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Bring out the GIMP (Girls In Merciless Peril) -- Sign the Forum Page

WAIT! Important Tips before Posting!

It's awesome that you want to contribute to the forum, but be sure you read below about...

Making Paragraphs, Possible Lost Posts and Double Posts. Thanks.

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WAIT! Read this before you sign the book!

Want to make sure your text looks right before you hit SEND?
Use the HTML Practice Site, then cut and paste into the Comments section above.

1. Making Paragraphs - Separate your paragraphs by using HTML paragraph breaks. Merely adding a blank line will not work on this forum. The symbol looks like this:


Any text you type after this symbol will begin the next paragraph.

2. Possible Lost Posts - When making a long post, it's a good idea to save your post as a text file before hitting "Sign the Book." This is in case Dreambook "eats" your post (it doesn't appear on the forum); you'll have your masterpiece saved somewhere. If Dreambook does fail you, you can e-mail your post to Ralphus and he will add it for you, because he's such a damn nice guy.

3. Double Posts - Do not attempt to post your entry more than once. If your entry doesn't appear on the forum immediately, press "reload", or re-enter the forum's URL in the browser. All other actions will result in multiple postings. If you get a message saying "document contains no data", it still means the posting has occured. It takes time for entries to appear.

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