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The Art of Johanna Pieterman
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Name: Jules
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Comments:Beautiful art thank you so much I'm going to send an email to Mum who will just LOVE it.
Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 02:19:34 PM
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Name: Rocky
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Thanks Rocky
Monday, January 30th 2006 - 06:54:39 PM
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Name: Victoria
E-mail address: fushiacat@aol.com
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hello my darkling...
I just Adore your Artwork...You Capture the magical instincts of the Cat and Fariry 's Magiclly..
I hope too see more of your art in the future, and hope to buy one of your PRINTS for my new home..
Victoria Ethier
Saturday, November 12th 2005 - 07:30:51 PM
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Thursday, February 24th 2005 - 10:55:22 PM
Name: Gerry
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Comments:Very nice work. I am passing this web page on to all our members of the Kern County Scottish Society,

Thursday, February 3rd 2005 - 09:20:57 PM
Name: Elizabeth
E-mail address: Hawaiian_Dolphin@comcast.net
Comments:I had came across your work at cloudeight site. Your work is so beautiful that I had to download three of them. Thank you for sharing your work and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

God Bless
Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 08:52:43 PM
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Tuesday, August 10th 2004 - 12:52:05 PM
Name: Cindy
E-mail address: cinzbenz52@yahoo.com
Comments:Your art is breathtaking. I greatly admire your talent and generosity for sharing this.
Friday, June 25th 2004 - 01:29:51 PM
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Friday, May 21st 2004 - 03:49:16 PM
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Thursday, February 26th 2004 - 08:54:19 PM
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Saturday, January 31st 2004 - 10:32:29 PM
Name: shawn
E-mail address: ethan478@yahoo.com
Comments:thank you for providing good art.
that is very appreciated.
happy holidays
Thursday, December 25th 2003 - 03:07:07 AM
Name: Rick Garrett
E-mail address: rgarrett991@msn.com
Comments:Beautiful work!
Wednesday, December 17th 2003 - 12:46:34 AM
Name: CheriLee
Comments:love your pictures!!
Monday, December 1st 2003 - 03:38:05 PM
Name: Joan Ewer.
E-mail address: joan.ewer@bigpond.com
Comments:This work you have done is just so lovely,it brought tears to my eye's. Joan.
Thursday, November 20th 2003 - 07:05:40 AM
Name: Janet Walton
E-mail address: findlayjanet@hoymail.com
Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 08:36:56 AM
Name: morgaine
E-mail address: avalonian_mists@btopenworld.com
Comments:Thank You very much for your beautiful Celtic designs. I have 'Morgan' installed as Stationary for my emails.
With Kindest Regards & Blessings
from morgaine faye
Northern England. UK
11th October 2003.
Saturday, October 11th 2003 - 11:32:43 AM
Name: PAUL
E-mail address: brownsound412@hotmail.com
Friday, August 29th 2003 - 03:21:58 AM
Name: Kalinka Mardsen
E-mail address: escocia_hesse@hotmail.com
Comments:It's 3:15 am. and I can't live your site.
I am a dreamer, but you Johanna are Magic!!
I live in Argentina, far from you, but our minds seems to
be happies in a fantasy land that we know so well.
Please,Johanna live forever!!!
Thursday, August 21st 2003 - 11:17:52 PM
Name: donotelo
E-mail address: no@no.com
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Comments:your site looks greate!
check my dream book too!
Thursday, July 3rd 2003 - 06:07:17 PM
Name: Ann Davies
E-mail address: Ann@llanfair23.fsnet.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://freeserve.co.uk
Comments:Just the BIZ ...... Brilliant
Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 11:16:07 AM
E-mail address: meedin@videotron.ca
Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 04:52:04 PM
Name: ia
E-mail address: Vibe44@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www2.hemsida.net/keepon5
Comments:Hi Johanna. I´m ia. I found a tube done from your Desert Angels. I have done a webset from it. It was my belevie that that is okey..? Ofcouse I have linkt back to your site. Pleace drop in for a vist someday and take a look. I have browsed around your pages. And want to thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I wish you a wonderful summer. Greetings from ia

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 07:55:46 AM
Name: Jennifer Burton
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Comments:beautiful work!
Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 02:22:34 PM
Name: Laura Soldaini
E-mail address: soldaini@ptd.net
Comments:Your pictures are Great...as an art lover i love to roam looking at new sites
Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 12:40:48 PM
Name: symes
E-mail address: laura.l.symes@delphi.com
Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 10:59:55 AM
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Comments:This site is fantastic. well done.
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Monday, May 26th 2003 - 07:11:06 AM
Name: Julien du Lion
E-mail address: jdulion2cogeco.ca
Comments:Fantastic creation - what a collection to use !!!
Thursday, May 22nd 2003 - 09:05:44 PM
Name: Beverley Clark
E-mail address: sweetums@hypermax.net.au
Homepage URL: http://www.hypermax.net.au/~sweetums
Comments:Hello, lovely to meet you..only new here and looking forward to viewing your stationary as yet. I design cross-stitch and tapestries, all of my designs are free to anyone wanting to collect them......Bev
Thursday, May 22nd 2003 - 07:04:45 PM
Name: Wendy Allan
E-mail address: mrspshooter@hotmail.com
Comments:Thanx for sharing your art work I think it,s really beautiful work
Thursday, May 22nd 2003 - 09:25:01 AM
Name: Immobilien
E-mail address: immowz@spacemail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.immobilien.wz.cz
Friday, May 16th 2003 - 12:01:52 PM
Name: John Stonehewer
E-mail address: johnny@vianet.ca
Comments:Thanks for allowing me into your World. It's a beautiful site.
Johnny (An old Celt from Wales)
Wednesday, May 14th 2003 - 05:39:04 PM
Name: Virginia Farley
Homepage URL: http://www.4guests.com
Comments:great work
Saturday, May 10th 2003 - 04:36:02 PM
Name: Roy Baker
E-mail address: robroyofthehighlands@btopenworld.com
Comments:Your Art is beautiful and relaxing, a look into the world I wish for, calm, peace,and a love for everything.
Thursday, May 8th 2003 - 10:02:24 AM
Name: Lorna
E-mail address: anoral@ns.sympatico.ca
Comments:I absolutely love your style.......and that is a sincere compliment.
Wednesday, May 7th 2003 - 05:05:44 AM
Name: Maureen A Garside
E-mail address: maureen.garside@ntlworld.com
Friday, April 25th 2003 - 10:53:08 AM
Name: Maureen A Garside
E-mail address: maureen.garside@ntlworld.com
Friday, April 25th 2003 - 10:51:45 AM
Name: Luc
E-mail address: henderickx@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.artpage.be
Comments:Hallo, Johana dit is de eerste keer dat ik je site zie.
Ik heb eens twee werkjes van jou gekocht,"enkele jaren geleden" bij Danny van Galery De lelie ze staan uiteraard ook op mijn site te bewonderen.
Toffe groetjes nog van Luc.
Mocht je interesse hebben om links uit te wisselen, laat het mij dan even weten ;-)

Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 05:14:26 PM
Name: Marisela
E-mail address: marisela@cuteandsingle.com
Homepage URL: http://cuteandsingle.com
Comments:Your web site is superb and nice-looking.
Monday, April 14th 2003 - 09:01:29 AM
Monday, April 7th 2003 - 05:22:52 PM
Name: Betty
Comments:I appreciate all the time and work put into these sites,thanks so much!
Saturday, April 5th 2003 - 03:48:58 AM
Name: Betty
Saturday, April 5th 2003 - 03:48:15 AM
Name: Helene Garcet
E-mail address: helgarloch@btconnect.com
Homepage URL: http://www.artnessy.co.uk
Comments:I have no words ! this is simply fantastic...
I just try with pain to do some simple (very poor) animations or clips to decorate my messages : I never imagined that graphic art on computer could reach such heights !!! Congratulations and thanks for your generosity.
Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 05:17:57 AM
Name: john mc guckin
E-mail address: john@mcguckin7955.freeserve.co.uk
Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 12:44:51 PM
Name: Lyn Reasbeck
E-mail address: lreasbeck@hotmail.com
Comments:What a beautiful heart touching talent you have. My daughter and I have been searching forever for beautiful Celtic art, and haven't seen any til now....Thank you.
Friday, March 21st 2003 - 12:20:52 PM
Name: melanie
E-mail address: Phil321@bigfoot.com
Comments:a beautiful website
set out is fantastic
this is some of the best art I have seen. really enjoyed looking at it.
thank you
Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 06:48:32 PM
Name: Susan
E-mail address: milam@citlink.net
Comments: Absolutely stunning! The Celtic collection really speaks to my Irish blood. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
Saturday, March 15th 2003 - 12:45:02 AM
Name: Kim
E-mail address: kkcordle@hotmail.com
Comments:You have amazing art work!! It's BEAUTIFUL as well as INTERESTING!!! Thank You for sharing your Wonderful work with the world!!
Best Wishes,
Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 04:55:25 PM
Name: nadine
E-mail address: nsraynor@hotmail.com
Comments:Thank you for a very lovely page, work and wallpaper.
Monday, March 10th 2003 - 07:51:01 AM
Name: Gail
E-mail address: mackg230@aol.com
Comments:Your art is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 08:56:49 PM
Name: Jeanie Ingram
E-mail address: toodlumnb@aol.com
Sunday, February 23rd 2003 - 10:39:36 AM
Name: Louise
E-mail address: flross@qwest.net
Comments:I appreciate Your sharing your work. It gives the ability to get out of my every day chores and dream a while.

Saturday, February 22nd 2003 - 01:21:17 PM
Name: Nancy Tillman
Homepage URL: http://www.4guests.com
Comments:Fantastic site.
Friday, February 21st 2003 - 06:08:38 AM
Name: Jean Ashford
E-mail address: ladybird205@froggy.com.au
Comments:Beautiful collection. You have greatly enhanced the beautiful messages I can share with my dearest friends. Thankyou
Thursday, February 20th 2003 - 11:49:33 PM
Name: Jean Ashford
E-mail address: ladybird205@froggy.com.au
Comments:Beautiful collection. You have greatly enhanced the beautiful messages I can share with my dearest friends. Thankyou
Thursday, February 20th 2003 - 11:49:04 PM
Name: Jean Rognstad
E-mail address: rognstad@bellsouth.net
Comments:Thank you for the lovely stationery. I will enjoy using it with special friends.
Thursday, February 20th 2003 - 06:48:28 AM
Name: Judy Tafelski
E-mail address: JTLegs@aol.com
Comments:Loved your designs. Your gift to the community of allowing your works to be downloaded will bring you abundance.
Wednesday, February 19th 2003 - 05:58:20 PM
Name: David Klinepeter
E-mail address: daveandhelen@panetwork.com
Tuesday, February 18th 2003 - 07:29:01 AM
Name: R. Clark
E-mail address: rclark@projectreturn.com
Tuesday, February 18th 2003 - 07:19:28 AM
Name: R. Clark
E-mail address: rclark@projectreturn.com
Tuesday, February 18th 2003 - 07:19:23 AM
Name: cindy tanahara
E-mail address: cindyht@hawaii.rr.com
Comments:I look thru your collection of artwork and just sigh at the wonderous beauty that you see! You make this hectic world peaceful and calm again! It makes me rethink the magic of nature and all living things!
Monday, February 17th 2003 - 06:05:33 PM
Name: rainbow0777
E-mail address: maryf@dp.net
Comments:Just a few line's to let you know how much I appreciate your work. The art is beautiful as well as the music. It take's me away to a wonderful place. thank you so very much!!
Monday, February 17th 2003 - 06:45:32 AM
Name: Hathor
E-mail address: HathorOne@bigfoot.com
Comments:Dear Johanna I have been a subscriber to Cloudeight for many years. Without doubt, your collection is to date the BEST entire collection I have ever seen there........ it really thrilled me. Luvs Hathor X
Sunday, February 16th 2003 - 08:30:40 PM
Name: Kiehm Kahalioumi
E-mail address: h.wahine2@verizon.net
Comments:thank you for sharing your beautiful art.
Saturday, February 15th 2003 - 10:19:35 AM
Name: sierra skye ann
E-mail address: sierraskyeann62002@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www;yahoo.com
Comments:GREAT WORK.
Saturday, February 15th 2003 - 04:55:31 AM
Name: Leo
E-mail address: idahohickk@attbi.com
Comments:just wonderful
Friday, February 14th 2003 - 10:43:34 PM
E-mail address: hawkeye1@wt.net
They are beautifil
Friday, February 14th 2003 - 07:53:23 PM
Name: Mark
E-mail address: thewoodsman7@sndi.net
Comments:Love your art Johanna. Saw your link on NickFix years ago. Your very talented, and well, anybody thats a Stevie fan cant be all that bad. Sorry it took 3 years to sign your guest book. I can only type with one finger. LOL "Hope to see more from your gifted hands soon."
Friday, February 14th 2003 - 06:35:38 PM
Name: Luisa
E-mail address: maluisa3@aol.com
Comments:Nature has a lot to show us and, you too. Congratulations!
Happy Love Day...(360 days a year) Luisa
Friday, February 14th 2003 - 04:58:36 PM
Name: Luisa
E-mail address: maluisa3@aol.com
Comments:Nature has a lot to show as and, you too. Congratulations!
Happy Love Day...(360 days a year) Luisa
Friday, February 14th 2003 - 04:55:40 PM
Name: Wendy
E-mail address: irishlady968@hotmail.com
Thursday, February 13th 2003 - 09:48:44 AM
Name: Johanna
Comments:Oh my....your Artwork is amazing, I love it! Discovered through CloudEight Stationery, and thank you so much for sharing such beautiful work that I can send to friends and family to not only enjoy, but help me express what I need to through your Artwork. Much appreciated. I will be telling people to visit your website and see for themselves, I know my sister will love it too!!
Johanna V.
Wednesday, February 12th 2003 - 09:43:21 PM
Name: Mo
E-mail address: momick47@btinternet.com
Comments:Am just going to download your gorgeous pictures fromCloud Eight collection. Absolute delight to look at. Thank you for sharing them.
Wednesday, February 12th 2003 - 02:48:09 PM
Name: Sharon Boroff
E-mail address: bonnieboroff@yahoo.com
Wednesday, February 12th 2003 - 07:19:43 AM
Name: Donna
E-mail address: itsfridayschild@yahoo.com
Comments:Your beautiful artwork is a vision of fantasy! I saw your stationery on the Cloudeight website. What a gift! Thank you!
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 09:55:48 PM
Name: Shelly Legg
E-mail address: crystalmom1@sio.midco.net
Comments:Hi Johanna, I am pleased to say that i have enjoyed the new stationary that you have shared with everyone at Cloudieight, i truly think that you have created the most wonderful work i have seen in a long time. I am also a fan of Stevie Nicks and admire her greatly. I hope to see more of your work soon. I wish you well and safety in the days to come.
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 07:08:45 PM
Name: deb
E-mail address: rvanatta1@woh.rr.com
Comments:nice art.
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 06:04:15 PM
Name: Barb
E-mail address: alicebar12@attbi.com
Comments:Beautiful and serene. Thank you for sharing with Cloudeight and all subscribers. Barb
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 04:00:52 PM
Name: Deborah Smith
E-mail address: frdlsmith2@cox.net
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 08:36:42 AM
Name: Antoinette Coston
E-mail address: Nu-Being@worldnet.att.net
Homepage URL: http://members.icq.com/82579232
Comments:Oh my God your Art Work is Fantastic and I am also a Stevie Nicks Fan and I just love her cause she is the Bomb,and she is to me a Diva and of course my Favorite Good Witch. I came to your web site cause I am also a Cloud Eight member and I love all the fantastic Stationary and all the Great Artist ther and you my dear realy got me aand I just complimented Dennis on his work and you definitely are the Queen. I also downloaded some of your stationary and I also am a cat lover and a Cat my self sign Leo. Thank you for your beautiful art work on my Diva Stevie cause it is the best art work of Stevie I have ever seen. YOU GO Girl! Excelent Work and Stevie must Think you are the ONE. ^00^
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 06:46:05 AM
Name: saundra Jo G
E-mail address: kenjo7712@msn.com
Comments:Very Beautiful
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 06:39:32 AM
Name: Barbara Dean
E-mail address: songbird31@tiscali.co.uk
Comments:I love your work and really appreciate being able to download some of the screensavers.
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 05:50:08 AM
Name: Coleen Steere
E-mail address: coleen.steere@ftsclant.navy.mil
Comments:Love the art work!
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 03:20:33 AM
Name: Michelle Trout
E-mail address: mitchie@dia.net
Comments:I Love your art, it is so beautiful & breathtaking. I just cannot say how much it spoke to me; it just takes you to another place. I thank you for sharing your talents w/ us. You have a wonderful gift.
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 02:31:06 AM
Name: miriam
E-mail address: jonmimac@cherry.com.au
Comments:Loved your cats as I am a cat lover. Miriam
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 01:14:10 AM
Name: miriam
E-mail address: jonmimac@cherry.com.au
Comments:I am a cat lover - I have a Birman/Bermilla cat.
Loved your cats.
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 01:10:00 AM
Name: Jette Foldbjerg Denmark
E-mail address: foldbjerg@adslhome.dk
Homepage URL: http://www.jettesverden.webbyen.dk
Comments:Dear Johanna.
I'm not good to write om English, but I try :-)
Tank you for looking on your very nice homepage,the newletter paper, wallpaper ect. you have made, it is so beautyfull.
Have a nice day and week.

Love from
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 12:44:30 AM
Name: margaret
E-mail address: magp@austarnet.com.au
Comments:I would like to thank you for the pleasure yours and others beautiful stationary gives me,I usually only use the computer to email my email friends from all over the world and the stationary is so lovely and a change from the ordinary email
Thank you again
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 10:46:39 PM
Name: Kitty Dieterich
E-mail address: momkat@pca.net
Comments:I am sooooo impressed with your cats. The Turkish Angora caught my attention (beautifully done) and then I found the Birman! As a cat fancier and breeder of 24 years, may I say THANK you for capturing the true beauty of these two breeds. I find all of your work appealing and so well done! I thank you , my cats thank you and cat lovers everywhere thank you.
Hugs 'n purrs,
Kitty and the krew
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 10:09:06 PM
Name: connie kind
E-mail address: kindconl@3rivers.net
Comments:My dog died today and I used your stationary (dogs and angels) to communicate this to the rest of my family. I really appreciated the music and picture. It was comforting. I also loved the rest of the collection which I downloaded from cloud8. Thanks a lot.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 05:24:27 PM
Name: Gail Rossiter
E-mail address: gkross@myconnection.com.au
Comments:I have just visited your wonderful site. Wow, you are such a beautiful artist, I found your art to be the most interesting that I have seen so far. I am glad you are sharing your art on Cloud8 stationery. Thank you.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 05:23:19 PM
Name: Mary Burris
E-mail address: mburris@wyoming.com

Thank you for the beautiful artwork.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 04:52:04 PM
Name: G Henke
E-mail address: gdhenke@means.net
Comments:What wonderful art. My son really enjoys Celtic and really liked the pictures. Thank You for sharing.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 04:49:14 PM
Name: Sandy
E-mail address: meowmom@wi.rr.com
Comments:Your stationary for CloudEight is beautiful ..Thank You
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 04:18:29 PM
Name: Kate M Holmes
E-mail address: kittee@acrnet.com
Comments:Your art inspires. I am proud to show it in all the e-mail
I send to my friends and family. I love the art about the
cats. There is something about a cat that is very special
to me. Dog too, are very special also. Thank you for letting me view your art.

Monday, February 10th 2003 - 04:07:20 PM
Name: Kate M Holmes
E-mail address: kittee@acrnet.com
Comments:Your art inspires. I am proud to show it in all the e-mail
I send to my friends and family.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 03:57:24 PM
Name: Kathleen
E-mail address: rolyat59@yahoo.com
Comments:Just beautiful!
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 03:46:08 PM
Name: Brian Bushe
E-mail address: bushe@paradise.net.nz
Love your work.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 03:40:07 PM
Name: connie jacobsen
E-mail address: conniejacobsen@charter.net
Comments:very, very pretty
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 03:16:59 PM
Name: Shannon
Homepage URL: http://Came from Cloudeight
Comments:Thank you, Thank you!! Your art is so beautiful and the Cloudeight stationary is the greatest! What a pair you both make! I have found so many new artists from my cloudeight stationary and I am so thankful to be introduced to so many wonderful and talented people! I hope to see more and I have bookmarked your site as a regular place to visit !!
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 03:16:13 PM
Name: Brenda
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 02:55:16 PM
Name: Donald Vladeff
E-mail address: Hardcat@foxinternet.com
Comments:I Really liked your Stationary.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 02:48:44 PM
Name: Donald Vladeff
E-mail address: Hardcat@foxinternet.comI Really liked your Stationary
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 02:45:45 PM
Name: Brenda
E-mail address: tweetiepie@mpinet.net
JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 10th 2003 - 02:34:35 PM
Name: Grace Cubbage
E-mail address: gbear@cox.net
Comments:Hi Johanna,
I downloaded your wonderful stationery from Cloudeight.
My friends and I just fell in love with your artwork!
I too love all things Arthurian and Celtic,and your artwork reflects what I often feel. How wonderful to be so talented
and to be able to express your beautiful poetry in drawings!
Your Harbor Cat immediately caught my eye. I took a trip
to the U.K. last September and have a photo of a cat
so similar to yours. I took it at the harbor in Plymouth. It brought back all kinds of great memories of the trip thanks to you. My favorite place was Glastonbury. I had an amazing magical feeling the whole time we visited there. I spent a couple of hours meditating at Chalice Well. I felt
like I had come home. Did you have the same kind of experience when you visited parts of Cornwall?
I would love to have a portrait done with a background in Glastonbury as my ancestors came from Salisbury and Cornwall and Wales maybe with my cat, Stryder.
Am Also interested in using a credit card, but never put the info out on the net as there is no such thing as a secure site. Is there a number we could call instead?
Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 02:19:12 PM
Name: Terri Lott
E-mail address: icequeen@peoplepc.com
Homepage URL: http://msn
Comments:Beautiful Work!! I like to do woodcarvings. Have always been interested in Celtic designs. Thank you for the pretty website!!
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 02:13:05 PM
Name: Judy Eismont
E-mail address: jeismont@usachoice.net
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 02:01:56 PM
Name: Lee
E-mail address: Nanny202@sprynet.com
Homepage URL: http://nanny202.home.sprynet.com
Comments:What a great site! As soon as I downloaded the CloudEight stationery showcasing your art, I was hooked. Your pictures seemed to really speak to me. You are such a talented young woman. Thank you for sharing these fine works with me.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:54:19 PM
Name: Charlotte
E-mail address: charlotte@direcpc.com
Comments:This is beautiful work an I love your links for puzzles to send as well as the other links.
Thank you for joining with Cloud Eight.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:50:29 PM
Name: julie
E-mail address: julieunger@myrealbox.com
Comments:was great to see some new cats on a page
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:48:41 PM
Name: Connie Brostek
E-mail address: cbrostek@ucnsb.net
Comments:I think your art is extraordinarily beautiful, so soft and obviously created with love for your subjects!! Have you considered doing some mermaids?? I collect them, and would love to see what you could do with them...

Connie Brostek
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:45:53 PM
Name: Geoff
E-mail address: gray@hardnet.com.au
Comments:Looks pretty good to me
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:36:13 PM
Name: Doris
E-mail address: doriswalker@bellsouth.net
Comments:Johanna, thank you so much for sharing your talent with the rest of the world. Your art is delightful, and full of inspiration. I Love It!!!!!!!
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:33:36 PM
Name: Susan Beaudet
E-mail address: rif00133@ride.ri.net
Comments:Beautiful paintings! Keep up the good work.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:32:29 PM
Name: Linda Downing
E-mail address: ldowning@mercydesmoines.org
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:25:39 PM
Name: Terry Morrone
E-mail address: temo@nc.rr.com
Comments:Enchanting !!


Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:02:32 PM
Name: Suzanne
E-mail address: suzanneclaws@earthlink.net
Comments:Just downloaded Celtic and Fantasy. It is absolutely gorgeous, thank you very much. You're so talented, and generous to share your beautiful work.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:01:25 PM
Name: Suzanne
E-mail address: suzanneclaws@earthlink.net
Comments:Just downloaded Celtic and Fantasy. It is absolutely gorgeous, thank you very much. You're so talented, and generous to share your beautiful work.
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 01:00:01 PM
Name: Janie
Comments:Just downloaded your collection on Cloud 8 ... Great stuff. Janie
Monday, February 10th 2003 - 11:53:44 AM
Name: Shannon
E-mail address: snaglepuss@hotmail.com
Comments:Johanna I just want to say what an amazing artist you are. I found your website while searching for new dolphin pictures. When I can across your site I was just amazed. I think you have amazing talent, and you ideas are so unique and creative. I have shown your website to a number of my friends who agree with me.

Keep on creating.

Saturday, January 25th 2003 - 05:34:48 PM
Name: Martin
E-mail address: madunclealien@aol.com
Comments:Okay so I can't spell! Even when your name is in front of me! Just put it down to awestruck on my part Johanna!
Friday, January 10th 2003 - 07:19:21 PM
Name: Martin
E-mail address: madunclealien@aol.com
Comments:Hi Joanna, well you never gave away how brilliant an artist you are when we met on the boat. Awesome, inspiring, and just beautiful are just a few of the words I could use, but nothing would do your work justice.
I have certainly added you to my favs, and if you ever feel like doing any more portraits then let me know I can think of two that I would love you to do.
It was a real honour and a treat to meet you.
I shall certainly be back to your site again and shall recommend you too.
Friday, January 10th 2003 - 07:16:04 PM
Name: Joop
E-mail address: JoopCDB@hetnet.nl
Homepage URL: http://members.lycos.nl/JoopBuitenhuis/fantasyart.html
Comments:Morgan Le Fay is gekozen als:'Picture of the Month' december.
Wou ik je even laten weten.
Joop Buitenhuis
Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 03:37:54 PM
Name: tonnie peters
E-mail address: a.peters13@chello.nl
Homepage URL: http://www.tonniepeters.com
Comments:Hello Johanna,

I still am speakless about your work.

You were visiting my website last year, now I have a new guestbook and I would be honoured if you would be so kind to write something in my guestbook. www.tonniepeters.com

greetings tonnie
Saturday, October 26th 2002 - 12:44:19 PM
Homepage URL: http://icaruspharo.tripod.com
Comments:you are very talented! please visit our site!
A Journey to the Edge of Infinity

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Please visit our homepage for more information. Thank You.

PLUS! A note from the writer: http://pub13.bravenet.com/forum/show.php?usernum=1115412124&cpv=1

Saturday, September 21st 2002 - 12:32:56 PM
Name: Paulette
E-mail address: nublonde@cfl.rr.com
Homepage URL: http://www.oystermoonbay.com
I am a writer with a personal, family safe website. Your site is awesome; you are truly a talent! May I have permission to download some of your prints to enhance my writing? I would acknowledge you as the source of course. Thank you very much and I await your reply.
Wednesday, August 28th 2002 - 02:32:43 PM
Name: Patrou
E-mail address: info@patrou.com
Homepage URL: http://www.patrou.com
Comments:I love your style, thanks LP
Sunday, August 18th 2002 - 08:24:34 AM
Name: Mary Bare
E-mail address: mamacatbare@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://hometown.aol.com/mamacatbare/myhomepage/business.html
Comments:Hello Johanna,

I simply love all your designs and art. The "Celtic Priestess" is my favorite.
Thursday, August 15th 2002 - 04:34:59 PM
Name: Carol Snedeker-Martinez
E-mail address: carolsmartinez@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://www.carolsmartinez.com
Comments:Dreambook entry....what to say? It would be a dream come true for my own art to be even half as wonderful as yours.
Sunday, August 11th 2002 - 09:39:50 AM
Name: Carol Snedeker-Martinez
E-mail address: carolsmartinez@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://www.carolsmartinez.com
Comments:Your art is, quite simply, beautiful.
Sunday, August 11th 2002 - 09:35:51 AM
Name: Amanda
E-mail address: robsphoenix@yahoo.com
I love your work, first off. I've been desperate to find a decent tattoo design that reflects my love of all things Stevie that won't cost me a small fortune.
Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - 04:26:44 PM
Name: gloria
E-mail address: catnip@chartermi.net
Comments:beautiful, beautiful patterns and pictures.

as soon as I can I will send for nebula
Sunday, July 28th 2002 - 12:09:54 PM
Name: Miss Kelly Hudson
E-mail address: kel_luvs_tigger@yarhoo.com
Comments:This site is really fantastic. The pictures are just what i wanted to see. I liked this site so much that i added it to my favorites list on my home computer. Keep up the fantastic work.
Saturday, July 20th 2002 - 01:39:45 PM
Name: Claudia
E-mail address: Claudia@fleetwoodmac.net
Homepage URL: http://www.sorcererstephanie.com
Comments:Dearest Johanna ~

As always, I visit your pages every day, and always love what I see. :) Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, encouraging me to create my own web-pages, and allowing your art to grace my website...

Love ~

Saturday, July 6th 2002 - 10:54:01 PM
Name: Dr. Howard David Johnson, Ph,D.
E-mail address: howarddavidjohnson@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.howarddavidjohnson.com
Comments:Dear Johanna,
I have followed your career for years and have always admired your work. This new piece I just saw of the little girl angel is unquestionably the finest work I have ever seen in your medium.You just keep improving! Although I am very impressed with your technique on an intellectual level,I was deeply moved by the Innocence, Naturalness, and Beauty. Please add me to your mailing list, I can't wait to see more of your inimitable work as soon as it comes out!I would love to sit down and seriously explain why I love your works so much artist to arist-Blessed Be! Dr. Howard David Johnson, Ph,D.
Thursday, July 4th 2002 - 07:21:34 PM
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