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Zapato Productions intradimensional: Guestbook

Dr. Ernesto Jr.


I am posting from the year 2031, as my father's experiments with CHRONOTON FIELDS have allowed me to TRANSDUCE timespace and MELD into the FUTURE! I bring you DIRE WARNINGS!

Mr Zapato's antisocial software project, Nemester (which is still in beta in your timeframe) has become SENTIENT -- fed with the collective knowledge and enmity of the MILLIONS of members who will have had joined it! The future world is now ruled by an INFERNAL NETWORK of ANGRY, BITTER COMPUTERS and humanity is ENSLAVED under their CYBERNETIC CONTROL! Oh how I RUE that I gave my testimonial for that CURSED SERVICE! But, I shall undo my FOOLISH MISTAKE!

Listen to me FOOLS! DO NOT JOIN NEMESTER! If you do, the computers will take over and turn you into MERE PERIPHERALS! And if that happens, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for ME to rule you all as I had planned!

Curse you Mr Zapato for once again foiling my schemes!
Saturday, June 28th 2031 - 06:28:31

seahorse.blurple Your Welcome!
Tuesday, January 28th 2014 - 13:17:45

frog.blue Just browsing for a computer class at IUPUI. I will return when I have a clearer mind. Or better, when I'm drinking. Looks like an interesting site!
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 12:43:12

generic So, what drugs are you on and where do I get it?
Wednesday, January 15th 2014 - 04:19:14

generic Nice website good information and videos.
Tuesday, January 14th 2014 - 07:56:47

dragonhill WEB
seahorse.alien faker and total LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, January 13th 2014 - 07:13:35

seahorse.fire hiii
Friday, January 10th 2014 - 07:24:09

generic.question Are you people on crack ? If not, then you may as well be.
Wednesday, January 8th 2014 - 12:48:41

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 06:56:25

common sense
generic why don't you do a post on how you know what's going to happen before it happens? as revealing that is going to get rid of many, and possibly all, problems with the world..
Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 06:08:32

Paranoid Potato
octopus.angry Can you explain the NRO's latest logo, as seen on Ars today?
Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 05:17:27

Belgian Hominoid
generic While I applaud your dedication to hominid equality and obscure wildlife preservation, I think that your views on Belgium (while mostly correct) are a little biased. While Belgium is in fact, nonexistent, I, as worker at a brainwashing plant beneath Euro-Disneyland, attest that most of the brainwashed Belgians are far from innocent. Would you consider updating your site to a less biased view of Belgium? The Illuminati thanks you in advance.
Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 10:20:56

generic that is this web site is not real because if you look at the blue spades it looks like a teddy bear
Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 10:42:13

seahorse.ice ello
Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 09:16:19

Jhon Balmxter WEB
octopus.ice He speakers the truth computers controll us all
Don't give the site inf
Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 08:15:12

Dark Thunderlips
penguin.chinstrap My shiney metal foil helmet will keep me safe from the dark overlord that is the man. I will continue to fight against his will with rolls of tinfoil and rubberbands. Software be damned!!!!
Monday, November 25th 2013 - 08:00:36

Unicorn Pringle
generic.angry Not cool. You have bad grammar. You misspelled octopi as 'octopusses'. Half of the images there are photo-shopped, too.
Tuesday, November 19th 2013 - 15:13:56

honeybee its fake!
Monday, November 18th 2013 - 11:07:37

Barak Obama WEB
octopus.seaweed I think Neo-Spacian Gerbils are beautiful.
Monday, November 18th 2013 - 06:31:47

generic is this actually fake? im so confused bro
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 17:43:02

afdb.dog Warning! Especially important that you wear your AFDB when out of the house or in the neighbor's yard! There are CIA trucks patrolling the neighborhood. I know this because I have seen them driving around the block. They have signs on them saying things like "Continental Cable Company" or "American Technology Corp." , etc. Don't let them fool you, because the dead give away is the plastic tube on the van's roof that houses the electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carrier antennas. Ignore this warning at your own peril!
- Jerome in Huntsville
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 05:27:01

seahorse.fire I tots believe this in this because I saw a picture on google of a wizard who discovered pink Cthulhu, the almighty ancient one. It is obviously real and I see them all the time, but I never realized what they were until now. <3 <3 <3 thank you for making this page
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 08:36:39

generic I live a couple of miles north of the Belgian border. I visit my friends in this "country" quite often. It's nice te realize I'm now officially part of a conspiracy! Yeah, finally!! I'm deeply grateful for pointing this fact out to me!!
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 06:34:54

generic We're using your site for a research project in HIGH SCHOOL. Thanks for being a GREAT example on a FAKE website!
Monday, November 4th 2013 - 16:12:10

Your Friend
generic Hello, feel honored because we are looking at your site for a college class! We are talking about fake websites, you made the cut!
Friday, October 25th 2013 - 07:44:59

justin bieber
generic can i sponsor your website?
Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 05:05:09

generic this is honestly so fake.
Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 05:03:32

redant Zapato is "shoe" in Spanish.

You're welcome
Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 10:14:43

Monday, October 21st 2013 - 14:44:44

hahahahahahahaha WEB
octopus.gold i think this is faaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake im in computer apps right now there is a video on you tube of this right now.
Friday, October 11th 2013 - 11:06:16

goldbug mr zapato, you are a genius
Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 14:00:46

generic yeah...im coo.
Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 11:36:58

generic You know what i haven't had in a while?

Big League Chew
Monday, September 30th 2013 - 13:31:47

Paul Muller WEB
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Monday, September 30th 2013 - 10:04:10

generic Need HELP. This psychotronic thing is real. I got the hit from my former employer Yahoo. My co-workers are idiotic, and probably convinced someone to get rid of me. i'm stuck with this torment of the mind for over a year. If anyone has any info or knowledge in "active denial system" or "psychotronic weapons" please help me out. I can assure you this is an illegit job, probably from a corrupt government employee. My mind is getting messed up, and i can't study for school, or work properly because of this torment. Please email me at my anonoymous email if you have any solution or a device that can help bock it out. email -> top_secret@hmamail.com
Saturday, September 28th 2013 - 22:10:39

alana WEB
generic love u
Monday, September 16th 2013 - 13:21:12

commie.linux This is unacceptable. Why doesn't YR tap have tin foil for protection?
Why does the NSA not understand that they are vulnerable to mind
probes? Do they not understand who the NWO is? They should be
very afraid.
Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 01:28:14

sarai raven
generic I really enjoy your site.
Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 21:54:30

Thomas WEB
generic I love your post about "Belgium Doesn't Exist!".
Funny thing is, the T-shirts that are sold are not made in Belgium but in the USA :)
Wednesday, August 28th 2013 - 12:04:22

Matt Beal WEB
generic Hey Lyle, believe it or not, I really did name my blog after Mae Brussell and the Brussell Sprouts. It has nothing to do with the Belgian Conspriacy. LOL!
Saturday, August 24th 2013 - 13:36:10

generic.angry verry good yes,
indeed all are enemy
don't forget biggest enemy
Friday, August 23rd 2013 - 01:31:11

Ms King
generic.question Your Educators page is a brilliant idea, but a great many of the links don't work any longer. I notice you haven't updated the site in a good while, (and looking at some of the Guest Book posts I'm not surprised), but that could do with fixing.

Thursday, August 22nd 2013 - 19:33:50

David Marsh. WEB
generic Always supporting all those who expose conspiracies. From all your friends at Tom Thumb. Thank you.
Wednesday, August 14th 2013 - 04:32:35

generic I only see BH's at night? is that normal ??
Thursday, August 8th 2013 - 10:46:33

Carl WEB
termite This site is perfect for me. I make enemies so routinely I can never keep track of them all.
Thursday, August 1st 2013 - 06:30:45

gmn17 WEB
moai moai wth is that?, I love this site!,
Wednesday, July 10th 2013 - 22:04:11

vwbug NSA & Belgium News Propaganda:

"The King of the Belgians, Albert II, has announced his abdication ..... would step down in favour of his son Crown Prince Philippe."
OK .. Sure. Just more disinformation to the world to sound like country of Belgium even exists.
Please avoid all types of Belgin Waffles.
Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 14:27:37

seahorse.alien Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, I was lead by the nose (via a somewhat tidal fug) to this amazing, amusing intradimensional time zone. Since it is the 4th of July, and I must adjourn to go explode some ordnance, I will keep my comments short, if not sweet. The plight of the Tree Octopus is what suckered me in, and I was astounded to read about all the other threatened life forms, especially the Palous Giant Earthworm, which is in my own backyard. The pink tentacle symbol shows your solidarity with breast cancer awareness; or is the groping appendage merely a fnordian slip?
Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 14:14:09

Zav Half WEB
generic.angry This is a funny website, but just a heads-up to those people out there...
THIS IS NOT REAL! You can look at it, read it, whatever but there are ..
I don't know why people think that, but it is not a good idea to believe this kind of stuff. At elementary school they showed it to us, our response: (what!? people believe, trust, and GIVE MONEY to this! Ha!) In middle school we did a test on this and the correct answer: Bad website! Try to find even 1 website that doesn't have anything to do with ZPi that says the same thing- good luck!
This was a cute and funny website, but watch out for those fake-but-gotta-believe-it's-real pictures, comments that take it seriously, and etc.! ( ' - ' )
Tuesday, June 18th 2013 - 05:14:12

Renaldo Verma
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Renaldo Verma, UK
Sunday, June 16th 2013 - 11:05:47

Jason Wisnieski
generic.question I just bought a New Dawn for the Tree Octopus poster, and I love it! I have wall space for two more posters, and I'd love to find something complementary to display. I would love to have a poster of "Submarine vs. Whale" flanked by "New Dawn" and "Monarchs Come Home."

Do you have any plan to make other posters? Is "Monarchs Come Home" available from the Pacific Grove museum?

If neither of those are available, do you have any favorite posters that you'd be proud to have flanking "New Dawn?" Is this a record for the number of questions posed in a single guestbook entry?

Love your work, thanks for sharing it.
Thursday, June 6th 2013 - 12:19:50

generic hdngfdngfd
Thursday, June 6th 2013 - 03:54:26

generic Lyle,

I appreciate your work to expose the NWO puppetmasters and uncover the TRUTH as much as anyone, but some of your posts just aren't up to snuff. For instance, the "Black Helicopters" in a posted video are clearly just toys, not true NWO micro-tech. [See http://zapatopi.net/blog/?post=200909247270.black_helicopter_swarm_caught_on_video] What were you thinking?!? BS posts like that make you look unserious and, moreover, damage the credibility of aluminum foil mind-protection beanie-wearers everywhere. Get it together, man!
Monday, June 3rd 2013 - 06:26:21

generic I am evaluating this website for an online class at Chemeketa. I found your sight to be very intertaining. You all have quite an imagination. Good luck to your cause.
Sunday, June 2nd 2013 - 13:41:40

KATIEcraycray WEB
generic Hey i love your work. you are a genius, tricking us into thinking you are CRAY! Tree Octopuses are not real! and NO! I DO NOT WANT to join the sasquatch Mafia!!!!!
Wednesday, May 29th 2013 - 05:36:00

Maddy hates lyle zapato WEB
penguin.erect you suck. this is fake. ive been to belgeim
Wednesday, May 29th 2013 - 05:31:07

generic Are you part of the illumanati?
Wednesday, May 1st 2013 - 19:06:26

generic tf why y making fake pages for huh .? U R DA PARANOID ONE
Monday, April 29th 2013 - 10:27:20

generic who u callin paranoid?!
Monday, April 29th 2013 - 10:25:02

belgium waffle
generic dis fake mann i actually got real info from here -_-
Monday, April 29th 2013 - 10:23:18

generic this is so stupid!! FAKE!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, April 29th 2013 - 07:21:23

commie.linux I'm sorry, but the logical extension here is that tornados are
controlled by the NWO. I can't prove that, yet.
Monday, April 22nd 2013 - 00:38:27

commie.linux Another small detail, I went to the office supply shop to buy paper
clips and the only ones they had were chrome sulfate doped pot
metal. I'm afraid of those people. They also said they had pure
aluminum paper clips. I'm not sure that's true either. i will endeavor
to analyze the exact content of these materials using gas chromatography.
Will that be enough though? Psychotronic content may be obscured in
any number of ways and one can't be too careful.

Monday, April 22nd 2013 - 00:22:38

commie.linux Another small detail, I went to the office supply shop to buy paper
clips and the only ones they had were chrome sulfate doped pot
metal. I'm afraid of those people. They also said they had pure
aluminum paper clips. I'm not sure that's true either. i will endeavor
to analyze the exact content of these materials using gas chromatography.
Will that be enough though? Psychotronic content may be obscured in
any number of ways and one can't be too careful.

Monday, April 22nd 2013 - 00:22:26

commie.linux I was watching a tornado video and "the guy" told his girlfriend
not to touch any "metal" while it passed in front of them. My
instinct would be to touch metal to ground myself but I'm not
sure that's right? I don't have much bubble gum left so I don't
know for sure what to do? I have some foil though. I have golf
shoes and cleats too.

Sunday, April 21st 2013 - 23:53:41

generic wtf!!!!! ur a loser lyle
Wednesday, April 17th 2013 - 09:40:12

a belgian
generic wtf belgium doesn't exist? Cascadia is really filled with dumbasses!
Tuesday, April 16th 2013 - 14:18:04

commie.linux Lyle, I dont want to start a feud between the Hatfield's and McCoy's,
college universities, or between late night talk show host's, but you need
to add this merch to your site. (Along with critical analysis of any
psychotronic content either from the site or from the T-shirts)
Sunday, April 14th 2013 - 08:39:14

grumpykitties WEB
octopus.gold i was born in Cascadia too!!!
Wednesday, April 10th 2013 - 10:11:01

retrodynamic WEB
octopus.angry Technology Submission - Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech / Gearturbine Project - Featured Development

Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic
Technology Proposal Submission
Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type

*State of the art Innovative concept Top system Higher efficient percent.
Have similar system of the Aeolipile Heron Steam device from Alexandria 10-70 AD.

YouTube; * Atypical New • GEARTURBINE / Retrodynamic = DextroRPM=> VS <=LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Thrust Way Type - Non Waste Looses


*8-X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE - Way Steps:
1)1-Compression / bigger
2)2-Turbo 1 cold
3)2-Turbo 2 cold
4)2-Combustion - circular motion flames / opposites
5)2-Thrust - single turbo & planetary gears / ying yang
6)2-Turbo 2 hot
7)2-Turbo 1 hot
8)1-Turbine / bigger

-New Form-Function Motor-Engine Device. Next Step, Epic Design Change, Broken-Seal Revelation. -Desirable Power-Plant Innovation.

-With Retrodynamic Dextrogiro vs. Levogiro Phenomenon Effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front=> to <=front; "Collision-Interaction Type" - inflow vs. blades-gear-move. Technical unique dynamic innovative motion mode. [Retrodynamic Reaction = When the inflow have more velocity the rotor have more RPM Acceleration, with high (XY Position) Momentum] Which the internal flow (and rotor) duplicate its speed, when activated being in a rotor (and inflow) with [inverse] opposite Turns. A very strong Novel concept of torque power thrust.

-Non-waste parasitic looses system for cooling, lubrication & combustion.

-Shape-Mass + Rotary-Motion = Inertia-Dynamic / Form-Function Wide [Flat] Cylindrical shape + positive dynamic rotary mass = continue Inertia kinetic positive tendency motion.

-Combustion 2Two continue circular [Rockets] flames. [ying yang] opposite to the other. – With 2TWO very long distance INFLOW [inside propulsion] CONDUITS. -4 TURBOS Rotary Total Thrust-Power Regeneration Power System. -Mechanical direct 2two [Small] Planetary Gears at polar position. -Like the Ying Yang Symbol/Concept. -Wide out the Rotor circumference were have much more lever [HIGH Torque] POWER THRUST. -Military benefits; No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target profile. -3 points of power thrust; 1-flow way, 2-gear, 3-turbine. *Patent; Dic. 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187 All Rights Reserved. Carlos Barrera.
Tuesday, March 26th 2013 - 15:25:18

G. Liddy WEB
afdb.dog Is there any truth to the rumours that shipments of Aluminum ingots over the Rockies Mountains may begin soon, using the 19th Century method originally used for Iron ingots?
This method, described at http://poutine.tk/trailballoon/ was abandoned, but now with modern tracking methods it may be resurrected soon.
They even plan to use a special hi-tech Aluminum coating on the balloons, which was apparently perfected by the creative metallurgists at Zapato!
Saturday, March 23rd 2013 - 22:29:26

Kate WEB
generic Our partners :
<a rel="dofollow" href="http://droit.myartsonline.com/deltasone/pulmonary-fibrosis.html">pulmonary fibrosis</a> is about pulmonary fibrosis... <a rel="dofollow" href="http://barbas.2itb.com/klonopin/klonopin-high.html">klonopin high</a> is about klonopin high... This is a good looking website, glad to see it. You may want to visit my page too: our site
Friday, March 22nd 2013 - 09:19:31

Thursday, March 21st 2013 - 16:45:06

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contact him via email:imomohspelltemple@yahoo.com
Monday, March 18th 2013 - 01:06:43

the wolf god
penguin.emperor are they after me?
Tuesday, March 12th 2013 - 09:10:28

generic this is fake
Wednesday, March 6th 2013 - 12:01:14

generic this is fake
Wednesday, March 6th 2013 - 12:01:14

Gadgets Man WEB
generic Hi,

I spent a lot of time on this website. I am very happy!

Thank you and greetings to all
from: http://decold.com
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 04:48:13

seahorse.strawberry C: its just me
Monday, March 4th 2013 - 08:25:01

octopus.angry I need TP for my bunghole, pooped in my foil cap again to create a confusing barrier to the Germans! Come and get me!
Friday, March 1st 2013 - 22:39:58

generic Lyle, I've installed MindGuard, but the deciphering function is not working properly, it is displaying squares instead of the text it should be displaying. Am I missing some dependency or language encoding?
Saturday, February 23rd 2013 - 08:27:26

Nico the "sane" WEB
seahorse.fire Sooooo.... Is it weird that this reminds me of invader Zim?!? I'm insane aren't I o_e. Also I think that my brow is trying to kill me. Also do frying pans kill black helicopters? and do they also keep away food pyrimid addicts?
Wednesday, February 20th 2013 - 21:50:51

penguin.blue Beware the ” food service” quality aluminum foil,-, it is of inferior quality and does not work. When THEY let me do kitchen duty, that's all I could get my hands on. Just too thin!

Anyway, now that that is past. These days I can buy Tesco aluminium foil from that Tesco Express down the lane since THEY let me out at mid-day.

Tesco brands work well. Opps, must go now. Time for meds.
Monday, February 18th 2013 - 17:14:54

generic I do not know about you Dr. Ernesto, but these sentient, supposedly angry, bitter computers are actually really nice to me and helping me out with my daily activities. Don't listen to him, he is racist!
Thursday, February 14th 2013 - 06:50:50

checo WEB
frog.blue Duh you guys are so fake we all know that the octopuses aren't real and you used stuffed animals. Your website is a waste of time.
Monday, February 11th 2013 - 06:49:36

spyder WEB
penguin.erect You gus are screwed in the head and need mental help ASAP.
Thursday, February 7th 2013 - 14:03:19

octopus.gold Moo, nobody likes a spammer. post your thoughts here, spam in chatrooms. :)
Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 09:44:13

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 08:44:20

generic Mr. Zapato, just a suggestion:
Please update the site more, for us paranoids need more information on how to repel the NWO. Thank you, I am posting for the good of the paranoids.
Tuesday, January 29th 2013 - 10:22:44

generic Dear guestbook/forum
Do you know what any of this is? The NWO is a REAL organization bent on having a single, what seems utopian world government, but will be really DYS-topian. Mr.Zapato is instructing us on how to keep from their mind control. Belgium is not a country, for it is an illusion. If you do not believe this, you are OBVIOUSLY being mind controlled.
Tuesday, January 29th 2013 - 10:20:43

Shari Verijke
generic ps. one more thing... you say we think we are superior to you. wel actualy americans think that way and i think not justbelgium but all europe will agree with that. you all think your always better then anyone else. it is cause of this kind of shit that belgians will look down on someone... like you dumbasses.
Sunday, January 27th 2013 - 20:20:30

Shari Verijke
generic HAHAHA tis is the funniest shit i have ever read. no wonder we think you guys are fuckign retarded.. you know we have better schools 2 right??? where the hell do you even get this bullshit from? do you constantly dream instead of living? writing about us in this wayshows who really is the nutcase here. get a life! you just can't handle we have better education (obviously... a specialy after reading this), sprouts come from here, we have the best chocolate, diamonds, french fries are belgian fries! americans just didn't know the difference between france and belgium... and so on and so on.. so why don't you get a life or come over here so i can proof your fucking INSANE.
Sunday, January 27th 2013 - 20:11:19

Jazz hands
Thursday, January 24th 2013 - 10:11:24

Kristjan WEB
generic http://deoxy.org/h_lilly.htm
John Lilly, M.D.
Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer

Certain states of consciousness result from and cause operation of this apparent unification phenomenon. We are still general purpose computers who can program any conceivable model of the universe inside our own structure, reduce the single self-metaprogrammer to a micro size, and program him to travel through his own model as if real (level 6, Satori +6: Lilly,1972) This property is useful when one steps outside it and sees it for what it is—an immensely satisfying realization of the programmatic power of one's own biocomputer. To over-value or negate such experiences is not a necessary operation. To realize that one has this property is an important addition to one's self-metaprogrammatic list of probables.

Here you can find and read a few of his books online for free.
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 - 23:36:52

Sitamaja WEB
generic.interrobang Whats with all the evil time travelers on this site?
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 - 23:12:55

generic This is the most awesomest website I have ever laid these very two eyes on!
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 - 20:45:02

goldbug i want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to Dr.Ishvara for bringing back my husband who left i and the kids for almost two months. i am very much grateful to Dr.Ishvara. I pray God almighty give you the strength and wisdom to help more people having similar problem like mine. for help you can reach him on his email address: ishvaratemple@yahoo.com
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 - 06:45:19

generic.question Dr. Ernesto, are you talking about SEXY COMPUTERS like the T-X series Terminatrix?
Please see video below:
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 - 06:37:35

generic HA! Unlike Nemester, FaceBook has millions and millions of users. Try competing with that! We even have personalized ads!
Tuesday, January 22nd 2013 - 07:29:29

generic Every one this is important there is going to be a rally to save the tree octopus on may 15 in times square please come and show how much you care
Sunday, January 20th 2013 - 16:03:23

generic We believe that probably this is the reason of the parapsychological harrasments that you suffered. Any relation with the occult drives those forces against you with more power, more or less like a "magnet". G.H.REES has already published from 1988 its research about the Moon (through neutrino technology) and the terran Dragonian Masonic Hierarchy. The moon has inside it "written in tablets" all the codes and symbols of cabala. The more complex the symbols the more higher the sinohebrewmasonic hierarchy that use them. When one mason or occult related person performs a cabalistic ritual essentially it sends his coordinates to the Lunar HQ's. The moon responds electromagnetically by sending holograms and visions to the medium's pituaitary gland after it pinpoints the coordinates of the cabala session. This is described in science as the ressonance frequencies, that can materialize and demateriallize various phenomena which to the poor untrained mind would look like pure magic! You see, it's not magic, but highly advanced lunar technology for mind - psychotronic control. Demonic possesion is also possible during those sessions. Moreover, Tarrot is used by the Dragonian Masonic Hierarchy and represents the 72 members of each of the opposites collusion masonic hyperlodges (+AOA, -AOA).
Astrology and any form of Oracle - Futurology is Cronian related. It has nothing to do with pure science that was taught by the Zeus staff. You see pure science and knowledge of the Universal Organism was later converted to rituals and astrology and religion and white and black magic by the ritualistic behaving Dragonians and the Cronian mutineers coalition, for the purpose of mind control. Every person easily fears magic and the unknown spiritual influence and the parapsychological harassements. But pure science and knowledge kills the fear and truly leads the person to freedom form his mental religious prison. It is enjoyable to understand and demystify the occult, through technology. G.H.REES did that, because they are essentially Scientists, descedants of the Andromedian Scientists of Zeus.
Ofcourse you are free to choose the way of life that you prefer.
But any action has its reaction and its consequencies.
The choice is yours.

From the comment section of http://hellenandchaos.blogspot.gr/2010/04/apollo-lizard-killer-million-years.html
Friday, January 18th 2013 - 07:33:18

Kristjan WEB
generic Did you know that behind the Moon is another moon named Lilith?

Please see http://hellenandchaos.blogspot.gr/2012/02/normal-0-false-false-false.html
Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history... G.H. REES

Also see following youtube video and related videos:

The video is a re-enactment of a rabbinical initiation conducted at the Grand Oak Lodge of New York in 1985. G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment & Restoration, captured the speech through high level recording technology. The video outlines the planned Zionist Armageddon program, with many other shocking details.
Friday, January 18th 2013 - 07:15:53

generic get a new freaking life!!!!
Thursday, January 17th 2013 - 10:09:58

generic you are a retard go get a life i love BELGIAN chocolate you need to see a doctor
Wednesday, January 16th 2013 - 02:46:15

stephanie WEB
generic i know that this is a lie because there is not such thing as A TREE octopus because there suppose to live in the water duh........!!!!!!
Saturday, January 12th 2013 - 05:49:05

penguin.blue This is sooo cool!! I'm going to totally show it to ALL of my friends!! I love this! When my friend Maddie first showed this to me I was so SHOCKED! Who would have known there was such a thing!!!
Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 20:01:52

Friday, January 4th 2013 - 23:57:43

generic 2 posts in less than thirty days! Are you the Lyle Zapato I've been following? Or some kind of sinister android?
Friday, January 4th 2013 - 19:46:31

generic Thank you so much for your enlightening information, especially on Belgium! I for one would like to point out another disturbing fact in this issue—the wildly popular new anime "Hetalia," which features personifications of nations. It does include a female "Belgium" who appears in the very first episode—and then disappears for NINETY-THREE episodes. Obviously the Hetalia creator knew of the non-existence of Belgium—after the Elite Left snuck its personification into the first episode, the creator fought valiantly to avoid any appearances or references to her afterwards. She has finally appeared again, though, so I fear the Liberals may have prevailed.
Keep up the good work! We will fight this conspiracy for all it's worth!
Friday, January 4th 2013 - 18:44:28

generic.angry just why? is any of this legit?
Wednesday, January 2nd 2013 - 15:13:15

Kristjan WEB
generic Dear Lyle,
If you wish to protect yourself from Dr. Ernestos ORGANIC WORMS/PARASITES, you should get an Orgone Zapper. It is a simple but very effective electromedicinal device. Read the testimonials, in my opinion this device provides the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. I thought about using it in conjunction with an AFDB (by placing the electrodes of the Zapper against the aluminum foil, perhaps under a regular hat). Any insight on that?
You can get one at http://www.orgoniseafrica.com/orgone-zapper/orgone-zapper-hulda-clark-parasite-zapping.html
Wednesday, January 2nd 2013 - 08:37:53

Kristjan WEB
generic Thanks for informing me about the MindPort. What is your stance on BitCoins, the supposedly anonymous online currency, frequently used to buy black market goodies? Also, there is an interesting device I've found called an Orgone Zapper(http://www.orgoniseafrica.com/orgone-zapper/orgone-zapper-hulda-clark-parasite-zapping.html), a simple, yet effective electromedicinal device. Supposedly it is used to cure cancer and aids frequently. Now I have no idea whether these claims are true, but I did have an interesting thought about it's usage. Since it is used to kill parasites (and brain parasites are a nuisance) I thought that maybe it could be used in conjunction with an AFDB (with the Zapper's electrodes touching the aluminum). Any insight on that?
Wednesday, January 2nd 2013 - 08:21:03

Lyle Zapato WEB

RE: Hollow Earth Mammoths

Hi Kristjan. I updated the burrowing mammoth blog post with more info about the hollow earth connection.

FYI: You should *not* build and install a deflection core inside the MindPort. Doing so will only leave you open to NWO programming. I have posted the intercepted NWO MindPort patterns for deceptive use only, not for its actual intended purpose.

Also, sorry but Nemester is still in beta and needs more funding. Unfortunately Kickstarter does not accept payments in Krugerrands, the currency of choice of most well-enmitied paranoids, so beta may last longer than anticipated.
Wednesday, January 2nd 2013 - 02:53:18

Kristjan WEB
generic http://www.tokenrock.com/explain-Hollow-Earth-Theory-194.html

In 1846 the discovery of an extinct woolly mammoth frozen in ice in Siberia was used by Marshall Gardner as evidence of a hollow earth. Gardner subscribed to the single-sun-inside-the-earth theory and suggested that the mammoth was so well-preserved because it had died recently. Gardner thought that mammoths and other extinct creatures wandered freely in the interior of the earth. This one had wandered outside by using the hole at the North Pole, then was frozen and carried to Siberia on an ice flow.

What about other Hominid species that could be present there?
Tuesday, January 1st 2013 - 23:52:52

afdb.smiley I have so many questions, Lyle. Please reply to my guestbook comments.
Are you not answering because I've been naughty and using Windows XP?
Matrix Runs On Windows XP
I think they mean Backtrack Linux when they say Ubuntu.
I'm going to make a .deb package of MindGuard for Linux Mint Debian
(if possible).
Much Respect, Lyle.
Monday, December 31st 2012 - 20:55:20

generic I accidentally assembled a few MindPort's without building and adding a deflector core. I did not understand before that it also needed aluminum and thought the paper itself was a psychic deflector core, being a young and restless 17-year-old. Please give us accurate instructions on how to build a proper deflector core, Lyle.
Much Respect,
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 21:11:21

generic Did you know that there are 20+ elements before Hydrogen (the unseen octaves of space gases) and that what is called the Akashic records could simply be Inert Gases that store information (PARANOIA TRIGGER).
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:42:39

generic Here are some brochures and schematics of the Civilian-built Circular Foil Spacecraft OTC X-1 powered by Utrons, with their "perfectly square and round characteristics"





Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:38:49

Check out the youtube link BELOW:
High resolution images below with description
(original text in German):

The following text is taken from the narrative of the video ABOVE, slightly EDITED by me.

First of all, here is a map of the NORTH POLE

This is a an important map from 1600 with a rendition of the Northern Hemisphere, based upon Gerard Mercator's map of 1595, scripted by Mathias Quad. Among the ideas shown on this map are that the North Pole was encircled by four land masses called the Bargos islands, separated from each other by rivers or channels and they produce 19 mouths or openings to the outer ocean. The river flows northwards from the surrounding oceans to the central sea and then into the inner earth at the North Pole, flowing beneath a canyon approximately 33 leagues (100 miles) wide that is located there. The magnetic north is depicted as a separate island rock just outside the polar mass. The descriptions on this map differ greatly from others, which only outline the well known regions and do not mention this polar area. They mainly mention the areas south of it and especially those areas around the equator.

A (hopefully accurate rendition of a) map of the inner earth from c.a. 1730
High resolution image available at:

First of all, the origin of this map is somewhat questionable. It is crafted by
Georg Matthäus Seutter. It had supposedly reached Seutter's hands in the early
1730s where he held onto it before he published it in his atlases. It is
scripted in old German, not Latin, which was still widely recognized as the
language of maps. The original map which this engraving was taken from was
supposedly dropped off at his map shop, outside the door, left without any
information. There is evidence that there was a book printed in the early 1730s
of over 400 pages talking about the geographies of this land, the rivers and the
streams. Starting in the far left hand corner you will notice three measurement
graduations. This is very important, as why would someone include three
measurements on a map that was supposedly mythological? Nowhere on the map is it
indicated that it is fantasy, it is however spoken of as utopia. The map gives
the appearance of being inverted, due to the lines and the sharpness of the
angle. Taking a look at some of the script on the map, on the right side of the
Tropic of Capricorn (the Southern Tropic line) you can read: "In these waters
the fishing for mackerel and herring is good." On the left side, you can find
the description of an island located on the line. It says: "This is the island
where the machine that controls the weather is located." Now, somebody printed
this and engraved it in 1730. How ridiculous that would have been? Controlling
the weather is something that is new to us today. The script written under the
right side of the equator states: "The Sun(or the light) is the same both day
and night." The script in box in the bottom right hand corner describes an
utopian map of the newly discovered Schlaraffenland. This land was often spoken
of but never actually located, composed of many kingdoms which have the many
different vices of life within them and that this map was delivered by anonymous
authors. You can see a clue on how to get to the Schlaraffenland surrounding the
script. The image looks like a very high mountain with rivers flowing northwards
right into the mountain. This is reminiscent of what is depicted on the maps of
Gerard Mercator and Mathias Quad from 1600.
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:33:21

generic Are diamonds psychotronic surveillance technology?
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:10:21

For paranoid mathematicians WEB
generic Try pasting some stuff into the http://www.gematrix.org/
Perhaps you could even delude yourself enough to think that you are contacting extraterrestrials this way?
Lyle, could you tell us more about kindergarten mathematics and the kaballa?
Take good care of yourself, everybody.
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:03:47

Your doppelgänger
generic asked me to change the source code of your program to change the green line running in the depsych utility into a reddish color. Is this a good idea?
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 08:59:30

Does this warrant a reply, Lyle? WEB
generic What do you think of the Corsair Survivor USB 3.0 flash drive that has aluminum enclosing? I have one, but I somehow managed to drop the hard-to-destroy casing out of the window of a mental institution. Is it worth retrieving? What about psychotronic jewelry?

Will you tell us about the hidden uses of MindGuard any time in the future? I accidentally cloned my crazy neighbour's cat with it, being insane. Just what in the world is going on?
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 08:55:41

Where is the MindGuard special, Lyle? WEB
generic Where is this MindGuard special you speak of, Lyle?
It took me six months to install MindGuard. Six months!!!
This program is too hard to install for a newcomer to psychotronic warfare. Anyone care for a MindGuard .deb (DEBIAN) package? What is your favourite Linux distribution? Damn Small Linux appeals to me now.
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 08:49:49

For the attention of Lyle Zapato WEB
generic Would you like to acquire more psychotronic OOMPH?
Just visit http://www.mindovermatter.ru and pick out what you like
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 08:42:55

generic LYLE
Please reply to my-email about joining Nemester.
I appreciate your attention.
Much Respect,
Friday, December 28th 2012 - 08:37:05

Resistance Soldier
octopus.gold Mr.Zapato-
The Resistance finds this webpage a great source of info, for we have started applying AFDBs and MindGuard to protect our computers and minds.The research lab is very innovative and
is FAR more advanced than any other.
Monday, December 17th 2012 - 10:12:53

penguin.chick I'm Belgian, i think..

How can i ask for political shelter in the republic of cascadia?
Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 05:02:14

penguin.chick I'm Belgian, i think..

How can i ask for political shelter in the republic of cascadia?
Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 01:26:05

Mrs Jessica Butler
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Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 22:13:26

Kribu WEB
commie.linux Lyle, I there's something youre not telling us. Please provide more instructions/carriers for usage of this program if so is the optimum way of subverting mind control for me. I think theres IDF agents after me, Im in a hospital yet again. i dont have access to aluminum foil yet but I do have a Corsair Survivor 3.0 flash drive with an aluminum shell. Any ideas on how to use it? Is storing money in it a good idea? Please send or do something now as I did not realize how deep the mind control really is. Thank you for the wonderful program, but I might have used it to instead amplify Mind Control. I informed Tim Rifat how to use this program and what its hidden features might be so I could be in trouble, take a look at his website. I sent you an email alli in caps which certainly was mind control.
Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 02:52:08

Miss Georgina peckett
generic Hello,
my name is Miss Georgina peckett, I'm from USA.
I want to inform you all that there is a spell caster that is genuine and real.I never really believed in any of these things but when I was losing Gilbert,

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very nice and great.
Friday, November 30th 2012 - 00:25:44

Nonbeliver WEB
generic You are All nut jobs with too much time to think up stupid ideas
Sunday, November 25th 2012 - 17:28:45

Really Unreal
generic Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

You have set me free from the illusion of being a Belgian. I was so brainwashed that I actually thought I was Flemish and talked a dutch kind of dialect!

It wasn't easy going through the deprogramming and I do feel a little deconnected now (though I don't think I'll turn psychotic), but this is so worth it!

I always wondered why they would call these 'frieten' French fries, but now I see this was like a glitch in the Belgian matrix field to help brainwashed victims like myself snap out of it. Who is my savour? Were you behind this as well? If so, many thanks again!

I am afraid though of having to pour Dutch mayonaise on my 'frîtes français', not only because this feels regionally discomforting, but also because of the high levels of sugar involved... I have come as far to remain of the aspartame, monosodiumglutamate, non-filtered waters, and much more, but by eating this new awful substance might trigger me back in the illusion of being Belgian... probably also as an escape mechanism.

So I do have an important question for you: do you offer placebo mayonaise?

Thursday, November 22nd 2012 - 06:54:23

The Girl
generic That means I will never come back! Ever! Mr. Zapato, you confuse me!
Tuesday, November 20th 2012 - 19:31:02

The Girl
frog.copper I for one am confused by this! Ta ta!
Tuesday, November 20th 2012 - 19:29:15

Jeb T
generic I think that this is a fantastic website
Tuesday, November 20th 2012 - 09:09:25

Everything Octopus WEB
generic I'd like to invite fellow cephalophiles to enter the EverythingOctopus.com Thanksgiving Contest for a chance to win a FREE octopus print from UrbanOctopus.com.

Consider yourself invited :)

Sunday, November 18th 2012 - 04:31:14

..... WEB
Monday, November 12th 2012 - 08:05:46

generic i sure hope this website is a troll, but otherwise: how retarded can you possibly be? i've lived in belgium for my whole life (nearly 27 years now) i've seen those 'fictional' buildings with my own eyes, and yes, i went into the Atomium. and the part about the pods beneath disneyland is one of the most stupid things i've ever read. i live in one the major cities in belgium, i've been to antwerp and brussels before, and i went to school in bruges. if you have a problem with what i'm saying, just send me a rant mail: darkcylla666@hotmail.com
Saturday, November 10th 2012 - 17:26:22

Anonymous Belgian
penguin.emperor Belgium is real ya dumb fuck I'm positive it is because I've lived here in belgium for 10 years. Belgium,belgians are real. Belgium basically protected France against the Germans. Learn about history ya fat ass. If any of u guys what to contact me and see learn from me that Belgium is god damn real my email is: splashkittyyarn15@gmail.com I'll provide you with true information not that false bull shit this man is telling you.
Belgium is real
Thursday, November 8th 2012 - 11:44:30

Your Mom
generic Lol. 2013 won't come.
Tuesday, November 6th 2012 - 10:21:36

generic interesting
Monday, November 5th 2012 - 13:56:36

Cool Man
generic Really Dr. Ernesto??? You are not really in the future. You just changed the date on your computer. You are BS.
Tuesday, October 30th 2012 - 11:10:38

Mike WEB
generic Nice site to waste the time of millions of people in the world. maybe this is the reason why the internet will exist also tomorrow!
Wednesday, October 24th 2012 - 05:56:25

generic you fail i have proof of belgium being real
Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 - 22:06:27

generic What about the Netherlands??? they are both the same.
Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 - 21:18:59

1st hour
generic good one tinfoil
Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 - 06:58:53

Tinfoil Jones
generic LMAOOOOO Y'all should sell them. I bet them 2012 retards would buy em by the barrel. Hey you could even go out and buy some 30:06 rounds and sell them dumb bastards the bullet that killed Kennedy lol

Just a thought to make a buck haha

Love the site though yall keep up the good work.
Monday, September 24th 2012 - 03:31:40

commie.linux Hey...
This is flat out the coolest set of fonts I've run across. Thanks. Viva the aesthetic resistance.

more later,
Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 14:00:24

Kristjan WEB
generic What a cruel joke! The DePsych utility never stops, I checked the source code and that confirmed my suspicions. I've been made a total fool because I took this completely seriously. I wasted months of my life and ruined it due to being anxious and gullible. Read this if you want to protect yourself from microwave beams: http://montalk.net/conspiracy/55/how-to-block-microwave-mind-programming-signals
If you have the capabilities, please make as much orgone as you can (http://whale.to/b/orgonite.html) and place them near "cell phone" towers and other key areas (read the forums/articles). These things ruin underground bases and clean up the environment, make plants grow twice as large and healthy, reduce harmful EM radiation and much more. Many of the "gifters" have gotten helicopter visits and although they generally don't bother anymore, the equipment will produce an intensely blue orgone field that is easily seen on any infrared radar weather map. Do you have any experience with this, Lyle?

Don’t let the means become an ends. Reducing mind programming signal influences should serve to increase your productivity and efficiency in what you truly desire to do, the goals you choose to follow. Don’t let fear and paranoia displace the importance of following your goals.
Monday, July 9th 2012 - 02:23:29

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