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E-mail address: benhungthu96
Thursday, October 4th 2012 - 05:32:33 AM
E-mail address: ungthu96
Thursday, October 4th 2012 - 05:29:53 AM
E-mail address: benhungthu96
Khi nhung loi le van chuong qui vi viet rat la hay nhung chung phai noi la cam on.CO VO SU TRAN HUY PHONG da lam da thuc hien, hanh dong de bao ve duoc tach rieng cho den ngay hom nay cac quy vi dang va dang phat trien,boi trong suot thoi gian.CO VO SU LE SANG bi cai tao do mot tay co VO SU TRAN HUY PHONG da tiep tuc bao ton cho den khi CO VO SU LE SANG DUOC. Tha ve vi the nen chung biet dung de nhung vi khong co hoc vo, VOVINAM VIET VO DAO HAY CHUA DUOC NHOAP MON MA DA THANG DAI BUA BAI.THAM CHI CO NHUNG NGUOI LOI DUNG VI VA DA THANG DAI CHO CAC ANH EM MOI HOC vai la da len HONG DAI NHAT CAP,ROI NHI CAP..V ..V
NEN CHUNG DA MONG DUOC UNG HO cua quy hay dong tam hiep de mon phai chung ta DAI DANG CO GIA TRI vi moi mot mon sinh phai bo cong ra tap luyen dang hoang chu khong phai trao doi bang do la roi de len dai. CON RIENG CAM BINH TRUOC LUC LAM CHUNG LOI CUA CO VO SU LE SANG DA NOI CAM BINH phai cac bac cac chu thi ONG moi tha thu duoc,va chinh toi da noi thay cot thi go di
Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 - 04:53:44 AM
Name: Mo^.t HLV Vi.nh Xua^n
E-mail address: eternal_vietpride@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.taogorup.org
Comments:Toi duoc buoc vao the gioi vo thuat tu 20 na(m nay. Toi cung da theo hoc cac mon vo cua nguoi Dai Han, Nhat va Trung Hoa. Hien nay toi la mot HLV Vinh Xuan tai TT van hoa cua nguoi Hoa Toronto,Ontario, Canada. Mac du chua phai la mot phan tu cua dai gia dinh Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, toi rat vui mung va hanh dien truoc nhung cong lao va thanh qua cua ho. Xin tran trong kinh can truoc anh linh Sang To. Va xin duoc cam on tat ca VS, HLV va MS cac cap da chia se kien thuc vo hoc,kinh nghiem doi song quy bau, cung nhu dang theo duoi, thuc hien ly tuong cach mang Tam Than. Quy Vi la nhung con nguoi Viet Nam tu chon cho minh loi song Viet Vo Si Dao de lam cong viec Vo Dao; nham bao ton, phat huy nen van hien cua chung ta. Xin chan thanh cam ta va xin cau chuc Quy V.i vung buoc trong cong cuoc xien duong va quang ba nen Vo Ho.c nuoc nha. Tha^n me^'n
Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 11:29:21 PM
Name: A Vinh Xuan Instructor
E-mail address: eternal_vietpride@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.taogroup.org
Comments:I am teaching Vinh Xuan ( Ving Tsun ) at a Chinese Cultrual Centre in Toronto, Ont, Canada. I am not a mon -sinh of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao,I ,however pay homage and profound reverence to Sang To Nguyen Loc, all VS, HLV and MS of all levels for sharing their knowledge, experiences and living the Way of life of Viet Vo Si Dao.

They are the Men and Women of Viet Nam who not only promote, preserve and perpetuate our Viet culture through self-cultivation , but also " -dem chuo^ng -di ro'ng xu'* ngu*o*`i" . Congratulations to them all! We celebrate your effort and accomplishments, and wish you continued success in fulfilling your missions.
Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 08:55:58 AM
Name: laocaibang
E-mail address: vosuba@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi everyone!

Co rat nhieu bai hay can ddoc dde hieu them ve VVN ,o ben muc dien ddan www.vovinam.com
moi cac ban qua xem thu .


Wednesday, September 15th 2004 - 08:49:44 AM
Name: mon sinh tre
Comments:that tuyet voi vi chung ta duoc hoc trong mot mon phai ma chug ta yeu thich, neu mot ai da tung mot lan buoc vao vo duong vovinam thi ko ai la ko muon thu thach minh voi nhung duong quyen ,nhung lan nhao lon ,nhung bai chien luoc hay.Va toi rat tu hao la mot mon sinh cua vovinam du chi trong mot thoi gian ngan xin cam on to su da sang lap ra mot mon phai tuyet voi de moi nguoi duoc hoc ,duoc giao huan, duoc ren luyen va hon het la giup moi nguoi truong thanh hon trong cuoc song .Xin cam on rat nhieu
Wednesday, August 18th 2004 - 10:09:37 PM
Name: Quo^'c Le^
E-mail address: caubedzethuong014@yahoo.com
Comments:....Xin Chao` ....Toi ten la Quoc ...Toi rat thich trang web design Vovinam na`y ...Hoi o VN toi co hoc Vovinam o CLB PHAN DANG LUU , do Tha^`y Thie^m day ...Nhung khi qua MY toi muon tim` lai mon phai ma toi da hoc , nhung chua biet hoc o dau . Nhung khi vao trang web nay toi da biet ...toi that la thich xin cam on cac , Co ,. CHu , Anh , Chi da tao trang web nay .
Saturday, August 14th 2004 - 08:59:41 AM
Name: Ngo Quoc Dung
E-mail address: nqdung@vovinam.de
Homepage URL: http://www.vovinam.de
Comments:Kinh chao Co Cam Binh va cac Dong Mon,
toi Ngo Quoc Dung HLV Phong trao VVN-VVD Au Chau - Don vi Duc, xin co loi duoc thanh that cam on Co da dem cac hinh anh cua PT VVN-VVD AC len trang vovinamus.com va gioi thieu rat nhieu ve PT cho noi nguoi biet them ve PT VVN-VVD Au Chau chung toi.
Kinh chao, va chuc douc nhieu thanh cong trong viec phat trien Mon Phai.
Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 02:47:28 PM
Name: hai binh
E-mail address: thienthannho13@yahoocom
Comments:hello everybody
i'm a student in vietnam
i feel happy when i know this page
thanks to person who designed it
thanks a lot.
Saturday, July 3rd 2004 - 04:25:46 PM
Name: Nguyen Van Hieu
E-mail address: vovinamdist1@yahoo.com
Comments:Xin chao cac dong mon
Toi la Nguyen Van Hieu, huan luyen vien VOVINAM - Viet Vo Dao Quan 1, thanh pho Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.
Toi moi lam quen voi net, nen con hoc hoi nhieu de cung cac ban trao doi thong tin qua mang. Moi thong tin va giup do xin goi ve dia chi vovinamdist1@yahoo.com
Chao than ai va hen gap lai
Sunday, June 20th 2004 - 09:21:25 PM
Name: parent
Comments:To co cam binh

I'm a parent of one of the student whose is praticising at master Danh dojo, i hope that you can past this message on to the people at taythep wep site for me.

1- I thought that VoVinam have the 10 principle that all student( Viet Vo Dao)must learn. For those people whose wrote those thing do they follow these priciple??? or is it just because they think that they are close to you and the grand master so they can say and do what they want.(gan thay toung minh cung la thay ). Does the grandmaster know all these think have been going on ? i think if he knoes he properply have a heart attack and dies, does he support these article that have been putting on this wep site, i think if your founder know that all this is going he would turn around in his grave. What about you and master nguyen loc . To both call your self master and not do anything about these issue is mis leadind isn't.( lua bip )??? as a parent i hope that you senior people in the organisation will do something about these web site soon.

2- to the man whose call him self master tong minh duong for you whose asking (TU CACH CUA ONG LE CONG DANH)
i ask you, do you know whose he is? you sound like blinde fool, to call yourself a master is to degrade the name VoVinam - Viet Vo Dao and put the red belt to shame. I don't know if even your master can be compare to master Danh let alone you. Remmember i do know master Danh you don't. you should go and learn the 10 principle or is it that your teacher forget to teach you that part of VoVinam. I wonder whose teach you anyway, or whether you just come out of the jungle or you just been kick in the head too many time to remmeber any manner ( le phep ).

Sunday, June 6th 2004 - 11:31:08 PM
Name: Tony
Comments:I Think Dean should get first place for the test
Monday, May 17th 2004 - 03:26:07 AM
Name: Ngon
Comments: Funny , Tony you said that gio to Australia, I thought it was only Victoria.
Friday, May 14th 2004 - 06:16:40 PM
Name: Tony
Comments:hi everyone,
This is vovinam from Australia. I would like to say thanks to Co Cam Binh for participating in gio to in australia and your performance was sooooo great

Hope to see you come back to Australia to visit

bye everyone
Saturday, May 1st 2004 - 04:42:17 PM
Name: Tong Minh Duong
E-mail address: duongtong@msn.com
Comments:Just say "HI"

Tong Minh Duong was here

Wednesday, April 21st 2004 - 02:07:41 PM
Name: Nguyen Thai Binh
E-mail address: banh_trung2000@yahoo.com
Comments:I think Dean is the best
Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 07:18:13 AM
Name: Kevin Quintanio
Comments:Hello Mr. Nguyen,
This is Kevin at Dahl School... I Just visit your website... It's nice.
I Just want to say Hello to you...
Your Student,
Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 04:25:07 AM
Name: Han Thu Anh
Comments:Everybody look so good on the Tet Festival Parade in San Jose. Good Job!
Friday, March 5th 2004 - 09:05:23 AM
Name: Hoang That Dam
Comments:Hinh bieu dien Tet nam 2004 o San Jose cua Vo Duong Vovinam tuyet dep. Chuc Vovinam Mien Bac California thanh cong mai mai.
Friday, March 5th 2004 - 12:55:46 AM
Name: Brian Russell
Comments:Your pictures for the 2004 Tet Festival are awesome. Everybody look very nice and professional. I am glad that you are share your works with the world.

Friday, March 5th 2004 - 12:53:37 AM
Name: MUGU
E-mail address: MUGU@MUGU.COM
Tuesday, March 2nd 2004 - 02:02:32 PM
Name: JennyQuay
E-mail address: tieuyentu017@yahoo.com
Comments:hey yall...iam the one in Vovinam @ Florida, Jacksonvlle, very happy then i know that web...my teacher name is Nguyen Lap....i want know all about Vovianm, pls let me know if yall can do...ThankYou..!
Thursday, February 26th 2004 - 11:01:15 PM
Name: Brian Russell
Comments:Dear Master CamBinh,

I saw your performed on February 1, 2004 in downtown San Jose for the Vietnamese Tet Parade. It was so beautiful performing. You have so many people to participate with you. A lot of people applause when Vovinam passed by.

Those young girls are very good with the sword; they looked so professional and hard work. That is very good when you developed the Vietnamese Culture into the community for other culture to see.

On the stage inside Auditorium, those young girls was danced so beautiful and the Martial Art performed very professional.

Master CamBinh, you are a very good teacher. A lot of best wishes to you and your students.
Tuesday, February 17th 2004 - 08:52:33 AM
Name: Hoang That Dam
Comments:Toi that rat vui va vua y cho con di hoc vo voi VS Cam Binh, cuoc bieu dien Tet 2004 vua qua rat la thanh cong tot dep, may ngan nguoi khan gia di xem va vo tay khong ngung khi Vovinam di ngang. Cac con toi di tap luyen voi VS Cambinh ve vo thuat va duoc huan luyen de mua dan toc va mua lan, that la mot sinh hoat lanh manh voi nhieu y nghia phat trien co truyen dan toc Viet Nam cho cac cong dong khac gioi cung thuong thuc.

Tren san khau, cac Mon Sinh dien man Dem Me Linh that tuyet sac, vua danh vo Luong Nghi Kiem Phap vua mua. Toi va cac phu huynh se ung ho VS Cam Binh mai mai.

Cam on su giup do cua VS Cam Binh rat nhieu trong viec day do de cac con toi khong di lang thang vao nhung noi khong tot dep.
Saturday, February 14th 2004 - 07:35:23 AM
Name: CamBinh
E-mail address: vovinamsj@yahoo.com
Comments:Kinh chao Ong Truong,
Vovinam day vo la chinh, chung toi day vo 6 ngay mot tuan, moi buoi chieu tu 5 gio den 7 -8 gio. Di mua va mua lan chi la mot sinh hoat phu cua doan thanh nien Viet Vo dao.. Da so cong dong My cung nhu Viet thich moi dien mua lan va mua dan toc nhieu hon. Tuy theo ban to chuc, nguoi ta moi minh dien cai gi thi minh phai dien cai do cho ho. Neu muon xem dien vo xin den tai Hoc khu Franklin Mc. Kinley School District vao ngay 29 thang 2, 2004 vao luc 12 gio se co dien vo trong ngay le Nhi Vi Trung Vuong.
Muon xem cac mon sinh tap vo, moi den trung tam Roosevelt Center 901 E. Santa Clara St vao ngay thu 3 va thu sau tu 5 gio den 8 gio hoac Santee Center vao ngay thu 2, 4, 5, chua Nhat tu 5 gio den 7 gio de xem cac mon sinh tap vo.
Tran trong kinh chao!
Saturday, February 14th 2004 - 12:11:59 AM
Name: Ho Phi Truong
Comments:Dear master?

Toi ten la Truong toi co thay hinh cua Vovinam dang tren bao Viet Mercury, va toi day doi khi cung nghe master len dai phat thanh Viet Nam. Toi day co hai nguoi con, va toi muon cho con toi hoc vo, nhung toi khong co biet la master day vo hai la mua (dance) xin master tra loi dum de toi co quyet dinh. Tai vy toi nghe master noi ve Vovinam nhung ma sao toi chi thay mua trong hoi cho tet va cac shows khac. Xin hoi lam sao co the lien lac duoc master va vo duong tap de toi co diep den tham quan.Than chao master.
Friday, February 13th 2004 - 03:12:40 AM
Name: Catt
Comments:First of all, thank you very much to all the parents, supporters, friends have contributed to the Vietnamese Tet Festival Parade in downtown San Jose on February 01, 2004 for Vovinam San Jose with Master Cambinh.

Especially to all the Vovinam Students has contribution, cooperation, dedication, hard work supporting to the Parade are very highly appreciated.

CONGRATULATION to all Vovinam San Jose for the 3rd PLACE.

ALL OF YOU ARE AWSOME as always. Best of luck to all of you in the future for more successful.
Monday, February 2nd 2004 - 10:25:48 PM
Name: quaidiki
E-mail address: quaidiki@ttvn.com
Sunday, January 25th 2004 - 02:09:06 PM
Name: Shanti
E-mail address: ursusarctosana@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.shantishanti.net/quyvantran.html
Comments:Spreading the word: I seek Quy Van Tran, a.k.a. Nam of Houston, TX. Born in 1969 in Vietnam. Thank you!
Monday, January 5th 2004 - 01:06:29 PM
Name: Pham-Cong-Ngon
E-mail address: daten_57@yahoo.com
Comments:Than goi loi chuc den tat ca cac huynh de trong mon phai VOVINAM tai Tay Duc (Deutschland)va goi rieng den Thay Nguyen Van Nhan, huynh Nguyen Van Xe loi kinh chuc trong nam moi 2004 duoc van day nhu y.
Thursday, January 1st 2004 - 05:59:24 PM
Name: A frequent visitor
Comments:Catt, I dont think you need to translate everything. It takes up too much space. Some people, if they can't read English, then how come they could get into our dreambook? So I think English or Vietnamese is good enough.

Online user browser.
Wednesday, December 31st 2003 - 07:17:43 AM
Name: Hoason Le MinhLuan
Homepage URL: http://www.vietsuns.com/phorum
Comments:To^i la` Le^ Minhluan (Hoa So+n)

Xin webmaster dde^` te^n ta'c gia? cho 2 ba`i

1. Hoa` Kha('p muo^n phu+o+ng
2. Nha^n Vo~ DDA.o Ca


Nha.c: Le^ MinhLua^n
Lo+`i: Vo~ Su+ Nguye^~n DDu+'c Quy`nh Ky`

Cha^n Tha`nh Ca?m ta.
Wednesday, December 31st 2003 - 12:07:19 AM
Name: Catt
Comments:Congratulation to the Vovinam European for new belt. Best wishes to all the Masters for more successful in the future.

1. Vo su Trang Phuoc Duc vinh thang Hong Dai II cap
2. Vo su Tran Thai Quy vinh thang Hong Dai I cap
3. Vo su Huynh Quoc Hung Thu vinh thang Chuan Hong Dai
4. Vo su Doll Nicolas vinh thang Chuan Hong Dai.

Félicitation au Vovinam l'Europe pour la nouvelle ceinture.Mieux souhaits à tous les maîtres pour plus réussi à l'avenir.

Glückwunsch zum Vovinam Europa für neuen Riemen.Gut Wünsche zu allen Meistern für erfolgreicheres zukünftig.

Enhorabuena al Vovinam Europa para la correa nueva. Lo más
mejor posible deseos a todos los amos para más acertado en el futuro.
Tuesday, December 30th 2003 - 10:57:52 PM
Name: Tien Xuân
E-mail address: vietnamgirly@yahoo.fr
Comments:Hi everybody,
Just to wish to all masters,instructors and students of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao all over the world a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2004!
Hope to see some of you soon!
Sunday, December 28th 2003 - 07:37:43 PM
Name: Catt
E-mail address: dtdoanda@msn.com
Comments:Hello Vovinam San Jose,

Master Cambinh organized the Christmas Party and celebration for the Twenty Years of Vovinam school in San Jose on December 24, 2004, was very nice, a lot of gifts, everyone received a nice gift and belt upgraded, congratulation for all the student with new belt.

Thank you to Master Minh Hai, Instructors, Students, Parents and friends for help in the celebration successful.
Especially, thank you to all the parents gave a lot of good foods. Everyone was having a tremedous good time and happy.

Bonjour Vovinam San Jose,
Cambinh principal a organisé la partie de Noël et la célébration pendant les vingt années de l'école de Vovinam dans San Jose était très gentille, beaucoup de cadeaux, chacun a reçu un cadeau gentil et la ceinture a amélioré, félicitation pour tout l'étudiant avec la nouvelle ceinture.

Merci maîtriser Minh Hai, instructeurs, étudiants, parents et amis pour l'aide dans la célébration réussie.

En particulier, merci à tous les parents a donné beaucoup de bonnes nourritures.Chacun avait un bon temps tremedous et heureux.

Hola Vovinam San Jose,
Master Cambinh organizó el partido de Navidad y la celebración por los veinte años de la escuela de Vovinam en San Jose era muy agradable, los muchos de regalos, cada uno recibió un regalo agradable y la correa aumentó, enhorabuena para todo el estudiante con la correa nueva.

Gracias dominar Minh Hai, instructores, estudiantes, padres y amigos para la ayuda en la celebración acertada.

Especialmente, gracias a todos los padres dio muchos de buenos alimentos.Cada uno tenía un buen rato tremedous y feliz.

Hallo Vovinam San Jose,
Master Cambinh organisierte das Weihnachtsbeteiligte und Feier für die Zwanzig Jahre der Vovinam Schule in San Jose war-, eine Menge Geschenke, jeder empfing ein nettes Geschenk und einen Riemen sehr nett, die, Glückwunsch für den ganzen Kursteilnehmer mit neuem Riemen verbessert wurden.

Danke, Minh Hai, Ausbilder, Kursteilnehmer, Eltern und Freunde zu erarbeiten für Hilfe in der erfolgreichen Feier.

Besonders danke zu allen Eltern gab eine Menge gute Nahrungsmittel.Jeder hatte eine tremedous gute Zeit und glücklich.

Saturday, December 27th 2003 - 07:31:42 AM
Name: Catt
Comments:Noi Buon Xu La
Mua Giang Sinh sap den, tua ben song cua nhin nhung canh cay nang chiu nhung giot nuoc luu ly roi xuong khi anh nang binh minh bat dau chieu xuong, long buon theo nhung giot nuoc roi rung nhu nhung linh hon co don lang thang khong noi nuong tua.
Nguoi lu thu van tha phuong xu la que nguoi, long cam thay co don moi khi gio dong ve mang theo noi buon man mac nho co huong ben kia bo Dai Duong. Cuoc song noi troi, ngay day mai do, doi vo dinh, vo gia cu, khong noi nuong tua, lang thang nhu dam may, nhu anh sao bang tren troi.
Cuoc song cang ngay cang di vao ngo bi cua tinh cam, con nguoi khong loi thoat. Phu du vat chat, cu mai deo duoi nhu gio rong choi sao lang trong cuoc doi huyen bi.
Vat canh thay doi, long nguoi thay doi, khong the tim lai duoc nhung niem tin em dep xa xua.
Nhung hinh anh do da bien mat tu khi bo que huong di vao cuoc song moi voi ky niem la hanh trang tren doan duong dai tham tham de thuong nho que huong tha thiet dat dao.
Con nguoi cang ngay cang tranh chap trong vo vong. Ao tuong vien vong, mo uoc hao huyen, cu chim mai vao u me den toi, khong nhan dinh duoc dieu hay ly phai.
Long tham nhu mot bien sau tham tham, buoc ra thi de, buoc vao vo bien !
Mot ngay roi mot ngay, tiep noi, tiep noi nhu nhung con thoi, tiep dien khong ngung.
Mot ngay nao do, se dung chan nghi lai con duong da di qua, long se thay so hai cho doan duong da di, thi than oi, da qua muon. Nhung dinh menh da an bai, luat nhan qua, lam sao doi duoc kiep song may troi lang bat khap bon phuong.

Exile on Christmas
Christmas is coming, by looking out the window see all the leaves are turning color, the cold weather signified season for the celebration of the Holidays are sparkles with an innocent beauty, suits the image of the delicate, exotic flowers flourishing, accompanying of the foliage. As being exile over twenty years in new country, new custom…new…of everything.
Travelers are far away from their own homeland, here today, there tomorrow, no place to live, no place to hide, keep on travel on the long road without destination. Sadness surrounding, faced daily difficulty. Heart broken in despair, sometimes, dream the very big dream beyond of the human skill, until their dream shattered. Many try to fulfill their success by build it on someone else by take away their dedication hard work hoping that it have arrived at own destination.
Most people action without consciously thinking about what they are doing, unjustifiable for the brutal life, which asserts itself implacably against all contrary forces and the power of nature which rules beyond self-preservation growth. In return received the extremity of suffer between the darkness and the immorality of civilized people.
An imagination without learned about pride and honor when try to reach a state of desperation, or was not underprivileged nor uneducated nor disadvantaged in the truest sense then trapped in their own wilderness adventures.
The hardest part about being success is an accomplishment; dedication was connecting the entire different task and avoiding the feeling of choppiness.
As many many bad habits with no guilt or concern to others as long as they get what they want. Reality, it doesn’t work that way. In resulted, gained more failures, hurt and punishment to themselves than success.

Exil auf Weihnachten
Weihnachten kommt, indem es aus dem Fenster schaut, sehen, daß alle Blätter Farbe, das kalte Wetter bedeuteten Jahreszeit für die Feier der Feiertage sind funkelt mit einer unschuldigen Schönheit, entspricht dem Bild der empfindlichen drehen, exotischen blühenden Blumen, Begleiten des Laubs. Als seiend Exil über Zwanzig Jahren im neuen Land, neue Gewohnheit... neu... von alles.
Reisende sind weg von ihrer eigenen Heimaten, hier heute, dort morgen, kein Platz weit zu leben, kein Platz, zum sich zu verstecken, auf Spielraum auf der langen Straße ohne Bestimmungsort zu halten.Umgebende Traurigkeit, gegenübergestellte tägliche Schwierigkeit. Herz eingelaufen Verzweiflung träumen Sie manchmal den sehr grossen Traum jenseits von der menschlichen Fähigkeit, bis ihr Traum zerbricht. Viele versuchen, ihr zu erfüllen Erfolg durch Bau nimmt es auf jemand anderes vorbei ihre Widmung harte Arbeit weg, die hofft, daß es in eigenem Bestimmungsort angekommen ist.
Die meiste Leutetätigkeit, ohne bewußt zu denken an was sie tun, unverantwortlich für das brutale Leben, das sich implacably gegen alle konträren Kräfte und die Energie der Natur erklärt, die über Self-preservationwachstum hinaus anordnet. In der Rückkehr, die der Extremität von empfangen wird, leiden Sie zwischen der Schwärzung und der Unmoral der zivilisierten Leute.
Eine Phantasie, die außen über Stolz und Ehre als Versuch erlernt wurde, um einen Zustand der Verzweiflung zu erreichen, oder war nicht unterprivilegiert eingeschlossen noch uneducated noch benachteiligt in der zutreffendsten Richtung dann in ihren eigenen Wildnisabenteuern.
Das härteste Teil über Sein Erfolg ist eine Vollendung; Widmung schloß die gesamte unterschiedliche Aufgabe an und vermied das Gefühl von choppiness.
Da viele viele schlechte Gewohnheiten ohne Schuld oder Interesse zu anderen so lang, wie sie erhalten, was sie wünschen.Wirklichkeit, funktioniert es nicht so.In resultiert gewonnen mehr Ausfällen, Hurt und Bestrafung zu selbst als Erfolg.

Exil sur Noël
Noël vient, en regardant hors de la fenêtre voient que toutes les feuilles tournent la couleur, le temps froid ont signifié la saison pour la célébration des vacances sont miroite avec une beauté innocente, convient à l'image des fleurs sensibles et exotiques s'épanouissant, accompagnement du feuillage. En tant qu'étant exil sur vingt ans dans le nouveau pays, nouvelle coutume... nouvelle... de tout.
Les voyageurs sont lointains loin de leur propre patrie, ici aujourd'hui, là demain, aucun endroit pour vivre, aucun endroit à cacher, garder sur le voyage sur la longue route sans destination.Tristesse entourant, difficulté quotidienne faite face. Coeur cassé de désespoir, parfois, rêvez le rêve très grand là-bas de la compétence humaine, jusqu'à ce que leur rêve se brise. Beaucoup essayent d'accomplir le leur succès par la construction il sur quelqu'un d'autre emportent près leur travail dur d'attachement espérant qu'il sont arrivés à propre destination.
La plupart d'action de personnes sans penser consciemment à ce qu'elles font, injustifiable pendant la vie brutale, qui s'affirme implacablement contre toutes les forces contraires et la puissance de la nature qui règne au delà de la croissance d'instinct de conservation. Dans le retour reçu l'extrémité de souffrez entre l'obscurité et l'immoralité des personnes civilisées.
Une imagination en dehors renseignée sur la fierté et l'honneur quand essai pour atteindre un état de désespoir, ou n'était pas sous-privilégiée ni pas uneducated ni désavantagée dans le sens le plus vrai puis emprisonnée dans leurs propres aventures de désert.
La partie la plus dure au sujet d'être succès est un accomplissement ; l'attachement reliait la tâche différente entière et évitait le sentiment du choppiness.
Autant de beaucoup de mauvaises habitudes sans la culpabilité ou le souci à d'autres aussi longtemps qu'obtiennent ils ce qu'ils veulent.Réalité, cela ne fonctionne pas de cette façon.Dans résulté, gagné plus d'échecs, de mal et de punition à lui-même que le succès.

Exilio en Navidad
Navidad está viniendo, mirando fuera de la ventana considera que son todas las hojas están dando vuelta a color, el tiempo frío significaron la estación para la celebración de los días de fiesta chispean con una belleza inocente, satisfacen la imagen de las flores delicadas, exóticas que prosperan, acompañamiento del follaje. Como siendo exilio sobre veinte años en país nuevo, nuevo costumbre... nuevo... de todo.
Los viajeros son lejanos lejos de su propia patria, aquí hoy, allí mañana, ningún lugar vivir, ningún lugar a ocultar, guardar en recorrido en el camino largo sin la destinación.Tristeza que rodea, dificultad diaria hecha frente. Corazón roto en la desesperación, sueñe a veces el sueño muy grande más allá con la habilidad humana, hasta que su sueño rompe. Muchos intentan satisfacer su éxito por estructura en algún otro cerca quita su trabajo duro del esmero que espera que ha llegado propia destinación.
La mayoría de la acción de la gente sin consciente el pensamiento de lo que él está haciendo, injustificable para la vida brutal, que se afirma implacably contra todas las fuerzas contrarias y la energía de la naturaleza que gobierna más allá de crecimiento del instinto de conservación. En la vuelta recibida la extremidad de sufra entre la oscuridad y la inmoralidad de la gente civilizada.
Una imaginación fuera aprendida sobre orgullo y honor cuando intento para alcanzar un estado de la desesperación, o no era desvalida ni no uneducated ni perjudicada en el sentido más verdadero después atrapada en sus propias aventuras del yermo.
La parte más dura sobre ser éxito es una realización; el esmero conectaba la diversa tarea entera y evitaba la sensación del choppiness.
Tantos muchos malos hábitos sin culpabilidad o la preocupación a otras mientras consiguen lo que desean.Realidad, no trabaja esa manera.En resultado, ganado más faltas, daño y castigo a sí mismos que éxito.
Friday, December 26th 2003 - 04:33:23 AM
Name: anonymous from SJ, Cali
Homepage URL: http://xanga.com/vovinamus/
Comments:Wednesday, December 24, 2003

why cant things be the same as always? havent u guys missed those days when everybody worked together, not caring whose position is higher. well, maybe you never thought of it, but it is selfish, of everybody who is involved in this "problem". do you guys really care for Vovinam? for the student who are in it? or you care for yourself, what you can do if that person wasnt stopping you, what makes you a true "man" in this situation. we are young, we use adults as role models. we need somebody to look after. but with this selfish actions, how do you expect us to make decisions when on our own?

everything being back to normal is good. everybody working together is good. splitting us up is not.

Merry Christmas.
Friday, December 26th 2003 - 12:57:33 AM
Name: ThaiHang
E-mail address: thaihang2@hotmail.com
Comments: Hohoho!!! Merry Christmas to all VoViNam masters, instructors, and students around the world.
Tuesday, December 23rd 2003 - 08:39:56 AM
Name: Leon Lee
E-mail address: Angelwarrior33@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi Co Binh,
How are you? Thank you for being a wonderful master to me. You teach me a lot of things and I am very appreciate it. I felt honor to be in your martial arts class I hope I can contribute a lot to vovinam. You are my first master and I always want to be there for you. I don't know how the world will change but I hope to keep our master and student relationship forever. You have taught me to be a better person and how to live a better life. Thank you master Cambinh. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes to you in a year to come. Take care and enjoy your life.

always your student,
Leon Lee
Sunday, December 21st 2003 - 08:18:05 PM
Name: mimi00
Homepage URL: http://www.vietvodao.net
MERRY CHRISMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR à tous les pratiquants;(Maîtres,instructeurs,vo sinh)et à leurs familles.

le Secrétariat du Vovinam intercontinental Belgique.
Sunday, December 21st 2003 - 12:18:58 AM
Name: Vs. Diep Khoi
Comments:Co Cam Binh than,
Than chuc co cung gia dinh va cac huynh de dong mon
mot mua giang sinh vui ve ,mot nam moi an khang ,thinh vuong ,may man, hanh phuc ,nhieu tien bo .

VS.Diep Khoi.
Melbourne, Australia
Monday, December 15th 2003 - 09:46:12 PM
Name: Le Dinh Phuoc
E-mail address: vovinamphudongq6@hcm.vnn.vn
Comments:Kinh thua co,
Nhan dip dau nam moi va ky niem 20 NAM THANH LAP VO DUONG VOVINAM SAN JOSE
Tap the Ban Huan Luyen va Vo Sinh VoViNam -Doan Lan Su Rong PHU DONG Quan 6-TP.HCM Kinh goi loi Chuc Mung .
Kinh Chuc Co ,Qui Thay va Gia Quyen An Khang Thinh Vuong
Kinh Chuc cac HUYNH DE Vo Duong San Jose Phat Trien Vung Ben .Xung dang la DAU TAU,dan duong cho CON TAU VOVINAM HAI NGOAI Thang Tien .

VS. Le Dinh Phuoc
Monday, December 15th 2003 - 09:43:10 PM
Name: Son Tran
E-mail address: chaudlapin80@yahoo.com
Comments:hello everyone,
i just wanted to wish you all a merry xmas. hehe i will try to come back practicing as soon as i have some spare time!

Son, the guy who never comes to the training
Friday, December 12th 2003 - 11:00:38 AM
Name: Kim Tran
E-mail address: vovinamicecream@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.xanga.com/icecream4o8/
Comments:once again, talk to the youngsters @ http://www.xanga.com/vovinamus/
Friday, December 12th 2003 - 09:56:49 AM
Name: Catt
Comments:Hello Vovinam San Jose,
Congratulation to the entire passed belt Upgrade. Your hard work has been paid-off.
Are you happy now? Best wish to all of you for the future achieve in your goal. Good luck to whoever did not get it this time.


Bonjour Vovinam San Jose,
Félicitation à la mise à niveau passée entière de ceinture.Votre travail dur a été payé-au loin.
Êtes-vous heureux maintenant. Le meilleur voeu à tout le vous à l'avenir réalisent dans votre but.La bonne chance à celui qui ne lui a pas obtenu cette fois.

Hallo Vovinam San Jose,
Glückwunsch zum gesamten geführten Riemen Aufsteigen.Ihre harte Arbeit ist zahlend-weg gewesen.
Sind Sie jetzt glücklich?Bester Wunsch zu den ganzen Sie während der Zukunft erzielen in Ihrem Ziel.Gutes Glück zu whoever erhielt es dieses mal nicht.


Hola Vovinam San Jose,
Enhorabuena a la mejora pasada entera de la correa.Su trabajo duro ha sido pagado-apagado.
¿Es usted feliz ahora. Recuerdo a usted para el futuro alcanza en su meta.La buena suerte a quienquiera no le consiguió este vez.


Thursday, December 11th 2003 - 11:36:14 PM
Name: AnnaL
Comments:Congrats to all of those who took the belt exam=) I'm very sorry I haven't been coming to practice lately, but once I get some vacations coming my way, and once junior year is over with, IM COMING BACK....
Thursday, December 11th 2003 - 10:33:24 AM
Name: Catt
Comments:Nguoi den roi di nhu gio thoang
Toi con o lai nhat mua roi
Duong xa nguoi buoc nguoi co nho
Bo lai sao lung manh tinh ho
Wednesday, December 10th 2003 - 07:57:36 AM
Name: ThaiHang
E-mail address: thaihang2@hotmail.com
Comments: Chuc mung Huynh Viet and Huynh Hai da mo lop vo moi. Em xin chuc hai Huynh duoc moi viec suong se, lop vo cang ngay cang phat trien. Neu co co hoi Su Muoi se toi lam phien may Huynh. hihiih.
Tuesday, December 9th 2003 - 02:43:04 PM
Name: Pham-Cong-Ngon
E-mail address: daten_57@yahoo.com
Comments:Kinh thua quy Thay va cac Huynh De.
Cuoc song o nuoc ngoai da troi qua trong doi song con nguoi qua nhanh. Mot cuoc song luu vong va day tranh chap. Tat ca khong nhung o Vietnam ngay xua (truoc 75). Cuoc song da thay doi con nguoi di qua nhieu. Muon tim lai nhung gi da mat nhung gi da qua...khong bao gio tim lai duoc nua.
Nhin lai duoc trang hinh anh va nhung tin tuc xa gan cua cac Thay va cac Huynh De...trong long rat ...
Mot nguoi VN ti nan .... mot mon sinh mat dan...
Sunday, December 7th 2003 - 10:02:25 AM
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