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Dreambook for Wives Tied up and Gagged

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Name: opie walhine
E-mail address: chewbops@gmail.com
Thursday, January 30th 2014 - 06:42:07 AM
Name: cc
Comments:Annette, this may be an over-simplification, but have you let your husband know that you would like for him to use a variety of gags, to blindfold you, and tie your elbows together? You might even order such bondage tools and present them to him for use on you.
Best of luck! Your husband is a lucky man!
Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 07:51:38 PM
Name: Annette
Comments:I'm Annette. I'm married, work for a health care facility in adminsitration. My husband and I have 3 kids-12 yr old son, and 10 yr old fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. I'm 35, 5-8, blond with just a wisp of gray, blue eyes, 160 lbs. My husband says I have a body designed for loving, so I guess my figure is okay. We got interested in bondage only about 4 yrs ago, and I really look forward to our "playtime". Its not ultra-strict, just tight enough to imply the sense of inescapability, mainly because my husband read somewhere to use a lot of rope and it doesn't have to be so tight. I just experienced my first hogtie/frogtie, and it was amazing. I had at least a dozen orgasms, the last couple so intense that my husband actually used our safety shears to cut me free because he was afraid I was having a seizure or heart attack. I have begun to research a few bondage sites on the internet, and have gotten some ideas. Now I just have to convince my husband to be more adventurous. He has been reluctant so far to use a ballgag, or any type of gag for that matter. Only once has he blindfolded me, and never binds my elbows. Im willing to try new things, but my husband is afraid of hurting me, even accidentally. Any advice on how to convince him? And please, don't recommend having an affair. That will never happen
Friday, January 24th 2014 - 07:45:56 PM
Name: Jamie
Comments:I know lots of women think wives who allow themselves to be tied up for sex by their husbands are weird, or perverted, but if they would try it they might discover they like it as well. I was tied up by my 2 brothers when growing up, as we lived a few miles out of town, and we were the only kids around. So, I got to be the captive all the time. Never really gave itmuch thought after I became a teenager, graduated high school, then college, and began my career. I actually knew my husband for many years, since junior high, and it was after I got my job that we began to date. Thomas first tied me rather innocently one time when we were cleaning some old junk from the house we bought, and he found an old coil of rope, and playfully lassoed me, pulled me to him and kissed me. I believe I surprised him by how passionately I returned his kiss. I actually felt a bit of regret when he removed the rope. Then, about a month after that, I got the wild idea of going a bit further and took a trip to the hardware store and bought some new, softer, rope, and the look of my hubby's face when I suggested he tie me up as a form of foreplay. Seems he has always had a latent interest in bound women, but kept it repressed because he was afraid he would get in trouble. We now enjoy/indulge in bondage one entire weekend a month, and I give him no limits/restrictions. If he can think it up, I have him do it to me. Results-our non-bondage sex life is incredible, frequent, and passionate. Our bondage sex life is also incredible and passionate. We have no desire for involving others into our private lives, my husband doesn't even look at other women, and we even have a plan for when the kids come along, as far as when we think we will be able to resume our "activities". We don't know any other couples who are as content and happy in their marriage. Don't knock it til you try it.
Thursday, January 23rd 2014 - 09:13:53 PM
Name: Chris
Comments:Ed, if you are still looking. My mother and I were stripped, bound, gagged, and blindfolded by intruders when I was a teenager. We were tied up for several hours before being able to free ourselves.
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 02:06:48 PM
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Friday, January 17th 2014 - 10:21:01 AM
Name: cc
Comments:Come on, Bethany, as B.G. requested, tell us about some of the times your son tied you up. Please. . .
Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 07:40:40 PM
E-mail address: supervision@xinnet.com
Wednesday, January 15th 2014 - 02:05:22 PM
E-mail address: eddie_li@163.com
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Wednesday, January 15th 2014 - 02:02:47 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Hey, Bethany. Do you mind elaborating about the times your son tied you up?
Wednesday, January 8th 2014 - 06:58:56 PM
Name: Bethany
Comments:I write this story as the wife who gets tied. Just a short entry. I used to let me son (now 13) tie me up to keep him from tying up my daughter (now 11). Although I did get feelings of arousal, nothing happened with him. I remarried when kids were 12 and 10, and apparently my son told his stepdad about my ledtting him tie me up, usaully every Saturday. He no longer shows any interest in tying up anyone, but my handsome hunk of a husband has taken over the task, and now something quite pleasing happens when I get tied. Thats all, folks. Thanks for reading
Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 07:01:24 PM
Name: JR
I am very careful about communicating with strangers on line. I do however have a story that happened to my wife and I in 2004 that I think you would be interested in. It sounds crazy like a movie, so I have never posted it anywhere.
Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 01:37:10 PM
Name: gummie bear
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Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 05:34:52 AM
Name: Ed Overton
E-mail address: edoverton99@yahoo.com

I' m looking for couples who would like to be bound and gagged victims written into stories with other couples such as kidnappings, home invasions, etc. If a guy fantasizes about his wife/girlfriend being bound and gagged and would like to join her as a victim, please email me to discuss.

Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 02:20:38 PM
Name: Liasa
E-mail address: party.fairys@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://google
Comments:My friend, Kimberly and I were playing hide and seek in the garden. Then my friend ,Axel came. He AND MY BROTHER BOTH TIED US UP AND GAGGED us. We were both shocked and wanted to take revenge on them. As soon as we were free, there was some rope on the floor, we tied the boys and gagged them with cloths in their mouths. They tried to struggle, but they could not. In victory, we demanded the boys never ever to tease us or make fun of us ever again in return for we released them. After that game, we ended up on the bed laughing.
Thursday, November 28th 2013 - 10:51:14 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Wilson and Silencer, that was great! Wilson, I sure hope that the boys get your wife and their mother in on more of their games. She sounds like she had a good time. Silencer, it sure sounds like you have a great situation going on, there. I hope to hear more.
Wednesday, November 27th 2013 - 11:37:08 PM
Name: Wilson
Homepage URL: http://babysitterbondage.com/bondage-home.html
Comments:Last summer my wife and neighbor were having coffee on our screened back porch one late morning. The neighbor, Darla, has two boys and they were playing in our yard. Rain started coming down, so everyone moved inside, the women continuing to have coffee in the dining room, the boys got out our grown sons video game console and started playing something. Theyre sorta fascinated by the old games. The rain evolved into quite a storm, and soon the power went out. The boys were disappointed at first, but then thought it was fun to get out the candles and kerosene lamps and the flashlights. When that excitement wore off, they started to pretend they were looters, exploring the house with flashlights, even though it wasnt very dark, just stormcloud dark.
Up from the basement they came upon the women chatting in the living room, acted surprised and said they were robbing the place. Darla told them to keep on playing by themselves, but my wife, Eva, was interested in playing along to keep them entertained. Darla said, Im not sure that a good idea. Eva soon found out why. They produced rope from their pockets and announced that they would have to tie them up. Eva laughed and Darla told them that it Eva didnt invite them over to tie her up. Eva said its fine to go along with their game and encouraged the boys. Darla reluctantly went along.
They were told to cross their wrist behind their backs. Eva told me later that she thought shed be tied all cheesy-like. Not so. They had their wrists roped and cinched, and then their ankles. They both were in their jeans, Eva in a black tank, Darla in a pink T. The women talked out of character a few times and the boys went about their looting, and then after awhile the boys returned with a couple of bandanas from our bedroom dresser. Eva was a little distressed that they had been going through our things, but didnt say anything. The looters now wanted to gag their captives. Eva laughed at the suggestion as Darla told them no. They pleaded and said they would just put them over their mouths, just for looks, and the two tied up wives agreed to that.
That, my friends, is what I walked in on. Two fit wives, Eva, 40-something and Darla, 30-something, bound hand and foor, OTM gagged with blue bandannas, seated on the sofa. The powere went out at my office, too, so I was home really early, and what a fine homecoming it was. They saw me and mmmed through their gags for help. I about died from the sight! I sat on the loves seat opposite them as the kids came down to untie them. I joked with them and told them to leave the women like that. Alas, the game was over, though.
Thursday, November 21st 2013 - 02:01:38 PM
Name: unika
E-mail address: buy-email.com@contactprivacy.com
Thursday, November 21st 2013 - 05:09:16 AM
Comments:My wife, Beth, knows how much I like "Damsel in Distress" photographs. She sent me some great D.I.D. pictures while I was away on business. She was wearing a one piece red swimsuit that showed off her every curve. Our son is really into photography so he was only too glad to help. Plus, at thirteen, he is at that age where even his own mother can turn him on. They took some pictures in which my wife was seated in a chair with her hands behind her back and with my son's hand covering her mouth. Her wide eyes seemed to plead for rescue. Other pictures had my son puting a gag in my wife's sexy mouth. My cock felt like it was going to burst, it was so hard. The last set of pictures depicted my son as an evil maniac. He had his hands around my wife's throat and pretended he was choking her. Needless to say, as soon as I got home, I clamped my hand over my wife's mouth and dragged her to our bedroom!
Monday, November 11th 2013 - 09:50:23 AM
Name: Sam
Comments:Part 2 When Gloria first began to bind Di-anne, she had her place her arms behind her. She took a rather long length of rope, doubled it, and began her chore. Unable to resist a bit of goading, Dianne said, "if that's as tight as you can tie, i'll be loose in no time, and you'll be cleaning our house before the news is on". Gloria's response: "you're too chatty, Dianne", and produced what appeard to be a large sponge and shoved it in Dianne's mouth. Dianne wrinkled her brow, and Gloria immediately followed it with a strip of white tape and plastered it over my wife's luscious, red lips. Then, she returned to her task of tying; she did something with the first rope whcih surprised Dianne, as she flinched and looked over her shoulder at Gloria. "Is it tight enough now that I cinched it?" Another long piece of rope, doubled, appeared next, and Dianne's eyes got quite wide, as Gloria wrapped it around her upper arms, and when she pulled it tight, Dianne's shoulders were pulled back, and her breasts were thrust out enough to stretch her blouse so tight I was afraid it would rip open. Also, her nipples were noticably erect. There was a look of concern on Dianne's visage now, great concern. More rope went around her arms, just below her elbows and around her forearms. Gloria then walked Dianne over to a small stool by the desk, sat her on it, and then pushed Dianne's skirt up several inches, then bound her thighs about halfway between her knees and her bottom. She next knelt down and bound her ankles. She stood her back up, and helped her turn completely around so we could see how thoroughly she was tied. It wa abvious to me that Dianne would never escape, but, somehow, I knew Gloria wasn't finished with her task. With Dianne standing with her back to Derek and me, Gloria produced a roll of black electrical tape, then began to wrap Dianne's hands. She used the whole roll, taping Dianne's hands up to the rope around her wrists. When finished, her hands looked like a black ball. Gloria pulled an afghan blanket off their sofa and threw it on the floor. Next, she pushed/helped Dianne to the floor on her flat tummy. She formed a loop around the elbow rope, then ran another around her ankle rope, and fed it thru the loop; she then pulled the rope while lifting Dianne by the shoulders, and pulling, and lifting, until the heels of Dianne's shoes were against her upper arms. Dianne was grunting, groaning, and mmmppphhing like crazy, but Gloria was showing no mercy. When she finally tied the last knot in the rope, Dianne, had only a small portion of her body touching the floor. She was bent farther backward than I knew a human body could bend. To demonstrate Dianne's predicament, Gloria rocked jer like a rocking chair. I figured Gloria was finished, and knew Dianne would never escape, tied and taped as she was, but Gloria wasn't quite finished. She produced a roll of wide, microfoam tape, and began wrapping it over her mouth, then her eyes several time, then mouth again then eyes, and when she finally said she was complete, only Dianne's nostrils were visible on her lvely face. "Okay, Dianne, my brothers kept like this for over an hour the first time they tied me like this, and the last time for almost 3 hrs. It's miserable, uncomfortable, and painful. I'm giving you 1 hr, then I win. If you want to concede, just roll over onto your right side. Not the left, the right. Me and the guys are going to have a few drinks, and watch you struggle. Time starts now." Dianne struggled as much as her bindings allowed, which wasn't much. Finally, after 15 minutes, I told her, "baby, roll over on your right and give up. You aren't going to pull this off". Dianne is determined, and tried for another 25 minutes, finally rolling over on her right side. Gloria immediately sprang to her, with some heavy shears, and bgan cutting her free. She was free in about 5 minutes, and there were lots of rope marks on her arms, but her stockings protected her legs. Gloria helped her up, and after her mouth was sufficiently wet enough, Dianne said, "someone hold on to me and help me to the bathrooom. Not sure I can walk on my own. Before I could, Gloria grabbed her by the arm and led her away. It was several minutes before they returned, and again Dianne's arms were behind her. She was still a bit wobbly, but walking on her own. "What gives? She conceded. Why are her arms bound?" Gloria turned her around, and I saw she was wearing handcuffs, not rope. "Okay, Gloria, you won. Take off the cuffs and I'll take her home. She needs to soak in a hot bath." "Uh, you forget the bet. She belongs to me until 9pm Sunday. For my personal use, and that ain't domestic chores. Right, Dianne?" My wife looked at me, then with downcast eyes, she nodded her head, 'yes'. Derek spoke up, "Glo, I don't think collecting on the bet is a good idea. Let her go home." She replied, "nope. I won fair and square, and I'm collecting. If you don't like it, take a fishing trip and come back Sunday night." He looked at his wife about 30 seconds, the said, "Sam, lets go fishing. Go get ready, I'll pick u up in an hour." Reluctantly, I left. We went fishing, and about 9:30 Sunday night, Dianne let herself in the front door, and she looked exhausted and very haggard. I leapt to her, hugged her, and led her to the bedroom, and while she sat on the bed, I ran a hot bath, then helpled her undress. She soaked until the water was cold, then took a shower, and went to bed nude. She wa asleep by the time her head hit the pillow. She skipped work the next day, and when I came home that night, she seemed almost mormal. She never related what happened that weekend, and I never pressed her. She never wanted to spend time with them again, but Derek and i play golf occsiaonally. All he ever told me was that when he got home from our fishing trip, Gloria's 3 brothers were there and a cousin as well. They all seemed in high spirits, which Derek said was not usual for them. Dianne also seemed to have a greatly diminished sexdrive after her experience.
Sunday, November 10th 2013 - 07:38:56 AM
Name: Sam
Comments:Sometimes, you just have to let something happen. We join another couple once a month for an evening out (we is myself and my wife Dianne). We've done this for about 18 months now. One evening, the wives, Dianne and Gloria began talkaing about their childhoods. Their lives were not really that similiar until after marriage and career commencement. Dianne is from a small family, in a small town in the middle of the country. Gloria from a rather large, rural, Southern family. One thing they did seem to have in common, was brothers. Apparently, each of them engaged in "tie-up" games and Dianne boasted that her brother was never able to tie her well enough to prevent escape. Gloria, who had several brothers, related that her brothers were masters at the art of bondage. As the evening wore on, and the wives enjoyed several adult beverages, Dianne, uncharacteristically, issued a dare to Gloria: that she could escape from any bondage Gloria could create. The greater surprise was the payoff: whoever prevailed would control the other for an entire weekend. Gloria's husband, Derek, looked at me with a confusedd look, and said, "I don't think this is a good idea. Especially the wager." I was rather concerned, feeling pretty sure it was the wine and martinis talking, just using Dianne's voice, and voiced my opposition as well. Gloria seemed willing to forget the whole thing, but Dianne was adamant, bragging that Gloria would be cleaning our condo, washing both vehicles, doing laundry, basically domestic kind of things. Gloria informed Dianne she wasn't proficient at being a domestic diva, but Dianne kept goading her, which kind of tic'ed me off. So, Gloria accepted, but first informed Dianne she wouldn't be doing anything domestic for her, but she would endure a lot of physical duress. It was obvious Gloria was pissed, but I figured if Dianne couldn't control her mouth after a couple of drinks, then she should suffer the consequences. The date was set: our next scheduled eveing out would instead be at Derek and Gloria's. 4 weeks later, on a Friday evening, we dressed as we usually did, me wearing khakis and sport shirt, Dianne wore a skirt, silk blouse, a leather belt, high-heeled sandals, and stockings. Dianne owns no pantyhose, hating the restriction at her waist and crotch, and refuses to go bare-legged when dressed up. We arrived at our host's, chatted for a bit, enjoyed a couple of drinks and ours d'ouerves. About 7:30, Gloria told Dianne, "it's time, Dianne", and Dianne went to the bathroom, Gloria went to do whatever, and Derek and I looked at each other, shrugged, and had another beer. Gloria returned first, rolling a medium-sized suitcase. Dianne returned, and Gloria recommended she remove all jewelry, and her contacts. She went back to the bathroom but returned in just a short time, handed me the jewelry and her purse, which she had stored her contacts in. I guess a physical description of Dianne is in order-she's 5-6, about 135 lbs, shoulder length honey-blonde hair and blue eyes. She is blessed with an hourglass figure: 36C-23-36, and is in her mid-20's. She's into yoga and aerobics, and is ,ummm, rather lusty. Gloria is a brunette, rather full-figured, and about the same height. End Part 1
Sunday, November 10th 2013 - 06:34:06 AM
Name: Curt
E-mail address: curtcarpenter@comcast.net
Comments:I can't log in to Current Stories using my regular user name and pass word. Anybody got any suggestions?
Wednesday, November 6th 2013 - 07:38:59 PM
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Comments:Last warning: stop spamming or I will have to close down the site !
Monday, November 4th 2013 - 02:19:14 AM
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Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 03:54:58 PM
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Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 03:05:11 PM
Name: wolfkeeper
Comments:Ok folks. So I realize it has been years since i posted here. I've checked in everyone once in a while. To be honest, it has been so long I forgot my dang password to manage. But I figured it back out. So I promise to take better care of this dreambook moving forward, or until life obligations get in the way again. Lets stop these useless posts and get back to great stories!
Monday, August 26th 2013 - 10:23:18 PM
Name: Regina
E-mail address: ------
Comments:Recently my husband (Russ) and I had an experience we were not prepared for. We are in our late 20's with no kids and had been doing yard work. We were sitting on our porch enjoying the summer air. A couple came around the side of the house and said they needed to know where the nearest place to buy cigarettes was. I told them the store down the street. They walked up on the porch which made us uncomfortable right away. He pulled out a gun and told us to go inside. It was almost dark, and no other neighbors can see our backporch. So we did as we were told. When we got inside she said she had seen me at a pharmacy earlier in the day and followed me. She wanted to know where my pain killers are. I quickly told her. The guy went to get them and came right back. Russ told them they had what they wanted, so please leave. They did not. We were then ordered to strip our clothes off. We tried to argue, but the man put a gun to my ear and told Russ to take his clothes off. He took his shorts and shirt off and put them on the kitchen table. I was then told to do the same. I took my clothes off and put them on the table. I have never felt so nervous in my life, there we were, Russ in his boxers and me in my bra and panties with guns pointed at us. Then they took us down to the basement. It is an unfinished storage room and workshop. They found a couple of rolls of tape Russ had in his toolbox and begin to tie us up. Our hands were taped behind our backs, ankles taped tightly and then our mouths were taped with about 3 wraps around our heads. They then told us to lay face down on the floor. So the woman was nice enough to help us get down there without falling on our faces. Once we were on the ground they pulled two more pieces of tape and blindfolded us with them. After that they went back upstairs turned off the light in the basement and shut the door into the kitchen. We both lay still for awhile not knowing if they were coming back for us or not. IT was pitch black, there are no windows in the basement, plus being blindfolded with the lights off. We begin to move around and were finally able to free ourselves about 45 minutes or so. It was really scary, we heard on the news that another couple in the area had been tied up in robbery also.
Monday, August 26th 2013 - 04:59:49 PM
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Name: WarMachine
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Well besides the bondage rendezvous, Mrs. O and I got together for other reasons. One of them was the re-decorating of my house. As I mentioned before, I had come into a large some of money from my uncle and had hired Mrs. O’s company, “Designs aú Intérieurs” to remodel my home. We had done my living room, dining room and my bedroom. We were now doing the spare bedrooms, there were two of them. I wanted one of them to be more of a study with some sort of fold out bed. The other I was going to make into a regular bed room for the boys or a guest. She had come up with some designs but asked to have free reign on the study/bedroom. Well since she had trusted me to “make her tea”, I felt honored to reciprocate. She wanted to know what the budget for the room was. I told her that there wasn’t an amount of money I could spend to thank her for her services. She knew exactly what I meant (and I hope the reader does also). She told me she wanted to hire a contractor to renovate the room. I told her to go for it.
On the day Mrs. O brought over the contractor, they went into the room and as I followed she stopped me and said that this was going to be a surprise and that I couldn’t go into the room until it was done which would be a few days. So she closed the door and I went to get a cup of coffee.
The next day the contractor arrived and went right to work. Mrs. O came over directly from work to see how the contractor was doing. She came out of the room and said it was going great and went home. I assumed that Mrs. O would not be over for tea during the remodeling. I was in for a surprise.
The following day was Saturday and I was surprised when I answered the door to find the contractor there. I hadn’t thought he would work the weekend but he told me he was working through the weekend to have it completed by Monday. He had a big job starting Monday and hoped I didn’t mind him over during the weekend. I opened the door and told him not at all. Half an hour later, Mrs. O showed up to check on the progress. She went in and checked. When she came out she said it was going wonderfully and thought we should have some tea. She said it so casually that I thought she actually wanted tea. Then it hit me, she doesn’t drink tea, at least not here. I turned to her and said. “Now, with the contractor here?”
“And Doug next door.” She completed. I was taken by surprise, an emotion she’d been invoking in me more and more these last few weeks. So I took her into the spare room across the hall. I was so nervous worrying whether the contractor would walk in or worse, her husband. I went to the closet to get the case that I stored the bondage equipment. Usually I’d have taken what I needed out of the case before Mrs. O arrived, so when I opened it she saw all the equipment I had bought; she became very curious.
She pulled out the head harness ball gag, examined it and asked, “Gag?” I nodded. She put that on the bed. Then the leather wrists cuffs, there were four sets and she placed them with the harness. She pulled out the arm binder, just looked at me and placed it on the bed and looked at the rest.
“Quite a collection you have here.” She said. Just then there was a knock at the door. We were both startled then alarmed. We quickly gather out wits and as she slid everything off the bed to the other side onto the floor, where it wouldn’t be seen from the door, I opened the door. It was the contractor wanting to see if he could turn off the power for a bit to do some electrical work. She came up behind me and told me to show him where the fuse panel was and that we could get back to deciding what to do to this room once I got back. So I left to show the contractor where the fuse panel was downstairs.
When I returned I entered the spare room where I had last left Mrs. O. It was a little dimmer due to the power being turned off, but there was enough light from the window to still see. Then I noticed that she had put on the leather wrist cuffs. I smiled an decided I wanted to see the rest on her so I started attaching the other cuffs to her; ankles, knees and elbows. I took small padlocks, brought her hands behind her and connected and locked the cuffs in place. Then I took a leather collar from the case and checked to see if I could put this on also. She just nodded and I locked it about her neck with another padlock.
I picked up the harness ball gag and without checking with her, put the ball in her mouth, buckled it tight and attached all the other straps. The harness straps connected to either side of the strap that held the ball in her mouth then formed an upside down “V” that connected at the bridge of her nose. Then one strap went over her head and connected to the original strap holding the ball in her mouth. There was another strap that went on either side of her gag and went under her chin. This held the ball in her mouth deeply and securely.
I had her lay down on the bed on her stomach then took a piece of rope and threaded through the ring on the strap on top of her head. This I brought down to her ankle straps and pulled the slack out. This brought her feet up behind her while pulling her head back. I kept pulling, putting her a stringent hog tie connecting her head harness to her ankle cuffs. I decided to see how far she would let me go and when there was about ten or twelve inches of strap between her head and her ankles she gave a grunt as she closed her eyes. Figuring this was her signal to stop, I tied off the rope after I gave the rope an extra tug shortening the distance to about eight or nine inches.
I couldn’t resist. I took my cell phone out and took a few pictures of her from a few angles then left the room. Just then the contractor came up and asked if Mrs. O was around. I said that she was a bit tied up right now but I’d be happy relay any information. He wanted to know if there was going to be a two-way light switch in the room. I said I’d check and disappeared in the room where Mrs. O was.
She was of course still hogtied on the bed. She was positioned with her head facing away from the door so she couldn’t see who came in but I don’t think it would have really mattered because the position she was in only allowed her to look up. Anyway when I came around to her front I could see she was sweating a bit and drooling from the gag. She seemed relieved to see me. I relayed the information from the contractor and through a series of grunts attained the information for the contractor. As I left I notice her feet. Having them up the way they were afforded a great view so I inspected them. I guess I hadn’t paid much attention before, I mean I had noticed her feet were nice but didn’t realize how perfect and beautiful they were. They had red nail polish on them and were manicured exquisitely. I knew I had to get the information to the contractor so I left, filing away the image of her feet for future reference.
I told the contractor the information and he disappeared into the room to continue the renovation. Since there wasn’t any power on in the house I grabbed a coke from the fridge and sat outside. Twenty minutes later the contractor came out to say the power was back on so I decided it was time to release Mrs. O.
When I came into the room Mrs. O was on her side, apparently trying to free herself. When I had her release she looked disheveled and commented that she didn’t need to go to the gym today because she had had her workout for the day. We got to talking and she mentioned that she thought I was going to release her earlier but I must have just been checking in on her. I turned to her and told her I hadn’t checked on her since I was in about the contractor’s inquiry. She said, “Well if it wasn’t you than who…!” and she stopped mid sentence. We both looked at each other and knew who it was. I was ready for her to lay into me but instead she turned crimson with embarrassment and said,
“Well, I hoped he liked what he saw.” Well that was the first time anyone other than me saw her in her more than shall we say compromising positions. I asked if she was okay with that and she said we’d talk about it later. Well it was her idea to have a “tea” rendezvous this time so I guess she only had herself to blame. I told her she had crease marks in the corner of her mouth and she may want to wait a bit before she strode out in public. She said she was going right into the shower when she got home anyway, she was very sweaty, and by the time she was done the marks should fade. I thanked her for coming over to which she replied, “Not at all.” And left. We never did discuss the incident and it was referred to from then on as the “contractor incident”.
Speaking of which, had the contractor seen anything, he never mentioned it and completed the renovation by Monday. On Monday Mrs. O was over to show me my new room. It was quite nice. I won’t go into the décor but I will comment on a couple modifications that warrant mentioning. First the desk with the computer on it was on a platform. This platform looked like it was made to protect the floor from the chair marring it. What was unique was that if you flipped a hidden lever you could rotated the platform and the section of the wall where the desk was connected to, and upon completing a hundred and eighty degree turn reveal a section of wall with hooks and drawers.
“To hang and display your toys and to keep them away from prying eyes.” is what she told me.
“Cool.” Was all I could say.
Secondly, in the closet you could pull another hidden lever and release a lock that allowed one to slide the complete contents of the closet over, still inside the closet, and move into its place another identical closet section completed with clothes rod and shoe rack.
“For anything you want me to wear, but no none else to see.” She said. Holy cow, this woman was kinkier than I was! I was flabbergasted! I thanked her profusely and said the whole room was a work of art. It was contemporary and modern and turned into my own Fifty Shades of Grey red room. As she left she said she would leave me to get acquainted with my new room. “Oh by the way, there are a few more features to the room, but I’ll let you discover those on your own.” Well to say I was over whelmed is an understatement. I’ll leave the discovery of the “other feature” for later.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I’m a bit of a nerd so getting dressed up in costume is always something I look forward to. While talking to Mrs. O one day I mentioned that I would be going to a party on Saturday night. She told me that she would love to get dressed up and asked if she and Doug could go. I told her where it was and how to get tickets. It was sponsored by a local radio station in the neighboring city. She said she’d look into it and let me know how she made out. The next day she told me she got tickets and her and Doug were looking forward to it. She mentioned it to a few of her friends and they too were going to go. I told her that I’d see her there because I had a group already arranged to go with.
On Saturday night I left for the party before the O’s did, knowing I would see them there. My group were going as superheroes. We had a Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Superman and I was the Flash. All the costumes were handmade and very authentic. We got to our table and I started to pan the room for Mrs. O and her friends. As I looked toward the entrance, I spotted her and her group. They had all come as villains. They had a Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Harlequin, Doug was the Joker and Mrs. O was the Cat-woman.
I had to look twice because she looked like Michelle Pfeiffer from the Batman movie where she played The Cat-woman. Wow! As I studied her perfectly shaped body I noticed something else. She had the cat suit which I bought for her to wear during her tea sessions on. She must have slipped it home one day. Well I was over in a ‘flash’ and was greeted with jeers from the villains. We had a good laugh over that and then I pointed out my group a few tables over. I mentioned that they had better stay in line or else.
Well during the night I was able to talk to Mrs. O alone and commented on her costume. She hoped I didn’t mind and I of course raved about how great she looked. She said she’d thought I would. As we strolled to our tables I brought her over to introduce her to the guys. Well all their jaws dropped when I showed up with this ravishing PVC clad Cat-woman. She put on a good show for them and played the part of a seductive feline. Well the guys all went ga-ga over her. After she left they questioned me about her. They wanted to know all about her; where she lived, if she was married, that sort of thing. I told them she was my neighbor, that she was married, etcetera. They were kind of dejected about that but I told them she was a player, not sexually mind you, but she was always up for a good time. Boy if only they knew!
So Batman pipes up and asks me if I thought she would dance with him. I told him that she could only say no. So he gathered his courage and walked over to her. I saw them converse. She looked over at her husband and he waved her off as if to say go ahead so she took Batman’s extended hand and slinked over to the dance floor. There was a fast song playing and she really got into it. Her moves were very sexy and I was immediately mesmerized by her. I snapped myself out of my trance and looked over at our table to see if anyone had noticed. I needn’t have worried, the ‘Justice League’ were all transfixed on her also. She eventually ended up dancing with most of my party that night.
I too had my chance as she came by and asked why was I the only one who hadn’t asked her to dance. I immediately got up to escort her to the dance floor. A slow song came up and we embraced for the dance. Well she started to gyrate to the music which got me excited. I had to slightly distance myself from her in order to prevent her from noticing. Also, wearing a skin tight suit left little to the imagination and I didn’t want to get noticed. She knew the effect she was having on me and the rest of the guys at the dance and let slip that she enjoyed the attention. I told her it’s too bad they didn’t serve tea at the party; she just smiled. I thanked her for the dance and we made our way to our respective tables.
The night was drawing to a close and the Deejay announced they were going to judge the costumes. We were hoping for the best group category because all the prizes were cash prizes of a thousand or more. Everyone who wished to enter had to be on the dance floor so the judges could make their selections. I was looking for our Batman and couldn’t find him. Then I spotted him at Mrs. O’s table. He seemed to be trying to convince her as he was speaking to her in earnest. Then I saw him pull out the ‘Bat-cuffs’. She looked over at Doug, but he didn’t care. So Batman snapped one on her wrist. She turned her back to him and he snapped the other one on her and they proceeded to the dance floor.
I was flabbergasted! I felt exposed thinking everyone was eaves dropping on our tea parties. Of course the anxiety quickly dispersed but was replaced with another feeling. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, then I realized I was I jealous! I really had no right to be, I mean she was married for Christ sakes! But there it was. With the tinge of jealousy there was something else, excitement! I was really excited to see someone else tie her or in this case hand cuff her.
As I watched they paraded right past our table. She gave the look, like the cat just ate the canary. Anyway they sauntered by and I told the guys to get up and follow Batman as we wanted to win one of the prizes. Well enough of my ramblings; Batman and Cat woman won best couple and we won best group. After the prizes were handed out I went over to congratulate Mrs. O and discovered that she was still wearing the handcuffs. Doug notice I was looking at them and said that it kept her in line and he was thinking of getting a set for home. Well at least he was a good sport about it, and why not? His wife just won him five hundred dollars, half for the best couple category! The evening ended and we all went home but I was already thinking about her next tea break.
Late one afternoon I was at their place having a beer on the back porch. As it turned out, Doug had to attend a seminar/training session for his job. He would be gone for five days, Monday to Friday. Doug jokingly said while he was away, I could have his wife all to myself. I stiffened immediately. Did he know what was going on? Mrs. O, seeing my distress slapped Doug on the chest and said something like, “Oh Doug, knock it off.” He replied that since we were good friends, we could hang out together. He couldn’t see his wife but she gave me the all clear sign; he didn’t know anything. I relaxed, smiled and kept my thoughts to myself.
The Monday Doug left for his seminar, Mrs. O came over after work. She said we had the week to ourselves and that she was free every night after work. I said great and mentioned that maybe we could do some things that time hadn’t allowed for previously. She perked up at this. She said she thought the same thing and was happy I brought it up. She asked what I had in mind.
Now since the Halloween party I couldn’t get the image of Mrs. O as Cat-woman out of my head. Along with looking sexy in the cat suit, she had been handcuffed by a friend of mine. Other than the obvious, what excited me was at one point was watching her dance. I was especially turned on during the evening when at one point she got up to do the Macarena. She knew how to wiggle her hips and twist to the music. I mentioned this to her.
“You want me to dance the Macarena for you?” she asked. I nodded. She seemed surprised and, if I was not mistaken, a little disappointed. She said sure. I wasn’t sure about asking about this next part but decided to plow ahead anyway. I told her that I wanted her to do it a certain way. This peaked her interest and told me to continue. I asked her if she remembered the time in her office. Her face lit up a bit and she cautiously said yes. I said,
“Let me say that I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.” She rolled her eyes and muttered something like “as if that was ever going to happen”. I continued, “I did see you pretty much naked. In fact, I grabbed you before I considered my actions.” She placed her hands on her hips and said,” Really? Do you actually think that that was your doing?” I was stunned at her words. She continued,
“Listen, we are both adults here. So you’ve seen me naked, you even fondled me. With everything we’ve done, do you think for one minute that I would allow those things to happen if I didn’t want them to?” She was right. I doubt this woman could be taken advantage of. In fact, I think she was offended that I had even considered it. I said, “Alright then, I would love to see you perform the Macarena, topless.” I felt foolish for blurting it out like that. This seemed to relax the tension, at least for me, and she smiled and told me she would be back as soon as she freshened up. As soon as she left I dashed into my den to get ready.
When she came back she knocked and walked right in. She found me in the den which had been switched over to “Christian Grey” mode. She had on a white t-shirt, no bra and a pair of jean shorts. She looked exquisite and sexy. She asked where did I want her to dance and I told her to hold on and that there was some things I wanted to do first. She smiled, looked down at her boobs and started to lift her top over her head. I stopped her. She looked at me confused, then I gave her the ball gag.
“Put his on.” I said. Smiling, she took it and strapped it in her mouth. I was going to remind her to put it in tightly but I didn’t have to. “Good.” I said, “You know how I like it.” She nodded and said,” Uh, huh.” Next I produced a pair of six inch, high heeled, spaghetti strapped pumps I had bought for her. She buckled them on. I tossed her a couple of pieces of rope and said knees and ankles. Once she had tied herself up produced my camera and had her pose for me while I took some shots then I started the music.
She started to pump up and down waiting for the song to prompt her next move. Her boobs were bouncing nicely. Her hips were moving and when she did the hand and arm gestures I was mesmerized. When She hopped to turn her breast bounced nicely. When she had turned so her back was to me I just yelled “top” and without missing a beat or gesture, she lifted her top over her head and tossed it aside. Now her back was to me and I took a picture.
Her next hop and turn turned her profile to me and I marveled at how firm her breasts were. I turned the camera to video mode and let it capture the action. As she danced she started to glisten. I guess all that exertion, having your legs tied and the gag were giving her a workout. I too noticed that I was starting to get hot. I also started to desire her. I was starting to get really hard to the point I thought I had to relieve myself but I didn’t want to upset the apple cart and ruin a good thing. So once the song was over I moved behind her and tied her hands behind her back. I was more interested in getting out of her line of sight so she wouldn’t notice my erection.
I decided it was time to stretch then “envelope” once more. Once I had settled down I got some thin cord and moved in front of her. She was breathing heavily through her nose but was starting to settle down. I started to wrap the cord around her breasts keeping “abreast” of her reaction. When she didn’t object, I wrapped the thin cord a few times around one breast. Then I did the other. I made it snug but hoped it wasn’t too uncomfortable. Although her breasts started to turn a little red she didn’t stop me. If anything she seemed a little turned on with it.
At this point I will elaborate on another feature of my new room or the “Grey” room as she would later on dub it. Along with the swivel desk and hidden closet, there was a false panel in the corner of the room. Once opened and pole roughly nine feet high slid out on a track. There was a two or three foot section at the top of the pole that flipped out and when locked formed a ninety degree arm that extended into the room. There was another brace one hundred and eighty degrees from the arm that locked the pole to the wall, securing it there.
She watched me set it up then I motioned for her to come over. She had to hop over which made her boobs bounce, which I never got tired of. They seems to slap harder against her, being bound the way they were. Once she arrived I had her back up to the pole and began securing her to it. I untied her wrists and tied them behind the pole then tied her elbows together behind the pole. I was worried that the strain on her boobs might be too much for her because it was, she didn’t complain. Then I removed the ball gag which added a glob of saliva to her already wet breasts. I took the opportunity to confirm she was alright and she said yes. Although the breast ropes were tight, she said she would signal me if it became too much for her.
I decided I was going to rope gag her head to the pole but before I did she said,
“Oh by the way, If you feel uncomfortable, feel free to relieve yourself! I had to check to make sure I understood her correctly. She said, “You didn’t think you were fooling me by going behind me did you?” I was embarrassed. I told her I didn’t want her to think she was in any danger of me taking any liberties she didn’t want me to. She said she understood how exciting this must be for me and though she liked what we did for her own reasons, she wasn’t blind to what it did to me. She told me that she liked my ingenuity, the things I came up with to do to her. If there was something she was opposed to, she would let me know but she didn’t want to stop my creativity or stifle my inventiveness. She only stipulated that she didn’t want to became “accidently” pregnant or expect this to go further than the bondage. She said she took it as a compliment that she had the power to excite a man and didn’t expect a man to just turn it on or off. She said to me, “How did I think I got her topless.?” She apparently got excited by my reaction(s) to seeing her naked.
So with this renewed affirmation of our status I pulled the rope between her teeth and wrapped it around the pole a couple of times, knotting it tightly pulling her head back up against the pole. I stood back and watched her. Her head was rigidly locked and she could only move her eyes to follow me. I went around and took some more pictures then remembered another item I had purchased and went to the closet to get it. I returned with a pair of nipple clips. I showed them to her and her eyes went wide. I started to massage and tweak her nipples to get them hard then clipped them on. She had been holding her breath and immediately released it when the first one went on. I could tell by her reaction that they hurt a little but continued with the second one. She gave a little squeak when I clamped it on her other nipple.
The way her tits were bound left the chain between the clamps dangling. Her breast stood out so the chain sort of swung below her breasts not touching her body at all. I gave it a little flicker which made her flinch, then I settled into a chair and took pictures of her while watching her drool. Well, it had been another night of firsts but I could see although game, she was starting tire. When I took off the nipple clamps off she gave a sigh of relief. Once I had untied her she said she was wiped and need a shower. I told her I had a great time and she said she did as well. She said she hoped I came up with something as exciting tomorrow night. Tomorrow night! I thought. As she left I started to rack my brain to come up with another “first” for our next adventure.
The next day at work I was still trying to come up with something good for that night. I didn’t want to disappoint her and didn’t want her interest to wane. That would be disastrous! I kept thinking how jealous and excited I was at the Halloween party when she was handcuffed and controlled by someone else. I knew she was married and really belonged to someone else, but her husband had been an non-factor throughout the whole affair(no pun intended). Then I came up with a wild idea. I texted her right away. I asked her:
Me: would you be opposed to going to a bar and flirting with other men tonight?
Her: why???
Me: it excites me
Her: really?
Me: YES. At H party you were cuffed by Bman. Got turned on and jealous
Her: LOL
Me: well???????
Her: will consider. ttfn
Now I was anxious. I became jittery and couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day. I kept getting phantom vibrations on my phone. When I looked there was nothing. I started to panic. Had I gone too far this time? I was starting to regret the whole thing and was already thinking what I should say and do when she rejected the idea. When my phone went off, so did I. I almost jumped out of my chair I was so nervous. I dreaded and desired to ready the text.
Her: sounds exciting. Two things though.
I took a deep breath.
Her: 1. not in this town. 2. what should I wear ;)
Wow! I had to re-read it a few times to make it sink in. Then I texted her back.
Me: GREAT! 1. OK 2. no bra/panties, camel-toe pants, stilettos, nails red all.
Her: cya tonight. 7pm 
I was limp in my chair once the adrenalin wore off. Then I started to get nervous. I rushed home after work and took a shower as I had sweated profusely. I tried to eat but nothing would stay down. I got on the internet and tried to find a town far enough away but big enough to have some sort of night life on a Tuesday night. After much searching I found a town that had a bar that advertized that it catered to a mature clientele. I tried to find a chat room for ‘adults wanting to meet other adults for fun’ and found one in the area. I mentioned the bar and one guy said it was ok. Chances were that if anyone was there on a Tuesday night, they were looking to hook up. I signed off by saying my wife’s sister was looking to celebrate her separation and just wanted to have fun. I hoped this would draw anyone in the chat room to come out tonight. Finally, I collected my thoughts and packed some things for the trip.
>> To be continued
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Name: Sam and Pam
Comments:My story really happened. If I had not witnessed and participated, I would not believe it. My lovely, rather shy and naive wife was the wubject. Pam is 28, 5-3, 34C-25-33, shooulder length brown hair, greene eyes. We have no children, yet. I work for our county Roads and Bridges department, and Pam works for the regional library. Both uf us have attended college. I have an AA, Pam also has an AA but is working toward a BA and Masters in Library Science, so we really are fairly intelligent. Pam is from a large family of which she is the oldest child. I have one brother, and I'm the youngest. Excuse me if I get rather wordy, but haven't done any writing for some time now. Anyway, we have been known to "experiment" in the bedroom, and recently the subject of bondage came up (by me). Pam seemed rather surprised, but said she'd consider it. I asked again after about 2 weeks, but she was still undecided, at that time. On a recent Saturday, the husband of Pam's co-worker asked me to spend the day on the lake, fishing. Pam was going to hang out with the co-worker, Denise. Then, we were going to stay for a cook-out at their house. Ron picked me up about 6 am, and off we went. About 3:30, we decided to call it a day, and headed home. Ron dropped me off so I could shower and change, then I headed to their place. I kinda wished Pam had been home, cause I was in the mood for a bit of loving, but that's life. I got the Ron and Denise's about 6pm, and Ron let me in, handed me a cold drink, and had me join him on the patio by the grill. "Wonder what the girls did today" I said. Ron responded, "not sure. Denise had me shower in the basement, for some reason. I could hear footsteps upstairs, but haven't seen her since, and Pam at all." "Hmm, guess they had a lot of 'girl talk' to discuss. Pam said she and Denise had a plan, but didn't say what it was" I said. Ron then uttered the most accurate words a man can say: "what man ever understands women?". By now the meat was finished, so we carried it in, and Ron yelled out "soup's on". He and I actually set the table, poured some beverages, and waited for our ladies. When they appeared, both our jaws dropped. Each of them was wearing a short, low-cut tight dress. Both women are pretty much the same height, but Denise is a runner with a runner's body-very lithe, athletic-looking. I've already described Pam. Denise was clad in a red, either vinyl or rubber mini-dress; Pam was in a rather sheer black dress that looked like it was painted on. It obviously was Denise's, as Pam didn't own anything like it. With Pam's large breasts the bodice was stretched almost to the ripping point, and just barely covered her nipples. Ron was as big-eyed as I. Pam's hair was re-styled, her make-up was completely different than her usual, and she had a nervous, questioning look about her. I noticed she was walking rather oddly, as well, but figured it was the tight dress. When she sat, she did so very gingerly, avoiding my eyes. During the meal, Pam spoke little; when she did it was mostly one word responses. Denise said, "soon as you guys clean up and do the dishes, we've got some entertainment planned for you." Pam shot her a surprised stare, lsting several seconds. "Hey, we cooked and set the table, why do we clean up?" Ron queried. "If you want to see our little show, you'll clean up. If we clan up, no show, right, Pam?" Pam delayed a bit before nodding her head. We began our task, and the ladies disappeard to the basement. Ron and I wondered aloud what they had planned, but we had no clue. When finished, we started down stairs, and overheard a slight squeal, then Denise's voice, "sorry, but just had to ensure it was working." When we appeared, Pam turned up a wine glass, and basically chugged the whole thing. I noticed that she no longer wore sandals, but a pair of very high-heeled black boots, with platforms. Not sure how high, but she towered over Denise, who is the same height, and was wearing red boots, just not such a high heel. I felt a stirring in my crotch just eyeing both women. "Okay, gentlemen, let the show begin," Denise said. At that, she stood behind Pam, and from somewhere prodcued a length of rope. Surprised, I watched as Denise bound my wife's arms behind her, pulling the rope tight enough to cause Pam to grunt a couple of times. "Rather noisy, Pam. Got to do something about that", and right before my eyes, she pulled out a ball gag and stuffed it n Pam's mouth, pulling the straps tight enough to pull back the corners of her mouth before buckling it behind her head. Ron spoke: "take it easy, honey, it's her first time." Denise ignored his words, procuring anohter rope, and bound her upper arms tight enought to push Pam's delectable breasts out. She then grabbed a blanket from the sofa behind her, threw it on the floor, then helped Pam down onto her tummy. In a flurry of hands and ropes, she soon had Pam's ankles bound tightly to her wrists in a strict hogtie. Her final act was to apply a black leather blindfold over her eyes, and buckled it tight. "Pam says you guys been talking about bondage, and when I told her we practice it regularly, she asked me for some tips. So, I figured the best tips were gained thru experience. It was a chore convincing her to wear my 'fun belt', but she finally agreed." "Denise, that's not a good idea for a first time" Ron said, rather sternly. "Oh, hush. She's had it on since 4pm, and it hasn't killed her". With those words, Denise reached into a bag on the floor and came up with a remote. I almost asked why we were going to watch TV when she obviously pressed a button, because Pam let out a very well muffled scream, and her body tensed dramatically. Just as qucik, it relaxed. Denise then showed me the remote. "It controls the vibrator in her snatch, and the vibrating plug in her rear." She then pressed several buttons, and Pam just went wild, moaning, grunting, snorting, her petite body jerking like crazy. Denise then pressed buttons and she relaxed again. Entthralled, I asked to hold it, and she handed it over, and told which buttons did what, and how to make it gentle or powerful. I guess I got a bit sadistic, but I zapped her on full power, both devices, for almost a minute. Pam went berserk, and I'm sure she was begging me to stop. She was drooling profusely over the ballgag, her forehead was covered with beads of perspiration, with her bangs plastered to her temples and forehead. "Damn, Sam, you're as wicked with that thing as Ron, or me." After about 20 more minutes, Denise said it was time to release her hogtie, but I was free to keep her bound while I drove home. She also allowed me to keep the remote, and Pam could wear the belt home. We could return it at our leisure. So, after un-hogtying her, removing her gag and blindfold, I helped her to my truck, and we headed home. Pam spoke finally, saying "please, get this belt off me. My clit and my ass are so tender, I can't take it any more. My response was to zap her on ful power while we drove down the busiest boulevard in the city. I thought she was going to kick a hole thru the floorboard, as she first moaned, the said, "Oh, Fuck! I can't stand it any more." "Pamela Elizabeth, that's the first time I've ever heard you use language like that. I'm going to have to punish you for that", and I zapped her again, repeatedly, as she moaned inecstasy. As soon as we were in our garage, I lowered the door, helped her out, zapped her a quick one, spun her around, up against the front fender, reached under the dress and worked the 'fun belt' off of her, and rammed my hard as steel cock into her tender twat. I rammmed her hard and fast, raising her to her tiptoes, and she yelled, "oh, my God, I'm coming!" Her hips were ramming into me like a wild animal as we rode each other until I was completely spent. Needless to say, we know have our own 'fun belt', assortment of ropes and gags, and use them all regualry.
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Name: cc
Comments:Many thanks, WarMachine, for getting us back on track! Great story!
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Name: WarMachine
E-mail address: warmachine11@hotmail.com
Comments:Continuation >>
During the next week or so I really took Mrs. Os speech to heart. I now considered her a friend and not a play thing. Knowing what I knew now our relationship had taken on a different aspect. I wasnt the bad guy out to subjugate this beautiful woman; we were two people satisfying each others needs. Anyway, I didnt have her over for almost two weeks for tea. We talked and said hi to each other like neighbors did but thats all.
One day I got a call from Mrs. O. She asked why I hadnt invited her over for tea lately. I told her that there was no real reason, just been busy. She was quiet for a second then said that she was busy also. In fact she was working late at her shop (and she gave out the address) and was going to be there well past her office hours. She said her staff would be gone by seven this evening and she would be all alone with the back door unlocked. She hoped she would be okay but that she would be at anyones mercy should they break into the shop.
I quickly wrote down the address before I forgot. I stated that if someone wearing a mask broke in and had her at gun point she really wouldnt be able to tell if the gun was real or not. She said of course not. And she would be forced to do whatever this person wearing, lets say a Halloween mask like in the movie Scream, told her to do. She said yes. I looked at my watch and said well I hope youll be okay at lets say, eight tonight when no one should be breaking into your office.
I hope so. She said and we hung up. All I could think was WOW here we go.
I arrived at her office at quarter to eight and parked around back. I had my Scream mask, my toy gun and a duffle bag with my goodies in it. I let myself in the back, attesting to the door being left unlocked, and made my way quietly looking for Mrs. O. The place was dark except for the front area of the shop. There was light coming from an office so I gathered she was in there. I slipped on the mask and made my way toward it. I peaked inside and saw her at her desk writing something. Then I suddenly stepped into the doorway and told her to freeze. Now I dont know if she was play acting or what but the way she jumped and screamed made me want to ask if she was alright. She seemed to collect herself so I pointed my gun at her and told her if she made another sound Id shoot. She just nodded with terror in her eyes and held her hands up. I reached into the bag and threw the ball gag on her desk and told her to put it on. She scrambled for the gag and as she was buckling it in I told her it had better be tight because she didnt want me to have to adjust it. When she lifted her head she had pulled the strap so tight that the ball almost disappeared in her mouth. I dont think I ever buckled it that tight.
Then I threw a pair of hinged handcuffs on her desk and told her to put them on, nice and tight behind her back. She complied instantly. I told her to get up and come over here. As she rounded her desk I noticed that she had her six inch stiletto black pumps on. I didnt think she wore those to work until I noticed and pair of three inch pumps in the corner. She must have brought them to work. When she reached me I gave her a little shove and told her to go that way.
I marched her to the back of the store into a room that looked like a meeting room. It had a conference table and about ten chairs around it. The front of the room allowed for a display of some sort, it was open maybe ten feet from the edge of the table to the wall that a projection screen on it. I told her up front and made her stand in the middle of the display area. I went around behind her to remove the handcuffs but left the gag on.
I sat at on one of the chairs in front and told her to take off her blazer and toss it to me. She had on a business suit and skirt. I made her stand there while I ogled her. Then I got daring and wanted to see how far she would go. I told her to remove her skirt. She hesitated then I pointed my toy gun at her and told her to move! I startled her with the last word then to my amazement she unbuttoned the side of her skirt. Before she slipped it off I told her to turn around. She moved slowly then slipped the shirt off and left it fall to the floor. When her perfect ass emerged from the skirt all she had on was a pair of white thong underwear. I told her to toss it to me. She was now standing before me in high heels, thong, blouse and gagged. She had indulged me this far so I said,
Top? more a question than an order. I think she understood my request because she slightly nodded before unbuttoning her blouse. When she had undone the last button, she lowered her hands and left the top dangle open. I motioned for that to be tossed my way also. When she pulled back the top I was rewarded with a pair of perfectly formed breasts! No bra! I had assumed she had a bra on. She stood there without reserve. She didnt try to cover up or shy away. Had it not been for the mask, I think she would have chuckled at my jaw-opened stare. I took my mask off and broke from character and asked if she was sure about this. Then she broke from character, placed her hands on her hips. Then she removed her gag and said,
What? You want me to put my top back on?
Well I started to chuckle, then she started to laugh, I started to laugh. Well the tension was broken. When we were through I asked, What now? She said we could go home or continue.
In case you havent noticed, she continued, the air conditioning is on and Im getting cold. She looked down at her breasts and I noticed that her nipples were standing out. I told her; gag back in and I replaced my mask. Once she re-gagged herself I tossed her a rope and just said ankles. She bent down and tied her ankles. Then I tossed another ropes and said knees. When she was done I came up behind her and tied her wrists and elbows. I looked over her shoulder to see her breasts sticking out. I couldnt resist. So I reached around with both hands and cupped then squeezed her breasts.
I was taken aback by her response. Instead of twist away, she sighed and her knees buckled a bit forcing her to lean back on me. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back. I held her there for a few seconds drinking in her perfume and the warmth of her body. I could have spent an eternity like this.
When my big head kicked in I came around the front of her and sat down at the far end of the table. Then I told her to come over here. She hesitated for a second and made a motion to move, then realized she had to hop to make her way over. If I thought her breasts were beautiful at rest, they were even better in motion. Although she didnt have the body of a twenty year old, her gravity defying breasts bounced and jiggled like jello. Every time she jumped, shed stopped to gain her balance. When she did, her breasts would bob up and down a couple of times. I didnt have my camera but made a mental note to get this on film in the future.
Once she arrived I wasnt sure what I wanted to do next. I was going to hogtie her on the table but I didnt expect her to be almost totally naked. I thought I could play with her breasts some more; that was always fun, then I looked around the room to see if I could come up with something. I looked out the door and wondered if there was anything around I could make use of. So I tied a rope around her neck (thinking that I need to buy a collar for her) and left a tether to pull her along. Then I got up and gave a little tug on the leash for her to follow.
We headed to the front of the office and I saw the photocopier. This gave me a great idea. I hopped her over to it and told her to bend down. Once her breasts were on the machine I hit copy. The machine cycled and produced and black and white copy of her compressed breasts. She got up and leaned over to have a look. Then she excitedly tried to tell me something. At first I thought she was telling me to destroy the copy but she kept jutting her chin at the control panel. I looked it over and started pointing at buttons. She kept shaking her head until I pointed to the colour button. When I hit it, she bent down over the machine and I made another copy.
This was much better, a colour copy of her squished tits. We both looked at it then I went to the bulletin board and pinned it up. We both looked and it there then I gave her another tug on her leash and mentioned that she might want to take that down before she leaves. I made her hop to her office and made her sit at her desk. Then I closed the door but not before I said, If only I had a camera. To which she raised her eyebrows and then I left. I left her there for about five minutes then I took off my mask, came in and made some sort of; oh my god, who could have done this to you remark. I untied her and brought her clothes, asked if she was good. She was and I told her Id be leaving. She said ok and I left.
The next day after I returned from work she caught up with me and asked, what I did with the black and white copy o took last night. My face must have gone white because she started to laugh. I told her I had forgotten about it. I didnt know where it was. She said she did. One of her girls found it and brought it to her. I told her I was terribly sorry and she said dont sweat it. Her and her employee had a good laugh about it. Mrs. O said no one would fess up to it so now they use it as a dart board. I laughed at that and was relived she wasnt mad.
I thanked her for last night and told her that it was the best evening of my life. She just smiled and said,
Whatever do you mean? I was at work until late last night. You must have me confused with someone else. She then went inside. I smiled to myself and considered myself a lucky guy
To be continued @>>
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Name: cc
Comments:What has this book become, moderator? Will WarMachine ever write another story to compete with this political jargon?
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Comments:iza mizarable spewza
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Name: cs@bryantstratton.edu
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Comments:I was in my neighborhood restaurant this morning and was seated behind a group of jubilant individuals celebrating the coming implementation of the health care bill. I could not finish my breakfast. This is what ensued: They were a diverse group of several races and both sexes. I heard a young man exclaim, "Isn't Obama like Jesus Christ? I mean, after all, he is healing the sick."

A young woman enthusiastically proclaimed, "Yeah, and he does it for free. I cannot believe anyone would think that a free market wouldn't work for health care."

Another said, "The stupid Republicans want us all to starve to death so they can inherit all of the power. Obama should be made a Saint for what he did for those of us less fortunate."

At this, I had more than enough. I arose from my seat, mustering all the restraint I could find, and approached their table. "Please excuse me; may I impose upon you for one moment?"

They smiled and welcomed me to the conversation. I stood at the end of their table, smiled as best I could and began an experiment.

"I would like to give one of you my house. It will cost you no money and I will pay all of the expenses and taxes for as long as you live there. Anyone interested?"

They looked at each other in astonishment. "Why would you do something like that?" asked a young man, "There isn't anything for free in this world." They began to laugh at me, as they did not realize this man had just made my point.

"I am serious, I will give you my house for free, no money whatsoever. Anyone interested?"

In unison, a resounding "Yeah" fills the room.
"Since there are too many of you, I will have to make a choice as to who receives this money-free bargain."

I noticed an elderly couple was paying attention to the spectacle unfolding before their eyes, the old man shaking his head in apparent disgust.

"I tell you what; I will give it to the one of you most willing to obey my rules."

Again, they looked at one another, an expression of bewilderment on their faces.

The perky young woman asked, "What are the rules?"

I smiled and said, "I don't know. I have not yet defined them. However, it is a free home that I offer you."

They giggled amongst themselves, the youngest of which said, "What an old coot. He must be crazy to give away his home. Go take your meds, old man."

I smiled and leaned into the table a bit further. "I am serious, this is a legitimate offer."

They gaped at me for a moment.

"I'll take it you old fool. Where are the keys?" boasted the youngest among them.

"Then I presume you accept ALL of my terms then?" I asked.

The elderly couple seemed amused and entertained as they watched from the privacy of their table. "Oh yeah! Where do I sign up?"

I took a napkin and wrote, "I give this man my home, without the burden of financial obligation, so long as he accepts and abides by the terms that I shall set forth upon consummation of this transaction."

I signed it and handed it to the young man who eagerly scratched out his signature.

"Where are the keys to my new house?" he asked in a mocking tone of voice.

All eyes were upon us as I stepped back from the table, pulling the keys from pocket and dangling them before the excited new homeowner.

"Now that we have entered into this binding contract, witnessed by all of your friends, I have decided upon the conditions you are obligated to adhere to from this point forward. You may only live in the house for one hour a day. You will not use anything inside of the home. You will obey me without question or resistance. I expect complete loyalty and admiration for this gift I bestow upon you. You will accept my commands and wishes with enthusiasm, no matter the nature. Your morals and principles shall be as mine. You will vote as I do, think as I do and do it with blind faith. These are my terms. Here are your keys." I reached the keys forward and the young man looked at me dumbfounded.

"Are you out of your mind? Who would ever agree to those ridiculous terms?" the young man appeared irritated.

"You did when you signed this contract before reading it, understanding it and with the full knowledge that I would provide my conditions only after you committed to the agreement."

The elderly man chuckled as his wife tried to restrain him. I was looking at a now silenced and bewildered group of people.

"You can shove that stupid deal up your a** old man. I want no part of it!" exclaimed the now infuriated young man.

'You have committed to the contract, as witnessed by all of your friends. You cannot get out of the deal unless I agree to it. I do not intend to let you free now that I have you ensnared. I am the power you agreed to. I am the one you blindly and without thought chose to enslave yourself to. In short, I am your Master."

At this, the table of celebrating individuals became a unified group against the unfairness of the deal.

After a few moments of unrepeatable comments and slurs, I revealed my true intent.

"What I did to you is what this administration and congress did to you with the health care legislation. I easily suckered you in and then revealed the real cost of the bargain. Your folly was in the belief that you can have something you did not earn, and for that which you did not earn, you willingly allowed someone else to think for you. Your failure to research, study and inform yourself permitted reason to escape you. You have entered into a trap from which you cannot flee. Your only chance of freedom is if your new Master gives it to you. A freedom that is given can also be taken away. Therefore, it is not freedom at all."

With that, I tore up the napkin and placed it before the astonished young man. "This is the nature of your new health care legislation."

I turned away to leave these few in thought and contemplation -- and was surprised by applause.

The elderly gentleman, who was clearly entertained, shook my hand enthusiastically and said, "Thank you, Sir. These kids don't understand Liberty."

He refused to allow me to pay my bill as he said, "You earned this one. It is an honor to pick up the tab."

I shook his hand in thanks, leaving the restaurant somewhat humbled and sensing a glimmer of hope for my beloved country.

1. Remember... Four boxes keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian." Henry Ford
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Comments:Dearest Redneck Son,

I'm writing this slow because I know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left home. Your dad read in the newspaper that most accidents happen within 20 miles of your home, so we moved. I won't be able to send you the address because the last Massachuttes family that lived here took the house numbers when they moved so they wouldn't have to change their address.

This place is really nice. It even has a washing machine. I'm not sure bout it. I put a load of clothes in and pulled the chain. We haven't seen them since.

The weather isn't bad here. It only rained twice last week; the first time for three days and the second time for four days.

About that coat you wanted me to send; your Uncle Billy Bob said it would be too heavy to send in the mail with the buttons on, so we cut them off and put them in the pockets.

Bubba locked his keys in the car yesterday. We were really worried because it took him two hours to get me and your father out.

Your sister had a baby this morning, but I haven't found out what it is yet so I don't know if you are an aunt or uncle. The baby looks just like your brother.

Uncle Bobby Ray fell into a whiskey vat last week. Some men tried to pull him out but he fought them off and drowned. We had him cremated, he burned for three days.
Three of your friends went off a bridge in a pickup truck. Butch was driving. He rolled down the window and swam to safety. Your other two friends were in the back. They drowned because they couldnt get the tailgate down.

There isn't much more news at this time. Nothing much out of the normal has

Your Favorite Aunt, Mom
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Comments:hep me , i ma tied upp and cannot get loose
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Comments:Well I'm DEFINITELY here to talk about Obama.

Much more into the stuff L.S. portrays.

That's where I learned to tie my underwear in a knot, wrap one loop around my wrist and the other around th handle.

Saturday, June 29th 2013 - 09:49:58 PM
Name: cc
Comments:What is this piece doing in here? Whatever one thinks of Castro or Obama, this doesn't belong here. No more please!
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Comments:Others see plainly, we AMERICAN'S often ignore. *Here's something to think about.* I remember asking dad about Castro when I was about 9 years old. I asked, "Is Castro a good guy or bad?" Dad said...he couldn't tell!! This was about 1955. We were living in Louisiana ...at the time. Dad was in the Army there. Cuba was fairly close and in the news a lot. The Cubans were asking the same question! Ike was president. This past July, we had the pleasure of sharing a summer barbecue with a refugee from Cuba . Our dinner conversation was starkly different than most. Our dinner consisted of all-American fare: hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon and fresh ears of sweet corn. This is a menu shared with family and friends nationwide...while celebrating the birth of our beloved America ...on the Fourth of July. We began with a simple discussion about our country, and the direction it has taken since Barack Obama came to power. We shared the usual complaints about the sour economy and liberal social engineering emanating from the rulers in Washington . But then he said it. The sentence came naturally. I assume it was unplanned. But it carried the weight of a freight train. "You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a Communist". We sat stunned. He continued, "Yes, we all thought he was a patriot, a nationalist. Before the revolution he didn't sound like a radical." The comparison at this point was easy, and I interjected, "You mean just like Barack Obama?" He responded; "Yes, just like Barack Obama." He continued, "We were all shocked as the government just continued to grab more power. First they said the revolution is over, so please turn in your guns. We all complied." I remember my uncle saying after it started; Castro will only nationalize some of the big industries. He will never come and take our family hardware store!! But that is exactly what happened. Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they eventually came and knocked on the door of our family hardware store. My family had run this store for generations. They said we now own the hardware store, you work for us. And that nice, large four-bedroom home you own...it is now our property also, and...you can move yourself and five children into two rooms of the house, because others are moving in with you." The lesson learned from this discussion, is a lesson most Americans refuse to hear. Political leaders can lie about their agenda and once in office...they can take totally unexpected turns. If you had asked us three years ago if we thought General Motors would be nationalized, we would have never believed it.. We could never contemplate a country where the rule of law, the most fundamental building block of a justice society...would be evaporating, just like it did in Castro's Cuba in the early 1960's. But the news of injustice keeps increasing. Black Panthers are not charged with wrong doing by the U.S. Department of Justice...because their crimes are against whites. The bondholders of GM are stripped of their assets...without due process by the government! Governmental leaders are bribed in full daylight...only to have all investigation of the crimes stifled...by the Attorney General. The U.S. borders are over run with crime and illegal activity, and the leaders in D.C. act as if it is important to protect the lawbreakers....while the innocent are killed and over run. When local communities attempt to enforce the law, they are ridiculed...and threatened as racists and bigots. They are sued by the very administration...entrusted with enforcing the law. Obama and Eric Holder are two very sick & dangerous men. Without the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution is a sham!! Without the rule of law, our beloved America is swiftly becoming a country where only the well connected and politically powerful will be safe. As Michelle Malkin has so eloquently explained in her recent book...a culture of corruption has replaced honest government. The only way this problem will be fixed, is by massive citizen action. All honest citizens that want to be treated equally, must come together...and demand that the favoritism, the bribes, the uneven enforcement of law...end now!! And yes, it can happen here.
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Comments:Dearest Redneck Son,

I'm writing this slow because I know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left home. Your dad read in the newspaper that most accidents happen within 20 miles of your home, so we moved. I won't be able to send you the address because the last Massachuttes family that lived here took the house numbers when they moved so they wouldn't have to change their address.

This place is really nice. It even has a washing machine. I'm not sure bout it. I put a load of clothes in and pulled the chain. We haven't seen them since.

The weather isn't bad here. It only rained twice last week; the first time for three days and the second time for four days.

About that coat you wanted me to send; your Uncle Billy Bob said it would be too heavy to send in the mail with the buttons on, so we cut them off and put them in the pockets.

Bubba locked his keys in the car yesterday. We were really worried because it took him two hours to get me and your father out.

Your sister had a baby this morning, but I haven't found out what it is yet so I don't know if you are an aunt or uncle. The baby looks just like your brother.

Uncle Bobby Ray fell into a whiskey vat last week. Some men tried to pull him out but he fought them off and drowned. We had him cremated, he burned for three days.
Three of your friends went off a bridge in a pickup truck. Butch was driving. He rolled down the window and swam to safety. Your other two friends were in the back. They drowned because they couldnt get the tailgate down.

There isn't much more news at this time. Nothing much out of the normal has

Your Favorite Aunt, Mom

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Comments:The next day I went out to my yard and Mrs. O was watering her garden. I waved and she said hi. I noticed Dougs truck was gone and asked about him. He had gone out to buy some wood for a storage shed he was building. I half jokingly said it would be a good time for a tea break. She looked at her watch and said; sure he shouldnt be home for an hour at least. She said shed be over in a minute and dashed inside of her house. Good thing to because I stood there dumbstruck. I quickly ran inside to make arrangements.
I heard a knock at the back door and told her to come in. I told her I didnt expect her to be available today so she shrugged her shoulders and said okay and turned to leave. I told her to wait and come back. I had her follow me down stairs into the work room section of the basement. There was a support pillar in the middle of the room and I told her to back up to it. She did as she was asked and I tied her hands behind the pole. The pole was four of five inches in diameter. I didnt have a problem having her elbows meet behind the pole as it tied them. Then I tied her ankles and knees to the pole. I wrapped a rope around her waist and another on above and below her breasts.
Then I took out the ball gag and lowered it in front of her mouth. As I brought it to her lips, she opened her mouth. As I pushed it in, she actually moved her head forward to accept the gag. I popped it behind her teeth but instead of bucking it behind her head, I bucked it behind the pole, pulling her head straight back against it. She couldnt move her head and was darting her eyes back and forth trying to see where I was or what I was doing. Of course I was taking all kind of shots of her with my camera.
I left her like that for about a half hour. I walked around examining every contour of her body, the way the ropes dug into her, how her breasts stood out against the ropes. She was gorgeous. Then slowly, a trickle of saliva formed on her bottom lip. I switched my camera to video and taped the start of her saliva trail down to her chin, then stretching to her top. A long string of saliva had formed from her mouth to her breasts and didnt break. It was so sexy. There wasnt anything she could do due to dislodge it because her head was restricted.
Well after another ten minutes I released her. There were rope marks everywhere she wasnt covered: hands, elbows and knees. She rubbed her wrists to get the circulation going again. I said that was great. She said she was glad I enjoyed myself but she better get back before her husband returned. I asked her if she wanted a drink or something but she begged off and said another time and left.
Now to mention all the times I tied her would serve to repeat myself. But I will tell of a time when her husband actually sent her to me.
A couple of days later Mrs. O and her husband were in their backyard. He was working on his shed and she was puttering. I had been bottling wine in the basement and had stepped out for a break and a beer. I told Doug he was doing a great job. Mrs. O came over to the fence that separated our yards and began to chat. I said they should take a break and come over for a beer. She thought it was a great idea. I said they could have a look at my wine set up. He told her to go ahead; hed rather finish up what he was working on maybe another time. So I took Mrs. O into my place. I took her into the work room where I was filling wine bottles where she found a pile of rope and a ball gag. She turned to me and said I was incredulous. Doug is right next door! she said. What if was as far as she got before I stuffed the ball gag in her mouth. She didnt resist or try to stop me. Then I tied her up, hands, elbows knees and ankles. I made her hop to another room at the far end. Its set up as a cold storage room. I let her in and heard the front door ring. I told her Id be just a minute and dont go anywhere she just humphd through her gag and rolled her eyes.
I got to the front door and saw it was some solicitor. After a few seconds of his pitch I said I was in the middle of something and could he come back later? Sure, when would be a good time? he asked. A couple of hours. And I closed the door.
When I got downstairs Mrs. O was still where I left her. I showed her a hook I had in the ceiling of the cold room and said I was going to tie her wrists to that and bend her over. I had just maneuvered her under it when we heard, Hello? It was Doug! Hers and my eyes bugged out! I closed the door on her and went to see Doug. He was at the basement back door and said he decided to take me up on that beer. I said sure, great! I left and came back with a beer. He had sat down on the couch in the Rec-room. He said he wanted to see the wine set up. I nervously took him into the work room to see my set up. He was impressed and said he always wanted to bottle his own wine. I told him he was welcome to do it here or use my equipment. We left the room and thank god he didnt ask to see in the cold room. We sat down again and we drank our beers. Then he looked around and asked where his wife was.
I came up with; she left to get more corks. He asked what car she took because all of ours were still here. I told him she wanted to walk. He laughed and said thats her. Without hesitation I said I thought I had more. Oh well, Ill just have extra for next time. Then I said I had forgotten to do something and Id be right back. He asked if he could help but I told him to enjoy his beer it would only take a minute.
When I got to the cold room Mrs. O was drooling from her gag. She looked at me with big eyes but I worked fast. I tied the rope to her wrists and pulled it up to the hook over her head. She had to bend over and when I thought I had her bent over as far as she would go I tied it off. Then I got a thinner cord and tied her hair in a pony tail, pulled it up to lift her head up and tied that to the hook. She was now in a strapado with her head pulled up by her hair. She didnt dare issue a complaint.
I returned to Doug. We shot the breeze and when he finished his beer I asked if he wanted another one. He said no thanks that he better get back to work. He asked me to tell his wife when she got back to let him know if she was going to cook or go out for supper tonight. I said I would and told him I wondered what was taking her so long. He just looked at me and said, You know her. Shes probably talking to one of the neighbors or something. I said hes probably right, shes such a chatty person. Then he left. I on the other hand raced upstairs to get my camera to take pictures of Mrs. O.
I open the door of the cold room and took a dozen or pictures of her. She was still bent over in the strapdo position I had left her in. At her feet was a puddle of drool from her gag. She mumbled something and when she did another stream of saliva dropped from her mouth. I said Id have her out in a second then grabber her hips and turned her around so I could get pictures of her sweet rear end. I released her from the strap ado to which she gave a sigh of relief. I quickly removed all the rope and undid her gag. I thought I was going to get a chewing out but what she said surprised me.
Man that was close! She said. Not are you nuts or anything like that. I just said, But wasnt it exciting. She said a little.
Then I said, He wanted ...
to know if I was cooking super or going out. She finished. I know I was there.
Oh ya. I said.
She went to the door and yelled at him to say she wanted to go out. She wasnt in the mood to cook. He said okay then asked if she got the corks. I handed her a bag of corks and she held it up for him to see. He just waved and carried on. She was going to go back but I said maybe she should wait a bit indicating the rope marks on her wrist and elbows. She decided to have another beer.
We sat and talked and she said she panicked when he came into the work room. I told her I thought the jig was up to. I told her we needed to be more careful and she said, Or not. Did she enjoy this? But before I could find out she got up and said she was going to get ready to go out to dinner. She left and I went to the bathroom.
One day while driving home from work I had an epiphany. In all the bondage experiences I had with Mrs. O, she never asked for any of the photos. In fact, she almost seemed to enjoy the experiences. She was never angry or upset and always left as though we had just had coffee. I did pretty much anything I could think of to her and she never turned me down or made a fuss. I started to wonder if she was somehow playing me or, and I hardly hoped, she looked forward to our encounters. I had to find out. I thought I would suggest something to her and see if she would comply.
The opportunity arose when one night Doug left for a poker game. I was actually outside when he came to his truck to leave. I said hi he said hello and wish me luck. I asked why and thats when he told me he had a poker game tonight, I said good luck and jokingly added dont stay out to late. He laughed and said dont worry the second game never goes past one. I waved good bye and hurried into the house to invite Mrs. O over for tea.
The phone rang only once before it was picked up and she said what took you so long? I laughed and issued the code words how about coming over for some tea? She said she said she could possibly squeeze me in but before she hung up I said Id like to ask a request. She sounded puzzled but said sure. I asked her if she had any stiletto heels. Now I knew she had some nice shoes, she was always in style probably to do with her work but probably because even at her age she could always pull it off. I do, she replied, what did you have in mind? I said the highest black pair you have. She said shed see what she could do and hung up.
I was like a child waiting by the Christmas tree; I was so nervous. I wondered if shed comply with my request. Either way she was still going to be my bondage kitten tonight. I jumped out of my chair when the door bell rang I was so wound up. When I opened the door I immediately thought something was different. It dawned on me that she was taller. I looked down at her feet and sure enough she had on a black pair of black stiletto pumps on with at least a six in heel! This made her almost a head taller than me! I loved controlling taller women. I quickly invited her in. She was smiling when brushed past me. I watched her enter the living room and marveled at her looks. Aside from the high heels she had on a pair of custom fitted jeans and a white knit top the accentuated her figure. I had to compose myself. When she turned around she asked if they were high enough. I dumbly nodded.
She asked what would it be tonight. I took her by the arm and escorted her to my spare room where I had laid out an assortment of ropes and gags. She waited for me to begin. First I tied her wrists behind her back then I selected a large red ball gag and strapped it tightly into her mouth. I tied her ankles together and stared at her from behind. I took my camera and took a few great shot of her that way. Then I put the camera down, walked around to the front and told her that I asked her to wear the black high heels because I thought they would go great with something. Even though she was gagged I still made out the word what. I went into the closet and pulled out the black PVC Cat Suit I bought a few weeks ago. She looked at it and started to jabber but she was in-intelligible with the gag on. When she was done I said either nod or shake your head. She looked at me, rolled her eyes and nodded her head.
I struggled with every fiber of my being from vibrating out of my skin! I just had enough control to say great and bent down to untie her ankles. As soon as I untied her wrist she made for her gag to remove it but I grabbed her hands and gently lowered them. I whispered in her ear that I wanted the gag left in while she changed. I pointed to the change screen at the end of the room I bought for this particular occasion. I said she could change behind that. It was about a foot off the floor and came up to just below the shoulders. It insured she kept the gag in her mouth because I could see her head above the screen. I sat in the chair at the other end of the room to watch the show.
She took the suit with her behind the screen. First she slipped off her shoes, she was bare foot. Then her top was pulled over her head which she draped over the screen, then the bra, jeans and finally her thong underwear. Knowing she was totally nude behind that screen sent goose bumps up my arms. Then she slipped the into the suit one leg at a time and slipped her arms in the sleeves and flipped the rest of the suit over her shoulders. I hear the zipper and saw her rise after she slipped on the six inch shoes.
She stepped out from behind the screen and did a ta-da pose. You couldnt have painted that suit on her better than it looked. It fit better than a glove. It hugged every curve perfectly and made me realize how ample her breasts were. The suit shimmered as if it were made of glass. She had it zipped up to just show some cleavage. I shook off my stupor and told her to come here. She sauntered over turned around and placed her hands behind her back. I wasted no time in tying her hands, elbows, knees and ankles. Once I immobilized her I took my camera and snapped dozens of pictures of her. She stood there smiling into the camera while drooling onto the suit. I think she enjoyed the attention but I was about to see how far I could push her.
I came around her front and reached for the zipper waiting for her to pull back. She didnt. She just looked me in the eyes as I started to pull the zipper down. As the zipper came down, the suit spread open revealing more of her breasts. Still she didnt move. I continued down to her navel and she was still looking at me. I became transfixed with the zipper as it glided down her body. When I reached a point above her crotch I stopped to see if she showed any signs of rejection. As my eyes move up to hers the suit was now wide open. I couldnt see her nipples but I knew they were hiding within millimeters of the edge of the suit. When I met her eyes I didnt see any animosity there. It seemed she was daring me so I brought the zipper all the way to the bottom. When I say the bottom I meant before it curved under her crotch. The zipper actually ran under the crotch and up between the cheeks of her ass. I looked down expecting to find pubic hair and saw none. I knew I wanted her.
I stopped. What was I doing? Had she won? Was she in control? Where was this going to go? Where would it end? These and other questions raced through my head. All of a sudden I didnt want to play anymore. I zipped her up then removed the gag and asked what was she doing? She looked at me and asked if this wasnt what I wanted? A play thing I could tie up, humiliate? I sat down on the chair with my head in my hands. What had I gotten into? Was I in love with her? Is she controlling me and to what end? She sat down on the edge of the bed facing me.
I collected myself and asked her point blank, does she enjoy this? Thats when she became serious and turned her head to the side and uttered its complicated. I asked her to tell me. She waited an moment, then began,
A few years ago an elderly man lived here. I spent a great deal of time with him to help him out. His wife died and he was depressed. Id come over periodically to bring him food, pick up around the place, laundry that sort of thing. Over time we became close. Not husband wife close but brother sister close. He called me his princess. One day on the brink of suicide I interceded. It came out then that although he loved his wife and family there was always something missing. It ended up being this. She brought her hands around indicating the bondage.
So I let him start tying me up. She continued. Nothing elaborate to start. I saw this gave him the will to carry on. He became a different man then, full of life. As time drew on the rope work became more elaborate, we started playing little games. I would go to the store with him in bondage things like that. It excited him and strangely enough me. He would tie me up hidden while he had my husband over. It became our dirty little secret. Doug never found out. It made it that much more intense and exciting. Keeping this from my husband was wrong but I discovered that I enjoyed being tied up, looked forward to it, even missed it. I thought something was wrong with me so I did some research and discovered that there are people, ordinary people like myself that enjoyed this. I felt better about it and accepted my situation.
I sat there spell bound by her story. Anyway, it became a regular facet of my life as much as work, cooking and everything else was. Then he died. All of us, Doug included, were devastated because it was so sudden. One day he was talking and joking, the next he was gone. I could tell she was choking up. I didnt want her tied up anymore I got up to untie her but she twisted around and said theres more. I sat down.
After a few months I became depressed. I didnt know why I assumed it was because I missed the old guy. But as time moved on I discovered that I missed the bondage. It was like a part of my life was missing. I realized that with Mr. H gone, no one would be around to tie me up. I tried to get Doug into it, did all the dirty little things to entice him. I even made him tie me up. Although he complied he wasnt that type of person. He enjoyed it and the love making but after all said and done, it was over, work tomorrow you know. It was never intense and secretive like it was before. I stopped playing bondage games with him because there was no spark. Dont get me wrong, I love him to death, wouldnt want to be with anyone else. But it was kind of a game, a fun thing to do once and a while. There was no planning, no risk no excitement, it was like a job to be done like mowing the lawn, going to work, going fishing. It wouldnt be anything he would think twice about if I never brought it up again.
I was dumbstruck I said I was sorry, that I didnt know. I didnt know what else to say. But she wasnt finished.
Then you showed up with those pictures! At first I was infuriated, then angry and mad at you but more so at Mr. H. I felt I was betrayed, taken in by his innocences. Then my rage settled and my head cleared and I realized he didnt do anything but take some pictures of something he could have at anytime asked for. He was probably too shy or embarrassed to ask. He always thought he was putting me out, forcing me into something I didnt want to do. He was always apologetic after some stringent position. He always bought me gifts, even left me money from his estate after he died. Had he not been taken from us so suddenly Im sure the pictures wouldnt even exist.
I was now feeling terrible about everything. I wasnt going to do this anymore. She won, I was going to destroy all the pictures and move somewhere else. I was about to get up when she continued. I sat right down.
How dare you force me into an ultimatum! Had you waited we may have arrived here without the threats. At first I was going to destroy your life. You think a couple of pictures of me bound and gagged were going to make much of a difference in todays world? Please! Ive seen worse from more famous people. Theyre still around; in fact some have gained more notoriety because of it. Im sure a housewife can survive and few bondage photos. I mean they arent sex tapes. She had a point.
I asked her why then? Why would she go on with this? I said indicating her current state.
To tell you the truth Im not sure. But the thought of being tied up by basically a stranger excited me. I thought maybe you werent as callus as you pretended to be. Was I right? She had me there.
And as we part-taked in these games I felt we had an understanding. Somewhere in the back of my mind I might have thought that I could have what I had with Mr. H. When I think back, no one got hurt, both of us got what we needed or wanted, I never cheated on my husband. It was like enjoying an event with a friend. Like going to a show, or going to a gym, or playing poker. My husband and I both have and enjoy activities with other people. This was just another activity I did with someone else. A little sneaky mind you and exhilarating but I think each of us has a little secret we keep from our spouses. I mean I tell my girlfriends things I wouldnt tell my husband. I tell my mother things I wouldnt tell my father. This is just one of those things I dont tell my husband. Then she grinned with a little malice, my dirty little secret.
But why me I asked her. I said I was no one special, not much to look at, out of shape, thinning hair, why allow (and I did finally realize she did allow me. There wasnt anything this woman would let anyone do to her that she didnt want done) or extend these liberties to me. Thats when she shyly put her head down and said,
Because of those things. Oh I said.
Its like when your sons tied me up. Here I was and adult woman being subjugated by these little boys. I dont know what the feeling is but being totally restrained by, for lack of a better word, weaker or less superior person, well it excites me because it shouldnt happen its the total opposite of what were to expect. So not to seem derogatory, I dont think anyone would suspect someone like me to allow someone like you, to do the things you do to me. I guess I like to be a little humiliated sometimes. Do you understand?
I know I did. I do like to subjugate and humiliate her. I even went out of my way to do it in front of her husband. I wanted to take this gorgeous woman that I wound never have a shot at and do those things to her. I told her she was correct on all accounts. She then asked to be released from the bondage which I realized Id totally forgotten about. Thats how distracted I was. Here was this beautiful woman in stiletto heels, PVC Cat Suit and tied up in from of me and all I could think about was the tale she just told me. Once I had all the rope off her I left the room to let her change.
When she came out she said she left the suit in the closet saying she knew where it would be for next time and asked did I expect her to wear some of the other costumes I had in there also? She said they all looked her size. I just smiled and told her not if she didnt want to. Then I presented her with the box of pictures left by Mr. H and told her I had already deleted and emptied the trash in my computer of the few I scanned. I told her that they werent mine and she could do with them what she wanted. I said I would get rid of the pictures I took and not take anymore.
She told me that she would take the pictures Mr. H took of her because they meant something to her but then asked if she wasnt pretty enough to be photographed. I stammered that she was more than beautiful, she was exquisite. To which she replied then why get rid of the pictures? She indicated that she may wish to have a look at herself sometime or who knows? But she added, if I ever see them anywhere else but here she left the sentence unfinished.
I thanked her profusely and apologized for the way Id treated her in the past. As she was about to leave through the front door she turned and said,
Dont apologize Mr. Smith, that would assume you did something wrong. And then she was gone.
To Be Continued >>
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Name: clyde davis78
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Comments:great story war machine keep them coming
Sunday, May 26th 2013 - 12:35:15 PM
Name: Trev
Comments:Neither Sue, my wife or myself noticed a car accross the road as I left for work that day. Sue returned to the house and before she could do anything else the doorbell rung.
She went to answer it and was confronted by two masked men both pointing a gun straight at her. Dont try anything silly lady or you will end up dead said one of the men as he pushed her back into the house. The two men forced her into the other room at gunpoint and told her to stand with her back to the wall with her hands raised above her head.
Now listen well lady we have all day and your husband will be at work until late so you betterr do as we tell you.
Whilst one of them sttod traetenibg her with the gun theother one began to search the house and soon returned with her handbag. She could only watch helplessly as he rifled through the contents taking her cas and cards. Then he found hername on some document and showed it to his accomplice. Well now Susan we have watched you for some time and now comes the best bit. As she stood helplessly before them she began to realise that the intruders had more ominous intentions than just to rob her. She was then ordered upstairs as the locked the door and cut thephone lines. She looked in horror as one of the men took out several lengths of rope from his bag. Now Susan move over to the chair and place it in front of the mirror then sit down and put your hands behind the back of the chair.
Saturday, May 18th 2013 - 01:28:16 PM
Name: WarMachine\
E-mail address: warmachine11@hotmail.com
Comments:Mrs. Os adventures continued with Mr. H for a while but I wanted to move ahead with the story so Ive omitted some of it to get to this point. I may revisit part or all of it in the future. To summarize and bring you up to speed here are the events in point form:

Mr. H dies.
Mr. Smith buys Mr. Hs house.
Mr. Smith discovers a stash of pictures Mr. H took of Mrs. O without her knowledge.
Realizing who the pictures are of, Mr. Smith comes up with a plan to use Mrs. O as a guinea pig that allows him to tie up Mrs. O under the premise of preparing for his companys kidnap party.
Mr. Smith is 56 tall, thinning hair and has a bit of a beer belly. Youll need to know this going into the story below.

The next opportunity to tie up Mrs. O came when my kids came to visit me. There were no children of age in the area to play with so the boys developed an attachment to Mrs. O. Mrs. O had spent time during previous visits with them and they liked her a lot. I was thinking that I might entice the boys to do my dirty work for me so I suggested that we play cops and robbers. Now my boys had played this game with their friends and I realized the boys roping skills could use some work. I mean the tie ups with their friends were more decorative than functional.
So when they arrived I told them that we would be going over to the Os house because they had offered me their work table in the basement. They had no use for it and would give it to me if I was willing to take it apart because it was too big to be moved in one piece. I told them they could play Cops and Robbers with Mrs. O if they wanted. They were thrilled at the prospect of playing with Mrs. O. but, I said because shes an adult they would have to tie her better than with their friends. I said I would show them how to tie up a big person because they were stronger and could break out of the ropes if not tied better than they had with their friends. But they had to assure me we wouldnt let anyone know how they learned to tie so well. They liked that notion.
So their lesson began. I first showed them how to cinch the rope between the wrists, I told them they could wrap the rope around the wrists snuggly which wouldnt hurt the person then once they wrapped the rope between the wrists, it would tighten up and the person would not be able to slip their hands free. They practiced on each other until I thought they had mastered it then I let them tie me up to check to see if I could escape. They mastered the method superbly. Then I told them they should do this on the ankles, knees and elbows. They asked why the elbows so I took a piece of rope and had one of them turn their back to me. I said they should always tie the elbows behind the back so the person couldnt bring their hands up and use their teeth to untie themselves. Once I had his hands tied I tied his elbows together but not uncomfortably. I showed them that now it would be harder to untie the hands because they couldnt be spread apart and it restricted the arms even further. I cautioned them that a lot of older people cant bring their arms together so be careful. If its too tight it could hurt them. Then Kyle asked how would they know if it was too tight? I said the person will let you know, once they have, just snug it up a little and cinch the rope between their elbows.
The boys started to practice on each other and had no problems mastering the ties. I then said there was one more thing, if they put the person on their tummy and tied a rope from their ankles to their wrists, then the person would not be able to get free. So they practiced the hogtie on each other. I showed them that the closer they could bring the feet to the hands, the more secure the person would be. When they thought they were ready I told them for their final test they would have to tie me up without help from me. So they got the ropes together and bound me and placed me in a hogtie. I couldnt get free.
Once they untied me I said they should insure the person couldnt call for help. I asked them that when they tied a cloth over the persons mouth, that person could always talk right? They agreed. I said go to my sock drawer and get some long socks. They did. Then I showed them to place one sock in the mouth and rather than tie the other one over the mouth, put it between their teeth and tie it tight behind their head. I demonstrated it on myself and showed them I couldnt talk other than grunt and mumble. They were thrilled with this because they could now prevent the person being tied from complaining. I told them they could use any cloth that was thin enough to tie though their teeth like a dish cloth, kerchief even a thin belt. I said Ive seen people use rope even, just make sure you dont push the stuffing to deep, just get it in their mouth and the cloth between their teeth would hold the stuffing in if it was tied tight enough. I said it works good after you tie their hands because they wouldnt be able take it out the stuffing and they couldnt complain how you tied them. I could see their little minds at work. I pitied the next kid they tied up. So off we went me with some tools and them with their toys guns, masks and bag of ropes.
When we arrived, Mrs. O greeted the boys and myself. I said Id get right to work and the boys said they had a game they wanted to play with her. Of course Mrs. O said, and off they went. I went down stairs to start disassembling the table with the intention of sneaking back up once the boys started. I had brought my mini camcorder to hopefully capture the events. But I had just begun when the boys came down depressed. I asked what was wrong and hey said Doug was up there and they didnt know if they would get in trouble. I thought quickly.
Although Doug was a great guy I wasnt keen on him mostly because he had everything I didnt: Good looks, good physique and a beautiful wife. Then I said they should tie him up to. I said to tie him to the chair and let him watch them tie up Mrs. O. This way you can be sure he wont interfere and show him who the boss is. I said to make sure they tied both the Os hands and feet first so that they couldnt help each other. Then tie him to the chair and keep the toy gun on Mrs. O so he doesnt give you trouble, then tie Mrs. O on the floor like they did me. I briefly went over a chair tie, hands, knees and feet were tied the same as they had learned but I told them to wrap rope around his waist and chair to keep him seated and tie his feet to the chair so he couldnt get up. Then they could take their time and tie up Mrs. O nice and tight.
But they only brought enough rope for one person. I said to make Mr. O go and get more while you hold Mrs. O hostage. You can keep her feet and hands tied so she doesnt escape. It will make the game more realistic and fun. But what if he doesnt want to play they asked. Then I said you can help me down here. They didnt like the sound of that. They were pretty keen on tying up Mrs. O. So they put on their masks and pulled out their guns and off they went. I think I was more excited than them.
I could hear them walking across the floor then I heard them say stick em up, this is a hold up. Mrs. O said something then I heard You to Mr. That was my queue, so I grabbed my camera and snuck up the stairs. As long as I stayed low I was hidden in the shadows so I couldnt be seen. I had taped the red light at the front of the camera so it wouldnt show when I turned on the camera. Hidden in my position afforded me a complete view. They were at the far end of the room so I could see everything. Mrs. O was standing with her hands in the air. I could see her back and profile and Doug was past her facing me directly. Doug was just standing there when the boy told him to find something to tie him up with and no one would get hurt. He wasnt moving until his wife said to go. She said, Theyve got us. Do as they say honey and we wont be hurt. It sounded more of an order than a plea. He finally relented and left out the door behind him.
When he left the boys pulled out the rope and told Mrs. O that they were going to tie her up so she wouldnt call the cops. Kyle began tying her hands behind her back while Jordan held his gun on her. I could see Kyle was doing a fine job with her wrists then he move to her feet and tied her ankles together. Then Jordan rifled through the kitchen drawers until he found a couple of small dish cloths. I could see him pull out some dish drying towels but he left them on the counter. Then he spied something out of my view and went to get it. When he returned, Doug had arrived with some rope. He took a look at his wife and didnt look pleased. He wasnt mad but he wasnt happy either. Then Jordan pulled out a chair and told Doug to have a seat. He didnt move until his wife sternly said to do what he was told or someone might get hurt and I didnt think she meant by the kids.
He plopped himself in the chair which was angled to the center of the room. Kyle held the gun to Mrs. Os head and told him to do what he was told and the Mrs. would be hurt. Jordan then cut a section of rope from the pile with a pair of scissors and made Doug place his hands behind his back. If Jordan did as good a job on him as he did on me, Doug wasnt escaping anytime soon. Then both him and Kyle tied Doug ankles, not together but to each leg of the chair. Huh I thought, these boys are more inventive than I gave them credit for. Then a rope was wrapped around his waist and another one around his chest. I could see the rope dug into his skin so I knew the boys left no slack. Doug on the other hand just sat there fuming.
It wasnt until Jordan told him to open wide that Doug showed his contempt. He said he wasnt going to be gagged but in mid sentence Jordan stuffed to wash towel in his mouth and before he could spit it out Jordan wrapped what looked like a thin piece of torn rage between his teeth. Even though Doug fought and shook his head, once Jordan had the fist knot tied it was all over. Jordan pulled it tight then added another two knots to be safe. Doug was complaining and mumbling but the gag worked perfectly. Mrs. O on the other hand looked like she was having a hard time containing her laughter. Once the boys knew Doug wasnt going to escape they turned their attention to Mrs. O.
They said, Okay lady on the ground. This caught her off guard. I bet she thought she was going to be tied up in a chair. She got down on her knees when Kyle said to open her mouth. She did and Jordan pushed a dish towel in her mouth. Then Jordan grabbed the thing he placed on the counter. It looked like a leash. No it was strap from a purse because it had claps at each end of a leather strap. The strap was no wider than an inch, maybe less. Jordan put it between her teeth and pulled back which pulled the corners of her mouth back. The strap was so long he made another pass through her lips and pulled tightly behind her head. It was pulled so far into her mouth that it almost made her lips close. Good work boys I thought.
Once she was securely gagged, Kyle grabbed a rope and while she was still on her knees, he wrapped the rope around her elbows and drew them together. I knew the boys would have no problem bringing her elbows together because I had seen it on just about every picture the old guy had taken of her. Then the boys got her on her stomach and in less than a minute, she was hogtied. Ankles and knees tied tight and pull right up to her wrists. Well, my job here was done. I had better get that table apart before they wondered what Ive been up to. I shut my camera and quietly raced down stairs and quickly removed the legs from the table.
I was bringing up the table top and saw Mrs. O sitting on the floor with a pile of rope around her. The chair Doug was in was vacant.
Well what happened here? I said.
Oh the boys had me a little tied up. She said.
Im sorry. I apologized for the boys. I hope they didnt hurt you.
She said she was fine and asked the boys where they learned to tie so well. They just shrugged and said they learned it playing with friends.
Wheres Doug? I inquired. The boys just looked at Mrs. O and she said he was sulking in the garage. I asked why and she said that he didnt get along with children the way she does. I apologized again and she said think nothing of it. She told me that the guys who use to live in my house had a couple of active grandsons who liked to play these games.
With that said I told the boys to grab a pair of table legs each and told Mrs. O thanks for the table and I hoped the boys werent a nuisance to her. Not at all, she said but shed be better prepared next time they came over. Then I noticed the rope marks on her wrist and asked if the boys did that. I was going to scold them now, but make it up to them later. She said not to worry. She was a big girl and knew what she was going herself into. I bet you did, I thought.
Just then Doug came in. I said hello and he just said hi. The boys were already out the door with their load. As I reached the threshold Doug turned to me and out of earshot of his wife said to me I had better teach my kids better manners. I asked him what was it they did and he said that although his wife was cordial with them, he didnt like the way the boys treated her. And hed rather not have them over anytime soon. Then he stormed out of the room. I very politely said thanks for the table to an empty room. Doug seemed pissed off and wouldnt have much to say to me after that, which was fine with me because it was his wife I was after. If he thought the boys treated her badly, it was nothing compare to what I was going to do to her, given the chance.
Anyway life went on. Mrs. O came over periodically, usually for coffee while Doug barely said a word to me. I wondered why he didnt make her stay away from me but I figured she was her own woman and no man, not even her husband was about to tell her what to do or who to see. I on the other hand enjoyed having Doug pissed at me while I entertained his wife.
So a week or so after the tie up game my kids had with Mrs. O I decided that it was time to see if I could get Mrs. O back into the ropes. I knew that if my plan backfired she would never speak to me again but I was willing to risk it.
She was over for a quick cup of coffee when I brought up the tie up game she had with my boys. She kind of flushed and said, Oh that. I told her the boys explained everything to me and I was very intrigued. She said, Well boys will be boys. Theyre just kids playing around, just playing a game. Then I asked if she would be interested in reenacting the game. She put down the cup. She asked what I meant then looked around. Are the boys here?
No they are not. I said. Then I looked her square in the eyes waiting for her response. Then she said. You mean with you. I smiled, leaned back in my chair and tapped my nose with my forefinger.
I dont think so Mr. Smith. She pushed herself from the table and stood up to leave. Before she got to the door I said, You may change your mind and I reached over to the table behind me, grabbed the envelope and tossed it towards her at the end of the table. She turned with a smirk on her face and said that there was not a thing I could say or do that would make her want to reenact that game with me. I said that may she might want to reconsider once she saw what was in the envelope. Well curiosity got the best of her and she came back to the table and picked up the envelope. She pulled out the contents and flipped through a couple of them. She frowned and made a look of disgust but collected herself and asked what these were and was I trying to impress her with my photography skills. I told her to look again.
Thats when she realized what she was looking at. I had taken the best pictures I could find of her in bondage; where she was most recognizable scanned, and blown them up to eight by ten glossies. She sat down with a look of horror on her face. Then she muttered, That bastard! Shed come to realized who had taken those pictures. She slammed them down on the table.
She asked where I got them. She was furious. I said that I wouldnt be too worried about where I got them; Id be more worried about what I plan to do with them. She asked how much I wanted for them. But I told her I couldnt part with them. But Id be interested in exchanging them for lets say, more up to date ones. I let my words sink in. She still couldnt fathom what I was asking.
More up to date ones? she asked confused. I knew I would have to spell it out for her so I told her outright that I thought she could pose for me. She was dumb struck. Then she said absolutely not! I told her that was fine that I was going to start a web site called MY NEIGHBOURS WIFE because I had literally thousands of pictures. I told her guys really go for the homemade stuff.
She said I wouldnt dare and that shed have me in court. To which I replied already been there and my ex already cleaned me out. But I did tell her that by the time that happens, who else might see these? I told her that I could send them anywhere on the internet, any email address, work, friends, husbands? I could tell she was going to cry but she held it together.
She called me every name in the book and said I wouldnt get away with this. Then she grabbed the pictures and took off. As she left I told her she could have those that Ive got lots. Now I just had to sit and wait.
The next day I got on the internet and sent her an email with two other pictures of her in bondage. We had exchanged email addresses when I moved in. I wrote:
I enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Cant wait to hear from you. Ive included a couple more pictures. I love the way the light catches your eyes and how it glistens off the steel around your wrists. Im thinking of patching things up with Doug. Do you think these would help?
See you soon.
When I arrived home that day Mrs. O was waiting for me. I cordially said hello but she just followed me in into my home. I put down my brief case and asked her if she wish to sit down. She started into it. She pleaded with me to do the right thing, asked if it was my wife or daughter how would I feel. She said she would do other things for me cleaning, cooking, laundry. We could put this behind us and be friends. I said I didnt need any friends and I lived alone so there wasnt much to do around the house. I said that I couldnt pass up an opportunity like this. In fact, I could make a lot of money with these and said I was leaning towards that.
She said she didnt want the pictures to get out. She asked why was I doing this. She thought we had a good relation that shes even played with my kids. How could I be so mean? I told her that Ive been down that road and only ended up losing everything. I was out for myself now and besides she looked so hot! That she was better than any of the professional models Ive seen on the internet. Why wouldnt I want to take pictures of her in bondage?
The she said, Just pictures of me tied up? I said yes. She asked, no sex, no nudity? I told her that if I had sex with her she could take the pictures to the police and say I raped her, that I forced her. I said frankly, shed be better off if I did, then shed have something over my head. So no sex. What about the nudity. I hummed and hawed. Then she said she could wear sexy clothes instead.
Wait a minute I thought. Did she just agree to this? I stopped and asked her if she was agreeing to this. She said well Mr. H had taken those pictures and until I showed them to her no one ever knew they existed. She said that had Mr. H not died suddenly, she was sure he would have taken those to his grave. How could she be sure I would never show those pictures to anyone else?
This got me thinking and I sat down. She joined me and was studying me. I didnt know if this was a trick, she was very smart. But I did see her point. Quite frankly Im surprised Doug hadnt come over and taken me out. It would be easy to take my computer and force me to disclose where the pictures were, at least the few Id printed off.
While I was contemplating this she continued with she wouldnt have even consider posing for them. Mr. H was old and lonely after his wife died. He was always kind to her. She never got hurt and he was more than generous to her. And she would never have continued to do it if she didnt like it a little. But she trusted Mr. H; she wasnt so sure about me.
Man! I thought, Im so close but I couldnt think of a thing I could say or offer that would make her trust me. We both sat silently while I contemplated this. I couldnt offer anything she could use against me but I could see if there was something that she might go along with it. Then it came to me. I didnt have to offer a thing! She either she did it or I emailed the pictures out and make a few bucks at it. Boy she was good! She played on my emotions and had me going. I leaned back in my chair and started to laugh. She looked puzzled so I told her that she had me going.
The look of sincerity left her face and she sat up. I told her that I didnt have to promise her anything. She would do it or she wouldnt. What I decided to do after was my business. Then she leaned close to me and said fine and to get this straight. Shed play my little game but, she added; if these pictures ever got out, there would be no place on earth that her husband wouldnt find me. She may get a little embarrassed, maybe lose face maybe have to quit her job and sell her home, but I would probably never walk the same again, that Id probably have to eat through a straw for the rest of my life and while Im lying on the ground half dead she and her husband would rifle through my things, destroy my computer and charge me. I may ruin their lives but as good as she played me, she said, shell testify to the rape my husband caught you doing to her. She added that Doug may suffer a bit but chances are no jury in the world would convict him. Then she grinned and asked if Ive ever seen Doug mad. She got up stopped at the door and just said, I have, and left, slamming the door behind her. Wow, I have to settle down. As brave a face as I put on I think we both knew she had made her point. Well I shakily got to my feet, went to the counter and poured myself a stiff drink.
The next day was Saturday and as I was having my coffee I saw out my front window, Doug pulling out. She met him at his truck and talked through his truck window then she gave him a kiss and he drove away. I watched her go inside then picked up the phone and dial her number. It rang for a while and I was ready to hang up then the phone picked up and I heard, Ya? hum, call display. I guess she figured if she didnt pick up, Id just come over.
I told her I saw Doug leave and if she could come over today for coffee. She just said to busy maybe another time. I just said fine and hung up. I sat by the phone and waited. The phone started to ring, it was her. It was my turn. After seven rings I picked up. Hello? I said. There was a pause and she said she was a bit grumpy today but she was very busy. I told her that was fine, I had a lot to do today also. I was having a poker game tonight and I thought the guys would enjoy looking at some pictures of my neighbor. I quickly added, The ones in good taste. I said maybe we could get together another time and hung up.
The phone rang again. This time I let it ring and went to the kitchen to get another coffee. When it stopped ringing I waited. A minute later there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was Mr. O. And she began by saying she was busy today so she wanted to know when would I want her over? I decided to have some fun with her.
I said I knew she was busy and so was I. Maybe tomorrow after my poker game tonight would be better time. She quickly said that tomorrow she would be away and that although she was busy, today would still be better. I said fine, come in and she asked Now? looking at me in my house coat.
Well, I started, I guess you could hang around while I got ready. Ive got a few things to do this morning. She seemed relieved and said sure. I invited her inside and asked her if she wanted a coffee. She said no thanks and I said Ill get my things and be right back. She asked what things and I said she didnt think I was just going to have her standing around. I said I going to insure she stayed put. Then I left the room.
I came back with a bag. I pulled out some rope and she told me to wait. I looked at her questioningly and she said we need to talk about this. I asked what was there to talk about. She came over and I presumed she understood why. But she said we needed to work out some details. I was intrigued and asked what for?
What if she had to go to the bathroom? What if theres an emergency maybe shes in pain and cant talk. I said go on. She said that we should make a code word to stop immediately. I let her continue nodding my head and rubbing my chin. If I cant talk Ill snap my fingers three times. Then I added when I wanted her to come over Id asked her over for tea instead of coffee. She nodded her head. I thought this was a good idea, I mean I didnt really want to hurt her. Then I asked what if she just wants out of whatever? She told me that Ive seen the pictures right? I nodded, then I could tell even though Mr. H was old he did bend her like a pretzel at times. I did admit to that. She never asked to be untied. But she added that he never made her suffer either.
I said fair enough and I told her to turn around. She has a defeated look but did as she was told. I was so nervous I almost passed out from the excitement. This was really happening! First I tied her hands together palms together. Then I tied her ankles. I decided to gag her next but didnt have anything. So I said Id be right back and went into my bedroom. I went to my sock drawer then spotted a discarded pair of used underwear on the floor. Nah, maybe later. But I did get a clean pair out of my drawer and one of my old ties. I rolled the underwear into a ball while making my way back. I came up behind her and told her to open. She did but I could see she was trying to see what I was putting in her mouth. I took the tie and tied it very tightly between her teeth. Hum I thought no complaints.
Then I looked around the room and decided I wanted to hogtie her on the kitchen counter. So I told her to hop over to the kitchen counter. She looked over at me, rolled her eyes and started to make her way over. I had her by the arm so she wouldnt fall. She didnt need my help. When I released her I took the opportunity to watch her move. Her breasts looked great bouncing up and down. I thought to myself Im going to have a great time with her. When she got there I helped her onto the counter. I slid her over and tied her knees together. As I wrapped the rope around her thighs I notice how firm and smooth they were. She was in great shape. Then I tied a rope from her wrist to her ankles and pulled her into a stringent hogtie, I mean it was wrist to feet, no slack.
Then my favorite part, I slipped a rope between her back and her elbows and wrapped the rope around her elbows pulling them tight. Of course they touched and the indentation on her arms attested to the tightness of the tie. Once I was done I gave her a slap on her ass which jerked her up and made her try to say something. I just smiled and went about my business.
I went into my bedroom and changed clothes returning with my camera. I started snapping pictures of her at every conceivable angle. At first she started to protest but I ignored her. She kept turning her head trying to get out of the shot but she eventually gave up and I continued to take about fifty pictures of her. Then I put the camera down and made breakfast. It was great to have her there all bound and gagged right in front of me while I ate. When I finished, I decided that Id left her tied up long enough (forty five minutes) and I didnt want to piss her off too much. So I untied her and thanked her for her time. She just said are we done now and I said yes so she left. I had enjoyed myself and went to my computer to unload the pictures. They were great! Too bad I didnt have a web site, these would be great.
Although it was fun I didnt have the rush I thought Id have doing it. Something was missing. That afternoon while I was out front sitting on the porch Doug returned. I was going to say hi but he just jumped out of his truck and went inside without even looking my way. Then it hit me! I wanted to piss Doug off but if he knew what was going on, Id be dead. So I decided I wanted his wife bound and gagged here while he was at home. I hatched a plan.
The next time I called Mrs. O for tea was as she was leaving for her run. I had her schedule pretty much memorized and I knew she would be leaving in a few minutes. I called and she picked up. I said I would like her over for tea now. She said she couldnt because she was going for her run and besides he was home. I said I knew and thats why I called her. I said to jog right over, the front door would be unlocked then I hung up the phone. I wasnt sure if shed come so I watch her come out of the front door.
When she came out, she did her usual stretching. At that moment I heard their lawn mower start up and knew that Doug was out back cutting the grass. Oh, oh I thought. She wasnt going to come because he might see her. I watched her start to run past my house. I was about to leave then she turned down my neighbors driveway and scooted across my lawn up my porch and into my front door.
I told her nice move and she said she had to get past my house so Doug wouldnt see. She said she only wanted to stay a half hour so she could at least run the other half. I was so thrilled that she came over that I said no problem. I was amazed how compliant shed become. Anyway I said lets get started. She looked great in her spandex running gear. Everything was skin tight hiding none of her features. This was going to be fun!
First thing I did was tied her wrists and elbows together. Then I put a ball gag (yes a ball gag, I had been to a store but Ill go into that later) into her mouth and strapped it tight. She didnt complain which surprised me but then I remembered that the old guy seemed to always have her ball gagged in the pictures. Then I got daring, I tied a rope around her waist bring the end down between her butt cheeks and up through her crotch to tie off in front. I left about three feet as a tether. She squirmed and tried to get away but told her did she really think there wouldnt be any touching or the occasional grope? She just got mad and stomped her feet. I gave a sharp tug on the tether which pulled her off balance enough to make her follow me or fall. Once I got her moving I maneuvered her to the back of the house.
Now I should explain something here. Since I move into the house Ive been bothered by the rear sunroom. It is very nice lots of sun and there were blinds to block the sun. I liked it but for the fact that three neighbors yards looked into it. You could see through the sun room and down my main hall. I realized that I couldnt move through my house without being seen. So rather than keep the blinds down all the time, I had the windows tinted. This allowed the sun in but kept the inside of my house free from viewing. It worked pretty good. You couldnt see in unless you were very close and at a distance you might see movement inside but not make out any shapes. Of course at night you could see inside but thats why I didnt remove the blinds.
Anyway this was the room I was going to tie Mrs. O in. With her husband out back in the very next yard it was thrilling for me to know that he was within feet of his wife all bound and gagged at my mercy. She must have known where I was taking her because she was fighting all the way but the crotch rope did its job and convinced her to follow. I could she had quite a camel toe going by the time we reach the room.
Now, the windows went right from the top of the room and down to just below the waist. I wanted to get her high enough off the ground so that she could see out the window. She was going to be hogtied again so I looked for something to put her on. I didnt have anything but spotted my folded up work bench against the wall. When the bench was extended, it measured waste high but the table area was only three foot by two foot square. I figured that would be enough. So I kicked open the legs and raised the platform to its full height. I tied her legs at the ankles and knees then made Mrs. O lay her stomach on it. In one swift motion I lifted her legs up and positioned her squarely on the table. She was laying on the table with her boobs over the front edge and stomach and hips on the table. I quickly hogtied her. Now she was facing her yard and we could see Doug cutting the grass.
This was great! I went to get a cool drink because it was hot n the sun room. When I returned I noticed that Mrs. O kept hanging her head down, probably trying to hide incase Doug happened to look in, not that hed see much. Anyway I didnt like it so I took a thinner piece of rope and tied it to her ponytail then pulled her head up and back tying the other end of the rope to her ankles. This had the desired effect up keeping her head up so she had to stare ahead. She couldnt move her head from side to side.
I sat with my drink and watched her watching him. It really excited me having her within feet of her husband under my control and him not realizing it or being able to do anything about it. I took out my camera and took a few shots. Having her head pulled up with the tight ball gag prevented her from swallowing; I got turned on watching her drool uncontrollably. When Doug was finished cutting the grass, he move to the front yard. I decided I wanted her there to watch. So I released her from the hog and hair tie, stood her up and untied her ankles. I left her knees tied then took the tether around her waist and pulled her along through towards the front of the house. She had to take short mincing steps and if she slowed I gave a tug on the rope to encourage her to keep up.
When we got to the living room, Doug had already started cutting the grass. I looked at my watch and realized the half hour was almost up that I promised to keep Mrs. O tied up for. I decided to show some good faith and release her early. Once she was untied I offered her a cool drink. She seemed to need it because she was all sweaty. She readily accepted and when I brought it to her she even thanked me. She had a big patch of drool on her top from when I removed the gag but she didnt seem to be bothered.
Anyway she watched Doug through the window and when he was walking the lawnmower to the back yard she sarcastically thanked me for the good time and took off for her run. I watched her recede down the sidewalk thinking what an amazing woman. There she was jogging away, ponytail swaying: youd never had thought she just spent almost a half hour hogtied in someone elses house watching her husband cut the grass. It sounds weird even when I say it. I closed the door and went inside.
I said earlier that I had bought the ball gag at the store. I also bought other bondage equipment there also. One thing I wanted her to try was this Black PVC Cat suit. I hoped it would fit because I had to guess her size. I wanted to get her some stiletto heels also but I didnt know her shoe size. I was also thinking that despite the way I felt about her husband, I should try to patch things up. I hope this would curry favor with Mrs. O. should she be discovered at my place or with me at some point, Doug wouldnt think anything of it.
So the next day I brought over some beers while he was out back and apologized for what my boys did. I told Doug that that they were punished for what they had done, and I wanted to go back to the way we were before the incident. I said we are neighbors and if we were to live beside each other I didnt want to bicker all the time. In fact I invited him and his wife over for dinner next Friday night. Well it seemed he felt the same way because he apologized for getting angry and did feel bad for it. I said had I come up from the basement, I would have put a stop to it right away. I knew that Mrs. O was just humoring the boys but they did go too far. We shook hands and after the dinner Friday night, we became friends again. Good thing to because I had come into some money from an inheritance and was remodeling the house. As it turned out, Mrs. O ran her own Interior Design Business, which I knew and one of the reasons I decided to remodel the house. The second reason would be a good reason for having her over without raising suspicion. So with that out of the way, I was looking for my next encounter.
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Name: burglar
Comments:Silenced Orgasms

My Asian wife and I have a lot of fun when I bring her to multiple orgasms by just using my tongue and mouth on her clit. She loves it when I slowly lick her clit to get her aroused, and then suck on it to bring her to a full body shaking orgasm.

Every weekend, she loves it when I have her nude, spread eagled, tied to the bed and blindfolded before I begin to bring her to multiple orgasms by sucking and licking on her clit.

While we were engaged in out fun time, my wife began to make loud noises while I was giving her cunnilingus. She stopped me and said, honey, please gag me because I do not want people to hear me making loud noises. Knowing how she hates to have a gag on, I told her, Lets pretend you are gagged without actually putting a gag on you. She replied, No, I want to be effectively gagged so no one will hear me. Are you sure? I asked. Yes, I am positive.

At that point, I got up off the bed and began to look for things I could use as a gag. While I was looking, my wife called out and said, Hurry up, I want to have more multiple orgasms! I cant wait for you to continue with your ravishment of me. I told her I didnt know what to use as her gag. She replied, I want to be gagged so effectively that no sound will come out of my mouth. Here is what I want you to use: two panties, one stuffed in each side of my mouth so my cheeks are bulging; a strip of black tape wrapped around my mouth to hold the panties in place, a cloth hand towel placed over the tape, and another layer of tape over the cloth towel.

I got two of her panties and brought them over to the bed. Open Wide, Are these clean? she asked. Yes. I took each one and stuffed it in her mouth, making sure that there was one stuffed in each cheek. When I looked at her with the panties stuffed in, she looked like a little squirrel with bulging cheeks. Try to talk. When she did try to talk, her words were garbled; however, she still was able to make noises that could be heard. Next, I took some black electrical tape and wrapped it over her mouth to hold the panty gag in place. Try talking now. She still was able to make audible moans. Still to loud, I said. I then got the cloth towel and tied it over the tape. Can you talk now? When she tried, she still was able to moans you could here. Almost done, . I took more tape and wrapped it tightly around her mouth to seal in the cloth and taped in stuffed panties. Try talking now. When she tried to talk, no sound at all came out. Perfect.

I began to lick and suck her clit over and over again, causing her to have multiple intense orgasms. My wife came, and came, and came, and came so much that her entire body was shaking and she was covered in sheen of sweat.
When she gave me a signal (she rapidly shook her head from side to side) that she was becoming uncomfortable, I stopped, released her, and began to remove her gag. Right after taking off the last piece of electrical tape, my wife spit out the soaked panties from her mouth. You took me to sexual heaven!

Those were the most intense orgasms I have ever had in my life! I want you to make love to me this way all of the time!

Well, when do you want to do it again? Give me a few minutes to rest, she said, and then lets do it again!

Is that the end of this story? No. its just the beginning.

Saturday, May 4th 2013 - 03:46:55 PM
Name: bobcjr
Comments:Excellant story laura. Please tell more!!!
Tuesday, April 30th 2013 - 01:15:05 PM
Name: Laura
Comments:I've liked bondage since I was a young girl, and I'm 28 now. Unfortunately, my husband isn't all that enthused about it, altho he has tied me up a couple of times, but I had to tell him how. So, I got into self bondage, since I love my husband,and wouldn't think of cheating. He went on a business trip recently, and was due to return home on Saturday afternoon. On Friday, I took the day off, as I had several comp days coming, and needed to use some or lose them. I took Monday as well, my plan being a bit of self bondage Friday, pick up my husband at the airport Saturday, and enjoy some extra time with him. I have a pretty extensive collection of bondage gear, lots or ropes, some nylon straps and some leather straps. I slept late, and when I rose, I took a long, leisurely bubble bath, then dressed in a black garter belt with black seamed fishnet stockings, and black, quarter-cup bra that just supported my 34D breasts, but didn't cover my breasts at all, then a very tight, and I mean tight, black leather dress. The dress was almost like a corset, too, pushing my already pushed up breasts up and out. I even considered wearing it when i picked up my husband, it looked so sexy. I started out by setting an alarm clock to give me 2 hours to tie myself up and struggle, and when it went off, I would wiggle free. I laid out my bondage hood and largest ballgag, then my ropes and straps. With everything arranged, I began. I frogtied my legs as tight as I could stand, then the ballgag, pulled the hood on but not over my eyes, yet, then with a bit of finess got some rope around my upper arms, but couldn't get it as tight asI wanted, so my elbows were at least 6 inches apart; finally got my wrist ropes the way I wanted them, laced into my frogtie just right, stuck one wrist thru the rope, pulled the mask part of my hood over my eyes, then the other wrist thru the ropes, and pulled as tight as I could. It was snug, but not too much for me to escape from. I began to wiggle just enough to become aroused, and rubbed my crotch area against the floor as hard as I could, trying to climax. Suddenly, I heard the back door open and then my husband's voice: "Laura, honey, I'm home." WTF? How? Then I heard the unmistakable voice of my co-worker Veronica. I lay still and silent, but then I heard Veronica again, clearly this time: "Sam, you better come in the den." I heard Sam a minute later, "damn Laura, I hope this is just one of your little games, not a burglary". "I don't think she' dress like that for a burglar, Sam" Veronica said. I was so embarrassed, not about Sam, as he knew this was how I satisfied my desire for bondage, but Veronica. She was the biggest gossip in the office. She also was the only single woman, and talked about her love life constantly. She dresses pretty suggestively, barely acceptable for a professional setting, but I think the company was reluctant to say anything as she is the only African-American in the corporate office , and no one ever wants a discrimination complaint. I struggled real hard to escape, and just about had my hands free, when Veronica said, "here, Laura, let me help". That surprised me, at least momentarily, until she grabbed the ropes and retightened them, and re-tied the knots. She also pulled the elbow rope until she got my elbows to touch, and ran the extra rope under my arms and over my shoulders and pulled my shoulders back. She obviously had done this before, and was better at it than I am. I was truly helpless now, and unable to reach my knots, altho I doubted my knots were even there. I'm sure Veronica replaced them with her knots. I felt a hand caress my hooded head, and hoped it was Sam. Now, I'm no prude, as my fetish clearly shows, but I like to pick who gets to lay hands on me. It was Sam, and he started talking to me, "I got finished early, got in thei morning, took a taxi to your office, but you had the day off. Veronica graciously offered to drive me home, so I wouldn't have to get another taxi or call you. Oh, are you okay like this? I gotta admit, baby, this little episode is making me reconsider my opinion of tying you up. Veronica, what do you think?" Why the fuck was he asking her what she thought? "I think this is the sexiest thing I've seen in a long time." sh said. Sam then said, "I'm hitting the shower, so you 2 just hang out til I get back". He whisteld as he walked away, and then Veronica said, "we need to chat, sweety", and manhandled me up onto my knees, but still helplessly hogtied, gagged, and sightless. She positioned me so my stilleto heels on the black, leather boots I had on dug into my upper arms. "Okay, Laura, here's my thoughts on this whole deal-I want to play with you guys. I told you many times that your Sam is the sexiest man I've ever met, and, honestly, you're pretty fuckin sexy, as well. Just so you know, my IPhone is in y hand, has been since I saw you. You know I can't keep this a secret, unless I am included. The boss gave me the rest of the day off, too, for being so nice and driving Sam home. I can go back, as there's always plenty of work. So, you convince Sam that we are a threesome, or I can go on back to the office. I bet our stuffed-shirt boss will really like all these photos. It's kinda hard to tell its you, but Sam is in the photos in the background, so thats a petty good clue. If you agree, when Sam comes back from the shower, I'll fish the gag out of your mouth and I want you to tell him you want to suck his cock right here, right now, and that I'm your guest at least until tomorrow, but you gonna talk me into staying, okay? Nod your head, if you agree. I was trapped, but, have to admit, interested too. If it got Sam into bondage, to tie me up occasionally, then maybe it was a good thing. So, i nodded my head. As soon as I did, Veronica fumbled at the strap and buckle and my ball gag was out. Before i could flex my jaws, tho, she kissed me, jamming her tongue into my mouth, and I felt a hand squeeze my right breast. All this just skyrocketed my arousal level. "Well, what do we have here" Sam said. "Oh, Laura and I were just chatting" Veronica said. I heard Sam chuckle, and say, "so nowadays its called chatting, not making out, huh?" She still had a hand on my right breast, and began stimulating the nipple, then pinched it, and whispered in my ear: "don't you have something to tell Sam?" Taking a dep breath, i related how I wanted Veronica to hang around and play with us, and then told him I needed his 8 inch dick in my mouth right now. Sam said, "well, I have never been able to refuse you anything you really wanted, excpet the tying up, but now, I think I will like that, and if you want Veronica to stay, its okay with me. Okay with you, Veronica?" he was asking her as if she didn't already know. "I think I will, and call me Ronnie, since wer're going to get closer." Then, in a flash, Sam was stuffing his big cock down my throat, and it wa as hard as I ever remember it getting. He held my head by 2 of the metal rings on the top of the hood, and worked my mouth up and down the full length of his shaft, and then yelled, Jeez! and blasted a load that was the biggest I ever knew him to let fly. I have no reluctance with oral sex with Sam, as we have always had a very, umm, 'lusty' relationship. I swallowed every drop and as soon as he was out of my mouth, Ronnie had her mouth against mine, and actually licked all around the inside of my mouth, getting a tast of Sam's cum. After a couple of minutes, she excused herself, and I heard her heels clicking on the hardwood floor of our hallway. I guess she went to the bathroom. Sam whispered in my ear, "is it alright with you if I nail Ronnie? She's so damned sexy, and with those boobs and that ass, its a request to get laid." I really didn't want him to, but she had the power of the blackmail over me, so I told him it was okay with me if okay with her. "Wow, Ronnie" Sam said, "wow!" "How about a kiss, Sam?" she said, and I guess they had a brief makeout session, then I heard some whispers and and giggles, and Ronnnie said, "thats postively the most erotic and kinky thing I've heard in years." Next thing I knew, Sam was pushing my frogtied knees apart, and I felt his 8 incher slide right into what he called my 'glory hole', and begin to slowly thrust in and out, then reached around my torso and began fondling my breasts without pulling them from the dress top. He actually slightly lifted me, and nect thing I knew, Ronnie was in front of me, and shoved her crotch into my face. Sam told me to eat her pussy until she came or he came first. I would have protested if not for 2 reasons, one was the blackmail, obviously, but Ronnie had my face so far into her crotch no one weould have heard me. She still had pubic hair, but it was trimmed down, so I was grateful for that. I myself am shaved and waxed, by my choice, and mentally told myself to suggest it to her. By some great miracle, we all reached climax at just about the same time-Ronnie and I together, but just as we started Sam released my breasts, grabbed my waist, and pumped as fast as his body would allow, and deposited a load into me. The remainder of the weekend was very physical, with Sam screwing Ronnie a few times, me several times, and Ronnie and I riding each other with one of my strap-ons. We now have one weekend per month where we get together, and Ronnie and I get our brains banged out. I even get tied by my husband on a regular basis now, and most times, I get to tie Ronnie.
Sunday, April 28th 2013 - 07:37:04 PM
Name: hogtied couple
E-mail address: whitecouple4blk@yahoo.com
Comments:more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, April 26th 2013 - 11:21:23 AM
Name: Will
Comments:My wife opened her mouth when she shouldn't have, while visiting friends one night. The subject of bondage came up, somehow, and she boasted that, while growing up, her brothers would tie her up all the time, but couldn't keep her tied. Our host's wife stated that her brothers had tied her all the time, also, but she never escaped. She told my wife they had taught her all their secrets, so she felt she could tie anyone and they wouldn't escape. My wife accepted the dare, but we all had to work the next day, so it wasn't going to happen that night. The 2 women set up a date for that weekend, on Friday night. The night arrived, and my wife dressed in a denim skirt, a bit short but not a miniskirt, a sleeveless halter top which showed just a bit of cleavage and the edges of a black bra. On her feet she wore wedge-heeled sandals about 3 inches high. We arrived at our host's, and we were both surprised to find another couple there. They were the husband's cousin and her husband. Anyway, a couple of cocktails for my wife and a few beers for me erased any reservations we had. Our host's wife, Sue, wore a black dress that fit like she had to be poured into it, dark stockings with seams and super high heeled black pumps. I felt a bit of a tingle in my crotch when I saw her. The other woman was Vicki, a bit plump with a hard look around her eyes, but still fairly attractive. Sshe wore a rather shapeless shift dress and flipflops. We men were all dressed casual, in jeans and shirts. Sue asked Joan (wife) if she was ready to start and Joan said she was "raring to go". Sue then suggested we go to their basement,as that was where she had prepared for the 'event'. In the basement, there was an exercise mat on the floor, with a gymbag sitting beside it. The next surprise was the challenge/wager Sue made: if Joan was unable to free herself in entirity in 1 hour, Joan had to remain as her prisoner all weekend. I guess it was the liquor talking, but Joan said, "an hour, hell I can get loose in 30 minutes, and when I do, you will be my prisoner all weekend". I started to object, but Joan hushed me, saying, "I got this, and when we take her home, you can have fun with her". I was stunned, but Sue winked at me, and said, "okay, Ms. Smartypants, 30 minutes, and the loser belongs to the winner all weekend and has to do anything desired". Again, Joan agreed, and they began. Sue had Joan kneel on the mat, and pulled her arms behind her and began wrapping rope around her. Joan had a wicked gleam in her eye, saying, "if this is as tight as you can tie, I'll be free in no time". "You talk too much" Sue told her, stopping her binding long enough to shove a rather large ballgag into Joan's mouth and pulled the strap tight enough to stretch the corners of her mouth then buckled it. She then resumed her binding, and I guess she did thing a little different, because she seemed to give a jerk causing Joan to groan a bit, then a concerned look came on her face. Sue grabbed more rope, and I guess she was tying her elbows because Joan's ample breasts were suddenly thrust out til I thought her halter top would split. Her shoulders were also pulled back. Rope went around her torso binding her arms to her body, then Sue tied her ankles. By now Joan's lovely face showed grave concern about her situation, and Sue just kept adding ropes. She gave Joan a nudge, and she fell face forward, turning her head to keep from smashin her face into the mat. Sue fed a rope thru her ankle bindings, then again jerked, pulling Joan's ankles up to her wrists, but she didn't stop there. She grabbed her shoulders and lifted while pulling sharply on the rope, repeatedly, until she had Joan's shoe soles touching the ropes around her elbows. She nexxt pulled Joan's long hair into a ponytail, then wrapped a rope around the hair and pulled her head back and tied that rope to her ankles. Joan's abs were stretched tight, as they were visible under her halter top. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, and she had a lookl of fear in her eyes. The last thing Sue did was tie a black leather blindfold with foam rubber around the edges, over her eyes. Joan was completely helpless now. Sue kissed the top of her head and said, "your 30 minutes start now". She set the timer on her cellphone, then sat down on a sofa, crossed her legs so I had a great view up her dress. She had a garter belt on, holding her stockings, but otherwise was bare. Sue is a very beautiful woman, about 5-10 tall, and I bet she has 36D breasts. For 30 minutes I watched my wife laying on her stomach helpless, and watched Sue's show as well. Very little converstion went on, and when the timer went off, Joan and I both jerked. Sue stood, drained the last of her drink, then said, "party time!" To Be Continued
Sunday, April 21st 2013 - 01:06:30 AM
Name: Kenny
E-mail address: kglass@hotmail.com
Tuesday, April 2nd 2013 - 03:56:24 PM
Name: hogtied couple
E-mail address: whitecouple4blk@yahoo.com
Comments:anyone like to bound and gag my wife email us please
Thursday, March 28th 2013 - 09:21:11 AM
Name: bailey
E-mail address: baileyejohnson
Comments:ask warmachine to continue the story from his last post
Sunday, March 24th 2013 - 04:31:04 PM
Name: hogtied couple
E-mail address: whitecouple4blk@yahoo.com
Comments:come on geff lets hear a story
Monday, March 18th 2013 - 12:39:32 PM
Name: burglar
Comments:Hole, Hole, where should I go?

Last night, when my sexy wife and I were making love, we decided to play a little fantasy game. I had my wife strip off all of her clothes and lie face down on our bed. Just looking at her petite, sexy Asian body was already getting me hard.

“Hands”, I said, as she placed her hands behind her back. I proceeded to take some old white stockings of hers that we had used before and tied her wrists tightly together behind her back. I then took another stocking and tied her ankles together. Now, she was lying face down on the bed.
I then took a blindfold we always used and placed it over her eyes.
“Open wide”, I said, as I stuffed a wash cloth into her mouth.
“I’ll be back in a minute”, I told her, leaving her to think about what will happen while bound and gagged. I returned a short time later with a roll of black electrical tape. I ripped off a piece and placed it over the blindfold to keep it on her and prevent her from rubbing it off or pulling it down. I then lifted up her head and taking another strip of tape placed that over the cloth in her mouth so she could not spit the cloth out.

“Hmmn, which hole should I use? Pussy or Ass?”

I proceeded to begin to rub my hard cock over the cheeks of her ass. “I think it will be ass”, I said. As I was rubbing my cock over the cheeks of her ass, she began to “mmmph” , squirm and shake her head from side to side as a way of telling me not to put my cock in her ass. I continued to tease her like this for a few more seconds, and then flipped her over on her back.
“How about your pussy?”, as I began to rub my dick over her pussy lips.
“MMMMMM”, she moaned as she was nodding her head. I continued to tease her for about ten minutes by flipping her on her stomach, putting my hard cock on her ass cheeks and rubbing her ass cheeks with it, and then flipping her on her back and teasing her pussy with my cock.
Every time I rubbed my hard cock on her ass cheeks while she was face down and lying on her stomach, the intensity level of her “mmmphs” and shaking of her head sideways became more intense.
Finally, I turned her over on her back, cut the tape off of her ankles, grabbed and spread her legs and placed my now very hard cock into her wet pussy.
She came (and so did I) with an intense orgasm and screamed through her gag.
I then took out the gag and blindfold and cut the tape from her wrists.
“I really enjoyed this game. I knew all along which hole you were going to use”, she said. “So did I, So did I.”

Saturday, March 16th 2013 - 02:10:23 PM
Name: Geff
Comments:I used to read all the old style detective magazines with bondage covers many years ago and have always had fantasies about my wife being tied up by a man or men and have collected several scenarios in my mind although as yet I have not written these down
Friday, March 15th 2013 - 01:49:56 AM
Name: burglar
Comments: My petite Asian Wife was securely tied spread-eagle, face down on our bed with cotton stuffed in her ears, blindfolded and gagged with a pair of her silky lace bikini panties.

MMMMMM NO she moaned into her mouth filled panty gag as I moved down the bed and knelt between her legs. I allowed my hands to play over her legs, and then slowly ran them up her sides. I leaned forward and felt her tense as I placed a kiss at the base of her spine. Gradually, I licked and kissed my way up her back until I was lying on her, my face buried in the hair at the back of her neck.

MMMMMFFFF she moaned as I slowly pressed the head of my dick against her cute little rosebud. She struggled at her restraints and fiercely bit down and screamed through her silk panty gag as I slowly started to enter her small, tight rectum. I pushed in slowly, and once I was all the way in, I felt her push up (as much as she was able due to her restraints) and then heard her moan as a wave of orgasms swept over her small petite body. She was writhing moaning and screaming with delight from the intense orgasmic pleasure she was feeling. With my cock still inside of her anus, I lay on top of her and stayed there until my cock became small. At that point, I slowly pulled out of her.

I then removed her restraints and her gag. She immediately turned over and gave me a warm, loving, passionate kiss. That was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced! Thank you for giving me such pleasure, she said as we held each other tightly in a passionate embrace. She proceeded to give me the most explosive blow job I have ever had. Then, we both fell asleep while lovingly holding each other.

What a fantastic experience for both of us! We both cant wait to do it again!

Saturday, March 9th 2013 - 04:07:00 PM
Name: clyde davis78
E-mail address: clyde_davis78@yahoo.com
Comments:i hope more people write some stories i love reading them
Saturday, March 9th 2013 - 01:55:41 PM
Name: Remarker
Comments:alright, burglar !

Wednesday, February 27th 2013 - 08:49:21 AM
Name: burglar
Comments:Last weekend, my wife asked if we could play an all day fantasy game. She wanted me to use thick cloth duct tape and wrap her entire body in it. Also, she told me that she wanted me to make her be as uncomfortable as possible. We started early in the morning and didn't finish until early that night. First, I had her put on her new, leopard print g-string bikini that I recently purchased for her. The bikini had a very small triangle tied top and equally small g-string bottom held together by two very tiny strings. After she put it on, I began to get aroused. I took out a roll of thick cloth gray duct tape and began to wrap it
tightly around her ankles. I continued to wrap the tape up her legs, thighs, and up to her g-string bottom where I stopped, at least for now. I then proceeded to wrap the tape around her belly and up to her chest but stopped at her triangle-tied top. I then lifted her up and lay her down on the bed. I tore off a long strip of tape and placed it over her mouth and then took another one and placed that
over her eyes. With her now completely tied, gagged and rendered sightless, I left the room and went into the kitchen. I took out a tray of frozen ice cubes and dumped them into a bowl. I then returned to my pretty "victim". As I entered the room, she heard my footsteps and began to writhe on the bed and repeatedly moan through her gag. I was now getting turned on by the site of my helpless wife. I took six ice cubes pulled open her g-string bottom, and placed the cubes on top of her pubic mons. Immediately, she began to loudly moan through her gag. Then I placed three ice cubes in each of her triangle bra cups. Again she began to moan and moan. Now, I just sat there and watched as the frozen ice cubes were slowly melting inside her g-string bottom and top. What a turn on!! As the ice melted, she continued to writhe, struggle against her bonds,
and loudly moan and mmmmmmph through her gag. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. After the ice had completely melted, I removed her g-string bikini and dried her off. I then began to suck, nibble and lick her clitoris. She
became very wet and I became very hard, at which time I inserted my rock-hard rod into her moist little pussy.

After I came, I withdrew and then stood her up. I took some more cloth duct tape and then wrapped some around her cute pubic mound and her lovely breasts. I lay her back down on the bed and watched her for a couple of hours. She struggled and mmmphed loudly, but was unable to free herself from her tight bonds or effective gag. Finally, I took a pair of scissors and began to cut away the tape. As I pulled off a strip, one at a time, she would moan and mmmph through her gag. As I was removing the tape from her pubic mound, some of her hair from her dark bush was removed
along with the tape. As this happened, she would scream through her tightly gagged lips and tears would appear streaming down her cheeks. When all the
tape had been removed, and I finally removed her gag and blindfold, she quickly sat up and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. She then proceeded to lick me all over and give me a fantastic blowjob, followed by some great sex. We
continued to engage in oral, vaginal and anal sex for several more hours.
Saturday, February 23rd 2013 - 11:41:55 AM
Name: Remarker
Comments:burglar, well done !

Saturday, February 23rd 2013 - 11:23:29 AM
Name: burglar
Comments:During the past week or so, my wife and I have had a fun
time of incorporating ice into our fantasy sexual adventures.
First, she asks me to tie her up. This involves my tying
her either to the bed, spread-eagled or on a wooden captain's chair. I make sure that she is tied nice and tight so that she can't squirm or move. Then, I take a large wad of cotton and pack it into her mouth. I then take a
scarf and tie that between her teeth. Finally, I take several strips of packing tape and place them over her mouth. I then tell her to talk. All she is able to do is to
utter very soft muffled noises. Now, for the fun. I take a small vibrator and after putting some lube on it, place it in her butt. Then, I take a larger vibrator and place that one inside of her womanly sex. Then, I turn them both on to
high and leave the room to get the ice. While I am gone, I can hear her moaning and attempting to scream out in delight from the orgasms she is having from the vibrators. I then return with a small bowl full of ice cubes. I remove the two vibrators from her and then take an ice cube and slowly begin to rub it over her breasts, and then over her clitoris. The sensation of cold makes her squirm and try to shout out with pleasure and delight. Then, I take two ice cubes and place them inside of her womanly sex. I then take the large vibrator and re-inset it so that she has both the ice cubes and vibrator inside. I then turn the vibrator on
low and hold it in. The sensation of the ice, along with the vibrator, is so intense that she starts to buck hard, moan profusely and then begin to cry with delight. She is really getting turned on as I notice that her whole body is shaking with wave after wave of orgasm. While the ice cube and vibrator are inside, I also use my tongue to lightly nibble, suck and lick her clitoris. She has such a
tremendous orgasm from this that tears are streaming down her cheeks and her breasts are heaving up and down in a rhythmic motion. After several minutes like this, I remove the vibrator, and then place my rock-hard penis into her now very wet vagina. While coming inside of her, her body attempts to buck and
strain against her restraints. After I have come and she has had a tremendously fulfilled orgasm, I untie her, remove her gag and then hold her ever so gently and romantically. She tells me that she wants to do this again
when we have another hot spell. I'm ready to go.
Saturday, February 23rd 2013 - 06:40:17 AM
Name: clyde davis78
E-mail address: clyde_davis78@yahoo.com
Comments:hey roger when are you posting more stories. i am wiating to read them and if anyone else has any pleas post them
Friday, February 22nd 2013 - 05:08:55 AM
Name: Roger
Comments:Not a wife episode this time, but the story of how I got started tying up girls.

I was pretty lucky as a kid. I got to tie up almost every girl in my neighborhood. I mostly learned the ropes, so to speak, from watching old Superman re-runs where Lois Lane was always getting tied up. I discovered my obsession with bound and gagged girls at a very early age. I didn't know why I liked it so much, I just did. When I finally actually got to tie up a real girl, the "naughty factor" made me me almost giddy with delight. I knew it was inherently naughty, and if I got caught, I'd be in Big Trouble.

More than a few clotheslines went missing in my neighborhood. I kept ropes and gags stashed up in the woods behind the house. I had a nice campsite set up where I could tie and gag all my girlfriends, close enough to the road where we could duck into the woods on the walk home from the bus stop in the afternoon for a quick-tie.

Sandra and Wendy used to actually ask me to tie them uptogether. They let me take off their socks and shoes and tickle their feet. Barbara always volunteered to be the prisoner, whatever the game was, and seemed to like being placed on display bound and gagged. Michele liked to be kidnaped and rescued. Katie let me tie and gag her, but not when others were around. And I wasn't ever supposed to tell anyone she got tied up.

I recently tried and track down Nancy, the girl who used to babysit me and my brothers. No luck, though. I sure would've liked to thank her, but she passed away in 2004.

Nancy was about 14 at the time. I guess I was maybe 10. We were watching an old Superman re-run, and Lois Lane was tied and gagged (again). I remarked that Lois was always getting tied up. I asked Nancy if she'd ever been tied up. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to. She said okay! From then on, every time she came to sit, it went something like this:

After my younger brothers went to bed, I 'd tell Nancy I had something to show her in the basement. And every time, she would follow me downstairs where I had a chair, various ropes, and gags.

Nancy was a slender girl with long, dark hair. She almost always wore cutoffs, a t-shirt and penny loafers. She would sit in the chair and let me tie and gag her. I bound her hands behind her, gagged her with my cub scout neckerchief tied in her mouth, and lashed her securely to the chair. I'd ask her to try and get loose. Most times she couldn't. After watching her wriggle and give up, I would slip off her shoes, and tie clothesline or box twine between her toes, and tickle her feet a little. She didn't like that at first, but let me do it anyway.

One time, my folks phoned the house while Nancy was tied up. I ran upstairs and answered it. My dad wanted to talk to Nancy. I ran back down to the basement and untied her feet and slipped off her gag and helped her upstairs. I held the phone to her face. After she spoke to my Dad, I hung up the phone, and she said my parents would be home a little later than usual. I asked if she would stay tied up a little longer and she said okay. So I sat her in a chair in the kitchen, got my ropes from the basement for her feet, and re-tied and gagged her in the kitchen.

Nancy outed me once. We were at school, standing in line for the bus. (We had K through 9 in our school.) Nancy was just ahead of me with a couple of her friends. She turned and looked at me, and said, "Roger likes to tie people up in ropes." The girls giggled, and I was a little embarrassed. I didn't say anything, because I didn't want to make her mad and ruin it. Well, she continued to let me tie her up anyway.

One time, Nancy couldn't make it over to sit. So her older sister, Lorraine, substituted. She was about 17, a senior in high school, I think. After she sent my brothers to bed, Lorraine went out to the kitchen, pulled a chair from the table, and sat down. The TV was on in the den; I thought it was strange she would just sit in the kitchen.

I asked Lorraine what she was doing. "My sister said you might want to show me something," she answered. "Okay," I answered and Lorraine followed me down the stairs to the basement. I wasn't really ready, because I knew Nancy wasn't coming. But the chair was in its usual place. Lorraine stood with her hands clasped behind her as I got my ropes and gag out of my hiding place.

"Nancy likes to get tied up," I said. "I know," Lorraine said as she sat in the chair. "She told me."

I was tingling with excitement as Lorraine sat in the chair, crossed her hands behind her and let me tie them. This was somewhat of new experience for me. I had bound and gagged Nancy many times, but Lorraine was more grown up. She had boobs and curves. She was wearing a short dress. She was practically a grown woman to me.

Next I tied her ankles. When I rolled up my neckerchief and held it to her face, she opened wide. She knew exactly what was coming. Apparently Nancy had filled her in on all the details. After gagging her, I used my remaining ropes to tie her legs and arms and tie her to the chair.

"Wanna see something Nancy likes?" I asked. She nodded yes. I got out the box twine. I slipped off Lorraine's shoes and laced the twine between her toes. She giggled as I tied her feet and toes.

"Nancy really likes that," I said. "Mmm hmm," she answered through her gag. I tickled her feet and watched her wriggle and laugh.

"Whap fime iv ip?" Lorraine asked. I told her I'd check. I ran upstairs to check the kitchen clock and came back down.
"About ten," I said.
"You pharempf mm vee home foom."
"I know."
"Mavee if fime ff umfie me."
"Okay, five more minutes?" Lorraine nodded yes.

After a few minutes, I suggested a game, and told Lorraine we should pretend she's kidnaped, and she could call for help and I'd come and save her (played that game a lot with Sandra). So, I went to the top of the stairs, and after a moment she began calling for help. I came down and untied her. She sat in the chair and rubbed her wrists, put her shoes on, and went upstairs. I stashed my ropes and gag in their hiding place and went up to the den.

A few weeks later, Nancy was back. "I heard you tied up my sister," Nancy said.
"I warned her about you." I would loved to have heard that conversation.

And down to the basement we went. Lorraine returned one more time after that, and spent the evening tied to the chair and gagged again. I've always wondered if the girls ever got tied up again after me. I moved away when I was 14, which was probably best, since I was starting to "think stuff" about girls. Tied-up girls.

Thanks, Nancy. Thanks, Lorraine. And all the other girls! I'd be interested to read how some of the rest of you out there got your start in this "hobby."

Sunday, February 17th 2013 - 12:52:19 PM
Name: hogtied couple
E-mail address: whitecouple4blk@yahoo.com
Comments:please roger lets here more and wife gagger email us please
Sunday, February 17th 2013 - 10:27:01 AM
Name: clyde davis78
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Comments:roger keep writing and i wish more would also. i dont have any thing to write or tell about my wife or anyone else. i wish i did but i come in here every day looking for something to read
Wednesday, February 13th 2013 - 03:23:20 AM
Name: Rger
Comments:Thanks, wifegagger. As long as I know people are reading and apperciating, I'll keep posting!
Monday, February 11th 2013 - 05:39:38 AM
Name: wifegagger
Comments:Awesome Roger!!!
Sunday, February 10th 2013 - 06:15:27 AM
Name: Roger
Comments:In a small apartment, a young wife and mother lies hogtied nude on the living room floor. She is bound securely with thick, snug ropes and gagged with a red bandana tied in her mouth.

Alone and helplessly bound, she contemplates her predicament. She's tested her ropes, and has abandoned any notion of escape. She resigns herself to remaining tied and gagged until she is rescued.

The gag in her mouth is growing wet with saliva. She tries to raise her head to look at the clock on the wall to see how long she's been tied up, but it's hard. The gag stretches tight into the corners of her mouth as she attempts to raise her head.

Her nose itches a little, from her hair tickling it. She tries to scratch it on the carpet. It works, but it's awkward. She is slightly startled as the phone rings. She lies helpless as the answering machine gets it. But no message.

Time passes. The ropes are beginning to feel tight. Her gag is soggy in her mouth. She tries to move around, but all she can really do is wriggle her fingers and toes. However she does actually enjoy the sensation of the clothesline tied between her toes.

She wonders now if that second cup of tea earlier was a good idea. She has to pee. Oh, not bad, yet, but the sensation makes her more conscious of the rope tied between her legs and up her ass. It seems to have gotten tighter, and she senses it pressing against her clitoris.

She hears a car pull into the driveway and stop. She hears the car door open and close, and keys jingling at the door to the apartment.

Her husband steps in with a small shopping bag in his hand. He closes the door and just stares at her.

Her gag muffles her words. It sounds like she's saying, "Help! I'm bound and gagged!" She repeats her calls for help, as her husband simply watches. She struggles in her ropes. Her nipples are getting sensitive from rubbing on the carpet. That crotchrope is pressing harder on her clit.

Her husband leisurely removes several rolls of film from the shopping bag and loads one into his camera. She follows him with her eyes as he photographs her hogtied nude. She poses, as best she can in her ropes and gag.

He tells her to roll on her side. She does her best to swing her legs and get some momentum to roll over. It takes several tries. She hears the motor drive on the camera run as she struggles to move.

He wants her face down again, but this time he moves her himself. She lies helpless as he changes the roll of film in the camera. She really needs to pee now. Not the best time for him to tickle her feet, but she holds on.

Finally, he unties the hogrope binding her wrists to her ankles. He begins the arduous task of untying her. It takes a few minutes. He unties the knots and loosens her ropes, but leaves it to her to get out of her ropes and remove her gag herself.

After a few minutes, she returns to the living room, nude with the gag dangling around her neck. She has deep, crisp rope marks all over her body.

He takes her in his arms and kisses her.

* * *

That was my wife hogtied and gagged that day. The photos turned out great.

I have an extensive collection of bondage pictures. You can find just about anything you want these days. But my favorites are of a 26-year-old blonde girl hogtied and gagged in her apartment.

To all of you lovely ladies out there who let us bind and gag you and photograph you, thanks! Trust me when I say on behalf of all us lucky fellows, seeing one's own wife bound and tied in ropes and gags is the best. Oh sure, it's fun to look at pictures of tied up girls. I especially love the vintage stuff, the old Bettie Page pics from the 50s. But seeing my own wife in bondage is the hottest thing ever, and girls, we all feel that way about you.
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Name: anonymous
Comments:An Unexpected Surprise

My lovely Asian Wife is always concerned that I am able to cum when we make love. She feels that when we engage in fantasy role play this will help me to cum much better, longer and stronger than if she performs oral sex with me. Also, as part of the fantasy role play, she likes it when I tie her up, completely restrain her, and include sensory deprivation as part of our fantasy role play lovemaking.
For her, she finds that I cum stronger and last longer if I cum in her small little rosebud. And, I have to admit, I do have a much more powerful ejaculation when I come in her rectum.

She likes to fantasize in our role play that she is being attacked by a burglar (me) who has stripped her, tied her spread-eagled and face down on her stomach on the bed, and has gagged her with a panty, placed tape over her mouth, put cotton balls over her eyes and then tape over the cotton balls, and stuffed cotton into her ears. Just her telling me this makes me get hard.

Since this is her fantasy, I am very eager to oblige.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked up to my wife while she was in the Kitchen and said to her want to be ravished? Immediately she turned around and said lets do it now. I told her to wait in the kitchen and then come into the bedroom in about fifteen minutes. While she was waiting, I prepared to make her fantasy come true. However, I had an unexpected surprise for her- Ginger.

As my wife entered the bedroom and being ready and in disguise, I grabbed her and clamped my hand over her mouth, telling her to keep quiet. I then shut the door and with my hand over her mouth, I told her dont do anything stupid. I am just here to rob you. But first, I need to make sure you are restrained and secured so you cant escape and summon help. Do you understand? Nod your head if you understand. She nodded her head. Good, I said, now I am going to take my hand off your mouth. Dont scream. She did as told. Now, I want you to go get the following from your drawers: two clean panties. She did as told. Next, I want you to go to the bathroom and get four cotton balls. She again did as told. Now hand those over to me. She gave me the panties, and the cotton balls. Now, I want you to take off all of your clothes, and then go lie face down on the bed, on your stomach, with your arms and legs spread out. Again, she did as told.

With her nude, face down and spread eagled on the bed, I began to restrain her.
Using the duct tape I already had with me. I tightly taped each of her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Then, I picked up the panties. Open your mouth, I told her. She did as told. I shoved the panties into her mouth and then applied tape over her mouth to hold the panties in place. Next, I placed two cotton balls over her yes and secured those with tape as well. Then, I took the two remaining cotton balls and placed one in each ear.

Looking at her being helpless, fully exposed and sensory deprived made my cock start to get hard.

Now, with her fully restrained and unable to speak, see or hear, I removed my clothes and my black ski-mask.

I climbed on top of her and began to slowly rub my now hard cock over her pussy and rectum. While I was doing this, she began to moan and mew through her gag and squirm against her restraints.

I could tell she was enjoying having my cock rub against her small puckered rosebud as her moans and mews became louder and louder.

Just as I started to press my dick against her rectum, I stopped. Immediately she started to moan and mew as if telling me she wanted me to continue.

However, I had a surprise for her. I took a piece of cut ginger and placed it in her rectum. Immediately, she began to squirm, moan and mew with more intensity. She struggled, mewed and moaned through her gag and began shaking her head from side to side. I just watched with delight as the ginger was doing its job. Her body was shaking and she was bucking as the ginger continued to remain in her rectum for at least ten minutes. During that time, I saw she was having multiple, small orgasms. All of a sudden, her body began to violently shake with a huge, final orgasm and then a huge wet patch began to appear under her body.

When she stopped shaking, I removed the ginger root from her rectum and then removed her gag, blindfold and restraints. She then slowly got up, turned to me, and gave me a big hug and a passionate kiss. This was the most intense and earth-shattering orgasm I have ever had, she said. I loved it. From now on, I want our fantasy role plays to always be this way.

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Comments:hey what happened to the stories no one is writing any. i wish i had some i could put in here but i dont
Monday, February 4th 2013 - 02:22:02 PM
Name: Remarker
Comments:Pellicule, I'm sure it is an accident. I'm confident War Marchine will continue the excellent story. While we wait, please everyone, step up with YOUR true tales or fiction.
Wednesday, January 9th 2013 - 08:16:37 PM
Name: Pellicule
Comments:I note with some alarm that there is no "to be continued" at the bottom of Warmachine's latest post, and hope this was just an authorial oversight. Please keep going, each chapter helps turn this into a long-form classic!
Sunday, January 6th 2013 - 03:08:12 PM
Name: WarMachine
Comments:When I got there I stood at the door where the case was hidden. He was telling the boys that they shouldnt have run off like that and that Auntie C was very busy so they should return to the house. But then Carter said that Auntie C said we could come over. Caught off guard I simply nodded and chocked out a yes. Mr. H told the boys I was just being polite and to come along. Well they started to make such a fuss that I jumped in and said to leave the boys here, they werent any trouble. He made sure I was sincere and added on his way out to send them home if they became a nuisance. Then back home he went.
I put my hands on my hips and looked down at them. I mildly scolded them, but I wasnt really mad at them. I told them they could stay but I had some things I had to do and turned to pick up the case behind the door. But when I went to grab it, it was gone! I turned to the boys and asked them where did they hide it. They said they hid it because they didnt want Grandpa to find it. I said very well, thank you and could you get it now? They said theyd get it and took off.
They were gone a little longer than they should have been, then Ernie came back with one of the wrist cuffs! I frantically asked where was the Police Case! He said here is one piece and I took it from him. He informed me Carter had the rest. I rushed to the next room but didnt see him. Then Ernie came up and said that Carter said I had to put whatever piece I found on me. Why those little rascals. I didnt want to but to expedite the recovery of everything else I said ok. So I put the cuff on my wrist and showed him. Then Ernie took one of the padlocks from his pocket, unlocked it with the key he produced and motioned for me to lower my wrist. I had put the cuff on loosely but Ernie tightened it and snapped the small padlock to it. It looks like they had given this little ploy some thought. I asked him now what and he said we look for the other stuff in the house.
We moved through room and I spotted the leg cuffs with two padlocks and a chain. I went to them with Ernie in tow. I picked them up but Ernie was at my ankles so I let him put them on me. I might as well keep them happy were my thoughts. I wanted to get this over with before Mr. H came back or someone else paid us a visit. While he was hooking up the chain to hobble me I asked how long would I have to wear this? He said that Carter said once you found every things we were done.
We found an elbow cuff next. Then I found the chocker and padlock. Mr. H had added it to our collection because he like women with chokers and it was handy to hook on things because it had four chrome rings on it. It locked like the other cuffs. When Ernie finished insuring it was sung he padlocked it on and said they werent sure what it was. I was learning not to underestimate these boys, the hard way.
In the sink we unfortunately found the ball gag. Rather than having Ernie put it on, I wanted to put this on myself for obvious reasons. Then we found the other wrist cuff. I let Ernie put it on but placed my hands together in front of me hoping he would fasten them there. No such luck. He said Auntie C you know your hands go behind you. So he fastened them together with the padlock already on my other wrist. When he was finished he called to Carter and said, okay, got her! Carter came booming down the stairs, thank god, with the case.
They were congratulating them selves for capturing Auntie C. I let them have their moment then mumbled to them to release me. Once they understood what I wanted Carter said I still had the other elbow cuff to put on. I shook my head but he said I had to have everything on before they were done. So I let him put the other cuff on. Thinking they were going to put the chain on I was surprised when I could feel them trying to get my elbows together. I wouldnt have mined it much except I had not put a bra on figuring I would change before I went over. I had a plain white t shirt, shorts and no socks on. With my elbows behind my back the material stretched across my top would enhance my boobs and clearly show more than I intended. But I knew if I struggled to hard the boys would only prolong the bondage. So when Carter told me to kneel so they could connect my elbows I conceded.
So they now had me all restrained. I gave them some time to gloat then turned my back to them to indicate I wanted the cuffs taken off. Well it looked like I wasnt going to be release right after they put all the police cuffs on me but some time after. I was a little angry with them but felt more foolish at myself for allowing two small boys to truss me up so thoroughly.
Well this time they had plans for me rather than just staring. Carter pulled out a chain; this one had a clasp at each end that you would find on a dog leash. It was three or four feet long and thats just he used it for. It was clipped to my collar. Then the humiliation began. They led me around like a dog. First one would walk me through the house then the other one wanted a turn. When they tugged on the leash I had no choice but to follow. Finally when they started to argue I remembered our rule and I started to snap my fingers. At first they looked at me then they seemed to remember what that meant at the same time. I knelt down and Carter removed my gag. Finally! I thought.
Very calmly I told them that theyve had their fun but it was time to release me like they promised. Then Carter said they had promised to release me after I had on all the police stuff on but they didnt say when. I was trying to appeal to their eight year old intellect. I said that that was a technicality. Ernie asked what was technity? I told them it means that as soon as I had on the police cuffs they were to let me go. I added that they wouldnt want their Grandfather to find that his Grandkids were miss behaving, What if he decided to come over now? Like I said, they had given this some thought. Ernie said they would put me in the bathroom until Grandpa left. Then Carter said they would let me go when they said so and rammed the gag back into my mouth and buckled it tightly. I was now at the mercy of these two boys.
They continued to walk me through my home Then Carter decided he wanted to see what was in the basement. He took me to the stair well and I hesitated. I had never tried to climb or descend a set of stairs before while hobbled. I stood their shaking my head no and snapping my fingers. This time they didnt remove the gag. Carter seemed to be a little pissed I had tried to end their fun early. I held up a foot indicating the chain and he realized why I didnt want to go down. After he removed it he pulled on the leash and I had to follow bent over down the stairs while Ernie followed. I was watching my step trying not to fall being bound the way I was but Carter was watching something else, My boobs!
Carter had kept the leash very taught which kept me slightly bent forward. This made my boobs hang down and out. They would sway from side to side as my body made exaggerated movements due to the bondage. They would bounce whenever I took a step making them jiggle. But the worse part was I was starting to drool! It was dripping onto my top and getting it wet. This made the thin material of my T shirt stick to my boobs while rendering the material see-through.
When we got to the bottom, Cater called Ernie around to face me. Cater was infatuated with my boobs. He told Ernie to look at my boodies and told me to jump. Well, that wasnt going to happen. He kept telling me and I shook my head, snapped my fingers and kept turning away from them but they both were on my leash and kept pulling me back. Finally Ernie told Cater that we should take the ball-strap out of my mouth and Cater said that he knew what I wanted (to be let go). He turned to Ernie and asked him if he wanted to let me go? I was nodding my head yes but Ernie said no. Drat!
Our basement is half finished. On one side there is a rec-room with couches, chairs, wall mounted Plasma TV, DVD, the works. The other half held the furnace, tools and our exercise equipment consisting of a couple of machines, bench and treadmill.
Carter still wanting me to move my boobs kept me walking back and forth; he picked up the pace and realized that the faster I moved, the more my boobs bounced. Well he kept trying to pick up the pace but kept running out of room. Finally he gave up and handed the leash over the Ernie who had been complaining that it was his turn. Ernie was gentler and didnt pull so hard. He let me sit down because I was a little winded after my little jaunt with Carter. I think he took pity on me. Anyway when Carter went into the other room to see what was in there I made every effort to make Ernie un-gag me. I umphed, and turned my head so he could get to the buckle. Just when I felt him about to unbuckle the strap, Cater poke his head around and told Ernie to bring me in there. I was so close! When Ernie pulled on the chain I followed.
Carter had discovered the treadmill because he said it was like the one they had at home. He grabbed the leash and pulled me toward the machine. I stopped dead in my tracks. I wasnt going to go on there tied up the way I was. Both of them were now pulling and just when I thought I was going to loose the tug of war the phone rang! We all looked at each other with wide eyes then made for the phone. The call display indicated that it Mr, H! I umphed and pushed my face toward them to take my gag off. So when I bent down Ernie came to my rescue and started to remove my gag. Finally, out it came followed by a trail of saliva. Meanwhile Carter had pick up the phone and was talking to his Grandfather. I worked my jaw then Carter said he wanted to talk to me, I could see the terror in his eyes, he knew he was in trouble. He held the receiver to my ear.
Mr. H said that his ride was there early and he was going to leave. He asked if the boys were giving me any trouble, I just told him that weve just been running around a little. He said his ride wanted to see the boys; would I bring them over. I told him that they were pretty busy playing with the new toys they had found. Then he asked if he could come over. I hesitated calculating if the boys could release me before they arrived. I told him that I was in no condition to receive guest but maybe when they returned they could see them. He said okay then asked if I was Okay. I said oh sure just a little winded, the boys really had me running. He laughed and said he knew they could be a hand full. He thanked me again and I said they would be waiting when he got home. Good Bye.
Whew! Crisis averted. At least now I could talk to these kids. I stood up before either of them could replace the gag. I told them play time was over and we had to go back to their house. Then I said that they had broken the rules. They should have taken the ball-strap out of my mouth when I signaled them. Further I asked Carter why he was trying to make my boobies go up and down. He looked down and said he didnt know, and then he said he thought they were nice. I told him he shouldnt be looking at them. Then he asked me why. That stumped me and the only thing I could think to say was because women dont like you looking at them. I could see he was confused when he asked why again. I was running out of reasons and starting to see why. These kids were innocent and curious, they didnt know why they liked them and I couldnt give them an explanation they would understand.
Then he asked me if I was going to tell his Grandpa. I said of course not and told them that they were good boys (other than keeping me tied up). He very sadly asked in his little voice if I didnt like him looking at them. Now Im not a physiatrist but something was telling me to just let it go. So I said no, I dont mind. He smiled and said okay. We both looked down at them and the top of my boobs were sticking to the t shirt. Then we both laughed.
I got up again as I had kneeled to talk to him and said now can you please take these off of me. Ernie said he didnt have as long a turn as Carter and it wasnt fair. And he pouted. Well I could see this wasnt going to be over quickly. I said dont you think Ive been tied up long enough. Still pouting he explained that I wasnt tied up I was cuffed up and no apparently I wasnt cuffed up long enough. Im such a push over so I asked if another five minutes would be enough. Then Carter whispered in his ear, Ernie said ten. Alright, ten. Again Carter whispered in his ear, and he wanted to put the ball-strap in my mouth just like Carter did. I said alright but if I snap my fingers and you dont take it out we will never play again, deal? Deal.
So in the gag went, Ernie tightened it then Carter corrected him, grabbed the strap and said it has to be tighter or it will come out and the corners of my mouth were once again pulled back. Then just as Ernie was going to take me for a walk Carter stopped him and told me to put my feet together. Having just giving him a speech that I didnt mind the boob stare I relented and let them padlock my ankles together. I knew what was going to happen next. Ernie pulled on the leach I was jerked forward then had to hop so as not to fall down.
The boys were in front of me watching my boobs bounce. Now I like to think I have firm breasts but they are the breasts of a fifty-ish year old woman. So although theyre firm and ample, they werent as tight as they were thirty years ago. If the boys wanted to see bounce, they couldnt have pick a better set of knockers. So there we were two small boys tugging on a chain making this bound and gagged woman hop, just to see her boobs bounce. I cant tell you how long I was hopping but after what I thought was ten minutes, I snapped my fingers. They immediately stopped and rushed to remove my gag. I told them time was up, it was time to release me. They gave me the ah, it wasnt ten minutes yet. I just said a deal is a deal. I saw Ernie hold his wiener like he had to pee. I asked him that very question. He nodded and I said well why dont you go? He didnt want to miss his turn. I said hurry up well wait and he took off.
I asked Carter to release me and he said Ernie had the key. When he returned I asked him for the key. Ernie checked his pocket then the other one he didnt have it. Then I asked Carter if he had it and he said he gave it to Ernie. I started to panic slightly. Carter said Ernie lost it, Ernie said he didnt and the accusations started. I broke up the fight by telling them there must be another key in the case.
So we all went upstairs, Carter then Ernie, still holding my leash and me bringing up the rear. Carter checked the case and there wasnt any other key. This wasnt good. I told the boys to start checking every place theyve been Ernie, check the bathroom. We all started searching the house. We didnt find the key. I was panicking now but I held my composure for the boys sake. There must be another key at Mr. Hs house because I distinctly remember seeing a small black bag in the case that Mr. H took the key from and it sounded like there were more keys. Then I realized I now had to cross the backyards like this!
I could have let the boys go next door but they didnt know what to look for and I didnt want to leave them alone. I thought about cutting the cuffs off but that was an accident waiting to happen. Instead I told the boys to get my coat and put it around my shoulders. They wanted to know why. I told them because I didnt want anyone to see my police cuffs when we went outside. They couldnt understand why that was a problem, were they doing something wrong? I didnt want to confuse them or promote the situation and just told them I didnt want anyone else to play, it was our secret; remember? They assured me that they wouldnt let anyone else play so they put the coat back on the hook. Not wanting to waste anymore time I said alright; just make sure no one is looking at us and well go over.
I had them insure all the police equipment was back in the case, then we started to leave when Carter said hold on. He wanted to put the ball strap back in my mouth because I was still their prisoner. I told him the game was over and we just needed the key to take the cuffs off. He didnt agree and politely asked to put it back in my mouth. We had wasted enough time already and I had been in these restraints long enough I just let him put it back on.
They led me across the yard and into Mr. Hs house. Luckily no one saw us, not that I could tell anyway. I snapped my fingers and the gag was removed. I told the boys to look for a small back bag with strings on the end to close it. After a few minutes of searching I was starting to get anxious. That was when Erie said he had found it! Thank god! He opened it and took out one of the keys and unlocked my wrist cuffs. What a relief once the last cuff was removed. It took me a few minutes to get the feeling back to my arms and hands.
We put everything away and I put the case back in its place then I said we have to go back to my house so I could change. I changed out of my wet t-shirt and put on proper clothes, and freshened up. Once ready we made our way over to Mr. Hs house. Of course they wanted to play capture the spy using their ropes but I begged off informing them that I needed a break and perhaps later we could play. To take their mind off of it I asked if they wanted pizza and we could pick up a movie when we went to pick it up. I was back in their good books. I place the order over the phone then we left for the video store.
Saturday, January 5th 2013 - 10:27:26 PM
Name: clyde_davis789
E-mail address: clyde_davis78@yahoo.com
Comments:when is the next story coming from warmachine cant wait to read it and i dont like reading
Friday, January 4th 2013 - 06:06:51 AM
Name: a1984944
E-mail address: greengag@gmail.com
Comments:Love the stories here so I thought I'd share as well.

My wife had never had a bondage experience till we were married - even when we dated, it never came up until our wedding night when a girl from my work handed her a bag and said it was for the honeymoon.

We had gone out a few times with Jill and her husband while we dated and it was a no brainer to invite them to the wedding - I am so thankful we did!!

I had always loved seeing a bound and gagged woman sice the day I was walking thru the woods and found an old Penthouse that featured two ladies in black outfits and one had this STUNNING red ball between her lips!! I search for that issue/pics to this day and have never found them!

The first girl i tied up was a gf in college - i brought knee high pantyhose over one night and tied her spreadeagle on the bed.
As I entered her, she had an uncontrolable orgasm but we ended up breaking up not long after that.

So back to the wedding night, we go to the hotel, still in our dress and tux and open the package. In it are two long coils of rope so I had a little fun tying my wifes to the posts as she sat up in the bed. After snapping a few pics, I noticed she was turned on a bit so we went at it. Later that evening, I hogtied her onn the bed and made her satisfy me w her mouth.

When we were done, I asked how she liked it and she said she loved me being in complete control. I explained that I too found it a turn on to BE in control!

That was the last time I tied her up during our honeymoon/
To be continued...
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Name: WarMachine
E-mail address: warmachine11@hotmail.com
Comments:Anyway one day I arrived and he said he couldn’t play today because he had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. The pharmacy was at the end of the street about a five minute walk. He asked me if I wanted to come along. I said sure since I had gotten off of work early and was expecting to spend the next half hour tied up. But just as we were about to leave, I had an idea and asked him to hold on. I went to the bondage case and returned with the handcuffs. Remember these I said. He said yes but wondered what I was going to do with them. I handed them to him turned around and told him to put them on. Once then were secure I told him to wrap my jacket around my shoulders and button the top button. Then I had him tuck the sleeves into the pockets and said ready.
He asked if I really planned to go out like that. I said sure why not? Then he looked behind me and said my fingers were poking out the bottom. I told him that a person can walk with their hands behind them? He just looked at me and said you’re crazy and off we went.
The walk to the pharmacy proved more strenuous and exhilarating than I expected. Although the handcuffs were covered my fingers weren’t. Even though this was my idea, I felt so exposed. I kept thinking that everyone we passed knew I was handcuffed. We passed neighbors and friends and if they gave me a second glance I immediately panicked.
When we arrived at the pharmacy I followed Mr. H to the prescription counted. His order would be ready in ten minutes. Ten minutes seemed like an eternity. I walked around the store trying to avoid other people. Mr. H kept telling me to relax but I couldn’t. I was continually on the look out for someone trying to pierce my secret; my dirty little secret.
Finally the order was ready and we headed home. As we left the store two teenagers who were in the store were outside. They were eyeing me. I hoped it was because I was a good looking ‘Cougar’ and not because I was wearing handcuffs. I could see them speaking to each other then they started to follow us! I told Mr. H that I thought those kids were following us. He laughed and said what were they going to do? Anyway they turned down another street half way home. All went well until we got home. As I was waiting for Mr. H to open the door, a gust of wind blew the back of my jacket exposing my cuffed wrists. I quickly spun around and when I did I caught the attention of a couple walking past the house. They quickly looked at me. I turn crimson with embarrassment. I thought they saw the handcuffs. If they did they didn’t react because they turned their heads and kept walking. The door opened and I rushed inside.
All this time Mr. H was having a ball watching me squirm. He told me that he bet I wouldn’t do that again and I said was he kidding? It was great! I couldn’t wait to do it again. Well the opportunity presented it self sooner than expected.
A day later on Saturday, my husband was to work in Mr. H’s basement. The water softener needed to be moved and my husband was going to re-rout the water pipes. I had finished my work at home, decided to make a lunch for my man and Mr. H and went over to drop it off. I came in the back door and called out to Mr. H. Hearing no response I move into the kitchen to drop off the food. Suddenly someone came up behind me and place their hand over my mouth. My surprise was quickly abated when I turned and realized it was Mr. H.
He pushed me forward, still covering my mouth and led me toward his spare room. He whispered in my ear to keep quiet because my husband was still downstairs. What I saw when he opened the door shocked me. On the bed was his collection of rope!
While I stood there in stunned silence, Mr. H stuffed the ball gag in my mouth and connected all the straps of the harness gag. He was going to tie me up with my husband directly one floor below me! He maneuvered me toward the bed then took some rope and began tying me up. My hands and elbows were tightly tied behind me. Then he wrapped a few turns of rope around my waist over my wrists snuggly and cinched the rope between my wrists and back. Next he had me lie down on the bed facing the door that entered the room. He tied my knees and ankles as tightly as my arms and hands. He slipped a rope between my ankles. I was waiting for him to hogtie me but instead he slipped the other end of the rope through a ring in the strap on top of my head and pulled the rope back to my feet. Then he started to pull. What a shock it was when my head started to come up off the bed while my feet where pulled up to my wrists. He had connected the rope to a ring on my head and was now drawing me into a hogtie! He pulled the rope until my feet went as far as they would go. Meanwhile my head was pulled so far back that I was starring at the ceiling. He tied the end off to my ankle rope.
I was in the most restrained position I had ever been in and now I knew what the ring on top of my head was for. Mr. H leaned down to me and in a low voice said not to move or make a sound; my husband was almost done downstairs. Was he joking! I couldn’t move and couldn’t complain or even make a sound. So there I was a statue, hogtied starring at the ceiling; worried at moment my husband could inadvertently enter the room and find his wife in this humiliating, demoralizing position. The danger level had peaked. That’s when I got to thinking; how come I would let another man put me in this position but not want my husband to? Was it the brother sister thing I had with Mr. H? Was I afraid of letting my husband think I was submissive?
As Mr. H left the room, he just closed the door when my husband came up the stairs. My husband asked if I was there. Mr. H said no. Then my husband must have seen the food on the counter and said I must be here. Mr. H quickly recovered and said I had been by but just to drop off the food. My husband said good thing because he was hungry. I had to endure waiting for them to finish eating.
The torment only lasted twenty minutes or so because my husband had already finished downstairs and just had to clean up before he left. After he left Mr. H released me and checked to make sure I was okay. Other than the rope marks I was fine. I asked him about he thing with the head to ankle tie. He said he’d seen it on the internet and reminded me that I had said ‘any position’. Touché again.
I made ready to leave and as I did my husband saw me leaving the house. Mr. H was outside also when my husband asked where I was because Mr. H had told him I wasn’t there. I looked over at Mr. H then back at my husband and said something like he must have had me tied up somewhere; smiled at Mr. H and left it at that.
Having me tied up while the threat of being discovered was a thrill for both of us. Mr. H, now sure I was comfortable with it, tried to accommodate. Not every time mind you, but enough. One time I was tied to the pole in basement while my husband helped Mr. H arrange some furniture upstairs. Had he walked downstairs he would have found me trussed to the pole. Another time I was hogtied on the living room table while Mr. H talked to a solicitor at the front door. The solicitor kept wanting to come in but Mr. H didn’t allow it because had he, the solicitor need only look to his right and find me hogtied staring at the ceiling. Mr. H had ordered a pizza and guess who was bound and gagged on the other side of the door? That’s right, yours truly.
Then one day I came home and I noticed a strange car in Mr. H’s driveway. Figuring he had company, I didn’t bother going over. Later that evening there was a knock at the door and Mr. H was there with two small boys I would guess ages eight and nine. He introduced them as his grandsons Ernie and Carter. He said they would be staying for a while and wanted the boys to meet me as the person that helps grandpa around the house and a good friend. I said hi to them but they were shy and just said hello. Mr. H explained that I’d be over from time to time so he thought they should meet me. I said great. With that done, they left.
The next day I went over to Mr. H’s house. The kids were there and Mr. H greeted me at the door. He was relieved to see me. He said the boys are bored already. They did the computer thing but there were no computer games, board games or toys the play with. I could see he was begging me to intervene with out really asking.
So I got the boys together and asked them if anyone wanted to get some ice-cream? I could tell the younger one did and the older one just said well okay. I thought I could break the ice with them if I took them for a ride and let them get comfortable with me. Mr. H just looked at me and with relief and mouthed the words thank you. By the time we got back we were fast friends and I was now ‘Auntie C.’. To entertain them we played games like tag, Simon Says and hide and seek. When I left I had to promise the boys I’d be over tomorrow, which I did.
The next day before I went over to see the kids and Mr. H, I dug out some of my kids old toys (I’m still waiting for grandchildren). Actually I just grabbed one of the boxes I thought could carry, I didn’t know what was in it. When I go there the boys were excited to see me but more excited about the toys. Mr. H just looked relieved. Anyway the boys tore into the toys. Mr. H and I had coffee and talked. The toys took up all their interest so I didn’t waste much time there other than doing the dishes while we talked then went home.
The next day when I arrived the boys were excited to see me and wanted to play a game. They had toy bows and arrows and toy six shooter guns. Mr. H said that they had found them in the toy box I brought and had been shooting each other all day. One was a cowboy the other was an Indian but both wanted to be Indians. So when I turned to them and said what should I be, they said cowgirl and handed me a toy gun. I asked how to play and they said that they hid behind things and tried to shoot each other with the bow and arrows. I said my gun doesn’t shoot anything and they said we’d pretend it did. Alright I said. Mr. H retired to his computer, I think he needed a break.
It wasn’t really a game. They’d shoot their arrow, I’d duck behind something, the arrow would shoot over my head then I’d shoot my gun. They’d say I missed and run and get their arrow (they each had one). This went on until the nine year old (Carter) said he was bored. I said okay what else would you like to play? I was on my hands and knees at the time hiding when the eight year old (Ernie) decided to jump on my back. When he did, he said giddy up! He was pretty light so I neighed like a horse and started to crawl around the room on my hands and knees like a horse. After a bit Carter decided that it looked like fun and wanted a turn. Carter told him to get off and Erie said no. I intervened and said they should take turns. So Ernie reluctantly got off and Carter jumped on.
We wasn’t much heavier than the little one so I played horsy with him. I took him around but he kept trying to steer me. I said tell me where to go and I’d go there, but he said horses can’t talk. Then he grabbed my hair (I have long blond hair) and started to jerk my head in the direction he wanted to go. I was annoyed and told him to let go. When he didn’t I said the ride was over. Then he lighted up and said he was sorry. Suffice it to say both kids used this method of steering their ‘horse’.
I told them I was tired and wanted to play another game (I had to give them one more ride each). When they didn’t come up with anything I suggested we go outside. We played the shoot up game then Carter stumbled across some rope hanging in the garage and came running out saying lets play capture the spy! I asked how the game was played. He said the spy would hide, then the other two agents would try to find him. When you did, you’d shoot the spy with your gun, tie them up and bring him back to your hideout. I thought like grandfather like grandson. I said okay because I wasn’t worried about getting tied up, I mean after what Mr. H has put me through this should be a cake walk. I asked where my rope was and he said you won’t need one because you’re going to play the spy! I said two against one doesn’t seem fair and Ernie said you’re bigger than us. Alright, I’ll give him that.
The boys went inside to their hideout and said I had thirty seconds to hide.
Once they were gone I frantically looked for a place to hide. There wasn’t anywhere other than behind the shed so I hid there. I heard ‘times up!’ and out came the boys. Well one came around one end of the shed and the other around the other side and when they came around the corner they shot me. I of course played up my death scene and fell to the ground. They tried to move me but I would budge.
Carter told me to get up and I said I’m dead. But in the end I sat up and let them tie me up. Tied up was a general term they wrapped rope around me, told me to get up and Carter took the end of the rope and led me into the house. The rope was so loose that by the time I got to the house I was cradling the rope in my arms because it would have fallen off. Nice job I commented. Carter said that they were going to retie me at the hide out, Ernie chimed in with a ya and real good to! Their hide out was the basement. They sat me in a straight back wooden chair. They each grabbed a hand and brought it behind my back and looped a few turns around my wrists. Then they brought the rope under the chair and tied my feet together. The rest of the rope was wrapped around my torso.
They were satisfied that I would never get out of that and were all smug about it as they stood in front of me with folded arms. You should have seen their faces when I dropped the rope from my wrists, lifted the rope over my head and pulled the rope off my feet. Well after the shock they looked sad and said that it was my turn now to chase them. I could see they were sad so I said how about we go to Dairy Queen instead? Well the smiles and cheers returned and we were off.
Well day three arrived and I was over to see my two banditos. When I arrived I was greeted with cheers for Auntie C and hugs (I couldn’t wait to have grandchildren). Anyway the little one pipes up right away and said they learned to tie today. Mr. H came over and explained they were so disappointed that you got out of your ropes so fast yesterday that they asked me to show them how to tie knots. I gave him the ‘oh sure you did’ look. He just smiled. Carter said grandpa showed them how to tie up someone and now we’re going to tie you up! Are you now I said with skepticism. Mr. H told me they had been practicing on each on all day.
I asked them what made them think I wanted to be tied up? They hadn’t thought of that. Then they both looked at me and said please! Of course I gave in. They each grabbed a hand and pulled me into the living room. There was rope everywhere. They asked their grandpa to come and watch and he did. They had me sit on the floor. They each took a piece of rope, Ernie tied my feet together and Carter my wrists. This time I noticed a considerable difference. The ropes were snug but not tight when they were both done they cinched the rope. I knew I could still get out of them but wouldn’t need to hold the rope up anymore. They each grabbed another rope. Eric tied my knees and Carter tied my elbows. They weren’t as tight as I was use to because I think he lacked the strength to pull my elbows together. Then they took a scarf and brought it in front of my face to gag me. When he pressed it against my lips I automatically open my mouth. Carter stopped and said that’s not the way grandpa showed them. Opps! Then Grandpa said that sometimes its better to put the scarf in the mouth because you could tie it tighter and it would stop the person from talking. So Carter cleave gagged me. I guess he thought it was tight. I just bit down to keep the gag in my mouth.
They said they were finished and told me to try to get free. Well I put up a good struggle and made muted gag noises. The boys were very happy but they really didn’t know what to do with me after that. Then Eric suddenly said to Carter we forgot a rope! Carter looked at him. Eric said ‘remember, we tie her hands to her feet’. Carter then remembered and told me to lie down then I rolled onto to my stomach because I knew what was coming next. My feet were brought up to my wrists and ankles. But my legs were only perpendicular the floor not brought up to my wrists, a very mild hogtie. So I struggled for a bit rolled around and finally told them I couldn’t get out. They cheered and said that they were ready for me next time. Mr. H told them they did well and the boys thanked him for teaching them how to tie. He reminded them that they should never tie up someone that didn’t want to be tied up and prompted them for the other rule. They both said never around the neck! I thought very good Mr. H but those rules fell by the wayside when ever he tied me. When I was released they wanted to tie me again but Grandpa said I think that’s enough for today. We were going to have coffee and the boys could practice on each other. Carter said me first and Grandpa said make sure I can see you okay?
I couldn’t come over for a couple of days so when Friday came the boys were excited to see me. They said they missed me and I said I missed them to. Mr. H looked like he’d run a marathon and said they’re all yours. The first thing they wanted to do was play capture the spy, of course. So I went out the back door to hide and they shot me before I made it to the hiding spot. They must have had wanted to capture their spy quick because I had only made it to the middle of the yard. Down I went on my tummy with my arms over my head. The boys pounced on me, ropes in hand. This time Carter sat on my lower thighs and tied my hands together. I noticed my wrists were tied a lot tighter this time, nothing like Mr. H mind you but it would take me a while to get out of these if at all. I felt the rope go around my elbows a couple of turns and heard Cater tell Ernie to ‘grab this’. Then as they pulled in unison my elbows were drawn together. I jerked up and said ‘ow’ when my elbows touched but it slacked off when they tied the knot, but not much. They brought the gag in front of me and I had to lift my head for them to put it in my mouth. It looked like they had grabbed the corners and twirled it because it looked rolled and thin. When they pulled on it, it really dug deep into my mouth, pulling the corners of my mouth back; there was no slack this time.
They told me to get up and I did although it was just a bit harder with your arms tied behind you. Then Carter tied a rope around my waist with a long piece left in front. This was the tether they used to pull me back into the house. As they marched me to their hideout, my husband was coming out our back door. When he saw us he asked the boys what they had there and they said they caught a spy and were going to torture her. My husband said ‘well be extra tough with this one, I hear she’s very dangerous’. I just looked daggers at my husband as the boy said they would.
I was brought down stairs and sat in the chair. They tied my feet and knees and tied them to one leg of the chair. They wrapped rope tightly at my waist and above and below my breasts with my hands over the back of the chair. Thank god these boys were too young to notice appreciate the predicament they had placed me in. The way my boobs stuck out would have embarrassed me. Then torture began. I met to say the tickling. Although I wasn’t very ticklish I put on a show. The only flaw in their procedure was to remove the gag to let the spy talk. I don’t think they really cared what I had to say.
Anyway that game ended. It was getting late and they wanted to play horsy before I left. They alternated taking turns on me pulling my hair this way and that to steer me. I wasn’t a fan of stopping, that’s when they pulled my head back to stop. It didn’t hurt that much because they had learned to split my hair into pig tails. That alleviated the tension. Then they thought it would be fun to both ride me. With double the weight it took twice the effort to move half the distance.
I was getting tired and sore so I said lets play ride the dragon. They were excited to hear this but then asked what that was. I got up and clasped my hands behind me. I squatted a bit and told Carter to use my hands as a step and crawl up onto my back. After a couple of attempts he was on my back I told him to wrap his legs around my waist and put he hands around my neck and hang on. I took off and was ‘Swooping’ through the air running around the house. He was thrilled. As I did this, he kept tightening his grip on my neck while still trying to get me to turn. I had to keep him telling him to loosen up. I wondered why it never happened the when I was a horse. Of course, they weren’t holding my neck I stopped and told him to let go then I leaned forward told him to grab the reins and hold on. He split my hair into pig tails and we were off again. This was much better on my throat at least but worse for my head because they used my hair to steady himself as well as steer me. Next it was Eric’s turn he was much gentler than Carter but hard to get on my back.
Mr. H could see it was getting late and knew I wanted to leave but didn’t want to disappoint he boys so he told them he had rented some movies and order pizza so Mrs. C had to go home. When they asked if I could stay Mr. H said her husband called and said it was his turn to play with her and winked at me. I told them I was sorry but I had to play with my husband sometime too. They kissed me goodbye. Mr. H then asked me if I could baby-sit Sunday afternoon for a few hours because he and to go to the funeral home. Someone had died and he wanted to pay his respects, I said sorry to hear that and of course I would love to baby-sit.
I came over Saturday to find the boys by themselves. They greeted me in the usual manner all hugs and kisses. When I asked where Grandpa was they said that he was resting in bed. I dropped the caesural I brought over (I figured the boys must be getting tired of Grandpa’s cooking) and knocked on his bedroom door. He said to come in. He was in bed. I asked was wrong and he said he was just a little under he weather. He said he wasn’t as young as he use to be and the boys had worn him out. He said he was going to spend most of the day lying down. But quickly he said don’t worry about the boys they’ll be fine.
I said don’t worry I’ll look after them. He told me that wasn’t necessary but I wouldn’t hear of it. You relax; I’ll take care of things. He told me I was a dear. I checked to see if he needed anything then left. I called my husband to tell him of the news and he insisted I stay over here. He said he needed to pack and get the boat ready anyway because he and his buddies were going fishing tomorrow.
I took the boys for ice-cream to give Mr. H some peace and quiet. We came home and watched TV. They wanted to play the spy game but I said maybe later. I didn’t want to wake Grandpa. They reluctantly said ok.
Later, when Ernie and I were cuddling watching a movie we heard a big bang I quickly rushed to see what it was. Carter was on the ground crying. It looked like he had fallen because there was a chair on its side. But what really terrified me was that there on the floor was our bondage case with its contents all over the floor! But I couldn’t worry about that now. I checked Cater over and he seemed fine. It looked like the fall had frightened him more than hitting the ground. Then I heard Mr. H calling. I made sure the boys were fine then hurried to his room.
He had heard a bang and wanted to get up to see what it was. I told him not to worry; Carter had fallen but was alright. He wanted to know if we should take him to the hospital and I said I’ll keep an eye on him and if I thought there was something wrong I’d take him. Then I ushered him back to bed, brought him an orange juice and left. I had to avert another situation.
As I feared, the boys were into all the bondage stuff; cuffs, rope, everything. Carter had the ball gag in his hand, Ernie had the handcuffs and the rest of the stuff was on the floor. And the questions flew; what’s this, what’s that, I want to play with this toy, on and on. I had to think fast. I didn’t want the boys asking Grandpa what all this was, in fact I didn’t want Mr. H to know they had found it. Plus I didn’t want this to get back to their parents which would devastate Mr. H. I didn’t want Mr. H to get up either and find this here so I told the boys to quiet down otherwise they would wake their Grandfather.
So when Carter asked why his Grandfather had this stuff I told them it wasn’t his, it was mine. Then why is it here? Because I had nowhere to put it at home. Then I added that Grandpa must never know I snuck it in here. Then I hunched down and whispered that this had to be our secret, no one else must know. They asked what was all this stuff and why did I have it. I told them I use to be a policewoman but didn’t want to be one anymore and no one was must ever know. They thought this was great and they promised they would keep our secret.
Ernie asked why did I have handcuffs? I told him that when I caught the bad guys I would handcuff them so they wouldn’t get away. Carter asked what was this, holding the ball gag. I said I would put this in their mouth so they wouldn’t bite me. He tired to put it in his mouth and said it wouldn’t fit. That’s because it’s for big people. On and on it went; the leather cuffs were so they wouldn’t run and so on.
Then Ernie tried on one of the ankle cuffs and said it didn’t fit. That’s because this was for big people not little boys. I started to put everything away and Carter said they wanted to play with them. I said this wasn’t for them. Then Carter stood up and said Grandpa won’t know. I was starting to get a little impatient and told him to give me that. He said ‘no’ really loud and quickly shushed him. I said he’d wake his Grandfather. He didn’t care and made his way towards his grandfather’s room. I grabbed him, maybe a little too hard. I reminded him that we had a secret and he promised not to tell anyone. He said I didn’t say we couldn’t play with them. I said alright. You can play with them a little while but I have to put them away before Grandpa got up.
Of course nothing fit them, even the handcuffs wouldn’t close tight enough. This was good; maybe the boys would give up. I suggested we play Spy but Carter said nothing fit. I told him because it was only for big people. Then they both stopped, looked at me and Ernie said you’re a big person. Shit I thought. Try them the on they demanded. I said no. This stuff was for bad guys only not nice girls like me. But Ernie said you’re a spy, that’s a bad guy. Carter chimed in and said ya. I could see they were agitated and were about to yell again so I said okay just a few things.
Ernie handed me the leg cuff and I put it on. Carter got the other one and put it on my other leg. He had seen how I slipped the‘d’ link through one of the slots and said this was no good because they could come right off. He asked how do they stay on? I pulled out a padlock and said with these. Carter wanted me to put it on but I said I couldn’t because I didn’t have a key to open in. Then Ernie reached into the box and pulled out one of the keys. Shit, I had thought Mr. H had hidden them or had them in some sort of pouch. I said that’s the wrong key. Then Carter took the key and opened one of the other padlocks on the floor. See he said. You can use this one. Then he took it and tried to put it on my ankle cuff. I tried to resist but he wasn’t giving up and I didn’t want to antagonize him so I let him snap it on. He unlocked another padlock and told me to put it on the other ankle. Then Ernie wanted a try and put the other one on my ankle.
There I sat hoping we were done. Ernie said but you can still walk. That’s when Carter said we have to tie them together. I said oh ya I forgot, you have to connect then using one of those chains. Then Carter said nu-uh. He took the key, unlocked the padlocks from my ankle cuffs made me put my feet together and used one lock to connect the two cuffs together.
Then Ernie picked up the ball gag, got up (we were all sitting on the floor) and went behind me. He pushed it to my lips and I kept my lips closed then took the gag from him. Well he started to make a fuss and of course Carter chimed in. Since I didn’t want their ruckus to wake their Grandfather I told them alright, just for a little while. So I gave back the gag and Ernie proceeded to put it in my mouth. But I wasn’t going to make it easy and he pushed it in my mouth I still kept my lips closed then Carter told me to open up. So I opened my mouth but not big enough to let the ball in. The Carter started to try to get my mouth to open wider by pulling up on my nose and down on my chin. Well for some reason I started to laugh, then the boys started to. Well that was just enough accidentally make my mouth open large enough to allow Ernie to pull the ball past my teeth and into my mouth. Then he, with Carter’s help buckle it up. It was snug but nothing like Mr. H’s gagging .
There I was ball gagged, with my feet cuffed together sitting on the floor. Then like the first time they tied me up, they didn’t know what to do with me so I made muted gag sounds moved my legs around. They wanted to put some of the other stuff on me but I shook my head and pointed to my wrist like I had a watch on indicating time was up. Then I pulled the gag down out of my mouth and said it was time to put away all my ‘police equipment.’ At first they started to complain but I said a promise is a promise. I had kept my end of the bargain it was time for them to do the same. They still pleaded with me so I told them that maybe we could play another time, knowing that the opportunity would probably never come up. Besides maybe the case would be thrown out by the next time they remembered; if they remembered.
Finally they agreed. Ernie wanted to un-cuff me since Carter got to cuff me. I took off the ball gag and the boys helped me clean up the equipment. I put the case away on the top shelf and we sat down to watch a movie, well a cartoon. I kept the TV low as to not wake their grandfather. Carter was fidgety so I said what’s was wrong. He was still upset he couldn’t put all the police stuff on me. Then Ernie said to Carter why don’t you just tie her up. Carter, hearing this took off to get his spy rope before I could stop him. When he returned, I told him to hold it. Since their Grandfather was asleep and wasn’t around to watch we needed to have some rules. They listened attentively. First you have to stay absolutely quiet. Second if you put the scarf in my mouth I won’t be able to talk so when I snap my fingers you have to immediately take the scarf out of my mouth so I can talk. And when I say it’s over you have to untie me. Well of course they agreed.
They sort of man handled, (boy handle?) me to the ground on to my stomach and proceeded to tie my up but when they got to the gagging part they stopped. They had a little discussion as to where the scarf was. They didn’t have it so they were wondering what else they could use to put in my mouth. Then I heard Ernie say how about this. I heard Carter take what ever Ernie gave him and he told me to open my mouth. I didn’t know what it was until I lifted my head that a rope passed in front of me. I was going to protest but the rope was in my mouth before I could say anything. I decided to let it stay rather than complain and wait for them to find something else. One thing about a rope gag I learned is that it very thin and pulls more at the corners of your mouth more than a ball gag strap. Second, that when pulled tightly, it makes you curl you lips over your teeth while bringing your lips together.
After the knot was tied, Ernie said it was to long. Carter then said he knew what to do and brought the ends of the rope around my face again and crossed them through my mouth. He had to switch each rope to the other hand. When he did he pulled the rope that was on the left side of my face back making my head turn left. Then he pulled the right rope making my head turn right, then left, then right. We kept alternating making my head go left and right then Ernie said ‘like horsy’. I on the other hand, was getting irritated and voice my objection. He then stopped and tied the rope off. They hogtied me and returned to the couch to watch the cartoon. I remained hogtied on the floor.
I thought they must have forgotten about me tied up at their feet because after twenty minutes I was still tied up. They hadn’t untied me. So I decided to see if I could get out of the ropes my self. After a bit I was able to untie the rope holding my ankles to my hands. As I lowered my legs I heard Ernie say that I was getting way. They both jumped down and grabbed the rope pulling my feet back. They held it there the Ernie said to tie it there. That’s when I realized they were tying the rope to my elbow rope.
One thing I learned with tying a hogtie to the elbows instead of the wrists is that you can pull the feet past the hands if you’re flexible enough. They both pulled, lifting my thighs off the ground. My back started to arch, lifting my chest off the floor towards my feet. I didn’t think they were that strong, With Ernie keeping my feet back by sitting on them and Carter pulling back on the rope lifting my chest they put me into a strenuous hogtie. Cater held the rope to my ankles as Ernie tied it. I was bent like a bow. Only my hips were touching the ground.
When they let go some of the tension let up but not much but I rocked forward. Then Carter pushed down on my shins which brought my chest up. When he let go I rocked forward. Then he pushed down again and I rocked up, let go and I rocked forward. Carter was joined by Ernie so the rocking became more pronounced and I became a human rocking horse once more (Mr. H had me in a similar tie before). They stopped and I felt one of them grab the rope gag (apparently there was still a tail behind my head) and pulled back. I closed my eyes enduring the pain in my mouth. Ernie said now she’s a real rocking horse. Yey for me. I had had enough and snapped my fingers. They released the rope acting as the gag and I said I was getting sore and could we stop. Well they really wanted to continue and asked if they could keep me partly tie up. I said sure because I didn’t want them to get mad and leave me tied up or create a ruckus. But right now I had to go to the bath room. So they released me and I spent the next few minutes in the wash room letting the feeling return to my limbs.
When I came out the boys were ready with rope and I tried to beg off for a while because I wanted a bit of a break but they were insistent. I finally allowed them to tie my wrists only while we sat to watch a movie. Part way through the movie Carter asked if he could gag me since we were only watching a movie. Again I acquiesced and he dashed off to get a cloth to gag me with. When he returned he gagged me tightly but not uncomfortably.
Once the movie was over I waited, knowing they probably wanted to play spy again but they surprised me. Ernie jumped up and said he wanted to ride the dragon. I nodded my head and offered a muffled ‘okay’. Then I turned in my seat so they could untie me. Instead Ernie jumped on my back and told me to start flying. This was new. He slipped his legs around me inside of my tied arms which held him quite snuggly without me having to hang on to him. Again with the hair, I was steered throughout the house. When it was Carter’s turn he used my bound hands as a step to mount me. He had a rope in his hand. I was going to object because I thought he was going to wrap my neck with it but instead he put the rope in my mouth over the cloth and double wrapped it around my head, knotting it inside my mouth. As he had done when I was hogtied on the floor, he used the ropes to steer me. With my bound arms holding him secure to me it was less effort to hold him on and with the rope over the cloth there was less strain on my mouth. Ernie seeing this wanted a turn with the new ‘rope steering’. I ended up giving each of them one more ride each until I snapped my fingers. It was time for bed.
The next day I wished my husband good luck on his fishing trip and kissed him good bye. I had a few things to do around the house so I went to work while keeping an eye on the time. This afternoon I was to baby sit Ernie and Carter so I was busy when there was a knock at the back door. I wondered who it could be because people usually called at the front door. There were Ernie and Carter.
I greeted them a little confused because I wasn’t due for a few hours. I asked them if there was something wrong and they just smiled and said hello. They were holding something behind their back. I asked what they had back there. I thought it may be flowers or something. Then they pulled out the bondage case! I quickly brought them in the house.
I asked them why did they bring this over here; did their Grandfather see them; what about our secret? They told me that they thought since it was mine they would bring it over instead of having their Grandfather find it. And no, their Grandfather didn’t see them take it. And they hadn’t broken their promise, they hadn’t told anyone about our secret. Feeling somewhat relieved I calmed down and said they were very thoughtful but they shouldn’t take something that didn’t belong to them without asking first. I didn’t want them to become agitated and do something rash so I stayed calm, I could put the case back tonight when I came over.
Then I heard Mr. H’s door slam, he was coming over! I quickly put the case behind the door and dashed out to meet him. I told him that the boys were here. He said he told them not to bother me because I had things to do and that I’d be over later. I said no problem. He still wanted to talk to them and made for my back door. My heart was racing. He entered and called the boys to him; I came in right behind him to insure he didn’t see the case.
To be continued:
Sunday, December 23rd 2012 - 08:37:53 AM
Name: a1984944
Comments:Old Mr H knows what he likes!!!
Hogties are the perfect ties when you want to watch a woman struggle!!
Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 04:09:29 PM
Name: clyde_davis789
E-mail address: clyde_davis78@yahoo.com
Comments:hello this is to war machine when are we going to get to read the rest of your story we are all waiting
Friday, December 21st 2012 - 06:01:23 AM
Name: James Bond
Comments:Not using any real names in this, as there are reasons to remain anonymous. My wife and I practice mild bondage as a form or foreplay. Apparently, on a recent girl's nite out, after a few adult beverages, she mentioned this fact to the group she was with. Somehow, she even bragged that no matter how thoroughly bound and covered she was, that I, her loving husband, could identify her, and release her. Anyway, this is the way she related it to me. Challenges weere issued, and, using judgement clouded by alcohol, said challenges were accepted by wife, Moneypenny, and another lady, PussyGalore. My wife and PG are almost identical in stature, the only real difference is my wife is a brunette, PG is a blond. I was told to show up at 6PM at the house of the couple whose wife had issued the challenge (let's call her G) My wife left for G's house about 3 PM, so I killed the time by paying bills, reading a bit, and a lingering shower. I did not yet know what was happening. I arrived at G's place, her husband let me in, and PG's husband was there as well. G was waiting in the basement rec room, and her attire was extremely provacative-a very tight-fitting, transparent dress, her breasts quite visible thru the flimsy material. Also visible thru the dress was a black garter belt suspending her fishnet, seamed stockings. G is a bit full-figured, not fat but LARGE breasts and wide hips, and a rather beautiful face. She had is sit, picked up the remote and turned on the tv and began to play a video. Thats when PG's husband and I were let in on what was going on. MP and PG were light-heartedly telling how G had dared them to be disguised and bound and we husbands were to identify and select which was our wife. If either of us failed to pick correctly, our wife was to remain at G's for the entire weekend. It was never explained what would happen if they remained for the weekend. They each stressed this was entirely voluntary, expected to be fun, and confident in our ability to find our spouse. After the video was ended, G asked us to accompany her into the unfinished portion of the basement. What a surprise we got when we entered the door-2 figures, dressed exactly the same-latex, figure-hugging dresses with zippers in the crotch, hoods with no eyeholes, a harness covering the head with aa hose going into the mouth area that had a rubber bulb at the end. Each figures was also wearing black, leather boots with incredibly high heels. The outfits either were a bit small for each of them, or were made to fit extra tight, as both pairs of breasts, with prominent nipples pusing against the latex, were lifted and thrust out enticingly. "Watch this" G's husband said, and with a pair of remotes, pressed buttons that activated very slight hums. Each of the figures instantly reacted by jerking their heads upright and began almost inaudible moaning noises. They were bound identically-black ropes around their glove-clad wrists, their elbows bound til they touched by black ropes, more rope around their legs above and below the knees. Thier boot-clad legs were bound at the ankles, and short tether ropes extended from collars around their necks to the post to which they were bound. We were told to inspect, investigate, anything wer wished to do, to identiy our wife. PG's husband immediately began running his hands over first one, then the other, bound body, thoroughly checking out each set of breasts. It was quickly apparent that the ladies had been provided with some device that stimulated them, as each was quivering as much as the bindings allowed. Soon, pelvises were twitching and flexing and jerking, moans emanating from mouths that were filled with inflatable gags that stretched each mouth almost to the point of bursting. We inspected each extensively, and, taking advantage of being able to feel another woman's breasts, we lingered at our duties, switching targets numerous times. I had a ragin hard-on, and after at least 10 minutes, we had not yet made our decisions. G took the remotes from her husband, and began pushing buttons, and both bound women really began twitching then, their pelvis regions thrusting to the limits of the ropes, thier bodies trembling, and more moaning thru the gags. Unable to find any clues as to identity, G told us we had 1 minute to decide or the ladies would be theirs until midnite Sunday. We decided to flip a coin to see who chose first; I won. I picked one, PG's husband said, "no, you're wrong. That's my wife." I had made the choice, so G walked over, and slowly removed the harness, then the hood. I had chosen correctly; it was MP. From the look on her face, it was obvious she was in the throes of a major orgasm, and was totally unaware she had been identified. The humming coming from her crotch regions ceased, but her thrusting didn't for several seconds, as she completed her orgasm. Her lovely face was flushed, beads of perspiration covered her exposed facial skin, and her chest rose and fell as she breathed heavily. PG's husband had a dejected look as he had failed to identify his wife, who was still being subjected to G and her remote. Animal-like sounds now came fromthe mateouth-filling gag as she also achieved climax. However, the humming didn't stop, and she began twitching and quivering again, as G soon had the devices on high power. I slung my wife over my shoulder, and carried her upstairs to help her remove the latex outfit and ropes. When she was nude, I tried to start some romantic activity, but she insisted I take her home, so she could shower and rest. Disappointed, and still sporting a raging erection, I did as she asked. Later that night, tho, she was rested up, and we had the most incredible sex-filled night since our honeymoon. As for PG, if my wife ever found out how the rest of the experience was for her, she never shared it with me.
Sunday, December 16th 2012 - 08:48:15 AM
Name: Remarker
Comments:Russ I'm very glad you felt good about it. I hope Laura was turned on as well. May I suggest you ask her to in her own words post her feelings here?
Friday, December 14th 2012 - 07:03:43 PM
Name: Russ
Comments:This is a little different, but it was still cool. I am 38 and my wife Laura is 33. We recently had dinner with a lady Laura works with and her husband. We had a great time, ate dinner and had probably had a bit too much to drink. We were talked into a game of strip poker. We were not totally comfortable with it, but since we had been drinking our boundries were down a little. The game went on, and Laura and I were loosing. I was in my boxers,(red plaid) and Laura was in her bra and panties. (matching black). We said that we thought the game had gone on long enough, but Laura's co worker Renee talked us into just one more hand. We agreed. We were seated at a rectangular kitchen table. Laura and I sitting on one side facing our hosts with our backs to the living room. Renee, our hostess, told her husband she was going to take a bathroom break before the last hand. So she left the room, and he excused himself for a moment as well, leaving Laura and I sitting in our undies. We sat there a few minutes and heard them coming back but to our surprise we both had our hands pulled behind us and we were handcuffed to the back of our chairs. Laura looked absolutely scared to death at first and I was a little nervous. Renee explained that they were into bondage and instead of making sure we lost the next poker hand and ended up naked they were going to tie us up for a few minutes. We figured since we were in this far, why complain now. We were slid away from the table and turned back to back. Our feet were then shackled to the chairs, we were gagged and blindfolded with bandanas. I was turned on by it, but I'm still not sure how Laura felt. They left us that way about 30 minutes as punishment for loosing the game. It was an interesting experience to say the least.
Friday, December 14th 2012 - 03:10:33 PM
Name: clyde_davis789
E-mail address: clyde_davis78@yahoo.com
Comments:hello please tell us more you have everyone wanting to know what happened.
Friday, December 14th 2012 - 06:02:36 AM
Name: Remarker
Comments:Ruth, hi. Please, tell us what happened next.
Tuesday, December 11th 2012 - 01:25:34 PM
Name: WarMachine
E-mail address: warmachine11@hotmail.com
Comments:Then he pulled out yet another leather cuff. This one was a little wider than the ones I had on my wrist. I thought to myself; they come in different sizes. I held my wrist up to it and asked him if they would be more comfortable than the set I had on and do they go with my purse. He chuckled and said that they werent for my wrists. I quickly surmised that he probably want to handcuff my what, ankle cuff; and have me bobble around. But instead he said that they were for my elbows.
My elbows? I said. I told him I wasnt sure about this and I would have to think about it. That seemed to deflate him. He just lowered his head and said oh, right, I understand and that maybe he had crossed the line. As he was putting them away I said wait! He looked up quickly and gave me that hopeful look. Then I thought what the hell, he hasnt gone crazy on me and has treated me like royalty whenever I was handcuffed.
I told him to go ahead and put them on. They were exactly the same as the wrist cuffs only wider. They were placed directly above my elbows. Now I had leather cuffs on my wrists and elbows. There was nothing left to do but connect them. I didnt know if I liked having a chain stretched in front of my boobs. I didnt need to worry because he asked me to turn around. So I turned around and he connected a chain from one cuff to the other behind me. The chain was just long enough to keep my arms at my sides. I only had movement from my elbows down and had to move my other arm behind me if I wanted the other arm to have any reach. I noticed something else I wasnt sure I liked. With my arms permanently pulled back, my chest stuck out.
So now I worked with two sets of cuffs on; one pair on my wrists and one pair on my elbows. I discovered that I had to now bend at the waist anytime I needed to reach forward. I hadnt minded him looking at my butt in the past but I felt I was unintentionally becoming more provocative with my chest and butt sticking out when ever I had to bend over. Even though I never caught him, I knew he must be stealing looks at me.
My visits continued in this manner with my wrists cuffed in front and my elbows cuffed behind. One day I was reaching for the duster and noticed that I had to turn sideways to actually get it off the shelf from the closet. There was something different in the way I was restrained. Then it dawned on me! My elbows were no longer at my sides, but somehow they were behind me. At first I thought the chain was snagged but as I tried to pull them apart they wouldnt move. I went to Mr.H and explained my dilemma to him.
When I told him he acted like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Very apologetically he explained how he was gradually shorting the chain connecting my elbows periodically when ever he put them on. When I asked him why he said that he remembered back when we discovered I could make my elbows touch behind my back it didnt bother me much. He said he found that very stimulating and didnt think I would mind so long as it didnt hurt. He said he would remove them but looked very sad. I could see that he felt bad and although I was put out I wasnt angry. I told him I didnt mind all the (now I used the word) bondage but I would like to be informed when ever he wanted to change it.
He brightened up then and asked me if I still intended to continue as his bondage princess He asked with such trepidation and mild reserve that I said yes. I wasnt really going to quit but I didnt want him to take advantage of the liberties Ive extended. I also discovered that I enjoyed having this dirty little secret. Although the windows were covered with shears or blinds the fear of being spotted was always present and kept me in a mild state of excitement. I was never aware if Mr. H was watching me or not and the constant fear of my husband returning home from work early and spotting me from our kitchen added to the excitement. Anyway, he said he will never do anything again without telling me. I said thank you and he said, No, thank you. With me putting my stamp of approval on his little deception my elbows eventually ended up with no chain between them, just the small padlock. My hands were at my waist with the chain stretch across my midsection. I had to move my entire body to use my hands.
That bring said, it didnt cut down on what I did around the house for him. I could do laundry, vacuum and dusting (only waist high). Doing the dishes must have been a spectacle because I had to lean so far into the sink. I could still do most of the chores I normally did, it only took a little longer which didnt bother Mr. H because it kept me in bondage longer.
The next change to my restraints came as no surprise. One day he showed me another set of leather cuffs. These were very much the same as the wrist and elbow cuffs except wider. I just looked at him and said ankles right?
Intelligent and beautiful he said. I just gave him ya, ya look and allowed him to place them on my ankles and hobble me. There was about a foot of chain between my ankles so I had to take small mincing steps. Luckily there were no stairs I had to climb. One day I was performing my duties and I thought to myself the only thing I need is a gag and maids outfit and Id be just like the women on the internet. I found this to be a popular fantasy with men. I saw pictures of women clad exactly as I was performing house hold chores and wondered if Mr. H had been looking at the exact same pages as I was.
Well he must have because one day he had another box on the table (I became to get use to the ritual). He said since I wanted to be informed if he wanted to change my restrains he said he was informing me that he did. I watched as he pulled the item from the box. When he showed it to me I knew exactly what it was, seeing them on the internet. It was a red ball gag. The ball was red had a leather strap that ran through it that had a buckle at one end and adjustment holes at the other. As he maneuvered behind me I asked, you want to ga? but I never finished, he inserted the ball in mid sentence. I tried to continue my protest but he seemed to ignore me while he buckled the strap.
He turned me around and asked how it felt. Now Ive come to accept that I didnt mind the bondage because it made me feel deceitful, excited and a little dirty at the same time but I hadnt agreed to be gagged. I maneuvered the gag and pushed it out at the end of my lips to say that I wasnt sure about this. Then he asked me if I wanted to give it a try? I let the gag pop back into my mouth and nodded my head. Again like a kid in a candy store his face lit up and he said, Oh good. Then he went around behind me and fiddled with the buckle. The next thing I knew the ball was severely drawn back into my mouth and re-buckled. This time the gag felt uncomfortable because the corners of my mouth were pulled so far back. I sputtered for a few seconds and tried to voice my concerns but I couldnt make any intelligible sounds. Instead I just awwwwd at him he smiled and said thank you for this and returned to the computer leaving me standing bound and now gagged.
Well. I came to clean so I thought I better get to it. I had arrived later than usual and didnt have the luxury of time now that I was spending as least a half hour in bondage every visit. Also I didnt want to still be here when my husband got home because today he was coming over to cut the grass.
Although I slowly got use to the gag I noticed, shall we say an inconvenience. With my mouth filled I could not bit down, my mouth stayed partially opened. It also prevented me from swallowing. I felt the first indication of saliva starting to run down my chin. I tried to swallow and couldnt. Then I leaned forward to try and spill off the saliva onto the floor. Although it did drip down it left a trail of saliva that remained attached to my mouth. No matter how I shook my head the trail would no break off. When it finally did, it snapped to my chin defeating the purpose altogether. I went to show Mr. H hoping he had a solution or would relieve me of the gag but he could or wouldnt understand me. So I resigned myself that I would need to change my top as soon as I got home.
Then I heard the sound I was dreading, my husbands car. I looked at the clock and realized I had wasted time dealing with the gag and that he must have gotten off early because he was half an hour early. My eyes went wide with fear because he had already parked the car and was coming over directly. I didnt know what to do.
Mr. H didnt seem phased by my husbands arrival. Instead he turned to me and said, I think we need to hide you. He got up from the chair and told me to come with him. I could see my husband through the window coming towards the house. Thank god the shears were drawn because it made it difficult to see inside. I hoped. I followed him as quickly as my hobble feet would let me. As he passed the table he reached into our bondage kit and grabbed a padlock. I thought it strange but I was to hyper to care.
He went to the closet in at the center of the room and opened the door. To explain; this wasnt a closet per say. It use to be a passage to the living room but it had been closed in and made into a storage closet. So it was pretty big. It had double doors to fill in the opening and there had been a counter built in, about waist high that took up the whole closet. Under the counter there were built in pull out drawers to store things.
He opened the doors and said get inside. I looked at him strangely. Did he expect me to climb on top? He said to lie on the table. I didnt argue (not that I could anyway) I bent over and lay on the counter top. Although my head and torso fit, my legs remained outside the closet. Mr. H bent down and lifted my legs bending them at the knees into the closet. Then he did something I didnt expect. He took the chain from my hobbled ankles, brought it to my elbow cuffs. Seemed to short so Mr. H pulled on the chain lifting the lower part of my thigh off the counter. My feet were pulled together and I could touch them with my hands then used the padlock to secure it. I was pressed into a very strenuous position. If I tried to straighten my legs my chest rose off the counter. I was like a human rocking horse. He slid me around so my head was now facing the entrance to the closet and whispered, so you dont accidentally kick the walls. Noise! Just as he closed the doors my husband knocked on the door. Now I dont know if he did this on purpose or if my husband startled him but he didnt completely close the door. There was a crack I could see through. I just hoped that it was dark enough inside the closet that you couldnt see in because I could see the back door of the house and my husband through the opening! I also realized that I had just been hogtied.
Mr. H greeted my husband at the door. They chatted a bit while I made the best of my restraints keeping very quiet. My husband asked if I was around. Mr. H said he had me tied up on something. I thought to myself if only my husband knew! Then my husband said that when I was free to let her know he was there. Mr. H said he would and my husband left to get the lawn mower from the shed. Mr. H closed the door and I thought crisis averted!
Mr. H quickly came to the closet released, the hogtie and helped me to my feet. He had just had released my elbows when we heard my husband climbing up the steps to the back door. I looked at Mr. H with wide eyes. He pushed me to the other side of the back door just as my husband knock at the door. I pressed myself against the wall and held my breath. Mr. H opened the door which hid me behind it.
My husband told Mr. H to tell me not to cook; that he brought dinner home and Mr. H was welcome to join us. Mr. H asked my husband what we were having and my husband recited the line chicken with all the fixins Mr. H said wonderful that is sounded great and that hed be over. I on the other hand I was hoping theyd end their conversation quickly because I could smell my husbands cologne and was worried he would smell mine as we were inches from each other! My husband said great and left while I released my breath.
Mr. H removed all the restrains very quickly making apologies the whole time. When my gag came out, so did a glob of saliva. I said, Well that was an experience. Mr. H saw me to the door, apologized again. I said not to worry and added that it was kind of thrilling! He just said I was incredible and said hed see me at dinner. When I left I saw my husband and waved. He looked up smiled and waved back. He turned off the lawn mower and told me he brought dinner home. I said I knew and made for our house.
I went to my room to change out of my wet top and when I saw myself in the mirror I froze. My face had red marks at the corner of my mouth from the gag. I quickly washed and tried to cover it up with makeup. Although it helped there was still a hint of redness. I had to come up with an excuse before my husband saw me. I went to the refrigerator and took out a red freezy pop and started to suck on it. This had the desired effect of turning my tongue and around my lips red. Now I had an excuse for the redness, Im a sloppy eater.
The dinner went fine, everyone liked the food and when the topic of my slightly red mouth came up I just said that we had freezy pops at work. Mr. H looked at me with apology written al over is face. I just gave him a slight frown to indicate to not worry and to not dwell on it. When we were done I cleared the table made coffee. We talked a bit and Mr. H went home. I thought to myself, Im going to have to buy more red Feezy Pops.
The next time I arrived at Mr. Hs house, I was expecting my usual drill that would place me in bondage, instead I found Mr. H in the kitchen making coffee. As I passed the computer room, now known as my outfitting area I noticed that the bondage case wasnt there. I came into the kitchen and ask Mr. H what was up. I said something along the lines that Im usually at his mercy by now. He just handed me a cup coffee and said we needed to talk. This sounded serious. I said sure and sat down at the kitchen counter.
He took a moment and then asked me if I still wanted to participate in our dirty little secret after my last visit. This took me by surprise. I could see he was serious and knew that he felt bad about last time. I nodded and said of course. I could see he was looking at me trying to gage my response so I reached out and squeezed his hand. He took it and kissed it. Then he continued to say that he thought the world of me and knew that I had started this just to satisfy an old mans fantasy. I said of course I did but did he honestly think that I would let it continue if I didnt like it to? He smiled at me. I told him last time was very exciting for me and that since weve started it my intimate life with my husband has improved dramatically. It was true, the exhilaration of the game had made me more receptive and open to my husband desires.
He said he wasnt sure if it was right. Then he looked at me dead in the eyes and said that he had fantasies of me. I asked him what kind of fantasies. He could see where I was going with this and quickly said not the type I thought. I said okay, what do I think? You think I want to make love to you dont you. Although the thought crossed my mind I said even if you did, I know you would never act on them. He said I was correct, he wouldnt if he did. As with every woman; I felt a pang of regret that there was a man on this planet that didnt desire me. He released my hand and said he thought of me as a sister. Then he said he could tie up his sister without wanting to make love to her. I sat back and smiled. Of course, I remember as a child the neighbors kids tying up their sisters. A lot of questions were now answered with that simple statement. I understood his fascination with tying me up.
He continued; that like a sister he could be rough with her but never hurt her, she could always walk away if she wanted to. I knew the last statement was directly related to me. Well I said, on that day Im sure your sister would tell you but I dont think it will be any time soon. I could see he was choked up with emotion and I also thought I was going to cry. He just thanked me in the quiet voice he used when he could barely talk.
Well I said wiping a tear from my eye then asked what needed to be done around here? I cant work like this, wheres my equipment, referring to the cuffs. He said to hold on. I sat back down. He told me that he knew I struggled with the restrains to do what I did around here. I was going to protest and he stopped me and said how about we taper it down a bit and do it once and a while. I could see this was tearing him up but knew that he needed this, the bondage. Then I came up with a plan.
I said how about I clean one time and you tie me up the next? He looked perplexed and said without the cleaning? I said sure if I knew that was all you wanted we could have avoided all this trouble from the start. He said if I told you this up front you would have never came back. Maybe so I said but things are different now, arent they. He beamed as he agreed. But he wanted to know what would I do; just stand there tied up? I wasnt sure what to say because other then Mr. H cuffing me Id never been tied up before. Then it came to me and I turned to him like I was keeping a secret. I told him that I was sure the internet could provide some help. I told him to sign on and wed take a look. He smiled and said youre right.
We looked at many pictures then linked to some videos. We tried to avoid the risqu sites and found one with tubes that depicted women not having sex but with lots of bondage. Sure there were some topless and nude women but no one was trying to beat them or shove objects into them. So we watched, there were kidnappings, girls struggling for release, women tied up in risqu places like; out for a drive or an old barn, secretaries at the office, or just walking down the street bound with an overcoat on. We even found a video of a mock babysitter tied up by her charges.
I turned to him and said if you cant find something in there and I left it at that. I saw it was getting late and I had palates that night so I said, pick one and well try it next time. He turned to me and said, any one? I said, sure because I didnt see anything there distasteful. In fact I thought I might come up with one myself. With that I left but I couldnt stop wondering what he might do to me next time I was over. When I got home I got ready for class and left. While driving I was wondering if what Mr. H and I were doing was wrong. I thought if one of my friends told me that she was secretly letting an old man tie her up what would I think? Was she crazy, daring, what? I decided to let the matter rest until after class then I would go on line and see if I could get some answers.
After class I raced home and sighed on to the internet. I tried all sorts of search words and combinations. I chanced upon a site that seemed to be a web version of a psychiatrist. I found the blog I was looking for but it was only a woman wanting to know if she should let her husband do bondage with her. But what caught my eye was the blog under it. A woman was asking if she should feel guilty because she has been to a stag-ette where there were male dancers. She said she had flirted with them touched them and even licked whip cream from a few of their penises even sucking the penis of one of the dancers. She said she didnt feel guilty because everyone was doing it. But she was married with a family and thought there was something wrong with her because she didnt regret or feel guilty; where she thought she should.
The doctor wrote something that put my mind as ease. He or she said that not to judge her self too cruelly. He/she wrote that she shouldnt judge herself by societys conventions. He said that she did it, she enjoyed it, and no one was hurt by it. Her family didnt need to know if she didnt feel guilt. Do not create problems because you think you should or because society tells you to. Then he wrote something that hit home; towards the end of your life people regret what they didnt do rather than appreciate what they did. Had you done this or done that, would it had made any difference in the end. He signed off with dont be one of those people. Well that did it for me. I was having a good time, Mr. H was ecstatic and my husband was the benefactor, although he didnt know it. I signed off and went to bed.
I was very busy at work the following week and couldnt see Mr. H until Thursday. When I arrived I had been a little anxious wondering what Mr. H had in store for me. I let myself in like usual and announced my arrival. He came and greeted me and said that he thought I may have had second thoughts. No, I said I was just caught up at work with a big assignment and was working late but Im here now. I hung up my coat and joined him in the computer room. He said he had to get something and returned with the bondage case. I found myself trembling with excitement.
He confirmed with me that I did say anything last time and I nodded. Well he thought that we would try something we havent used yet. All sorts of things ran through my head. What bondage stuff did he get this time? He said he was going to tie me up tight and I would have to try and escape. I couldnt wait so I said, I was ready. Great and had me stand up.
He pulled a mile of rope from the case and told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. He then tied my wrists together palms facing each other then cinched the rope between my wrists. Then he took another rope and tied my ankles together, so you wont run away were his remarks. The ropes were very tight. Then he produced the ball gag in front of my face. There were all sorts of straps and buckles, a mish mash. He asked if this was alright? I was a little startled but I was to excited to resist. I just said uh, huh.
Ill take a minute here to explain this contraption. He placed a ball gag in my mouth and buckled it behind my head like normal. Then he brought a strap that was connected on either side of the ball, framing my nose and meeting together on my forehead just above my eyes and joined to one strap. This he brought over and behind my head down to the strap that held the ball in my mouth. Then there was a short strap that was connected to the main ball gag strap and buckled under my chin. It was like a harness which I came to learn was actually called a harness gag. It still pulled the corners of my mouth back, filled my mouth and was snugger than just the ball gag proper.
Then I felt him wrap rope around my elbows. The ropes brought my arms closer together than the elbow cuffs had making them actually touch. Then gave it an extra tug that made me grunt when he knotted and cinched it. Ok? he asked, I just nodded. I could feel the burn already. He tied my knees then helped me to the floor.
He tied a rope to my wrists then looped it between my ankles. He pulled the cord towards my head lifting my feet off the ground and bending them back to my hands. He kept pulling until my thighs were being lifted off the ground bending me like a bow. Good thing I take yoga! I also realized he was stronger than he looked. When I thought I couldnt bend anymore he passed the rope between my elbows, over the bindings holding them together and gave the rope one more tug before tying it off. I thought he was done but then he pushed my head down, undid the strap holding the gag and tightened it even more. I could gargle with the ball; it was that far in. He told me that that, should give me some incentive to get free. He said I had thirty minutes to get free after that hed release me. So I tried to get free. Never having been tied up before I didnt really know what to do so I tried to thrash and move around. I could feel my arms hands feet and knees start go numb. I tried to say something but couldnt utter a sound other than a low hum.
Needless the say he ended up untying my after thirty minutes. I had to lie on the floor for a minute until I started to get feeling back to my extremities. When the gag came out I noticed a puddle of drool in front of me and my chin was soaked. When I didnt move he became worried and asked if I was alright. I said I was but needed a minute to recover. When I could talk I said that was sure tight. He reminded me that I did say pick anything. Touch, I had a better appreciation for those girls on the internet. I looked at the clock and I had to get home before my husband to clean up.
He said no problem and asked if I had fun. I said yes but didnt know fun could be so painful. He said he was sorry and I told him not to give it a second thought. I looked at he rope marks on my wrists and hoped theyd fade before my husband got home. Since I had long pants and shirt I didnt have marks the just indentation. My ankles I had socks. Anyway he thanked me again and I went home to have a hot bath and soak my wounds so to speak.
So thats how my visits went after that. He always made sure to have all the house work done when ever I came over so I had no excuse to not be tied up. And tied up I was. Now that he was using rope I found my self tied to chairs, railing and other things. He tied me to one of the pole in the basement one day. Hands and elbows tied behind the pole, feet together knees also. Rope was tightly around my feet, stomach, above and below my breast and one place I wasnt to sure about my neck. Although tight, I had no problems breathing as long as I didnt try to look down. He even brought the gag straps behind the pole. My only movement were my eyes; which darted back and forth.
I was frog tied; I was put into a strapado, arms folded in the Chinese style and anything else he could find on the internet. But his favorite position for me was the hogtie. I was tied more that way than any other. One thing he did do when I was hogtied was have me remove my socks. When I asked him why, he said because he liked to see my toes wiggle when I tired to get free.
To be continued.
Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 01:27:06 PM
Name: clyde_davis789
E-mail address: clyde_davis78@yahoo.com
Comments:your story about Ms Harris is great when do we get the rest of the story i wish i had someone next door like you.
Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 12:01:45 PM
Name: WarMachine
E-mail address: warmachine11@hotmail.com
Comments:Mr. Harris was an elderly gentleman who lived next door. When his wife died we started to come over to give him a hand. My husband would cut the grass keep the yard and repair things that broke down. I would help clean up inside. I would vacuum, do the dishes and always brought him food when ever I cooked.
The death of his wife hit him pretty hard. They had lived there since before we moved next door twenty years ago. Sometimes I would see him through our kitchen window just sitting in a chair staring. So we made it a point to try and get over when ever we could. He had kids that would pop by with the grand children but they all lived far away. We had become his second family.
My husband talked Mr. Harris (or Mr. H as we started to call him) into buying a computer so he could keep in closer contact with his family. My husband bought him a web cam and showed Mr. H how to Skype and Facebook. Mr. Harris found this very exhilarating! We could see him on the computer from our kitchen window all the time. My husband created short cuts and other things on the computer to make it easier for him to get on line. Although Mr. H wasn’t an invalid be was frail but very smart. He was a retired lawyer who’d become a senator. He would call me sweetheart or princess and always commented that if he were twenty years younger, my husband would have a run for his money. I would just call him ‘fresh’ and mildly flirt with him. On occasion I would catch him looking at my legs or my rear end but nothing ever happened. I thought if it cheered him up he could look all he wanted.
One day my husband came home from showing Mr. H how to surf the net and how to look things up, save them etcetera, with a smile on his face. I asked him what was so funny. He jokingly told me that I had better watch Mr. H because he was a dirty old man. I could not imagine a more congenial man who defined the word gentleman. So my husband said ok and was going to leave until I grabbed him and made him tell me why Mr. H is a ‘dirty old man.’ My husband told me that while they were searching for something an adult site popped up. My husband tried to delete it but Mr. H grabbed his hand and told him he wanted to see it. He said Mr. H had no idea this sort of thing was on the internet. My husband told him he could set filters to block out most of the adult sites but Mr. H wouldn’t hear of it. Anyway much to my husbands surprise they spent the last hour looking at adult sites. I said what a dirty old man and my husband laughed, ‘Told you so.’ Well after all Mr. H was an adult and if it he liked it, why not? As the days went on I could see Mr. H on the computer and kept wondering if he was looking at adult sites. He seemed to be in better sprits and seemed happier.
One day I came over to see if there was anything to do. I came into the computer room. He was at the terminal but didn’t hear me. He didn’t hear that well so often we use to make a lot of noise when we came over not to startle him. Anyway I wanted to see what he was looking at and sure it enough it was an adult site. But what caught my interest was that these women weren’t nude or performing lewd acts. Some had on bras and underwear, some topless others were fully clothed but one thing they had in common was that they were all tied up! I wasn’t shocked; indeed I knew he looked at adult sites I was just surprised that he would gravitate toward bondage rather than straight sex. Other than some mild petting, this site was pretty tame.
Anyway, I thought I was pressing my luck standing there that long without making my presence know and felt guilty for spying on him so I quietly backed out of the room, went to the front door and announced my arrival. When I arrived in the room the first thing I noticed was that he was on facebook now. Crafty old man I thought. But what disturbed me was that his eyes seemed glassy, almost like he had been crying. But he greeted me the same way as always did by telling me that the day just improved. I told him that I saw some dishes in the sink. As always he told me I didn’t have to do them that my being there was all the doing he need. I just blushed and batted my eyes at him and went to the kitchen.
When I came back in after doing the dishes he seemed to be his same old self. I checked to see if he needed anything else and that my husband would be over tomorrow to fix the leaking tap in the tub. He thanked ‘his princess’ again and I was off. When I got home I asked my husband if he noticed anything different about Mr. H. Of course being a man he didn’t pick up on anything. I let the matter drop.
Then a few days later I had arrived home early. As I was putting things away in the kitchen I chanced to look to see if Mr.H was at it again. Sure enough he was at his computer but when I looked closer I noticed his head down with his right hand pinching the bridge of his nose. When he lifted his head there were tears in his eyes! I quickly dropped what I was doing and rushed over.
I called out to him as I arrived and went straight to the computer room. But when I got there he just turned and said hello. His eyes were glassy and I asked him what was wrong. He looked at me like I had two heads. He said nothing. So I told him what I saw through my kitchen window. ‘Oh that’ he said. It seems his eyes were tired and he was just rubbing the bridge of his nose. I asked him why did it look like he was crying. Then he said that he wasn’t crying and made a quaint remark about how ‘lovely’ I looked and asked me if I could help him with his laundry at the end of the week.
I didn’t want to let this drop because I worried that he might be going into depression or that there may be something physically wrong with him. But he chided me and said I worried too much. Then I said we wanted him over for dinner tonight. I was making his favorite, scalloped potatoes and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. He graciously accepted and I told him what time to come over and left to prepare dinner. Since I was planning on leftovers I had to get started on the potatoes right away.
When he came over we sat down and had a pleasant dinner. I kept trying to see if there was anything with him while trying to not make it obvious to him or my husband. If they knew I was prying I wouldn’t get anything from him. As it turned out I didn’t learn anything other than what his grand kids were up to and other nonsense like that.
When we were finished we had coffee then he got up thanked me for the dinner, some chit chat and he was gone. I let the matter rest but resolve to keep closer tab on him and get to the bottom of this.
Over the next couple of days I kept checking in on him from my kitchen but nothing happened. As a matter of fact he even waved to me a couple of times. Then one night I got up around twelve in the morning for some water. I didn’t turn on any lights and when I got to the kitchen I could see Mr. H at the computer. I could make out his face from the glow of the monitor and this time there were tears in his eyes he seemed depressed. I was just about to head over when I saw him turn off his computer. Not wanting to alarm him and with the lateness of the hour, I decided to confront him tomorrow when I was doing his laundry. We’d have some time to talk then,
When I arrived the next day all seemed pretty normal. We flirted a bit and I started the laundry, asked him if he wanted a coffee. When the coffee was ready I filled our cups and brought them over to him. When we were both relaxed I decided I was going to ask him directly.
I told him I got up last night around midnight and saw him crying at the computer. He tried to deny it but I told him that there was no mistaking it. I told him I was concerned and that I was there for him; that we would do anything for him. He finally admitted that he was upset for a while but there was nothing I could do. I kept pressing him to tell me what was wrong. I was worried he was becoming depressed and wanted to help him before anything happened. He just shook his head and said that there nothing anyone could do for him. I said I wasn’t leaving until he told me what was up. Seeing how I wasn’t going to let the matter rest, he started.
He asked if I had ever wanted something so bad that I’d do anything to get it. I just nodded and let him continue. He said that he had seen things on the internet that have ‘opened his eyes’ as he put it. He said that he and his wife had a lovely relationship and that they didn’t want for anything. He loved her very much and would not have traded her for the world. I felt touched.
‘But,’ he continued, although she was great at everything the only place where he wished could have improved was in the bedroom. I was taken aback. This conversation was taking an unexpected turn. He quickly said not to take him wrong way and don’t think he was some kind of sicko. I nodded keeping a straight, concerned face, I was happy that this was being brought out if only to clear his conscience and bring the matter to light.
He told me she was a good lover, but not great. He said she lived a very measured life, not too much or to little of anything. Sure they had sex but at the appropriate time. There wasn’t any spontaneity or any (and he lowered his voice when he said this) kinkiness. All he ever wanted was for her to greet him at the door in only high heels or make love while in the car; anything out of the ordinary. I felt so sorry for him; here was this poor man, alone in his twilight years wanting to live out some fantasies before he reached the end of his days.
Then he turned to me and said, “You see angel, there isn’t anything you can do.” Then he got up and went to his room. I sat there processing what he had said. I really didn’t have an answer for him but I hoped that by telling me it may have helped but knowing it probably didn’t. After the laundry was done I knocked on his door to see if he was alright, I couldn’t leave him like this. Surprisingly he opened the door and looked better. I said I was sorry for him and if he wanted to talk some more I was there for him.
He said he didn’t want me to think of him as a pervert, that he may have said too much already. These were his problems, intimate, and he shouldn’t have burdened me with these trivialities. I said lets have some more coffee. He just nodded and followed me to the kitchen.
Drinking our coffees in silence, it seemed to me that he wanted to say something. Then he just started talking. It wasn’t like he wanted to have sex with anyone at his age, not that he couldn’t, but he was really drawn to the women who were tied up. I remember the site I saw him on and realized that the pictures were tasteful done. He said if he could experience that he would be happy. I didn’t know how to tell him that I sort of knew his little secret without giving away his confidence. So I asked him to show me.
At first he seemed a little shocked that I would want to see these pictures, being a woman and all but I just rolled my eyes at him. He said you’ll just think I’m a pervert and he didn’t want to lower my opinion of him more than he had already. I just ‘poo-poo’d’ him and said we’re all adults here and not to worry. So off to the computer we went and after a second we were looking at beautiful women, bound and gagged. This seemed pretty mild compared to other sites I had seen and told him so. He said that he to had found those other sites distasteful. It seemed to him that those women were being hurt. He didn’t want any of that; he said he would have treated them like princesses if it were him. We flipped through lots of pictures, there were women in various stages of dress and undressed, nothing you wouldn’t see on some pay per view channels. There were also scenarios where a series of pictures depicted women being kidnapped or made to do things while tied up. We spent about an hour going those various images and making comments on them. In fact he seemed much better just being able to talk about it with someone else and he said so. As he became more comfortable, he seemed to return to his old self calling me sweetheart and dove. He was even making jokes.
When we came across a woman severely hogtied topless except for her thong I commented that I would hate to have to get out of that. Then I tried to bring my elbows together behind me to see what it would be like. The girl on the computer had her elbows tied right together. Then Mr. H said, ‘here let’s see.’ So I turned my back to him. Now, Mr. H was a ‘touch feely’ kind of guy anyway, just like his wife was, so I wasn’t surprised when he grabbed my arms and started to push my elbows together. I could feel them moving together and when he stopped he asked me if that hurt. I said no so he moved them a little closer. ‘That ok?’ he asked. I said no problem and told him to try and bring them together and I’d tell him if it hurt. ‘Ok’ he said and with that he pushed them together and said there’s about a half inch between them I could feel the strain but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t tolerate. I could tell he was excited and told him to try harder to bring them together. When he did, it hurt a little but nothing major, but I wouldn’t want to be tied like this for a long time.
He held them there for a few seconds the let go. He complemented me on my flexibility I was and I told him I didn’t know I could do that. Then he said that he envied my husband and I took it as more flirting. So we looked at more pictures and I could see he was much better than before and that he wasn’t going to do something terrible. I finished the laundry while he continued to surf the net. He was now conformable enough to look at those pictures with me in the house. I felt sort of special that he and I had this little secret. Once the laundry was folded I brought it into to his room to put everything away, not that there was much.
The next week I only saw him for a few minutes for a couple of days but he seemed extremely happy. Good I thought. Friday came and I decided to spend a little time with him so I went over. When I arrived he was in the kitchen and asked for me to do the laundry. I found that strange because he’s always telling me to leave it. But then he told me that he had a sweater he wanted washed and was worried it had to be washed differently than the rest of the clothes. I checked the label and found it was polyester and cotton so it was okay to wash with the rest. ‘Oh, thank you dear.’ was all he said. I proceeded with the laundry made coffee and chatted a bit.
When the laundry was dried I folded the clothes and put them in the basket. He asked me to put then away for him (all three/five pieces) because his leg was a little sore. I told him it wasn’t a problem. While putting the clothes in his dresser I pulled drawers open to find the sweater drawer. In the second drawer from the bottom, there was a clanging sound, although muffled. Curiosity got the better of me and I started to rummage through the drawer and discovered a pair of handcuffs! Well this caught me off guard. The Feisty old fella. They looked real; they were heavy and didn’t have a chain but were hinged. It wasn’t really any of my business. I was about to put them back when I looked up and saw him standing in the doorway.
‘Oh dear, what have you got there?’ He said. I quickly apologized for snooping though his drawers and told him I was sorry. He said not to worry. Then curiosity got the better of me and I asked him if they were real. He entered the room and said yes. I asked him where he got them and he said he bought them at a flee market. I asked him why would he buy handcuffs and he said it was a spontaneous buy because he was curious. He had seen them used on women on the internet and thought they would be fun.
‘Fun huh.’ I said. I took the handcuffs and twirled then on one finger and asked him if they were fun. He said he didn’t know; he hadn’t tried them yet. I asked him why not and he told me he wouldn’t be able to get the key in the hole if he put them on himself. He needed someone else with him. I smelled a trap.
Then I held my hands out in front of me and told him to snap them on. He asked me if I was serious? I asked him if he had the key and he pulled it from the tray on his dresser, I said go ahead. With trembling hands he brought them up and snapped one cuff on my right wrist. He stared at my wrist like he had discovered the lost temple of Solomon. I brought the other wrist closer so he could put the other cuff on me. It was amazing to see the awed look from this kindly old man as he stared at my wrists. I sort of shook them and told him that they should be a little tighter if he didn’t want me to slip them. With that he croaked ‘ok’ and to let him know if they got to tight. Then he started to tighten them. I could hear the ratcheting sound as they closed on my wrist. I didn’t tell him to stop until they couldn’t go any tighter. And man, were they tight if I didn’t know they would be coming off soon, I would have been in real trouble.
Then as if wearing a pair of handcuffs were perfectly normal I finished putting his laundry away picked up the basket and returned it to the laundry room. All this time he just stared at me with his mouth open. He followed me like a puppy dog as I finished up in the kitchen still wearing handcuffs. I played it very cool. I was actually pleased with myself and felt a little thrilled having this older gentleman ogle me.
When I was done I grabbed my coat I looked around to make sure there was nothing else to do and pretended to leave. He stopped me and asked me if I had forgotten something. I looked around and said no why? He told me I still had on his handcuffs. Then I feigned surprise and said so I have and that I didn’t realize I still had them on. At that point we both started to laugh. It was good to see that this simple thing had made him so happy. While unlocking the handcuffs he thanked me for making an old man happy to which I said if it were that simple I would have put handcuffs on years ago. He smiled and did something very sweet; he kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. I had to leave because I was ready to cry.
The next day I could see him at his computer he wave at me and seemed very content. Later that day I saw him outside walking, which he never did. I commented on this and he just said he was feeling better and thought he should get out more. I said wow, why the sudden change? He just winked at me and said ‘you know why’ and walked away. I felt quite pleased with myself and happy for him.
The next time I was over he was watching TV I asked him if it was ok to do a little vacuuming. He said sure. I went to get the vacuum and when I got to the closet what did I see but the handcuffs hanging on the closet door knob! At first I thought he had just left them hanging around. Then I thought; he knew I usually vacuumed one room every time I came over so I didn’t need to spend hours doing the whole house. I took the cuffs off the door knob and brought them to him and asked him if this was a hint. At first he tried to say he must have just left them lying around but I just stood there with one had on my hip and the other dangling the handcuffs from my index finger staring at him.
He said that I looked so natural the last time that he wouldn’t mind seeing them on me again. I asked him if he wanted me to vacuum with them on. His face lit up and he said only if I wanted to. I said I would under the condition that no one else finds out about this. He said not to worry that it would be our little secret. I said alright and snapped them on my wrists. It seemed to make him very happy to watch me snap them on my wrists myself. I went to the spare room to vacuum. It was awkward vacuuming with both hands handcuffed together but after getting use to them I was able to manage. I looked up and was startled to see Mr. H in the door way watching me. I stopped and he said he hoped I didn’t mind him watching me vacuum. Well another surprise. I said sure but not to startle me next time. “next time’ he said with a smile.
So that became our routine. I would come in find the handcuffs put them on and do the work. I would vacuum, do the laundry or just sit talk and drink coffee with him the entire time wearing handcuffs. This routine became so familiar that it was barely noticeable; in fact the handcuffs were always hanging on the other side of the front door when ever I came over, I just snapped them on and continued on with my chores. I say chores but usually I was in and out in fifteen minutes sometimes a half hour. It wasn’t everyday either, I came over two or three times a week sometimes more sometimes less.
Now to some this may have seemed weird but having gotten to this state the way we did, didn’t seem so silly. He was happy, I wasn’t being hurt or degraded and it felt a little sneaky having this one secret between us. Not even my husband knew.
This ‘life style’ continued until one day I didn’t find the handcuffs on the door knob. I immediately rushed in thinking Mr. H had fallen of become incapacitated! I hadn’t been over for a couple of days and wondered how long he was injured. Well I didn’t need to worry; he was in the laundry room. I told him I thought something had happened to him because I didn’t find the handcuffs on the door knob (now that did sound kinky). Then I noticed the handcuffs were on the machine. When I reach for them to put them on, he put his hand on mine and said to wait. I was a little confused and I hate to say it, a little put out which surprised me.
He then said he wanted to try something different. I was again confused and thought how else was I going to wear them, on my ankles? Or maybe he wanted to try them on himself and was waiting for me to make sure he could get them off again. But I was getting ahead of myself so I waited for him to continue. He said that I was so good at looking after him, which he thanked me for, he wanted to give me a break. I kind of ‘snarked’ to my self because I was only over twice last week and one time was just to bring him the paper that was dropped on the lawn. But I let him continue.
He said that he wanted to make sure he could still look after himself so he wanted to do the laundry and vacuuming for a while and he wanted me to watch to make sure I did it right. I though well ok, then he added that he still wanted me to wear the handcuffs. Again I thought well ok and said sure. I held out my hands for him to cuff them and he said not like that though. Now I was confused, he wanted me to wear the handcuffs without wearing the handcuffs?
I looked at him with a confused look on my face. Then he asked me if he could handcuff my hands behind my back. There it was. I don’t think I was stunned as much as surprised. Other than wearing Mr. H’s handcuffs, I had never had on a pair let alone handcuffed behind me. He could see me considering it and immediately told me to feel free to decline he wouldn’t want me to feel uncomfortable or ‘funny’. Well I knew Mr. H would never do anything to hurt me and since I’ve never been handcuffed this way before I said I would give it a try. His face lit up immediately.
I turned around and brought my hands behind me. I felt one snap on then he brought the other wrist closer to the already cuffed one and I felt the other one snap onto my other wrist. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting. He brought my wrists up a little and I could feel the tension tighten on first one wrist then the other. This kept alternating until the both felt about the same snugness. They were tighter than I normally had them when I’d put them on myself. Then he took out the key and turned a lock. I heard first one then the other ‘click’. I was going to ask him what he just did but before I could he told me that the handcuffs have a setting to prevent them from getting tighter should I bump into something. I said I didn’t know that and thanked him.
I turned around to face him and he had an ear to ear grin. I on the other hand felt very vulnerable. With your hands cuffed in front of you always had some buffer in front of you and even though your wrists were stuck together you still had partial use of your hands. I started to panic a little. I tried to bring my hands in front or get out of them. He saw this and immediately said he’d take them off. I stopped him, feeling now silly, and said not to; that I was just getting use to them.
So after a while I became accustomed to them. I found there was little I could do. Watching him work was about it. Even getting in and out of a chair was hard. You really don’t know how much you need your arms for balance and just moving around. I noticed something else, with my arms clasped behind me I felt like I was promoting my chest because it was now always sticking out. Well if Mr. H noticed he never mentioned it.
Anyway there we were: a fifty something year old woman and an eighty plus year old man. Him vacuuming and me watching him with my hands handcuffed behind me. It felt weird, seemed weird and probably was. But although it probably was all those things it was kind of exhilarating being technically at this man’s mercy. He was smaller than me by a few inches and even though I was a woman, I was stronger than him. It seemed funny that a simple pair of handcuffs could flip the odds to someone’s favor. The notch rose on our now ‘dirty little secret’ status. For sure my husband had better never find out about this.
This patterned continue for quite a while. I would come in and he would be waiting to ‘snap the cuffs’ on me. As for the work it was okay he spent more time looking at me than cleaning and seemed to love watching me sit, especially on a stool because I tended to lean forward because of the arm restraint.
One day I came in and he called me into the living room. There was a box on the table that must have been couriered to his house. He was standing there smiling as I approached the table. I asked what was in the box. He said he was glad I asked. He said that he had ordered these from the internet. He seemed very excited. He continued to say that although he like the handcuffs he thought that leather would be more comfortable. Then he pulled out what I suspected were leather cuffs. He handed me one. I took it with trepidation, what was he trying to get me into now? They did feel comfortable. I put one on my wrist. It was so soft. They seemed to be adjustable. There were little slots all around the cuff with a metal‘d’ ring that fit exactly into the slots. I noticed to that there were two chrome rings stitched into the cuff also.
I asked Mr. H if these were what he wanted me to use now. He said that once they were on the rings on the side were used to connect them. He said you could put what ever length of chain between them you wanted. It would make it easier for me to do things. I wasn’t as surprise as I had been when I discovered the handcuffs. I asked him how the chains connected to the cuffs. Then he showed me a bag of tiny padlock. They would have been cute except for what they actually were.
I told him that I didn’t know about this having these things padlocked on my wrists. Then he asked how different were these from handcuffs? That made me pause. He continued to say that the handcuffs were locked on my wrists. How were these different? In fact he pointed out how they were much more comfortable. I thought about it and the old buggar was right! Well I guess it would have been silly to bock at these. In fact I actually wanted to try them on and that disturbed me. He said good then proceeded to put them on. They did feel nice if being put into restrain could be classified as ‘being nice’. He put one on, adjusted it the snapped on one of the little padlocks. I move it around flexed my hands and realized that it felt pretty good. He did the same to the other wrist and I had a match set. They were only about two inches wide so they fit perfectly on my wrists. I tried to slip out of them and couldn’t.
Well, I thought; he’s becoming quite a kinky old man. I remembered the day this all came out and thought this is what he always wanted and it seemed he was getting his wish. He asked me how they felt and I said fine which was funny considering what these were for. He said great and produced a two foot chain to connect them. These were padlocked to a chrome ring on each of the leather cuffs. Since they were now cuffed in front of me I said I guess I’m back to work. He sarcastically said that I was so much better at it then him.
So the work routine continued. It was easier for me to place the leather cuffs on myself than the handcuffs. They were placed on the front door like the handcuffs were hanging by the connecting chain.
The next phase of our ‘dirty little secret’ came within a week of me switching to leather handcuffs. I had just applied the leather cuffs on to do the laundry when he asked me into the computer room. He had another box on the table and I thought to myself what now. Its not that I disliked our arrangement but just as I became accustomed to the ‘new’ way of doing things he came up with something else. I just stood there and said more surprises? He smiled and asked me if I liked the leather cuffs. I said they were fine.
‘Oh good, because I have something else to show you.’

To be continued.
Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 11:55:51 AM
Name: Roger
Comments:Robin, really liked your story! The self-bondage aspect was very cool.

Mike, yours was pretty nat too. It reminds me of an episode with JoAnn . . . not my wife, someone else's. I'll have to write it up.

Thanks, y'all!
Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 06:22:15 PM
Name: Robin
Comments:Things happen for a reason. Hate to waste reader's time but this story takes some set-up. I love bondage, have since girlhood. My ex-husband thought it was sick and would never join in, so I developed self-bondage for my own pleasure. Caution is necessary, as I am the mother of a 15yr old and a 13 yr old, both girls. It began on a Friday; first, when I got to work my boss told me I was being cut back to part-time instead of full-time. The loss in pay wasn't going to be a huge factor, as I was just going from 40 hrs to 35. I would no longer be eligible for the retirement, and had to pay more for insurance, but my ex provides insurance for the girls. That night, I took my kids to a highschool football game, and my oldest asked me to sit alone, as all the boys she liked usually ignored her if I was there. I asked why, and my youngest said, "mom, they all think you're hot, and don't pay attention to her." I was stunned! I am close to both girls, and would never hurt our relationship, so I watched the game solo, while they hung with friends. Then, after the game, a slight, cold drizzle had begun, and when we got to the car, I had a flat. The lot was emptying fast, it had been years since I had triet to change a tire, and wasn't even sure this car had a jack of spare. Never looked when I got it, after the divorce. Then, in a red 4x4 instead of on a gallant white steed, my knight in shining armor appeared. With his healights illuminating the car, he dug out a old looking jack, and a worn spare, put it on, and had me ready in just a few minutes. I didn't have money to pay him, which he probably wouldn't have taken anyway, so I offered him a home cooked dinner the following night. As an afterthought, I extened the invite to his wife/girlfriend. He was reluctant to accept, but my girls convinced him, and I uncharacteristcally felt elation when he announced he was a bachelor and unattached. I had not really gotten a good look at him due to the rain and the way the light fell, just an outline of a tall, broadshouldered man, with what seemed to be a trim, fit physique. Hard to tell for sure due to the jacket, and he wore a ski cap. At 5:15 Saturday evening, the doorbell rang, and my youngest answered and let him in. "Mom, our guest is here, and he's a hunk" she shouted basically at the top of her lungs. Mortified, I wiped my hands, and started out of the kitchen to apologize for her outburst, but my oldest almost ran me down to see for herself. When I finally was able to offer a greeting, before the apology, I saw she had been accurate in her assessment. He is 6-1, 185 lbs, not a bit of fat on him, close cropped brown hair, and the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, also brown. He ate with enjoyment, answering questions my girls fire at him like detectives investigating a crime. His eyes twinkled, and I noticed they hardly ever left mine. He wasn't ogling me, just focusing on me. After dinner, I told the girls to clean up and wash dishes, and in one voice, the immediately objected; "mom, it's Saturday. That's your nite to clean up." When I informed them we had a guest, before they could object again, Tom said if it was my turn, he would help me. Now I objected, saying guests don't do dishes in our home, but he said, "fair is fair, and if they have the night off, then I'm helping." Anyway, during the cleanup, we were able to talk more privately. I discovered he was a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, but he said nothing else about the Army. He works for a local fuel company, delivering propane to homes and businesses, and does service work on appliances also. Our dinner turned into a relationship, and after 2 months of dating, we married, bought a house, and one weekend when the girls were on an overnight sleepover, I asked him if he would tie me up as a form of foreplay. I was prepared to have to talk him into it, be he agreed instantly. I asked if he wanted me to dress a particular way, be he siad he preferred me nude, as clothes would just be a hinderance. That afternoon, he bound me rather securely but not painfully, in a manner that would provide access to my body. In turned into the most satisfying sexual experience of my life. We made love so many times that my privates actually became rather tender. I no longer have to indulge in self-bondage and self-gratification. The girls have each told us that if we increase our family size, they would prefer more girls. Time will have to tell.
Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:59:33 AM
Name: Mike
Comments:As most visitors to this dreambook, my wife and I are into bondage, mostly as foreplay. And, as many men, I always wondered what it would be like to see my wife bound by another. When it happened, it was a total surprise to me. We had joined another couple for dinner and drinks, then went to their home for a bit of socializing and a few more drinks. My wife, Jenna, and Denise are co-workers, and Denise's husband and I work out at the same gym, so we are well acquainted. Denise and Randall are African-American for those interested. Anyway, the subject of being tied and trying to escape came up, between the ladies, surprising Randall and me both. On a dare, Denise allowed Jenna to tie her first, and if she escaped, then Jenna would be tied by Denise. Jenna apparently thought she knew how to tie, simply from being bound by me, and tied Denise as best as she could. From my viewpoint, I could see Denise would have little difficulty escaping. I was right, as Denise was loose in less than 3 minutes. It was sexy watching her wiggle and flex her body to escape. Denise is an extremelybeautiful woman, with breasts that have to be DD's, a gorgeous ass, and was wearing an intoxicating perfume. Don't know about Randall, but my cock was rock hard just watching her escape. Jenna seemed disappointed that Denise escaped so readily, and said, "well, I guess I have to pay the piper now, huh?" Denise responded, "honey, I'm going to make a tight small package, that you'll never escape from. Then, Mike can do whatever he wants to you" she said with an evil smirk on her beautiful face. She then opened a small cabinet in the corner, and began tossing coils of rope, a huge ballgag, a blindfold, 2 different types of tape, and other items I wasn't sure of what they were. Jenna had a worried look on her face and said, "nothing was said about gags or blindfolds." Denise answered, "we said if I escaped your ropework, I could tie you any way I wanted, remember?" With a look of surrender, Jenna said, "I remember". Denise selected a coil of rope, stood behind Jenna, pulled her arms back and began tying so fast that it was almost a blur. Jenna grunted and jerked while Denise worked, but otherwise said nothing. It was quickly apparent that Denise knew very well what she was doing. In no time, Jenna was tightly bound at wrist, her torso, even her elbows which pushed her 34C breasts out til I thought her blouse would burst. Denise sat her on the sofa, bound her legs above and below her knees, then her ankles. She stood her back up, turned her around so Randall and I could see her handywork. The ropes were pulled tight enough that they sunk into her fless noticeably. Denise then used the ballgag, pulling the straps until the corners of Jenna's mouth were pulled back. Next, the blindfold was applied, and Jenna stood on her stillettoes, wobbling just a bit, nipples fully erect, nostrils flaring slightly, breasts heaving (as always when she's aroused). Denise then helped her to the floor, rolled her onto her tummy, then raised her shapely ankles up, cinched a rope around the ankle bindings, then fed the rope thru the elbow rope, and began pulling the rope while pushing her legs up until only a couple of inches separated her heels from her elbows. By now my dick was so hard it actually hurt, and Randall left the room quickly. Denise finally stood back, saying, "okay, Jenna, get loose". It seemed the only thing Jenna could move was her fingers, which could not reach any of the knots. My beautiful blond wife had just been hogtied by a beautiful black lady, in my presence, without a word of complaint. Denise looked at me and said, "I probably tied her a lot stricter than you ever do, but I don't have to live with her. If you want to keep her tied while you take her home, just return the rope and gag at your leisure." That's exactly what happened: I removed the blindfold, released the hogtie, ankles, and lower knee ropes, kept the rest on her, drove home as fast as I dared, and as soon as the garage door was closed, I laid Jenna on the back seat of our Tahoe on her stomach and basically tore her skirt, pantyhose, and panties down, and fucked her doggy-style like a wild man. Each of us experienced the most intense orgasms we had ever had, and we kept Denise's ropes and gag for 2 weeks. Got a lot of use out of them, too.
Friday, November 30th 2012 - 08:17:00 PM
Name: Roger
Comments:Some of you fellows have expressed a desire to have your wives tied up by someone else. For a lot of us, that would never happen. But I did something almost as cool.

Mike and I have been friends for over 20 years. And it's never been a secret between us that we find each other's wives attractive. Mike has told me several times over what a beautiful girl my Suzanne is.

I have bondage photos of Suzanne dating back almost 30 years. Some are okay, and some are GREAT! Mike and I try to stay in touch, and have lunch downtown once a month at least. But on this day, Mike was in for a treat. After lunch, as we walked across the parking lot, I said, "Hey, man, I found some old pics of Suzanne when I first met her. Wanna see?"

Of course Mike said yes, and we walked to my car and got in. I retrieved a stack of photos from the center console, and handed them to Mike.

On top was a nice portrait of Suzanne about 26 years old, big, wavy blonde Farah Fawcett-looking 80s hair, made up nice and posed pleasantly. "Man, she's beautiful," Mike said. Don't know how you did it." We laughed.

Mike flipped to the next picture, Suzanne with her cousin in jeans and a modestly low-cut top, hair waving in the breeze. Mike just shook his head. Next, Suzanne in a swimsuit out by the pool. Nothing daring or risque, but a nice photo. Then her college graduation picture. Mike was enjoying the show.

I the next pic, Suzanne is sitting in a chair in our living room in a black, tight skirt, red silk blouse, heels and pearls, smiling, and perched in a very ladylike position, ankles crossed, hands clasped in her lap. That's one of my favorites," I told Mike. "Yeah, I can see why,"he answered. (You couldn't really tell from the pic that she wasn't wearing a bra under that top.) Mike flipped to the next picture.

"Oh . . . holy . . . ." He said, and just stared at the photo. Suzanne, in the same outfit as the previous photo is tied to the chair with rope. Her hands are bound behind her, and her ankles are tied together. She is gagged with a red bandanna tied in her mouth, and lashed securely to the chair with thick twisted nylon rope.

"Man, I had no idea!" Mike said.
"Well, why would you?"
"I don't know . . . is that really real? She's really tied?"
"Oh, it's very real, believe me."
"But she could get out of it, right?"
"Oh no. Not even."

MIke flipped to the next photo. Again, Suzanne is tied to the chair, with her top unbuttoned and off her shoulders, exposing her ample rack. Her skirt is hiked up really high, and she's barefoot. Her big toes are tied together with clothesline. Her hair is slightly mussed, with her bangs in her face.

"Whose idea was this, hers?"
"No, it was mine."
"Man, Mary would never let me do anything like this to her. You lucky son-of-a-bitch."

I explained to Mike that Suzanne did not want to be bound at first. Before we met, two other guys had asked to tie her up, and she refused. I told him how she very reluctantly agreed to be tied and gagged and how she found it embarrassing and humiliating at first. But after a few times, she began asking to be bound. We would take trips and she would pack the ropes herself -- and the gags.

Next photo, I thought his eyes would bug out at the sight of Suzanne, again tied to the chair totally nude. "Damn, I just never imagined this," he remarked. I mean, I know this girl, this is your wife, like this, all tied up."

"Well I have to confess I've imagined your wife that way."
"Yeah, me too, but it will never happen."
"I don't know, give it a shot."

Mark flipped to next pic. He laughed. A nice portrait of Suzanne with our two young boys. He went back and forth between that photo, and the one Suzanne tied and gagged nude in the chair. "Damn, and she even let you take pictures," he said, shaking his head. I explained that taking photos was her idea.

Still, he wasn't quite ready for the next photograph of my wife hogtied, gagged and toe-tied nude on the living room floor. "Oh, shit," he said. He flipped back to picture of Suzanne with the kids. "That's the same girl in these pictures. How did you ever get her to do this?"

I explained that one day, I just said straight out to her that I wanted to tie her up, and after a little discussion about it, We went shopping together and picked out some comfortable rope.

"So what do you do with her, all tied up like this?"
"Take pictures and stuff."
"Yeah . . . where are the kids?"
"Babysitter's house."

Following that were more hogtie photos of my wife. Mike really liked the one of her face as she's looking up, with the gag stretched tight in her mouth, and her blonde bangs in her face. "Another one of my favorites," I said.

We probably went through a hundred pics of Suzanne bound and gagged nude in unladylike positions, with a few nice-girl photos sprinkled throughout. Most of them were taken in the 80s and 90s. Mike really liked the shot of Suzanne nude in high heels, hands tied behind and gagged, standing alongside the car on a remote dirt road.

Mike was surprised at how many photos I had of Suzanne bound and gagged fully clothed. "She's just tied up just to be tied up," he remarked. In the photo he was looking at, Suzanne is tied to a chair and gagged in a dress barefoot, with thin gold giftwrap ribbon woven between and around her toes. Her ankles are tied together and her feet are pulled back under the chair, and tied to her wrists.

"So what happens to her now?" Mark asked. "I mean, she looks great, but what do you do with her?"
"Well, this was a game we played," I explained. I told him how Suzanne was wandering about the house in her dress and toe ribbons. She walked past me and I grabbed her and began tying her hands. She put up a token fight, and asked me not to bind and gag her. Once I had her lashed to the chair, she struggled and called for help. I tickled her feet and fondled her under her dress. I kept her tied for about an hour like that. Then I untied her from the chair, tied her spread on the bed nude, and we had some real fun then. Of course, it was all prearranged.

"See, I would have tied her legs apart," Mike remarked. Well he got what he wanted in the next photo.

We finally got to the recent stuff. Mike savored the photo of Suzanne sitting on the piano bench in the middle of the living room tied and gagged nude, ropes up her ass and all around her tits. Her hands were tied behind, and she had a big fat gag in her mouth. Lots of ropes. LOTS. And very elaborately toe-tied.

"When WAS this?" Mike asked.
"Last week."
"Damn . . . damn-damn. I guess with the kids grown and gone, you can do this anytime you want."
"I'll never look at her the same way again."

And he never did. Tell you what though, the look on his face was priceless next time when I gave him some photos I photoshopped of HIS wife bound and gagged. He apparently showed a few to Mary and asked if she wanted to try it. She flat said no. Actually, I've photo-faked several of my friends wives bound and gagged. He's seen them too.

"So I guess your wife hasn't tripped to the fact that I have pictures of her bound and gagged on my computer?" I remarked.
"No," he laughed.

Every time we meet, he always asks to see the "family photos."
Friday, November 30th 2012 - 10:42:18 AM
Name: a1984944
E-mail address: greengag@yahoo.com
Comments:Great site!!
Love the stories!
Sunday, November 25th 2012 - 08:47:04 AM
Name: Roger
Comments:Hey Clyde, try joining alt.com. Also, a great source of free amateur pics is www.homemade bdsm.com. It's entirely user content. I'm thinking of posting a few pics there.
Wednesday, November 21st 2012 - 06:18:06 AM
Name: clyde_davis789
E-mail address: clyde_davis78@yahoo.comc
Comments:hey the more stories the better. and the more real the better too. I jsut wish there was a female close to me that liked bondage so i could play and post too.
Monday, November 19th 2012 - 04:27:27 PM
Name: Roger
Comments:Hey, does anyone really read this stuff? I have a few more good stories, but there's not much feedback here.
Monday, November 19th 2012 - 05:56:49 AM
Name: Remarker
Comments:You other men seem to feel like me.

Cherish the woman. Treat her like a queen.

And in return she'll go out of her way to make us happy :-)
Friday, November 9th 2012 - 11:08:01 AM
Name: Re-Remarker
Comments:Tell you what. My wife is fat. She has gained a lot of weight over the past few years. But she still looks awesome bound and gagged nude. She can't really get her hands behind her back anymore, but that's okay. It takes a lot more rope to tie her up these days, but that's okay too. I went to home depot for some rope and found some nice yellow thick polypropylene. Know what? I just bought the whole spool.

Truthfully, if you passed her on the street, you'd probably never imagine her all roped and tied. We watch movies while she sits helplessly tied and gagged next to me on the couch. We watch "Bound" and "The Notorious Bettie Page". She drinks rum and coke through a straw. Of course I have to ungag her and hold the glass up for her, then regag her again.

Honestly, she's not much to look at these days, but add about 150 feet feet of rope and a ballgag, and DAMN! She lets me keep her tied for hours. She lets me leave her tied up and gagged while I go to the store for more rum. She plays stupid games like asking to be bound and gagged, or putting up a fight when I kidnap her. She lets me tie her amazingly tight. She lets me take pictures of her, too. She hates those pictures, she says she looks stupid. But she does it form anyway. I put a few of them in frames and put them on the mantle. I take them down if people come over, then they go back up. But I always treat her right. I can do anything I want to her when she's tied up, but I never abuse her, because I would hate to ruin it.
Friday, November 9th 2012 - 09:30:52 AM
Name: Remarker
Comments:Hello Ruth

Would you like to continue your story ?
Friday, November 9th 2012 - 08:32:53 AM
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