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Stories of people caught while in SELF BONDAGE
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Name: Jack
Comments:And Bravo definitely do that!! I saw the one you came up with before and it was really good!! I want to try it but am a little scared so maybe I will try some of the new ones you come up with.

Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 09:06:36 AM
Name: Jack
Comments:Courtney I LOVE your stories!!! We are the same age so after reading them my dick is throbbing with the excitement that other people my age are into this stuff!! Please keep posting you are great!
Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 08:57:47 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:While I've enjoyed tying my mother up, nothing ever came close to the feelings of excitement I got when she had me tie her up with nylons in the bathroom. The home video, the stripping at the concert, what a summer!! More to come...
Saturday, January 25th 2014 - 09:50:36 PM
Name: Bravo
Comments:I am going to start brainstorming self bondage scenarios. i like to know some preference. i.e. private, semi-public, or public.us etc. etc. (p.s. i like to come up with scenarios in semi-public or public)
Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 09:42:41 AM
Name: Courteney
E-mail address: courteneyjackson@hotmail.com
Comments:I've always loved good lesbian scenes, I really want to try one someday, it's on my to-do list >;)

~Courteney x
Saturday, January 11th 2014 - 02:10:59 AM
Name: nicole
Comments:hehehe tied up? literally? ;)

cant wait to hear all the stories you share with us!
Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 08:47:46 PM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:Hey, Im sorry I've been gone so long. I was all tied up for the holidays.. maybe I'll tell you about it sometime. But anyway, after I left my mother, I mucked about the house for a bit. I watched some TV, ate a snack and generally lazed for an hour. After that, I went up to the attic to check up on mom. She was hanging by her arms, her legs had given from the effort. The floor around her was wet with her juices and the vibrator was humming away. She was sobbing into her gag and I was torn between turning off her vibrator and leaving it off. I smiled and decided to get in on he action, so I pulled up my skirt, pulled hers up and thrust my pussy up against hers. She mmped as she felt me, but then the vibrator did its job, taking us higher and higher, slowly building up until we both orgasmed on each other. Our pussy's were covered in each other juices, I looked down and decided to get cleaned up. I turned off mom's vibrator and she screamed in relief. I untied the rope in the d-ring on the celing, lowered it so that she was kneeling with her hands above her head and retied it. I walked in front of her and took off her gag. She gasped and breathed heavily, so I lightly slapped her breast, causing the nipple clamps and the clothspins to jiggle. She screamed in pain and I shouted "Shut Up, whore!" She quited and I continued "I hope you now realize the cost of failing to follow my orders, slut. Because if you fail this next order, I will leave you hanging with a vibrator and a butt plug all night. Am I clear?" She whispered "Yes, master." I smiled. "Good. You just came all over me and now im covered in your juices. Your the squirter and all this muck is yours, so you will lick my pussy dry, now. Hurry up." I stood right in front of her to let her get to work. She quickly started licking away, beginning with the outside areas and working her way in. With every lick, I got more and more worked up, which posed a problem for mom. I started ozzing and when she tried to lick it clean, I would get hornier and ozze some more. She tried any way, licking my pussy until eventually, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into my cunt. She got the message and licked masterfully, bringing me to orgasm quickly. I cummed into her face, covering her with my juices. I looked at her, we were both breathing heavily and I said "Ok, slut. Good work. Now get ready for the next game..."
I hope I havent been gone to long. Tell me what you think!
Saturday, January 4th 2014 - 11:59:35 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:Whoever is faking below me, stop. Its just pathetic that you have to fake a story to feel what exactly? And if you had read my stories or were actually me, you would know that the attic dosent carry anything like christmas stuff. Stop. And for the record, I was away during the holidays. Stop faking.
Thursday, January 2nd 2014 - 09:29:03 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:Oh, everything's cool, just busy with the holidays. Our Christmas ornaments were buried so deep in the attic, we decided to trim the tree with nylons for garland. Instead of lights, strings of anal beads. And my mother's pink dildo for a star.
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 12:11:16 PM
Name: Courteney
E-mail address: courtenejackson@hotmail.com
Comments:Still waiting for your email, Cheerleader. I hope everything's okay.

Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 01:32:55 AM
Name: Abigail Samantha
Comments:Hey Cheerleader,
Keep going with the story. I want to know what else you did to your Mom

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 01:14:07 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:Oh, I live in North Carolina, near Carolina Beach, Courtney. And I will would love to throw ideas around. Though I'm not really good at coming up with scenarios and positions, thats more moms speed.
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 03:32:00 PM
Name: Courteney
E-mail address: courteneyjackson@hotmail.com
Comments:I forgot to ask, Cheerleader;

What country do you live in? (and) Do you wish to email eachother scenarios, ideas, etc?
I check my emails every week or two depending how busy school is, you're always welcome to mail me :)

~Courteney x
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 09:17:43 AM
Name: Courteney
E-mail address: courteneyjackson@hotmail.com
Comments:Wow, Cheerleader!

I'm loving those stories, I ended up reading them all after the first one, they got me quite wet, shame I don't have someone to do bondage with yet. I try and play Dom in my head while tying myself up, of course it's not the same but it's close enough. Maybe in a few years or something I'll have someone to do it with... :3

I look forward to all of your stories, they aren't hardcore or softcore but, perfect! Good reading and always drawing an imaginary picture :)

~Courteney x
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 09:15:26 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:A month passed after that day. Mom and I fell into a pattern, weekdays were light on play due to my school and mom's work (She was a doctor in town), so we usually left playtime to weekends. This particular day was a Saturday, and I was looking forward to it. A week of schoolwork and practice left me longing for the weekend and whatever my mom planned. I had gone to sleep in my bedroom, unbound, so I walked downstairs to have some breakfeast, running into mom in the kitchen. We both hadnt bothered with clothes, we knew each others bodies pretty well by then. I had a bowl of cereal and we chit chatted for a bit. When we finished, I cleaned up and when I turned around, mom was looking at me in her thoughtful way. She leaned on the counter and said to me "Ive been thinking about something for a while. I want to try something, and I want to know your opinion. Give me your honest answer, ok?" I was intrigued, so I nodded carefully. "Ok, here it is. I want to know what you think about dominating me once in a while. What do you think?" That was a total surprise. Dominating my mother? I wouldnt know how, I wasnt a dom, I never even thought about it. And yet, at the same time, I thought why not? I knew how to act as a dom, Mom showed me enough of that. And I knew quite a few things about bondage. Why not? The ideas formed in my head, until I decided maybe to try it. I said to mom "Sure. Why not?" Mom smiled and said "I thought you might like that idea. Its time you know what the other side is like, and to be honest, I kinda missed subbing. So lets try it today, ok?" I smiled and said "Yes, lets, slut." Moms eyebrows raised and a smirk crossed her face. We went up to the attic and I looked around, forming ideas in my head. We decided to roleplay, Mom would be a kidnapped schoolgirl, taking by me, a alpha cheerleader. I went downstairs to put on my uniform while mom donned the schoolgirl outfit. I looked at myself in the mirror, striking posses, getting the dominatrix personality down. I went up to the attic and up to Mom, who I had handcuffed to a hook in the ceiling, gagging and blindfolding her for added effect. She wore a small white blouse, a short plaid skirt, and high white socks with black high heels. The gag in her mouth was a piece of duct tape while her blindfold was a black scarf. I slowly circled her, softly running my hands on her thighs, breasts, sides and pussy. "Well, well, well. Looks like I have a desperate whore in my attic. Are you a whore?" Mom started gag talking and shook her head, so I slapped her pussy twice, then reached in her skirt and started stroking her pussy. It was dripping wet. "Oh, you are a whore! Deny it all you want, your not leaving here until you admit what you are." I ripped off her gag and she screamed, then started begging me to let me go. I slapped her twice to shut her up. "If you speak without permission again, I will get the violet wand and run it all over your body until you learn, understand, slave?" She whimpered and slowly nodded, "Good. Now, there are rules to follow here, slave. Break them, I will punish you. Follow them and you get rewarded. Do you want to get rewarded, slave?" She slowly nodded, whimpering as she did, but I could tell she was into it. "Excellent. Rule one. You do EVERYTHING I say without thought. Rule 2, you call me master. Last rule, You dont cumm until I say you do. Understand?" Mom nodded. I slapped her in the face and shouted "Forgot rule number 2 already, slave?" Mom whimpered and said, "Im sorry, master! Please forgive me!" I smiled and kissed her passionately, letting her go when I had enough. I took off her blindfold, letting her see me. Then I unbuttoned her blouse,mom gasping with every button. Then I pulled down her black lacy bra and started playing with her nipples, she moaned as I did. Then I took an egg vibrator and shoved it in her pussy, putting it on full. "Dont you dare cumm until I say so, slave." I took a vibrator put it to my pussy. If mom came first, I would punish her. If she didnt, she would get rewarded. The moans began, each of us climbing to a climax until finally, mom came in a spectacular display, screaming and squirting all over the floor, followed closely by me. Once I settled down, I turned to mom and said "Big mistake slave". I turned off her vibrator, then started attaching clothespins on her breasts, mom cried with each one until I took out two metal nipple clamps with 10 gram weights on them. "Since you like cumming so much, Ill put the vibrator on full. Those weights should make it interesting. I have to go set up your next punishment. It should take an hour. In the meantime, you stay like this slave. Have fun being the whore you are. Then I put the tape gag back on to shut out her pleas. I went down the ladder and shut the trapdoor, muffling moms cries of pain and pleasure. She was right. I did like this......
Let me know what you think!
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 03:10:39 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:I was struggling to get an orgasm but I couldnt get myself to. I screamed, cried, puled at the ropes, desperate, sure I wouldnt last a few hours. I was crying into my sixth nongasm when the vibrators jumped to full blast and I immediately cummed, happy to finally be able to. After that the vibrators tuned off and my hood was pulled off. Mom was standing in front of me, slyly smiling. "You didnt really think I would leave you in a wood alone ad unable to cum, did you? You may be a slut, but your my slut." With that, she untied the ropes and uncuffed my hands before recuffing them in front of me. She lead me to the tub I saw before and told me it was time for the first game. She took a bunch of stuff from the tarp and told me to get in the tub. Once I did, she put on a ring gag that left my mouth unable to close. Then she put on another latex bondage hood, this one had mouth holes but none for my eyes, rendering me blind. Once that was done, she laid me down in the tub and locked the grill shut. "I used 3 padlocks to lock your grill. These are the keyes" and I felt three keyes land in the tub around me "Dont go for them until I say so, whore." I heard a scrapping sound, then I felt a shovel full of gravel land on me. I gasped but this repeated until I was the dirt came up to about half my body, not burying me but leaving a lot of dirt. Then water started landing in the tub slowly filling it up. Eventually, I was floating at the top, holding on to the grill with my gloved and handcuffed hands to keep afloat. There was only a centimeter or so of distance between the water and the grill, meaning I was quickly swallowing gulp fulls of the water and dirt, which left me gagging. " Well, You can get the keyes now. Hurry up, slut, I dont have all day" I heard my mother say. Great, the keyes were at the bottom, adn cause my hands were cuffed in front of me, I would have to flip to get them which ment a mouth full of the filthy water. I flipped and started groping around the bottom of the tub for the keyes. I had to turn around to breath 5 times before I found one by which time I had swallowed so much water I felt like puking.I fumbled around, desperate to find the padlock and when I did, I struggled to get the key in. I fumbled the key, and to my horror, it fell into the water again. I moaned in frustration when my mother said to me "Having a hard time, Whore? I should have know not to trust a whore like you to want to get out. I dont have all day, so Im going to offer to let you out. If I do, however, you should know that I will expect repayment. Do you want me to let you out. I was full of dirt water, I hadnt got a padlock out and I was getting tired, so tired I thought I might drown, so I quickly nodded. "Ok, whore. As you wish" the padlocks came off and mom helped me out of the tub. She took off the hood and gag and pointed to the bucket of water, telling me to clean out my mouth. I dropped at the bucket and greedily sipped the water until my mouth was free of dirt. I looked to my mother, who was holding a bunch of toys and said "I hope you liked that, whore, cause now comes the payment" Looking at the toys she was holding, I felt a sense of dread in my stomach. It was a lot of electricity toys. I slowly walked to her, at which she unzipped the pussy and anal holes and stuck in two HUGE electric dildos, so huge my holes were pretty filled. Then she unzipped two zippers at my breasts and applied a bunch of electro pads and two electric nipple clamps. After all that, she recuffed my hands behind my back and said "There, nice and snug, whore. I wasnt kidding about having to go into town by the way. I do have to go soon, so I'll leave you in an inescapable position before I do. And the dildos and pads? They only come off when I say they do. Please me and they may come off today. Piss me off and you'll wear it to school on monday. Understand?" My eyes widened. I didnt want to wear this to school, it would be found for sure! I nodded, not wanting to upset her least all my friends find out what I like. "Good. Now get in the hole, whore" I walked to the hole in the ground and after much difficulty, got both feet inside. She told me to sit down and I did, noticing the hole was deep enough to cover everything except my head. Then mom grabbed the shovel and started putting the dirt back in. I should have been scared, but I was excited. I never had been buried so I was happy to try it, especially in these circumstances. Once my head was all that was sticking out of the ground, mom reached down and set the vibrators and shockers to random. Immediately the vibrators sprang to life, humming at a medium sort of pace while the shocks stayed relatively low. "Now, whore, I really must leave you. Before I do, I will just put this back.." and slid on the bondage hood with no mouth and eye holes. "Enjoy, Whore." mom said, kissing me before she left me alone. This time, I was sure I would...
I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think!
Friday, December 20th 2013 - 10:50:28 AM
Name: jes
Comments:cheerleader....i would have to say PLEASE keep us posted on your sub experiences with your Mom! Wish I was your Mom's sub too.....she sounds like a perfect Dom to have.
thank you for sharing your story and keep them coming.
Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 01:38:12 PM
Name: nicole
Comments:wow..keep them coming cheerleader....wish i was you hee heh hehe
Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 02:20:31 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:In between the shocks, orgasms, cum in my mouth and the pain, I did manage to get some sleep. It was short, restless and I was shocked back into awareness more than once, but I managed to get much needed rest. I awoke to see my mother had turned off the vibrator and taken out the tube in my mouth. She was standing to my right and when she noticed I was awake, turned ad said "Good morning. How was your night?" I said I had enjoyed it a lot and she smiled and said she was glad. She asked if I was hungry and wanted to drink something other then cum. I laughed a bit and we after she released me we ate breakfeast in the kitchen. It gave us an chance to talk about yesterday, she asked me if I was alright and I replied that it was the most fun I had in a while. She told me that my dad and her used to play games up there all the time until he died and since she just didnt feel like playing with anyone else. She also said when I came up to the attic she was suprised. We both talked a bit about what to expect going forward and we both agreed that this was something we both wanted and was ok with. Once we finished breakfeast she also asked me if I liked roleplaying and costumes, to which I said yes. She smiled and lead me back up to the attic where she showed me a closet full of fetish costumes of almost every uniform, fetish stuff and whatever else. She said that she could et some of the same gear for future play sessions in my size, but what she planned for me today required none of these. She then asked if I felt up to a whole day of bondage play and after careful thought, I agreed. Mom smiled and tossed me a pair of handcuffs. "I hope you have not forgotten the rules, whore, cause I will punish you if I feel like it. Put those on in front of you." All trace of her usual self gone, replaced by a cruel dominatrix. She got a collar off a table and when I put on the handcuffs, she showed it to me before she put it on. It was a thick leather collar that said "WHORE" in front, with a d ring in the front and back. Once it was on me she said "This does not come off unless I say so. And I hope you remember the codes, cause this is going to be worse than last night." She attached a leash and laid me out of the house, naked and handcuffed, past the backyard. Behind our house is a small field and next to that is a small wood. Noone ever comes out here, the woods have not paths so there was not much chance of being caught. She led me past the field into the wood and into a clearing where a bunch of gear was laid out. " I thought a nice camping trip was in order. You will spend the rest of the day here." There was a tarp with a whole lot of bondage gear , a whole in the ground, a metal tub with a grill on top, a bucket and a shovel. Mom unlocked my handcuffs and took a latex suit and gave it to me to put in. It was tight in areas, but I managed to put in on after a lot of struggle. Then She took a latex bondage hood and pulled it over my head. It had only two holes and those were for my nostrils. It was so tight, I didnt need a gag because I couldnt move my mouth. I was blind, deaf, couldnt talk and at the mercy of my mom. She took my hands and handcuffed them behind me. Then she used two zips in my latex suit to stick two vibrators in my ass and pussy, zipping up and locking them in place when she was done. Then she led me to what I thought was a tree and tied me to it using rope. I was bound to it and wasnt going anywhere. I heard her muffled voice saying "I hope you like this, cause I have to go to town and get some supplies. It should take a few hours, then I will be back and we will continue. Oh, and dont worry about your pussy. I know its sore, and as these are advanced vibrators with multiple settings, I put the vibrators to orgasm denial mode. You will get close, but you'll never cum. Have Fun, Whore." And then I heard her mullfed footsteps going away fro me. I was alone, tied to a tree wearing black latex. Great. The vibrators were quickly building me up to a climax when, just as mom said, they cut and left me screaming. Just as the excitement dropped, they sprang back to life, tormenting me. I knew I couldnt last hours like this, yet I had no choice. How was I going to make it?
I hope you enjoyed and please, give me feedback!
Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 11:51:51 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:The Restraints were solid metal padlockable cuffs nailed to the floor in a spreadeagle position but that wasnt what caught my eye. On top of were the head would go was a metal frame that was obviously supposed to hold something but what exactly escaped me. My mom pointed to the floor and said "lie down now, slut." With excitement building in my stomach I complied and she immediately started to padlock the restraints. Before I knew it, my waist, hands legs and neck were secured. I still was wondering what the frame was supposed to hold when mom walked off and came back carrying a funnel and tube. She put the funnel on the frame and it fit perfectly, then she took tube attached to the funnel and stuck the other end in my mouth. "Dont move" she said as she started duct taping the tube in place. When she was done, the tube was secured in my mouth. I nervously watched as she took a vibrator from a table behind her and walked over to the funnel. "Ever since I saw you hopping in the yard my juices have been flowing. I held myself just for you, so now I think its only fair that I release my tension on you, slut. I hope your ready for this" She flipped the vibrator on and stuck it in her pussy, then she shoved he pussy into the funnel. I finally got what she was doing. Breathing heavily, I could only watch as my mother got closer and closer to climax until finally, she cummed and squirted right into the funnel, sending a cascade of her juices straight into my mouth. The salty taste filled my mouth and I had noway to stop it. I couldnt breath, so I started drinking her cum, bit by bit, forcing myself to drink it. The disgusting taste left me gagging and I could feel bile in my throat. When the tube finally cleared I could finally breath again. I coughed and gagged, gasping, but I noticed my mother hadnt stopped! She was going to cum again and did, 3 more times, filling my mouth with cum each time. When she finally stopped, I was gasping, her taste, and I had never been so aroused in all my life. I had actually cummed once my self, just before a my mouth was filled by mom's juices for the last time. I knew then that this is what I had always wanted. This was the best thing to ever happen to me. Mom circled me, breathing heavily, then stopped and rubbed my dripping wet pussy."Oh, you liked that didnt you, slut? I guess I dont have to ask you that." She got up, crossed to her table and grabbed her watch, looked at it and said "well, slut, I have to go get tommorow's fun set up. Lots to do. And remember how I said you wont sleep in your room without my permission? Well, I hope you got comfortable, cause you are sleeping there tonight." I was shocked. It was very uncomfortable, so I tried to beg, but she just said "Oh, dont worry slut. I know you want a vibrator in your pussy, so I'l just go get you one." I tried to shout, my pussy was sore and just couldnt take it, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. She returned and jammed a dildo in my pussy, filling my hole completly. "Now, slut this is a special vibrator. I noticed you liked electricity, so ..." I felt a strong shock in my pussy, stronger then my buttplug ever was, and I screamed in pain." That was full blast. I hope you feel lucky, because Im going to set this to random. Every minute, the vibration setting and shock setting will randomly change and will stay on they setting. Here, let me show you a minute of full shock, full vibrate" My eyes widened just as just as she hit it. I screamed as the shocks and the vibrations brought my sore, tired pussy to orgasm in half a minute. There was no pleasure in the orgasm, only pain. "You really are a whore, arnt you? Well, good, Im sure you will enjoy yourself. And dont worry about drink, I have that covered." She took the funnel away but left the tube in my mouth. She went to a large fridge and took out one of those containers water coolers use with some sort of device attached to the noozle. She came back and attached the hose to the container and put the container on the frame. "This is a game your father and I used to play. Take a sip. I sucked on the tube and some liquid came out and into my mouth. I realised that it was cum the moment it tasted the salty mix. I tried to spit it out but it had nowhere to go, so swallowed the revolting mixture and started gasping. "In case your wondering, thats not mine. We bought that at a specialty website, so enjoy sucking other peoples cum like the whore you are. And dont think you can go the night without drinking, cause its going to get hot in here real fast" With that, she leaned down and turned on the vibrator. "Sweet dreams, whore." She walked to the ladder, turned off the light and climbed down, shutting the trapdoor and leaving me in darkness. I was alone, I was being shocked, I was tied to the floor, I was covered in my moms juices and I was loving every minute. I always dreamed of total domination and this was everything I always immagined. I never even considered the safe word. I lay there and savoured it, loving the total control over me my mom had. I also tried to fight the urge to drink, but mom was right, soon I would have to hydrate, and my pussy was getting wetter....
Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoyed!
Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 09:12:15 AM
Name: nicole
Comments:Great story Cheerleader! Keep going! This story is just getting good!
Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 11:38:40 AM
Name: Mike
E-mail address: onecoldman49@gmail.com
Comments:I do i write my story of my self cbt I doing it all the time want to share my self cbt torture ...
Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 11:27:21 AM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:I stood there and screamed in a combination of pain, frustration and A shock up my ass. This ment I would have to hobble around the length of the house ( which wasnt small) and go in through the front door, which added about 30 minutes of pain, orgasms, hopping and ass shocks to what I guessed was already an hour plus long ordeal. And that wasnt including whatever my mother had planned for me in the attic. I sighed and began the long, arduous journey back into the house. After hopping, screaming, orgasming and falling over a couple of times, I finally made it back to the front door and prayed that she hadnt locked it to. Turning around and feeling around for the handle, I screamed in joy as the front door swung open and hopped as fast as I could to the stairs and using a crawl/hop/struggle technique got up the stairs to my room and collapsed next to the keyes. Taking 5 minutes to find the right key, I undid my handcuffs, untied my knees and legs and just laid there panting. Until a ass shock reminded me to take off my gag and dildos to. I looked at my body and sighed. It looked terrible. My uniform had grass stains all over it, the clothespins had been painfully pulled off during the cross to the front door and I was covered in my own juices. But what was going on in my head was different. Did I really want to be dominated by my mother? I was by no means a virgin and had dreamed about being dominated by both men and women, but I had never told anyone about my fetish. Did I want this? In the end, I took off my clothes and made my way to the ladder to the attic. Stopping just short, I tried to make up my mind. My mom was still a looker and only around late-30s very early-40s( she had me young). She had double D's, was around 6 feet tall and had the a body to die for. She also had the most soft brown hair you could just get lost in. Two parts of my brain were in motion. One part could only think that this was weird. The other half could only think about being dominated at last. This part won out as I climed the attic. I never went up there before. I always thought It was empty but when I entered, I found out that was totally untrue. Every imaginable form of bondage gear was up here. Crosses, benches, things I didnt even recognize. I was still staring at this treasure trove I never knew was right above me when my mother's voice came from behind and said" Like what you see? I turned around and my jaw dropped. Mom was wearing latex boots and a corset that didnt cover her boobs. Nothing else. She looked like the god of sex incarnate. Walking right up to me she continued " You father and I used to play when he was alive. Its how we meet. When he died, I stopped. It didnt feel right without him. But I never figured you were a enthusiast. And now, I will let you decide. If you want, I could...play with you like I used to. But if not, we could just pretend this never happened. But, if you decide to sub, I want you to know that you can stop is at any time. So,what do you say?" I stared and tried to make a descion. I really wanted to be dominated, and even the voice for caution had gone quiet. What really did it for me was her assurance that I could stop it when I want. I nodded and mom smiled. "Good. Now, rules. One, You will call me mistress at all times unless in public. No exceptions. You will be called slut, whore or slave. Two, you no longer sleep in your bedroom unless I say so. Three, You will follow every command I give you without question or I will punish you however I see fit. And last, if you want me to slow down, say "Yellow" and if you want me to stop, say "Red". Understand?" I nodded and she frowned and slapped me in my pussy. "What do you say?" I said" Yes mistress" in shock. Mom smiled and said" See what happens when you disobey me? Now, do you want one last little play session or do you want to call it it day, slut?" I ached and was still sore, but I also was eager to try out these toys and said" Yes mistress, I would like a play session" with such enthusiasm even I was surprised. Mom smiled and said "Good. Follow me. And dont worry, for this you just have to lie down. It will still be tough, so dont forget the codes." She lead me to a device on the floor that I didnt recognize. It was a bunch of metal restrains on the floor for the hands, legs, waist and neck. But it was what went above the head that drew my eye.....
I hope you enjoy and please do give me advice and critiques!
Monday, December 16th 2013 - 04:39:44 AM
Name: 3X
Comments:cheerleader yes i want more....
Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 06:10:43 PM
Name: The Cheerleader
Comments:Hi, Im new to the site. I glad I found a place to tell my story, I though I was the only one who would get caught, happy to see Im not the only one! Before I tell you, my name is Lily, Im 5'9, have decent sized c-cups, am 17 a cheerleader in m local high school(not going to tell you were). I found self bondage when I was 15 and have been practicing it ever since and have amassed a collection of toys. Usually, I put keyes in ice, but today I tried something different. I lived alone with my mother(dad died when some years ago) in a rather secluded house near a large town(we were well off). There was a shed out back, about 50 meters away, full of tool and, more importantly, had a floor that was pretty clear, leaving a decent area to work with. I hatched my plan, we had no neighbours, so I did'nt have to worry about that. My mother usually went grocery shopping on friday and on that particular friday I had a freeday with no school. My mother also had made plans to meet a friend, so I had several hours to play. When she left, I got out my play kit and left all my keys in a jumble on the floor upstairs so I would have to find them. I walked out to the shed and laid out my stuff. It was nothing special, some handcuffs, a vibrating dildo, rope, clothespins, blindfolds and a large ballgag, but the pride of my collection was a special buttplug. Not only was it HUGE to the point that it pretty much filled up my ass, it also was electric and could send randomized shocks at randomized levels, which hurt like hell but were totally HOT! The buttplug alone had given me orgasms, but what I was planning was the toughest ordeal I had ever done. I put on my Cheerleader's uniform ( I liked to wear it, it made me feel hot. It was a red and white uniform with the school letters on the front. It had sleeves that came up to my wrists and a skirt that went down to my knees. I also put on a pair of white leather high-heel boots for the extra challenge)) and pulled up my tunic and put 2 clothespins on my nipples. The sting hurt, but I was used to It by now. I then put on my ballgag and pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and inserted the vibrator and buttplug. I left them off for now. I then tied my knees together ad put on a spreader bar for my legs. I was really going all out, I wanted this to be the hardest experience ever. I then took a pair of handcuffs and tied a rope to the chains. Then I took the rope, passed it through a support beam, down again and tied it to as table leg. I put a candle in such a way that it would take a while to burn through the rope ut would in the end. I then hopped back over to the cuffs, set my vibrator to the 3rd highest setting( Like I said, I wanted this to be a hard experience), set the puttplug to random and tied the small control box around my waist, making sure everything was secure, then I pulled up my panties to make sure nothing would fall out. Once that was done I put my hands behind me and handcuffed myself into a strapado. Immediately, I regretted my descions. my knees tied together made it incredibly uncomfortable to stand and the boots did,nt help, I had put the handcuffs to high and as such my arms were already aching and the vibrator was already wrecking havoc down there, not to mention the intermediate shocks in my ass. On the whole though, I was in heaven. This was exactly what I wanted. I was enjoying every ache, every shock, every orgasm. My legs were giving me hell from the position, but I didnt care. I dont remember much after the 5th orgasm, only suddenly falling flat on my face after the rope burnt through. The pain made me cry, but I gave myself a minute to savour it and the orgasm I was going through. By this point the orgasm stopped being pleasurable and the shock were just agony. I just wanted to get out and crawled over to a wall and pushed myself up. I slowly and painfully hobbled over to the door and opened it, not noticing that a considerable lenght of rope was trailing behind me. Even masochists have a point between pleasurable pain and just pain, I had reached that point. I slowly hobbled through the yard, stopping every so often to scream a orgasm or as the buttplug shocked me. I was about halfway through when a sudden yank on the rope tied to the handcuffs unbalenced me and for a second time today, I fell flat on my face. I was dazed and confused, I looked back to see my mom standing with a look on her face I only saw once before, the look a dominatrix gives a sub in porn. My heart skipped a beat and I stared for 3 seconds before I got shocked in the ass and screamed out. Mom walked up to me and sat on my chest,knocking the air out of my lungs. She grabbed my face and forced me to look at her. She looked down and half growled, half whispered to me, "well, it looks like I have a bondage slut for a daughter. Do you like bondage slut?" I looked on, surprised, and she slapped me in the face and yelled "Answer, Slut! Do you like bondage?" I nodded, scared and massively aroused. "Well, thats obvious, slut. Do you like pain?" fearing another slap, I nodded. " Well thats good. Because naughty sluts get punished. And naughty sluts who like pain get REALLY punished. Do you want to get punished, Slut?" Looking at my mom, I didnt know what to think. I was aroused and at the same time scared. Was she really saying what I thought she was saying? Was she offering to dominate me? I had always dreamed of it and wasnt particular about which sex it was, but my mother? Then again, I also was turned on and really wanted it, so I carefully nodded again. She smiled and leaned in closer. "Good, slut. I dont want to disturb your fun, so I will let you finish up. I expect you to be in the attic naked and ready when you are. Am I clear?" I slowly nodded. "Good. Things are going to change around here, Slut. New rules are in play and I expect total obedience or there will be hell to pay. Now, hurry up and finish. I will be waiting." And with that she got up and entered the house through the back door. I stared in disbelife, then screamed as a double shock/orgasm hit my body. What had I gotten my self into? Domination by my mother? It was unheared of, weird and totally, totally HOT. I had more immediate problems though. I crawled in the grass to the house, pushed my self up and tried the door. Mom had locked it. Damn.....
Let me know if you want more!
Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 02:50:11 PM
Name: bravo
Comments:another idea came to me tying yourself up in a public restroom. to make interesting why not the opposite sex restroom
Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 11:19:32 AM
Name: Jesse
Comments:I am a 17 yo male who has enjoyed bondage (mostly experimenting with self-bondage, but also a little bit with my girlfriend) for several years. The more I research (internet) the more involved and brave I have become to try new and devious things. I have really enjoyed cbt and get more daring and creative every chance I get.
Well, over Thanksgiving break from school I had my chance. I was home alone. Both parents were at work all day on Friday and my 2 sisters went out of town shopping for the day (the Black Friday thing you know). I figured it was a great time to do some self-bondage and some cbt. I decided to put myself in strict tight bondage with heavy cbt and watching a porn from my sister’ collection she hides in her room. I left the keys to the handcuffs on the floor upstairs in my sister’s room. I gathered the things I needed and headed downstairs to the living room where I would tie myself and watch the full movie before trying to get up the stairs to get the key to the cuffs. I started first by tying a cord to each of my balls, then wrapping another cord tightly around my balls and separating them and tying the cord tightly, leaving the two cords tied to each ball hanging loose (for now). I then grabbed a toilet plunger and centered the handle across my balls and tied my balls tightly to the handle. I put a ball gag in my mouth, and covered my cock and nipples with as many clothes pins as I could. I then took the plunger handle and ran it between my legs and positioned it so it pulled my cock and balls behind me and the handle would rest against the back of each leg. I then squatted as low as I could and tied the loose end of each cord tied to my balls to the large toe on each foot. This position would have me on my knees and chest, with my cock and balls pulled behind me through my legs and each of my balls tied off to one of my feet when I was done. It would prevent me from moving at all without pulling and stretching my balls. The trip up the stairs to get the key to my cuffs would be a painful challenge and a slow process.
With the movie started and about an hour and a half till the end, I cuffed my hands behind my back. I could do nothing except watch the video like I had planned and when it was over start to make my way upstairs to the key. With my hands cuffed behind me I could not bring myself to orgasm (I did this on purpose; to make myself wait and get super horny). I was so hard and turned on, I wanted nothing else but to stroke on my clothes pinned cock, but I couldn’t. The movie ended way too soon, and I started to make my way to the stairs. It was going to be a very slow journey upstairs, as every little movement pulled on my balls and I needed to make some pretty big movements to go up the stairs and to just move across the room. It took me at least an hour just to get to the bottom of the stairs from the living room. I started to worry if and how I could even get up the stairs, let alone before my parents got home from work.
I tried for close to an hour to get up the first stair. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it from the position I was in. I almost had it figured out and was almost completely up on the first stair when the front door flew open. It scared the crap out of me and I fell off the stair. The fall pulled hard on my balls, and also alerted my sisters who had come home, the stairway going up was straight ahead of the front door. (I didn’t know they had left at like 3:00 am and would be back so soon). It was bad enough that both my sisters saw me like this, but then one of my sister friends and her Mom came walking in the door. They all just stood there looking at me. My sisters friends Mom asked if I was OK, and my sister said he’s OK…..he likes doing this and does it to himself, I have seen him do this before. This shocked me as she had never said anything to me that she had seen me before. My sisters looked at each other and then over to their friend and their Mom and asked if they wanted to stay and have some fun with the opportunity. They all shook their heads yes. One sister went into the kitchen and returned with spatulas and wooden spoons and the other used her foot and rolled me over onto my back. The spatulas and wooden spoons were handed out and then they started swatting my ass and swatting at the clothes pins on my cock until they were all knock off. I was kicking and pulling/stretching my balls with every swat they took. My sisters friend made a comment how nice and hard my cock was and how big it was. Her Mom quickly agreed with her. My sisters both said well go ahead and do what you want with him nobody will say anything. With that the Mom and her daughter proceeded to swat my cock and balls hard with the wooden spoons. They both commented how turned on they were getting by watching me trying to kick and pulling my balls hard every time they swatted my cock or balls. My one sister told them to stand back a little and this should really turn them on then and then she kicked me in the balls hard. I thought I ripped my nuts off by trying to kick so hard. The mom then got down and grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. I thought I was going to explode but she quit right then, then her daughter did the same, and my sisters even took a turn stroking my cock a couple of times. I hadn’t noticed but my one of my sisters had disappeared for a little while and returned with a dildo in her hand. It was a strap-on and she asked if her friend or her Mom wanted to try it out. The Mom quickly said yes. She stripped down to only her bra, and no panties and put on the strap-on. The other three rolled me over and then the strap-on was rammed up my ass hard. She fucked me with that strap-on for a long time and had a hard hold of my cock the whole time. Every thrust she did made the cords tied to my balls and feet pull on my balls hard. I was totally shocked when my head was forced back and my oldest sisters pussy was shoved into my face. I was made to eat all of them and then they stroked my cock until I came all over the floor. They rolled me over and made me lick it up. With that they told me our Mom would be home from work in 15 minutes. They asked where the key to the cuffs were and I motioned with my head up the stairs. My oldest sister said well you better hurry up if you plan on getting yourself free before mom gets home. I tried as best I could. I was stretching my balls to the point I didn’t think they could stretch any further trying to get up the stairs and to the keys. I made it up one stair when she said to the others, we better get out of here, mom will be rolling up any second now and it doesn’t look like he is going to make it. Let mom find him and then we can come back and act like nothing happened. They left and it wasn’t 2 minutes when my mom walked in. The other four came back shortly after and acted like nothing happened.
Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 10:29:27 AM
Name: huntsman
Comments:i would like to hear more of your stories Courtney
Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 01:27:44 AM
Name: Courteney
E-mail address: courteneyjackson@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey again! If you've never read my stories before, I'm 17, 5 foot 3 inches, long brown hair, a nice bust and gentle curves and yes, I am actually a girl c:

So the past few months I've been really busy with school and work, I still am really so I might not have to to respond to any emails I get sent (if any, sorry) but this story I just had to write about that happened today, an hour and a half after it happened.

I was dressed normally as I would if I were to take my bike out. Sweatpants, trainers and a huge hoodie; my plan today was to ride a few miles out of my village into the woods and I'd do my first fully-naked walk in the woods which I haven't done in winter before.

It was fairly chilly as usual, about 10 degrees Celsius, and I'd just squeezed my bike through the gate to the woods and found a suitable spot in the woods. I stripped off my clothes so I was fully naked but kept my trainers on because of the wet ground and started walking around. After a few minutes of walking my nipples were now very perky and I was quite happily enjoying feeling myself up as I walked along, stroking the goosebumps on my breasts and ass and occasionally stroking my pussy (which is rather difficult while walking AND looking around for people who might see you!).

It wasn't long before I decided to circle back to my bike, I'd also found a bit of rope which gamekeepers use to hang the seed boxes from tree branches, long enough to tie a loop in each end and enjoy some forest bondage... I got back to my bike and heard all the birds flying away swiftly in the distance, I took a look down the path near my spot... Nothing in sight. Just in case I got back into my clothes anyway and tied on loop around a tree branch and put a noose in the other end for my wrists to go in.

I tried to loose and as I wanted it to, didn't tighten any further with the knot I put in just the right place. I removed my wrists and seconds after I heard a snap about 20 meters from me. I turned my head and saw a man with 3 dogs. I panicked for a second in my head before realizing I could recover this, I grabbed the nearest and largest stick I could, slotted it it into the noose hanging from the tree and forced it over the knot I made, tightening it fully around the stick.

By the time that was done he was behind me, a few meters and said in a loud voice "Are ya lost?", still tugging on the rope I let go, turned and said "No, just trying to make a rope-swing!" (Best I could think of.) He said "You're not meant to be here, it's private land." after about 30 seconds of convincing him I hadn't noticed a sign saying it was Private (which I actually didn't) we soon made light of the situation, I looked at him, giggled innocently and apologized. I turned back to the stick hanging from the tree tugged on it with my hands and sure enough it snapped. I turned back to the man and said "For the past 15 minutes I haven't found a stick that's worked yet!" He just looked my up and down and said "Well just stick to the footpaths and you'll be fine."

I probably made his day, I guess it's not every day you come across a 17 year old chick in the forest claiming she's making a rope swing. Seriously, a 17 year old on her own... Making a rope swing? I wouldn't have believed it. I'm just glad he didn't catch me, I've never seen him before then so hopefully I won't see him again, just in case he mentions it haha!

...So not really a self bondage story, more of a "nearly caught" story but I thought you'd enjoy it anyway c:

~Courteney x
Saturday, November 30th 2013 - 09:36:09 AM
Name: A Dead Soldier
E-mail address: joelukemont@gmail.com
Comments:I am new here so please comment on this story.

When I was 13 I had a boring life. Nothing much would happen since my parents were rarely home.
Then I was looking up things online and I found a site that let people blog kinky stories. I had felt as if something had sparked in me. I decided that I would practice self bondage.

6 years laterit

I was 19 now and I had saved up over 63 grand in the bank. I had gone online and ordered loads of bondage gear. I had chains bolted into the wall in my basement, a section of the wall taken out, and had prison cell bars put at the section's entrance. I set up time so that I could practice sl
my self bondage in private. I had 3 weeks to have sent on bondage. I pulled out a ball gag, a triple padlocking corset, a high intensity vibrating foldout, and a matching set of chastity panties, bra, and a monster vibrating butt plug. I put it all on and went down into the prison cell my friends created for me. I shut the cell door and hung the frozen key up in a two inch by two inch block of ice. The keys to the cuffs on the wallchains were inside my pussy. Before I locked my keys up in my pussy, unreachable once the chastity panties and bra were activated. I activated them. I set the timelock on them to two hours. Before I start this I want to say that I had taken a pill earlier that changes my from a man to a girl for two hours. I made them myself as well. I locked my feet and my left hand to the chains. I pulled the master remote to all of the vibrators. I turned it on full thenlockeyd my right hand to the wall. Suddenly the remote slipped out of my hands and it landed on a button for the chastity set of clothes that I could not figure out what did. Then something came out of the inside of the front and entered my pussy. Then my pussy was filled with a rubber dildo that moved back and forth fucking me. Suddenly it stopped and retracted. Then my poussy started changing back into a dick. I had no clue what to do. Then the timer went off and deactivated the panties and bra. I had the key around my dick so I I grabbed it with my teeth. Once I was unlocked, I still had an hour to go. As I layed down in speaseagle position, acting as if I was tied to a bed, metal locking restraints locked me to the floor.

To be continued...its up to you
Saturday, November 30th 2013 - 08:08:34 AM
Name: Bravo
Comments:great story julie. can't wait to hear the rest of your other story
Wednesday, November 27th 2013 - 12:37:13 PM
Name: Julie
Comments:To pick up where I left off.......the dildo's in the saw's-all's were really giving it to me. I had the clamps on my nipples tightened down pretty good to where they were stretching and pulling my nipples and stretching my boobs out somewhat also. I settled in for what was going to be a long hard machine fucking. I was over an hour into my bondage fucking, when there was a knock on mt apartment door followed by the door opening immediately after the knock. I was locked into my over the door bondage chair directly in front of the doorway into the apartment hallway. The door opened and it was my mom! OMG....I was so embarrased! She gasped and quickly closed the door but not latching it. She came over and quickly figured out I had done this by myself and just shook her head and asked if I was enjoying myself. I nodded that I was and said it was feeling good. She looked and the puddle of my cum on the floor and said it appeared that I was having a good time. With that she saw a ball gag on the floor in the bag by me and put it in mouth and secured it tightly. At about that time the door opened again, this time my dad was standing there. They had come to take me out for something to eat. Well, to put it mildly, my dad flipped out---literally! After a couple of minutes, mom finally got him calmed down and explained that I had put myself into this position, pointed to the puddle on the floor and smiled at him. Mom told dad to close the door and she stripped right in front of me, she knelt in front of my dad and dropped his pants and started sucking him right there making me watch them. after she sucked him for a while she got up bent over grabbed ahold og my legs for support ant told dad to take her in her, and he did. when they were finished, mom said, I guess you aren't coming out for supper with us then. With that she said have fun, gave a couple of turns on the nipple clamps tightening them some more and then left. I was so embarrased. Not just having my parents catch me like this, but by being forced to watch them do it in front of me. After they were done eating they stopped back to check on me. One key had thawed out and i had one wrist free but was still getting a pounding from the machines and by the looks of the second key I had another hour to go before I would get out. mom and dad both stayed and watched for a while then mom said she was getting horny again and they slipped into my bedroom and did it on my bed. then the second key thawed and my wrists were free and I started getting myself freed.
Monday, November 25th 2013 - 06:07:41 AM
Name: GordianKnot
Comments:Julie, have you ever been caught in self-bondage?
Saturday, November 23rd 2013 - 01:52:36 PM
Name: Julie
Comments:Embarrassing situation……..
I just wanted to share a very embarrassing situation I got myself into.
I was bored one Saturday afternoon and decided to do some self-bondage at home.
After thinking about what I wanted to do and what I was in the mood for, I gathered my things and started to set the afternoon bondage session in motion. I decided to go with the my over the door bondage chair/harness, my 2 saws-all’s with dildo adapters with the stand my boyfriend made for them (on one I had my 12” monster dildo and the other I had a more modest 7” dildo), a set of nipple clamps with the plate that goes between each breast and had a screw thru the bar to tighten the clamps(pull the clamps tighter) and stretch my nipples and boobs (depending how much the screw was turned, two sets of hand cuffs with the keys already frozen in large glasses in the freezer.
With everything gathered, I knew that getting into the position I was visualizing was going to take a bit of work. So, I was pleasantly surprised when everything fell into place a lot quicker and easier than I had thought it would. With the only set back being I had to get a couple of extension cords run up to where my hands would be cuffed, so I could plug in the saw’s-all machines.
I got the keys to my cuffs out of the freezer and tied the strings off above where my hands would be cuffed and the blocks of ice would hang down to my sides and when the keys were free I could grab the strings and free my hands. I chose 2 different size glasses to freeze the keys in on purpose, so that I could free one hand but still be bound until the other was free. I figured the key in the small glass would thaw out in 2 or three hours and the big glass would be 4 to 5 hours.
I got myself into the bondage chair, positioned the dildos into my pussy and ass with a lot of lube on them, strapped my legs in spread wide open and high, held on to the extension cords for the power and from the saw’s-all’s, cuffed my hand to the overhead straps and plugged in the cords to get the fucking machines pounding my pussy and ass. Once they started pounding in and out I knew I had them set to fast for the time I would be locked in this position. They didn’t seem that fast on the trail run I gave them before strapping myself in. But they were really giving it to me good, fast and hard!
till next time......
Friday, November 22nd 2013 - 12:52:05 PM
Name: Shemale Elvis
E-mail address: elvis@shmelvis.com
Comments:Sanday B, your story gets me aroused every time.

-Martyn D.
Friday, November 22nd 2013 - 01:05:39 AM
Name: bravo
Comments:i also welcome any comments
Wednesday, November 20th 2013 - 12:44:28 PM
Name: Bravo
Comments:okay i will tell you guys part of it.
required items
-2 lengths of chain
-4 locks each with it's own key
-gag preferably ring gag
-optional rope or string
-time release for last key or clothes
-your or your partners favorite toys
-another lock with frozen key
-long length of chain

some modifying maybe allowed based on your situation

this is to be done in the woods or hiking trail or park or near/in a field.
(I am going to assume this is for self bondage and just a disclaimer I take no responsibility for what happens during your situation if you choose to do this)
1. hide the keys to leg restraints in one spot and the keys to wrist further away you could also hide each key in different spots put at least one key in a spot where you are likely to be caught
2. (optional) now heres where the optional rope comes in you can bind the wrist chains to the ankle chains with a knot you can somewhat easily undo when bound.
3. now strip naked and put your clothes in a backpack (here's my suggestion lock them in there with a lock you previously froze the key for).
another idea is rather then locking your clothes you have a crotch chain or something that requires the last key to thaw to redress yourself

i will answer any question posted on here
Saturday, November 16th 2013 - 01:14:28 PM
Name: Belle
E-mail address: BoundBelle@live.com
Comments:I Too am quite interested. Also if anyone else wants to give me some help on future ideas just email me, i'm up for most things really:)
Saturday, November 16th 2013 - 07:49:24 AM
Name: abusedforfun
E-mail address: abusedforfun@aol.com
Comments:Bravo: I am interested, please do tell!
Friday, November 15th 2013 - 09:07:07 PM
Name: Bravo
Comments:if anyone is interested i have an idea you can use for yourself or bondage partner. warning does involve outdoor play
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 10:55:24 AM
Comments:What happened to bianca and coles stories
Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 09:02:12 PM
Name: Carter
E-mail address: Shadowofdarkness@gmail9002
Homepage URL: http://www.google.com.au
Comments:Let me in
Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 03:00:43 PM
Name: bravo
Comments:mel please post more
Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 06:50:02 PM
Name: Mel
Comments:Sorry about the wait, I've been very busy. Without further ado:

I groggily woke up, laying on my stomach as I usually sleep. In the next foggy second I realized I had a crazy dream. In the seconds afterward I realized it wasn't. I frantically pulled at the restraints, still locking me into the contraption by my ankles, above and below the knee, over my chest and back, and both wrists securely buckled in as well.

"Oh I don't think you're going anywhere, sweetie" said a mocking voice. A female voice. I still struggled.

"Trust me, I've been in bound in it, and I've bound someone in it. Resistance is futile."

I was taken aback by the strange 80s movie or sci fi phrase but had no time to contemplate it when my hair was yanked sharply back, my neck straining backward and my eyes now peering upward at my captor's face and she said, "So, are you fucking my husband?"

I tried to vehemently shake my head no, difficult with her holding my head and the head rest. I tried to say no as mttmm but that was still difficult with the whiffle ball gag.

"I can't understand you you stupid slut." She undid my gag. I took a few deep and confused breaths. "WELL?"

N-no no, no I stammered.

"Then what the fuck are you doing here, in MY house, in MY sex machine, completely naked, fucking yourself silly??"

I I...I --"Speak!" I I don't know. I...just thought it'd be fun.

"So you knew we have a fuck machine, then?"

Um...I don't know.

"Not 'I don't know." Yes or no?"

No. I mean. I thought you might. Then an awkward pause.

"You know what I think? I think you're full of shit, little girl. And you've picked the wrong person to cheat on....What are you doing? Did you not believe me?" (I had been casually trying to get free from my restraints.) You're going nowhere, whore." and she slapped my ass, I jumped.

The truth, or rather, its use, dawned on me.

My sister!

"What about her? And why do I care about your sister?"

Um. I paused. Because I just thought it'd be fun (A bad start).

"You said that already" Another hard, stinging slap on my ass. She was strong for a female.

No, I mean. I thought This would be fun, but I'm not fuck--I'm not doing Anything with your husband. My sister is. That's how I knew about this. Sorry. (I wasn't sure what exactly the sorry was for, but it seemed fitting nonetheless).

"Are you feeding me more bullshit, slut?" I told her no. "Where's your phone, let me see if you're texting him." I told I didn't have it with me (I didn't) She looked and didn't find it. She told me she didn't believe me. That they took a voucher to leave next week but that they went separate ways for girls and guy's night out, but she thought I was meeting to fuck him, or at the very least had done so before. He likes those young college sluts so much, and I was just his type.

"He thinks he's goddamn Don Juan, but he's 40 years old, did you know that?" I shook my head. "You don't even look old enough to drink."

I'm not.

"Shut up. Did I ask you to speak?" I was silent. "Come to think of it, I keep seeing the back fence unlatched when I come home. You don't live behind us do you?"

N no. (I don't know why I lied. Nerves I guess). She squinted at me trying to extract the truth. I looked away. She asked me my sister's name and other questions, I think to test if I was lying. I answered quickly but still somewhat hesitated due to the situation. She seemed to consider it. I asked if she would unlock me from the machine. She didn't like that request, but I persisted with "please?".

"You know what? I don't think I like your slutty mouth bothering me while I TRY to consider whether I should let you go or not!" --I'm sorry I just wante almmmp (remember, my field of vision is very restricted still, so it came as a surprise when...) she filled my mouth with a ball gag. But not mine. A full, no-hole ball gag, bigger than mine, working to carefully place it behind my teeth, forcing my mouth open and making it impossible for me to coherently speak. I won't lie--it was very erotic.

She worked adjusted the straps, one that went simply around my head, two others that went diagonally upward and met at the bridge of my nose then went over the top of my head and met the other strap. I had never used a gag like this before. My pussy was wet again.

Of course, now was not the time to relax and indulge. I waited anxiously as she seemed to mull over my story. She looked through my things and fingered my keychain as she thought. Finally:

"No, I think you're full of it slut. But I'm fair. I'll check your housekey and see if it works to the house behind us. If so, you're in a world of trouble, missy." As she left the room I began the mad-scramble to get loose. Of course the key would work! Why did I tell her I didn't live there! And how will I get loose from these damned buckles?? I tried to cry for help but only a dull muffled mash of sounds could escape my gagged mouth. As I moved around I could feel the dildo poking at the very edge of my pussy, not exactly helping my concentration.

After a few minutes the door opened and shut. I tensed up. I heard the hard click of heels on the ground. After what seemed like an eternity the silence was shattered my a hard swat of my ass, I squeeled.

"I've got a little lying slut on my hands." mmmphh. "Yeeaa slutty girl I've found you out, haven't I? That's what you get for sleeping with another woman's husband." I shook my head. "Oh but it is. And you Will get it. Don't worry, I won't hurt you--much. I've decided I want to use something of his (use??) this sometime, see how he likes that. But I'm not going to make it easy for you you little liar." With that she slapped my face. I jolted from the unexpected shock. Without much time to gather from the both physical and emotional shock, she adjusted my head rest to look more straight ahead so I could see the room. She walked in front of me.

"Do you like what you see?"

to be continued
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Great story, keep it cuming
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Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 05:18:25 AM
Name: Mel
Comments:The apparatus:

It was a cross from a padded bench and table. There was a wide middle section for your stomach, wide enough to where your breasts wouldn't hang off the sides. A separate section at the front, a little higher, for you to rest your head/neck. Pads below and behind the middle section, for your legs. Basically I'd be kneeling but my feet wouldn't touch the ground, and my legs would be spread. And the legs had straps and buckles. And the middle section. And the head section. Basically, all over the thing. A smooth steel rod stuck out of what I suppose you'd call the motor, and at the end of this rod was a large, flesh colored dildo. It had other little attachments that were bare, for who knows what. I thought about a massager pressed up against my clit by it. A second dildo for my never-been-fucked asshole. But I didn't have time for these things, a good machine fuck was more than enough for my dripping pussy at this point. And of course it had more metal machinery, some cylindrical pulley system designed for the right angle and force and blah blah blah--things that didn't concern me at that moment.

I wore normal clothes. Jeans, sweater, tennis shoes. I wanted to look as normal as possible approaching the door, and plus, I'd be having my fun naked, anyway. The gravity of that idea struck me as I nervously grabbed the bottom of my sweater. Am I really going to do this? While I started to ponder this question, I pulled it over bare tummy, chest and head and tossed it on the floor. Curious, I hadn't really found an answer, but my body seemed to be pretty sure. I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them off my bare, pale-but-let's-say-milky white thighs and calfs.

Oh yeah, I guess you could say I was pretty attractive by then. Sure, I was a social pariah, intensely awkward, and had the tanned glow of a coffined vampire, but I had grown 3 inches last year to become a towering 5'6 Venus, and, though only average height, the growth came all in the lower half, making my legs rather long and slender; my tummy still flat; the other growth giving me a near-C cup that was accentuated by my otherwise skinniness (Truly, I loved my breast!); no tan lines because they weren't tan, but did feature what I thought and think were larger than normal nipples that when erect were so hard they could nearly cut diamonds, though as a reward for their gracing me with something sexy I only punished them with clothespins, which I loved, but had regrettably forgotten that day. It's sad that I didn't notice it then, but I was pretty cute, too, though I was incredibly negative about my face. A nice smile, which my sister had so poisoned in my mind that I focused on the fact that I used to need braces, not that they had arranged them awfully well. A petite, sharp nose, on a cute also almost angular face, which my sister likened to a rat. Dark hazel eyes, just past my shoulder straight but totally not just out of the shower brunette hair. In contrast to her evaluation, guys had started to send compliments my way, but they were so vague (hot, fine, etc), that I figured they more referred to my tits, or perhaps their general desire for sex (I didn't consider that self serving statements can be true, also). In any case, feast you mind's eye on that awkward pretty gal that was me of the past.

So then. I had removed my shoes and socks before my pants, and stood there in a purple bra and red panties, alone in my neighbors' sex room / bondage room / amateur dungeon. Again I was nervous, but what else was there to do at this point! My hard nipples poked against the thin fabric of my bra. I gave one a little rub and pinch and then unhooked the bra, tossing it down on my sweater. I shivered in glee at the excitement of the air against my tits and looked down at my panties, already visibly wet from similar excitement. I reached down and rubbed my finger up my slit for a few seconds and grabbed the waistband. After a deep breath I was sliding them down my legs and set them beside my pants.

I opened my bag. I looked at the tape and the whiffle ball gag. Tape would be more effective I could hardly make any noise at all, usually (luckily I could always breathe easily through my nose--be careful out there if this is an issue for you). But I loved the feeling of my mouth forced open, I felt so submissive, it felt so complete. I went with the ball. I opened wide and secured the tie behind my head. I was already a little light headed from the excitement and anticipation. I wasn't sure what to use for restraint. I didn't have keys for their equipment of course, and it would take too long to freeze any. But the buckles were right there on the machine, so I decided to use all of them and just leave one of the hands slightly lose, just in case. Not ideal, but 100% inescapable bondage wasn't the draw today, it was that mechanical dildo whispering my name--besides I could hardly get stuck there for days getting fucked only for my sister's fuckpartner to find me. But first, a couple more accessories, if you will. I preferred not to be completely naked, not for modesty, but because I loved to wear heels and stockings or high socks when tied up. I pushed the ho hum stalkings that I used for tying out of the way, and grabbed the almost neon red pair that had mysteriously disappeared from my sister's Sailor Moon/I'm a Slut ensemble. I loved the feel of them going from slack to tight, hugging against every square millimeter of my skin. I looked over my shoulder at the contrast of the bright red legs and white upper thigh and ass cheek, which I felt up and slapped and again quivered (it has crossed my mind that I might actually faint but I was too horny to care or stop). Next I grabbed a pair of strappy black heels so aggressively high and spiky (boy was that ever an awkward goodwill purchase) you'd sooner use them as a weapon than walk more than 10 feet in them. Both items I would never wear in public, but I felt, again, very submissive, sexy, and the picture just felt complete, I'd put that word in italics if I could. Finally, I took the slightest trace of a dab of bengay and applied it in a circle around each areola, and then a dot on each nipple, I'd put on more before, but was too excited about the fucking to obsess about every little detail.

I flicked the switched on. It hummed to life. The dildo slowly pumped back and forth, with the slightest up and down ecliptic motion. But it wasn't just "on" and "off," it went up to 10, and I moved it to 2. 3 looked hotter. As did 5. 10 scared me and I thought the whole thing might collapse. I thought 5 would work when I saw a couple programmed settings. I selected one which went from a range of 1 to 7, at random. positioned myself in the machine (not exactly "in" but you get the point). I had to press myself inbetween the pads and the dildo and when I moved in a certain way it pressed against my pussy, which begged for it to continue but each drip of my sex was as yet denied. I started strapping myself in. Ankle. Ankle. Below the knee. Above the knee. Below the knee. Above the knee. Then I realized I need to at least pay a little more attention, because I think the dildo was too high to fuck me. I unstrapped and adjusted it a little lower, then figured I better test it before getting fully strapped in. I turned it on, and almost immediately it slid forcefully in my tight pussy. I moaned through my ball. I wanted to just sit there like a lazy whore and get fucked all day, but after a minute I gathered myself, turned it off, and strapped in again. As far as the previous description but also strapped in my lower and upper midsection (which had the affect of putting extra pressure on my breasts and really adding to the hot sting of the bengay that was coming to life on my nipples), I didn't use the head strap but it was firmly in place anyway and I liked the sensation of having to look a little upward. I strapped in my left hand tightly. I moved back as much as I could and felt the dildo against me. I turned on the program and it entered me and I shuddered. My hand was shaking as I brought it back to its restraint, luckily the program began at 1, and I fiddled with it, which was more difficult that I thought one-handed, even though I examined it closely earlier. I strained to lift my head so I could look at it. Stage 2 or 3 sprung into action. I quivered again and moaned and my hand was shaking more, I thought I'd never get it in there, or worse, would snap it inescapably tight. I fiddled with it for what seemed an eternity but was probably only a few minutes. I was a hot mess of frustrated and aroused, and just when I had it figured out it jumped up another level and I lost my grip with another shudder. I thought would even cum even though I usually orgasm more by clitoral stimulation, but it dropped back down to 1, and I snapped it perfectly into place. I would let out of a sigh of satisfaction and eroticism and helplessness. I tested it out, and everything would be fine, and I was sure that at 5 or higher I would be sitting here in stockings and heels and otherwise stark naked in my neighbors sex dungeon getting fucked for hours by a machine. Talk about bliss.

Until it was stuck on 1 for a while. True to human nature, I went from blissful to entitled and upset with minutes. And then out of nowhere it shot up and started fucking me hard, fast, and deep. I moaned loudly. Within minutes I was on the first of orgasm.

And then: the door. And then: What The FUCK?? MMMUMPHH

My mind was chaos and I tried to wriggle lose simultaneously oh a half a minute from orgasm. No, no, Stay a while. A hand held mine in check and forcefully buckled it tighter, just like my 100% bound left wrist. I couldn't move my head to look at my captor. I just saw wall and ceiling as they moved behind me and the dildo lost its will and slowed to a stop. In shock in almost every way, my near orgasm thwarted, caught and bound by an unknown master, I desperately tried to comprehend the turn of events. Who the fuck are you??

I fainted.
Monday, September 9th 2013 - 03:55:41 PM
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Comments:can't wait to hear more mel
Monday, September 9th 2013 - 05:18:50 AM
Name: Mel
Comments:I'll spare you the details of much mental turmoil and fluctuation. I chose to checkout the fucking machine, and if possible, to use it!

I carried my own keys as if they worked for the house, "accidentally" dropped them, and picked up the real key while picking them up. Click, turn, open. I couldn't believe it worked so easy! I had watched them leave before, so I knew they weren't home. Still, I proceeded carefully. I found the bedroom--no straps dildos and sex swings yet. I looked in the closet, carefully trying to leave everything undisturbed, but nothing. I was crestfallen but still heart racing from the situation. I figured it wouldn't hurt to look around. Then, downstairs, I opened a door. My big black duffel bag full of bondage gear thudded against the basement floor and I gasped as I saw...

Okay, the duffel bag was a small purple backpack, and I didn't drop it, but I definitely gasped. The fucking machine. And a sybian. And an X frame with straps all along it. And a flogger. My muscles were jello and I was again literally quivering (not trying to be sexy or melodramatic here--it's just a body quirk). I walked to each piece surveying excitedly and lustingly, almost shy or afraid to go to the fucking machine first. My body was liquid and my panties were wet. I considered looking all around for more accessories, there had to be some, but there didn't seem to be natural places for them. I considered going back to look in the bedroom, and hesitated. I felt an irrational impulse of possibly getting caught, I think Freud called that internalized guilt or something, but I decided time was of the essence. Besides, I had my bag of bondage gear with me.

Okay, it wasn't exactly a collection fitting to the room. Some duct tape, nylons, bengay, a little whiffle ball gag I had made myself, my bullet vibrator.

So the fucking machine.

(I have to go but I figured this would be better than nothing. Will post more later!)
Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 10:08:12 AM
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Comments:if i am reading Mel's story right this is the setup for her being caught
Friday, September 6th 2013 - 06:55:27 AM
Name: Mel B
Note from WebMaster This story doesn't conform with this site " Being CAUGHT "....
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Comments:hey mel would love to hear more have a good weekend
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 07:20:57 PM
Name: Mel
Comments:Hi all,

First, a little about me. I was deathly shy and quiet and did my own thing as a young girl. Of course, it was hard to compare with my older sister--overachiever, social butterfly, and drop dead beautiful. Just 2 years older, but always half a foot taller, perfect hair, perfect face, perfect boobs, and all perfectly put together. This would all be a minor annoyance if she weren't such a manipulative bitch. Oh yeah, blonde hair blue eyes, though not a natural blonde, and that was wasn't the only fake thing about her. She kept up the perfect facade but secretly was a serial flirt, drinker, even soft drug user. Those possibilities never dawned on my parents, not believing their first born could be anything other than an angel. Even this wouldn't be so bad, but she would take every opportunity to embarrass me to parents, friends, boys, anyone really.

So then, I receded into my shell and never was kissed or had a date or social life by the time high school started. Then one day, or so it seemed, I got boobs, contacts, and stopped wearing my hair straight out of the shower half the time. With zero effort I was attracting boys, and the sudden change kind of freaked me out, and I receded further. I occasionally peeked out of the shell, and was somehow insulted or disrespected by my sister (whom we'll call Amanda), and I receded still further. In addition to studying like a lawyer cramming for a bar exam (which, incidentally, I'm taking in about a year), I developed a love of self bondage. This was no small secret to keep while living in close proximity to such a vindictive, capricious sibling. But I found my spots, so to speak, and managed to procure a couple basic sex toys. I loved to have forced orgasms, but could never fully indulge since ice cube methods were just too risky for my situation. I didn't trust any boys, and to try with a friend?hell, I hardly had any.

Back to my succubus kin. She led on most of her suitors, but had a thing for older men. Like our neighbor. Our engaged neighbor. Thirty-something, built and handsome, and as she liked to almost taunt me with, "fucking well hung." Which she knew, because she was already fucking him. Anyway--one day she randomly asked me what I thought about bondage? My heart instantly raced and vision blurred as my head pounded (those who have something to hide always feel guilty, and if you're guilty, you do not want my sister as the judge, jury, or executioner). Um I don't know, never tired it. No shit, dummy, who would do it with you? (kind and eloquent as ever). "Um, why?", I peeped, trying to dilute my scarlet face. Apparently Jack is into it, he's kinky as fuck. I mean, I like him taking control, but I guess they have a bunch of sadist stuff and sex machines. Sex machines, I inquired? re-scarletting. Yeah, and I'm not into freaky whips and chains stuff, I mean just fuck me ya know? I mean, you don't, but it's an expression. She laughed. Yes, I know. Don't be short with me, bitch. Um, like what do you mean sex machines, like robots? That seemed like a pretty safe spot to miss the mark on. No no she replied, it's like a dildo power tool or something. fucks you like crazy I guess. Straps all around it, anyway--that's all Mel (we'll say). I'm going out tonight, if mom asks tell her I'm at Jennifer's, (I nodded), and god I hope you're not going on a date or something...(I thought she was going to add, "dressed like that (my typical non sexy attire)", but that was all, just a general wearing down of my self esteem, so nice). I should have sulked but not only was I fairly inured to her comments by now, but more so, I couldn't get that sex machine out of my mind. My thoughts wandered and wandered and that night my bullet vibrator strummed me to two powerful orgasms as I struggled in my pantyhose hogtie.

A month went by and I couldn't get my mind off that fucking machine. I had executed some of the shadiest library internet searches ever and got a few visuals for my fantasies. Often I blew jack while he spanked me and the machine drilled me. His fiance, nameless, floated away into non existence, along with my sister. Anyway, said sister was trying to have said Jack fake a business trip while his said fiance went on vacation, but he couldn't be seen by any other neighbors, and, I suppose, probably wanted to be with said fiance. So they left, and my sister insulted her to me. Hm, you should go over and have robot sex just to spite them, I offered, looking for more details regarding what had become something of an obsession for me. I told you it's not a robot, idiot. And I totally could, I know they keep the spare in that little fake rock, for such a rich couple it's such a tacky thing, ugh, "couple!" I hate her. I felt a little sorry for her, then she made fun of what I was wearing and went to a summer frat party and I felt less sorry for her. She wouldn't be back until late and then would sleep in for a long time, my mom was on an actual business trip, and my dad didn't do his summer parent thing for another month. It looked like another boring, isolated day, but at least I might have a little self bondage fun. And then it dawned on me.

The key, the fucking machine! I was literally quivering as I contemplated doing the most reckless and sexy thing I'd ever done. I had a few hours to make my decision. Please say if you'd like me to continue.
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 05:40:15 PM
Name: bravo
Wednesday, August 28th 2013 - 03:09:24 AM
Name: Hope
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Watching Perry, I was filled with a rising sense of fear and arousal. What was this "game" of hers? I doubted that it would be "fun" yet at the same time, I didnt care. The element of choice was removed. I was her slave. It did not matter what the "game" was, like it or not, it was happening. I only hoped it wasnt to much. Perry stood up and explained her "game" to me. It was to much.

She would put the dildo in me and crank it up to full and if I didnt come in 5 minutes, I won. My eyes widened, did she really expect me to take that HUGE thing for 5 minutes? However, I didnt complain. Would it have changed if I did? No. I calmed myself and literally took it up the Pussy.

Perry stood real close, her nose almost touching mine. She set up an egg timer for 5 minutes and slowly slid the dildo in me. The sensation was overwhelming and it took almost all my composure not to cum there. Seeing this, Perry offered to "motivate me", then set the dildo up to 11. It was worse than I feared.

It was the most powerful dildo I had ever had inside me. By god, the power was immense! I did not think I would have held out, I was about to just cum to let it end when Perry slapped my face." Come on, Slut. Come on! Prove yourself worthy for me! Come on!" Suddenly, the stakes were raised. I did not want to disappoint my new master. Not when I had fantasized about being in her power for a very long time! I had just had my wishes granted, would I fail now? Not Perry, I would not fail her! I blocked out the world, everything focusing on anything but my pussy. The slaps helped, giving me something else to focus on but it still was hard not to give in. I moaned, I screamed and I thought of anything else, but I was slipping. The power was to mush, I was going to give in, I was going to fail and then, then the egg timer went. I opened my eyes and confirming what I was hearing, came harder than I had all through this experience. I was in heaven and I blacked out for a moment.

When I came to, Perry was sitting down in one of her implements, staring at me. Seeing me, she started slowly clapping, then got up and removed my gag. The dildo had been switched off but she had left it in their, stuffing my hole. " Well done, slut. Quite the performance. Now as agreed, you get to ask me your questions. Fire away, slut." Sitting back and staring at me with those beautiful eyes of hers. I was searching for the right question and just blurted out "Where am I?" "Your in my playpen. I told you about my job as a paramedic but I did not tell you about my...other job. Paramedic by day, Dominatrix by night. There is a lot you dont know about me." I racked my brain for another question, thinking of one "How did you come upon me when I was tied up?" laughing, she replied "I knew all about your fetish from the moment I saw you. I knew you were a sub. Thats why I befriended you and isolated you. I was there and watching you for about 3 of your little "escapades" setting up your, and this is blunt, kidnapping." I was shocked and stammered back "So even if I had refused, you would have taken me?" Perry looked angry and softly replied "If you had refused, I was planning on trying to convince you or blackmail you into accepting, but I would never have forced you. I am a Dom, not a rapist. Now ask another question, slut, and refer to my proper title." I was taken aback and got out one last question on my mind." What happens now that I have agreed to be your slave...mistress?" Perry smiled and got up" Now? Well, know you get to live here of course! You will still have that house your parents got you and you may, on occasion, leave here to live your life, but for 6 out of 7 days, you live here. But dont worry, You willbe well looked after. Have no fear. Now, was there anything else, because I am bored and still have to show you the rest of the place." Shaking my head and wondering what on earth she could have meant, I concluded. She smiled and pulled out a huge ring gag and whispered "Good"....
Let me know if you want more!
Monday, August 26th 2013 - 12:50:09 PM
Name: bravo
Comments:keep going Hope awesome story
Tuesday, August 20th 2013 - 01:26:49 PM
Name: Hope
Comments:Perry sauntered over to a box, pulled out a pair of handcuffs and threw them into my cage. "Put those on, slut."As I reached down and grabbed the cuffs and was about to put them on when a shock came through my body and, startled, I dropped the cuffs. Perry frowned and said" Faster, slut. And drop those cuffs again, and I will leave you here, understand? I will give you this one and ONLY one chance." Gulping, I picked up the cuffs and quick as a flash, had them on my wrists and locked tight. Perry smiled, picked up some assorted items from a box and unlocked the cage, stepping in.

She immediately put two metal nipple clamps that REALLY hurt, the metal claws digging into my sensitive nipples and making my cry out, earning me a swift slap across the face. "Shut up, slut. For that, I will add one pair of weights. Anymore outbursts and I will add more. Understand?" adding weights almost made my cry again, but controlling my self, I silently nodded and whispered " Yes, mistress." Perry beamed and stroked my breasts, saying" Good, your getting the message. Now, lets play a game." She attached a leash to my collar and led me out of the cage.

She wondered out loud to herself mostly "So many toys to introduce you to, but lets start with this." stopping at the St Andrews cross" Perfect" she turned around and took off my cuffs. " Stand with your arms and legs at the restraints" She commanded. I stood there wondering as she restrained me to the cross, what game? I shuddered to think what sinister plan she had, yet the mere thought of it made me wet as well. Looking at the cross, I at least didnt have to worry about it toppling, it was secured to the wall. Perry finished securing me to the cross and stepped back, admiring her handiwork. "We will play a little game now. If you win, I will let you ask all the questions I know are racing through your mind. If you lose, you get to please me.." stroking her strap on with an evil look on her face "The game is simple." she pulled out a penetrative vibrator from a box(why did she have all these boxes next to me?) and started lubbing it up. I could guess what came next...

To be continued!
Monday, August 19th 2013 - 03:03:30 PM
Name: nicole
Comments:Yes hope post the whole thing! its getting good!
Monday, August 19th 2013 - 12:32:08 PM
Name: Hope
Comments:When I opened my eyes, my vision was still blurry. I could barely register anything until the cobwebs in my mind cleared and when they did, I realized 2 things. First, I was no longer bound and gagged but still naked and wearing a strange thick collar. Second, I was in a small cage in a REALLY unfamiliar setting. Just about every kind of BDSM furniture imaginable, St Andrew's crosses, spanking benches and more strange devices I didnt recognize but really scared me. My eyes were drawn to a strange sort of chair that had metal restraints on the arm and leg rests as well as one were the neck would go i guessed. I had no idea of what to do. Then she walked in.

Perry looked like a goddess the way she was dressed. A black latex corset with holes for her breasts, matching black latex high heel boots that went all the way up to her inner thighs and black latex gloves that reminded me of those gloves opera singers wore, the one that covered her entire arm, but my eyes were elsewhere. They were looking at the strap on she was wearing, one that was bigger than any thing, strap on or stuck on for real. I stood there staring, not daring to move a muscle as she swaggered with confidence to my prison. She leaned in close to the bars and smiling a wicked yet playful smile uttered "Hello ,slut."

Nothing happened for a while, then she burst into laughter and once she stopped, turned around and picked up a remote of some sort, holding it ever so.....sexually. "Before we continue, there are a few things we must settle first. I going to give you one last chance to get out. I will explain exactly what you are getting into and then, I will give you a chance to walk away. But you will hear me out first, slut." Slowly circling the cage, she continued " Rule one, when we are alone, You will call me mistress or lady, one of the few choices you will actually make" She smiled a sinister little smile "and I will call you slut and you WILL follow my every word. Failure to do so will bring down punishment on you, as I see fit. Second, if I say "Donatien" then you will immediately stand absolutely still with both arms behind your back and will not move again until my say so. Again, failure will result in punishment. Each and every command I issue to you, slut, will be followed without hesitation or again, you will be punished. Your every single waking second will be devoted to making sure that I am pleased or again, punishments." She stopped in front of me and reached in and started stroking my neck. "Think about it. What do you say? The freedom of any choice... being my little pet. I know you were always attracted to me. And I know your a natural submissive. So what do you say?" She looked at me earnestly and I think I saw a glint of hope in here eyes. She was right. I was attracted to her. Id "played with myself" more than once fantasizing about her. And I had always liked the thought of being a sub. I was scared, yet at the same time confident that this was something I wanted. I looked straight into her eyes and slowly nodded. She smiled and I swear she had a look of relief that lasted just a second. "Good"

She turned around and whispered "Donatien". It took a second for that to register and when it did, a shock went through my neck and made me squeal. I quickly assumed the position she had told me to earlier. She turned her head and looked at me, then pressed the button and shocked me again, and again and again. When she stopped, My neck was sore and my body was crying, but I stayed silent and remained in the position. She cracked a huge smile and said "Good. A bit of a squealer, but good. Good"
Let me know if you want more!
Monday, August 19th 2013 - 01:21:42 AM
Name: Dark
E-mail address: Darkrider25ca@gmail.com
Comments:Keep the stories coming Hope! As for Julie....sorry im kinda just glancing over yours since yours are headed in the direction of Leighs...Hard to follow and kinda difficult to believe.
Sunday, August 18th 2013 - 08:31:07 PM
Name: Bravo
Comments:I am loving the story thus far Hope, post more please
Sunday, August 18th 2013 - 03:44:31 AM
Name: Hope
Comments:Left alone in my house, I kept cumming and cumming and cumming. They came so fast and hard that I lost all track of reality. Only the pleasure. After what felt like hours, the battery finally did give out and died, leaving me alone in with no means to keep myself occupied or to even keep track of time. I cried and cried until finally, nothing was left. I was just sitting there in this hogtie with this blindfold and these nipple clamps and I only wanted to be an obedient slave just to ensure I never had to go through that ever again. With almost no effort, Perry had broken me, leaving nothing but a willing little slut, smiling and doing her every wish at any time she wanted. At last after many hours contemplating what I had done to myself, The front door finally opened and I heard the distinctive 'click clack click' of Perry's favourite heels. I just sat quiet, hoping against hope that Perry would release me or continue my torment. Instead, and almost predictably, she instead walked about a bit. Frustrated by the events of last night, I screamed into my gag, as loud as I could, just wishing that she would do something, anything at all! And she did. She walked over and clasped her hand around my throat, cutting off my supply, not enough that I would die, but enough that I would pass out. She would now how to do that, considering the fact that she was a paramedic. Oh, now that I realize it, I never did introduce Perry properly.She is about 6'1, caucasian and with firm 34DD cup breasts.I met her when I moved in to town, she was one of my neighbors and quickly made me a friend, not taking no for an answer. In the city, she was my only friend. I had no job( I was looking for one but had yet to acquire it. She was the only one who would miss me if I disappeared and realizing that, I was scared. That thought was going through my mind when I passed out.
Just a quickie in between ideas. Let me hear your thoughts!
Saturday, August 17th 2013 - 09:03:06 AM
Name: nicole
Comments:very nice hope!! keep posting!
Friday, August 16th 2013 - 11:44:56 PM
Name: Hope
Comments:I really should have thought this through. Here I am now, trapped, and its all my own fault. But before I get into the details of my situation, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hope(not my real name, a pseudonym, if you will), and i'm a 19 year old caucasian girl, about 5'10 with 32d breasts. I've been into bondage for as long as I remember, but only recently have I tried self bondage. At the time of this incident, Id only indulged myself about 5 times, so I was pretty new at this. I digress, so let me get back on point. I live alone in a small house my parents got me, so I never had to worry about roommates or anything. just in case however, I always called my best friend Perry(she didnt know what I was doing) to come over after I planned to free myself, just in case. I set up a time with her and got to work. My collection of toys was hardly impressive, 2 pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold, assorted duct tape and zipties, a few nipple clamps a butt plug and a vibrator, like I said, hardly impressive. Today, I decided on nothing particularly exotic. I proceeded to set up my escape plan, my handcuff key and a pair of scissors encased in a block of ice. I expected to be tied for about an hour with this block. After stripping naked,I put it in a bowl and placed it on the other side of my living room, which was where the magic happened. Then, I tapped my ankles and knees together. The tape felt so good on me, I really felt like sticking in my vibrator and cumming right there, but I knew if I did that, Id never get a move on, so I fought myself. Next, I lubbed up the butt plug and slowly inserted it into my arse. It wasnt huge, but boy, did it feel good! After that, I clipped on the nipple clamps and tried to ignore the searing pain they brought with them. Next came the gag, nothing fancy, I had taken a used pair of panties from my laundry before starting, one which had white stainsfrom when I had masturbated in it once and had neglected to wash it yet(partly because I am a slob, partly because I wanted to use it). I put it in my mouth and instantly tasted it: a salty, moist fabric. I then put a nice long piece of tape in my mouth to keep in in, relishing in my current state, but I wasnt done yet. I inserted the vibrator and taped my vag to make sure that stayed in to. I was already close to cumming, so I handcuffed myself and slipped on the blindfold and just got to work. The climax came fast and hard. I was screaming into my gag and lost all train of thought, there was just me and my orgasm. When I came down from it, it didnt take long for me to start again. The orgasms were coming so fast I lost count of them.I was lost in my own little world, a world of pain and pleasure. I was coming down from the lastest orgasm when The vibrator suddenly went off! I was so pissed, I thought maybe the batteries went out or something, but then it came on again, at full blast, working me up until just as the climax came, it went off again. This happened again and again and again and I was just thinking" come on already, let me cum!!" Then. Nothing happened for a while. I heard nothing for what felt like five minutes, then I heard what sounded like a camera taking pictures, then nothing again. I was calling out, getting no response. I was sweating like a pig worrying who it might be and what they might do. All of a sudden, the blindfold was taken off and I was treated to the sight of Perry, just standing there looking really pleased with herself, holding a camera. Looking at me, she said "well look at this, isnt this interesting" she was wearing a over coat and a scarf with high heels and a black skirt as far as I could see. She walked over to me and bent down, getting in my face and said with a hint of menace in her voice, " isnt someone a kinky little bitch? Its alright, I more than happy to indulge your little hobby." I panicked and tried to say something, but my gag reduced my cries to unintelligible moans. The look on her face changed into a death glare that shut me right up. She arched her brows and whispered "Done? Allow me to retort", at which point she slapped me across the face, three times, HARD. It hurt worse than the clamps, and fearing more, I stayed silent. She tilted her head and continued in her menacing voice, a voice that just radiated pure authority and power, saying, "Anything else to say? No? Good. Now, im going to tell you how this is going to go down. Number one, I leave here and let you finish your little "playtime" and we will say no more of this. You go on with this until this gets boring and you find no more pleasure alone, frustrated and uninspired. Option 2 is you let me take you deeper down this path. You think this is fun? Missy, you have no idea" she leaned real close and he look on her face made me want to both run for the hills and fuck her anyway she pleased " I can take you down a path of pleasure that will make this look like childs play.I can whisk you away to a world which nothing exists but erotic torment on a scale you could not comprehend. Option 2 is this....become my slave. I will walk away right now if you want, but..." she leaned in and kissed my gag tenderly ".. I would really like it if you chose the latter" she stared at me and I wanted her, I wanted her so bad. I looked down and, slowly comprehending what I was agreeing to, I nodded. She smiled, then slapped me again and ripped off my gag, the pain instantly lost as she kissed me with an intensity I had never felt before. When she finally pulled away, I was hungry for more, but instead, she pulled off her panties, shoved them into my mouth and put a fresh piece of tape on. " Sorry, but while I was watching you, I couldnt help it and came, so my panties sould be soggy" that was a understatement! Her panties where dripping wet, the taste filling my mouth more then my own ever did. She stood up and said to me "Now, I have to go home and get a few things and as I dont want you going anywhere, I'll just go and liberate some supplies from your storeroom. Oh, and you wont need this" taking my escape method, the ice block, with her as she left into my kitchen. She came back out with a ball of rope I kept around. Id been meaning to learn how to self tie with rope but had kept putting it off. I guess that didnt matter anymore! She bent down and cut off the tape on my ankles only, leaving the knee tape on, and tied my ankles together, than tied them to my handcuffs, hogtying me and pulled the ropes tight, leaving hardly any whiggle room. She then tied a rope around my cuffs and lopped through my vagania, leaving me with a crotch rope already on my vibrator. She looked back and, pleased, pulled on my nipple clamps and slapped my ass. As I screamed into my gag, she said " Oh, if you think that is painful, you got no idea. Im going to go now. Its about 3.30 in the afternoon and I have errands to run today, so I will be back sometime tomorrow morning to get you." I looked up at her and shook my head, trying to protest, but she just laughed and said, "Shut up! You agreed to be my slave, so I own you, ok? I OWN YOU. You're my property and I will treat you as I see fit. But dont worry, I will make it up to you." She started to the door, then turned around and knelt in front of me and put on my blindfold, whispering to my ear " Remember, everything that is about to happen is something you chose. You chose to tie yourself up. You chose to agree to be my sex slave. Think about that as you sit here tonight." With that she turned up my vibrator to full and walked out, closing the door behind her. I was left alone, tied up by my best friend and with no way out until tomorrow. Never before had I been so violated! Never before had I been so angry! Never before had I been so horny, so desperate to have someone that I was willing to go through this just to have her! But all that was the least of my thoughts, my first orgasm was building.......
(Let me know if you want more!)
Friday, August 16th 2013 - 05:34:54 PM
Name: Leahandjuliefan
Comments:please post more Julie!!!!
Thursday, August 8th 2013 - 01:49:50 PM
Name: 2 comments
Comments:I actually like the newest post from Julie, because there is some plausible progression and not just 30 people fucking you 100 times. I do want to point out the obvious though, that regardless of wind and the failing candle problem, everyone should avoid this as the fire hazard can very easily kill you if well restrained.
Wednesday, August 7th 2013 - 11:18:32 AM
Name: Julie
Comments:In a pickle......
The first afternoon/night that Leah, Jillian and I got together did not go as planned. Rule one....not only have a back up plan, but have a back up for the back up. As I stated, with a lot of searching, i finally located Leah and arranged a weekend to get together. Leah brought along Jillian. When the day finally arrived and i met them at the c-store, I was so turned on before i even got there. once i saw them i immediately became even more turned on and hot. They were both gorgeous and smokin' hot...I couldn't take my eyes of Leah's tit's. she wasn't wearing a bra and had on a very thin (kind of see thru) top and her nipples stuck out at least an inch. jillian had a perfect ass and the tightest fitting jeans i have ever seen.
After our hello's and introductions, we headed to my place. I got an apartment this summer in the same building as one of my other girlfriends. We settled in, had bite to eat and started chatting. One thing lead to another and before i knew what happened the three of us were completely naked and exploring each other. i don't even remember them opening their bags (yes...bags) of toys. i couldn't take leah's nipples out of my mouth or out of my hands. they are amazing...they are hard and probably over 2 inches long. after a lot of playing, poking, kissing,sucking and prodding we wanted to take things up another level or two. after some discussion, jillian hog tied leah and i tightly on the living room floor. she then tied ropes in our hair, pulled back hard so our heads were pulled back toward our feet. she positioned leah and i so we were facing each other, stuffed our mouths with each others panties and secured a ball gag in each of us including heself. jillian then looked and smiled at us and applied nipple clamps on our nipples. jillian put on five sets of clamps on leah's nipples side by side and there was still room for more. she then left us to struggle in our hog tied positions. jillian then started to tie herself down. we could see her running a string from a door knob up thru a hook on the living room ceiling and down only about two feet from the ceiling she tied some keys to the handcuffs she was going to use. She got out a long candle with a cut in it about 3/4 of the way down put the string to the cuff keys into the slice, put the candle in a holder and put it on a chair by the door knob.
jillian then lit the candle and proceeded to put herself in a hog tied position with cuffs and ropes. she applied a set of clamps to her own nipples, inserted a dildo in her butt and a vibrator in her pussy, tied a crotch rope to herself and then she was hog tied as tightly as leah and i were. now we had to wait for the string to burn thru and drop the keys to her cuffs before any of us would get free.
about an hour after the candle was lit is when our back up plan fell apart. the phone rang, we could hear my gf leaving a message that she wouldn't be able to come over until sunday afternoon (this was friday late afternoon). but all was ok and things were going as planned....so far......
i struggled to turn a bit more to get a better look at the candle after what seemed like an hour or two after the message to see how much longer we had to wait until we could get out. it was now about three hours into our hog tie and the candle had burned only about half way to the string.
everytime any of us struggled, the clamps on our nipples would twist and turn. it hurt enough to remind us not to move unless neccesary. it was about then i noticed that it was getting pretty dark outside, but it wasn't late. there were some unannounced thunder storms building up. i didn't think much of it, except that the windows were all open and if it rained i would have some water to wipe up in the apartment...that is until the wind kicked up.....it started blowing pretty hard and the wind could be felt all over inside the apartment. we were all looking at the flame on the candle, it was whipping and dancing all over the place and then it went out!!!!!!! you could see the panic on all of our faces....that was our only way out as our back plan had changed.
it was a very long friday night and saturday....sunday morning came and went and by mid afternoon my gf still had not showed up.....she finally came in at 6:30pm and released us. it took the three of us about two hours to get feeling back in our bodies. we ate and drank during that time and discussed our mistake. as we were sitting there, my gf just kept staring at leah's nipples, as i was busy staring at jillian. these are two VERY hot older (compared to us) ladies (MILF's for sure!!!). leah grabbed my gf by the hair and pulled her to her nipples instructing her to start sucking, biting, pinching them. jillian came over to me, grabbed my hair and forced me on my knee's and buried her pussy in my mouth. the rest of the night was wild.
Tuesday, August 6th 2013 - 08:24:46 AM
Name: Leahnjuliefan
Comments:i don't care what anyone else says Julie and Leah PLEASE keep posting. your stories are very hot. ;-)
Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 12:12:19 PM
Name: Jack
Comments:Thanks Randy!! When I normally do selfbondage I usually put a spare key in a bottle full of urine that can be pulled down by a piece of string so I can only get out in time if its an emergency!! But I am hoping to do this outside so I will not use a spare key as if it all goes wrong I'll be caught in the morning anyway!!!!
Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 03:29:55 AM
Name: Randy
Comments:Jack, try to avoid metal for long periods of time. I've found it to be irritating at times and take away from the sexual pleasure. From the toys you're listing you should be fine. Secondly be sure to have a backup plan, but make it easier to get caught so you are required to use it as a last resort only. If you need more tips just let me know. Happy to help :)
Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 07:36:46 PM
Name: Jack
Comments:Also I love all of your guys stories and so hope I can pay you back by making some stories of my own
Monday, July 29th 2013 - 12:52:42 PM
Name: Jack
Comments:Okay ladies and gentlemen,
In mid-August I am planning to set out to try a self bondage outdoor adventure of my own. I'm currently buying all the things I need and are going to order:
Leather Blindfold
Leather Ball Splitter
Leather Ball Gag with Chin Strap
Butt Plug - Vibrating
Silver Vibrating Nipple Clamps
Leather Bondage Hog Tie resraints
Latex Mask

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a young male like me on what to do, where to do it and what other toys to buy. Of course I will tell you all about my story on here and will be placing the sex toy order next week so any suggestions before then would be fantastic!! Please post suggestions on here :-)
Monday, July 29th 2013 - 12:13:52 PM
Name: abusedforfun
E-mail address: abusedforfun@aol.com

I first off would like to say that I enjoy your stories, and if you are actually posting things commenting your work or posing as leah, you shouldnt need to. The stories are still accepted and its ok to continue. Some of us are just too shy to come forward and say we enjoy them. ;)

Secondly, I would also love to hear what you had planned for your male friend, or what happened. I am deeply sorry for the misfortune, and would love to help you out if I can.

I am looking for a challenge as well, and would love to hear any good suggestions. (I am a Male) Anyways, hope all is well, and feel free to email me if you dont feel the need to post something on here...



come on guys, I know some of these posts seem fishy, and that's fine, but dont ruin the fun for the rest of us here. We are all here to just have a good time, so sit back and enjoy the stories :)
Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 11:33:59 PM
Name: noneya
Comments:hey at least they aren't letting this forum die out
Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 - 12:54:06 PM
Name: these are getting
Comments:completely ridiculous
Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 01:50:50 PM
Name: Bravo
Comments:great stories Julie. dontt stop posting
Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 01:27:09 PM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:Hi Everyone....
Sorry it's been such a long time, but it's been a really busy summer. before I get into Part IV, and tell you about our get together with Leah and Jillian, i am going to have to vent a little. whoever posted as Leah the last time, quit it. it's so childish to hide behind a fake post. to the person or people who notified the police of our plans for our guy friend---NOT COOL! we managed to get him out of town without getting caught but they were looking hard.

part IV.....when midnight approached, the apartment manager got the keys from the deck and let us all loose. as she was letting us loose our boyfriends instructed us not to take off any of the clamps we had on yet. After the five of us had a chance to stretch out and get the feeling back in all our limbs, we were instructed to walk down every hall in the apartment building and knock on every door to invite the whole apartment to the party. it was a VERY painful walk for all of us with all those clamps still on and embarassing standing in the hall inviting the entire apartment to our party like we were. we got back to the apartment to a very overcrowded place. our boyfriends were waiting, each with a whip in his hand. they led us onto the deck and lined us up and cuffed our hands behind our backs to the deck railing. then they each lined up in front of us (none of our boyfriends were standing in front of their gf). they decided to not whip their own girlfriend. with that they said they were starting out what was going to be a very long session of getting whipped by everyone. they made the announcement that everyone was to take turns with the whips and had to make at least 20 lashes. with that they started in on us. They all concentrated on hitting our clamps we had on. all five of us were screaming. this went on for an hour or more. after a while we just went numb and didn't really feel anything. after this was done we were let loose, turned around and those that had clamps on their nipples were taken off for now. we saw three ladies at the table with big heavy clamps, lot's of rope and weights. the five of us then were lined up side by side and the three ladies at the table came over to us with the clamps with 10 to 15 feet of rope attached to each one and a plastic container full of one pound weights. one by one they attached the clamps to our nipples. they then started tying weights to the ends of the ropes. when they were done each rope had two weights tied to it, and were set at each of our feet. we were turned around facing the deck rails, bent over and had our ankles tied spread wide to the deck, then we were tied down bent over the rail. the clamps that were removed from our nipples earlier were reapplied to those that didn't have any on their pussy lips. our mouths were gagged with panties and then ball gagged tightly. all five of us then started to get banged from behind. guys and ladies were taking their turns at us. the clamps on my pussy hurt so much being banged and bent. then one at a time, the weights tied to our nipple clamps were tossed over the side of the deck. when the first one of mine went over and hit the end of the rope, i thought my nipple was about to be ripped off. i just about fainted from the pain. then the other went over. i could see my nipples and the clamps on them. they were being pinched and stretched hard. i looked down the line and could see most of the others nipples also. everyone's nipples were being stretched to the limit. it was very hot seeing that! several people got in line behind us and lifted up all the weights on our nipples and made us watch them as they threw them over the edge again. they did this repeatedly another 5 or 6 times. we were like that for a couple of more hours. the apartment manager had called one of her friends who bartends at one of the local bars and invited her and all the people there to come over also. i was being pounded hard from behind when i looked over and saw a friend of my dad's banging one of my friends. he looked over at me, smiled and came over and started on me. i felt him cum inside my ass. the whips came out again and we all got a hard round of pussy whipping then more banging from behind. that about wrapped up the night as we were let loose and our boyfriends took turns taking the clamps off of us. they took one off every one of us one at a time. for the final, we were made to make out with each other while everyone watched and handed us toys to use as we did.
With that...i want to say that with a little looking and searching, i found Leah and contacted her. we got together a couple of weeks ago. she brought jillian along and the seven of us had a great time. leah, jillian and i got ourselves into pickle one night when just the three of us were playing, but that's another story.
Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 11:19:20 AM
Name: Charles
Comments:Sandy B, please write more.

I am wearing my sister-in-law's pantyhose and I need a break, so write more please.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013 - 01:39:34 AM
Name: Randy
Comments:I've been reading these stories for a while and decided to introduce myself. I've really enjoyed everyone's stories and found some good ties to use.
A little about myself, I'm normally a Dom, but I feel that every good Dom should be tied by his own restraints to get to know them better. Another small fact is I don't like being at the will of someone else because I have been a POW for 4 months in the past. Therefore it leaves me with one option. Self bondage. And there begins our story.

I had been feeling really couped up and horny the past couple of days so I planned a Wednesday off of work while my girlfriend was out of town. So I prepared everything the night before and slept softly being excited. I awoke already undressed as I apparently undressed the night before in my sleep and decided to just go ahead and start my day off. I have recently obtained some new chain to use and locks to add as well. So I began to strap myself down with the leather wrist and ankle straps I have made and was hard as a rock already. I decided to go for a tight hog-tie. I locked my ankles together and attached a chain to the hook in the wall in front of me to where I had my entire hips suspended off the ground. I added a red ball gag then to make it as i would tie my gf. Then locked a chain to the wall behind me and attached my wrists together through the chain as far back as I can stretch. (Mind you I'm fairly flexible). I was then trapped tight and was in there about 5 hours give or take (the time was about 6am). My release mechanism is a simple hand clock with a string attached through a ring in the ceiling. I had set the clock so the hour hand would wrap around and release at about 10-11am and the keys would drop into my hands. I've used it on myself and my girlfriend on numerous occasions.

Up to this point everything was great. About 2 hours passed and I hear the back door open. (I always leave it open by only my girlfriend and Conmanding Officer (CO) know about it). And I started to panic. I saw dark hair that flowed and I recognized it. It was my ex from a year ago. She came in and was wearing only a bikini top and some shorts. She rounded the corner and saw me as I was. She said "I came to strip and be waiting for you after your morning run, but not at all did I expect to find this." She bent down and said "so this is what you do in your spare time eh? Where is your new toy?" I tried to explain but the gag denied my attempt. She began stroking me and it was not long before I came everywhere. She said "you made a mess corporal. I guess I can clean it up for you this time" and with a wink she licked it all up. She then saw my key and took it saying "you won't get out with me around." She let my ankles loose well before I thought but kept them together and the chain attached. Allowing me to stand awkwardly. And she stripped in front of me, removed my gag and told me "you must be hungry you need something to eat" as she pushed my face into her crotch before I could say a word. I can't complain though. She always tasted better than any girl I've had. She waited until she came which was easy since I remembered her spots. And told me "you will do what I say and I won't tell your new girly about this..."

Part II?
Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 04:36:32 PM
Name: Leah
Comments:Julie, we need to get together.

I just ordered a rubber butt plug and some white anal beads. Get your dildo and nipple clamps ready...
Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 10:24:49 AM
Name: duh
Comments:just because you write a different name doesn't mean it's not obvious you're the same person. i know you got shitty messages and that's why you did it, but at least don't talk to yourself. damn.
Monday, June 10th 2013 - 07:51:01 AM
Name: bravo
E-mail address: dominvt330@yahoo.com
Comments:Julie!!! If there is a part IV please please post. I love your stories never stop writing.
Saturday, June 1st 2013 - 05:25:16 PM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:Thanks Leah and Bravo. Leah, just say the word, we would love to party with you too. Just say when. I always loved reading your stories. We actually got alot of ideas from them.
Now on to the party; part III.....
He was in front of me putting on those nasty clamps all over me. When he was done, he had four down the inside of each of my thighs, one on each side of the nipple clamps I already had on, 7 or 8 on my boobs and a line of them down each of my pussy lips. They hurt so much, but they really get me hot. He then moved on to the one bent over and cuffed to the chair. He completely covered her pussy lips with them. She was screaming through her gag and squirming as he was putting them on. When he was done all I could see was silver. Her pussy looked like a big piece of silver. And for good measure he clamped a few on her ass cheeks. He then moved over to the other tied to the hook on the ceiling. He covered her nipples, boobs and pussy with them. She was sparkling when the light hit them just right. And then off to the one cuffed to the kitchen table. I cold only her muffled groans coming from her but imagined she was getting them in the same places as we did. He then got the one in the bedroom and came out and said he only had a few left. He looked me over and pointed to what I thought was my pussy, but he then put a finger in my ass, then two and spread it out and started putting them around my butt hole. I thought I was going to pass out! Damn they hurt there! We were all squirming and moaning now. He didn't seem to care one bit. He was hard and stroking his cock through his jeans while he stood in front of me. He bent over and lick my pussy. It didn't take long for me to cum hard. He then went over to the one bent over the chair dropped his pants and rammed his cock right up her ass and just pounded her. She was screaming. I found out later it was because the clamps hurt so much when he slammed against them, and we all found out later how much they hurt when they were slammmed into or moved. He went over to the one tied standing from the hook, grabbed her legs lifted them and began pounding her. He then disappeared by the one on the table for a little while, then walked past me to the bedroom. There was loud screams coming through her gag from the bedroom. He came out and stepped in front of me. He was all sweaty and still VERY hard. He had a big cock and i reached down took his fingers and spread all the clamps to open the way to my pussy and fucked me like that until he shot all over my stomach, tits and pussy. And then he left. I couldn't believe he left and didn't take those clamps off of us. It turned out most of the clamps stayed on all of us until we took them off when we were let loose.
It was quite for a while after that. The couple that walked by earlier came by again and stopped to look in. They were both kind of shocked, but had smiles on their faces. The manager came by about an hour later and checked in on us. She saw the cum dripping from me and just smiled and said well looks like the party has started for you girls. I will see you later. With that she bent over and licked up all the cum and licked on my pussy long enough to bring me almost to an orgasm and quit and walked out.
About 7:30 is when the people started showing up. People coming to the apartments to meet with freinds and family, the ones out gf texted and called. Our 5 boyfriends came in about 9:00 and just laughed at us. They sat back and just watched the whole night, of course they were going to have their way with us afterwords and they told us as much. So they just sat and enjoyed the show. My gf cuffed to the chair got almost all of the loads from the guys dumped in her mouth. They would pull her gag out shove their cocks down her throat until they came. This was after they did whatever to the rest of us. Their was a few people that were there that seemed to be shy and not really participating for the first while. But they opened up after our boyfriends talked to them for a while. there were two ladies from the apartment building we knew well and who were both knock outs, that finally got in on the activities. They both stripped in front of our boyfriends and gave them lap dances and played with their cocks for a while and then they got up went in the entry (the door remained wide open all night--it didn't get shut once), They each grabbed a dildo harness and put them on. The redhead with the perfect ass came over to me bent over and started eating my pussy like it was what she was meant to do. She made me cum fast and hard. She then slide the dildo into me and gave me a good hard fuck. The other worked over the other three in the living room and kitchen while the redhead then went into the bedroom. Three of our boyfriends followed her in the bedroom and we could hear a lot of moaning. When she came out she had the dildo harness in her hands and was smiling and had cum dripping from her mouth, pussy and ass. My boyfriend grabbed the dildo and harness from her stopped in front of me and without taking the clamps off my ass hole shoved the dildo into my ass and walked away. At one point the two ladies picked up the whips and riding crops and handed them out to everyone and asked everyone to start whipping all of us and to make sure they got every inch of us. It was finally midnight when the apartment manager got the keys from the deck and let us loose, but the party was far from over.
Friday, May 31st 2013 - 04:00:24 PM
Name: Leah
Comments:Holy crap Julie.....I agree with Bravo....keep posting that is soooooooooo hot! You girls have got it going. I would seriously come out that way for some action like that.
Friday, May 31st 2013 - 05:58:00 AM
Name: bravo
E-mail address: dominvt330@yahoo.com
Comments:Whoa. Julie your story is getting good. Keep going
Thursday, May 30th 2013 - 11:51:14 AM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:Graduation Party Self Bondage sluts....PartII.
As I said earlier.....when the last one of us got herself bent over the chair and cuffed to all four legs of the chair....the party started. There was no turning back by any of us at that point, as all of us were tied with no means of escape except by our guests no earlier than 8 hours from this point. It was was kind of frightening. She had made arrangements for the apartment manager to check on us at midnight and invited her to the party also. She had also invited everyone in the apartments.
It was quiet for the first couple of hours (the last one of us actually put on the last cuff on herself by 4:30pm).
I could see the two in the living room and only the head of the one cuffed on the kitchen table. The one in the bedroom I could not see at all. I could look down at myself and got wet every time I did. My butt was supported by the over the door bondage swing which was supporting most of my weight, my ankles were cuffed wide and high above my head, and my hands were also cuffed above my head. My pussy, boobs, nipples, part of my ass cheeks and ass hole were all VERY exposed and open. I have to admit, I really liked how I looked in that position and it got me wet!
After about 40 minutes of being tied like that, the door to the hall opened and it was the apartment manager. She had just come down to see if things were going OK. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she saw me! She just stood there at the door with it wide open staring at me for what must have been a couple of minutes. She came in and left the door wide open, looked at eveything in the pile on the floor, looked at me a lot more and then walked past me and looked into the living room and kitchen. Her eyes got even wider. While she was doing this a couple of people walked by in the hall. At first they just walked by, but they back up when they figured out what was hanging from the door(me). The lady said to the guy, looks like it's going to be a pretty wild time here tonight. With that she winked at me and they walked off. The manager walked into the bedroom and looked over my gf in there. She said to all of us as she was walking out that she would be back later, and then walked out the door leaving it wide open. I was getting so wet and excited hanging there with the front door to the hall wide open. I tried to picture myself in the position I was in from the view of anyone in the apartment hallway. I had the orgasm of all orgasms just thinking about it. From my point of view I thought I looked HOT! I could only imagine what it looked like from the hallway. I was so exposed and spread wide open. A while later a guy about our age walked by and was totally shocked when he looked in and saw me. He just stared at me and then he saw and read the note on the door. He looked at the pile of goodies on the floor and sorted through them and came up with a black velvet bag and had a wild look in his eyes and started toward me. I knew what the bag had in it. It was dozens of the nastiest alligator clamps we have ever found. They have metal teeth and real strong springs on them. ALL of us HATE having those things put on us--they hurt like HELL no matter where they are put. He walked closer to me until he saw the others in the other other room and kitchen. He then said how glad he was that he decided to come visit his sister in the apartments. He walked past me and looked the others over and just had a nasty smile on his face. He came back over to me and noticed the bedroom door was open and went over to look in there and saw our other gf in there and just said this just keeps getting better! He came over to me again and started putting those nasty clamps all over me.....
Wednesday, May 29th 2013 - 04:26:30 PM
Name: bravo
E-mail address: dominvt330@yahoo.com
Comments:Damn! Julie please keep posting.
Tuesday, May 28th 2013 - 06:34:04 PM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:Graduation Party Self Bondage sluts....
Well the five of us girls got together this past Memorial weekend (Saturday) and had a WILD, WILD night of self bondage. What we didn't know was, that it would turn out to be all of us being turned into party sluts for 'our guests'! Only our 1 girlfriend knew what was going to take place. It was at her apartment (she is the only one living away from home--the rest of us just graduated). None of us had ever been exposed to so many people at once. And just to let you know--our guests had no problem using their sluts after they warmed up to the idea. Most were pretty shocked when they first came in to the party and saw the 5 of us all tied up. After all, they had 5 hot-to-trot young chicks to use any way they wanted. More on how this started in a little bit.
With that, I want to tell you that our guy friend will be doing his public self bondage this coming (6/1/13) Saturday night at 10:30 SHARP! We decided to make him do this right in Hazen, ND. He will start at the tennis court on the north side of town and continue from there. He is to walk the alleys on the north side of town while in Bondage. He won't have on much for clothes, but he will be in bondage and wearing some CBT equipment, clamps(ladies, if you catch him-just ask him to see what he has on). Ladies-if he gets caught he is instructed to do anything that is asked of him. (HINT-He is the best at giving oral than any of us have ever had!)
Now on to Saturday....we girls got together on Saturday afternoon for some fun and games between ourselves. During the course of the afternoon we had ALOT of kinky, nasty fun. But, four of us did not know that this was just a warm-up for us. #5 did not tell us that she had more in store for us. About 3:30, she lifted her head up from between a set of legs and said she had something special for us planned. Just to give you all a visual picture. All five of us were completely naked and making out with each other when she made the announcement. We actually had a 5 way daisy chain going on her living room floor when she poked her head up long enough to tell us. We all sat up and then she informed us that we would all put ourselves in bondage in different ares of her apartment. She went to her closet and got out a package and had us take a look at it. It was an over-the door bondage swing and four sets of over the door restraints. She had all of our attention now. She grabbed them and put all on the closet door in her entry way. Now she asked, which one of you want this spot as you might need a little help on this. I quickly volunteered. I wouldn't have been so quick had I known what was going to happen in a little while. She smiled at me and asked the others to find a spot in her apartment and to get themselves tied down in any position they wanted as long as it was comfortable enough. The other three walked around for a short time and decided where they wanted to be. Then everyone started gathering restraints, cuffs, rope, clamps, dildo's/viborators and went their ways to the spots they had choosen. Our gf then went around and collected all keys to everything and put them all on the deck in a jar. One was on the kitchen table, another was tying herself in the living room from a hook our gf had on the ceiling and another went to a bedroom. I got on the swing and instead of using the stir-ups for the feet #5 said no, you are not going to use those. The swing is just to support your weight (sitting my ass in it). Your ankles and hands get cuffed to the four restraints above you on the door. I needed a little help getting my feet that far up and cuffed so she helped me with that part and then I got my hands cuffed above my head. She looked at me and whispered to me how hot I looked how completely exposed I was. With that she bent over and licked at my pussy a little. She made her rounds and looked the others over and came out and announced that we were all tied very well with no excape possible until we were let out. With that she grabbed 4 sets of cuffs and got a chair out of the kitchen and put it in the middle of the living room floor and set the cuffs on the chair. She then went to a kitchen cupboard and grabbed a piece of paper and some tape. Then she rounded up 5 gags and put them on us. Then she showed each of us the piece of paper. It read in BIG letters--Graduation party for (she had our 4 names on it) with LIVE ENTERTAINMENT open to all over 18. Adult themed party. No need to knock---Come in and enjoy. She then proceeded to gather all of the whips, clamps, weights, dildo's and all the other toys and equipment we have and set them in a pile on the floor in her entry way with another note that read 'Use anything you want on any of the Bondage Sluts-DO NOT LET ANY OF THEM LOOSE UNTIL 12:00AM, the key are in a jar on the deck'. I think we (the 4 of us were getting very restless about this time---at least I knew I was. She went around to all of us and told us all how great we looked and we should settle in for a long night. With that she put on a set of clamps on my nipples and another set was clapmed on my pussy lips to which she added a large amount of weights. She looked at me and said you are so beautiful like that being spread wide open and everything so accessable and you will be the first thing our guests see when they come thru the door. With that She gathered up our cell phones and said she was going to text the first person on our contacts list that there was a party at her house and to come over starting now and bring anyone they wanted. With that done, she called a couple people from her phone and told them about the party and then called our boyfriends and let them in on it also. She kind of hinted to all our boyfriends as to exactly what was happening. She then grabbed the first note she showed us and the tape and went right out in the hall completely naked and taped the note to her door. She came back in went and opened the shades to her patio all the way so the one tied to the hook in the living room would be in full veiw of the parking lot when it got dark out. She then went over to the chair she set in the living room put a gag in her mouth put on a set of nipple clamps and then bent over the chair and cuffed each ankle to a chair leg and her wrists to the other legs of the chair. Then the party was on.....
Tuesday, May 28th 2013 - 04:34:55 PM
Name: Mike
Comments:Scoundrel, please finish the story, looking forward to it.
Monday, May 27th 2013 - 03:56:47 PM
Name: bravo
Comments:You need to keep posting on here Julie
Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 - 07:54:45 AM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:My gf's and i got together on Saturday and shared our experiences of our assignments. Wow....is all i can say. I thought I had a nasty mind. One of us didn't do her assignment and the other four of us came up with an alternative that we made her do Late saturday afternoon into the evening. She was so embarassed and humiliated! The four of us stripped her naked, took her down to the local bar and handcuffed her ankles and wrists to the stairs on the back patio so she was spread 'wide open'. Then we wrote on her forehead with a black marker 'cum dump' with and arrow drawn to her mouth, and also wrote on her stomach 'free fuck' with and arrow to her pussy. We bindfolded her and left her there with a note until after happy hour was over. Then she couold be let loose and take the walk of shame back home. When she got back about 9:00 she was still spitting up cum and had it dripping out of her pussy. We all asked her if she will obey any future assignments and she happily said yes. With that I want to let everone know that our guy friends day at the lake may have to be postponed until a later time. We will know later in the week.
Monday, May 20th 2013 - 09:01:03 AM
Name: GordianKnot
Comments:@A former scoundrel - Yes, please continue, this is the beginning of a GREAT story.
Thursday, May 16th 2013 - 11:37:18 AM
Name: A former scoundrel

I was seeing this girl once, nothing serious, but we'd hangout and sometimes hookup. I would be the more dominant one in general. I was seeing other girls at the same time, but I had a problem with jealousy and hated that I thought she saw other guys, even though I wasn't over the moon for her.

One day I saw she was on an online dating site, so I made a fake profile, the perfect dude, and of course I already knew what she liked. I know this sounds horrible, and it gets worse, but I can't describe how upset this made me, and that she would lie about being busy with family when "the guy" setup a date with her. And like I said--I was a scoundrel. Said date was only about 20 miles away, but I knew her car was in the shop, so she'd have to take the bus. No worries--because he'd give her a ride back. Well of course, "he" never showed, and she missed the last bus and had to take a long expensive cab ride. The next day I see her and she's especially appreciate of me. Mission accomplished. Or so I thought.

I immediately didn't hear from her after that visit. Wasn't sure why. Apparently she's not the trusting type either, and tried to get into my email when she was at my place and I was in the bathroom. Good news-I wiped everything clean beforehand. Bad news-my password was erased for the dating site, but not the username. Ouch. But she didn't blow up right away. She asked if I wanted to try something kinky. I did, and she said for a change, that I would be the one tied up. I told her I didn't really feel comfortable giving up control. She pouted but I didn't budge. She said that was fine and she'd go change, but then she had an emergency and had to run.

The next day I get an email notification that I have a couple new "matches". One of whom is gorgeous and seems to be into the exact same things as me, is kinky and submissive, and looking to have some fun-perfect. I can't message her with the fake profile, so I make a new one and fire off a message. Almost immediately I get a response, and we hit it off. It's almost suspicious really, so pretty soon I ask for her number, and, luckily, she texts me from a different number. I let my guard down, we flirt a bunch, and set up a date. She texts the day before the date that she wants to throw caution to the wind, she has a hotel room for work that night, wants me to come over and "see what happens". I'm game. She says she wants to see which of us can tie the other one better-I say I'll win, she says she doesn't mind. We can bring any material we want to tie up the other. I'm pretty good with rope, so I bring that. She says she gets to tie me up first. I'm hesitant, but this girl is gorgeous and I know I'll be able to get out anyway.

The night approaches. I anxiously await outside the door, duffle bag in hand, and knock. Nothing for a few seconds. I knock again. I wonder if I have the wrong room, then she opens it up, wearing nothing but a push up bra, panties and red stockings, looking absolutely to die for. I say hello and she puts her finger to my lips, "shh". She kisses me and leads me by the hand near the bed but keeps me standing.

So, what's your choice? Rope, tape? Pantyhose, she says.
Like I said, I prefer to be dominant, but I had done self bondage before and I'm 100% sure no pantyhose will hold me. I'm relieved but not relaxed as this beautiful woman instructs me to remove my shirt and pants. I do. She encircles my wrists behind my back in the nylon-tight but it won't be hard to get out of. She does the same with my ankles, above and below the knees, and elbows but they don't touch. It's only the second time I'd ever been tied up by someone, and it's incredibly erotic. Her breasts pressing against my back and arms while she's tying, the smell of her hair. Then a blindfold comes over my eyes.

That wasn't part of the deal, I say. "Shh" again. She kissed my lips and I open my mouth for more and a ballgag is pressed inside my mouth tightly. I'm slighty apprehensive, but 1 it's utterly hot as fuck and 2 I'm ready to get out at a moment's notice. Hey, how about we take off the blindfold ok? The rest is fine. No answer. I hear the door close, but it was a breezy day. I crane my neck around. Amanda? Silence...

Click! Handcuffs are snapped on one wrist, then the other. I'm able to knock off my blindfold and crane my neck around.

Hey there, *the fake profile username*, did you miss me?

Let me know if you want to hear the rest.
Wednesday, May 15th 2013 - 02:35:39 PM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:Thanks Dark and Bravo. It was so HOT! I have never had more than one guy at a time and that was something I have dreamed about numerous times. I am still pretty sore, but it was so worth it! My new boyfriend is fantastic so far and he is cool with the playtime the girls and I have. He has 'taken me at school numerous times everyday so far and it is such a turn-on doing it in school. Can't wait until Saturday to hear the others stories and how things went for them, especially who got the assignment I wrote. Just our secret, I was hoping that I didn't draw the one I wrote. I also can't wait, until we give our guy friend his assignment for the lake on Memorial weekend and hear his story on it. Till next time.
Wednesday, May 15th 2013 - 01:34:34 PM
Name: bravo
E-mail address: dominant12390@yahoo.com
Comments:Damn Julie. Wish I would have been there sounds like it was very hot.
Wednesday, May 15th 2013 - 08:19:52 AM
Name: Dark
E-mail address: darkrider25ca@Gmail.com
Comments:Damn Julie! Sounds like you had a blast.
Wednesday, May 15th 2013 - 03:30:46 AM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:Well, the five of us girls drew our assignments on Saturday, and I did mine yesterday. All I can say is holy shit....what an exciting experience. Before I get to telling the details, I would like to post that we also decided where to have our guy friend do his public self bondage. So if any of you out there know of any girls/ladies in ND--let them know about this so he will get caught. We are going to have him go to the same lake I started at, West Aroda Lake, about 10 miles west of Washburn, on May 26 at 1:00pm. He will be there at 1:00 sharp, and he will be in bondage (all they will have to do is look a little and they will see it is him, from there, what they want to do is up to them. Just a little hint ladies--he gives the best oral any of us has ever had!!!!). We have a list of things for him to start from and anything after he gets caught is up to those that catch him. He agreed to this because we girls always make it worth his while (what guy wouldn't do what five 18 & 19 year old girls asked of him if he knew he was going to have them all!).

Now, on to the details. We drew our assignments and we agreed not to tell anyone about them or when we would do them (we only have until may 18 to complete them, and we would all share our experiences next Saturday). We all went home to find out what we had drawn. My assignment took place at the Painted Woods Golf Course just out of town. (If you want to, you can look it up on any map to get an idea of where I was--look south of Washburn along highway 83).

I looked at the weather and it was going to be windy and hot on Monday so I decided to do it then as I thought maybe there wouldn't be so many people out. I don't golf, but one of our group does and this is how she came up with this spot. I wish I did golf now, because if I had I would have known that the course was hosting a boys high school golf match. It was over by the time I got there but there were some that played more after the matches were done. My assignment looked easy on paper. Everything I needed except what I was to wear to the spot, was already out there and set up (she did this on Friday or Saturday). When I got home from school yesterday, I put on my outfit, (a spaghetti strap fishnet body stocking), which in reality is nothing. That was all I needed to do before heading out to my spot. I looked around quick and ran out to my car and drove to the golf course. I parked my car off the curve going in to the club house. I had to get out behind the club house and to the railroad tracks and go south to the railroad bridge and cross that and my items would be there and set up under the bridge. This path had me in plain sight of the highway and the golf course. The railroad bridge is only about 50 yards from a green and not much further from the main golf cart path. I know people had to have seen me walking along the railroad tracks to my spot. The railroad brige crosses painted woods creek and that was where I would spend my time in bondage.
Once I crossed the briidge and went down underneath it, I saw the things that had been prepared for me. there were two ropes blowing in the wind and hanging from above, both were on pulley systems (I knew these systems as we used them often in our play times). These were operable by one person and could be secured with one hand by pulling the rope tight in a wedge style arm to hold the rope on the pulleys. There was another rope to which there was a set of clamps attached at one end (the clamps were tied around one of the bridge beams) and the other end had several steel spikes(I think they were from the railroad tracks)tied to it. There was a metal rod with a pink dildo attached to one end laying next to a plastic bag. In the pastic bag were two sets of handcuffs (no keys), two notes(one was sealed in an envelope and not to be read by me) and a spider type gag. The spider gag holds your mouth wide open but it is not closed off like when you wear a ball gag, so you can still make noises and after reading the note I knew why the spider gag was used.
The big kicker here was that, in order to be freed from my bondage, I had to get someone's attention from the golf course to retrieve the keys to the cuffs my gf hid over by the green on the golf course I would be facing only 50 yards away. After reading the note I began getting myself into the position described in the note. I saw that there were people on the green only a short distance from me. I put a set of cuffs on my ankles. I tied each of my boobs to the ropes attached to the pulleys. I took the rod with the pink dildo attached and inserted it. It made me stand on my tip toes. The rod was long enough when wedged into the ground to still make me stand tip toed as it was inserted as far as it would go. I then untied the clamps from the beam and attached them on my nipples. the spikes tied to the other end of the clamps weighed more than I thought they would and they pulled hard on my nipples. I then put on the spider gag, pulled the ropes tied to my boobs as tight as I could and then secured the pulleys to keep them stretched out like that and me on my tip toes, and then cuffed my hands behind me around a beam on the bridge. This was getting uncomfortable real fast. The group of guys that were on the green when I was getting preparred were gone now. I could see others out golfing. Some were close and would be coming down the cart path to the green I was facing in a short time. I was uncomfortable, but didn't want to end this yet. And I wanted to make sure that whoever it was that I got there attention to help me out of this, I either wanted to know them very well or be complete strangers. It was only about 5:00 now. I had a long time until the last golfers would go past. So I started to enjoy my assignment. I sensed that as more people went by on the cart path and at the green that some had seen me, but they didn't let on. There was one group of four guys(I didn't know any of them and assumed they were golfers from another high school playing another round of golf after their match) who gathered around close to each other on the green for a while talking and then continued on.
It was getting a little later when I noticed that I should think about getting someones attention to help me out of this. I only saw a couple of groups of people out on the course now(even though I couldn't see the whole course from where I was, I knew the golfers were thinning out now), so I decided that I would try to see who was coming in the next two groups and I would get their attention to help me out. As the next groups were getting closer I could see that I did not know anyone in either group so I thought I would try to get the attention of the first group that got to the green. As the group was approaching the green, I started to make some noises and movements. Nothing loud but hopefully enough to get their attention. It was then I felt a hand grab my ass. From behind me I had hands all over me, grabbing, slapping and pinching a lot of hands! That's when the group of people on the green looked over and saw me. The guys groping me shouted at them to come over. They came over as did the group following them. The group that was at the green when I was getting prepared and the group that were talking on the green were standing behind me ever since they were out of my sight. I never looked up to see them coming across the bridge but here they were. With the two groups on their way over I had a total of 15 people standing around me. After they read the note in the envelope, they were all smiling and had very nasty looks in their eyes. And they all were having their way with me. The one girl in the last bunch took a while to get involved but it turned out she was the worst one of them all. At one point they pulled out the dildo and lifted me by my legs so I was hanging from my boobs with my hands still cuffed around the beam on the bridge and all of them did me right there in that position. I had so much cum dripping off my face, boobs and pussy I couldn't believe how much there was. A guy motioned for the girl and she acted shy at first, but after a little coaxing she was over sucking off as much cum as she could off of me. One of the guys said to drink everything she gave me. She kissed me and left a huge load of cum in my mouth to drink. As they were doing this we had several more people walk to the edge of the creek but did not cross just to see what was going on. One of them was a good friend of my Dad, but I didn't think he knew it was me tied there, at least he didn't act like it. When they left the girl was standing by me looking at the lpulleys and then grabbed one rope and hoisted it up until I was off my feet. She then did the same to the other side. I was hanging from only my boobs now, and that's when she started slapping me, ramming me with the didlo and she wouldn't quit. It last for at least fifteen minutes and then they let me down until I was tip toed again. They took the clamps off my nipples and all took turns biting, pinching and twisting them before putting them back on again. It was just getting dark now, and they all agreed they should be going and that they weren't going to let me out of this, but they would make one phone call to someone I asked them to call and they would tell them where I was and to come and get me. I had them call a guy from school, and I heard them tell him that he could have his way and do anything he wanted to me before he let me loose. Then they were gone. I waited and waited in the dark for my friend to show up. He finally showed as I saw someone with a flash light coming across the bridge. He called my name and I could only manage a muffled--here I am. When he got down to me I could tell he was REALLY turned on. I asked him to take off the spider gag only. When he did, I asked him if I looked sexy in the position I was in. He pointed down to his erection and I knew he liked what he was seeing. I told him where the keys were hid and if he would get them he could do whatever he wanted to me every day for a week. With that he was over looking for the keys and came back with them. He untied my boobs but left the clamps and weights on and told me to kneel in front of him, meaning I had to pull the weights with my nipples while I was kneeling. He put his cock in my mouth and had me suck him until he came in my mouth. With that he let me loose from everything. and looked me over with only my body stocking on and said how sexy I was in it. He then quickly cuffed my hands behind my back again, and said he was going to change the terms of our agreement. He said, If I let you go right now, #1 you will be my gf for the next year at the least, and I will use you when and how I want......do you agree? he asked. I said yes, as I always wanted to date him anyway, but he always seemed to be with someone else when I was looking. With that he walked with me up to our cars, when we got to them he pushed me over the hood of my car and did me from behind. He then took off the cuffs and told me to wear the same body stocking to school tomorrow with a mini skirt and a very thin top- nothing else. I said I might get kicked out of school, then he said ok no top but a light coat then, and to meet him in the mens room at 9:30, 12:00, and 2:00 for some quickies. That was today and it was so exciting. I was getting rammed at the 9:30 meeting in my ass in the last stall and had to take it and be quiet about it because of all the others coming and going. Now I can't wait to meet with the girls on Saturday to share all of our experiences and let them know I have a new boyfriend who came to my rescue. Take care and be sure to let any ladies/girls you may know in ND about our guy friends public bondage at West Aroda Lake on May 26 @ 1:00pm.
Tuesday, May 14th 2013 - 01:16:30 PM
Name: Ron S.
Comments:Sandy, PLEASE continue your story. Halfway through reading it, I imagined re-enacting it. I never felt so naughty.
Saturday, May 11th 2013 - 12:56:23 PM
Name: Bianca
E-mail address: bound_cd_bianca@yahoo.ca
Homepage URL: http://www.experienceproject.com/about/biancabound
Comments:To Leah , I'm sure I'm not the only but I think a lot of people enjoy your experiences . A suggestion , why not find another place to share your stories ? http://www.experienceproject.com/ sounds like a good place to post your wonderful stories . I'm pretty sure you'll have lots of fans . Everyone will be happy :)
Saturday, May 11th 2013 - 10:10:30 AM
Name: ryan
E-mail address: ryanbeattieipod@gmail.com
Comments:Ya Leah people are rough but I love your stories plz email me as well when u want to share I love reading them.
Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 11:19:49 PM
Name: Phil
Comments:I live in ND but I'm not saying where.
Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 06:40:27 PM
Name: Dark
E-mail address: Darkrider25ca@gmail.com
Comments:Nice stories Julie! Kinda funny how our best laid plans can go completely south when we least expect it!
Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 05:45:37 PM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:My gf's and I are going to draw our public self bondage assignments on Saturday and have one week to complete them. I am looking forward to this already. We have set a 30 mile limit for distance from home to do our assignments. We also decided that if we happen to draw the scenerio we write ourselves, we have to keep it and do everything as we wrote..
I have question for you, we were discussing something yesterday after school and thought I could ask here. Is there anybody from North Dakota on here? The 5 of us girls are discussing a self-bondage public scene for our 'guy friend' we invite over once in a while for our play times, and would like to set something up where he will definatley get caught and used. We have some ideas and will post time, day and location if there are any ladies who would like to have their own guy to catch and use.
I can't wait until we draw our assignments on Saturday. I am getting so HOT just thinking about it now. Well, it's about time the girls show up so I better get ready. Play time is at my house today.
Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 01:19:20 PM
Name: bravo
E-mail address: dominant12390@yahoo.com
Comments:Leah, I am very sorry to hear that. I agree people on here have been very disrespectful to you. Feel free to email me at the above addressif you want to share your ststories. Julie S. Please keep posting your stories on here. That story was very good.
Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 09:16:47 AM
Name: Leah
Comments:hello everybody.....i just wanted to tell everyone that i got my nipple whirls off today. They have been on since December. my nipples are a sight and they are very sensitive. i don't have to worry about them standing at attention anymore as they are about three inches long now and from what i have been reading on them, the change should be permanent. I haven't had a bra on since they were put on me, and i will tell you that they are long enough and stiff enough now to poke through any material i wear for a top. i can even put on a bra and you can easily see them trying to poke through. they are long and skinny now, but very stiff--i love them. i am still not allowed to ever wear a bra again. i am not going to post any more because of some of the comments on here previously. to bad some come on here and just talk trash to those that post but have nothing to offer. but that's the way it is. and i will not post any more.
Wednesday, May 8th 2013 - 01:34:20 PM
Name: Julie S.
Comments:Hi, I’m Julie, 18, 5-5, 36D-24-32 from Washburn ND. I have been reading the stories on here for quite some time and love them all. I am not too worried about revealing the town I am from, because what are the chances of someone from my area being on here right? I have been into bondage and self-bondage for a few years now. I got started in it with a few of my girlfriends from school. We have had a lot of fun and have collected a good assortment of toys between the 5 of us. We wouldn’t all get together every time, but there were always at least a couple of us willing to play. As time went on, we got more into bondage and the B/D scenes and we all did self-bondage when we weren’t playing with each other. We do pre-arranged play times with designated Dom’s and subs, and the more we play the nastier things get.
Well after a long cold winter, I decided to do some self-bondage out at 2 small lakes west of town this past weekend since the weather was so nice. I got everything prepared on Wednesday after school. I hid keys out at the lake at the boat ramps, and clothes at other locations. These lakes don’t get a lot of use, but are right next to the highway, but still far enough off to take a bit of a risk doing this.
I locked the keys to my handcuffs in a metal box and locked that in the trunk of my car. I hid the key to the box at the boat ramp on the east lake, and I would be parking at the west lake ramp and taking my mile or so walk to the other ramp from there. I hid a tee shirt in the Stanton Town park and a mini skirt I hid along a walking path the next town west of Stanton. So here is the scene I had planned and did on Saturday. It was exciting, and so much fun.
I woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful day. I was very excited to start my self-bondage journey. Nobody knew of my intentions today. I went out to the garage, stripped naked (except for shoes) and took a double bolt snap from my Dad’s tool box and snapped each end onto my nipple rings. The bolt snaps pulled my nipples and boobs together and held them like that. I liked the feeling; I then put on only a tee shirt, as this would be coming off as soon as I got out of our driveway. I then put on a double dildo harness (a dildo for my ass and pussy) and locked it into place with a padlock (the key for this padlock would stay at home-it was in my dresser drawer in my room. I should also note: that all of us girls have worn this harness to school for the whole day on numerous occasions and we always had to get the one who had the key whenever we had to use the bathroom.). With that done I got into my car and made sure I had my small bag of goodies on the seat next to me and took off for the lakes.
After I got onto the highway, I took off my tee shirt and threw it out the window (I made sure nobody was coming), so I was now completely naked except for my shoes. I kept looking at my nipples that were pulled together by the bolt snaps I had snapped onto my nipple rings. I love the way it looked and felt. I got to the west lake boat ramp and parked my car. I was really getting excited now. I didn’t have a single item of clothing with me now and I would have to drive to two different towns to get the tee shirt and skirt I had dropped off. I got out my bag of goodies and took out two sets of clover leaf nipple clamps which I had already tied weights to, two 8 ounce weights with snap attachments, a handful of clothes pins, and a set of handcuffs. After a little work pulling my pussy lips out and to the sides of the dildo harness, I finally got the two sets of clamps on them with the weights hanging down to about my knees. I attached a weight to each of my nipple rings and with the snap bolts pulling them together, this made for quite the sensation. It felt good at the moment, but as I found out shortly, they would become VERY uncomfortable. I then attached the clothes pins to my boobs, I had about ten on each. With that I got out of the car, locked it and put the keys under my back tire. I put a ball gag in my mouth and then, it was time to make the final gesture of being completely helpless until I got back with the key to the box in my trunk. And with that I took a quick look around and cuffed my hands behind my back. There was no turning back now.
I started walking to the east lake ramp which was at least a mile walk as I had to go around the west lake first to get to the east lake ramp. The weights tied to the clamps on my lips were hitting me in the knees and pulling on my lips. They were getting very uncomfortable real fast. And the weights on my nipple rings started hurting as soon as I started walking. The walk to the east ramp was painful and SLOW! The path was overgrown with brush and grass. What I figured would be a 20 to 25 minute walk in the position I was in, took over an hour, and I was hurting. The lube on the dildo’s had worn off and they were dry as they could get except for the little juices coming from my pussy, but it wasn’t near enough, so they were hurting also. As I came over the last little hill before the boat ramp where the key to my box was hid, I noticed a car at the ramp. I ducked out of sight as best I could and looking closer, there were two cars there. One was a highway patrol and the other a county sheriff. My heart was about to come out of my chest. Thankfully they didn’t see me. They must have been running speed traps, in 20 minutes they were both gone. I made as fast as I could to get the key. I panicked when I couldn’t find the key right away, but soon found it, bent down and grabbed it and started on the long walk back to my car. The walk back took even longer. My pussy lips, nipples, knees from having the weights banging into them, and the dildo’s all hurt. As I got to my car, I went around to the back tire to grab my car keys to open the trunk and they weren’t there. I was in panic mode and my cell phone was locked in my car. I looked and looked for them but couldn’t find them. I didn’t know what to do. I walked back into the brush and grass a ways to hide until I could figure something out. Then I heard a car coming down the road to the ramp. I knew the car; it was one of my girlfriends’ boyfriends’ car. He stopped by my car got out and called my name. I didn’t come out right away, then my girlfriend got out of the car and told me to come out and get over there. It was about that time they saw me trying to hide in the grass and brush. They walked over and drug me over to the cars. My girlfriend was just coming over to my place as I was taking off and saw me and followed me from a distance and saw what I was doing and took my keys and went back and got her boyfriend and came back. She was really turned on by what I was doing and had her boyfriend do her right there in front of me. They took the ball gag out and made me tell them the whole thing I had planned. They couldn’t believe I didn’t have one article of clothing with me. My gf’s boyfriend was hard as a rock again and she started stroking his cock until he was about to cum and told me to kneel in front of him and she stroked him until he shot all over my face and boobs. She told me that my plans were going to change just a little bit, but not much. With that she opened the trunk of my car, got out the box that had the key to my handcuffs took the key for the box and got the key. Now she said, you just wait here a minute, I have something to do. She went to her bf’s car and was back in a minute. She unlocked only one handcuff and told me to get in my car and locked the cuff on my hand again this time around the steering wheel. I am going to keep the key, you drive to Stanton park and I will let you out then. We will see you there. After a little more talking, and them playing with me handcuffed to my steering wheel, she put the ball gag back in. She put the keys in my car started the engine, put the car in gear and said see ya in a couple of minutes Julie! I was still wearing everything I had put on originally. After a 5 minute drive I was driving right through downtown Stanton during the noon hour, completely naked with clothes pins, clamps, weights, nipple rings locked together, wearing a double dildo harness and ball gagged. I pulled in the town park and had to wait for my gf to show up. There were quite a few people in the park during the noon hour, and I sunk as low as I could every time someone drove by or walked by.
When they finally showed up and got me out of my car, I noticed that there were 7 or 8 cars parked in the park. It didn’t look like there were people in the cars so I figured that they were all out for walks. The paths all led from one end around the park and out the other, so I thought I would be safe going to collect my tee shirt. But, my gf, added another twist to it. She cuffed my hands behind my back again and said to go fetch my shirt and bring it back, only I was to start walking the path from the other end. That meant I had to walk the entire length of the parking lot before getting to the path, and my shirt was actually close to where we were at the time. This was going to be another LONG walk. This path goes at least ½ to ¾ mile around the park. While we were standing there talking, several people came out on the paths and went to their cars. One car drove by stopped and took a good look at me, smiled and waved and drove off. There were still 6 cars that I could see in the park and I was getting a bit worried when my gf told me to get walking. I headed out as fast as I could under the circumstances and finally made it to the other end and got on the path. My knees were hurting from the weights hitting them when I walked. My nipples were hurting, and so were my pussy lips from the clamps and weights. The dildos inside me were rubbing me raw, but I kept going. I was walking down the path as best I could when someone jumped out onto the path behind me. It scared the crap out of me until I saw it was another one of my gf playmates. My gf called all of them and told them about this and it turns out a couple of them came down to see me in the park, and they all brought others with them. As my heart was just settling back into my chest from her scaring the crap out of me, she motioned for me to turn around. As I did, there were 4 others standing in the path looking me over. I started getting wet and it was a relief with those dildos in me. She took out my gag and made me service them all. They were all guys from our high school, and they all came over my boobs, nipples and face. My gf, just bent over lifted her skirt and took it up her ass from one of the guys and she made him stick his cock in my mouth when he was about to cum and I took that load in my mouth. They all looked me over and had fun with the things I had on and told me to get on my way. After walking a good distance, I was thinking I was getting close to where I had hid my tee shirt. I got to the spot and discovered it was gone. Another playmate stepped out and held it up and asked if I was looking for this. I shook my head as the gag was put back in my mouth. She motioned off to the side of the path and 5 more people were standing there smiling at me. 2 other girls and three guys. And, I serviced the guys orally and then I had to watch the girls get serviced by the guys and took more loads from them. I was gagged again and sent out to my gf waiting at my car. She laughed when she saw me and all the cum on my boobs, face and dripping from my mouth and said, it looks like you meet up with the others. Did they tell you that you will not be getting your shirt until you go pick up your skirt? I nodded yes, and tried to explain through my gag that my skirt was hid right off the highway in the middle of the next town. She took out my gag and I told her that it was right out in the open; there was no cover, trees or anything. I had taped it to the bottom of a bench along the path and it was completely in the open. She just laughed and said that was my mistake and that I would be showing myself completely then to anyone who drove or walked by while getting my skirt, because she wasn’t giving me my tee shirt until I had my skirt. I was terrified at this point. This spot was so in the open and next to a very busy highway; I had at least planned on being covered with the large tee shirt. With that she handcuffed me again to my steering wheel and she got in the passenger side to ride with me. She played with me all the way to town. She told me to drive by my skirt and point out where it was. When I did, she said holy crap Julie, there will be no hiding here now will there? She pointed to a spot and told me to park there and that is where I would start from, and she would pick me up on the other end. I pulled over; she let me loose from the steering wheel, but just as fast cuffed my hands behind me again. She said, time is wasting; you better hurry and hope that no cops come by. Hurry and we can be out of here before they show up if anybody calls them. I had a good 100 yards to go to the bench and then another 200 to where she was going to pick me up. I was running and everything was hurting, my knees were getting hit by the weights, my nipples hurt from the weights and being pulled by the bolt snaps attached to my nipple rings, my boobs hurt from the clothes pins, and the two dildos in me hurt bad as I had been rubbed raw already. I got to the bench, bent at my knees and got hold of my skirt and took off the next 200 yards on a run. It was this point where I almost caused an accident on the highway. Tires were screeching, and a truck and a car came to a stop right beside me. I didn’t even stop, I finally got into my car and my gf took off. I asked to be able to take off all these things, but she said no, me and the girls have a full day planned for you. From there it was me serving 4 Doms and I was the only sub. They brought in lots of other people to humiliate me in front of and service them. Most were my high school friends, some I did not know at all.
With that done now, I found out today that one of my playmate gf’s already did something on this order in public but did not get caught like I did. Our last play time together on Tuesday after school we all agreed to come up with a scenario in a public place and write it out and we will put the ideas in a jar and draw for them and have to do what they say. It sounds like fun.
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Name: Dark
E-mail address: Darkrider25ca@gmail.com
Comments:Hello all, I have been looking over this site for awhile and figured it was time to join into the fun on here. I will admit i am mostly Dom but have recently been exploring self bondage more and more as of late. I have been interested in both Bondage and Self bondage ever since i was a teen and have explored both sides of it a bit both solo and with partners (Giving Bondage only so far no self bondage with a partner due to having no one i can trust with that info just yet..) Def interested in reading more about everyones exploits on here and will eventually work towards posting some of mine.

Feel free to contact me to exchange ideas back and forth, However please mention this site in the title of the email so i know where you got my email.

Have fun everyone and be safe.
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Name: bdsm dude
Comments:I really like courtneys stories. Keep them coming ;)
Thursday, April 25th 2013 - 08:32:17 PM
Name: Sandy B
E-mail address: arsandy@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:She made me use a pair of nylons to tie her to the toilet. Again. She puts on pantyhose with runs in them and makes me call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me put on pantyhose and fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. I always must kneel, in my pantyhose, when she pulls the paper out of my mouth. Then she pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf and shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste. Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping off her stockings at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she straddles the toilet, which is my cue to untie her nylons and flush. Just then, my stepdad walked in wearing her black fishnet stockings...

Wednesday, April 24th 2013 - 10:05:12 AM
Name: Captive
Comments:Wow TS that is pretty freaking crazy! Your post was so intense for me I decided to share mine experience and what the end result was and is.

My parents divorced when I was in my early teens. I stayed with my dad. My mom and older sister who was in college moved a short distance away. Now my dad has a interest in bondage. He has specific role he likes to play when he is doing bondage. The role he plays is that of a intruder/ burglar.

I had seen him a few times with a stocking over his head and my mom bound and gagged and once he even had my mom and older sister bound and gagged.
I was awestruck by the sights of bound and gagged mom and sister and how did menaced them "role play of course".

Even after the divorce mom ended up doing some role play with dad. The first time is when mom came to visit me and right before she had to go dad asked her to go into his office. I went about my business and heard funny noises coming from dads office. I opened the door and there was mom stripped to her bra,panties and knee hi's she was tightly gagged. and tied to the high back wooded chair in the office.
Dad was working at his desk with a tab nylon over his head. Mom saw me and was still struggling she was blushing at me seeing her this way no doubt. Dad saw me smiled and said come in and say hi to our hostage! Mom just sat there looking at me and dad.
I sat down and stared at my mom she looked really pretty all tied up her tan knee hi's looked sexy on her feet which even her soles and toes were tied.

Dad asked me to excuse myself and minutes later mom was walking out she stopped hugged me and said see you in 2 weeks.

I could not get the sight of her out of my head and found it arousing. I started the next day self bonding.
I looked forward to mom's next visit this time dad let me play. He said he was going to pretend to be a robber and tie mom and I up before she left. He said my job was to stall her from leaving.

The day came and mom came over to visit me after work this day she had on a dress and thick black tights. I asked mom to go to my room and see whatever. When we were in my room for a few minutes dad came around the corner with a stocking over his head dressed in black holding a toy gun.

Mom saw him and looked at me and said I should have guessed your father put you up to this. Dad playing the robber told us to shut up and do as he said and we won't get hurt.

He told mom to take off her dress she looked at him and said really? Dad said strip lady mom dropped her dress and I was told to sit on the floor. Mom was told to lay on her stomach next to me.
Mom and I looked at each other and dad put a ball in moms mouth and she mmpphed it looked really tight. He then hogtied her. Dad tied me the same way but no ballgag simple cleavage gag. Mom began to struggle and mmmpph and I did what she did but kind of just laid there staring at her. It felt really good being bound and gagged. Dad played the role for a while eventually we were both tied to chairs. He never took the ball out of mom's mouth until the game was over.
That was the last time dad tied mom. Dad played tie up games with a few women who worked for him.

I loved seeing them tied and gagged. I started doing big time self bondage at that time. I also found some of my mom's clothes and some clothes of a few of dad's girlfriends.

I took those clothes to my room and dressed up and the feeling of the soft silky things and my ropes was very intense.
I got hooked on this new fetish.
I also started a collection of pantyhose for my dressing up. I bought some got some from mom and my sister and a few pairs from dad's girlfriends who stayed over.

I never had to worry about being caught by my dad he worked a lot and our house was huge

I got a friend to start tying me up in high school. I did not dress up for him. But I did let him catch me dressed up and tied up by myself.

Also there was one time I was all dressed up thinking no one was home I went to get something to drink and heard some mmpphing noises coming from the guest room.

I opened the door and there was my older sister tied in a lotus position and ballgagged she was wearing work out gear.
She looked at me and I at her. She started laughing around her gag then I realized I was dressed up as a woman. I went to run out but her boyfriend stopped me and next thing I know I was hogtied next to her.

My older sister teased me and even tied me up a few times she made me wear her really lacy frilly clothes and big heels.

Fast Forward I was now a freshman in college and was living in my own apartment and had one bedroom with my lady clothes and the other with my guys clothes. I had all kinds of rope gags and bondage things. I was really good at tying myself up.

I used to go to a local bar that had a fetish night.
I had a good friend who was ok with me crossdressing so we would go to fetish night together. I loved going because there was always a guy or 2 who loved tying me up.

It was during one of these visits to fetish night I got caught bound and gagged by my dad's business partner!

The crazy thing about it was he was one on the guys who took turns tying and gagging me.
I did not recognize him because he was wearing a ski mask.

When it came his turn to tie me up he realized who I was and he whispered softly my name. I looked at him and nodded.

He whispered his name. I nodded again.

He did me up good he was no slacker when it comes to tying someone up.

Afterward we went off to talk at a corner table. We both felt very uncomfortable at first. But I made a stupid joke and soon we were talking and like clock work we said don't tell M "my dad" We agreed and I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place and rope me up some more.

He said yes we went back to my apartment where he tied and gagged me like I had never been bound and gagged before. He told me he would like to do some role playing if I wanted to meet again.

I could not say no even if I wanted to in my mind I thought he might expose my secret life.

So I said sure he also enjoyed playing the intruder role he said he wanted me to play his wife. He told he will bring me some of her clothes and shoes to wear for the game. He said when she goes out of town he wants us to play at his house. He explained why he wanted me to be his wife and him playing the intruder. He did warn me that part of his role play will involve punishment. He said no serious pain but you will be punished. He told me we would run through a role play with the punishments he enjoys and I can pick and choose what I liked or did not like afterward.

I was so excited about our up coming meeting that I went selfbondage crazy. The day of the first session I was ok with everything he did to me.

He was happy to hear that he could act out his role play on me without any changes.

We embarked on this sometimes daily role play. It was strange when he and my dad I would hang out because we either just finished role playing or going to go and play later.

We had meeting for about a year privately and still went to fetish nights.

Prior to an up coming fetish night he asked me if he could invite a really good friend to meet us there. He said this guy loves good clean bondage and role play.

I said I was cool with it he said I want you to dress a business woman and wear a very specific outfit which I will buy you.
Wearing specific outfits was not uncommon but I was curious.

Fetish night came and he came over with a tan colored business suit which was a skirt and white blouse black leather pumps nude hose with reinforced toes. He told me to wear my brown wig and paint my fingers and toes light pink and he even bought me a bottle of perfume he said put this on my friend loves this.

I am very passable when I am dressed up so I was not worried about not meeting his friends request.

He said you look amazing and called me by his wife's name. He told me my girl name has to be the same as is wife's for many reason mainly so he don't call her by another woman's name.

We get to the club and sit at our usual table. He had masked up and we were waiting for his friend to show up. He and another guy tied me to a chair and ballgagged me then moved me in the chair to our table and their I sat.

I noticed another man all dressed in black wearing a black ski mask with red around the eyes. He saw us and walked toward us. It was him. He smiled and said she looks so pretty just like you said is she ok with having 2 intruders take her hostage. I nooded yes. The other guy who was not part of our party untied me and removed the gag and thanked me for letting him tie me up.

They told me they wanted to go some place private.
I said ok and we left. The second man never unmasked as we got to the car.
Upon getting into the car the second man clamped his hand over mouth. He said now I am going to tie you up for the ride. I nodded yes. He took his hand away and removed a black ballgag and gagged me I was blindfolded with a leather blindfold. My wrists and ankles tied and the seat belt was pulled over me. I was sitting up blindfolded and ballgagged in the back seat as my friend drove us. The man who tied me stayed in the back seat with me run his hands under my skirt and on my thighs he told me he was going to make me do naughty things tonight. I moaned and wiggled he whispered in my ear as he ran his hands over my bound legs what I was going to do. He said if I was a bad girl he was going to punish me.

We arrived and I was carried in by both of them and taken some where and laid on a bed I was then tied to this metal head and foot board.

I was left alone while they talked I could hear them but not what they said.

They came back removed the blindfold and I looked around and we were in some type of warehouse.

They bound, gagged and punished me for the night and it was decided by them to take me to another location and keep me until they could bring me back to the warehouse later on that night. I had no say in the matter of course so I was blindfolded cuffed and carried to the car and taken to a house where I was put in a bedroom.

I heard my friend say good bye and tell my unknown captor to enjoy the hostage.

My captor came in and removed the blindfold and when my eyes adjusted I noticed he was wearing a tan nylon over his head. My eyes focused better and I noticed the room. My captor was my dad! I laid there looking at him he smiled and said welcome home honey! You just lay there and rest while I go find you something to wear! It seems our secret was let out by his business partner during a night of drinking now I have 2 captors who

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 - 05:30:30 PM
Name: TS Tammi
Comments:I found this dreambook and after reading a few posts wanted to share something that happened to me.

I started crossdressing so to speak before my teens I used to see my moms worn pantyhose on the floor after she got home from work. I got very curious and one day when I knew she would be at work late I went into her room and tried on a pair of her worn hose. They were a dark brown with reinforced toes. They felt so soft and yet so tight. I was hooked. I grabbed another pair of her hose and rubbed them over my body and face the smells were intoxicating.

From that day on I raced home to wear her pantyhose. Since my parents were divorced I did not have to worry about being caught. I had not got my bondage bug yet.

By the time I was around 15 I was dressing up in moms clothes and tying and gagging myself daily. I really enjoyed wearing her pantyhose. Sometimes I would just wear her pantyhose under my regular guy clothes it felt so exciting to be sitting next to her and to know I am wearing her pantyhose. I loved the fact she never knew.

Around that time mom got engaged to a guy who I will call "Jeff" for my post.
Jeff and I got a long good so I had no problems when Jeff sold his house and moved into our house. I kicked back on the crossdressing self bondage thing until I learned Jeff's routine. Jeff owned his own business and worked late but would sometimes work from home. So I got kind of sneaky and would listen as he told mom when he would be home from work. Mom's routine never changed.

I soon felt comfortable and went back to my old ways.
and everything was cool had 2 close calls but was able to get loose and changed before anyone was the wiser.

Mom and Jeff married and I had a great time when they went on their honeymoon dressing up and walking around the house playing self bondage games.

A year had passed and I was almost 17 when my luck ran out and I got caught.

One day I decided to just wear some pantyhose under my running shorts and wore a regular t shirt.
I put myself into a hogtie knowing I had several hours before Jeff would be home.

I struggled on my bed hogtied and gagged wearing moms hose enjoying my game like always letting my mind wander.

Then I heard the door slam and foot steps I knew it was not mom. I freaked out and in trying to get loose I knocked over my table lamp.

Before I knew there was Jeff standing in the door way to my room. He stared and then said what do we have here a little sissy pervert wearing his moms pantyhose.

I just laid on my side staring at Jeff I was scared shitless his whole demeanor was very different.

Jeff was standing next to my bed now looking at me and said so little sissy your mom know you wear her clothes and pantyhose. I shook my head no holding back tears. He smiled an evil grin of course she don't but now I do don't I.

I nodded yes and he put his hand on my hose covered leg that is a good sissy. He sat on the edge of my bed his hand on my leg staring at me and said you have 3 options the way I see it but before I tell them to you I have to go and get something.

Jeff then rolled me on my stomach and said this is a very poor hogtie. He said I am going to show you a real hogtie now.
Jeff untied my wrists and retied them crossed He then retied my ankles crossed and then connected a rope between my wrists and ankles. He said now sissy that is a hogtie. He said now move and see. I struggled and found the ropes seem to get tighter so I stopped. Jeff grabbed the roll of tape off the floor and wrapped it around my head 2 times. My cheeks bulged. Jeff said now be a good little sissy and wait here. He left I struggled not for fun but to try and find some relief.
I heard Jeff coming back and he came into my room carrying his polaroid camera and made me pose so he could take pictures of me.
When he had about 12 pictures had sat back next to me he asked if the ropes were hurting me I nodded and mmmpphed yes. He laughed and said get used to it.

I made a surprised sound. He said here are your 3 options. 1 I untie you but make you stay dressed up so your mom can meet her new daughter. If you choose this option you won't be tied up by me again.
2 I go call up your 2 best friends and have them come over and get a look at you and tell them you want to do some special oral favors for them. He said I will give them these pictures so they can black mail you to be their sissy slave. He said I won't tie you up again but I am pretty sure your friends will.

3. He said your last choice is you dress up for me whenever I want you to and I am going to treat you like the bondage sissy you want.

Jeff then said I am going to ungag you so you can tell me what choice you want.
I nodded yes. Jeff cut the tape off and removed it. I spit out the wad of cloth in my mouth. I softly asked Jeff for some water. He left came back with some water and a straw. I drank some water. Jeff said ok 1,2 or 3 what is it going to be.

I pleaded with Jeff to forget about this he said no make your choice or I will call your friends I would love to see how they react to seeing you.

I softly said number 3 three Jeff smiled and said what did you say? I spoke louder and said number 3 Jeff I want number 3 please. He said what is number 3 I forget.

I said I have to be your bondage sissy.
He laughed and said yes you do and if you don't you will be sorry.
He untied me and left taking the pictures.

Jeff kept me in suspense for about a week no mention of bondage or dressing up although he would look at me and I would look down.
On night my mom was resting her hosed feet on the foot stool and Jeff pointed to them and then at me. Mom did not notice but I had a feeling what was going to happen.

About 10 minutes later Jeff stood up and said come and go with me to the shop I need shop help.
I stood up and felt butterflies in my stomach as we went out to the garage.
When we were out of ear shot Jeff said get your sissy ass in the laundry room and get some of your moms clothes you better get a full outfit.
I went to her dirty clothes baskets and got a bra,underwear,pantyhose,skirt and blouse she wore the day before. I walked into the garage with mom's clothes in a pillow case. Jeff held up a pair of black pumps for you he said with a grin now get it.

We drove to Jeffs shop and he told me how he was going to tie and gag me and take more pictures just in case I fuck up.
I stayed quite Jeff just taunted me.

We got to his shop and he said go get your ass dressed up for your new daddy.

I felt sick to my stomach as I got dressed. I walked out dressed up and Jeff took a few pictures. He said now time to tie up my little sissy.

He ordered me to sit in a chair and he tied me with so much rope I could barely move anything and then he said I got a present for you he opened his desk drawer and took out a red ballgag. He gagged me and took pics. He made me struggle and gag talk as he asked me questions. I was drooling all over and my jaws hurt.

Jeff said he was going to buy me a nice wig and some pretty make up. He told me when mom was gone to visit her sister I was going to be his secretary and work in his shop office everyday. He said his guys would enjoy having a lady around.

I was so scared Jeff is not a joking guy and I pictured myself with guys working and customers coming and going.

Jeff called our session and we went home.

Jeff was true to his word about making me work in his office when my mom left. I felt so scared these guys had no idea. Jeff made it worse by telling me if I fuck up he would tie me up and let his guys have some fun.

One time I got into an argument with Jeff in front of my mom. I knew I fucked up when later Jeff said you owe me.

The next day Jeff made me dress up and tied me to the recliner in the living room gagged me with the ballgag and put a sleep mask over my eyes so I could not see the clock.

Jeff turned on the TV and sat and watched TV I just sat there because he told me to save my energy because I would need it.

Then I heard the door open and my moms voice saying hi I am home.
Jeff said in here honey and the said opps sorry sissy now you will learn not to fuck with me with that Jeff took off the sleep mask just as mom rounded the corner and saw us.

Mom saw me and her mouth hit the floor she was speechless she looked at Jeff and said what the fuck is going on!
Jeff said relax mom said relax what my son is dressed in my clothes tied and gagged on the recliner in our living room and you say relax.

She came over and said ok enough of this sick shit and went to untie my ankles. Jeff got loud and told mom stop don't touch her!
Mom said what he said from now on things are going to be very different around here. He told mom to sit on the floor.
She was spooked and sat on the floor.
Jeff stood up and grabbed some rope and tied moms hands behind her back and then her ankles.
Mom was asking why what is going on.
Jeff then gagged her with a cloth and tape.

He then said from now on I was to come home from school and dress from head to toe as a woman. Mom was shaking her head no Jeff said and your going to pick out her outfit everyday. Mom had tears in her eyes as Jeff told her when I was tied and gagged she was not to touch me unless he tells her she can.
Mom just shook her head in disbelief.

Jeff took pictures of both mom and I tied together and by ourselves.

He told us if we did not do everything he said he would show these pictures to everyone and invite people we know to see us by accident on purpose.

After about a 2 hour lecture while bound and gagged mom and I agreed to follow all of Jeffs rules from that day forward.

Everyday I would come home from school go into moms room and get the outfit she had laid out for me to include pantyhose bra and underwear. When it was bed time mom had to pick out night gowns for us to wear. I always had to be in pantyhose under everything I wore.

Jeff would tie and gag me and he and mom would read or watch tv.

Mom would just look at me with sadness in her eyes she also got bound and gagged as well.

Jeff pushed it even more. All I will say is I would bound and gagged in some way while Jeff got busy with mom.

He would have mom put her dirty pantyhose over my head and tie the legs over my eyes so I could not see but only hear the action.

He made sure mom put the gusset over my nose of course.

During that time I disobeyed Jeff and he decided to punish me good.

I was surprised at how it was just another bondage session but then Jeff brought in my 2 best friends they were looking at all the pictures Jeff had taken of me.

When they saw me they smiled and Jeff said she is all your boys.

By this time I was wearing a wig and make up.

My friend T closed my bedroom door and locked it.
My friend B said to T so what do we do now.
T looked at me and said lets see what she is willing to do fur us from now on.
B smiled looking at me she does look hot.
T said I say we retie her.

B said lets use that ballgag over there.

I was trying to talk through my gag and finally T removed my gag and before I could say anything T said I want to you suck me off.

I begged him he took off his pants and there in front of my mouth was a hard one. He said suck it now. My 2 best friends tied and gagged me like in the pictures and used my mouth. Once they were happy they told me I was going to have to do special favors for them from now on. They left.

Things came to an end after that. My mom had filed for divorce and threw Jeff out.
Jeff also filed for divorce from my mom.

We never heard from Jeff after mom threw him out. One day we got a package in the mail. It had all the pictures Jeff had taken of mom and I. Mom burned them.

I still kept dressing up in my moms clothes and wig and make up even after Jeff left.
Mom was not at all thrilled about it and a few times she even caught me tied up and gagged.

I talked her into tying me up a few times she did not want to but she did it.
She told me after the last time I need to find someone who like tying people up.

She went through all her clothes, shoes, underwear, bras and pantyhose. piled all these things in my room and said if I want to play dress up then go for it but I was not allowed to wear her new clothes.

My 2 friends were using me often already and my friend T more so he loved tying me up.

a few times mom would come home and see me all dressed up and bound and gagged while T was playing video games in the living room.

Mom would just ignored us.

Sometimes she would tell T to take me to my room and play our game..

T would untie everything but my wrists and walk me to my room still gagged.

Once in my room the game would shift gears to me giving T oral.
I found being T's bondage sissy really fun.

T was about 6ft 2 and about 220 lbs and he was well endowed.

I loved sucking his big rod while my hands were tied behind my back wearing only pantyhose.

I am pretty sure my mom saw me servicing T and B. I really did not care if she saw me. She was not surprised when I told her I was a TS about 3 years ago.

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 - 03:16:17 PM
Name: Jake
Homepage URL: http://overlooker.deviantart.com/
Comments:It was around 3:00 a Thursday afternoon and I had just come home from school which was boring as always. My mom and dad both had work till at least 7:00 or 8:00 so I knew I had the house to myself. I opened the front door and tossed my backpack to the left of the front door as I closed the door and locked it. I walked up the stairs and grabbed my silver laptop from my desk and put it down on the bed. I quickly changed into a pair of boxers while the laptop turned on.
I laid down on the bed in nothing but my boxers brushing my blonde hair from my eyes. I quickly began to surf my usual websites for erotic stories. After a good ten minutes or so I found a good story about a boy being bound gagged and kidnapped by a couple of men. I slipped my hand below the belt and gave a few good tugs however I was not yet aroused enough. I grabbed a pair of plastic handcuffs I had gotten from an old girlfriend and the socks I had worn to school. I gagged myself with the socks and held them in with a belt before cuffing my hands behind my back. Using the bed to rub against with my manhood and my chin to scroll down the story I was in heaven my moans filling my dirty stuffed sock gag.
Not long after I had gotten into this great position my cell phone vibrated for a text which I ignored since it would have been way to much trouble to get to it. Less then a half hour later I heard some noise from the first floor and footsteps coming up the stairs along with the voice of my friend Dan calling my name. I completely forgot that he was supposed to come over to hang out and play videogames. I had no time to react all I could do was close my eyes and hope it was a bad dream. My bedroom door opened and Dan stood in the doorway unsure what to do, think, or say.
Finally "What are you doing?" escaped Dan's lips as he walked into the room and looked at the computer screen and the title of the story. I remained silent eyes closed not that I could speak much with socks jammed in my mouth. "So little Jake is into gay bondage porn huh?" Dan said with a chuckle. "Bet your so turned on right now ain't you pall?" Dan said as he slapped my ass. I tried to talk but all that came out was "Mmmmpphhhhh?" which didn't help my situation. Using his foot Dan rolled me over exposing my rock hard dick which had slipped through the opening in my boxers. "Looking pretty good there Jake... Wanna have some fun?" Dan said with a smile across his face.
Tuesday, April 16th 2013 - 12:51:58 PM
Name: Bravo
Comments:Ann please keep going !!!
Tuesday, April 16th 2013 - 11:40:06 AM
Name: Ann
Comments:Here is part II of what was supposed to be my weekend alone. Having fun by playing, being naughty and trying different bondage positions by myself. As you know, it didn't work out as planned, and I got a lesson in how to be an obedient slave or pay the price. And pay I did. It wasn't that I was being unruly, it was just the things that they were having me do and doing to me was really scary and frightening, so I was resisting alot.

When my Mom and her two friends got back from having their drinks at the bar, they wasted no time in having their way with me. As I said, they decided to leave me in the position I had placed myself in until the ice block melted and the keys to my cuffs were freed. They just decided to whip and spank me until that happened. While all that was going on, someone grabbed my hair and pulled back hard to lift my face so I could see in front of me. The first time surprised me, as there was a completely shaved pussy looking back at me from only inches away, I could smell it and see that it was dripping wet. They took out my dildo gag and I heard one of mom's friends say to start licking and don't stop until you are told. I resisted some and whoever had hold of my hair pulled back harder and pulled me up stretching my nipples and boobs, and the other started beating my butt hard. The only words were that it would get harder until I obeyed everything they said. After I was forced to lick each one of them there was a little break as they were discussing what to do to me next.

I heard my mom say, these should get her attention! Then she held out her clothes pin bag so I could see it, and then she told her friends that they will put everyone of them on me. I was scared because there had to have been at least 200 of them in the bag. They put them every where. My boobs were covered with them, my pussy lips, on my ass, my arms, legs, stomach, face, ears and nose. There really wasn't an inch of me that didn't have a clothes pin on it. They were kind of flicking at them with their fingers for what seemed like hours. Then with a loud thump on the floor in front of me, someone threw down a metal bondage thing. It had alot of metal 2 part straps with locks and lots of heavy chains attached to it. The sight of that thing scared me, even though I didn't even know what it was.

But, when my mom's friend told me what they were going to make me do once they got me in it was the worst. They got me up from the position I had tied myself in and left everything else on/in me except the dildo that was taped to the rail. The strings tied to my nipples and the butt plug all stayed with me. They cuffed my hands behind my back to keep me under control and started putting that metal thing on me. They put one strap around my waist and locked it on, then on each ankle and wrist then the last one went around my neck. They were all locked in place with padlocks, with chains attaching them all. The straps locked aound my ankles had short chains that barely let me walk, the ones around my wrists were short so that my hands were behind my back and another chain attached them to the neck strap. The chain that ran from my ankles up to my waist strap was short enough that I had to bend slightly at my knees.

It was then that my mom picked up her phone and called someone and talked to them for a couple of minutes, she was close to me when she said to the person on the phone 'OK, we will see you in a little while then', then she hung up, looked at me and just smiled. She then took the strings still tied to my nipples and pulled them around my back and tied them off to the metal straps around my wrists. My nipples and boobs were pulled and stretched tightly off to my sides. They hurt alot now and I had a feeling they were going to for a while. With that mom whispered something to her friends and they all giggled and looked at me. Mom told me to go over to the couch quickly, that there was something she needed before we left. I hobbled over to it and she just pushed me down onto the couch. I landed on my nipples and boobs and it hurt so bad I screamed hard. She rolled me onto my back and then straddled me. I could see right up her short dress now, she didn't have on any panties and she sat her pussy right on my face and told me to lick hard and fast. She came on my face, and then her two friends took their turns. Then they got me up and told me we were going for a little drive now, and that I would be going out like I was. I was scared at being out like I was. With that they put the dildo gag back in and secured it with tape.

One of my mom's friends told me to get out to the car. I hesitated and shook my head no. My mom came over to me and literally grabbed the strings tied to my nipples and pulled me out the door and out to the car. I was crying but nobody could hear me through my dildo gag. As I was being pulled out to the car, I fell down and the string on my left nipple came off--it hurt so bad. My mom made me stand there beside the car while she tied it back on. This time though it was alot tighter than what I had tied it. She then pulled it back to my side and retied it to my wrist strap. Once I was in the car they blindfolded me with a full leather hood and tied it tight.

Mom's two friends were fingering me and pinching my nipples the whole drive. When the car stopped, I could only hear the car doors open and then I was being pulled out. I couldn't hear very well with the hood on. But, I could hear a car horn right next to me and it wasn't my mom's car! They walked me a short distance then we went through a door.

I could hear some muffled talking and laughter. I felt a set of hands on my pussy then one then two,three, four fingers were inside me, moving in and out and being twisted and turned. Then i could feel that they were trying to get their whole hand into me. With a lot of pushing, I had someone's whole hand and fist inside me. They were working it hard and fast while I tried my best to stand there. While I was being fisted, my boobs and nipples were being slapped, then my ass. My whole body was getting worked over. I came hard and would have fell over if someone hadn't been holding me up.

They took the hood off me then, I and saw then where we were----I was standing right in the middle of the adult bookstore!!! I could have fainted. There were about 14 or 15 custumers in there and all of them were just staring at me. One of my mom's friends asked them if the clerk had informed them when they came in that the slut (me) would be here to put on a show. They all shook their heads yes and smiled. My Mom then told all of them that they could do anything they wanted to do to me, or make me do anything they wanted, and they could use anything from the store on me as long as they payed for the item. The store clerk was the first one to come over to me with a huge strap-on dildo and a life size dildo in the shape hand and arm. She looked at me and said bend over you little bitch. With that she took out the butt plug and shoved that monster thing deep in my butt and rammed it hard and fast for several minutes. She then grabbed the strap-on and secured it on my head, so the dildo was positioned at my mouth. Keep in mind I still had the didlo gag in. With the strap-on secured to my head she instructed me to lay down on my back right in the middle of the store. The clerk took of her pants and I could see she had no panties on. She stood over me rubbing her pussy and then sat on that big dildo and worked right in front of my eyes. I could see her dripping as that dildo went in and out of her. It was then that I had a huge dildo rammed into my pussy (the hand and arm one was still in my butt), I was going to have another orgasm too.

The clerk finished and got up. I saw a young couple about my age standing over me and the girl looked at the guy and shook her head yes. He replied the same way to her. She reached under her skirt and took off her thong and sat on the dildo strapped to my face until she came. She actually squirted a little. Then she got up and looked at her boyfriend and shook her head at him. He took off his jeans and underwear, bent over and his girlfirend put some lube on his butt, then he sat on the dildo and rode it while his girlfriend and the clerk were sucking and playing with his cock and balls. His girlfriend and the clerk quit right before he was going to shoot, then his girlfriend stroked him and he shot all over me from my head to my pussy. I saw my mom and the clerk talking to several other of the customers and they were smiling and shaking their heads. I forgot to mention that most of the people in there were guys at that time. The clerk went over and grabbed a large dildo with a suction cup on it and stuck it right on the glass of the front door. Mom got me off the floor, pulled the dildo out of my butt and told me to go over to the one on the door bend over back my butt right on to it and keep riding it. Once i got it in my butt, I was riding it good and it felt great. My boobs and nipples hurt real bad. Then the guys in the store all got in a line in front of me an made me suck them all. Mom told me if I dropped any of that 'precious man juice' (her words) I would be licking it off the floor. With that done. and the floor clean-up completed, my mom invited them all to our place for an all night session of teaching me a lesson as she told ALL of them how she caught me at home and that she thought I needed a good lesson. She sent me home with one of her friends, the couple that was my age and two of the guys and me were in one car. and the rest drove in other cars to our place. I was tied over the kitchen table all night. I was not moved even once, not even to go to the bathroom. Mom just told me to go on the floor and that I could clean it up later. Other than getting whipped, spanked, nipples and boobs getting clamped, pinched pulled and streched, and having my butt and pussy rammed hard all night there was one thing that happenend that I couldn't believe. Everyone was really working on my butt, I couldn't see everything, but, it felt like the things they were putting in my butt were getting bigger and bigger. I could see a flash from a cell phone camera go off every once in a while. every time a different thing was put in my butt actually. It was one of mom's friends or the girl that was my age, that actually got both fists in my butt and stretched it out alot. Then, everyone kind of gasped and I heard my mom just say, if you want to try it go ahead. If you get it in we are going to secure it and she can wear it the rest of the night. That's when mom's friend said, in that case it is going in for sure. I didn't know what it was but it was massive, they were pushing it in slowly, but pushing hard and finally it just went in. I was being stretched wide open. It was massive. My mom stepped in front of me and asked if I wanted to see what I had in my butt. I shook my head that I did. She went and got a couple of mirrors and they lined them up so I could see that they had pushed a 2 liter bottled of soda into my butt and now they were securing it there with lots of tape. It stayed in there for hours. I think it was almost noon when everyone but my mom and her friends left. They untied me form the table but let me get the rest of the things off. Mom took me over to the full mirror to show me the soda bottle, she loved it so much she made me lay down with it still in and made me perform oral on her and her friends again before they would let me take it out. After that I got to take a break, rest and shower, but I was warned that they were not done with me yet. There was more coming later and it wouldn't be as enjoyable as this session was. Now I was frightened again.
Saturday, April 13th 2013 - 02:39:02 PM
Name: kelly
E-mail address: jayneskelly@ymail.com
Thursday, April 11th 2013 - 03:34:30 PM
Name: Courteney
E-mail address: courteneyjackson@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey guys, I'm back with another scenario someone gave me. It was really good fun and I loved doing it. My sister is now at University, but she's left her drawers of sexy clothes and things behind, so I get to have ore fun than usual, hehe. Here's the scenario:

I only war a pink bra and matching thong, put in my egg vibe and left it off until I was tied down, then I inserted a buttplug which got me starting to get wet from the feeling. I tied a crotch rope nice and tight and fastened it around my waist, it was well held in place by my hips and poushed the buttplug in further. I tied each of my legs to the corners of my bed, I was nicely spread open, I then put on a ring gag and tied a blindfold onto me but I pushed it up onto my forehead so I could tie my left hand down. On my right hand I had an ice lock ready, all I had to do was lock my wrist into the handcuff and I'd be stuck until the ice melted.

I turned the egg vibe on high and pulled my blindfold over my eyes before locking my right hand into the cuff. I was now secured spread-eagle to my bed. I was starting to wish I hadn't worn the ring gag, it soon started aching my jaw. The vibe's effects also soon kicked in as I started squirming all around but couldn't do anything due to the tight ropes. I was moaning and breathing heavier after around 10 minutes of squirming and stimulation, nearing my first orgasm. I could feel it coming and soon I was on edge, the buttplug only made the feeling more intense. It was so intense I wasn't sure weather to concentrate on the buttplug or the orgasm that was about to have, which only built up the feeling. On a scale of 1 to 10 on mindless squirming, moaning and near-climatic feeling I was definately a 9.9.

Eventually I screamed and moaned as the orgasm came, the fabric of my thong was soaking and I could feel it being pressed against my skin from the crotch rope, I tugged my arms as I was still being vibed but there was nothing I could do. I was glad my parents were out and my sister now at university. I don't know what I'd do if I was caught like this. The whole squirming at orgasm thing must have happened atleast twice, I lost count and wasn't really concentrating anymore, I was just loving the feeling. Eventually I felt my right hand release, the ice lock had melted, I pulled off the blindfold and then I went straight to untie my other hand and then untied to crotch rope and pulled off my soaking thong. I took out the ring gag and sucked some of the juices off my fingers. I turned off the egg vibe and pulled it out before rubbing and fingering out another orgasm, I didn't care that my legs were still tied down. I did untie my legs and then took my bra, with one hand squeezing of of my boobs and playing with a nipple and another hand on my pussy I just massaged myself for a couple minutes before cleaning up the mess I'd made. It was a lot of fun!

~Courteney x
Thursday, April 11th 2013 - 11:57:23 AM
Name: beatmyboyz
E-mail address: beatmyboyzz@gmail.com
Comments:I've always been into self bondage and I'm looking for scenarios to try on my self. I'm 21 m with basic toys plz email me and I'll definitely post the story.
Wednesday, April 10th 2013 - 06:27:38 PM
Name: Sandy B.
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Part II

We heard the footsteps coming up the stairs...

There was no time to change, throw on a towel or even lock the door. Not without arousing suspicion.

Mum remained straddled on the toilet, playing with her nipples. I closed my eyes. Then he walked in.

It wasn't my stepdad. It was our neighbor the plumber. When he saw us, his jaw just dropped.

He removed his overalls and underneath he was wearing only a bikini bottom I had put out to the curb a month ago...

"Here," my mother said without skipping a beat. "Put this in your mouth."

That's when, for the first and only time in my life, I watched a man swallow, actually swallow, a medium-sized dildo.

We're in the ER now waiting. Please pray for him...
Monday, April 1st 2013 - 08:55:24 PM
Name: Pantyhose lover
E-mail address: Buffalo_hunter_2002@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello first of all just gotta say i love this site been coming here for a couple years. Great stories so a little about me I a male 6"1 180 work out a lot. So I I've been in to pantyhose since about 8 and I've been doing selfbondage since about 14 plus I like getting tied to by other ppl. So for about a couple years I've been useing a butt plug here and there and been really started to like it. I never been with a guy before but thought about it. So one night I was watching my mothers appt for a weekend. So I decided to see if I can use a dilldo on myself but needed to buy one so on my way over I stop at aldult store and grab one plus a new ball gagge. So I get to my moms and she is just leaving. So I get in to the house and put on some light black pantyhose a light black silk skirt and nice blouse. So I decide I wanna tie myself up spread eagle to the bed on my stomache but my release would be scissor frozen. But I hade to frezz them first so I ge it ready and put it in freezer for about 45 mean while I put on my nice new high heels and walk around the house and all dressed up and I get my bed ready I tie a rope to each comer of the bed and tie a slepnott one each end. I make sure that when In tied up I'm fully spread out. So now it's time to get the sissors. So the way I put it is that when the sissor melt it will be right by hand. So I start by getting my camcorder out cause I wanna video myself So I set it up and head to the bed. First I start by ball gagging my self then I tie my ankles the right first then left it feels good in slip notts cause the more u struggle the tighter it gets. So it's time for the dilldo so I get on my knees and and lub up the dildo and butt hole then I slowly start putting it it at first it feels so good then hurts a little so now I got half of it in and it's feels great plus it's a viborator so I turn it on and it's intense so now I have a full dildo in me and I pull my pantyhose up and skirt down. Next I slep one wrist in and pull tight. Now I'm really scared an nervous cause when slip my hand other hand in the nott I can't get out until the sissors unthraw and I can't take out the viborator. So I go for and put my other hand in the slip nott and pull it tight. Now I'm tied spread eagle to bed in my pantyhose with a viborator in me and I'm ball gagged. Now that viborator is feeling so good that I'm screaming in my gagge. I'm thinking to myself I have no controll over my self I couldn't take out the viborator if I wanted to. So about fifteen mins pass and the sissors about half way thawed out. So I decide to test my bonds and start struggling I'm trying to pull my hands I'm kicking my legs and the more I struggle the tighter the nots are getting. And it feels lik the viborator is just going in and out and it feels like I'm gonna pass out it feels so good. So now I stopped struggling and just laying there and feeling like I'm getting fuck and can't do anything about it. So look over at the sissors and its almost thawd out so I reach and grab it it's my hand to see if u could make it melt faster. And just when it thawd and u start trying to cut my rope. I hear the front open and my mother walk in. Now I'm so scare I drop the sissors but I tied a rope to my wrist and to the sissor. So start reaching and pulling the sissor to me and I hear my mom call my name and says I just forgot my wallet then I hear her walk toward the hall way and yell my name again and asked if I was ok. I'm just laying there praying she just leaves but nope I hear her starting walking down the hall and now she is at my door. She nocks then she opens the door and i hear her say are u sleeping the she opens it all the way. And all I hear is OMG what happen are you ok and rush over to me and just as she gets to the bed she stops and looks at me and says wht is going on here. Why are you wearin pantyhose and a skirt then she see that I'm gagged and say what the hell now she seems pissed then she notices the sissors in my hand and asked if I did this to my self I try to say yes but all that comes out is mmmmmppppppphhhhhh then next feel the viborator again and I scream a and just then she see tht I have some thing sticking out my butt then he asked I that is a dildo. I nodd yes and scream some more. So just as she is walkin over to grab the sissor she see the camcorder and stop and picks it up and says what in the world is wrong with you. So she walks over and takes off the gagge first. Asked what I was doing why i was doing it and why I'm I in pantyhose and dressed up and why I have a viborator in. I didn't know what I say I just asked plz let me and ill tell you everything. I said this viborator is really starting to hurt. So she grabs the scissors and cuts one hand free and says there now get ur self out and come to the living room we are gonna talk so she gets up and leave the room. I'm cutting myself out thinking what I'm I gonna say so now I'm out I take out the viborator and my butt hole is just sore intake off my skirt and blouse but leave my pantyhose on I put on some sweats and shirt and walk to the living room I notice I can't even walk start so walk in and she says well what the hell is going on. So I said ok site down and I tell her everything from the pantyhose to bondage we talk for about in hour and she says. Ok I can understand but why didnt I tell her befor. I said I'm sorry and if she was mad at me or disappointed in me she just says I love you know matter what. And now she knows way she found a couple pairs of her pantyhose in my room and said when I get back we are. Still gonna talk about a lot more and says good bye and leave. So now me and my mother have a good relationship and says she will never tell nobody lol
Sunday, March 31st 2013 - 11:43:37 PM
Name: beatmyboyz
E-mail address: beatmyboyzz@gmail.com
Comments:I've always been into self bondage and I'm looking for scenarios to try on my self. I'm 21 m with basic toys plz email me and I'll definitely post the story.
Sunday, March 31st 2013 - 11:12:35 PM
Name: jenn
Comments:Yes, please continue!
Friday, March 29th 2013 - 06:34:05 PM
Name: Bravo
E-mail address: dominant12390@yahoo.com
Comments:Keep posting Ann!
Friday, March 29th 2013 - 05:14:50 AM
Name: Ann
Comments:It was supposed to be a nice quiet day and night of naughty play & bondage for me. I was supposed to have the house to myself for the weekend when I got home from school. It didn't quite work out that way.
My name is Ann, 22, 5'6", black hair, brn eyes and a 34D bust with very stiff erect nipples when I get excited. And I was excited all the way home from school last friday. My nipples were hard all the way home for the full 4 hour drive. I decided to start my fun on the way home and took off my bra to show off my nipples anytime I got out of the car for a break. They stuck out nicely thru my thin top and I was getting alot of looks.
About half way home I stopped at a rest area and went to the bathroom and removed my panties (I already had on a short skirt). I inserted a butt plug, and put in a remote controlled vibrating egg into my pussy. The rest of the drive was very pleasurable. I stopped at our local watering hole to see a girlfriend of mine and say hi. We both enjoy bondage and have talked about it numerous times, as we were both introduced to bondage by the same guy. We both had dated him previously. Before I left she asked what I was up to for the weekend and said she was working all weekend. I just smiled at her and said I had some quiet play time planned by myself and with that I turned my back to her and bent over to show her the butt plug and that I wasn't wearing anything underneath. She just smiled and said "have fun, wish I could join you!" Maybe some other time I told her and she said she couldn't wait.
I got home to a dark quiet house. My Mom was going shopping and staying at a Casino with a couple of her friends for the weekend. I had prepared for this the last time I was home as Mom had already made the plans with her friends at that time. I went to my room and gathered all my toys and brought them out to our living room and set them on the floor by the stairs. I popped in 6 hour dvd of my favorite bondage movies (Loose Ends and the Dresden Diary series)(I was going to be tied to the stair well rails and the tv was in plain view of them). I got the key to my handcuffs that I had frozen in the middle of a pitcher filled with water.(I hoped I wouldn't be able to get at the keys for at least a couple of hours). I then tied my legs tightly and spread wide to the stair rails, I tightly tied a 8 foot length of string to each of my nipples, I then grabbed a handfull of zip ties and put 3 sets around each of my boobs and pulled them all tight. I put a small dildo in my mouth and taped it in. My boobs were now very tightly bound by the zip ties and my nipples were tied to the strings. The butt plug was still in, I grabbed a large dildo and taped it to the rail behind me, bent over and back onto it. I bent over some more and tied the strings from my nipples spread apart and to the lower rails to prevent me from standing up. I tied the rope to my handcuff key frozen in a big block of ice to the upper rail directly behind me and cuffed my hands behind me back.
I started watching the movie and just then noticed that I in my excitement I had forgoten to close any shades on the any of the windows. It was dark out now and the lights I had on inside would have me in plain view of anyone driving or walking by. It scared me as I also remembered that I hadn't locked the door either. After I realized there wasn't anything I could do about it at that point, I calmed down and started to enjoy my position. Watching the movies was making me so HOT. The first movie wasn't even done when I heard a car honking outside. I could see it stopped outside the window, pull over and then its lights went out. Then I heard the front door open and then slam close and then nothing until I felt a hard slap on my ass. Then someone grabbed my hair and pulled it back. It was then I saw that it was my Mom and she had her 2 friends with her. After some yelling and screaming at me. She decided to leave me like that and they were going to the bar for a drink then would be back to teach me a lesson in bondage. They were back before the second movie of the five was done playing. I was wet and horny with anticipation to see what she had in store for me. She brought her friends back with her and they decided to spank and whip me until the key to my cuffs was thawed out. Then my night of HELL and servitude to those three evil women began. It was awful, I was made to perform, endure things I would have never done on my own....and I hope to do it again.
Wednesday, March 27th 2013 - 01:45:58 PM
Name: guesst
E-mail address: vovan1760@yahoo.com
Sunday, March 17th 2013 - 01:38:43 PM
Name: jason
E-mail address: jasona417@hotmail.com
Comments:hey courtney emailed you
Sunday, March 10th 2013 - 02:29:51 PM
Name: Courteney
E-mail address: courteneyjackson@hotmail.com
Comments:I wore my stockings, tied my ankles together, then ran the rope from my ponytail down my back and between my ankles, wrapped it around the ropes a couple times, making the ropes infront and behind my legs come together in the middle which made it nice and tight before knotting it. My chest was lifted up slightly in this position so I decided to see what clothespins would be like in this position, I liked it so I left them on. I slipped in an egg vibe and put it on medium, so it would slowly bring me to orgasm and tease me for a while, then I cuffed my hands behind my back and then I realised how helpless I really was. I left the keys to the cuffs in the bathroom, the longest distance room-to-room in the upper floor of my house. I was bent back quite tightly this time around, my boobs were resting on the floor while my chest was pulled up and back and so were my legs. With my hands cuffed behind my back I couldn't reach anything at my sides at all! With the egg inside me tingling away I already felt the dampness down there, so I decided to set off on my very long shuffle. I certainly was a bit stupid tying myself this tight, I could only use the bottom of my rib cage and if I swung backwards, I could use my thighs.

After a couple minutes I was outside my door, how painful it was! My boobs had worked their way clothespins-down so as I shuffled they tugged at my nipples, it was painful and satisfying at the same time. My stomach felt a little hot because of the carpet rubbing against it but at the same time I didn't care becase of the vibrating inside me. Already I was starting to mumble a little thanks to the vibe. After a long, painful yet erotic shuffle I was in the bathroom with the keys in sight. My nipples were on fire, carpet and tugging clothespegs acting on them, I was moaning every now and again now and I could feel I was really slippy between my legs. As I got to the keys I managed to bite the keyring and throw it back to my side, I flopped onto my side and my nipples felt so much better being free from the tugging! I undid the cuffs and untied my ankles and hair but I left it in the ponytail. I stretched and took out the vibe, I felt bad for taking it out as it felt so good but I was trying to save myself for later.

I ran downstairs still wearing the stockings, caressing my clit as I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the oil. I went backupstairs and lined the bath in the oil. I put the bottle back downstairs and when I was back upstairs I got a second pair of cuffs for my ankles (they use the same keys). I went back into the bathroom, put the egg back into my soaking pussy and put it back on that massaging medium. I got into the bath and rolled around a bit before cuffing my ankles and hands. I rolled and slid around in the bath some more, it was actually really fun, I could feel it all in my hair and my body was really shiny. I'd never used oil before but I definately like it a lot! I then tried to get out of the bath, I started by trying to get my knee over the edge of the bath, it felt like I'd done it, until I tried to pull myself up and I just slid right back in again. From different positions the same thing happened over and over again. I gave up for a little bit and slid around some more, that was until I came... It was so unexpected, I screamed right there in the bath as I came, it musy have been the feeling of the oil or something that added that extra bit to a cum! After relaxing a little I got my knee over the edge of the bath again, lodged my shoulder against the other side of the bath and then got my other knee over the edge to my ass was now high in the air as my legs dangled out and my front was face down in the tub and I was absolutely caked in oil, head to toe! My stockings had slid down to the tops of my knees, I'm actually surprised they didn't come straight off!

Getting my weight more over the edge I managed to swing my head off the bottom of the bath and eventually I could stand up. As I looked down my boobs looked beautiful, glittering in the light, I started moaning again as the vibe did it's work yet again. Before my legs started having spazms, I hopped over the the other side of the bathroom, crouched down and picked up the keys, I unlocked my handcuffs and then my ankle cuffs and my hands then went straight to my pussy, I put the vibe on full and got back in the tub! As I slid around giggling and moaning at the same time I massaged out another couple orgasms, before i decided I was done I took off my stockings, let my hair down and took out the vibe, threw everyhting to the side and showered, washing the oil away at the same time.

Feel free to email me with scenarios :)

~Courteney x

P.S. If you haven't seen my previous stories I'm 17, female, 5 foot 3 inches, long brown hair, a nice bust and gentle curves c:
Monday, March 4th 2013 - 01:10:09 PM
Name: ropeluvr400
E-mail address: evilslust1963@yahoo.com
Comments:Love the reads!
Monday, March 4th 2013 - 03:52:38 AM
Name: suzie
Comments:hi iwant plesurable pain how do i do it
Sunday, February 24th 2013 - 12:29:43 PM
Name: Huntsman
Comments:Should use another service. I can't get tinychat to work for me
Thursday, February 21st 2013 - 01:27:06 PM
Name: Bravo
E-mail address: dominant12390@yahoo.com
Comments:I'll be waiting, boundslut
Thursday, February 21st 2013 - 01:11:59 PM
Name: boundslut
Comments:Earlier this evening, I learned how to simply hogtie myself with a scarf. After everyone in my house went to sleep, I stripped naked, stuffed my mouth with a bandanna, sealed over it with a considerable amount of duct tape, bound my ankles with the scarf. I then took two clothes pins and attached one to each nipple before rolling onto my side and working my hands into the scarf so that I was hogtied.

As I type, I haven't removed the tape or the gag and my hands are now bound loosely in front of me. I think I'm going to put the clips back on my nipples.

I only stayed that way for about ten minutes, but I had a lot of fun and I want to do it again later. I'm a nineteen-year-old girl and I'll be doing it again later live on cam. I'll post the tinychat URL at 3:15 AM EST.
Wednesday, February 20th 2013 - 09:54:30 PM
Name: H.
Comments:Hi everyone,

Been lurking here for a fair while so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 17, male, from Devon in the UK and into bondage, and most if not all other fetishes. I've done some experimenting with self bondage but nothing major but I'm looking to change that recently.
I'd be open to some suggestions for scenarios from anyone, and I've got a few of my own though regrettably don't have the equipment to carry them out.
What I do have is a rope body harness and a pair of cuffs. Not very exciting I know, but its difficult for me to get anything else whilst living at home.

Tuesday, February 19th 2013 - 06:42:29 PM
Name: Huntsman
Comments:Does anyone have any stories to share?!?
Tuesday, February 19th 2013 - 03:56:37 PM
Name: Huntsman
Comments:Try tying yourself doggy style on a park bench or maybe on pinic table or maybe even on to a fallic object in public.
Wednesday, February 6th 2013 - 04:29:59 PM
Name: mark
E-mail address: xxlelouchxx@hotmail.com
Comments:To HELP

email me at the above address n I can help u out I have quite abit of knowledge on bondage n experience with it and have many idea you could try =)
Tuesday, February 5th 2013 - 06:12:13 PM
Name: Bravo
E-mail address: dominant12390@yahoo.com
Comments:I have a couple ideas. Maybe secure yourself to a large tree or other standing object. Use the chains and locks for your hands and feet. Use the rope to put your breast into tight rope bondage. And use the dildo and butt plug liberally. Or u hide the key in a spot and you have to travel along I somewhat popular trail and have to get the key to free yourself.
Tuesday, February 5th 2013 - 06:07:59 PM
Name: Help
Comments:woods and maybe public. ive messed around in my house some. its not exciting anymore. italo where i live its warm in the winter.
Tuesday, February 5th 2013 - 05:45:25 PM
Name: Sir Italo
E-mail address: sir_italo@hotmail.com
Comments:To Help

I don't know where you live but if it's up north I suggest the first thing you should do is wait until it gets warmer . It's still winter you know ;-)

As for the rest it depends on a lot of things . We're not all the same , some are more limber then others .
Tuesday, February 5th 2013 - 04:59:50 PM
Name: Bravo
E-mail address: dominant12390@yahoo.com
Comments:So you wanna do this at your house? In the woods or public? Feel free to email me btw
Tuesday, February 5th 2013 - 03:35:52 PM
Name: Help
Comments:i have a lot of rope chains locks and all that. and a but plug and dildo. thats about it.
Tuesday, February 5th 2013 - 07:39:52 AM
Name: Bravo
Comments:Help: what do you have for bondage and sex toys? Do you wanna get "caught" or not?
Tuesday, February 5th 2013 - 02:24:28 AM
Name: help
Comments:i want to get into bondage and being nude outside. what should I start off with? ps im a girl
Monday, February 4th 2013 - 08:55:24 PM
Name: Pet
Comments:Hi. I'm a slave/pet in a happy love triangle with my Master and Mistress. I think my situation is rather unique. I have both, a Master and a Mistress, I am in a steady love triangle relationship with them both and love and care for them dearly. Probably what makes us really interesting is the fact we decided to spice it up with bondage and slave/pet. We agreed that four months out of the year, one of us would take on this role, and then the other two would do the same in their four months. In those four months, my Master and Mistress had absolute control over me. For a majority of that time, I was not allowed to wear clothing. Even when my Master and Mistress allowed me outside or took me on walks. The closest I had to clothing was the ropes the had bound to my body for the week. I also was not allowed to walk or stand normally. I had to be on my hands and knees at all times. I ate off the floor like a dog; I slept on the floor. I did everything like a pet would. I had a spreader bar for my feet and ankles, I had a collar with my name around my neck, a leash for my Master an Mistress, a gag when I was too noisy. You probably get the point. You might even find it cruel, but I loved it.

My Master took me on walks at night every once in awhile. My Mistress loved to dress me up for them. She found joy in sticking a large dildo and butt plug in me, attaching a vibrator to my clit so my Master could please me on our walk. She even added nipple clamps and adjusted my bondage so it was tighter and my breast protruded more. After she was done, my Master then put on my gag and leash and opened the door for me, since I had to go on my hands and knees.
The nights were amazing. Every once and a while my master would run into someone and they would talk about a game or the news. I would just sit there quietly and listen, looking up patiently at my Master. Some times a few people we ran into seemed shocked to see me like that enjoying the night and the cool breezes.
When we returned home, my Master would take off just my leash and gag then head to the bedroom to join my mistress in bed. I wasn't to bother them until morning. So I usually just fell asleep on the floor. In the morning, I was to awake first. This is probably when I acted more slave like than pet like. At 6:30am I was to wake both my Master and Mistress up but fingering my Mistress and orally satisfying my Master. My Mistress would then wake up and take her shower and my Master get ready for work. I was usually ignored for this time, at least until my Mistress had finished making breakfast. she would take everything off of me and allow me into the back yard to do my business. By the time I got back inside, my Master had gone to work and my Mistress had finished setting up my entertainment for the day. One of my favourite days was when she stuck a giant dildo into my ass and a really powerful vibrator in my already soaking pussy. She then put on some nipple clamps, added heavy weights that made my nipples stretch. She put a spreader bar on my wrists and put a longer one for my ankles, then took me outside to the front yard and chained the one around my wrists to my chain leash outside. She then left me and went back inside. She brought out my lunch and plenty to drink and set it on he porch step. then got in her car and drove off to work. I spent the rest of the day until evening when my Master returned outside like that. I loved it. The feeling of being outside like that, so vulnerable and exposed, alone and helpless. It's a good thing our house is set back away and we have bushes and trees. Who knows what would have happened if it was a big city house.

Well, that's all I have time for. I might come back and tell more next time I get a chance!
Sunday, February 3rd 2013 - 10:36:49 PM
Name: wedding dresser
Comments:I had been into self bondage for a long time and for a long time have I wanted to be tied up in my wife's wedding dress. So one day she was out of town. I found the dress on the attic and changed into it. It was a little tight here and there, but I managed to get into it.
I use rope to tie myself with. So I got the ropes and laid down on the bed. First I tied my legs at the ankels. Next I made a long rope and made loops of it that I thought would fit around my upper body. I tied the rope wraps. Next came my gag. I had a huge ball gag that I inserted to my mouth and strapped tight. So came the rope from my ankels that I would use to hogtie myself with. I took the wrapping and took them over my head. The wrapping was tight enough to fit nicely around my upper body. The rope pressed my arms to the side. I took the rope from my ankels and made a loop with a slipknot. I took the loop, laid on my belly and stuck my wrists into the loop. Slowly I strighten out my legs and the slipknot tighten around my wrists. I was now hogtied.
I laid there and felt my body covered in the wedding dress and the ropes tying me up. I wiggled a little and felt how my body reacted to it all. I was excited to lay there.
Suddenly I hear the front door open. I heard my sister in law yell my name. I paniced. I could hear her downstairs. I tried to get my hands undone, but nothing happen. I could hear her coming upstairs.
- Oh my, what have you done, she said and looked at me.
I mpphed! She walked over to me and looked at me.
- A little crossdressing and bondage?
I nodded. She looked over the ropes. She found some more ropes and tied my elbows. It was tight. I jerked. She tighten the ball gag. She found some mittens that my wife has. She forced the hands to ball up and putted the mittens over. She took some more ropes and tied them over the mittens. She then pulled the skirt up and took my dick out of the panties. She putted her lips over it and started to suck it. I felt how I followed her. My dick was harder and suddenly she was sucking it faster. I moaned and moaned. She had me explode into her mouth.
- Now, little slave, you will be mine.
She took some pictures of me and showed me them in the camera display.
- You will do as I tell you or else, she said.
She took my dick and smacked it. Then she tied a tight rope around the base of it and tugged it. She laid the skirts down again and with the rope she just tugged it. I felt how my dick reacted. She whispered - You belong to me now, slave.
Sunday, February 3rd 2013 - 04:43:48 AM
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