffled moans and what sounded like the creaking of chairs from the other side of the door. He rapped on the door.

"Hello, Kathleen? It's Gordy. Everything all right in there?"

More muffled moans and chairs creaking.

Instinctively, Gordy drew his service pistol--previously, he never had to in 37 years of service, but what the hell--and stormed into the office.

"What the hell!"

He gazed upon the three women, positioned left to right. Kathleen, clad only in her white bra and panties, bound to a wooden chair, mouth thoroughly gagged.

"Mmmphmmm..mmmphmmm..hellmmmphhh" she squirmed and pleaded with her large eyes.

In the middle was Grace, the hardcore police sergeant, stripped to just her beige bra and panties, cuffed and bound to her wooden chair, gagged.

"Ummmphhhmmmm," she moaned from her tear-stained face, overwelmed with shame.

On the right sat Valerie in just her black bra and thong, bound to her chair and gagged like the others, except one of her generous breasts had popped loose from the bra in her struggles.

"Mmmmphhh-hmmmmphhhh," she greeted.

Gordy suddenly felt a stiffie in his pants. After 37 years on the force, maybe he wasn't so old after all.

To Be Continued....

Wednesday, October 10th 2012 - 12:21:40 PM
Name: David
Comments:Years ago, when I was around the age of 18, I used to take a walk along the river after work, smoke a little weed before I went home. There were never many people about, and just a few old abandoned buildings here and there.

One evening I stood by the marina area, a small enclosed square of water at the end of a creek leading off the river, where boat owners moored their boats at the end of the summer to be left until next year. Quite a few boats, but not much activity.

Some movement caught my eye. In one of the boats, a small yacht, I saw a woman's head pop up from below deck and look slowly around. Brunette, middle aged, long hair tied up in a ponytail. I watched with mild interest and threw down the remains of my smoke. Pretty light headed by now, my interest was caught by her stopping and staring right at me. After a good five seconds of her harsh glare, she dropped down below deck again.

I wonder what all that was about, I mused to myself, shrugging my shoulders and readying myself to walk home. An old brick outhouse was behind me, and as I tuned to go - a hand clamped itself over my mouth. As I tried to twist away another hand wrenched my left arm up behind my back, forcing me to stay still. The hand was in a tight fitting leather glove and was huge...I grunted a couple of times as my assailant dragged me around the side of the building.

"I have a gun here, so just hold still or else, OK" came a gruff British voice. I nodded, his hand still muffling my mouth. Wether he really was armed, I wasn't taking that chance. He released his hand from my mouth and marched me around to the back of the building. I was pushed face first against the wall.

"Hands behind your back, now" he ordered. I did as told. He wrenched my wristwatch off, then rope was wound around my wrists. Round and round it went, then he tugged it tightly, making me gasp. I felt knots being tied and cinched, once...twice...pulled slowly but hard - very hard. The man exhaled in a hiss with the effort.

"As you like looking at the boat so much, come with me on board...you're not going to give me any trouble are you?"

I shook my head rapidly. No trouble.

"Then lets go", and he shoved me forward to the front of the building. We marched at a fast pace around the side of the marina, with me picturing his gun pointed at me. Nobody was about anyway, but I doubt I would have shouted out even if there were.

We reached the boat on the other side of the water. He shoved me on to the small deck. By now it was getting dark. He stamped his foot twice on a hatch and stepped back. the hatch opened and the brunette from before opened up.

"Another passenger" the man said to her...she looked apprehensive.

"I guess one more won't make a lot of difference" she spoke in her cultured English accent. She went back down below, I was pushed onto a small ladder and forced down. I stumbled down three or four wooden steps and stopped at the bottom. the man came down after me.

I was shocked to see a young woman sitting at a small chair next to a table. She looked around twenty and was pretty scared. Our eyes met for a second then she looked down at the floor. Blonde hair up in a high ponytail, wearing shorts and a t shirt.

"I've finished with this one, there's no more to be said" said the woman, eyeing her charge.

"Ok, let's prepare the cargo for the journey then, eh?" suggested the man.

"Yes, without further ado, I don't want any trouble out of these two" replied the woman.

The man pushed me down onto a metal chair. He grabbed the girl by her hair and brought her over, holding her chair in his other hand. Dropping the chair behing mine, he pushed her onto it. The brunette woman came over and stood behind the girl. The man threw a dirty rope to her, she caught it, smirking.

Positioning us in our chairs back to back, the captors looked at us for a moment. Then the man leaned down and roughly untied my hands from behind my back.

"Is that better?" he asked mockingly. "thats good then."

"Lift your hands up in front of you...pray, go on, pray!" he ordered. I lifted my hands up in a paryer position, terrified.

"You too!" barked the woman at the girl. They proceeded to tie us up, tightly, painfully, and, I'm afraid, rudely and almost obscenely.

My wrists were tied tightly together in front, then arms tied down hard against my sides...he tore my sneakers off then pulled my legs apart, mocking my modesty as I gasped. He tied each ankle to a chair leg, the rope biting through my socks. I coul hear the girl crying out as her captor did the same to her, pulling the knots tight. I can't describe just how tight the ropes felt, I could not move!

The man stopped when he was done, stepping back and looking at me, admiring his work. The woman walked across to the other end of the cabin, returning with some kind of cloth in her hands.

"Here" she said, throwing some of the rags across to the man. He quickly rolled a piece around his hand into a tight roll...and walked towards me. I knew what was coming, I may as well make it easy on myself. I opened my mouth ready, as wide as I could.

"good, thats good", the man quietly said...as he pushed the rolled up cloth into my mouth, deep into the corners. I worked with him, allowing his fingers to poke the last loose ends in, opening wider when necessary. I could hear the girl getting the same treatment. He has been holding another rag in one of his hands while he worked, now he pulled it out straight. Wrapping an end around each of his hands, he moved behind me. I was helpless as he positioned the long cloth over my stuffed mouth, then pulled it tight, knotting it off twice with a grunt of effort.

So we were now helpless, at their mercy. Sitting back to back, bound hard and tight, gagged and humiliated. They stood next to each other, looking us up and down.

"Right, I think we have work to do" the man turned towards his partner in crime. "lets get to it".

They turned to the table, pulled up a chair each, and began to read through some papers together.

To be continued......

"Then let's get them ready for
Wednesday, October 17th 2012 - 07:28:43 PM
Name: David
Comments:The couple were poring over some kind of papers, maps and documents. Every twenty seconds or so one of them would look up and briefly scan over the girl and I. An old double barrelled shotgun was laid across the table in front of them. I wasn't sure now that the man had actually been carrying a gun in the first place when he took me, but this on the table was intimidating enough to deter any attempt at resistance for now.

I could see that they had done a clever job of restraining us. Sitting back to back, with our hands tied in front of us, they could see every move we made. Rope around my waist and around the chair, plus my ankles lashed to the legs prevented me rising up in any way. The cloth stuffed into every space in my mouth made sure I couldn't form any audible words to plead or question with them...in fact I could barely groan as the cloth strap holding it in was pulled so tight it was hurting my cheeks.

I assumed a similar job had been done on the girl. Who was she? What had happened before my arrival? What the hell was going on in this boat? One thing was for certain...we were going absolutely nowhere! It was a warm night and sweat was beginning to form on my forehead, I was still clothed just in jeans and t shirt, god only knows where the man had hurled my sneakers and watch.

We sat like this for what seemed an eternity, probably three hours at least , torture for the girl and I. My hands had turned blue and my jaw felt so sore and numb. I had decided earlier to surrender completely to them as they were armed, they might go easier on us until an escape opportunity presented itself...fat chance! The man and woman actually made coffee at a tiny stove off to the side, they drank at leisure while they plotted at the table.

Finally - they rose from the table together. The man came around his side of the table and advanced towards me, the women did the same towards the girl.

"We're going to feed and water you, ok?" he pronounced. It was as if we were livestock or cargo, not people.
"Any trouble, well I dont need to explain do I?" I shook my head as I looked up at him.
"Ok then, lets have you" and they proceeded to untie us. Feet first, the relief was almost too much, so good to feel the circulation again. He undid the rope around the chair and my waist, then started on the gag. As he pulled the strapping away from my face, I think he expacted me to attempt to spit the stuffing out. I couldn't and wouldn't. My mouth was so sore and dry it was impossible, and I had by now submitted myself to his power. He pulled the cloth out, allowing me to breath heavily. Then my hands were released, so good!

I heard the girl behind me crying out a little, I glanced around and saw the woman holding her finger to her lips and glaring at her. She was now free too but was understandeably upset.

The woman picked the shotgun up from the table and held it out, pointed at us. The man grabbed my chair first, he showed incredible strength as he pulled both chairs with his captives on them towards the table. So now the blonde girl and I were seated formally at the table, the English woman walked around to the other side, the old shotgun pointed at us all the time. When she reached the opposite side she lowred the gun and rested it on her forearm, grinning.

"Now drink and eat" she ordered as the man fetched some packets from the cooking area. He threw them onto the table in front of us, a couple of pies and bottles of water. We grabbed for a bottle each, tearing the caps off and glugging the liquid down...it felt incredible, so refreshing after the last few hours of torture. The man joined the woman on the oppsiste side of the table and they chuckled as the girl and I wolfed down the pies and washed the mouthfuls down.

"Thats enough now!" shouted the man. We had finished anyway. We sat at the table, looking apprehnsively at each other and towards our captors, back and forth.

"Please..." whispered the blonde girl "let us go"

"Silence, I don't want to hear any words from either of you!", hissed the woman. "I'm giving you a chance to be treated like adults again, any more questions or comments and it's back to being cargo!". We got the message.

The British man climbed the short ladder to the deck, pushing the hatch open. He stood there for a moment, then continued up through the opening. I looked at the girl again, she glanced back and shook her head wildly.. I thought that she was showing me that she wanted no part of any escape attempt. The woman saw what passed between us and hefted the shotgun up to her shoulder, ther barrel towards us. I needed no more threatening, I was well aware that one barrel each could kill us instantly. I wasnt sure if she was serious, but she was clever. By staying on the opposite side of the table and keeping us seated, she always had the advantage to head off any attempt at rushing her.

The man returned, clambering down the wooden ladder.

"It's time to go" he nodded towards his partner. This was frightening. What would happen next?

" Give them a minute more then we stow them, properly this time" the woman replied to him. "I've got them under control here, but we'll both need our hands free".

The man nodded and strode over to a far corner of the cabin. He rummaged around in a stack of boxes. I looked around. I could see the little stove, a small metal sink, and a double bunk bed. I had an idea that we were going to be tied up again, but I wondered where they woould "stow" us.

"OK, get up...get up!" the man barked. We rose from the table together. "Take you clothes off" What? Why would they do this to us, weren't we shamed enough? I knew the girl was already suffering, this would be hard on her.

"I'm not getting you naked, just get those clothes off, now!". We began to strip. I pulled off my t shirt, then undid my jeans and let them drop. The girl took off her vest top and then her shorts, she was now beginning to cry. I tentatively held a hand out towards her, I patted her shoulder as best I could

"Aaw, how sweet" mocked the brunette woman. "Look at you both" I had now completely submitted to their authority, this new shame was bearable if it kept us alive and well. The girl was standing in her underwear...a black bra, shiny nylon with a little lace trim, matching panties, her skin lightly tanned in contrast. I stood before them in my snug fitting white boxer trunks and socks.

"Now get over here" the man indicated to a spot next to him. The woman still pointed the shotgun at us. We walked nervously over to him. In the small confines of the cabin it only took a few steps.

To be continued...
Thursday, October 18th 2012 - 05:44:31 PM
Name: TommyVictim
Comments:Hi, everyone:

I'm going to scrap "The Court Date" for now. The plot for this is growing faster than I can relate, so maybe I bit off more than I could chew here. When I come up with a new tale, I'll post.
Friday, October 19th 2012 - 09:54:00 AM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Day of The Creep
Comments:Hi, all: Another fantasy/fiction story.


"Hi, Tommy, it's me," my wife's sweet voice oozed through the phone.

"Hey, sweetie, what's up?"

"Well, bad news actually," Kim said. "I'm down here at the courthouse, and The Creep has been paroled."

"What? You've got to be kidding!"

"Oh, I wish I were. I guess the jury decided that twenty years in jail was enough for him, and now he's out on the street."

The Creep--as he was known in the media and press--was the most notorious armed robber/kidnapper/bandit our city had ever known. Kim--my wife--was a detective on the city police force who arrested him and testified to put him away.

"So," I said, "in other words, we'd better keep the door locked and chained, eh?"


Neither Kim nor I would ever forget the look and tirade The Creep gave her as he was led from the courtroom to prison...
..."You f**kin' bitch! When I get out, I'm gonna make you pay dearly...ya hear me, bitch? C'mon, bitch, look at me!"

At first, we didn't worry about it. After all, someone with a rap sheet like The Creep would be put away for life, right? Well, the wheels of justice turn in screwy ways sometimes, and while The Creep was locked up for twenty years, we had the feeling it wasn't anything near what the sentence should've been.

"Okay, sweetie," I said, "we'll do that. Are you going to be ok?"

"I think so, hon," she said. "I've been brushing up on my hand-to-hand combat skills and pistol marksmanship. Also, the police department wants me to check in by phone with them every six hours. If they don't hear from me, they'll send officers to every location I could be at--including home."

"Well, that's relieving," I replied.

"Yes, but we have to be on our toes for the time being. You and Olivia have to make sure the door is locked and chained. This city's dangerous enough without The Creep."

"You got it. See you when you get home. Love you."

"Back at you, lover."

"Daddy, who was that?" Olivia asked as I hung up.

Our daughter, Olivia, was a charming, beautiful Oriental we'd adopted from Thailand several years before. Kim and I, of course, had tried hard to have children, but we finally reconciled to the fact that we probobly wouldn't produce one ourselves. So we considered it a gift from heaven when the adoption agency informed us of this beautiful girl from Southern Asia. Now our sweet daughter was growing up. She was 22 years old, 5'9", athletic, with straight dark hair which descended almost to her shoulders. At this moment, she stood before me clad only in a sky blue bra and matching thong, an attire that accentuated her lush breasts and toned legs.

"Young lady, your mother and I have told you about this many times. If you want to go about the apartment in your underwear, you must have a robe on. What if we were to have an unexpected guest?"

"But Daddy, you go around in your undies all the time."

"But 'Livvie, I have a robe on," I said as I pointed to my silk, black kimono. "Now, you go and do the same."

"Okay, Daddy. I'm sorry. I love you."

I watched Olivia stride barefoot down the plush carpeting toward her bedroom. She made my heart melt. She was so obedient, sweet and receptive to counsel. She also made me and her mother extremely proud: Olivia was in her junior year in law school and attained the highest grades.

Shortly after, she again stood before me, this time with a bright red kimono wrapped around her.

"Daddy, you still didn't say who called."

"Oh, it was your mother. She said she'd be a little late getting home, that's all."

I didn't bother telling Olivia of Kim's warning. No use in worrying her unnecessarily, I thought.

The knock on the apartment door startled both of us.

"I'll get it," Olivia said as she padded across the carpet toward the door.

"Thanks, sweetie," I said. "Oh yes, I think it's a good idea to make sure the door's locked and ch--"

When the door crashed open, it sounded like thunder, and I heard Oliva's terrified squeal in response.

"'Livvie?" I called out as I hustled toward the door.

I gasped as I saw Olivia in the grasp of a large, muscular man. His massive, meaty hand was clapped firmly over her mouth, and a 9mm automatic pistol was pressed against the side of her head."

"Do as I say, a**hole, or the sexy little slut gets it," he growled.

Olivia was breathing heavily and her weeping was muffled by the large hand.

The Creep had arrived.


The Creep made me close the apartment door, then he hustled me and Olivia into the dining room. When we were there, he removed his hand from her mouth and pushed her over to me.

"Oh..oh..D-d-daddy," Olivia wept as she clutched onto me.

"Shhhh, sweetie," I said in the most soothing way I could manage under the circumstances.

"Cut the shit and lose those robes!"

Olivia and I stared at the pistol pointing at us and the angry face behind it as we unfastened our kimonos and let them drop to the floor at our feet.

The Creep gazed upon Olivia's young adult athletic physique and dark, silk lingerie. Olivia shivvered with fear as she crouched and tried to cover her breasts.

"Me sooooooooooo horrrrrrrnnyyyyy," he half growled, half hissed.

I stood clad only in my snug, light blue bikini briefs.

"No," I protested, "you're not going to rape her."

The Creep pistol whipped me across the face, and the heavy blow knocked me to the floor.

"Oh, Daddy!" my daughter cried as she held her hands to her face.

"Shut up, c*nt!"

A similar face-blow sent Olivia sprawling to the floor beside me. She held her face in her hands and sobbed. I looked up at our assailant, beaten and intimidated.

"I'm here to get even with that f**kin' bitch wife of yours, and I'm gonna use you and your gook c*nt daughter as practice!!"

I managed to glance upward at the clock. It was 5pm. Because of the sound of my heart pounding and Olivia sobbing, the ticking was almost inaudible.


The Creep took some lengths of packaging twine from his pockets and made me lay face-down on the floor. I gazed upward as he seized Olivia and pulled her arms behind her back. My daughter's face was one of hysterical distress as her hands were tightly tied behind her back, palms together. Her lips quivvered as she fought back sobs.

"On your knees, bitch! Get on your knees!"

After Olivia lowered herself onto her knees, I felt a kick in my side.

"Get up, a**hole! I said get up!"

No sooner was I on my feet, he shoved a small white handkerchief into my hand.

"Stuff it in her mouth! Stuff it in her mouth!"

"Please...please," I begged softly as I looked at her tear-stained face, "Don't make me gag my daughter."

"Shut that bitch up or I will," The Creep growled as he waved the pistol suggestively.

Without a choice, I knelt beside Olivia and wadded up the handkerchief.

"Hold on honey," I whispered, "this'll almost be over." As if I believed it.

"Gag the bitch!!"

"Ohhhh, D-d-dadddy...."

It broke my heart to do it. I gently wedged the compressed cloth into her mouth. Olivia responed with a light, muffled moan.

I felt one of Kim's scarves thrust into my hand.

"Make a knot in the middle and tie it in her mouth!"

My hands shook as I formed a knot in the middle of the dark green scarf. As I positioned the knot into the middle of my daughter's quivvering mouth, I felt as bad as if I were stabbing her. I fastened the two ends behind her head.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," I whispered. Olivia nodded, closed her eyes, and made another muffled moan.

The Creep was on me instantly. I cringed as I felt the twine dig into my wrists as my hands were tied behind my back.

"Please," I said softly, "You've done your time. Leave me and my family alone. This is over."

"I'll decide when this is over, you f**kin' a**hole, now open your mouth!"

Another wadded handkerchief was stuffed into my mouth, while another of Kim's scarves--an orange one--was wedged between my lips and tightly tied behind my head.

"Mmmphhmmmm." I protested.

Olivia gazed up at me and sobbed into her gag. To her, the sight of me being bound and gagged was more painful than it happening to her. Such an angel. I was forced to sit next to Olivia, and my bare feet were tied together at the ankles.

"F**k, I gotta piss!"

The Creep ambled down the hallway and entered the bathroom. Olivia and I looked at each other desperately, gagged. We listened as the toilet seat was thrust open and a stream hit the water inside. It wasn't flushed.

"There!" he said upon returning, as he zipped his pants. "Now all I gotta do is wait until that bitch wife of yours gets back, and then I'm gettin' even!"

He spent the next several minutes telling Olivia how he would sexually exploit her, and that he was going to shoot me through the head and make her watch. All we could do was close our eyes and sob into our gags. The clock on the wall chimed unsympathetically at 5:30.


I heard the unmistakable sound of stilettos clacking down the hallway toward our apartment. It was obvious from the sound of the shoes hitting the hallway floor and the stride that Kim had returned.

The Creep smiled at us with a crazed expression and concealed himself behind a large cabinet. Olivia and I stared at each other, horrified.

"Mmmphh..mmmphh..mmmphh," we sobbed to each other. Mommy was walking into a deadly trap, and it couldn't be stopped.

We heard the sound of the door open, Kim's purse being placed on the nearby coffee table, her dress jacket being tossed on the sofa and her stilettos sliding off her feet.

"Tommy, Olivia, I'm home."

Kim was a cocoa-skinned Jamaican,45 years old, 5,10" with extremely curly black hair which descended to about her shoulders. Like Olivia, she had an athletic physique, and her generous breasts bulged against her white, long-sleeved blouse, the top button of which she began to unfasten. Her dark blue skirt stopped just above her knees, and her active, well-toned legs and nimble feet were sheathed in pantyhose as she padded across the carpet.

"Hey," she said as she entered the dining room, "The door was unlocked when I got here. Didn't I say to make--"

Kim gasped loudly and held her hands to her mouth when she saw me and Olivia on the floor, stripped to our undies, tied up and gagged.

"Nmmmphh! Nmmmphhh!" I cried into my gag as I shook my head.

"Mummphhh..mummmmm," sobbed Olivia.

Kim raced toward us and said with tears in her eyes, "Oh, my god, wha--"

The Creep swept in from behind, and his massive hand clapped firmly over her mouth as he lifted her into the air.

"Ummmphh! Hrmmmff!" Kim squealed against the hand-gag as her arms, body and pantyhosed feet flailed. The Creep was in the process of dragging her back toward the living room when she got the opening her defense classes trained her for: she slammed an elbow into The Creep's ribcage, and as he recoiled backward, she assumed a defensive posture.

"You f**kin' bitch! I'm back for you!"

"You filthy bastard!" Kim screamed. "How dare you invade our home and terrorize my family!"

The Creep lunged for her again, and this time, Kim kicked him in the crotch with a pantyhosed foot. The Creep keeled over, and Kim began to run for her purse, where her service pistol was kept.

"Mmmphhh! Mmmphh!" Olivia and I cried into our gags.

Kim made it to the purse and was in the process of retreivng her pistol when The Creep's massive hands grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. Before Kim could take any further defensive actions, The Creep's massive fist slammed into her midsection. Kim keeled over and The Creep finished her off with a chop to the back of the neck. She wasn't unconscious, but disabled for the time being.

"Mmmphhh! Nmmmmphhh!" Olivia and I moaned as we wiggled against each other.

The Creep wasted no time. He pounced on Kim and ripped off her blouse, which caused some of the buttons to go flying. After tearing off the blouse, he roughly pulled off her pantyhose, leaving her clad only in her white lace bra and panties. Olivia and I looked at each other helplessly as The Creep salivated over Kim like a hungry vulture.


He decided the three of us would be best kept on the living room sofa. Olivia and I were hustled in from the dining room, seated on the couch and our bare feet were tied at the ankles. Still groggy, Kim was tied up hand and foot as we were and seated next to us.

When Kim revived, The Creep grinned and said to her, "Remember me, bitch?"

"Oh, I remember you well, Creep! You should still be rotting in prison for--mmmphh!"

A small handkerchief was wedged into Kim's mouth in mid-sentence. As The Creep tied a scarf into her mouth, he lectured.

"Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't ya, ya f**kin' bitch! Well, I promised you on that day I'd be back for your sorry ass, and now I'm gonna collect with interest!"

As Kim, Olivia and I looked helplessly at each other in our ropes and gags, we heard a sound: it was Kim's cell phone going off in her purse.

My mind raced: what did Kim say earlier? Yes, that's it! She said that the police department would call every so often, and if she didn't answer, they'd send officers to all her known locatiions, including our home! We could only hope they'd be here quick.

The Creep, unaware of the arrangement, ignored the phone.

"So, what shall I do for revenge?" he said as he gazed upon us three tied, gagged, wide-eyed captives.

He ran the pistol across Kim's breasts.

"Oh, lady cop, I've had twenty years of cool fantasies about you."

"Nmmmph!" Kim moaned into her gag.

"But the thing is," he said as he paced back and forth in front of us, "I'm not going to do anything to you, bitch. I'm gonna take it out on your husband and daughter." He flashed yet another evil grin.

"Nmmphh! Nmmmphhh! Nmmmphh!" the three of us moaned as we shook our heads.

"Yeah, lady cop bitch, you put me away for twenty years," he said as he chambered a round into his pistol, "and now I'm gonna take a piece of your soul in return."

We were frozen in terror as he alternated the pistol between me and Olivia.

"Which of these two shall I off first? Let's see--eeenie, meenie, miney..."

He pressed the pistol against Olivia's head.

"Kiss your ass goodbye, you f**kin' skank!"

"Nmmmphh! Nmmmmphh!" Kim and I wailed hysterically.

"Mmmmphhhh!" Olivia moaned.

The door being smashed open caught The Creep by surprise. Confronted by several police officers with their pistols trained on him, The Creep managed to squeeze off a couple of shots in their direction--a round or two hitting one of the officers. In the thunderous gunfire that engulfed our living room, The Creep was hit several times and collapsed on the sofa between me and Kim, his blood soaking us.

Our assailant took one last gaze at us and said with his last breath, "F**k you, you a**holes!" and died.

As Kim, Olivia and I sobbed uncontrollably into our gags and wiggled against our ropes, the police officers fanned out across the house to check things out, just in case. Their walkie-talkies blared and sirens could be heard outside the apartment complex.

"Okay, folks, get back! C'mon, get back! There's nothing to see," one of the officers told a crowd of the curious who'd gathered at the doorway.

Another of the officers walked by us and muttered under his breath, "This world's so damned evil!"


Friday, October 19th 2012 - 01:54:53 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Tommy you have a knack for finding trouble and seem to constantly end up in just a bikini brief. I wonder if any other of your male friends walk around like that and perhaps in a gym lockerroom after a police shift. Imagine a few of your fellow police officers relaxing in your undderwear after arresting a major criminal only to be kidnapped and held hostage in hopes of an exchange. bound and gagged in bikini briefs? Just a thought, and of course the female officers would still be wearing tight controltop pantyhose.

Thanks for your newest adventure.
Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 - 09:40:14 PM
Name: Saturn
E-mail address: saturn9583@yahoo.com
Comments:Great stories. I would also like to share some (fictional) and to get comments from fellow readers and writers. I would also like to share and duscuss bondage fantasies with others.

Great site!

Friday, November 2nd 2012 - 09:42:51 AM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Notorious Neville and the Poetry Meeting.
Comments:Hello, my tied and gagged friends. Here's another fiction/fantasy tale.


Word had buzzed about town of Notorious Neville, the gentlemanly bandit who'd terrorized the wealthy and well-to-do. Still, Hazel was undisturbed by this. It was her turn to host the monthly poetry recital meeting with a couple of local ladies in her home. Hazel was 55, 5'4", petite, with straight, shoulder-length hair that still retained it's blondeness. Round, wire-rimmed glasses rested upon her normally serious face, a face which blossomed with warmth when happy. She was attired in a snow white blouse beneath a dark blue dress jacket and matching skirt which stopped just above the knees. Beige pantyhose encased legs with still-youthful calf muscles, and her feet nestled in shiny black pumps with 3" heels.

"Any more tea, ladies?" she inquired.

Kathleen, seated on the sofa, shook her head. 56, 5'7" and slightly rounder than Hazel, Kathleen had shoulder-length curly brown hair which betrayed grayness, but didn't seem to bother her due to her normally happy dispositon on her round face. A flaming red blouse peeped through her gray dress jacket, which matched her slacks. Her feet, coated by beige knee-high nylons, were wedged into a pair of brown, slip-on clogs.

"Mmm, no thanks, hon," Donna replied from a nearby luxury rocker. She'd just turned 54 that day and considered the meeting to be a sort of present from the others. More slender at 5'10", Donna had blonde, short, straight hair and a serious down-to-business face, upon rested black-framed reading glasses. Her black dress jacket rested on the sofa, which made her long-sleeve, yellow blouse all the more noticable. She sat with her slender legs crossed in black slacks, and her foot, within a beige knee-high nylon and housed in a blsck, shiny, smaller-heeled pump, rocked as if keeping some kind of rythm.

Hazel, Kathleen and Donna were extremely wealthy and retired ladies, devoted to the pursuit of poetry on a full-time basis.

"Well, then," Hazel said, "perhaps our talented, gentlemanly guest would like more."

"Ahh, Madam," the tall, robust, dignified man replied in his British accent, "you're simply too kind. But if you wouldn't mind, I'd prefer to wait until after the reading has concluded to indulge in some of your inviting Merlot."

"Of course," Hazel replied with a charming smile. "You know, sir, me and the ladies are simply in awe of your poetry talent."

"I agree," Kathleen chimed in. "Your prose is spellbinding."

"If I may add something," Donna said while she adjusted her reading glasses, "you've already become a model for my future writing projects."

"Ahh, ladies, I'm humbled. Truly I am. May I say that I'm truly honored to be in the presence of your wit and beauty."

The three ladies smiled and giggled agreeably, and after a few more poetry pieces had been read and critiqued, the man rose from his chair and stretched.

"Now ladies, if you wouldn't mind my asking, are any of you in need of use of the restroom?"

Hazel managed a polite smile, while Kathleen remained expressionless and Donna merely cleared her throat. Despite the large volume of tea consumed, their bladders were in equilibrium.

"Uh, no," said Hazel.

"Mmm," replied Kathleen with a shake of the head.

Donna merely shook her head and adjusted her reading glasses once more.

"Well then," replied the man, "In that case, I propse a new agenda for the evening. I'll require each of you to empty your valuables into this bag." He produced a large, silken sack and tossed it onto the floor in front of the ladies.

"Uh, sir.." said Hazel, still with a smile, but one that indicated a displeasure with what she'd just heard.

Kathleen's mouth opened, but no words came out.

Donna sat straighter in her rocker and removed her reading glasses.

"Ah yes, ladies. To use a familiar cliche...this is a robbery. I think you should know that although I possess no firearm or knife, I particpated on a championship rugby team and attained high honors, so I'm quite capable of causing each of you tremendous physical discomfort in the event of any uncooperative behavior. Hey?"

The three women looked at each other open-mouthed as the realization of what was happening occurred to them.


Within minutes, the stunned ladies filled the sack with a coniderable amount of cash, credit cards, watches, necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets, rings and even wedding bands.

"Well, isn't this quite a haul!"

"Sir..w-why are you d-doing this?" Hazel asked.

"Ah, my dear lady, you might say I'm an eccentric traveler. Now then, I'll require each of you next to remove your clothing."

Katleen gasped loudly.

"Surely you can't be serious!" Donna responed indignantly.

"Perhaps I should clarify that, Ladies. Each of you may keep your 'dainties' on, but all other accessories must be shed immediately. And ladies, allow me to emphasize that I quickly grow weary of having to repeat my requests."

The man formed his large hand into a threatening, sinister fist.

Hazel and Kathleen simultaneously shed their dress jackets and slipped their nylon-encased feet from their shoes. Donna began to unbutton her bright yellow blouse while she kicked off her pumps. All three women's faces were masked in resignation.


"Well now, to borrow an expression from your country, this is indeed a sight for sore eyes. Hey?"

Hazel stood clad only in a watermelon-colored lace bra and matching panties. Her dress jacket, snow whit blouse, skirt, control-top pantyhose and 3" pumps were heaped unceremoniously a few feet away. Kathleen shook slightly, wearing only a traditional white bra and panties, her gray dress jacket and matching slacks, red blouse, nylon knee-high stockings and clogs piled off to the side. Donna stood with her hands shielding her breasts, which were bulging against a black lace bra, which matched her panties. Her flaming yellow blouse, black slacks, beige knee-high nylons and black pumps also discared in a pile by the wall. The varnished wooden floor felt chilly to the soles of their bare feet.

"P-please," Hazel said, "This isn't a r-rape, is..is it?"

"Ah, M'lady, I'm hurt by your insinuation! I truly pride myself on my efficiency and I admire the beauty of you three far too much to resort to such pedestrian measures."

The man suddenly noticed something on Kathleen's right foot.

"Excuse me, Madam, but do I see a toe ring on your right foot?"

Kathleen nodded nervously.

The man snapped his fingers three times in succession. Kathleen sighed deeply, reached down, removed the toe ring and handed it over. The man smiled as he bagged the item.

"Now, I think it'll be sufficient for you two, Kathleen and Donna to seat yourselves side-by-side on the sofa, please."

As Kathleen complied, Donna put her hands on her hips and glared at the man.

"Listen, Mister, I don't know who you are or where you come from, but I think you're not only a thief but a pervert! How dare you come here, rob us and force us to--"

The man's large hand lashed out and struck Donna violently across the mouth. Her black reading glasses flew from her face with such force that they bounced against the wall, and she slumped to her knees beside the sofa. Donna pressed her hand to her lips and saw a trace of blood on her fingers.

"I warned you against making me repeat my requests, M'Lady!"

The three women noticed the man's face was darker now, more evil. Donna sat beside Kathleen and put her hands to her face and sobbed softly. Kathleen put her arm around her to comfort.

The man reached into his briefcase where he kept his poetry materials and took out several lengths of thin white rope.

"Hazel, since you're the gracious hostess, you may commence with the binding of their feet. Please be thorough, as I'll check your workmanship."

Hazel took the lengths of rope and quickly knelt before Kathleen and Donna and began tying. Hazel knew the man was serious about beating them if they weren't quick to obey. Within minutes, she'd efficiently bound Kathleen's and Donna's bare feet together at the ankles.

Hazel looked up at Kathleen and whispered, "I'm sorry, hon."

"I know," Kathleen whispered back. Donna's lips quivvered in an attempt to hold back another sob.

"And now, Hazel, you may seat yourself beside your friends, please."

Hazel sighed. She knew it was her turn now and sat beside Kathleen.

With clockwork precision, the man tied Hazel's bare feet at the ankels and proceeded to tie the women's hands behind their backs, palms together.

"There. While I don't consider myself the most efficient binder, my handiwork should keep you ladies occupied for at least a couple of hours."

He watched with satisfaction as the three ladies squirmed and looked at each other hopelessly. He then procured three small unused napkins from the tea tray.

"W-what are you going to d-do with th-those?" stammered Hazel.

"Well, you see, M'Lady, merely binding you three isn't quite sufficient enough. I must take precautions against a passer-by hearing you lovely ladies cry for help. Gags will be necessary."

There was a momentary silence as Hazel, Kathleen and Donna realized what "precaution" the man had in mind.

As he knelt in front of the women and compressed the napkins, Kathleen piped up.

"Uh, sir...you see, Hazel, Donna and I are very scared and intimidated by all of this, so we'll be afraid to shout at all."

"The fact remains, M'Lady, the three of you are still women, and women are emotional creatures who'll utilize their vocal chords at any opportunity."

"But-Mmmphh." Kathleen's voice was muffled before she could get another word out.

The man compressed a second napkin and brought it near Donna's lips.

"Sorry to have had to slap your face, M'Lady. I assure you, this won't be quite as painful."

"Oh, God, Please-mmmphh." More tears streamed from Donna's eyes as the napkin was wedged into her mouth.

The man rose.

"Hazel, would you be so kind as to tell me where you keep your scarves?

"They're in the cabinet over there by the grandfather clock. Top drawer. Please, sir..those scarves are quite expensive and have been handed down through several generations."

The man examined the scarves and nodded.

"I do see what you mean, M'Lady, and I'm truly distressed at having to use them in such a crude manner, but they'll be necessary in order to make your gags effective."

With that, the man took a silk green scarf, rolled it into a long cylinder and formed a knot in the middle. He stood behind Kathleen, wedged the middle of the scarf into her mouth and tied the ends behind her head.

"Mmmphhh..mmmphhh" Kathleen moaned.

The man smiled with satisfaction. He selected a peach scarf, fashioned it, and applied it in the same manner to Donna's mouth.

"Ummphmmmm..mummmphhh," Donna protested.

The man removed a small card from his pocket and set it in front of Hazel. It read:

"Notorious Neville....Gentleman Bandit...International."

"I know," said Hazel as she wiggled helplessly against her ropes. "You just don't think these things can happen to you until they actually do."

Neville compressed the final napkin and brought it toward Hazel.

"Point taken, M'Lady. You realize, of course, that I must gag you as well."

"Yes...yes...I know...Neville?"

"Be brief, please."

"Thanks for not killing or raping us. I think you're dispicable, but you do have some consideration--mmmmmphh."

With the napkin wedged into Hazel's mouth, Neville took a third silk scarf--fittingly, a watermelon colored one--and fastened it into Hazel's mouth.

"Mmmphhh...mmummmphhmmm," Hazel moaned.

"By the way, Ladies, that's why I asked you earlier if any of you had to use the restroom. In your present condition, it's obviously not possible now. Hey?"

Hazel, Kathleen and Donna sighed into their gags and nodded.

Neville strolled about the room and closed curtains, turned off lights.

"It might also interest you ladies to know that I didn't bother to disguise myself or wear a mask or something."

Hazel, Kathleen and Donna nodded.


"That's because I have full diplomatic immunity. I may receive a rap on the knuckles from my foreign ambassador, but that'll be all."

"Mmmmphhh! Mmmmphhh!"

Neville picked up the un-opened bottle of Merlot.

"Pity we never had a chance to drink this together. Well, my ladies, here's to you. Taa-Taa!" He raised the bottle in their direction as if making a toast.

As Neville exited the house and hailed a cab, he smiled with satisfaction as he heard the faint sounds of squirming and muffled moaning.

Wednesday, November 14th 2012 - 02:13:56 PM
Name: Jack
E-mail address: padguy@aol.com
Comments:When I was about 13 and in junior high school, I lived next door to two girls, Carrie, who was about 11 at the time, and Wendy, who was about 15. They had a friend who lived a couple doors down named Tammy, who was 14 and a freshman in high school. I had known all three of these girls since we were “knee high to a grasshopper”, as we say around here, but in that year, Tammy seemed to “blossom” – she was bleach blonde and becoming quite shapely as she matured – and I had a major crush on Tammy. I was too shy to be around her one on one, but whenever she was over visiting Wendy and Carrie, I made it a point to kind of “stop by”.

One day during the summer, I was over at Wendy and Carrie’s going swimming in their pool while Tammy was there (any excuse to see Tammy in a bathing suit!) We had finished swimming and were sitting on the back porch talking and drying off. Then, Wendy mentioned that she thought she heard a knock at the front door, and went inside to see who it was. Not more than a minute later, she came back, with her hands up, followed by a guy in a ski mask holding a gun to her. The guy with the gun ordered Tammy, Carrie, and I back into the house with Wendy. We were all pretty scared – we were really all just kids and had never experienced anything like this before. So we didn’t resist and did everything the gunman said to do.

When we got into the house, we found out there was another guy there, also with a ski mask on. The first guy told the other guy to pull the four chairs out from around the dining room table and scoot them into the living room. Then he ordered us four kids to sit on the chairs and keep our hands in the air. We were all shaking from fear, so the first gunman said, “Don’t worry, kids – this is just a robbery. We’re just going to tie you up and rob the place, then we’ll leave. Your mom and dad’ll be home soon and untie you. This calmed us a little bit, although getting tied up didn’t seem like too much fun either. The second guy then took a roll of rope he had brought in, and while the first guy kept the gun pointed at us, began to tie us all to the chairs. One at a time, he made us put our hands behind our backs and then bound them behind the chair. Then he tied our ankles together, and tied rope around our thighs to hold us to the chair. He took off Tammy’s top, and rolled down Wendy’s bathing suit. They also cut off the top of Carrie’s suit. After we were all tied up this way, the guy who tied us then scooted us around so we were back to back in pairs. One of the guys looked at me as if he was doing me a favor. Carrie and I were back to back, as were Wendy and Tammy. Then he wrapped about six or seven loops of rope around us, to hold us together back to back. Finally, he went and rummaged through some drawers and found some handkerchiefs, and tied those around our mouths. Once we were completely bound and gagged, the robbers then turned their attention to carrying things out of the house. After about fifteen minutes to half an hour, they both left and drove off.

Once we heard the robbers’ car pull out of the driveway, we all struggled like mad to get loose. Carrie and I were tied together, and Wendy and Tammy were tied together, but I was sitting so I could see Tammy next to me. (Which wasn’t a bad thing to have to look at if you’re going to be tied up and gagged!) I must admit that, once the immediate fear of being held at gunpoint was over, I was kind of turned on by the whole thing. The way Tammy’s ropes went above and below her boobs, and kind of made them stand out…the way she struggled and squirmed in her chair…it was all strangely stimulating. (at least for a 13-year-old still discovering his hormones!) Sometimes, Tammy looked over at me with a pleading look on her face, like “help me out of this!” It was pretty embarrassing, being bound and gagged in front of the girl you’ve got a crush on, but, I thought…if I can get loose and then “save” Tammy and the other girls…I’ll be a hero! So, trying to prove how macho I was, I struggled harder, trying to break the ropes around my feet and hands, and biting down on my gag as I twisted in the chair trying to get loose from the ropes that bound me to Carrie. Once I started struggling, that must have inspired the girls to do the same, because then they started squirming and mmmphing through their gags. Much as we tried, we couldn’t get loose, though. So finally, we just settled down and accepted the inevitable, and waited for Wendy and Carrie’s mom and dad to come home and untie us.
Thursday, November 15th 2012 - 12:19:48 AM
Name: Jerry
Comments:Mrs. Hamilton
In 1973 I was 16 years old and doing fairly well in high school due to my former teacher and current principal Mrs. Alice Hamilton. I started out having trouble with my studies but through the help and kind patience of Mrs. Hamilton I excelled. At the time Mrs. Hamilton was an attractive divorced 50 year old woman who always dressed professionally in buisness suit attire with skirts that went down below her knee, which was traditional for women of her age at the time. When I was younger I had the school boy crush on Mrs. Hamilton but eventually grew out of that and became interested in girls my own age and even had a girlfriend at the time. Mrs. Hamilton was having some serious trouble with two boys at the school, Mark and Jason, two star football players that thought they could do anything they wanted. It seemed that no amount of discipline would cure Mark and Jason of their behavior. And it seemed that the fathers of both boys suppported that behavior as long as they were winning football games. Mrs. Hamilton was to the point of suspending both boys from the team. Friday night was an important game for the team and that was the day Mrs. Hamilton was planning to administer the suspension on Thursday, an un-popular decision, she was sure she was making. Since I didn't live far from Mrs. Hamilton I went over to her house to visit with and help her rake some leaves. When I arrived and knocked on the door she had just gotten home from the school and was still dressed in a stylish buisness suit. She invited me in and I offered to rake up the leaves in her yard. She accepted my offer and asked me to waite in her kitchen while she changed her clothes so she could help me. Just then there was a loud bang at her front door. When she went to investigate five boys pushed their way into her house and grabbed Mrs. Hamilton and clapped a hand over her mouth. Then things happened fast. I went into the living room to see what the commotion was and indentified Jason as the guy who held her and had his hand over her mouth. I could see the fear in her face. Mark was one of the other and shouted fuck, there is sombody else here with her. I turned and attempted to run out the back door and get help, but Mark was much faster and me and tackled me before I could reach the door. I was pretty dazed at this point and he easily dragged me back to the living room, shoved me to the floor and held me down. Mark told me, Shut up, or I'll have Jason there hurt Mrs. Hamilton, then clamped his hand over my mouth. Three other boys in the room were one other football player and two I didn't recognize. Jason yelled, what the hell do we do now, we onley brought enough rope to tie her up. Fear washed over both of us as we realized we were getting tied up. I was pulled to my feet and both Mrs. Hamilton and I were shoved and ordered to walk up the stairs. Then I saw that Jason had a gun!!!. In the hallway we were ordered to strip down to our underwear. I was wearing just plain tighty whities while Mrs. Hamilton was wearing a red bra and black hip hugger panties, and for the first time since developing the boyhood crush on her, I saw her body. She had taken good care of herself and still had an attractive figure that I responded to by getting an erection. Awww, look at that, the kids getting a boner laughed Jason. I was embarassed but what more could I do. There,s no way you are keeping any of us out of that game tomorrow bitch, Mark growled, so we are going to keep you and your little boyfriend here for awhile. Kid, Call home and tell your folks that your are going to spend a couple nights at a friends house, and Hamilton, you call your secretary and tell her you are calling in sick for the next couple of days. We both did as we were told and awaited our fate. We were moved to her upstairs bedroom, and there Mark ordered our hands behind our backs and then tied them, we were gagged with some scarves that Mrs. Hamilton had in her drawer. Now you two cozy up to each other, and Jason shoved us face to face. We were then tied up with the rope that they brought with them, some of the phone cord that had been ripped out of the wall after we made our calls, and some more scarves and nylon stockings they had found ransacking the room. They pushed us on the bed and left the room. We began to struggle to escape, but our bodies rubbing together just made my erection harder so we stopped. By the look in her eyes I could see that she was a combination of terriefied, sympithetic and maybe just a little turned on herself. All five boys entered the room, Jason, Mark and the other football player told us that they were going back to school as if nothing had happened and play in the game on Friday night. Then they would decide what to do next. The other two were left to guard us. We stayed tied up like that all night, struggling occassionally in an attempt to escape, but our guards checked on us frequently. We were untied briefley the next morning to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water, then retied. Thursday after school was out Mark came over with an idea that would keep us quiet after this was all over. We were untied and told to stay in the bed. Mark then produced a camera and ordered Mrs. Hamilton to take off her bra, and get on the bed with me. He ordered us to make out and grope each other while he took pictures. Now, he sneered, after the game and we let you go, you won't be talking about this or we will show these pictures around. We were retied and again left to struggle. After the game on Friday night our two guards left us alone to get ourselves untied but didn't succeed untill Saturday morning. I promised Mrs. Hamilton that I would never tell anyone about this. She gave me a hug and sent me home. She looked really sad when I walked away. Monday came and Mrs. Hamilton wasn't at school. After a week it was announced that Mrs. Hamilton had resigned her position and would not be returning and Mr. Blake, the assistant pricipal would be taking her place. I went over to check on Mrs. Hamilton but she was gone, the house was empty and a for sale sign out front. I never saw her or heard from her again. I kept my promise and never told anyone what happened to us. Mark and Jason kindapping and rape crime against us went unpunished. However they both had unremarkable college football careers and held low paying menial jobs to this day, never having really succeeded in life.
Tuesday, November 20th 2012 - 12:15:26 PM
Name: Sara
Comments: Here what happen to my dad, my four sisters and me, my dad told me what happen in the beginning because it started with him, one night when my mom and brother were out of town for the weekend, it was dad and the girls were home alone, it was the middle of the night we all sound asleep in our beds, when two men with black hoods came into the house, they found where my dad was sleeping and one guy stuck a pair of undershorts in his mouth and while the other one put a gun to his head and told him to be a good boy and do what he is told, he and his girls will not be hurt. he did what they told him he roll over on his stomach and they handcuffs his hand behind his back, pull down the sheets and pulled off his short and tape his feet together, they then pulled him out of the bed, he was buck naked, they wrapped tape around his mouth and one of the guy pick him up and took him into my little sister Jane and Maria's room, they put my dad down and turn on the light, my sister was scared to see the two guys and my dad tied up, they told them take off their underwear and put their hands behind their backs, the one guy tape their hands and mouth and told to walk nice and slowly down stair to Leah's and mine room, they pick my dad up again and follow them down to our room, they walk in and put my dad down and turn on the light, Kerry and I were shocked to see dad, Jane and Maria tied up and gagged in the nude, we was told if we don't want something bad to happen to our dad or sisters we better do what we are told, so we were told to take off our underwear and for me to tape my sister Kerry's hands behind her back, and tape her feet together and take my panties and stick them in her mouth and tape them in, then I was told to tape my feet together and stick my sister's panties in my mouth and tape them in, then one of the guys taped my hands behind my back. I was looking at my dad all this time and his face was red with angry because he could not do anything to protect his girls! Then they put my little sister Jane in front on my dad facing him and put Kerry behind him facing dad, put Leah on dad, Maria, Jane left side facing them and me on the right side facing them and tape us together around the middle and around the legs. they told us to be good girls and stay put and they then turn off the light and left the room. we could not move, and one of dad co-worker's found us the next morning. it was something we will never forget, we was happy that mom and our brother were not home at the time.
Tuesday, December 11th 2012 - 01:09:47 AM
Name: EmBarrassed
Comments:The things we do to make a living. One day I am a young man working in an insuarance company and six months later a pretty 5'6" blue eyed 23-year-old girl, with curly golden-blonde hair and a very ladylike figure. I worked in a so-called accounting office in a part of town I never thought I would venture into. It was a job and my boss swore I was a real girl and not a young man, but he was 75-years-old and really a bookie.

I was alone 90% of the time and basically fixed the books, although did handle large sums of money from time to time. Envelopes were slipped under the door at night and in the morning I would open them and place the money in a big envelope and leave it in my boss' desk and he would either pick it up himself or one of his henchmen would when I wasn't around. The job was boring, but paid my bills. I even liked being Stacy the pretty blonde secretary, although at times liked it too much since my thick 10" circumcised member was hard to conceal.

One Friday afternoon just before I was going to lock-up for the afternoon there was a knock on the outside door. The 6'2" very handsome young man with thick clean-cut sandy-blonde hair and big brown eyes was waiting. he had picked up money before so I figured he had forgotten his key and let him in. The phone rang just as he stepped inside. It was my boss, who informed me that Mr. Jones was no longer employeed and not to let him in and that his key had been taken from him less than an hour earlier.

Mr. Jones then looked at me, smiled and showed me his shiny revolver. I was so scared I babbled incoherently as he grabbed a roll of red duct tape from my boss' desk. He then taped my well-manicured hands behind my back which made my ample 38DD bosom look even bigger. He ran a hand under my short denim skirt and felt my semi-stiff hard member struggle in my controltop suntan pantyhose and smiled. He suspected my secret all along.

I wanted to crawl under my desk and hide when he looked around the office and grabbed my torn beige controltop pantyhose from the plastic barrel in the small bathroom. He jammed them in my luscious mouth and then wrapped a red bandana over my pouty red lips. I meowed incoherently so he wrapped the wide red duct tape over the bandana to really stifle my cries for mercy. He wrapped tape above and below my tight white knit sweater my pantyhose clad knees and pencil thin highheeled ankles, of all times to wear 5" navy-blue stiletto highheels I had to pick this moment. he pushed me into the small bathroom and made me sit on the toilet. he then shut the door and placed my desk against the door. I was a helpless bound and gagged robbery victim. He ransacked the office and stole about $6,900.00!

I was alone in the bathroom helplessly bound and gagged for about six hours before someone showed up. It was very embarrassing being discovered, especially after such a long period of time. My boss never blamed me for what happened, but did send someone to check on mye twice a day and changed the locks.

Sunday, January 20th 2013 - 03:05:52 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Justice On Hold (Part 1)
Comments:Hello, everyone: Here is another fiction/fantasy tale. Actually, it's a re-write of an earlier attempt I made, enttitled, "The Court Date." Enjoy, and as always, feel free to chime in with your reviews.


Stifling. That's the most polite word I could use to describe the temperature inside the county courthouse that sweltering, summer day. The occasion was the conclusion of the trial of Mary the Mugger, a sought-after female bandit who was wanted for an enourmous string of robberies. The trial had lasted over three weeks with much media ballyhoo, and the courtroom was filled to capacity for each session, adding to the stuffiness.

Mary was seated at her table with a suprisingly placid demeanor. A guilty verdict was surely coming forth, but she didn't seem the least perturbed. Mary was 5'9, medium build, with almost-shoulder-length straight brown hair, and 38 years old. She wore a bright orange prison jump suit and black, prison-manufactured flip-flops with no socks.

I glanced down at her feet and somewhat envied her. The poor condition of the a/c in the courtroom was causing many to swelter, but I figured Mary had to be cooler than I was. You see, I was one of the security officers assigned to escort her in and out of the courthouse. Since this was the highest-profile trial the county had seen in over one hundred years, the Department issued a decree that guards were to wear their formal dress uniforms. For me, that meant a long-sleeve, white dress shirt with badge, id tag, security organization patches and a black necktie. My pants were black, with black socks and shined black duty dress shoes. The utility belt about my waist containing my service pistol, handcuffs and walkie-talkie, didn't make me any cooler. I couldn't wait for the day to be over with so I could go back to may apartment and peel all of this off me.

Normally in court, I would be the only securtiy guard assigned to the defendant, but since Mary had a fearsome reputation and the high profile of the trial, my superior, Grace, accompanied me. She was about Mary's size and weight, 43 years old, but with shorter black hair. Her mandatory dress uniform consisted of the same long-sleeve white blouse--with Sergeant's chevrons on the shoulders, necktie, and utility belt. Instead of pants, she was attired in a black skirt which extended to her knees, beige pantyhose, which encased her athletic legs, and shined dress pumps with 3" heels. If the heat of the courtroom bothered Grace, she showed no signs of it. Police sergeants never do. Pure professional, Grace was, always with an unsmiling, alert disposition. She stood next to me, behind where Mary was seated. I took several opportunities to scan Grace's smooth legs and try to catch a glimpse of her sliding a nylon-encased foot in and out of her duty dress pump, as I have a woman's stocking-foot fetish, but I never saw her make that maneuver.

Next to Mary sat her defense attorney, Val. Val was a little taller, 5'10", a little slimmer, with straight blonde hair which descended just past her shoulders. She was dressed as a lawyer would, with a bright yellow blouse, the top two buttons unfastened. Over this rested a professional-looking black dress jacket, a matching skirt with stopped just above the knees, beige pantyhose which encased energetic legs and shined, black dress pumps with spike heels. Val obviously took good care of herself. She wasn't going to let the fact that she just turned 50 wear her down. Unlike Grace, Val frequently slid her pantyhosed foot from its pump and massaged her other leg with the foot, which aroused me no end.Also unlike Grace, she smiled often and had a bubbly personality. Val slid some paperwork back into her attache case and whispered something to Mary, who remained oblivious.

The judge's offically-toned voice rang out.

"Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?"

The jury's foreman rose and replied, "Yes, Your Honor, we have."

"The defendant will please rise."

Mary and Val both rose. Mary's hands weren't cuffed, but her feet were shackled.

Thank goodness, I thought. In another minute, this trial will be over, we'll cuff Mary and stuff her into her cell, then I can call it a day, go home and strip down. I suspected that Grace, beneath her militant exterior, was looking forward to something similar.

"On multiple counts of robbery, how does the jury find the defendant, Mary the Mugger?"

"Your Honor, the jury finds the defendant guilty on all counts."

The courtroom exploded with numerous converstations as the judge slammed his gavel down.

"The defendant will be remanded to prison custody to await sentencing. The court wishes to thank the jury for their service. Dismissed."

Val placed her hand on Mary's shoulder and said, "Mary, I want you to know that I'll work as hard as I can to appeal your situation."

I reached to my utility belt to remove my handcuffs to place on Mary's wrists, but Grace cut in.

"I'll handle this one, Officer," she snapped. Grace pulled Mary's arms behind her back and fastened the cuffs on her wrists. Mary grimaced in discomfort. Grace took her by one arm, and I took Mary by the other as we escorted her from the courtroom, which had become a bedlam of loud voices, pressing bodies and of course, flashing camera bulbs. Val followed closely behind us.

After exiting the courtroom, we walked down an extremely long and narrow corridor, maybe 100 yards long, after which we'd emerge into the parking lot. During the long stroll, I listened to the flappity-flap of Mary's flip-flops and clinking of her shackle chains and the smart, professional clack-clack of Grace's and Val's pumps on the brightly polished floor.

Grace couldn't resist a poke at the prisoner.

"Well, you little hoodlum, you're going to be locked away for good now. I'm sure the world will smell better for it, too!"

"Sergeant," Val's smooth voice oozed in, "my client is under jurisdiction of the justice system, and there is no call for you to intimidate her with sarcastic remarks."

Grace grunted. Mary's face remained unaffected. I looked at Val's legs at every opportunity.

As the end of the hallway came into view, Mary suddenly keeled over.


Grace and I exchanged puzzled glances.

"Ohhhhhhhh....my appendix," Mary moaned. "It's been bothering me for a while now and--ohhhhhhhh."

Grace wasn't very sympathetic.

"Once you're locked up in your cell, a prison doctor will be summoned to examine you. We have a schedule to keep. Move!"

"Sergeant," Val piped in, "my client is in obvious pain. A medical office is just a few yards down the hall. Mary can be looked at there before we proceed."

"Wrong, Attorney!" Grace countered. "She'll be processed first and then examined. I haven't got time for this nonsense!"

I was just a lowly-ranked guard, so I said nothing and admired Grace's healthy calf muscles.

"Sergeant," Val responded, "Refusing my client immediate medical care in her distress constitutes cruel treatment. I'm warning you....if you don't take her into this medical office for treatment now, I'll file charges against you with the District Attorney's Office."

Grace paused, then emitted an irritated sigh.

"All right. We'll take her in there. But just for a quick check."


The medical office was a large room consisting of large medical supply cabinets, counter-tops with built-in drawers, and an examination table. Close by sat a woman behind a desk.

"Are you the nurse?" Grace barked.

The woman rose from behind her desk and arched her eyebrows. She was 5'8", slightly plump, in her mid 50's, with curly, still-brown shoulder-length hair. She wore a white lab coat, under which a black blouse was visible. White slacks, beige stockings and white, cushioned casual shoes completed her attire.

"Yes, I'm the nurse. Is there something I can do?"

Grace and I escorted Mary over.

"The prisoner needs a quick check," Grace said.

"My client is complaining of abdominal pains," Val interjected. "We have to make sure she's well enough to travel."

Grace gave Val an angry scowl. The nurse began to examine Mary. I tried to sneak a look down Val's partially unbuttoned blouse.

The nurse pressed her hand against Mary's abdomen.

"Ohhhhhhhh...yeah, there...ummmmmmmmmm."

"These are definitely signs of an appendix problem," the nurse said. "I'll have to examine further. Please remove her handcuffs and shackles so her circulation will improve during the examination."

"Out of the question!" Grace snarled. "She's a convicted prisoner and must remained bound."

"Sergeant!" said Val. "Please don't forget what I told you before."

Grace scowled and said under her breath, "Damn lawyers!"

Grace removed a couple of keys from her utility belt, one for the handcuffs and another for the foot shackles. I took one of the keys, knelt down and unfastened the restraints from Mary's ankles. The shackles made the familiar 'clank' as they were removed. At the same time, the handuffs on Mary's wrists made a 'click' noise as Grace turned the key removed the cuffs.

"There," the nurse said. "the improved circulation will make it much easier for me to determine the---"

I heard Val gasp. With a lightning-fast spinning maneuver that would make a ninja proud, Mary jerked up from her doubled-over posture, whirled about, yanked Grace's service pistol from its holster and trained it on us.

"Do as I say, and nobody gets hurt," Mary announced. Her voice had a rough edge to it from many years of smoking, but the look in her eyes left no doubt that she wasn't fooling around.


I was still kneeling with the foot shackles, and I had a mind to reach for my weapon, but there was really no chance.

"Okay, pretty boy," Mary said to me. "Get up and stand next to your cop boss here, and don't think about going for your gun. I'm in a shooting mood, if you know what I mean."

"Do as she says, Officer," Grace ordered me in an even-keeled voice.

"Mary!" Val said, "Don't do this. You know I'll work hard to get you out of your sentence, but what you're doing now is--"

"Shut up, Ms. Lawyer! Stand beside your cop friends. You too, nursie!"

Val's dress pumps made that sexy clack as she walked over and stood beside me and Grace. The nurse's mouth was open with shock as she scurried over to us.

"Okay you two cops...slowly unfasten those gunbelts and let them drop to the floor."

We focused on the gun in Mary's hand and noticed that her hand didn't tremble in the least. We had that sinking feeling that she was coming into her element again.

"You know you're in big trouble," Grace said as she unfastened her now pistol-less utility belt and let it slump to the floor. I loosened my utility belt and felt it drop to my feet.

"Me? In big trouble?" Mary said. "Why, I'd say since I'm the only one with the gun in my hand here, it'd be the other way around, don't you think?"

Me, Grace, Val and the nurse nervously glanced at each other. We could've heard a pin drop.

"Now, folks," said Mary, "to show you that I'm not the super-meanie you think I am, we're going to relax and get nice and comfortable here."

The four of us looked at Mary and silently mouthed the word, "What?"

"I mean," continued the villainess, "one at a time...each of you strip down to only your underwear."

"Uh, Mary," said Val, "this isn't going to look very good on your--"

"Uh-uh, Ms. Lawyer," said Mary. "That's enough legalese for now. Okay...who's gonna be first?"

Mary wagged the pistol at each of us as she tried to decide.

"Now, let's see...eenie...meenie...miney...moe."

There was a brief silence, then our assailant announced, "Well, Sergeant, I guess you can start."

Grace replied with indignation, "You know that forcing a police officer to strip is---"

"Shhhhhhhh! Don't piss me off, Sarge!"

Grace sighed and obeyed. While she unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her necktie, she simultaneously slid her pantyhosed feet from her duty dress pumps. That was the sight I'd been waiting to see, although I would've preferred under different circumstances. As her blouse dropped to the floor, she unfastened her skirt and let it drop to her feet. She stepped out of the fallen skirt, kicked it aside and stared at Mary.

"Oh, Sarge, you're not done yet---pantyhose, too."

Grace sighed deeply and began to pull off the control-top hosiery.

"Nice and careful, Sarge...I don't want any runs."

Grace removed the hosiery and tossed it beside her pumps. The police sergeant now stood clad only in a beige lace bra and matching panties.

"I suppose you're very proud of yourself," Grace said as she covered her breasts with her arms.

"Actually, I'm just getting started," May replied. "Now, Sarge, put your hands on top of your head and shut your mouth...keep your lips pressed together, and don't let me see them part."

As Grace assumed her ordered position, Mary focused on me.

"Your turn, pretty boy!"

Well, I admit I was looking forward to stripping out of my uniform at the end of my shift, but I didn't expect it to happen quite this way...LOL. So, off they came: Uniform shirt and tie, uniform shoes, socks and pants..all lumped in a big pile at my feet. There I stood, clad only in my snug, black bikini breifs.

"Well, well," Mary the Mugger observed. "I spend all this time in a woman's lock-up and I finally get to see a real man, nice and stripped down."

I managed a smile, and Mary continued, "Really, hon. I mean it. You're very sexy like that. I like the way your ass looks tight in those snug briefs, and I can only immagine how they'll look when you get hard."

"Gee, thanks," I said.

"It's ok, hon...now get those hands on top of your head and press your lips together."

I obeyed and glanced at Grace. I mean, I couldn't believe I was seeing her like this! As she kept her lips pressed together, her eyes revealed complete frustration.

The nurse's lips quivvered as if she was about to cry when she realized that Mary was concentrating on her.

"Okay, nursie....you're next."

"Oh, please," babbled the nurse, "Is this really necessary?"

"Lookit, nursie, I appreciate you examining me when they brought me in here, but you really better cooperate before I fill you full of holes. Ok?"

A tear dripped from the nurse's eye as she obeyed. She shed her white lab jacket, unbuttoned and discarded her black short-sleeve blouse, pulled off her casual shoes and climbed out of her white slacks. She placed her hands on top of her head.

"Hold on, nursie. Get them off too!"

The nurse sighed. She reached down and pulled off the beige, knee-high stockings. She was now clad only in a white bra and matching panties.

"There you go," said Mary. Now you can put your hands on top of your head and press your lips together.

Val placed her hands on her hips. "Doesn't the fact that I'm your defense attorney and have worked so hard to clear you get me off from having to do this?"

"Actually, Ms. Lawyer, it doesn't. You know the drill."

Val managed to grin as if to say, 'this has got to be a joke'. As she shed her black dress jacket, she simultaneously kicked off her pumps, and I got another view of her shapely, stocking feet. She unfastened her skirt, and as it dropped to the floor she unbuttoned her bright blouse and discarded it. Slowly, carefully, she removed her control-top pantyhose and placed them among the other shed clothing. Looking at her as she now was, it was hard to believe she was a defense attorney--I mean, clad only in a black lace bra and thong.

"Oh, my," Mary the Mugger said, "black undies. Plans with a boyfriend tonight?"

As redness appeared on the defense attorney's face, Mary said, "That's ok, you don't have to go into that. Just get those hands on top of your head and press your lips together."

So, Mary the Mugger had us good. All four of us standing together, in nothing but our undies, our hands on top of our heads, and forbidden to open our mouths.


Oh, God, Mary must have made us stand there like that for at least a half hour. I figured she was trying to conjure up an escape plan.

"Okay. I guess you all must be getting tired of having your hands over your heads, so you can lower them to your sides. And you can stop pressing your lips together, too. But I'm warning all of you--no shouts or sudden outbursts."

We all felt a little better now that we didn't have to assume that rigid position. The nurse's lips quivvered again. I examined Grace's and Val's scantily clad features. Mary continued to train the sergeant's pistol on us. From the look in her eyes, I could tell she was fathoming an idea.

Friday, January 25th 2013 - 04:11:09 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Justice On Hold (Part 2)

"What's everyone so tense about?" Mary the Mugger inquired.

Indeed. Other than the four of us stripped to only our undies and being held at gunpoint by a notorious bandit, what was there to worry about, right?

"C'mon, relax a little," Mary said. "I know. Let's break the ice by introducing ourselves to one another, k?"

"Mary," Val said, "I think we all know who each--"

"Uh-uh, Ms. Lawyer! I think it's a great idea. Now, each of you introduce yourselves and give your marital status."

What the?

"Starting with you, nursie. I'm sure you have a name other than that."

The nurse resumed covering her breasts and stuttered..."M-my names K-Kathleen, and I-I'm recently divorced."

"See?" said Mary with a grin, "That wasn't so hard, was it? Okay, Sarge, your turn."

"Hmmf!" snorted Grace. "You have got to be kidding!"

"Let's put it this way, Sarge. If I have to kid anymore, I'm gonna make you remove your bra and panties!"

Grace got the hint.

"My name's Police Sergeant--"

"Uh-uh, Sarge! Just tell your first name, and don't forget that marital status."

"My name's Grace, and I've been married for the last twenty years."

"Must be a lucky guy," Mary chuckled, "a reeeallll lucky guy. Okay, Romeo, let's hear it."

"My name's Tommy. I'm single with no girlfriends right now."

"Really?" Mary said. "Sorta hard to believe, a hunk like you in those snug bikini briefs and no girlfriend. Well, Tommy, You've got three women standing around you in nothing but their bras and panties on, so maybe this is your lucky day. Har-har!"

Actually, Mary's observation wasn't that far-fetched, as I was feeling myself slowly getting hard.

"All right, Ms. Lawyer, I already know your name, since you're my attorney, but how about letting the rest of the group know."

"My name's Val," she said with a smirk. "I've never been married and I've recently broken up with my boyfriend."

"No shit!" Mary said. "You sure are a hot number for an older woman...and I've been noticing Tommy looking at you."

Mary chuckled again. Val blushed. I got harder.

"Well, now," Mary continued. "Since we're all friends, I guess we can get on with the main event."

Kathleen, Grace, Val and I looked at each other wide-eyed.


Mary forced Kathleen to take four nearby chairs and line them up, side-by-side. The chairs were heavy wooden ones, with cushioned seats.

"Okay, officers---I mean, Grace and Tommy, I want you two to sit down in the middle two chairs."

Grace and I obeyed. As we seated ourselves, I took a quick glance down Grace's bra. The sergeant glared at me.

"Kathleen, Val, come over here!" ordered Mary.

The nurse and the defense attorney quickly came over, their faces a mixture of fear and wonder as to what they'd be required to do.

"Both of you remove the handcuffs from Grace's and Tommy's pistol belts."

The two women knelt and procured the cuffs, which gleamed against the office light.

"Very good. Kathleen, I want you to cuff Grace's hands behind the back of her chair, and Val, I want you to do the same with Tommy."

Kathleen and Val stood still for a second, incredulous at to what they just heard."


As Kathleen and Val padded barefoot towards us, Grace protested, "I've seen many hardened criminals in my time, Mary, but this is clearly the worst--"

"Actually, Grace, I think this is one of the best. Now, get your arms behind the back of the chair. Kathleen, cuff her wrists."

Grace sighed and obeyed. She winced a little as the handcuffs that used to be on her pistol belt snapped tightly on her wrists.

"What's wrong, Grace?" Mary said. "I guess you just noticed that those cuffs weren't made for comfort, huh?"

I placed my arms behind the back of my chair and I felt the same pinch as Val cuffed me.

"Sit down nursie--I mean, Kathleen. Hands behind the back of the chair."

Kathleen sniffed sadly and obeyed. Mary opened one of the supply drawers and found a roll of white medical tape, which she tossed to Val.

"That's right, Lawyer Lady. Bind Kathleen's wrists tight behind the back of the chair. Make it secure. I'm gonna check."

Val sighed, knelt behind the back of Kathleen's chair and bound the nurse's wrists together as directed. Kathleen squirmed a little and silently mouthed the words, "No, please."

"This is just so damn hot!" Mary the Mugger said.

Val sighed.

"Well, Mary, I suppose it's my turn, isn't it."

"In a rush, aren't you! Not just yet, Val. I've got one more little task for you to do first."

Mary handed Val a piece of white printer paper and a Sharpie.

"Now, I want you to write these words on the paper: 'Help! Officers, nurse and lawyer bound and gagged inside! Help!'"

Val had a smirk on her face as if to say, 'this is bullshit' and carefully wrote the message on the paper.

"My, what lovely handwriting you have. Someone might mistake you for a lawyer with such style." Mary observed.

"Thanks." Val replied. "I was first in my class at law school."

"I'll bet you were, sweetie. Now, sit down and put your arms behind the back of the chair."

Val flashed a smile as if to say, "Yeah, I knew it", seated herself and put her arms behind the back of the chair.

" I suppose you know this isn't going to help your parole chances," Val said as Mary thoroughly bound the lawyers wrists together.

"Yeah, probobly, but this is such fun!"

Mary knelt before each of us and used the tape to bind our ankles to the legs of the chairs. One by one--Kathleen, Grace, me and Val, like an assembly line. The four of us squirmed a little, but it was obvious none of us were going anywhere for a good long time.

Mary rummaged through the supply drawers again and found some medical sanitary cloths. She took four of them, rolled each into a long, thin cylinder and formed a knot in the middle of each.

"Wha-what are you going to do with those?" I asked. I was worried that Mary was going to use these new creations to strangle us in our chairs.

"Gags, dear. I don't want the four of you to yell too loud after I get out of here."

Our hearts sunk at the further humiliation we were in for. Mary stood behind Kathleen, and the nurse silently wept as the knot in the middle of the cloth was wedged between her lips and the two ends firmly tied behind the back of her head.

"You dirty criminal!" Grace protested. "You'll never get away with this! There'll be police officers heading this way very soon, and when they do, they'll--ummmphhh!"

The sergeant's tirade was cut short as the gag was forced into her mouth and roughly fastened behind the back of her head.

"Nmmmphhh! Urmmphhh!" Grace moaned as she shook her head.

Mary came to me next. She leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Wha-what was that for?" I asked.

"For being sexy." our assailant replied, as she glided her finger along my bikini briefs for emphasis. "You know, Tommy, if I could, I'd kidnap you and take you with me and make you into a sort of love-making hostage!"

"Gee, thanks," I said. "Would there be a ransom or wh-mmmmphh."

Mary chuckled softly as she fastened my gag tightly.

Mary approached Val with the fourth cloth in her hand.

"Well, Val, I guess I should thank you for doing your best for me in court."

"You're welcome, Mary...I guess. As your attorney, can I offer you one last piece of legal advice before you gag me?"

"What's that?"

"After you're eventually caught again, you should consider relying heavily on the insanity defense. In law school, I wrote a highly regarded paper on this and mmmmmmmmphhhh!"

"Thanks, Lawyer Lady, I'll remember that," Mary said, as she wedged the cloth between Val's lips and tightened the ends behind the back of her head.

Mary stood back and surveyed her handiwork.

On the far left, sat Kathleen, the well-meaning courthouse nurse. Stripped to her white bra and matching panties only. Her hands bound together behind the back of the chair. Her bare feet bound with tape at the ankles to the legs of the chair. Tightly cleave-gagged.

"Oohmmmphhh!" she sobbed into her gag.

Beside her, sat Grace, the hard-core police sergeant. Stripped to her beige bra and matching panties only. Her hands cuffed behind the back of the chair in her own handcuffs. Her bare feet bound at the ankles with tape to the legs of the chair. Tightly cleave-gagged.

"Mrrrmmmph-urmmmphmmm-mummmphhh-urmff!" she protested.

Me. The low-ranking police officer. Stripped to only my snug, black bikini briefs only. My hands cuffed behind the back of my chair in my own handcuffs. My bare feet bound at the ankles with tape to the legs of the chair. Tightly cleave-gagged.

"Mummphmmmm-umphmmm," I moaned as I tried to take another quick peek down my sergeant's bra. Mary noticed this and laughed.

And finally, Val. The fancy defense attorney. Stripped to only her black lace bra and matching panties. Her wrists taped together behind the back of her chair. Her bare feet taped at the ankles to the legs of the chair. Tightly cleave-gagged.

"Mummmphhh-mmmphmmm-mummmphmmmm-rrmmmphh-mmmmphhh," she said to Mary, always trying to give her client advice.

Once Mary was satisfied that the four of us were securely bound and gagged, she took off her orange prison jump suit and stood before us in only her white bra and panties. Us four prisoners looked at each other in wide-eyed shock....what was this diabolical villainess up to?


"I know what you all must be thinking, and I assure you, it's part of my clever escape plan."

Now, Mary's jump suit hid a lot of her figure, but when she stripped out of it to just her undies, I noticed nice breasts and a fairly tight ass. Mary smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

Mary then changed into Grace's dress uniform. The two women were about the same size, so Mary had a tailor-made disguise for walking out of the courthouse complex without being noticed.

"Well, Grace...what do you think?" our assailant said as she fastened the sergeant's pistol belt around her waist.

"Gmmmff-dmmmffff rmmmmphhh--mmmummphh!" Grace roared through her gag, struggling helplessly.

"I've got to say, though, that this dress uniform doesn't go too well in this muggy summer weather. I mean, come on...this long-sleeve blouse and necktie....pantyhose..and your dress pumps are a little tight."

"Mrrmmmphh!" the sergeant continued to protest.

Mary walked up to Grace and gently ran her fingers through the sergeant's hair.

"Hell of it is, Grace, you're in the shit. When your captain finds out that I was able to con you into freeing me from those handcuffs...and taking your pistol...and making you strip to only your bra and panties...and handcuffing you in your own cuffs...and binding you to this chair...and gagging you...and dressing in your uniform...well, you'll spend the rest of your police career watching parking meters, if you have a career left at all!"

Grace bowed her head and sobbed, muffled, into her gag.

"Okay, everyone, let's test those gags before I go. Kathleen?"





"Ummph-hmmmphh! Ummmph-hmmmphh!"

"Oh, you're such a cute guy...Val?"


"Cool. Oh, Grace, one more thing. Where do you keep the keys to your squad car?"

Grace angrily jerked her head at the pistol belt now on Mary's waist.

"Grrmmphhh! Mrrmmphh!"

Mary found a set of keys and dangled them before the sergeant's eyes.

"You mean these?"

"Mmmmphhmmm!" Grace groaned with quick nods of her head.

"Gee, thanks."

Mary the Mugger strode to the door, her "borrowed" dress pumps making that distinctive, sexy clacking noise. She opened the door, taped the note Val wrote to it's window, and glanced back at us.

"Oh...and people?"

The four of us looked at her helplessly.

"Mum's the word!"

"Mmmmmphhh!" we cried in unison. Mary laughed, closed the door and left. Justice was truly on hold here.


Of all the places in the courthouse complex for this to happen, the nurse's office was the most opportune for Mary, and the most unfortunate place for the four of us. The nurse's office was a long ways from the court area down a very long hallway, so there was very few people coming by. It was also about 5pm when Mary held us up, which was the time when the courthouse employees went home.

Kathleen, Grace, me and Val spent the next couple of hours wiggling helplessly in our chairs. Of course, Grace and I were totally helpless to get free because of the handcuffs placed on us. Kathleen's and Val's wrists were bound with the medical tape, but Mary made sure the binding was thorough, so there really was little hope of them getting free. With the air conditioning turned off, the office was muggy, which made being stripped to just our undies a good thing--at least as far as I was concerned, because soon the four of us were glazed in sweat from our exertions..

I looked over at Grace and tried to communicate.

"Mmmphhh..hrrmmphh..ummphmmm-mummmphhh." I tried to say.

"Grrrmphh!" she snarled at me with those dark eyes of hers. Apparently, she wasn't in the mood for gag-talk.

I twisted to my left and noticed Val gazing at me. Her eyes seemed to radiate a sort of brightness, and even though there was a cleave gag fastened in her mouth, her lips seemed to be attempting a smile. I slowly scanned her body--her inviting breasts, barely restrained by that black lace bra, those matching panties, those shapely legs and cute bare feet. I squirmed some more in my chair, wiggling my bikini-brief clad pelvis back and forth, and the 50-year old blonde defense attorney nodded her head approvingly.

"Mmmmphh," came her muffled purr.

"Ummph-hmmmphh!" I nodded back. We knew what each other thought and perhaps that was a good thing, as it helped to keep our minds off our predicament.

Eventually, we heard footsteps coming down the hall toward the nurse's office. We looked at each other hopfully and began to cry out through our gags as loud as possible.


The door opened, and there stood Gordie, the night security officer. Gordy was just doing his routine checks when he came down that way. He had 37 years on the force and was retiring soon.

"Ohhhh, Wow!" he exlaimed with an excited look on his face at the sight of the four of us, just in our undies, bound and gagged.

Uh, Gordie, I thought. I hope you're not getting your rocks off looking at me, y'know!


Mary the Mugger stayed at large for another three months. She kept on the run by locating women who wore the same clothing size as she, and then Mary would get that woman alone, force her to strip and leave her bound and gagged, while Mary assumed the identity of that woman. Eventually, Mary was caught and there was another trial. Kathleen, Grace, me and Val of course had to testify at the trial about how Mary made that creative escape from us in the first place. The newspapers and the press were full of our accounts of how we were left stripped to our undies, bound and gagged as Mary, dressed as a police sergeant made her escape.

When the verdict came down, Mary, of course, was found guilty and sentenced to 50 more years in prison. As she was being led from the courthouse, I made eye contact with her.

"Well, Mary," I said. "Was it really worth it, doing what you did to us, just to end up back in prison?"

"Tommy, just seeing you in only those sexy bikini briefs, bound to that chair, with that gag in your mouth makes it worth it," Mary replied.

Mary was hustled into the back of a squad car. Reporters snapped pictures. News on-the-spot reporters squawked into their microphones. I walked away......hard.


Hoped you like it, everyone. I know it was a slow-developing story, but I've been thinking on this scenario for quite a while.

Thursday, January 31st 2013 - 02:28:17 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Another great story Tommy. Like the idea of you being in between three women in just your bikini brief. I'll be three sets of eyes were looking at your crotch. Mary should have used teh worn pantyhose and stockings as gags though.
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 02:34:31 PM
Name: anon
Comments:best yet
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 03:06:15 PM
Name: Jimbo
Comments:Hello, I originally posted my tale on this site a few years back, but it appears to have been "bumped" off to make room for newer stories, so I'll give you a quick recap.
I know that one or two of you suspect that most of these stories are fiction, but mine most definitely isn't!

in 2005 I was staying over at a friends house; we both worked unsocial hours so we'd usually just hang out in the daytime. My friend Janet (not her real name!) went to the supermarket leaving me alone, but while she was gone, two robbers forced the door open and began grabbing anything they could from downstairs, while I tried to stay quiet upstairs, hoping they would leave soon (As you can imagine, I was rather frightened!)

But eventually one of them came upstairs, found me, and shouted for his buddy to come up. they ordered me to place my hands behind my back and used duct tape to bind my wrists before wrapping it around my fingers. my ankles were also bound, and one of the robbers searched my pockets; all I had one me was some small change and a couple of handkerchiefs, one of which was stuffed in my mouth and sealed in place with two strips of the duct tape.

Janet returned home at the worst possible time (If she'd have been 30 seconds later she would have missed the robbers!) and was brought upstairs, I'll never forget the look of shock on her face when she saw me trussed up and gagged! She was tied the same as me and my other hankie was stuffed into her mouth (mercifully the hankies were clean!) and more tape sealed her mouth.

it took me 20 minutes to get free, untie Janet and call the cops. As far as I know the robbers were never caught though.

Thursday, February 7th 2013 - 07:25:32 AM
Name: jessie
Comments:this happened to my wife, who was 20,at the time, and I didnt find out about it, until 3 yrs later. My wife was black haired and had a nice fgure, and we didnt have any kids at the time. I was in the Air Force and had been sent to Thailand for a year. My wife, was staying with my aunt while I was gone. My aunt worked the morning shift at the hospital, and my wife worked the late shift in the laundry, so a lot times, my wife would be alone and asleep. Apparently 1 day, my aunt left for work, and didnt shut the back door so it locked. My wife was off work and asleep. At some point, she got up to go to the bathroom, and was walking back in the bedroom, when a hand clamped over her mouth, a knife was put against her throat. A man told her not to struggle and scream and everything would be alright. He made her lay face down on the bed, and told her not to look up. She could hear him opening and closing drawers and going through stuff. After awhile, he made her get up and said that he was going to tie her up and put her somewhere. He forced her to go down in the basement, the basement had a support post to one side of the basement. Then he came up behind her, and holding the knife to her throat, made her take off her pjs and panties, so that she was naked. My wife told me, she was sure that he was going to rape her. But he made sit down on the floor against the post. He made her put her hands behind her and around the post, he proceeded to tie her hands behind her back, very tightly, with some cotton rope, from somewhere. He then tied her feet, and tied a rope around her breasts, above and below, very tightly. He then picked up her panties and forced her panties into her mouth, he ripped a piece off her pj, and tied it over her mouth, pulling it very tight. After running his hands over her, a few times, he told her, he wished he had more time. He left, going upstairs, turning off the light and closing the basement door. My wife, at first, she so was scared, she didnt move, just tried to breath and not choke on the panties shoved in her mouth. She sitting there, tied and gagged in the dark. the ropes were tied so tight, she could barely move, and she started loosing feeling in her body where the ropes were tied. She stayed tired up for about 6 hous, until my aunt came home and started looking for her, after seeing that stuff had rummaged through. After my aunt found and untied her, they had to call an ambulance and the police, because my wife had lost feeling and couldnt stand up. After talking with the police, who said that this guy had done the burglary 3 times before, only the other victims were not so lucky, (raped). It took awhile for my wife, to get over and had some nerve damage to her waists and ankles. They did catch the guy, and this may be wrong, but he got sent to prison, where he got in a fight, got stabbed, developed an infection, and died. After I got home, my wife was real nervous and made me put double locks on all the doors and a alarm system where we lived, I kind of suspected something, because, she asked me to start sleeping with a gun under my pillow, before she always wanted me keep it in a locked drawer of my desk.
Wednesday, February 20th 2013 - 06:23:26 PM
Name: CLP
E-mail address: ----
Comments:I wanted to tell the story of what happenned to myself, my oldest daughter, and my son in law last New Year's Eve. My husband had been involved with some folks in town that he should not have, and ended up going to jail last year. So needless to say, it was a tough year. My daughter and her husband came to spend New Year's Eve day with me. I work in a factory, so I was unexpectedly called into work almost right after they arrived. (They live 2 hours away). So they decided to stay the night with me so we could visit the next day. I got home around 11:30 that night. I was grabbed from behind almost immediatley after getting out of my car in the driveway. It ended up being a married couple and another woman that my husband had dealings with, and they were at the house looking for some money that he suppossedly had hidden. I was forced inside my kitchen door. They were holding a gun to my head so, I had no choice but to cooperate. One of the women asked if anyone else was in the house, so I told them yes. My daughter and son in law had already gone to bed. She went upstairs, and shortly returned with my daughter and her husband walking in front of her with their hands up. As they had not planned to stay overnight, they had no other clothes and they both had gone to bed in their underwear, which gave them pretty much no option of trying to escape. The guy in the group told me to take off my uniform and then told us all to get on our knees in front of the couch. So we did as we were told. Our hands were tied behind us very tightly. We were then made to turn around and sit against the couch when our ankeles were bound, we were gagged with tape and blindfolded with a pieces of my shirt that were ripped and made into blindfolds. My daughter and son in law were then taken and put in the bathtub on opposite ends facing each other so they could not help each other get free. I was put on my stomach in the bathroom floor. You can't imagine how helpless you feel lying there in your underwear bound and gagged knowing that your daughter and son in law are in the same predicament and you can't even see them to know if they are ok. One of the women stayed with us while the couple looked where my husband had told them the money would be. They stayed in the house for about an hour before they left. We sat still for probably that long after they were gone in fear that they would return. We finally got free after about two more hours of struggling. We didn't call the police because we know who these people are and were afraid of what might happen.
Saturday, March 23rd 2013 - 08:39:25 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:It was the perfect job for me, a 5'8", 18-year-old, with big blue eyes, thick clean-cut blonde hair and a smooth well-tanned and toned 150 pound frame, that I maintained with bike riding, swimming and working out. I helped Wilma, the 5'11" tall, 65-year-old, widow who looked more like forty, with big hazel eyes, thick curly platinum-blonde and a great hourglass figure that her one-piece swimsuits showed off to perfection, and like every other red-blooded man in town could not keep my eyes off her huge 38GG bosom around her beautiful ranch house that had a tennis court, kidney shaped pool, and hot tub in the backyard. I was paid pretty good and had full use of the pool and hot tub. I had a feeling she enjoyed seeing me in my tight Speedos, she even bought me a leopard print Speedo that was a tad too tight for my 18th birthday.

One day after mowing the yard and trimming the bushes decided to take a long swim. I went in the back bedroom and slipped on my new Speedo, which barely concealed my thick circumcised 9" penis. I never saw the open window until it was too late! A burglar wearing a mask pointed a revolver at me and ordered me to put a well-worn pair of nude controltop pantyhose in my mouth and then wrap a wide red bandana over my lips. He pushed me out of the room and into the master bedroom. Wilma soon walked in from the pool in her white spandex one-piece swimsuit that did nothing to hide her buxom figure. He ordered me to stuff a pair of her pantyhose in her luscious mouth and a wide white scarf over her full red lips. He wasn't satisfied and then had me wrap a leopard print scarf over her white scarf and a black spandex cloth over my red scarf. I tied Wilma's hands behind her back, which really made her ample bosom look even bigger and another pair of pantyhose around her pencil thin ankles, which made me wonder how such dainty ankles held up so much woman. She was placed on her king sized bed with a leopard print bedspread. He had me tie my ankles together and pushed me on the bed and secured my hands behind my back with pantyhose. he pulled the phone cord and went about robbing the house.

We squirmed and struggled while the robber spent a good hour in the house. he went as far as having a snack and sat and watched us struggle and try to plead through our effective gags.

He saw the hamper in the master bathroom and grabbed a couple worn panty girdles and two more pairs of worn suntan controltop pantyhose. I meowed through my gag as he placed the full-cut leopard print panty girdle over my head and wrapped the pantyhose across my face! I had a climax as I smelled the gorgeous buxom blonde's bodily juices against my face! He placed a very worn white panty girdle over her head and wrapped the second pair of pantyhose around her gagged lower face a couple times. He masturbated on poor Wilma and then left the house a mess.

Wilma struggled helplessly for a good hour after he left, but couldn't get free at al. neither of us could see very well because the of the worn panty girdles over our heads, and quite frankly I was aroused like never before! I busted a nut two more times during our eight hours of restraints.

My mother got worried when I missed dinner, something I never did and saw my bike in the yard. She looked in the windows and saw the house was ransacked. She was so worried she called the police and followed them inside.

We were both sweaty and messy, but safe and unharmed.

The next two days were crazy, between police reports, insurance claims, and cleaning we seemed to be distant. I finally decided to apologize about being excited and spurting in my Speedo a few times. She gave me a big hug and laughed. She admitted to being excited herself.

A couple weeks later they police arrested the robber during another break-in. She got most of her stuff back and did well with the insurance claim so took me out to dinner to celebrate and gave me a leopard print thong as a gift. To say the least insisted on a modeling session...............

Sunday, March 24th 2013 - 03:18:03 PM
Name: from KP Presents
Homepage URL: http://www.kppresents.com
Comments:It must have been about three months ago. Eve had just come home from her last trip, and she was sitting talking with me in the front room about our plans for the next few weeks. It was a typical day – a little damp outside, but nothing unusual was going on.

Eve was wearing a white short sleeved polo shirt, bleached denim shorts and flat shoes, with a blue bandana tied over her hair. I’d just got back from a shopping trip, and hadn’t taken my jacket off yet, so I was sat there in my red jumper, grey skirt and knee length boots, talking away happily when the front doorbell rang.

I clearly remember saying “Can you get that, Eve”, and watching her as she stood up and made her way to the front door. The next thing I knew was, while I was looking through some information I had to hand, Eve saying “Mum?” and me looking up.

Looking up, I saw that someone had come in with Eve. He was a young man, about twenty I would think, with his arm around Eve’s chest and – well, the first thing I noticed was the woollen scarf that covered the lower half of his face and the sunglasses.

The next thing I saw was the gun that he was holding against Eve’s head.

“This is a robbery,” he said, “Just do as you’re told and neither you nor your daughter will be hurt.”

“All right, all right,” I said as I put the paper I was reading down and stood up,” Just please don’t hurt us.”

“Go and sit with your mother,” he said as he pushed Eve towards me. I gave her a reassuring hug as we both sat down and looked at him. He was wearing a dark sweatshirt and blue jeans, and stood looking at both of us.

“All right, ladies, all I want is your valuables and no-one needs to get hurt. Do you understand?”

“Yes – but what are you going to do to us,” Eve said as she looked at him.

“Well, I need to make sure neither of you can get in my way, so I’m afraid I need to make sure you’re both securely kept somewhere.”

“You mean you’re going to tie us up?” I said with a quiver in my voice.

“That’s right – so the first thing I want you to do is to close the curtains. Do it,” he said pointing to Eve, “without attracting attention to yourself.”

She slowly stood up, walked over and pulled the curtains in the front room shut, before returning and sitting next to me.

“Very good – now you’re going to do something for me.”

“What,” Eve replied, and the man handed a length of white rope, about six foot long.

“I want you to find the centre of the rope and double it up. While she’s doing that, I want you,” he said pointing at me, “to turn round with your hands behind your back and cross your wrists so that your daughter can see them.”

“All right – just do as he says, Eve,” I whispered, and as she doubled the rope over I moved myself round so that I was sitting on the edge of the couch, with my back to Eve. He moved round so that he could see both of us.

“Take the rope, and pass it around your mother’s wrists, then put the two ends through the loops and pull as tightly as you can. Do it properly – I’m watching.”

“Sorry, Mum,” Eve whispered as she did what she was asked to do. I stifled a grunt as the rope bit into my wrist through the sleeves of my jumper, and sat still.

“Now, pass it round her wrists three more times, pulling tightly each time, and pass the ends that are left back through the loop when you are done.”

I could feel the ropes tightening each time she did this, but I still sat silently.

“Now, take the ends and pass them between your mother’s wrists – and remember to pull tightly.”

Eve did as she was told, so that the already tight loops were further tightened around my wrists. When she had finished, the intruder told her to tie the ends together with a knot on top of the ropes, and as she did so I tried reaching round with my fingers - to no avail.

“Very good – what’s your name?”

“Eve,” she replied.

“All right, Eve – I want you and your mother to come upstairs with me to your room. When we’re there, I’m going to make sure you’re nice and safely secure, then your mother and I are going to go through the house."

“And then?”

“Then I’ll bring her back to you. All right – stand up and walk in front of me. You first, Eve, then your mother.”

We made our way up the staircase, Eve first, then me and finally the young man with his hand on my arm and the gun against my back. At the top of the stairs, Eve went into the door that was facing her and we followed.

Her room was a typical teenagers – posters on the wall, TV on the desk and other paraphernalia scattered around. He took a look around before saying “Lie down on your bed – make yourself comfortable. Your mother can sit on that chair there.”

He took me over to a chair next to her workstation, and sat me down while Eve lay herself down in the centre of the bed, her head resting on a pillow.

“Don’t move,” he said to me before placing his gun on the bedside table, and taking some more lengths of rope out of his pocket. “Eve, I want you to put your hands together and hold them up as if you are praying.”

Looking at him, Eve did as she was asked, and taking a length of rope he quickly doubled it over and started to wrap it around her wrists, I presume in the same way she had done to me. Three times he passed it around them, then between before tying the ends together, but leaving a foot or so dangling.

“I’m all right mum,” she said looking over to me as he gently pulled her bound wrists up over her head, and secured the loose ends of rope to the centre of the white headboard that was against the wall. I admired her courage as she lay there, watching as the man took another length of rope and started to tie her ankles together, then her legs above and below her knees.

“How does that feel,” he said as he tied the last knot off. “I don’t think I’m going anywhere.” Eve said as she twisted her legs around.

“One last thing,” he said, and he started to reach up to her bandana. That was when I said “No!”

“I beg your pardon.” He said as he turned to look at me.

“Please – leave that scarf alone. Can’t you find something else?”

“Look in the cupboard,” Eve said as she nodded toward her wardrobe. Opening the door, the intruder looked through several racks of scarves and bandanas that were lying there.

“I’m going to put this in your mouth – do you promise not to spit it out before I come back,” he said as he came back, scrunching up a paisley handkerchief in his hand.

“I promise,” Eve said, and he pushed the cloth into her mouth, leaving the ends protruding from her lips.

"Come with me,” he said as he took me by the arm, and I took a quick look at Eve as she lay there quite still before he took me back downstairs.

An hour or so later, he brought me back into Eve’s room. By this time we had been into my bedroom, and he had taken a large Hermes scarf and used it as a gag. Eve looked up and saw the knot he had tied in the centre protruding slightly from my mouth as he brought the chair over and made me sit next to the bed. He then reached over and pulled the handkerchief out of Eve’s mouth.

“If you wait a few minutes, I’ll get you a glass of water – I just need to make sure your mother is secure first.”

“All right,” Eve whispered as she watched him take a length of washing line he had found in the kitchen and begin to pass it around my upper body and arms, securing me to the chair back as he did so. As my arms were constricted into my side, the cord digging into the black leather of my jacket, I kept my eyes fixed on my daughter, wishing I could tell her what had happened.

Once he had secured me to the chair, the man knelt by the side and pushed my ankles together, passing another length of rope around and between them before securing them to the leg of the chair. As I tried to move them, the creak of leather was the only sound that could be heard. Finally, he took one last length of rope and tied my legs together, below my knees and above the top of my boots.

“Don’t move,” the man said as he left the two of us alone. Eve looked up at me, twisting the ropes round her wrists as she did so, and asked “Are you all right, mum.” I nodded; too busy assessing my own predicament to try to even grunt at her.

The intruder came back in with a carton of apple juice, a straw sticking out of the top. He put the straw next to Eve’s lips, and she took a long drink before saying “thank you.”

Walking back over to the wardrobe, he took a white bandana out and rolled it into a band, tying a knot in the middle as he did so. “Open wide and raise your head,” he said as he knelt on the bed next to Eve, and as she did so he pushed the knot into her mouth, tying the ends tightly together at the base of her neck as he did so.

“All right ladies, just try to relax – I’m sure the men of the house will be home soon,” he said as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I looked down at Eve as she lay there, and she returned the look – one of complete serenity and calm at her situation. Even though my mouth was filled with a silk knot, I nodded and kept looking at her.

She tried to move around a bit, but the ropes were holding firm, and she seemed resigned to just waiting – I followed her example

Well, my husband came back a couple of hours later and freed us, but we didn’t report it to the police – after all, nothing was taken.

I’m sitting here now, looking at the list Eve and I made four months ago of the things she wanted to do. There, about fourth on the list, was “Be involved in a robbery and experience what it is like to be tied up.” Each item was ticked off, and at the end was note that said “Thank you – Eve” dated two weeks ago.

Just before the cancer finally took my baby away from me. At least we got to fulfil all of her special requests before that day, and she went to her rest happy…
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Name: from KP Presents
Homepage URL: http://www.kppresents.com
Comments:It happened a few months ago – and to be honest, I had tried to put much of it out of my mind. Walking in on Barb, though, and seeing her there, and then hearing her description of the man who had robbed me brought the memories back to me....

I had been getting ready to go out for an evening with some friends. Nothing special, just a night out with the girls if you like. We were going to a few bars that had a dress code, so I had decided to wear a new dress I had picked up. It was cotton, with a white base on which was printed those patterns that were popular a few years back – fractals, I think they were called, but all I knew was the blue and dark swirls pattern was one I liked. It was short, but not too short, with the skirt coming half way down my thighs, and the front neck line coming down and across the top of my breasts. The shoulder straps went down to the small of my back, with a strap of material across the middle at the rear making it not entirely backless. I also had on a pair of dark leather heels – at least to begin with.

At any rate, I walked down the stairs, brushing my hair as I did so, and stood for a moment to look in the mirror and put on my lipstick. As I applied the finishing touches, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but just put it down to a trick of the light. Realising I had left my handbag in my front room, I went in to pick it up, and that was when I was grabbed from behind. A large hand clamped over my mouth and nose, and as I struggled I felt a strong arm pick me up around the waist. That struggle only lasted a few minutes, however, as I slowly fell unconscious, the gloved hand tightly over my lower face.

When I came to again, I found myself sitting on the floor, my back against what I later realised was my bed. My mouth felt dry, and my tongue felt strangely rough, but as I tried to say something I discovered that I was - well, in a bit of a bind.

To be more specific, as I looked down I could see that my legs were tied together at my ankles, the white rope going around and between my legs. My hands had also been pinioned behind my back, and I could feel something pulling my arms into my side. Feeling with my fingers, I could tell that my hands had been tied together with something soft and smooth, while a glance down showed me the soils of rope around my chest, both above and below my breasts, rubbing against my bare arms.

I tried to say something, before realising that the rough feeling in my mouth was more than a bad taste – something was holding my tongue down, but I could feel with what little movement I had the cloth that had been pulled between my lips, rather effectively silencing me.

So, someone had forced me to faint, then bound and gagged me. Well, what else would any girl in this situation do? I screamed, “SMBDYHLPM” out of the gagged mouth and started to kick my legs up and down as I twisted myself round to try and get loose. The thing that I discovered very quickly was whoever had done this knew what he was doing – there was little or no give in the ropes, and I succeeded in doing with my feet was kicking my shoes off, leaving me bare footed as well.

It was while I was looking at my ankles that I first heard him. “Hey, hey, hey,” a voice barely above a whisper said, “You will do yourself a serious injury if you keep doing that. Please, calm down and sit still – I promise you I mean you no harm.”

I looked up to see this man standing in front of me, dressed casually but with a dark stocking pulled over his head. He was about five foot ten, well built, but the most disarming thing about him was the smile on his face, clearly visible under the nylon as he knelt beside me and brushed my long brown hair out of my eyes.

“I’m sorry I made you faint,” he said as he checked the ropes around my arms, “but you just would not stop struggling. You need to stay calm now, as I am afraid you will be this way for a little while. I promise you, I will not harm you in any way, but for your own safety do not struggle.”

He held my chin up and looked at me, as he said “I just want to take a few things from your house, and maybe help you to relax a bit. Now, are you going to try and stay calm?”

“Hru,” I mumbled through the cloth, and he said “Nobody you need to worry about, Amy.” My eyes must have widened at that point, for he took my driving license out of his pocket and showed it to me. “Now, I want to spend a little time downstairs. Can I trust you to stay still?”

Something in the way I looked at him at that point must have made him realise the answer, as he took me by the shoulders and helped me to lie down. “I had hoped this would not be necessary,” he said as he rolled me onto my stomach, “but something tells me I need to take further precautions.”

I finally noticed the knapsack on the floor next to me as he drew out a length of rope and shook it loose. I felt him tying one end around the rope behind my back, as it tugged at the coils, before my legs were pulled back and the rope wrapped between them as well. I looked over my shoulders as he wrapped the rope around itself, noticing that he had used the sash from my dressing gown to bind my wrists together. I tried resting them on my back, which made my legs go further up as they pressed down on the rope running underneath them.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he whispered as he left me on my stomach, watching his legs as they went out of the doorway and the sound of him descending the staircase receded into the distance. I lay there for a short while, not sure what to do as I could hear the sounds of somebody searching through the cupboards downstairs.

Eventually, I decided to try and get loose again, and started to roll round on the floor, pulling up and down with my legs to see if I could get loose from the ropes that were holding them in place. I felt the sweat building on my back as I did so, as well as running down my cheeks, and whatever was in my mouth was slowly becoming heavier as it soaked up the saliva I was producing.

“Having fun?”

I looked up to see the masked intruder standing there, a can in his hand as he was watching me move round on the floor. Placing it to his mouth, he took a long drink as I stared back up at him.

“I did say you should stay still,” he said as he knelt down next to me. “Now I need to check to make sure you have not hurt yourself. If I untie you for a moment, do you promise not to try and get away?”

Well, by this time I was getting tired, so I just nodded and said “MMM” as he started to release my ankles from the hogtie. As I stretched my legs out, he helped me to roll onto my back and sit up, before he started to take the rope away from my arms. I could see the slight red lines where it had rubbed against my skin, but to my surprise he picked up a pot of skin cream and massaged some in with his gloved hands. To my eternal surprise, I found I was enjoying the feeling of the latex against my skin, especially as his touch as so light and delicate.

“If I help you to sit on the bed, then I will untie your hands for a moment,” he said as he helped me to stand up and hop over. I sat on the mattress as he walked behind and removed the sash from my wrists, allowing me to bring them to the front and rub them.

“Now,” he said as he sat down next to me, “I’m afraid I need to start looking for valuables in this room, so I’m afraid I need to prevent you from moving round again. I promise, however, that this time I will make it simple.”

“Cnt u ntmft,” I mumbled, but he simply shook his head and said quietly “No, I cannot. If you allow this, however, I will give you a special surprise before I go. Now, put your hands together, palm to palm, in front of you.”

I did as he asked, and watched as he used the sash again to bind my wrists together. “Shuffle back on the bed, rest your head on the pillow and let your hands rests on your lap,” he said, and I pushed myself back so that my head was indeed resting on a pillow. He picked up one of the lengths of rope from the floor, wrapped the end around my wrist and then pulled them above my head. The headboard to my bed is an old wooden one, a shelf that goes back and a lamp attached to the wall, and it was around the metal of the lamp that he secured the other end of the rope.

I watched as he started to open my drawers and search my way through them, and realised that he was going to take my jewellery once he found it. Closing my eyes, I started to try pulling on my arms, but with little success, but I discovered something else.

To my surprise, I was actually enjoying the sensation of being helpless now, and I started to roll around on the bed, moaning slightly as I moved my legs up and down. Yeah, I was scared, but I could not help becoming a little aroused by my predicament. I tried to keep my noises as quiet as possible, but obviously he had noticed, as I felt him stroking my legs when my eyes were closed and saying “I do believe you are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

I looked into his covered eyes, and found myself nodding. “Well, then,” he said quietly, “Would you like to play a little game? Sometimes the ladies I visit I help to relax in a different way, but I think you might like this.”

Hell, I wasn’t going anywhere, so I nodded and watched as he quickly folded one of my red bandanas into a wide strip. “This will help the surprise,” he said as he tied it over my eyes, cutting off the light as I raised my head to allow him to tie the ends together at the back of my neck. As I let it drop back down onto the pillow, I felt his hands on my legs before my wrists were released, first from their position above my head and then from the sash around them.

My relief was short lived, however, as I felt some rope been tied around my left wrist and it was pulled back over my head. As this was repeated on the other side, I wondered what he had secured them to, but that was a moot point as I felt him stroking down my legs again.

“I need to keep looking,” he said in that soft voice, “but please, knock yourself out.” I tried pulling on my wrists, but to no avail. Later I realised he had effectively tied my arms in what I think is called a spread eagled way, fixing the ropes to the headboard, but at the time I was starting to just to try and wriggle round, using my imagination to take me somewhere very, very different.

I knew I was getting warmer all over, and I could feel my body responding to what after all was just a fantasy, before I heard him saying “Well, I think I am just about finished here. I just want to make sure you are comfortable – it is not safe for you to be left in this position. Please, lie still for a moment.”

I felt the rope around my ankles been slackened and taken away, before his hands massaged my legs to bring the feeling back to them. To my surprise, I then felt something silk-like been pulled up first one, then the other leg before my ankles were crossed and tied together again with the rope. I protested, but he just stroked my hand and said “shh, shh – I promise you this will not be for long.”

The next thing I knew, he had untied my arms and brought them together on my lap, again rubbing my wrist to bring the feeling back into them. They were feeling a little numb, but I offered no protest as I was turned over and my hands brought together again behind my back. The silken touch against my skin told me the sash had been employed once more, before my legs were brought back and secured to the silk in another hogtie.

“Forgive me for leaving you like this,” he whispered into my ear, “but I am sure you will be all right.” He removed the blindfold and kissed me gently on the cheek, before picking up the rucksack which jangled slightly. I turned my hand and watched him as he walked out of the room, before looking over my shoulder to see what had happened.

He had indeed hogtied me, my ankles perpendicular to my knees. It was tighter than last time, but one other thing was different. Well, two, if you count the fact that I realised the silk touch I had felt was him pulling a pair of white knee length tights over my feet and legs.

The other was that, with a little effort, I could reach the knot that held the rope wrapped around the length holding my ankles to my wrists. So I bent my legs a little more, to gain some extra slack, and slowly started to pick at the knot with my fingers.

The shoulder straps of my dress were starting to slip slightly, exposing my bra straps as I kept working, but eventually I let out a satisfied grunt as I felt the rope slacken. Slowly, carefully, inch by inch I unwound the rope, releasing the tie as I felt it start to slacken and eventually give way as my legs fell back onto the mattress.

I shook the rope free from my wrists and lay, my face down in the mattress as I started to regain some composure and my breath. After a few moments, I started to move my ankles round, eventually managing to uncross them and leave them side by side. I lay still for a little while longer, wondering if he was still in the house, but there were no other sounds save the birds and the traffic outside.

Rolling over onto my back, I stared up at the ceiling wondering what I should do next. Looking to one side, I saw a pair of scissors lying on the chair by my bed. He must have left them there, offering me a way out, so I slowly started to slide myself over on the bed, inching my way over to the side so that I could somehow get off the bed and cut myself free.

It took me half an hour to free myself and call the police, telling them what I could about the man, but leaving out what he had done to me. I only said that he had tied me up on the bed before leaving me there. The rest I wanted to keep private, and eventually forget about – but now it has come back again.

I’m meeting Barb for a drink tonight – I think it is time to tell her about what happened to me. After all, you never know when you may need the support – or who may be next to be visited by this guy...
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Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: A Day with Sandy.
Comments:Hi, all: Here's another fiction/fantasy tale.


When I was working my way through college years ago, I did many odd jobs, but one assignment I had one summer stands out particularly well. A quite well-to-do married couple hired me to do some manual labor around their plush, fancy estate. I mowed their expansive lawn, painted and repainted several items, etc.

The couple who lived in that expensive villa, Brad and Sandy, were both in their fifties--Brad, 57, and Sandy, 52, or something like that. Brad was a retired military drill instructor--large, fit, muscular and authoritative. Sandy was of medium build, 5'9", a few extra pounds, with almost shoulder-length, slightly curly hair that wasn't quite as blonde as it used to be. Brad and Sandy were always friendly toward me, paid me extremely well and always insisted that I come in for a cold drink when I was done working.

I think that's where something began to kindle between me and Sandy. Brad, Sandy and me would sit around with our beverages at the end of the day chatting. Brad, of course, would go on and on about his glory days of running military boot camps, and while he ranted, Sandy would have the habit of removing her wire-rimmed glasses and gazing at me, with a hint of a smile on her lips. At the time I was only 21, so while I did my best to make Brad think I was fully attentive to his glory stories, my true curiosity was on Sandy and whether she was trying to send me a signal about....you know. There were also times where Brad would be away, either visiting old military chums or running errands, and Sandy would invite me to shower in their house; after all, that summer heat had a way of leaving a young man sweaty after a day of labor. After I'd leave the bathroom to change in the bedroom, she'd always seem to be watching me, as if she hoped that towel around me would suddenly drop. Based on all of this, I suspected--let's be honest--hoped--that she'd make a move on me or encourage me to make one on her.


I arrived at their house one warm, sunny morning, supposedly to do some landscaping duties. Sandy met me at the front door and said that Brad went out of town for a few days to attend a drill instructor's association retreat someplace. By this time I was used to tuning into her words to see if there was some provoking meaning.

"You know, Tommy," she said softly, smiling, "That peete moss work can wait a while."

One didn't have to be a romantic to grasp her meaning, but just to make sure, Sandy unfastened her silk kimono and let it drop to the floor. I was totally taken in with her black lace bra and matiching panties, the slight swaying of her hips and the way she massaged one bare leg with the opposite bare foot. Sure, she was thirty years older than I and packed a few extra pounds, but as a young man and still a virgin, did somebody think I was going to ignore that?

"Close the door," she whispered, and after I complied she took me by the hand and led me up the long, fancy victorian staircase. As we ascended, I took a quick look back and glimpsed her kimono, still lying in a heap by the door. As we strolled further down a long, majestic hallway, my hormones were stimulated further by the sound of her bare feet padding on the shiny wood flooring and the occasionally placed throw rugs. After we entered the spacious bedroom, she enticed me to sit on the bed and remove my sneakers and socks while she tugged my shorts down. I stood and slowly pulled off my t-shirt and was displayed before her only in my snug, bright red bikini briefs.

Sandy moved in close and took my hands in hers. She could see that I was excited by what was happening but she also suspected--correctly--that the nervousness I displayed demonstrated my inexperience in what we were heading for.

"You know, Tommy, I've never done this before...I mean, like, have an affair behind Brad's back."

"M-m-me neither. Um, I never--"

"I know," she whispered as she removed her glasses. "You've never had intercourse before. Just relax and it'll be okay."

She pressed up against me and kissed me. Her lips bussed mine lightly and slowly at first and then she pulled me into a hard, passionate lip-lock. Somehow her breasts seemed larger than before as our bodies came together. Sandy guided my inexperienced hand to her breasts and allowd me to caress, while at the same time I felt her hand gently but definitely massage my briefs.

"Mmmmmm..." we moaned together.

Brad, I thought, it sucks to be you!


I'd become swept up in the passion of the moment, so I didn't notice what then happened. Sandy's alarmed gasp tipped me off. When she gasped, I was going to apologize for something I thought I'd done wrong, since I was a rookie. But it wasn't any of my actions that frighened her: it was the sudden appearance of two inturders into the bedroom. They were two large men in black catsuits and with black pantyhose hoods over their heads. One of them, the boss thug, grabbed Sandy, pulled her up against him, clapped a large hand over her mouth and lifted her into the air. Sandy's toes dangled an inch or so above the floor. The other intruder did the same to me. The sight of pistols tucked underneath their belts only increased the tension.

"Pardon us, folks," said the boss thug who held Sandy. "Did we interrupt something?"

Both Sandy's and my eyes bugged out of our heads as we sobbed into the large, rough hands which mercilessly sealed our mouths.


"Just in case you two lovers haven't guessed, me and my partner here have come to get a donation from you."

Sandy and I, still physically restrained and handgagged, stared at each other in panic and our breathing was heavier.

"Actually, the common term is 'robbery'. Now you two briefly clad hotties just do as we say and there'll be no trouble. We'll just take some things, make you two lovebirds nice and comfortable, and we'll be on our way."

Sandy and I nodded vigorously to convey the message: we understand...we get it!

The boss thug who held Sandy released her and pulled out a black sack as Sandy held her hands over her face and choked back a sob.

"Hey, lady....niiiiiiiice jewelry you've got there!"

Sandy got the meaning and shook her head.

"No...oh, god, please, no...these are of great sentimental value to me."

"Sure, honey," the boss thug replied, "and those'll be of great monetary value to us. Get 'em off!"

More tears rolled from Sandy's eyes as she pulled off her wedding ring, unfastened her ankle bracelet and removed her toe ring and dropped them into the sack.

"There you go, lady. We're off to a nice start. Now, turn around."

Sandy turned so her back was to the boss thug. He pulled out a small handkerchief from his pocket, wadded it into a small ball and stuffed it into her mouth. I'll never forget the distressed look on her face as this happened. The boss thug then took a strip of cloth, wedged the middle between her lips and tied the ends tightly behind Sandy's head. The tight cleave gag now applied, the thug shoved the sack into her shaking hands.

"Now, toots, we're gonna take a nice walk around the house and collect some more donations. Move!"

The boss thug squeezed Sandy's buttocks for emphasis, and she let out a muffled yelp. "Nice ass!"

The boss thug looked back to his partner, who still held me with his large hand over my mouth.

"Square the kid away. Me and his girlfriend will be a few minutes."

"No problem, boss!"


Sandy was forced to go around the house and fill the sack with whatever valuables the boss thug deemed necessary. While they were gone, the creep's partner released me.

"Now just sit on that bed, bub. Just don't make no trouble and you'll be ok. Savvy?"

"Y-y-yes," I replied. "W-what are you g-gonna d-do with us?"

"Well, while my boss makes your girlfriend fill that sack with all sorts of nice things, I'm gonna tie you up...unless you'd rather be shot."

"Oh, n-n-no. That's ok," I said as I watched him remove a few lengths of pre-cut rope from the duffle bag.

"So," said the thug as he tied my hands behind my back, "I see you and the lady were having a hot time."

Well, Sandy and I were kissing and groping each other in just our undies, so I knew it wouldn't do any good to deny it.

"Yeah," I said. "Her husband's out of town...and this was going to be my first time."

"Oh, bless your heart!" he said as he tied my bare feet together at the ankles. "I'll never forget when I got my first piece."

Both of us actually laughed a little as he tied my legs together just above the knees and tied my arms to my upper body.

"Looks like I'll just have to wait a bit longer, huh?"

"That's right, bub," he said as he wadded a small cloth and brought it to my mouth.

"Now hold on," I protested. "Nobody's gonna hearmmmmphhh". The inserted gag ensured an end to my day's converstation.

"I know, I know...nobody's gonna hear you from here, and you're right, bub, but the boss insists that our victims be gagged. Can't take no chances with any passers-by."

I nodded as he took a strip of cloth, wedged the middle between my lips and tied the ends firmly behind my head.

Later on, the boss thug and Sandy came back into the bedroom. The sack was bulging to capacity from all the valuables Sandy was forced to stuff into it.

"Looks like we've got a fine haul here," the boss thug said as he took the sack from Sandy.

"Yeah, boss. I've got her boyfriend here nice and snug."

"Mmmmphh," I moaned to Sandy as I squirmed against my ropes.

"Ohhmmphh!" she moaned back as she saw me tied up and gagged.

Minutes later, Sandy sat beside me on the bed: her hands tied behind her back, her bare feet tied at the ankles,and her legs tied just above the knees. The boss thug pulled her black lace bra down and fondled her breasts before tying her upper body.

"Thanks for the goods, you two...oh, and enjoy your affair!"

"Yeah...bet the husband will be real pissed when he gets back."

And with that, the laughing thugs made off with the loot.


A couple of hours later, Sandy and I remained still tied and gagged. Not that we hadn't tried to get free: we wiggled and squirmed and groaned into our cleave gags until we were both lathered with sweat. Maybe it wasn't the best of thoughts, but Sandy looked awesome like that: those smooth, pedicured bare feet twitching against the ropes that bound her ankles; her tied legs and upper body heaving to get free; her now exposed breasts bouncing against the rope; how her fingers wiggled as she struggled in vain to free her wrists; how her lips and voice sounded more sexy and intimate with that cleave gag firmly in place. I wondered if what just happened changed how she felt about introducing me to intimacy. Gagged, we couldn't discuss it.

I thought a little about what the thug said, about how pissed Brad would be when he got home. Well, that wouldn't be for a couple of days yet, and surely by that time--

The phone on the nearby nightstand rang...once...twice...

Sandy glared at me.

"Wllmphhh..ummmphhh!" she groaned through the cloth wedged in her mouth as if to tell me, 'well, answer the damn thing, will you!'

Right, Sandy. I'm completely tied up with a gag in my mouth and I'm supposed to answer it? Just because you're so sexy in your undies with the bra pulled down doesn't mean you can just suggest anything...

The phone rang a third time....and then a fourth...

Ohhhhh, I get it Sandy. You want me to somehow knock the phone off the hook and cry out...sure, I'm gagged, but it's worth a try.

I swung my legs around in an attempt to reach the phone, but couldn't make it. By that time, anyway, the answering machine had kicked on.

..."Sandy, honey, it's me, Brad. Damn convention got canceled. Just hung out with the fellas and had some beers for a while, but that's all there's gonna be to it. Heading home now. Be back soon. Bye."

Sandy and I looked at each other with that bugged-out expression on our faces.

"MMmmmmphhhhh!" we groaned together.


It was just getting more and more interesting, wasn't it?

First, Sandy and I are interrupted when we are about to get intimate, then we are robbed, then left tied up and gagged. Now, Sandy's husband, who should be gone for a couple of days calls to say he's coming home...now! I had horrifying visions of a big, muscular drill instructor--after having a few beers--finding me briefly clad with his wife in their bedroom.

(No, folks...I don't think he'd have bought the story of thugs breaking in and tying us up...not before he maimed me, anyway!)

Okay, Tommy, stay cool. Start squirming again. Work those hands, that's the key to everything...c'mon, Sandy, get back-to-back with me. Those nails of yours could be handy for this work.

"Mmmmphh! Mmmphhh!" I groaned as I wiggled.

"Hmmmphhh! Ummmphhh!" she cried as she squirmed.

It was a miracle, but I was finally able to pull my wrists free. I pulled the rope that bound my upper body loose, reached down and then unfastened the rope that bound my ankles and legs.

As I pulled off my gag, I heard the sound of a vehicle entering the driveway.

I turned to free Sandy, and to my suprise she shook her head violently.

"Nmmmmphhh! Nmmmmphhh!"

"Sandy, what the--"

I loosened the strip of cloth that was wedged between her lips and around her head and then reached in and pulled the wadded cloth from her mouth.

"Nmmmphh! Mmmmphhh--uhhh, Tommy, no! Not like this!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Tommy, Brad's getting out of the car now. In a few minutes, he'll be up those stairs and in this bedroom. If he sees you all sweaty like that in those tight, sexy bikini briefs...and sees me all sweaty in my black lace panties with my matching bra pulled down, he'll go nuts. He'll kill you and divorce me...then I'll be forced to go back to work at that gas station/mini mart dump I was at before I met him."

"Sandy, we were robbed, bound and gagged by intruders. We have an honest story to tell him....well, sort of."

"Tommy, if he finds us together in just our dainty undies, the only story to tell will be about your slow, painful death!"

"Okay, so what do you want me to do?"

"Leave me tied up, tie my gag back in and get out the back door down the hall. You'll come to an outside flight of stairs so you can get out. When Brad finds me, I'll tell him about the thugs robbing, raping and tying and gagging me. I'll say nothing about you. I promise."

"Okay," I said as I picked up the wadded cloth I just pulled from her mouth. "But when all this blows over, do you think we can get together again?"

"Of course, Tommy. The sight of you in your snug bikini briefs gets my juices flowing like no man ever could."

After we shared another kiss, Sandy wiggled against her ropes. "C'mon...gag me and get out!"

I stuffed the wadded cloth back into her mouth, then tied the cloth between her lips and around her head as before.

"Sandy...I think I-I-love you."

"Grmmmphhh!" she growled into her gag, jerking her head in the direction of the back door.

I didn't have time to find my clothes, so I was going to have to steal away clad only in my bikini briefs. As I made my way through the back door, I heard Brad's footsteps thundering up the steps from the other direction. When I got outside, I didn't run off immediately, but listened to what I could hear from inside the house.

"Sandy...I'm home...that sure would've been a great conv--holy crap! Sandy! What happened!"

"Helllpmmmmmmphhh! Mmmummphmmmmm-mmmmphhh-hlllmpmmmmm!"

I felt myself get hard once more at the muffled sound of her voice, then I ran off through the nearby woods.


Sandy and I didn't have any contact after that. Shortly afterward, Brad called me and said that they wouldn't be needing anyone to do chores for them, and not long after that, he and Sandy moved out of state. Did Sandy still have intimate feelings about me? I'll never know. I like to think she did, that she still dreams about me. I look back on that summer day with profound regret. Those thugs did more than rob Sandy and me of valuables; they robbed us of intimacy and kept me chained to my virginity for years longer.


When you all get untied and work your gags out, let me know what you think. It seems like we all have a "Sandy" in our lives, doesn't it?

Wednesday, April 10th 2013 - 02:11:58 PM
Name: speedoboy
Comments:Great story Tommy. Always like your choice of briefs too. Love the young man and older MILF angle too. Thanks. Keep those briefs tight.
Wednesday, April 10th 2013 - 08:54:57 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: With Fans like These!
Comments:Hi, everyone: Here is another fiction/fantasy tale.


I discovered the update on my cellphone and listened to the message.

"Hi, Tommy. My name's Merlin. I'm a huge fan of your published bondage fiction tales. I'll be in town tomorrow and wonder if you'd honor me by meeting with me to talk about your writing techniques and inspirations. I'm trying to get into this business myself, so we can compare notes. I'll leave the address of where I'll be staying and my phone number. This would be the highest honor for me to meet you, so I hope you can make it...."

I was skeptical at first. Merlin said he was staying at the cheap dive motel at the outskirts of town and I carefully wrote down his phone number. I pondered whether Merlin's real intention was to rob and/or kidnap me, but after an hour's thought, I decided he was legit. Besides, his praise buttered me up. I dialed the number, left my acceptance reply at the beep, assembled my stories stored on disk and snuggled in for a good night's sleep. I was sure the next day would be a memorable one.


I parked my car at the motel's parking lot at 6am, the time we agreed to. The place was indeed a cheap dive, and its appearance made me ponder once more about Merlin's true motives for this meeting. Somehow, I convinced myself that it was going to be a truly gratifying experience. I got out of the car with an attache case containing software disks of my stories and climbed the rickety old stairs to the top floor. I walked down the long, dark hallway until I found Room 13 and knocked at the door.

The door opened slowly, and there stood a man in his mid-50's, balding, a little over-weight, with wire glasses. He wore a short-sleeve polo shirt, casual slacks and socks.



His face beamed happily as we shook hands.

"Oh, it's such an honor to meet you, young man," he said as he ushered me into the room's guest area and shut the door behind us. "I'm sure I'm going to learn so much from your skilled immagination."

"Well, it's great to meet you too, Merlin..."

"Merle...call me Merle."

"Okay, Merle. So, uh, you said you have a laptop here. I've got several of my stories on disk in this attache case here."

"I sure do!" he replied as he opened up his laptop, set it on the coffee table next to the sofa and powered the computer on.

For the next several hours, it was a great meeting. I called up several of my best works up onto the screen and we discussed my technique and motivation for stories such as "Joanna, P.I.!," "The Fresh-Air Kid," "The Weekend Shift," and others. Merle took careful notes on a notepad and made some lucid observations.

"So, Tommy, you say that the motivation for these stories come from actual women you knew from past jobs and your interest of how they'd look in just thier undies while bound and gagged?"

"Yeah, that's it. I, uh, guess you've deduced my fantasies about me being clad in snug bikini briefs while being tied up and gagged with them during the course of the robbery."

"I couldn't miss that, Tommy. It brings out the passion in the stories, you know."

I nodded. I liked where this meeting was going.

"So, Tommy, now that you've shown me your skilled storytelling craftmanship, would you mind if I asked some questions. I mean, I wouldn't want you to think that I was unnecessarily prying."

"Of course not, Merle," I said with a dismissive wave of my hand, "If it'll help you off to a good start in this field, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have."

"Well," he began as he pointed to the laptop screen, "I see there's no copyright mentioned on these stories here."

"Oh...well, Merle, these stories are recently written, and I haven't had a chance to put a copyright line of them yet. Thanks for mentioning it--I'll take care of that right now."

"That's okay, Tommy. I'll do that for you."

"Uh, Merle, really....that's something I need to do myself."

Merle stood up, took a couple of steps backward, and pulled his polo shirt up, the point of which was to display the butt of a pistol wedged under his belt.

"Merle...I don't get it...Wha-wha.."

"It's very simple, young man. I'm going to take these great stories from you for my own. But first, we have a little business to take care of first."

I gasped, and my mouth hung wide open in surprise. My conscience had been warning me about this meeting, but I was too proud to think it through. Now I was going to have to pay the price.


I stood a few feet away from the sofa, my hands placed on top of my head, my legs spread apart and clad only in my dark red, snug, bikini briefs.

"I've always wondered if you really looked that way in real life as you claim in your stories," Merle said as he stuffed my shed clothing into a laundry sack.

"Merle, why are you taking my writing projects? W-why have you forced me to strip to just my bikini briefs? W-why-"

"Young man, we've just been over the ground rules. You don't run your mouth with annoying questions, and I don't get nasty, understand?"

I gulped and nodded, wide-eyed with fear.

"Good," he said as he ran his eyes up and down my briefly clad body with a sinister grin. "You have a finely toned physique, and those bikini briefs fit well on you, young man. I like your choice of color, too. I see what those ladies in your stories admire about you now."

OMG, I thought as my heart raced: He forced me strip like this so he could admire my body, and now before he runs off with my stories, he's gonna--"

"Sit on that chair behind you."

As I immediately sat on a straight-backed, wooden motel chair, I noticed a small black gym bag on the floor behind the chair. After I was seated, Merle pulled my arms behind the back of the chair and rustled through the gymbag.

Although I was ordered not to pester with questions, my curiosity got the best of me.

"So, Merle, this is what this meeting's really about, to lure me here, hold me up at gunpoint, force me to strip to just my bikini briefs, tie me up, and take my stories so you can collect the royalites. Is that it? Hey, ow!"

"You have the general strategy, young man," Merle said as he tightly tied my wrists together behind the back of the chair with the twine he kept in the gym bag. "Except that a few of the specifics are different from what you're assuming."

Within a few more minutes, he tied my bare feet together at the ankles and in turn tied them to the lower rung of the chair. After tying my upper body to the back of the chair, he was satisfied that I wasn't going anywhere. He was right.

"You see, Tommy, you're assuming that I'm going to simply take your writig software and leave you tied to this chair in just your undies as I casually walk out of here. Indeed, that was my orighinal intent. But I discovered a flaw."

"Really?," I said with a smirk, "What was that?"

Merle reached into the gymbag once more and took out a large red bandanna. He paced back and forth in front of me in a diabolical fashion as he elaborated.

"Eventually, someone would pass by this room and find you, after which you'd tell them what I'd done," he said as he rolled the bandanna into a long cylinder and tied a large knot in the middle. "And since my name is on the motel's register, I'd be immediately tracked down by the police. What would I tell them then?"

"So I'm sure you re-tinkered your plan."

"Of course, Tommy," he said as he walked behind me and maneuvered the bandanna toward my mouth.


Merle stuffed the knot into my mouth and pulled the bandanna tight behind my head, firmly tying the two loose ends. The cleave gag bit into the corners of my mouth and became irritating as well as effective.

"There," he said as he gently ran his fingers through my hair. "This way, you'll no longer interrupt me and besides, isn't the gag an integral part of your story plots? Plus, I'm sure the ladies would notice how the red cleave gag in your mouth matches well with your snug, bikini briefs....eh?"

"Mmmphh-Mmmphh," I moaned with a nod. The colors did match. The creep obviously had a villainous taste for matching colors!

"Anyway," he said as he resumed his pacing in front of me, "I realized that if I could arrange to look like a victim alongside you--that if it looked like I was robbed as well as you were...then it would be virtually impossible for you to tell the police that I had robbed you, right? I mean, your story about me would be a real tough sell then."

"Mmmphh-ummmphhmmm," I groaned into my gag as I helplessly squirmed against my ropes. I mean, this wierdo had a crazy immagination!

Merle looked at his wristwatch.

"I've hired some local people--thugs, I believe you'd call them--to carry out this plan. In fact, Tommy, they should be here any second now."

No sooner had he finished the sentence, there was a knock at the door.

"Oh, my, Tommy! I do believe my robbers have arrived. Try to show some manners to our guests....ok?"

"Ummmphhh!" I sighed into my gag. I was right about thinking this would be a memorable day!


The door opened, and in strode two men, both of them in black cat suits with black pantyhose over thier heads. One of them carried a gym bag.

"Right on time, fellas," Merle said.

"When we have a job to do, we show up for work on the button," one of the newly-arrived thugs replied.

"Hey, Merle," the other thug said as he looked at me, "Isn't that--"

"Yes indeed, it is, fellas," Merle said as he once again ran his fingers through my hair. "This is Tommy, in the flesh. You know, the author who calls himself TommyVictim."

"We sure do! Hey, Tommy, me and my partner here really love your stories on the Bound and Gagged by Burglars site. We read 'em all the time!"

"Mmmphmm..ummphmmm! Mmmphh!" Gee, thanks, you thugs!

"You'll have to excuse Tommy's poor manners," Merle said. "I've told him time and again how rude it is to talk with one's mouth full."

"Ummmphhmmm! Mrrmmphh!"

"Well, you two," said Merle. "It's time for you to get to work."

"You got it, pops!" one of the thugs said. The other seemed to smile behind his pantyhose mask as he gave a thumbs-up sign.


"Is this the stuff?" one of the goons asked as he examined the writing software on the coffee table.

"Yes, but check the laptop, just in case there's an extra disk in there," Merle replied. Merle had pulled off his polo shirt, shed his casual slacks and removed his socks. Now he stood clad only in dark blue briefs with a white waistband.

As one thug tossed all of my software disks into a sack, the other thug pulled up another straight-backed wooden motel chair and Merle sat in it, facing me, only a few feet away.

"Gee, pops," one of the thugs said as he pulled Merle's arms behind the back of the chair and tied his hands, "don't you think this looks kinda kinky, you being in just your briefs like this."

"Not at all," Merle replied calmly as his bare feet and upper body were tied to his chair just as I was bound. "Actually, when you're in an uncomfortable position like this, the less you have on the more tolerable it is. You know, Tommy, if I was twenty years younger and a few pounds lighter, I think I'd look as hot in my briefs as you do in yours. Don't you think?"

"Mrrrrmmmphh!" I squirmed against the ropes which bound me to my chair, to no avail.

"Okay," Merle said to his thug-accomplises, "recite the plan to me."

"Aw, come on, pops! We've been over this a million times."

"Well, now it's going to be a million and one."

"Okay," sighed one of the goons. "We leave you and Tommy here tied up in the room and we take the disks back to our place."

"Right," said Merle. "Then when me and Tommy are found, I'll give them the story of how Tommy and me were robbed and tied up."

"Then we wait until you get back to our place," said the other thug.

"And then, I'll copyright the stories in my name, submit them to as many publishers as possible, and when the royalties come in, the three of us will divide the money evenly amongst ourselves," concluded Merle.

The two goons headed for the door. "You know, pops, this really is a cool plan," one of them said.

"Thanks," said Merle, "but let's give credit where credit is due, shall we? I mean, Tommy here did all the writing."

Merle and the goons laughed heartily.

"Mmmphh!" I grunted. These creeps had a plan so foolproof that they were gonna get away with this!

The goons were about to step out of the door when Merle called to them.

"Aren't you guys forgetting something?"

The goons scratched their heads.

"I don't think so, pops. Did we?"

"You've taken my clothes and tied me to the chair, but you forgot to gag me."

"Oh," one of the thugs said as he pulled out a blue bandanna, rolled it into a long cylinder and formed a knot in the middle.

"You sure about this, pops," he asked as he approached Merle from behind.

"Definitely. Otherwise they'll wonder why I didn't yell out, and also, this'll give me and Tommy some more time to get better acquainted."

There was some more laughter and then the goon wedged the cleave gag into Merle's mouth and fastened it tightly.

As the goons headed out the door, one of them called back to us.

"Okay, pops, see you at our place when you get outta here."

"Mmmphh-hmmmphh," Merle nodded.

"Thanks for the stories, Tommy. We really do love them."

"Ummmphh!" I grunted back. Scumbags!


Merle and I sat bound to our chairs and gagged in just our briefs like that for another few hours before one of the cleaning maids came in and found us. The police were called in, but, as Merle carefully planned and predicted, his story ended up being more believable than my claims.
The end result was, nothing happened to Merle, and I lost my hard-toiled writing projects. To this day, I still don't know if Merle--whom I obviously haven't seen since--published the stories, or if his cohorts ran off with the work and published it to their credit. But to all aspiring writers out there, the moral is clear: Copyright! Copyright! Copyright!


Thanks for reading, everyone. Something tells me that if someone really did ask for a meeting with me to discuss writing projects, I'd end up like this. Feel free to post your responses.

Thursday, May 23rd 2013 - 01:51:55 PM
Name: Speedo Boy
Comments:Tommy what a delicious idea. Being bound and gagged in just a really tight Speedo beside you in a bikini brief for hours on end. Such a wonderful idea. Only instead of two goons how about two buxom beauties clad in spandex catsuits and highheels? Thanks for another great story.
Friday, May 24th 2013 - 04:45:40 PM
Name: hogtied couple
E-mail address: whitecouple4blk@yahoo.com
Comments:looking for someone or more than one preson male female what ever too bound and gag US !!!!!!!! like a burglary roleplayed of course we are for real please you be real also email us please. 43f 49m married couple
Sunday, May 26th 2013 - 01:19:12 PM
Name: Grandson
Comments:After my grandfather died, my mother insisted that my sister and I take turns looking after her 64-year-old mother, who looked no more than forty. Grandmother Trudy, was a 5'4", beautiful blue eyed, ultra-buxom blonde with thick shoulder length curly platinum-blonde hair. She was still a working hair stylist and loved to go to country music concerts, which my 19-year-old sister hated. Being all of eighteen and without my own wheels agreed to go with my grandmother to a few square and line dances. Seeing her in a tight white sweater, skintight spandex jeans and red cowgirl boots made every man rather aroused, after all Trudy wore a 34GG bra and had a J-lo bottom that her jeans hugged like a second skin.

She insisted that I dress the part and soon had me fitted in skintight jeans, black cowboy boots, a checkered shirt, and black cowboy hat, being only 5'6" tall and weighed all of 140 pounds soaking wet, with thick brown hair and brown eyes, was no Roy Rogers, but still fit the part well enough. I spent half of the time with an erection in my tight jeans because I spent most of the time dancing with my grandmother.

One night on the way home from a local barn dance she got a call about the alarm going off in her beauty salon, so I drove her to the strip mall to reset it. It was a mistake. Just as we walked into the store a masked man pointed a revolver at us and walked us into the back room where another robber was jack hammering a hole that would go into the jewelry store.

My gorgeous grandmother was ordered to bind my hands behind my back, my booted ankles together and wrap my blue bandana around my mouth to gag me. She called the police department while the revolver was pointed at my denim clad bottom and told them everything was alright. The robber then tied her hands behind her back with the same white rope as was used on me, and boy did her huge bosom stick out! The robber stuffed a worn pair of pantyhose he found in the bathroom trash can and forced them in her luscious mouth and wrapped her red bandana over her pouty red lips! She meowed incoherently through her well gagged mouth as the 6'2" black clad robber smacked her big bottom a few times!

I had serious wood in my jeans!

He then held up another well-worn pair of suntan pantyhose he found in the trash can and pressed them against my face! I busted a nut smelling hopefully my grandmother. He yanked the bandana out of my mouth and shoved them in it, then wrapped the bandana over the balled up pantyhose. We were pushed to the floor while they went into the jewelry store and ransacked it.

They set off that alarm, but not before they grabbed a bunch of stuff and fled out the front door. My grandmother pressed her bottom against me and I was embarrassed as my semen stained crotch pressed against her big round bottom!

The police burst into the backroom as I lost it again! I was so embarrassed as a police officer took our pictures while we were still tied up and gagged, for evidence he claimed, so why the extra pictures of my grandmother's huge chest and my wet spot?

A week after the robbery my grandmother sent me a black Speedo and ticket to Aruba where I joined her on a recovery vacation. She looks really hot in her one-piece leopard print spandex swimsuit...............
Monday, May 27th 2013 - 10:39:58 AM
Name: Where's the money Leboewski
Sunday, June 2nd 2013 - 12:29:05 PM
Name: Where's the money Lebowski
Comments:Great story Tommy. It would have been greater if the fan had been an older women on thong panties. But you post good stories
Sunday, June 2nd 2013 - 12:34:26 PM
Name: Larry
Comments:It was a nice warm summer day when I went over to my aunt Joan's house to help her move some heavy boxes she was going to take over to the local goodwill to donate. At the time I was 19 years old and I'm guessing my aunt Joan was about 45, fit, tan and attractive. Her and my uncle Jim and a very nice home with a swimming pool in the back and after we had finished the work she told me it was ok if I went swimming. She didn't have to tell me twice and I stripped down to my swim trunks, which I had handily worn under my jeans for just such an occasion. I was swimming for about 30 minutes when, holly crap, Joan came out in a black string bikini and layed down on one of her lounge chairs to get some sun. I tried not to stare as I continued my swim, but man it was hard. I would occasionally look over at her as she would change positions, first sunning her front, then turning over and sunning her back. I was thinking that maybe I should go, but what the heck, she was my aunt for crying out loud, what was I going to do, make a move on her, no way. I heard the phone ring and and Joan went to answer it. I could hear the conversation end, but Joan didn't come back out so I figured she was done sunning, or she was just done tormenting me, either way I wasn't done with my swim yet. I finally got out of the pool and laid down on the deck to get a little sun and dry off before going home. I dozed off for a moment but abruptly woke up when I felt somone kicking me. I opened my eyes and looked up to find a large bearded man with a shotgun looking down at me. Get up boy, he said, and come with me. what could I do, I got up and followed him into the living room where they had Joan sitting on the couch, still in her bikini looking very uneasy. There were tow other people in the room, another man and a woman, both pointing guns and threating to kill us if we didn't cooperate. Well hell, we were cooperating already. Not much else we could do. The woman, a fairly attractive brunette climbed up on my lap, pointed her revolver at my head, looked at Joan and said, if you don't want this boys brains splattered all over your nice curtains you had better show was were, your jewelry, cash, bank cards, credit cards and bank access information is. Joan left the room with the two men and began showing them the things they demanded. At least they left me with the woman sitting on my lap rather than one of the hairy guys. Thank goodness. While they were gone the woman began playing with me and caressing the gun all around my face. Quite awhile later, I'm not sure how long because I was scared out of my freaking mind, as well as getting a bit horny. Joan and the two hairy guys returned. Have a nice time there boy, one of guys asked. Now, lady you sit on the couch with our girl here while the boy helps us do some heavy lifting. I was lead around the house to different rooms helping put things into sacks and boxes. I could only imagine what was going on with the girl and Joan. It was making me crazy just thinking about it. something else that struck me odd was that none of the robbers make any effort to hide their identities. That gave me a great deal of concern. We started carrying boxes out to a large truck that looked like the kind that would be used for any charitable organization to collect donations. I walked by the living room a couple of times and could see that Joan was being gagged by the tits of the girl guard. I could see the fear and concern in Joan's eyes. Finally the truck was loaded with all of the things the robbers wanted and I was pretty much shoved back into the living room and on the couch with Joan. One of the hairy guys looked and the girl and said, we have everything we came for, lets finish this up. Joan grabbed a hold of my hand and squeezed it tight, fearing what would happen next. The second hairy guy walked in with a shopping bag and emptied the contents on the the table in front of the couch. Rope, duct tape, bandannas and ace bandages. cloth was waded up and shoved into our mouths and wrapped shut with the ace bandages. Now get up and move, we were ordered. We were pushed and shoved up the stairs and into the master bedroom of the house where they moved us together face to face. We were instructed to wrap our arms around each other and our wrists were duct taped together. Our ankles and knees were similarly taped up. We were pushed closer together and duct tape was wrapped around our ankles, legs, waist, and upper torso. tape was wrapped around the ace bandages holding our gags in place to double secure them. Tape was wrapped around our heads forcing our faces together. We were were almost mummified when they finished. They picked us up and threw us on the bed, then secured us by tying our legs to the bedpost and our upper bodies to the headboard. The three left the room and we could hear them open and close the front door, and heard the distinct sound of the door locking, and moments later the sound of a large truck driving away. My first thought, and I'm sure Joan's to, was relief that they didn't hurt or kill us. I tried twisting my wrists in an attempt to get loose but it was no use, I could feel Joan doing the same. We struggled with our wrists, arms and legs for quite awhile before becoming exhausted and giving up. During the struggle Joan's bikini top and loosened and slid off her breasts and she was starting to lose her bottoms. I could feel her tits up against my chest, and the back of her legs with my hands. I was having a hard time controlling myself. All of the struggling had us both worked up into a good sweat, but slippery enough to work out of our binds. our faces were touching and we were looking into each others eyes, I could see that she was also having the same control issues I was. even though we were in a very unpleasant situation the real danger was over and we were beginning to become human beings again and starting to react as any two people who were skin close would react. I lost control a couple of times as she did cumming as we squirmed, more to enjoy each others bodies than to make any further attempt to escape. We had accepted our plight and snuggled our bodies, and other things, together until her daughter came home three hours later. It took several minutes for us to get her attention because of the gags but she finally found us and set us free. The police were called, our statements taken, evidence taken, finger prints dusted and neighbors interviewed. The investigation revealed that Joan had called the charitable organization to let them know she was making the donations and requested a truck to come. The neighbors saw nothing our of the ordinary as we carried the items our to the truck as they had seen me help Joan earlier in the day. The truck was found abandoned later in the week, empty of course. The three suspects were identified but not yet caught. They robbed four other homes with the same method before vanishing into thin air. A month later Joan asked me to have lunch with her. I was apprehensive as I was sure she was going to be upset with me. However it was quite the opposite. She told me that she understood what had happened between in and she felt it was unavoidable. She also thanked me for not doing anything stupid and getting us through this ordeal safely. We never told anyone what happened between us when our bodies were pressed so close together. All anyone else believed was that we only struggled to escape.
Sunday, June 2nd 2013 - 05:38:53 PM
Name: Travis
E-mail address: TravisVector@gmail.com
Comments:how old was the daughter?
Tuesday, June 4th 2013 - 04:30:01 PM
Name: Larry
Comments:16 years old
Wednesday, June 5th 2013 - 09:07:03 AM
Name: guy
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Homepage URL: http://google.com
Comments:what day did this happen larry
Wednesday, June 5th 2013 - 06:39:57 PM
Name: Travis
E-mail address: TravisVector@gmail.com
Comments:What did the daughter look like?
Thursday, June 6th 2013 - 06:19:53 PM
Name: Larry
Comments:This happened on a Thursday . My cousin at the time was an athletic build 5'6" girl that worked as a lifeguard for her summer job.
Saturday, June 8th 2013 - 11:11:34 PM
Name: Erik
Comments:In the spring of 1989 I was going through college and since I didn't have any scholorships, and didn't qualify for any student aid I had work work my way through school at a local shoe store. the people I worked with were, Julie, the 35 year old store manager, Angela, the assistant manager, Derek, Alan and myself. On this particular Thursday night I was working with Angela and Derek and it had been a really busy eavning for the store. At closing time Derek pretty much begged Angela to let him leave to go to a party at one of his friends. Angela took pity on him and let him go, leaving just the two of us to clean the store, straiten the shelves and count the days earnings and make the deposit. Angela was an attractive, well endowed african american girl that was always teasing and flirting with me. I wasn't all that much, just a pastyfaced white boy with a good grade average. But we got along well and had a good time working together. After Derek left Angela shut and locked the door behind him while I was in the back. all of a sudden I heard Angela shouting, What are you doing here, the store is closed you need to MMMMMPHPHPHPH. What the heck, I thought to myself as I went out to the front to investigate. When I got out to the front of the store I saw that Angela was being held by a pretty large white guy, his hand clamped firmly over her mouth. Two others in the room, another white guy and a scrawney little white girl came running at me and grabbed me. I was knocked to the ground and a hand clambed over my mouth by the other guy, Angela and I were quickley dragged into the back room. Once there we were warned not to call for help or make any noise at all or we would get hurt, Both guys showed us big knives they were carrying to bring that point home, so we fully cooperated with them. The girl pulled out a couple of bandannas and tied them in our mouths to keep us quiet then went to work emptying the cash register, and the backroom safe of all the money the store had made that day. They had me take out my wallet and she took all the money I had, and my ATM and credit card. Theye certainly weren't goint to get much out of my checking acount, I remember thinking to myself. I looked over at a terrified Angela and tried as best I could to reassure her that we would be ok as long as we cooperated. The big guy backhanded me on the side of my head and told me to shut up and that if I had anything to say to keep it to myself. If we had wanted you to talk we wouldn't have gagged you. The girl then grabbed the large garbage bags and started filling them with shoes, hats and anything else from the store they could carry, and took it out the back dooe and into the van they had driven here just for this occasion. As they were finishing up I was wondering what they were going to do with us. my question was soon answered when the girl brought a bag from the van and emptied it on the table in front of us. Rope, and tape. The big guy laughed and said, we are going to have plenty of rope here, there was supposed to be three, but there are onley two of them. The big guy walke over to us and growled, strip, down to your underwear. I complied just as quickley as I could while watching Angela do the same. Holey crap, she had a beutiful body and the biggest tits I had ever seen. She was wearing black thong panties and a maching bra that almost held her tits in. I on the other hand was wearing only a pair of plain tighty whities. The bandannas were untied and then shoved in our mouths and resecured with duct tape. our hands were tied behing our backs, rope was wrapped around our upper bodies. The Big guy and the girl seemed to particularly enjoy tying and touching Angela. As I watched Angela being tied I couldn't help getting a bonder, and this amused our captors to no end, I also thought I caught the hint of a slight smile from Angela. We were then forced face down on the floor. Our legs were tied and the ankles, calves, knees and thighs and they used every bit of rope the had to tie us up. They then set the store alarm using the code they had appearently forced Angela to tell them earlier, locked all of the doors, turned out all of the lights and left. For the first 30 minutes or so we just layed there not moving, the only sound we could hear was our heavy breathing and some minor traffic noise outside. After I was certain they were gone I tried straining against my ropes, but could not get loose, I was tied to tight. I was assuming Angela was doing the same. I could hear Angela moving and seconds later I could feel her body up against mine. We went back to back and tried to untie the knots from the ropes securing our hands. The knots were to tight and positioned so that we couldn't easily reach them. These guys really knew what they were doing. We struggled around to where we were face to face and and started rubbing against the tape in an effor to get that off. Again no luck. I could feel Angelas tits up against my chest and her legs were pressed up against mine and she was getting close to me for more reasons that just attempting to escape. Our face rubbing eventually turned into full fledged gag kissing and our bodies were pressed hard against each other. We got hot and sweaty and we struggled against each other bodies and experienced the added frustration and excitment of not being able to touch each other with our hands as we faced each other. Somwhere in all this her tits popped out of her bra. She rolled over the top of me and began rubbing her tits up against my hands, and I started fongling and rubbing. She I rolled over and moved my dick up against her tied hands, and she pulled my underwear down and began fondling and rubbing. We went on like this for quite awhile, fondling each, gag kissing and occasionaly attempting to get unties. We eventually wore out and fell asleep tangled up in each other. Early he next moring Julie and Alan showed up to open the store and found us bound and gagged. We were untied, the police were called and an investiation conducted. Julie told us that she was glad we cooperated and weren't hurt during the robbery and was sorry we had been left tied up all night. Eventually the three robbers were caught in another state doing the same thing to another store. Although we were a bit shaken up neither Angela or I were traumatized by the experience. On the other hand. We became really close and dated for quite awhile after that, often with either me going to her apartment or she comming to mine, and kind of re-enacting our experience, but this time being able to use our hands. Eventually at became more difficult for me to make ends meet trying to support myself and go to school so I joined the Marine Corps just in time to fight in the first Persian Gulf War. I was gone for quite awhile and Angela decided to move on with her life, but we did part as friends and she went on to have a successful life.
Monday, June 17th 2013 - 03:37:24 PM
Name: David
Comments:I was 25 years old and just out of the navy and working for an industrial security company to earn money while waiting for a job opening in the technical field I had been trained in. Since I had a high security clearance when I was in the navy I was assinged to an aircraft parts warehouse that held a government contract. I was two hours from my night shift and was just waking up when the phone rang. It was Mr. Jackson, my boss. David, I'm afraid it will be just you and Lisa at the plant tonight, Shawn called in sick and I couldn't find a relpacement for him. I know that is a lot of building to handle but I know you two can handle it. I just thought it would be good to give you a heads up. Your nightly instructions will be waiting for you when you get there. Thanks for the info boss, I'll be there in a couple of hours. I showered, shaved and had somthing to eat then hopped in my car and headed for the warehouse. I arrived 15 minutes early and Lisa was right behind me. Lisa was a 32 year old mother of two that was working this job so that she hand her husband could afford to send their kids to a nice private school that provided them with a better education. Although her husband had a good job it just wasn't going to make ends meet unless she worked. I met with the site supervisor, who told me the daily instructions were in an envelope on the front desk. The instuctions read that Lisa was to man the front desk tonight and I was to do both foot and vehicle roving patrol. There had also been an alert that some aircraft parts had turned up missing after a recent inventory and it was suspected to be warehouse employee theft. Well, thats a problem for the dayshift crew because it was their job to check employees in and out during the day. But I kept it in the back of my mind just in case. I handed the insturctions for Lisa to read and she groaned at the thought of being suck at that boring desk all night without much chance for getting up and moving around. I started my foot patrol of the interior of the warehouse and did a radio check with my walki talki. I did a slow walk through of the main floor and found nothing unusual to report. I marked my patrol with the scan reader I carried and confirmed that I had checked all the highly sensative items stored there. I walked up the stairs and checked the office and controle area. I heard some noise comming from the control room and found the invetory manager, Shelly sitting at her desk. Yea, she answered, got a bit behind today so I am catching up. Shelly was a buxom, Full figured 48 year old with a bubbly personality and a pretty face. She was to old for me and but heavier that I like but she was fun to talk to if you needed to break up the night shift for a couple of minutes. I called into Lisa to make sure everything was allright. She answered that everything was fine. Well I thought, another long boring night. I did a drive around the outside perimeter of the building, parked the vehicle and went back in through the front door, swiping my security badge to gain entry. Hmmm, I thought, Lisa was not sitting at the front destk. Well we are only human and had to go to the bathroom so I called back to see if she was allright and got a mumbled response. I went back onto the warehouse floor and found that the light in the above office was out, so I figured Shelly had gone home. I rounded the corner when I spotted the first one, jeans, jacket, work boots and a ski mask. My heart rate spiked and I pulled my handgun from its holster. As I approached the burglar I was shoved to the floor from behind and a gun was put up against the back of my head. Don't move man, we don't want to hurt you but we will if we have to, he picked up my handgun, secured it in the back of his waistband and told me to get up. He shouted I have the last one here, we can get started now. Tape was placed over my mouth so I couldn't shout out and I was ordered to walk. I was taken the first floor break room where I found both Shelly and Lisa, stripped down to their underwear, bound wrist and ankle, and gagged. Ok man, my guard said, strip down to your BVDs. I did just as quicley as I could not wanting to get shot. my clothes were searched, then I was searched, ouch. My handcuffs were used to secure my hands behind my back, my ankles were tied with more tape. I was hopped over to the two already bound women. You two scootch over a little bit, and he plopped me down in between both of the women. Stay where you are at, I will be back to check on you from time to time to make sure you ore comfterble he laughed. He locked the door and walked out. Niether Lisa or I were getting our of our handcuffs, and I wasn't sure how talented Shelly was going to be at getting our of her taped hands. I moved over to Shelly and went back to back with her and found that her hands had ben secured with zip ties so I wasn't going to untie her hands or chew through her binds, which probably would have been a bit fun since she did have kind of a nice butt. Lisa was terrified and crying and I wiggle over to her in an effort to calm her. she huddled up to me for awhile and eventually calmed herself. I hadn't really noticed untill now, but Lisa was wearing a red bra and black hiphugger panties. Shelly was wearing a black bra and matching black thong panties and she looked a bit better stripped down than she did wearing clothes. We all three struggled against the cuffs and zip ties but only succedded in hurting our hands. I crawled over and rubbed my face up against Shellys in an effort to geet the tape off of our mouths, but they had been on so long that we were stuck with them. While doing that Shelly lost her balance and rolled on top of me, her tits were in my face. After a couple of minutes of wiggling around I began to wonder if that had been an accident. I could see Lisa had a disaprooving stare. I couldn't help getting a bit aroused by all of this but she eventually rolled off of me. Our guard came back to check and make sure we were still here and snugly tied, and went back out to help with whatever they were stealing. Our struggling had made us extra sweaty, and both Lisa and Shelly were losing thier bras. At least the night wouldn't be a total loss. I was getting frustrated that I was next to two fairly naked women and couldn't really do much about it. After being checked a couple of more times then we didn't hear anymore noise. I was guessing that that the bad guys had left and now we would waite for rescue. Lisa got tired of sitting on her hands and layed face down for awhile showing me her really nice butt, she worked out. Shelly kept snuggling up to me all night and rubbing her tits up against me back and chest, and after awile I started to cooperate. After awhile even Lisa got a little friendlier. All three of us huddled together, tired and worn out and fell asleep. I woke up with a start when somone walked into the room we were held in, a police officer and the warehouse manager. We were handcuffed, and legs untied and mojuths ungagged. We were thoroghly questioned during the investigation. It appeared that the investigators, including the local police and the F.B.I. were making darn sure that we were not in on the hiest. I learned that our other missing guard, Shawn, and his girlfriend had been found bound and gagged in her apartment and his security badge had been taken, this had been used to gain entry into the warehouse and overpowered Lisa at the front desk. Oddly enought Shelly had been through this once before and had been left bound and gagged in her underwear in her office during a past robbery. The thiefs had stolen expensive and classified government avionics and were probably going to sell them to a foriegn government. It was highly suspected that the head of the security company was in on the robbery and the companies contract was immediately suspended leaving me unemployed. Lisa never worked nights, or at a security company again.
Sunday, June 23rd 2013 - 04:54:36 PM
Name: First Samuel
Comments:I have always rather enjoyed being bound and gagged; enjoyed it that is when I knew and trusted the person doing the binding and gagging to release me after a suitable interval of a couple of hours, or even longer on occasion. I'd never made a mistake in my choice of partners until last year.

I was at my gym in Las Vegas, a town that operates on a 24-hour per day schedule. You see people in the gym at all hours of the day and night, just as you would during the day at any other place in the U. S. I was standing in the warm-up area, doing stretches in which I leaned over, reached behind me, crossed my wrists and grasped the top rung of a rail that separated a walkway from the gym area. As I straightened up my arms folded into a perfect reverse prayer position, my wrists crossed between my shoulders. I stood there for a moment and chanced to see a young woman peering intently at me. I met her gaze and she stopped what she was doing and walked over to me. "I think you'd look really cute all tied up like that," she said with a mischievous smile. "Yeah, so do I," I replied, my place or yours?" We decided to go back to my apartment. My roommate was away for the weekend.

When we got to my apartment, which was about fifteen minutes away from the gym I asked this mysterious lady what her name was. She told me that her name was Laura, and said her last name wasn't important. We had a beer and sat around talking for a few minutes. Suddenly, Laura asked me if I was game to allow her to bind and gag me. I said that I was okay with that only if I had her assurance that she would release me within two hours, sooner if I was uncomfortable. She agreed and asked me if I had any rope. I retrieved some cotton clothesline rope that was thin and flexible, perfect for binding someone's wrists and ankles.

Laura asked me to sit on the floor with my legs crossed in front of me. I complied and she brought my arms behind my back, crossed my wrists and pressed them upward until they were between my shoulders. She wrapped the rope about my wrists, then over one shoulder, under that arm, over the opposite shoulder and back to my wrists. She continued that process until the rope was used up. She grabbed another length of rope and wrapped that length of rope around my upper arms and knotted it to ensure that I stayed in that position. Another length of rope held my legs in a cross-legged position. "Do you have any handkerchiefs around here," she asked, "I find that they make the best gags." I directed her to the bedroom drawer and she returned with a handful of my handkerchiefs. She wadded three of them into my mouth then tied a fourth tightly between my teeth to hold them in place. Finally, she took a short piece of rope and tied my neck down to my ankles, leaving me bent doubled over into a ball. I marveled at the job she'd done on me. I could hardly move. Any sounds I made were unintelligible and could not be heard at any distance away. I had been bound and gagged before, but never with such horrifying efficiency. I would never be able to free myself without help.

Laura sat on the sofa and looked at her handiwork...

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 06:34:54 PM
Name: speedob
Comments:David. Great story. Any other adventures in security?
Samuel you have me hooked. Please finish. Thank you both for entertaining us.
Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 03:21:17 PM
Name: David
After losing my job at the security firm, I had all but sworn off being involved in that kind of work ever again. I had finally finished school and was looking for gainful employment when I ran into an old friend, Jenny, a buxom dark haired girl who worked at a very high end jewelry store. Whe told me that the store was looking for a security manager and thought I would be qualified. I was about to politley let her know that I was not interested when she told me how much it paid, which was quite a bit more than I could earn in the field I had studied in. I told Jenny that I would apply. My application and resume was accepted and I was granted an interview by tne owner, Mr. Molina. On the appointed day and time I arrived at the building. I first off noticed that it was a highly secured building and you had to be buzzed in to two doors to get in. I completed the interview and a week later was notified that I was hired. After making myself familiar with the security features of the store I went to work making sure that my security staff protected the other employees and merchandise in a professional manner. Mr. Molina required a dress code for his employees and everyone was always well dressed. Only people that could affort his high end jewelry were allowed to enter the building and no browsers were allowed. On the security end we monitored alarms, patrolled the building, escorted employeed to and from their cars and accomanied both employees and merchandise to gem shows. One day couple enetered the store and was escorted right into Mr. Molinas office. 30 minutes later the couple left without making a puchase, which was highly unusual. Mr. Molina, who generally mingled with the costumers in the stoor stayed in his office most of the day. I went to his office to check on him, but he told me he was OK, Just getting catching up on some office work. Closing time came and Molina still didn't come out of the office. Tommorow the store would be closed and I remained with one of the other store employees, wich happened to be Jenny, to secure all the jewelry in the safe. As we were getting started I heard the front security door buzz. Odd, I thought, then the second door buzzed and before I could react six well dressed people quickley entered the store. Five men and one woman. One of the men, and the woman I recognized from earlier in the day. All of them were armed with automatic weapons and ordered Jenny and I to the floor face down. The couple from earlier went up to Molinas office and soon all three came down, all the alarms and security devices were disabled. We were told to cooperate as not only were our lives on the line but also Mrs. Molina. The woman held out here cell phone and showed us a video of a very fit and attractive Mrs. Molina stripped, bound and gagged in what I believed to be their bedroom. Jenny and I were ordered to stand and strip. Mr. Molina told us to comply and we did. After stripping I couldn't help notice Jenny, I had never seen her without any clothes on before and she was a very shapley curvey girl with big breasts and great legs. Both of us and our closed were searched and my gun was taken. Wouldn't have done me much good against six automatic weapons anyway. Jenny and I were gagged and our hands ziptied behind our backs. we were shoved into the back room and forced face down on the floor and hogtied. Then they proceeded to take the jewelry and place it into very expensive looking leather cases. This bunch had come well prepared and and organized. Then to my suprise, They brought a struggling body wrapped up in a blanket into the room where we were and dropped in on the floor, the unwrapped, it was Mrs Molina. The intruders finished loading up what they wanted to take and left the building with Mr. Molina, locking the doors behind them. After we were certain they were gone Jenny and I wiggled our was to each other and began trying to get our ties loose, but zipties are almost impossible to get out of. soon Mrs. Molina joined as and we were wriggling and struggling together in an effort to escape. After awhile we wore out and Jenny snuggled up to me for comfort, I could feel her breastes up against my chest and I was impossible for me not to get a hard on. We both figured we were pretty safe by now and would just have to awaite rescue in the morning. We started rubbing up against each other and gag kissing when I felt Mrs. Molina in my back. Now I had two women rubbing up against me and things weren't so bad now. We went on like this for a couple of hours untill we got tired and fell into an uncomfertable sleep. The sun came up and soon the other employees were trying to get into the store, but with the door being disable they eventually called the police, who also had to call the fire department to break into the store. What a show they all got when they went in and found us. We were cut loose and told them what happened. An extensive search for the robbers and Mr. Molina began. It was discovered that Molina had orchastrated the whole robbery and had used his own wife to get our cooperation during the robbery. He had escaped the country with enough to live a couple of lifetimes on what he had stolen and is currently living in non extraditable country. Mrs. Molina tood over the Jewelry stoor and both Jenny and I still work there. She never blamed us because there was nothing we could have done to prevent this. Since that time I have thwarted two attempted robberies of the store and developed a strong friendship with Mrs. Molina.
Sunday, July 7th 2013 - 01:48:29 PM
Name: Spedob
Comments:David. How is your friendship with Jenny going? I imagine at this point bondage has been good foreplay for you two. Have you two pursued bondage in the bedroom? perhaps you and Mrs. Molina? All three?

Love your adventures. Thanks.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 08:11:57 AM
Name: Jay
Comments:At about ten oclock I was working at a gas station with my friend katelyn and my manager. Katelyn in very thin with brown hair and a very pretty face, and im about as thin but i have black hair. We our store doesn't have an official uniform so i was wearing a pink t shirt and Jean cut off shorts just above the knee with sneakers. and she was wearing a black vneck with a white knee length skirt with black boots. We weren't busy so the manager told katelyn she could go and I could get off in an hour or so. Afew minutes after katelyn left she walked back in and said her car wouldn't start. She and the manager went out to check the car while I stayed and they came back in and katelyn asked if she could have a ride which I was fine with. She went to sit in my car for afew minutes while I did some last minute work and my manager clocked me out. I left the building and walked to my car and I could see katelyn in the front seat. I didn't think much of it so I went to the drivers side and went to open the door but I saw a masked man in the front seat holding a gun to katelyns head and she was secured to the seat with rope with her hands tied behind the chair and her ankles were tied together as well. He gestured to get in the back seat and I opened the door and sat down, where there was a second man in a mask holding a gun pointed at the back of katelyns chair. "you run, she dies." he said and I nodded in agreement. They told me to direct them to my house and again said if I lied katelyn would die. I told them how to get there and when we arrived they pulled into the garage and we got out, but they left katelyn tied to the chair and one of them put duct tape on her mouth to keep her quiet. They told me to lie down on my couch face down and they started tying me up, starting with taping my hands behind me and and taping my legs at the ankle, both of which about 10 times, then he gagged me with the tape and left to start stealing my stuff. I struggled to escape but all I ended up doing was falling off the couch. I rolled onto my stomach and tried to stand up and finally succeeded. I started to hop to the front door and when I was almost there one of the men grabbed me and threw me against the wall and I collapsed on the ground crying and moaning through my gag. "looks like I'll need to secure you alittle better this time." He threw me over his shoulder and took me to my bedroom closet, which was a walkin, and he dropped me on the ground and ripped my gag off and I started to scream but he pointed his gun at me and I got the message and stopped. He stared at me for a second then walked out of the room. I wondered if I should try to leave but he came back a minute later with a chair in his hands and set it down in front of me. He stepped behind me with a knife and cut my bonds and stood me up and told me to sit in the chair. He was about to start tying me to the chair but all of a sudden the other guy came in and said they had pretty much everything of decent value in the car and they were good to go, but they still had to get the girl out of the car. He said in a minute but first they had to tie me up, and the other guy agreed and they started to tape me to the chair. It had armrests so they taped my arms to each one and wrapped it about 10 times or so, then taped my legs together at the knee and the ankle then taped my legs to the left chair leg, each time about 15 wraps. They wrapped tape around my stomach and the chair too many times to count, then taped my thighs to the chair as well. Then they grabbed some socks and shoved as many as they could into my mouth and wrapped tape around my head 5 times over my hair and I was effectively immobilized. They walked out of the room and came back 20 minutes later holding a bucking katelyn who had been taped at the ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and with tape around her arms and body with a gag that looked similar to mine, but her hair was in a ponytail so the tape didn't go over her hair. They dropped her on the floor near me and stepped back and said, "it's been fun, thank you for your stuff, and im sure someone will find you eventually, although I have to say, there's still some tape left over so I think we should probably do something to make sure you can't untie eachother." then he took a roll of tape and grabbed the sheet off my bed and rolled katelyn In it and taped her in it, so she couldn't use her hands to untape me, which is what I was hoping for.then he grabbed a scarf off a shelf and blindfolded her, then blindfolded me with another one. Then he and the other guy picked katelyn up and put her on one of the top shelves, and she stayed perfectly still in fear of falling off face first. Then I heard him walk toward me and I felt him put his hand on my leg and I tensed up in fear of him performing sexual assault. He laughed and said they were leaving. Then I heard footsteps walk out of the closet and wondered if they were really gone. Then suddenly I felt myself fall backwards and I hit the ground hard and moaned through my gag, and he started laughing again and left. I was afraid he was still there so I didn't move until I heard the garage door open, and a car engine start and then it was quiet again. I started struggling to get out of my bonds but I didn't get anywhere. I tried pulling left and right but just fell on my left side. I kept trying then I heard a loud thud a few feet in front of me and a loud scream and I could hear katelyn crying. I mmphed through my gag trying to get her to come over to me but she just mmphed back. Eventually she realized what I meant and I heard her roll over and I felt her head hit my hand and I found the blindfold and took it off her. Then I felt her move up alittle so I could feel her gag and rolled over so I could get the end of the tape. I managed to find it and get it off just alittle and started to tear it off. After afew minutes we managed to get her gag off and she started to say what she was going to do so I would know what to do. She slid up so my hand was near her feet and she told me where to move my hand to get the tape. I eventually got it and she got out of the sheet but she was still tied up underneath, but now she could use her hands a little. I felt her grab my blindfold and she pulled it off so I could see, then she went to my hand and started unwrapping the tape off it. Somehow she got it and i could use my left arm completely and pulled my gag off. I told her I was going to free myself first to make it easier to get her out and she agreed. I started untaping myself and finally managed to get completely free, and I untied katelyn and we called the police.
Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 06:15:28 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Fiendish Heist
Comments:Hi, everyone: Here's another fiction/fantasy tale. A Detective Tommy adventure.


Therese examined herself in the mirror and grinned smartly. Charcoal-black business jacket, under which peeped a creamy-white blouse; black skirt, just past the knees; the constitutional beige pantyhose; and 3" black dress pumps shined so much that they could've been mirrors themselves. After a couple hours of primping over her dress, she was satisifed. After all, she'd recently become the first female manager of the region's largest investment/insurance firm--a fact heavily reported on television and press--and she knew those who knew about her wouldn't expect anything less in appearance. 55 yrs old, 5'3" with short brownish hair, Therese remembered how her height and gender counted against her in her climb up the company ladder, but those days were over, she thought. The time was now, and she was the owner of it.

Therese picked up her briefcase, which contained many sensitive documents pertaining to the firm's accounts. She reminded herself for the millionth time about the need to establish tighter security measures so that information wouldn't be compromised. She strode out of her plush mansion, seated herself in her imported luxury sedan and sped off to the firm.


The three ladies were always the first to arrive at the firm's administrative office, bright and early, well ahead of everyone else. Angela, 36, and Donna, 42 were the senior administrative assistants, responsible for typing in account codes and filing important account information. Both women were 5'7", give or take. Angela's brown hair flowed just past her shoulders, while Donna's blond hair was fasioned in a bun. Both of them were attired in milky-white, long-sleeve blouses, dark blue skirts to the knees, beige pantyhose and heeled black dress pumps.

"TGIF, huh?" Angela said.

"Mmm-hmm," replied Donna, "Tomorrow is definitely beach day for me."

Angela and Donna suddenly turned and smiled at the third woman who'd just entered. Her name was Paula. 51 yrs old 5'10", with short curly hair, she was the security guard--the first female to hold that position in the firm. She was dressed much like the other two women, except she had a security badge and nameplate on her white blouse and a pistol holster around her waist. The skirt, hose and heels were just like the others, which irritated Paula because she felt that formal wardrobe would interfere with running or other strenuous activity, if needed.

"Oh, hi, Paula," Donna said, "Any luck in getting a different security uniform?"

"That'll be the day!" snorted the security officer. "Therese is such a stickler on formal attire that it'll never happen. How am I supposed to run in these damn pumps if I have to?"

"Don't worry," said Angela with a grin, "nothing ever happens here anyway. Why don't you sit down and relax for a little while?"

"Love to, but Therese is due here in a few minutes, and if I'm not outside at my post, there'll be hell for me to pay."

With that, Paula turned and exited the office. Angela and Donna grinned and began to file.


Paula stood at her station just outside the firm's door. It was outdoors and the weather forcast predicted a hot, muggy day, which only served to worsen her disposition.

The van which pulled into the parking lot twenty yards away could've been any of the regulars who worked there, so Paula didn't pay attention as three men in black catsuits and circus clown masks exited the vehicle and approached her. One of them carried a large duffle bag.

"Good morning, Ma'am," one of the clowns said.

Upon seeing Paula's intense frown, one of the other clowns said,
"Uh, we're here to make a delivery. We're from Giggles."

"Giggles?" Paula said sharply, "I've never heard of it."

"Oh, officer, surely you must have," the third clown said. "Giggles is the area's largest manufacturer and distributer of feminine cleansing items. We were told a shipment was ordered from this establishment."

Paula's mood became darker. "I know of no such order. Let me see your credentials."

"Certainly," one of the clowns said as he reached behind his back and withdrew a pistol. His companions also pulled out pistols and pointed them at Paula.

"Wha-what is this?" the surprised security guard asked.

"It's a heist, lady. Now, nice and quick, get your hands up, your pumps off and your mouth open!"

Paula immediatley placed her hands on top of her head, and simultaneously slipped her pantyhosed feet from her pumps while she opened her mouth with a slight gasp. While one of the clowns removed her pistol from it's holster, another stuffed a small, wadded handkerchief into her mouth. Paula was abruptly spun around so that she faced the door to the facility. One of the clowns took the middle of a black scarf, wedged the middle between her lips and tied the ends tightly behind her head. Paula felt the menacing sensation of a pistol being shoved into her back.

"Okay, lady, we're going inside. Move!"


"The beach tomorrow?" Angela said. "Sounds like someone did some bikini shopping!"

"I sure did!" Donna replied as she sorted soem folders, "bright pink."

"OMG, girl! You're gonna be one hot item!"

"That's the idea, Angie. Just because I'm over 40 and divorced doesn't mean I can't get laid."

Angela and Donna shared a hearty laugh and looked toward the door to the office.

"Hey, Paula," said Angela, "Guess what Donna's got going on--" Angela and Donna suddenly gasped in alarm.

Paula walked into the office, her hands on her head, in her pantyhosed feet, gagged.

"Ummmphh!" the firm's first female securtiy officer groaned.

"Yeah, yeah, great to meet you ladies," one of the clowns said as he waved his pistol. "Now both of you ladies kick those pumps off and put your hands on top of your heads."

There was a feint clatter as Angela and Donna kicked off their pumps and placed their hands on their heads.

"In case you two haven't figured it out yet, this is a heist! We know you secretaries can enter some codes to release the money you've got here, so get over to those keyboards and start typing."

"But...but..we-we..c-can't," a terrified Angela stammered.

"What did you say, sweetheart?" one of the clowns asked as he pressed the barrel of the gun between Angela's breasts.

"P-please," Donna added. "S-she's t-telling the truth! Only our manager has the codes for this, and w-without them, we c-can't."

"I say we off these three now," one of the clowns said.

"N-no, please!" Angela pleaded. "Our manager, Therese, is on her w-way now, and she has the c-c-codes with her at all times. S-she'll b-be here any m-minute now."

"You broads better not be bullsh**ting us!"

"Oh, n-n-no!" Donna said. Both she and Angela nodded for emphasis.

"Alright then," said a clown. "We'll just wait here a little while for your boss lady to arrive!"

Angela and Donna felt terrible about the trap Therese would be walking into. The two secretaries looked at each other mournfully as their assailants stuffed small wadded cloths into their mouths. One of the clowns forced Paula to sit on the floor while another clown opened the duffle bag and withdrew lengths of pre-cut rope.


Therese parked her car, got out, surveyed the entrance to the facility and frowned. She knew Paula was supposed to be on duty just outside the door, but instead Therese only saw a pair of black heeled dress pumps.

The firm's manager quickly strode across the asphalt, her dress pumps clicking smartly. She wasn't pleased.

Well, thought Therese, Paula has worked so hard to become the firm's first female security officer, but she's dedided to reward the company by not being at her assigned post and not wearing her pumps. I'll have to fire her.

Therese angrily walked into the facility and quickly headed for the accounts office. As she opened the door, she militantly announced, "Ladies, find Paula for me immediately. I've found it necessary to--"

Therese gasped loudly and almost dropped her briefcase in shock. On the floor, beside one of the file cabinets, sat Paula. Her hands had been tied behind her back..her arms had been tied to her upper body..her legs were tied together just above the knees...her pantyhosed feet were tied at the ankles. Therese also saw the black scarf fastened tightly in the security officer's mouth. One of the clowns stood over her, pistol in hand.

"Mmmphhhmmm," Paula moaned.

Therese suddenly looked to Paula's right and saw Angela and Donna. Both secretaries stood together in their pantyhosed feet, white cloths stuffed in their mouths and cleave-gagged with black scarves. Another clown stood beside them, gun in hand.

"Good morning, Madame Manager," the third clown announced, pistol in hand. "May I be the first to congratulate you on your first day as the first female manager of this highly regarded facility."

"Oh my god," said Therese. "What do you want?"

"She certainly gets to the point, doesn't she?" the clown said to his companions. They laughed in a sinister tone.

"We'll go over that in fine detail," the clown said, "after you place that briefcase on the floor, remove your dress jacket and pumps, place your hands on top of your head and open your mouth."


Friday, August 23rd 2013 - 02:58:04 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Nice to see you back in action Tommy.
Monday, August 26th 2013 - 03:29:31 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: The Fiendish Heist (Part 2)

Therese, Angela and Donna now stood side by side, pantyhose-foot with small cloths stuffed in their mouths with scarves cleave-gagging them. The three women were allowed to have their arms at their sides, but they were too terrified to move in any case. The head clown-face paced back in forth in front of them.

"Ladies, let's get something clear. You're not being kept alive to speak. Your lives have been spared so far so each of you can obey my commands quickly."

"Mmmph," Therese lightly moaned. Great, she thought. My first day as the firm's first woman manager and this shit has to happen!

The head clown-face gently fingered her expensive gold necklace.

"Yes, my dear, I really am enjoying your humiliation. Allow me to demonstrate what happens when my wishes aren't obeyed."

He motioned to one of his cronies. The crony pointed his pistol close to Paula and fired a shot mere inches from the tied up and gagged security guard's head into the wall.

"Mmmph-mmmm-mmphh," Paula bawled through her cleave gag. Angela and Donna instinctively huddled together with looks of terror on their faces. Therese's eyes bugged out of her head: whatever thoughts of defiance she may have felt were long gone.

The head clown face rifled through Therese's briefcase.

"Let's see now....not this...nahhh, that's worthless too. Ahh, here we are," he announced as he held up a piece of paper.

"Now, the three of you will enter these codes into the computers. In case you're wondering, doing this will transfer all of the accumulated wealth of this institution to a secret account. Now, move!" Therese, Angela and Donna each received a swat on the buttocks as they hustled to three computers. As the administrative ladies clacked away as ordered, they couldn't help but notice one of the intruders pull out several more lengths of rope from the duffle bag.


The old office building on the other side of town was a worn-out eyesore of a structure. The clown-faced bandits climbed several flights of rickety stairs and entered a surprisingly plush office equipped with the finest furniture and fanciest carpeting.

Someone sat in the large leather chair behind the desk, but the back of the chair faced the bandits. In fact, the only way to know someone sat in the chair at all was because of the thick cigar smoke which floated upward.

"Well," came the voice from the other side of the chair, "I assume the operation proceeded smoothly."

"Yes, Boss," replied the lead clownface. "We carried your instructions out to the letter."

More cigar smoke puffed out from behind the back of the chair. "Then all of the institution's assets have been successfully transferred to our pre-arranged account?"

"Yes Boss. Every cent."

"I assume the staff was cooperative?"

"Very. They've been handled just like you ordered, and we left your calling card as you instructed."

"That's good. Very good," said the voice from behind the back of the chair. "Congratulations on an operation skillfully performed. Each of you will soon be instructed on how to receive your monetary compensation for this."

"Yes Boss, and thanks." The three clown-faced bandits bowed and left the office.

After they left, the chair swiveled around until it faced the front of the desk. Scorpio blew another plume of cigar smoke and grinned devilishly.


The four women grunted and squirmed on the floor of the firm's administrative office. Paula, Therese, Angela and Donna sat side by side against the wall. The women's hands were tied behind their backs, their arms bound to their upper bodies, their legs tied together just above the knees and their pantyhosed feet bound at the ankles.

Therese squirmed helplessly and glared at Paula.

"Mmmmphh!" the manager growled. If you'd been doing your job right, those thugs wouldn't have robbed the office. Just wait until someone unties us, because I'm going to fire you with a passion, Therese thought.

"Ummphh-mmrrmmph!" Paula growled back. Don't give me that crap lady. You've always been so arrogant anyway. I can't wait until you're busted to associate clerk afterwards, the security guard thought.

Angela and Donna wiggled against each other in a vain attempt to pick at each other's knots.

"Mmmphhh..mmmmphhh," Angela moaned.

"Hmmmphmmmm," Donna replied back.

"Grmmmphh..mrrmmmphh!" Therese roared at the two secretaries. God, why waste time trying to talk with gags tied in your mouths, the manager wondered.

It became obvious to each of the women that someone would have to show up to free them, but the problem was in how to contact help. The rest of the shift wasn't due in for another half an hour. On top of a nearby table sat an intercom unit. Paula recognized this and since she had the longest legs, she slowly scooted on her butt close to the table, reached her legs up and attempted to press the intercom button with her pantyhosed feet. The first few attempts were unsuccessful, but finally, the security guard managed to brush a few nylon-coated toes against the device.

"Security station," a monotone voice on the other end blurted out from the device.

"Hmmmphhhh! Hmmmmphhh!" the tied up and gagged administrative specialists wailed.


The police chief was shocked at the news: the city's most successful insurance/investment firm robbed! What an outrage! Clearly, a very sinister villain was behind this one.

The chief stroked his chin thoughtfully as he considered which of his detectives would be best suited to hunt down the culprits. After a few minutes contemplation, the chief picked up the phone and typed in a number. An impatient frown appeared on his face as the line on the other end rang and rang.

"Damn it, Detective Tommy! Why don't you answer?"


Hi all. I only get to work on this about once a week, so it'll take a while to complete. Stay tuned.
Friday, August 30th 2013 - 08:36:19 PM
Name: Speedob
Comments:Tommy you are needed on the case right away, so put on some clean extra tight bikini briefs and get going. Always wear clean underwear on cases, just in case you have an accident.
Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 07:43:09 AM
Name: Rick
Comments:Here is something that I though was different or interesting, a chicken restaurant has a billboard that showed a chicken holding people bound and gagged. That is an interesting way to advertise.
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Name: Jennifer
Comments:This happened to me 5 years ago. It was the summer after my sophomore year in college, and I was staying at my parents beach house while they were away on vacation. I had the whole house to myself for the weekend. It was a Saturday morning when I was laying out on the beach just a few hundred yards from our back door. Stephanie and Ashley, who were two of my best friends from my cheerleading squad, were on their way up to join me and it was going to be party time this weekend.

As I laid there soaking up the rays, this really hot guy came over and introduced himself. He was so devilishly handsome, and I simply could not resist his charm. We sat next to each other on the beach talking and getting to know each other for about 20 minutes or so. It really seemed like we were hitting it off so well, so I invited him up to the beach house for something to drink, as we were both really thirsty.

After we drank some iced tea at the kitchen table, he asked me if I wanted to go somewhere for lunch and I said yes, but that I would need to take a shower first, as I was really hot and sticky from laying out on the beach all morning. I told him to make himself comfortable before I went upstairs to take a shower. After I got out of the shower I remember trying to decide what to wear. I really wanted to look hot for this guy, so I slipped into this skimpy pair of cut-off jean shorts and a tiny little pink crop top that showed off my belly-button and a generous portion of my bare midriff.

Had I known what a creep this guy would turn out to be, I never would have dressed in such revealing clothing, but anyways, I finished off the look by tying a pink bandanna around my head as a headband before I went back downstairs to tell him I was ready. However, when I got into the kitchen where I had last seen him, he was not there. I called out his name and looked everywhere for him downstairs, but he was nowhere to be found. I then went back upstairs and found him in the master bedroom. I could not believe what I saw him doing!

He had already removed an abstract painting from the wall to reveal the wall safe that was behind the picture. He was wearing these headphones that had this wired suction cup attached to the safe. He was a professional thief, and he was trying to crack the code to the safe!

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"I didn't think you'd be ready so fast," he replied with a startled look on his face when he turned to face me.

"You're going to be in so much trouble," I warned him.

"We'll just see about that, now won't we?" he replied after he took the headphones off and started to approach me.

I knew I was in big trouble now, so I tried to run out of the master bedroom as fast as I could, but he caught me from behind before I could get out of the bedroom door. I tried to scream, but he clamped his hand over my mouth to keep me as quiet as possible. I was struggling like a wildcat to try and break free from his grip, but he was easily able to continue holding me from behind.

He then whispered into my ear and promised that he was not going to hurt me as long as I cooperated with him. As he continued insisting that he was not going to do anything to harm me, I sort of believed him and gradually began to calm down a little. He then made me promise not to scream before he took his hand away from my mouth.

"What do you plan to do with me now?" I asked as I turned to face my captor.

"Jennifer, I'm going to have to tie you up now," he told me, as I felt a shiver go down my spine. "Why don't you lie down on that bed and make yourself comfortable?" he asked.

"Come on, that won't be necessary," I protested. "Just take what you want and leave," I begged.

"Look, I know this sucks right now, but you're going to be okay if you just do what I say," he insisted. "Earlier you told me that your friends Stephanie and Ashley were on their way up here, so I'm going to leave the front door unlocked and they'll be able to come find you and untie you," he assured me.

At this point I felt it was best to comply with him, so I lied down on the bed and allowed him to begin tying me up. I remember how my heart skipped a beat as I lied there and watched him remove these pieces of white nylon rope from his back pack. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest when I watched him tie my left wrist to a wooden bedpost at my left side with a piece of rope. He then swiftly made his way to the other side of the bed, and in similar fashion, he tied my right wrist to a bedpost at my right side with another piece of rope. After he had tied me to the bedposts, I immediately tested my bonds to see if there was any way I could get loose. The ropes felt very tight against my skin, and I knew he had done a good job of tying me up. Whoever this guy was, he really knew what he was doing.

"I wouldn't struggle if I were you, because you're only going to make those knots even tighter," he advised. Just for good measure, he then took a third piece of rope and he began to tie my ankles together.

"Do you do this to all of the girls you meet on the beach?" I quipped in frustration, as I watched him finish tying my ankles together.

He then sat down at the side of the bed, and he gazed into my eyes. He told me what a beautiful girl I was, and then he said he wished that we could have met under different circumstances.

"You're a pig!" I told him, as he then untied the pink bandanna that was still tied around my head. "You'll never get away with this," I warned him, as I watched him hold the stretched out bandanna just inches from my lips.

"I'm so sorry to have to do this to you Jennifer," he said. I watched him stuff the middle of the bandanna into my mouth and then he gently lifted my head up off of the pillow so that he could tie the two ends of the bandanna behind my head. After he had tied my gag into place, he continued sitting there on the side of the bed, as he gently caressed my bare stomach with his right hand.

"You are so pretty," he told me, as he grazed his fingertip around the inside of my belly-button. The way he had tied me to the headboard had caused the bottom hem of my cropped t-shirt to rise up and expose even more of my bare midriff, and I was feeling incredibly vulnerable right now. I knew that he could do anything he wanted to me right now.

Finally, he got up from the bed and I watched him continue to try and crack the safe. He was a real pro, and within minutes, he had hacked into it. The safe had several thousands of dollars worth of gold coins in it, and after he dumped these coins into his back pack, he turned to me and said, "No hard feelings, okay?" I moaned into my gag and just glared daggers at him just before he walked out of the bedroom. He then finally left the house, leaving me laying there tied and gagged.

Now that I was alone, I immediately tried to see if I could get my wrists free. However, the harder I struggled, the tighter the knots became, and the soft skin of my tender wrists would soon become painfully chafed from the ropes. I then looked down at the rope around my ankles, and I desperately tried to wiggle my legs free, but it was no use. I knew I wasn't going anywhere for a while.

My gag was becoming wet from my own saliva, and I tried to push it out with my tongue, but it was tied way too tight. All I could do was try my best to relax and wait for Stephanie and Ashley to show up and come to my rescue. I remember looking at the clock on the bedside table, hoping they would arrive soon.

I had laid there tied up and gagged for over two hours before the girls finally showed up. When they walked in through the front door downstairs, they called out my name, and I moaned into my gag as loud as I could to alert them of where I was tied up. Finally, Stephanie walked in through the bedroom door.

"Oh my God, Ashley come up here!" exclaimed a shocked Stephanie when she discovered me laying there all tied up on the bed. "Jennifer, you poor thing...Who did this to you?" Stephanie asked when she removed my gag so that the bandanna was now harmlessly draped around my neck.

Ashley then walked into the bedroom, and I explained everything that had happened, as Stephanie untied my right wrist from the bedpost while Ashley untied my left wrist from the other bedpost. After the girls had untied me from the bedposts, I bent forward to untie my ankles, and I told the girls how I frustrated I was that I let him get away with this. Stephanie and Ashley both responded that the important thing to remember was that I was okay. After I had untied my ankles, I got up from the bed and the three of us all hugged before we called the police.

The creep who had robbed my family's house and tied me up was caught and arrested later that day after trying to rob another house on the beach. After we had heard about him getting busted, the girls and I celebrated the good news by having margaritas down at the local beach bar, as we watched the sunset. All in all, I guess the weekend didn't turn out to be so bad after all.

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Name: Christopher Robin
Comments:I was cleaning the shelves in the package express office where I am the manager. It was near our closing time of six o’clock in the evening, just after the fall time change; so it had been dark for nearly an hour. Two people, a man and a woman walked in the door, and I put down my dust cloth to wait on them. Just as I was turning to go behind the counter the man swung a sap at the back of my head. I saw the blow coming, ducked and took the impact on my left shoulder. At the same time I picked up a wooden nightstick from behind the counter and swung it with all my strength at the assailant’s ribs. I felt his ribs crack under the blow and heard a scream as he went down to the floor. As I was turning my attention to the woman a light like a supernova went off inside my head. She had retrieved the sap and struck me at the base of my skull, stunning me and knocking me to the floor. I have a dim and shadowy recollection of being beaten and then, nothing.
When I awoke I discovered that I had been gagged and blindfolded with my arms tied behind my back at the wrists and elbows so tightly that my elbows not only met, they actually overlapped a bit. The pain in my wrists, elbows and particularly my shoulders was very nearly indescribable. I felt as if my shoulders were being slowly wrenched from their sockets. They had used the cloth with which I was cleaning the shelves as a gag, stuffing it into my mouth and securing it place with several layers of nylon packaging tape running around my head and covering the lower portion of my face. They had also crossed and lashed my ankles together and then tied them as tightly as possible to my elbow bindings. I was drawn up into a bow, with my shoulder and knees pulled completely off the floor, my heels touching my forearms midway between my wrists and elbows. They were discussing the merits of employing a short length of rope between my neck and my ankles; but thankfully they discarded this idea.
After emptying the cash register of all of the cash, less than a hundred dollars they took the front door keys, left me lying helpless on the floor and drove away. I attempted to move myself in the direction in which I thought the counter was located, in order to use a sharp edge to remove the gag and blindfold. The effort of attempting to move, the pain from the brutal tightness of the ropes and the fiendish manner in which I was bound made movement almost impossible and left me covered with sweat. The police were finally alerted by a customer attempting to get into the store and seeing me lying, half hidden behind a set of shelves. By the time they arrived I had been gagged, blindfolded and bound into this hellishly painful position for almost three hours. When they untied me I was unable to stand without assistance and lift my arms above my elbows. My tongue was swollen from the gag and my eyes, bandaged for hours refused to focus.
Tuesday, November 5th 2013 - 06:02:31 PM
Name: Victor
Comments:I remember when we robbed that nudist camp.

It really was a lot like a home invasion, I guess. But we managed to round everybody up pretty quickly and separated them by the sex so we can do it leisurely.

It was fun for us anyway...
Sunday, November 10th 2013 - 06:49:51 PM
Name: james
E-mail address: whitecouple4blk@yahoo.com
Comments:tells us about it victor please
Monday, November 11th 2013 - 11:58:49 AM
Name: Looking
Comments:Does anyone remember a story on this dreambook that was about a boy who was kidnapped and held by a woman for a long time? It was a long story and it was one of my favorites so if anyone knows where I can find it I would be very grateful.
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 10:48:17 PM
Name: Susan
E-mail address: susanjames@hotmail.com
Comments:I once came to a friend's house and they had been robbed. Her older brother was the only one home and as I knoked at the door I heard a muffled sound and as the door strangkly was open I went in and found him tied to a chair upstairs.
They must have grabbed him as he showered as he was completly naked! Quite a sight for a schoolgirl. He ad been tied ell with ropes, ankles tied apart to the chair legs, chest and tummy well tied to the chair and his hands tightly bound, wrists crossed and tied to the chair back. He had obviously been struggling but the ropes looked very tight and the knots were all out of reach.
His cheeks bulged and his mouth had lots of ape over it. (found out after he had his sister's tights stuffed in euu!) It certainly shut him up.
He thrashed about and grunted and ummffed behind the gag. He as red faced at me finding him exposed like that but even so the sight of me in my schoolgirl's uniform humiliated him even more as he got a stiffy! It went straight up and twitched embarrassingly. Before I untied him I very naughtily gave him a hand job much agaisnt his will but his self control didn't last long!!
Friday, November 15th 2013 - 01:47:57 PM
Name: Ed Overton
E-mail address: edoverton99@yahoo.com

I am looking for couples who would like to be bound and gagged victims with other couples in stories such as kidnappings, home invasions, etc... If a guy fantasizes about his wife/girlfriend bound and gagged and would like to join her as a victim, please email me.

Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 05:48:43 PM
Name: Reply to "Looking"
Comments:Hey, if you want to find older stories from this page, you can start with the archives and go through each month:


Give that a shot and I hope you find it. I think I know which story you were talking about but I can't remember what month and time that was.
Monday, December 16th 2013 - 09:17:00 PM
Name: Ihatetommystories
E-mail address: tommyruinsdreambooks@hotmail.com
Comments:I hate the tommy stories, its about women being bound not tommy stupid fantasies
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 06:08:23 PM
Name: I agree
Comments:Well, it's actually not for women exclusively. But, I do agree that Tommy's stories would be better placed elsewhere. Most of these stories are probably fake, but at least the authors make an attempt at realism. Tommy's should be on a fiction site.
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 09:03:20 PM
Name: speedob
Comments:Have to defend Tommy and other fiction writers on this site. If not for them this blog would be less than 20 pages.

Besides what person in his/her right mind would really write a true account of what happened on a page like this?
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 10:41:16 AM
Name: I agree
Comments:They don't have to be true, but I am sure some are. Most are probably made up. The problem with Tommy's stories is, like the first guy said, they are too much like his personal fantasy. A made up story that at least seems like it is real is good for this site. Tommy is a good writer, but he should put his stories on sites for fiction.
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 09:55:11 PM
Name: speedob
Comments:Considering there is maybe one story a month, Tommy's stories are a relief to read. Take out the fiction on this site and there are about 20 pages and mostly comments. Let Tommy write.
Friday, December 27th 2013 - 09:30:15 PM
Name: the Captain
E-mail address: speedobsucks@hotmail.com
Comments:you idiot we all know you are really tommy and you are the only one that praises your stupid stories.

Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 02:56:40 PM
Name: True love in tight bondage
E-mail address: Playing cowboy and Indians
Homepage URL: http://http://westerncomics.blogspot.de/?zx=254e517487c20524
Comments:I’m a German guy and my wife is Brazilian. We are both in our fifties. My wife is very extravert and communicative and we know a lot of people all over the world. One day we were invited to a garden party of a wealthy friend of ours. She has a big house and a huge garden. We arrived in the early afternoon. There were a lot of guests and also some kids who were playing in the garden, which was almost like a park and there stood some quite old trees. After having had some drinks and small talks with our host and some of the guests, we decided to stroll around the garden. It was a hot summer day and my wife was wearing a khaki-coloured shirt-blouse dress in safari style with 4 patch pockets with button down flaps. I was wearing a red shirt, also with two chest pockets and epaulettes. We penetrated deeper in the really quite huge garden with some old oak and beech trees and enjoyed the shade. It was really a hot day. We were now some five hundred meters from the open air terrace were the buffet was offered and we were really enjoying ourselves in this quite romantic park-like backyard. Then, suddenly, we heard a wild loud screaming behind us. At the first moment, we got really scared und soon found ourselves surrounded by a bunch of savage Indians aged 6 – 13. They wore war paint and had plastic spears and tomahawks in their hands. They told us to surrender and to reach for the sky. As we didn’t want to spoil the party we obeyed immediately and put our hands up. We told them that we were unarmed and wouldn’t make any resistance and asked what they intended to do with us. They told us that we were two palefaces who had invaded Indian territory and for this reason they would take us to their village where we would be bound to the stake. One of the Indians had some pieces of rope and our captors told us to cross our wrists behind our back. We did as we were told and our wrists were tied up and as they had some quite long pieces of rope, the extra cord was looped several times around our belly and chest. It seemed that those little Indians had some experience in tying up captives. Although it was only a game, our bonds were so tight that neither my wife nor I were able to free ourselves on our own. We now were really completely at the mercy of our little captors. But the worse was still to come. They told us that we had to cross enemy territory and to prevent that we cry for help, they had to gag us, too. As we both were wearing bandanas matching to our shirts, they used it for gagging us. Now we started to head off for their village. There was a lot of shouting and screaming at the beginning and the whole thing was really realistic. They treated us like real captives and pushed us forward rather ungentle from time to time. Then they started sneaking as if there were enemies nearby. My wife and I, we still did our best to play along with the game and it was not so difficult to do so because we were really tightly tied up even if our gags were more symbolic. We enjoyed the whole thing, I had often had fantasies about being tied up and gagged together with my wife and she had some times admitted that she had the same fantasies, being bound by burglars or being prisoners of natives in the African jungle or hostages of some Arab terrorists. Things which were really better only to fantasize about. And now this was a real experience, a harmless one, but I think we both enjoyed it a lot. We still were pushed forward quite ungentle by our capturers and were now approaching a kind of clearing where stood three small Indian tents like you may find it in the toy department of a shopping mall. Our capturers decided that we were to be put for some time into the tent before being bound to the stake. They told us that they would return on the war-path to capture some other paleface who would join us in captivity. We were forced to kneel down and to enter one of the Indian tents. There we were ordered to sit side by side. They broke out some more rope which was looped several times around our upper bodies. Some other rope was winded around our upper legs and ankles. Again the small Indians did a quite good job. We were really severely bound and not able to free ourselves or to go anywhere. Then our capturers were gone and we didn’t know if there was a guard outside the tent. We sat side by side and I felt the soft body of my wife which was bound by strong ropes to my body and we were both really thrilled and aroused. We did some struggle to test our bonds only to see that they were really tight and there was no way to get rid of it. The air in the tent was quite hot and sticky because the tent was exposed to the hot afternoon sun. We got both sweating but even so we enjoyed the whole thing. I remembered an experience of my childhood, I was about 10 years, when we were playing Cowboy and Indians with some class mates in the woods, I was one of the weakest in my class and so it was decided that I had to be a an inoffensive farmer who was captured by the Indians together with his wife and his daughter which were played by two of my female class mates. We were wearing the classic Wild West outfit, jeans and cotton shirts and we were bound to some trees for more than an hour before being rescued by Old Shatterhand and Winnetou who had defeated the Indians. It was an experience I never forgot in my life. Time passed, we did not know how much time we had spend like this, one bound to the other, it could be only a few minutes or several hours, it was quite like being in eternity, out of time. Finally, we heard some screaming und shouting, our captors came back and according to their cries of triumph, they had made living prey again. After some time the Indians appeared in the tent entrances and we were freed from our bonds and pushed out of the tent. That first we saw were two other captives, a curvy chubby blonde woman in her fourties wearing a red blouse and a blue denim skirt und brown boots and a girl of maybe fifteen, with curly brown hairs, jeans and a blue and red plaid blouse and boots, too. They were already bound to some nearby trees having several loops of rope around their whole body. My wife and I were pushed forward and we were made stand side by side to a tree and than they roped us with several loops to the tree. After finishing our tying up the Indians started a savage war dance around the trees to which we were bound. It lasted for more or less ten minutes and then they told us, that now we should be burnt and they started to collect some firewood and to put it around our bound ankles. Even it was only a game, my wife and I and also our fellow prisoners, we became a little scared and thought that it was actually time that somebody came to rescue us and thanks God, very soon, our host appeared with some friends and told the Indians that there was a lot of cake and sweets waiting for hungry Indians. With loud screaming, the bunch of Indians led us alone and head off for the buffet. With a big smile, our host finally freed us from our bonds and told us, that she had made the same experience several times, those kids liked really playing Cowboy and Indians and she thanked us a lot that we had played along the game for so much time. We went all back to the buffet and we still stayed at the party for some hours and then we went back to our home, still a lot aroused and remembering the experience and we had really a great time during that night.

We wish all readers and authors of this site a very happy and blessed New Year 2014.
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 09:44:48 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:True Love in Tight Bondage, that was really great! I enjoyed that. If you wouldn't mind, could you describe a little more about the gags? Were they cleaves or over-the-mouth gags? Did you guys talk through the gags to each other, at all? The "Indians" sounded like they had a great time, as well. Was that the only time they "captured" you? Thanks.
Friday, January 10th 2014 - 05:21:27 PM
Name: Trueloveintightbondage
Homepage URL: http://wildwestcomic.blogspot.de
Comments:Hi B.G. Thanks you for your comment and encouraging commendation. Regarding the gags, my wife and I, when coming to the garden party, we were wearing bandannas matching to our outfits. So the Indians used the bandannas we were wearing to gag us. They were used as cleave gag and they fitted quite well, but were not very tight. In any case, we played along with the game and did not talk to each other the time we were gagged, even not during the time when we were alone in the tent. Our Indian captors indeed were very gratefull that we played along for so much time without doing any resistance. Later on, our host told us, that she, her daughters and also some of her friends, on other occasions had agreed to play Cowboy and Indians with some grandchildren and kids of the neigbhorhood and they had also been bound to the stake. And they had to do use a lot of begging and persuaviseveness to become free again, because the kids loved it so much to have them captives. So, our host was really gratefull that we took the part of the captured cowgirl and cowboy during this afternoon, so that she could pay attention to the other guests of the party. For my wife and me, it was our first reallife bondage experience and it turned us really on, we should have some others thereafter, most in our fantasy and some in real life and we may have some more in the future, but this shall be stuff for other stories. Some comics and drawings of our wild west bondage phantasy you will find on our blog: http://wildwestcomic.blogspot.de/, too.
Monday, January 13th 2014 - 06:33:29 AM
Name: Trueloveintightbondage
E-mail address: Cowgirl and Cowboy bound to the stake after a carnival session
Homepage URL: http://westerncomics.blogspot.de/
Comments:Cowgirl and Cowboy bound to the stake after a carnival session

We are a couple in our fifties and live some time of the year in Germany and some time in Brazil, too. We are quite wealthy and do some business in international trade agency and we do also a lot of charity projects and work also as Christian missionaries. My wife and I, we are in certain way both kind of a little submissive and bondage is a quite enriching part of our sexual life. And we also have often have fantasized how it would be if we were both overpowered by burglars during a home invasion and to be tied up and gagged in our own house or we imagined to be some wealthy safari tourists taken hostage by poachers in the African jungle and we had a lot of other bondages fantasies with both of us tied up and gagged. But we would never had thought, that the thrilling experience we went over after a carnival session on a Friday in early February were possible and could actually really happen to us.

Some friends of us had bought tickets for the most famous carnival session in Cologne and they were tied up with some other date and so the offered the tickets to us. We gladly accepted because this carnival session was the most famous with a lot of famous stars of the Cologne Carnival and it was really difficult to get tickets for this event. So the day in question we head off with our car to the Carnival Session which took place in the centre of Cologne. We were for some time hesitating which carnival costume to put on, we thought to go as police woman and police man or to put on a safari suit and go as a couple of explorers, but finally we decided to go as Cowgirl and Cowboy. Me wife was wearing a pink and blue checkered button down blouse with two butonned chest pockets and a blue knee-length denim skirt with matching light brown leather boots. She was also wearing a green bandanna around her neck and a light brown cowboy hat. I was wearing a similar outfit, blue and red checkered shirt wit buttoned chest pockets and a light blue jeans with dark brown boots. I was wearing a green bandanna and a dark brown cowboy hat, too. We decided to be a very peaceful and inoffensive Cowgirl and Cowboy and so we didn’t wear a revolver belt or any other kind of arms. When we put on our Wild West outfit we got a little aroused and remembered a certain day when were bound to some trees by some kids during a garden party. We thought that the Carnival session is a good occasion to appease some secret passions and we felt quite vulnerable or violative in our Wild West outfit and we were looking forward to enjoy a pleasant evening. Having arrived at the place of the Carnival Session we had some small talk with some other guest which we had known on some occasion and then we enjoyed the first part of the session with a lot of well known songs and funny speeches. During the break we went over to the buffet to take some drinks and suddenly we were addressed by another couple who was disguised as an Indian warrior and his squaw. The guy was in his forties and was wearing a black wig with some Indian feathers and a complete Red Indian fancy dress. As far as we could see, he had a real Tomahawk in his belt and also the knife he had in his belt seemed to be real. His wife, some years older than him, had nearly the same outfit and she, too, seemed to have a real knife in her belt. They asked us, if we did not remember them, we had known each other during a party of a common friend, and they were very glad to see us here at this occasion. We did not really remember them, but we know a lot of people and so were polite and said that it could be possible that we had met before. They made some compliments regarding our Western outfit and the guy made a quite strange remark telling me, that if in the Wild West I weren’t wearing any weapon I could have some real difficulties to defend my pretty wife against possible enemy attacks. And he grinned at me half mockingly. It was all a little strange and we felt not really comfortable in the company of this strange Red Indian couple. And then they asked us, if we could do them a favour and take them home by our car after the session. They would show us their house in Cologne-Hahnwald, which was the richest city quarter of Cologne and we could have some drinks to have a pleasant closure of the evening. Well, my wife and I, we are quite polite, so it was difficult to reject the invitation and we accepted quite reluctantly. The second part of the session was to begin and we agreed that we would meet after the end of the session at the entrance of the underground parking and that we would give them a lift home. My wife and I, we were quite uneasy with all this, this strange couple had a quite dominant and nearly menacing behaviour which made us feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable. During the second part of the Carnival Session my wife nestled very close to me several times as if seeking protection against what was going to happen to us in the next hours. I think it was kind of feminine intuition, she felt that something quite dangerous was going to happen to us.
But there was no logical reason to reject the invitation of these strange couple, we would take them home, have a short talk and a drink and we would head off home. At the end of the session we met them as agreed at the entrance of the underground parking and we head off to the motorway and took the road to Cologne-Hahnwald. There was a little small talk during the drive, but my wife and I we were quite tensed up and not really at ease. After half on hour we had reached their house, which was a great bungalow which seemed to be very well protected against possible burglaries. The guy took out a remote control and the garage door opened and we went in. We told them that it was really late and we would prefer to leave immediately, my wife was not feeling very well. She had kind of a headache. The guy grinned at us and said there was no problem, they would give her a tablet and she would be fine again. They would show us the flat, we would have a drink and than we could head off. Also we needed to be rewarded for taking them home, so they had a little surprise for us. We were taken to a large living room and took seat at the couch. The woman went off and came back with some mineral water for us and with some Gin for herself and her husband. My wife and I we felt more and more uneasy und only wanted to head off. We tried our best to go along with the small talk, but we were really tensed up. Then my wife asked to go to the bathroom and our host went with her to show her the way. Meanwhile I stayed with her husband in the living room and while we talked about our business and what we were doing during our leisure time. Then he took his tomahawk out of his belt. It was a real tomahawk and it seemed to be quite sharp and he told me that he had bought it as original peace in the States. Then he received a call on his mobile phone and begged pardon and went off. He came back a minute later and sat down again. Meanwhile I started wondering where my wife and our host were, it was now more then ten minutes that they had went off. The guy remarked that I became nervous and made a remark about women and their sense of time and then he told me that he had quite an idea where the women were and that he would show me. He made me walk in front of him and before he had put the tomahawk back in his belt. We crossed several rooms of the huge bungalow and then came to some stairs who led into the basement level. Again we crossed several rooms and than I heard a desperate and quite suffocated whimpering and moaning coming from the next room. As I entered the room I could hardly believe what I saw. There stood my wife, some meters apart from me, with several loops of rope bound to a post which seemed to be an original Indian stake. She had been cleave-gagged with her own necktie and struggled and moaned desperately when she saw me enter the room, which was equipped with some drums and original Indian weapons like spears, arrows and tomahawks. Next to my wife stand our host and she had her Indian knife in her hand. The guy was behind me and ordered me to put my hands up and not to do any resistance, so nobody would be hurt. I put my hands up and was trembling in my whole body. Then I tried to regain some dignity and I told them that this was really no fun and that they should release my wife at once. The women approached one step closer to my wife and had her at knifepoint and the guy told me to shut up and that it was time for me to join my wife in captivity. Next to my wife there was on other stake and I was ordered to move to this place. I had no choice. The guy behind me had a tomahawk and a knife in his belt and my wife was at knifepoint menaced by this crazy fancy dressed Indian squaw and so I moved over to the stake and put my hands behind my back. My wrists were bound and then several loops of rope were wounded around my whole body. Then the squaw came over to me, she started fondling me for some time and then unloosened my bandanna. She put another piece of cloth deep into my mound and then used my own bandanna to cleave-gag me. I was now in the same situation as my wife, helplessly bound and gagged and at the complete mercy of our insane captors. Those, at the same moment, proved that they were really hare-brained and started some piercing cries of victory. Than they made a maniac war dance around the stakes to which where bound and which had been placed in the centre of the quite large basement room. After maybe five minutes they stopped dancing and came over to us. They grinned both sardonically and told us that they had decided that they would capture some cowgirls and cowboys during the carnival session and when they had seen us they knew immediately that we would be the perfect victims to satisfy their wildest bondage fantasies. They were sure that they would have a lot of fun with us, they had some very naughty things in mind and surely, we would enjoy it, too. My wife and I, we struggled, moaned and whimpered desperately to show our protest. But this made things even worse. They told us, the more we struggled and moaned, the more they were turned on and we could be sure that they would us give enough reasons to whimper and struggle the whole night on. Then the guy went over to my wife and started to fondle and finger her helplessly bound soft and delicate body. I received the same treatment by our female host who groped and examined fingering my balls and my cock which had become quite hard and big due to the treatment. After a while, they stopped fondling us and went out of the room. Me wife and I, we looked at each other, we saw ourselves, tightly bound and gagged, and we struggled and moaned again in a desperate effort to get free. This was far beyond everything we had ever imagined in our wildest bondage fantasies, we were at the same time aroused and horribly scared. This all couldn’t be real, it had to be a terrible nightmare and it was really time to wake up…But this nightmare was fare away from ending. Soon our Indian captors entered the room again. The guy had a video camera and his wife had a bowl in her hands. They told us that real Indians used to torture in various ways the palefaces they had captured and that we had the honour to experience some of the torture methods and that we would start with it right now. Then the woman loosened the gag of my wife and took out the peace of cloth with which my wife had been gagged. She menaced my wife to stay quiet and not to pronounce a single word, otherwise things would become much worse. Then she put the bowl to the lips of my wife and forced her to drink some of its content. It happened that the liquid inside the bowl was a very spicy sauce. After having forced my poor wife to drink some of the spicy liquid, her female torturer put the cloth which with my wife had been gagged and soaked it thoroughly with the spicy liquid. Then she stuffed it again in my wife’s mouth and gagged her again. Then I received exactly the same treatment. We whimpered and moaned desperately through our gags, this treatment was horrible, we already had become terribly thirsty due to the spicy taste of the liquid and our gags were completely soaked with this liquid to, it was a sensation of thirst beyond everything you can imagine. Our captors grinned mockingly at us and said that they could imagine, that in due time we surely would really appreciate a gulp of water and they would think to give us one in due time. But now they had to leave. Before the left the room, they put the video camera on a tripod. So every single moment of the torture we were suffering was recorded. Then they left us alone. I don’t know how much time my wife and I spend like this, thoroughly bound to the stake and gagged with a horribly spicy peace of cloth. The thirst we were suffering was unimaginably and we struggled against desperately against our bonds. But there was no escape from the torture we were suffering. We did not no how to stand this horrible thirst and finally we started to pray. We are both Christians and we have experienced in our life that prayer helps when nothing else can help and so we prayed, I saw in the face of me wife that she did the same thing like I, she prayed and we both prayed our favourite prayer, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which is very powerful. We focussed on our prayer and so with the time we forgot the horrible thirst. We even tried to pardon to that crazy couple the torture they were doing to us and we prayed for them and that they had mercy on us and did not do us any harm. After I do not know how much time, our captors came back, they had a bottle of water in their hand and started to drink it with manifest delight in front of us. It was obvious that they were real sadists. They grinned once again mockingly at us and told us, that we should have some water later on, too. But before they would give us a pleasure we would never forget in our lives. They approached closely to our helplessly bound bodies and this time my wife was fondled and groped by the Indian woman whereas I was at the mercy of the crazy want to be Red Indian warrior. He first put his knife to my throat and with the other hand he touched my balls and my cock. He asked me if I liked this treatment and he told me he was sure I did. Then he opened the zipper of my jeans and the buttons of my boxershorts and fingered out my cock and started to masturbate me. He told me that I should control myself and that he wanted me to come at the same time as my wife would come. I moaned desperately into my gag and I heard that my wife was moaning and whimpering as well. Her captor was stimulating her with a lot of groping und fingering and we were forced to have a simultaneous orgasm. We actually came both at the same time, much to the satisfaction of our captors. Finally they took away our gags and gave us some water. But it seems that they’ve put some predator drops into the bottle they gave to us, because a few seconds after we had drunk we passed out. When I came back to my senses I found myself thoroughly bound and gagged on a chair in another basement room. The room was nearly empty, but there was a large television screen attached at the wall in front of me. I looked at the screen and was really horrified which what I saw there. Actually I saw my wife, yet wearing her Cowgirl-Outfit, and she was attached in spread-eagle position to a huge wood table which was attached in vertical position with some screws to the wall. Some rope had been wound in several loops around the chest and the waist of my helpless wife. Standing in her spread-eagle position, her wrists and ankles were tied with some cords to the legs of the table. But this was not the worst. Horror-struck I saw the knives and tomahawks which had been thrown at the wood table to which my helpless wife had been bound and just the moment when I came to my senses I saw another knife approaching to the helplessly bound body of my wife. It missed her only for a few centimetres and plunged deeply into the wood of the table. With a large grinning the crazy Indian approached to his helpless victim and he recollected the tomahawks and knives he had thrown in her direction. He told that he would start on other session and he would augment the distance which would be much more thrill. My wife moaned and whimpered desperately into her gage and I, helplessly tied up to a chair in the other room and forced to watch the horrible scene, did the same.
Again I saw how the tomahawks and knives were thrown with frightful speed in direction of my helpless wife and they plunged into the wood, missing her only a few centimetres. Once again the only thing I could do was to pray and I prayed like I had never prayed in my life and I begged the Lord desperately to spare my wife and to show us a way out of this horrible situation. Then the screen suddenly got black and I was scared even more and fearing the worst. After I while the women appeared and relieved me from my gag. She gave me some water and once again, there were predator drops in it and I passed out again. When I came to my senses I saw that the roles had been changed. Now I was the one who was attached in spread-eagle position to the table and for sure my wife was forced to assist my torture bound and gagged from the chair to which I had been bound before. I saw the Indian squaw who had a tomahawk in her hand and who threw it now in my direction. I saw the Tomahawk approaching to my trembling body and was tremendously relieved when it plunged into the wood a few centimetres beside me. After an eternity, my torture was over, too. I was drugged once more and some time later I came to me senses again. I know was sitting on a chair and I felt the soft and tender body of my wife attached to my body. She was sitting in a riding position on my lap. Her wrists were bound behind my back and my wrists were bound in front of her vulva. Several loops of rope were bound around our chest and waist and I don’t know how much time we had spend in this position. We were still both gagged and at least quite happy to be still alive. Finally our captors entered the room. They told us that now it was time to release us, but before doing so they would give us some instructions regarding the behaviour they expected from us in the future. They told us that it would be very wise from us to obey to their orders, otherwise we would have to bear the consequences. They told us that it would make no sense for us to go to the police, in case we did so, they would tell the police that all what happened this night had been done by mutual content and they had very good lawyers and it would be impossible to us to prove the contrary. In case of misbehaviour they also would send a video file with the events of this night to all our friends and relatives. If they should ever be molested by the police they also would call some close friends from Cologne’s criminal underworld who would not hesitate to come to see us and they would treat us in a manner which would be a lot more embarrassing than that what we had experienced in the last night. Also they could tell those criminals to do some harm to one of our close friends or relatives. They asked if we had well understood what they had told us and we nodded to show that we agreed. Then they freed us from our gags and forced us to drink some more water with predator drops. We passed out both once again. When we came to our senses again we found ourselves in our own bed wearing our pajamas. On the chair beside our bed had been put our Cowgirl and Cowboy outfits. It really seemed that all the events of the last night only had been a mere nightmare. But then we discovered the DVD on our night table. We put it in our laptop and there they were, all the horrible und disturbing events of the last night. We saw ourselves bound to these strange stakes, being fondled and molested and forced to come at the same time, finally being bound to the table with knives and tomahawks thrown in our direction. It actually all had really happened. We discussed if we should call the police and finally decided not to do so. Our captors were right, we could prove nothing even the DVD in our possession was rather an evidence that all what had happened had be done with our content. We were quite grateful that we were still alive and more or less unharmed, it was a very humiliating experience to be the playthings of a sadistic and dominant couple, but we decided to put the case in the hands of the Divine Justice who is infallible. After the events of this night our passion for bondage diminished for some time. We thought that maybe or fantasies about both being captured, bound and gagged made us to vulnerable so that such events could even happen in our real life. So for a certain time we became even more tender and caring with each other and made love without any bondage involved. We also prayed a lot and asked to the Lord to come over this quite horrible experience. For heavens sake we had no more contact with the crazy couple and some month later we read in the newspapers that a couple in Cologne-Hahnwald had been burglarised by robbers, they had been hold prisoners for some days in their own house and had been tormented and molested in different ways. We did not know exactly the names of the victims but it was probably that the victims were just the couple who had captured us. So it seemed that the Divine Justice had acted quite quickly…
Wednesday, January 15th 2014 - 04:30:32 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Very intense, True Love in Tight Bondage!
Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 01:05:13 PM
Name: true love in tight bondage
E-mail address: Board members of Girl and Boy Scout Supporter Association captured by anti-scouts
Comments:Board members of Girl and Boy Scout Supporter Association captured by anti-scouts

It was a Friday afternoon about 2:00 pm when my wife, our friend Diana and I arrived with our car at the parking of a large wooded area about more or less 50 kilometres far from Cologne centre. Diana was the president of the so called Girl and Boy Scout Association and my wife was the treasurer of the association and I was the vice-president. I have always been fascinated by the scout movement and unfortunately I not had been a boy scout in my childhood and youth and later on I became quite attached to the Catholic Church and so when I heard about the Scout Supporter Organization I was glad to become a paying member and after a few years I became member of the board and when my wife after years which we had lived separated rejoined me in Germany she joined the association, too, and as she has worked a long time as a bank teller in Brazil she was quite appropriated for the treasurer position. With the years we did a quite good job and collected a lot of donations for the Girl and Boy Scouts and as a kind of reward for our work, we were invited to spend the Pentecost week-end together with some Girl and Boy Scout Groups at their annual Pentecost camp. We were kind of guest of honours and it was agreed that we should participate at some activities and assist them during the preparation of meals and do some other tasks. We were looking forward to a pleasant stay and my wife and I were really glad to become kind of scouts for some days. As we did not have a proper scout outfit we decided to dress some safari wear which in our opinion was quite similar to the scout uniforms. My wife choose a classic khaki safari style shirt-dress with button closure, shoulder epaulettes and two button flapped pockets at chest and two at hip. Beneath her unbuttoned shirt-dress my wife was wearing another brown beige button front safari blouse which was also equipped with two button flapped front pockets and shoulder epaulettes. My wife’s outfit was completed by khaki pants in the same khaki colour as her shirtdress, brown boots and a neck scarf with leopard printing. My outfit was quite similar, I was wearing an unbuttoned beige coloured safari jacket with four button flap front pockets and shoulder epaulettes with a khaki safari button front safari shirt underneath, matching beige trousers, brown low shoes and a red bandanna. It turns us on when we see us both dressed in this kind of safari wear and we feel a little vulnerable when we wear it, but we thought it was kind of showing our support for the scout movement. To be honest, we also had some fantasies how it would be to be tied up in this outfit and we had heard that it could happen to people to be tied up in a scout camp and we were quite aroused in imaging that it could happen to us, too. Our board fellow Diana was a former Girl Scout and scout leader and after that she had become adult she joined the Scout Supporters Association. Today she was wearing a bright red short sleeve button front blouse with two button flap front pockets at the chest and shoulder epaulettes, light blue low-rise jeans, brown boots and a dark blue bandanna. It was a quite hot early June day and we were now waiting for the welcoming committee which should show us the way to the camp. It was agreed that two of the group leaders should welcome us at the parking slot in the woods at two o’clock in the afternoon and now it was about a quarter past two and nobody had appeared. We decided to wait yet a little before trying to find the way to the camp at our own. Finally a boy of about fifteen years appeared at the parking slot and asked us if we were the members of the Scout Supporters Association board. He apologized for the late arrive and told us that the original welcome committee had been prevented for some reasons and they had asked him to welcome us and to lead us to the camp. We were a little amazed and prepared to take our luggage out of the trunk compartment, but he told us that we could get our luggage later on, there was a special welcome planned for us and we were already late, so it would be better to head of immediately. We got even more astounded about this kind of welcome. He apologized once again for the delay and told us, that later on, there would be really enough time to get the luggage and asked us to follow him. He was wearing an unbuttoned Boy Scout shirt with a black t-shirt underneath, a typical scout bandanna and black shorts. Still surprised about the strange welcome we agreed to follow him and we head off in direction of the woods. For about one kilometre we followed a broad forest track and than we turned into a smaller tortuous narrow wood path. Our guide told us that this was a short cut and we would arrive at the camp very soon. We followed the path for maybe ten minutes and we thought really that it was time to arrive to the camp. The guy told us to have a little more patience, we would arrive very soon. It became all a little strange and my wife nestled to me in search of protection. She felt that something quite unexpected was about to happen. We had meanwhile come into a densely forested area with a lot of brushwood and shrubberies. So we only remarked very late the three figures dressed in black t-shirts and shorts which were emerging out of the brushwood. They had black caps on their heads and their noses and mouths were covered with black scarves. And each of them had a bunch of rope in one of his hands. Soon we were encircled by these three guys clad in black aged between 15 and 17. On their black t-shirt there was printed AP in big white capital letters. My wife snuggled her soft body to my body and it became quite obvious that our arrival to the Scout’s camp would be even much more delayed than expected up to know. Our guide turned to us and grinned mockingly. He told us that he and his side kicks were “Anti-Pfadis”, which means in English, Anti-Scouts. They were the natural enemies of the scouts and as we were Scout Supporters, we were their enemies to. So they had decided to capture our welcome committee and to kidnap us, too. As board members of the Scout Supporters Association we were very valuable hostages and for sure they would get a good ransom for us. We would only be freed after full payment of the ransom and during our capture time they would give us a large demonstration of their tying up skills. And the first part of this demonstration would start right now. They ordered us to put our arms behind our backs and to cross our wrist. Well, what should we do, against four quite well muscled teenager guys it makes absolutely no sense to play the hero, so we decided to go along with the game and obeyed without any resistance. Our wrists were bound behind our back and as they had a lot of extra-rope, several loops of rope were wounded around our chests and bellies so that our arms were pinned very severe to our upper bodies. Then they made us kneel down and they loosened our neck scarves and used them as an over the mouth gags. Then we had to rise up again. They took another long piece of rope and used it to connect us one to each other. We were now connected one to each other by sloops of rope wound around or upper bodies like it may be happened to the African slaves in former times. Then we were pushed forward through the woods and they told us that they would bring us to their hideout deeper in the woods. We went along the tortuous forest path which seemed to lead deeply in the woods. After a while we came to a crossroads. But instead of choosing one of the paths, we were forced to move into the brushwood. After more or less twenty meters, we saw a Girl Scout and a Boy Scout, both around 16 years old, who were bound with several loops of rope to a tree. Both were wearing their button down scout shirts with various emblems and matching shorts and had been cleave-gagged with their own bandannas. Nearby was another black clad anti-scout guy who stand sentinel over them. As the two tied up scouts saw us approaching they started to whimper and moan into their gags. Our guide told us to sit down at the feet of the bound scouts because he wanted to make a nice group photo with all prisoners. Our captors took a lot of photos and short videos with all of us struggling and whimpering through our gags. Then they ordered us to rise up again. He told to the captive Girl and Boy Scout that they expected three full crates of beer and a refrigerator box full of escalope, cutlets and sausages as ransom for us. They would be freed in two hours when we had been brought to the hideout of the anti-scouts. They ransom should be brought to this place at 7 o’clock in the evening. If everything would be done as ordered we would be released in the evening after having served the meal to them. If their would be any delay of the ransom or any attempt to free the hostages we would be their prisoners during the whole Pentecost weekend and they would apply some naughty soft torture methods on us, so that it could be very imaginable that after that kind of treatment our enthusiasm in supporting the scout activities could decrease drastically. After that announcement to our real welcome committee our captors pushed us forward and we head off to their hide-out deep into the woods. We returned to the crossroad from where we had penetrated the brushwood to join the captive Girl Scout and Boy Scout. They forced us to enter an even narrower small forest path and they pushed us forward from time to time giving us slight spankings on the bottom with some twigs they had collected from the forest ground. We were really tightly bound and connected one prisoner to each other by a loop of rope they had wound around or chest. I got quite aroused by this kind of quite humiliating treatment and I guess my wife too and maybe also our fellow board member Diana, who, as a former Girl scout and group leader had surely experienced such events several times during her scout career. For my wife and me, who had both a lot of hot bondage fantasies which for a long time we even had not the courage to confess for one another, this experience was like being in paradise. In secret, we had hoped that it could happen to us to be bound during our stay at the scout camp, e.g. on occasion of a scout game or something like this. But what we were experiencing now was far beyond everything we ever would have expected. And it seemed that this was only the beginning and there were for sure other thrilling experiences to come. Our captors several times told us quite roughly to move faster, but it seemed that this was only an excuse to give us a new spanking. We still were following the narrow, tortuous forest path, I think we had walked now for quite half an hour. Then our captors forced us to leave the forest track and to move into the brushwood. We walked across dense undergrowth for other ten minutes and arrived finally to a small clearing in the middle of thick woods. We saw three tents, two under the shadow of some trees and one in the middle of the clearing which was exposed to the full sunshine. We arrived at the clearing and our captors declared us, as we had supported their enemies, the Girl and Boy Scouts, for so much time and in such successful way it was quite obvious that we had to be punished very severely. So we would be tortured in several ways and the first torture we would suffer would start right now. One of our captors opened the entrance of the tent which was exposed to the full afternoon sunlight and we were forced to kneel down and to enter the tent on our knees. The tent, which had exposed to the full sunlight during the whole morning and noontime, was very hot and stuffy. After entering the tent, we were ordered to sit back to back and several loops of ropes were wound around our chests and bellies so that our upper torsos were tightly bound one to each other. Then our captors ordered us to bend our knees and to put our thighs close to our bellies. Then our ankles were bound with several loops and connected with some rope very tightly to the ankles of our fellow prisoners whose ankles also were bound in the same way. So we were in a quite uncomfortable position, our thighs pressed against our bellies and our ankles tightly bound so that we were not able to stretch out our legs. After having bound us in this severe way our captors left the tent without paying any more attention to us. We were alone and so severely tied up one to each other that we could barely move. Even though we were only gagged with a more symbolic over the mouth gag none of us pronounced a single word. We suffered our torture in silence and after a few minutes we were sure that it was actually a torture because the hot and stuffy air of the tent became nearly unbearable. After only a few minutes our sweat got flowing and very soon our shirts, blouses and trousers and also our underwear were completely soaked with sweat. It’s difficult to describe how we felt, on the one hand our position was very uncomfortable, we were so tightly tied that we even couldn’t stretch out our legs, the air in the tent was so hot and stuffy und our clothes were completely soaked with our own sweat. One the other hand, it was nearly a mystique or meditative experience, I felt the soft body of my wife and of our fellow prisoner Diana, our hands touched each other and we felt very close to one another, so as if our individuality would merge into a higher unity, an experience which a couple may have lived when they have very good sex or which you may experience for moments in deep meditation or in fervent ecstatic prayer when you merge for instants with the totality of all being, when you have an idea of the Face of God. I think the early Christians, those ones who were captured, bound and fed to the lions; they may have had similar experiences, too. Well, I don’t know, how much time we spend like this in the tent, but after a while, our captors entered again into our prisoners’ tent. They told us that the time had come to increase our torture, but before they would take some pictures and video clips of us. So they filmed us with their smart phones and ordered us to do some whimpering and moaning to make a good show. Then they took the gags from our mouths. One had brought a jar with kind of a spicy barbecue sauce. He opened the jar, put a spoon in it and started to feed us one after the other with the content of the jar. It was a really spicy hot chilly sauce and each of us was forced to eat a full spoon of it. Then our gags were put again over our mouths and our captors left the tent once again. We spend another eternity bound and gagged in the hot and stuffy tent, with our clothes completely soaked with sweat and now suffering a thirst beyond all bearing. After a while we very really tented to ignore our more symbolic than real over the mouth gags and to call them and to beg for mercy. But then, finally, they came back and to our astonishment they freed us from all our bonds and ordered us to leave the tent. They gave us some water to drink and asked us if someone had to pee. We were allowed to pee in the nearby brushwood and than we came back to the clearance. Meanwhile they had put some blankets at the forest ground in the middle of the clearing and we were ordered to lie down on our backs with our arms and legs outstretched in all four directions. Our feet were tied to the feet of our fellow prisoners and our wrists were tied with some long pieces of rope to some of the trees which were surrounding the small clearing. Our captors used now our bandannas to blindfold us. We were now lying spread-eagled and blindfolded on our backs and were wondering what would come next. For some time nothing happened and then we felt the cold water which was poured upon our sweating bodies. We yelled as the water touched our bodies because due to our blindfolds it came completely unexpected. Our captors started laughing and said that they were sure that we would really appreciate a cold shower. Some more water was poured upon our helplessly bound bodies. Then we felt that some sunscreen was applied on our faces. Our captors told us that we would stay for a while in this position in order to dry our clothes. So we lay there in our tied up spread-eagle position for a good while, the late afternoon sun was shining upon us and we tried to relax as far as possible. As we were still blindfolded we were not aware where our captors were and what they were doing. After a while we heard voices again, our blindfolds were removed and our bonds were loosened. Our captors gave us some water again and allowed us to pee once again in the nearby brushwood. When we returned they told us that we would be bound to some trees for the rest of the afternoon. My wife and I, we were tied to some close-by trees on one side of the clearing and Diana was bound to a tree at the opposite site. We had to stand spread-eagled with our back against the tree. The made a sort of tie with some rope and then our wrists and ankles were put into the ties and then the ties were severely lashed and knotted together tightly on the back side of the tree. After that, several loops of rope where wounded around our chest, our waist, our thighs and our calves and then our captors lashed quite tightly the rope with which we were bound so that our whole body was pressed tightly against the rough bark of the oak trees. I had a quick glance at my bound wife who looked really sexy helplessly bound with several loops of rope in her safari wear and also Diana looked great all tied up to the tree in her red short sleeve blouse and her blue jeans and boots. I got really aroused and I guess my female prisoner fellows had similar feelings. Once again our captors used our scarves as over the mouth gag. It was now late afternoon and they told us it was time to head off and to collect the ransom. Before they head off, they took some more photos of the tree of us bound in spread-eagle position to the oak trees. Then one of them stayed with us as our guard and the others head off. One hour later they came back and they were carrying three crates of beer and one cool bag with meat and sausages and vegetables. They approached us and they told us that the ransom had been paid and that they had decided to release us only in the morning, because during the late afternoon they had captured some Girl and Boy scouts who had tried to search for us und to free us. They had them send tied up and gagged back to the Scout’s camp and for this reason we would be their captives during the whole night. Then they freed us from our ropes and they ordered us to prepare the meal for them. My wife and Diana prepared a salad with some vegetables which were in the cool box and I acted as the grill master. It was a quite stressful task because we were in a wooded area and I was afraid that some sparks of the fire could get in touch with the nearby brushwood but thank goodness it was a windless evening so that there was no great danger. We had to serve them beer and meals and after a while they offered us some sausages and beer, too and we got some mocking comments when we refused both and asked for salad and water. We sat together for a while and we asked them why and how they had become anti-scouts and they told us they were former scouts and good ones and they had also had struggle with anti-scouts and they had found that anti-scouts were cooler than scouts because they had no rules and that real scouts needed anti-scouts who attack them, otherwise the camp life would be too boring and it would not make any sense for the scouts to have sentinels who guard the camp during the night if there were no real danger of assaults during the night. And when they had learnt by a spy in the scout camp that important members of the Scout Supporter Association were to visit the camp they had decided that it would be a great fun to kidnap the board members and to give them a lesson they would never forget. We had some more conversation with our captors who were quite nice guys and then they told us that it was time for our last punishment. We should spend the whole night bound and gagged in the tent and this time they would hogtie us. So we were ordered to enter once more into our prisoner’s tent. We had to lie on our stomach and our wrists and ankles were bound and then they connected our ankles with some short rope to our wrists so that we found ourselves in a severe hogtie position. Once again we were gagged with our scarves which this time were used as cleave gags and pressed deep into our mouths. They told us that one of them would stay outside as a sentinel and that we should moan if we had to pee or if we had a muscle spasm or something similar. My wife, Diana and I, we found ourselves now face to face, in a severe hog-tie position, and we knew that we had to stay in this quite uncomfortable position during several hours. We tried our best to relax as far as this was possible and to enjoy the last hours of our time as captives. And to be honest, we enjoyed it a lot and we will remember it for the rest of our life with a pleasant shiver. After having spent more or less two hours on our stomach, we finally managed to get into a lateral position for the rest of the night which was more convenient to bear. Early in the morning, our captors entered into our tent and freed us from our ankle bonds. They told us that it was time to head off to the scout’s camp and that they had the intention to give a big surprise to the Scouts. We left the tent with our wrists still bound and we were still cleave-gagged. It was really early in the morning and we followed during more or less one hour several narrow forest tracks. After some more minutes our captors told us that we were close to the scout’s camp and that they first had to overpower the camp guards. One guard stayed with us while the other four head off. Some ten minutes later they came back with the camp guards, a Girls Scout and a Boy Scout, both tied up and gagged with their own scarves. Now they pushed us forward and we entered the still sleeping Scout Camp. In the centre of the maybe twenty tents was the pole with the Scout’s flag. They told us five prisoners to sit back to back and we did as we were ordered. Then the anti-scouts fetched a long piece of rope and wound it in several ropes around our upper torsos and lashed it thoroughly so that we were tightly bound one against each other. Our captors ordered us to wait yet some time before making any sound and head off to the woods. We did as we were told because we wanted to play along with the game. So it lasted more than an hour before the first sleepy scouts came out of their tents and discovered us. It was really a big surprise to find five bound and gagged prisoners beneath the flag pole in the middle of the scout’s camp and soon the whole camp was in a flurry of excitement. It still lasted some time before we actually were freed from our bonds because most of the scouts wanted to make a photo of us before that we were released. Finally we were freed and we got some good breakfast and had to recount all the events that had happened to us during our capture. Then we were escorted by a large group of scouts to the parking slot and we got our luggage out of the car and returned to the camp. We spend some very pleasant days a the Scout camp and the solemn Holy Mass on the Pentecost Sunday with all the united Girl and Boy Scouts was the absolute highlight of our stay there. On Pentecost Sunday evening, there was a big party at night to which the anti-scouts which had captured us, were invited, too, and on this occasion they gave us a CD-Rom with all the photos and videos they had made from us during our capture, and you can believe, my wife and I, from time to time we have a look on it and it’s a really delightful souvenir which we do not want to miss.

Saturday, January 25th 2014 - 05:25:50 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:True Love in Tight Bondage, I really enjoyed that story!That was awesome!
Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 11:17:57 PM
Name: Raju
Comments:When my wife visited her sister in England the house got visited by burglars. My sister-in-law lives in a village near London. The house is located at the end of a road. It might be that burglars kept a close watch over the house, or had good information: in any case they entered a night when my brother-in-law was away for a few days. That night only my sister-in-law (43), her daughter (19) and my wife (40) were there.
The burglars were well prepared. Around two a clock in the night they entered the house and went to the bedrooms. My wife recals how suddenly she felt her mouth pressed shut. Before she could do anything she got a cloth stuffed in her mouth and a black hood pulled over her head. Also her hands and legs got firmly tied. It seems her sister got bound and gagged at the same time. A bit later her daughter got the same treatment.
Intitially the burglars left my wife and her niece tied up in one bed room. Her sister had to go down and got tied to a chair.
The burglars interrogated all three victims, one by one. They wanted to know were money and other valuables was hidden. Clearly they knew that there was a safe in the house containing jewelley and gold.
Before they left they taped the mouth and eyes of all woman shut and tied them up with tape around wrists and ankles.
Wednesday, January 29th 2014 - 08:24:44 AM
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