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Women Bound by Youth
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Friday, January 10th 2014 - 09:38:16 AM
Name: Rick
Comments:To Rauof
How are Shelley's stories?, where they any good?

Monday, December 30th 2013 - 08:08:55 AM
Name: Barbara
Comments:Hope this story isn't too 'adult' for this dreambook, but it is a true story. Donny is a young man I work with, at a warehouse. I work in the office, he runs a fork truck. I'm 37, divorced, with a 15 yr old and a 12 yr old. It started with a bit of teasing, on my part, a bit of flirting by Donny, and just snowballed from there. Donny is a pretty good handyman, also, and that was the final shove. My kids werre at my parents for the weekend, and Donny was rapiring the roof on my garage. Why I did it, is a mystery, but I was watching his cute bottom as he descended the ladder, and I just had to reach up and goose him. It really caught him off guard, and he almost jumpped back on the roof. Laughing, I told him I was going to goose him again when he started back down the ladder. "I guess I'll just have to tie your hands, then" he told me, in a serious voice. "Well, you're up there, I'm down here, and only one ladder. I don't think you can keep me from doing it again." He stared down at me, even glared a bit, then I saw a smile come on his face. He stood, walked to the rear of the roof, then turned and ran full speed, and jumped from the garage to the back porch's roof. I was a bit stunned, and before I knew it, he was off the roof, picked up a long piece of rope laying on the back porch, and in a flash, had it looped around me, pinning my arms to my body. Before I could protest or resist, he had my arms behind me, tied not only my wrists BUT also my elbows. By now, I was giggling like a teenaged girl, but also felt myself getting aroused. "you better untie me, or you'll be in so much trouble" I told Donny, but I had no intention to make a scene. "If you want to be untied, 2 things: promise me no more goosing or tickling; and-----". "Thats only one, Donny" I told him, "so whats the other?" "You have to kiss me like you mean it" was his answer. "Get closer, if you want a kiss", and he did. When my lips touched his, it felt as if a jolt of electricity went thru my body, and our kiss became a sensuous breathtaking liplock, with a lot of tongue. When we separated, I spoke first-"Been lonely for quite a while, and I want to take you inside and have my way with you" I gasped. Before I knew it, he had made a couple more loops around me, another thru my crotch, and pulled the rope tight into my 'lady bits', thenled me inside. He found the nearest bedroom, which was my daughter's, and lifted me, depositied me on her twin bed, and undressed me faster than I had ever undressed myself, and I was still bound! I pretty much gave him a green lite, and in seconds, he plunged a very nice-sized, erect cock into me. We were instantly pounding each other's crotch like wild animals. I came, repeatedly, and he came and didn't even stop or slow down and just kept hammering me. This lasted at least 30 minutes until each of us was exhausted and spent. I lay there, with him holding me in his arms, and was the most sexually satisfied I had ever been. We still are involved, and on occasion endulge in some moderate bondage.
Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 12:59:51 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:I second that notion from Rick. Let's hear some stories, Rauof!
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 05:42:18 PM
Name: Rick
Comments:Great!, I cannot wait to read some of your stories!
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 07:24:37 PM
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: https://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai
Comments:To Rick

Shelley was a user who had wrote some stories in this dreambook before.

I'm not a writer but maybe I will post some stories that I have wrote it in this dreambook and others also.
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 03:05:08 AM
Name: Rick
Comments:Wow!!!, what a story!, where did you get the idea for it? and who is this Shelley?
Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 08:29:54 PM
Name: arielg
E-mail address: arielg200@walla.co.il
Homepage URL: http://www.walla.co.il
Friday, December 20th 2013 - 04:24:42 AM
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai
Comments:For Rick I post the Jessica Simpson Story again.

For Shelley

This time was a first one for me.

My Master told me of a fantasy this boy has for his birthday, so I must fulfill it!

I was told to watch Dukes of Hazard with Jessica Simpson but pay real close attention to this one part, which I was dressed up for...curl my long blonde hair, a lot of makeup, perfume and a very skimpy pink string bikini, 6 inch heels and a light brown leather coat...

I go down to the basement, and that is when I find another boy being nosey! I pull out a gun, empty of course and yell! ďWho are you? And what are you doing here!"

He gasps as I hear him say, "Beautiful!"

"Sit on the chair while I tie you up until the cops arrive!"

He quickly does with is feet together and hands behind his back of the low back wooden chair, to my surprise!

I then quickly duct tape his mouth and start to tie his wrists together behind his back to the center pole of the chair as I scold him!

"This ought to teach you from just sneaking in and stealing! Hum? You were stealing from me werenít you!!

UH UH! He shakes his head NO! As I get on my knees in front of him and feel his eyes glare at me as I bend over and tie his ankles together and then to one leg of the chair...

This is getting to be fun! I'm starting to like this power!

"Well this ought to hold you until the police arrive!" I say, as I stand right in front of him with my hands on my hips looking down at him...

But I see his eyes glaring at my body....

So I continue.... "Well the cops won't be here for awhile so I might have some fun with you!"

I turn on the boom box, face him and slowly take off the leather coat, making sure to wiggle my breasts as I walk towards him with a smile that I get to tease him...

And with watching Dream girls and Striptease! I perform a lap dance for him! I hear him moan as I straddle his thighs and see his prick grow as I lean over with my long blonde wavy hair drape over his head as I look into his eyes, lick my lips and moan....

Then I step back, turn around put my hands on my bend knees as wiggle my butt in front of him and then gently pump my pelvis over that hard rise pants!

"UHHH UIHH!" I hear him whimper as I look over my shoulder, as he tries in vain to rise up and rub is prick on me!
WOW! I love this feeling of power!

Then I turn around and straddle him again, gently pull his hair from the back of his head and slowly lick his taped lips...

I wonder if he is thinking Iím Jessica Simpson do a striptease on him! Is he thinking of Jessica? Of me?

I'm supposed to stop by now.... but I'm having too much fun! So I lean back and grab the back of his head and force it between my breasts!

"AWWW! You poor little boy!"

"UUGH UUHHH!" he moans.

"You want to suck my breasts but you can't!"

I then lean back and rub my steamy pussy slowly over his hard on....

"AH!" I gasp as I felt it brush my steamy pussy!

I lean over, force his face on my left breasts and feel his lips as they try to suck my rock hard nipple!

That is when I don't know what caused me to do what I did next!

I then put my hand over his taped mouth and unbutton his shirt and slowly start to flick my tongue on his nipples!

His bare tight chest looked really good as I felt him strain to shake my hand off...

I let out an evil excited laugh I never knew I had!

Then I kneeled next to him, unbutton his jeans, and took out his hard prick, which stood up like a flagpole, all juicy, wet and purple!

Then with my fingers, I pinch his hard nipple as I then bend over and took in his whole prick in my mouth!

A couple of pumps and I felt him shot a wad down my throat!

I then realize I must continue!

I swallowed his tasty cum and stood up and put on a scarf over his eyes, but not tight!

"Now just keep that on for a few minutes!"

Then I tell him to shake it off....

He does and as he blinks his eyes to focus they grow big again!

For I'm sitting on another wooden chair a few inches from him...

My legs are spread from the leg irons around my ankles on the outside legs of the chair, with a pair of handcuffs on the center link, under the chair to the back where Iím sitting on...

"Now for more fun! I will gag myself and lock my wrists behind my back and struggle for you!"

YES YES YES! He shook his head!

"But when the ice melts with the handcuff key, I will let myself loose! But you are still tied up!"

"So the game is, you struggle and untie yourself before I unchain myself.... who will win?"

I tease him by licking the ball gag and slowly wedging in my mouth and buckling it tight under my long blonde wavy hair...

I then adjust my breasts in my bikini top, know his is watching every move I make, and he likes it because up goes that hard on!

Then I lock my wrists behind my back but I quickly realize that I have to pull the cuffs up to lock my wrists, which force my legs to spread wider!

I could've sworn I seen a smile under his tape gag as we heard the racket clicking sound as I locked my wrists in the cuffs...

So I slowly writhe and moan as he sees Jessica Simpson tied and gagged right in front of him!

I close my eyes and struggle as I feel the cold steel on my soft skin, holding me on the chair...

That is when I hear a muffled laugh!

I look at him as he shakes his head YES and then see him reach back like under the seat of the chair and wiggle his hands....

What is he doing?

Then his tied hands come loose! And he reaches up and shows me a razor blade!

"EEEEEEGGHHH!!!" I squeal as I now realize he is now untied and I just tied myself!

"So now what, Jessica, you teasing bitch!" he proclaims as he locks a pair of hinge cuffs above my elbows, forcing my breasts out even more!

He then takes the ice cube and slowly rubs my nipples with it!

"UUUUGGHH!!" I grunt as I then feel him put the whole cube down the crotch of the bikini!

"That ought cool you down!"

Next he blindfolds me with the black scarf, takes off the ball gag!

That is when he takes me! I feel the bikini ripped off me!

I feel him chew on my breasts, neck, inner thighs, leaving me hickey marks....

He tells me how much he wanted to rape me, Jessica Simpson!

I feel him slap my breasts side to side as he Handgags me

"EGGH! EGH EEE EEGH!" I squeal with every slap...


"That will teach you to reply to my emails!"

I feel my hair being pulled down forcing my face down as I feel his tongue invade my mouth as his hard dick slowly enter me...

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 07:54:33 AM
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Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 07:33:22 AM
Name: Rick
Comments:Can anyone repost a story of Jessica Simpson look a like in a her pink bikini!
It was one hot story! I think some guy name Raouf Ragai wrote it.
And if so what other stories does he have?
Friday, November 29th 2013 - 02:32:04 PM
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Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 03:24:37 AM
Name: Jamesbound1997
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=123725010975374
Comments:I enjoy gagging my mother's mouth while she's sleeping.

I remember last semester how she made me hold my hand over her mouth and tie her to the toilet. I'm fascinated with watching her pretend to be Mrs. Abe Lincoln on the toilet. I call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and she always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. Silly, silly animal that I am, MMMPH!

I kneel... then she pulls the paper out of my mouth. She pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf, then moistens it in her hole. She goes in and out about 20 times really, really fast then shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste.

Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. She's all fucked up, kicking bottles and slicing herself. At one point she pisses on the wall.

Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her. Fuck, it makes us both feel so good.

She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy. Perhaps a guy couple.

Hopefully I'll find one this semester. I'm not wiping this semester so my pheremones kick in.
Friday, November 1st 2013 - 10:45:38 PM
Name: Greywolfe
Comments:My Aunt Colleen was out with friends and called me for a ride. Uncle Mike had dropped her off and went to his monthly poker game. Plans were for him to pick her up when he was done but Aunt Colleen's friends called it an early night. When we got to my place she called Uncle Mike telling him where she was and to not hurry to pick her up.
We sat around having a drink or two while trying to find a movie. Nothing good was on so we started to shoot pool. Aunt Colleen said that she was surprised that the last few times we were together that neither one of us suggested we play. I said I didn't want to wear out a good thing. She suggested that we make a bet on our next game. She said if she won that she wanted to see the pics I took of my friend Barb. I asked her what if I won. Pick something was all she said. I told her that I wanted to see her boobs. She thought for a while and surprised me by saying okay. Aunt Barb won. I showed her the pics, but not all of them. We played again. This bet was the rest of the pics of Barb against her staying topless until she left. This time I won. Before she took off her top she suggested one more game, double or nothing. Pics of Barb and mom against her topless and being tied. Aunt Barb lost again. She looked a little shocked but took off her top. Her boobs looked awesome. They hung down a little but were perfect. She got herself a drink and came back asking what now cowboy. Time to pay up was all I said. I asked if she had any preference. Aunt Colleen replied that it was my choice. I took a piece of rope and used it to tie her right wrist to her right thigh. Taking another piece I tied her left wrist to her left thigh. Next I tied her arms to her chest both above and below her boobs. I walked her over to the couch and sat her down. Another piece of rope and her ankles where tied together. Aunt Colleen was breathing heavy and her nipples were hard. She asked if that was all I was going to do and I said no, that I was going to blindfold and gag her. She said okay to the gag but no blindfold. I used three strips of duct tape across her mouth then rolled up her shirt and blindfolded her anyway. As much as I wanted to I held back from playing with or tying up her boobs. She struggled for a while and was trying to get free. Eventually she got one hand loose. I sat there and watched her trying to untie herself the rest of the way. She couldn't so I helped her. Aunt Colleen went to put her shirt on and I reminded her of the bet. Topless for the night. She laughed while walking away. When she came back I talked her into letting me tie her again, including her boobs. At first she said no but then she agreed as long as it was only her boobs and wrists. I used a few pieces of rope to bind her wrists behind her back. Next I used a single piece to tie her left boob. Next came her right boob. All the time that I was tying her boobs I was touching them as much as I could. She didn't say anything. She also had a far away look in her eyes. Without giving her a chance to say no I taped her ankles together. Then I used more tape and taped her knees together. After taking a few pics I untied her. We talked about how she was tied, what we should try next time and I even talked her into dressing a certain way. Next thing we knew Uncle Mike called and said he was on his way.
Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 03:47:34 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Very interesting, Greywolfe! Keep up the great work.
Thursday, September 19th 2013 - 03:24:04 PM
Name: Greywolfe
Comments:Although my friend Barb and I saw each other in passing, it wasn't until February that we had time to get together. Early February I was at the cafe in the morning before work. Barb and two of her friends came in. Before they left she came over to see me. Her husband and son were going away the upcoming weekend. Barb asked if I wanted to see her. Playing dumb I asked what she had in mind. All she said was a play date. She then asked me if I wanted to do anything special. After thinking I said yes, I would love to see you completely naked for once. She smiled and said we'll see. We made plans to meet on Saturday.
Saturday around 3 Barb showed up. She was wearing sweats and carrying a bag. After inviting her in I asked what was in her bag. She said it was a surprise. We got comfortable and talked for a while. Barb stood up and said that she would be right back. When she returned she was dressed in really tight jeans and a red bra. She was also wearing red heels. She looked awesome. She asked if I wanted her to be my victim again. Of course I agreed. She said to use my imagination but only use what was in her bag. Inside I found coils of rope, red duct tape and a red nylon collar. First I asked about the collar. Barb said while surfing the net she saw women wearing collars and wanted to try one. Taking the collar I put it around her neck, snug but not tight. Pulling her wrists behind her back I used rope to tie them there. Next I wound rope around her waist pulling it rather tight. She moaned. With more rope I tied her wrists to her waist rope. Next came another piece of rope securing her arms to her chest. I walked her over to a chair, sat her down and tied her ankles. She bad a glazed look to her. Barb was breathing quite heavily. I then tore off 3 strips of tape using them to gag her. I asked if she was okay. Barb shook her head yes. Taking another piece of rope I tied her legs above her knees. I then took one last piece of rope and tied one end to her knee rope. Taking the other end I looped it thru the ring in the collar pulling her head down towards her knees. She was tied pretty tight. Barb tried struggling to get free but couldn't. I left Barb tied this way until she got my attention. Removing the gag she asked to be set free as she was starting to cramp up. I untied her and she went to get cleaned up.
When Barb came back she was wearing a black bra with marching panties. She asked if I had any more tricks to show her. I laughed and said only if you take off the outfit. Amazingly she did. First I used tape to bind her wrists behind her back. Next I taped her ankles. Grabbing the collar, I told her to open up. I used the collar to gag her, pulling it rather tight. Barb started drooling within a few minutes. I started to play with her chest. She has amazing nipples that are about 3/4 of an inch long when hard. Barb came almost instantly. I hated to do it but I undid the tape. Barb said never again on bare skin. We sat on the sofa cuddling and watching tv. Soon Barb fell asleep so I got a blanket and covered her. I sat in a chair and next thing I knew it was Sunday morning.
Friday, September 13th 2013 - 07:59:09 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Pete, it's too bad that you didn't get to see it in person. That must have been a tremendous sight! At least, you know that it happened and you can visualize the outfit she had on while she was tied up. Like you said, you have the mental image to go by. Thanks for sharing.
Sunday, August 11th 2013 - 11:55:21 AM
Name: Pete
Comments:Although I've never tied or seen an older woman get tied up, I'm both lucky enough to have heard about it happening to someone I had a bug crush on, and unlucky enough to have been really close to seeing the whole thing go down.
A fee years ago while I was still in school there was this teacher called Miss F, who took us for geography. She wasn't that much older than the 6th form students, was only her mid twenties, and I thought she was the hottest teacher in school by a mile. About 5'4", with dark hair and big eyes, slim, but with very curvy hips and butt. She would mostly wear bright and bohemian style clothing , but every now and then she go through periods of dressing more conservatively in suit skirts and smart trousers. I used to look forward to these periods a lot.
Very luckily for me, it was during one of these periods that she sort of got 'kidnapped'. So it's near the end of a late morning double period. Miss F is wearing a tight black jersey top tucked into a tight-ish grey skirt that certainly got a lot tighter when she had to bend over, tan coloured tights and 3"-ish black heels. I'm in heaven basically, I'm sure many of you guys have had similar teacher crushes, and know where I'm coming from.
Suddenly 3 guys in school uniform wearing balaclavas and carrying need guns and water pistols rush into the room yelling and run straight to where Miss F is standing at the rear of the room. She's clearly a bit suprised by this all and doesn't really react until one of them hoists her up over his shoulder and two of them run out the room. One of the guys blocks the door for a moment and there's the sound of something going on outside, then we hear Mr W yelling from next door and the guy in the room with us runs out. So I, along with some others immediately rush outside to see what's going on, and there a few metres down the corridor is Miss F, with some cloth hanging her neck, shaking off some rope or something that looked like it had unsuccessfully been used to tie her hands behind her back. I was amazed, these 3 guys has almost had the hottest teacher in school tied up and, by the looks of it, gagged. Miss F didn't say anything about it as she walked back in to class and finished off the lesson. Just shrugged it off I guess. But it didn't end there.
The next day we had her again after lunch. I'd seen her walking down the corridors in the morning and she was wearing the same thing as the day before, but with a different grey skirt, a little tighter, a little higher waisted. That would have done me for the week on it's own. But the day got better. When are lesson came round in the afternoon, Miss F was about 10 minutes late and in a very bad mood. We asked if she was OK and she just said that there had been some trouble with a few students who were receiving strong disciplinary action. Heard nothing more about it until the end of the day where I see a bunch of lower 6th formers talking about 'what happened with Miss F'. I ask them what's going on and this is what I hear. Apparently Mr P, one of the maths department, had gone into one of the supply rooms on the main corridors at lunch and found Miss F tied up with duct tape on the floor! A good few of students in the corridor at the time had seen it too before they were sent away. I tried to ask for details without sounding too much like a fetish creep, under the pretense of wonderig how she didn't get free, and apparently her hands and feet had been tied they'd put tape over her mouth too.
Devastated that I'd miss what is probably the one of the sexiest sights that will ever happen in my life. But will have to make do with the mental image, which you will to I hope.
Saturday, August 10th 2013 - 06:53:51 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Interesting, Greywolfe! Let us know if anything else transpires.
Saturday, June 22nd 2013 - 07:36:02 PM
Name: Greywolfe
E-mail address: greywolfe570@yahoo.com
Comments:On the Friday after Christmas of last year an ice storm hit our area. During the late afternoon I got a call from my mom. Her and my Aunt Colleen, my dadís sister, were in town shopping and with the weather the way it was, she wanted to drop by my place until the weather cleared up. I told her no problem and that I should be home in less than an hour. They were there when I got in. By this time the ice storm had turned to a heavy snowfall. After we went inside I suggested that they stay the night as the storm gave no indication of letting up. They thought it was a good idea. As not expecting guest, I had nothing in the line of food for supper. There was a grocery store a few blocks away and I decided to make a short trip there. While I was gone, mom and Aunt Colleen called home to tell dad and Uncle Mike where they were and what they were doing. I brought the groceries in and asked when Aunt Colleen was. Mom said she was in the shower. While we were talking I started to make supper and mom told me to go relax that she would do it. Mom had things under control when Aunt Colleen came into the kitchen. My Aunt took over for mom so mom could shower.
I opened up a bottle of wine and poured a glass for my Aunt. We sat at the counter and talked. She floored me when she brought up the topic of Barb. Seems Barb told mom about us and mom told my Aunt. Aunt Colleen told me that mom was concerned about our relationship and I should talk to her about. About then mom came out and we changed the topic. Supper went well. After eating we cleaned up and Aunt Colleen died the dishes while mom and I went into the rec room. Mom was working on her 4th glass of wine at this time. She seemed nervous and I asked her what was on her mind. She started to tell me her concerns about me and Barb. Mom asked if I knew her and her husband were thinking about getting divorced. She also said she knew we got together and also spend time at her house. Including the bondage. Mom didnít want me to get in the middle of Barbís problems. By this time Aunt Colleen had joined us and being the instigator she is, started asking why I enjoyed bondage and why I chose an older women. I just laughed it off but I saw the look on momís face. She was curious and kept asking also so I figured Iíd say something. I asked if either one of them were ever tied up. Mom said no, Aunt Colleen said yes, when she was in college and her and Uncle Mike play on occasion. Mom looked shock when Auntie Colleen told her to not be such a prude and give it a try sometime. Mom started laughing and said maybe she would take her advice. She just didnít know how to approach the subject with dad. Aunt Colleen then said that we have a rope expect here so why donít she try it now. I said no way, no way am I going to play with my mom and Aunt.
I tried changing the subject but got nowhere. Both started on me to play so I relented. I went into the garage, got a piece of rope and returned to the rec room swinging it around and asked who wanted to be first. Aunt Colleen put her hands behind her back and smiled. I had her hands tied behind her in no time. Mom got up and looked at how Aunt Colleen was tied. Colleen then asked mom if she was ready to try it. To my amazement, mom said yes. I went back into the garage and got another piece of rope. Soon I tied momís wrist the same as my auntís. Mom asked if that was all there was to it and Aunt Colleen said no, thereís more that can be done. Before anyone changed their mind, I had Aunt Colleenís ankles and knees tied. After a few minutes I untied my aunt. Aunt Colleen went over to mom and SHE tied momís ankles. When mom objected Aunt Colleen told her to keep quiet or she would make sure that she was quiet by gagging her. We all laughed and mom asked to be freed. We untied her and relaxed a little before mom said she was going to turn in.
Aunt Colleen and I made a fresh drink and sat there talking about the evening and its event. I said that I was glad the weather turned sour as I got to see a side of her and mom that I never knew existed. She got up, walked over and picked up some rope. She threw it at me and asked if I wanted another try. I said sure. About 15 minutes later I had my Aunt Colleen in a loose hog tie on the floor. She looked sexy as hell rolling on the floor and was working up quite a sweat trying to get loose. Neither one of us saw mom standing in the doorway. She said that she was there for about 10 minutes. Mom checked out the rope work and said that she would like to try it sometime, but not tonight. Mom helped me untie my aunt and eventually we all did go to bed.
I would like to stress the fact that there was no nudity. Both mom and Aunt Colleen were dressed in sweat pants and sweatshirts that mom had left at my place.
Saturday, June 15th 2013 - 09:13:07 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Greywolfe, that sounded like a terrific experience! I would love to hear about the next encounter. Thanks.
Friday, May 31st 2013 - 12:47:29 PM
Name: Greywolfe
E-mail address: greywolfe570@yahoo.com
Comments: Over the 4th of July holiday last year I drove to my parentsí house for a family get together. I figured this year was going to be just like every other one. Nothing but relatives and some close family friends eating, drinking and carrying on. I was standing behind the make shift bar when Barb, my momsí friend, came over for a refill. Barb was always the fun mom in the neighborhood. She was always eager to keep her son and his friends happy and amused. Once, when we were around 7 or 8, we actually had taken her hostage and tied her to an upright post in her garage.
After some small talk I made her a drink and she went back to where she was sitting with her husband and family. During the course of the afternoon I occasionally caught her looking my way and smiling. The alcohol was flowing and the bar became busy. Next thing I know Barb is next to me helping me serve the other guests. I noticed her upper buttons on her shirt became undone and she was showing some nice cleavage. We also bumped into each other a few times. Maybe itís time to describe Barb. She just turned 54, twice my age. Best guess is that she stands 5í5Ē and weighs around 140#ís. She has awesome legs and a nice ass. Brunette hair around shoulder length tied in a ponytail.
When things quieted down we made ourselves a drink and started reminiscing about the escapades involving Tony, her son, and myself when we were growing up. We covered everything from t-ball to graduation. Somehow the topic of swimming in their pool came up. Barb laughed when she related all the times she caught me staring at her when she had her 2 piece suit on. This is when the flirting started. She was rubbing my leg when she said that she missed those times. Taking a bold stance I said too bad we canít go back in time for even only a weekend and do a replay. Barb asked which weekend and before I could think before answering I said the weekend when she was tied to the pole in the garage. Everything got quiet for a few awkward minutes then Barb asked if I really would like to relive that weekend. Of course I said yes. Barb then changed the subject. The get together wound down and as I was cleaning up Barb came over, gave me a hug and thanked me for keeping her company.
A few weeks went by and mom called me to say that Barb called her and asked for my number. Both of us thought that this was odd. Later in the day Barb called and asked if I wanted to drop by the following evening. I said that I was free and would love to. When I got to Barbís, I expected to see Tony and his dad but Barb explained that they went on a trip.
She must have seen the odd look on my face and asked me inside so that she could explain. After thinking about it she said that she too would like to relive the garage episode and invited me over to see if I was interested. Of I said yes. Barb told me to make myself comfortable and she would be back shortly. After about 20 minutes Barb came back into the front room. She looked incredible. She was wearing a jean skirt that came to just above her knees, a yellow tank top, black hose and 2Ē black heels. She walked over, took me by the hand and led me to the garage.
On a small table next to the exact pole where she was tied to years ago, I saw rope, bandanas and tape, red ductape. When I asked about the table and its contents Barb said that she did a little research on line and got these things ready. Barb then had a few rules. No pain, no marks or bruises and when she said that she had enough I was to release her.
After agreeing and not believing my good fortune I had Barb turn around and I used a piece of rope to tie her wrists behind her back. I led her over to the pole, backed her up to it and wrapped some more rope around her waist and pole. Next came here ankles. This time I used the tape, wrapping it around her ankles and the pole. I swear that she was breathing heavy at this point. I asked if she wanted to stop or continue. Barb said to continue. I decided to use more rope and tie her upper body to the pole. At this time I noticed that here nipples were hard. I asked about a gag and Barb said that she was in no position to stop me. I wadded up a hanky that I found on the table, put it in her mouth and used a piece of tape to hold it in place. Barb wasnít the only one to be getting turned on.
I took my phone from my pocket and started to take some pics. Barb started to shake her head no so I stopped. Since this was her idea I figured that I had nothing to lose and went over to her. When I kissed her check I definitely heard her moan. I told her that I knew she was excited because her nipples where hard. When I reached out to play with her a little bit, she started mumbling through her gag. I removed the gag and Barb said no intercourse and to please not gag her again. Bending down I kissed her full on the lips and to my surprise she slipped me her tongue. On cue I reached for her boobs and started to massage them. This is when Barb started to moan and carry on and I knew she enjoyed what was happening. Barb asked very abruptly to be untied. When I had her free from the pole I turned her around to untie her wrists and she said not yet. I asked her what she wanted next and she said since she was my captive it was my choice. I pulled her top up, started to massage her tits. She went nuts. Barb was begging me not to stop. As I was kneading her left tit I lowered my other hand and raised her skirt. Her panties were wet, very wet. Barb started moaning louder and as I started to rub her between her legs she came. Barb is very vocal when she comes. Barb asked to sit down and I led her over to a lawn chair. Before she sat down she asked me to untie her wrists. Barb straightened out her shirt and skirt, came towards me, put her arms around my neck we kissed for what seemed like an eternity.
Barb pulled away and as she sat down she pulled my shorts and briefs down. As she was stroking Little Man she said she had a great time and that we must keep it between us. She then leaned forward and started to give me one of the best blow jobs ever. After I got dressed, we flirted while we put things away. We went inside and Barb made some drinks while I showered. After I showered Barb went in and came out wearing sweats and a tee shirt. We both hated the night to end but it came time for me to leave. Barb walked me to the door where we said our goodbyes.
Barb and I kept in touch and we were able to get together again over Christmas. This encounter was very strange and I haven't written it down as of yet.
Thursday, May 30th 2013 - 08:50:15 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Really cool, Jeanne! I would love to hear what happens. Thanks.
Sunday, May 5th 2013 - 08:18:39 PM
Name: Jeanne
Comments:Well, thanks to some of the dreambooks, I somehow allowed myself to be tied and gagged by my 2 boys, age 14 and 13. They got the idea from dreambooks and youtube, and, knowing that I love a challenge and almost always accept a dare. The challenge was to be tied up with duct tape a certain way, then try to escape. Silly me, I wouldn't allow them use ducttape as I have sensitive skin. It was my brilliant idea for them to use rope. Somwwhere, they found quite a bit of rope, and on a Saturday morning while their dad went to play racquetball and work out at the gym, I undertook the challenge. I don't know who taught them to tie someone up, but turns out they are very efficient at it. One tied my wrists while the other tied my ankles, and used a style I had never seen on tv or in movies. My wrists were tied palm to palm, my ankles side by side. A rolled up bandana went into my mouth, with another bandana tied around my head to hold it in. Then, laying me on the floor on my tummy, they tied my ankles to my wrists. I struggled my best, trying to get loose, but was unsuccessful. After the agreed amount of time, they released me. Since I lost the challenge/dare, I had to let them eat pizza for supper. My husband wanted something else for dinner, so I called for delivery of pizza, and fed my husband meatloaf. I told my boys I wanted another chance to win the challenge, so next time hubby plays rqcquetball, we're gonna try again. Let you know how I do.
Saturday, May 4th 2013 - 04:39:30 PM
Comments:I think the man is just ((())) from another dreambook. He was a jerk too and finally stopped posting. Maybe the man(juist another litte boy) willl stop posting if we are lucky
Thursday, April 11th 2013 - 04:47:42 PM
Name: Erica
Comments:to the man: Since you feel so strongly I suggest that you put up your own stories instead of lerk around. But no problem for me to stop writing stories for people like you... so happy story hunting...
Tuesday, April 9th 2013 - 04:05:27 AM
Name: steve
Comments:the man we are waiting
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 09:21:37 PM
Name: josh
Comments:Well, "the man", obviously your stories are better or you would not be so judgemental!
So lets hear them!
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 08:44:08 PM
Name: erica dumbass
Comments:Please erica you and jr kelling quit telling stories, they are stupid

The Man
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 02:21:02 PM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:The Cottage pt 2

Maria took the Fonz to her car. I felt sorry for her as she was only doing her job when Maria got the drop on her.

She was pushed into the back of the 4 by 4 and then hogtied in the boot. Maria and her one of her two belles then hopped into the front of the car.

It was a long drive until they reached the courtyard at Maria's Schloss

The Fonz was released from the hogtie and force marched into the house. She looked so folorn, booted and skirted with her hands manacled behind her back.

Heidi took me along too in the car behind, I was still kilted and booted and manacled too. The other belle came with her

The Fonz and I were marched into the front room where the Fonz's hands, still behind her back were attached to a pulley in the ceiling.

Then Maria tightened the pulley until the Fonz was bent double her head almost on the floor and her hands drawn by the pulley above her backside - but with her feet still on the floor - just.

She howled in pain as Maria smiled at her, as she yanked the pulley and then released it.

"Are you going to obey me" Maria asked "Or shall I leave you there"

The Fonz screamed in submission as Maria tugged on the pulley again - just a bit longer but not enough to pull the arms out of the Fonz's sockets.

"Good" said Maria. "I want you to wrestle with the kid and whoever loses will spend the night bound and gagged"

Te Fonz had no reason or grudge against me other than she didn'y want to go on being tortured by Maria and so agreed

My hands were released (I was the kid) but not my feet which gave the Fonz a distinct advantage. She swung behind me and I toppled over as I tried to follow her and landed on my stomach.

Quick as lightening the Fonz jumped on my back. I could feel her skirt brushing gently over the hair on my legs - as my kilt had gotten raised in the fall. It turned me on.

With her two hands she grabbed my right hand and and forced it behind my back and then she wedged it between her leg and my back.

She then did the same with my left arm - and Maria tossed her some rope.

"I see you are still as quick as you used to be" Maria said to the Fonz as the Fonz tied my hands together and pulled me to my feet.

She then tied my wrists to my waist and then roped my torso upwards from the waist so my arms were pinioned to my body. The kilt was however left free

The Fonz then kicked me to my knees and inserted a ball gag into my mouth - brutally tight. I thought my mouth was going to split in two as she took her frustration out on me.

Heidi and Maria had gone off for dinner so I was left with the Fonz and the two belles of Maria.

Then one of the belles came over and pushed me to the floor and simply sat on me - I was powerless anyway with hands and feet tied - while the other over powered the Fonz.

I was then taken to a chair and tied into it with my legs tied to the chair legs.

The Fonz was then brought on her knees before me and with her hands now twisted behind her back, her head was forced onto my lap.

By this time, I was quite high and one of the belles lifted my skirt and inserted my penis into The Fonz's mouth

The Fonz started to suck it hard

Though I tried hard to resist, I climaxed and she was forced to swallow.

It was only when she was released with a broad smile on her face that I realised she was turned on by this all.

Heidi then came back and explained it all.

Maria and the Fonz were part of a BDSM group and the Fonz's predeliction was to being tied up. She loved being a submissive and to be forced to have oral sex. It sort of made her feel as if she wasn't sinning as it was forced on her "against her will". Strange logic but that's how she was

"Hey guys" I said "How about releasing me too"

Heidi smiled and walked behind my chair. Suddenly I felt a Ball gag forced into my mouth.

" The Fonz has had her fun with you - but I haven't" she said.

"After all Maria promised you to me tonight

With that she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and looked deep into my eyes.................

Monday, April 1st 2013 - 08:13:02 AM
Name: Pete
Comments:Very nice Darcy! Can't wait to hear more!
Saturday, March 16th 2013 - 08:15:23 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Darcy and Erica, great job! Let's hear more.
Wednesday, March 13th 2013 - 02:35:01 AM
Name: Erica
Comments:We was over at Jon and Lis's house. It was January and cold outside, but it was hot inside. Jon had recived a package in the mail that he wanted us to look at. So we sat in their living room and was enjoying some coffee while this package was placed on the table in front of us.It was from a company in California and it was very nicely wrapped up.
- So what is it? I said and had studied that package and tried to guess for myself what it was.
Jon took the package and slowly he unwrapped the string that held the package together. The paper was unfolded and on the table was three chinese dresses that he had ordered on the net. The silk dresses was there infront of us and just the patteren on them was enough to envy them.
Jon told us to stand up and he gave us each one chinese dress that he had picked out for us.
Mine was red, Sarah's was blue and Lis's was pink. The dresses was short and had short sleeves. They was closed in the front with small hasps that was held together with small hard plastic piece that was threed through them.
- Go and change, Jon said and we went upstairs to change.

We meet up again with Jon in the spare bedroom. He had laid out the ropes on a chair and had closed the curtains. We stood there in our dresses and he looked us over and approving the dresses on our bodies. Mine was a little tight over the breasts, but it was fine beside that. Lis had a shorter hemline then me and Sarah since she was taller then us and Sarah filled out her dress nicely.
Jon took Sarah first. He draped a long piece of rope over her shoulders. He wrapped one rope end down her overarms three times before he did the same with the other end. He brought the arms to her back and placed one over the other before he started to tie the wrists with the rest of the rope. The arms was secured in her back tightly and Jon threed the rope ends to the rope that went over her neck and back down to the wrists again before he secured it. He had never tied us like this before.
Next was Lis and then me. We was all three tied the same way as he had tied Sarah. We stood around and looked at each other. Jon took some pictures of us and called us the chinese angels as we stood there. We laughed. We was made to parade around in the room and sometimes I cought a glanse of us as we passed the mirror that was in the room. I could see how tight the ropes was tied on us. How being tied this way pushed our breasts out into the fabric of the dresses.
Sarah was told to lay down on the bed. She managed to get herself laid down on it. Jon strighten out her dress and then he rolled over her to her front and bent her legs up towards her butt. Jon took a long rope and wrapped it fast around her ankels before he pulled the rope to her neck rope, he threed it along with the wrist rope under the neck rope and down to her wrist rope. He looped the rope in the wrappings from the neck rope and the pulled it back up again, under the neck rope and back to her ankels. He tied the rope off just off her heel of her feet. The big fat knot looked tight.
Jon told us to sit down on the other bed. Jon went over to his camera and started to take pictures of us. He took a lot of Sarah where she tried to get out of the ropes, but she could hardly wiggle and let along reach the knots on her ropes.
I shifted my position so that Lis could look at my ropes and I could hear her just sigh. I looked over my shoulder and could see her eyes. She shook her head no. I sighed.We looked on how Sarah struggled in her ropes and should have taken the hint from seeing her that we wasn't going to get loose without help from someone free from the ropes.
Jon told us to stop trying to get free and told Lis to get over to the floor where he was at. Lis looked me and then him before she got up.
- I guess I am next, she said and giggled.
Jon helped her down onto the floor and strighten out her dress.
Jon started to tie her hogtie rope the same way that he had done Sarah.
- Now, he is going to make you helpless also, Sarah giggled.
- I am allready helpless, Lis answered with a laugh.
We giggled again as Jon tied her into a hogtie.
Sarah wiggled a little on the bed while Jon tied Lis and I looked on. I was trying to figure out how to get loose, but I gave up a couple of times figuring it out.
Jon finished up tying Lis and got his camera. He putted her on her side and started to take pictures of her. He helped her back on her front again before he did the same with Sarah.
Jon then had me lay down on the floor also. He then hogtied me tightly as he had done with Sarah and Lis. I could feel how tight it was and it was very constrictive. The ropes pulled me into a tight package that it was impossible to get out of and if I tried to pull on the ropes the rope around my upper arms dug into the skin. I was pulled up into a bridge of some kind and it only got tighter. So I gave up that idea.
Jon had me on the side and took pictures of me. Then he took pictures of all three of us before he found his camcorder and video taped us. I am not sure how many pictures of us he did snap or how many minutes he taped us but it seem a lot. When I see the pictures today I can feel how tight it is from just watching the pictures. So it must have been one of the tightest ties I have done to me to this date.
Jon started to stroke our legs and kiss them. He could do what he wanted because we couldn't stop him. We could feel his touch as we laid there and had our legs carressed.
After a while Jon found nine scarfs. He first cleavegagged us. Then came a over the mouth gag before he did another over the mouth gag. The tight gags made it hard to make any sounds.
- I am going to get dinner. As you might have guessed we are having chinese today, he said.
Jon then left us and locked the door. We tried to look at each other. It was hard to see Sarah since she was on the bed, but I could see Lis. We was stuck; hogtied and gagged. We could hear Jon leave.
I tried to wiggle over to Lis, but the ropes was not giving after. So I gave up. This helplessness was a turn on. I could feel how much the feeling of the ropes gave me pleasure. I tried to rock my body back and forth, but it didn't want to.
To much of our unhappiness we didn't release that time. It was impossible to work up the feelings even if you was that high on it and without the crotch rope to help or anyone else we just laid there. However...
Jon hooked us up to the magic wands when he got back when we complained to him about this matter and we had the time of our lifes as the waves started to hit us and I didn't care how much the ropes hurt me as I was been pleasured laying there.
Tuesday, March 12th 2013 - 11:06:55 AM
Name: Darcy
Comments:Dad had to go on a business trip, the first since he had marrid my stepmother. Lynn is 12 yrs younger than Daddy, but my sister and I accept her, for several reasons. She makes our dad happy, treats us great, and had a tendency to be more lenient and easy-going than daddy. Our house is in the country, since we have 3 horses, and we also have a pool. Daddy's trip was going to be at least a week, so Lynn suggested that we have a pool party annd barbecue on the Saturday after he left. She said Abbi and I could invite a dozen friends between us, and we could each have 2 spend the night. We invited our guests, a total of 12, (8 girls and 4 boys), and Lynn really fixed a lot of good food and snacks. More about Lynn: she really is a pretty woman, blonde with green eyes, athletic, fun-loving, and, unintentionally makes all the girls jealous, becuase of her looks. She's not flirt, or a tease. In fact, she dresses a bit modestly, and will make comments if she thinks we're dressed a bit to suggestive, but doesn't dictate how we dress; just asks us to think it over. Anyway, the pool party was great, we ate delicous food, and after, we kids even volunteered to clean up. While cleaning up around the pool and patio, someone found a length of rope. Before long, we were taking turns trying to lasso each other, without much success. Then, after finding a lot more rope, it became a gmae of tying each other up. Surprising, all the kids rally seemed to enjoy tying and/or being tied. Lynn came to check on the noise once, and said we should be careful tying, because of rope burns, etc. We took a short break for something to drink, and someone said, "let's see if we can catch Lynn and tie her up". Abbi, who's 2 yrs older than me (15, 13) instantly said, "I don't know if that's a good idea", but the rest of us, including me, kept urging a try, so she came around. In an instant, 14 kids all began hunting for stuff to use to tie her up. We prpabaly had enough already, but we ended up with enough rope, rags, tape, zipties, etc, to tie up 20 people. After all, we have 3 horses, remember? I was delegated with the task of luring Lynn into our clutches. I dinally decided to go tell her one of our guests was sick. Lynn slipped up some shoes, the nearest ones she had were a pair of wedge-heeled sandals about 3 inches high. She was wearing a summer weight, sleeveless dress that was a little less modest than her normall attire, but not revealing at all. When she got to the patio, she figured out something was up, and turned to go back inside. One of the boys blocked the door, and Lynn figured she was being targeted. Instead of going into the defensive, 'ain't-gonna-happen' parent mode, she laughed and said, "you'll have to catch me first, and I won't go easy, and Im gonna do everything to escape." Then, she bolted to the back gate, and I knew if she got to one of the horses, she would catch it and ride bareback to escape, so I shouted, "quick, catch her", just as she took off. One of the boys, Eddie, who's on the freshman football team, ran her down and tackled her. We all joined in, and true to her words, Lynn was putting up a good struggle. But, since there were 14 of us, she fought a losing battle. Her arms were pulled behind her, and one of the girls and 2 of the boys seemed to just take over, as they were obviously more experienced that the rest of us. We foound out the she's very ticklish, and used that to help restrain her. When she was finally raised to her feet, I saw that she had her wrists tied palm to palm, then her hands had been wrapped with so much tape, it looked like she was wearing one big boxing glove over both hands. Once upright, someone tied her legs just above her knees. "Hey, no trespassing", Lynn said, as her binder's hands went between her legs several time. "She talks too much" one of the girls said, and a huge wad of rolled up cloth was pushed between her lips, bulging her cheeks out. Then, tape covered her mouth, and Lynn ws silenced. After she was effectively gagged, one of the boys tied her ankles while she stood in front of all of us. Jessica, the girl who seemed the most capable of tying knots, stood behind her witha long pieced of rope. I watched, mesmerized, as Lynn's upper arms were tied in a way that thrust her breasts out and stretched her dress almost to bursting. She was making protest noises, but they were unintelligible due to the gag. "Okay, let's take her inside and finish tying her up" Jessica said. I thought she was already completely bound, but soon discovered otherwise. With Jessica holding one side, and one of the boys holding the other, Lynn hopped thru the door to the privacy of our house. I was behind her, and marvelled at the way Jessica had tied her upper arms until her elbows touched. She had also added rope to her forearms, between the elbow rope and the wrist rope. Even with all the ropes, which were obviously tight, judging by the way her skin sank in, Lynn was still being a good sport about her captivity. She was taken into the rec room, and someone pulled the cushions off the sofa and placed them on the floor. Lynnwas lowered to the cushions, then I watched as Jessica pushed her legs up behind her back, ran a length of rope from her ankle bindings to her elbow binding, and with the help of another girl, pushed and pulled her legs up until the soles of her wedge-heels was only about 3 inches from her elbows. Jessica produced a long scarf, folded it and was about to tie it around Lynn's eyes, when Lynn began to shake her head and make noises. She obviously didn,t want to be blindfolded, but a little tickling and she gave in. Jess wrapped the scarf around her eyes about 3 times, then covered the scarf with tape. Lynn was totally helpless now. I noticed all 3 boys staring, and saw that with her legs pulled up so far, you could see her panties; pink, and very lacy, kind of like bikini panties. If lynn had known she was on display, I really believe she would have thrown a fit until she was released, but she just lay there, unmoving. "Okay, Lynn, do your best to escape" Jessica said. She made a futile, feeble attempt, then shrugged her shoulders and just lay there. She was incapable of escape and knew it. This event had some unexpected affects on most of the group: just about all the girls, even though we were 13-15 yrs old, had erect nipples, and all the boys had either turned their backs to the girls or left the room. We eventually untied Lynn, who bolted for the bathroom as soon as she was free. The rest of the afternoon was a bit boring, but after everyone left who wasn't spending the night, we tackled Lynn, and tied her up again, several times that night. She was only hogtied one more time, but we did tie her to chairs, and poles in the basement. Lynn is really a cool woman! We do lots of things with her that most of our friends don't do with their moms.
Sunday, March 10th 2013 - 01:55:55 PM
Name: Scott
Comments:Awesome story Erica thanks!
Saturday, March 9th 2013 - 08:31:05 AM
Name: Scott
Comments:Awesome story Erica thanks!
Saturday, March 9th 2013 - 08:30:56 AM
Name: Erica
Comments:Jon will do anything to get to tie us up sometimes. It could be idea that he got from reading something, watching a movie or just plain bordom that strikes him sometimes.

- I want to annonce national Swimsuit day! he bursted out suddenly as we sat around the dinner table.
It was a warm summer day so we sitting there in our summerdresses and barefeet enjoying the bbq. We looked at him as he was crazy.
- It makes perfect sense, he said and continued to eat.
- How? Lis said.
- It is a warm day and I like to see you three in swimsuits, he said.
- That was one reason for it, Sarah laughed.
- Let me guess, you want to see us bound and gagged struggling? I said.
- Yes and yes, he answered.
It had a long time, a couple of weeks, since Jon had tied us up. So it wasn't hard to "celebrith" national Swimsuit day the way he wanted to "celebirth" it.

We was taken upstairs to Lis's workroom. Jon had closed the curtains and opened the window. We had changed into our swimsuits and stood before him on the carpeted floor with our heels on. I know that having heels and swimsuits is something that doesn't match that good, but it was Jon's request that we should have them on so we did as he told us.
Jon took one of his ropes and start to tie Lis's wrists behind her. It was his usual figure eight style with clinching and tugging of the rope. He pulled it tight and made sure that the knot was well out of reach for any fingers. Next was my wrists. They was securely tied as they usually are when Jon ties me. I couldn't get my wrists loose unless Jon untied them or one of the two managed to get my wrists untied. Chance of the last to happen was like zero. So was it Sarah's turn I could see how she trusted out her breasts as her wrists was tied behind her. She made some jokes that was very lame.
Next came the crotch ropes. The rope was wrapped around our waists before he pulled the rope tightly between our legs and pulled tight before it was tied in the back. He was making sure we could feel it and tugged it little when he was done.
He tied our legs next. Our ankels was tied with the same tightness as our wrists. He stroked our legs and kissed them when he sat down there and did his tying. His touch was as usual very gentle and soft. He caressed the legs. Jon got back up again and told us to jump around in the room. We started to jump. Our breasts bounched under the swimsuit and it was funny to look at yourself in the large mirror that Lis has in her workroom.
When we had jump around some rounds Jon helped us to sit down on the floor. We sat with our strechted out in front of us. Jon used large pieces of ropes to tie a very tight breast rope on us. The rope was wrapped over and under our breasts and had a over the neck rope which he used to pull down with more ropes and fasten in the back so the breasts was pushed even more out and up.He also tied around rope around our waists and over our arms pinning the arms to our backs. The rope was so wrapped between our back and arms clinching the rope tight and rendering the movement of our arms useless. The arms was now pinned to our backs.
Next Jon tied a rope from my crotch rope to Sarah's crotch rope and then one from my crotch rope to Lis's crotch rope. So when anyone of them moved they would pull on my crotch rope.
Jon wadded up some piece of cloth and filled our mouths with. He tied an tight cleavegag to hold the wad inside with and took another one that he tied over the mouth so we was tripple gagged.
I had expected to be hogtied, but we wasn't. Jon smacked our butts a couple of times before he sat down and told us to have fun.
We rolled around on the carpet. The ropes was tight and it was impossible for us to do anything. While rolling around the amount that we could roll around pulled on my crotch rope. I felt the tug on it.
Jon watched us for a long time before he got up and walked out.
We rolled closer and laid close and did some gag talking. We have gotten better to understand each other in gag talk, but sometimes we mess up
I could feel the tight ropes dig into my skin as we laid there, but I didn't mind that. I was used to it and welcomed it.
I managed to get a hold of the rope going from me to Sarah and tugged it hard. She screamed out in pleasure as the crotch rope was tugging her. I giggled into my gag.
Suddenly I felt a yank in my crotch rope. It was Lis, she was giggling away under her gag. I felt how the rope that was tugging sent waves into my body. I moaned that I wanted more, but at that time Jon re-entered the room and looked at us.
- So we are having a chat? He said and laughed.
We nodded.
Jon walked over to us and started to hogtie us tightly. The legs was bent backwards to our butts and he tied the hogtie rope to our breastrope. It was no slack in it. It was no use to even try to bend out the legs again. We was no helpless where we laid and was stuck.
Jon slaped our butts again before he sat down and strocked and kissed our legs. He licked them and was carressing them. We moaned as he did our legs and was closing our eyes as he strocked them. He had so a wonderful, light and gentle touch.
Jon got up and checked our ropes before he left the room again. Again we was left alone to do what we wanted.
We tried to get loose from the hogtie, but none of use could find the knot that Jon had tied to secure the rope.So we was stuck.
We continued to pull on each others crotch ropes. I was moaning since I had both Lis and Sarah pulling on my crotch rope. I was helpless where I was stuck between them both. I mmphed!
I was rocking back and forth between them. Waves after waves sent into me.
I felt the waves hitting me and I was starting to get warmer and warmer inside of me. I was rocked into heaven.
We started to release. We shrivered.We looked at each other and we all glowed.I felt so loved by Sarah and Lis where I laid. We purred.
Jon came in again. He looked at us glowing and said that we most have been liking National Swimsuit day. We just nodded.
Saturday, March 9th 2013 - 07:38:20 AM
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai
Comments:To Erica;

Don't care about anyone and continue to write your stories
Tuesday, February 19th 2013 - 06:35:28 AM
Name: Erica
I was called a whore, a bitch and a mindless bimbo.
It is hurtfull to read that people (even if they don't mean it) call you stuff like that and they don't even know me. I have no idea why they do this, but if they think it is "funny" they are so wrong.
I will think it over,
Tuesday, February 12th 2013 - 04:55:02 AM
Name: Rob

Please don't allow a mindless few to discourage you from writing and sharing with those of us who do appreciate your stories. Just delete the obnoxious emails. People should remember what Thumper said in Bambi: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all."

But if you do decide to no longer write for us, thanks for all you did share.

Tuesday, February 12th 2013 - 04:31:11 AM
Name: Erica
E-mail address: ericastory93@yahoo.com
Comments:I have desided to NOT write anymore. I have gotten some emails from people here calling me names and I have no interest to continue writing when so called adults needs to behave like this. So best of luck geting anyone else to write here when people behave like this,
Tuesday, February 12th 2013 - 01:20:07 AM
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Monday, February 11th 2013 - 09:46:17 AM
Name: Erica
E-mail address: ericastory93@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://tent bound pt 1
Comments:I am jumping forward in time. The last story was about ten years ago and I am starting about two years from now.

Jon had gotten his long lasted premotion and was one of the department heads of the computer company. Sarah and I was still stuck in our sales jobs. Lis had stopped working and become a stay at home housewife.

We was over at Jon and Lis's place. It was a hot summerday. We; Lis, Sarah and I, was laying in the tanning beds in our bathing suits with the top rolled down. The heat was extream and Jon who hates the heat was having a hard time.
Suddenly when we wasn't paying to much attention to things happening around us and spray of water hit us. We screamed out. Jon was laughing as he held the waterhose directly at us.
- Not funny Jon! Lis screamed.
- What do you three say about some tie up time? Jon said.
- Now? It is to hot, I said.
- Well I have found some shade and I have also a found something I have used for a long time, he said.
We looked at each other and got up from the tanning beds. We followed Jon around the house to where the shade is and there stood the tent. He had bought a new bigger tent, but still it was a tent.
- I thought we could us this? He said.
- Oh, the tent, Lis said and glowed.
Lis and I had been tied a lot of times in a tent where we lived before, but Sarah had never joined in on that.

The tent was set up on a grassy ground. The main tent was large and had a plastic window out so you could look in or out. The curtain infront of the window was pulled down.
- I thought this would do fine, Jon said.
Outdoor bondage wasn't something we did alot, at least not exposed, but inside the tent was okay for me.
Jon pulled his bag out. He had been here with it allready and was hoping that we would agree to a tie up. Why shouldn't we agree to it?
- So how do you want us? Sarah asked.
- Naked, Jon answered.
We slipped down the rest of the bathing suits and stood there naked before Jon. He had his ropes in the hands allready. He had thought this out it seemed.
He started with tying a crotch rope on us. It was tight and he tugged several times to make it snug. He secured the ends in our backs. Jon then had us lay down on the grass. It wasn't the first time that he had us do somethine before we had our hands tied, but it made it safer for all us that we laid down before our hands was tied. As we laid down I could feel the crotch rope pull against my naked body.
Jon told us to lay a little closer. We moved closer.Jon then tied our legs together. My left foot was tied to Lis's right foot and her left foot was tied to Sarah's right foot. We had our legs now tied so when ever one person moved her leg(s) the other(s) had to move their legs.
Next Jon tied our wrists behind our backs. The hands was crossed and he tied it as he usually did figure eight style, tugging and clinching the ropes tightly.
Jon then found some ball gags. He carefully placed the ball inside our mouths before he tighten the straps behind our heads. We moaned into the balls as the straps was tighten.
Jon slaped our butts as he sat up stright after having fixed the gags on us. He slaped them three or four times each cheek. We moaned into the gags and wiggled. The legs was pulled back and forth as we forgot that our legs was tied the way they was.
Jon started to kiss our legs. Carefully he kissed the naked legs up and down. He had a firm grip on them so that we wouldn't kick him in the face.
He licked our legs and stroked them carefully. I purred inside as he touched me, kissed me and licked me.
The feeling of the ropes against my naked skin was hunting me.
Jon stroked our legs and up to our butts and down again. His touch was light and somehow it made you relax.
Jon got up and grabbed some more ropes. He tied our free legs bent towards the thigh so it was unable to move. We couldn't move now. The free legs was moving in some sense, but it was hard to move around with one of our legs tied to your thigh.
Jon said that he would start to set out for dinner, but since we was tied up we was to stay here and be good or there would be now food. Jon left us and zip up the entrence to the tent. He used a small padlock to hold the tentdoor locked.
We could hear him walk away. We looked at each other. There was little we could do being tied up like this. We couldn't move a lot. We gagged talked a little.
As we moved the crotch rope digged into us and sent small waves and to lay on the grass naked pressed the grass against our naked skin. We moved some to see how it felt and it felt great.
Lis reached over and grabbed what she could of my crotch rope and yanked it. I screamed into my gag as the rope was pulled against my skin. She yanked it again. I felt how the fibers rubbed against me. I wanted more.
I started to rub my body against the grass and the rope rubbed with it. It sent waves into me. I could feel how Lis and Sarah joined in and soon we was moaning like crazy inside the tent.
Monday, February 11th 2013 - 09:21:06 AM
Name: Erica
E-mail address: ericastory93@yahoo.com
Comments:Thank you Scott for your kind words. I have been lucky to have a great relationship with my son, his wife/my bestfriend and not at least with Sarah.
This week is a busy one, so I haven't had time to write more stories. But I hope to get around to it next week.
Thursday, February 7th 2013 - 01:29:03 AM
Name: Scott
E-mail address: yaphankfd326@gmail.com
Comments:E fun you all have. Another nice installment of the fun you all are having. Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking forward to more!
Sunday, February 3rd 2013 - 10:47:10 AM
Name: Erica
E-mail address: ericastory93@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://christmas holiday pt 4
Comments:We had been dancing some time and we sat down to talk alittle.
- I need two more shots for my movie so is there any interest to do them now or wait for tomorrow? He said.
We looked at each other and wondered what he wanted to shoot.
- I want to shoot you three dance all tied up in the dresses you are in now, he said.
We looked at each other and said okay.
Jon got the ropes and gags. He even brought us the heels that he wanted us to wear. Jon tied Lis first. She pushed her breasts out against the fibers of the dress as he tied her wrists. Her green dress clung to her body as Jon wrapped the breast rope on her. Her breasts welcommed the rope pressed against them. Jon tied the rope tightly behind her in the elbows.
Jon tied Sarah next. She had the blue dress. She didn't holding back pushing her breasts out either. We laughed as Jon pointed out that this strutting of the breasts was taking his focus away from his tying.
I was next I really pushed my breasts out. I had the red dress. Jon wrapped the ropes really tight.
Next Jon tied a hubble rope on our ankels and putted on the heels on our feet. I could feel how he felt up my legs as he did that and I could see that he did it with Lis and Sarah also.
We wasn't gagged because Jon wanted us to kiss and lick each other. So he turned on the music and we started to dance to it. It was a slow song so we really got close and had our bodies brush against each other.
Jon circled us as we danced. We took turns to dance.
I kissed Sarah's neck as we moved over the floor, kissing her cleaveage and her lips. She kissed me back. Rubbing her breasts against me. I licked Lis's cleaveage and licked her neck. It was funny how much I enjoyed this and I was thankfull for the day that I introduced this to Lis many years ago.
Next Jon tied the crotch ropes on us. We was diapered so the crotch rope was over the diaper. We was then told to sit on the chairs.
I was the first one to be tied to the chair. The chair had a high back. Jon wrapped rope around my upper body tying me tightly to the high back. My arms was behind me, but not back of the chair so my back was pushed out where my wrists was tied. He then tied a rope just around my waist pinning the upper body even more to the back of the chair. Next came a rope over my lap. He then tied each my legs to the front legs of the chair with the hobble rope still roped to my ankels. He then tied my heels to my feet so I couldn't kick them off.
Next he tied Lis the same way and the Sarah.
Jon found some silk scarfs that matched our dresses and cleavegagged us with them. We sat beside each other looking at each other.
Jon told us the struggle to get free and the last one to get free would be tickled. We was securely bound to the chair and there was no way to get free. But we did all we could to get free. We even tried to move the chairs, but it was hard to do anything as our legs was tied to the legs of the chairs. I could see a smile on Jon's face as we struggled.
We moaned into our gags and all the struggling with our laps tied to the chair made the crotch rope press against us.
Soon Jon had what he needed, but since we wasn't free he had to tickle all of us.
He untied us from the chairs, removed ropes over our heels and then our heels. He laid us down on the floor and we begged him not to tickle us, but he didn't want to listen. Soon he was tickling our palms of the feet. We was wiggling what we could to get away, but he was faster then us wiggling. We screamed into our gags. But still he was tickling us. I feet how much I loved it even if I hated being tickled.
We panted on the floor when he was done. He dragged us to each other and tied us together. My right leg was tied to Lis's left leg and Lis's right leg was tied to Sarah's left leg. Next he tied my right arm to Lis's left arm and her right arm was tied to Sarah's right arm. We looked at him and had a evil grin on his face.
Not only was we tied up and gagged, but now we was tied to each other and there was even harder to wiggle because you needed the two others to follow you. We mppphed! at him, calling evil and stuff like that. He just laughed and went into his room.
So we was stuck on the floor. We tried to coordinate our movements, but it was hard and it was a slow progress just to move some inches on the floor. But the soft carpet made it somewhat cosy to lay there.
So we started to gagtalk again.

Jon came back after some hours. He looked at us and wondered why we hadn't got untied yet, but we just looked at him and called him evil again. He had a DVD with him. He untied us from each other and had us jump over to the sofa by the Tv-set. He then played the DVD for us that he made.
It was funny to see how you look like tied up and all the stuff he had us made us done, but it was also cool to watch it. We laughed a little under our gags at some points. We saw how he had zoomed in our breasts when we jumped and our legs. How we looked close-up when you was gagged was not the high points. We could also see how tight and strict the rope work that he had done on us was.

It was time to say good bye that evening. Lis was left tied up and gagged as Jon drove us back home. We had wintercoats on and normal cloths under it, but our hands was tied behind us palm to palm as we went home. Jon untied us when we got inside. And we kissed him good bye, thanking him for a great christmas holiday.
Sunday, February 3rd 2013 - 02:55:11 AM
Name: unknown
Comments:Technically Correct is a mother a woman and a son a youth so what is your problem?
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 03:21:24 PM
Name: "Technically Correct"
Comments:While it is "technically" correct that a woman "bound by youth" covers the "same" area as a mother "tied-up"
wouldn't stories of mothers tied-up by their sons fit
"BETTER" on the "Mothers Tied-Up" dream book?
(NOT that that would result in any MORE stories flowing into THIS dreambook!
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 11:26:41 AM
Name: Erica
E-mail address: ericastory93@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://christmas holiday pt 3
Comments:Lis, Sarah and I was hogtied in the extra bedroom at Jon and Lis's place. We was tightly bound by Jon and was gagged with our used panties and a scarf between our teeths.
After we had done some gagtalk we started to wiggle more. The crotch rope against our naked skin rubbed intensly as we moved and we moaned as the rope sent waves inside of us.
Jon came back into the room and told us to stop doing that. We looked at him and I might have cursed at him in my head from refusing me to pleasure myself.
Jon untied our hogtie ropes and the hemline rope. He helped us up before he removed the knee rope. It was good to feel that you could stand normal again with your legs and knees some apart. Jon told us to walk down to the kitchen. So we did that.

Jon had laid out some of the aprons that Lis owned. Sarah had made them to her and they was full half aprons and white. Jon removed the waist rope and breast rope on us. He told us that we had to change do some housework in our long night gowns with the aprons. After Jon had untied the long sleeves on the night gown Jon pulled up the long night gowns that was over us and untied the elbows and wrists. We putted our arms into the sleeves of the night gown and tied the half aprons on.
The contrast of white against red was a good combination. Jon demanded that we had to do the housework gagged so we couldn't talk to much. Jon got his camcorder and filmed us while we washed the floors, made breakfast and cleaned the extra living room with the christmas tree in it.
As we finished the housework we was told to remove each others gags. Lis removed mine. It was good to feel the wadded panty removed and that you could use your jaw again.
After breakfast we was allowed to some free time as long as the crotch rope was tied on us. We didn't mind that. We welcomed it.
Jon left us while he edited the video he had taken of us. We wanted to see it, but he said he wasn't done yet.

After breakfast we was taken down to the basement. Jon and Lis has a big room there that is always locked and for good reason. It is their playroom. We have been there before so it wasn't something new in that sense.
We was told to get undress.
When we stood there naked in front of him he pulled out the corsets. These wonderful corsets that laces in the back and made of leather. We laced each other into the corsets as tight as we could.
Next Jon pulled out more ropes.
Lis was to be the tier this time. Jon was going to film it.
Lis first tied Sarah. Sarah hands was tied in a reverse prayer position with ropes going below her breasts that bent arms was tied to. This made it impossible for her to use her arms in anyway. Next Lis had her lay down on the floor. Lis tied her knees and ankels. The legs was then bent and the hogtie rope was tied to her crotch rope that was going around her waist. She looked like a small package where she laid on the floor. Lis then gagged her with a panal ball gag that was strapped tightly around her head and sealed her lips behind the panal. I told Jon that the panal gag was not allowed to use on me. He just nodded.
Next Lis tied me. She tied my hands in the same way that she had ties Sarah's. I felt how the arms was secured my body and how I was not able to use them tied like this. Next my knees and ankels was tied when I had laid down on the floor. She tied the hogtie rope to my crotch rope too. I was gagged with a regular ball gag. It was strapped tightly into my mouth between my teeth.
Jon putted the camcorder on a tripod and then tied Lis. Lis was tied differently. She had her hands put into an armbinder that was secured to her body with straps. The leather hose was holding her arms tightly inside and there was no way for her to use her hands. A strap was pulled tightly between her legs and secured in the front to a belt that went around her waist. Next she was hogtied as Sarah and I was as she had been laid down on the floor. Jon used a panal ball gag on her too. Her lips was sealed behind the panal. She looked over at me and then at Lis.
Jon smacked our butts a couple of times before he took the camcorder again and taped us. We was struggling on the carpeted floor. The carpet moved against our naked legs. Jon then left the basement. He didn't bother to lock the door since he knew that we was stuck as we was.
I tried to use my hands, but my fingers was doing the opposite of what I wanted. We looked at each other. I rolled over and tried to use my hands to find Lis's crotch strap, but I couldn't.
We rolled around and wiggled.
I have never felt so helplessly secured tied up before. It was a true pleasure to feel it even if it was hurtfull on the arms. We wiggled and that made the crotch rope move.
My fingers found Lis's breasts and I touched her. I could hear her moan as my fingers touched her. Sarah wiggled her way over to me and laid so that I could watch her eyes. She was glowing. Our breasts touched. Our nipples was hard.
I trusted my body against her back and forth and the crotch rope moved with me. Rubbing against my spot. I was feeling waves inside of me. Hitting harder and harder. I so wanted to release. I moaned loudly. Then I released. I shrivered. The tight package that I was tied into constricted my movement and held me in place. My fingers was making a fist as I released. Wave after wave hit inside me.
Not long after Lis and Sarah came too. We moaned in sync with each other. The waves was just pleasuring us. We snuggled up the best we could. Feeling each other body heat and the feeling the bounds that tied us tightly.

Jon came down and untied us. We was lead upstairs with our crotch ropes and corsets in place. He took us to the bathroom where we was told to wash each other. He gaves us kisses before went out again. We washed each other before we went to the extra bedroom where Jon waited for us.
- As you know I have a thing for legs, he said.
We laughed and told him that we hadn't noticed.
- But I also have a thing for petticoats and full skirts. He pointed at the bed and on it laid three polkadotted 50's dresses.
The dresses was wonderful. They had halternecks that tied in the neck. Black spots on either green, red or blue color fabrics. Wide black belt in the waist. Skirts that went to the knees with black laced frilly petticoats. We was told to change into them, but first we had to put the diapers on so we didn't mess out the dresses. I don't like the diapers and neither do the others, but we understand that costs of cleaning the dresses so we had them on.
The dresses felt great over naked bodies. The halter neckline showed our cleaveages and pressed our breasts together. Feeling the petticoats against your legs was something that made a new strange feeling to me. A good feeling. We helped each other as Jon watched us.
He took us downstairs and we danced to the music of the 50's. Neither of us is great dancers, but this wasn't a dance contest so we danced what we could. I danced a lot with Sarah. It was diffrent to dance with these dresses on because the skirt flaired out and you could see how much fun the other person had. I even kissed Sarah's cleaveage many times. She kissed mine too.
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 02:53:49 AM
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